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This is a .html file index to my research files and writing, it just may have the most comprehensive list of statistics and rankings in the world, and I've got rankings by religion, gender, and orientation with all 4 or 5 major racial categories also in some spots.

Some entries give file locations on my local hard drive which you can't look at, but I try to put a good summary into the web index. For best results, go to asianam.htm since this is an Asian-centric database with every statistic every dug up on Asians and Asian Americans. You get the other races for no extra charge.

Files whose location is under priv are often copyrighted or private. You can read them under "fair use" as in a library, but not distribute them without permission. I don't yet have enough web space to put everything on line. Until I do, I can email you a small number of files you would like to look at as attachments, or as ascii files if I have them.

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Source abbreviations
http - web page
AW - Asian Week
BG - Boston Globe - AOL
EET - Electrical Engineering Times
  back issues at
IBD - Investors Business Daily
IE - International Examiner (Seattle)
JA - Bellevue Journal American
JAMA - Journal of American Medical Association
LAT - Los Angeles Times - CS
NYT - New York Times
NWA - Northwest Asian Weekly (Seattle)
FC - San Francisco Chronicle - CS, 
SFE - San Francisco Examiner - CS
SJM - San Jose Mercury News - AOL
SPI - Seattle Post Intelligencer - CS
ST - Seattle Times - CS, http://www
WSJ - Wall Street Journal

File types
.wk1 - Lotus 1-2-3 spreadhsheet
.xls, .xlw - Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
.doc - Microsoft Word document
.txt - ASCII text with cr/lf
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d:\priv\95\01\foradop.txt foreign adoption


\priv\95\11\laurgrac.txt - Letter to Editor: "Cultural relevance
more important than children's life?!" Seattle caseworker ignored
warning signs about dangerous parent because daycare was not
"appropriate" for african american child, and exposed child to
"middle class values"

\priv\95\05\adopfail.txt - black child adopted by whites successful
turned into welfare failure when taken back by birth parents.

d:\doc\94\16\priv\adopkill.txt - Killer blames adoption problems?
NYT 7/25/94

d:\doc\94\17\adopprob.txt - Adopted children have fewer problems
IBD 8/4/94

see aids.htm

See afact.htm


\priv\96\04\techamis.txt "Technology Amish Style" Technology Review
Feb 1996 p. 31 Eric Brende - Low rates of depression and divorce are
cited for the Amish

==Animal Rights

\clip\97\09\minkfree.txt Seattle Times Company Tuesday, April 1, 1997
More than 100 freed minks die from exposure by Associated Press 
BLENHEIM, Ontario - When U.S. animal-rights activists freed hundreds
of minks from an Ontario fur farm over the weekend, they apparently
forgot about one thing: Mother Nature.  


F071197 Architecture 101 Downtown Source (Seattle) May 5 1997 Stories
behind downtown buildings SeaFirst Smith Tower Washington Mutual


"The Proud Armenians" National Geographic June 1978 p. 846 Robert
Paul Jordan "In 1915, the Ottoman Empire, allied with the Cental
Powers, embarked on a mass deportation of its Armenian minority, some
of whom were collaborating with the enemy, Russia. Starvation and
mass executions killed two-thirds of the empire's Armenians." "In all
an estimated million and a half died" (That would make it one of the
most devastating exterminations as a percentage of population) The
most obvious sign of ethnic identity - a name ending in ian or yan
meaning "of" or "from". About a half-million Armenians live in the
US. 150,000 are in California

@@ASIAN AMERICAN see asianam.htm

@@Assimilation (should be linked from asian, immigration)

\clip\97\04\assimil.txt FROM MANY, ONE NATION America Must Again
Assimilate Its Immigrants The Washington Post, Sunday, February 9
1997 By Peter D. Salins


@@battery gadgets

z40\clipim\2000\04\01\battery.efx Get the most out of your portable's
battery with the right charger July 1998 Portable Design. NiCD and
NimH need to stop charging after fast charge. LiOn is really tricky.

Battery Buddy - old product works well to disconnect battery, 
but must be manually reset, it was $40

Priority start review - it works. Now $75 or $80, but it 
resets battery when you turn on the ignition. Prolongs life 
of battery since dead battery uses up 1/3 to 1/4 of life of 

Unique Maintenance Products

\priv\95\18\chryturb.htm - SJM on Chrysler Turbine car
\priv\95\09\rampick.txt - Owner's Report on Ram pickup truck

@@resale value

Resale Value of 1988 cars ranked
by % of new value - picks out popular and loser cars.

Resale Value 1988
Make                 OriginalMarket  Percent  Class
Jeep Wrangler           11010    6460   58.7% Small SUV, overall
Chevy C/K pickup        11510    6285   54.6% Full size PU
Toyota sr5 ext p/u      10600    4960   46.8% Import PU
Ford F150 p/u           10540    4730   44.9% #2 Full size PU
GMC Suburban            14495    6175   42.6% Big wagon
Chevy Corvette          35295   14510   41.1% Sports
Camaro Iroc Z conv      18430    7180   39.0% Pony
Jeep Cherokee           14835    5490   37.0% Family SUV
Mustang GT hatch        13120    4835   36.9% #2 Pony
Honda Civic DX Hatch     8425    2990   35.5% Mini
Toyota Camry            12340    3845   31.2% Family
Range Rover             36350   11085   30.5% Exotic

Lincoln Town car        24895    4000   16.1%
Hyundai Excel            7500    1180   15.7%
Eagle Premier           14505    2110   14.5% 
Audi 5000               22515    3235   14.4% Luxo sedan, bad press, ok car
Eagle Medallion         10315    1175   11.4%
Izuzu I-mark             9450    1075   11.4% Never caught on

Of cars surveyed, only selected cars were sampled.


USA Today 5/13/96 "HumVee hedonists" The average owner of one of
5,000 civilian humvees is $250,000, they cost $43-83,000. 140,000
have been sold to the Army F052496

\clip\96\10\camry Edmonds review of 1997 Camry

\priv\95\09\minivan.txt - Consumer Reports on

\doc\95\10\minivan1.txt - Hu review of buying minivan


Challenge of Flight series


"Voyage of the bagel" Seattle Times Jan 5, 1997 F011497-1 "Bagels are
part of Jewish history, thought to have originated with eastern and
central European Jews around 1600". They are boiled, baked, brushed
with a glaze, and baked again, best when cooled and served fresh.

