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Index of information on media sites promoting 9-11 truth and / or anti-Israel pro-Palestine rights conspiracy theories.




·          9/11 Blogger

·         9/11 Research (WTC7.net)

·              Infowars (Alex Jones)

·         International News Net World Report | site

·         Intifada Palestine

·         Media With Conscience

·           NYC CAN — New York City Coalition for Accountability Now

·              Patriots Question 9/11

·         PressTV

·         Rense.com

·         Ramllah Online

·         Russia Today

·              We Are Change

·         Sabbah Report

·         Salem News

·              Visibility 9/11

     World for 9/11 Truth

     ReOpen911 (French)


·         Zionism’s Survival (believes communist network helped Islamists do 9/11)


Most 9-11 truthers share common views:

·         9-11 truth

·         For Gaza Flotilla

·         Anti-Israel/Anti-Zionist

·         For Palestine Rights

·         Against US in Afghanistan and Iraq





Website: http://911truth.org/



911 Truth , a New York City-based conspiracy group, claims that the Bush administration staged the September 11 terror attacks. The group does not seem to have many members, but unaffiliated protesters often uncritically accept the group’s professionally made posters and signature “deception dollars”—fake bills covered in conspiratorial images and web sites. Its influence was most clearly seen at the March 2004 antiwar demonstrations in New York, where numerous “Stop the 9-11 Cover-Up” signs were displayed.

Interesting review of OBL death reports (in spite of the journalist's editorialized introduction)...
See also this editorial at Salon.com, "USA! USA!" is the wrong response, by David Sorota.

– Ed.

A  look back at the years of false reports that preceded Sunday night's announcement of the real thing
By Justin Elliott May 2, 2011Salon.com

The false reports of Osama bin Laden's death began almost immediately after Sept. 11, 2001, and persisted at a rate of at least once or twice a year, every year. The reports -- generated by (usually anonymous) statements by American officials and a dizzying array of foreign sources -- often generated international headlines.



·         David Ray Griffin (9-11 truth)

·         Ron Paul


@@ Baltimore Chronicle & Sentinel

Strongly anti-Israel pro-Palestine articles.

·         The Baltimore ChronicleAn independent newspaper providing context and clarity on suppressed and distorted news and social trends.”

baltimorechronicle.com ·



·         Franklin Lamb

·         Palestine

·         Michael Lerner / Tikkun, Alan Dershowitz wrote that "Tikkun is quickly becoming the most virulently anti-Israel screed ever published under Jewish auspices" and that "support for Tikkun is support for the enemies of Israel."


·         Israel

·         Zionist

Sample of international stories:


05.02 Tehran Experiments With Maritime Nationalism

04.28 Strong anti-American sentiment in Egypt

04.26 Many U.S. officials see the events in Bahrain as part of the chess game with Iran: Robert Naiman

04.26 Kourosh Ziabari: Satisfying the Zionists, Obama’s first priority

04.22 News Flash: Iraq War Was About Oil

04.19 Israel Won’t Collapse Peacefully But It Will Dissolve: Dr. Franklin Lamb

04.14 The Idea of Enemies is Killing Us

9/11: Thursday, August 12 2004 - Articles

Sibel Edmonds: Still Silenced, But Why?
Opinion by Jim Hogue Baltimore ChronicleDecember 17, 2004

It is fair to say that the Bush administration, through the efforts of Attorney General John Ashcroft, has confirmed its complicity in the 9/11/01 attacks. In his legal appeal to Judge Reggie Walton to silence FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, Ashcroft has inadvertently, through the very language of the appeal, provided eloquent proof of treason and misprision of treason within the highest levels of government.

Israel: There Is No New Anti-Semitism
by Rabbi Michael Lerner, BALTIMORE CHRONICLE, February, 2, 2007
"What the Jewish establishment organizations have done is to make invisible the strong roots in Judaism for a different kind of policy." The New York Times reported on January 31 about the most recent attempt by the American Jewish community to conflate intense criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism.

