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From Mona Charen Charles Murray's forthcoming book, "Coming Apart at the Seams," which he previewed in a recent lecture at the American Enterprise Institute, examines marriage as one of four key virtues that conduce to a healthy polity (the others are industriousness, piety and honesty). Echoing George Gilder, Murray notes that marriage is crucial because it "civilizes men." Married men don't just earn more and have significantly lower rates of criminality, substance abuse, depression and poor health than single men. They also contribute more social capital to society. Married men are far more likely to coach little league, volunteer at church and shovel their elderly neighbor's walk. Married people, far more than singles (there are exceptions, of course), take responsibility not just for themselves and their children, but for the community. In 1960, Murray observes, 88 percent of upper-middle-class adults was married. In 2010, the figure was 83 percent. A small drop. But among the working class, 83 percent of whom were married in 1960, the figure today is 43 percent.



Nearly half of women married before the age of 18 divorce within 10
years, but only 19 perent divorce when they marry at age 23 or older.
"Teen Pregnancy Findings" Seattle Times May 1, 1997 p.1 from
1995 National Survey of Family Growth


doc934\wedpaper.xls announcements in SJ Mercury  
doc934\peopmar.txt people marriage issue

@@Arranged marriage

Asians traditionally have had arranged marriages
They do it in mexico too,

Japan's High Schools Thomas Rohlen p. 304 1/3 of Japanese still marry
by parental arrangement.
'Kidnapping' was really an escape
Woman fled from arranged marriage, authorities say
Her disappearance from a Skagit County migrant worker camp a week ago
launched a nationwide manhunt for a teenager accused of kidnapping.
But it turns out that the Mexican woman being sought as a kidnap
victim since Sept. 13 was instead escaping an arranged marriage,
authorities said Monday.
Garcia told investigators that she and her 2-year-old son willingly
left with Sanchez-Velasco.  Garcia said her father had promised her
hand in marriage to a 27-year-old Mount Vernon man whom she had no
desire to be with. She wanted to be with Sanchez-Velasco.  Garcia said
her father's attempt to enforce the arranged marriage led to her
flight with Sanchez-Velasco, and that no firearms were used and no
money was stolen.
The woman who had fled her dad's wrath over the arranged marriage had
patched things up and was home with him, Reichardt said.
The man her dad had arranged for her to marry, however, who comes from
the same area of Mexico and shares similar beliefs concerning marriage
arrangements, was reportedly upset over the rejection, he said.

\clip\97\02\arrmarr.txt The Electronic Telegraph Tuesday 29 August
1995 Home News Asians rearrange British marriage By Amit Roy BRITISH
Asians are evolving a new system of arranged marriage in an effort to
tackle a rising divorce rate.

@@Child marriage

"New India clashes with old over child weddings" Seattle Times July 9,
1995 p. A11. Abstract - many rural Indian villages continue to marry
off their daughters at very young ages despite official disapproval,
and the modern view that it clases with the right of the individual to
chose her mate.

@@Dating service

Seeking My Race-Based Valentine Online 
By Jenée Desmond-Harris Monday, Feb. 22, 2010 
Read more:,9171,1963768,00.html#ixzz0fjXzowS9

* after Jennifer House, a black woman in Los Angeles, perused one too
many profiles only to find the guys had checked off every box except
African American, she changed her strategy. "

* Social Science Research examined 1,558 profiles that white daters
living in or near big U.S. cities placed on Yahoo! Personals, which,
much like Match, lists 10 racial and ethnic groups users can select as
preferred dates. Among the women, 73% stated a preference. Of these,
64% selected whites only, while fewer than 10% included East Indians,
Middle Easterners, Asians or blacks. (See a nerdy Valentine's Day
guide on  The story is a little different for the men,
59% of whom stated a racial preference. Of these, nearly half selected
Asians, but fewer than 7% did for black women. Why? One theory offered
by the study's lead author, Cynthia Feliciano, a sociologist at the
University of California at Irvine, is that men's choices are
influenced by the media's portrayal of Asian women as being
hypersexual and black women as being bossy.