Note, I've been told by Chinese that they were common in China a long
time ago, the holes enabled them to be strung like the holes in coins

@@Biker (as an ethnic group)

Mask movie in 1980's with Cher
\clip\96\03\bikerwm.txt biker women on TV


see black.htm


\priv\96\17\BUSCOST.HTM Friday, May 31, 1996  Page A19 1996 San
Francisco Chronicle Study Calls Muni Cost-Ineffective `. . . a good
deal for riders, but not for the taxpayers' Carl Nolte, Chronicle
Staff Writer The Muni's operating cost per vehicle mile was $9.19 a
mile, nearly twice the national average. The operating cost per hour
was $84.90 compared to a national average of $59, both among the
least cost efficient in the nation. The revenue cost per resident
served was $392.40, compared to an average of $62.38. In this
category, the Muni had the highest cost in the country. Muni vehicles
had 4.0 collisions per 100,000 miles -- four times the national
average, and near the very bottom among U.S. systems.
SF .20 per 100,000 hr at 20 mph
USA .05 per 100,000


Neat old cameras

%%Polaroid SX-70


\clipim\98\03\minzoom.htm minolta 110 zoom pictures
(ice cream bar with barrel on it)
value from $40-$100
Dozens on ebay completed list.

\clipim\98\03\minzoom\markii.htm Mark II picture
(mini 35-mm shape)
value $150-$200


\clipim\98\03\pent110\pent110.htm Pentax Auto 110 picture
(mini 35 mm camera)
value $90-$150. No zoom, but small and more rare than 
minolta. Only 2 on ebay "completed" list.


  @@Ancestry Groups d:\doc\doc938\census.a28 ranked by ancestry

  census2:usasian.txt asians by state

  @@Native Am doc938\census.a28 by state

  @@States by race doc938\census.a8
  @@US race
  doc938:census.a28  1990 W80.3 B12.1 A2.9 NA 0.8 Oth 3.9 H9.0 NHW 
             1980 W83.1 B11.7 A1.5 NA 0.6 Oth 3.0 H6.4 NHW
  @@US regions by race census.a28


\priv\95\17\chindev.txt - china shifts labor from farms to
export production


\doc\95\15\xmas.txt - Spending on Christmas gifts

Christmas Spending, 1995

Pctile  Pct     Amount spent

   12.9    12.9 <100
   28.7    15.8 100-200
   43.2    14.5 200-300
   55.4    12.2 300-400
   69.6    14.2 400-500
   85.4    15.8 500-750
     92     6.6 750-1000
    100       8 over 1000

Source: Seattle Post Intelligencer Dec 8, 1995 p. C1
The Conference Board

\priv\95\20\xmasstry.htm Facts don't support some of the lore of
Christmas, Oregon professor says Tacoma News Tribune 12/24/95

@@citation, internet
\doc\95\15\intrcite.txt - how to cite internet sources by
Melvin E Page


"The product Hewlett-Packard Couldn't (and Shouldn't) Kill the HP-12
C was introduced in 1982 at $150, it remains basically unchanged
except that it is now $70. Fortune Dec 9, 1996 p. 40


\priv\95\10\dismovie.txt - really expensive disney videos

@@hot wheels

\doc\95\11\rarehw.txt - 40 rarest hot wheels


Wanna Get Lucky? ... have a winning attitude, strategize their way to
a good fortune Ladies Home Journal June 2003 p. 182
Richard Wiseman
z68\clipim\2003\07\01\lucky.efx .jpg


\priv\95\09\wl0713.txt - BS Galactica, Partridge Fam $35 Star Wars
\priv\95\09\use807.txt - metal lunchbox $20 general wear 2 Return of the Jedi
lunchboxes/thermoses $20/nice condition/scratched edge $15 general
Jedi $30 S
eattle Antique


\doc\95\07\thunder.txt thunderbirds
\doc\95\10\collect.txt - Collec
\priv\95\11\tbirdld.txt - Thunderbird laserdisc by bandai

@@COLLEGE - see affirmative action

  -@@Asian Admissions
   AFAC Asian doc913:excelbal.doc,txt - Breaking the Balance

   AFAC FAC DOC913:sjsu.txt
   afac doc921:sjsprof.wk1
   afac doc921:topadmin.cht

Average Harvard '59 earns $170,000
vs. 5 women from Wellesly 59

36% of Harvard '68 earn over $150,000
vs. 7% of Wellesley '69



  doc\94\5\priv\college.txt US News survey

  stat:asians: doc91:ASCOLL - statistics


  College doc913:ASCOLL.BIG


  @@UCLA doc91:ADMIT9A

  @@evergreen valley college doc934:evergval.xls


 Wellesley College Freshwomen Fall 1994
 index: W1.00 B-1.71 H-1.76 A10.20 N3.04
 percent: W54.4% B7.3% H7.0% A29.5% N1.8%
Note - highest % of Asians outside of CA or HI

Average Harvard '59 earns $170,000
vs. 5 women from Wellesly 59

36% of Harvard '68 earn over $150,000
vs. 7% of Wellesley '69


\priv\96\01\borland.txt Supreme Court upholds right of Borland to
use 123 menu system.


\priv\95\15\womncopy.txt WOMAN ADMITS COPYING SOFTWARE   FIRED
WEDNESDAY, October 25, 1995

Newsweek poll 2/27/95 45% personally use
a computer almost everyday.


- survey says 24 million have access to online services, or
1 in 10 Americans.



>>\priv\95\15\prohib.txt - murders went up with prohibition,
went down when it was stopped, the same goes for the drug

@@frame up
\priv\95\14\plantev.txt - reports of people being release in Philadelphia
as result of pe frame-ups.

\priv\95\15\badcop.txt  nine more people in Philadelphia just had
criminal convictions overturned after six cops confessed that they
lied on reports and planted drugs in people's homes in order to ensure
convictions. Thousands of other arrests there are now under review.
These abuses, which are not at all unique to Philadelphia, occurred
largely in the city's Black and Puerto Rican neighborhoods.


%%Pop Shots
zip35\clipim\99\07\popshot\popshot.htm Disposable instant camera has 
variable shutter and f/stop 10 shots $20


\priv\95\09\pristime.txt - study shows little correlation between
increased imprisonment and crime rate.

@@Programming Tips for Windows / C++


\priv\95\15\prohib.txt - murders went up with prohibition,
went down when it was stopped, the same goes for the drug


\clip\97\02\othecuba.txt National Review June 95 The Other Cuba Mark
Falcoff - Cuban Americans are affluent, well organized, and retain
roots to their homeland, not leftward leaning enough to satisfy the
leftist Anglo press.

