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Schools drop naptime for testing preparation
Associated Press  10/3/2003
Gadsden city schools have eliminated naptime for kindergartners so
children will have more time to prepare for new, mandated standardized
tests. White said states are required to test kindergartners under President
Bush's "No Child Left Behind" education initiative

@@National Alliance For Restructuring Education
Home Page:

Part of Marc Tucker's NCEE that directs states and local districts
that want to follow his model for education reform

The National Alliance – Support for Comprehensive Standards-Based
Reform in States and School Districts

In its National Alliance program, the National Center provides
assistance to states and districts committed to a comprehensive and
systemic approach to standards-based education reform. The Alliance
is the right option for states and districts working on all five
Alliance "design tasks": 

 Standards and Assessment | Learning Environments | Community
Services and Supports | High Performance Management | Public

The members of the National Alliance are committed to making the
changes necessary to enable all but the most severely disabled
students to meet a standard of accomplishment that is set as high as
those the best-performing countries expect of their students.

In June of 1992, the Alliance was designated as one of 11 design
teams selected by the New American Schools Development Corporation to
design and create 'break the mold' schools. In addition to New
American Schools, The Pew Charitable Trusts also supports the work of
EDUCATION How does the National Alliance for Restructuring Education
describe itself?  The National Alliance for Restructuring Education
is a partnership of three states, four city school districts and
leading national organizations committed to making the changes
necessary to enable all but the most severely disabled students to
meet high standards of achievement. The hallmark of its effort is the
Certificate of Initial Mastery (CIM), a standard of accomplishment
that is set as high as standards the best-performing countries expect
of their students at about ***age 16.*** (not hs diploma!)

1995, three states (Kentucky, New York, Washington) and five city
districts (San Diego, California; Rochester, New York; White Plains,
New York; Hershey, Pennsylvania; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) were
National Alliance sites. 

@@NAS National Association of Scholars

Malone get response that they don't
have a position on Goals 2000. (In other words, they do not oppose
high stakes testing)

@@National Board for Professional Teaching Standards "In 1986, the Carnegie Corporation's Task Force
on Teaching as a Profession released the report A Nation Prepared:
Teachers for the 21st Century. The report recommended the
establishment of a National Board for Professional Teaching
Standards. "

@@National Council of Churches

The National Council of Churches supports "standards-based school
reform." The Churches and
the Public Schools at the Close of the Twentieth Century A Policy
Statement of the National Council of the Churches of Christ Adopted
November 11, 1999 "support standards-based school reforms, working in
districts and states until the country as a whole has reasonable and
challenging standards by which to assess students and schools; "

@@National Education Goals Panel

Board set up to monitor goals 2000

What do you get when you cross Outcome-Based Education 
(OBE) and Goals 2000?  Answer: Goals Whenever.  In 
traditional education, students are expected to master 
certain material in a given amount of time.  OBE, on the 
other hand, removes the time variable.
So what should the National Education Goals Panel do if 
its National Education Goals will not be met by 2000?  
Simple:  change the deadline, according to the panel's 

Education Week October 23, 1991 National Standards/Assessments:
Students National Education Goals Panel: Formed by the governors and
President Bush in July/990 to monitor progress on achieving the six
national education goals announced by the President in January 1990.
Released its first national report card in September/991, "The
National Education Goals Report: Building a Nation of Learners."
Included Marc Tucker

@@Native American 

z39\clipim\2000\03\03\indher.efx Indian Heritage School Getting New
Home Seattle Times Mar 2, 2000. With only 71 students, it is the
smallest program in the Seattle schools. 
Seattle also as African American Academy.


It's very impolite to use the name of Nazis in vain, but some
have compared the standards based movement to education nazis,
and some say Nazi policies bear some resemblence to some programs
in the US.

Day care provided for working
families, the education provided to the preschoolers promoted Hitler;
co-education was permitted under age 4 but not over.

@@Neglect Does not complying with ed reform constitute educational neglect? @@National Institute for School Leadership NISL Vultures of a Feather Flock Together Publication Date: 2002-12-18 By Susan Ohanian Former state superintendents of schools never die; they find new foundations Press Release dated Dec. 16, 2002 from Marc Tucker, president, National Center on Education and the Economy - Joseph Olchefske, Rudy Crew, Sandy Kress, Hornbeck, etc. @@NSF @@National Science Foundation Funds harmful experimental math programs. 04 Jan 1999 Wayne Bishop The NSF funded experiments in math reform, IMP, CPM, Core-Plus, etc. do not get the objective scrutiny that they should get and the data that can be found cannot be believed. The nation would be better off with *no* federal involvement in mathematics education "research" and "reform" (for example the massive SI, Systems Initiative, projects) than it is with that which it currently funds. Wayne Bishop Math & CS Cal State LA @@Natural Learning Whole language and the NCTM standardss Developmentalism: An Obscure but Pervasive Restriction on Educational Improvement \clip\97\25\develp.htm E. Stone East Tennessee State University STONEJ@EDUSERV.EAST-TENN-ST.EDU @@Nazi Outcome Based Education \clip\98\16\nazi.htm Kjos on how outcome based education resembles Nazi desired goals and outcomes. ESTABLISH AN OUTCOME-BASED EDUCATION SYSTEM Restructure schools and nationalize tests and standards: Affective (feeling-centered, attitudinal), not cognitive, learning earns the graduation certificate: School-to-Work link: "The new movement offered prospects of future employment at a time of massive graduate unemployment." (440) IMPLEMENT MASTERY LEARNING @@NCAA NCAA NIXES PERFORMANCE BASED SELF-PACED REFORM COURSES \clip\98\16\ncaa.txt NCAA steps out of bounds Tues., Oct. 27, 1998 FINAL EDITION Section: NEWS Page 14A "Principals complain that education-reform efforts in Pennsylvania, Vermont and Minnesota have been stymied because the NCAA refuses to certify students who take new course offerings." "schools were under terrific pressure to initiate reform in secondary education. Many much-needed reforms were made, only to have this arbitrary and ill-informed organization fail to approve the resultant courses." "To have a private organization, the American College Testing Company, shaping curricular decisions in our nation's high schools is an invasion of the rights of states and communities to determine educational policy. " "Minnesota has decided to require all students to demonstrate strong skills and knowledge before they graduate from high school. The NCAA has called this approach ''unacceptable.'' Who gave the NCAA the right to tell a state that our new approach is unacceptable, especially when the new plan is showing increased student achievement? " [these is the state that only puts multiplication by single digits by 10 as a "high standard"] "We wonder about the NCAA's competence. In a letter to one of our public schools, the NCAA wrote, ''the self-paced and performance-based approaches are not acceptable.'' This statement offends us with its judgment. The NCAA constantly rejects courses based on course title without knowing the research used to design the curriculum and teaching methodology." [research hahahahahaha!] NCAA FROWNS ON REFORM-ORIENTED COURSES \doc\web\98\09\ncaarefm.txt last Tuesday's USA Today (11/2/98) and a set of follow-up letters published on Friday Oct. 30. The issue is NCAA eligibility requirements, which tell high schools what kinds of courses are acceptable for college student eligibility for participation in NCAA Division I and II athletics. The NCAA frowns on performance-based courses, social studies courses with significant community service, vocational courses, many interdisciplinary courses, etc. @@NEA National Education Association NEA opposes cuts STW, Goals 2000, head start, bilingual ed, etc. \clip\99\01\nea.txt NEA's Political Agenda: Investor's Business Daily, January 5, 1999 THE NEA'S POLITICAL LESSON PLAN Union's Agenda Pushes Left-Wing Positions Date: 1/5/99 Author: Michael Chapman The National Education Association has big plans. But many have little to do with teaching kids. The nation's largest teachers union wants the U.S. to nationalize health care, start a nuclear freeze, adopt national energy policies and pass more gun-control laws. Yet it doesn't want teachers tested or schools privatized. @@New Age Some have noted the connection between New Age mysticism and the education reform movement. One prominent person works for the state of Washington. E-file Oct2000 on New Age influences starting with Dewey From: "Lynn M Stuter" Oh yes -- we know of at least one -- Shirley McCune. Also, Bergeson has been, in the past, on the board of New Horizons for Learning out of Seattle. This group promotes guided fantasy/guided visualization in schools and has published such people as Beverly Gaylean. Also on the board of New Horizons sits Jean Houston -- the New Age guru and cosmic psycho. Yes, I'm afraid Ms Bergeson is very much involved. @@New American Schools @@NASDC @@NAS NO CLEAR LINKAGE WITH NAS TO IMPROVED PERFORMANCE - IT'S A BUST! z48\clipim\2001\02\09\MR1145.ch6.pdf Rand: 2/2001 Implementation and Performance in New American Schools: Three Years into Scale-Up Cincinatti: Half or fewer of the schools showed better results than the district gains. "Our data do not show any clear linkage between implementation and performance in NAS schools. This was disappointing and runs counter to conventional wisdom. If the theory of action underlying comprehensive school reform is correct and if these models are implemented in a sustained coherent fashion, then higher implementation should be related to improved outcomes." \clip\99\05\brac8\brac8.txt link The Eighth Bracey Report on the Condition of Public Education Phi Delta Kappan October 1998 The "weak treatment" effect of schools should be kept in mind when looking at the programs funded by the New American Schools Development Corporation (NASDC), now known simply as New American Schools (NAS). NAS was introduced with great flourish by President Bush in 1991 and ardently touted by his secretary of education, Lamar Alexander. These were to be "break-the-mold" schools. They would emulate business and show us poor, dumb educationists how to do it. Remember? @@New American High Schools nahs.txt NEW AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOLS - COMPREHENSIVE WHOLE SCHOOL REFORM New American High Schools (NAHS) is an initiative of the U.S. Department of Education that promotes school reform by recognizing and promoting the replication of "exemplary" schools implementing comprehensive whole school reform. Based on NAHS materials and the NAHS web site at, it is clear that it is yet another vehicle, along with school-to-work (STW), Tech Prep, High Schools That Work (HSTW), the Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration (CSRD) program, and a host of other initiatives, for promoting and implementing school-to-work, outcome-based education (OBE), Goals 2000, national skill standards (originating from the National Skill Standards Board (NSSB)), and the general restructuring of education and labor into a government-driven, centralized system lovingly known by educrats as a "seamless web." @@New Horizons for Learning z62\clipim\2002\12\08\newh\newh.htm Dee Dickinson, founder and CEO of New Horizons, presents quite a biography, including ... vice-president of the International Accelerative Learning Association, based at the University of Rio de Janeiro; director of the Seattle Creative Activities Center; chair of the educational advisory board of the National Learning Foundation; fellow of the International Corporate Learning Association; sits on the boards of national and international organizations: European Lifespan Learning Initiative, George Lucas Educational Foundation, National Inventive Thinking Association; member of President Bush's (Sr) Task Force on Innovative Education. Bob Hughes is advisor / director @@New Standards NCEE arm that comes up with "new" "higher standards" for education For Our Children: A Parent's Guide to New Standards \clip\97\28\pguide\pguide.pdf Performance Standards (3 $39 books) Telephone Orders Toll-Free Number (888) 361-6233 @@Neuroscience (also brain) Research Claims that studies of how the mind works are bogus when they try to justify progressive or construtivist educational strategies. %%Books Brain bibliography bookmark: %%Brain Compatible Learning Hmm, looks like a flakey New Age feel-good way to promote OBE style reforms. Makes me pretty sick. See Integrated Thematic Instruction for a negative review from Oregon. Unfortunately, it looks to have quite a following: Indiana schools have financial support from the state Department of Education to support ITI implementation. Other very active states include South Carolina, Arizona, South Carolina,Florida, California, Texas, Kansas, and Michigan. Districts in over 30 states are currently involved in ITI implementation and the list is growing. As awareness of the significance of the brain research findings grows, trainings are expanding rapidly. To date, educators and support staff in over 250 school districts have participated in learning about the ITI model. "Brain Compatible Learning" as offered by Susan Kovalick and Associates, of Kent, WA. Their approach is called "Integrated Thematic Learning". References mentioned in support include last summer's Time Magazine article on brain stimulation, Gardner's "Multiple Intelligences", and a book "Human Brain and Human Learning", by Leslie Hart, and what seems to be a gross distortion of Paul MacLean's theory of the Triune Brain. Re: brain-compatible learning Shari Stromberger LAKE ST ELEM ( Thu, 31 Aug 1995 17:54:17 -0500 (EST) The book I use to set up my brain-compatible classroom is ITI: The Model by Susan Kovalik. It is a practical book for making elementary classroom more condusive to learning by using Integrated Thematic Instruction.Using Gardner's backround on multiple intelligences and Kovalik's research on the brain it has become a very practical "how-to" book for us. Unfortunately it is at school so I can not tell you where to find it. If you would like more information just let me know. From: Steve Goss Organization: Arizona Parents for Traditional Education Just wanted to let you know that Susan Kovalik lives in Oak Creek, Arizona - Just outside the city of SEDONA which is well known as the Cosmic vortex of the world. It is the NEW AGE capitol of the U.S. Sick Sick Sick, EDIS 771 Reading in Content Areas *Brain-compatible Learning *Integrated Thematic Instruction Brain-compatible Learning Absence of threat Meaningful content Choices Adequate time Enriched environment Collaboration Immediate feedback Mastery Instructional Technology What does Brain-Compatible Mean? given what we know about brain research, the structure of the traditional approach to teaching and learning is, in fact, "brain-antagonistic" and that changes needed to occur to the teaching/learning paradigm before education is truly "brain compatible". In the IT Program, specific reference is made to Leslie Hart's research as incorporated in the Integrated Thematic Instruction model - ITI designed by Susan Kovalik, an internationally known education consultant whose current home base is Kent, Washington. For further information on ITI, contact the SK&A office at or visit the Kovalik Web Site HOME PAGE Susan Kovalik and Associates Education Consultants 17051 S.E. 272nd Street, Suite 17 Kent, Washington 98042 (253) 631-4400 (253) 631 7500 (Fax) Dr. Jane McGeehan, CEO Analysis revealed that in all areas ITI students scored higher than their peers in other classes, with the difference being statistically significant in social studies. Teachers collected data to describe other changes throughout the year. Classroom Results: - Increased student participation during class - Higher proportion of students earning grades of "A" or "B" - Student articulation of connections across the disciplines - Climate of cooperation - High rates of attendance - Low discipline referrals School-wide Effects: - Adequate time schedule providing 90-minute instructional blocks - Room arrangement and ambiance to facilitate cooperative learning and more inviting spaces for students \doc\web\98\02\itisong.txt ITI SONGBOOK ITI (Integrated Thematic Instruction) is a dynamic model developed by Susan Kovalik. It is a synthesis of brain research, teaching strategies, and curriculum development which helps teachers orchestrate a brain-compatible environment in which students and teachers together can "shoot for the stars." How to subscribe to listserv send an e-mail message To: (note: there's no E at the end of listserv) You can leave the Subj. line blank (though commercial systems like AOL insist on having something in that, you can put subscribing) Message: Subscribe SKA-L (your name) %%General EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATORS' AND FAMILY WEB CORNER Escondido Union switched to the new math approach when the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics recommended it in the early 1990s, Assistant Superintendent Jayme Arner said. "The programs were built based on brain research that showed rote learning is not the best way for all students to learn," he said. San Diego Union 1/21/98 A step back for the new math Trustees act to end it at one high school Susan Gembrowski %%Refuted Applications and Misapplications of Cognitive Psychology to Mathematics Education \clip\98\04\misapp.htm As for integrating subject matter, see this article: "Science Classes Tested, Critics say Antioch's Combined Subject Courses Don't Work" 6470.DTL From: Date sent: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 01:14:52 -0500 >You are right. The chasm between scholarship in "education" and >scholarship in cognitive psychology and other academic disciplines is >deep. One terrible example is "Making Connections," a book by Renate >and Geoffrey Caine published by ASCD, which makes all kinds of spurious >claims about the implications of neuroscience for education. Hirsch's >book is an excellent source on why so many ideas in k-12 education are >specious. See also and article by John Bruer in the November 1997 issue of Educational Researcher. This is an excellent article in which he explains why the neurosciences can not be used at the present time to justify specific educational practices. @@New World Order Conspiracy Theorists blame a new world order for ed reform new world order @@New York NYS 1993 Task Force Report on taking over schools and systemic reform New York State STW Summary can be found here: Education reform in New York has been largely directed by the 1991 Board of Regents document, A New Compact for Learning and a 1992 governor's task force report, Education That Works: Creating Career Pathways for New York State Youth. @@New Zealand \clip\97\29\nzreform.txt New Zealand Press Dec. 1, 1997 'Ideologues' capture NZ education WELLINGTON -- Politically correct ideologues have captured teacher training and provide anti-capitalist, one-sided views of ethnic and gender questions, a report prepared for the Education Forum claims. The report's foreword says adherence to a child-centred, rather than knowledge-centred, approach to education damages children and society. @@News Links Education Consumers Clearinghouse List server Fred Battey's Education Loop Email to join mailing list Eagle Forum Education Reporter (Conservative) Middle School Web News Citizens for Responsible Education Reform News Page Education Week K12 Education Industry news. Arthur Hu's news links Education Briefs We frequently receive news briefs from individuals. If you would like to submit a news brief, we will consider it for publication. Write one long paragraph, including the source citation for anything in the brief. Send it to this e-mail address with a note. Dr. Steven W. Simpson 360.385.4387. Join mailing list too. NCTM/Exxon Education Foundation newsletter Intersection (Reform) Betty Arras' National Monitor of Education @@Noguera \doc\web\98\07\nogu.txt The U.C. ed school professor, Pedro Noguera, quoted in this article is the no- phonics, no content, "social change" man I've discussed quite a few months ago. He plays the race card shamelessly! I've never heard him take an interest in curriculum or research, just race, race, race @@North Carolina Published Tuesday, December 22, 1998 \clip\98\19\edclip08.txt New standards are another reason to boost school funding, study says Charlotte Observer December 22, 1998 By CELESTE SMITH Staff Writer North Carolina must boost public school funding -- particularly for its poor schools -- to prepare students academically for tougher graduation requirements likely to start in 2000-01, a new study says. NORTH CAROLINA STANDARDS LIKE OREGON'S @@One Room Schoolhouse \clip\97\29\oneroom.txt St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Sunday, November 9, 1997, Sunday, November 9, 1997 Section: NEWS CHILDREN LIVE OUT THEIR LESSONS IN A NEW ONE-ROOM SCHOOLHOUSE By Samuel Autman Of The Post-Dispatch LEWIS COUNTY, MO. @@One World Government All this education standards, lifelong learning, alignment, world class, etc. leads some to believe it is part of a movement towards one world government (also see United Nations). With the ideas and terminology of the ed reform movement looking strikingly similar, you've got to wonder where all this stuff comes from. Arthur, go get the book KEYS OF THIS BLOOD (1992). Read pg. 374+ to find out where this stuff is coming from. You will never guess what our demise consists of. The Keys of This Blood The Struggle for World Dominion Between Pope John Paul II, Mikhail Gorbachev, and the Capitalist West by Malachi Martin Martin is truly convincing in his assertion that the Church has been infiltrated by full-fledged Marxists, a point that he examines in his highly controversial 1987 best-seller The Jesuits. This is a must-read for all pious Catholics who worry about the Church's survival." - from Boston, Massachusetts @@Open Classroom One of the worst silly 70s education ideas was classroms without walls. JUANITA HIGH SCHOOL WAS OPEN CLASSROOM DISASTER Don Orlich Ed prof at WSU and Sandy Eliot both recall that Lake Washington's Juanita High School Kirkland WA was a total disaster after it was opened on the open classroom model. It was completely redone, with much disruption with walls soon after it opened in the early 1970s. I (A. Hu) also noticed that Lindbergh HS opened in 1972 with many open spaces, when I returned in 1998, every one of these spaces was walled off. \clip\99\05\opened.txt Future Schlock Using Fabricated Data and Politically Correct Platitudes in The Name of Education Reform By Lawrence Baines url: Phi Delta Kappan published in V. 78, No. 7, March 1997, page 492 Today, in the areas of technology, inclusion, multiculturalism, and money, mythologizing data on behalf of education reform has become quite popular, Mr. Baines points out. The evidence in support of education reforms must be scrutinized to ascertain the degree to which those reforms will really benefit students. OPEN CLASSROOMS FROM 70'S STILL FAILING KIDS The Washington Post, Sunday, January 25, 1998; Page B1 "In Classrooms, Good Walls Make Good Neighbors: Educators Reversing 'Open' Design of Many Area Schools Built in 1970s" by Eric L. Wee, Washington Post Staff Writer \clip\98\03\openclas.txt @@Opposition Just about the only sensible name for opposition to progressive reforms is "opposition" %%Liberal z39\clipim\2000\02\10\goals\goals.htm Phi Delta Kappan "Goals 2000 Revisited" by Susan Ohanian Phi Delta Kappan "Goals 2000 Revisited" by Susan Ohanian Susan credits "right wing whackos" with leading the fight against the same testing/ accoutability beast that the left is fighting against. %%Resources The opposition are parents with day jobs who have to pay for their own copying, internet access and web sites, and phone calls. The establishment has millions in corporate, government, and charitable dollars, publicity and media exposure, free from political spending limits or equal time provisions. From: JOAN BATTEY ( Address the issues, the specifics of what education critics try to bring before the public, hampered by lack of educators' vast taxpayer-provided resources and limited to after-working hours self-funded copying, self-applied research, self-financed phone calls, etc. It is a very uphill fight to get that information out. @@Oregon Oregon has jumped whole hog into "transformation", school to work, and the Certificate of Mastery, and incorporated the idea into college admissions. As of 1999, it was already being reported that the system based on Marc Tuckers "America's Choice" report was a train wreck. Also see testing %%General STANDARD BASED (OBE V2) ED REFORM A TRAIN WRECK IN OREGON IS WASHINGTON NEXT? From the Willamette Week, May 5, 1999 (Alternative newspaper in Portland, OR) 1. Who still thinks Oregon's school reform is working? A. Vera Katz, architect of the reform B. Kathie Humes, public school advocate C. Ron Norman, Laurelhurst Elementary teacher D. Brandy Steffen, junior at David Douglas High E. None of the Above Key points - nobody not even the advocates say it's working. Conservatives say it was a bad left wing idea at the start. Advocates say it needs more money and time to implement "properly" and it's a communications problems to sell the public on the idea. State dept of education budget is up 9% to 907 million dollars since start. 11 days are spent testing. School days are shorter so that teachers can catch up with "standards based" grading of "work samples" Certificate of Mastery taken straight out of "America's Choice" report by Marc Tucker. The US leads the world in high tech, industry with creativity, something you don't get with one standard fits all. Drop out rates on Portland are up largely to "higher" standards, remedial kids are way up as an "escape route" from standards. WA does not have "work sample" requirements, and has not yet attached CIM to diploma, but many districts are considering similar requirements such as Lake Washington's Performance Based graduation requirements which will require grading based on rubric of work samples to graduate. \clip\97\30\orestw.txt December 29, 1997 edition of the Eugene Register Guard. STUDENTS GET REAL WORK LESSONS School-to-Work: State and Federal reform laws are giving students real experience in the workplace. By Diane Dietz The Register Guard As Oregon's 1991 school reform law takes full effect, high school juniors and seniors will be required to place themselves on one of six career paths, ranging from arts to business. Car sales and restaurant operations, for instance, would fall under the "business and management" path. [Students "shadow" a car salesman, taking time out of school to sell cars???] LEGAL American Party - OBE as state law \clip\97\29\oreobe\oreobe.htm Proficiency Based Admissions standards system. Framework for implementing K-12 School Transformation, timelines, etc. Oregon School Reform Oregon Standards Certificate of Initial Mastery Certificate of Advanced Mastery Proficiency-based Admission Standards System Student Learning in the Corvallis School District Transforming Oregon Schools: A School Assignment for All Oregonians This is a presentation developed by the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) to inform parents, and community members about the state standards and expectations for student learning. If you have questions, please call Educational Services at 757-5847. CIM Framework & Resources The OPEN Clearinghouse offers a variety of ressources on K-12 staff development. Take a look at a very nicely done set of CIM Portfolio work samples. Student Learning Framework Certificate of Initial Mastery The following documents are located in the CIM area: Questions and Answers about CIM & CAM Meeting the Needs of Students Current Data on Student Achievement %%Work Samples Oregon is big on "work samples" which turned out to be just too much work for teachers to grade and keep track of, never mind the workload on the students. z39\clip\2000\01\worksamp.txt Teacher Union: Ease Up On Work Samples [Eugene Register Guard, Friday Jan. 20, 7B] by The Associated Press PORTLAND -- Oregon's largest teacher's union is recommending that the Department of Education scale back the use of classroom work samples to rate whether students measure up. @@Outcomes Accreditation "Outcomes accreditation" They now have cooperative learning, teachers as facilitators, Everyday Math, multiculturalism, mandated community service, block scheduling, consensus building, etc.... @@OBE-Outcome Based Education @@Outcome Based Education @@Overschool Most jobs don't require higher education, only short term or moderate training and basic skills. We are an overschooled society 74% OF JOBS REQUIRE SHORT TERM TRAINING, HIGHER ED 20% z47\clipim\2000\12\18\whytest.htm Center for the Study of Jobs & Education in Wisconsin What is the rationale for a high school graduation test? the great majority of the jobs of the future are the same jobs Wisconsin has had for many years and that they require only short-term (54%) or moderate length training or experience (20%) as shown in Table I for the top 110 jobs in Wisconsin. Higher education, believe it or not, is required for less than 20% of all jobs. In the top 110 there are about 230,000 jobs (12%) that may require a bachelor’s or advanced degree in 2006. A projected 97,650 (42%) are K-12 teachers or administrators. A projected 30,750 (13%) are Systems Analysts, Computer Programmers or Computer Engineers. @@Paradigm Shift Education reform is often painted as a radical paradigm shift - a reform to the very core values and ideas of what education is supposed to be about z41\clipim\2000\05\10\ibd.efx IBD May 9, 2000 Stuck in Factory Age, Public Schools Refuse Reform Amid Paradigm Shift Merril Matthews Jr. Conservative reference to shift away from factory schools, ususally it is progressives. @@Parent The two top enemies of reform are religion and parents. %%Activism MERCER ISLAND LAYS DOWN RULES FOR PUSHY PARENT BEHAVIOR Z52\CLIP\2001\09\PARENT.TXT Seattle Times Company August 31, 2001 Schools spelling out need for parental civility By Colleen Pohlig Seattle Times Eastside bureau Some parents must have missed the universal kindergarten lesson: Treat others as you would like to be treated. her six years of teaching, she has been verbally abused and threatened by an angry parent over a student's grade, and told her lessons were all wrong by another couple — before the school year had even begun. z50\clip\2001\06\pestdad.txt Sent: Friday, June 15, 2001 6:51 PM SCHOOL EXPELS PESTERING DAD By CARL CAMPANILE June 15, 2001 -- A persistent parent has been booted from his kid's school and threatened with jail for demanding that officials make it safer and better, parent leaders said yesterday. Unlike other parents, Sid Blauner is barred from entering PS 165 in Manhattan Valley without prior authorization. "If you fail to comply, school officials will summon the police and you may be subject to arrest," ARTHUR HU THREATENED WITH LAWSUIT BY TEACHERS UNION IF HE DOESN'T KNOCK OFF ACTIVISM AGAINST REFORM. Image: School restricts actions of local parent activist Eastside Journal (Bellevue WA) Sunday June 20, 1999 p. A3 BW photo by Doug Margeson [says I'm a pain but mention any of my issues, such as why giving kindergarteners and parents 45 min of work every night!] HOW TO DEAL WITH DIFFICULT PARENTS The broadly-applicable tactics for "Dealing With Difficult People" came from two quoted sources: The Schoolhouse Administrator, Oct. 1993 and EDCAL, Vol. 25, #33, April 22, 1996, from the ASsoc. of California School Administrators. UH OH, PARENT IN CONTROL From 5/4/2000 National Review: Washington Bulletin: MURRAY'S LAW Senator Patty Murray, Democrat of Washington, criticizing Republican education-reform efforts in a Senate floor exchange yesterday: "I am just looking at the language of the bill that says .... It is not directed by the school, it is directed by the parent. I do not know how a school district is going to manage this when . . . frankly, the parent is in control." HOW TO BE A REVOLTING PARENT Preparing the Student to Learn, and the Teacher to Teach Welcome Aida Metzenberg, Assistant Professor of Biology, Cal. State Northridge Parents stake their claim to public school policy. Marianne Jennings, Professor of Legal and Ethical Studies, Arizona State University Distinguished panel, moderated by Marianne Jennings: Martha Schwartz, Co-founder, Mathematically Correct \clip\99\15\schwartz.txt Diana Dixon-Davis, Demographic consultant \clip\99\15\dixon.txt Veronica Norris, Attorney Jeff Lee, Vice President and Executive Director, Alliance for Quality Education Gayle Cloud, Parent Jimmy Kilpatrick, Editor, Education News %%Attendence \clip\99\03\jaillate.txt Seattle Times January 26, 1999 Kids' school absences send parents to court by The Associated Press BALTIMORE - Go to class - or send your parents to jail. That's the harsh lesson this semester at Canton Middle School. Eight parents were hauled into court yesterday after repeatedly failing to get their children to campus on time - and four were found guilty. %%Control Texas proposes to intervene for parents who are not conducive to academic achievement \doc\web\98\10\texpar.txt MINNESOTA LAW REQUIRES PARENTS TO MEET PERFORMANCE STANDARDS z63\doc\web\2003\02\parent.txt Maple River Education Coalition (MREdCo) The real name should be No Child and No Parent Left Behind from Government Control. To receive the grant, the federal government is dictating that the parents and schools must sign a compact telling the school "the ways in which each parent will be responsible for supporting their children's learning, such as monitoring attendance, homework completion, and television watching." %%Grading INTRUSIVE POLICIES. Chicago public schools will begin this year evaluating parents. Yes, you read that correctly. The district will rate parents on how well they fulfil 23 "responsibilities." Schools have the option of targeting all parents, or only selected parents. Parents who don't meet the expectations of the schools will receive home visits every 10 weeks from one of more than 1000 school staff members or counselors. Some of the areas that might put parents on the list: * Parent fails to praise the child often enough * Parent spends insufficient "quality time" with child * Child eats meals or snacks that the school deems unhealthy. * Child dressed in a manner the school considers inappropriate for the weather * Child is tardy or absent from school * Child comes to school inadequately unprepared * Child fails to return completed homework on time @@Parents for Public Schools Uh oh looks like another "front" for the education establishment to promote "higher standards". PPS Chapters @@Paulus, Norma Oregon's OBE Czar * Superintendent of Public Instruction - Oregon State * New Standards Project - Board of Directors * Commission on Student Learning - Board of Directors * Council of Chief State School Officers - Board of Directors * Education Flexibly (Ed Flex) (Federal Law) pushed for passage at National Level - Oregon first ed-flex state (1995) * Work Flexibility (Work Flex) [Federal Law) pushed for passage at National Level * Rhodes Scholar Committee in Oregon - Chair 1982-86 * Participant in a five-woman study of the role of women in German society at the request of the West German Government. * Oregon - First Goals 2000 State @@Peer Effect BLACKS MOST LIKELY TO MAKE FUN OF NERDS z42\clipim\2000\05\30\peer\peer.htm May 26, 2000 THE PEER EFFECT ON ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT AMONG PUBLIC ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENTS KIRK A. JOHNSON, PH.D. My friends make fun of people who try to do well G4 G8 White 17.5 22.9 Black 35.8 23.3 Hisp 28.8 29.4 Other 23.7 28.0 NAEP 1998 Top factors negative G4 -8.6 Race Black -8.5 Friends make fun of those who try to do well -8.2 Race Hispanic -6.1 Free/Reduced Lunch G8 -8.0 Black -4.8 Hispanic -4.6 Male -2.7 Free/Red Lunch -2.7 Friends make fun @@Peer Tutoring Using students as tutors is a bad idea Peer Tutoring / Homogeneous Grouping Make the advanced students help out the slower kids instead of offering advanced classes Spread of Peer Tutoring/STW Pilot Programs Quote from the pilot program at New York City, Community District #9: "ALSO PART OF THE PROJECT AT THE MIDDLE SCHOOL LEVEL IS A PEER TUTORING PROGRAM WHICH IS BEING DEVELOPED UNDER THE AUSPICES OF THE PEER TUTORING RESEARCH LABORATORY AT THE GRADUATE CENTER OF THE CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK. This facet of the project centers on the tutor as primary [primary!] beneficiary of the program, as it develops the attributes of personal responsibility, increased self-esteem, and interpersonal skills, as well as academic excellence." @@Pennsylvania Marlene Tobin: OBE IN PA NOT DEAD, IT'S CALLED STANDARDS NOW \doc\web\98\09\obedead.txt OBE RIP IN PENN 1998? \clip\98\16\obedead.txt [November 4, 1998] [Education Week on the Web] Era of OBE Nearing End in Pa. With Approval of New Standards By Kathleen Kennedy Manzo The Pennsylvania school board has taken a [Image] giant step closer to ending the state's outcomes-based-education program, whose detractors partially paralyzed states' standards-setting efforts earlier this decade. \clip\98\04\newscl10.txt 2/16/98 Philadelphia Inquirer Change the way students learn, Penn educator urges Bucks board. (districts must adopt New Standards, based on international standards) \clip\98\04\pennobe.txt 1-31-98 Philadelphia Inquirer "[Pennsylvania] Prepares New Rules on Student Achievement" ["standards are increasingly difficult for each of the four assessment stages -- grades three, five, eight and 11"] " Unlike the controversial current rules known as "outcomes-based education," which have been criticized as vague and didactic, the new proposal spells out specific skills" " The phase-in of outcomes-based education began in September 1994, only to be thrown into disarray four months later when Ridge declared the new standards optional. " (These are the New Standards From Hell where 4th graders are suppposed to submit 4 view schematic of plans for a bike trailer, and read 25 fat books per year) NEW STANDARDS, BOEING MONEY, CHAMBER OF COMMERCE BEHIND TUCKER-BASED STANDARDS. \clip\98\04\newstd.txt 1-31-98 Philadelphia Inquirer "Area [Suburban] School Districts to Hold Students to a Global Standard" [using the New Standards Reference Exam as part of a "plan to test a 20 percent sample of his students in the fourth, eighth and 10th grades as an issue of "quality control" on student learning and teacher performance"] "a new assessment, called the New Standards Reference Exam, is now available and is "internationally benchmarked," according to Ted Hershberg, of the Center for Greater Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania. " " The standards effort in the 16 districts has received funding from Boeing and other major corporations and foundations, including the Knight Foundation and Philadelphia Newspapers Inc. In addition, 18 Chambers of Commerce have formed the Southeastern Pennsylvania Chambers of Commerce Standards Coalition to support standards-based education reform." @@Performance Based Education Similar to Objective Based Education, it is against rote drilling and application of knowledge. Frameworks don't give much in terms of actual skills except gobbly gook like communicates effectively. uses knowledge, information, and technology effectively. solves problems. is creative and original. collaborates with others. determines quality. is a lifelong learner. No mention of charts, graphs, fractions, division etc, criterion based scoring rather than on a curve which makes it possible to flunk everybody. Kent WA Strategic Plan Performance-based education - A system in which instruction focuses on meeting specific objectives or standards of what students should know. The system also implies continuous progress where educators use a variety of instructional strategies that result in students demonstrating mastery of the identified skills and knowledge. "Emphasis on performance based education" Idaho statement \clip\97\18\perf.htm 4th grade scoring standard Does performance based education teach "values clarification"? No. What it does is require students to go beyond the memorization of facts and show how to use what they know From: Fred Battey Arthur, as I'm sure you know Performance Based Education is basically OBE under a different name. Welcome to our group. Fred \doc\web\97\08\perfed.txt Johnson City NJ was the first OBE school @@Performance Standards %%Definition \clip\98\16\howgood.htm Performance standards: How good is good enough? Prepared by: Ann Borthwick and Kate Nolan New Standards Learning Research and Development Center University of Pittsburgh %%Sample NEARLY ALL 8TH GRADERS FAIL SOLAR CAR PROJECT \doc\web\98\10\solcar.txt They handed students a motor, and a solar pannel and told students, "Go to it." The girls had taken shop so they designed, measured, sawed, and put together another solar car. This time, of course, it worked. This assignment was given to all 8th graders--in all 8th grade science class. Only two groups had cars that worked! @@Phi Beta Kappa home page magazine @@Physical Education %%Assessment PE Central assessment ideas %%Death March %%Mile Run Many schools are forcing first graders to do timed mile runs in their street clothes, boys and girls with no parental notification. People have died from forced marches in the military. 6/30/2000 SINGAPORE STUDENTS ALL GET FITNESS FROM HELL STANDARDS My workmate remarked on seeing my kid's 1 mile run scores that everybody does a 2 km run in Singapore. Every day. In fact, if your kid isn't up to standards, the parents get a note on how to properly feed the kid so that s/he isn't fat. If s/he still can't hack it they have to got to boot camp in the summer to bring the kids up to standard. They also, like every place except in the US, track their kids by test scores. What school you went to counts for everything. 11 min mile to pass basic training From: Michelle Trusty-Murphy April 2000 As far as the mile run in street clothes goes--my son is required to do the same thing. He is in forth grade here in Nevada. Michelle 12 MILE DEATH MARCH FOR 19 YR WOMAN SOLDIER IN KUWAIT \clip\99\13\soldie.txt (search dobberstein) Tuesday, June 29, 1999 Tacoma soldier dies in Kuwait by Janet Burkitt Seattle Times staff reporter The 12-mile march she started there last week was part of voluntary training to become an expert field medic. When she collapsed about 300 meters from completion of the march, it was just like her to get up again. But after a few more steps, Dobberstein collapsed again...she was pronounced dead last Friday from cardiac arrest, [This is also a women in the military issue] FITNESS DEATH MARCHES TO EXHAUSTION STARTED IN 70S, NOW COMMON "REFORM" deatmar.txt From: Ken Wessels It started in University physical education research during the 1970's. Once measuring athletes performance became a science, complete with medical like Ph.D. degrees, high school teachers upgrading their degrees during summer schools, were taught that this was and advanced way to fine tune the population. In fact these programs were measuring people being pushed to the limits of their endurance and then being allowed to recover. AG Bell 1ST GRADERS ASSESSED ON MILE RUN, PULL UPS. NOT JOKING z48\priv\2001\04\milerun.txt 2001 policy reduced to 1/4 mi for smaller kids, mile for older kids, thanks to my ranting. Nov 09, 2001 Gene Dogen: "The Cardiovascular Endurance assessment of the One-Mile Walk/Run (optional: 1/4 mile ages 6-7 1/2 miles ages 8-9) will be given in April. It is recommended that each child should be preparing .. to reduce possible injuries. z49\clipim\2001\04\20\pe1.gif-pe2 Mar 2001 no mention of reduced mile run pe3.gif grading scale pe4.gif 3rd grade standards - [is this nuts or what???] juggle soccer ball to self, dribble a ball alternating hands / feet through an obstacle course, swing bat demonstrating correct grip, hit ball from tee, hold a hockey stick push/dribble puck, defence: denying space, defensive "ready" position, demonstrate locomotor patterns & combinations in time with steady beat/ music. Inverted balances - frog stands, tripods. Grapevine: step cross in front; step cross in back; step cross alternating front to back. Roll a ball at 3 & 6 pins. Shoot to a 7'-8' basket. Juggle 2 scarves in one hand. Strike a ball repeatedly with a paddle against a wall. pe5.gif pe6.gif nov 2000 - mile run optional reduced Elementary school times assesses first graders on pull ups, sit ups, and mile run/walk. What the !@#$%? Median number of pull ups in G1 is ZERO! See images of actual documents my kid brought home: April 22, 2000 The Vancouver Sun Overweight girl humiliated in gym class Julie-Anne Vitick says she has been threatened with disciplinary action and humiliated by classmates at Lord Tweedsmuir secondary school in Surrey because she is physically unable to run around the track during gym class. %%President's Challenge ------------------------------------------------- THE PRESIDENT'S CHALLENGE Poplars Research Center 400 E. 7th Street Bloomington, IN 47405-3085 Nonprofit funded by government \clip\99\11\qualify.htm The President's Challenge Youth Fitness Program Presidential Physical Fitness Award: Participants must at least reach the 85th percentile in all 5 events based on the 1985 School Population Fitness Survey. The National Physical Fitness Award = 50th percentile The Health Fitness Award = 50-70th percentile (1 pull-up = 75) Frequently Asked Questions \clip\99\11\fitfaq.htm 1-800-258-8146 E-MAIL US AT: President's Challenge No parental consent No rules against use at K-5 level 25-30 years running. There has never been a complaint that this is inappropriate for elementary school. ------------------------------ President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports Conduct of the school-based President's Challenge Physical Fitness Awards Program, the President's Fitness Awards Program, and the President's Sports Award Program; Ms. Sandra Perlmutter Executive Director 202-690-9000 The President's Challenge National Youth Physical Fitness Program recognizes students age six to 17 who demonstrate exceptional physical achievement in five activities. This program reaches approximately 500,000 young people each year. Contact: Mike Willett (812) 855-2059. Fitness Reporter is a physical education software program for compiling and reporting results from the new President's Challenge or your own custom fitness tests. \clip\99\11\presfit.htm The President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports The PCPFS developed the President's Physical Fitness Challenge. Participants in the PFC perform a variety of exercises testing cardiovascular capacity, strength and flexibility. students earn awards when a minimum performance standard is met in 5 of the physical tests. Participants must meet the minimum score in at least 5 of the exercises to earn the respective award. The PCPFS recommends fitness testing at least twice each year. %%Dodge ball z47\CLIP\2000\12\dodge.htm December 8, 2000 Dodge ball targeted for elimination at schools By Gerald Mzejewski THE WASHINGTON TIMES %%Reform OBE HITS PHYS ED z45\clip\2000\10\qpe.txt Seattle Times Company Health & Science : Sunday, October 08, 2000 'Quality PE' encourages lifetime physical activity By Carol Krucoff Special to The Washington Post "We now focus on health-related fitness," says Judy Young, executive director of the Reston, Va.-based National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE). In 1995, NASPE released national standards for physical education that, for the first time, specified what children should know and be able to do at different levels. "The central notion is that physical education is for all kids, not just the athletically gifted," [SOUNDS LIKE FUZZY ALGEBRA FOR ALL MATH -- OH YEAH, AND WHAT THE HECK IS THE ONE MILE RUN FOR 1ST GRADERS ABOUT??] %%Soccer TOO MUCH SOCCER MAKES JACK A ... z45\clip\2000\10\socchell.txt "More soccer parents fend off early pressure on their kids 10/05/2000 Peter Callaghan; The [Tacoma] News Tribune .. the way parents and coaches are pushing highly competitive programs on children as young as 9 or 10. 10- and 11-year-olds are being asked to commit eight or nine months of the year to soccer. Parents must pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars in fees that often include money to pay coaches. The teams travel to three or four tournaments over the summer (what Schumacher terms "tournamentitis.") Winning becomes paramount. @@Piaget, Jean August 9, 1896 - September 16, 1980 One of the fathers of constructivism. He believed that children "construct" knowledge, and that education should build up creative intelligence rather than just fill children with knowledge. KNOWLEDGE CANNOT BE INSTRUCTED Applications and Misapplications of Cognitive Psychology to Mathematics Education \clip\98\04\misapp.htm One finds frequent reference to Jean Piaget as providing a scientific basis for constructivism. Piaget has had enormous influence on our understanding of cognitive development and indeed was one of the major figures responsible for the emergence of cognitivism from the earlier behaviorist era in psychology. While it is fair to say that many of his specific claims have been seriously questioned, the general influence of his theoretical perspective remains. ... they provide a basis for examining the constructivist's claim that knowledge cannot be instructed. ... However, it is quite wrong to claim that what is learned is not influenced by explicit instruction. \clip\98\04\theory\theory.htm Theories His work continues to influence most teachers, in some ways, today. JEAN PIAGET - INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT The focus of this paper is Jean Piaget's theory of intellectual development. \clip\98\04\PIAGET1.html Cognitive Constructivism Jean Piaget is a Swiss psychologist who began to study human development in the 1920s. His proposed a development theory has been widely discussed in both psychology and education fields. To learn, Piaget stressed the holistic approach. A child constructs understanding through many channels: reading, listening, exploring and experiencing his or her environment. (U Houston College of Education) \clip\98\04\piag\piag.htm The Nature of Interactive Learning Jean Piaget defined education as "the opportunity to re-invent" and emphasized the student's role in actively constructing knowledge. Critical of current educational practices, he said: "If the aim of intellectual training is to form the intelligence rather than to stock the memory, and to produce intellectual explorers rather than mere erudition, then traditional education is manifestly guilty of a grave deficiency" (Piaget, 1970). "Piaget suggested that educators provide children with things and ideas to manipulate that will make them conscious of problems and will encourage them to find answers for themselves. How Young Children Know As early as 1971, Piaget emphasized the importance of active learning in early childhood: "If we desire to form individuals capable of inventive thought and of helping the society of tomorrow to achieve progress, then it is clear that an education which is an active discovery of reality is superior to one that consists merely in providing the young with ....ready-made truths to know".3 3 Susan Haugland and Daniel Shade, Developmental Evaluations of Software for Young Children, 1990 Edition, (Delmar Publishers, 1990) 2.Quoted from Jean Piaget, The Science of Education and the Psychology of the Child (Viking, 1971) 259 The University of South Carolina - Aiken Comments to URL: Biography The growth of knowledge is a progressive construction of logically embedded structures superseding one another by a process of inclusion of lower less powerful logical means into higher and more powerful ones up to adulthood. Therefore, children's logic and modes of thinking are initially entirely different from those of adults. \clip\98\04\pbio\pbio.htm Piaget Archives @@Pokemon,,2-2001195134,00.html The Times Educational Supplement Boy found hanged after teacher took Pokémon cards Ten-year-old Jevan Richardson threatened suicide after his Pokémon cards were confiscated. Jevan Richardson was a bright boy who loved to read Harry Potter books, the inquest was told. But he had become increasingly depressed after an argument over confiscated Pokémon cards in April last year. zip38\clip\99\20\pokeevil.txt POKEMAN-INTRODUCTION "But when she learned that a local Christian school had banned them because of their link to the occult, she changed her mind. " POKEMON CRIMES \clip\99\20\pokemad.txt Pokemon craze has dark side While most kids simply trade and obsess over the cards, some cases of Pokemon fascination are leading to serious crimes. By MIKE BRASSFIELD © St. Petersburg Times, published November 24, 1999 POKEMON TEACHES TOY SCALPING zip40\clipim\2000\04\19\poke\poke.htm Tuesday, 18 April, 2000, 11:41 GMT 12:41 UK Economics lessons the Pokémon way Kjos warns about Pokemon Kjos warns about Digimon Kjos warns about crazy bones @@Portfolio Portfolios, or collections of writing, is supposed to be more accurate than testing. Complex scoring rubrics replace letter grades. It is considered to be an "authentic" or "performance-based" assessment. The California senate has even passed a bill calling for authentic assessment, including portfolios. But experience has turned up examples of teachers tampering with writing to improve results, and "optimisitically graded" with high inflation. Vermont and Kentucky are finding grading to be almost completely unreliable, and teachers don't agree with experts who construct "benchmark" works who don't agree with each other. Some parents also object to the use of portfolios to keep parents from ever seeing any student work. %%Against Vermont has problems with scoring portfolios from "Teacher Magazine" at EducationWeek Online, \clip\98\05\newscl03.txt" 2/18/98 Los Angeles Times Commentary 'Leading the Nation'--Where? By PETER N. BERGER Berger is a middle school English teacher in Vermont, which pioneered the use of student "portfolios" to judge how schools are doing. The idea is that packages of essays and math problems completed by fourth- and eighth-graders in their regular classes give a better picture than standardized tests. But finding a consistent way to grade such work has been difficult, and the state recently reintroduced standardized tests to augment portfolios in comparing students' work to statewide standards. Berger wrote this commentary for Education Week. Portfolios were devised to provide "meaningful, useful data." They don't. That's why as assessment tools they should be abandoned. " KIRIS finds portfolio grading to be very unreliable, off by at least one grade 1/5/98 Marlene Tobin: Portfolios are used to keep parents from seeing student work Portfolio Assessment \clip\97\26\portfoli.txt San Diego County Office of Education Note from Reasearch Senate Bill 662 Senate Bill 662 calls for authentic performance-based assessment for all students and for individual student scores in reading, writing, mathematics, history-social science, and science (4). Grades are based on portfolios. Also claims "success stories" Kent WA strategic plan Portfolio - A purposeful collection of student work that tells the story of a student's efforts, progress, or achievement in a given area. This collection must include: a) student participation in selection of portfolio content, b) guidelines for selection, c) criteria for judging merit, d) evidence of student self-reflection, and e) evidence of conferencing between student and teacher. \doc\web\97\07\portfol.txt Parent is concerned that writing portfolios don't reflect what student can actually do after teacher gets done with editing \doc\web\97\09\kentuck.txt Kentucky Reforms No Panacea for Education Reform By Sam Staley The Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions Dayton, Ohio 11/7/97 "(in Kentucky reforms) the much vaunted use of student writing samples, or "portfolios," to evaluate student performance has proven unreliable. A 1993 audit of 94 schools found all had inflated grades, forcing auditors to reduce writing index scores by an average of 28%.(7 The State also found numerous examples of fraud and abuse where students have been directly aided by teachers in the classroom.(10)" %%For Lessons Learned About Student Portfolios By Elizabeth A. Hebert \clip\98\08\lesport.htm @@Poster A popular project is posters @@Play What if education wasn't a game to guarantee that everybody is proficient in what everyone should know and be able to do but just have fun doing all the stuff we won't have fun to do once we get day jobs? Gerald Bracey: Our word, school, comes from the Greek "scoli." It means leisure. In their leisure time, at least in Athens, ancient Greeks would pop over to the agora and listen to some body talking about something, Socrates perhaps. @@Powerpoint z60\clip\2002\11\ppoint.txt Subject: WSJ: 2nd-graders using Microsoft PowerPoint Even Second-Graders Use PowerPoint in Classrooms IN Wall Street Journal, 12 November, 2002 By JUNE KRONHOLZ Shelve that book report: PowerPoint has hit the classroom. Fourth-graders at Bolivar Intermediate School in southwestern Missouri, who not long ago would have relied on fat three-ring binders to assemble reports a bout the Show-Me State, are presenting them on PowerPoint this year. @@President My 2000 Ratings --------------------- A - Steve Forbes B - Harry Browne, Keyes C - George W Bush D - Gore, Bradley %%Buchanan \doc\web\99\13\buchan.txt Buchanan Education Platform %%Bush G.W. Leading 2000 presidential candidate, has been criticized for running with Marc Tucker / Clinton education policy, TAAS testing. I rate Bush a C on education, where Gore would be a D or F. z40\clipim\2000\03\bushtest.txt Updated: Wednesday, Oct. 6, 1999 at 01:54 CDT Bush calls for national testing; he differs from party on education issue By Ron Hutcheson Star-Telegram Washington Bureau z39\clipim\2000\01\27\bush\bush.htm For basics, but also for standards based education = OBE and STW. Karen Holgate It appears that Democrats love George W.’s education policy. And well they should. It is a page straight out of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s plan for education. Passed in 1994, shortly before Republicans took control of Congress, the Clinton plan includes School-to-Work and Goals 2000 %%Harry Browne Libertarian belives in less government, but no specific education policy other than eliminating all federal programs. That rates a B in my book, to get an A you need to be able to specifically attack STW, OBE, and constructivism. link %%Republican 2000 Rep Presidential Candidates on Ed / Reform @@Press Vermont had agreement to let Dept of Ed review every editorial, and supress any dissent against "reform". @@Private School, Public Funding See private schools Schemes include vouchers, tax credits, and charters to nonprofit, commercial, and religious schools. \clip\99\03\statre.txt ©INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY 1/26/99 THE STATES OF SCHOOL REFORM Vouchers, Tax Credits, Charters All Being Tried By Anna Bray Duff The Arizona Department of Education is pushing a bill that, if passed, would fund scholarships that let some of the state's poorest kids go to private schools. @@Private School, Reform Private and Religious Schools also embrace reform Eileen Spatz @@Progress see @@Progressive Education The original school reform movement lead by Dewey and Piaget. Opposite of "instructivism". The most common name for "reform" education in Britain, now widely acknowledged to be a failure. %%Against The Academic Achievement Challenge Jeanne S. Chall What really works in the classrooms 2000 Guilford Press. Concludes that traditional content based teacher centered education gives better results especially for poor / minorities. Whites / affluent may do OK with progressive approaches %%For PROGRESSIVE TEACHING SHOWS HIGHER TEST SCORE GAINS IN CHICAGO z46\clip\2000\11\oldsty.txt Old-style teaching gets lower scores November 1, 2000 BY ROSALIND ROSSI EDUCATION REPORTER Schools that used more "interactive" techniques had 6 percent higher reading gains and 4 percent higher math gains than the city average, according to a draft report of the study. Schools that used more "didactic" teaching had math and reading gains that were both 3 percent below city averages, the study found. More progressive teaching, emphasizing student discussion and projects, produced higher Chicago test gains than more traditional approaches that stress memorization and multiple-choice tests, a draft study indicated Tuesday. text: \clip\99\06\proged.txt full text: \clip\99\10\proged.txt z45\clipim\2000\09\01\boys\boys.htm City Journal Winter 1999 Progressive Ed's War on Boys Banishing rigid academics and discipline has been a disaster for working class boys. Banishing elite curriculums, grammar schools and age 11 tracking in favor of comprehensive education for all has resulted in fewer, not more outstanding working class children going to the best colleges. \clip\98\11\schcrit.txt Criticizing the Schools: Then and Now Benjamin Levin The University of Manitoba (Progressive education and lowered standards was attacked many years ago much as today) Education Policy Analysis Archives Volume 6 Number 16August 20, 1998ISSN 1068-2341 Columbia Teachers College: Developing a New Paradigm for School Reform The criticisms of current educational reformers -- that our schools provide most children with an education that is too rigid, too passive, and too rote-oriented to produce learners who can think critically, synthesize and transform, experiment and create -- are virtually identical to those of progressive educa tors at the turn of the century, in the 1930s, and again in the 1960s. What John Dewey called the "old education" in 1900, with "its passivity of attitude, its mechanical massing of children, its uniformity of curriculum and method" 74 was to be replaced with a child-centered approach that focuses on the needs and aptitudes of students. Who is Out of Step with Whom 2/4/98 Education Week By Evans Clinchy I have a strong hunch that those that will prove to be the fittest and will therefore survive this process of cultural selection will be those progressive schools favored by the professors and scholars. Lots of progressive education links %%Research Who is Out of Step with Whom 2/4/98 Education Week By Evans Clinchy The evidence assembled by these researchers and practitioners, including such people as Jean Piaget, Jerome Bruner, Lev Vygotsky, Howard Gardner, Seymour Sarason, Roger Schank, Seymour Papert, James Comer, Robert Sternberg, Robert Slavin, John Dewey, Nel Noddings, Jane Roland Martin, Maxine Greene, the four authors of Women's Ways of Knowing, Theodore Sizer, Linda Darling-Hammond, Deborah Meier, Jonathan Kozol, and occasionally Lauren Resnick, strongly supports the idea that our present system of public education--indeed, our Western system of education throughout most of its history--has been based on a quite incorrect view of human development and learning. @@Projects z45\clip\2000\09\project.txt LOST IN ACTION: Are time-consuming, trivializing activities displacing the cultivation of active minds? by Gilbert T Sewall (Gilbert T Sewall is director of the American Textbook Council and, most recently, the editor of The Eighties: A Reader. He writes frequently on education issues.) AMERICAN EDUCATOR SUMMER 2000 Impossible School Projects Sandi Kahn Shelton Working parents magazine 1999. She writes about being asked to motorize raisins to represent sheep in a diorama in New Haven Conn. school. zip38\clipim\99\10\30\project.efx @@Promotion requirements z75\clip\2003\11\tacprom.txt The News Tribune - Tacoma, WA Monday, November 3, 2003 Promotion policy on hold in schools DEBBY ABE; The News Tribune "some eighth-graders are pleased there's no official promotion policy this year requiring they write a narrative piece, a research report, an opinion paper, complete three math projects, and take a math and literacy test." @@PTA, @@PTSA The PTA was once the shining institution for parental involement, now it's all about fund raising, not being advocates for education consumers. OR, it's a handmaiden of the NEA in advocating radical causes such as the gay-led Safe Schools coalition. It's tax exempt but not tax deductible so it can promote initiatives, but not candidates. They paid for K12-2000 more-money-for-schools initiative in WA 2000. goals of pta The Objects of the PTA ---------------------- * To promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school, community, and place of worship. * To raise the standards of home life. * To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth. * To bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the education of children and youth. * To develop between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for all children and youth the highest advantages in physical, mental, social, and spiritual education. %%Gay Focus on the Family has a booklet on this subject. The problem is that this is nothing new ... yesterday's (1960's) PTA was just as bad as today's. Focus Resource Center - What's Wrong with Today's PTA? by Charlene Haar
Dr. Dobson mentions Washington state and the anti-bully bill with ties to the Safe Schools Coalition and the gay agenda. SEATTLE MAY HAVE FIRST GAY/LESBIAN PTA \priv\99\17\gaypta.txt September 2, 1999 Gay, lesbian PTSA forms in Seattle area by Keith Ervin and Lynne K. Varner Seattle Times staff reporters A group of Seattle-area parents and teachers has organized what is believed to be the nation's first PTA chapter created to represent the interests of gay and lesbian parents, students and teachers. %%Politics z42\doc\web\index\ptatax.txt The IRS does not permit this activity if the organization is listed as a 501 (c) 3, but the WA state PTSA has historically had 501(c) 4 standing, which means it is tax exempt, but contributions are not tax deductible. %%Reform PTA 100% BEHIND HARFMUL EDUCATION REFORM LEGISLATION \doc\web\99\13\pta.txt 8/5/99 Washington State PTA: Request for IMMEDIATE ACTION It is the position of the Washington State PTA that all appointees to the Commission must: (a) have demonstrated their support for public education and for education reform as it has developed and evolved in Washington; PTA IRRELEVANT TO REAL PARENT INVOLVEMENT IN ED REFORM \clip\99\11\pta.txt Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 Subject: What next for the PTA? US News & World Report Who speaks for these "education consumers" on such classroom concerns as overcrowding, curriculum decisions, student performance, and teacher accountability? Not, it seems, the country's most venerated parent group–the National Congress of Parents and Teachers, or PTA. Once a pioneer of education reform, the 102-year-old institution is struggling to remain a force in an era of working mothers and dwindling public confidence in the system it supports. Cutting Class The PTA Plays Hooky from Educational Reform Charlene Haar Policy Review Summer 1995, Number 73 " Parents' most promising forum to agitate for reform and hold their local educators accountable for failure already exists: the venerated National Congress of Parents and Teachers, commonly known as the PTA. Unfortunately, parents cannot count on either their local PTA or its national leadership to advance parental interests or even air diverse viewpoints. As it operates today, the PTA is useless to parents who want to play a meaningful role in educational reform." "Last summer, PTA delegates from 53 states and territories met in Las Vegas for the 98th annual national convention. Convention delegates received two days of workshops to learn how to produce materials that generate positive public reaction to PTA, respond to extremist groups challenging health/sex education curricula, implement the PTA's HIV/AIDS awareness programs, and rebut right-wing groups favoring school choice. Delegates considered resolutions on violence in video games, inhalant abuse, the quality of indoor air in portable classrooms, and the sale, resale, and destruction of confiscated firearms. These are typical of the non-educational, social issues on which PTAs focus their time and money. " @@PTO Non-Liberal PTA alternative PTA Alternative Embodies a Shift In School Activism By David Nakamura Washington Post Staff Writer Sunday, September 28, 1997; Page A01 The Washington Post

