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Wenatchee Witch Trials

Here's an activist website for Wenatchee: Witchhunt
Wenatchee Files They're urging a Federal investigation. \clip\98\08\wenat.txt Subscribe to mailing list In the sleepy town of Wenatchee Washington, over the mountains from Seattle, one Detective Robert Perez managed to prosecute and persecute a number of poor christian families in the name of uncovering a massive sex crime ring that evidently never existed, with the full cooperation of state authorities. 28 people were charged in the sex-ring cases, resulting in 14 guilty pleas, five convictions and three acquittals. There was no local coverage at the time (1995), only in the conservative Wall Street Journal editorial section. Only by 1997 did the Seattle Post Intelligencer make it respectable for journalists to make it look like a story of government gone amok rather than Perez nabbing the bad guys. Dozens of innocent people are in jail, ruined, or both, but Perez has not been disciplined or even officially criticized. The guy deserves to be in jail.

Contrast this story of taking white christian children away from parents with no evidence of abuse with the refusal of authorities in Seattle to remove a black child, Lauria Grace, from her mother who eventually strangled her because the foster care "inculcated middle class values inappropriate for African American children"

EVERETTS, PARENTS OF ACCUSING DAUGHTER FREED \clip\98\13\wenat.txt MONDAY SEPT. 28,1998 By ANDREW SCHNEIDER SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER REPORTER Among the few possessions Harold and Idella Everett have after being freed from prison is their cockatoo, Brandy. The couple, whose five children were taken away by the state during the Wenatchee child sex abuse cases, are sleeping on the floor of Idella's parents' house in East Wenatchee until they find an apartment...Their twin boys are in foster homes, their elder daughter is in a Spokane mental hospital and their oldest son, now 18, was adopted by a Wisconsin family.

They are uncertain where the state has placed their younger daughter...

Fourteen of the 43 men and women arrested during the 1994-1995 Wenatchee child-sex investigations are still in state prisons.

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PEREZ NOW DISCREDITED, DISGRACED SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER September 26, 1998, Saturday , FINAL EDITORIAL, Pg. A7 CLINTON TENURE HAS ALREADY WROUGHT CHANGE IN THE PRESIDENCY Thomas Shapley P-I Columnist What's become of Wenatchee Police Detective Robert Perez, once thought the hero of the "child sex ring" investigation? Wenatchee P.D. said yesterday that Perez is no longer on the payroll. His "disability" leave ran out. One wonders where he will go.

September 27, 1998, Sunday, AM cycle Fatigue setting in as child sex rings cases continue NICHOLAS K. GERANIOS, Associated Press Writer DATELINE: WENATCHEE, Wash. The wrenching tales of lurid sex and power have enthralled Washington residents for years. But as the cases muddle through the legal system - far from resolution - they may be inducing a sort of public fatigue.

Here's the "official" DSHS web page. "There is no evidence that any confessions were coerced"

Jesse Malkin rips apart the DSHS page

John Tyson believes DSHS did not screw up DSHS site

Lyon Witch Hunt Report on-line


ST June 3rd 1998 Sex-ring convicts to get legal help. Charles E. Brown. The National Association of Criminal Defence Lawyers will join with others to provide legal aid for persons still in prison because of Wenatchee charges. In DC, President Gerald Lefcourt charged that the families were destroyed by the government.

ST Tuesday, May 12, 1998 Woman tells of separation from sister in sex investigation A young woman who contends her parents were falsely accused and imprisoned after they were accused of sexually molesting her siblings burst into tears as she recalled how she was forcibly separated from her sister during the Wenatchee child-sex investigations.

ST Friday, May 8, 1998 Wenatchee teen stands by sex-ring story A teenager, whose claims that she was raped and molested were critical to the Wenatchee child-sex-ring investigation, clung to her story during testimony yesterday. clip\98\08\wenteen.txt

Local News : Monday, April 6, 1998

Today, Wenatchee pastor turns tables on accusers It has been more than two years since Pastor Roby Roberson promised to get even. In December 1995, a jury cleared Roberson and his wife, Connie, of charges they'd raped five children in their Wenatchee home and small, run-down Pentecostal church.

Local News : Tuesday, May 12, 1998

Woman tells of separation from sister in sex investigation A young woman who contends her parents were falsely accused and imprisoned after they were accused of sexually molesting her siblings burst into tears as she recalled how she was forcibly separated from her sister during the Wenatchee child-sex investigations.