List of cults


H-NET BOOK REVIEW Published by (August, 1997)
Douglas C. Baynton.  _Forbidden Signs: American Culture and the
Campaign against Sign Language_.  Chicago: University of Chicago
Press, 1996. xi + 228 pp.  Illustrations and bibliography. $27.50
(cloth), ISBN 0-226-03963-3.


\priv\95\08\discback.txt  New York Times July 2, 1995 By ADAM SEXTON
"Disco is Back, the Question is Why" (c) 1995 N.Y. Times News Service

@@Divorce (also see Asian American)


F020497-3 Wall Street Journal Feb 4, 1997

Discipline   1962    1992
Spanking     59%      19%  ---
Limit TV     38%      15%  --
Scolding     17%      15%  =
Send to bed   8%       2%  ----
Cut Allow     4%       2%  --
Time-Out      NA      35%  ++++
Bruskin/Goldring Research NJ
(Only Time-Outs are up)

see economy.htm


College Education
Education Reform / Deform
Education - General Issues by Race
Assessment for K12 Education

  doc933:aceves.txt Story of larry aceves alum rock

  DOC922:POLLY - Polly Williams against busing
  doc941\blchoice.txt 8/27 black caucus, 7@v/10 Hispanic caucus in
    private schools vs. 6%H and 4% black nationally.

  doc935:kansasc.txt Pouring money into schools doesn't work
  doc935:kansasc.txt keywords education desegregation busing race

  DOC941\SFDROPAL.TXT SF dropout is 20%, but equal to national average


  doc937:privprob.xls Problems in private vs. public schools
  doc938:privtuit.xls Private tuition is under $2,600 on aveage


Kansas city - no improvement in test scores

\doc\95\13\seaen95.wk1 - Seattle Enrollment W41.3 B22.7 H3.0 A25.0 N3.0
11% bilingual
	 doc942\priv\edspen.txt high spending states not the best

doc\94\1\seaclass.txt - Seattle no correlation spending, scores



  doc936:boomparn.txt 13/42 dropout 12/25 college boomers vs. 

  doc933:todtrick.doc Stupid toddler tricks, father, raising child 

  d:\doc\94\18\priv\africoll.txt - few college students in africa SJM 8/11/94


@@Rocky Horror

\priv\95\20\rockyho.htm SJM 1/2/95 Review of Laser Disc

@@Toy Story

\doc\95\15\toystorr.txt - gag list

see environ.htm



Ainu are people who look
caucasian in area of Japan, underdeveloped

By the Numbers: Ethinic Groups in the World September
1998 By Rodger Doyle Scientific American "Many of the world's
problems stem from the fact that it has 5,000 ethnic groups but only
190 countries. This situation is illustrated on the map, which shows
that few states are ethnically homogeneous and that many,
particularly in Africa, have no majority ethnic group.

Irish claim to be able to tell Catholics
and Protestants apart by sight they are racially distinct.




From: Robert O'Connor  Here's the
definition given in the complete Oxford English Dictionary, the
acknow- ledged authoritative source for definitions in the English
language, in all its variations.

            "...any form of right-wing authoritarianism."  O.E.D.
(second edition)

From: Elazar  Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary.
Fascism: fascio - bundle, faces - group. 1. a political philosophy,
movement, or regime (as that of Fascisti) that exalts nation and race
above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic
government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social
regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition. 2. a tendency
toward or actual excercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial
control i.e., 

doc931:NEWFID  organization meeting for FID
doc932:FIDCHART.MCW FID charter
doc933:FIDJUN   DOC Fairness in Diversity newsletter #1
doc938:fidchart.doc fid charter
doc940:fidchart.doc fid charter 1/94
doc934:sjmetro.doc SJ Mercury newspaper interns
doc934:nodiver.doc SJ Mercury newspaper interns, SJ pattern
doc936:persdiv.doc KQED inclusion to exclusion
doc93A:newspsj.txt - EEOC breakdown on newspaper in SJ by race
doc93A:newspapr.* - EEOC breakdown
doc93A:newspbay.* - EEOC breakdown
doc940:sjreply.txt - reply it's OK for diversity
doc941\priv\firelist.txt - misc log

doc932:FID510.MCW 1  letter to larry
doc937\fida25.doc 2 
doc941\fid216.doc 3 

  doc933:todtrick.doc Asisn Week Stupid toddler tricks, father, raising child 



@@YFZ Ranch Raid

FLDS notes
YFZ Ranch Raid Timeline


see gay.htm


z48\CLIP\2001\02\kidsall.txt The Kids May Be All Right by Christina
Hoff Sommers Neil Howe and William Strauss, Millennials Rising: The
Next Great Generation (New York: Vintage Books, 2000), 415 pages,
$14.00 Baby Boomers-are setting stringent rules for them: more
homework, school uniforms, abstinence education, and zero-tolerance
policies for bad behavior. These are the kids whose parents once put
Baby on Board signs on their cars. Helmeted, seat-belted, vaccinated,
and fluoridated, "Millennials are the focus of the most sweeping
safety movement in American history."

 boomers make more than parents,
women work more

Generation 2000 survey 
90% believe in God. Thirty-three percent say they're a Democrat, 31
percent say Republican, 24 percent Independent.




"Your Tax Dollars Help the Horsy Set Dispose of Manure" Wall Street Journal
April 8, 1992 Agriculture department has 11,000 field offices in 94% of 
counties since 30s even though only 1 in 100, not 1 in 4 live on farms. Costs
run $1,100 per farm annually. 53 offices cost more than subsidies they hand 



Health, general | Health by Race


@@HOLMES, elanor norton

doc934:nholmes.txt - compares brooklyn residents to overseas chinese



\doc\94\6\hmlspop7.txt 225,000 to 500,000 per night in US

\doc\95\02\hmlssurv.txt - Mayors survey show 48% substance abusers, 27%
mentally ill, 43% single men, 18% employed, 30% children

census2:homeless.txt - Census count by city

%%orange county 1,700 persons, 40% are families Educational Leadership May 1994

%%seattle 1994 estimate 1,600 families, 6,000 people, 18,000 total KIRO news 5/10/94

%%united states
doc\94\6\ushomels.txt 600,000 any one night, 7 million 85-90 0.2% of population
spent $3,500 per homeless person, comparable to welfare

d:\priv\94\19\hmlsbill.txt White house pushes for homeless bill sjm
9/27/94 60,000 persons on any given night on streets or shelters,
proposes 1.7Billion federal spending a year, double present level.
If each homeless for one month, then 1 million per year, or $1,700
per person per year.


