%%Amtrack Web site http://www.amtrak.com %%Engines http://www.northeast.railfan.net EMD E8 short Six-axle rounded car-nose, one nose light bezel, grille across top of side EMD E9 long six axle car-nose, flush nose number display, 4 port holes http://www.mtp.semi.harris.com/diesel30.html EMD F45 FP45 milwaukee fp45 http://www.mtp.semi.harris.com/images/tr_milw4.jpg \images\98\05\23\tr_milw4.jpg JL hunt EMD FP40PH 4 axle Amtrak passenger engine, square car-nose F59 Round nose Bullet Engine Amtrack EMD GP 4 axle road switchers, nose is high (old), low (80s), "comfort cab" (90s) GP9 GP38 GP40 EMD SD 6 axle road switchers %%general Cyberspace World Railroad http://www.mcs.net/~dsdawdy/cyberoad.html %%lionel trains http://www.eve.net/~mikee/ttc/story.html The story of lionel trains %%manufacturer \clip\96\02\geloco.txt 8/15/96 GE Locomotives Outhaul The Competition By CLAUDIA COATES Associated Press Writer In 995, GE made 740 locos vs. GM 420 GM dominated until the 1980s %%model railroad newsgroup: rec.models.railroad Atlas Model Railroad home page http://www.atlasrr.com/atlasrr/ %%Thomas the Tank Engine http://www.catt.ncsu.edu/users/gkeeper/HTML/my.useless.pages/STS/index.html
Amtrack PageAmtrack Page
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What's New in Railroad-related Internet Resources
This page provides pointers to especially new or exciting resources. Not all changes to Railroad-related Internet Resources will appear here. . July 9 . Various links added, including the Z Scale railroading page, Sam the Toy Train Man's Toy ...
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Model Railroad & Hobby InformationModel Railroad & Hobby Information - Retail North American Railroad InformationWorld (non N.A.) Railroad Information Other Railroad InformationMuseums & Tourist Railroad Sites Railroad Industry Related ...
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Other Railroad-related Hypertext Pages
Click here to return to the home page of Railroad-related Internet resources. . Contents . This page contains a list of other World-wide Web sites pertaining to railroads. They've been roughly categorized to add some order to the page. Apologies ...
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File Servers and FTP Sites
Click here to return to the home page of Railroad-related Internet resources. . Contents . Railroad Images . Digitized photos . Clip Art, Icons, and Line Drawings . Sounds . Scanner Frequencies . Railfan and Travel Information . Model ...
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Switch Track
From here you can switch off the Cyberspace World Railroad and onto others. There are many other very talented people out here who have taken the time to place a lot of good information for you. Please visit and let them know how much you ...
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Railroad Databases
Click here to return to the home page of Railroad-related Internet resources. . Contents . This section contains lists and databases concerning topics of interest to railroad enthusiasts. . Definitions of railroad-related terms . Locomotive ...
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Penny Bridge
Welcome to . a rail station . This is a small collection of information about some subjects which I have done some research into for myself. I hope that some of it might of interest to others. Since I needed to computerize this info for ...
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Rail Periodicals Distributed Online
Click here to return to the home page of Railroad-related Internet resources. . Contents . This page contains entries for a number of railroad-related electronic newsletters on the Internet. Details about content, editor, and archive sites are ...
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! . Goldhil carries a complete line of train adventures for every railroad fan and even railroad fans-in-training! Railroads have captured the imagination of people of all ages and played a pivotal role in the industrial development of our ...
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Trains - HARRIS Mountaintop
Important Announcement . Trains . Click on a photo to retrieve it. Turn off images for descriptions . From the Area . * * # . Lehigh Valley 4-8-4 Northern #5210 - D&H 4-6-2 PACIFIC #653 - PRR 2-10-2 SANTA FE #9404 from The RIP Track . ...
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