04.14 No Politician With ‘Anti-Zionist Mindset’ Could Dream Of Living In White House by Kourosh Ziabari from Iran

Thursday, 14 April 2011 Naseer Aruri: This is not a conflict between two equal claims. The Palestinian population is the indigenous party living on the land since the days of the Cananites. Their presence as the dominant party was interrupted by the Crusades but it was restored by the Islamic conquest of the 7th century A.D. When the Zionists received the Balfour Declaration from Britain in 1917 the Jewish population constituted less than 7% of the population. It was an unauthorized promise made by an imperial power to a colonial settler movement at the expense of the Majority (the indigenous Palestinians). By World War II the Jewish population had increased to one-third mainly as a result of colonial settlement. This minority was in possession of less than 6% of the land. Today it controls all of historic Palestine through the force of arms, an illegal phenomenon under international law.

NA: The Oslo Accords constituted an act of surrender by Yaser Arafat, whose movement was facing economic, diplomatic and leadership crises, and having recognized Israel in 1988, it took the easy way out by concluding an unauthorized deal with Israel in 1993 in which Israel did not cede any bit of sovereignty whatsoever not only in historic Palestine but even in the West Bank, which constitutes 22% of historic Palestine




Website: http://beforeitsnews.com/





@@The Canadian

Website: http://www.agoracosmopolitan.com/

The Canadian is Canada's socially progressive, cross-cultural and not-for-profit national newspaper.
www.agoracosmopolitan.com/ - Canada

Opposes US involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, demonization of Muslims.

Building 7: 9/11 family members raise questions on Building 7More than eight years after the tragedy of September 11, 2001, New York Supreme Court Justice Edward H. Lehner was hearing arguments in a courtroom less than a mile from Ground Zero about a ballot initiative to launch a new investigation of the 9/11 attacks. When the lawyer for the plaintiffs sponsoring the initiative explained that the 9/11 Commission report left many unanswered questions, including “Why did Building 7 come down,” the Judge replied quizzically, “Building what?

Aliens: Humanized face of aliens control Earth suggests Dr. Michael Salla

Archons and not Muslim scapegoats appear responsible for "terrorism"

Is the War of Terrorism a Massive Hoax? John Stokes 





Who are the "Archons"? 'Archons' as a term, is ancient. Throughout human history, the "Archons" have taken a variety of forms. These include the leadership of the Mongolian Hordes of Genghis Khan, as well as Julius Caesar's Roman Empire; the Monarchs of colonial Europe who presided of the slave trade and other atrocities; and elites of Adolph's Hitler's Nazi Germany. Archons also take the form of leaders who have infiltrated religious organizations. These religious organizations pursue "riches", while presenting fabricated messages which promise "salvation", with obedience to their draconian authority systems. The latest and most dangerous incarnation of the Archons, preside over the "War on Terrorism"

Description: Description: Description: Description: http://www.agoracosmopolitan.com/images/blk_blt.jpg

U.S. military spreads radiation contamination against the Iraq population

Description: Description: Description: Description: http://www.agoracosmopolitan.com/images/blk_blt.jpg


Description: Description: Description: Description: http://www.agoracosmopolitan.com/images/blk_blt.jpg


Description: Description: Description: Description: http://www.agoracosmopolitan.com/images/blk_blt.jpg

Canadian lives lost in service to corporate gains from oil and minerals in Afghanistan


Home website: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=home

Videos: Global Research TV http://tv.globalresearch.ca/

Author Index: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=authorList

X= anti-zionist


·         X 9/11 Truth

·         X Abu Dhabi TV (al Jazeera) British MP George Galloway Calls for Bush, Blair, Koizumi, and Berlusconi to Stand Trial

·         X Al-Jazeera Interview with Hezbollah Secretary General Hasan Nasrallah

·         X American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee

·         X Hezbollah “Hezbollah … given the Arabs of the region restored self-respect following 60 years of humiliation and 41 years of repeated and voracious occupation and aggression”

·         X Veterans Today

+ = pro-Israel


·         +B’nai Brith Canada

·         +Israel

·         +Jewish Tribune

·         +Western Standard

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michel_Chossudovsky#Criticism:

