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Hate Crimes: Arthur Hu's Index of Diversity

(c) Arthur Hu's Index of Diversity, please cite when using data from here arthurhu @ hufamily.com (no space) on how to get more complete data or complete text of these references




z49\priv\2001\04\ukashate.txt The Electronic Telegraph ISSUE 2156
Friday 20 April 2001 Police fear Asian gangs may set up 'no go' areas
By Nigel Bunyan POLICE expressed concern yesterday that disaffected
young Asians may try to establish "no go" areas in districts they
regard as their strongholds.

Louisiana State University----------------------1/4/01
  "Former LSU student fined for racist e-mail, bomb threat"
"A judge fined a former LSU student $6,000 Wednesday for
sending racially offensive e-mail to a black classmate and
threatening to blow up her car."
  "State District Judge Don Johnson also placed Spencer
T. Wong on probation and ordered him to seek counseling
and complete an African-American studies class."
  "The money from the fines will got to area schools and the
Baton Rouge AIDS Society."  (???)
Race of perpetrator is not mentioned, but Wong is chinese


Racial Stabbing Was Not First Incident
By Associated Press
Summary: A racially charged fight that escalated into a fatal
stabbing in the popular resort town of Ocean Shores, Wash., leaving
one man dead. Christopher Kinison, 20, who was killed in a
Prosecutor: Victim was racist, but didn't deserve death
Washington Seattle Times.
Thursday, December 07, 2000, 12:00 a.m. Pacific
MONTESANO, Grays Harbor County, Washington, USA



http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,12235,00.html Inflammatory
Article Highlights Black, Hispanic Mistrust Thursday, April 19, 2001
By Bret Baier The Charlotte Post... get reactions to the growing
number of Hispanics in Charlotte.  "I definitely think they are
people to fear. They travel in packs."  "Just because someone
multiplies like a rabbit doesn't mean you should fear them. They need
to fear us."

z48\clip\2001\03\mardrace.txt SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER
http://seattlep-i.nwsource.com/local/mardi16.shtml Three-fourths of
Fat Tuesday crime suspects are black, police say Some say racial
hatred was evident in riot, but others aren't so sure Friday, March
Three-quarters of the more than 100 people identified so far as
suspects in crimes committed during the Fat Tuesday riot are black,
Seattle police sources say.  Many victims say some of the random
beatings in Pioneer Square were clearly tinged with racial hatred.
And in at least two Mardi Gras incidents under investigation, African
American attackers were heard yelling racial slurs at white victims,
police said.

@@church fires

"Who's Fanning the Flames of Racism?" Michael Fumento June 16, 1997

Blacks Most Likely To Be Arrested In Church Arsons Per Population

 [Los Angeles Times] [FRONT PAGE]
Monday, June 9, 1997 Probe Finds No Conspiracy in Church Arsons By
DAVID G.  SAVAGE, Times Staff Writer

The federal task force said it has logged 429 incidents of arson
involving churches nationwide since Jan. 1, 1995. Of these, 162
involved African American houses of worship.  In all, 199 suspects
have been arrested in incidents dating back nearly 2 1/2 years. Of
these, 160 are white, 34 African American and 5 Latino.

Suspects in Church Arsons, 
Ranked by Incidence Per Population
Num  Group             Pct   Pop  Rate
199  Total             100.0
 34  African American   17.1 12.6   1.36
160  White              80.4 72.1   1.11
  5  Latino              2.5 10.7  -4.28
  0  Asian              <0.5  3.7 <-7.40

Analysis by Arthur Hu

Mike Fumento : "Church Burnings and Politics" is now out in the
October Commentary magazine.  Virtually all new information from what
I wrote up for the Journal.