@@Public Education

It is assumed that public schools are the best way to educate the nation, but some disagree GATTO: PUBLIC EDUCATION FOR A CLASS OF WORKER DRONES, ELITE GETS PRIVATE z45\clip\2000\08\gatto.txt Could They Really Have Done It On Purpose? by Vin Suprynowicz "We want one class to have a liberal education," Gatto finds Woodrow Wilson telling a group of businessmen shortly before the First World War. "We want another class, a very much larger class of necessity, to forgo the privilege of a liberal education and fit themselves to perform specific difficult manual tasks." The conclusions presented on this website are grounded in a five year study of school systems from all over the world and from ancient times to the present. That study was recently published as the book: Market Education: The Unknown History. \clip\99\11\edweek1.txt EDUCATION WEEK "COMMENTARY" APRIL 7TH, 1999 Are Public Schools Hazardous To Public Education? By Andrew J. Coulson One hundred and fifty years ago, a band of dedicated reformers declared that progress toward those ideals was too slow and proposed that a new institution be created to more effectively promote them. Led by Bostonian Horace Mann, the reformers campaigned for a greater state role in education. They argued that a universal, centrally planned system of tax-funded schools would be superior in every respect to the seemingly disorganized market of independent schools that existed at the time @@Public Relations A key feature of the new school reform is the use of modern public relations to sell the new ideas to the public, as mentioned by Marc Tucker's papers, and requests to the Oregon legislature for funds earmarked as such. Massive PR plan for GCEL *Finalize partnerships/alliances/sponsors. *Produce campaign materials. *Finalize advertising and PR budgets. *Plan media. *Launch advertising campaign. *Launch PR campaign. PLANS TO USE ARSENAL OF MODERN MEDIA Infamous 18 page letter from Marc Tucker to Hillary Clinton outlining his plan for national education restructuring - "We plan to use the most effective tools in the arsenal of modern media and the best of community organizing methods to involve the public" GIVE ILLUSION OF PUBLIC INPUT A Report on the Work Toward National Standards, Assessments and Certificates Prepared for the Ohio State Board of Education Researched and compiled by Diana M. Fessler December 10, 1996 However, the most ingenious of the tasks that NCEE/The Alliance has appointed for themselves is that of "engaging the public" in discussing how the pre-determined goals should be achieved, thereby appearing to welcome public input, while avoiding the real issues OREGON SAYS NO TO $1 MILLION FOR PR CAMPAIGN From the Eugene Register Guard - November 21, 1997...buried deep in the "B" Salem -- Members of a legislative Emergency Board subcommittee have put on hold a request for a $1 million public relations campaign to promote Oregon'[s education reform act. Joanne Flint, associate superintendent for the state Department of Education, argued that the state's 1991 school reform act is different than routine school events and requires a major educational campaign so parents, businesses and others take reform seriously. @@Pulling Kids from School In the beginning, it was christian homeschool moms who pulled their kids out of school because of outcome based education. Now liberal democrats are pulling their kids out of standards based education! %%Democrats Michelle Trusty Murphy (democrat): I think I am getting really close to taking Connor out of school too. Connor's father wants me to wait until the end of the year, but I am wondering if we can wait that long!! Michelle Liberals have been taking their kids out of school and educating them at home since the 70's. The Christian right homeschool movement didn't start until the 80's. John Holt started publishing "Growing Without Schooling" in 1977. It wasn't until 1988 with the publication of "The Christian Home School" that Gregg Harris started the stampede of the Christian right wing homeschool movement. Thea @@Qualitative Research If you can't or won't find numbers to support your research, just use hunches and ancedotes. FINN APPLAUDS SCIENTIFIC BASED EDUCATION BILL z45\clip\2000\10\fixstat.txt Education Week September 20, 2000 Fixing Education Research And Statistics (Again) By Chester E. Finn Jr. ... adopted HR 4875, the proposed Scientifically Based Education Research, Statistics, Evaluation, and Information Act of 2000. The phrase "scientifically based" recurs frequently. There's a strong push for bona fide experiments, complete with control groups, which are normal in hard science and biomedical research but staunchly resisted by education researchers enamored of what is politely termed "qualitative methods." @@Quotas GORE WANTS OUTCOME QUOTAS OR WITHHOLD FUNDS for article links April 29, 2000 Contra Costa Times (California) Gore expands school proposal DALLAS -- Significantly expanding his earlier proposals, Vice President Al Gore urged Friday that Washington withhold federal funds from states that fail to improve student performance and close the gaps between white and minority students. @@Race gap (Performance) see test.htm#gap @@Ranking @@Ravitch, Diane Leading debunker of progressive education reform, conservative. Malone slams Ravitch for leaving out goals 2000 and UN connection to ed reform. AGAINST RAVITCH - WHY HIGH STAKES TESTING, ACADEMICS FOR ALL z45\clip\2000\09\phony.txt What is the rationale for high stakes testing for promotion and graduation? What is the rationale for higher math and science requirements for all? Why doesn't anyone answer these questions? Center for the Study of Jobs and Education in Wisconsin The Phony Intellectualism of Diane Ravitch By Dennis W. Redovich Ravitch’s “Left Back” (2000Simon & Schuster, ISBN 0-684-84417-6. Chapter 11 ­ “In Search of Standards” alone will probably be worth the cost of the book. z39\clip\2000\01\ravitch.txt ED WEEK January 12, 2000 Ravitch Leaves Bush Campaign Over Log Cabin Stance By David J. Hoff She was registered to vote as a Democrat when she came to Washington, but has since declared herself an Independent. Ms. Ravitch, who has championed school choice and other issues favored by Republicans... \clip\98\19\ravitch.txt Ed Week 12/15/98 What if Research Really Mattered? By Diane Ravitch Diane Ravitch is a research professor at New York University in New York City and a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington. She was the U.S. assistant secretary for educational research from 1991 to 1993. @@Ready to Learn \clip\99\03\edclip01.txt ASSOCIATED PRESS How to get kids ready for school? Published in The Orlando Sentinel, Jan 20 1999 Linda Kleindienst Tallahassee Bureau TALLAHASSEE -- Thirty-thousand Florida children [25%] entered public school last year not knowing their colors, shapes or ABCs. What made them different from 120,000 classmates who were ready to begin kindergarten? @@Reason Magazine Excellent conservative / libertarian magazine @@Reform - the big picture REFORM THE REFORMERS Blomstrom Book On Serving The Wrong Masters 4/13/94 - On Serving The Wrong Masters Put a moratorium on reform groups. 1st day in 1st grade with new reforms MOST SCHOOL REFORM PROGRAMS SIMPLY DON'T WORK \CLIP\99\12\DONT.TXT Urban School Reforms Don't Improve Education A review by George A. Clowes of Spinning Wheels: The Politics of Urban School Reform Frederick M. Hess Brookings Institution Press, 228 pp., $39.95 "Most reform is not a serious attempt to change teaching and learning in the classroom but is intended to bolster the status of the district policymakers," Hess, an assistant professor of government at the University of Virginia, concludes in Spinning Wheels: @@Religion %%Funding z40\clip\2000\03\pubfund.txt Baltimore Sun March 16, 2000 State funds for private schools OK'd The Maryland Senate approved spending state money to help pay for textbooks at private and parochial schools an average of about $45 for each of the 134,000 nonpublic school students in Maryland, %%General \doc\web\99\01\church.txt Chronology of key education-related, separation of church and state decisions. This was a sidebar to an article on the same subject by Nathan Lewin from the Jan-Feb 99 issue of POLICY REVIEW. %%release link Release students to off campus but permit them to get religious instruction off site @@Remedial College Courses The need for remedial courses in college is held as proof for the need for higher-order-thinking education reform - yet there are only remedial courses for basic math, reading and writing skills. There are NO remedial courses in problem solving or higher order thinking! See Remedial College Courses @@Remedial High School \clip\98\03\edclip4.txt 1/27/98 Chicago Tribune City educators plan remedial high schools By Michael Martinez TRIBUNE EDUCATION WRITER Chicago creates high school to promote 9th graders who do not meet high school admission standards. Tracking for "dumb" kids? But maybe a good idea, that's what Germany and Japan do. @@Research Based Proof? You want proof this stuff actually works???? hhahahahahaha %%Against z48\doc\web\2001\02\keraup47.pdf Innes points out most "research" isn't very rigorous. POETRY TO REPORT RESEARCH??? \clip\99\11\qualrea.txt EXPERIMENTS ON JOHNNY'S BRAIN Experts Doubt Value Of 'Qualitative' Ed Research Date: 4/27/99 Author: Matthew Robinson Tonya Huber is on the cutting edge of qualitative education researchers. After studying race relations and how they affect the school setting, Huber used poetry to present her findings to her colleagues. For America's schools of education, qualitative research isn't new. \clip\98\19\LaTimes2.doc Los Angeles Times Tuesday, July 2, 1996 Ideas: Education An Expert Cautions State to Evaluate Innovations Before Issuing Edicts By RICHARD LEE COLVIN Prior to mandating or promoting any educational innovation, the state ought to evaluate the scientific evidence to make sure it will benefit students. Big deal, right? That's the way things are anyway, aren't they? Well, in fact, the answer is no. And University of Oregon educational psychologist Douglas Carnine is quietly campaigning to see that change. Parents Commission out of Pennsylvania defines research. ONLY 64 OF 500 CURRICULUM PROVIDERS TO KY COULD SHOW THEY WORK \clip\97\28\kyresul.txt EDUCATION WEEK, 11/26/97 KY. TO SHOWCASE PERFORMANCE-LINKED CURRICULA By Millicent Lawton " Kentucky's work is all the more noteworthy because educators nationwide have remarkably little evidence that the materials and methods they use to teach core academic subjects to K-12 students are verifiably effective. Out of about 500 curriculum providers that the Kentucky education department surveyed this summer and fall, only 64 could produce hard evidence of efficacy." Integrated Mathematics, published by McDougal Littell in Boston; Ohio State University's Reading Recovery; Johns Hopkins University's Success for All/Roots and Wings University of Chicago School Mathematics Project University of Hawaii's Developmental Approaches in Science, Health and Technology or DASH. From: "James Kilpatrick" John, They lost my interest when they mentioned Reading Recovey and Chicago Math. Reading Recovery is not a classroom program and independent studies have shown all gains made by first grade are lost by third. What is very interesting is they did not even mention Open Court's Reading Program. Open Court is the only program that has been field tested with large samplies by scientific/medical researchers. The study was replicated and is an on-going part of the NICHD multi-million dollard reading study. Success for All does not address the bottom 20% in reading. I spoke with the developer Dr. Robert Slavin and could not get an answer on what SFA does with these students. Chicago Math has not been shown to produced the gains as the publishers have stated. Most innovations are not tested to make sure they work before teachers try them. \clip\97\25\rr\resprf.htm %%Quality z56\clip\2002\07\edres.txt Education research is under the microscope Quality of data crucial as schools base more decisions on studies 07/29/2002 By JOSHUA BENTON / The Dallas Morning News a bill pending in Congress would, for the first time, attempt to set quality standards for government-funded education research. .. "I've seen some colossal missteps in education – things like New Math and 'schools without walls' – that were seemingly never tested before being tried," said Rep. Michael Castle, R-Del., chairman of the House education reform subcommittee and author of the pending bill. @@Recess Is this normal for everybody's school now???? Talk about high stakes.... Yes, Arthur, it is "normal" to lose recess for forgetting your homework. And it stinks. Our school board has a policy against it. RECESS CANCELLED IN VIRGINIA BEACH z75\clip\2003\11\recess.txt Reading, Writing, Recess Is jump-rope the answer to the obesity epidemic? By Peg Tyre NEWSWEEK Nov. 3 issue - Shortly after Rebecca Lamphere bought her new house in Virginia Beach, Va., she began to notice that it was quiet-too quiet. Lamphere had expected to hear the shouts of children at recess from the Parkway Elementary School next door. Instead she learned that at Parkway, recess was a thing of the past. WITH PE, ALMOST NO FREE TIME RECESS z75\clip\2003\11\norecess.txt -- | Section: Nov. 20, 2003, 1:25AM Parents complain of receding recess Pushing for play at Galveston ISD By KEVIN MORAN Copyright 2003 Houston Chronicle "unless we add time to each day to do it, we have to make use of our instructional time to make sure our kids are prepared" @@Reconstitution If the kids don't pass the tests, flunk the kids, fire the teachers, and shut down the schools. But what if the kids simply show up as poor learners? 11/15/2000 Daily Telegraph there was an article by John Clare about one of these failing schools; Having already once been shut down and reopened under a 'superhead', who resigned after eighteen months in the job, it is now due to be shut down again in 2002. Reconstitution Gaining New Momentum Education Week (some studies show reconstitution - firing entire staffs - can raise test scores of students) \clip\97\21\reconst.htm RECONSTITUTED EDISON IN SF FAILS \clip\98\01\recon.txt file=MN44392.DTL&directory=/chronicle/archive/1998/01/06 Tuesday, January 6, 1998 · Page A13 ©1998 San Francisco Chronicle Reform -- No Sure Cure S.F. primary school struggles despite radical overhaul Nanette Asimov, Chronicle Staff Writer SAN FRANCISCO @@Report card Schools have discarded the ABC grading scale and are aligning to reform movements. New "cards" are 4 2-sided pages long or more, specific to curriculum and grade level, implemented despite parents protest. %%Old 1920's report card A - excellent B- good C- fair D- @#$ but passing (can't read it) F- failing It's got one line for each teacher, one column for each quarter. Compare that to the 12 page standards based monster laundry lists they need now %%Parents BAD PARENTS IN CHICAGO WILL GET THEIR OWN REPORT CARD z42\clip\2000\06\parrept.txt,2669,CTT-20044063,FF.html School parents will receive reports on own progress By Michael Martinez Chicago Public Schools will issue a "parent report card" for the first time next year, identifying weak parenting skillsand offering parents guidance to improve their children's academic performance, officials said Wednesday. %%punish Boy about to be whipped for bad grades kills himself Seattle Post Intelligencer Oct 24, 1998 p. A3 3rd grader shoots and kills himself in Arkansas, age 8, mother was unhappy with report card from the son and was going out to cut a switch and discripline him. %%reform [[Bellevue BELLEVUE TO ADOPT OBE REPORT CARDS THAT FLUNKED IN FED WAY [so will Lake Washington] zip36\clip\99\16\bellrept.txt Tuesday, August 17, 1999 Bellevue elementary students to get more informative report cards by Tan Vinh Seattle Times Eastside bureau The Bellevue School District is launching a new elementary-school report card that administrators say will give parents more information and clear any confusion over whether students are meeting district standards. While the report card debuting this new school year is similar to the one recently abandoned by the Federal Way School District, Bellevue school officials said yesterday they have enough positive feedback from teachers and parents to support the change. [[Federal Way FEDERAL WAY KILLS AND BURIES OBE/EALR BASED REPORT CARD \clip\99\16\fedrept.txt 'Old' report cards making comeback Seattle Times Aug 10, 1999 p. B2 FEDERAL WAY - Letter grades and shorter report cards will return to Federal Way elementary schools next month, muffling an emotional 8 mongth debate among parents, teachers, and administrators. parent reports on victory 6/1999 cure newsletter: The Federal Way OBE report card has been in the news. The committee established to deal with the parents concerns was disbanded by the superintendent, who replaced their work in progress with his own plan. (He reportedly told the parents that this would have been what they came up with if the committee had been "functional" The district bragged that this revised report card has been REDUCED to only FOUR pages. They have also hired a big gun facilitator to mediate the dispute. FEDERAL WAY HIRES MEDIA TO PATCH UP OBE REPORT CARDS THAT SUCK "Federal Way hires mediator to resolve report-card flap" Seattle Times June 17, 1999 Next meeting is 7-9 next thursday at Saghalie Jr Hi 33914 19th ave SW The school board has hired a professional mediator to be paid $6,500-$8,000 to work to modify [but not get rid of?] a number based report card system loudly protested by parents and teachers who say it is confusing. School officials say they need to keep up with state ed reform [but nothing in the law requires these report cards! - Lake Washington is next in line for a parent revolt if their similar proposal goes through] FEDERAL WAY PARENTS FLUNKING OBE BASED REPORT CARS Seattle Times May 13, 1999 \clip\99\11\report.txt Federal Way parents give new report cards an F by Lisa Pemberton-Butler Seattle Times South bureau "the highly detailed assessments, which range from four to five pages, have generated considerable anger and confusion instead. "Heated" doesn't even begin to describe the controversy the new report cards have stirred up, said Holly Isaman, president of the School Board. Browse by Date " The highest grade, a "4," means a child is working beyond his grade-level expectations. Many parents say that is unattainable. Federal Way WA school district has called in the "big guns" to facilitate a committee which will be changing the elementary schools report card. Have any of you had the privilege of working with her? Facilitator: Carolyn Gellermann (her resume lists credentials in "Dealing with an Angry Public, and Dealing with Difficult People and situations." [[Ontario Ontario Candada uses Standards Based report cards too [[Lake Washington Lake Washington proposes report card aligned to EALR, show G3-G5 progress 1=start 4=meets standard July 1999 report card overview \clipim\99\07\08\reptcard.htm [[Seattle SEATTLE TEACHERS REVOLT OVER OBE REPORT CARDS z46\clip\2000\11\reptcard.txt Local News : Thursday, November 02, 2000 Schools to get say on new report cards By Frank Vinluan Seattle Times staff reporter October 25, 2000 Teachers not happy with Seattle's new report card By Keith Ervin Seattle Times staff reporter Blomstrom: Many teachers are reportedly upset about these "microscopic," time-consuming report cards. There was a staff meeting at my school recently where staff voted to field test the new cards. But did they really have a choice? \zip40\clipim\2000\03\21\searept.efx Seattle 2000 Grade 3 report card - all "proficient" Pretty technical "standards" for science. @@Resisters Interview with Iserbyt All attendees were given a copy of The Change Agent's Guide to Innovations in Education, the bible for bringing about change in our schools and communities, written by Ronald Havelock of the University of Michigan. We were even taught how to identify resisters @@Results @@Proof @@Evidence Most reforms don't show increased test scores, or any reliable evidence of improved learning %%Bad Washington State's schools for the 21st century did not document ANY numerical improvment in test scores, in fact, these districts performed more poorly than average when the WASL came around in 1997. Bardstown KY district shows scores go DOWN despite superintendent signed on to reform organization. %%Good text: \clip\99\06\rate.txt web: \clipim\99\07\reform\reform.htm February 17, 1999 Education Week on the Web Researchers Rate Whole-School Reform Models By Lynn Olson Only three of 24 popular school reform models [Image] have strong evidence that they improve student achievement, according to a report released last week that provides the most comprehensive rating of such programs by an independent research group. MOST SCHOOL REFORM PROGRAMS DON'T WORK, BUT ARE POPULAR ANYWAY \clip\99\06\research.txt Editorial from USA Today, 2/12/99, p14a Lost Homework Thrusday's release of "An Educators Guide to Schoolwide Reform," an attmept to evaluate which schoolwide reforms work and which don't. Conclusion: Many don't, but schools use them anyway. url: file: \clip\99\05\refmodl.htm file: \clip\99\05\refmodl.txt Schoolwide Reform Models: What Works? By Olatokunbo S. Fashola and Robert E. Slavin Success for All: for language-minority students, the effects of Success for All have been particularly positive.11 Bilingual schools in Philadelphia found substantial differences between Success for All schools and control schools on scales from the Spanish Woodcock, with an effect size at the end of second grade of +1.81 (almost a full grade-equivalent). Roots and Wings. Roots and Wings is a comprehensive reform design for elementary schools that adds to Success for All innovative programs in mathematics, social studies, and science. Funded by New American Schools, Roots and Wings has recently begun to be disseminated nationally. Evaluations of MathWings in San Antonio and in Miami and Palm Beach County, Florida, have also found strong positive effects Core Knowledge. Core Knowledge is an approach to curriculum and instruction based on the work of E. D. Hirsch, Jr. A study currently in its second year compares six Baltimore Core Knowledge schools to six matched control schools.18 Outcomes are very inconsistent. On the Comprehensive Tests of Basic Skills, Core Knowledge first-graders scored slightly better than controls in reading comprehension (ES = +.09), with larger positive differences in math concepts (ES = +.18). Third-graders also scored slightly higher than controls in reading (ES = +.08), but no differently in math. Modern Red Schoolhouse. The Modern Red Schoolhouse is a project of the Hudson Institute, a conservative think tank with headquarters in Indianapolis.35 The program is based on the Core Curriculum of E. D. Hirsch, Jr.. Modern Red Schoolhouse design have shown improvement on NCEs in the early grades. National Alliance for Restructuring Education. The National Alliance for Restructuring Education is a partnership of states, school districts, and national organizations that is affiliated with the New Standards Project. In Kentucky, a key National Alliance partner, schools engaged with the National Alliance were much more likely than other Kentucky schools to earn awards for improving their students' performance. ONLY DIRECT INSTRUCTION, SUCCESS FOR ALL, HIGH SCHOOLS THAT WORK ARE PROVEN \doc\web\99\02\proof.txt> 02/scoop.html Inside Scoop Facts, Not Fads, on Schoolwide Reform Educators have long clamored for a reliable, complete, and easy-to-use reference that pulls together information on "whole-school," "comprehensive," or "schoolwide" reform programs. NEA has co-sponsored a new report, An Educators' Guide to Schoolwide Reform, that provides just that resource. Only three of the approaches examined--Direct Instruction, High Schools That Work, and Success for All--provide strong evidence that they positively impact student achievement. For many of the approaches, surprisingly, there's little evidence one way or another on whether they help students achieve. IF HOOVER IS DOING ALL REFORMS RIGHT, WHY ARE SCORES SO LOW? \doc\web\98\09\hoover.txt In fact, Hoover's rates of post-secondary entry and retention are impressive. Educational Talent Search reports that of 275 low-income 1997 Hoover graduates, 85% are in post-secondary education. (SCANS, portfolios, preformance learning goals, etc) \clip\98\05\newscl05.txt 2/20/ 98 LEARN Report Held Back From Hearing By AMY PYLE, Times Education Writer Using a statistical model that accounted for student poverty, Rasmussen found that LEARN had no significant impact on test scores at the elementary or high school level. At the middle-school level, however, Rasmussen found some correlation between LEARN and better test scores. @@Restructure %%For What is Restructuring? "To restructure means to preserve and build upon what has been successful in educating our children and to rethink and redesign those aspects of the enterprise that have failed," Glenn Harvey and David Crandall (1988) say. %%Against Kosser Newsletter A suggested platform to unite the forces opposed to the "restructuring" of education in America 1. Experimenting on children (educationally, psychologically or both) without the informed consent of their parents is immoral and unethical. Even though the US Department of Education made it LEGAL to conduct such experiments without admitting what they were doing (see the Federal Register, volume 56 page 28012), it's still not right. If you give parents -- no matter WHERE they come from, the opportunity to have their children taught how to read, write and do arithmetic, almost 100% will give their consent. It's only when teachers want to use experimental, unscientific psycho-educational games, tests and activities that responsible parents object (and rightly so). @@Retention @@Grade Retention Standards Based Education holds that social promotion is bad, and grade retention is bad, and tracking is bad. Yet if you do not pass the standards, you must repeat the grade, or use an "individualized learning plan" that amounts to tracking. This is closely linked with assessment which maintain the passing "standard". 5 - 7% of students are retained per year in the US, by 9th grade half have either been retained once or dropped out. Most retention is in Kindergarten and 1st grade. Given students of equal ability, those who were retained were 20-30% more likely to drop out entirely. Cunningham: Ungraded Retention a disaster in KY Study: no justification for retention Report Questions Academic Effectiveness of Grade Retention Retaining a child in the same grade for a second year is neither academically nor economically justified, according to a new report from the University of Maine College of Education & Human Development. The adoption of stricter promotion standards, particularly following the 1983 Nation at Risk report on sub-standard student performance, has resulted in the unintended consequence of higher retention rates rather than increased student motivation or improved school effectiveness, according to the report, "The Impact of Repeating a Grade: A Review of Research in the '90s," from the College's Center for Research and Evaluation. An estimated 5 to 7 percent of public school students are retained in the United States each year, and by ninth grade half of the nation's public school students have either failed a grade or left school Research indicates that such accountability measures tend to increase retention, but not necessarily achievement, she explains. The majority of grade retention in Maine, as nationally, is in kindergarten and first grade. An estimated 40 percent of males and 20 percent of females in the United States have been retained by age 14. b.. A high percent of retained students entered kindergarten or first grade unprepared for school work and were economically and socially disadvantaged. Retention can actually harm academic achievement, according to Lorrie A. Shepard, the interim dean of the education school at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Sometimes it works: in a study of inner-city Baltimore students that those who repeated a grade in elementary school saw their grades, test scores, and self-esteem improve. Baltimore: By the students' eighth year of schooling, the Hopkins researchers found, four in 10 students had been retained at least once. of students with equally poor achievement--and controlling for other background characteristics associated with dropping out, such as race, ethnicity, and gender--students who repeated a year were 20 percent to 30 percent more likely to drop out of school. RETAINED STUDENTS NO BETTER, BUT MORE LIKELY TO DROP OUT \doc\web\99\05\retreas.txt According to the analysis by Mr. Holmes of the University of Georgia, only 9 of the 63 controlled studies of the subject showed overall positive results from holding pupils back. Inel15lmost of those cases, he found, the retained students had received extra help through individualized programs and smaller classes, while the promoted students had not. Mr. Fernandez noted that a 1986 study found that 40 percent of the city's students who were retained dropped out before the end of high school, compared with 25 percent of students with comparable reading levels who had not been held back. Many states such as Kentucky adopting "ungraded" primary grades, with promotion test required only into 4th grade Florida reports as many as 30% of students have been held back a grade. Traditionally in a one room schoolhouse, students were only promoted when they demonstrated certain skills, as many as 50% would be held back. This was replaced by social promotion. after adopting a pupil-progression plan based on academic mastery, four times as many Atlanta first graders were retained than previously (Rose and others l983). Pinellas County, Florida doubled or tripled its normal retention rate after implementing a competency-based promotion policy (Eligett and Tocco l983). \clip\99\04\compton.txt Los Angeles Times Monday, February 1, 1999 Schools in Compton Set Reform Pace Education. Students are put into "slow-track" remedial classes instead of main grade, heralded as reform. Kent WA strategic plan Research indicates that tracking and retention systems do not improve student learning. 1/3 OF STUDENTS ARE FORCED TO REPEAT A GRADE , BUT IT DOESN'T WORK link Educational Leadership Volume 56 Number 1 September 1998 William A. Owings and Susan Magliaro Grade Retention: A History of Failure For almost 50 years, research has shown that grade-level retention provides no academic advantages to students. Yet, the practice is gaining increasing attention as schools face political pressure to demonstrate accountability for student achievement. According to one study (Roderick, 1995), from 1980 to 1992 the national percentage of retained students increased from approximately 20 percent to nearly 32 percent. the Center for Policy Research in Education (1990) reported that by the 9th grade, approximately 50 percent of all U.S. school students have been retained. In California, George (1993) found that retention rates for African Americans and Hispanics are twice the rate for whites \doc\web\98\07\retent.txt10th grader retained in 7th grade class just disrupts class @@Retirement Scam "RETIRED" SUPERINTENDENT ADMINS COLLECT PENSIONS, 100K CONTRACTS z56\doc\web\2002\05\vallas2.txt Substance (Chicago) April 2002 XXVII No. 6 No longer 'ghost payrollers.' After deregulation.. 