In an op-ed in the Western Standard, Chossudovsky was listed as one of Canada's nuttiest professors "whose absurdity stands head and shoulders above their colleagues."[14] Specifically, the op-ed criticized GlobalResearch.ca as "anti-U.S. and anti-globalization"[14] and Chussodovsky's "wild-eyed conspiracy theories."[14] An article in Jewish Tribune has also criticized GlobalResearch.ca as "rife with anti-Jewish conspiracy theory and Holocaust denial."[15] The same article also reported that B'nai Brith Canada wrote a letter to the University of Ottawa asking for the university "to conduct its own investigation of this propagandist site."[15]


@@International News Net World Report

·         Site: http://www.innworldreport.net/inn/


·         911 Truth

·         Osama Bin Laden Innocent: BREAKING: Official Court Docs Reveal No Bin Laden Connection to 9/11(VIDEO



@@Veterans's Today

Summary: Disinformation site which masquerades as advocacy for US Veterans, but primarily advocates for anti-US, anti-Israel, pro-Islamist propaganda and 9/11 truth conspiracy theories, publishes same authors and other similar websites which are evidently part of a larger anti-Israel / pro-Arab-Muslim disinformation network.


Contact info: PeaPolz Media


·         Jeff Gates Will Israel Assassinate Barack Obama

·         Alan Sobrosky (9-11 truth)

·         Anthony Lawson (Sabbah Report Salem News, Intifada Palestine, Media With Conscience, Rense.com and Ramllah Online)


·         Adam Holland (pro-Israel) “purportedly devoted to veterans' issues, but which in fact is frequently devoted to promoting conspiracy theories”

·         Jawa Report (anti-Islamist) “former head of the Pakistan ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) has joined them… ISI heart the Taliban”

·         Little Green Footballs

·         Southern Poverty Law Center “Beware Anti-Israel Agenda”

·         Zionism’s Survival (believes communist network helped Islamists do 9/11)




Featured Staff Writers

Negative Reviews:

Adam Holland: Wrapping themselves in the false-flag

A website purportedly devoted to vererens' issues, but which in fact is frequently devoted to promoting conspiracy theories, has been part of the mainstreaming of Sabrosky's views. Veterans Today (read here) describes Sabrosky's charges as accurate, (falsely) says of him that

Alan Sabrosky: "Large majority of U.S. Jews are traitors" and Israel did 9/11 attacks. So who the heck is Alan Sabrosky?


forward observer: Veterans Today Anti-Zionist Conspiracy Theorists

June 20, 2010

The basic premise of Veterans Today(VT) is to be a anti-Zionist approach that attempts to paint Israel as the leading cause of all world problems.VT borders on anti-Semitism even though the Senior Editor Gordon Duff claim Jewish ancestry.VT flies under the flag of being all about Veterans and offering the services and information to which they may be entitled.It is almost criminal to use that makes since their purpose is far removed from what the name insinuates.

This is little if any references to he information published but there are a great deal of innuendos,assumptions and accusations,all designed to fuel the minds of left wing conspiracy theorists.

Mr. Duff even went so far as to insinuate that he would have the survivors of the USS Liberty take care of me.If one will notice Mr. Duff states that he is a 100% disabled vet and has PTSD yet he claims to be a constant world wide traveler meeting with the highest circles of intelligence and political figures.He claims to work closely with the
US government and US business interests but what entity would place faith and trust in a mental patient.PTSD is a psychological disorder and I don't mean to belittle any person who legitimately suffers from that disorder.

