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I a free-market environmentalist who believes that alarmists have gone off the deep end with recycling, negative population growth, zero tolerance standards, and global warming with no evidence of it ever happening. There is plenty of room for growth as long as people come up with new ways of sustaining growth and no need for draconian birth control measures like China, or using environmentalism as the foundation for opposing immigration as the environment has gotten better, not worse with development and population. The equation that impact equal population times a constant ignores that technology means that human impact is NOT a constant when a band of Indians would literally overpopulation half the state of Kansas, while million can live quite well on the island of Manhattan in a integrated economy.

We are not running out of food, water, land, and China will not bring on a world food crisis. The solution to overpopulation is more, not less technology and prosperity. The poor are starving because they are poor, not because the rich are consuming what is rightfully theirs. It is nuts to say that the overpopulation problem isn't underdeveloped nations that are starving, but developed nations that are pumping CO2 into the atmosphere.

Arthur Hu 7/1/97


Some good places to start

from JSOOD@aol.com Here are a few websites dedicated to fighting
environmental scares and other kinds of junk science. They contain
information on what the real research shows, the politics of global
warming, and many other science topics.



Conventional PC wisdom is that primitive man was in harmony with his environment. Others see that early man caused just as much extinction as was even more prone to genocide than modern technological man. NATIVE AMERICANS ARRIVE DURING NORTH AM EXTINCTIONS AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINES INNOCENT OR GUILTY OF GENOCIDE, EXTINCTIONS? http://www.arthurhu.com/99/06/ausenv.txt From: SteveSlr@aol.com Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 15:59:06 EDT To: h-bd@egroups.com steve sailer: Next door is the George C. Page museum, which displays an extraordinary range of Ice Age mega-fauna skeletons dugs up from the Tarpits: elephants, camels, horses, sabre-toothed tigers, etc. According to the timeline on the wall of the museum, they all went extinct almost exactly when the first Indians showed up. But, of course, that might have just been a coincidence, the Museum reassures us -- maybe they went extinct because of, uh, climate change. PETER MACKAY Campbell Australia: More species were driven to extinction under the custodianship of the original inhabitants of this land than have vanished since the arrival of Europeans. The same can be said of New Zealand, where Europeans have exterminated seven species, compared to the Maori’s 34. The Aborigines were so destructive they altered the entire climate of this continent, driving entire ecosystems into oblivion... were constantly at war with each other, and the only reason that they didn't commit genocide on the Tasmanian Aborigines who had once occupied the entire continent is that their Stone Age technology did not allow them to cross Bass Strait to get at the survivors.


GREEN IS BIG BUSINESS \priv\96\16\greeelit.txt Mar 17, 1996 Title: Green Establishment thriving in Washington Washington's "Green Elite" Prepares for More Environmental Battles By Bonner R. Cohen ) Earth Times News Service Just to cite a few examples, revenues for the Environmental Defense Fund were 22.3 million (1993); National Wildlife Federation, $101.3 million (1994); Natural Resources Defense Fund $26.3 million, the Nature Conservancy, $307.5 million (1994); Sierra Club, $43 million (1994); Wilderness Society, $15.7 million (1994); and Greenpeace, $37.8 million (1993) Leaders are paid over $200,000 a year.

@@Air pollution

DIRTY STUFF DOWN, CO2 AND METHANE UP Technology Review July 1997 "Trends: World History on Ice" by Steve Nadis http://web.mit.edu/afs/athena/org/t/techreview/www/articles/july97/nadis.html \clip\97\16\greenlan.txt "Concentrations of key pollutants (including lead) reaching Greenland have actually declined since the passage of the U.S. Clean Air Act in 1970 and the subsequent clamp-down on emissions. Still, over the 100,000-plus years these ice cores span, levels of carbon dioxide and methane, both greenhouse gases, have never been higher than they are today, says Martin Wahlen, a physicist at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, and the magnitude of this human-induced change is truly remarkable. With respect to carbon dioxide and methane concentrations, he says, "humanity has brought about a change of roughly the same magnitude as that which naturally occurs between glacial and interglacial periods." Whereas this natural shift took place over the course of tens of thousands of years, however, the human-induced change occurred within only the past few centuries." corppoll.txt San Jose Mercury News DATE: Wednesday, July 27, 1994 PAGE: 7D AREA FIRMS CUT BACK*POLLUTION* AS MANUFACTURERS REDUCE TOXIC EMISSIONS, MAKING GAINS GETS HARDER, STUDY SAYS. Silicon Valley's largest manufacturers have gone from producing almost 75 percent of reported*pollution*in the county to 22 percent from 1987 to 1993, according to a study released Tuesday by the Santa Clara County Manufacturers Group. from 1992 to 1993, the companies reduced*pollution*by 14 percent \priv\95\17\urbpoll.txt San Jose Mercury News September 20, 1994 PAGE: 4F WORLD'S URBAN POPULATION SOARING HAZARDS: WORLD BANK WARNS OF HEALTH CRISIS IF THE GROWTH OF CITIES IS UNCHECKED. \priv\95\17\asiaair.txt ASIAN PROGRESS: THIRD WORLD TO WORST OF WORLDS SJM March 6, 1994 p. 25A In Jakarta, *pollution*has already reached the point where commuters waiting for buses cover their mouths and noses with washcloths or newspapers. \priv\95\17\toxicdn.txt FEWER TOXICS RELEASED INTO ENVIRONMENT SJM April 19, 1994 p. 8A - 58 percent went into the*air,*the report said. *Air*release of toxics was down 9.4 percent from 1991, largely because of declines in the release of solvents, ammonia and chlorine, the report said. d:\priv\95\17\bettair.txt S.J. SKIES CLEARLY IMPROVE IN*AIR*QUALITY FROM '84-'93 SJM December 30, 1994 \priv\95\17\qualair.txt Quality of Air is Good Enough Federal Agency Expected to Give OK SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS December 5, 1994 \priv\95\17\badair.txt TOO MUCH HAIR SPRAY CAUSES A BAD*AIR*DAY SJM August 18, 1994 In the Bay Area, cars are the biggest contributor to smog, producing more than 170 tons of pollutants daily. Aerosol products such as hair spray produce about 27 tons, and lawn mowers and other gasoline-powered equipment contribute about 11 tons \priv\95\17\parkair.txt *AIR*STUDY FINDS GAINS IN WEST, LOSSES IN EAST SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS DATE: Saturday, May 28, 1994 A 10-year study of smog in national parks has found that*air*quality is improving in Western states but continuing to deteriorate in the East despite tougher laws aimed at halting*air*pollution.* \priv\95\17\millair.txt SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS April 30, 1994 STUDY SAYS MILLIONS LIVE WHERE*AIR*IS POLLUTED
@@Ammonia zip36\clip\99\17\ammon.txt SCIENCE-WEEK August 20, 1999 -- Vol. 3 Number 34 1. ON AMMONIA AND THE POPULATION EXPLOSION "The synthesis of ammonia from its elements, however, is critical: the world's population could not have grown from 1.6 billion in 1900 to the 6 billion of today without the Haber-Bosch process. " @@Animal Poop and methane will destroy the environment?? FARM ANIMALS IN US GENERATE 6X MANURE AS HUMANS z63\clip\2002\12\feedlot.txt Seattle Times Tuesday, December 17, 2002 The big beef: Why feedlots are a concern By Mike Swift The Hartford Courant Beef, dairy, swine and poultry operations generate nearly 300 billion pounds of manure in the United States a year, roughly six times the waste generated by humans. [that's a lot of pickup trucks...] 20% OF GREENHOUSE METHANE PRODUCED BY BARNYARD ANIMALS. z68\clip\2003\06\bovine.txt Bovine belching beefing up greenhouse-gas emissions Gary Polakovic Los Angeles Times (Seattle Times 6/2/2003) Cattle account for about 20% of methane pollutants, about 100 million tons annually. 1.3B in the world, double 30 yrs ago, also 1.1B sheep and goats. In the US, there are 2 animals for every 5 people. EPA estimate 25% of nation's methane from livestock. Methane accounts for 20% of planetary warming. Feed investigated for lowering emissions. @@Animal Cruelty %%China zip37\clip\99\18\chinpark.txt Seattle Times Aug 28, 1999 China's animal parks are beastly and brutal Frank Lanfitt Baltimore Sun Shenzen China: $2 to toss baby ducks to the crocodiles, hunt tethered bunnies with arrows, $180 to watch big cats tear a calf apart zip37\clipim\99\09\13\chinpark.tif http://walden.mo.net/~usher/chendu.htm Animal Abuse at a Chinese Theme Park As published in Mainstream Magazine E-published with the kind permission of the Animal Protective Institute By Keith Lyons zip37\clipim\99\09\13\anpark.htm


\priv\95\17\antienv.txt - "ignorance is strength" how conservative politicians and corporations discourage research into the environment.


