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Illegal Immigration

Best estimates are about 2% of the population are illegal immigrants, or about 1/5 of total immigration. It is thought that most are undesirable, but they are 37% -40% of farmworkers, and Phillipe Khan of Borland started a major software company as an illegal immigrant.


31% 2000 Immigrants (Buchanan)
30% E Washington farm workers
 8% Los Angeles population
 3% LA citizen children of undocumented

@@Asian Nations

\clip\97\12\asiaill.txt 'Japan Is the New Frontier' May 5, 1997
Behind the influx of Chinese illegal immigrants By Ajay Singh and
Murakami Mutsuko / Tokyo Asiaweek Magazine. More illegal mainland
Chinese are committing crimes in Japan, estimates of illegal workers
in other Asian nations such as Korea.

@@Car Wash

\clip\98\19\carwash.txt NS raid nabs 9 workers at Kirkland carwash By
Janet Burkitt and Ian Ith The Seattle Times, December 17, 1998
Federal immigration agents cracked down on a Kirkland carwash
yesterday, arresting nine employees said to be illegal immigrants.


asian.immigration.illegal.children \doc\95\11\immiabdu.txt Abduction
case of illegal immigrant teens in Tukwila WA.


Throughout the 1990s, Chinese arriving illegally on ships have made
the headlines, most recently in 2000 some dead in containers. The 
actual numbers are pretty small but they make a lot of news. It goes
way back to the "paper son" days.

www.seattletimes.com Seattle Times 2000
Local News: Sunday, January 23, 2000 
Chinese stowaways in America The scores of Chinese found hidden
aboard freighters and container ships at the Port of Seattle in
recent weeks are among thousands believed to be arriving up and down
the West Coast each year. Most head for New York City to a part of
Chinatown where almost everyone is illegal, where only Chinese is
spoken, and where they live in fear of the men who smuggled them into
this country.  
Local News: Sunday, January 16, 2000 
Illegal entry has roots in Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 Customs
officers spotted a boat, small and rickety, heading for a remote cove
off the coast near Port Townsend, and followed it. The captain of the
sloop saw the officers and made for...  
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Opinion/Editorials: Monday, January 24, 2000 															                                																										
Readers write about population control and other issues A reader
writes: "Reproduction should be a privilege, not a right. Surely,
having children can't be the sole contribution you can make to
Local News: Sunday, January 23, 2000 
Chinese stowaways in America The scores of Chinese found hidden
aboard freighters and container ships at the Port of Seattle in
recent weeks are among thousands believed to be arriving up and down
the West Coast each year. Most head for New York City to a part of
Chinatown where almost everyone is illegal, where only Chinese is
spoken, and where they live in fear of the men who smuggled them into
this country.  
Local News: Sunday, January 16, 2000 
Illegal entry has roots in Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 Customs
officers spotted a boat, small and rickety, heading for a remote cove
off the coast near Port Townsend, and followed it. The captain of the
sloop saw the officers and made for...  
National/World News: Saturday, January 15, 2000 
A double standard? 2 recent instances demonstrate disparity in
applying U.S. immigration laws Although cases of humanitarian need
can be made for 6-year-old Cuban Elian Gonzalez and the Chinese
stowaways who arrived in Seattle inside shipping containers,
immigration experts say political will rather than consistent policy
influences who should stay and who should go.  
Local News: Friday, January 14, 2000 
Chinese stowaways cite one-child law in quest for asylum When the
Chinese container-ship stowaways who arrived here recently file their
applications for political asylum, as they are almost certain to do,
most will base their claim on one law. They will say they deserve to
immigrate to the U.S. because Chinese policy restricting families to
one child persecutes them.  January 03, 2000 
12 Chinese stowaways are captured at Harbor Island dock For more than
two weeks, 12 Chinese men sat and slept crammed together in a
40-by-8-foot metal cargo container onboard a ship named the Faith.
Their journey ended early yesterday morning when the Immigration and
Naturalization Service (INS), acting on a tip, met the Faith as it
docked at Harbor Island in Seattle.  

"...authorities have broken up a major criminal ring that smuggled
hundreds of Chinese immigrants into the United States via Canada.  At
its peak, the ring carried out 33 smuggling runs into the United
States over a 60-day period, the RCMP said. The number of people
smuggled on each trip ranged from 8 to 24...  The arrests come just
two weeks after U.S. immigration agents broke up a cartel that
smuggled more than 12,000 illegal immigrants into the United States
from Asia through Russia, Cuba and the Bahamas. The immigrants,
mostly from India, but also from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Syria,
were smuggled into the country at the request of businesses seeking
cheap labor."