W1.0 B-1.95 H-1.88 A-8.72
"Looking for Love" Vanessa Ho, Seattle PI Nov 28, 1994 p. D1
Great Expectations Dating Service, Bellevue WA
Current number of members.
Charter member until there are 100 members of opposite sex
of your race. 
         Total   White   Black   Hisp    Asian
Number   4300    4057     125     75      43
Percent   100%   94.3%    2.9%   1.7%     1.0%
King Co  100%    83.3%   5.0%    2.9%     7.7%
Index            1.13    -2.0    -1.9   [[-8.7]]
Asians are nearly 1/10 as likely as whites to use dating service,
compare to 1/2 for other minorities.


@@Foreign brides
c:\clip\97\06\formarr.txt Christian Science Monitor THE WORLD, Page 8
Failed Foreign Marriages In Japan: Boom to Bust?  BROKEN DREAMS By
Cameron W. Barr, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor
THERESA came back to Japan for love. In some ways, it was a big

e:\clip\96\04\taiwmarr.txt Date: Fri, 6 Sep 1996 15:12:34 -0400 From: (NewsHound) As Taiwanese Women Get Picky, Men
Look Abroad for Wives By LEE CHUAN-HSIEN (AP)


The Argument Against Equal Marriage Ladies Home Journal Feb 199 p. 66
Danielle Crittenden Mens and womens roles have beome identical, but
result is that men are no longer bound to their duties if women can
do them too. More focus is made on fairness than sacrifices that have
to be made by both to make a family work from book "What Our Mohers
Didn't Tell Us" Simon Schuster


Euro NW marriage patterns The
"Western European marriage pattern" is characterized by (1) an
average age of women at first marriage of 24 or over, (2) 7-20% of
all women never marrying, and (3) an incidence of childbirth out of
wedlock of below 3% (Seccombe 1992:184). 


Sailer proposes that warm weather
produces self-sufficient gathering women, but cold depends on
hunters, so today we favor black men, and blond women.

@@general rates

\doc\95\12\marylate.txt "Asian women marry later and less" Seattle
Times Oct 8, 1995 p. L1, L5 Carey Quan Gelernter Correcting for
population age, Chinese and Japanese American women delay marriage 2
to 6 years longer than white women. Study by Grinnell college
sociologist Susan ferguson in Journal of Family Issues. White women
marry earliest at 20.7, Native born Japanese Am 20.7 Chinese 23.5
(1980 census)

Native born Chinese and Japanese Am women have the highest
non-marriage rate, exceeding blacks. The foreign born are also higher
than whites, but less than native born Asians.

Since 1980, African Americans have jumped from 19 to 41% in the 30-34
yr age bracket, so they are number 1 now.

This is despite nearly universal marriage in Japan and China. This may
be due to higher education level of Asian American women, which has
even more of a delaying effect on white women.

- note, Asian women also have children much later

Median marriage age
20.7 White 
22.2 Japanese Am
23.5 Chinese Am

% of women in California who had not married
		        Chin-Am       Japn-Am          Black
age      White  Foreign Native Foreign Native
30-34    10.85  12.08   22.22  9.41    26.5	  19(80) 41(93)
35-39     7.31   6.00   11.76  5.75    14.29
40-44     3.90   3.04   14.40  4.23    10.64

Note - foreign about same as white, native
born 2 to 3 times rate of whites.

Percentage Age 30-34 Never married, 1980
41% Black (1993)
27% Japan-Am Native
22% Chin-Am Native
12% Chin-Am Foreign
11% White-Am
 9% Japan-Am Foreign

Source: "Asian women marry later and less" Seattle Times Oct 8, 1995
p. L1, L5 Carey Quan Gelernter

% unmarried 30-34 in US
      women    men
1960   6.9    11.9
1992  18.8    29.4

\doc\95\06\marry93.xls never-marry by race, interrace, grandparent
         never married men W1.00 B1.76 H1.08
         never married women W1.00 B2.87 H1.27
         Under 18 with grandmother W1.00 B3.00 H1.50

         Source: US Census Marital Status and Living Arrangements:
         1991, P-20 No. 461 Analysis by Arthur Hu

         Never married adults 30-34
         Percent  white     black       hispanic
         men         25.0%       44.0%    27.0%
         women       15.0%       43.0%    19.0%