%%cost CAR TRANSPORTATION MOSTLY PAID BY PRIVATE CITIZENS "Study: Use fees could ease gridlock" Seattle Times Aug 17, 1998 p. b1 Peyton Whitely. 25% of Puget Sound region's personal income to transportation. Mostly paid by private citizens, only 8% by government, 29% private business. Puget Sound Regional Council. Of $21 billion, 10.4 goes to private vehicles, 1.5 to operating them, parking 1, accidents 1.1. %%electric \priv\95\05\eleccar.txt - lead battery cars may be an environmental hazard. %%fuel TODAYS BIG CARS MORE EFFICIENT THAN OLD SMALL CARS Car and Driver Dec 1998 The Survivor. Compare today's largest Chrysler car Concorde with smallest of 1978, Horizon. Concorde is 4 feet longer, weighs 1000 lb more, 27% more people space, 90% more trunk, 0-60 3.1 seconds quicker than 4 sp manual 4cyl with auto v6, gets 2 mpg more on epa combined, 28.2 vs 26.2

@@Birth control

Environmentalists often justify radical sterilization steps to reduce population. \clip\96\04\chinbcon.txt Date: Fri, 6 Sep 1996 22:47:56 -0400 Birth-Control Policy Isn't Political Persecution, Court Says By BOB EGELKO Associated Press Writer "authorities ordered an abortion, and destroyed their home when the couple instead fled to another village, the court said. When they returned, all three children, including the newborn son, were barred from attending school, and Chen was ordered sterilized because Sun was too ill for surgery."
@@Bus MOST DIESEL BUSES ARE ACTUALLY DIRTIER THAN CARS "Bus-ted: Think you're being clean by taking Metro? Maybe you should drive an SUV instead" Mark D Fefer Seattle Weekly May 28, 2003 http://www.seattleweekly.com/features/0322/diversions-bus.php According to numbers from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Union of Concerned Scientists (an environmental advocacy group based in Cambridge, Mass.), a modern diesel transit bus puts out over half a ton of smog-creating chemicals every year. Mile for mile, the bus pollutes nearly 60 times more than a new passenger car like a Ford Taurus or a Nissan Sentra. Even if all 32 passengers on the MAN bus got out and drove 32 new Ford Explorers around the clock all year, they still wouldn't come close to polluting that much. (the equivalent of 135 Ford Explorers) @@carbon emissions CHINA EXCEEDS US http://www.opinionasia.org/TheClimateDebateatheG8 Waiting for a Miracle: The climate debate at the G8 Siddharth Srivastava | 03 Jul 2008 ...India’s contribution is far below the major emitters, the US and China. The federal government has been quoting global carbon emission figures over the last century, in which US leads, followed by the EU and China. India accounts for only 2 % of the total emissions. .. in the next 50 years, 70 % of emissions are projected from emerging and developing economies. Experts at the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency said that China's carbon emissions are soaring past US’, having risen by 8 % in 2007, a figure that accounted for two-third of the year's total increase in global carbon dioxide emissions. http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2007/jun/19/china.usnews China overtakes US as world's biggest CO2 emitterJohn Vidal and David Adam guardian.co.uk, Tuesday June 19 2007 according to the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, soaring demand for coal to generate electricity and a surge in cement production have helped to push China's recorded emissions for 2006 beyond those from the US already. It says China produced 6,200m tonnes of CO2 last year, compared with 5,800m tonnes from the US. Britain produced about 600m tonnes. Per head of population, China's pollution remains relatively low - about a quarter of that in the US and half that of the UK.

@@Carrying capacity

\doc\95\14\globcap.txt - global resources per capita matters (?) \priv\95\10\ehrlich.txt - definition of Ehrlich's carrying capacity


\doc\web\99\01\chemhunt.txt Dec 7, 1998 An Uncivil Axing of Reality by Michael Fumento "A Civil Action," is based on Jonathan Harr's book of the same title which has been on the New York Times best-seller list for over two years. It tells of attorney Jan Schlichtmann and his small law firm "seeking justice" for eight Woburn, Mass. families who lost members seven children and one adult--to leukemia. After an expensive and inconclusive trial in 1986, Grace settled for $8 million. DDT, Red Dye #2, Love Canal, Cell Phone scares January 1998 Talking Points on the Economy, Environment #35 and #36, published by The National Center for Public Policy Research \priv\96\20\golfchem.txt Return-Path: Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 City Has Doused Its Parks and Golf Courses With Chemicals SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- San Francisco has doused its city parks and golf courses with thousands of pounds of powerful pesticides in the last decade, according to a report in Sunday's San Francisco Examiner. Claims people who work there have unusual diseases. \doc\96\03\stolfutr.txt Review of OUR STOLEN FUTURE warns of hazards of chemicals. @@City z45\clipim\2000\09\01\city\city.htm http://www.city-journal.org/html/10_1_how_cities.html How cities green the planet City Journal. City concentrates development in small area, frees up open spaces elsewhere.


Traffic: Deal with it Seattle Times Sept 22, 2002 Poll of 500 residents by Elway Research: average commute 14 miles from to home 33% 30% 0-15 min 34% 32% 16-30 min 26% 27% 31-60 min 6% 10% 1 hr / more Median looks like about 20 min. 75% drive alone 9% bus 10% car or van pool MOST BIG CITY COMMUTES CLOSE TO 1/2 HOUR F100796-4 "Car-pooling is down, driving is up, study says" Seattle Times Aug 16, 1996 p. A5 Study: Eno Transportion Foundation Longest commute Times 31 New York City 30 Washington DC 28 Los Angeles Shortest 19 Buffalo 44% of commutes within suburbs 12% are city to suburb commutes 50% of commutes in suburbs 41% of jobs in suburbs Car Pools 13%/1990 20%/1980 Pub Trans 5% 6% Walk 4% 6% DriveAlone 73% 64% \priv\96\04\sfcomm.txt - SF Bay and LA average 24 min commute \doc\95\06\mscommu.txt Microsoft Seattle area commuting survey: On Corporate Campus Drove alone 77 Carpool 13 Bus/Transit 3 Bicycle 2 Walk 3 Telecommute 1 Other 1 Over half commute closer than 5 or 6 miles Microsoft Micronews May 19, 1995


Rocky Mountain Institute on saving (http://www.rmi.org/hebs/heb7/heb7.html) Saving Energy with your Computer Equipment - Computer: Turn off the computer when it will be idle for two hours or more, or at least overnight. A typical computer will cost appx. $105/year in electricity costs if left on all the time. Turning it off at night will reduce this cost to about $36/year. - Monitor: Turn off your monitor whenever it will be idle for 15 minutes or more. Win95: start / settings / display / screen saver / [x] low power standby 15 min - Printers: Printers with brief warm-up times (less than 1 minute) should be turned off when idle for 15 minutes or more. Printers with longer warm-up times should be turned off if idle for a minimum of 1 to 3 hours.


