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| Rocket 500 Re-issue | Order stuff The people at Playing Mantis snapped up the abandoned Johnny Lightning name. They remade a lot of the old cars, which are harder to find than Hot Wheels, and some say a bit faster (I only have one original, and it is VERY fast compared to the new hot wheels). They've also done a great job with the muscle cars, dragsters, and Indy 500 commemoratives that give Hot Wheels a run for their money, and are much harder to find on the pegs. Now they've revived the Sizzlers and fat track, with an improved Mega Charger which is a Juice Machine with an electronic timer (like the Power Pit), and a fat track which is similar to the old Mattell one. They've been pretty hard to find since xmas. A real original power pit is still the best way to charge cars without having to run for fresh D batteries every 15 minutes. The smooth curves seem to cause cars to spin out much more than the old original Fat Track curves. Mattel also has sizzler-alikes XV cars, but they lost the trademark. They changed the name of the Turbo flame FE car to sizzler I guess just to contest the trademark.

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The true story behind Playing Mantis, and how to subscribe to this neat magazine

Johnny Lightning / Playing Mantis Dragster USA Set

This boxed set is in the "correct" color scheme according to the actual licenced cars. The channel is emptying as of 7/97, but might still be around. Also note the picture of Dragon Lady AMX in this set, it's some odd plymouth on the carded car.

Color Guide to Series

News Flash! Wacky Winners boxed sets $10!

No, not from me, but Toys R Us just reduced them July 7th in the Seattle area, grab them now (scalpers will have to wait until the channel clears out which won't be long at these prices!)

Johnny Lighting Corvettes

Pictures 2 packs $13 each shipped or $40 shipped for 4 sets I have Sting Ray III 1967 Coupe 427 Corvette Indy 1962 Roadster Aerovette 1957 Roadster 1954 Nomad 1995 ZR-1 1965 Mako Shark 1982 T-top Boxed complete sets are in $35 + $5 ship

Indy 500

I've picked up some of these, contact me if there are any you are looking for in particular, or if you want an entire set.

Johnny Lightning Muscle Cars

Official Info Page Color chart Muscle Cars USA Color Chart Series Number (Interior Color) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (Dk. (Dk. (Lt. Model (Tan) (Tan) (Tan) Blue) (Dk. Blue) Blue) Gray) '70 Tor-Red Blue Fire Quick Vit-C Daytona Plum Sublime Superbird 1,2 1,2 Silver Orange Yellow 1 Crazy1,2 1,2 1,2 1,2 '71 Hemi Vit-C Moulin Plum Cameo White Grabber Cuda Orange 1 Rouge 1 Sublime 1 Crazy 1 1 Tor-Red 1 Blue 1 '70 Boss Grabber Daytona Gold Rush Vit-C Cameo 302 Blue 1 Yellow 1 1 Sublime 1 Orange 1 White 1 Tor-Red 1 '69 GTO Daytona Vit-C Starlight Blue Fire Grabber Cameo Judge Yellow 1 Orange 1 Black 2 1 Sublime 1 Blue 1 White 1 '70 Champagne Cameo Daytona Starlight Glacier Vit-C Chevelle 1 Tor-Red 2 White 1 Yellow 1 Black 3 Blue 1 Orange 1 '69 Cameo Grabber Vit-C Rallye Starlight Daytona Eliminator White 1 Blue 1 Orange 1 Green 1 Tor-Red 1 Black 2 Yellow 1 '69 Olds Aspen Plum Glacier Quick Starlight 442 Green Gold Rush Crazy Blue Silver Sublime Black '65 GTO Starlight Rallye Tor-Red Cameo Blue Fire Quick Gold Rush Black Green White Silver '72 Nova SS Quick Starlight Moulin Grabber Gold Rush Daytona Glacier Silver Black Rouge Blue Yellow Blue '70 Super Plum Daytona Moulin Vit-C Blue Fire Bee Crazy 2 Sublime 1 Yellow 1 Tor-Red 2 Rouge 2 Orange 1 2 . Muscle Cars USA Color Chart (cont.) Series Number (Interior Color) Non-Limited 8 9 Retail Box FAO Schwarz 10-Car (Lt. (Lt. 10 11 * Set ** Model Gray) Gray) (Brown) (Brown) (White) (Gold) '70 Moulin Cameo Grabber Rallye Starlight Superbird Rouge1,2 White 1 Blue 1,2 Green 1,2 Black 1,2 Gold Rush '71 Hemi Quick Aspen Daytona Starlight Cuda Silver 1 Green 1 Yellow 1 Black 2 Blue Fire 1 Rallye Green '70 Boss Rallye Plum Starlight Moulin Quick 302 Green 1 Crazy 1 Black 2 Rouge 1 Silver 1 Blue Fire '69 GTO Champagne Rallye Plum Judge 1 Green 1 Crazy 1 Tor-Red 1Gold Rush 1 Moulin Rouge '70 Aspen Grabber Rallye Plum Chevelle Green 1 Blue 1 Green 2 Crazy 2 Sublime 1 Tor-Red '69 Gold Rush Moulin Quick Plum Crazy Eliminator Sublime 1 1 Rouge 1 Silver 1 1 Aspen Green '69 Olds Vit-C Daytona Cameo White 442 Orange Yellow Tor-Red Blue Fire 3 Grabber Blue '65 GTO Daytona Glacier Aspen Champagne Moulin Vit-C Orange Yellow Blue Green Rouge '72 Nova SS Tor-Red Sublime Cameo Aspen Vit-C Plum Crazy White Green Orange '70 Super Cameo Starlight Quick Gold Rush Grabber Bee White 1 Black 2 Silver 1 1 Blue 1 Glacier Blue . Color Code for Trim & Logos * The Retail Box Set features a White & Gold Hurst Olds ** The FAO Schwarz 10-Car Set features Gold 1. Black 2. White 3. Gold Cragar SS Mags, Gold interiors, and mirrored acrylic display case. There will be an average of just 16,000 limited edition cars per variation... +/-10% depending upon random manufacturing and/or shipping variances.

These are the 1/64 scale, not the bigger cars. Video Capture by Logitech Videoman with Sony Camcorder

1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302, Series 2. This yelow car was going for $50 at the Seattle Toy Show no long ago.

GTO Judge, Cougar Elimnator, Hemi Cuda, 1970 Chevelle SS, Plymouth Superbird

This is what the 10 car set originally looked like

7/97 I got a couple of more of these boxed sets, $35 + $10 ship I still have various carded cars, various series.

1 Plymouth Superbird (flat black on black)

2 Nova, 
3 Olds 442,
4 GTO, 
5 70 Mustang Boss 302
6 Hemi cuda
7 Dodge Super Bee
8 Judge GTO (might be the chevelle)
9 '70 Chevelle SS
10 Cougar Eliminator

7/97 There used to be plenty of the Sky Show sets around, but the channel is pretty much cleared out by now. I've got one red and 4 brown ones for $25 each plus $10 ship and the extra plastic plane ramp holder part that occasionally breaks even in an unopened package.

It has a _NEW_ '71 Chevy El Camino, very sharp, not the dippy old fleetside, only available in this set. FAO still has the special gold one for lots more money, though it's not that much more than a secondary market original. Evidently, it's a licenced rip off of the old hot wheels set, but since the old sets are worth about $500 now. Funny they didn't sell any better, they charged the same retail price as the Hot Wheels starter set or the standard loop and jump.


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