         Index    white     black       hispanic
         men         1.00        1.76     1.08
         women       1.00        2.87     1.27

         Interracial couples - 2% of all marriages
         23% are between blacks and whites

         Source: US Census Marital Status and Living Arrangements:
         1991, P-20 No. 461 Analysis by Arthur Hu (Thom Borland) writes:
The probability of having married by age 30:

 Whites -- 78 percent
 Latinos -- 76 percent
 Blacks -- 54 percent

Source: The National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, cited in the Bell


Mona Charen: Children pay an even higher price. As Hymowitz writes: "... if you want to analyze the inequality problem -- start with the marriage gap. Virtually all -- 92 percent -- of children whose families make over $75,000 per year are living with (married) parents. On the other end of the income scale, the situation is reversed: only 20 percent of kids in families earning under $15,000 live with both parents."

MEN MAKE MORE WHEN WOMEN STAY HOME "Why Married Men Earn More" Business Week Sept 17, 2001 p. 36 Economic Inquitry Hyunbae Chun, Injae Lee looked at 2,700 men, found married men earn 12.4% more per hour adjusting for various factors. Believed that it was women doing household and family tasks. Wage gap declines as wives put in more hours. Men with wives not employed earn 31% more per hour, with full time job only 3.4%


Everybody wonders why interracial relationships seem to lean towards black men and white females, and White men and Asian females.
My classic opinion Part I: A Race of Rodney Dangerfields which came out in Asian Week in 1990 is that if you score blacks and Asians on a white scale, Blacks come out more masculine and Asians more feminine for both genders, and it really doesn't matter as long as they get along. ditto! Blacks are the least likely to intermarry, Asian and Hispanics are much more likely to intermingle. Sailer on my piece STANFORD RACIAL DATING PREFERENCES - BLACK MEN, ASIAN WOMEN, NOT BLACK WOMEN, ASIAN MEN z78\clip\2004\04\stafdate.txt Stanford University: The [racial] dating game There is speculation about an racial dating hierarchy. According to Stanford’s “Communicasians” magazine, the percentage of genders of different races who interracially marry indicates that such a ladder would place African-American men at the top, whites in the middle and Asian-Americans at the bottom. The female pecking order would have Asian-American women at the top, whites in the middle and African-Americans below. STEVE SAILER PULLS OUT DATA FROM 2000 CENSUS z63\clip\2003\03\intmarry.txt 14 Mar 2003 also see 1997 National Review article on interracial marriage: " Is Love Colorblind?" based on 1990 Census data 6.15 2000 asian wives / black wives a/b marriage 3.08 2000 asian wives / white wives a/w marriage 2.54 1990 asian wives / white wives a/w marriage 2.09 2000 asian part / white part a/w cohabit 2.65 2000 white wives / black wives b/w marriage 2.54 1990 white wives / black wives b/w marriage 1.17 2000 hispanic wives / white wives h/nh marriage 96.5 2000 whites married to other whites 1,000:1,0006 white women:men married 1,000: 860 asian women:men married 1,000:1,059 black women:men married 18% hispanic wives nh husband 15% hispanic husbands nh wife 18% asian wives with white husbands 7% asian husbands with white wives 6% black husbands intermarried (mostly white) 2% black women intermarried (mostly white) 14% black men cohabit other race 3% black women cohabit other race Interracial marriage gender gaps stay huge By Steve Sailer UPI National Correspondent LOS ANGELES, March 14 (UPI) -- Newly released data from the 2000 Census show that the interracial marriage "gender gap" endured by black women and Asian men may have worsened since 1990. %%Asian z75\clip\2004\02\hispchal.txt The Hispanic Challenge By Samuel P. Huntington Foreign Policy, 2004.3/4 et seq. March/April 2004 ASIANS MORE LIKELY TO INTERMARRY THAN HISPANIC Percentage of Asian and Hipanic Women Married Outside of their Ethnic Group (1994) Asian Hispanic First Generation (%) 18.6 8.4 Second Generation (%) 29.2 26.4 Third Generation (%) 41.5 33.2 Source: Gregory Rodriguez, "From Newcomers to New Americans: The