\doc\96\01\envitry.txt "Could try harder" Economist Oct 21, 1995 p. 32 f012396 US pollution abatement and control expenditure, 1987 $b has increased from 40b in 1972 to 80 billion in 1993 between business and government, according to the Bureau to Economic analysis


DDT BAN SAVES BIRDS, KILLS 3RD WORLD BABIES? http://www.nytimes.com/library/national/science/082999sci-pesticide-ddt.html zip36\clip\99\17\ddt.txt New York Times August 28, 1999 DDT, Target of Global Ban, Has Defenders in Malaria Experts By SHERYL GAY STOLBERG "Now the United Nations is drafting a treaty that may lead to a worldwide ban on DDT. ...drawing opposition from an unlikely quarter: public health professionals, who say DDT is necessary to stop the spread of malaria, a disease that kills as many as 2.7 million people each year, mostly children in undeveloped countries. " ENVIRONMENTAL DDT MAY NOT BE HARMFUL http://www.nytimes.com/library/national/science/080499sci-epa-pesticides.html zip36\clip\99\17\ddtstud.txt New York Times August 4, 1999 Study Inconclusive on Chemicals' Effects By GINA KOLATA "While high concentrations of such compounds, like the hormone diethylstilbesterol and the pesticide DDT, can be harmful to health, the panel wrote, "the extent of harm caused by exposure to these compounds in concentrations that are common in the environment is debated." "


1972 COMPUTER PREDICTIONS: "LIMITS TO GROWTH" ABSOLUTELY WRONG \clip\97\30\limits.txt AP 27-Dec-1997 11:07 EST REF5190 By CHARLES J. HANLEY AP Special Correspondent The future quietly laid out there one winter's day in 1972, by an international team of researchers, was just as frightening. Mankind was headed for a breakdown, an "uncontrollable decline" in population and production, unless it stopped breeding and consuming at such exponential rates, their book warned.

@@Developing nations

\priv\95\17\chinpoll.txt BOSTON GLOBE January 2, 1995 PAGE: 47 WITH CHINA'S 'MIRACLE'*POLLUTION*SURGESChina and Asia have increasing pollution ''In China, coal accounts for 76 percent of our energy supply,''

@@Ehrlich Paul and Ann "POPULATION BOMB"

Popular doomsday authors, but doomsday never came, and won't, but they keep on publishing and saying they've been right all along. Now they say THEY are the establishment, and the environmental moderates are the radicals. 1976: SIX BILLION TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE 1998: 6B BETTER FED THAN EVER From \doc\web\98\07\foodpop.wk1 Feeding the Planet National Geographic Oct 1998 T.R. Reid Paul Ehrlich 25 yrs ago when the population was 3.5 billion wrote that it was the limit, in 1976, feeding six billion people is totally impossible in practice
12/97 Fumento shoots down Erhrlich Inc \clip\97\29\middle.txt http://www.theatlantic.com/atlantic/issues/97dec/enviro.htm No Middle Way on the Evironment The authors, environmental scientists, warn that in the debate between "cornucopians" and informed prophets of the dangers posed by overconsumption, splitting the difference won't work -- and that the cornucopians are wrong by Paul R. Ehrlich, Gretchen C. Daily, Scott C. Daily, Norman Myers, and James Salzman "Another Sure Bet on Earth Day" Julian L. Simon Wall Street Journal April 22, 1997 F042397 ed. Ehrlich lost his bet that materials will become more expensive and scarce. He changed the challenge by measuring CO2 production and such, but these are not direct measure of well being, and they have not been linked directly to any harmful effects. NOW THE "POPULATION BOMB" EHRLICHS ARE ON THE DEFENSIVE AGAINST "ACTIVISTS" The authors of the Population Bomb have been predicting doom since the 1960, problem is, nothing like mass starvation or killing of the environment has happened. Food is cheaper, the air and water is cleaner, and there is no sign of population bumping against fixed limits. Now they're the establishment, and it's "activists" who are rocking the boat by saying there isn't any justification for environmental scare-mongering. \clip\97\01\ehrlich\ehrlich.htm Technology Review January 1997 http://web.mit.edu/afs/athena/org/t/techreview/www/articles/jan97/ehrlich.html Ehrlichs' Fables By Paul R. Ehrlich and Anne H. Ehrlich Paul R. Ehrlich, author of several books including The Population Bomb, is Bing professor of population studies, and Anne H. Ehrlich is senior research associate, in the Department of Biological Sciences at Stanford University. This article is adapted from their recent work Betrayal of Science and Reason, published by Island Press/Shearwater Books.


- Common wisdom is that we are rapidly depleting natural resources. In fact, we are finding more energy than we use, and the most favored forms of energy for replacing fossil fuels are the most expensive, solar and thermal %%Electricity POWER EXCHANGE PRICES, NOT LACK OF POWER CAUSE OF 2000 CRISIS z47\clip\2001\01\calfmelt.txt WSJ January 10, 2001 Business World Misreading The California Meltdown By HOLMAN W. JENKINS JR. Suppliers were refusing to do business with the state's near-bankrupt utilities, fearing they wouldn't get paid. The state's big three face peak demand of around 32,000 megawatts this time of year, while generating capacity tied to the system is 45,000 megawatts. GREEN ENERGY HELPED CAUSE ENERGY CRISIS OF 2000 link
for 20 years Californian state governments have sabotaged the building of electricity generating plants. In 1977, California started construction of Solar-1, a solar-thermal power plant with guided mirrors that (before it burned down) produced 10 MW (peak) on 130 acres. That translates into 100 square miles to generate an average of 1000 MW. 191-foot windmill in Palm Springs 3 MW of power in a high wind... another windmill underwent self-destruction. In 1982, not one single major power plant had been approved in eight years. Solar-1 cost $116,000 per installed peak kilowatt ($700,000 per installed average kilowatt). Shoreham nuclear power plant in New York, was considered horrendously expensive at $5,500 per installed kilowatt. %%General \doc\96\03\agendoe.txt - us oil reserves are up 50% from 1970s, not depleted by 2000, gas and coal are up too. BORING ENERGY IS THE CHEAPEST \doc\95\14\enrgpric.txt "Price Ranges: The Generation Gap" The Economist Oct 7, 1995 (read from a chart) 1993 (Source: Shell) cents / kilowatt hour Photovotalic 30-60 Solar/Thermal 20-40 Tidal 10-20 Wave 10-20 Biomass 5-15 Wind 5-12 Nuclear 5-12 Fossil Fuel 3-8 Hydroelectric 2-11 Conclusion - Fossil Fuels and Hydro are cheapest, followed by Nuclear and Wind. All other exotic technologies are much more expensive \doc\95\14\lotsoil.txt "Asia's Energy Temptation" Economist Oct 7, 1995 p. 17 At present rates of demand, there are over 40 years worth of oil, 60 years of gas, and 230 years worth of coal in proven reserves. Since 1970, oil reserves have increased by two times, and gas by 3 times. Fuel prices will simply rise if they ever do become short. "Ultimately recoverable" fuel could be as much as 600 years worth of current production. For this reason, nuclear is not an attractive option


\clip\97\08\farmland.txt AP 20-Mar-1997 10:00 EST REF5449 Farm Group Warns of Land Loss " American Farmland Trust projected in a "worst-case scenario" today that with the U.S. population expected to jump 50 percent by 2050 and high-quality farmland projected to shrink 13 percent, the nation could become a net food importer within 60 years. " By JOHN D. McCLAIN Associated Press Writer %%Irrigated Farmland http://cgi.pathfinder.com/time/time100/timewarp/timewarp.html Time Dec 1998 Irrigated Farmland increased by 6 times since 1900 1900 100 million acres 1998 600 million Workforce in farming 1900 1998 France 50% 6% US 42% 3% Italy 59% 9% Portugal 65% 15% World forestland acres 1900 15 billion 1998 8 billion Population up by 3.68 but land up by 6 times 1900 1.6 billion 1998 5.9 billion


\clip\97\17\fert1.txt http://www.seattletimes.com/todaysnews/browse/html97/reax_071397.html The Seattle Times Company Sunday, July 13, 1997 McDermott drafting bill to regulate fertilizers http://www.seattletimes.com/todaysnews/special.html#fields Seattle Times Fear in The Fields Series \clip\97\17\fertiliz.wtf


\clip\96\04\fishtrou.txt Date: Thu, 5 Sep 1996 11:19:11 -0400 From: NewsHound@sjmercury.com (NewsHound) World is literally fishing in troubled waters BY RAY MOSELEY Chicago Tribune \priv\96b\05\netban.txt Florida bans net fishing, many leave the business, but others say it was neccesary. \priv\95\17\fewfish.txt San Jose Mercury News DATE: Monday, March 7, 1994 PAGE: 10A FISH DISAPPEARING FROM U.S. WATERS SHARP DECLINE IN COMMERCIAL AREAS THREATENS INDUSTRIES, COMMUNITIES Government officials say most of the major commercial fishing areas in this country outside Alaska are in trouble, and worldwide, 13 of the 17 principal fishing zones are depleted or in steep decline. Catastrophic declines\priv\95\15\nofish.txt - running out of fishing capacity
@@Flouride z48\clip\2001\03\flour.txt Fluoride Accumulations Killing Fish, Pine Trees, And Poisoning Environment By Gary Ghioto Arizona Daily Sun Staff Reporter http://www.azdailysun.com 3-20-1 researchers have begun to explore links between fluoride buildup and environmental problems as diverse as delayed salmon migration, ponderosa pine needle discoloration and lead ingestion by children.