Many of the commentators are regulars that have learned a few key words of hate and Mal content and attempt to paint negative images f almost anybody.Why I have been listed as a crook and nobody knows me other than disagreeing with the fruit basket cases.If what you are looking for it hate,discontent,lies,half truths and black propaganda,then VT is for you.To each their own


patricia v. This is a website that CLAIMS to be in existence for veterans to find information, network with other vets on issues that affect veterans from claims problems with the VA to what the present administration is doing for veterans. What it is in reality is a politically-based forum that ex-marine bozos and ex-civil servant yes-men use to disseminate their views and rhetoric ranging from Bush-bashing to Obama-worship. There is very little on the site that covers veterans affairs or issues. If you disagree with any of the contributors on the site and offer facts that are ill-refutable to what the writer has published, you are accused of personally attacking said writer and threatened with having your IP banned. You are also maligned for using a moniker on the site for your posts and called a juvenile for not using your given name. Someone out there needs to ban this website.

richard c. Veteranstoday reflects the opinions of proislamic militant authors. All efforts to refute a point or contradict a falsehood is eliminated from publication. The views of radical Pakistani writers are reflected, not American Vets. The information published is hearsay and not substantiated with objective data. It is a very low form of journalism especially because it pretends to be a fact based journal when, in truth, it is someone's biased opinion. Poorly written, vague and libelous journalism is what Veteranstoday is all about.



Letters To Leaders


All messages are published with permission of the sender. The general topic of this message is Foreign Affairs:


Anti Semitic Rants of,"Veterans Today"
To: President Barack Obama February 9, 2010

This is regards to the constant anti Semitic publications of the,"Veterans Today" web site operated by Gordon Duff,Senior Editor, under the inference that they speak for veterans and veterans groups in the US with complete permission and accuracy.

I prepared a report for the American Jewish Congress,the State Department and also yourself.I let Mr Duff know that I was sending you a copy and he responded that he is politically connected to you and helped you get elected.He also referred to asll our Veterans organizations as racists.

This man is causing harm by accusing Israel of world wide domination with complicity of all governments.Almost every article that he posts is about anti Jewish sentiments.

From: Gpduf@aol.com
Sent: Mon 2/08/10 10:13 PM
To: wascallyfox
I have fought the American Legion and VFW for years. You are simply a time wasting fool. You and your racist Veteran hating groups can do as you please.

They all know me very well. See if they want to take me on.
As for your relationship with President Obama, I helped get him elected.

This is my partial report,it took up too much room.I have the full report available upon request.The full article plus comments is available he and the archives show the anti Jewish rhetoric and all the accusations and allegations.

From: LAWRENCE D (wascallyfox2)
Sent: Mon 2/08/10 9:20 PM
To: chairman@ajcongress.org

Earlier today I sent an email to your organization in regards to the group,"Veterans Today",who is promoting anti Semitic rhetoric.The senior Editor,Gordon Duff,is extremely vocal about the supposed control Israel has over the world.I included a brief bio.

Today's article was extremely anti Semitic and I wrote a comment to the article which was deleted,I submitted a second comment and it was deleted.I wrote two more comments to the issues of my being deleted and his accusation to an American commentator that he was guilty of treason for supporting Israel..Those two were deleted and I was sent an explanation that they were invoking he freedom of the press and that I had violated the ToUR for asking about their agenda.

Not that any of this is earth shaking except for the growing anti Jewish reporting.It is getting embarrassing to think that a fellow American is behind all this and sees it as perfectly reasonable behavior.In my opinion,Mr Duff is a dangerous man helping to carry out an equally dangerous agenda.Please put this group on your radar and I suggest making the FBI aware as well.This is unAmerican by any standards.

Hardly a day goes by when ,"Veterans Today",doesn't publish an article that is anti Semitic in nature,blaming Israel and the Jews for everything from the death of Jesus,9-11 and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

I would expect this from a KKK web site or a fundamentalist Jihad warring faction involved in terrorism but to be as openly anti Jewish as you appear to be,I think you are a danger to the US,Israel and the whole world.What is your true agenda and who pays the bills?I am of the opinion that we are entitled to know at least that much if we are to continue reading this web site?

I defy you to include a bibliography for every idea that you publish both positive and negative in nature.I see you as a front for extreme conservative powers to be but then you throw in a liberal point of view to confuse the issues.I make every effort to validate the information in these poisonous articles and I can tell you that I have difficulty in finding hardly any supporting references to the assertions and charges.

In my opinion you are doing my great country,the good old US of A a great disservice in continuing to publish these conspiracy articles published under the disguise of newsworthy information.You and Fox will procreate and have babies soon I am sure.