successful Integration of Immigrants into American Society" (Washington: National Immigration Forum, 1999), citing "Current Population Survey, June 1994" (Washington: U.S. Census Bureau, 1994) NO SHORTAGE OF WIVES FOR ASIAN MEN - MILITARY AND MAIL ORDER BRIDES z68\clipim\2003\07\01\intmar\intmar.htm The Reality of Interracial Marriages By Bill Lee the wife shortage for Asian males is no more than fiction. THE 2000 CENSUS SHOWS the interracial marriage disparity among Asians has declined. The official 2000 census count shows that Asian women are 2.35 times more likely to outmarry, predominantly to White men, than Asian men are to outmarry THE REASON THERE ARE MORE ASIAN WOMEN MARRIED is because more foreign born Asian women from overseas married to American men, primarily White men, are being imported into the United States. The first factor is the military factor. Since World War II, over 200,000 Asian women from Asia have married American G.I. soldiers and immigrated to the United States. The second factor is the mail order bride factor. The Department of Immigration and Naturalization Services reports that several thousand Asian mail order brides enter the United States every year, about 94 percent of them marrying White American males %%Birth August 2000 In Asian America Tamar Jacoby according to the sociologist Sharon Lee, more than 50 percent of children born to couples of one Asian and one Caucasian parent identify themselves as white, not Asian. (Again in stark contrast, virtually no children of mixed black-and-white marriages identify as white.) A U.S. government study conducted in the mid-90’s found that 30 percent of those who normally check an Asian nationality on their census forms would check "multiracial" instead if that were an option, reducing the number of self-declared Asian-Americans from 4 percent of the population to 2.7 percent. %%black THE AFTERMATH OF LOVING V. VIRGINIA: SEX ASYMMETRY IN AFRICAN-AMERICAN INTERMARRIAGE R. RICHARD BANKS \priv\2008\12\banks.pdf The Supreme Court’s 1967 decision in Loving v. Virginia invalidated antimiscegenation statutes as unconstitutional.1 In the years since Loving, intermarriage rates have risen substantially, though not uniformly. African-Americans, for example, are less likely to intermarry than Latinos or Asian-Americans.2 Among African-Americans, men are nearly three times as likely as women to intermarry.3 Although the sex asymmetry in African-American intermarriage is often assumed by scholars and lay people alike to be longstanding, it is actually of recent vintage, having developed only since Loving. The most noteworthy feature of the post-Loving period is not the increased intermarriage rate of African-American men, but the sustained low intermarriage rate of black women, especially in light of the demise of antimiscegenation laws and the increased opportunity for interracial contact. intermarriage rate of black women—now the least likely of all groups to intermarry—did not. This brief Article offers an hypothesis about changes during the Loving era that depressed the intermarriage rate of black women, even as other groups— including black men— intermarried with greater frequency The intermarriage rates of black men and women diverged beginning in the 1960s.6 In 1960, according to United States census data, there were slightly more black women married to white men than black men married to white women.7 By 1970, though, intermarried black men outnumbered intermarried black women. The most interesting aspect of this development is not that intermarriage by black men increased substantially during this period (as intermarriage rates increased among all minority groups), but that intermarriage by black women did not 4. Although commentators often attempt to explain the sex asymmetry on the basis of longstanding racial preferences, the fact that it emerged as recently as the 1960s and 1970s weighs in favor of efforts to identify causal influences specific to that period. It is unlikely that social or cultural influences dating from slavery fueled developments a century later. 