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Video Game hints

Rebel Assault 1 - joystick f click, b click l click r click, #keys get to level
\priv\96\04\racheat.txt rebel assault II pass codes
\priv\95\08\myst.* walk through
\priv\95\07\doom.txt - doom cheat codes
\priv\95\05\journey.txt - cheat for journeyman's project

@@Bomberman 64

Game FAQs, good text strategy

cheat codes


From:             "Dave Hu" 
You can get a 32 bit Windows emulator that can run the original
software for lots of arcade games. I got these URL's from
the Mercury News....

MAME32 Emulator =>

ROM Images => http://www.davesclassics.com

DirectX => http://www.microsoft.com/directx/download.asp

You're supposed to have a copy of the game if you want to keep it
otherwise you can play around with it for a day and then erase it.
I tinkered with a couple of them (Donkey Kong, Star Wars, Star Trek) with
mixed success, but it's pretty cool seeing them again on your own PC.

@@Nintendo 64

Codes and Strategy guides

%%Super Mario64

Frames level-by-level guide

printable .pdf acrobat file

text guide



@@Putt Putt


F7 should do it. This will make the screen size larger and has nothing to do
with the resolution.

			Fast-forward through the current cutscene.
		Same as the  key, but skips only the current
character's line -- not the entire scene.
			Displays on-line documentation.
			Brings up the sound card configuration box.
			Toggles the game between running full-screen or in a
			Increases the size of the game display if your screen
resolution is 1280x1024 or higher.  If the game display has
already been expanded,  will toggle the display
size back to normal.
Please quote the previous text of all messages when responding.
Thank you,
Support Technician

@@Space Quest

Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers
Walk Through