'Zombie payrollers ' haunt Chicago schools budgets' by Tom Sharp ..Chicago has a new breed of clout heavy and enormously expensieve payrollers haunting the school systems's $4 Billion budget. Thanks to policies begun under the Vallas administration, principals and other administrators with clout can retire, and begin collecting large pensions, meanwhile many remain on the Board of Education, in semi official positions, or as highly paid $100-200,000 consultants.2 ... costing the school system more than $10m per year * Paul Vallas was awarded a consulting contract worth at least $250,000 at the time of his resignation in June 2001. Vallas was @@Gun Guns are banned in schools but sometimes it gets ridiculous Seattle - late 1990s, tiny GI Joe gun got a kid suspended z46\clip\2000\11\papgun.txt Paper Gun Costs Newport News Student 2 days at Home Stephanie Barrett Newport Daily Press - Posted: 11.02.00 A 12-year-old Dozier Middle School student will return to school Monday after being suspended for having a paper gun. @@Right Wing Defending Public Education is designed for both in-depth study and quick reference. It gives you the big picture plus a detailed examination of five issues that feature prominently in right-wing campaigns to manipulate public opinion and influence policy on public education, including: Vouchers, Charter schools, Public school privatization, Bilingual education, Parental rights. Right-wing arguments on each issue are summarized, along with a progressive response. The kit also features organizing advice, activist success stories, article reprints, directories of national organizations supporting and opposing public education, bibliographies and more. Here is a link to the page on our site that promotes the kit: Jesse Ward Putnam Director of Development and Communications Political Research Associates 617-661-9313 / fax:617-661-0059 @@Rigor COLLEGE PREP LEVEL CLASSES MORE IMPORTANT THAN GPA FOR COLLEGE GRAD \clip\99\11\rigor.txt The Chronicle of Higher Education From the issue dated June 4, 1999 Study Says Rigor of High-School Course Work Is the Best Predictor of College Graduation By BEN GOSE The study, Answers in the Tool Box: Academic Intensity, Attendance Patterns, and Bachelor's Degree Attainment, will be available after June 7 at no charge by calling (877) 433-7827. It will also be posted on the World-Wide Web, at [The level of courses, such as pre-college post-algebra math, and science is more predictive than GPA of college graduation success] @@Rote Learning Criticized by education reformers as being boring, unnatural, and leading to "low performance". Problem is that you have to know things, not just think, and what you know does matter as much as how you think. You can't "figure out" calculus, you have to know it! On the other hand, some promote rhyme and music, which is another form of rote learning! %%Against STUDY PURPORTS LOW-LEVEL ROTE WORK ISN'T IS AS GOOD AS "HIGH-QUALITY" z48\clip\2001\02\basicbad.txt <linkHere's the weekly "In The Classroom" from the Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin today. How does all this fit with the new edict that everything has to be relevant to the world of work? Not especially the relevancy of the rigorous social studies incorporated in this nonsense. "Music helps us remember." [Can't have plain rote, gotta have music!] "Some of the TAD was modeled on Virginia's standards--standards that have drawn praise for their clarity and precision but scorn from some educators who claim they will encourage "back-to-basics" teaching and rote learning. \clip\97\25\double.txt November/December 1997 Teacher Magazine on the Web Double Standards By Drew Lindsay @@Rubric Empowering Students through Negotiable Contracting by Andi Stix A rubric is a carefully designed ratings chart that is drawn up jointly by teacher and students. Along one side of the rubric are listed the criteria that the teacher and students decide are the most important ideas to be mastered in the lesson. Across the top of the rubric are listed the rankings that will be used to assess how well students understand each of those criterion. The rubric also indicates how much importance should be given to each criterion, based on its importance to the overall lesson. Within each ranking, there also may be numerical gradations, depending on whether a student performs on the higher or lower level of that category. Unlike a traditionally assigned, generalized number or letter grade, the rubric serves as an in-depth "report card" for a lesson, unit, or project. @@Russia Ed reform in russia Parents are totalitarian if they instruct children in any form of 'doctrine' which is an anathma to the educrats who wish to 'educate for democracy' \doc\web\98\04\rusref.txtRussian Ed Reform from a german paper DIRECT INSTRUCTION IS USED IN RUSSIA "I was educated in Russia where everybody (with the exception of severely retarded and emotionally disturbed children) was taught through direct instruction techniques. Reading problems are unheard of in Russia. Everyone reads by age eight." @@Running Start In Washington state, high school students can enroll in college classes if they test high enough. Interestingly, 25% do not pass the WASL state proficiency test. Z75\PRIV\2003\11\RUNSTART.TXT Nov 23, 2003 Longview Daily News Running Start allows 11th- and 12th-graders to take college-level courses, tuition-free, at Washington's 34 community and technical colleges, earning both high school and college credits. At Lower Columbia College, Running Start students must test into college-level math and English just the same as other students taking college-level courses. They earn an average 2.80 GPA and complete 90 percent of their classes with a "C" or better. @@Scandal %%Criminal @@Principal %%Principal David Blomstrom has spent a lot of time tracking down really bad principals. SEATTLE SCHOOLS SETTLES GATEWOOD PRINCIPAL BARTON HARASSMENT $90K zip55\clip\2002\04\barton.txt Local News: Wednesday, April 10, 2002 Three teachers settle suit for $90,000 Editorials & Opinion: Wednesday, April 10, 2002 Editorial Teachers' settlement a win for both sides By Keith Ervin Seattle Times staff reporter Three teachers who claimed they were sexually harassed by Gatewood Elementary School Principal Dan Barton have settled their suit against the Seattle School District for a $90,000 payment and more aggressive efforts to prevent similar incidents. Principal "Jailhouse Sallye" Gauthier Gone! It only took 10 years, 70 teachers, and one fatality, but the Los Angeles Public School District (LAUSD) FINALLY got rid of one its most notorious principals, Sallye Gauthier. Blomstrom says Seattle knowingly hired principals with criminal records. Barton in Seattle Weekly "Principal problem: Is Dan Barton a take-charge reformer or a boss from hell? Or both?" z39\priv\2000\01\barton.txt Parents in Seattle complain about Dan Barton at gatewood, allegations of improper relations with teachers. z39\clipim\2000\02\16\GATEW1.gif Gatewood letters to Seattle Weekly And read this story about the 7 year principal at Gatewood (West Seattle), what a nightmare. Apparently he gets into screaming matches with PARENTS and employees when he doesn't get his way. Families are pulling their kids out of Gatewood. There are some very interesting letters to editor in the print edition in the next week's issue, but they are not online. Do you guys have fax numbers I could send the letters to? Or I can just send the scanned pages as attachments to e-mail. Principal Barton --- z39\CLIP\2000\02\gatewood.htm z39\clip\2000\02\gatewood.txt %%Jones, Al Al Jones Seattle schools hires a troubled superintendent as a principal, fired over allgegations of sexual contact with student, among other problems. Blomstrom update Seattle Garfield Principal, David Blomstrom finds out he was fired in past job \doc\web\99\15\geob1014.txt He was fired from his last job as superintendent in Richmond, Va., for reasons that may have had more to do with politics than anything. "In 1996, the IRS filed a tax lien for $66,000 against Jones and his former wife for unpaid back taxes, according to court records. In 1997, the owners of a Mercer Island rental home fought to have Jones evicted after he got behind in the rent. " PI article on Jones. \clip\99\19\aljones.txt Garfield principal put on paid leave District keeps details secret, appoints Chow Saturday, October 9, 1999 By REBEKAH DENN SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER REPORTER \clip\99\19\aljones2.txt @@SCANS Skills (bad----) Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills: A 31 member panel formed by former U.S. Secretary of labor Elizabeth H. Dole in April 1990 to examine the demands of the workplace and whether young people are capable of meeting those demands. A Bush initiative that became a cornerstone of 90's education liberal reforms. [\clip\97\28\assess.txt Education Week October 23, 1991 National Standards/Assessments: Students] "What we found was disturbing: more than half our young people leave school without the knowledge or foundation required to find and hold a good job." (If this is true, then why are nearly all Americans working and holding goodo jobs?) SCANS TEST TRIAL SCANS REPORTS ONLINE Date sent: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 22:07:21 -0600 From: Jeanne Donovan Subject: SCANS reports on line In 1990, the Secretary of Labor appointed a commission to determine the skills our young people need to succeed in the world of work. The commission's fundamental purpose was to encourage a high-performance economy characterized by high-skill, high-wage employment. Although the commission completed its work in 1992, its findings and recommendations continue to be a valuable source of information for individuals and organizations involved in education and workforce development. SCANS Documents Blueprint for Action: Building Community Coalitions Learning A Living Identifying and Describing the Skills Required by Work Identifying Necessary Job Skills Government As A High Performance Employer   Welcome to the NEW SCANS website. The SCANS/2000 Center is comprised of an interdisciplinary research group at the Johns Hopkins University Institute for Policy Studies (IPS). The staff of SCANS/2000 is working on projects related to school-to-work and education reform. The central theme in all our work is creating a workforce development system that properly prepares workers to compete in the international economy of the 21st century. At this site, we provide information about research regarding SCANS - both our own and others'. THE SCANS REPORT REVISITED William G. Huitt, Ph.D. Reference: Huitt, W. (1997). The SCANS report revisited. Paper delivered at the Fifth Annual Gulf South Business and Vocational Education Conference, Valdosta State University, Valdosta, GA, April 18. \clip\98\04\scans\scans.htm \clip\98\04\workskill.txt What are workplace skills? Adapted from: Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills. (1991). What work requires of schools. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Labor. THE FOUNDATION -- competence requires: Basic Skills reading, writing, arithmetic and mathematics, speaking, and listening Thinking Skills thinking creatively, making decisions, solving problems, visualizing things in the mind's eye, knowing how to learn, and reasoning Personal Qualities individual responsibility, self-esteem, sociability, self-management, and integrity COMPETENCIES -- effective workers can productively use: Resources allocating time, money, materials, space, and staff Interpersonal working on teams, teaching others, serving customers, leading, negotiating, and working well with people from culturally diverse backgrounds Information acquiring and evaluating data, organizing and maintaining files, interpreting and communicating, and using computers to process information Systems understanding social, organizational, and technological systems, monitoring and correcting performance, and designing or improving systems Technology selecting equipment and tools, applying technology to specific tasks, and maintaining and troubleshooting technologies SECRETARY'S COMMISSION ON ACHIEVING NECESSARY SKILLS (SCANS) Report for America 2000 (June, 1991): The foundation to School To Work "workplace" skills "that we need but don't teach". It is a bible for education reform and non-academic fuzzy "skills" and "values", emphasizing "higher order thinking", problem solving, group interactions and personal qualities valued by the reform education movement. It set the framework for new assessments, establishing "proficiency", and new "skills", and it is evidently the model for "learning frameworks" created by many states. SCANS Report Education Week Definition: A massive two-year project of the U.S. Department of Labor. The Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills in 1992 recommended a host of changes to make school curricula and teaching methods more relevant to the modern workplace. A good summary from I. SCANS Workplace Competencies: Resources: Identifies, organizes, plans, and allocates resources Interpersonal: Works with others Information: Acquires and uses information Systems: Understands complex inter-relationships Technology: Works with a variety of technologies II. SCANS Foundation Skills: Basic Skills: Reads, writes, performs arithmetic and mathematical operations, listens, and speaks Thinking Skills: Thinks creatively, makes decisions, solves problems, visualizes, knows how to learn and reasons Personal Qualities: Displays responsibility, self-esteem, sociability, self-management, and integrity and honesty Good Scanslink Introduction: Texas Skills Standards and Certification Project \clip\97\28\scans\scans.htm In 1990 the United States Secretary of Labor appointed a group called the Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS) to determine the skills people need to succeed in the world of work. The Commission was composed of 30 representatives of education, business, labor, and state government and was "charged with defining a common core of skills that constitute job readiness in the current economic environment." An environment facing fierce economic competition, new technologies, and rapidly changing skill requirements. Specifically, the Commission was asked to: Define the skills needed for employment; Propose acceptable levels of proficiency; Suggest effective ways to assess proficiency; and Develop a dissemination strategy for the nation's schools, businesses, and homes. LEGAL American Party - OBE as state law \clip\97\29\oreobe\oreobe.htm contained in a document called the "SCANS Report for America 2000." The substantive contents of that report were produced by the organization known as the National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE), a private organization mentioned earlier. This is an organization funded and controlled by the Carnegie Corporation, and is a central funding agency for grant money supporting OBE programs and experimentation using funds from the Rockefeller Foundation and similar sources. [is this right - I think SCANS was a response to the NCEE report?] Scans 2000 SCANS/2000 is an interdisciplinary research group at the Johns Hopkins University Institute for Policy Studies (IPS). he staff of SCANS/2000 is working on projects related to school-to-work and education reform. you might want to know what's in the SCANS fine print." -Robert Holland, Not With My Child You Don't-">Lots of SCANS links @@Scheduling Alternative scheduling is another way to meddle with educational norms. 4 day weeks, year round are some mechanisms tried out, also "block scheduling". Another idea is ending later, starting in August. Ideally, kids and parents would be spending all their time "increasing learning". One justification is to increase time for teacher training and save money for increased salaries. %%August start EARLIER START CREEPING TOWARDS MORE SCHOOL = HIGHER STANDARDS z50\clip\2001\08\augstar.txt from the August 17, 2001 edition - More school bells are ringing in August By Christina McCarroll | Special to The Christian Science Monitor Some states have already banned early starts. %%Early Start (saves money) TOO EARLY: HIGH SCHOOL AT 7:15, LUNCH AT 9:30 TO SAVE MONEY zip36\clip\99\14\latebed.txt New York Times August 1, 1999 ENTERTAINMENT Late to Bed, Early to Rise Makes a Teen-Ager Dance ... Tired Bars & By Douglas Martin [I] n the rolling hills of affluent northern Sales Westchester County, students at John Jay Events High School face a daunting daily challenge: Coupons They get up at 5:15 A.M. -- in the dark much Yellow Pages of the year -- to catch buses that get to school in time for their first class, at 7:15. July 28, 1999 Eyes Wide Shut By Abby Ellin [M] ost of the time, college students walk around campus dazed and slightly confused. This is hardly surprising. They pull all-nighters, live in loud dorms, party or study till the wee hours. Young adults need about eight and a half hours of sleep, and college students average six, %%Early Dismissal BELLVUE TO CUT BACK FROM 7-2:30 7 PERIOD CLASS z42\clip\2000\06\hisched.txt Bellevue high-schoolers applaud next year's schedule changes - Many kids welcome chance to study later, sleep longer 2000-05-19 by Catherine Hawley Journal Reporter That's led to a high school day that starts at 7:30 a.m. and ends after seven classes at 3 p.m. The norm on the Eastside is a six-period day that dismisses no later than 2:30 p.m. "The district has raised standards.. with the ultimate goal of having every child take at least one college-level Advanced Placement class while in high school." Sounds like more of the same old death march story. CUT CLASS HOURS TO BOOST TEACHER PAY AND RESERVE??? z41\clip\2000\05\schday.txt May 03, 2000 School day could end early in Bellevue by Tan Vinh Seattle Times Eastside bureau "elementary schools would drop 40 minutes of art, music or physical education on Wednesdays as part of the two-hour cut. raise concerns over child-care needs and the reduced instructional time. ... painful cuts will be needed to help the district save $3.8 million next year to boost its reserve funds and to give teachers salary bonuses and additional training to be competitive. %%Four Day Week \clip\98\06\week4dy.txt Tri City Hearld 3/19/1998 which states that in the Public Schools 4 days of school per week rather than 5 lead to higher test scores. Maybe if we went to 2 days we could catch up with other nations. Stanfield WA adminstrators: "research by the committee reportedly has shown that school instruction time will remain the same and test scores actually have risen in other districts that have made the change." FOUR DAY WEEKS NOT HARMFUL, BUT CONTROVERSIAL \clip\97\27\4day.txt A Matter of Time: Schools Try Four-Day Weeks By Robert C. Johnston Education Week November 19, 1997 The Saratoga, Ark., school district is betting that its students will learn better with a new four-day calendar than a traditional five-day week. And educators in Louisiana's Beauregard Parish swear that four is better than five for students there as well. %%Graduation Project SENIOR PROJECT CUTS CLASS DAYS FROM 5 TO 4 z67\clip\2003\04\redsched.txt Seattle Times April 26, 2003 "Redmond High's proposed schedule upsetting some" Cara Solomon Dozens of parents and students would shift 3 hours a week away from the classroom and toward advisory sessions.. students meeting 4 times a week instead of five with one longer 90 minute period in each class weekly. Principal Brian Hunter says ..will boost support system as .. phase in tough new graduation standards .. such as the senior project z67\clipim\2003\04\27\redmond\redmond %%year round Parents like year round at elementary school but test scores about the same \clip\98\07\fullyr.txt INDEPENDENT April 9 1998, EYE pullout. WHY SHORTER HOLIDAYS ARE GOOD FOR KIDS. The school year has come under scrutiny before but is once more being thrust into the limelight. Would a four or five term year be more sensible than the current system? asks Emma Haughton. "Eight weeks is the optimum" Dixons College in Bradford has been operating a five-term year since it opened in 1990. Its 1,100 pupils attend for eight weeks each term with a 2-week break in between. They have a four to five-week holiday in the summer. @@School Board Evergreen Freedom Foundation School Board Director's Handbook z70\clip\2003\08\seaboard.txt Wednesday, August 20, 2003 School Board needs new mix SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER EDITORIAL BOARD Voters should begin cleaning house on the Seattle School Board. SEA SB CHALLENGER KNOCKS PETERSON FOR NOT QUESTIONING WASL z70\clip\2003\08\peters.txt Monday, September 01, 2003, 12:00 A.M. Pacific Peterson faces 2 aggressive foes in schools race By Robert Marshall Wells Seattle Times staff reporter @@School To Work (STW) :( See stw.htm @@Science Also See STS | Evolution Pasadea CAPSI funded by NSF but no textbook, no content. Gerald Bracey "Minds of Our Own" December Research Kappan. It's $99 but worth it. Students and teachers bring in misunderstandings. %%Biology NEW BIOLOGY: LEARNING LESS BUT BETTER! z47\clip\2000\12\newbio.txt Headline: Schools adopt the new biology Subhead: Across Md., teaching of science changes to get set for new test By Stephanie Desmon SUN STAFF "I don't think anyone will say they're learning more," he said. "The phrase that's being used is that they're learning less [but] better." %%Desgregation MENLO PARK FAILS TO DESEGREGATE SCIENCE CLASSES WITH ONE TRACK FITS ALL z52\clip\2001\09\menlo.txt Class Division: A Silicon Valley School Is Integrated, Except Where It Really Counts Its Advanced Programs Get Few Minorities; Whites Shun the `Ghetto' Courses Stanford Yanks Its Teachers By Jonathan Kaufman 03/31/2000 The Wall Street Journal Page A1 MENLO PARK , Calif. -- Biology teacher Stan Ogren performed hundreds of experiments in his 35 years at Menlo-Atherton High School, but few of them ever failed as badly as his Advanced Integrated Science program. While 90% of incoming white students and many Asians are placed in freshman honors classes, most Latinos and blacks are enrolled in either "regular" or remedial classes. Last year, only about 10% of the school's blacks and Hispanics took honors-level English or math courses, and less than 5% took honors history %%Inquiry Based TEACHING SCIENCE OR HOW TO THINK ABOUT SCIENCE? \clip\2006\01\inqscience.txt What's the Right Formula? --- Pressure From New Tests Leads Educators to Debate How Best to Teach Science By Robert Tomsho 19 January 2006 The Wall Street Journal AT THE PIONEER Elementary School in Green Bay, Wis., Jay Marcks's fifth-grade students have been spending a lot of time with liter-sized plastic soda bottles full of dirt, snails and "acid rain" made with vinegar. The project is designed to teach students, in a hands-on way, about ecosystems, and about forming and testing scientific theories. "They're learning more," says Mr. Marcks, than if he was just explaining it to them. "I love it." %%Political 78% FLUNK RATE IS NOT TOO RIGOROUS z41\clip\2000\05\gross.htm Politicizing Science Education by Paul R. Gross. Science as a search for truth has come under attack from both the left and the right. This report explores four case studies of threats to the integrity of science education. A PDF version of this report is also available. [MA science] So, the performance of 78 percent of all takers was less than satisfactory. "The new state standards and tests do not seem, in general, to be excessively or inappropriately "rigorous."12 " 12 "Rigorous" science is what, according to the "Systemic Reform Initiatives" of the National Science Foundation, all children "can and must" learn. See "The National Science Foundation's Systemic Initiatives" and related documents, available at web site . %%Thematic Thematic unit "Strive to Survive" attempts to merge English Language Arts, Theatre Arts, Visual Arts, Music, Social Studies, Science (Biology), Mathematics (Algebra I, Technical Mathematics). %%World CHINESE ARE EVEN DUMBER THAN AMERICANS IN SCIENCE 40% vs 47% z53\clip\2001\10\chinsci.txt Sunday, October 28, 2001, 12:00 a.m. Pacific Survey in China finds huge gaps in science literacy By Henry Chu Los Angeles Times Out of a population of 1.3 billion, only 1.4 percent of adults — or 14 in every 1,000 — can demonstrate "basic scientific literacy," Only 40% could correctly state whether the Earth's core is hot, whether oxygen comes from plants and whether the Earth revolves around the sun or vice versa (40%) A study developed by the California Academy of Sciences and the polling organization Harris Interactive this year showed that 47 percent of US adults knew the correct configuration of the solar system. [Amazing that Americans did that badly assuming nearly all have graduate from k-12 years of high school] agricultural workers ranked rock bottom, with a minuscule 0.04 percent compared to China's city dwellers is 3.1 percent. Men 1.7 vs women 1, East 2.3 vs 0.7 West Gregory Cochran questions validity of test since Europe and Japan often do worse than US as well. @@Science Standards Student Active Science March 20, Science, vol 279 p1869 This issue of Science Magazine contains a book review by Stephen Arch of Reed College in Portland dealing with "Student-Active" science ed. Process over content CA gives nobel scientists chance to write new science standardsDec. 2, 1997 Board asks new bids for science standards EDUCATION: The flap underlines the disagreement over how best to teach science. By DANIEL M. WEINTRAUB The Orange County Register Practical applications for all vs. details for the top 5% phD candidates. What's a practical application for nuclear physics?? @@Science, Integrated Like math, reform favors integrated topics instead of focusing sequentially on one science. In the case of Atherton CA, it was actually trying to racially and economically integrate science classes, but was a massive failure. zip40\clip\2000\04\atherton.txt .doc RACIALLY-INTEGRATED SCIENCE FAILS IN ATHERTON SiliconValley.doc March 31, 2000 Silicon Valley High School Struggles With Integration CLASS DIVISION A Silicon Valley school Is Integrated, Except Where It Really Counts Its Advanced Programs Get Few Minorities; Whites Shun the ‘Ghetto’ Courses Stanford Yanks Its Teachers [Yet more proof that simply putting minority students into "good schools" does not turn them into "good students" - there is no evidence to the contrary when blacks even in affluent districts lag their white/asian peers in every county in the nation.] 'A Bipolar School' By one set of numbers, Menlo-Atherton High is a remarkably well-integrated place. About 40% of the students are Latino, 38% are white, 14% are African-American, and the rest are Asian and Pacific Islander. Minority East Palo Alto + Stanford Palo Alto. Whites go to honors courses and Stanford, minorities take the slow track, attempt to put everyone on the same track failed. 1/19/98 San Francisco Chronicle Science Classes Tested Critics say Antioch's combined subject courses don't work Tanya Schevitz, Chronicle Staff Writer Some Antioch teachers who fought six years ago to combine studies of sciences into integrated courses are now saying the curriculum isn't working. \clip\98\02\newscli3.txt @@Score \clip\99\03\loser.txt [The New York Times Learning Network] January 22, 1999 Doctoring Scores to Help the Losers. Boston coaches don't report huge losses accurately to avoid embarrassment. @@Seating Innovative seating arrangements - on the floor, or grouped so that they do not all face the teacher - can be harmful. Studies in the UK confirm that students learn best when they are all facing the teacher. ROW SEATING IS BEST, NOT GROUPS z45\clip\2000\10\blackbo.txt Laura Clark in the Daily Mail of 9 october 2000 'Pupils who face the blackboard learn more'. "now a 20-year study has confirmed that pupils who sit in groups are at a massive disadvantage compared to those who face the blackboard. ..youngsters whose desks are arranged in old-style rows work up to twice as hard.... when pupils sit in groups in the belief that the learn from one another - can hold back learning by 50 per cent, say academics at Nottingham Trent University." Traditional Row Seating Best but new schools cannot accomodate them Seating in 1st Grade has kids with back to teacher @@Seattle Before 1999, Seattle was in love with John Stanford, the ex-general, but since he died, Seattle has jumped on board the "higher standards" bandwagon. %%Alliance for Education z40\clipim\2000\40\10\keynote.efx Seattle Medium April 5, 1000 Jack Bernard 206-205-0326 May 25 2000 A+ awards at Benaroya hall 5:30PM featuring Gary Locke, Maya Angelou %%Assignment Ballard High is top pick SeaTimes May 2, 2000 1 ballard 2 franklin roosevelt 3 nathan hale 4 garfield revolt when white parents stampeded into eckstein middle school. %%Race Blomstrom explains how race politics in Seattle favors blacks over Asians as "black mafia". %%Standards SEATTLE'S RIMMER IN CHARGE OF HIGHER STANDARDS \clip\99\21\rimmer.txt Monday, January 3, 2000 Seattle's academic officer is setting higher goals for schools, staff, students by Keith Ervin Seattle Times staff reporter [btw, this is the lady who came out on top after 3 black women were selected despite slot-machine odds and I200 which bans race and gender preferences] SEATTLE SPINS ITS NEW OBE/STANDARDS BASED EDUCATION SYSTEM September 2, 1999 Seattle schools' new standards about to hit classroom by Keith Ervin Seattle Times staff reporter "it plans to market the learning standards under the district's new slogan, "Delivering on the Dream." The slogan was chosen over two alternatives, "Every student will learn" and "Building a world class student-focused learning system" (a phrase that was poorly received in a Gilmore Research poll) [HAHAHAHA]. " zip36\doc\web\99\13\achiev.txt SEATTLE PI - SCHOOL BOARD INVENTS "ACHIEVEMENT-BASED" LATEST MUTATION OF OBE School Board pledges to achieve the greatness that Stanford envisioned Sunday, August 29, 1999 By DON NIELSEN, SCOTT BARNHART and JAN KUMASAKA SPECIAL TO THE POST-INTELLIGENCER * We must become a standards-based school system. * Focus on Achievement, Not Time: If every child is to learn to high standards, we must recognize that there will be a wide variability in the time required to have that occur. We must move the system from being a "time-based" system to being an "achievement-based" system. NEW STANDARDS REQUIRE MORE TIME MONEY OR MONEY (OBE?) \doc\web\99\07\seaday.txt Seattle considers a longer school day Seattle Times 5-7-1999 Lynne K. Varner. Many students may not meet higher standards in the standard day. Would depart from belief in giving all children same fixed 180 six-hour days. @@Self-Esteem Movement \clip\99\03\selfest.htm [Los Angeles Times] Monday, January 25, 1999 Losing Faith in Self-Esteem Movement Encouraging students to love themselves is not paying off in the classroom, educators and researchers say. The time is better spent, they say, on teaching the basics. By RICHARD LEE COLVIN, Times Education Writer Self Esteem Movement was destructive, silly. ABC - HIGH SELF ESTEEM MAY BE HARMFUL, HIDE FAILURE \clip\98\18\seflest.txt ABC News 20/20 Feel Good About Failure [Image] Startling Look at Self-Esteem Classes Wednesday, December 2, 1998 \clip\98\16\esteem.txt Source: Ohio State University 10/30/98 LOW SELF-ESTEEM DOES NOT CAUSE DELINQUENCY, STUDY FINDS COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Contrary to popular belief, new research suggests that low self-esteem in adolescents does not lead to later delinquent behavior. \clip\98\11\esteem.txt Copyright (c) 1996 Investors Business Daily, All rights reserved. Investor's Business Daily - National Issue (06/10/96) Baring Self-Esteem's Dark Side Education Theory Stresses Emotions Over Skills By Matthew Robinson "Education bought the ideas hook, line and sinker. The result was ''child- centered'' education in which kids were taught ''self-actualization.'' Soon the lines were blurred between teacher and student. " @@Separation of School and State Advocates separation of government from all schools. Separation of School & State Alliance zip40\clip\2000\03\sepsch.txt TUESDAY, MARCH 28, 2000 Headlines LEARNING, K-12 Petitioning to make all schools private Marjorie Coeyman ( Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor NEW YORK Robyn Miller is proud to call herself a "school Sakharov" - as in Andrei Sakharov, the former Soviet physicist who boldly denounced his own government. > The system Ms. Miller is eager to expose is not a communist > dictatorship. In fact, many would call it as American and wholesome as > apple pie. It is the United States public-school system, which, > according to Miller, wastes money, destroys children, and "causes > nothing but misery." @@Sequential DIRECT INSTRUCTION IS USED IN RUSSIA Kramer_N : "DISTAR is simply old-fashioned sequenced systematic instruction. It worked then; it works now! If you want a child to learn his 3 R's, you better teach him in a systematic manner. You explain the rules (one at a time and in order of increasing difficulty), make him practice, make him practice again, and check to see if he has gotten it. If he hasn't, make him practice more, and then recheck. Keep reintroducing and reinforcing. Supply ample practice and application. That's all there is to it! " @@Sex Education @@Schank, Roger Professor Brainiac Negative Review of guy helps out with Arthur Andersen and St Charles school district. Professor Brainiac By Penelope Mesic Chicago Magazine/Table of Contents Chicago Febraury 1998 NORTHWESTERN'S ROGER SCHANK IS COCKY, ABRASIVE, AND DRIVEN. EVEN HE ADMITS, "I'M A PAIN IN THE ASS." BUT HIS BRILLIANT INSIGHTS ABOUT THE WAY PEOPLE LEARN HAVE ALREADY MADE A MARK ON BUSINESS AND THE MILITARY, AND NOW HE'S INTENT ON CHANGING WHAT SCHOOL IS LIKE FOR EVERY KID IN AMERICA Professor Brainiac By Penelope Mesic February 1998 @@Simonton, Chey "Kitchen Militia" .txt Governors, CEOs to Mold Education Policy in Private by Robert Holland Richmond Times-Dispatch March 13, 1996 boxes of videos by chey one branch described on computer bulletin boards by Chey Simonton from out in Washington State. Chey is a feisty grandmom who is the West Coast coordinator of the National Citizens Alliance. The real story, says Chey, is not the men who gather in the piney wood to tote guns. Nope, it's the Kitchen Militia that has the firepower. ''We are thousands of mothers- and grandmothers-cum-researchers located in every state of the country. We have micro-researched every facet of the so-called 'restructuring'. . . . In short, if there is any program or agenda we perceive as a threat to our families, somewhere there is a Kitchen Militia mother who tracks it down and gets the word out on the grapevine; radio call-in shows, fax networks, audio cassette, video tape, or any other jungle drum available. @@Singapore z55\clip\2002\02\singed.txt Chester Finn Volume 2, Number 7. February 14, 2002 From Checker's Desk (editorial comment by Chester E. Finn, Jr.) Education in Singapore: Part II Says with national standards, minorities do nearly as well as the Chinese. the schools are big. The primary school I visited has 2000 kids, split into morning and afternoon shifts. Classes are big, 40 per class teachers are respected and well paid. Their income is equivalent to that of other university graduates secondary teachers are all university graduates, many primary teachers are not-and nobody can find any difference in the performance of pupils every teacher) is evaluated annually and given a letter grade from A through E, based on his/her performance, SINGAPORE SORTS CHINESE FROM MALAYS WITH TOUGH TESTS z49\clip\2001\04\singrace.txt Review of Social Economy September 1, 2000 SECTION: No. 3, Vol. 58; Pg. 339; ISSN: 0034-6764 Multiracialism and Meritocracy: Singapore's Approach to Race and Inequality. Moore, R. Quinn Singapore forces housing quotas abd creates self help agencies for each group, but uses tough tests to track students which tends to keep advantaged Chinese on top, malays at bottom "the educational system began a system of sorting in 1960. the top 20 percent were identified as the elite, and sent on to the academic stream where they could be molded into economic and political leaders. tested once after three years of primary school, the PSLE after an additional three to five years of primary school, the O Level after secondary school, and finally the A Level after the pre-university stage." 91.6 percent of Chinese students qualified to move on to pre-university or a polytechnic, while nearly 25 percent of Malay students did not even earn their secondary school certificate. @@Size (of schools) @@Small Schools @@Schools Within Schoools (Failure)
It is thought that "research" supports smaller school size, but the Bill Gates foundation has concluded that this initiative was a failure by 2009. Critics complained that the initiative was actually tearing schools apart and ruining the education of children for the sake of a harmful experiment. 2009 - Bill Gates Foundation admits that Small Schools was a "mistake" The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation spent billions of dollars exploring the idea that smaller high schools might result in higher graduation rates and better test scores. Instead, it found the key to better education is not necessarily smaller schools but more effective teachers.

