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Gypsy (Roma, Romany)

The Gypsies are probably the most disliked European group in history. A national Jewish organization did a popularity poll in the 1980s of various ethnic and racial groups, and the gypsies did just about the worst. (Unfortunately, I've lost track of that booklet) If your ethnic group is called the "gypsy" of anything, it means you're not doing that great.

This is the only place you'll find out that 1994 Seattle School District statistics show that they are statisitically identical to other overpriviledged white students that outscore suburban whites. But the normal literature and stories are of stereotypes of wanderers prone to lying, crime, theft, and a mysterious bunch of fortune tellers baby sellers and magic worshippers that chose to live outside the normal boundaries of society.


\clip\98\17\gypsy.txt European gypsies want official recognition as
'national minority' Copyright  1998 Nando Media Copyright  1998 AFP
WARSAW (November 18, 1998 5:04 p.m. EST -
European gypsy groups made the decision Wednesday at the end of their
two-day conference to strive for official recognition as a national
minority in all European countries, the PAP agency here reported.


[Leo Lucassen  writes:]
Those interested in Suchil Jain 'Gypsy affairs' should read the recent book
'The Gypsy and the State. The ethnic Cleansing of British Society'
by Derek Hawes and Barbara Perez, the Policy press, second edition 1996.
Especially chapter 9 on European implications. It offers by far the most
comprehensive analysis of British policy towards gypsies in the last
30 years.


pch@WORLD.STD.COM asks:
One place to begin is with a remarkable WWW site titled Hakka
Chinese Away From Home Page: . 
I am interested in sources on the Hakka people who are described in some
sources on China as the guest people or the Gypsies of China. Could anyone
suggest sources on Hakka immigrants in the USA, Canada or other countries,
and if they were or still are a distinct ethnic minority in Chinese
communities. It may be obvious I am not an expert on Asian history, so any
basic suggestions will be helpful.
Peter Holloran
Northeastern University


Gypsies are stereotyped as prone to crime. In Disney's Hunchback of
Notre Dame, the Gypsies ARE the beggars and thieves of Paris. In the
original 1939 version, they are two entirely separate groups of

Berke Breathed in Bloom County once had a character threaten to "sell
him to the Gypsies".

Immigration board decision set aside; crimes are petty They steal for
a living but a court has ruled Polish gypsies can make a refugee
claim to stay in Canada By Marina Jimenez The National Post, November
2, 1998 A family of Polish gypsies who steal for a living can still
make a refugee claim in Canada because the crimes are petty -- and
not serious, extraditable ones, a federal judge has ruled.

\priv\96b\06\disney.txt (Matthew Pearce): In the
novel (told in a very round about way) Gypsies stole a woman's child
& left Quasimodo in her place.  Neighbors took away Quasimodo to keep
the woman sane.

\priv\96b\05\gypspok.txt Statesline - NEWS Page 10A - November 6,
1991 City faces lawsuit in battle with Gypsies By Deeann Glamser, USA
TODAY SPOKANE, Wash. Tons of cash and jewelry siezed from the home of
a gypsy, some people claimed that jewelry was their, but the raid was

\priv\96B\03\GYPSY.HTM New York Times June 21, 1996 A Gypsy Suspect
With Many Names "Gypsies don't get steady jobs," she said. "But they
are good people.  they don't kill people. He's a nice boy, a good
boy. He didn't do those things." A Gypsy who has multiple identities
is a suspect in a murder case. They live outside the world of the
mainstream ""Gypsies have totally destroyed the system of numbers
that dominate the lives of the rest of us," said Peter Maas, who
wrote "King of the Gypsies" (Viking, 1975) about the Gypsy clan that
Stevens belongs to, the Bimbos. "

\doc\web\index\timegyp.txt Time Feb. 19, 1990: A People Cursed With
Magic Review By Richard Corliss TIME OF THE GYPSIES Directed by Emir
Kusturica Screenplay by Gordan Mihic and Emir Kusturica.  "the movie
does take time for side trips from Yugoslavia to Italy, to show young
Gypsies stealing and pimping at their bosses' stern whims" "neither
romanticizes nor flinches from the popular image of Gypsies as a
primitive, stealthy people. But he also sees them as a Third World
nation of wanderers, displaced and dispossessed in the midst of
European bounty"

\priv\96b\05\lanepast.txt Time 6/25/90 Lanes Into the Past Scenes for
E. Europe include a gypsy wagon and a gypsy violinist.  A TIME
correspondent's guide to Eastern Europe: Don't expect nouvelle cuisine

Timme 5/15/96 "one of those gypsy scholars who move from country to

Time 11/6/89 "Morris demolishes the stereotype of Nixon as
disembodied political gypsy."