Local News : June 28, 1996

Wenatchee braces for sex-ring lawsuits Racked for 2 1/2 years by a tumultuous sex-ring investigation, Wenatchee braces for a new round of accusations - this time directed at the accusers themselves.

Local News : Monday, May 4, 1998

Enemies face off in child-sex-ring trial The backgrounds of Wenatchee child-sex-ring trial figures Pastor Robert "Roby" Roberson and Detective Robert Perez are similar, but what prevails in the trial is their differences.

Local News : Wednesday, April 22, 1998

Co-worker says Perez needed help with case A co-worker of Robert Perez, the lead detective in the Wenatchee child sex-rings case, testified that he was so disturbed about the increasing size and complexity of the criminal investigation that he asked the police chief to assign someone to help Perez.

Local News : Friday, April 10, 1998

Attorney: Sex-ring detective used fear A vindictive police detective intent on intimidating those who failed to embrace his investigation of alleged sex abuse and child abuse in Wenatchee was the driving force behind several residents being falsely accused, prosecuted and jailed, claims an attorney for the plaintiffs in a $100 million child-sex-ring lawsuit.

Local News : Thursday, April 30, 1998

Roberson says he faced threats, retaliation Pastor Robert "Roby" Roberson, the key plaintiff in the $100 million Wenatchee child-sex ring civil suit, told jurors yesterday he was threatened by lead detective Robert Perez and faced retaliation from other police officers when he raised questions about the investigation.

Local News : Friday, April 24, 1998

Coerced confession claimed in Wenatchee child sex-ring case A key figure in the Wenatchee child sex-ring case, who along with her developmentally disabled husband pleaded guilty to child rape, testified yesterday she never abused her children and was coerced into giving a false confession.

Local News : Tuesday, April 21, 1998

Detective cites allegations of kids in sex-rings lawsuit The police detective accused of orchestrating a witch hunt against several adults in the Wenatchee child sex-rings investigation described in graphic detail some of the allegations told to him by children involved in the case.

Local News : Friday, April 17, 1998

Sex-ring detective's credentials questioned In an attempt to destroy the credibility of Robert Perez, the lead detective in the Wenatchee sex-ring investigation, an attorney for the plaintiffs in a $100 million civil suit yesterday launched into a blistering four-hour interrogation of his tactics, training, judgment and motives.

Local News : Wednesday, April 8, 1998

Sex-ring investigator loses bid for attorney The lead investigator in the Wenatchee child-sex-ring case waited too long to decide he needed his own lawyer in a $100 million civil-rights lawsuit, and must continue to share one with the city and its police chief, a judge ruled yesterday.

Local News : Friday, May 8, 1998

Wenatchee teen stands by sex-ring story A teenager, whose claims that she was raped and molested were critical to the Wenatchee child-sex-ring investigation, clung to her story during testimony yesterday.

Local News : Wednesday, April 29, 1998

Teen accuses Perez of trying to coerce child-sex claims A teenage boy told jurors in the Wenatchee child-sex-ring trial yesterday that police Detective Robert Perez repeatedly tried to coerce him into saying he had been sexually abused by his parents.

Local News : Tuesday, April 28, 1998

Plaintiff recalls charges of abuse made against her A plaintiff in the Wenatchee child sex-ring case - who once faced 168 counts of child rape and molestation - wept in court as she recounted her two arrests in 1995 and the allegations that she had sexually abused her daughter and several other children.

Local News : Monday, June 9, 1997

Judge dismisses ex-defendant's claim in Wenatchee child sex-ring case A federal judge has dismissed all but one claim in the civil-rights lawsuit filed by Robert Devereaux, a former defendant in the child sex-rings case.

Local news : Feb. 3, 1996

Sex-ring review questioned Reno's investigation accused of being incomplete Attorney General Janet Reno calls it a thorough review of "the available materials." But those directly involved in last year's Wenatchee child-sex-abuse investigation say Reno's office made little or no effort to seek out documentation or verbal accounts before the attorney general made her decision.

