Social / Political Writer Resume 11/95

Arthur Hu

12422 107th Pl NE
Kirkland WA 98034
425-814-2183 web:

Education - Bachelors and Masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1981

Full Time Career: Windows/Graphics Software Engineer

Born in Los Angeles, grew up in Seattle Washington, went to college and work in Cambridge Mass, now living and working in San Jose CA as a software engineer.

Columnist for Asian Week newspaper since 1988 writing on topics of race, gender, education, health, poverty, and politics. I am the leading voice of conservatism and conservative social research in the Asian American community.

As critic of affirmative action policies, I filed complaints with the Department of Education against Harvard, UCLA, and Berkeley which have resulted in the unofficial ending of discriminatory policies, and announcements of new policies at Harvard, UCLA, Berkeley, and possibly Stanford and MIT.

I run an informal mailing list called Fairness in Diversity which monitors and protest unfair discrimination in hiring based on race. So far, have found a donor to foot first $10,000 in legal fees to start lawsuit against the city of San Jose, and gotten an individual to file a complaint with the EEOC against Union City

Columnist for MIT The Tech 1977- 1988

I have been printed in

Aviation Week

Businss Week

Car and Driver

Boston Globe

LA Times (Op Ed piece on Dual Minority)

New Republic (Article on Rodney King riots)

Amerasia (Article on Asian Dual Minority)

San Jose Mercury News (letters to editor, cited in articles)

San Francisco Chronicle (letters to editor, cited in articles)

San Francisco Focus (feature article on Berekley admission)

Seattle Times (alleged racism towards travellers)

Seattle Post Intelligencer (media bias, police testing)

Eastside Weekly (The Bell Curve)

USA Today (Berkeley admissions)

Newsweek (Model Minority)


Harvard Crimson

Berkeley Californian

Contributor on usenet soc.culture.asian.american,soc.culture.african.american

I have been cited by papers and books by

Dana Takagi, The Retreat From Race

Jayjia Hsia

Thomas Sowell - Guide to Colleges

Charles Murray

John Bunzel

Dinesh D'Souza, Illiberal Education and The End of Racism

Cited by liberals Pat Hayashi and Henry Der as examples of the "worst element" of the community (the Rush Limbaugh of the Asian community)

I have appeared on radio talk shows

1995 NPR interview about affirmative action at the University of California

1993 San Francisco KQED Forum as guest

1993 San Francisco Perspective as individual editorial on San Jose firefighter case

1993 Oakland KABL on affirmative action


1995 Seattle KIRO 1995 - Seattle Police Test Bias

1995 Seattle KOMO Town Meeting - Affirmative Action

I have been mentioned on TV by CNN 1992, 1993 twice for Berkeley quota complaint and Japan Society conference.

I have been invited to speak by

Japan Society, Los Angeles 1992

Asian American Student Association, San Jose 1992

Manhattan Institute New York, 1993

MIT Club, 1992

National Asian Pacific American Law Students Association, New York City, Oct 21, 1995

Specialty topics and Issues

Affirmative Action and Quotas - Affirmative action clearly lowers standards, is often implemented as quotas, and sometimes simply acts to exclude white men. Quotas break down when Asians take so many spots, there are not enough remaining to give all remaining groups full representation. It should be reformed to restore affirmative action to its original color-blind meaning and intent

Asian Americans - Asians really are a model minority in nearly every facet of social issues, with the lowest rates of most crimes, health and social problems, despite this is rarely reported.

Education K-12 and college - By almost every measure which African Americans fall short compared with whites, Asians do as well or better with the sole exception of English language skills (and even then Asians sometimes show an advantage). This is despite incomes and poverty levels which sometimes rivial other minorities.

Black/African American Issues - Most social science attributes black disparities to education and poverty, however when you correct for this, blacks still far short, and Asians are generally still ahead of whites. Race does matter.

Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Issues - Asians have the lowest measured rates of homosexuality by most surveys, Homosexuals are the most educated and highest voting groups with Asians and Jews, and are therefore likely to the most intelligent and liberal of any identifiable human grouping. (but Asians don't vote, and aren't very liberal). I am against discrimination against anyone on the basis of being part of a group. However, there is a substantial ethic of freedom which promotes, and often refuses to denounce hazardous behaviors (see AIDS).

Hispanic/Latino Issues

Women's Issues

Religion and Civil Rights

Testing and Intelligence

Poverty, Working and Welfare Poor


Health Insurance



Military Science and Policy