Time world factbook - Czech Republic 0.3%, Bulgaria 2.6%, Hungary 4%,
Romania less than 1%, Slovakia 1.5%

American Jewish Committee poll found the gypsies were the least 
popular of a wide range of US ethnic groups.

\priv\96b\05\wandfant.txt "Wanderer Fantasy" Scott L. Malcomson. The
New Republic May 27, 1996 p. 37 Review of "Bury Me Standing: The
Gypsies and Their Journey by Isabel Fonseca" The gypsies aren't all
liars, thieves and crooked fortune tellers. But its in their history
they're the most unwelcome of groups in Europe. They are compared to
the Jews, but no Gypsy was ever accused of being an over-achiever.
Comment - Geez, what did these guys do to deserve this sort of
reputation? Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame may bring up more
interest in these folks.  Ironically, stats in the Seattle School
District which breaks these guys out show them to be no different or
slightly better than whites in general in everything. F052596



Nea Kios, Greece-----------------------------5/31/2000
  "Greek Town Says Gypsies Aren't Wanted"
  ..."Gypsies simply are not wanted in town  and an official
document from town hall says so."...
  ..."Gypsies claim that those who dare a foray into the main
square risk being beaten and having their vehicles smashed
by angry mobs."....
  ...."We state that we do not desire the presence, passage
and residence of Gypsies in our municipality until the situation
is resolved," says the ruling, which also contains thinly veiled
threats to any residents who decide to sell more land to
Gypsies and shopkeepers who continue to serve them."

z41\clip\2000\05\gypsy.txt The Gypsies of Slovakia: Despised and
Despairing By STEVEN ERLANGER NYT, 0.4.3 In the 11 years since
Communism crumbled in 1989, Slovakia has struggled with privatization
and restructuring, closing many factories that showed no profits and
had too many workers. A system where work was compulsory but at least
put bread on the table has been replaced by one where open
discrimination keeps Gypsies from being hired.

"Gypsies face new persecution in Eastern Europe" ST Ap 5, 1998 p. a15
George Jan AP Macedonian police chased, knocked down kicked and
clubbed the 41 year pld mother of 3 and left her dead on the streets
for selling biscuits without a license, but true reason may be that
she is a gypsy Stereotype: violinists, seductresses, shiftless
thieves.  UN calls them Roma. 10 million today, 500,000 killed by
Nazis Many say Roma are lazy. Most qualified for menial jobs and
might make more from unemployment and welfare


Gypsies rank at the top or just below whites in every category of
merit or problems in Seattle 1994 Data Profile.  Yet they are
included under special disadvantaged programs.  In Europe, statistics
are even farther below average than African Americans here.

%%Affirmative Action

Romania to introduce more places in schools for Gypsies Score: 88; AP
Online; ; 04-18-1998 BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) _ Shunned as society's
outcasts, Gypsies will be given more places in schools and higher
education, Romania' s education minister says.  "Andrei Marga said he
would introduce ``a mechanism of positive discrimination favoring
Roma in state education institutions,'' the Mediafax private news
agency reported Saturday. " 


Black pupils 'achieving more'
Ministers say the results of under-achieving groups are
"But Roma Gypsy and traveller children of Irish heritage still perform
below the national [UK] average at all key stages and GCSE level.

London Times March 11,1999
\clip\99\09\gcserace.txt Gypsy children, who were included in the
survey at the request of the Department for Education and Employment,
registered by far the lowest results. Many opted out of education at
an early age and, in half of the schools surveyed, no member of the
group had sat a GCSE examination. 