Some people might cringe while recounting how much money the foundation spent figuring this out. But the foundation's new CEO, Jeff Raikes, smiles and uses it as an example to explain that the world's wealthiest charity has the money to try things that might fail.

"Almost by definition, good philanthropy means we're going to have to do some risky things, some speculative things to try and see what works and what doesn't," Raikes said May 27 during an interview with the Associated Press.

Donna Garners said: The problem is that by the time the Gates Foundation finally realized they had not raised children's academic achievement at all, thousands of children had already been harmed by the model. SWS literally destroyed the cohesiveness that our local high school had achieved in the past; and I do not think the unity, trust, and academic rigor has ever been restored. Gates and his lousy idea were responsible; but rather than take any responsibility for his failed education fad, he has just gone onto another one and expects our country to follow him eagerly. ... My question is, "Where is Gates' track record of educational success? Why should this country listen to him again and again when he has not proven himself to be successful in producing education reform yet? How many more damaging fads will he instigate while at the same time throwing millions of dollars into the bottomless pit of faddism? How many thousands of administrators will be willing to 'sell their own mothers' in order to follow Gates' latest experiment because it comes with dollar bills attached?" I am attaching links on Schools Within Schools to remind people of what Gates' failed experiment did in hopes that the public will not unquestionably follow him into his next education fad of defining and then producing what he thinks is a great teacher.

"Schools Within Schools" by Donna Garner, Association of American Educators, April/May 2004, p. 8 --


GATES FOUNDATION BACKPEDALS ON SMALL SCHOOLS - GOING SMALL IS "DIFFICULT, DISRUPTIVE" clip\2005\10\smschoolbad.txt Subject: GATES' SCHOOLS WITHIN SCHOOLS ANOTHER FAD GONE BAD -- SEATTLE TIMES -- 10.23.05 most striking, the foundation is no longer pushing districts to break up large high schools into a number of small, autonomous units — at least at first. In too many places, Vander Ark said, the difficult work of breaking up schools into smaller units "monopolized the agenda," and schools didn't get around to improving what happened in the classroom — which was the whole point to begin with... The results convinced Vander Ark that going small is a difficult, and sometimes disruptive, first step. ?slug=gates20m&date=20051020 Thursday, October 20, 2005 - 12:00 AM Tom Vander Ark said the grants were too broad and too ambitious the first time around. MIKE SIEGEL / THE SEATTLE TIMES Mountlake Terrace High School went from a school of 1,750 to five academies grouped around themes such as technology and the performing arts, with names such as those pictured on the signs.

\clip\2005\07\smschool.txt July 20 - 26, 2005 Bill Gates' Guinea Pigs The Gates Foundation wants to remake American education, and ground zero for their billion-dollar experiment is Mountlake Terrace High School. Results so far? It's been a learning experience.


z50\clip\2001\08\schcons.txt AEI: "The Tragedy of School
Consolidation" September 2001 issue The Tragedy of School
Consolidation By Bill Kauffman researchers found little difference
between the achievements of students in one-room schools and those in
consolidated education factories, so by the 1950s, the consolidators
came up with a new rationale: rural schools were a threat to national
defense.  ...James B. Conant, the chemist and Harvard University
president who had been a major in the Army's Chemical Warfare Service
...With a grant from the Carnegie Corporation, he produced a series
of scowling, widely publicized reports on American education.... no
graduating class of fewer than 100 students ought to be tolerated.
Defenders of small schools were "still living in imagination in a
world which knew neither nuclear weapons nor Soviet imperialism." ...
Conant argued, the easier to achieve "democratic unity" and high
scores on science tests.


"Schools Within Schools"
by Donna Garner
November 22, 2003 
Bill Gates and Dell Computer have gone together to pump $55 M into the
Texas High School Project.  I like the idea of having small high
schools, but I don't like the idea of breaking down
already-in-existence high schools into "Schools Within Schools" (SWS.)
(classes have to be duplicated for each "school" unit, teachers don't
have contact with others teaching the same course)

Just Right: School Size Matters

z45\clip\2000\10\mammoth.txt Seattle Times Company Editorials &
Opinion : Tuesday, September 19, 2000 Neal Peirce / Syndicated
columnist Mammoth high schools should fear Bill Gates "Schools that
work.. are small - no more than 400 students. " "Vander Ark's choice
for "the coolest school in America" is the Country School, a publicly
supported charter school in rural Henderson, Minn.  Amazingly, this
school has no courses, no curriculum and no bells.  Students devise
study projects, which they have to defend before parent-community
meetings three times a year.  "

ann cronin Gates is funding
sizer-based methods to get wacko small schools with reduced course
offerings, but it's been disaster whenever it's been tried.

Education Week 2/8/2000 Small Schools Found To Cut Price of Poverty
Further bolstering the case for small schools, new research suggests
that schools with fewer students significantly outstrip larger
schools when it comes to the achievement of low-income children. 

@@Sizer, Theodore

Sizer is big on fuzzy demonstration projects, another dangerous
advocate of ed deform, best known for Coalition of Essential Schools

New Mexico, rejected the Project Re:Learning in 1990 -- but other
districts in the state accepted it, along with the huge amounts of
money which the state legislature allocated specifically for the
project.  Hundreds of parents in Roswell had attended meetings prior
to the rejection -- claiming (rightly so!) that it was a version of
Mastery Learning "a high-school diploma by 'exhibition' or
'demonstration' is not yet recognized by college admissions officers

ann cronin Gates is funding
sizer-based methods to get wacko small schools with reduced course
offerings, but it's been disaster whenever it's been tried.

Mostly by dividing the teachers and
the day into two big periods: math/science and humanities.  Each
could be taught by two teachers, but not necessarily.  The goal, as
Debby says, is to make high school like kindergarten.  Susan

Shopping Mall vs. Boutique high
The Coalition of Essential Schools is the institutional expression of
the work of Theodore Sizer, the former dean of the Harvard Graduate
School of Education and probably the leading progressive thinker and
reformer of our time.  We should expect them to learn more while
being taught less

ACronin comments on Sizer's 
silly non-academic demonstration projects

"Redesigning Education" Kenneth Wilken p. 144 Sizer known for
"demonstrations of mastery"

Theodore Sizer good or bad? Ted
Sizer, the Chairman of the Department of Education at Brown Univ.,
who startled the educational world in 1975 when he came out in favor
of "Mastery" of certain topics.

Places for Learning, Places for Joy
Theodore Sizer 1973 Speculations on education reform
1971 Gallup Poll public attitudes towards public schools
How many educational changes?
22 too many
24 not enough
32 about right
22 don't know
sept 71 Phi Delta Kappan


Ann Cronin says Sizer created
atmosphere which leads to threats of violence that leads to Columbine
and similar tragedies.

Books: Towards a New Public School
 Review of Books: Towards a
New Public School by Theodore R. Sizer Review of REINVENTING PUBLIC
EDUCATION: How Contracting Can Transform America's Schools by Paul T.
Hill, Lawrence C.  Pierce, and James W.  Guthrie.  The University of
Chicago Press, 267 pages, $16.95.  \clip\99\13\contr.txt

Horace's Hope : What Works for the American High School by Theodore
R. Sizer The third book in the Horace trilogy, Horace's Hope explores
Theodore R.  Sizer's own hopes for the future of high schools. Sizer,
the chairman of the Coalition of Essential Schools, first gained
widespread attention in 1984 with Horace's Compromise, a study of the
American high school, followed by Horace's School, a fictional
account of school reform. In the final installment, Horace presents a
progressive approach to education that allows students time and space
to explore their subjects. This culmination of a 12-year attempt to
establish more progressive schools advances the case for Sizer's
vision of a reformed school system.  ]

From Policy Review, October & November 1999, No. 97, Pp. 3-17 The
Schools They Deserve: Howard Gardner and the Remaking of Elite
Education By Mary Eberstadt One highly eminent figure in this world
is Theodore Sizer, chairman of the Education Department at Brown,
whose Coalition of Essential Schools project includes over 200 high
schools organized according to progressive principles - student
"exhibitions" rather than tests, an emphasis on "habits of mind"
rather than accumulation of knowledge, a passion for relevance (one
class recently studied Othello for its parallels to the O.J. Simpson
trial), and so on.  \clip\99\18\gard.txt

@@Skills (That We Really Need)

When they say "the skills that we really need", what they really mean
is stuff other than straight academics, which are measured by test
scores, and taught by traditional education. The reason for new tests
is to include the new attitude "outcomes". Most of the new tests only
really add excruciating puzzle and problem solving skills though, and
surveys of real companies show that basic skills are at the top, not
at the bottom of their concerns.

\clip\98\05\skills.txt Forbes Magazine By Kelly Barron Law & Issues
Trends From February 23, 1998 Issue Nearly 20% of the companies
recently surveyed by Training magazine said they taught reading,
writing, arithmetic or English to their new hires. Of those
semiliterates, 67% had high school diplomas

Survey of companies on needed skills
Craft and Trade skills (apprenticeship) are least needed!

"Unruly Kids Become Lousy Workers," it deals with an aspect of
education reform that receives little attention: The fact that many
of today's kids are so coddled, they not only become bad students,
but also bad employees upon graduation from high school. It also
shows that a school-to-work curricula is not necessary to satisfy
employers' concerns about today's high school graduates. A solid
background in math and English, coupled with some old-fashioned
values about showing up to work on time, would fill the bill.  From:
"Daniel R.  Connell" 1/4/98

National Literacy Survey of 1992 showed that 21% of adults age 16 and
older lacked basic reading and math skills for well-paying jobs or
entry into higher education [approximately the same percentage as
those without high school diplomas, therefore, almost everyone with a
high school diploma IS equipped with skills for college or a well
paying job, no need for a CIM] p. 36 U.S. Dept of Education Strategic
Plan \clip\97\29\stratpln.pdf

Myth: American graduates don't have the skills needed for a high-tech economy.
Fact: Americans are generally overqualified for the jobs available. 
In 1989, a survey called "The Commission on the Skills of the American
Workforce" questioned American employers on the education of their
workers. The researchers found that over 80 percent of American
employers were satisfied with the education of their newly hired
employees. Only 5 percent expected that their employees would require
further basic training or education.

MIGRATION NEWS Vol. 4, No. 12 December, 1997 Of the two million
workers added to payrolls in the 12 months ending October 1997, about
1.2 million were unemployed and 800,000 were previously not in the
labor force, including immigrants.  According to a survey released in
November, US manufacturers believe that half of their current
employees lack basic reading, writing and math skills. Two -thirds of
the companies surveyed provide remedial help in reading, writing,
math and problem-solving skills, and half of those surveyed spend two
percent of total payroll on training hourly workers.  The study is
aimed at showing that the US suffers from a skilled worker shortage.

Companies say skills are needed
60% of manufacturers report that current workers lack basic math
skills; 55% find serious deficiencies in workers' basic writing and
comprehension skills; 63% say employees lack basic job skills such as
arriving on time and staying at work all day; 48% say too many of
their workers lack the ability to read and translate drawings,
diagrams and flow charts; and

Skills list by Griffin Center
For Human Development 3R's is at bottom of this list too.

From: 11/14/97 This list "Skills Desired by Fortune
500 Companies" (In order of importance!) was prepared by "Creativity
in Action, Creative Education Foundation" in 1990.  It is interesting
that reading, writing, and arithemetic rank at the bottom of this
list. It goes along with the "Paradigm Shift" the district gave us

  1.  Teamwork
  2.  Problem Solving
  3.  Interpersonal Skills
  4.  Oral Communications
  5.  Listening
  6.  Personal/ Career Development
  7.  Creative Thinking
  8.  Leadership
  9.  Goal Setting/ Motivation
*10. Writing
 11. Organizational Effectiveness
*12. Computation
*13. Reading

From:             Quentin49 
Date sent:        Tue, 23 Dec 1997 00:17:21 EST

I was recently given the following list of what fortune 500 companies
now think are the most important skills their employees need.
Supposedly this list shows that basic skills of writing, reading and
math computation have dropped to last place and the new "teamwork"
skills are on top.  No one has been able to tell me where this list
came from originally.  Does anyone on the loop recognize this list
and know who/where it was generated?  I would not be surprised to
learn the source is bogus.  I can't believe fortune 500 companies
think illiterates will be great problem-solvers.  Please let me know
if you know the source of this list or if it has been given to you by
any administrative types.  Thanks in advance.

Fortune 500 List
                                   Now         1970
Teamwork                          1              10
Problem Solving                   2              12
Interpersonal Skills              3              13
Oral Communications               4               4
Listening                         5               5   
Personal/Career Development       6               6
Creative Thinking                 7               7
Leadership                        8               8
Goal/Setting/Motivations          9               9
Writing                          10               1 
Organizational Effectiveness     11             11  
Computation                      12              2
Reading                          13              3

@@Skill Standards: BRAVE NEW RESUME

The free market cannot be trusted to police qualifications of the 
workforce, so the government must step in and establish government
standards for anyone that wants a job in the US.