\doc\95\02\hmlssurv.txt - Mayors survey show only 18% are employed


\doc\94\6\hmlspop7.txt Of the total number of homeless, nearly
one-third are in families

doc\94\11\priv\shelter.txt - relationships and 300,000

doc90:prolet.doc - Job training doesn't work, not just home or education

doc\94\13\priv\hmlsdise.txt - AIDS and TB common among homeless

\doc\95\02\hmlssurv.txt - Mayors survey show 
43% are single men

@@mentally ill
\doc\95\02\hmlssurv.txt - Mayors survey show 27%
are mentally ill

doc93b:hmlscraz.mcw - Joe Bob thinks they're crazy people

\doc\95\08\jobprog.txt - progress in jobs

@@runaway youths - 4%

\doc\95\02\hmlssurv.txt - Mayors survey show 48% substance abusers, 27%
mentally ill, 43% single men, 18% employed

\doc\95\02\hmlssurv.txt - Mayors survey show 48% substance abusers, 27%
mentally ill, 43% single men, 18% employed


\doc\web\96\08\mythvet.htm The Myth of the Dysfunctional Vietnam Vet
by Michael Fumento 74323.1507@CompuServe.COM Adovcates claim 1/3 of
the homeless are vets, but the Census says it's only 7%, and the
average veteran has an above average income, and is married with

d:\doc\94\17\hmlsvet.txt - half mentally ill or abusers, 13,000 in king&pierce co
ST 7/10/94

\doc\95\02\hmlssurv.txt - Mayors survey show 21% are veterans


11% single women
\doc\95\02\hmlssurv.txt - Mayors survey show 48% substance abusers, 27%
mentally ill, 43% single men, 18% employed



\DOC\95\08A\HOUSE.HLP WIN3.1 help file with Microsoft employee
knowledge base about keeping homes together.



The Seattle Housing Levy builds new affordable housing in the city for $60-100,00 
per unit, pays an 8% management fee to the non-profit developer. It is said that it 
reduces the rate of homelessness, yet most residents have jobs and a steady 
income (they could probably afford rents elsewhere, just in less expensive 
neighborhoods and used condition housing) Pays $600 in rent. A $59 million levy is 
being proposed to build more housing.

"Report: How to make housing affordable" Seattle Times aug 
29, 1995 p. b3 David Schaefer

The Forum for Regulatory Balance found that 
- 1 bd apartment cost $70,000 to build, would cost $840 / 
month to rent "more than many can afford"
- median family income is $51,500, qualifies for a mortgage 
of $144,000, but the average price of a house in King County 
is $164,000 [that's only 13% more, and only 50% of people 
typically live in detached houses, there's absolutely no 
reason to expect that a 50th percentile family can afford 
75th percentile housing]

@@average size

The average size of a house has increased to 2000 square feet,
average apartment 900.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, the average
single family house in the US is 28 years old (1970), when they were
1400-1500 square feet in size, now the average is 2000 square feet
with big kitchens, closets, cathedral ceilings. Friendly Exchange
Spring 1996 p. 16 "Room for Improvement"

Seattle Times Aug 17, 1998 p. A8 "Market exists for tiny apartments"
Average apartment size was 750 square feet in 1978, 900 SF in 1998.


\doc\95\14\skysrap.txt - too many skyscrapers were built in
the 80s, don't need any more.


@@Hu's On first

\doc\95\15\workman.doc,htm.txt - Working Man's Party tried to
drive out the Chinese July, 1988



\doc\96\07\racepol1.txt More on Polly Williams
DOC922:USINTEG.TXT most dont' approve of busing, but 40% do
doc\94\5\seg.txt US News integration survey


\doc\95\15\ "With Internet Surfing, Loafing On the Job Now Easier" Del Jones (USA
Today) Seattle Times Dec. 9, 1995. The average worker at one major
company was found to have wasted an average of 1 1/2 hours per day. Peak
visiting times for Playboy and a sports site are during business hours.
Some companies have software which will print out logs of where people
are visiting. F121295


c:\priv\95\14\wop.txt - theory of "wop" as name for Italians
\priv\95\16\wop2.txt - guinea theory

   DOC921:OLYM.DOC Yamaguchi's Gold
   DOC91:INDIAN - dances with wolves, welcome to the paradise



  [family] XMAS91:DOC913:LXMAS91.DOC xmas card, baby
  [family] doc922:let414 4-14-92 letter video, moving to San Jose
  [mca] doc913:mcavid.doc
  [kristi.txt]doc921:kristi - alena film, yamaguchi
  doc91:CWANG charles wang
  doc922:amdemo.doc American demograhics
  doc922:amren.doc doc922:samtay.doc American Renaissance
  doc922:bestcoll.doc US News
  doc922:fertdoc.doc Fertility of Am Women 4-1-92
  doc922:killer.doc SJ Merc murder by race 4-1-92
  doc922:samtay.doc Sam Taylor Am Renaissance 4-10-92
  doc922:petehart.doc Peter Hart associates survey 4-13-92
  doc922:bestcoll.doc US News
  doc922:amdemo.doc American Demographics
  doc922:catax92 CA state taxes
  DOC922:CERTDISV.BAK letter of dissolution Hysoft
  doc923:firesue.doc San Jose Fire Department 8-13-92
  doc936:der916.doc to henry der
  doc936:attchmat.doc attachmate
  doc936:shapware.doc shape ware
  doc937\itsboy.doc Peter announcement
  doc938\xiao.doc 11/5/93 to Xiao wen
  d:\doc\94\2\priv\changead.doc Moving to redmond change of address
  \priv\95\06\moved.doc - May '95 move to kirkland

\priv\95\09\impale.txt - man fell onto fence, impaled


[Josef Barton  writes:] The Department of
Geography at California State University Northridge maintains, in its
California Geographical Survey, an excellent collection of electronic
maps of California cities -- Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento,
and San Diego.  Most helpful, for purposes of ethnic mapping, is the
Digital Atlas of California.  To gain access, point web browser to
the following URL:



\doc\95\06\cohabit.txt - Cohabiting couples have higher divorce rates
"Cohabiting first doesn't secure knot" USA Today May 10, 1995 p. 1D
Karen S. Peterson

%%income - also see women.wage

\priv\95\05\famvalue.txt - Men who marry make more than
single men, but men who value marriage more also make more money.
Business Week April 24, 1995

\priv\95\02\timemarr - Time special on keeping marriages together


\priv\95\16\usworld.txt - US media ignores
international stories.