\clip\98\16\ctown.txt Time SOCIETY NOVEMBER 2, 1998 VOL. 152 NO. 18
Slaves Of New York How crime and mismanaged laws have made the city
the biggest magnet for Chinese illegals By EDWARD BARNES 

100,000 per year or 100,000 total?  \clip\98\16\mignews.txt MIGRATION
NEWS Vol. 5, No. 11, November, 1998 Smuggling.  An estimated 100,000
Chinese illegally enter the US each year. Time described one
fourth-floor walk-up in the Bowery in New York City with 100 men
crammed into 32 cubicles, working 12-hour days, seven days a week for
about $1 an hour.The Fujian association in New York estimates 500,000
illegals from Fujian province in the US; the CIA estimates 100,000.

@@Coast Guard

\clip\97\04\costgard.txt From: (Mark Krikorian) Subject:
Illegal immigration tragedies [For CISNEWS subscribers: Two items,
one about a capsizing near Puerto Rico, the other about a crash east
of San Diego. Regarding the first item, the Coast Guard interdicted a
total of 423 illegal aliens in January 1997, including 374
Dominicans, 43 Chinese, 5 Cubans amd one Bahamian. -- Mark Krikorian]



\clip\97\01\immsuit.txt AP 7-Jan-1997 Calif. Immigration Suit
Dismissed By BOB EGELKO Associated Press Writer SAN FRANCISCO (AP) --
A federal appeals court Tuesday rejected Gov.  Pete Wilson's lawsuit
seeking $2.4 billion from the federal government to cover the costs
of illegal immigration, calling the dispute political, not legal. 


"Illegal Means a Lot" Mark Krikorian (Center for Immigration Studies)
National Review June 16, 1997 p. 39 Argues that illegal immigration
is proportional to legal immigration, and that "clearly cutting legal
immigation is a prerequisite to controlling the latter"

Percent of Illegal Immigrants by Country
50% Salvadorean
40% Mexican
18% Canadians
14% Dominicans
10% Jamaicans
 8% Filipinos


Chicago Tribune, Sunday, January 7, 1996  By Karen Brandon, Tribune
GOVERNOR SEEKS MORE U.S. HELP  According to state estimates,
California houses more than 20,000 illegal immigrants behind
bars--five times more than any other state and enough to fill eight
state prisons. California spends $491 million a year to imprison
felons who commit their crimes while in this country illegally,
according to the governor's estimates.



\clip\97\09\deport.txt Immigrants faced with painful choice By Lynda
Gorov, Globe Staff, 04/07/97 


illegal immigrant children should be allowed back into US schools
even if their immigration status is wrong, because the Supreme court
has ruled that under equal protection clause, they are entitled to
all protections, and they are taxpayers.


Illegal Aliens State-By-State (as reported by The Associated Press,
February 7, 1997)

Immigration and Naturalization Service estimates of the estimated 5
million undocumented aliens living in the United States as of October
1996 by state


\clip\97\04\illimm2.txt Illegal Immigrant Population Grows to 5
Million The Washington Post, Saturday, February 8 1997 By William
Branigin Washington Post Staff Writer The number of illegal
immigrants residing permanently in the United States has grown to
about 5 million and is rising by 275,000 a year, the Immigration and
Naturalization Service said yesterday.

\clip\96\05\caillg.txt Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 03:07:01 -0400 New
Study: Immigration Declines After 1980s Surge SACRAMENTO (AP) --
California's illegal immigration, which reached more than 200,000
annually by the end of the 1980s, dropped sharply during the early
1990s, at least partly because of the state's severe recession, a new
study says.

\clip\96\05\undoc.txt AP 24-Sep-1996 6:09 EDT REF5082 Study: Calif.
Immigration Sharply Increases "says undocumented immigration to the
state occurred at a relatively low rate -- fewer than 100,000 per
year -- between 1980 and 1985.  But during the next five years it
climbed steadily, reaching a peak of more than 200,000 between April
1989 and April 1990."


Nearly half of farmworkers in California are illegal immigrants. Some
growers estimate 70-80%.

\clip\98\19\cis01.txt 42% of Farm Laborers Worked Illegally in
1995-97, Study Says By MARTHA GROVES Los Angeles Times, December 16,
UC Berkeley says illegal farm labor increased from 9% in 1990-91 to
42% in 1995-97 The average age of seasonal farm workers in California
is 33. About 61% of the workers are married, 56% have children, and
18% are women. Typically, they are employed almost half the year in
seasonal farm work, and about three-fourths earned less than $10,000
annually.  Ninety-one percent of the workers are natives of Mexico,
and the number of workers who have lived in this country less than
three years has more than doubled since 1990, to 26% from 12%.  some
California growers have estimated the percentage of illegal workers
to be as high as 70% to 80%. "Who Works on California Farms?"  may be
ordered for $5 from UC-DANR Publications, (800) 994-8849.