"State of the art on approaches in the United States of accreditation of competencies through automated cards" FINAL REPORT: SUMMARY Prepared for DGXII of the European Commission October, 1997
\doc\web\98\10\skillstd.txt the skill profile needs of high performance work organisation can no longer be served by skill needs derived from traditional conceptions of work. These new types of skills are referred to as advanced generic skills or SCANS skills (named after the Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills -USDOL 1991). It is clear that there is agreed consensus that the National Skill Standards Board (NSSB) should develop the framework and requirements for nationally recognised skill standards. much of the reform ... has been stimulated by observation of current practices within some Member States (most particularly the Dual System in Germany and the competence based NVQ in the UK) as well as practice in Japan, Canada and New Zealand. In the US, the basic accreditation system is carried out by regional or national accrediting bodies in which representatives of both higher education and the professions participate. There are six regional and five national accrediting associations, plus around forty three specialised accrediting associations controlled by professional associations such as the American Bar Association. %%Europe \clip\98\19\compete.txt COMPETE Competence Evaluation & Training for Europe This two year research project operates within the context of the Targeted Socio Economic Research Programme of the European Commission. The research specifically focuses on Area II.4 - education, training, the labour market and economic growth but also touches on II.1. lifelong learning and educational goals ... assessing viability of a European Skills Accreditation System making inputs towards the development of appropriate and effective taxonomies to define domains of skilled performance %%Germany GERMANS HAVE SKILL STANDARDS AND TEST FOR MANY APPRENTICESHIP INDUSTRIES BUT YOU CAN HIRE WHO YOU WANT \doc\web\98\10\germskill.txt Roland Wolf Germany: The Berufsschulen, which are completly seperate from the standard schools, work our standards for their training with the chambers of comerce, which represent the employees. They also work out a division of the training, i.e. what skills are taught by the "Berufsschulen" and what is taught by the employer. %%United Kingdom NVQ The UK has National Vocational Qualification which deems a candiate either fit or not fit for a vocation, a vocational version of the GCSE which is academic. \clip\98\19\natltarget.htm natltarg.txt GCSE and NVQ local goals Benefits to NVQ Periodicals Training Council \clip\98\19\nvqben.txt NVQs can benefit people by helping them achieve and demonstrate competent performance to national standards. What are NVQs? A National Vocational Qualification is a competence based qualification. This means that it measures what the candidate can do, and the theory, principles and understanding necessary to perform to the national standard for work. are competence based · measure what a candidate does · reflect needs of employment · may point to training needs · are flexible qualifications NVQ candidates · may choose from 160+ sets of NVQs · may choose from 5 levels of NVQ · are assessed competent or not yet competent · work to an agreed assessment plan Burton College 21. NVQ LEVEL 2 IN HAIRDRESSING NVQ LEVEL 2 IN HAIRDRESSING Course Code G5CGHDF Course Tutor Steven Kenny Entry Full City and Guilds certification will be awarded to students who have completed successfully all 11 units of competence. ..enable students to qualify as Registered Hairdressers within the profession. Otley College All our Gamekeeping courses equip students with the widest range of practical skills to enhance their employment opportunities. BTEC FIRST DIPLOMA Gamekeeping C&G NATIONAL CERTIFICATE Countryside and Related Studies (Gamekeeping) C&G NVQ Level 1, 2 and 3 Gamekeeping TeleLink's Telework Training How do NVQs come about? In 1986 a National Council for Vocational Qualifications (NCVQ) was formed to develop these competence-based qualifications based on standards which are required for employment. \clip\98\19\nvqlevel.txt Welcome to the NVQ Jungle Levels of NVQs NVQ levels relate to work performance roles and are described by National Council for Vocational Qualification(NCVQ) in the following way. Level I recognises competence in a range of work activities which are primarily routine and predictable or provide a broad foundation. Broadly equivalent to the National Curriculum. Level II recognises competence in a broader and more demanding range of work activities involving greater individual responsibilities. Broadly equivalent to GCSE. Level III recognises competence in skilled areas that involve performance of a broad range of work activities including many that are complex and non-routine. Supervisory competence may be required at this level. Broadly equivalent to A/AS level. Level IV recognises competence in the performance of complex technical and professional work activities, including supervision or management. Broadly equivalent to degree. Level V recognises competence in performance in areas such as analysis, planning, design and evaluation as well as significant responsibility for the work of others. Broadly equivalent to a higher degree. Relating these levels to pharmacy:- National Targets National Record of achievement \clip\98\19\natltar2.txt The National Record of Achievement (NRA) The NRA was launched by the Government in 1991 to support personal and career development planning all through life. It is a system of reviewing, recording achievement and action planning. It provides a standardised format for records of achievement. It is intended to: motivate individuals to learn throughout life to develop the skills of planning and taking responsibility for learning Herne Bay High School The abbreviation "GNVQ" stands for General National Vocational Qualification This can either be done at intermediate or advanced level. In addition you will study additional GCSE's alongside your course such as Computer Studies or Media Studies. Presswire 1997 OFFICE FOR STANDARDS IN EDUCATION: Improvements in GNVQ work reported by OFSTED GNVQs were introduced in September 1992 following the 1991 White Paper Education and Training for the 21st Century. They are taken by more than 200,000 students in over 2,000 schools and colleges and across 14 vocational areas at Advanced, Intermediate and Foundation levels. Work at Intermediate level GNVQ was judged to be broadly comparable to GCSE grade C or above in over 90 per cent of portfolios inspected 3/4 of UK WILL GET NVQ, GNVQ WHILE 1/4 WILL TAKE GCE A-LEVELS \clip\98\19\whatnvq.txt Electric Library Personal Edition Education: A quiet revolution in post-16 education: NVQs and Independent (UK) "THE NEW national vocational qualifications - NVQs and GNVQs - have rather crept up on us, but they amount to a quiet educational revolution. On current plans, by the end of the century they will be providing for about three-quarters of young people -while the rest take GCE A-levels." \clip\98\19\gnvqalev.txt Judith Judd, GNVQs struggle against A-levels., Independent, 08-28-1997, pp 6. "Professor Smithers said: "GNVQs do not seem to be establishing themselves as the equivalent of A-level in the way that we hoped. They are seen as qualifications for people who cannot cope with A-level. We need to look again at 16-19 education and at thesuggestion, for instance, that A-level and GNVQ business studies should come together as an applied A-level." " Last year 54 per cent of those with advanced GNVQs went to university. \clip\98\19\nvqworth.txt Maureen O'Connor, So what's a GNVQ worth?., Independent, 06-26-1997, pp E20. (electric library) "three-quarters of young people taking the new qualification are concentrated in just four subjects: business, health and social care, art and design, and leisure and tourism. The scientific and technical subjects that were supposed to be strengthened by the new system have so far come nowhere in the fierce competition in schools and colleges for young people's favours. " "around three- quarters of students completing an advanced course apply to university, and of those about two-thirds are successful. .. most applicants apply for vocational degree courses, which are concentrated mainly in the new universities, the former polytechnics." @@Skinner Psychologist who found animals and thought people could be trained through simple trained response. Some direct-instruction and outcome based teaching methods are viewed as being inhuman animal training because of this. Direct Instruction is based on the same thing as OBE/Mastery Learning, B.F. Skinner. Direct Instruction is content based Skinner. Opinion of "Melanie Fields P.M., LLSDL" SKINNER PARTLY BEHIND DI, BUT HE DIDN'T LIKE CONTENT doc\web\98\06\skinr.txt 8/4/98 "Skinner devised his theory of learning in order to facilitate communism. In his book, "Walden Two" he minutely describes how his theory of "operant conditioning" could be utilized in the "social engineering" necessary to form the perfect communist community, which he described in great detail. He was against a knowledge-based curriculum, and believed that innate intelligence would carry the day" OBE History / Competence / Mastery / Skinner Defence of Skinner as early ed reform critic B F Skinner facts and Direct Instruction Skinner based DI not effective @@Sleep EARLY SCHOOL START PLAYS HAVOC WITH STUDENT HEALTH July 28, 1999 Eyes Wide Shut By Abby Ellin [M] ost of the time, college students walk around campus dazed and slightly confused. This is hardly surprising. They pull all-nighters, live in loud dorms, party or study till the wee hours. Young adults need about eight and a half hours of sleep, and college students average six, @@Social Engineering Human Engineering SOWELL SAYS ED REFORM SEEKS TO TRANSFORM / BRAINWASH PEOPLE z45\clip\2000\08\sowprog.txt Subject: Thomas Sowell - A Painful history 8/2/00 Thomas Sowell A painful history This whole story was played out once again, decades later, in China under Mao during the "cultural revolution." Here again, these romantic theories led to gross incompetence and China was forced to return to practices that were not so romantic, but which produced results. @@Social Promotion (See Retention) Banning it is a bad idea! see summer school A rallying cry is to stop social promotion. Some superintendents have already banned s.p. They want you to pass performance based tests before moving on. But this is against the cry to end retention. Maybe it would be better to set up minimum pre-requisites for advanced courses, with remedial classes, but that that is what happens in high school when students can pick their own tracks anyway. If you define grade level as the 50th percentile, then you're going to have to hold back half of the class! %%Ban LA CONSIDERS SCRAPPING BAN ON SOCIAL PROMOTION z54\CLIP\2001\11\scrapban.txt 11/6/01 Los Angeles Daily News LAUSD social-promotion ban may be lifted Los Angeles Unified School District officials today will consider scrapping a two-year experiment to end social promotion for eighth-graders because of widespread resistance from students and teachers and inadequate classroom space. TESTS TO DETERMINE GRADE PROMOTION z48\clip\2001\03\socprom.txt Social-Promotion Ban Advances In Georgia By Linda Jacobson Georgia children who enter 3rd grade in 2003 would have to pass a state reading test to be promoted to the next grade, and 5th and 8th graders would face similar requirements in later years, under a bill passed by the state Senate last week. %%General ----------------------------- GROWING BACKLASH OVER FLUNKING MIDDLE CLASS STUDENTS AND GOOFS z45\clip\2000\10\failnot.txt October 12, 6:02 am Eastern Time Press Release SOURCE: National Association of State Boards of Education NASBE Study: The Dilemma of Social Promotion or Retention in Grade Is a 'False Choice' 'The Issue as Commonly Framed - A Stark Choice Between Social Promotion Or Retention - Presents Decision Makers and the Public with a False Choice Between Poor Alternatives that Both Result in Unacceptable Consequences.' CAN CHICAGO REALLY FLUNK EVERYBODY UNTIL THEY MET NATIONAL STANDARDS? z45\clip\2000\10\collid.txt Article URL: 10/22/00,2669,SAV-0010220367,FF.html WHEN THE GOALS OF REFORM COLLIDE By Michael Martinez, Tribune Education Writer. Michael Martinez is a Tribune education writer. "Middle-class mom and dad do not like when their 11-year-old daughter is in class with a 14- or 15-year-old boy. ... they will be socially promoted, and you just can't keep them in elementary school forever," Rafoth said. ADVANCE KIDS TO THEIR AGE GROUP, BUT TEACH "RETAINEES" TO THEIR GRADE LEVEL z45\clip\2000\09\socprom.txt Intellectual Capital Moderated Discussion: Let Social Promotion Out of the Closet by Jerry Jesness Thursday, June 01, 2000 A sane solution would be to retain students who have not mastered basic skills but allow them to take their classes in age-appropriate schools. All retainees older than 12 could be placed in a middle school. Those older than 15 could attend high school, and those older than 18 could attend night school or participate in some sort of work-study program. The Rationale for High Stakes Testing and Eliminating Social Promotion in the U.S. Ending social promotion won't work, it's inhumane, high standards for all will only produce massive failure. \clip\99\06\edclip10.txt Charlotte Observer, February 22, 1999 N.C. tests fate of social promotions By ANNA GRIFFIN Raleigh Bureau The State Board of Education will vote in April on a plan to end social promotion and require some sort of exit exam or project for high school seniors. [They're going to find out you can't mandate that all must perform at above average levels] \clip\99\06\ednews01.txt WASHINGTON Ed.Net Briefs, February 22, 1999 Seattle is promoting most middle schoolersdespite promises not to. from 46 to 68% were reading below grade level. Ruth Teichroeb, "Seattle advancing many struggling 5th-graders" Seattle Post-Intelligencer, February 13, 1999, A1 ( \clip\99\03\socpro.txt New York Times January 22, 1999 Social Promotion Is Bad; Repeating a Grade May Be Worse By ETHAN BRONNER * but reliable estimates are that by the eighth grade, between 20 and 50 percent of students have been held back once. * According to the 1994 International Encyclopedia of Teaching and Teacher Education, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Japan and South Korea all have automatic promotion policies, under which no pupil is held back. Arthur Hu: Social Promotion is OK if you give remedial help at every grade level. Repeating grades does not eliminate disparity. Light's Retention Scale Superintendent says no social promotion. Illinois outlaws "promotion based on other than academic performance", students must be held back until they perform at grade level. \clip\98\06\socprom.txt Investor's Business Daily WHY POOR PUPILS GET PROMOTED Rules, Parents Stop Teachers From Retaining Them Date: 3/4/98 Author: Carl Horowitz In Washington state, eighth-graders who can't multiply or read at grade level go on to the next grade, where they fall even further behind. From: Date sent: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 11:06:16 -0600 (CST) Our director is starting to institute social promotion here by incorporating a "0 retention" stipulation in the principals contracts. Thanks for all responses. Charlene Charlene Kimmel @@Social Studies BACK TO HISTORY 1/22/03 -- HISTORY INVADING SOCIAL STUDIES' TURF IN SCHOOLS -- Education Week z63\clip\2003\01\hist.txt "The big players [in education] are finally noticing that the social studies may be an idea whose time has passed," "Social studies is too much about students' feelings and making their own decisions in historical matters rather than the facts and events of history." ..Act of 2001 will require that social studies teachers hold a major or minor in history to teach the subject. Social Studies in Wasington State Schools/WASHINGTON STATE COUNCIL FOR THE SOCIAL STUDIES delivered through methodologies that are informed by best practices as defined by professional organizations such as the and the National Council for the Social Studies. Examples of best practices include integrated curriculum, inquiry oriented teaching, ...desires to work with the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to develop a sample of a model program that would have the above characteristics. Such an effort must be well funded, including the assessment and evaluation phase %%Textbooks Good Social Studies Text Understanding U.S. History, volumes one and two. @@Software The NTCM says that we need to learn "more math and science" for the 21st century, yet a survey of software engineers shows that if anything they're taught more linear algebra, calculus, chem and physics than they'll ever need to know. SURVEY OF SOFTWARE SKILLS SHOWS LINEAR ALGEBRA, CALCULUS NOT NECCESARY filed: z43\clipim\2000\06\26\software.efx Computer (IEEE)May 2000 What Knowledge Is Important To an Software Professional? Data at z43\clipim\2000\06\26\EdTechReport.pdf Timothy C. Lethbridge University of Ottawa Some experts contend that software engineers, like all other engineers, ought to learn about chemistry, physics and continuous mathematics. Figure 2b shows that ten topics, including calculus, differential equations, linear algebra [included in new hs integrated math], chemistry and physics have a negative educational knowledge gap [that is, they learned better than the importance of the topic] suggesting they might be overtaught. While .. some benefit.. our survey shows that considering these topics to be essential is clearly a mistake. Because of the low importance and high forgetability of continuous mathematics and basic science... should either place less emphasis on these topics or teachem them in a way that makes them more relevant to software students. Topics that might be over-taught in university Topics taught relatively more than their importance might warrant. Sample of data from the 1998 Survey of Software Practitioners RankTopic% ExcessKnowledge after education (Q1)Overall importance(Q3+Q4)/2 1Differential Equations 115% 2.7 1.3 2Differential and Integral Calculus 97% 3.2 1.6 3Chemistry 73% 2.2 1.3 4Linear Algebra and Matrices 50% 3.1 2.0 5Laplace and Fourier Transforms 39% 1.8 1.3 6Physics 37% 2.7 2.0 7Set Theory 15% 2.5 2.2 8Probability and Statistics 13% 2.9 2.6 9Combinatorics 11% 1.7 1.6 10Computational Methods for Numeric Problems 3% 2.2 2.1 @@South Dakota SOUTH DAKOTA GOVERNOR SLAMS SOUTH DAKOTA STANDARDS, BUT STILL WANTS "WORLD CLASS" STANDARDS \clip\98\17\janklow.txt William Janklow's web page (excerpts below) Governor William J. Janklow's State-of-the-State Address @@Sowell, Thomas Black conservative, critic of affirmative action, education and PC orthodoxy, but believes in "higher standards" movement. \z42\clip\2000\06\sowell.txt Against School To Work School to school? \z39\clip\99\21\sowell.txt Jewish World Review Dec. 27,1999 /18 Teves, 5760 Thomas Sowell The illusion of education reform -- DESPITE BRAVE TALK about raising intellectual standards in our public schools and requiring students to pass serious tests before being promoted or graduated, the first disastrous results of these tests have caused the reformers to turn tail and run. SOWELL: DON'T BLAME BAD TESTS Z39\clip\2000\01\testmade.txt The Tests Made Me Do It! by Thomas Sowell. Cites Alfie Kohn for attacking "tougher standards" tests. @@Spady, William Spady Spady is generally credited with being the father of Outcome Based Education and its philosiphy. THE KOSSOR EDUCATION NEWSLETTER Volume 3 Number 2 The November, 1994 edition of The American School Board Journal contains an article entitled "Light, Not Heat On OBE" written by William Spady, Kit Marshall and Spence Rogers. These men represent the High Success Network which is one of the first and most successful financial beneficiaries of the OBE restructuring mania sweeping across America. co-founder of the Network for Outcome-Based Schools with William Spady, in Educational Leadership (1977). "... mastery learning... was what OBE was called at the time (1980)." -- William Spady, leading proponent of Outcome Based Education (OBE) in an interview describing the origin of OBE and the Network for Outcome-Based Schools, published in Educational Leadership (1993). Kossor debates Spady..... Spady admits OBE failures! On March 9, 1995 on the campus of the University of Montana in Missoula, Montana, Psychologist Steven Kossor met the "father" of Outcome Based Education (OBE), William Spady, in a spirited discussion of the foundations and future of OBE. William Spady and Steven Kossor discuss OBE Dr. Spady devotes pages 108 to 110 of his new book to praising the Johnson City, New York school district for developing what he calls an "exemplary" OBE system over the last 20 years. In Johnson City, they call their version of OBE an "Outcomes Driven Developmental Model" or ODDM. The following statistics were released by the NY State Department of Education in February, 1994. A resident of the Johnson City school district sent them to me. I'll just list the high points. 1. Johnson City scored no higher than 4th place out of 12 districts in any subject area on the NY Regents examination in 1993. 3. Johnson City students scored in the lower half of the 12 county school districts in English, US History, Global Studies, Math I, Math II and Spanish. 4. What's more alarming, is that the younger the students were, the poorer they performed. If High School graduates scored badly, middle school students scored even worse. The lowest scoring group of students in Johnson City were the youngest children in elementary school. 5. In the most important subject of all, reading, Johnson City was next-to-last in 6th Grade reading, and dead last in 3rd grade reading. 6. In accordance with the "alternative assessment" philosophy, Johnson City now wants to be exempt from future Regents testing in all subjects. "The most important thing is to communicate -- you have to build ownership." And then he added "Just don't call it OBE." Dr. Gibboney concludes that OBE is basically just another technological program with severe limitations -- it applies special education technology (MASTERY LEARNING) to everybody. TEKS: Texas-Brand Communism? by Fran D. Lowe "Do we fund, support, or train on OBE?" The answer was, "No, we don't." Official Texas Education documents back to 1992 show contracts prove that the state paid over $21,000 in professional fees to The High Success Network, OBE guru Bill Spady's organization, for training of TEA employees. Dallas/Fort Worth Heritage, a monthly Christian newspaper North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Information Skills Curriculum Program Outcomes Information Skills (Library and computer use) \clip\97\26\outcome.txt Information Skills Curriculum Philosophy When I was a child in Philadelphia, my father told me that I didn't need to memorize the contents of the Encyclopedia Britannica; I just needed to know how to find what is in it. Outcome-based education philosophy explicitly asks, `What are the skills, knowledge, and attitudes students will need in order to be prepared to live in an information society?’ Once the outcomes are defined, the curriculum framework is designed around these defined outcomes and the learning needs of students (Spady, 1991). Students who successfully complete a comprehensive and effective Information Skills program are: Self-directed learners who pursue knowledge throughout life use systematic processes to seek and use information select discriminately from a wide array of resources read, listen, and view for pleasure apply learning processes from one experience to another Complex thinkers who use pertinent and reliable information judge quality and usefulness of resources for the specific task question the messages presented in the mass media adapt and transfer strategies for seeking information among various technologies solve problems effectively and make appropriate decisions Quality producers who communicate information and ideas through products and presentation use systematic processes to create products Collaborative workers who communicate information and ideas effectively and in a variety of ways recognize that people are sources of information cooperate to complete a task Community contributors who recognize and appreciate similarities and differences in diverse cultures and environments respect ownership of ideas and information adhere to copyright laws, guidelines, and interpretations Transformation and Restructuring Cedar Falls Community Schools, Iowa In 1990, the department chair attended a one-week conference on Outcome-Based Education led by Dr. William Spady. Following that conference, the staff began to study and discuss many OBE philosophies, principles, and practices to determine if this approach to learning and teaching could be consistently and systematically implemented in the teaching of English. Peter Schrag, "The New School Wars: How Outcome-Based Education Blew Up," The American Prospect no. 20 (Winter 1995): 53- 62 ( \clip\97\26\schwar.htm At the very pinnacle of OBE guru William Spady's "Demonstration Mountain" was something called the "transformational zone," where assignments transcend the bounds of specific academic disciplines and require "real world . . . complex role performances," sometimes called "authentic assessment." For all its jargon, Spady's pinnacle seemed to be precisely what a lot of employers were looking for: applicants with social skills, the ability to work cooperatively, tolerance of people of other races, and skills suited to solve practical problems. In many states, the Business Roundtable was a major booster of OBE-type reforms. \clip\97\25\whoswho.htm Who's Who in Outcome Based Education? William Spady. Based in Colorado, Spady is Director of the High Success Network and Director of the International Center on Outcome-Based Restructuring. He is the "father" of OBE. He works with the federal government, foundations, states and school districts helping them implement OBE. He is a sociologist with theories of "socialization" on global terms. OBE is designed to prove his theories. When asked by an interviewer if the system would promote patriotism or teach loyalty and allegiance to one's own country, he replied, "I don't know what Patriotic means." Spady's definition of an "outcome," found in the in-service training program for OBE teachers, is "The acceptable culminating demonstration of a significant learning behavior." Subject knowledge and concepts are not valid outcomes. In 1982 he observed that one of the four main goals of Mastery Learning is a "system of supervision and control which restrains behavior of kids. The outcome of the hidden agenda should be the fostering of social responsibility and compliance." These goals "transcend academics," and deal with attitudes and feelings. However, Spady rejected the term "Mastery Learning" because of its monumental failures, renaming it so that the system of OBE would not be rejected out of hand. He found that the elite in the educational establishment supported his ideas because they, like Spady, want education not to teach, but to revamp society. Free World Research "Bill Spady, the person most closely associated with the term OBE, would characterize the Johnson City program as transitional, because it emphasizes mastery of traditional academics along with some cross-disciplinary outcomes such as the ability to work in groups. It is not an example of the transformational approach that Spady advocates, which treats subject matter as "enabling outcomes", related to the "performance roles" (p. 18) students will play in the future." Source: "Is Outcome-Based Education Dead?", Ron Brandt, Educational Leadership, March 1994, p. 5. \clip\97\26\minnobe.txt The Minnesota Family Council According to William Spady -- a leading OBE theorist -- there is no place for honors or "low-track" courses in a competencies program.11 The levelling of academic performance is not a consequence, then, but a definitive purpose, of OBE. Unfortunately, it seems that the level most likely attainable by all will be a rather low one, determined primarily by the slowest learners in each class. One might also consider that, if a pupil is required to spend more time mastering areas where he or she is weaker, there will be less opportunity to excel in areas of strength. To add to the confusion, class rankings are generally dispensed with, leading many parents to wonder which colleges are likely to accept their children. WEAC Research Paper Wisconsin Education Association Council The Debate Over Outcome Based Education The idea wasn't that controversial until the mid-1980's, when educational consultant William Spady was actively preaching the gospel of his brand of OBE to districts around the country. For him, schools couldn't be successful until they were completely transformed, creating institutions that expanded beyond the schoolhouse walls and involved total hands-on instruction that could be applied directly to the students' lives. Built on the concept that all children can learn, but not necessarily on the same day or in the same way, some schools have implemented OBE by getting rid of both traditional grading and grade levels, and creating portfolios of students' work that will be used for assessment rather than a collection of test scores. co-founder of the Network for Outcome-Based Schools with William Spady, in Educational Leadership (1977). "... mastery learning... was what OBE was called at the time (1980)." -- William Spady, leading proponent of Outcome Based Education (OBE) in an interview describing the origin of OBE and the Network for Outcome-Based Schools, published in Educational Leadership (1993). Tucker, McCune, Hornbeck, Sizer, Spady, Champlin, Goodlad, Resnick - that whole gaggle of social engineers who are largely responsible for the appalling crises in education today, the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America - now have their fingers into virtually everything that falls under the euphemisms of 'reform' and 'restructuring,'" author and OBE critic Charlotte Iserbyt told THE NEW AMERICAN. Orwellian Education The totalitarian design behind "School to Work" The New American July 22, 1996 LIBERTARIAN PARTY of ILLINOIS Outcome Based Education: Preparing for the New World Order by Julie Fox OBE proposes to end the traditional educational system. Dr. William Spady, director of the International Center on OBE, proposes getting rid of the bell curve, phasing out grade point averages and comparative grading (no grades lower than a B), eliminating gifted programs, and phasing out memorization of facts. WHAT IS "RESTRUCTURING"? William Spady (1988) adds that our calendar-based educational system emphasizes curriculum coverage over student mastery and has legitimized the bell-curve as a measure of student achievement. He argues that valuing outcome, rather than rate, should inform educational organization. Student performance standards, according to Spady, might include skills in problem-solving, decision-making, cooperation, respect for others, creativity, adaptability, and self-esteem. Spady, William G. "Organizing for Results: The Basis of Authentic Restructuring and Reform." EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP 46,2 (October 1988): 4-8. EJ 378 736. OBE History / Competence / Mastery / Skinner Kossor Education Newsletter.....Volume 3 Number 6 OBE theorists guarantee high achievement for all students, but there's a catch: the definition of "high achievement" changes from student to student. What is called "high achievement" for a slow learner would be LOW achievement for a fast learner, but OBE systems never compare students with each other, so the secret is safe. OBE outcomes are deliberately written in vague terms so that they can accommodate the functioning level If you REQUIRE children to learn it, then you HAVE totalitarianism. Kosser Newsletter Dr. Spady uses the Boy Scouts and earning a merit badge for tying knots as a model for education excellence, but that's absurd. and that's why we should never throw away NORM- REFERENCED testing, like Dr. Spady recommends. Exactly what is OBE? It can be found in federal bills H.R. 6 and S. 1150, and is sometimes referred to as America 2000 or Goals 2000. The plan for educational reform in America is based upon OBE. OBE has now become a generic term to describe the education method, or process, which runs the education reform machine. FEBRUARY 1995: CULTURE WARS! How Will Outcome-Based Education Affect Home and Christian Schools? Marla Quenzer & Sarah Leslie --The danger of education reform to ALL children. Steve Kosser All this brings me to Outcome Based Education. I debated the "father" of Outcome Based Education, Dr. William Spady, a couple of months ago. He admitted then, as he did when he visited Pennsylvania three years ago, that Outcome Based Education is really Special Education for everyone. Dr. Spady's organization was still actively promoting and selling the tape of that Pennsylvania presentation as this issue of The Psycho-Education Report went to press (6/1/95). \clip\97\26\obebad.txt Outcome Based Education: Preparing for the New "World Order by Julie Fox Dr. William Spady, director of the International Center on OBE, proposes getting rid of the bell curve, phasing out grade point averages and comparative grading (no grades lower than a B), eliminating gifted programs, and phasing out memorization of facts. " ILLINOIS LIBERTARIAN Vol. 23 / No. 2 / Feb., 1996 Newsletter of the Libertarian Party of Illinois @@Spelling Reform encourages students to write words before they can spell them, thus "inventive" spelling is encouraged. \clip\98\18\badspel.txt Youth programs book touts 'libray' and 'teches' Copyright © 1998 The Associated Press HOUSTON (December 3, 1998 12:39 p.m. EST -- City officials had to throw out 2,000 full-color booklets about the mayor's youth programs because they contained spelling and grammatical errors on almost every page. The 14-page booklet was written by Mayor Lee Brown's $67,000-a-year director for youth services, May Walker. AUTHOR OF MISSPELLED BOOK INCOMPETENT AFF-ACT HIRE? \doc\web\98\10\walker.txt May Walker recently retired from the Houston Police Department, where she was president of the Afro-American Police Officer League. She left for the promised job offered by Lee Brown (former Chief of Police of Houston, and other failed jobs). @@Spending @@Spiral Curriculum Rather than expect to teach all sequentially to mastery, visit a number of the same topics year after year, and hope if they don't get it the first time, maybe they will the next year or year after that. Part of integrated, reform and constructivist curriculums. \clip\98\04\theory\theory.htm Theories Instruction must be structured so that it can be easily grasped by the student (spiral organization). Greg Collins @@Split Teacher (2 Teachers for 1 grade) Split 1-2 grade @@Standards "Chris and Lisa Leppin" 1) National History Standards (pc) 2) NCTM Standards (invented math) 3) NCTE Standards (whole language) 4) Goals 2000/STW (OBE/TQM) 5) Special Education (IDEA, Section 504 and ADA) 6) NAGB (Who forawhile were developing the national math test 7) NSSB (federal skill standards) 8) SCANS (work skills) I would argue that each and ever one of these items (which constitute a pretty good cross section of legislation, bureaucracies, standards documents and policies that have sprung from federal involvement in schools) have had a negative influence on our system. @@Standards Based Reform Movement The Standards Based Reform Movement is a slightly reworked and renamed version of Outcome and Performance Based Education. The theory is that the only reason not all students achieve at high levels is that some are allowed to achieve at low levels. It is often mixed in with other reform movements which downplay the importance of high levels of basic skills mastery before being exposed to more advanced material. It often adds devilish IQ test-like puzzle-based problems, and skills well over grade level because that's what "the community believes a student should know". Outcome based education appears to be the foundation of this movement, but OBE stressed non-academic attitude outcomes, which was the key to "all students" succeeding. New variants continue the "all students theme", but assume that everybody can should master whatever the top 10% can do, which no research has ever tried to prove is possible. Features - "High standards for all" - "World class standards" - Curriculum framework - Alignment of entire system - performance standards, curriculum standards, assessement, teacher credentialing, graduation requirements - Standard of "What students should know and be able to do" - Certificate of Mastery - Higher Standards for 21st Century World-class workers - Higher order thinking - Lifelong Learning - Falling below, meeting or exceeding "standard" - Standards are generally based on what every student doesn't know and can't do - Performance base assessments of proficiency with standards - Based on state legislation - Grade promotion based on passing test - CIM to be granted on passing test - Diploma to be granted on passing test - Performanced based tests - Graduation requirement to be phased in over 5-10 years - Often tied directly to NCEE - Low initial baseline scors List of Standards- or Performance Based States Alaska (test in development) California (Superintendent, but legislature is passing content based) Colorado Connecticut Idaho Florida Kentucky (1998 cancelled KIRIS) - accountability test Maine Massachusetts - diploma requires G10 test Michigan (1998 revised test score categories) Minnesota Montana (SSI) Nevada - diploma requires G11 test North Carolina Oregon - diploma requires G10 and G12 test Texas - diploma requires G10 test Vermont Virginia Washington - CIM to be granted on G10 test Not Standards Iowa %%Links Center for Performance Assessment Home Page %%Against Arthur Hu 12/21/99 notes: Interestingly, Matt Groening's Futurama features a doomsday Terminator Santa Claus. The city built a Santa Claus to reward the boys and girls who were good and punish the bad, but they set his standards too high, so now he just goes around terrorizing everybody. That's exactly what has happened to our schools with these accountability and testing schemes. zip38\clipim\99\10\30\stansc.efx Standardized Schools The Nation Oct 18, 1999 Susan Ohanian author of One Size Fits Few. Wielding high stakes tests... a noisy alliance seems intent on standardizing education. \clip\99\04\stangamb.txt Education Week December 9, 1998 Education's High-Stakes Gamble By Ronald A. Wolk Standards Based Education vs. CK Core Knowledge Arthur Hu. %%Books link Deborah Meier [mailto:dmeier@ESSENTIALSCHOOLS.ORG] A book with a lead essay by me--Will Standards Save Public Education--is now out, pubished by Beacon, with articles by Sizer, Linda Nathan, Bill Ayers, Gary Nash, Murname andThernstom and a foreword by Kozol. Red cover! It sells I notice for $12 (paperback only). The lead-off essay is entitled Educating a Democracy. It's fairly short--under 90 pages. %%California CA Dept of Education Students are expected to get high, or higher test scores. CA is adopting a tough traditional test. %%Colorado Co Dept of Education Standards-based Education: a system of instruction focused on student learning of content standards. This system aligns programs of instruction and assessments with the content standards. The implementation of "standards-based education" shall not require districts to abandon the use of Carnegie units, to abandon a letter grade system to adopt outcome-based methods of teaching, or to use student portfolios in place of assessments. In addition, implementation of "standards-based education" shall not encourage block scheduling or other experimental methods of class scheduling. %%effective? LITTLE EMPIRICAL PROOF OF BENEFIT OF STANDARDS A Conceptual Framework for Industry-Based Skill Standards Centerfocus Number 11 / April 1996 Donna Merritt National Center for Research in Vocational Education University of California at Berkeley \clip\97\28\noben\noben.htm Although there is little empirical proof of their benefits (GAO 1993), many believe that developing a national system of standards is one key to strengthening the country's economy. General Accounting Office. (1993). Occupational skill standards--Experience in certification systems shows industry involvement to be key. Washington, DC: General Accounting Office. NCEE SPONSORS FIRST STANDARDS BASED REFORM CONFERENCE \clip\97\25\ncee.txt Marc Tucker and Friends Move Agenda Forward SAN ANTONIO, TX - The National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE) sponsored the First Annual Standards-Based Reform Conference. Introduces CIM, replacing high school diploma, assessments, portfolios, Goals 2000, National Council of Teachers of English standards, all children can achieve the same high levels, "practical application" of knowledge, emphasis on workforce rather than academic achievement Date sent: Wed, 05 Nov 1997 17:36:27 -0600 From: "B. Rice Aston" The National History Standards were rejected by the U.S. Senate 99-1 in a non-binding vote. The lone holdout was a Senator who wanted to go further and abolish Goals 2000, so it was in fact a 100-0 vote against the standards. The revised standards were written by the same folks that gave us the original standards, and although the ideological anti-western hook is still there, it is better hidden. UCLA distributed free 30,000 + copies of the revised standards to teacher's unions, school administrators, etc and they are still in circulation. The NHS, although soundly rejected, have become de facto standards for many textbook publishers who believe that they must be followed in order for their books to be accepted in the market place rent with ideological battles. The Virginia Standars of Learning for Virgina Public Schools covers Mathematics pp 1-27, Science pp. 33-75 and History and Social Science, pp. 79-100. They are concise and to the point and are generally considered to be the best in the country. The Va. History and Social Science Stanards may be found on the web at Delaware History and Social Science Standards may be found at The TAD web site is The changes to the Texas Reading TEKS that came about in response to the authors of TAD may be found at The Texas Social Science TEKS are probably on the net, but I do not have the address, and if you find it I would appreciate you letting me know. Rice Aston Some times it helps to know what standards should not be and I enclose a note from Diane Ravitch about Illinois Standards, which she claims to be the worst in the U.S. "Elaine Keed National Council for History Education Dear Elaine, I have reviewed the Illinois social science standards with particular reference to history educaiton. These standards, like the draft that preceded them, are very likely the worst in the nation...In almost every case, they are vague, insubstantial descriptions of ill-definced concepts. I can't bleive that these sandards were drafted by anyone familiar with local, state, nationa. or world history. No history teacher or historian, for example, would expect sutdents to "describe the relationship betweeen the significant turning points in economic history and world political, envoronmental, and social history." That is not a "sandard" by any defintion...What does this statement mean? I don't know, and neither will teachers and parents. Or, why should students be expected to "analyze how cultural encounters among peoples of the earth affected the invironment, c. 1500- to the presnt"? Unless the students learn much more than the state intends to teach them, this is an impossible goal. How in the world can students "desacribe how both major and minor events intereacted at significant turning points (, civil rights/student unrest)"?. This is a vast, vague, unspecific question. Whcih events? Everything that ever happened? Or, "describe the impact of contributions by key groups at the sgnificant turning pointgs in world political history." This isnot a standard. This is not a reasonable expectation of anyone, student or teacher. Ordinarily, content standards extablish expectations for what is to be taught and what is to be leanred. They tell teachers, students, and parents what to expect. They provide the basis for assdssment, for textbooks, for staff development, for teacher training, and for new software. I suggest to you that the emptiness of Illinois' standard will make these standrds useless for any of these purposes. How can anyone possibly test whether students are able to "describe the impact of contributions by key groups at significant turning points in world political history"? The assessment makers will now know which group to ask about; which turning points to ask about; which nations or civilzaitons to ask about; which eras to ask about. It is sad to comtemplate standards for the state of Illinois hat fail even to mention Abraham Lincon, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, or Thomas Jefferson. Bear in mind that part of the goal of history education is to teach children about their nation, their culture, and the history of democractis ideas. These "standard" suggest that history is not very important in the education of the children of Illionos. How. Sad. Yours Truly, Daine Ravictch" %%Finn, Chester Chester Finn on rise and pitfalls of standards based reform %%for \clipim\2000\02\10\here\here.htm American Teacher Dec. 1999/Jan. 2000 Here to stay Standards-based reform is not just another fad-- it's alive, well and living in the classroom. You might think that staff in schools designated as low-performing would balk at the thought of standards-based reform. You might think that, after working for a few years with reforms that challenge students to meet high academic standards, teachers might cool to the concept. Or that high academic standards would enjoy little support from teachers faced with the enormous challenges of working in disadvantaged urban schools. You'd be wrong on all counts. SHAMELESS PLUG FOR TUCKER'S NEW STANDARDS \clip\98\16\newstan.txt [December 10, 1997] The Case for New Standards in Education By Theodore Hershberg [He misses that reform, instead of educating the other 80% the same way as the top 20% dumbs down ed so we don't even have a top 20%] Our schools always did one thing well: They educated the top fifth of their students. The performance of the remaining 80 percent didn't matter because, upon leaving school, they entered a robust manufacturing economy that provided abundant jobs for those with limited skills. 12 point talking paper - we need to counter this %%National Science Foundation %%school to work CAREER MAJORS = STANDARDS BASED CURRICULUM \doc\web\98\09\carmaj.txt Activities will "focus on strengthening the capacity of education and business leaders to develop a standards-based curriculum leading to high skill, high wage, high demand occupations. @@Stanford, John Nationally acclaimed Seattle School superintendent, widely mourned when he died of lukemia, black military man is widely lauded by press. Privately criticized by those who say he really hasn't done anything but mess things up Arthur writes Stanford just wasn't a good superintendent, but a great saint and hero. Blomstrom's tribute to failed John Stanford Did Stanford reforms raise Seattle test scores? zip23\clip\99\10\stanford.txt Seattle Weekly Feb 26, 1998 In Stanford We Trust BY NINA SHAPIRO Experts doubt claims of rising test scores. \clip\98\17\edlip01.txt December 1, 1998 Search for chief of schools unlimited By Rochelle Carter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Former John Stanford left Atlanta to run the 47,000-student Seattle school system in September 1995. By the end of his first year in Seattle, test scores were up across all grade levels. Stanford required principals to undergo a yearlong training program. Stanford's reforms really just mess things up \doc\web\98\06\stanford.txt From: David Blomstrom GeoNews Thursday, May 21, 1998 @@State Control The states are in the process of taking over control of local schools, not the federal level. They are setting standards, imposing tests, and mandating curriculum. When they screw up, they mess up every district. STATE TAKES OVER SCHOOL, HANDS IT OVER TO EDISON z45\clip\2000\08\editake.txt 3 Schools Taken Over in Baltimore By Linda Perlstein Washington Post Staff Writer Wednesday, July 5, 2000 ; B01 On July 1, Maryland officially handed over the operation of three of the state's lowest-performing schools to a for-profit corporation. STATE FUNDING AVERAGE 50% AS HIGH AS 90% IN WESTERN STATES. The Great School Debate (1985) The Coming Centralization of Education Mary Anne Raywid. In the 1920s, local districts paid 80% of school costs. Today (1985) average is 42%, states 50%, federal 8%. By 1983, 66% in Nevada, 80% in WA, 90% in California. STATES GRAB CONTROL 1/20/98 - WA Legislature Work Session/Public HearingRealaudio Doug Carnine speaks out about programs that work (phonics) and don't (whole language - phonics)The real threat, the real revolution, is testing is at the state level, not the federal level. You (legislature) have assumed control of the public schools. 55:30 Curriculum people become very powerful - what will be trained, assessed, how to teach. We have no experience in doing this well, just a huge experiment, in every state. If you make a mistake, every district will make the same mistake. 4th grade math assessment concerns. You're already doing it, but how WELL will you do it? @@State Reform \doc\web\index\staterefm.wk1 Checklist of reforms by state Education Commission of the States Selecting School Reform Models file: \clip\99\01\REF_MODL.PDF Acrobat document showing which states are using which models for reform. @@State Takeover New accountability schems give the state the right to take over "failing" schools. PA LAW ALLOWS STATE TO TAKE OVER LOW PERFORMING SCHOOLS z42\clip\2000\05\takeover.txt May 17, 2000 Pa. Targets 11 Districts For Takeover By Robert C. Johnston Education Week Philadelphia and 10 other low-achieving Pennsylvania school systems are bracing for the impact of a new law that gives the state education department vast new powers to intervene in them—and ultimately take them over. @@Stigler STIGLER SAYS JAPANESE ARE CONSTRUCTIVIST, AMERICANS ROTE TEACHERS \clip\99\19\stigler.txt zip38\clip\99\19\stigler.txt U.S. Educators' Training Skips Effective Techniques of Teaching Other nations get better grades for classroom methods Richard T. Cooper, Los Angeles Times Tuesday, October 12, 1999 James W. Stigler, University of California at Los Angeles educational psychologist: American teachers lean heavily toward rote learning of procedures and repetitive drills. In Japan, by contrast, teachers tend to let students make mistakes as they grope toward solving a math problem, on the theory that they will ultimately understand both the problem and the underlying math. [But Asians cultures are the strongest in rote learning and after-school tutoring and drill] Also search for "The Learning Gap" with Harold Stevenson, aeduc.htm @@Statistics FINN APPLAUDS SCIENTIFIC BASED EDUCATION BILL z45\clip\2000\10\fixstat.txt Education Week September 20, 2000 Fixing Education Research And Statistics (Again) By Chester E. Finn Jr. ... adopted HR 4875, the proposed Scientifically Based Education Research, Statistics, Evaluation, and Information Act of 2000. The phrase "scientifically based" recurs frequently. There's a strong push for bona fide experiments, complete with control groups, which are normal in hard science and biomedical research but staunchly resisted by education researchers enamored of what is politely termed "qualitative methods." @@STS Science Technology Science STS started out has a college-level social studies program to study the impact of technology on society, now it's basis for all science and math instruction which claims that science exists primarily to serve political purposes. Alaska adopts STS as the basis for Math and Science instruction doc/web/98/09/Alasmat2.htm (barf!) "This book looks at and suggests the constructivist approaches that are facilitated through an S/T/S curriculum." What is STS? (Science exists to serve politics) Science/Technology/Society (STS) education teaches students to understand science and technology and how it affects their lives and world events Arthur's Note - it appears that STS is actually a college level course on how science affects society, it is part of social studies, not science. This "direction" has been investigated as a direction to add "relevance" and politically correct politics to science classes. Alaska appears to be the first institution to suggest that STS should be the fundamental basis and justification for science instruction, truly the tail wagging the dog. STS SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY SOCIETY APPROACH CLAIMS TO ERASE RACE GENDER GAP Achieving Equitable Science Education Phi Delta Kappan June 1999 p. 756 Jeffrey Weld zip38\clipim\99\11\sts.efx efax format: to download * girls in STS perform as well or better than boys on science content exams. * scores on attitude were higher with STS for all students * usual achievement gap between sexes on the ITBS was erased with STS * gender gaps were closed with STS instruction was used * glaring discrepencies exist when traditional text-based methods are used * attitudes toward science soared for minority students, surpassing white students * minority creativity scores were double over controls * minorities in STS were as good at solving novel problems as whites * whites on ITBS were as good, minority made gains * [These sound very suspect, STS is social studies, not science! Alaska plans to base their science on STS and discovery and de-emphasize "facts first" as harmful] OBJECTIVISM SKEWERS NAVAHO MATH, STS, PROGRESSIVE ED REFORM REASON June 1999 Benighted Elite Postmodernist critics of science get their comeuppance By Walter Olson Most widespread of all such doctrines is postmodernism, which treats assertions of scientific fact as indeterminate texts constructed by readers. All these various streams converge to form the body of work known as the "new sociology of science," a.k.a. Science and Technology Studies (STS) or simply Science Studies, brought to many readers' notice for the first time in Paul Gross and Norman Levitt's 1994 expos‚ Higher Superstition: The Academic Left and Its Quarrels With Science (Johns Hopkins University Press). @@Student Lead Individual Conferences @@SLIC Sumner WA adopts a very intrusive system of assessing student personal information to direct career education direction. Favorite TV show. Name 3 adults other than your parent you can confide in. Do you spend 3 hours on homework? @@Stuter, Lynn Big WA Ed Reform Chart Marc Tucker etc. (standard size) (huge! 108Kb) diatribe against STW @@Substitute z40\clipim\2000\03\06\sub.efx\ Mar 3, 2000 Fighting a shortage, Seattle Schools to assign subs to specific schools. @@Summer School One alternative to social promotion is to force kids to take summer school, and hold them back if they are not at "grade level". HALF OF CHICAGO G1-3 FORCED TO ATTEND SUMMER SCHOOL Chicago Sun Times More kids must go to summer school June 23, 1999 BY ROSALIND ROSSI AND FRAN SPIELMAN STAFF REPORTERS At least half of all first- through third-graders in Chicago public schools will attend mandatory summer school next year, under a directive from Mayor Daley to address a "crisis" in third grade reading, officials said Tuesday. Fewer children in Chicago schools are at national norms in third grade reading--26 percent--than in any other elementary grade. after summer school, students could still be promoted with scores as low as one year below grade level. SUMMER SCHOOL FAILED IN NYC BEFORE \clip\99\07\edclip03.txt New York Times February 27, 1999 Summer School Has Failed Before, but Times Have Changed It was just 16 years ago that the city effectively abandoned its last great experiment in mandatory summer school in the lower grades, imposed with as much fanfare -- and some of the same lofty goals -- as Dr. Crew's plan. \clip\98\13\bootcamp.txt 8 MONTH GAIN IN 6 WEEKS, BUT ONLY 2 OF 37 BEAT GRADE RETENTION "Summer school experiment yields mixed results: Despite making excellent progress, 35 of 37 must repeat the 5th grade. Jolayne Houtz Seattle Times Sept 28, 1998 p. B4 6 week session at Seattle's Kimball Elementary school advanced many students several "months", but not enough to advance them from grade 5 to grade 6. 