\clip\96\02\forsfarm.txt CNN Web Site Study: Poor farmers could destroy half of tropical forests August 4, 1996 Web posted at: 3:00 p.m. EDT WASHINGTON (AP) -- Nearly half of the world's remaining tropical forests could be lost, mostly because of poor farmers who are forced to use slash-and-burn agriculture to feed their families, a new study warns. http://www.arthurhu.com/index/environ.htm#food


The problem is not a world shortage of food - the developed world can grow far more than it can sell. The problem is that some people don't grow enough food for their own use, and they don't have anything else of value to trade for the food everybody else has plenty of. %%Anti Shortage From \doc\web\98\07\foodpop.wk1 Feeding the Planet National Geographic Oct 1998 T.R. Reid Paul Ehrlich 25 yrs ago when the population was 3.5 billion wrote that it was the limit, in 1976, feeding six billion people is totally impossible in practice But In 1999, he pop will be six billion feed better than ever before World food calories per person per day 1968 2360 1995 2740 UN predicts will continue to grow through 2010 Over past 40 years price of wheat down by 61 percent corn down by 58 percent World pop chronically undernourished <2,200 cal / day 1968 40% 1998 20% World Grain Harvests Cereal Grain Production per capita Ranked by 1995 1970 1995 2020 Index Australia 1466 2200 2500 1.05 USA 1533 2101 2694 1.00 Europe 505 793 911 -2.65 Asia 442 583 582 -3.60 Former USSR 948 517 928 -4.06 Latin America 485 515 588 -4.08 WAsiaNAfrica 396 399 429 -5.27 SubSahAfrica 126 157 164 -13.38 The reason Africans starve is not because the planet is is overpopulated, its because they don't grow any food! SubSaharan Africa produces 1/13th the amount of food per person as US or Australia International Food Policy Research Institute 90% of food comes from land 80% of food comes from grain Sakata family - 3% in Canada, <2% in US grow food 3,500 acres puts out 20 million lbs of onions, 15 million lbs of cabbage, 25 million lbs of corn. They use 2 $160,000 corn pullers Agriculture accounts for 70-80% of all water use Annual withdrawal of fresh water in gallons per capita N/C America 338400 Australia 177200 Europe 168000 Asia 125000 S America 89900 Africa 55200 The developed world grows more food because it uses more water African farm feeds only self plus $225 per year %%Politics LAND MUST RETURN TO PEASANTS EVEN THOUGHT THEY'LL STARVE z57\clip\2002\08\zimbfarm.txt For Zimbabwe's White Farmers, Time to Move On New York Times, 8.4.2002 By RACHEL L. SWARNS Here in this hungry land, where the United Nations says six million people - half the population - are threatened by famine, the government of President Robert Mugabe has ordered thousands of the country's most productive farmers to stop farming. %%Pro Shortage \clip\97\16\foodwast.txt http://www.seattletimes.com/extra/browse/html97/food_070197.html Tuesday, July 1, 1997 Wasted food could feed millions by Curt Anderson Associated Press WASHINGTON - More than one-fourth of the food produced in the United States spoils, is tossed out unused or goes uneaten on the plate, the government said today. "State Department: New 'Green Revolution' needed" Nearly 1 billion go hungry because of declining food reserves and increasing population says Undersecretary of state Timothy Wirth, blames China importing food. [F040497] WORLD FOOD - GROWTH EXCEPT IN AFRICA \DOC\96\07\GETHUNGR.TXT "Getting Hungrier" Economist Sept 7, 1996 Food production is on the increase everywhere in the world except in Africa, where starvation is the most prevalent. Food production per person, 1961 = 100 1995 Asia (developing) 170 World 119 Latin Am / Carib 106 Sub-Sah Africa 90 US: PRODUCE RADIOS OR SOMETHING FOR TRADE OR STARVE \clip\96\08\worlfood.txt The Seattle Times Company Nov. 18, 1996 Hungry nations lose at summit Poor countries told to feed their own by Josh Friedman Newsday http://www.seattletimes.com/topstories/browse/html/food_111896.html ROME - It's each nation for itself. \clip\96\03\chinrice.txt Date: Wed, 28 Aug 1996 12:02:24 -0400 From: NewsHound@sjmercury.com (NewsHound) All the rice in China isn't enough BY CARL HARTMAN Associated Press WASHINGTON -- All the rice in China isn't enough any more, says the Agriculture Department. The Chinese must look elsewhere to get enough of the staple to meet their domestic needs. \priv\96b\08\worlfood.txt Date: Mon, 15 Jul 1996 13:27:33 -0400 The Outlook -- Global Food Supplies: Tighter but Adequate Via AP By G. PASCAL ZACHARY The Wall Street Journal SAN FRANCISCO (Wall Street Journal) -- For doomsayers, recent headlines about food shortages bring plenty of fodder for worry: Grain stocks are the lowest on record; prices of food staples have soared; chaotic weather bedevils farmers; and some big producers in years past, notably Russia, are way down. Meanwhile, demand is rising steadily because of population growth and the new prosperity in China and many other developing countries. \priv\96\17\PYONYANG.HTM Wall Street Journal May 31, 1996 Will Hunger Bring Pyongyang to the Table? By BRIAN BRIDGES. The only place in Asia where people are starving is North Korea, and it has everything to do with a mismanaged centralized economy, and nothing to do with "carrying capacity". >> \priv\95\19\chinfood.txt - China is using more food and can well afford to import food, concluding that self-sufficiency is a waste of time and resources. "Farmland may well prove to be an excellent investment" Forbes Inc. 1995 Issue Date December 18, 1995 "The food crisis that isn't and the one that is" Ecnomist Nov 25, 1995 p. 41. Food stocks are down because of weather and collapse of Russia. Brown says China importing will lead to world starvation, but many economists dispute this. But low stocks may be due to success in ending overproduction. The problem is not a global shortage, but simple poverty. F120695 "Ethiopia: A Green Revolution" Economist Nov 25, 1995 p. 42 New farming techniques can greatly increase African food productivity, which no longer self-sufficient, and duplicate the miracle in Asia. F120695 \priv\95\16\feedchin.txt Who Will Feed China: Wake-Up Call for a Small Planet by Lester R. Brown (1) Stabilize population well below the 1.66 billion now projected by continuing to press hard for the one-child family. [this is already an intolerable violation of human rights with no justification] (2) Sharply boost investment in the agricultural infrastructure, including research that focuses on specific national needs. [a waste of money, keep industrializing] (3) Formulate a national strategy to protect cropland, including a shift in emphasis from the automobile-centered transport system to one that emphasizes a state-of-the-art rail passenger system coupled with bicycles. [autos aren't important now anyway] (4) Embark on a national program to boost the efficiency of water use. While these suggestions are directed at China, they also apply to the rest of the world and for the same reasons. \priv\95\15\chinfood.htm - Averting a Global Food Crisis Tech Review Nov/ Dec 95 - full text of Lester Brown article \priv\95\14\globfam.txt - Causes of Global Famine, 16 OCTOBER 1995: THE FOOD AND AGRICULTURAL ORGANIZATION (FAO) CELEBRATES IN QUEBEC CITY ITS FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY. YET THE INNER CAUSES OF FAMINE REMAIN CAREFULLY CONCEALED. - international market forces destroy local farms? \priv\95\14\fullhous.txt - Worldwatch book "full house" says that "food supply is the most immediate constraint on the earth's population carrying capacity." \priv\95\14\chinfood.txt - China on the verge of a food crisis because of grain imports \priv\95\14\foodsec.txt - "If the U.S. grain output that is produced unsustainably is subtracted from total world output, the market surpluses of the last decade or so disappear" Worldwatch Institute. \priv\95\14\globfam.txt - Causes of Global Famine, 16 OCTOBER 1995: THE FOOD AND AGRICULTURAL ORGANIZATION (FAO) CELEBRATES IN QUEBEC CITY ITS FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY. YET THE INNER CAUSES OF FAMINE REMAIN CAREFULLY CONCEALED. - international market forces destroy local farms? \priv\95\13\grainout.txt WASHINGTON, Oct 11 (Reuter) - The U.S. Agriculture Department pegged world wheat output at 529.77 million tonnes in October down from September's 532.93 million estimate due to smaller crops in Argentina, Australia, the European Union and Kazakhstan. \priv\95\13\feedchin.txt - World Watch warns that Chinese appetite for food imports will lead to world starvation. \doc\95\11\eartstrv.txt - Economist "Will the Earth Starve" says no.