\clip\98\01\grower.txt Growers Say U.S. Wrong, Labor Is in Short
Supply Agriculture: They contend that INS actions have cut into
numbers of workers and that government efforts to provide
replacements have proved inadequate.  Los Angeles Times, Monday,
January 5, 1998 By STEPHANIE SIMON, Times Staff Writer
"The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that up to 40% of
agricultural workers across the country are illegal. Farm officials
peg that figure in California at closer to 70%. "

The Department of Labor has published  by Richard Mines,
http://www.dol.gov/dol/asp/public/programs/agworker/naws.htm The
proportion of illegal aliens rose from seven percent of all
farmworkers in 1989 to 37 percent in 1995.


Pat Buchanan claims Asian Week Oct 26, 2000 1.3M immigrants will pour
in, 400,000 illegal, restore the 20th cent average of 250-300,000

\doc\96\04\hispoll.txt full text \priv\96\17\hispoll.txt PRNewswire,
May 21, 1996
Poll of 500 Los Angeles area Hispanics by La Opinion
14% claimed to be undocumented
29% citizen
55% legal resident

Los Angeles Population by immigration status
75% rest 9.2 million
2.3 million - immmigrants or related
6.9% legal immigrants
7.8% amnesty groups
7.6% undocumented / illegal
2.7% citizen children of undocumented
Sources: Immigration and Naturalization Service INS Yearbook
1991 and 1996, Los Angeles County, Internal Services Department

"Evauating Costs, Benefits of Immigration" San Francisco Chronicle
June 23, 1993 p. A6 San Francisco Chronicle

\priv\95\18\moreillg.doc Center for Immigration Studies, Wash D.C.
Sept 1995 - A study estimates Mexican illegal immigration at 250,000
instead of 100,000 annually, doubled official estimates, and total
illegal immigration at 400,000 instead of 300,000 based on the 1994
Current Population Survey

Raoul Lowery Contreras says you can't use IRCA to estimate
illegals because you don't know how long you've been here, at 1
to 1.5% of pop, it's just not significant

\doc\95\10\grower.txt - 30 percent of farm workers in Washington
state are probably illegal immigrants.

\doc\95\05\naftam.txt see \priv\95\05\naftam.txt - Illegal immigrants
are only 13% of immigrants, 1% of US population according to
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

\doc\95\06\illimmwa.wk1 - Illegal Immigants in US and Washington

 "Illegal Immigrant Population in the U.S." Seattle
 Post-Intelligencer Dec 21, 1994 p. A7

 In United States
 Top 10 Countries of Origin
 Mexico         39.0%         1
 El Salvado      9.6%         2
 Guatemala       3.8%         3
 Canada          2.8%         4
 Poland          2.7%         5
 Philippine      2.6%         6
 Haiti           2.6%         7
 Bahamas         2.0%         8
 Nicaragua       2.0%         9
 Italy           1.9%        10
 Other          31.0%

 Total Immigrants 3,379,200
 Only the Phillipines makes top 10 of Asian countries

 Where illegal immigrants live
 California    42.65%         1
 New York      13.29%         2
 Texas         10.57%         3
 Florida        9.52%         4
 Illinois       5.20%         5
 New Jersy      3.42%         6
 Arizona        1.60%         7
 Massachuse     1.33%         8
 Virginia       1.05%         9
 Washington     0.89%        10
 Other         10.48%

USA Today 5/18/94 "Californians may try to 'save state'" estimated 3.2
million illegal immigrants nationwide, half in CA, or a little over
1% of population.

doc938:illimm.xls - INS estimate of illegal immigration

doc938:illimm.doc - text of study by Bob Warner INS

doc940\caillimm.mcw - CA estimate and INS

doc\94\13\illimm8.wk1 - Urban institute estimates that 13% of
immigrants are undocumented

Richard Kirschten, "Second Thoughts"
*National Journal* 1/21/95 pp 150-55.
- Experts say about 4 million illegal aliens, 1.5% of population
- 1.1 million immigrants estimated, 700,000 legal, 110,000
refugees, 300,000 illegally
- Less than 10 percent of population is foreign born, about
one-third are naturalized citizens.

@@health care
>>\priv\95\14\immheal.txt - Gingrich offers to have federal govt pay for
emergency care for illegal immigrants.


Of Newly Hired Immigrants in Test, 26% Illegal; Los Angeles Times
Friday, May 24, 1996 Orange County Edition Page: A-1 By DON LEE. An
INS test project has found that one of four newly employed immigrants
at 230 Southland firms, many in Santa Ana, lacked legal authority to
work in the United States. Most did not report to work when asked to
provide further documentation. Of the 11,479 new employees whose
immigration and other work documents were checked by the verification
system, officials said, only 30 were believed to be inaccurately
identified as unauthorized workers who in fact were legal, usually
because they were not yet in the system. local file:
\priv\96\19\HIREILLG.HTM http://www.latimes.com/ summary:



Chinese Smugglers, Yakuza Flood Japan With Illegal Migrants Los
Angeles Times, March 1, 1997 By SONNI EFRON, Times Staff Writer TOKYO
-- Japan is awash in boat people. 