106 gained eight months or more in reading, writing, or math, but it wasn't enough for the lowest performers. District spent $106,000 with Morningside Learning Systems, Seattle-based consulting business. System relies on fast-paced progression of lessons and a script that dictates how and when and what teachers teach. [that's direct instruction!] Paid a $200 bonus for every student that gained 8+ months. Some schools are adopting morningside in regular program. Of 98 students threatened with being held back, only 8 were promoted to middle school [guess what % are black or hispanic? it doesn't say] 37 took the Kimball program, 41 didn't go to any summer school, 21 were no longer enrolled in the system. @@Successful Reforms (there aren't any?) Goals 2000: Increasing Student Achievement Through State and Local Initiatives, Report to Congress April 30, 1996. US Dept of Education ISBN 0-16-048694-7 Comprehensive reform is beginning to pay off in Kentucky. Students are showing gains from the 1993-94 state assessment, and percentages of students in proficient / distinguished levels increased over time, grade 4 averages increased 58% from 1993 to 1995, reading 4th grade at prof/dist level increased from 8% in 1993 to 30% in 1995 (but they are simply teaching to a test deliberately designed to test what was not taught, see Innes of Kentucky for details of why test was rigged to be easier, this test was thrown out entirely as of 1998 because it was judged to be a massive boondoggle and failure. \clip\98\09\upschool.tif (image) "Upgraded schools improve kids' scores Mark Glassman USA today June 2, 1998 p. 8d New American schools were created to launch "so-called break-the-mold" schools. "This is the first time we've seen that they work across a district" [Tucker's been at it since the mid 1980s and this is the FIRST time they've had positive results????] The group overhauled 30 of the 34 redesigned schools in Memphis. Memphis is the largest district in Tennesee, committed to "redesigning" every high school and elementary school by next year. Schools improved 7.5% more on basic skills tests than the nation and 14.5% more than comparable schools that did not undertake "reform". @@Superintendent (District) District superintendents are sometimes made into superstars such as Seattle's late retired African American general John Stanford. The field is riddle with people who do spectacularly horrible jobs for huge amounts of taxpayer money. Often the problem is compounded when candidates are clearly selected for diversity reasons, but generally white white male candidates are just as bad. %%Ackerman, Arlene Black woman with short tenure in DC, claims test scores rose a bunch, now in charge of San Franciso theme: excellence for all. z42\clip\2000\06\ackerman.txt Ackerman's Fleeting Legacy Marc Fisher By Marc Fisher Thursday, May 18, 2000; Page B01 Sorry to rain on your parade, Superintendent Ackerman, but in San Francisco, they have a school board too, and unlike the one you're fleeing, it has real powers. What have you done with it? The schools are still a mess. Virtually everyone who can flee does....Ackerman was a great example of the "get" tough approach to accountability using an off the shelf standardized test as her stick - largely without any carrots. Her record now looks great - improved performance in a tough land of DC public schools %%Bremerton NORTH MASON z68\clip\2003\07\nmason.txt Bremerton Sun July 29, 2003 3:24 PM Retired Army colonel Tom Kelly new leader of North Mason schools Ann Strosnider, Sun Staff .. was vice president and general manager for Ad Line Sign Systems in Bellevue and then went to work for Terry Bergeson.. "fell in love with public education" during his six years with OSPI. "He went back to school to get his superintendent's credentials. Jim Coolican, superintendent for the Peninsula School District in Gig Harbor, has a background similar to Kelly's. He retired as a Marine colonel and then became Bergeson's first deputy... Joanne: He ran all her dog and pony shows over here and after she was elected, Terry brought him to Olympia as reward for all he did for her. %%Broad Foundation MOST SUPERINTENDENTS ARE TEACHERS, NOT MANAGERS z56\clip\2002\06\suptrain.htm The Broad Center for Superintendents will conduct a training program for the Urban Superintendents Academy in Washington, D.C., June 20-23, 2002 We are building an executive leadership corps to protect and to grow our nation's investment in children." many have little training or background in complex financial, labor, management, personnel and capital resource decision-making. In fact, 98 percent of superintendents are trained as teachers -- not managers. %%Buyout LAUSD OKs $195,000 buyout Former LAUSD Chief Operating Officer Allen Solomon, who resigned after two months on the job, will receive a $195,000 buyout under a settlement approved Tuesday by the school board in closed session. June 27, 2001 %%Crew, Rudy Tacoma New York City Black Popular black superintendent among politicians that seems to always get promoted after failing in district after district, now he's going to joing a university research position at the University of Washington to great fanfare. 15 months later he resigned to move on again. Arthur: What's the crew effect? Test scores vanish when the guy leaves? Don Orlich WSU education: You got it. It was all smoke and mirrors. Test prep was the order form Crew's office. And it did show you can do it once, then the bottom falls out. Sandy Elliot: Have you seen INSIGHT Magazine's article on Crew? His admin. was implicated in EXTORTION (is what I will call the bilking) of public funds for non-existent students in New York Public Schools. Among other CRIMINAL activities. Whether or not he is directly linked I cannot say; but the entire article is on what happened during his Watch at New York City. [Also got slammed in the City Journal of the Manhattan institute] z49\clip\2001\04\crew.txt Search on News/Columnist/Peter Callaghan. "Is Rudy's latest move just mass Crewness? April 29, 01 Peter Callaghan; The News Tribune Crew only did what he does best - follow the announcements of grand plans with premature resignations. Work is left unfinished. Goals are left unfulfilled. Promises are left unmet. Tacoma could have warned Seattle. We were Crewed in 1995 after hiring him in 1993 to lift our schools from mediocrity. Crew was a young star in education circles - a crusader, a change agent, a reformer. But while Tacoma was glad to get him, there were warnings." \clip\99\15\crew.txt Seattle Times Sunday, July 25, 1999 UW eyes superstar Crew to lead education institute A FEW years ago, a wise education guru I know declared there were two superstar public-school superintendents in this country, John Stanford of Seattle Schools and Rudy Crew, chancellor of New York City schools. From: Charles L Hagopian Rudy Crew was dismissed Sacramento City Unified...before he went to New York. People should do their homework before hiring superintendents. Instead, they shuffle from one place to another. Not a bad way to live: get fired, receive huge severence pay ($300,000+) and find an even better paying job in another city. Marvi %%Fryer John Fryer of Washington State a close friend of Seattle school "reformers". He came to us from his post as the president of the National War College. He is also VERY close to Marc Tucker %%Handy, J.L. Superintendent of predominantly black Compton and Emeryville districts, fired from Compton and resigned from Emeryville, and districts taken over by the state of California. z47\clip\2000\12\emery.htm LA Times December 24, 2000 State Taking Over School District of Ex-Compton Chief Education: Spending practices of the tiny East Bay system are the subject of a criminal investigation. The Legislature will be asked for a $3-million bailout. By JOHN M. GLIONNA, Times Staff Writer second time that state officials have over school district under J.L. Handy, who abruptly resigned in October after seven years as superintendent of the 900-student district in Emeryville.. was fired as superintendent of the Compton schools in 1992 amid allegations of financial mismanagement just before an unprecedented state takeover that was finally lifted this year. Emeryville W11.5 B62.0 H10.0 A15.7 SAT-9 by grade math Scores start above average in G2, end up at 26/32 by G11 math 2-69 3-51 4-51 5-54 6-40 7-38 8-33 9-42 10-23 11-32 read 2-66 3-42 4-41 5-39 6-31 7-40 8-43 9-28 10-20 11-26 Intro to Handy z47\clipim\2000\12\26\handy\handy.htm Implemented block scheduling. %%Keegan Arizona z47\clip\2001\01\keegmas.txt Schools chief Keegan calls for adding level of 'master teachers' Pat Flannery The Arizona Republic Jan. 17, 2001 14:30:00 State schools chief Lisa Graham Keegan said today the time has come to create a category of "master teachers" who would be paid as much as $100,000 a year to instruct students, as well as train fellow teachers. z47\clip\2000\12\keegan.txt Keegan now front-runner Tops Education list, insiders say Pat Kossan The Arizona Republic Dec. 28, 2000 Arizona schools chief Lisa Graham Keegan now is the front-runner for secretary of Education in the Bush Cabinet, sources said Wednesday. %%Laboy, Wilfredo SUPERINTENDENT FAILS ENGLISH TEST THAT PUT TEACHERS ON LEAVE z69\clip\2003\07\lawsup.txt School chief failed literacy test By Associated Press, 8/4/2003 Wilfredo T. Laboy, who receives a 3 percent pay hike this month that will raise his salary to $156,560, recently put 24 teachers on unpaid administrative leave because they failed a basic English test. State Education Commissioner...commended Laboy on an ''excellent job'' leading the district %%Lam, Diana San Antonio Providence RI NYC, resigned in disgrace Asian-Am woman Now Taking flack in 2003 over progressive reading program in NYC under Klein. Protege up for Ft Worth z87\clip\2005\02\lamny.txt LAM'S LEGACY By DIANE RAVITCH NY post March 10, 2004 -- THE departure of Diana Lam from the top instructional post in New York City is welcome news. During her year and a half in office, she has imposed one disastrous policy after another on the schools. Her decisions have jeopardized the success of Mayor Bloomberg's ambitious school reforms. Lam was compelled to resign when investigators reported that she pushed her subordinates to give her husband a cushy administrative job. Melody Johnson is one of two finalists for the Ft. Worth ISD superintendent's job (please see article below). Her mentor was Diana Lam, ex-supt. in San Antonio who was forced to resign from that district, went to Providence, and then ended up in New York City as deputy commissioner. DIANA LAM -- ALL THAT IS WRONG IN EDUCATION .html New York Daily News - Klein's educrats undermine good teaching By R.M. ISAAC Monday, February 9th, 2004 "Teachers are warned not to correct errors with red ink because that color is 'aggressive.' ..because the lesson did not fit the lockstep and scripted format of Deputy Schools Chancellor Diana Lam, it was ruled an act of grave noncompliance. z75\priv\2003\10\lam.txt "$40 MILLION GOOF" New York Post Sol Stern October 20, 2003 -- New York's new reading curriculum doesn't meet national standards. Bloomberg and Klein put the key decision in the hand of a progressive - Diana Lam, the deputy chancellor for Teaching and Learning. PROGRESSIVE ED FAILS IN LOW INCOME AREAS z74\clip\2003\09\lamny.txt Publication:The New York Sun; Date:Sep 5, 2003; Section:Editorial & Opinion; Page:9 Progressive Miseducation 101 ANDREW WOLF "ill-advised selection of one of the nation’s most controversial “progressive” educrats, Diana Lam, as his deputy chancellor for teaching and learning. Ms. Lam has spent more than a decade drifting from city to city, an educational nomad, leaving a trail of failure and bad feelings in her wake." the relative success of District 2 on the east side of Manhattan...highest median income in the city, as well as a majority of white and Asian students. But In neighborhoods with huge numbers of poor and minority students, the touchyfeely progressive approach favored by Ms. Lam has failed. feb 7, 2000 Boston Globe In Providence, Lam aims high Former chief of Chelsea schools optimistic about altering R.I. system, helping students make the grade \clip\99\12\lam2.txt Providence Journal Providence hires Texas woman as superintendent Diana Lam, of San Antonio, wins the School Board's support on an 8-to-1 vote, but the choice is not well-received by others at last night's meeting. "``some in the community advocated for one candidate and some in the community advocated for an African-American or a Latino candidate.''" %%Mercer Island Mercer Island buys out flunked superintendent for $300,000 after she spends all her time on trips. %%Metts Prince George County z49\clip\2001\04\metts.txt Each report exposes our school superintendent's inability to meet our expectations. Editorial in 4/12/2001 edition of The Gazette Curry demonstrates how to manage with money No county in the state has lower standardized test scores in reading than pupils in Prince George's. In her budget request, School Superintendent Iris T. Metts listed items in order of need. Replacing "outdated" textbooks and "purchase the core text books for three new elementary schools" was ranked 268th out of more than 350 requests. Washington Times Friday, April 20, 2001 Jabeen Bhatti, staff writer Principals and Principles Some Prince George's school board members are complaining that their top employee, school superintendent Iris T. Metts, is once again ducking their direction. %%New York Revolving door for rudy crew, etc. LEVY QUIETLY CONTINUES LEGACY OF CREW z46\clip\2000\11\levy.txt November 4, 2000 Schools Leader Treads Lightly on Instruction By ABBY GOODNOUGH "There are no magic bullets and no inventive educational theory that will dramatically improve education overnight," Mr. Levy said in a recent interview. "This is a long fight, and Rudy Crew and Judy Rizzo put us on the right path"" %%Paige, Rod Bush pick from Houston, black Republican, he's for basics and phonics, but into "reform", buzzwords, and corporate / school to work agenda. Nice color Photo: More ed reform same garbage. same as the a+ commission same language used. this is where you can get all the info as above the school dist website. CONSERVATIVE BLACKS, HISPANIC TO ED DEPARTMENT z52\clip\2001\09\paigetm.txt September 19, 2001 Education Cabinet a Mixed Bag In Experience, Politics By Joetta L. Sack z50\clip\2001\07\paigeno.txt Jul 2001 Jim Versluys is not impressed with Paige, claims he cooked test scores and doesn't speak well. z48\clip\2001\02\paige.txt W. AND THE USES OF TESTING. Numbers Racket by Stephen Metcalf New Republic Issue date 02.12.01 That sound you didn't hear last month was Rod Paige, President Bush's pick for secretary of education, schussing quietly through his confirmation hearing. Paige is devoted to "high-stakes testing," ... When Montross asked how those students could have received grades if their exams were not marked, a CEP administrator told her the grades had been made up. z47\clip\2001\01\redcar.txt } Days of Paige Did Bush pick a master educator - or an overpaid front man? By Tim Fleck "Then there's the Paige team's cultist embrace of Model-Netics, a system of management phrases and symbols peddled by a corporate executive who advised HISD on reorganization. " z47\clip\2000\12\paige.txt z47\clipim\2000\19\paige\paige.htm Rod Paige Houston schools superintendent could be next secretary of education 12/18/2000 By Bruce Nichols / The Dallas Morning News HOUSTON – Dr. Rod Paige came to the role of big-city school administrator late in life. He was 60 when the Houston Independent School District board tapped him to be superintendent in 1994. An African-American and longtime Republican, he would bring racial diversity, conservatism and a successful track record to the Cabinet. EDUCATION DOCTORS GIVE QUALIFIED APPROVAL z47\clipim\2001\01\New US Dept of Education Bush Rod Paige.doc Bush's nomination receives an "A" from the Education Doctors on the point of ensuring we understand the difference between the "C" buzzwords. Collaboration = knowing / Consensus = agreeing to pre- determined outcome. [[against supports everything we've been fighting including School To Work, charters and vouchers, standards-based OBE, performance-based assessments, and behavioral direct instruction rebecca %%pay %%Salary $360,000 2001 Mike Moses Dallas with incentives $275,000 2000 Rod Paige Houston $264,890 2002 Jerry Weast Montgomery County $260,000 2000 Rojas Dallas, highest in nation $197,000 2000 contract for Arlene Ackerman SF $163,000 2001 Average over 25,000 students $150,000 Scottsdale AZ $137,000 National avg. z56\priv\2002\06\suppay.txt From THE MIAMI HERALD , Sunday, June 23, 2002 SCHOOL CHIEFS HARD TO HIRE Education Research Service will report the average salary of a school superintendent with 25,000 or more students is $163,737. By: WILLIAM L. BAINBRIDGE z48\clipim\2001\04\11\supsal\supsal.htm Superintendent salaries As appearedin Monday, March 13, 2000 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette CITY Superintendent Salary No. of students Atlanta Beverly L. Hall $165,000 57,000 Cincinnati Steven J. Adamowski $136,200 47,000 Cleveland Barbara Byrd-Bennett $155,000 76,090 Denver Sidney "Chip" Zullinger $142,000 69,776 Kansas City Benjamin Demps Jr. $156,400 32,000 Miami Roger Cuevas $233,046 361,000 Milwaukee Spencer Korte $147,136 99,990 Minneapolis Carol R. Johnson $150,000 48,991 Phoenix Rene X. Diaz $125,000 21,534 Pittsburgh Helen Faison (acting) $145,000 38,900 Portland Ben Canada $155,000 54,700 St. Louis Cleveland Hammonds Jr. $140,000 45,452 San Diego Alan D. Bersin $165,000 140,564 Seattle Joseph Olchefske $150,000 47,453 Tampa Earl Lennard $164,999 157,389 RooseveltNY $150,000 3,000 11/24/00 Dallas Morning News Moses' contract detailed Total compensation for incoming DISD Superintendent Mike Moses could approach $360,000 in his first year because of incentives and payments to help his family resettle in Dallas, according to his contract. NATIONAL AVERAGE PAY $137,000, SOME OVER 150,000, 2 OVER $200,000 \clip\99\17\suppay.txt More school chiefs earning $150,000 Chicago Sun-Times August 31, 1999 BY CARLOS SADOVI AND BRYAN SMITH STAFF REPORTERS 20 chicago superintendents earned $150,000 or more in the 1997-1998 school year; 41 earned $150,000 or more the following year. 2 earned over $200,000 West Chicago School District 33 made $207,447; and Jack Schoenholtz of Leyden Community High School District 212, who made $234,855. The national average is $137,000 %%Riley, Paul Bellevue WA, said all students can pass WASL, take Calculus, and must take AP to graduate. $2.95 June 2, 2003 Newsweek The 100 Best High Schools in America [But it's only a rating of who has the highest rate of AP test taking] Jay Mathews In the 1970s, Mike Riley was a young Chicago teacher trying to save failing inner-city students. He found they blossomed if he simply sat them down each day after class and made sure they did their homework. "They went from F's to honor roll, and I realized that... they weren't dumb kids, just kids we hadn't connected to," he says. Riley learned that even the most apathetic students responded to a challenge--as long as they had the right support.Today he is %%Rojas, Bill Former San Francisco Hispanic Superintendent, may be fired from Dallas ROJAS MAY GET THE BOOT FROM DALLAS Board to discuss dismissing Rojas DISD leader says he won't resign 06/14/2000 By Linda K. Wertheimer and Colleen McCain / The Dallas Morning News Dr. Rojas, who began work in the district in August, has a $260,000 salary, the highest of any superintendent in the nation. Dr. Rojas, who has been criticized for frequent absences from the district, will not attend the meeting 6/30/2000 Dallas Morning News Board appears set to let Rojas resign Dallas school Superintendent Bill Rojas said Thursday there is no chance that he will remain head of the city's school system, and five board members have now said they would accept his resignation.\ z47\clip\2001\01\sfgrad.txt School standards debated in S.F. 1/8/01 GRADUATION GUIDELINES SEEN AS TOO STRINGENT BY MICHAEL BAZELEY San Jose Mercury News In 1997 At the urging of then-Superintendent Bill Rojas, mandated three years of college prep math and science courses... the board had to retreat when nobody could pass %%Romer Romer of 2000 Los Angeles is pure Goals 2000 OBE guy. %%Seattle - John Stanford, ex general, African American died of Lukemia. He was held up as a saint, but was criticized for his lack of education background and management style. - Joseph Olchefske, bald white male account inherited job from Stanford, resigned after grumbling over Standards, botched accounting in 2003. - In 2003 there was a train wreck as all 4 candidates pulled out after Google searches turned up scandals. z74\clip\2003\10\seasup.txt SEATTLE WEEKLY October 15 - 21, 2003 EDUCATION The School Board Flunks Google 101 In rounding up superintendent candidates, it seems no one did their homework. And what about the $63,500 head-hunting firm? by Rick Anderson z70\clip\2003\08\supwork.txt Local News: Thursday, August 21, 2003 Experienced group applies for schools chief job By Sanjay Bhatt Seattle Times staff reporter Eighteen applicants, or 47 percent, are racial minorities Three-quarters of those applying to become Seattle Public Schools' superintendent come from the ranks of education, while about one-quarter are from nontraditional backgrounds in business or government, the district's search consultant said yesterday. z68\doc\web\2003\07\seasear.txt 7/2003 SUPERINTENDENT SEARCH The School Board has embarked upon a nationwide search for a new Superintendent. Seattle Public Schools is regarded across the country as a premiere urban school system that has implemented a range of reforms to ensure that every student succeeds. SEATTLE HIRING SEARCH FIRM TO SELECT CANDIDATES z68:\clip\2003\07\swsearch.txt Seattle Weekly July 16 - 22, 2003 EDUCATION The Super Search The next Seattle schools superintendent might be among these names. by Nina Shapiro "We've had eight years of superintendents without an education background," says Seattle University education professor David Marshak, referring to Olchefske and his predecessor, the late John Stanford, a former Army general. "And we've paid a significant price for that." Popular as Stanford was, Marshak believes he made mistakes because he wasn't familiar with school cultures—mandating a "C" average for graduation, for instance, without realizing that different schools compute grade-point averages differently—as did Olchefske." %%search education doctors on how search firms come up with ridiculous high paid superintendents. I can spout all the right buzzwords and quote all the trendy experts. Just listen to my mission statement: ‘Celebrate diversity and multicultural empowerment with a vision of inclusive self-awareness and raise test scores if there’s any time left over.’ As superintendent, I will spearhead dozens of needless programs that will consistently disappoint everybody.” Search firms only hire typical reform minded persons. Do _not_ rely on them. %%Seattle zip33\doc\web\99\08\nwasian.txt Seattle beats slot machine odds by selecting 3 black women for #2 superintendent in violation of I200. Seattle media ignores it MINORITY OR WOMAN WANTED AS #2? \clip\99\15\poppins.txt The Seattle Times Company Thursday, March 25, 1999 School job needs Mary Poppins " And she'd like to see a woman or minority sitting at Olchefske's side. " OLCHEFSKE SUPPORTS GORTON'S ACHIEVEMENT FOR ALL ACT \clip\99\13\olch.txt The Seattle Times Company Opinion/Editorials : Monday, July 12, 1999 Freedom to create academic achievement by Joseph Olchefske Special to The Times We recently announced our students' test scores for the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, a nationally normed test given to students throughout the United States. Our scores sharply increased again this year, as they have every year since 1996. These gains were realized broadly throughout the district - across every grade level, every subject area (including reading, language, and math), and every ethnic group. supports Academic Achievement for All Act Blomstrom on racial favoritism in Seattle Schools, Mr Mak etc. %%Scandal Schools chief involved with employee is paid $320,000 to resign in Mukilteo The Mukilteo School Board agreed to pay Superintendent Gary Toothaker $320,000 to leave his position three weeks ago because he was romantically involved with a school-district... He described himself as a "nomadic superintendent," serving in that role in Montana, Oklahoma, Ohio and his native Colorado. SUPERINTENDENT CREDENTIALS QUESTIONED z53\doc\web\2001\10\wacred.txt "8. A doctoral degree is not required to serve as a superintendent. In fact, it is not even required by law for a superintendent in Washington to hold a superintendent credential. " %%Stanford, John The guy was practically sainted by the local press in Seattle when he died of cancer, but was quitely criticized by many. %%Sumner z69\clip\2003\07\sumner.txt 'Running a business' JIM SZYMANSKI; The News Tribune In some ways, Donald Eismann is a school superintendent in name only. He runs Sumner schools with the business sense of a chief executive officer. %%Thompson, John ADD DR. JOHN THOMPSON WHO WAS FORMERLY TULSA, OKLAHOMA'S SUPERINTENDENT, ON YOUR "BAD SUPERINTENDENTS OF COLOR" LIST WE SENT HIM PACKING LAST SUMMER TO PITTSURGH, PA see %%VanderArk, Tom Unpopular Federal Way change agent who billed himself as conservative christian Republican, but was driven out by anti-OBE activists, now heads Gates education initiatives. link"He is nothing but a new age "change agent" who's sole goal is to assist in the so called "transformation" of education into a socialist New Age propeganda machine. And through education, change the paradigm of Western culture. Now as a leader in the Gates Foundation, he has become not only a threat to Federal Way, or to Washington State, but a threat on an International level." %%Weast Wednesday, February 12, 2003; Page B03 MARYLAND Montgomery Board Gives Weast 2nd Term The Montgomery County Board of Education unanimously renewed Superintendent Jerry D. Weast's contract yesterday for a four-year term. ...who arrived from North Carolina in 1999.. has been credited with initiating programs that address the system's large number of disadvantaged, struggling students @@Superintendent (state) Most state superintendents are peddlers of harful reforms, some are in opposition link From: Gene The educator and former California Supt. of Schools Max Rafferty, who died in a car accident in 198l composed the six "laws" of education. They are: 1. Educational research which flies in the face of common sense is for the birds. 2. On any election, the candidate supported by the teachers' union is the one to vote AGAINST. 3. Every educational problelm is caused by (a) stupidity or (b) unwillingness to work. 4. Fifty percent of all school administrators are superfluous. 5. Sixty percent of the things schools do have nothing to do with education. 6. Any educational area supported by federal funds deteriorates in quality and output in exact proportion to the amount of said aid. *Thanks to Gerald Keyzer, Neenah, Wisconsin, for sharing this information with me some years ago, a now deceased patriot. %%Arizona Considered for Bush appointment to Dept of Education until NY Times ripped apart the AIMS test. 1998 vote Lisa Graham Keegan, Republican .......... 729,899 votes 97.5% F. Baker, Democratic Arizona has rep gov and supt of ed BRACEY OPPOSED TO KEEGANS VOUCHER/CHARTER POLICY keegan.txt Steven Goss against republican STW, SBR Bio of Keegan zip36\clip\99\15\keegan.htm $2b budget, commmited to standards based reform, vouchers, charter schools z47\clip\2001\01\ripkeeg.txt "Keegan to allow bilingual teaching" Anne Ryman, Arizona Republic Wednesday, January 10, 2001, FRONT PAGE "Bilingual-ed foe assails Keegan" 'She's confused,' Calif. backer of Prop. 203 says Anne Ryman, Arizona Republic Thursday, January 11, 2001 The California millionaire behind Arizona's anti- bilingual education campaign blasted state schools chief Lisa Graham Keegan on Wednesday for saying she would not crack down on successful bilingual programs. %%Oregon Non-partisan races May 2002 SCHOOLS SUPERINTENDENT Candidate Votes % Susan Castillo 380,779 55% (Teacher Union) Rob Kremer 209,039 30% (Charter Anti-CIM) Stan Bunn 106,798 15% (Corrupt Incumbent) KREMER WANTS TO JUNK ED REFORM IN OREGON z56\clip\2002\05\oreg.txt The Oregonian - ROB KREMER: SMARTS, GUTS AND VISION 05/09/02 DAVID REINHARD The former investment banker and education administrator wants to junk the entire Oregon School Reform Act -- the CIM, CAM and the rest of the state-mandated gobbledygook -- that's plagued education here for the last decade. ANTI-CIM KREMER LEADS IN MONEY, CASTILLO LED IN POLLS z56\clip\2002\05\orespi1.txt Election stands to forge future of Oregon schools 05/20/02 %%Vallas VALLAS LEAVES MIXED RECORD IN CHICAGO z56\clip\2002\05\vallas2.htm Chicago Schools CEO Vallas Resigns Mayor frustrated with disappointing reading scores by George Clowes School Reform News August 2001 Contents Gery Chico and Paul Vallas, the two-man reform team largely responsible for nationally touted improvements in the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) over the past six years, abruptly resigned, Chico in late May and Vallas in early June. From 1995 to 2001, the percent of students performing at national norms rose from 26.5 to 37.8 in elementary reading, from 29.8 to 43.8 in elementary math, from 23.6 to 31.8 in high school reading, and from 25.3 to 45.0 in 2000 for high school math. When Vallas took over, about one in four students in Chicago could read at grade level. Now one in three can read at grade level, but progress has stagnated. %%Vermont Looking for commissioner not feom Big Education> %%Washington SCHOOL DISTRICT LEADERSHIP PROGRAM 2 year part time certifiate Terry Bergeson 1997-? @@Summer Remediation A favorite reform is to send lagging students to summer school when they don't pass a high stakes tests. Some improvements are claimed, but as long as the the test is based on a curve, some students will lag no matter how hard they try to be at or above average. 90% OF SUMMER SCHOOL IN CHICAGO GAIN 8-11 MONTHS TO WIN PROMOTION (?) z50\clip\2001\08\chiprom.txt August 16, 2001 Chicago Sun-Times City summer students win promotions More than 90 percent of Chicago summer school students--21,661--were promoted this summer, compared with 87 percent last year, figures released Wednesday showed. Eighth-graders gained 11 months in reading and seven months in math, sixth-graders 81/2 months in both reading and math, and third-graders five months in both reading and math, according to the figures from the Chicago Public Schools. Julie Woestehoff, of the watchdog group Parents United for Responsible Education, was pleased at some of the results, but said summer gains are no guarantee of improved performance in the following school year. \clip\98\09\sumred.txt Minneapolis St. Paul Pioneer So long, summer: Kids who failed tests may get more schooling PAUL TOSTO STAFF WRITER @@Survey A lot of surveys are just plain nosey or illegal invasions of privacy United States Justice Foundation z56\clip\2002\05\seatest.txt Tuesday, May 07, 2002 - 12:00 a.m. Pacific Schools told they can tear up controversial student surveys By Keith Ervin Some Seattle schools have chosen to destroy students' responses to a survey criticized as unreliable and a violation of student privacy. .. new questions drew criticism from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Seattle Education Association. @@Sykes Charles J. Sykes is the author of several books on education and some on other topics. Profscam : Professors and the Demise of Higher Education Dumbing Down Our Kids : Why American Children Feel Good About Themselves but Can't Read, Write, or Add The Hollow Men : Politics and Corruption in Higher Education Leon Todd says he's a phony @@Sylvan Parents often sometimes use tutoring to "school-proof " their children to make sure they learn. \doc\web\priv\98\01\sylvan.txt E D I T O R I A L Private Sector Solutions To Public School Failures Date: 3/5/98 Investor's Business Daily (Compton CA, predominantly black district in poor shape contracts with Sylvan to tutor reading and math) 1-21-98 Excite News "Sylvan Learning Systems Wins First Major Contract with California School District" [will serve one middle school in Compton] \clip\98\03\sylvan.txt @@Systemic Standards Based Reform National Science Foundation Statewide Systemic Initiatives Program @@Systems Thinking (General Systems Theory) LYNN STUTER ON FIGHTING SYSTEMS THINKING \doc\web\98\10\system.txt Forrester's paper on systems dynamics Lynn Stuter on Systems Thinking based on Ervin Laszlo (United Nations), Afred NOrth Whitehead, Ludwig von Bertalanffy. The source of "outcomes driven" and holistitc thinking. More from Stuter @@Teacher Bashing "The "School Reform" agenda is a teacher-bashing agenda. It is teacher-bashing in its assumptions, in its implications, in its purposes, in its propaganda, and in its alliances. " George Sheridan Cool, California 1/2003 @@Teacher Role Teachers used to teach kids, that is, tell them what they need to know. Now they are just "facilitators" or even "co-learners". Teacher Roles for Engaged Learning The role of the teacher in the classroom has shifted from the primary role of information giver to that of facilitator, guide, and learner. As a facilitator, the teacher provides the rich environments and learning experiences needed for collaborative study. The teacher is also required to act as a guide, a role that incorporated mediation, modeling, and coaching. Often the teacher also is a co-learner and/or co-investigator with the students. @@Teacher Training Education schools are training teachers in cutting edge nonsense. Some training courses do the same z45\clipim\2000\08\09\workshop.efx Workshop wonderland Who's teaching the teachers? Reason Aug Sept 2000 p. 77. Nonsense at teacher workshops - math, reading etc. \clip\98\08\teacbad.txt "Schools of education seen failing" By Carol Innerst, THE WASHINGTON TIMES From The Washington Times, A1, Friday, May 8, 1998 the problem of unsatisfactory classroom learning is rooted in the early selection and education of students who say they want to be teachers. These students then are being taught by professors who differ wildly on what teachers need to know. ED SCHOOL: LEARNING HOW TO LEARN MORE IMPORTANT THAN LEARNING FACTS \clip\98\04\edprof.txt Investors Business Daily, All rights reserved. Investor's Business Daily - National Issue (11/06/97) Who's Teaching The Teachers? Education Schools Mold More Than Instructors For instance, fully 86% of education professors say that it's most important that ''kids struggle with the process of trying to find the right answers.'' Only 12% say it is more important that ''kids end up knowing the right answer to the questions or problems.'' ED SCHOOLS TEACH ANYTHING BUT KNOWLEDGE disk: \clip\98\18\canttech.txt url: City Journal Spring 1998 Why Johnny's Teacher Can't Teach by Heather Mac Donald Ed schools purvey multicultural sensitivity, metacognition, community-building– anything but knowledge. @@Tennesee \doc\web\98\09\ededge.txt EDUCATION EDGE: DOES IT SERVE THE PUBLIC'S INTEREST? by J. E. Stone In the waning days of Tennessee's 1997 legislative session, Commissioner of Education, Jane Walters, proposed changes in the Tennessee Value Added educational accountability system (TVAAS) that would have the effect of watering it down. TENNESEE RENAMES STW TO EDUCATION EDGE \doc\web\97\09\connel2.txt This morning's (Sunday, December 7,1997) edition of the Kingsport Times-News contains a lengthy editorial advising readers of the importance of understanding what Tennessee's school-to-work program, renamed Education Edge, intends to accomplish and how the program will be implemented. \clip\97\29\tennstw.txt From the Nashville Tennessean Thursday, December 4. 1997 By Duren Cheek "Career path plan could mean unequal schooling" Problems - areas with few jobs, jobs may not be applicable in other states, or even in other cities, works OK if students always work in the same town they go to school in. @@Texas (1) Texas reforms are criticized by back-to-basics education loopers, but has been lauded by conservative Policy Review for increasing achievement. %%Bush TEXAS GEORGE W BUSH UNDER FIRE FROM EDUCATION CONSERVATIVES \clip\99\11\bushgov.txt From the May 21st National Review, page 20 Campaign 2000 II ~ Status Quo Report An education Governor? By Kate O'Beirne George W. Bush may not have taken controversial positions, or many positions, on many national issues. But the Texas governor does have a record after four years in office, and his conservative critics at home are convinced that at least one part of it will hurt him. "Bush's Achilles' heel won't be the social issues like abortion. It will be education," declares David Guenthner of the Lone Star Report, a conservative newsletter. %%Conservative TEXAS HIGHER STANDARDS MOVEMENT ENDORSED BY CONSERVATIVE HERITAGE MAGAZINE \clip\98\15\texas.txt Policy Review March-April 1998 Number 88 Published by The Heritage Foundation The Gold Star State By Tyce Palmaffy How Texas jumped to the head of the class in elementary school achievement %%Reform OUTCOME / PERFORMANCE BASED EDUCATION IS RUINING TEXAS KIDS \doc\web\98\06\texmedio.txt Christian Science Monitor: Design for Mediocrity: Chris Patterson Texas Public Policy TUESDAY, AUGUST 25, 1998 DESIGN FOR MEDIOCRITY A REPORT ON CURRENT REFORMS IN TEXAS PUBLIC SCHOOLS %%Standards TAD web site Donna Garner lead writer is very willing to help you and anyone else in this area. \clip\97\25\double.txt November/December 1997 Teacher Magazine on the Web Double Standards By Drew Lindsay Teacher Magazine (sister publication to Education Week) has just put its November issue on its website of today. Click on "Double Standards" to see full coverage of the battle in Texas regarding the Texas Alternative Document (TAD) for English / Language Arts / Reading vs. the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). \clip\97\25\double.txt @@Textbooks (1) %%Approval Lake Washington board minutes: "The district's Instructional Materials Committee has reviewed a series of instructional materials as to their instructional purposes, readability level and treatment of minorities and women" Nov 6, 2000 %%Bad Gablers of Texas have evaluated textbooks that fall short %%Cost New textbooks are expensive \clip\97\26\mathbook.txt 11/9/97 Textbooks' approval a ripsnorting affair Divided education board OKs texts By MARY ALICE ROBBINS - Morris News Service. New Algebra book costs $56 %%Dumbed Down THE TRAGIC DECLINE IN TEXTBOOKS Hilda was a hen--a small, brown hen. She lived on Biddick's Farm in a village called Little Dollop. :G8 1997 To spend too much time in studies, is sloth; to use them too much for ornament, is affectation; to form one's judgment wholly by their rules, is the humor of a scholar "On the Value of Studies," in: Fourth Reader for Advanced Students, a book intended, roughly speaking, for 6th through 9th graders, published by William H. McGuffey in 1836. Yarico, when about a year old, brought forth a respectable family of chickens--little, cowering, timid things at first, but in due time they became fine chubby ones; and old Nora, the hen-wife, said, 'If I could only keep Yarico out of the copse, it would do; but the copse is full of weasels, and, I am sure, of foxes also."Anecdotes of Birds," in: Emerson's Second Class Reader, published by the Claremont Manufacturing Company in 1845 and intended, roughly speaking, for 5th through 7th graders. " modern reading textbooks simply do not compare to those of a century or more ago. Expectations were vastly higher since rigid age-grading had not yet been introduced" %%Errors 20/20 show on errors in textbooks html %%Math TEX CONSERVATIVES TRY TO TORPEDO REFORM MATH BOOKS \clip\98\16\textext.txt November 13. 1998 State Board of Education keeps math books in consideration By KATHY WALT Copyright 1998 Houston Chronicle Austin Bureau 10/13/97 New Addison Wesley algebra textbooks awful PC stuff California Basic Instructional Materials in Mathematics \clip\97\21\calbook.txt "It asserts the goal of mathematical power for all students. "All students" refers to the full range of California's diverse student population, including historically underrepresented groups. Curricular materials and instructional practices must ensure success in mathematics for every student. Empowering mathematics programs are inclusive. They use nonracist and nonsexist language, culturally diverse situations, and teaching materials that make mathematics accessible to every student. " The Commission does not recommend the following mathematics instructional programs for adoption: Publisher Program Title Grade(s) Addison-Wesley Addison-Wesley KÐ8 Publishing Company Mathematics Houghton Mifflin Company Houghton Mifflin KÐ6 Mathematics Prentice Hall, Inc. Prentice Hall 7-8 Pre-Algebra Evergreen Academy in Bothell WA: Addison-Wesley Mathematics, Figure It Out (for problem solving), Ames Math and Science \clip\97\21\grade4.htm (uses addison-wesley) Regional Instructional Review Materials Center Nebraska Addison Wesley Longmaon %%Publisher Textbook publisher list %%Science From: William Beaty I was interviewed a few days ago about my "misconceptions in textbooks" website, and the result was just published. See: TEXTBOOKS FLUNK OUT, 5/17/99 Boston Globe The author doesn't pull any punches. I was fascinated to hear of studies that show decreases in test scores of students who use physics textbooks in high school. William Beaty responds to stuff curriculum based reforms as against, but also against rote learning for constructivism. %%standard setting "Should Textbooks Be Setting Nation's School Standards?" Seattle Times Nov 12, 1997 \images\972\a111397\textbook.tif %%Texas How books are chosen in Texas @@Tracking :) (Good, but reformers hate it) Tracking is a target for elimination under education reform, as is retention. Since all children will magically peform at the same level once we're done punishing those responsible, we won't need it anymore. Presumably, placement of student by age and grade will also go away (but won't that be tracking??) Marc Tucker has stated repeatedly that he aims to eliminate the damaging practice of tracking, and gifted ed, and remedial education and have one single high standard for all whether they will pump gas or design operating systems or microprocessor chips (yeah, right). But nations like Japan and Germany which are the model for school to work are grounded firmly in different vocational university tracks where the school tells you which track you qualify for based on examinations. In fact, Germany is moving towards a US system where even apprentices get 4 years of high school, and all tracks are combined into one school. In Japan, vocational schools have turned from being a good opportunity when few went to high school at all into a dumping ground for academic failures, and there is a movement to get rid of them. Related to "grouping by ability" depending on the spin. Tracking is bad, but promotion based on performance is good, but retention based on performance is bad, but it's ok for students to take different amounts of time to get the CIM. Get it?. Yet the best and worst students still get different tracks since they don't get there at the same rate. In Japan and Germany, test scores are rank ordered, and how well you do determines which school, and what job you will get. There is no "universal standard" that all must meet. Some diplomas are good enough for universities, others merely mean the student survived enough years to stick until the end. Traditionally, you had vocational and college tracks. "High standards" looks like they are putting everybody on the college track. But in reality, the school-to-work mentality, and emphasis on non-academic and non-fact skills for "students who aren't good at memorization or traditional standardized tests" leads to watered down math and language arts which doesn't teach them tough subjects or give them the practice they need to be proficient in vocabulary, spelling, recalling facts, or the details of geometry or algebra that they will need in college. So they're really doing away with the college track by saying "well, colleges will change their standards to reflect the new standards and curriculum if we do away with algebra 1 and 2" %%Bellevue \clip\98\07\bellcur.txt Copyright © 1997 Horvitz Newspapers Inc. 1/7/98 Bellevue revamping curriculum Students in middle school could create 7-year program Molly O'Connor Eastside Journal Reporter "Under the new curriculum, students would also find themselves placed in classes by ability level, sometimes known as `` tracking.'' " %%Beneficial 2-TRACKS: WHAT ABOUT A TRACK FOR NORMAL KIDS? USA Today forum sept 19, 2006 Students aren't interchangeable Average kids are shortchanged in a two-track system that divides high achievers and weak learners. Not all kids learn at the same speed. The curriculum should adapt to the student, not the other way around. By Patrick Welsh WORKED 90% OF TIME, NOT ALL EQUALLY CAPABLE Sept 28, 2006 11A I taught 11th grade us history from 1966 to 1971. Tracking was 3 tier that worked 90% of the time. 1/5 remedial, 3/5 average, one-fifth AP. Told these are still accurate at high school level "the anti-tracking movement is emanatin from parents who wish their child were brighter or more challenged than he or she is capable of being. The sorting of students into tiers allows for them to be feel comfortable within the classroom environment, compete on a level playing field, and be among their peers socially and academically. .. Many of the mandates are unrealistic.. Terry Friedlander, Ketchum Idaho. TRACKING AND TOUGH GRADING WORKS z50\clip\2001\08\track.txt AUGUST 27, 2001 By Gene Koretz What Makes Sally Learn: How grading and "tracking" pay off The study indicates that shifting to a class with high grading standards significantly improves learning. And shifting from a tough teacher to an easy grader retards learning by a similar amount. The second study, by Figlio and Marianne E. Page of the University of California, Davis... critics argue that it harms low-aptitude students by limiting their contact with high-achieving peers, and that less-capable teachers are often assigned to the lower tracks. Their surprising findings: There's no evidence that tracking hurts disadvantaged and low-ability students, and strong signs that it often helps them. Kulik shows despite all "research" that tracking is harmful, acutal data shows that tracking helps underachievers rather than imposing inferior standards. From: "Margaret E. DeLacy" Articles on Grouping Three research articles on grouping from the National Research Center for the Gifted and Talented (highly recommended): "The Relationship of Grouping Practices to the Education of the Gifted and Talented Learner," Dr. Karen B. Rogers: "An Analysis of the Research on Ability Grouping: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives" Dr. James A. Kulik "Promoting Student Achievement and Exemplary Classroom Practices Through Cluster Grouping: A Research-Based Alternative to Heterogeneous Elementary Classrooms" Dr. Marcia Lynne Gentry Other articles: "The Tracking and Ability Grouping Debate" full-text of a study by Tom Loveless for the Fordham foundation, July 1998. A review of the most important recent studies on tracking and ability grouping, with recommendations. Recommended. This article came from Education Week, which offers searchable archives of many articles on education issues. "One Size Fits All? Age based tracking versus ability grouping in elementary school mathematics." An article by Mike Robison A very clear and useful review of the most important studies on this topic. Recommended. "How should we group to achieve excellence with equity?" by Bonnie Grossen, 1996 'The Other Crisis in American Education" by Donald Singal, from Atlantic Monthly, 1991, Discusses the implications of the fact that falls in average SAT scores were caused by falling scores for the top quartile of students. Recommends curricular and administrative changes. Discusses the measures taken by schools that continued to succeed when other schools were falling behind. New: Research Synthesis on Educational Provisions for Gifted Children by Professor Karen Rogers. This is an update of her "A Best-Evidence Synthesis of research on accelerative options for gifted students." published in Colangelo and others, eds., Talent Development (1991). It looks at studies of various educational programs such as acceleration, multi-grade classrooms, curriculum compacting, and cooperative learning and estimates the "effect size" of each as fractions of a school year gained in comparison to other gifted students who are not in these programs. It was part of a forum on TAG education held by the New South Wales, Australia, Association for Gifted and Talented Children. It will be published as an article within a few months. This research synthesis should be used with caution because is a preliminary report., but the effect sizes are extremely striking. "Grouping Options: Benefits and Disadvantages," Margaret DeLacy A list of options, prepared for the school district, but contains citations of recent research. (this should bring up the references) %%Germany GERMANS ARE FIRMLY INTO TRACKING [The germans] come from a tradition that allows them to be more comfortable with tracking than are we. They value their traditions and stability. At the end of the 6th grade, teachers recommend each student to one of three tracks. One track aims toward the university. Another track aims at an apprenticeship at 9th or 10th grade. The middle track aims at an apprenticeship sometime after the 10th grade and/or more advance technical training. GERMAN EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM TRACKING All German students attend neighborhood schools until the 4th grade. The 5th and 6th grades are spend in a transition school where teachers evaluate the students. At the end of the 6th grade, teachers recommend each student to one of three tracks. One track aims toward the university. Another track aims at an apprenticeship at 9th or 10th grade. The middle track aims at an apprenticeship sometime after the 10th grade and/or more advance technical training. Each of these tracks is a separate school. The Germans are experimenting with the US style "comprehensive" high school where all these tracks are in the same school. 65% of Germans enrolled in vocational programs But 65% of Americans are on a college track! General apprenticeship lasts 3 years, ends with state-recognized examination conducted by a board of examiners. %%Harmful MARC TUCKER: US HAS MOST VICIOUS TRACKING SYSTEM IN THE WORLD (?) "Will mean the end to tracking. "The US has now the most insidious and vicious tracking system in the technological world" Notes from September 20, 1991 Ad Hoc Group: Process for Setting Standards. Marc Tucker Talk in seattle WA. KENT: RESEARCH SAYS TRACKING DOES NOT IMPROVE LEARNING section5_performance Kent School Distrct WA Strategic Plan "Research indicates that tracking and retention systems do not improve student learning." %%Japan Japan's High Schools Thomas P. Rohlen p. 302. High school subcultures and their associated life-styles prepare students to take their destined social stations. Highest levels require best scores, strictist discipline, most rewards and autonomy. Lowest require most supervision, students on low end feel guilty, shaming parents, not just inadequate. Academic weakness is linked to low morale and social reputation, those on top epitomize a moral superiority. %%Math It is often assumed that if blacks who take high math courses get higher SAT scores, then all blacks would score higher if they simply took algebra too. No so says George cunningham. "What is being assumed is that taking these high level courses causes a a student to do better on the SAT. This is the most fundamental of logical fallacies: to assume that if two events occur at the same time one must have caused the other." MAKING ALL BLACKS TAKE CALCULUS WON'T MAKE THEM ALL SMART \doc\web\98\09\himath.txt %%General The Fordham Foundation produced an excellent report: The Tracking and Ability Grouping Debate %%Segregation PLACEMENT BY ABILITY RESULTS IN RACE SEGREGATION Chapin recalls in 1950s N.Y. schools, they would sort grades by test scores, with the effect of segregating most ethnic and racial groups by ability.
@@Traditionalist Probably as good a name as any for those who oppose unlimited reforms for their own sake. City Journal Fall 1997 Sol Stern p.14 My Public School Lesson "Without yet knowing it, I had become a traditionalist in education" As author Shelby Steele has noted "Every single progressive-education fad has hurt poor black children". Principal of PS87 emphasizes "learning to learn" and "lifelong learning" and "critical thinking skills". Stern slams multiple intelligences, and lack of content. Joseph Renzuli of University of Connecticut theorized that bright students in heterogeneous classrooms could be pulled out for accelerated work. PS87 is fine for 1st 3 grades, but after that parents need to supplement vs $17,000 private schools.