GARBAGE PRICING HAS LIMITED EFFECT ON AMOUNT AND RECYCLING "Garbage in, garbage out", Economist June 7th, 1997 p. 80 Study shows that pricing schemes have very little effect on reducing the weight of garbage, or even the amount of garbage being recycled. Free is probably too cheap, but simple pricing schemes don't have a big effect either. FAST FOOD AND FOAM ONLY A TINY PART OF GARBAGE \doc\96\07\landfill.txt Once and Future Landfills - William J Raithe National Geographic May 1991 The Garbage Project, University of Arizona 0.25% Fast food packaging 0.9% Polystyrene foam \doc\95\14\landfill.txt - Mount Trashmore in Michigan is an example of a very successful landfill
@@Global Impact z48\clip\2001\02\manfoot.txt The Telegraph [London] ISSUE 2094 Saturday 17 February 2001 How Man has left his mark on the Earth David Derbyshire at the American Association in San Francisco Atlas of Population and Environment 24% paved or plowed 26% livestock the area used for growing crops has increased by nearly six times since 1700, mostly at the expense of forest and woodlands. More than half of the accessible freshwater is used, while people have regulated the flow of two thirds of all rivers, it states.

@@Global warming

Leipsig Declaration Scientists say they don't agree that global warming is real. TEMP VARIATION IS CONSISTENT WITH PAST 3 100,000 YR OLD CYCLES z46\clipim\2000\11\16\globwarm\globwarm.htm http://www.economist.com/printedition/displayStory.cfm?Story_ID=423384 Hotting up in The Hague Nov 16th 2000 From The Economist print edition Amid much fanfare, a UN summit on global warming is being held in the Netherlands. Should anybody care? Chart shows that over last 400,000 years, the temperature variation is consistent with the past 3 high/lo cycles, but CO2 levels are much higher than past peaks. %%general FACT - OBSERVED TEMP CHANGE MUCH LOWER THAN PREDICTIONS http://www.nationalcenter.org/KyotoFactSheet.html \clip\97\29\kyoto\kyoto.htm Kyoto Earth Summit Information Center Since 1988, international forecasts of the threat posed by global warming have been revised downward a number of times. Chart I shows warming forecasts taken from the 1988 "World Conference on the Changing Atmosphere: Implications for Global Security" conference in Toronto, Canada, the 1990 First Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the 1995 Second Assessment Report of the IPCC. Year of Rate of Forecast Warming Greenhouse Effect by 2030 Temperature Rise Sea Level Rise 1988 0.8 C per decade 3.0 C 20 to 150 cm 1990 0.3 C per decade 1.2 C 15 to 40 cm 1995 0.2 C per decade 0.8 C 5 to 35 cm Source: Dr. Brian O'Brien, October 1997 Actual Temperature Increase/Decrease Since 1979 Ground Temperature Readings: 0.1° - 0.15 °C warming per decade Satellite and Weather Balloon Measurements: 0.04°C cooling per decade Source: "Is Earth's Temperature Up or Down or Both?" and "Global Climate Monitoring: The Accuracy of Satellite Data," NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, 1997 GLOBAL WARMING WOULD CAUSE SEA TO RISE SLOWER, NOT FASTER \CLIP\97\27\ocean.txt The Sky Isn't Falling, and the Ocean Isn't Rising By S. Fred Singer (Wall Street Journal, 10 Nov. 97) "Initial estimates by the Environmental Protection Agency projected that a doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide would cause sea levels to rise by between 80 and 120 inches. By 1990 these estimates had been reduced by 75%. In 1996 a United Nations science advisory panel predicted a rise of only 15 to 22 inches by 2100-still based on shaky assumptions."...climate specialists have constructed a corrected "global" sea level record; it shows that sea levels have been rising at the rate of about seven inches per century....Contrary to activists' claims, what's clear is that global warming-if it takes place-would slow any rise in sea levels. Mobil WSJ ad 11/7/97 /images/972/112197/p06.gif Science: What We Know and Don't Know Only 3%-4% of CO2 emmisions are from human activities, 96%-97% is from natural causes. F110797 Myths and Facts About Global Warming (Conservative) Myth: Global Warming will cause increased storm intensity and frequency. \clip\97\17\globcool.htm http://www.pacg.com/pvbr/issue_1/cvsty.htm GLOBAL WARMING OR GLOBALONEY? Scientist in 70's said that earth would suffer from global cooling, maybe he was right. Claims rising levels of CO2 aren't from man, and are the triggers of ice ages based on previous times. \clip\97\18\globcool.txt From: "Philip V. Brennan Jr." Subject: C-NEWS: Part Two, Globalwarming or Globaloney From July 9th Issue of Wednesday on the Web (http://www.pacg.com/pvbr/) GLOBALWARMING OR GLOBALONEY THE FOGOTTEN CASE FOR GLOBAL COOLING By Phil Brennan Part 3 Part 4 GLOBALWARMING OR GLOBALONEY? By Phil Brennan Part 6 Part 7 Global Warming and Disease Conservatives warn that increasing poverty may increase disease, and tactics to reduce greenhouse warming my increase poverty and malaria. %%opinion \images\98\01\010897\p03.tif Gallup Study Figures on Greenhouse Effect WSJ Dec 18, 1997 \clip\97\29\nocons.txt he Myth of Scientific Consensus on Global Warming National Policy Analysis Paper #177 by David Ridenour published December 1997 by The National Center for Public Policy Research http://www.nationalcenter.org. GLOBAL WARMING SKEPTICS WINNING IN TIME INTERNET POLL \doc\web\97\10\warmpoll.txt Time internet poll 12/9/97: Many people are concerned about global warming, but even more think it's just not a big problem. Internet is a more sophisticated bunch than the general population, maybe theres some hope yet! 45 vs. 36 think is not/is a serious problem, 46 vs. 39 don't think we should reduce co2 emissions if it risks an economic slow down. How Serious Is Global Warming? How serious a threat? Total Percent Very serious 92 36.80 % Somewhat serious 30 12.00 % Not at all serious 113 45.20 %You Don't know 4 1.60 %

@@Greenhouse gas

THE GREENHOUSE DEFECT filed at http://www.arthurhu.com/97/01/grendfct.txt \doc\web\97\02\grendfct.txt THE GREENHOUSE DEFECT By John Guzzetta The media has warned us that we are facing global cataclysm unless we stop our gluttonous fuel consumption. However, the sources which pro- ponents of this theory cite for information are some of the most incredible ever seen in the field of "science." \doc\97\01\grengas.txt The greenhouse gases. ( EPA Journal ) Since human activities first began significantly influencing the atmosphere during the industrial revolution 200 years ago, sources and emissions of Greenhouse gases have steadily increased. today, scientists are especially concerned that recent increases in the amount of Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere may cause global warming in the future, altering the Earth's climate.


\priv\96B\05\GRENECON.HTM The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition -- June 25, 1996 'Green Economist' Warns Growth May Be Overrated z39\clipim\2000\01\12\growth.efx Rethinking Smart Growth Seattle Times Jan 9, 2000 Thomas J DeLorenzo. Attempts to limit growth, sprawl, save farmland, increase mass transit misguided. Buses use more fuel per person, costs far more than cars. Nonfarm is only 3.6% of land, 3/4 of states have over 90% of land in farm use.