Military Equipment History & Technology

@@Desert Storm

\priv\96\01\dswhite.htm Air Force White Paper on Desert Storm


Date: Wed, 21 Aug 1996
TOKYO, Aug. 21 (Kyodo) 

Source: Congressional Research Service
Top World exporters of weapons to developing

1995 1994
6.0B 3.7B Russia
3.8B 6.3B USA
2.4B 8.3B France

  doc913:DSNAVAIR TXT - Naval air

  [Rank] doc913\milrank.txt - rank of navy, troops and aircraft

@@Tanks see armour

  doc921:shill.txt Shillelegh system
  doc913:Tankloss.txt Desert Storm tank loss
  DOC921:ERTL.TXT (M60 desert storm)

@@Reconnaisance Aircraft

c:\doc\96\04\f16recon.txt "Virginian F-16s to watch Bosnian
Battlefield" Aviation Week March 27, 1996. The USAF abandoned
specialized manned tactical reconaissance with the retiring of the
F-4C from the active AF in 1992, and the ANG in 1995.




Swatstika origin - Hitler borrowed it
from the Bhuddists, but turned the direction around.



United States Newspaper Program website

US Newspaper Program

The U. S. Newspaper Program (USNP) is a cooperative national effort
to locate, catalog, preserve on microfilm, and make available to
researchers newspapers published in the United States from the
eighteenth century to the present.

  Yamaguchi - DOC921:OLYM.DOC - Yamaguchi's Gold
  Yamaguchi - doc922:kristi2.doc
  women athletics, japan bashing, Kerrigan, Ito, music, asian, role model
  Tiffany Chin Debi Thomas Black skating







\clip\97\03\pornindu\pornindu.htm THE BUSINESS OF PORNOGRAPHY US News


BARBER In  Seattle  and King County, an estimated 4,000 girls and
women work as prostitutes.  About  90  percent  are homeless and 88
percent have drug and alcohol problems, the study said.

\priv\95\14\prosprof.txt Prostitution profile 4,000 in Seattle area,
90% homeless 88% have drug or alchohol problems. Defined as
exploitation for gratification of another (hows about making money??)

==POVERTY also see 


 @@child doc933:CHILPOV  TXT Children in Poverty

 @@free lunch / reduced lunch

Journal American 7/2/96 (Bellevue WA) For a family of four,
household income under $28,028 qualifies for reduced price, $19,645
qualifies for free lunch

 @@general assistance 
 d:\doc\94\20\ga94.txt = effets of cutting off
 general assistance


 doc934:povhung.txt Hunger is S. Central LA


priv\95\18\scappoor.txt  SCAPEGOATING  THE POOR ``UNDERCLASS'' NEEDS
- SUNDAY, October 22, 1995.  Jobs and education are the solution to


Franklin Publishing Company
email: or

* MINORITY ISSUES Founded 1997


How Many Millionaires? Fortune Feb 20, 1995 p. 58

Net worth  Percent
over:      households  Number
1 million  2.4%     2,300,000
5          0.2%       182,000
10         0.03%       29,000
50         0.005%       4,800
100        0.002%       2,560
260        0.0004%        400

 @@per capita
  doc922:pcincome.wk1 per capita income for Hisp and Asians often worse
    than black

 doc922:SMHOUSE.txt - single mothers and housing

 WELFIMM.WK1 - welfare and immigration
 WELFIMM.DOC - Asian Week editorial


\clip\96\02\poorstep.txt [The Wall Street Journal Interactive
Edition] August 8, 1996 Uncle Sam Is a Poor Stepfather By ROBERT C.
WATERBURY. Writer's son can't compete with Uncle Sam if he can't get
a middle class job with full benefits, and it's wrong that the mother
of his children will get cut off if they marry, but not if she sleeps
with some random guy.


 doc93b\welfcost.txt - federal spending on welfare is $88/person/yr, fed
  average payment = $384 or 1 per 4 payers
  AFDC, medicaid, stamps = $316/person/yr

 doc\94\13\afdcfact.txt - spending,family size

 d:\doc\94\15\welfspen.txt Per capita welfare spending, 1982 dollars:
  1960 $100 1970 $200 1980 $400 1990 $400 1993 $510
    Doubled every decade from 1960 to 1980 until reagan era.



\clip\96\09\afripov.txt Half of southern Africa's 590 million people
live on less than $1 a day.


\priv\95\14\povasia.txt The poverty line in this part of the world is
defined as an income level below that needed to buy the daily food
equivalent of 2,100 calories in the city and 2,400 calories in
villages -- rural farmers need more energy for field work. In vietnam
The survey showed 57 per cent of rural dwellers live below the
poverty line compared to 26 per cent in the towns and cities. Poverty
rates are 71 per cent in the north compared to 33 per cent in the
south, according to the report published in February.

Nearly 50 per cent of Vietnamese children under five years old
suffer from malnutrition and more than half the population eats
less than 2,100 calories per day.

\priv\95\14\povfran.txt - poverty in France


\priv\95\14\povjam.txt Poverty in Jamaica

\priv\95\14\povphil.txt Official statistics say 44.5 per cent of
Filipinos live below the poverty threshold of some 7,200 pesos (277
dollars) a year. The Ibon databank, a non- government statistical
centre, says the real figure may be closer to 68 per cent.

  DOC923:phoncard.doc 6/92
  doc931:phoncard.doc 1/93
  doc934:phoncard.doc 8/93
  doc942\priv\phoncard.doc 4/93

  CENSUS2\CAINRANK.* California city by income
  CENSUS2\WAINCOME.* Washington city by income
  US - 



\priv\95\13\povdef.txt  congressman says $135K + 50k pension doesn't
even make him middle class


  doc91:SINGMOTH+SFPOV single mothers and poverty



Seattle Times National News : Oct. 9, 1996 Close-up: Scientists
reject the traditional notion of races by Robert S. Boyd
Knight-Ridder Newspapers 

"The University of Michigan's Brace, who is writing a book on the
subject, contended that intelligence is the only human trait that
does not seem to vary from one population to another. Instead, he
said basic intellectual capacity is distributed equally among all
peoples, regardless of their skin color.  "
WASHINGTON - Thanks to spectacular advances in molecular biology and
genetics, most scientists now reject the concept of race as a valid
way to divide human beings into separate groups.  