6. I rely on the best available estimates of intermarriage rates, derived from United States census data. It is important, though, not to overstate the accuracy of statistics regarding African-American intermarriage. Because black-white intermarriage %%General zip40\clipim\2000\04\01\racem.efx Newsweek May 5, 1997 p. 60 Blurring the color lines Husband wife white black asian/oth white 47,806,000 190,000 344,000 black 196,000 8,598,000 59,000 asian/other 385,000 19,000 1,764,000 US Census 1994 The melting pot survives The economist July 3rd 1999 p.24 Marrying out intermarried as % of married women (approx values read from chart) Gen 1 2 3 Asian 18 19 42 Hisp 8 28 33 White 10 6 4 Black 2 1 4 Current population survey US Census 76%,of immigrants speak english with high proficiency within 10 yrs, almost all children. Half of children of Asian immigrants speak only English \clip\98\17\myself.txt Copyright © 1998 The Seattle Times Company Posted at 10:50 a.m. PST; Sunday, November 15, 1998 Pacific Northwest magazine 'I consider myself me': Kids come in many colors and they'd like a few words with us by Paula Bock \clip\98\20\intmar.txt Interracial Marriages Eroding Barriers By Michael A. Fletcher Washington Post Staff Writer Monday, December 28, 1998 A1 "if a picture is beginning to emerge of racial and ethnic melding, one group is noticeably absent: African Americans. Rates of interracial marriage involving blacks, while increasing, remain far lower than those of other racial minorities. Fewer than one in 10 black men and one in 25 black women aged 25 to 34 took white spouses, according to the 1990 census." Source: Seattle Times Analysis of Birth records from Wash State Dept of Health. Article 'I Consider Myself Me' Paula Bock Seattle Times Pacific Northwest Magazine Nov 1998 Note: this fits interracial dating pattern Black fathers/mothers about 3-4:1 Hispanic less than 2:1 Asian about 2:1 Multiracial Births in Washington State 1980: 6% of all White fathers 2.5 White mothers 3.0 Black fathers 33 Black mothers 8 Native Am fathers 50 Native Am mothers 47 Mex/Chicano fathers 27 Mex/Chicano mothers 18 Asian/PI fathers 26 Asian/PI mothers 37 1996/State: multiracial births/total 12% King County 1996 14% Seattle 1996 15% Wash State: White fathers 6.4 White mothers 8.5 Black fathers 50 Black mothers 18 Native Am fathers 62 Native Am mothers 57 Mex/Chicano fathers 25 Mex/Chicano mothers 17.6 Asian/PI fathers 25 Asian/PI mothers 44 The New Republic Dec 22, 1997 p. 14 "Married in a Mob" Margaret Talbot Moon appears to be increasing the number of marriages between white men and Asian women. "In the Last Days," Moon has said, "it is natural that Oriental men and Western men will long for Oriental women" wholse purity will save America from Satanism" Steven abc's interracial dating FAQ 8/15/96 quote's Arthur Hu. The National Review July 1997 had a very similar article on why Black women and Asian men are complaining about getting the short end of the deal. Is Love Colorblind? While interracial marriage is increasingly accepted by whites, a surprising number of Asian men and black women are bitterly opposed. Why? STEVE SAILER Steve's web site with charts and reference back to my (arthur hu's) article. +--+----------+ 28 | 72 | Black Male / White Female +--+----------+ +-------+-----+ 72 | 28 | White Male / Asian Female +-------+-----+ SPORTS ARE TYPCIAL OF RACE/GENDER STEREOTYPING National Review Extra August 27, 1997 Steve Sailer The Words Don't Match the Pictures: Why the Polite Lies We Tell about Race and Sex Are Undermined by What We See on ESPN black men rule the sports like football, basketball, and heavyweight boxing that are most demanding of strength, power, and aggression—in other words, the most masculine sports. In contrast, Asian women excel at sports like figure skating, gymnastics, and diving that emphasize grace and beauty—the most feminine sports. Intriguingly, this identical pattern is seen in interracial marriage. According to the 1990 Census, black men are 2.5 times more likely to be married to whites than black women, while Asian women are 2.5 times more likely to be married to whites than Asian men. And the small number of black–Asian marriages are overwhelmingly black husband–Asian wife. Asian husband–black wife couples are virtually unknown. Why? Well, opposites attract and some types of interracial couples tend