@@Tucker, Marc

:-0 (Highest degree of evil)


@@National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE)

(Marc Tucker)
picture of marc tucker (ncee) Marc Tucker is the Music Man of education, declaring that there is "trouble in River City" and that we should give our money to him and his programs. He doesn't leave town, but will leave a generation of kids miseducated in his quest for a utopian educationally classless society where "all but the most severely disabled will perform at the highest levels".

He is most powerful man behind the movement towards education "restructuring", which is the same movement accused of the "dumbing down" of education. Dianne Fessler of Ohio observes that NCEE has managed to become the unelected default sole-source of national education reform, unlike health-care reform which was openly debated and defeated in congress. NCEE brags that the CIM will be the ticket to high paying jobs, while condemning all who do not get the CIM to dead end jobs or welfare. The standards currently set typically fail 50%-70% of students who take their tests so far, despite optimistic statements by participants that "all but the most disabled will succeed".

Almost all roads to education reform and conspiracy theories invariably lead back to Marc Tucker. He did not invent Outcome Based Education, Block Scheduling, Authentic Assessment, etc. But he is the one who has assembled this witches brew and sewn together a Frankenstein's monster of every latest education fad under the sun, harnessed the latest in public relations, assembled a massive consortium at the district, state, and federal level with support from private foundations, corporations, and the enough of the government education industry to cover 50% of US K12 students. He is the one that deserves the most credit for seeing this new movement adopted by schools before the parents know what's hitting their kids.

The philosophical foundations of his program are identical to Outcome Based Education which aims to eliminate tracking and ranking, and holds that all but the most profoundly disabled will achieve to highest world class standards, a vision many say looks socialist, Marxis, Utopian, and just plain unrealistic.

This is a task as large or even larger than Ira Magaziner's and Hillary Clinton's campaign to restructure the health reform system, but so far this education movement has met only scattered and slight resistance in the form of parents groups and their web sites in cities across the US.

Over two years ago, a copy of a letter to Hillary Clinton from Marc Tucker of the National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE) first surfaced. Mr. Tucker's letter, sent to congratulate Hillary and then president-elect Bill Clinton, outlines in scrupulous detail the NCEE's plan for "human resource management" in the United States. Many of the plans and programs currently being implemented in many states, including Workforce Investment Boards and Certificates of Mastery, are a direct result of this proposal. The widely publicized assessment programs in Washington and several other states are also under the direction of his organizations. Read the full text of the letter - all 18 pages of it - and you cannot continue to believe, as the state Department of Education would like us to, that all these programs are "home grown".

He was originally with the Carnegie foundation, got involved in turning Rochester School into a laboratory for school reform. His National Center on Education and the Economy is the architect of the principles of School to Work, behind the New American Schools Corporation, and the National Alliance for the Restructing of Education.

   Marc Tucker
        Carnegie Forum on the Education and Economy
        |+President: National Center on Education and the Economy
           |+ National Alliance for Restructuring Education 
           |  (one design team for New American Schools Corporation)
           ++ New Standards
           ++ Workforce Development Program (School-To-Work)
             works with National Skills Standards Board
        Member: National Skills Standards Board

    * National Institute of Education (under the auspices of the U.S.
Department of Education) - Assistant Director - 1985

    * Carnegie Forum on Education and the Economy
- Executive Director- 1985-87 Left to found NCEE in Rochester.

    * The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) was
created in 1987 after the Carnegie Forum on Education and the
Economy's Task Force on Teaching as a Profession released A Nation
Prepared: Teachers for the 21st Century.

    * National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE) - President
and Founder 1988-present. NCEE broke off from the Carnegie Forum on
Education and the Economy in 1988, it reformed schools in Rochester
NY based on ideas from "A Nation Prepared"

    * Workforce Skills Program or Commission on Skills of the
American Workforce - acting director; a program of the NCEE; group
that produced America's Choice, high skills or low wages.  Sept
1989-April 1990. Paid Hillary Clinton $100,000 in 1991 for lobbying.

    * National Alliance for Restructuring Education - Design Team
Leader & co-director. a program of the National Center on Education
and the Economy.

    * Program of National Center on Education and the Economy, design
team for Washington State under contract with the New American
Schools Development Corporation.

    * New Standards Project - co-director. Mission is to develop New
National Testing Standards; a program of the National Center on
Education and the Economy.

    * National Education Goals Panel - goal 6 resource group - contributing

    * America's Agenda; Schools for the 21st Century; published by
Scholastic, Inc. - Board of Directors with David Rockefeller, Jr.

    * Educational Testing Service - (owned by Carnegie Corp.) Advisory
Committee Member

    * Project on Information, Technology and Education (sponsored by
Carnegie Corporation) - Project Director

    * Northwest Regional Educational Laboratories, Portland, Oregon (funded
by U..S. Dept. of Education) past Assistant Director
       ("Facilitator" for Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana.

    * Century 21 Schools 1989 (Washington)


 The New
American (John Birch soceity) July 22, 1996 Orwellian Education The
totalitarian design behind "School to Work"


Fessler says that states are dropping
out of New Standards and they are shifting towards selling stuff now.

%%General Articles

Go to Education Week and search for Marc Tucker:

\clip\97\29\roches.txt Education Week on the web January 13, 1988
Rochester Site of Research Center By Lynn Olson " The National Center
on Education and the Economy will be headed by Marc S. Tucker, former
executive director of the Carnegie Forum on Education and the
Economy.  The institute will work collaboratively with the school and
university systems in Rochester to test out some of the ideas
explored in the forum's 1986 report, A Nation Prepared:4Teachers for
the 21st Century.  The center has received a $200,000 grant from the
Carnegie Corporation of New York. "

\clip\97\28\carept.txt April 1, 1992 Task Force Calls for
Revamping Calif. High Schools By Lonnie Harp A California task force
has called for an overhaul of the state's high schools aimed at
upgrading courses and strengthening the connection between school and
work. [California, Oregon, Tennesee and nearly a dozen states embrace
Tucker's 1990 High Skills report]

RAISING THE BAR AEDF is taking the lead in the upstream struggle
against watered down education by initiating industry-approved higher
standards.  By Mike McGinty (Associated Equipment Distributors) \clip\97\28\aedf\aedf.htm
Among the growing number of organizations that wants to raise the bar
for education standards at all levels is The National Center On
Education And The Economy (NCEE), based in Rochester, N.Y. In a
report published by a blue-ribbon committee of business, education,
labor and professional leaders, NCEE observed: "Unlike virtually all
of our leading competitors, we have no national system capable of
setting high academic standards for the non-college bound, or for
assessing their achievement against those standards." 

Education Week January 11, 1995 Backlash Puts Standards WorkIn Harm's
Way By Karen Diegmueller Marc Tucker, the president of the National
Center on Education and the Economy, and Christopher T. Cross, the
president of the Council for Basic Education, both point out that
polls show overwhelming public support for national academic
standards.  The two private education-reform groups have long
advocated rigorous academic standards.  "I am very optimistic," said
Mr. Tucker, whose center, based in Rochester, N.Y., is collaborating
on the New Standards Project, which is developing a variety of
standards and assessments. (search) \clip\97\28\rootbran.txt Education
Week September 16, 1992 Changing the System, Root and Branch By Ray
Marshall and Marc Tucker ( From Thinking for a Living: Education and
the Wealth of Nations by Ray Marshall and Marc Tucker. Copyright 1992
by Basic Books. Reprinted with the permission of Basic Books, a
division of HarperCollins Publishers Inc.  )


From Brown University: Marc Tucker, president of the National Center
on Education and the Economy, created the National Alliance for
Restructuring Education, which provides technical assistance and
professional development in support of school reform in districts and
states.  Tucker also created and served as a member of the Commission
on the Skills of the American Workforce. Tucker chairs the research
committee of the National Skills Standard Board, leading the design
of the national occupational skill standards system.  Previously,
Tucker served as executive director of the Carnegie Forum on
Education and the Economy and as associate director of the National
Institute of Education. Together with Ray Marshall, Tucker wrote
Thinking for a Living: Education and the Wealth of Nations, winner of
the Sidney Hillman Prize for 1992, and selected by Business Week as
one of the ten best books of 1992.

Fessler's 1996 analysis of Marc Tucker's grand plan, and
progress, concludes that NCEE seeks and has largely succeeded in
creating a monopoly for creating national standards and the CIM out
of the reach of accountability of democratic process.

18 page letter from Marc Tucker to Hillary Clinton outlining his
plan for national education restructuring

- Abandon tracking
- Certificate of Initial Mastery at 10th grade
- 11th and 12th grade and 1 free (state, fed) year of college, with CIM,
  NO further education if not passing CIM.
- "Real world" problems
- Regulated on the basis of outcomes (outcome based education)
- Eliminate programs for disadvantaged as "damaged goods" like GED 
- Requires employers pay 1-2% into training fund
- All available jobs must be listed by law (similar to Japan, illegal
  to hire directly outside of school connections)
- Create skills standards for not more than 20 job categories
- Develop an outcome- and performance-based system for 
  human resources development
- Volunteer states and cities for trial (like Washington)
- Combine G11 G12 and C1 C2 into 3 year program with on-the-job
training to get degrees.
- Radical changes in attitudes, values and beliefs

The National Alliance For Restructuring Education: A Proposal to the
New American Schools Development Corporation by the National Center
on Education and the Economy, Rochester NY Executive Summary

- "Adapting for education the principles of the total quality movement
as they have evolved recently in the best American firms"

- "We plan to use the most effective tools in the arsenal of modern
media and the best of community organizing methods to involve the

"p. 9 - The New Standards Project is developing a mastery-based
examination system with known standards. It will not be a sorting
system. This strategy of establishing a world-class standard for all
students is intended to strake at the heart of the most inequitable
feature of the American education system: The consistent tendency to
underestimate the capacity of low-income and minority students and
the practice of holding them to a lower standard of accomplishment"
[these tests actually demonstrate disasterously low scores for
minorities, and neglecting basics in favor of too-high standards
really leaves these kids up a creed without a paddle]
Who's Who in OBE?
Marc Tucker, sponsored 21st Century school reform in Washington
State; senior advisor to Bill Clinton; co-director, National Alliance
for Restructuring Education; director of one of eleven New American
School design teams tasked to "reinvent" America's schools, and
president of the Board of Trustees of the National Center on
Education and the Economy.

National Center on Education and the Economy. Its mission is to
develop policies on education and human resources. It developed out
of the Carnegie organization. Its Board of Trustees include Michael
Tucker (president), Mario Cuomo, Ira Magaziner, David Rockefeller,
Hillary Clinton and Very Katz. In 1990 this non-profit group
published America's Choice: High skills or low wages. It described
the workplace as one "managed by a small group of educated planners
and supervisors (utilizing) ....administrative procedures (that)
allow managers to keep control of a large number of workers. Most
employees under this model need not be educated. It is far more
important that they be reliable, steady and willing to follow
directions." p 29-30 Why? Because, the report states, "More than 70
percent of the jobs in America will not require a college education
by the year 2000." p 30 What is needed is "Workers who do what they
are told, with a good attitude," says Ron Sunseri. How do you get
them, Sunseri asks: "Start now teaching students, from the earliest
grades, the attitudes and social behaviors that will please business
and avoid a broad-based, high-quality, academic education."


National Center on Education and the Economy - Marc Tucker's organization.
Home Page: 

Who We Are

     Knowledge – and the capacity to put knowledge to good use – is
now the only dependable source of wealth all over the world.  The
people, organizations and nations that succeed will be those that
make the most of the human desire and capacity for never-ending

The National Center on Education and the Economy – a not-for-profit
organization based in Washington, DC – believes it is possible for
almost everyone to learn far more and develop far higher skills than
most of us have thought possible. 

             The hallmark of the National Center's work is
standards-based reform. We believe that education and training
systems work best when clear standards – standards that match the
highest in the world – are set for student achievement, accurate
measures of progress against those standards are devised, the people
closest to the students are given the authority for figuring out how
to get the students to the standards and are then held accountable
for student progress. 

We also think that learning systems cannot be effective unless the
students themselves take responsibility for their own learning and
the system is designed so that they will do so. We believe that
students of all ages learn best when they can see the purpose of
their learning and are constantly putting what they are learning to
work. And, most of all, we believe that if we expect more of people,
they expect more of themselves.

Each situation is different. No one design will work in all
environments. The Center concentrates on helping states and
localities build the capacity to design and implement their own
education and training systems, suited to their history, culture and
unique needs. The Center does not provide designs to be replicated.
It provides resources for design. 

Marc S. Tucker
National Center on Education and the Economy

A research group directed by Dan Suthers with Eva Toth and Arlene Weiner
at the Learning Research and Development Center University of Pittsburgh
Improving American Education The New Standards Project, led jointly by
LRDC Director Lauren Resnick and by Marc Tucker of the National Center
for Education and the Economy, has now entered a new institutionalized
phase. Eighteen states and six urban school districts are now contributing
partners. The project is developing a clear set of expectations for America's
schools and students, equitable means of assessing whether students meet
those standards, and guidance to help teachers teach toward them. New Standards
is doing what government alone cannot to set high standards for education
and to show how those standards can be met. The National Alliance for Restructuring
Education, funded by the New American Schools Development Corporation,
is another project in which LRDC has a key role. The Alliance is a consortium
of educators and resource partners focused on the growth and development
of young people and the restructuring of the school that serve them. The

Quasar Project, led by Edward Silver of LRDC, is working in six locations
around the country, with diverse student populations, to reform mathematics
education. The project provides basic reform principles and support to
reform efforts that are designed and implemented locally. The project also
includes a major effort to describe effective instructional programs so
that they can be adapted to other schools in low-income areas, and to help
determine the critical features of successful instructional approaches
manifested in classrooms, schools, and communities.
Thinking for a Living Reviewed by Walter A. Albers, Jr., Albers Systems,
Inc. Thinking for a Living [Ray Marshall and Marc Tucker, 1992, Basic Books,
New York, NY] has its genesis in the work of the Carnegie Forum on Education
and the Economy, established in late 1984 under the auspices of the Carnegie
Corporation of New York. Marc Tucker was the executive director of the
Forum; Ray Marshall, a trustee of the Carnegie Corporation, was a member
of the Forum's advisory council. Ray Marshall may also be remembered as
Secretary of Labor under president Jimmy Carter. These two gentlemen joined
forces to write Thinking for a Living in order to present the ideas that
grew out of the work of the Forum as an integrated whole to a wide public
audience. The book's premise is simple. Maintaining steady growth in productivity
and being competitive in the emerging global economy depends critically
on the skills of our people and our capacity to employ highly educated
and trained people to maximum advantage in the workplace. However, our
industrial and educational systems, the guiding principles of whichwere
formed in the early years of the 20th century and were highly successful
for a long time, are now outmoded and indeed harmful in responding to national



Dimensions of Thinking Bracey:
Bob is the one who studied how long it would take students to learn
the standards promulgated by the professional organizations and
concluded that the brightest kids could make it by Age 27.  His most
recent book is, "Content Knowledge" 

@@Methods (1)

Michael Collins lists these:
Methods and Approaches

There are a variety of teaching methods which seek to reform the
traditional lecture, information-transmission model for learning. 

                Collaborative and Cooperative learning 
                Discovery-based learning 
                Engaged learning 
                Problem-based learning 
                Whole language approach 
                Examples of learner-centered programs 

@@Military Academy

z50\clip\2001\06\milac.txt Metts Nears Deal to Start Military School
By David Nakamura Washington Post Staff Writer Wednesday, June 20,
2001; Page B01 Prince George's School Superintendent Iris T. Metts is
close to an agreement with the Army that would turn the county's
lowest-performing high school into a military academy by fall 2002,
school officials and parents said yesterday.

Ed reform 1997 law

AFT review of "Profiles in Learning" standards
\clip\97\29\minn\minn.htm (judged just barely better than unuseable -
8th grade standard to graduate, standards are not specific to content)

\doc\web\97\09\minnref.txt Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 09:33:49 -0600
Opposes Goals 2000, Profiles in Learning.  The truth about the
Profiles in Learning is this: they are a radical attempt to reinvent
education along lines that are totally experimental and enormously
bureaucratic. By means of the Profiles in Learning, the state is
mandating specific teaching methods and curriculum content. The
Department of Children, Families and Learning is requiring all public
schools to shift over to the Profiles in Learning system by the fall
of 1998. This policy should be abandoned.