* snakeheads charge $25,000 to move hopeful illegals to low
unemployment and high wages)

* 692 arrested from 28 boats in just 2 months, more than all last year

* 114 arrested in 5 boats in 1 week

* the number of foreigners living illegally in Japan has soared in
recent years from an estimated 160,000 in 1991 to 285,000 today, and
1.3 million legal foreign residents, about 1% of the population

* only 4,650 illegal immigrants deported in 1995

Japan's Boat People
Numbers of boats seized and illegal immigrants arrested:

1990: 1
1991: 4
1992: 14
1993: 7
1994: 13
1995: 13
1996: 29
1997*: 28

1990: 18
1991: 89
1992: 396
1993: 335
1994: 467
1995: 324
1996: 679
1997*: 692

* Note: 1997 data are as of Feb. 25. Figures reflect groups of illegal 
immigrants arriving by boat, apprehended by police or the Japan Maritime 
Safety Agency.


\priv\95\13\illkor.txt - Koreans caught at border have doubled to 59
so far in 1995. Some have paid as much as $18,000 to smugglers for
entry through British Columbia since visa requirement for visitors has
been dropped. "Illegal S. Korean immigrants being smuggled through
B.C." Seattle Post Intelligencer Oct 17, 1995 p. B2

@@law breaking
\priv\95\13\breakrul.txt - matloff says legal immigrants break
the rules


Eager" Economist June 7th 1997 p. 25 F062697 Texas needs illegal
immigrants to staff its restaurants, and help rebuild after storms.
Houston police estimate over 150,000 laborers gather on street
corners, 85% of them illegal to look for work, they make about $40 a
day, and most get hired. State legislators avoid the issue, "they
know that the booming Texas economy is driven in part by the ready
supply of cheap, diligent, illegal labor". "Given a choice between
diligent undocumented workers and what they think of, perhaps
unfairly, as the dregs of the legal workforce, most Texas employers
will take their chances with the undocumented worker"


\clip\97\25\illimpl.txt Illegal Immigrants Remain a Concern Despite
Economy Los Angeles Times, Sunday, November 2, 1997 By DARYL KELLEY,
Times Staff Writer [Ventura County poll]

\priv\95\13\badstudy.txt - claims of 50% illegals in
San Diego or schools have no basis


z53\clip\2001\10\insill.txt CENSUS BUREAU: 8 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS
IN 2000 Finding Raises Concern over Border Control in Light of
Terrorist Threat For Immediate Release Center Immigration Studies
10/2001 Contact: Steven Camarota, 202-466-8185, sac@cis.org
WASHINGTON (October 24, 2001) -- When the Census Bureau announced its
decision last week concerning statistical adjustments to the 2000
Census, it also released, virtually unnoticed, its estimate that 8
million illegal aliens live in the United States.

Congressional Digest May 1996
Estimated Illegal Immigrant Population for 
Top 20 Countries of Origin October 1992

All            3,379,000
1. Mexico      1,321,000
2. El Salvador   327,000
3. Guatemala     129,000
4. Canada         97,000
5. Poland         91,000
6. Philippines    90,000
7. Haiti          88,000
8. Bahamas        71,000
9. Nicaragua      68,000
10 Italy          67,000
11. Honduras      61,000
12. Columbia      59,000
13. Ecuador       45,000
14. Jamaica       42,000
15. Dominican Rep 40,000
16. Trinidad Tobago $39,000
17. Ireland       36,000
18. Portugal      31,000
19. Pakistan      30,000
20. India         28,000
Other            618,000

Inflation safety valve: immigration Seattle Times June 29, 1999 p.
F5By the end of next year, immigration for the 90s will exceed those
of the 1900 decade. 5 million undocumented workers in US, growing by
275,000 per year (INS)


\priv\95\14\overstay.txt GAO says about half of illegal
immigrants are people who overstay their visas.

** c:\priv\95\07\aliennat.txt - Most illegal immigrants come
legally and overstay their visas.


Illegal Aliens: Extent of Welfare Benefits Received on Behalf of U.S. 
Citizen Children>, GAO/HEHS-98-30
Call (202) 512-6000

Pdf version of the GAO report is now on line, at:


San Diego Union-Tribune, Sunday, November 2, 1997
JOBS MAGNET. First of three parts.
The border fences are stronger and the number of guards has grown. Yet 
undocumented immigrants continue to find their way into the United States. 
They come for jobs. And they're getting them.

\priv\95\20\thaiwork.txt Jan 4 Knight-Ridder Thai government allows
illegal immigrants to work to alleviate labor shortage