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Tuesday, Nov. 25, 1997 Michelle Malkin: And now some news that's fit to print - but wasn't by Michelle Malkin Seattle Times columnist Firefighter sensitivity training promotes racist attacks on whites. " "Because white society controls all access to the systems, all whites are racist, and therefore no minorities can be racist." "Any minority leader who is successful and doesn't give back to the black community is a sell-out." "Toxic dumps are put in poor minority communities. Whites do this intentionallly to protect whites." "O.J. Simpson is not guilty. Nicole Simpson was a slut, drug user, and prostitute . . ." "

Nov. 18, 1997 Protect the next generation from diversity do-goodism Lowell High, Maryland exclusion by race, Bellevue fires whites elected to city youth board

Michelle Malkin: More than money troubles at the Harmony Palace Copyright 1997 The Seattle Times Company Tuesday, Aug. 5, 1997

Tuesday, July 1, 1997 Michelle Malkin: Junking hard science for sensitivity is an unhealthy trend

Opinion/Editorials : Tuesday, April 29, 1997

Michelle Malkin: The patients are victimized when bullies corrupt science
Is eliminating the fragrance industry too heavy handed? Full Story.

Michelle Malkin: Too much talk, too little action on ending racism Seattle Times Company Opinion/Editorials : Tuesday, June 10, 1997

Opinion/Editorials : Tuesday, April 22, 1997

Michelle Malkin: FDR's forgotten promise to Filipino war veterans
The clamor over welfare benefits for sick and elderly immigrants has overshadowed a wartime promise made by the U.S. government to thousands of able-bodied foreign soldiers.

Michelle Malkin: Race-based scholarships are separate and unequal
University officials and politicians across the country - both liberal and conservative, well-meaning and not - continue to cling to the plainly unconstitutional notion that racially exclusive programs can be justified by making vague claims of past discrimination. Full Story

Background Info
The text of HB 1622
The American Civil Rights Coalition's Web site

Opinion/Editorials : Tuesday, April 15, 1997

Michelle Malkin: Why Ellen is tolerable but Heather's moms aren't
Sexual and political cheerleading may be acceptable over the airwaves, but it has no place in taxpayer-subsidized classrooms where kids are a captive audience.

Opinion/Editorials : Tuesday, April 1, 1997

Michelle Malkin: Race-based scholarships are separate and unequal
University officials and politicians across the country - both liberal and conservative, well-meaning and not - continue to cling to the plainly unconstitutional notion that racially exclusive programs can be justified by making vague claims of past discrimination.

Opinion/Editorials : Tuesday, March 25, 1997

Michelle Malkin: The immense popularity of glorified pond scum
Seattle's Whole Life Expo - "The Nation's Premier Event for Natural Health, Personal Growth, Spirituality, and Global Change" - teemed last weekend with New Agers peddling answers as aggressively as used-car salesmen.

Opinion/Editorials : Tuesday, March 18, 1997

Michelle Malkin: Locke's cash donations eluded public disclosure
The spirit, if not the letter, of the state's full-disclosure laws was violated by sloppy Locke campaign workers who operated outside of public scrutiny.

Opinion/Editorials : Tuesday, March 4, 1997

Michelle Malkin: It's time for brutal candor in national abortion debate
Untold thousands of the gruesome late-term abortions are performed yearly. A majority are done on healthy mothers and healthy fetuses - mostly teens who procrastinated. Full Story.

Opinion/Editorials : Tuesday, Feb. 18, 1997

Michelle Malkin: Politicians drive up costs with drive-by mandates
A line in one of rapper Coolio's songs keeps echoing in my head: We're livin' in fear of a drive-by. Of late, the nation's attention has shifted away from the drive-bys in Coolio's 'hood - and onto the ones allegedly being committed in hospitals.

Opinion/Editorials : Feb. 4, 1997

Michelle Malkin: Does McDermott suffer from personality disorder?
How could such a smart man - the only credentialed psychiatrist in Congress - find himself in such an odious pickle?

Opinion/Editorials : Jan. 28, 1997

Michelle Malkin: Lessons in the corruption of `community outreach'
To most Americans, "community outreach" suggests uncomplicated good deeds - sponsoring a Little League team, delivering Meals on Wheels to the elderly, collecting blankets for the homeless. But to those in the political arena, it is something entirely more complex. And venal.

Opinion/Editorials : Jan. 14, 1997

Michelle Malkin: Part 2: Silence on Locke's campaign ties is deafening
Too bad nobody wants to be a party pooper at Gary Locke's inauguration tomorrow.*EXTRA!*

Opinion/Editorials : Jan. 7, 1997

Michelle Malkin: Troubling quesions about Lock's Asian money ties
Whether out of liberal bias, politeness, fear, indifference, or mere sloth, members of the Washington state press corps have failed to raise troubling questions about Gov.-elect Gary Locke's Asian money ties.

Opinion/Editorials : Dec. 31, 1996

Michelle Malkin: A lament for Spidey - and other great works
Marvel Comics demise is the demise of a dynamic genre of kiddie literature - yes, literature - that has thrilled young readers for more than half a century.

Opinion/Editorials : Sunday, April 6, 1997

Mindy Cameron: We can't turn our backs on persistent inequality
For some, today's reality is that the civil-rights battle has been won, equal opportunity is a fact, not a goal. Some even argue the greater problem today is reverse discrimination. Sadly, that view ignores a harsher truth: We remain a race-obsessed society, and assuring equal opportunity for all is an unfinished task.

Opinion/Editorials : Tuesday, Feb. 25, 1997

Stadium boosters peddle deja voo-doo economics
Seattle and Washington state will soon break ground on a $414 million ballpark. And yet another Super Bowl-sized boondoggle is on the way.

Opinion/Editorials : Feb. 11, 1997

Seattle wins C-SPAN fight, but regulatory war continues
Finding C-SPAN fully restored in your neighborhood is a little like finding Zuzu's petals. It happened here in Seattle last Thursday evening. A magical moment of disbelief, relief, renewal and ecstasy: Brian Lamb! Booknotes! Moscow Nightly News! You're back? Are you real? All 24 hours of you? Hee-haw! Full Story.

Opinion/Editorials : Jan. 21, 1997

New books explore what it means to be a libertarian
So, do you want to know if you're a Libertarian?

Opinion/Editorials : Dec. 24, 1996

Michelle Malkin column: A Christmas wish for Seattle student athletes
Did you know that not one of Seattle's 10 high schools has an all-weather track where young athletes can run rain or shine? Yet here we are, preparing to fork over a billion dollars - not for revamped student sports facilities, but for two new professional sports stadiums

Opinion/Editorials : Dec. 17, 1996

Michelle Malkin column: Give kids a gift they'll never outgrow: healthy skepticism
FORGET Tickle Me Elmo. This holiday season, why not give your favorite youngsters a timeless gift that doesn't need batteries? Full Story.

Opinion/Editorials : Tuesday, March 11, 1997

Diversity rhetoric can't hide UW's discriminatory policy
Twenty-three years after the landmark DeFunis case, another reverse discrimination lawsuit has been filed against the UW Law School. Full Story.

Features News : Sept. 11, 1996

How to start a walking program
Full Story.

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