@@Minority Impact

EDUCATION REFORMS HURT MINORITIES THE WORST Education reforms are often created to address problems with achievement based on the assumption that they should not be taught the way that exellent white students are taught - by strict content based challenging curriculum. Consequently, they are often the worst victims, and get the lowest scores on new fangled performance based tests because they don't get at home the same background as middle class whites or asians. PROGRESSIVISM IS NOT FOR THE WEAK OR POOR From Policy Review, October & November 1999, No. 97, Pp. 3-17 The Schools They Deserve: Howard Gardner and the Remaking of Elite Education By Mary Eberstadt \clip\99\18\gard.txt [elite private schools embrace progressivism] It appears then, that progressive educational ideology has come full circle. Born near the turn of the century in hopes of raising the down-troden up, it survives now as the ideology of choice of, by, and for the educational elite. In some schools, with some students, one can teach for understanding and depth.... For others -- frankly and regrettably -- there are no such things." Gardner, similarly, for all his talk of an "education for all human beings," notes that "for those disadvantaged children who do not acquire literacy in the dominant culture at home, such a prescribed curriculum [as that recommended by Hirsch and others] helps to provide a level playing field and to ensure that future citizens enjoy a common knowledge base." Progressivism, it appears, is not for the weak - or the backward, or the poor. IMPLICIT VS EXPLICIT HARMS KIDS AT THE BOTTOM \clip\99\15\hirsch.txt The schools we need and how we can get them. E.D. Hirsch, Jr. President, The Core Knowledge Foundation Cal State Northridge 1999 Conference on Standards-Based K-12 Education California State University Northridge [Teachers are taught explicitly not to teach explicit facts, this harms the kids who don't have their basic facts the most. Discovery, integrated, complex is the opposite of isolated and explit teaching] Lisa Delpit's 1995 book called "Other People's Children." ... rightly for talking about the difficulties of blacks and other minority groups in America's public schools ... it indicts integrated and discovery learning and other implicit motives of teaching. In fact, she calls them elitist and she shows why these implicit methods are really understandable only to those who are already in possession of the needed background knowledge ,or what she calls "the codes of power" that they have already received from their homes. GEORGIA STATE TAKES OVER BLACK SCHOOL DISTRICT OVER PARENT OBJECTIONS \clip\99\15\allendal.txt Augusta (GA) Chronicle [ school district nearby in SC that has been taken over by the State Dept of Education because of a lack of performance. The system is 92.4% black and completely controlled by the black community. ] "With the approval of the state Board of Education, she is empowered by the Education Accountability Act of 1998 to declare a state of emergency and assume management of a local school district. " [This is what will happen to your school if it does not meet the new higher state "standards", but blacks will be impacted first because of their lower scores]
Erwin Rysz finds Title 1, Whole Language and reform keep minorities and underperformers in their place, and produces even more underperformers. Don Crawford "Because many children lack the necessary infrastructure at home to accomplish much in the way of homework, reliance on homework can be seen as a regressive policy." CHILD-DIRECTED, PROGRESSIVE SHOWN TO HAVE WORSE RESULTS THAN NOTHING file:\clip\99\01\childir\cdp.htm Child-Directed Teaching Methods: A Discriminatory Practice of Western Education Bonnie Grossen University of Oregon December 1, 1998 The Abt report (1977) concludes that performance of disadvantaged children learning from the child-directed EDC model was below the performance of disadvantaged children learning from traditional instruction: The lowest achievement outcomes were consistently obtained by the child-directed models (Becker, Engelmann, Carnine , & Gersten, 1988). The outcomes of the four child-directed models were all consistently below the expectations of performance of comparable disadvantaged children learning in traditional classrooms. The same open education model from Project Follow Through is the one that has been repackaged a s "developmentally appropriate practice" (DAP) BLACK AND BROWN ARE TOO DAMNED DUMB TO DO REAL MATH, FLATTEN NOT BRING UP MATH SCORES. \clip\98\19\nofuzz.txt Los Angeles New Times December 17, 1998 FUZZY THINKING The state rightly struck down "fuzzy math" because it undercuts kids' ability to learn basic skills. Naturally, LAUSD thinks fuzzy math is just peachy by Jill Stewart "Liberals like me finally began to fight the progressive movement because we realized that fuzzy math has essentially been a racist approach from the liberals who dominate education theory. They privately believe that children who are black and brown are too damn dumb to ever do real math right. So they decided, we don't want these children to look bad, so we just won't do real math any more." "fuzzy math proponents are deeply dedicated to flattening out the math test scores among children of all races, rather than bringing poor and minority children up to normal grade level." Leon Todd of Milwaukee School Board says progressive ed is bad for minorities. \doc\web\98\10\todd.txt NATIONAL REVIEW- RICH CAN GET AROUND, PROGRESSIVE ED BUT NOT THE POOR \clip\98\19\lowclass.txt ©National Review, December 21, 1998 LOW CLASS How progressive education hurts the poor and minorities by Richard Nadler For minorities and at-risk kids, 'progressive' techniques impose a permanent second-class citizenship. Extensive studies of children from both English working-class and American inner-city neighborhoods confirm the point. The best teaching method for at-risk students, according to these studies, is highly structured instruction by teachers who are willing to act as authority figures, both intellectually and morally. SHELBY STEELE - EVERY PROGRESSIVE FAD HAS HURT BLACK CHILDREN City Journal Fall 1997 Sol Stern p.14 My Public School Lesson As author Shelby Steele has noted "Every single progressive-education fad has hurt poor black children". CONSTRUCTIVISM PRODUCES WORSE RESULTS FOR MINORITIES \doc\web\98\10\wholbad.txt Even Project Follow Through showed that constructivist forms of instruction REDUCED the percentile standing of disadvantaged children from around the 20th percentile to the low teens, while Direct Instruction raised children's percentile standing to around the 50th percentile. In other words, all of the research on "instructivist" vs constructivist methods shows that instructivist (systematic, direct) methods foster higher achievement, greater retention, higher self-esteem and a stronger sense of internal locus of control in children--exactly the opposite of what is done by Mr. Coles's "child-centered" constructivism. Madeline Hunter's Effect School Model many bad programs are piloted in minority areas, so OBE is racist. \clip\98\16\failmin.htm Are Public Schools Failing Minorities? Education reforms cause the most harm to minorities who do not have the resources to learn what they need to know outside the school or at home. @@Mobility Student Mobility and Academic Achievement Russell W. Rumberger "Studies that do not control for the background characteristics of students consistently find that mobile students have lower achievement on average than non-mobile or stable students. For example, one national study of third-grade students found that frequent school changes were associated with a host of problems, including nutrition and health problems, below-grade-level reading scores, and retention in grade. Yet studies that do account for background differences find that mobility may be more of a symptom than a cause of poor school performance. One study of mobile students in Chicago found that half of the achievement differences between mobile and stable students could be attributed to differences between the students that pre-dated their school changes. " (same source, summarized for ERIC) North Central Regional Educational Laboratory Student Mobility's Effect on Academic Achievement "Research clearly indicates the negative effects of student mobility. Forty-one percent of highly mobile students are low achievers, compared with twenty-six percent of stable students. The more frequently a child changes his/her school, the greater the threat to academic achievement. Furthermore, according to the U.S. Government Accounting Office (1994), children who change schools more than three times before eighth grade are at least four times more likely to drop out of school. Another study found that successive school changes result in a cumulative academic lag—students who move more than three times in a six-year period can fall one full academic year behind stable students (Kerbow, 1996). " @@Mundy, Dave Katy Times Texas Ed Reform critic We've been taking the educational breakdown to the same mechanic since the 1960s, and the problem has never been fixed. Maybe it's time to try a new repair shop. @@Music SEATTLE GARFIELD HS ORCHESTRA RIVALS COLLEGE ORCHESTRAS, GOES TO 3WK JAPAN TRIP z42\clip\2000\06\garforch.txt Seattle Times Company June 04, 2000 Music opens the door to Japan for Garfield students by Melinda Bargreen Seattle Times music critic Comment: Forget their reputation for National Merit Scholars. Their orchestra is positively amazing. It's better than any youth or college orchestra I've ever played in except the 1970s era Seattle Youth Symphony (which was sprinkled with college students). @@Music Man music.txt Meredith Wilson's Music Man set in 1912 about a traveling salesman who cons a town into buying a boys band pretty much sums up how states across the nation have bought into Marc Tucker / NCEE's Standards Based Education movement. z47\clip\2000\12\capecod.txt CAPE COD TIMES FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1, 2000 The theft of teachable moments The con artist in "The Music Man" declared we've got trouble, right here in River City," and the chorus repeated "Trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble." Longtime educator Dave Stratman describes the 1983 book"A Nation at Risk" as such a chorus, feeding the impression that public education is failing. @@Muslim Chicago Tribune MUSLIMS BUILDING OWN HIGH SCHOOL Tribune Wire Services DEARBORN, Mich. -- The Detroit-area Muslim community is spending about $8 million to build a high school to teach its children about Islamic heritage and traditions. for article links April 21, 2000 @@Total Quality Management (TQM) The National Alliance For Restructuring Education: A Proposal to the New American Schools Development Corporation by the National Center on Education and the Economy, Rochester NY Executive Summary "Adapting for education the principles of the total quality movement as they have evolved recently in the best American firms" The National Education Association and its various state counterparts make a big deal of treating students as customers -- all part of the Total Quality Management approach to teaching today's kids. Dan Connell is a former federal executive who lives in Kingsport. His e-mail address is TQM is like the new marxism, but instead of shooting or jailing those who disagree, you are "facilitated" until you agree. From: "Stallings" Continuous improvement--TQM!!!! VERY INAPPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN. This just proves where academics fits into the picture. Goals 2000 probably has every state using this creative accountability. Suzanne The role TQm has played in St. Charles education @@Train Wreck What you get when education reform fails massively (which is most of the time) Spokesman Review 5/12/2000 Washington is on the right track by allowing plenty of time to phase in the tests before consequences are attached in 2008, said Jay Heubert, associate professor of education at Columbia University's Teachers College. “One good way of avoiding train wrecks is to give yourself plenty of lead time to make sure you are making improvements in curriculum and teaching to make sure kids can pass the tests." TEST REQUIRES ANOTHER $1200 PER STUDENT?? $1,200 per pupil per year urged for AIMS test By Mike McCloy The Arizona Republic Nov. 17, 1999 ""We are going to have a train wreck," he said. "We are going to end up only giving 20 percent of our high school seniors diplomas." " @@Tranformational Marxism speech by Bill Lind of the Free Congress Foundation. In this speech Lind speaks of the origins of political correctness and the connections men known to be transformational Marxists: Theodor Adorno, Gramsci, Luckasc, Marcuse ... It's well worth the read and can be found at . @@Transformational OBE Daggett and Trasformational OBE "There are three stages of OBE, as outlined by original proponents (Spady, Champlin and others): 1. Traditional OBE (closely resembling education as we used to know it); 2 Transitional OBE (slipping in some techniques of behavior- modification and group learning); and 3 Transformational OBE (where the primry focus is on changing students' attitudes and beliefs rather than on academics, and which proponents hoped to see totally in place by 2000.) @@Tuition PRIVATE SCHOOLS ARE NOT MORE EXPENSIVE z47\doc\web\2000\01\tuit.txt ===================================================================== December 20, 2000 David W. Kirkpatrick Senior Fellow for Teacher Choice Alexis de Tocqueville Institution Arlington, VA Now You Know In one debate such an opponent claimed the average tuition at nonpublic schools is in excess of $10,000. As can be seen below, not segment even reaches that level on average, although one comes close, the independent high schools, at $9,525. In fact, the most expensive K-12 schools are suburban public schools, most of which spend more than $10,000 per pupil and which, at least in New York State, find several in excess of $30,000 per pupil and at least one above $40,000 per pupil, The average full tuition (highest tuition charged) for private schools was $3,116 in 1993-94. Schools with religious orientation charged less tuition than nonsectarian schools. Students at Catholic schools paid $2,178 on average and students at schools with other religious orientations paid $2,915 on average, compared with the average tuition of $6,631 for nonsectarian private schools. Mean tuition paid for private elementary school students was lower than that paid by other schools' students, with Catholic school students paying $1,628. Students at schools with other religious orientations paid $2,606, and students at nonsectarian schools paid $4,693. Mean tuition paid for private secondary school students was higher than that for private elementary school students, averaging $3,643 at Catholic schools, $5,261 at other religiously oriented schools, and $9,525 at nonsectarian schools. @@Tutor \clip\98\14\tutor.txt Monday, October 19, 1998, in the Miami Herald Parents turning to tutors Many students need help with the basics By JOHN BARRY Herald Staff Writer Vasquez went looking for a private, proven, but usually expensive remedy: tutoring. It has cost Vasquez $40 an hour to bring tutor Janice Cox Jones into her South Miami home for weekly one-on-one sessions with Ashley. But it's a price she and thousands of other South Florida parents -- millions nationally -- are willingly paying to correct the reading and math def1iciencies that plague schoolchildren. @@Ungraded Primary A variation on multi-age grouping is to eliminate grading entirely, usually with bad results as in Kentucky Cunningham: Ungraded Retention a disaster in KY RETAINED STUDENTS NO BETTER, BUT MORE LIKLEY TO DROP OUT \doc\web\99\05\retreas.txt Many states such as Kentucky adopting "ungraded" primary grades, with promotion test required only into 4th grade @@Uniform \images\98\01\011798\uniform\p01.tif Dressing for Success in Class Investor's Business Daily Dec 31, 1997. In Long Beach CA, school crime as dropped 76% in 3 years, although population is up by 8%. (chart shows that crimes were falling anyways before 1994, but have continued to fall) Student attendence is up to 94.7%, the highest in 17 years.. @@Union Teachers unions are a powerful force to be reckoned with. They can threaten parents with lawsuits if they complain about teaching quality or inappropriate homework assignment. They can use union dues to contribute to campaigns. They can mount huge campaigns to raise their pay, dwarfing other state employees. On the other hand, union do help negotiate good wages and benefits for teachers, and they claim unionized teachers are better teachers. %%Elections NEA CLAIMS IT SPENDS NO DUES ON POLITICS HAR HAR z45\clip\2000\10\neapol.txt June 23, 2000 Internal documents detail NEA's political activities By LARRY MARGASAK, JOHN SOLOMON, Associated Press Writers WASHINGTON -- The nation's largest teachers union, which reports to the IRS that it spends no union dues on politics, spent millions of dollars to help elect "pro-education candidates," produce political training guides and gather teachers' voting records, internal documents show. The NEA has tax-exempt status as a union but must report political expenses "direct and indirect" on its tax return. z45\clip\2000\08\neapoll.txt NEA Smiled Upon In Union Favorability EPI’s Reform Briefs ( are Of the 4,979 delegates and alternates at the Democratic National Convention, 365 are members of the National Education Association. z45\doc\web\2000\08\nearep.txt NEA Peddles Liberal Views at GOP Convention "Partnerships for Public Education." The forum was sponsored by the NEA, pro-choice Women in the House and Senate political action committee (WISH PAC), and two liberal Republican organizations, the Republican Main Street Partnership (RMSP), and the Republican Mainstream Committee. NEA BANNED FROM POSTING FED CAND ENDORSE \clip\2000\07\nea.txt Sunday Washington Times Editorials, July 9, 2000. Page B2 NEA SPENDS BIG BUCKS TO SWAY ELECTIONS z43\clip\2000\07\neamath.txt WSJ June 30, 2000 New Math So that's what they mean by the New Math. Not only does the 2.5 million-member National Education Association, representing public-school teachers, rank among the most powerful unions in America, within the Democratic Party it has almost no peer. "By helping to elect pro-education candidates at the local, state and national levels, we can more easily pass or defeat legislative proposals that impact on public education for all." z40\clip\2000\02\sowun.txt Thomas Sowell Jewish World Review 2/29/00 Playing blacks for suckers "any serious attempt to raise educational standards in the public schools will step on the toes of the big teachers' union, the National Educational Association. The NEA is regularly one of the biggest campaign contributors to the Democrats at both the state and national levels. Therefore Democrats follow the NEA line in equating inferior schools with schools that need more money. " z39\clipim\2000\02\25\gorefeed.efx Flyer sent out to Edmonds Community college. Caucus training participants are invited to a chili feed with candidate Al Gore 2000 paid for by the American Federation of Teachers. see html version WA Unions spent millions to back or oppose legislative candidates and initiatives. In 1998 Unions also contributed: $285,611 to Democrat Senate candidates $53,080 to Republican Senate candidates $895,742 to Democrat House candidates $140,453 to Republican House candidates %%Gay report "As far as those who hold pro-family values, Chase said: 'They're so wrong. They're so wrong.'" October 12, 2000 NEA Chief Wows Gay Activists by Stuart Shepard, correspondent z45\clip\2000\10\chase.txt Remarks Bob Chase, NEA President For The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network Chicago, Illinois October 7, 2000 NEA has also encouraged school staff to use the video “It's Elementary” In 1999, we created “Strengthening the Learning Environment: A School Employee’s Guide to Gay and Lesbian Issues.” (conservative family research council) NEA PRESIDENT TO SPEAK AT GLSEN CONFERENCE The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) will feature NEA President Bob Chase as the keynote speaker of its Oct. 6-8 annual conference in Chicago, Ill. The conference titled "Teaching Respect for All 2000: Ending Hate, Beginning in School" will advance GLSEN’s goal of normalizing homosexuality, bisexuality and "transgenderism" in schools. %%Lawsuit Mail list has mailing list on monitoring WEA using union funds to promote elections. VALIANT TEACHERS WIN UNION ATTACK LAWSUIT \doc\web\99\07\wealose.txt The Spokesman Review published the following article on Monday, May 17, 1999. Overbearing Union No Match for Two Valiant Teachers by Stefan Gleason Vice President of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation Over the past month, Washington Education Association officials have voiced their views and made demands of the state's taxpayers and politicians. But what happens when individual teachers dare to voice their views against the union? The union sues them. Teacher Union drive out good teachers who oppose "restructuring \clip\99\10\weacol.txt Dissident teachers forcing union to disclose the truth Michelle Malkin / Seattle Times Staff Columnist, May 13, 1999 The state's most prominent public union, the Washington Education Association, is now on trial. So is Initiative 134, Washington's crippled campaign finance disclosure law. WEA drops lawsuit against anti-WEA support group SEATTLE, Wash. (October 8) As part of a proposed settlement of a major class-action lawsuit pursued by National Right to Work Foundation attorneys, some 9,000 teachers statewide are being notified of the settlement barring the union from forcing them any longer to pay for non-bargaining activities. %%NEA National Education Association, largest K12 teachers union - Supports left wing causes - $1 Billion in revenue - 2.5 million members zip40\doc\web\2000\04\nea.txt Focus on the Family Releases “Grading the NEA” ** the NEA agenda is one that “conflicts with many teachers’ most deeply held moral and religious beliefs, limits the ability of parents to direct their children’s education, and attacks conservative Christian groups.” ** the organization numbers about 2.5 million and takes in annual revenues of nearly $1 billion taken lightly. ** Grading the NEA, a new 34-page report by Perry L. Glanzer and Travis R. Pardo, was released this month by Focus on the Family. NEA Minority Caucus the recently concluded NEA convention in Orlando, Florida, returned the following results: 1. Womens Caucus - 1,900 2. Black Caucus - 1,400 3. Peace & Justice Caucus - 700 4. Gay/Lesbian Caucus - 633 (700 after new membership signups) 5. Democratic Caucus - 400 6. Jewish American Caucus - 320 7. Italian American Caucus - 300 8. Hispanic Caucus - 261 9. Mens Caucus - 100+ (20 percent of members are women) 10. Republican Caucus - 100+ 11. Asian-Pacific Caucus - 94 12. Counselors Caucus - 80 NEA IS OFTEN NOT ABOUT EDUCATION, ANTI-MARKET NEA convention EPI has contended, however, that the NEA is one of the most anti-entrepreneurial, anti-market organization in the United States, and that this bias is one of the strongest reasons for reducing its influence. A New Business Item (NBI 16) was introduced.. would have put the NEA on record as supporting a new trial for Mumia Abu-Jamal, whose crime was not mentioned on the floor %%Opinion z45\clip\2000\08\neapoll.txt NEA Smiled Upon In Union Favorability EPI’s Reform Briefs ( are Poll Rasmussen Research, on August 11, conducted another survey for Portrait of America In the case of the NEA, however, the favorability ratings reverse, with a final result of 43% favorable to 30% unfavorable. "Teachers in the United States have a large, active union. Does that make education better, worse or does it have no impact on education?" 25 % of respondents said it makes education better, 28% said worse, and 38% said it has no impact. Of the 4,979 delegates and alternates at the Democratic National Convention, 365 are members of the National Education Association. %%PARENT INVOLVEMENT GUIDE TO TEACER UNIONS AND PARENT INVOLVEMENT \doc\web\99\07\parent.txt <1995 NEA resolutions - gay education - gender equity in sports - multiculturalism - bilingual ed - AIDS education - no choice - no testing - no tax credits for choice - funding for diversity programs - early childhood learning - nonsexist language - on site child care for students - gender-free career education - sex ed - protect the earth - no home schooling - universal health care, child care - health care for domestic partners - single payer health plan - statehood for DC - against English as official language - equal rights amendment %%Voucher z40\clipim\2000\03\19\voucher.efx AFL/CIO urges members to oppose vouchers and privatisation. @@United Kingdom @@United Nations Some say that Marc Tucker actually got his ideas from the United Nations, others fear the formation of world goverment. This is taken as evidence that the reform opposition movement is driven by kooks afraid of the UN. If federal control of education is bad, world control would be worse, in this theory. But even if you don't believe that the UN is the enemy, they do peddle progressive education theories and appear to be the theoretical basis for many US programs. Berit Kjos Site. Excellent resource for United Nations involvement in our government, education, children and general society, Christian based %%Conspiracy Theories z39\doc\web\2000\02\unwork.txt "Molding Human Resources for the Global Workforce: The hidden education agenda behind the campaign promises" "UNESCO launched in 1992 a new International Project on Technical and Vocational Education. Senator John McCain is Chairman of the International Republican Institute (IRI), a non-profit organization which is neither Republican nor partisan. Don't laugh, this one might be true! ED REFORM UN PLOT TO MOLD STUDENTS TO WORLD GOVERNMENT \clip\99\18\iserbyt.txt THE CAMDEN REPORTER Camden, Maine February 14, 1991 Charlotte Iserbyt: Conspiracy in the schools? By Estelle Sassaman ...restructure American education to educate our children for world government. This move toward an international curriculum, she said, has been developed in the Office of Economic Cooperation and Development of the United Nations. UN not a conspiracy but it is the same ideas popping up everywhere. UN Logo appears on STW site 2 stars over UN Logo?? Why? UN takes over our parks, lets criminals go, etc. %%Environment UNITED NATIONS CLAIMS PROTECTION OVER US PARKS AND SURROUNDING LANDS \doc\web\98\06\unenv.txt WORLD HERITAGE "PROTECTION" UNESCO’s War Against National Sovereignty by Berit Kjos %%General Board of Education For The World A year later in London, the Conference of Allied Ministers of Education called for a United Nations Bureau of Education. UNESCO became the Board of Education for the world. (see: UNITED NATIONS INVENTED LIFELONG LEARNING IN 1970 LIFE-LONG LEARNING and the UN By Dean Gotcher, 1996 It seems "Life Long Learning" has become a new buzz-word for the 90's. UNESCO began redefining education as "life-long", with a global emphasis, during its International Education Year, 1970. Christian Conscience runs series by Cuddy on UN origins of STW and warns of world government. From: Date sent: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 08:39:42 -0800 fur as I know, it was invented by Marc Tucker and his buddies. Guess what, no it wasn't. Marc Tucker is just the perfect vehicle. According to mine and many others the research now point to the 1. Carnegei Foundation (Members) (of which Marc Tucker was a member) 2. UNESCO (which is a part of the UN) I am personally checking into it right now. But the main documentation can be found in UNESCO'S 1973 Education Plan titled: "Towards a Conceptual Model of Life-Long Education" Here is the website hotlink for The Academy for Education Development(AED), a non-profit which receives funding by The Carnegie Corp, UNESCO, The World Bank, U.S. Dept. of Education to name a few. Read through their ideas of education: Here is UNESCO site: check out their 50 years for education section. Check out the countries that they will accept checks from on bottom of the order form. Notice that these are the same countries that are going through the same 'type' of 'reform' as us. You just may want to get a copy of the broucher and CD's. United Nations Ed Reform initiatives %%Vocational This is the URL for information on UNESCO's 1989 Convention on Technical and Vocational Education. This URL contains the Final Report of UNEVOC's Second International Congress on Technical and Vocational Education, Korea, April, 1999. @@Values Old 3 R's - Reading Writing and Arithmetic New 5 C's From: "Gayle Cloud" Date sent: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 12:56:51 +0000 The 5 C;s sound an awful lot like the "new Basics" touted by the late Ernest Boyer of the Carnegie Inst. His five goals are: Communicate effectively; acquire core knowledge (integrated); disciplined learner; sense of well-being; live responsibly. Isn't it interesting how all this is so similar... Riverside, CA @@Vermont 1997: Legislation: ACT 60 Equal Opportunity Act Test: New Standards Criterion Referenced Open response Tucker Inspired: Yes (New Standards) CIM: Proposed School To Work: Yes Nightmare in NorwichRosenkrantz from schoolhouse to poorhouse Tucker reform leads to failure Vermont Reform Expensive PR campaign to make reform appear to be local but are aligned with NCEE even if relationship terminated in 1995 for cost reasons. ACT 60, Vermont's Equal Educational Opportunity Act spells out reform. If you care to subscribe and follow the thread you can do so by sending e-mail to: VTFORUM@LIST.UVM.EDU Put subscribe in the subject area and put your name, town, and state in the body of the e-mail. @@Villians %%Persons Marc Tucker (NCEE) Terry Bergeson - WA State Supt of Instruction) Daggett, William - International Center for Leadership in Education %%Organizations NCTM - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics NCTE - National Council of Teachers of English ASCD Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development New Standards (NCEE) @@Violence Columbine made headlines, but violence very common in inner city. %%Shootings AYN RAND INSTITUTE SAYS PROGRESSIVE EDUCATION CAUSES SCHOOL SHOOTINGS z48\clip\2001\03\schkill.txt Bangkok Post Mar 11, 2001 US schools are the real killers There's no mystery why some teenagers suddenly kill their peers. They do it because of the crazy way they are taught C. Bradley Thompson Ayn Rand Institute in Marina del Rey, California @@Virginia Virgnia has a reform movement, but their test is a traditional test based on traditional content. It has been criticized as a "back to basics test", which is probably good. %%Standards VIRGINIA STANDARDS ARE RIGOROUS IN CONTENT VIRGINIA STANDARDS CRITICIZED FOR "BACK TO BASICS" \clip\97\25\double.txt November/December 1997 Teacher Magazine on the Web Double Standards By Drew Lindsay Some of the TAD was modeled on Virginia's standards--standards that have drawn praise for their clarity and precision but scorn from some educators who claim they will encourage "back-to-basics" teaching and rote learning. @@Visit WA: RCW 28A.605.020 Parents' access to classroom or school sponsored activities -- Limitation. Every school district board of directors shall, after following established procedure, adopt a policy assuring parents access to their child's classroom and/or school sponsored activities for purposes of observing class procedure, teaching material, and class conduct: PROVIDED, That such observation shall not disrupt the classroom procedure or learning activity. [1979 ex.s. c 250 § 8. Formerly RCW 28A.58.053.] @@Vision There is a whole new way of envisioning what schools are about, and it's not good. Paradigm shift ==================================================== A Paradigm Shift From: Instructional Focus on 3 R's To: Focus is 5 C's Necessary for Future Success - 5 C's are Communication, Cooperation, Commitment, Creativity, and Compassion From: Children Adapt To: Schools Adapt From: Child is Passive To: Child is Active From: Child is Dependent To: Child is a Partner Constructing Knowledge From: Whole Group Instruction To: Whole-Group, Small Groups, Cooperative and Individual From: Mostly Individual Isolated Tasks To: Whole Group, Small Group, Cooperative and Individual From: Preset Material is Covered by Teacher To: Child's Capacity to Plan and Learn is Extended From: Separate Subjects To: Subjects are Integrated around Themes of Inquiry From: Workbooks To: Concrete Materials, Quality Literature, Variety of Resources From: Verbal Informational Emphasis To: Constructivist, Problem-Solving, Thinking Emphasis From:Single Correct Answers To: Alternate Solutions Generated From: Work and Play Separate and Divided To: Play is Valued for Learning, Thinking, Communication, Cooperation From: Teacher is the Sole Arbiter of What is Correct To: Children Build and Examine Theories and Construct Knowledge From: Grouping is by Ability or Age To: Grouping is Flexible by interests, Motivations, and Individual Needs From: Assessment is for Classification and Reporting To: Assessment is for Making Instructional Decisions From: Child is Recipient of the Teacher's Information To: Child is Collaborator in Constructing Own Knowledge From: Assessment focuses on What a Child Knows To: Assessment Focuses on How a Child Learns and What a Child Can Do From: Periodic Tests for Assessment To: Ongoing Observation of the Child and Child's Work for Assessment From: Answers are Valued To: Questions are Valued From: Facts and Information are Valued To: Information Acquisition, Evaluation, and Application are Valued From Paper and Pencil Representations of Knowledge To: Multiple Ways of Representing Knowledge This was adapted from the Primary Program Resource Document, Ministry of Education, Province of British Columbia, Canada. =================================================================== From: The following are excerpts from the Public Agenda report entitled "Different Drummers: How Teachers of Teachers View Public Education": "Finding One: One Vision of Learning. Teachers of teachers envision classrooms as places where techers and students are active, life-long learners; education is a collaborative enterprise; and the process of struggling with questions is far more important than knowing the right answers." @@Vocational Vocational schools, shop, home ec are being phased out in favor of college and high standards for all. %%Academic Lacking DISPLACED IVY LEAGUE GRAD LACKS VOCATIONAL SKILLS White-Collar Man in a Blue Collar World Bob Muldoon Feb 4, 2002 Newsweek. My job requires skills, like driving a forklift. My Ivy League education won't help me now. I have two Ivy League master's degrees, but they don't help me hydroseed lawns. %%De-emphasis to Pre-college VO-TECH SCREWED BY PRE-COLLEGE EMPHASIS z56\doc\web\2002\06\votech.txt This is from a weblog by a USAF Staff Sergeant who is an aircraft maintenance mechanic. "Vocational students get screwed in many American high schools because of the relentless focus on college prep." In my school district, we had a Vocational Technical school (VoTech) where many of my classmates went for half a day to learn various trades. ... The first year pay was to be $12 per hour, rising to $26 per hour when the students completed the program. There were no takers. %%Deleted SHOP $18/HR JOBS VANISHING FROM CURRICULUM. z42\doc\clip\2000\06\shop.txt The New Republic NEW YORK DISPATCH Hammer Away By TODD PRUZAN Issue date: 05.29.00 only six of Morris's 30 staffers are American-born; the others hail from Italy, Guyana, Jamaica, Poland, Morocco, and the former Soviet bloc. What these foreign workers have in common is that they come from countries where training for skilled labor remains part of the educational curriculum. the New York Board of Education has systematically eliminated vocational study, or the class formerly known as shop, from its standard public high school curriculum... who pays his workers handsomely--about $18 per hour, and $27 per hour for overtime, %%Dropout VOCATIONAL ED MAY REDUCE TEST SCORES BUT KEEP DROPOUTS LOW z56\clip\2002\05\cte.txt Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 11:14:53 -0500 Technical Education Reduces Drop- Out Rates "If it is indeed true that a middle-range mix of CTE and academic course-taking can lower the drop-out risk for some students, educators and policymakers might be wise to encourage such a mix, even if it brings slightly lower standardized test scores in core academic subjects," Career and Technical Education in the Balance.. is supported by the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Vocational and Adult Education full text: %%Federal GUT VOC ED: EVERY STUDENT MUST BE PREPARED FOR COLLEGE? z70\clip\2003\08\gutvoc.txt ..vocational education advocates, who say the administration's plan would essentially gut career and technical programs by shifting their pool of federal money to other program even some of the strongest critics of Mr. Bush's vocational education budget say the overall goal of making the same academic demands of all high school students—whether in vocational programs or not—is worthwhile. "We want every student to get through high school, and be prepared for college," said Alisha Dixon, the legislative assistant for the Association for Career and Technical Education %%History William Saunders on History of Vocational vs. Comprehensive Education This history of vocational education was provided by William Saunders, apparently with the U.S. Department of Education. It was published on another listserve today. I have emphasized selected text, especially in light of the federal school-to-work initiative. \doc\web\98\07\vocat.txt @@Voucher Use public money towards private schools. Some states and interpretations of law prohibit use for religious or private schools. CURE (WA) says that vouchers create government control of religious schools. Other far conservatives say it only takes away from the issue of getting control back of the public schools. Critis say religious voucher schools in Milwaukee don't score any higher than public schools. Facts: Ron Unz: Today, public and private school-voucher programs combined include just 70,000 students, only one-tenth of one percent of our school-age population, and a minute fraction of (say) the estimated two million children in home-schooling programs, %%Against (Conservative) This site provides some evidence of problems private schools have encountered when they've accepted government vouchers in Milwaukee, Cleveland, and Florida. Christian Law Association advocates tax credits, which I view as a problem: tax credits will end up causing loss of autonomy for private schools, but they'll do it more slowly than vouchers. Are the Pitfalls of Vouchers for Christian Schools? For those who haven't read either of my position papers on the voucher, they're posted at my website: Cathy Duffy VOUCHERS BRING POOR KIDS INTO RICH SCHOOLS, NOT REAL CHOICE z45\clip\2000\08\novouch.txt The Crazy Theory Behind School Vouchers by Michael Levin Prop 38 vouchers threaten home and private schools z45\priv\2000\08\novouch.txt, voucher.doc Problems with the California Voucher Initiative, Proposition 38 Summary by Cathy Duffy because of more regulation, and increases price because of state subsidy] CONSERVATIVES NEED TO FIX PUBLIC SCHOOLS, NOT PUSH VOUCHERS \clip\2000\03\consed.txt Mon, 20 Mar 2000 05:58:10 -0600 NATIONAL STANDARD: "Measurable gains in a cademic achievement must come from improvements in the public schools and in the family milieus of the children who attend them. The idea that federal and state governments can finance some massive alternative to the nation's public schools is unrealistic and carries high political risk. " Florida judge rejects school-voucher system SeaTimes Mar 15, 2000 worth $3-4,000 if student goes to a low rated school, constitution mandates free education through a system of "public schools" 1996 WA state initiative headed by Ron Taber failed. %%For MORE BLACKS BACKING VOUCHERS z45\clip\2000\10\blvouch.txt NYT : October 9, 2000 Vouchers Gain Champions Among Blacks Weary of Failing Schools By JODI WILGOREN Steve Kagan for The New York Times z45\clip\2000\10\blvouch.txt NYT : October 9, 2000 Vouchers Gain Champions Among Blacks Weary of Failing Schools By JODI WILGOREN Steve Kagan for The New York Times Mr. Booker, a Rhodes scholar who quotes Frederick Douglass and Langston Hughes in his speeches, is part of a growing cadre of young blacks who have embraced vouchers, and school choice more broadly, as a central civil rights issue for their generation. NO DIFFERENCE IN NYC? z45\clip\2000\09\vouchdou.txt New Doubt Is Cast on Study That Backs Voucher Efforts By KATE ZERNIKE Two weeks ago, prominent researchers released a study showing significant gains by black students who had been given vouchers to help pay for private school. ..the company says, in New York there was no significant test- score difference between students who attended private school on vouchers and those who stayed in public school. SIMILAR STUDENTS WITH VOUCHERS SCORED 6 PCT HIGHER z45\clip\2000\08\vouchdc.txt WPost front Page, August 28, 2000 URL: Scores Improve For D.C. Pupils With Vouchers By Jay Mathews, Washington Post Staff Writer The report, which compares the students' reading and math scores on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills over the first two years of the voucher programs, is unusual. The study showed that those moving to private schools scored 6 percentile points higher than those who stayed in public schools in New York City, Dayton, Ohio, and the District. Bracey opposes vouchers. Only blacks showed big differences. Most students in study were black. Dr. Jay Greene's survey analyzes every study examining any aspect of America's publicly and privately funded voucher programs. Greene finds a surprisingly uniform consensus: voucher programs raise student test scores and are beloved by parents, and private schools accepting voucher students, promote school integration and the teaching of civic values better than traditional public schools. z43\clip\2000\07\highvouc.txt “High Noon for Vouchers” In November, a turning point for U.S. education. Ron Unz, National Review, Tuesday, June 20, 2000 Today, public and private school-voucher programs combined include just 70,000 students, only one-tenth of one percent of our school-age population, z40\clip\2000\04\vouch.htm A voucher group was compared against public school group: overall, average test scores were below the 30th percentile. After one year, the national percentile ranking of students attending private schools was, on average, two points higher in reading and mathematics than the ranking of the comparison group that remained in public schools. choice students in grades four and five achieved substantially higher scores, six percentile points more in math, and four points more in reading. * The probability of graduating from college rises from 11 to 27 percent, if such a student attends a Catholic high school. zip40\clip\2000\03\vouch.htm Manhattan Institute A Survey of Results from Voucher Experiments: Where We Are and What We Know By Jay P. Greene Senior Fellow, The Manhattan Institute for Policy Research March 13, 2000 Prepared for the Conference on Charter Schools, Vouchers, and Public Education, Sponsored by the Harvard Program on Education Policy and Governance and the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, March 8-10, 2000, Cambridge, MA In Cleveland, as in Milwaukee, all studies of the choice program are generally positive about the effects of the program. Metcalf finds some significant test score gains and praises the expansion of educational opportunities the program provides. Greene, Peterson, and Howell also find significant test score gains. After one year of participation in the program, choice students in grades 2 through 5 in New York benefited by about 2 NPR in math and reading. Older students, in grades 4 and 5, gained four points in reading and six points in math. A Response By Dennis W. Redovich, Center for the Study of Jobs & Education in Wisconsin I am astonished by by the ineptitude of the report, A Survey of Results from Voucher Experiments, which I read on I have been reviewing the numerous studies of the Milwaukee Choice program since its inception in Milwaukee. The original evaluator John Witte did the only credible reports on the Milwaukee Choice program. Dr. Witte found no significant difference between academic achievement of MPS schools and Choice schools, high satisfaction with choice schools and high satisfaction of parents with children in MPS schools at a somewhat lower level EducationNews February 28, 2000 Washington Post Vouchers Receive Positive Reviews African American elementary school students in the District who transferred to private schools with the help of vouchers were happier with their schools and did better in mathematics than classmates who remained in public schools, a new study has found. %%Opinion z45\clip\2000\09\blvouch.txt Sunday, September 3, 2000 Blacks Split Over Vouchers Schools: Though most leaders oppose the ballot measure, many frustrated parents want more options for their children. By EDWARD J. BOYER, LA Times Staff Writer The results of a 1999 national survey, however, show A whopping 76% of African Americans between 26 and 35--a group including many who have school-age children--support a voucher system under which the government would give parents money to send their children to the public, private or parochial school of their choice, the survey by the Washington, D.C.-based Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies found. @@Waldorf Mr. Marshak talks about the Waldorf school system and what they do. Apparently Mr. Marshak is a new ager. If anyone takes the time to investigate (and I have) the Wladorf system they will find it bases is pure socialism, communing with nature and worshiping the sun, moon, earth, stars, and every living thing as "equal" to humans. They love those "fun" things to do and don't count academics as important as long as their students respect diversity in all things.

@@Washington State

@@Weapons Zero tolerance weapons policy has gone too far! - GI Joe gun - Fireman Axe - ban on plays with weapons of any kind (Oaklahoma?) KINDERGARTENDER EXPELLED FOR HAVING FIREMAN AXE "WEAPON" \doc\web\98\09\axe.txt @@Week Half a day on saturday is standard in Asia, but no Americans are advocating this although they say we have to match their number of days in instruction z54\clip\2001\11\week5.txt 11/6/2001 The Daily Yomiuri (Japan) Private schools shun 5-day week / Tokyo middle schools fear slide in academic performance Less than half the private middle schools in Tokyo and its surrounding areas are expected to introduce a five-day school week system from the academic year beginning April. @@West Virginia Has passed a school to work bill ESB 300 in March 1996. Proposes that all students must scores above 50th percentile to graduate. Town Meetings Draw Large Crowds School-to-Work Limited Learning for Lifelong Labor" National Education Policy Analyst Peg Luksik took on the "Masters of Deceit" as she exposed the truth about national and state education reform via such legislation and programs as Goals 2000, School-to-Work, Education First, and Senate Bill 300. Senate Bill 300 S.B.300, the "Jobs Through Education Act" was passed in March of 1996 and provides the structure for implementing School-to-Work, as envisioned by Marc Tucker. All must score above 50th percentile @@Whole Class :) LONDON TELEGRAPH: TEACH WHOLE CLASS, NOT INDEPENDENT GROUPS IN UK/ Article by Liz Lightfoot in today's Daily Telegraph 4/1/98 Some British schools are improving their arithmetic by adopting whole-class teaching methods. @@Whole Language @@Whole School Reform EDISON, ADVANTAGE OFFER WHOLE SCHOOL MODELS \clip\99\05\whscho.txt ©INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY (only good today) 2-4-99 PROFITING FROM PUBLIC SCHOOLS 'Whole School' Providers Offer Many Approaches Author: Anna Bray Duff @@Wisconsin Wisconsin is an OBE state @@World %%Italy HIGH ITALIAN STANDARDS - G13 HIGH SCHOOL z45\doc\web\2000\08\italy.txt Italians ahead simply because they were required to study and memorize a LOT, right from first grade. Hours of homework. High standards in both oral and written tests. If you failed a subject (or two or three) in June, you had to study all summer and take a remedial exam in that subject in September. Otherwise you were held back. Kids had to repeat the classes of a whole year even if they failed one subject in September. high school still lasts for five years, up to age nineteen our excellent elementary schools were not run by college graduates but by people with high school diplomas. %%Switzerland Flury on swiss education - no computers - home ec for girls, wordworking for boys - everyone required to keep automatic rifle in home, no shootings - traditional content based curriculum @@work keys @@Work Skills A major thrust of School To Work, Outcome Based Education, Reform etc. is that not enough attention is paid to "real jobs" as opposed to college. Dagget even claims entry level skills are higher than college. This is a bit like changing emphasis from the ruling class to the working classes. But unlike Europe or Japan, over half of US students go on to college, 25% complete a BS or higher. World-class means nations that send only half as many students to college, so vocational training is more important there. We're struggling to compete with nations far behind us in rate of higher education, and far behind in leadership in computers in software dominated by US trained companies like Microsoft, Intel, Sun, and Netscape. DAGGET: ENTRY-LEVEL WORKPLACE SKILLS ARE HIGHER THAN COLLEGE??? \clip\97\27\realskill.txt Detroit Free Press/Wednesday, January 18, 1994 By: Joan Richardson Free Press Educational Writer STUDENTS NEED SKILLS FOR THE REAL WORLD, REFORMER SAYS [Colleges concentrate on college skills like Shakespeare and Calculus, "The math, science and language arts needed for entry-level employment are higher and different that those needed for higher education," Dagget told his Livingston audiences on a recent visit."] @@Work Sampling System

One highly regarded portfolio- based grading system. Criticism is that it compares student progress with self, but not with other students, teachers are encouraged to get rid of any ranking scheme or comparison.

Work Sampling System

  • @@Year YRE Multitrack means school building is used year round to get more capacity, students are assigned to different tracks (shifts). Another variation of "give me all of your time and money". Plus - saves money - some parents support it when given choice Minus - runs down school plant faster - why not just build enough capacity - splits up families - teachers don't get time off to take classes - 25% of school is missing at any one time - all around bad idea like most "innovative reform" Controversy over year round schooling by Wes Walker zip#28\images\972\1209\p03.tif Elementary school wants to extend its academic year Mike Lindbloom Seattle Times Dec 10, 1997 Lake Hill Elementary in Bellevue is behind state average, well below above average district. @@Zero Tolerance \clip\98\06\zerot.txt LATIMES Sunday, March 1, 1998 Taking Zero Tolerance to the Limit An A-student's gift of wine to a teacher gets him suspended. Absolute bans on drugs and alcohol can be pushed to bizarre extremes, critics say. Exemptions invite chaos, enforcers reply. JESSE KATZ, Times Staff Writer