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@@Board Big Search on Pendergrass Sept 16, 2003 LAKE WASH SCH 414 Ballots Cast/Registered Voters: 14180 / 92194 15.38% Lake Washington School District No. 414 Director District No. 01 1 Not Pendergrass 57.51% Final 2 Jackie Pendergrass 5518 42.48% 8,054 43 3 Arthur Hu 4041 31.11% 5,742 31 4 Ronald (Skip) P. Boren 3430 26.41% 4,924 26 History ^Pen +Pen Not Pendergrass 57.51% 42.48 2003 54% 47 1999 50% 50 1995 Seattle Times October 22, 1999 Campaign Profiles High And Low Don't expect sympathy from Pendergrass. She plans to put out 500 yard signs and 16,000 mailers two issues certain to rile parents are the new report card and the proposed graduation requirement filed zip74\clip\2003\09\camphi.htm zip74\clip\2003\09\retainp.htm Seattletimes.com: November 03, 1999 School Board Races -- Lake Washington District Voters Retain Pendergrass Ian Ith Lake Washington School Board President Jackie Pendergrass won her re-election bid last night, beating out a Microsoft millionaire whose unusual campaign may have hurt him at the polls. November 03, 1999 General Election Results LAKE WASHINGTON, DIST. 414 District 1 X Jackie Pendergrass # 15,432 (68%) John Hall 7,234 (32%) LAKE WASHINGTON, District 1 John Hall 2,094 28% . Jackie Pendergrass # 3,522 47% . Sandy Elliot 1,958 26% . Not Pendergrass 54% STimes : September 15, 1999 It Helps To Have Been Around Awhile Lake Washington School District: Incumbent board member Jackie Pendergrass easily won a place on the November ballot, while in a tighter race to see who will face her, 37-year-old retired Microsoftie John Hall ("I'm offering to work for you without pay. Do you want me?") was edging out homemaker Sandy Elliot. zip37\clipim\99\09\06\seat.efx Seattle Times 9/3/99 Suprise challengers in District Sandy Elliot, John Hall oppose Jackie Pendergrass, graduation and report card proposals. The three have drawn community attention to two issues certain to raise some eyebrows this year: a new graduation requirement and standardized grading on elementary report cards. Seattle Times November 08, 1995 Lake Wash. Voters Snub `Basics' Trio Conservatives Grant Sharp, Randy Kleis and Mike Nykreim wanted to see a decisive change - moving the district away from such efforts as the student profile, which describes a wide range of skills the district wants all students to have learned by the time they graduate from high school, and toward an emphasis on basics The conservative parent group ripped into Lake Washington spending practices, claiming the district had squandered up to 50 percent of its last levy on administrative costs. Pendergrass emphasized her experience with school issues and the need to increase academic standards. LAKE WASHINGTON DISTRICT DIRECTORS District 1 Randy Kleis 10,183 (46%) . X Jackie Pendergrass 12,182 (54%) . District 2 X Bob Hughes 12,268 (60%) . Mike Nykreim 8,232 (40%) . District 5 X Janice Linville 11,356 (52%) . Grant Sharp 10,300 (48%) . November 03, 1995 School-District Races -- Lake Washington Randy Kleis. Age: 41. Occupation: President, Trinity Health Corp. Education: B.S., M.B.A Jackie Pendergrass. Age: 48. Education: Registered nurse; working on bachelor's degree To assure that challenging educational programs for all students is the district standard. To do this, we must have high standards and expectations for all learners and need to communicate this clearly to the students, their parents and teachers. Grant Sharp. Age: 48. Education: Certified public accountant; M.B.A. The education reform movement will have the most significant impact on the School Board. Extreme scrutiny and skepticism must be applied to proposed changes in education October 31, 1995 Lake Wash. Race Shows Clear Lines Of Ideology -- Conservative Slate Takes On `Volunteers' KIRKLAND - three businessmen with a conservative, cut-the-fat financial agenda are running against