\priv\96\17\scirace.txt Edward Kent  argues
that anyone who classifies persons on the basis of race is a racist,
and scientific classifications are the worst.

The Balch is one of the largest libraries/musuems/archives on
American ethnicity and immigration.  Our entire 60,000 volume library
catalogue and our archives index is searchable on line.  Also, many
past exhibits such as "Ethnic Images in Advertising" , an exhibit on
Philadelphia's Chinatown, and information on the Japanese Internment
during WWII with primary sources are available.


Walther's GE Dash 8-40BW diesel, Amtrack markings


- Over 25 years at the end of Victorian England, 30,000 deaths to
workers on British railways. A&E Locomotion. equivalent of deaths from
two major battles.

doc942\amread.txt what americans spend on reading




   DOC922:DENNY.DOC justice for denny's attackers?

doc936:mail.916 urban legend, gangs in San Jose



No Bias Towards Bigness in Evolution
\clip\97\02\evolbig.txt New York Times January 21, 1997 Horses,
Mollusks and the Evolution of Bigness

ICE CORE RECORD WEATHER TO 500,000 YRS AGO Seattle Times Jan 24 1999
A3 Antarctic researchers dig up giant ice log to study weather
history. 2/3 mi deep ice core records 80-100,000 yr, 120 psi pressure
puts 100 yrs per in at bottom.  Greenland core 2 mi deep = 100,000
yr, Russian core 500,000


\clip\98\18\wormdna.txt Worm's Genetic Coding Detailed By Rick Weiss
Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, December 11, 1998; Page A3
Scientists have identified and placed in exact order all of the 97
million genetic "letters" that spell out the instructions for making
a tiny, soil-dwelling worm,


\clip\97\04\sciinves.txt AP 18-Feb-1997 1:40 EST REF5517 Copyright
1997. The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.  Science Provides An
Excellent Investment By MATT CRENSON AP Science Editor SEATTLE (AP) "
A recent survey of 76 companies found that 19 percent of new products
and 15 percent of new processes could not have been developed without
contributions from academic research,"


z40\clip\2000\03\marslost.txt NASA knew Mars Polar Lander doomed
United Press International - March 21, 2000 15:01 By James Oberg, UPI
Space Writer HOUSTON, March 21 (UPI) in this case it was a management
misjudgment which caused the fatal flaw in the first place.  "I'm as
certain as I can be that the thing blew up," the source concluded.
the vehicle's braking thrusters had failed acceptance testing during
its construction.  But rather than begin an expensive and
time-consuming redesign, an unnamed space official simply altered the
conditions of the testing until the engine passed.  Jim Boyd
 says that NASA someone said that 
the Mars probe that was run by three women


@@abuse, sexual abuse



\priv\96\17\latimer.txt Speech by Gregor Wolbring
 on disablility, sexual abuse, and abortion
for various reasons including sex selection (under 30%)

Perpetrators of sexual abuse in the case of disabled people are
15-25% natural family members
15% acquaintances and neighbours
30 % disability service providers
0-5% strangers

A variety of studies exist which show that disabled people are between
2-12 times more likely to be abused than non disabled people depending on
the age and the disability. The highest grade of victimization is observed
with developmentally disabled people. 

Seattle Times Jan. 16, 1997 About-face in the U.S. infantry Now it's
mostly white, while blacks hold majority of office jobs by Thomas E.
Ricks Wall Street Journal
\clip\97\01\NEWARMY.TXT Few inner city blacks qualify to apply to the

A recent study by mental-health researcher Leora Rosen of the Walter Reed
     Army Institute of Research found that 49 percent of female soldiers had suffered childhood sexual abuse,
     nearly double the civilian rate


@@boy teen
doc938\boysex.xls related to working mothers

doc941\kaisex.txt no evidence of encourage, but clinics mixed.

doc\94\14\norcsex.txt, .xls NORC national survey

Harpers Aug 93 - 6% of Americans describing themselves as ultra
liberal consider S&M an acceptable practice


d:\doc\94\16\priv\wteensx.txt - too much sex amon world teens

\priv\95\09\sinfath.txt - US News: Over half of teen mothers had sex
with adult men.

"What counts as normal?" Seattle Post-Intelligencer August 22, 1995
p. C1. Of women who have to pass water in a swimsuit, 2/3 take the
swimsuit off, 1/3 slide the bottom to one side


d:\clip\96\09\skinhead.txt Jack B. Moore, _Skinheads Shaved for
Battle: A Cultural History of American Skinheads_.  Bowling Green,
Ohio: Bowling Green State University Popular Press "It is doubtful
that the majority of skinheads during any period of their existence
outside the United States were either fascist or racist."  Reviewed
for H-PCAACA by Themis Chronopoulos, New School for Social Research

\clip\96\03\skinhead.txt Subj: BOOK REVIEW: Skinheads--culture,
politics, history Jack B. Moore, _Skinheads Shaved for Battle: A
Cultural History of American Skin heads_.  Bowling Green, OH: Bowling
State UP, 1993.  $14.95 paper; $37.95 cloth.  Contrary to other
American media and anti-racist organization accounts, this study
argues that the Skinhead movement is a cultural rather than a
political phenomenon. It attempts to trace the skinhead cult from its
onset but focuses on fascist American skinheads in the 1980s, the
first decade of their development as a separate and identifiable




\clip\96\02\swtest.txt Software testing resources


\clip\98\10\redmoon\redmoon.htm HBO web page
1998 on soviet moon launch.
They almost got a working manned lunar orbit mission, but their N-1
lander booster always blew up.

@@aapl doc934:aapl.824
@@bell doc934:stock.728
@@csft doc934:csft.824
doc934:stock.728 bell, koss, bspt, vchp, sbux, reno
doc934:stock.901 vegas, sald, sbux, reno
@@koss doc934:stock.728
@@reno doc934:stock.728
@@sbux doc934:stock.728



Watch dial marked "60..65..70" tells speed in mile/km per hour given
time in seconds between mileposts. 60 sec = 60 mph, 30 sec = 120, 15
sec = 240, etc.  Nobody else on the web tells you how these !@#$%
things work.