to be more opposite than others. This would appear to offer an important insight into why African-Americans and Asian-Americans tend to follow radically different lifestyles. [[Asian MILITANT ASIANS BOMB AF/WM VIDEOS IN AUSTIN TX \clip\98\17\terrafwm.txt Adult entertainment industry rocked by Asian terrorists November 18, 1998 Percentage Who Married Outside Their Race Under Age 25 U.S. Born Asian Men 54% Women 66% Black Men 14% Women 5% U.S. Born Hispanic Men 30% Women 28% Native American Men 67% Women 66% White Men 4% Women 5% Age 25-34 U.S Born Asian Men 50% Women 55% Black Men 10% Women 4% U.S. Born Hispanic Men 35% Women 35% Native American Men 60% Women 64% White Men 4% Women 4% Source: "Increasing Interracial Marriage: Trends Revealed by the Census," University of Michigan Population Studies Center As cited by Channel A 7/1997 ASIAN-AMERICAN MARRIAGE PATTERNS 1990 Interracial Marriages Asian Men 12.3% Asian Women 24.2% 1990 Interethnic Marriages Asian Men 18.9% Asian Women 16.2% Source: "Asian American Panethnicity and Intermarriage" by Larry Hajime Shinagawa and Gin Yong Pang, Amerasia Journal, Spring 1996 As cited by Channel A 7/1997 ASIAN INTERMARRIAGE RATES Asian Week Jan 3, 1997 p. 14 "One or the Other" Aletha Yip Larry Shingawa, Sonoma State University puts APA intermarriage patterns on a national level at 31.2 percent of all APA husbands and 40.4 percent of all APA wives. The Hapa Issues Forum says 65% of Japanese, 50% of Chinese and 35% of Korean Americans. f022897 [[black \clip\97\05\unequal.txt The Economist February 8, 1997 Race relations Integrated but unequal " Figures on marriage and cohabitation in the 1991 census show that 40% of Afro-Caribbean men aged between 16 and 34 had a white partner. The corresponding figure for women was 21%. For those aged between 35 and 59 the figures were 22% and 15%, respectively. In the younger age group, among those who were married, 31% of men and 21% of women had a white partner. Asians marry other ethnic groups much less often, though more than they used to. America's censuses do not cover cohabitation, or marri age rates by age group, but overall just 4% of black men and 2% of black women have a white spouse." \doc\95\07\ambf.txt - thread on asian men black female I think that considering our society, it would be very rare to see a union between an Asian man and Black woman. You see Black men have the stereotype of being strong and sexual. White women are the forbidden fruit, and the standard by which beauty if measured. Asian women have the stereotype of being extremely feminine. But Asian men have the stereotype of being asexual and weak. And Black Women are stereotyped to be very aggressive and sexually promiscuous. So it's not amazing that the two don't get together that often. It's ashame. [[general ASIANS MUCH MORE LIKELY TO INTERMARRY WHITES \doc\web\index\new\97\01\052997.txt Data from the 1990 census shows 1.5 million interracial couples, 92% have at least one white partner: Pop Rate 31% Asian / Pacific Islander 3% 10 22% American Indian / Alaskan Native 1% 20 14% Black 11% Study concludes a multiracial option would not significantly affect overall numbers of blacks or whites. Source: "Politicians debate multiracial option for 2000 census" Seattle Times May 16, 1997 p. A14 IT'S OFFICIAL: BLACK 1.95 BM WF ASIAN 1.49 WM AF Number in millions Race of Wife Husband White Black Asian/Other M/F Ratio vs. White White 47.606 .100 .544 1.00 Black .196 3.598 .59 1.96 Asian/Other .365 .019 1.764 -1.49 Total Number of interracial marriages in thousands (aprox) 1970 1980 1990 Black / White 70 100 250 AmInd / White 80 200 320 API / White 90 250 450 Based on table "Blurring the Color Lines of America" Newsweek May 5, 1997 p. 60 F051497 \priv\96\16\intrmary.txt LA Times 5/5/96 THE STATE "L.A. County's Answer for Racial Tensions: Intermarriage " By David E. Hayes-Bautista, Gregory Rodriguez age 20+ white nh male is 4 times more likely than father to outmarry percentage outmarriage in LA County 19% of married African American men 25% of US-born Latino 28% of US-born Asian women 30% likely rate of 20+ LA "post-gen-X" \doc\95\09\lovegen.txt "The Loving Generation" Newsweek Feb 13, 1995 p. 72 Source: US Census Interracial married