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Happy Holidays and May the Force Be With You '96

(Star Wars Action Figure Nativity Scene)

My Star Wars Stuff

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1997 Kentucky Fried Chicken Toys

I have one set left for $50

Taco Bell 1997 Toys FS

I finally got the compete Taco Bell toy set and scanned a poster with the toy pictures, see


(also has my exclusive Star Wars kenner action figure nativity scene) Taco Bell finally has toys that don't stink! These were done by Applause, and they're generally very good They are: Shipping $4 1-4 items $6 4-8

The boxes and cups are cool too, and worth holding onto. Ship all 8 for $30 with all 3 boxes (one for each movie) and all 3 bags R2D2, C3P0 and Darth Vader in case your local store is out or you live where they don't have any of these stores. The cool black cups cost money, but I'll tack on a set of R2D2, C3P0 and Darth Vader cups for another $5. I'll also swap for the Kentucky Fried Chicken set, which isn't in Seattle, or a Space Jam set. The restaurants have really cool decorations, but they're not selling them. If anybody knows of somebody that IS selling them, let us know.

jonsloan death star 2

Kenner Star Wars Figures


See trading list

For Sale: Star Wars Books and stuff

Star Wars Pop Up Book 
$15 Fair-Good condition - all pop ups and
actions still work, but signs of wear.

[Battlestar Galactica paperback novel]
Good condition, minor cover aging $7.00

[The Star Wars Story Book] $8
Scholastic Book Services, lots of big color stills from the movie

[Happy House Return of Jedi Activity Books] $8 ea, $25 for all 5 Covers feature 8.5x11 full color movie stills. -Things to Do and Make, cover is Luke in Forest with light saber -Picture Puzzles, cover is R2D2 and C3PO in forest -Dot to Dot - cover is Ewok -Word Puzzle - Leia and Ewok on log -Darth Vader (Star Wars) activity book - painting of Darth Vader on cover. -----------Star Wars Stuff -------------- [Star Wars escape from Death Star game] shrink-wrapped and unopened. Canadian English / French version. $30 + ship Other books - Board Disney Aristocats story book, 8.5 x 11 (c)1988 for K-mart, some edge wear $18 - The Charlie Brown Dictionary (1973) hardcover, 399 pages with lots of screen shots from TV specials, mint condition $25 Good for scanning wallpapers or make your own greeting cards. Star Wars Web clippings \clip\97\04\starcoll.htm AP - star wars collecting figures http://pathfinder.com/@@IDVe6QQAQHkIJG6Q/ew/970110/feature/star-wars/star-wars.html 1/31/97 \clip\97\03\starwars\starwars.htm Entertainment Week Online Review of re-issue movie with photos http://pathfinder.com/@@FLnACAQARnkIJG6Q/people/sp/starwars/index2.html 1/31/97 \clip\97\03\pstarwar\index.html People Magazine review of Star wars with 8 video clips How Many Times Have You Seen Star Wars? USA Today "Years of 'Star Wars' sightings" D1 Feb 6, 1997 text USA Today / CNN / Gallup Poll of 1,056 adults in the USA Jan 31-Feb 2 Video or on screen: Age Times 18-29 12.1 ************ 30-49 7.2 ******* 50-64 3.5 **** 65+ 1.6 ** Gender Times Male 8.3 ******** Female 5.1 ***** Arthur Hu Kirkland WA arthurhu@halcyon.com Home