\clip\99\09\brittest.txt Young, gifted, black - and a living reproach
to our racist school system (UK) Independent; Judith Judd Education
Editor; 03-11-1999 A report by school inspectors published today
suggests that racial stereotyping and low expectations among teachers
are to blame for the poor exam performance of Black Caribbeans,
Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Gypsy Traveller children.  (no
statistics provided)

\clip\99\09\gcserace.txt The Times of London March 11 1999 John
O'Leary and Hannah Betts on a claim of institutional prejudice
Analysis by Arthur Hu
UK Office for Standards in Education
Ranked by GCSE
Group         Hi GCSE ExcludedHigh Ed Pop     Ed rate
Chinese            61%       5     2.0     0.7    2.86
Indian             54%      22     4.0     1.5    2.67
White              47%      28    89.8    94.5    0.95
Bangladeshi        33%       9     0.6     0.6    1.00
Carib Black        29%     160     1.0     0.9    1.11
Pakistani          29%      35     2.2     0.9    2.44
Gypsy             "lowest"


\clip\99\09\gypsch.txt School Targets Gypsy Pupils
Education: Gandhi School in Hungary accepts only Roma children. Its
goal is to help get them into college and then launch them into the
professional classes.  By ALEX BANDY, ASSOCIATED PRESS Los Angeles
Times Sunday July 5, 1998 Bulldog Edition Part A, Page 10 
" Roma, who account for about 5% of Hungary's 10 million people, are
on the lowest rungs of the economic ladder and have less than 200
young people in the country's colleges.  "

Gypsies face new persecution in Eastern Europe ST Ap 5, 1998 p. a15
George Jan AP : Many Gypsy parents, uneducated themselves, discourage
their children from attending school. Roma in Hungary are born 5 lbs,
2 less than avg.  At school age they are 28 x more likelyt to be sent
to schools for retarded, 30 x more likely to drop out, 14 x repeat
grade according to researchers in Slovakia

\clip\96\05\gypstud.txt Seattle Times July 21, 1994 Headline: PARENTS
PROGRAMS, THEY CLAIM. Gypsies have special programs in Seattle

0.00 means there were none in the category
1.00 means parity, -2.00 is twice as bad, 2.00 2x better

Seattle Read<25  W1.00 B-4.65  A-5.68 G 0.00
Seattle Math<25  W1.00 B-1.92  A 1.28 G 0.00
Seattle ExpulsionW1.00 B-3.89  A 1.00 G 0.00
Seattle GPA      W1.00 B-1.36  A 1.02 G 1.09
Free/R Lunch     W1.00 B-3.00  A-2.69 G 1.08
Not 2 Parents    W1.00 B-2.07  A 1.12 G-1.09

\doc\95\05\seadata.wk1 - Disproportionality in Seattle Schools 1994
Data profile shows that in almost every category, the Gypsies are
closer to whites than any other ethnic group broken out, and in some
case rival the best Asian groups.

GPA             Index
Japanese  3.07  1.09
Gypsy     3.07  1.09
Asian     2.88  1.02
White     2.80  1.00
Black     2.05

Rank by Math under 25th Pct, High School                
             pct    Index     
Gypsy        0.0%   0.00      
Japanese     1.0%  22.80      
Asian       17.8%   1.28      
White       22.8%   1.00 
Black       43.8%  -1.92  

    Reading Under 25th Percentile
    Un 25 pct   Index
Gypsy       0.0%    0.00 
White       7.5%    1.00 
Japanese    9.2%    -1.23 
Black       34.9%   -4.65 
Asian       42.6%   -5.68 

Ranked by Expulsions                
        Percent Index   Seq
Japanese        0.0%    0.00    14
Gypsy           0.0%    0.00    21
Asian           0.9%    1.00    20
White           0.9%    1.00    22
Black           3.5%    -3.89   5

Rank by Free/Reduced Lunch      
All grades      
        Lunch       Index
Japanese    8.1%    2.42 
Gypsy       18.2%   1.08 
White       19.6%   -1.00 
Asian       52.7%   -2.69 
Black       58.8%   -3.00 

