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Arthur's Seattle Software Engineer Job Hunting Page


(Note, apologies if I haven't updated this much since the 90s, but I'll get around to updating it - 2011) I've had a LOT of experience finding jobs in the Seattle and Silicon Valley area, lately since I've moved up here, mostly in Seattle, but here are some places I've had luck with, or places where YOU might have luck.

How do you go about finding a job? I've had the best luck with headhunters / placement firms, but occasionally direct respones to newspaper ads work too. Just fax / email / us mail your resume to the companies you would like to work for, or maybe would rather not, but you need the job anyway. Headhunters do a screening service, so you are less likely to get lost in the noise. Don't worry if most places turn you down, I'm relatively lucky to be able to find something new in a matter of days, or maybe a few weeks if things are REALLY slow because I've got a loaded resume (in fact, too loaded for some places who would rather get somebody a little more basic), but you just need to keep plugging. If you're only sending out 3 or 4 resumes or working with just one placement firm, you aren't working hard enough

When applying to companies, tell them you heard about them from my job search web page so one day I can get paid to do this... This isn't a bad one-stop place to lauch emails and web surf.


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Headhunters / Consulting Placement

It's probably not a good idea to work with too many, since many will be looking at the same jobs and companies, but I wouldn't restrict it to just one either. Some companies are more oriented to DP/IS than development / software engineer, and some are more contract vs. permanent.