@@Jewish Values

\doc\web\97\02\jewenvi.txt Jewish Religion Supports "Wise Use" of Natural Resources, not just green values.


RUNNING OUT OF OIL? NO WAY. http://www.businessweek.com/1997/44/b3551001.htm \clip\97\25\oil\b3551001.htm Business Week Nov 3, 1997 THE NEW ECONOMICS OF OIL With technology dragging down the cost of finding and producing the precious stuff, prices won't rise--even as demand soars "In 1972, the Club of Rome said the world had only 20 to 31 years of known oil reserves. Yet today, measured reserves are higher than ever. Indeed, the very notion of what oil reserves are is changing. Rather than being a fixed number of barrels, the reserve is seen as something that grows and grows as technology finds new sources of oil and extracts more from existing fields." "Instead, the inflation-adjusted price of oil has fallen by two-thirds from its 1980-81 peak. Oil is cheaper than bottled water" OIL CONSUMPTION PER GNP DECLINING 80-96, BUT LEVELING OFF \clip\97\02\oilburn.gif Business Week Feb 6, 1997 "Oil Burning Up" Chart shows that oil consumption per GNP has declined from 1980 from 7 thousand BTUs per dollar down to about 5, but has stopped decline due to demand for gas guzzlers and colder winter (Petroleum Institute) WILL WE RUN OUT OF OIL \clip\96\02\oilout.txt Argues oil production will peak and oil prices will eventually go up in real terms (but they've always gone down!) EUR oil reserves lie within the range of 1,800 to 2,200 billion barrels. As of the end of 1995, the world had consumed about 765 billion barrels

@@Ozone hole

\priv\96\17\OZONHOLE.HTM Seattle Times May 31, 1996 Hole in ozone could be declining by Paul Recer. NOAA scientists say chemicals have peaked or declined at ground level, so ozone hole could be closing in 10 years or so \priv\95\17\ozone7.txt - Ozone depletion may be caused by something other than man made gases RESEARCH MAY ALTER OZONE DEPLETION THEORY SJM 11/10/95 d:\priv\94\20\ozonisit.txt - ozone hole "proof"


%%#death DOC941\POLDEATH.TXT


Convention is that population is bad, and must be reduced. Yet technology saves human lives, and the more people we add overall, the richer not poorer most people get. %%China The population of China has doubled since the 50 years since founding, yet incomes are much higher, not lower. \priv\95\02\chinpop.txt - China one child unneccesary Body Count Population and its enemies National Review October 25, 1999 p. 45 Stephen Moore (Cato) 6 Billion humans is too many, yet birth rates are down and per capita food production and consumption is highest ever, oil is cheapest substance on earth. Mao's centralized planning resulted in starvation of 10s of millions of peasants, agricultual output doubled in 10 years after private ownership of land was established in 1980. %%impact EARTHS POPULATION WILL BRING ANARCHY: BUT TO AFRICA, NOT GLOBE \clip\98\14\anarchy.txt http://www.theatlantic.com/election/connection/foreign/anarchy.htm Atlantic Magazine February 1994 The Coming Anarchy How scarcity, crime, overpopulation, tribalism, and disease are rapidly destroying the social fabric of our planet by Robert D. Kaplan "Over the next fifty years the earth's population will soar from 5.5 billion to more than nine billion. Though optimists have hopes for new resource technologies and free-market development in the global village, they fail to note that, as the National Academy of Sciences has pointed out, 95 percent of the population increase will be in the poorest regions of the world, where governments now--just look at Africa--show little ability to function, let alone to implement even marginal improvements. an increasingly large number of people will be stuck in history, living in shantytowns where attempts to rise above poverty, cultural dysfunction, and ethnic strife will be doomed by a lack of water to drink, soil to till, and space to survive in" \clip\96\05\58bill.txt The Seattle Times Company Sept. 24, 1996 Science: 5.8 billion of us - and growing Changes in food and medicine, life spans and social conditions alter dynamics of population growth. Forced limits in China have led to abortions and killing of girls. University of British Columbia scientists recently calculated that Earth can support about 2 billion people at a North American or Western European standard of living but others put the limit at 14 billion if humans come first. \priv\95\15\ipat.txt - I = P * A * T Impact = Population * Affluence * Technology %%india \priv\95\13\indiapop.txt - India population increases even as fertility declines because of age distribution. %%job growth WOULD YOU RATHER LIVE IN A STATE THAT IS SHRINKING OR GROWING? "When Companies Pull Up Stakes" Business Week Jan 13, 1997 p. 30 Georgia, Texas, Tennesee, Colorado register the biggest job gains, while New York, California and Wash DC have lost the most jobs from business relocation. Note that although New York and California are losing jobs with lots of immigrants, it is because wages are TOO HIGH, not because immigrants are lowering wages for natives. %%medicine BLAME MEDICINE AND TOO FEW DEATHS FOR DOUBLING OF US POPULATION "The Impact of Better Medicine" Business Week Jan 13, 1997 p. 30 f010797-3 Kevin M. White and Samuel H. Preston of the University of Pennsylvania computed that today's US population would be only half its size, over 100 instead of 260 million if mortality had stayed at 1900 levels. If progress had stopped in 1950, the population would only be 6% smaller. %%not overpopulated MORE FOOD FROM LESS LAND, FEWER FARMERS Overpopulation Fears Fading Fast Dire Consequences Fall Under Weight Of Free Markets Date :11/26/1999 Author : Daniel J. Murphy Investor's Business Daily z38\clip\99\21\popmark.txt Yet concern about overpopulation endures as one of the 20th century’s most dangerous myths. It’s also one that continues to wreak horrific consequences.From 1980 to 1996, this country’s nearly billion acres of farmland shrank 6.8%. During a similar 15-year period, though, total U.S. farm output for livestock and crops grew 24.8%. For crops alone, 9.4% less land yielded 29.2% more product. Pro Life Activist position - population kooks have it all wrong. http://hebron.ee.gannon.edu/~frezza/ency/encyc131.txt c:\clip\97\12\prolife.txt Anti-Life Philosophy. "We must cut out the cancer of population growth. Coercion? Perhaps, but coercion in a good cause [population control] ... We must be relentless in pushing for population control." ÄÄ Paul Ehrlich, , 1968.[1] \doc\96\03\howmany.txt HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN THE EARTH SUPPORT? by Joel E. Cohen (The author, a biologist, ponders future population growth. The answer appears to be about one trillion. The conclusion is based on hundreds of pages of analysis and mathematics. Jan. 14, 96) >> \priv\95\19\statehum.htm http://www.cato.org/main/pr-so-js.html 12/95- Cato State of Humanity "If present trends continue, the world in 2000 will be less crowded (though more populated), less polluted, more stable ecologically, and less vulnerable to resource-supply disruption than the world we live in now." %%world \clip\96\05\58bill.txt The Seattle Times Company Sept. 24, 1996 Science: 5.8 billion of us - and growing Changes in food and medicine, life spans and social conditions alter dynamics of population growth. Forced limits in China have led to abortions and killing of girls. University of British Columbia scientists recently calculated that Earth can support about 2 billion people at a North American or Western European standard of living but others put the limit at 14 billion if humans come first. A United Nations population conference in Cairo resulted in 179 nations agreeing to the goal of trying to stabilize world population at 7.8 billion by 2050. \priv\96b\07\popcont.htm Interview says that 3rd world overpopulation is the big problem, it brings AIDS (although it was spread by gays, not the middle class) \priv\95\15\depop2.txt - Observes that developed nations are trying to increase their population while telling the developing world to stop increasing. \priv\95\14\popsolu.txt - Frank Scott says only development will solve the problem, shame on anybody that wastes precious resources on pet fish. \priv\95\14\nofish.txt - the world is running out of fish due to population pressures. \priv\95\14\depop.txt - so the world can only support 1.5-2 billion people. How to get rid of everybody else (hapens to be equal to world white population) \priv\95\13\zpgopt.txt - Optimum population of world is about 1/3 of what we have today :-^ sjm 8/24/94 myth of overpopulation hit d:\doc\94\18\priv\ovpop.txt d:\doc\94\18\popmyth.txt USN 9/12/94 myths of overpopulation, earth can handle much more.