Rank by not 2 parents               
All grades          
    2 Parent    Index   Seq
Japanese19.0%   1.76    14
Asian   29.7%   1.12    20
White   33.4%   -1.00   22
Gypsy   36.4%   -1.09   21
Black   69.0%   -2.07   5


z68\doc\web\2003\07\gypdrea.txt ALEXANDRA POOLOS: Gypsy Dreams, Gypsy
Wall Street Journal July 10, 2003
"Much discussion has been going on lately over what to do with the
Gypsies, Europe's largest minority, when the European Union expands
less than a year from now. At that point, Eastern Europe's seven
million Gypsies, also known as Roma, will officially become EU
citizens with the right to work and travel freely across the
They have the highest unemployment rate
anywhere in Europe. Infant mortality is double the national norms, and
poverty up to 10 times the average. Gypsies are consistently shuttled
into schools for the mentally retarded.
..most important question of all: Do Gypsies want to belong? They
don't have a homeland, a unified language or a religion in common. In
Europe alone, there are over 50 different dialects of Romany,
Gypsies today believe that associating with gadje
(white people) makes one unclean. Those who step outside the mold and
participate in gadje institutions, like higher education or mainstream
employment, are considered Roma traitors, ostracized and abandoned.
Just as Europeans have to learn to accept their Gypsy neighbors, it
will be up to the Gypsies themselves to decide whether they want to be

God Help the Gypsies - chapter p. 114 Stephen Rubellow "The Art of 
The Hunchback of Notre Dame" Hyperion, New York 1996 p. 155 Hugo's book
repeats rumours that the Gypsies "stole children, cut purses, and ate
human flesh" and were "excommunicants from Egypt". They may have
originated from the plains of Northern India. The "women were ugly"
and "the poorest creatures ever seen coming to France.
The gypsies claimed to be Christians of lower Egypt that were
vanquished and commanded by the pope to "roam the earth for seven
years". In medieval times, nomadic "Tsiganes" paid no church tithes
or any allegience to kings or national boundaries.

French mobs drove the Gypsies out of France and Spain. Loiuis XII in 1504
ordered hangin any Gypsy who refused to leave. In 1561, they put a 
price on the head of Gypsies. In 1675, France declared "extermination
by fire or sword" (sheesh, that's rough...)

Over the years, the Gypsies were displaced from deserts and
wastelands, and arrived as refugees. They were perceived as refugees,
sorcerers, thievs and a threat to Christians. They were met with
violence and persecution. The article ends "the Gypsies have never
stopped roaming"

See my gypsy notes page at

\priv\96b\07\clingyp.txt Date: Sun, 7 Jul 1996 15:33:55 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Mrs. Clinton Tells Gypsies Not to
Give Up By RON FOURNIER Associated Press Writer Gypsies, who first
arrived in Hungary in the 13th century, are the largest minority in
the nation. An estimated 500,000 Roma and Sinti, as Gypsies prefer to
be called, live in Hungary.


z47\clip\2001\dnafrom.txt Cover Story 1/29/01 USNWR Where We Come
From Recent advances in genetics are starting to illuminate the
wanderings of early humans Blood types were used to prove that the
Romany, or Gypsies, were correct when they claimed they originally
came from the Indian subcontinent, not Europe.


\clip\96\05\gypholo.txt Seattle Times June 26, 1994 p. A20 Headline:
estimates for all of Europe range from 200,000 to 500,000 dead. In
Poland, an estimated 70 percent of the Gypsies died.

\clip\96\05\gypkill.txt Seattle Times April 7, 1994 p. A5 Caption:


\doc\96\07\gypsyvan.txt Gypsy not allowed to live in
caravan on her own property



Romas have been seeking to immigrate into canada as refugees because
of ethnic persecution.

\clip\99\03\immnew01.txt Canada Refuses To Grant Refugee Status to
Hungarian Romas (MTI)The Romas sought refugee status last January,
saying they were persecuted in Hungary because of their ethnicity.


\priv\96b\05\racemat.txt >Matt Nuenke  wrote:
>>That still is irrelevant. IQ is not based on race but on
identifiable >>groups. White Jews have an IQ or 115, white Gypsies
have and IQ or 85, >>and the average white has an IQ of 100.
Cavalli-Sforza uses 42 racial groups (Joan Shields)
responded also.