\priv\95\18\rayovac.txt By Mohan Mankikar Alkalines renewal
EE Times Aug 9, 1993


\clip\96\02\hondcub.txt Date: Mon, 12 Aug 1996 08:30:37 -0400 The Cub
never rests and the rivals never sleep TOKYO, Aug. 12 (Kyodo) The 50
cc motorbike hit the Japanese market in 1958 as Honda Motor Co.'s
first mass-produced motorcycle.  Since then, it has chugged past
everything else on the road, past the Model T of Ford Co., past the
Volkswagen Beetle, to become the best-selling motor vehicle of all


"All Change" Economist Survey p. 6 Sept 30, 1995 Local phone
distribution accounts for 80% of network costs. Peter Huber, a telcom
specialist in DC says its costs $1,200 to $2,000 to install a new
phone connection

Turing doc922:turing.txt gay computer


\clip\97\03\toilet.txt How Do The High Tech Toilets Flush In Japan?
By Mary Jordan and Kevin Sullivan Washington Post Foreign Service
Thursday, May 15, 1997; Page A01 


\clip\96\11\colltoy.txt USA Today 12/03/96 - 09:12 AM ET - Click
Yesterday' toys have become today's prized collectibles

"Market Share Muscle" USA Today Nov 13, 1995

Share of Toys sold in US
1994 data: includes video games
The NPD group/ Toy Market Index

21% Toys R Us
14% Wal-Mart




box10:uuencode - encoding utilities


@@african.american doc936:afamchrt.txt


doc934:voluntee.xls volunteer by race, gender, income


doc941\watsquota.txt Diane Watson proposes racial and gender parity
in state commisions


\priv\95\06\DEATHWAY.TXT African tribes kill each other over
cattle theft with high tech automatic weapons.


c:\doc\95\11\firsbomb.txt - The first bombing of a city -and therefore
civilians- occured according to my sources in Guernica, when the
german Legion Condor assisted Franco's troops during the Civil War in
Spain.  Oliver Hauss 



\clip\97\03\algeria.txt NIGHTMARE IN NORTH AFRICA by Eric Margolis
3 Feb 1997 The Toronto Sun In the last five years, 60,000 to 100,000
of its 28 million people have died in this forgotten civil war.  The
world ignores Algeria's agonies.


\doc\95\11\asiawar.txt - deaths in Asian wars
"Asian Wars" Economist June 10, 1995 p. 17

Source: World conflicts by Patrick Brogman, The Economist

1967 25,000
1973 25,000

Lebanon Israel
1982: 50,000

Iraq Iran

Korea US/United Nations
1950-53 1,500,000

Iraq Kuwait
1991 35,000 (note this is much lower than reported 200-300,000 during war0

India Pakistan
1965 20,000
1971 11,000

Pakistan Bangladesh
1971: 300,000

1946-49: 600,000
1960-75: 2,000,000

Cambodia Vietnam: 

  3/4 of all casualties in last 500 years took place in 20th century
  August 1993 Harper's Magazine

  About 20,000 persons were worked to death developing the V-2 which also
  killed thousands directly. SFC Aug 21, 1993 A13 rocket scientists use Slave Labor

  [[Gulf War (US)

\priv\96\03\gulf1, gulf2.txt Frontline 1995: As many as 12,000
soldiers had died during the six weeks of the air war, along with
2,300 non-combatant civilians, and another 10,000 Iraqi soldiers were
killed during the four days of the ground war. (compared with
contemporary accounts of 200,000 or more dead)

28 US marines in Kuwait assault The conflict cost 240 coalition
lives, 146 of them Americans. press accounts reported thousands of
Iraqis were buried. Most independent analysts estimate it was just
hundreds. The Army says it was about 150.

  The UN estimates 150,000 but some Liberian officials say 250,000  have
  died in Liberian fighting SFC Aug 21, 1993

  According to the Masculine Mystique by Andrew Kimbrell,
  twice as many Vietnam veterans committed suicide
  as were killed in combat

  [[World War II
  @@world war II

World War II civilians deaths
Source: 1995 World Almanqc (New York: Funk and Wagnells)

Germans killed 70,000 during the Blitz (another TV show said 51,000)
100,000 Chinese were killed in the Rape of Nanking
100,000's of germans were killed in strategic bombing of Germany
by Americans and the British
Total 45 million casualties (must be combat and civilian)

\doc\95\11\milldead.txt Over one million civilians were killed in
conventional bombings compared to the 200,000 nuclear victims of WW
II  PBS "Oppenheimer" biography

\doc\95\11\chindet2.txt - 1/3 million Japanese, 10 million chinese

\doc\95\11\wwiidet.wk1 WWII casualties

 World War II deaths by Country
 Source: US News and World Report August 28, 1989
 Basic Data: World Military and Social Expenditures, 1987-88

 Allies            Total        Civilian     Military     % Civ
 Belgium               200,000       90,000      110,000     45.0%
 Netherlands           206,000      200,000        6,000     97.1%
 US                    408,000            0      408,000      0.0%
 Britain               450,000      100,000      350,000     22.2%
 France                650,000      450,000      200,000     69.2%
 Yugoslavia          1,400,000    1,000,000      400,000     71.4%
 China               2,200,000      840,000    1,350,000     38.2%
 Poland              6,600,000    6,000,000      600,000     90.9%
 Soviet Union(14%)  15,000,000    7,500,000    7,500,000     50.0%
 Other Asia        not listed
 Italy                 220,000       70,000      150,000     31.8%
 Japan               2,000,000      500,000    1,500,000     25.0%
 Germany             6,200,000    1,470,000    4,750,000     23.7%
 Czechoslovakia        280,000      240,000       30,000     85.7%
 Austria               405,000      125,000      280,000     30.9%
 Romania               640,000      300,000      340,000     46.9%
 Hungary               850,000      450,000      400,000     52.9%

 All listed         37,709,000   19,335,000   18,374,000     51.3%
 Total              50,000,000

@@US Wars

  doc911:ASKIA Asians killed in action, Desert Storm 1991


Source: The Universal Almanac 1991 (Andrews and McNeil)

p. 110
source: U.S. Bureau of the Census, Statistical History
of the US (1976) and Statistical Abstract of the United
States 1990

Military Personell on Active Duty: 1801-1988

World War I      US pop %
1917   643,833
1918  2,897,167
1919  1,172,602

World War II
1942  3,858,791
1943  9,044,745
1944 11,451,719
1945 12,123,455  132M 10%

1950 1,460,261

Korean War
1951 3,249,455
1952 3,635,912
1953 3,555,067

1960 2,476,435

1966 3,094,058
1967 3,376,880
1968 3,547,902
1970 3,066,294

1975 2,128,000
1988 2,138,000   250M 0.8%

(lowest since 1950)