This is the latest article with the comments that were posted.Notice where Mr Duff calls any American who supports a foreign=n country,Israel. are guilty of treason.

You are here: Home / Politics & Government / Foreign Relations / GORDON DUFF: WHAT IF EVERYTHING YOU BELIEVED WAS A LIE?
February 8, 2010 by Gordon Duff · 13 Comments
By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

What if I told you that much of what you think of news or history is totally false? You hear this every day, in fact you hear little else. People say little else. The president is a Muslim from Kenya, John McCain is a communist spy and collaborator. Osama bin Laden is dead. Israel was responsible for 9/11. President G.W. Bush is a drunk and cocaine addict. The CIA deals drugs. Fox News is a Mossad front meant to destroy America. The holocaust never happened. Israel is a poor threatened country with powerful neighbors. The US never went to the moon. John F. Kennedy, his brother Robert and Martin Luther King shot each other after killing Jimmie Hoffa. Is any of this true? Is all of it a lie, or are we constantly bombarded with outlandish conspiracies because many of them are very true?
Are we begging for terror attacks? It seems so. Why would we do that? Is someone getting rich by us actually taking part in outlandish crimes to start a "war on terror." Hey, I know what you can do. Turn on your TV and wait for the Israeli run news to tell you the truth. Make sure you are comfortable,

From the anti-jihad jawa report http://mypetjawa.mu.nu/archives/203531.php

Apply For A VA Home Loan Today! Veterans Today Will Help You! Oh, Conservatives Are Fascists Now, Say Veterans Today Ink74 linked to VA Home Loans today where you can apply for a VA Home loan.

Did you really want to fill out this application for a VA Home loan from the registrant of this site, unencrypted? 9/11 twoofers/nutzofreaks?
Tad suspicious? Yes. I would think twice before filling out the online form. Do you really want to give personal information to a organization who announced the former head of the Pakistan ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) has joined
them? Some ISI heart the Taliban.

Little green footballs


More bad crazy: Zionist conspiracy theories & anti-semitism

While searching for links to articles on evangelicals in the military in relation to my comments on Dark_Falcon's page about Scott Wheeler, I came across a link to a bizarre article about Jews (or rather the purported lack of) in the U.S. military on a site called  Veterans’s today. Speaking of the author, his name is Gordon Duff. I'd never heard of him or his network of web sites until this morning, and I wasn't able to find much info on him apart from what he provides on his web site at the top of this list of his archived articles. I read a couple of the articles. Made me feel like I'd fallen down the rabbit hole. This must be part of that strange land where someone goes so far to the right or left that there's an unholy convergence of bad craziness & conspiracy theories.

Southern Poverty Law Center Review:

Buyer Beware: Veterans Today and its Anti-Israel Agenda Posted in Anti-Semitic, Extremist Propaganda by Evelyn Schlatter on January 6, 2011

But start reading the posts, and you’ll find something else entirely: myriad claims that there was a conspiracy behind 9/11 (Israel orchestrated it, in cahoots with the American government), that the American government is a puppet (of Israel), that the Holocaust never happened or was greatly exaggerated (Jews made it up to manipulate non-Jews), and, most recently, that Julian Assange, the man behind Wikileaks, is a pawn (of Israel).

Notice a theme? Gordon Duff, the senior editor and chairman of the board at VT, is a prolific proponent of these anti-Israel conspiracy theories, including the Wikileaks claims. Though he does occasionally write on issues and policies that directly affect American veterans (he claims to be a Marine Vietnam veteran), most of his ammo is reserved for churning out articles that claim 9/11 was a U.S./Israel conspiracy and that Israel controls the U.S. government. According to Duff and VT contributors like author and attorney Jeff Gates, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a civil rights watchdog group, and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a lobbying group, are Zionist-controlled fronts for Israeli intelligence operations.





@@Adam Holland

Blog: http://adamholland.blogspot.com/2010/05/alan-sabrosky-large-majority-of-us-jews.html


Summary: pro-Israel critic of Israel critics and Palestine / 9-11 truth promoters



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