two women youth volunteers and a 17-year incumbent. Grant Sharp, Mike Nykreim and Randy Kleis are running informally as a slate, and they've been endorsed by a local conservative, back-to-basics school-reform group, Citizens for Quality Schools Hughes has been in charge of The Boeing Co.'s education relations for a number of years but this year took a leave to start his own business as a consultant to school districts on emerging technology. Only Nykreim didn't sign the pledge as written. It asks candidates to conduct their campaigns "without any appeal to prejudice of discrimination based on . . . sexual orientation." LAKE WASHINGTON . DISTRICT DIRECTORS . District 1 . Jules Andrews 3,333 (13%). X Randy Kleis 9,104 (37%). X Jackie Pendergrass 12,529 (50%). Not Jackie 50% @@Bragging Average test scores put the district in the top 10-15% in nation. WASL results are among the top 10 districts in the state zip38\clipim\99\11\06\lakewash.efx @@Choice Schools Schools within high schools based on theme or philospy of instruction. CHOICE SCHOOL CLOSES IN LKWASH A 'choice' school is forced to close Seattle Times eastside ed Feb 14, 2000 Aurora choice school focused on technology closed because only 25 students enrolled. Students in extended core (Ann Cronin has given this program pretty severe criticism) at Eastlake are "drafted", but can drop out. Staffers weren't surprised because parents are leery of the concept, but district administrators (surpise) are strong supporters, led by Nancy Johnson "who has received prestigious certification from the National Board for [OBE] Professional Teaching Standards" @@Consumers Lake Washington call for education consumers @@Plan z38\clipim\99\12\01\lkwash1.efx 1995-1998 Strategic Plan aligned with Goals 2000, School To Work/ SCANS @@School Board Nov 4, 2003 LAKE WASHINGTON SCH 414 Ballots Cast/Registered Voters: 20266 / 92636 21.88% Lake Washington School District No. 414 Director District No. 01 Jackie Pendergrass 9598 55.85% Arthur Hu 7588 44.15% Write-In 28 0.16% http://www.lkwash.wednet.edu/lwsd/documents/boardMeetings/Minutes110199.rtf Jackie Pendergrass and John Hall are running for Board Position No. 1; Robert Hughes for Board Position No. 2; and Janice Linville for Board Position No. 3. Position 1: Contributors to Pendergrass 1999 Sen McAuliffe $200 Barbara Meyers Juanita HS $100 9/18 $290 9/29 $400 2 homemakers 10/4 $250 Retired Boeing 10/7 $100 homemaker latest report 10/13 $7692 contributions+cash $6000 expenditures http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/local/burb2.shtml Incumbents, volunteers lead in school board races Wednesday, November 3, 1999 By DEBERA CARLTON HARRELL Hall..regretted his decision not to spend money or campaign beyond his Web site. "I was outspent 20 to 1 by the incumbent," Hall said of Pendergrass, who had estimated she would spend between $10,000 and $12,000 campaigning for the non-salaried position @@Superintendent Levies and midnight oil, a superintendent's day: Seattle Times feb 21,2000 James Vesely heaps praise on new superintendent Karen Bates, a total insider who won out over a national search to replace Barnes, he thinks the levy will pass, that microsoft parents are totally behind her. Of course they don't mention the resistance movement. z39\clipim\2000\02\19\bates.gif Story Scarr invited dagget over, they hired Barnes, Bates involved somehow. Arthur Hu qualified? Call for superintendent SeaTimes ed favorable to Barnes, credit with rising WASL scores. \doc\web\99\06\barnes.txt Barnes leaving, but not his ideas Seattle Times Apr 6, 1999 p. B1 Salary $126,690, parents were seasonal harvesters in Ore, started as 5/6th grade teacher in 1973, been with district since 1983/84, largest district in Eastside with $130M budget and 2,300 employees. Anne Cronin, district parent critical of policies fears graduation requirements represents move away from academic rigo