Seattle School District appears to have the only known count of
Gypsies at about 0.1% of the district, or 0.2% of the white

Seattle School District 1994 Data Profile
Students district-wide all regular and alternative schools
             1987         1990           1994
Total      43,970 100.0%  43,890 100.0% 45,657 100.0%
White      20,825  47.4%  19,030  43.4% 18,955  41.5% 
Gypsy          26   0.1%      55   0.1%    22    0.0%
All White  20,851  47.4%  19,085  43.5% 18,977  41.5%


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@@Irish Traveler

What Is an Irish Traveler?
By Brendan I. Koerner
September 24, 2002
Madelyne Toogood, the woman accused of beating her 4-year-old daughter
in an Indiana parking lot, is an "Irish Traveler." What's an Irish
Traveler?  Irish Travelers, also known as "White Gypsies," are members
of a nomadic ethnic group of uncertain origin.  70 percent of Irish
citizens wouldn't accept a Traveler as a friend. .. ... making
it easier for police to shut down encampments, has been criticized by
Travelers as an attempt to destroy their culture.

Arrest bares Irish Travelers' secrets
Tight-lipped clan keeps to the road of long tradition
By Lynne Duke, Washington Post, 10/27/2001
A21 Boston Globe on 10/27/2001
She left school in the eighth grade, like most Traveler girls, and
entered into an arranged marriage at 17. Her husband took to the road
doing home improvement jobs and others work, as Traveler men have done
for generations...  Some have a reputation, backed by arrests and
convictions, as relentless con artists. They move around, running
home-improvement swindles.


There is a bit of controvery over what to call the Gypsies, as they
are popularly (or unpopularly) known. Gypsy is a corruption of
Egyptian which is where they were thought to have been from, but
they're not from there, and it's full of nasty connotations. They
prefer to be called Roma.

Ron Lee You can call us roma, or


z47\clip\2000\12\norwgyp.txt 8.
Desember 2000 Official apology to the Romani people "The government
has extended it apologies to Romanies and Gypsies for Norway's past
integration policy ...Many children were taken from their parents and
placed in boarding schools, while many women were sterilized.  "


The name "Gypsy" means egyptian, where they were thought to have come from, but most believe they are from India. "Roma people may be descendants of an ancient warrior class, linguists say" Jonathan Hutson American News Service Seattle Times Ap 5 1998 p. a15. \clip\98\08\roma.tif Dr Ian Hancock of the University of Texas, of Romani descent, says they were from the Rajputs, Indian military force created from many groups. Romani terms are military in origin - prisoner, civilian, surrendered. Roma diaspora began 1000 year ago as Rajputs were fighting muslims. Groups were based on castes from the sun or moon symbols used by some gypsys
@@Organizations Gypsy Lore Society GLS Home Page Gypsy Links Founded in 1888, the Journal of the Gypsy Lore Society published in four series up to 1982. Now edited and published in the US, the Journal features articles on the cultures of groups traditionally known as Gypsies as well as traveler and peripatetic groups.


From "What Do Americans Think About the Jews" Tom W. Smith Commissioned by American Jewish Committee NORC survey of attitudes about ethnic, racial and religious groups. Table 1. Gypsies lowest of 2 pages worth of groups, below Cubans, Iranians, and refugees. Table 4. Standings 1964 vs. 1969 Gypsies at bottom in both years, Japanese and Chinese improved.


Gypsies face new persecution in Eastern Europe ST Ap 5, 1998 p. a15 George Jan AP Their numbers are 10 million today. 500,000 were killed by Nazis


\clip\98\10\romaday.txt Release Date: July 30, 1998 New York Moves to Recognize Gypsy Population By THE AMERICAN NEWS SERVICE NEW YORK (ANS) -- The New York City Council voted this week (July 28) to recognize Aug. 3 as Romani Awareness Day, the first time a legislative body in the United States has formally commemorated the date on which the Romani people, commonly known as Gypsies, mark their persecution during World War II.