\clip\96\04\churburn.txt Date: 14 Sep 96 01:44:32 EDT From: Mike
Fumento <74323.1507@CompuServe.COM> Michael Fumento Copyright 1996 by
Michael Fumento September 11, 1996 Church-Burning Hoax Pays Huge
Dividends by Michael Fumento. One third of suspects in the church
burning epidemic were black according to USA Today, the primary
beneficiaries were the activists who created the epidemic as a fund
raising measure, and Americans have proven to be suckers.

\clip\96\04\blaksusp.txt According to USA today study at
http://www.usatoday.com/news/index/church/nchurc02.htm 9/11/96, 28%
of 28 suspects of church burnings are black.  I counted 19 white
suspects, 9 black suspects out of those whose race was identified,
that's 28% black, more than the black population in that part of the

\clip\96\02\kkkburn.txt Two Former KKK Members Plead Guilty to
Burning Black Churches CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) 8/15/96

\clip\96\02\churmony.txt [The Wall Street Journal Interactive
Edition][Front Page] August 9, 1996 National Church Council Wants To
Raise Roofs, Racial Awareness. Money donated to burned church fund
exceeds amount needed to rebuild every church - who gets the extra?

\clip\96\02\churbur2.txt The Center for Democratic Renewal response.
The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition] August 2, 1996

d:\priv\96b\08\waltwill.txt Walter Williams agrees with Fumento

\priv\96b\08\kenhamb.txt Ken Hamblin agrees with fumento the black
church fires are a political scam.

\priv\96b\08\rasp.txt Wash Post op ed by Willimam Raspberry
acknowledges fumento might be right, maybe there never was a wave of

\priv\96b\08\fumefire.txt Detroit News Friday, July 12, 1996 Did
media blow smoke on church fires?

file:C:\priv\96B\07\FUMNCHUR.HTM Wall Street Journal Ed. July 8, 1996
A Church Arson Epidemic?  It's Smoke and Mirrors By MICHAEL FUMENTO -
The epidemic of Church arsons is largely the result of one small
activist group that doctored the numbers, and the result is a new
wave of copycat crimes which "accomplish that what the Ku Klux Klan
could not do"
Fumento is the guy who was tremendously attacked for pointing out
that AIDS was basically not a danger to most white heterosexuals.

\priv\96b\07\racetorc.htm Are racists really torching black churches?
Journal American 7/5/96 (Bellevue WA) Arson data casts doubt on
racial link to most fires By Fred Bayles By The Associated Press The
total count for the last 18 months: 75 fires at white churches and 73
at black churches. The tally for the past six years shows a wider
margin: 248 arsons at white churches compared to 161 at black
churches. Out of those 75, only 12 to 18 are likely based on racism,
15 either had black suspects, or hit both races.

C:\priv\96B\04\MOREFIRE.HTM Fires have only accelerated since
publicity of church burnings. US News 7/1/96

Of 216 church burnings investigated in the last six years, 119
happened since the start of 1995, mostly in the South, Patrick said.
Almost 60 percent were black churches. \priv\96b\03\churhate.txt
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 1996 20:05:44 -0400 From: NewsHound@sjmercury.com
(NewsHound) Administration, Black Lawmakers Blame Fires on Racial

file:C:\priv\96B\01\TWOFIRES.HTM Seattle Times Company June 18, 1996
Two more church fires last night by Associated Press and Reuters
KOSSUTH, Miss. - State and federal agents met today to investigate
nearly simultaneous fires that destroyed two rural black churches
just four miles apart, the latest in a series of blazes plaguing
Southern black congregations.  The Christian Coalition, whose members
are largely white, also says 11 white churches have been burned since

\priv\96b\01\chririgt.txt Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 00:41:32 -0400 From:
NewsHound@sjmercury.com (NewsHound) To: arthurhu @ hufamily.com (no space) Clergy
Coalition Says Christian Right Must Share Blame for Fires By GINA


Rush Limbaugh 6/18/96 Notes statistics show that historically, church
fires have been declining over the past 2 decades, and no insurance
claims have been filed with racism being the proven cause. About half
of church fires are of white churches.