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Chevron / Aardman Cars

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Fans of Nick Park animation (Wallace and Gromit, Creature Comforts) will spot his work in the Chevron car commercials, even though he gets no credit (but then neither does Claymation or Pixar in their works either)

(Actually, here's the real story:
Date sent:        Tue, 6 Jan 1998 19:04:13 -0800
To:               arthurhu@halcyon.com
From:             Paul Gluck/ Jessica Kloss 
Subject:          Re: Nick Park question...
The official word from Aardman studios is they are not "Nick Cars" all
though influenced by his style, another aardman animator does them (Dave
Osmand). www.aardman.com does list Chevron Oil as a client, and of course
you know Wallace and Gromit were done by Nick at Aardman, so I guess they
can be called "aardman cars"
ps. they do the Burger King commercials too.
These were the first cars in the series:

The "chaser" this time around is Horace'n Trailer, a horse and trailer which hooks up to the pickup truck or the 4x4. Most Seattle outlets sold out of this one quickly. I've got extras for $12 + $5 shipping, or $21 with the pickup truck. The hatchback comes with a shopping cart.

Their web site also now includes other merchandise such as posters, sunscreen, mouse pad, screen saver, and quicktime videos of their commercials.

News! The police car, taxi, and Tony Turbo are available direct from Chevron, with $8 minimum shipping fee, but you can buy more than one car. Whew, good thing I unloaded my first two sets! They say they will be restarting some of the first cars in mid-may. Of the first series, Tony Turbo was the most popular. The police car went much faster than the taxi, the 4x4 was a little more expensive than the other 5.99 cars.

I still have Irwin Wallace and Gromit vinyl figurine sets for a Close Shave and the wrong trousers $20 for both cards.

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