@@Population decline

d:\doc\94\18\priv\popdecl.txt - Population decline in Russia


%%air EPA DEMANDS ARBITRARY AIR STANDARDS JUST BECAUSE IT'S COOL "The EPA's latest annual assessment of air-pollution levels, issued in October 1996, shows that particulate emissions fell 79% between 1970 and 1995, a period during which U.S. gross domestic product rose 99% and U.S. population rose 28%." Tip from: Steve Plaut The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition May 21, 1997 Proof? Who Needs Proof? We're the EPA! By THOMAS D. HOPKINS \clip\97\13\epaair.txt ECONOMY IS TWICE AS BIG, MAJOR POLLUTANTS ARE DOWN 30% "EPA: Nations's air is cleaner" Seattle Times Dec 18, 1996 f121896-1 EPA says the air is significantly cleaner that it was 25 years agao. Six major pollutants have decreased by 30% over the past 25 years even though the economy has doubled since then. \priv\96\12\envprog.txt "EPA regulatory record: Victories to celebrate and failures to lament" Seattle Post Intelligencer April 21, 1996 p. E1 By BONNER R. COHEN c 1995 The Earth Times "Americans live in an environment infinitely cleaner than it was only a few decades ago." Air-pollution emissions in the United States are lower than they were in 1940s or 1960s. Lead emissions have been practically eliminated. \priv\95\17\watrbetr.txt Boston Globe April 23, 1995 MEMO: BOOK REVIEW A MOMENT ON THE EARTH The Coming Age of Optimism. By Gregg Easterbrook. Viking. 745 pp. $27.95. TO CELEBRATE? OR NOT. . . OPPOSING VIEWS ON AMERICAN ENVIORNMENTALISM IS IT A VICTIM OF ITS OWN SUCCESS OR DID IT SELL OUT TO INDUSTRY AND GOVERNMENT? Levels of smog, the nation's worst air*pollution*problem, have fallen dramatically in the last decade as auto exhaust gets cleaner. DOC941\POLDEATH.TXT particulate levels down in most cities \priv\95\15\poldeath.txt Harvard Medical Journal SJM 2/9/94 "STUDY LINKS POLLUTION LEVELS TO DEATH RATES" Dr. Anthony L. Komaroff of the Harvard Medical School, writing in Journal Watch, said that one encouraging finding was that overall particulate levels in the most polluted cities fell steadily during the study period. %%general \priv\96\12\envprog.txt "EPA regulatory record: Victories to celebrate and failures to lament" Seattle Post Intelligencer April 21, 1996 p. E1 By BONNER R. COHEN c 1995 The Earth Times "Americans live in an environment infinitely cleaner than it was only a few decades ago." Air-pollution emissions in the United States are lower than they were in 1940s or 1960s. Lead emissions have been practically eliminated. Water quality has improved significantly since the 1960s. There are more forest areas in the United States than at any time since the 1920s. Unsightly garbage dumps have been replaced by landfills, complete with sophisticated liquid and gas collection and treatment systems. %%landfills \priv\96\12\envprog.txt "EPA regulatory record: Victories to celebrate and failures to lament" Seattle Post Intelligencer April 21, 1996 p. E1 By BONNER R. COHEN c 1995 The Earth Times Unsightly garbage dumps have been replaced by landfills, complete with sophisticated liquid and gas collection and treatment systems. %%Limits IS THE PROBLEM AN OVERCONSUMING 1ST WORLD OR OVERPOPULATED 3RD WORLD? \clip\97\14\limit\limit.htm Atlantic Monthly June 1997 Do We Consume Too Much? http://www.theatlantic.com/atlantic/issues/97jun/consume.htm Discussions of the future of the planet are dominated by those who believe that an expanding world economy will use up natural resources and those who see no reasons, environmental or otherwise, to limit economic growth. Neither side has it right by Mark Sagoff In 1994, when delegates from around the world gathered in Cairo for the International Conference on Population and Development, representatives from developing countries protested that a baby born in the United States will consume during its lifetime twenty times as much of the world's resources as an African or an Indian baby. The problem for the world's environment, they argued, is overconsumption in the North, not overpopulation in the South. %%opinion USA Today Poll - Most Americans more pessimistic than reality, but judge progress on race, environment Survey: Nation's in paradoxical mood \clip\97\01\moodam\moodam.htm 1/20/97 url: http://www.usatoday.com/elect/i97/inaug011.htm 42% thought we were making progress on the environment vs 30% losing %%water US Coastal Pollution in shellfish Declining \clip\97\02\polldecl.txt New York Times January 21, 1997 Survey of 100 U.S. Coastal Sites Shows Pollution Is Declining \priv\96\12\envprog.txt "EPA regulatory record: Victories to celebrate and failures to lament" Seattle Post Intelligencer April 21, 1996 p. E1 By BONNER R. COHEN c 1995 The Earth Times So polluted was the Cuyahoga River near Cleveland that it actually caught fire in the late 1960s.Water quality has improved significantly since the 1960s, as demonstrated by the return of many wildlife species, such as the bald eagle, to areas—the Great Lakes, for example—where they had not been seen for decades. \priv\95\06\CLEANWAT.TXT U.S.NEWS & WORLD REPORT, MAY 22, 1995 "STIRRING UP THE CLEAN WATER ACT" America's streams are substantially cleaner than they were two decades ago. The credit, environmentalists say, goes to the Clean Water Act of 1972, which placed stringent emission controls on industry and communities. \priv\95\17\deerisld.txt BOSTON GLOBE January 20, 1995 p. 20 DEER ISLAND SEWAGE-TREATMENT PLANT OPENING A MILESTONE The $967 million primary treatment plant will replace an antiquated facility on the island whose poorly treated discharge helped make Boston Harbor the nation's filthiest. Its opening climaxes several years of reductions in harbor*pollution,*which already have made harbor beaches clean enough for swimming on most days. @@Race "The New Eco Villians" Emil Guillermo Asian Week Dec 4, 1997 p. 7 FAIR's John Tanton was a former Sierra Club executive director 7 percent of its members considers itself a member of an ethnic group. \images\972\1221\p01.tif


"Making Tracks: Vancouver-area residents find rail commuting less stressful" Seattle Post Intelligencer" May 3, 1996 p. C1 f050396 King County Transit buses had an operating cost of 47 cents per passenger mile, South Florida's Tri-County Commuter Rail service aw 22 cents and Chicago's Metra rail system ranged between 10 and 20 cents per mile. But rail has higher start up cost (AAA quotes a '96 Dodge Caravan minivan as costing about 50 cents per mile)


file:\priv\96B\06\RECYCLE.HTM July 3, 1996 Facing Suit, N.Y. Mayor Assails Goals in Recycling Law Related Article Recycling is Garbage (From The New York Times Magazine, June 30) NYC mayor finds that rate peaks at about 14%, calls 25% goal inpractical. Giuliani cited an article in The New York Times Magazine last Sunday that called recycling a waste of time and money nytimes.com archive June 30, 1996 $ Recycling Is Garbage By John Tierney (NYT) 7715 words AS THEY PUT ON PLASTIC GLOVES FOR THEIR first litter hunt, the third graders knew what to expect. They knew their garbage. It was part of their scien... They had learned the Three R's -- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle -- and discussed how to stop their parents from using paper plates. For Earth Day they had read a Scholastic science publication, "Inside the World of Trash." WSJ 1-27-95 Roper Starch Worldwide survey says 18-29 yr olds are worst recyclers, most educated recyle the most. d:\priv\94\19\recypay.txt New York state's Office of Recycling Market Development, the first of its kind in the nation, has used $21 million in state financing to attract $253 million in private capital for 21 recycling businesses since 1988. New York already buys more than $11 million a year in recycled goods While the collection of recyclables is the most visible and expensive part of the city's program, city officials say it is the reuse of these items that justifies the effort and may someday underwrite its cost, now $77 million a year to pick up and process newspapers, glass, foil and plastic doc941\sjrecyc.txt 44% recycled.