\clip\98\08\coerce.txt Seattle times April 24, 1998 Coerced confession claimed in Wenatchee child sex-ring case by Ronald K. Fitten Seattle Times staff reporter \clip\98\07\seatwena.txt The Seattle Times Company April 6, 1998 Today, Wenatchee pastor turns tables on accusers Today, Roberson takes his war back to court. This time, he's the accuser, not the accused. He, his wife and six others are suing Wenatchee Police Detective Bob Perez, child caseworkers, and the city, county and state agencies where they work for allegedly violating their civil rights. The complicated case includes overlapping charges against 11 individuals. Together, the plaintiffs are asking for as much as $70 million in damages. \CLIP\98\07\dshsdef.txt Seattle Times Company April 3, 1998 DSHS defends child-sex inquiry by Ronald K. Fitten Seattle Times staff reporter \clip\98\07\newtrial.txt Seattle Times Company April 2, 1998 New trial suggested in Wenatchee sex-ring case John K. Wiley Associated Press Writer SPOKANE - A girl's videotaped recantation of sexual abuse by her parents and improper interview techniques by investigators likely will result in a new trial for a Wenatchee couple, a judge ruled today.

\clip\98\06\malkwen.txt Link Michelle Malkin Seattle Times (3/3/98) One brave soul's crusade for truth about Wenatchee [Wenatchee witch trials over child abuse and abuse of power] "Laura Holt, a handicapped Wenatchee resident who received an exceptional sentence of 40 years for child rape, told Lyon of a hellish interrogation at the hands of Detective Robert Perez - the chief orchestrator of the charges and arrests. "He threatened to take my artificial limb away from me," Holt said. According to Lyon's report, Perez told Holt and several other accused women - some with IQs under 60 - "You'll never see your kids again." "

From: Date sent: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 07:54:21 -0800 There is an interesting (albeit belated) series in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer this week on the Wenatchee sex accusations. The series runs from today through Friday. I rcommend it to anyone who has an interest in this subject. Many of the government officials involved seem to have learned nothing from this sorry spectacle. A CPS supervisor, for example, told the P-I, "It's well known that chilldren are telling the truth when they say they've been abused." Jesse Malkin

\doc\web\97\03\readdig.txt Readers Digest had article on the Wenatchee child abuse witch hunt was the July 96 Reader's Digest. I'll try to get text for you, and dig up my actual copy. The author is one of their heavy hitters (Trevor Armbruster?). Has worked for them for over 20 years, and came out to Wenatchee for "two days," ended up staying much longer. Couldn't believe his eyes and ears. Wall Street Journal and Washington Times also did multiple stories on it (thought I'd wait awhile before I smack O'Connor upside the head with them!).

\priv\96\19\wenalie.htm Seattle Times June 5, 1996 Wenatchee teen recants abuse story. The girl ran away from her detective foster father's home and said that she lied because Perez forced her to testify against an innocent minister. Officials did not say if this would affect the numerous people already convicted on the basis of her testimony.

"Verdict in Wenatchee" Wall Street Journal Dec 15, 1995 - Jury finds the Robersons not guilty, nobody bothered to ask other people in church about bizarrre charges. f121595

"The price of abuse" ST Nov 27, 1995 F120795 42 children were removed from homes, more than a quarter of the 120 children in Chelan

\doc\95\15\ "Wenatchee Jury Begins Deliberations" Seattle Times Dec 9, 1995 p. 1 Sex case is built on lies, says the defence.


Wenatchee, A True Story III Wall Street Journal Nov 8, 1995 p. A18 F111295


The state bends over backwards to make sure black parents keep their children, even if they are warned that their parents might keep them, meanwhile white Christians who haven't done a thing are accused of horrible crimes without any evidence in Wenatchee.

Today's Seattle Post Intelligencer features a cover story that not only are children under the state's care given way too many drugs, the testimony that was used to put people away in the Wenatchee sex-ring witch trials was evidently the result of psychotic drugs given to kids after they were taken away from their parents, and forced to use "recovered memory" therapy to confirm wierd sex acts for which there was absolutely no evidence.

"Drugs and doubt in Wenatchee" Seattle PI April 2, 1997 F040297

file 10-6-95 "Federal Review Sought in Sex Abuse Prosecutions" Seattle Post Intelligencer Oct. 5, 1995 p. B1 Since 1993, 25 adults have either plead guilty or been convicted of child abuse allegations in the Wenatchee area. Also check Wall Street Journal Sept 29, 1995. Looks like a witch hunt of innocent people. Compare with Lauria Grace case where case worker refused to take child away from a Black drug-abusing mother because day care workers who complained "were inappropriate for African American children" and "tried to impose middle class values on the child"