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Updated 2/19/98

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Morris Mini

Mini Goods Japanese

Has ChoroQ cars

Fire Engines

Die Cast Fire Engines by Armstrong corgi pumpers Corgi Classics (limited to 7,000) Mack CF Pumper Red/White and American La France pumper in "slime lime" 2 for $55 or 1 for $30 shipped. *SOLD*



Toyota MR2

AM General Hummer

I've just told myself to start up a hummer section, my collection isn't bad. so far I've got. I really only have one or one extra, but make an offer if you really want one badly, maybe I can scare up another one.

There have been a few other large sized hummer toys that I didn't get. Most of these I only have one of or one extra.

Citroen 2CV

The only car uglier and more underpowered, and built even more years than the bug is the french Citroen 2CV Corrected: Volker Pietsch : The VW Bug was introduced in the late 30`s being called the KdF-car. The 2CV was introduced to the public in the late 40`s and they stopped producing it in 1987. You are right about the VW Bug being produced in Germany since they stopped it in the 70's but still today the VW Bug is being produced in Mexico!

Pontiac Firebird / Trans-Am, Fiero

Volkswagen / Porsche


Ford Mustang

Mustangs I'll let go...

Nissan Z Cars

A lot of people seem to like these cars!

  • From: Adrian Dipiazza Tomica Dandy makes or used to make a Datsun 240Z diecast car in several configurations....
    USA Racing Version - Red, White & Blue with decals
    Monte Carlo Rally Version - Red with black Hood and decals
    East African Safari Rally Version - Red with black hood and decals Road Racer - Orange
    Each version has opening hood, tailgate and doors....
    I am after a quantity of these cars, do you have any or are you able to get any and if so how much etc etc etc?????
    I am located in Vancouver. BC, CANADA.



    American Motors

    Contact me at arthurhu@halcyon.com to order or questions. Most items add $5 or more to ship from Kirkland (Seattle) WA USA