Julian Simon is the Doomslayer than Won the Bet with the Ehrlichs \clip\97\15\doomslay.txt Wired Issue 5.02 - Febrary 1997 The Doomslayer The environment is going to hell, and human life is doomed to only get worse, right? Wrong. Conventional wisdom, meet Julian Simon, the Doomslayer.

Almost every measure of scarcity is down and human living standards is up.

IS THE PROBLEM AN OVERCONSUMING 1ST WORLD OR OVERPOPULATED 3RD WORLD? \clip\97\14\limit\limit.htm Atlantic Monthly June 1997 Do We Consume Too Much? Discussions of the future of the planet are dominated by those who believe that an expanding world economy will use up natural resources and those who see no reasons, environmental or otherwise, to limit economic growth. Neither side has it right by Mark Sagoff

@@Simon, Julian

The Doomslayer, leading critic of doomsday theories. \clip\98\04\simon.txt Iconoclastic Economist Julian Simon Dies The Washington Post, Wednesday, February 11, 1998; Page B06 By Bart Barnes Washington Post Staff Writer Julian L. Simon, 65, an iconoclastic population economist who challenged conventional thinking with his predictions that world populations and standards of living could increase simultaneously and infinitely, died of a heart attack Feb. 8 at his home in Chevy Chase. Julian Simon is the Doomslayer than Won the Bet with the Ehrlichs \clip\97\15\doomslay.txt http://wwww.wired.com/wired/5.02/features/ffsimon.html Wired Issue 5.02 - Febrary 1997 The Doomslayer The environment is going to hell, and human life is doomed to only get worse, right? Wrong. Conventional wisdom, meet Julian Simon, the Doomslayer.
@@Sperm Counts LOTS OF EVIDENCE SPERM COUNT IS NOT AN ISSUE \clip\97\28\stolfutr.txt The Seattle Times Company Local News : April 2, 1996 Has our future been stolen? Chemicals blamed for cancer, infertility - but debate is on by Bill Dietrich | Seattle Times science reporter " Since large quantities of chemicals entered the environment starting about World War II, life expectancy is up, infant mortality is down and overall cancer rates, when adjusted for age and the effect of cigarette smoking, have not increased. " Many more natural chemicals ingested, many animals up, not down, no shortage of humans when the same environmentalists says there is a population explosion, some sperm counts are up. STUDY SHOWS SPERM COUNT DOWN IN SOME PLACES - US, EUROPE \clip\97\28\sperm.txt http://www.seattletimes.com/extra/browse/html97/sper_112497.html The Seattle Times Company Monday, Nov. 24, 1997 Study cites big drop in sperm counts by Brigid Schulte Knight-Ridder Newspapers WASHINGTON - A report found that sperm counts in the United States have fallen an average of 1.5 percent per year since the 1930s, a far sharper decline than earlier studies have found. The drop in Europe is twice as steep. Results were inconclusive for Asia, South America and the rest of the world. Dr. Theo Colburn is senior scientist with the World Wildlife Federation, and one of the authors of "Our Stolen Future."


\priv\95\17\toxicdn.txt FEWER TOXICS RELEASED INTO ENVIRONMENT SJM April 19, 1994 p. 8A - Factories produced more toxics, but released less into the environment. Of the 3.2 billion pounds of chemicals released into the environment in 1992, 58 percent went into the*air,*the report said. Underground injection accounted for 22.8 percent, followed by releases to land, 10.8 percent, and surface water discharge, 8.6 percent. *Air*release of toxics was down 9.4 percent from 1991, largely because of declines in the release of solvents, ammonia and chlorine, the report said.
@@Traffic SPENDING 90% FOR ROADS FAVORED EXCEPT URBAN AREAS in WA z45\doc\web\2000\10\i745.txt I-745 is aimed at the frustrated drivers among us. Andrew Garber Seattle Times Oct 22, 2000 front page I-745 would require state to spend 90% of transportion budget on roads for cars. Arrived at by study that says it's about 80% now, and 95% of people take cars. Favored by 70% in E. Wash, 59% in W. Wash, 37% in King County, about 52% statewide. They would probably need to raise taxes for roads or cut transit spending. Miles traveled from 10 billion in 1970 to 27.60 in 1995, forecast 48.52B in 2020. Time in traffic up from 21 hrs in 1982 to 69 hrs in 1997 hours per driver delay per year. 2nd slowest in nation in 1997, 3rd worst per capita congestion, Texas transportation Institute. \doc\web\98\10\traffic.txt Buried in traffic Seattle Times Jan 1, 1999 peyton whitley @@Transportation %%Taxes SEATTLE AREA HOUSEHOLD PAYS $4,400 IN TRANSPORTATION TAXES z63\clip\2003\03\transtax.txt http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/134652958_rtid14m.html Friday, March 14, 2003 - 12:00 a.m. Pacific Regional-transportation plan cost: about $300 a family By Eric Pryne Seattle Times staff reporter "$4,400 that the average household already pays annually in major state and local taxes. "

@@Urban population

\priv\95\17\urbpop.txt - urban cities will only get bigger and worse.

@@Water environment.water

\priv\95\17\safewatr.txt San Jose Mercury News March 14, 1994 PAGE: 5A OUR DRINKING*WATER*IS CALLED BAD FOR HEALTH >>\priv\95\15\watpoll.txt Groundwater contamination

@@Water pollution

http://www.seattletimes.com/extra/browse/html97/taco_030397.html \clip\97\06\tacopoll.txt Seattle Times Monday, March 3, 1997 Tacoma pollution is still high US Coastal Pollution in shellfish Declining \clip\97\02\polldecl.txt New York Times January 21, 1997 Survey of 100 U.S. Coastal Sites Shows Pollution Is Declining Comment - if population increase is supposed to lead to environmental collapse, why is the water getting cleaner? Because we are polluting less per person, you can have more people and still have less pollution. \priv\95\17\cleanbay.txt - San Jose works to find ways to make less water pollution San Jose Mercury News DATE: Sunday, July 4, 1993 PAGE: 6C A WELCOME TRUCE SAN JOSE, ENVIRONMENTALISTS AGREE ON A CLEANER BAY \priv\95\17\crekpoll.txt San Jose Mercury News DATE: Thursday, January 28, 1993 PAGE: 1B MAN'S BATTLE AGAINST CREEK POLLUTION PAYS OFF \priv\95\17\rivrpoll.txt BOSTON GLOBE November 2, 1995 p. 33 MASSPIRG SAYS RIVERS GROWING MORE POLLUTED the Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group found that 68 percent of the rivers and streams tested in the past past two years contain more bacteria, mercury or other contaminants than state standards allow. In 1982, 52 percent of tested waters flunked. \priv\95\17\watrfine.txt BOSTON GLOBE June 23, 1995 p. 18 THE*WATER'S*FINE The*water*quality at 20 inner and outer harbor beaches has improved steadily since 1985, when the Massachusetts*Water*Resources Authority began its massive clean-up. \priv\95\17\watrbetr.txt Boston Globe April 23, 1995 MEMO: BOOK REVIEW A MOMENT ON THE EARTH The Coming Age of Optimism. By Gregg Easterbrook. Viking. 745 pp. $27.95. TO CELEBRATE? OR NOT. . . OPPOSING VIEWS ON AMERICAN ENVIORNMENTALISM IS IT A VICTIM OF ITS OWN SUCCESS OR DID IT SELL OUT TO INDUSTRY AND GOVERNMENT? Levels of smog, the nation's worst air*pollution*problem, have fallen dramatically in the last decade as auto exhaust gets cleaner. Likewise,*water*bodies such as Boston Harbor have recovered faster than we could have hoped 20 years ago when one Ohio river was so polluted it actually burned.
@@Wolf Release FEDERAL WOLF RELEASE PROGRAM A MISERABLE FAILURE SO FAR \clip\99\09\wolf.txt CNN.com / AP: Newly released wolf found dead near highway March 23, 1999 " Federal and state officials began releasing wolves into the wild last year, but so far, the program has been off to a rocky start. Of the original 11 released early last year, five were found shot to death, a sixth is missing and presumed dead, and the others had to be recaptured. "