U.S. Service and Casualties in
Major Wars and Conflicts

World War II (1941-46)
        Serving      Battle  Other  Wounds 
                     death   death
Army    11,260,000  234,874  83,400  565,861
Navy     4,183,466   36,950  25,664   37,778
Marines    669,100   19,733   4,778   67,207
Total   16,112,556   291,557 113,842 670,846

About 1 million casualties


 doc934:harvinc.txt 60% of Harvard '68 make over $100,000

 "Big firm, dead-end career? " US News March 27, 1995 Median income of
 Harvard Business School class of '74 is $260,000, half are chairman,
 CEO or president


72% on welfare have been on the rolls at least 2 years


\priv\95\15\welfdown.txt - 11/95 decline in
welfare rolls.


d:\priv\95\01\welf1.txt USN&WR Jan 16, 1995 p. 32
Long-Term Recipients of AFDC
68% did not graduate from high school
USN&WR / US Dept Health and Human Services

- one third of welfare recipients cannot read a street map or fill
out a social security application. Manpower Demonstration Research
Corp (MDRC) 1994 paper found 35-40% tested at lowest literacy level,
could not find an intersection of streets or figure total from an
order form.

- average level of education is 8th grade

- most AFDC mothers score too low to qualify for the
armed forces

- half of AFDC mothers score lower than the 18th 
percentile for all women (black IQ is the 15th)

- aptitudes of welfare mothers is much lower than the lowest category
of manual workers, including gas pump operators and meat wrappers


\clip\96\01\healtrain.txt Date: Tue, 30 Jul 1996 18:02:56 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Health Care Training Program
Helping Move People Off Welfare Rolls By DAVID WILKISON A New Jersey
health care community worker training program produced 27 of 35
graduates are off the welfare rolls, making from $15,600 to $26,000.
Most are single welfare mothers. The cost was $6,300 per person

only 5 to 10 percent of low-skill job openings open to
applicants with few skills or no work experience.

Barriers to employment
*60%     abuse or neglect as adults
35%     partial physical or mental disabilities or disabled
        person in household
25-40%  learning disabilities
16%     substance abuse
* Washington State study
US Dept Health and Human Services, Urban Institute

d:\priv\95\01\welf1.txt USN&WR Jan 16, 1995 p. 32
Long-Term Recipients of AFDC
68% did not graduate from high school
39% no work experience in previous year
40% 3 or more children
67% never married
39% White 43% Black 18% Hispanic <1% Other
USN&WR / US Dept Health and Human Services
\priv\95\05\foodstam.txt - Food stamps are declining in 1995



* 50% of applicants gave a false address
* Many collect more than one check
* 60% were not eligible, saving 5% in outlays
* fingerprint matching showed 25% in NY and NJ were 
"double dipping"

d:\doc\94\17\priv\welffrau.txt - NY finds collecting in more
 than one state 8/3/94 NYT

d:\priv\95\01\welf2.txt A study in Chicago in the late '80s found
every single one of the welfare mothers receiving unreported cash from
friends, relatives and odd jobs that amounted on average to as much as
their AFDC checks. 


31% of those on public assistance programs had one or more
psychiatric disorders last year


>>\PRIV\95\18\OFFWELF.HTM - sjm 12/11/95 Work is the most common way
for women to get off welfare, follwed by marriage,the reverse of




\priv\95\01\welf2.txt It has devoured more than $5 trillion in
hundreds of programs since 1965. Food stamps, public housing and such
means-tested programs as Aid to Families with Dependent Children
(AFDC) and Supplemental Security Income now exceed $130 billion a
year. (or $500 per person per year, $1500 for family of 3)

\doc\95\06\welfwoe.txt - need $8 an hour to stay off of
welfare, Yakima is 35% < 9th grade, 50% < hs grad

priv\95\01\welf1.txt - most women can't work

==Whites (European Americans)


3rd National Conference on Whiteness
November 6-8, 1998
University of Chicago
Beyond "White," "Black" or "Other": Confronting Whiteness to End Racism

\doc\web\97\07\natlwhit.txt The second National Conference on
Whiteness will be held November 7-9, 1997 in Cambridge, Mass.
Proposals and conference brochures, write: Women's Theological
Center, P.O.  Box 1200, Boston, MA 02117-1200, or phone (617)
536-8782, or Email

Conference website:


\clip\97\24\wflite.txt Many Whites Leaving Suburbs for Rural Areas
The New York Times, October 19, 1997 By STEVEN A. HOLMES


\clip\97\11\white.txt Wall Street Journal Thursday, April 24th 1997
School of Thought: The Unbearable Whiteness of Being A Number of
College Scholars Race to Caucasian Studies; Some Think It Outrageous

\priv\96\16\multwhit.txt "Multicultural' must include whites by STEVE
PHILLIPS San Francisco Examiner May 20, 1996 


\clip\97\19\southie.txt Seattle Times Aug 17, 1997- BY SARA RIMER New
York Times Summary - Southie is a poor-working class white section of
Boston, young white men are killing themselves now. Old Colony
housing project has been called one of the poorest white communities
in the nation, was famous for opposition to busing in the 70s.

\clip\96\09\poorappa.txt Houston Chronicle 2:43 PM 1/10/1996 A new
path for survival Catholic pastoral letter targets poor of Appalachia
By ALLEN G. BREED Associated Press


7/ morse27.dtl What do you mean "we,'white man?  Rob Morse OF THE
EXAMINER STAFF Sunday, September 27, 1998, San Francisco Examiner
OCTOBER IS just around the corner, and you're probably making your
plans for Europe an American Heritage Month.


Date sent: Sat, 13 Sep 1997 07:09:59 -0700 To: "CELTIC-L - The Celtic
Culture List."  From: Moira
 Subject: Irish as slaves for life in

 Since some of the Scottish/Irish indentured servants went to
Barbados and other Caribbean countries in the 17th and 18th
centuries, can anyone point me to a good source of information on the
state of Celts in those areas today?  Isn't there an annual Celtic
Faire in Barbados?  Can anyone give me information on that?  

Actually, Barbados and Montserrat had hundreds of thousands of Irish

For complete details on Irish as slaves for life in the Caribbean,
Virginia, and New England, you could write to:

Bob West 683 Walnut Road Wauconda, Illinois 60084



\clip\96\04\wasp.txt The acronym WASP, standing for White Anglo-Saxon
Protestant, was probably invented by Digby Baltzell. He disclaimed
its authorship, but dictionaries insist on dating it from 1964, when
a book by Mr Baltzell, "The Protestant Establishment: Aristocracy and
Caste in America", was first published.  THE ECONOMIST Aug 31,1996