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Matador / Rebel

The '71 Matador was touch up of the 1970 Rebel, which was a restyle of the boxy 60's Rebel, probably the stodgiest car of the 1970s. AMC/Penske driver Mark Donahue took a "flying brick" Matador coupe to a Nascar championship one year before his untimely death. It was also featured on later seasons of Adam-12 when it was adopted by the LAPD over the more common Plymouth Sattelite. Later, the coupe got a wild restyle that was nearly as shocking as the famed Pacer that was featured as the flying Matador on a James Bond movie, and showed up as a Bobby Allison driven stock car. Other cars in existence: Hot Wheels Pack'n Pacer, Corgi AMC Pacer Rare model kits seen at the Seattle Toy Show
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