couples 1970 310 1980 651 1990 964 1993 1,195 1993 Breakdown - mostly between White and Asian or Hispanic 77% White and "other" 20% White and Black 2% Black and "other" \priv\95\02\intrmary.wk1 - Intermarriage rates Black men, White women, Asian women more likely to outmarry Total Intermarry Rate Both Men Women Ratio White 6.2% 4.6% 8.7% 1.9 Black 7.9% 12.2% 2.0% 0.2 Hispanic 46.2% 49.5% 42.4% 0.9 Asian 13.3% 7.7% 50.0% 6.5 Table 6.7 p. 264 The Social Organization of Sexuality Edward O. Laumann, et al, University of Chicago Press 1994 "Happily Ever After" Felicia Paik A. Magazine Vol 3 No. 1 1994 Interrace magazine readership was 2% white / Asian couples in 1991 3 years ago, in 1994 it is 10% \priv\95\01\intemarr.wk1 - Intermarry and Mixed Birth "All of the Above" A Magazine, Angelo Ragaza Vol 3 No. 1 (1994) p. 21 Los Angeles County 1977 Intermarriage rates outside of ethnic group Japanese-Am 60.0% Chinese 49.7% Koren 34.1% Mixed Race Births 1.39 mixed Japanese births for every two-Japanese parent birth doc\94\12\marry.xls,.txt doc932\MARRY.XLS interrace marry by larry shingawa d:\doc\94\19\jpinter.txt Japanese intermarriage rates: Men 17% Women 36% citation: Robert M. Jiobu, Ethnicity and Assimilation: blacks, Chinese, Filipinos, Japanese, Koreans, Mexicans, Vietnamese and Whites (Albany: State University of New York Press) [[Immigrant z52\clip\2001\09\racemar.txt RACIAL BARRIERS TO MARRIAGE STAND IN THE WAY OF IMMIGRANT ASSIMILATION, NEW STUDY SUGGESTS study at Ohio State University. one reason for this slow assimilation is the low rate of marriages between immigrants and natives. Using data from the 1990 Census, Qian and Lichter compared marriage patterns for different racial groups as well as for groups categorized by country of birth. "We found that the overwhelming share of immigrants tend to marry same-race immigrants rather than natives," Lichter said. The researchers - Daniel Lichter, professor of sociology at Ohio State, and Zhenchao Qian, an associate professor at Arizona State Some of the study's findings were: Native-born Latinos are more likely to marry native-born whites than native-born Asians or African Americans. Native-born Asians are more likely to marry native-born whites than native-born Latinos or African Americans. African Americans are most likely to marry native-born Latinos, followed by native-born whites and Asians [[Jewish I WAS ABLE TO RUN COMPARABLE DATA FROM THE 1990 NATIONAL JEWISH POPULATION SURVEY. FOR YOUR INTERST (AND WEBSITE IF YOU WANT), HERE ARE THE COMPARABLE DATA FOR NATIVE BORN JEWS WITH TWO JEWISH PARENTS: Percent Currently Married to a non-Jew: NATIVE BORN ONLY 15 thru 24 [NOT MANY JEWS ARE MARRIED THIS YOUNG] Male .0000% Female 33.6% 25 thru 34 Male 40.5% Female 39.8% 35 thru 44 Male 38.2% Female 35.2% 45 thru 54 Male 24.4% Female 22.3% Bruce Phillips 11/1999 Hebrew Union college Date sent: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 15:01:52 -0800 (PST) From: Bruce Phillips A big difference between Jews adn Asians on this one is that females and males now marry non-Jews at identical rates. It used to be that males would intermarry more because they were more likely to be out in the world and there were more pressures on females to in-marry because according to Jewish law, Jewish status comes from the mother. Among Jews who marry non-Jews, Jewish females are the more likely ones to be raising the children as Jews because American families put the women in charge of child-rearing. Because Jewish status is passed on through the mother, the overwhelming majority of people who convert to Judaism are women, usually when marrying a jewish man. --Bruce Phillips [[military \doc\95\12\womnout.txt "The Women Outside" J. T. Takago and Hye Jung Park 1995 (film) 80% of US military / Korean marriages fail. @@military \doc\95\14\korewant.txt "Koreans Want the US to End 'Favoritism' toward Japanese" (Washington Post) Seattle Times 10/20/95 In a crowded subway, a US soldier caused a small riot when he touched the reat of his Korean wife. A Korean minister says that soldiers are taught to treat Korean women as subhuman. @@mail order brides Matchmaking organizations account for 4,000 to 6,000 couples per year and 3-4% of immigration of