@@Selling Children

An old stereotype is that Gypsies will sell your children. Well, that's completely outrageous, the only articles I've found say they only sell their own children to others. z28\images\98\05\11\gypsy.tif Girl returned to mother who allegedly sold her The Seattle Times May 10, 1998 p. A5 Arthur Rotstein Associated Press Tuscon Ariz. 14 year old Gypsy girl told police in Fresno she was sold for $11,000 to a family in Arizona, but was returned for a partial refund because she had a miscarriage, resold again for $5,000. "We do know they sold her as per tradition of their culture" said a police spokesman. Selling children in Az is OK as long as it is not for slavery, sex, or servitude, it's not in California, but they could not determine if there was a crime. the girl's grandmother was quoted "it's a Gypsy custom" but it's not right. GYPSIES DO SELL THEIR CHILDREN, EVEN IN THE USA \clip\98\08\gypsy.txt Sunday, May 10, 1998 Seattle Times Girl returned to mother who allegedly sold her by Arthur H. Rotstein The Associated Press [A 14-yr old claims to have been sold for $11,000, then given back for a partial refund after having a miscarriage, then being sold again for $5,000. Police in Arizona found no violation of law since selling children is not illegal there, and those in California were it is a crime could not find any evidence. Grandmother confirms custom but does not agree with it.]


\clip\96\05\gypsy1.txt The Seattle Times - 1995 - Article with Citation GYPSIES TRYING TO CHANGE STEREOTYPED IMAGE SOME PRACTICE THEIR ANCIENT CULTURE SECRETLY Date: February 19, 1995
@@Survey EU LOOKS DIMLY AT MISTREAMENT OF ROMA z63\clip\2003\01\roma1.txt,7369,870469,00.html Guardian Unlimited Shame of a continent They are the forgotten people, persecuted throughout history, murdered in their hundreds of thousands by the Nazis, seen as second-class citizens in much of eastern Europe. And soon the countries that treat them worst will be our EU partners. Gary Younge investigates the plight of the Roma Wednesday January 8, 2003 The Guardian A survey of Hungarian police officers revealed that 54% believe criminality to be a key element of the Roma identity, and all but 4% of those believed it to be genetic... The infamous concrete wall built in the Czech town of Ustinad Labem in the Czech Republic, with the help of an 80-strong police escort, to separate Roma from their "white" neighbours; the expulsion of Roma families from their homes in Zamoly, Hungary, by the local council; GYPSIES SPREAD ACROSS EUROPE NOT COMPLETELY WELCOME Gypsies flood Europes cities Seattle Times 10/25/2002 A20 Reuters Dina Kyriakidou 1.5 million roma have left romania in 90s, 100-200,000 since visas loosened. France was most desirable destination, but have since scattered. Roma elite flaunt wealth, matchmaking of brides at 10. z60\clipim\2002\10\27\roma.efx z49\clip\2001\05\gypsy.txt Europe s spectral nation May 10th 2001 PRAGUE, MARCHEVO, KOSICE AND BUDAPEST From The Economist print edition Europe s attitudes to Gypsies are both ignorant and prejudiced. Time to do better AT LEAST 6m Gypsies, or Roma, live in Europe, most of them in former communist countries or scattered around the Mediterranean. They are at the bottom of every socio-economic indicator: the poorest, the most unemployed, the least educated, the shortest-lived, the most welfare-dependent, the most imprisoned, and yes, the most segregated. In one indicator, they lead: they have the most children. In sum, they are a spectral third-world nation in Europe. z46\clipim\2000\11\25\gypsy.efx The Gypsies: A People Forgotten Ian Hancock The US has between .5 to 1 million gypsies. They are the only minority for which special police surveillance squads have been organized. Gypsies in Hungary are said to have life expectancies 15 years less than average. The Humanist Sept / Oct 1985 @@Traveller, Irish Another marginalized european ethnic group often compared to Gypsies z48\doc\web\2001\03\irtrav.txt The Irish Traveller Movement (ITM) is an organization devoted to improving the lot of Irish Travellers. Here's what their web site says about the Irish Travellers: "Travellers are an indigenous minority who, historical sources confirm, have been part of Irish society for centuries. Travellers long shared history, cultural values, language, customs and traditions make them a self-defined group, and one which is recognisable and distinct. Their culture and way of life, of which nomadism is an important factor, distinguishes them from the sedentary (settled) population. There are an estimated 25,000 Travellers in Ireland, making up more than 4,485 Traveller families. This constitutes approximately 0.5% of the total national population. It is estimated that an additional 15,000 Irish Travellers live in Britain, with a further 10,000 Travellers of Irish descent living in the United States of America.
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