female spouses The INS has just released a report on mail-order brides, "International Matchmaking Organizations: A Report to Congress," by Robert J. Scholes of the University of Florida. It is on line at: * More than 200 international matchmaking organizations operated in the United States in 1998, and the number is growing. * These organizations bring together approximately 4,000 to 6,000 couples yearly who marry and petition for immigration of the female spouse to the United States. This volume represents between 3 and 4 percent of the direct immigration of female spouses to this country and only 0.4 percent of all immigration to the United States. * Most of the women come from the Philippines or from the newly independent states of the former Soviet Union. \clip\98\06\mailbrid.txt The Search For Miss Right Takes a Turn Toward Russia 'Mail-Order Brides' of the '90s Are Met Via Internet and on 'Romance Tours' The Washington Post, Sunday, March 8, 1998; Page A01 By Lena H. Sun Washington Post Staff Writer The number of visas issued to foreign-born individuals intending to marry U.S. citizens: 1997 Philippines 1,782 Soviet Union/Russia* 747 Ukraine* 282 *Statistics on Russia and the Soviet Union were combined until the fall of communism at the end of 1991. Ukraine declared independence from the Soviet Union at this time as well. \doc\95\05\blakwel2.doc - About 10,000 immigrant marriages per year to Filipina women. Koreans and Filipino immigrants are about 2:1 female to male in immigrants based on INS yearbook statistics. \doc\95\05\mailtraf.txt Est 20,000 women from Phillipines leave to marry foreign nationals per year, mostly US. \priv\95\03\huntkil*.txt - Hunter killed Filipina ex-wife and hijacked airplane shooting over Boston @@poverty MARRIED COUPLES WORTH $26,000 VS. $1,000 FOR COHABIT z55\clip\2002\04\marrweal.txt FROM the Washington Post Business Section, Thurs., April 25, 2002, p.E3 Many Marriages Would Benefit From Sound Family Financial Plans ~ by Michelle Singletary married couples in their twenties and thirties with children tended to reach a median net worth of $26,000 while cohabiting couples reached a median wealth of just $1,000. More often, the married couples received financial assistance from in-laws, Daniels said. Other research has shown that married older couples have higher median incomes and net worth than older adults who are widowed, divorced or never married 11 Jun 1999 GIT RICH! GIT MARRIED >From the Washington Times A6 today Marriage called key to fighting poverty ~ Study cites links to divorce, low income By Cheryl Wetzstein, The Washington Times Divorced and unwed parents work less, earn less and have lower levels of education than married couples, policy analyst Patrick F. Fagan says in a report linking family formation and prosperity. Median household wealth of persons age 51-61 Marital status Household wealth (1993) Married $132,000 Widowed 42,275 Never married 35,000 Divorced 33,670 Separated 7,600 Median income of families with children Marital status Annual income (1994) First marriage $48,000 Stepfamily 45,900 Cohabiting couple 25,000 Divorced/separated 18,500 Never-married single parent 15,000 @@Surrendered SURRENDERED WIFE z48\clip\2001\02\yesdear.txt New York Times, 1.2.9 Yes-Dearing Your Way to a Happy Marriage? By JULIE V. IOVINE A self-help title that doesn't stop at offering the standard bromides of inner peace and harmony, "The Surrendered Wife" (Fireside, $13) promises devotees more tangible rewards: free time, better sex and more "expendable income." @@Violence w50\clip\2001\06\womviol.txt Thursday, June 14, 2001 Domestic violence more likely from women - report By Padraig O'Morain, Health and Children Correspondent Women are more likely than men to perpetrate domestic violence, according to new research on Irish couples who seek marriage counselling. Where there is violence, about one-third (33 per cent) inflict violence on each other, "while female-perpetrated violence occurs in about four out of 10 couples (41 per cent) and male-perpetrated violence in a quarter of couples (26 per cent) leading us to conclude that women are more likely than men to be the perpetrators of domestic violence", the report's authors say. @@end marry