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Introduction: Education Reform

This is the index of education reform issues I've looked into since the 1980s. My conclusion is that just about anything promoted as "reform" is just a bad idea, and an exuse to blow at lot of money on pet projects that damage children. New math, new new math, reform math, constructivist anything, outcomes-based education, standards-based education, project-based, or indeed ANYTHING based education are just bad, bad bad.

If you've raised kids since the 1990s, the pattern is some blue ribbon committee discovers that we have to reform education according to a new paradigm, and essentially reverse everything we know about running a good education system since anything that exists is bad by definition. You kids get projects that adults can't figure out, take forever to do, they're not told how to do it, and they haven't learned any basics by the time they're done. Then they graded on whether they had already mastered the topic before they started the class. Standards are always based on the top 10% who already knew arithmetic and higher order thinking when they walked in. Everybody else is punished, and the fault is laid of bad children, bad parents, bad teachers and bad schools, and not enough money or multiculturalism.

The REAL critical thinking is the ability to look at a useless, idiotic program and recognize and call it out instead of buying into it.



@@Ability Differences

Much education is based on a belief that all students are capable of
equal outcomes. Differences in outcomes is all a matter of
opportunity and fairness that education must "fix".

A Study of Three Cultures: Germany, Japan, and the United States An
Overview of the TIMSS Case Study Project
Phi Delta Kappan Magazine March 1998
*While there is acknowledgment of differences in ability among
individuals, the tendency among the Japanese is to ignore this factor
and to emphasize that accomplishment can always be increased through
the application of greater effort.
*German respondents said that the primary factors contributing to
differences in academic ability were natural disposition (often
referred to as innate intelligence and talent), the home environment,
and parental support. 
* When Americans were asked to explain the basis of individual
differences in academic achievement, they cited family stability and
family support as the major factors. In poor communities, broken
families were most frequently blamed for low achievement, while in
more affluent areas, family support for schooling was cited as the
main factor. Explanations focusing on innate ability were also more
common in affluent communities.

@@Ability Grouping 

BBC Thursday, January 14, 1999 Published at 07:18 GMT Education Class
divides The practice of "setting" has spread rapidly 
Children at schools in England are being separated by ability from
the age of four, according the Office for Standards in Education ...
says the use of "setting" is helping to raise standards [for all


Talk Theater 
In the next several weeks, your son/daughter will be participating in
the 4th grade unit of instruction on: Personal Safety (child sexual
abuse prevention) Includes T.A.L.K. Theatre for 2nd, 4th, and 8th
grades. Cynthia asked if she could watch the play with her child. He said no; other students might not disclose abuse if parents were present. 

"Are you basically looking for kids that have been abused?" she asked.

Again the answer was no, but he admitted that students sometimes
disclose personal secrets to an adult after a performance



In yesterday's Daily Telegraph, Alexandra Buxton described a school
in Watford, Hertfordshire, in which gifted children study subjects
like information and communications technology (ICT) and maths at a
level far higher than their peers in mainstream schools.  The
headline is NEVER TOO YOUNG TO LEARN.  Way-Long is one of 250 pupils
who attend Ryde College, a private tutorial college in Watford,
Herts, that specialises in fast-tracking pupils in computer science,
maths and English.  Last year the college made history when Nirav
Gathani gained a grade B in GCSE ICT at the age of seven.  This term,
a boy of six will be taking the same exam, an eight-year-old girl
will be tackling GCSE maths, and James Lapoittevin, thirteen, hopes
to pass A-level computer science.  James, who sings in his school
choir and plays three instruments, has a grade A at GCSE.  


:( Accountability - set quotas for performance, reward / give bonuses to the schools that have the rich white kids, and punish / fire the ones that get poor minorities.

Some states have taken fire because the best 99th percentile schools are failed because there's nowhere to improve.

Schools have incentives to do poorly the first year in order to win awards for improvement, schools that do well are declared in default because they have not shown improvement from their 99th percentile ranking.

%%Best Failing MCAS FLUNKS BEST SCHOOLS FOR NOT MEETING IMPROVMENT GOALS z47\clip\2001\01\mcasfail.txt Some top-scoring schools faulted Many questions MCAS assessment By Anand Vaishnav, Globe Staff, 1/10/2001 "the state's top public schools - in wealthier districts such as Harvard, Newton, Wellesley - performed so well in 1998 that boosting scores any higher was nearly impossible. As a result, many of those schools received an ''F,'' for ''failed to meet'' expectations. " %%General ACCOUNTABILITY: PASSING THE BUCK July 2000 Reason: Who Needs Eresponsibility When There's Accountability? Sara Rimensnyder Republicans love the word accountability, but where responsibility means my fault, accountability means it is someone else's fault. z45\clip\2000\09\minacc.htm Minnesota MCA accountability monster Schools to face grades of their own State accountability plan likely to start within month While schools will not face a financial penalty for low test scores, they will face the prospect their name will be on a statewide list of under-performing schools -- SELIGMAN COMPARES ACCOUNTABILITY TO VIETNAM BODY COUNT z45\clip\2000\08\account.txt Forbes March 22, 1999 Can you trust the test scores? By Dan Seligman In the Vietnam War the efforts notoriously featured the Pentagon demanding enemy body counts from the troops in the field, which resulted in reports hugely inflated by noncombatant deaths. In the realm of civil rights, the logic of numbers-based accountability led to race and sex quotas. Similar perversities are discernible in educational accountability. WA DOCKS COLLEGES FOR NOT MEETING ACCOUNTABILITY
\clip\98\17\edclip13.txt Seattle Times November 28, 1998 Colleges to lose $1.4 million over state 'report card' by Roberto Sanchez Seattle Times staff reporter "But rather than a pat on the back, they'll collectively get a $1.46 million penalty for not getting a full A."

WA ACCOUNTABILITY TASK FORCE TO SPEND $132 MILLION TO REWARD GOOD, PUNISH BAD SCHOOLS ON NEW ASSESSMENT The Seattle Times Company July 6, 1998 State to put schools to the test by Jolayne Houtz Seattle Times staff reporter [first time there is mention of question about validity of the test]

This is just quota based education. No matter how much a bad school improves, it's not as good as a 99th percentile school, and it's all based on a faulty test where 4th grade assessment questions match 7th 10th or even higher level benchmarks.
Accountability System Recommendations for consideration by the Accountability Task Force from co-chairs Frank Shrontz and Terry Bergeson

TEST SCORE MADNESS DISTORTS TEACHING \clip\98\10\account\account.htm Education Policy Analysis Archives Volume 6 Number 1 January 2, 1998 The Political Legacy of School Accountability Systems Sherman Dorn University of South Florida

Seattle Times Reformers could put teachers to the test by Jolayne Houtz Seattle Times staff reporter [Assess penalties and rewards for school that don't improve by x percent on the new test, but no evidence that it has worked in other states] clip\97\25\edclip6.txt /images/972/112197/p26.gif

                          mercer Island    Monroe    Yakima
% met reading             81%               48%       5%
% not met reading         19%               52%      95%
% required to meet        86%               61%      29%
% free/red lunch           1%               28%      88%
% enrolled last 14 mo     18%               28%      14%
% bilin/eng2nd             0%             <10%       51%
% computer at home        96%               55%      12%
Source: Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

\clip\97\25\edclip9.txt 11/1/97 Lexington Herald Leader Plan would shift KERA rewards Teachers wouldn't get the cash By Linda B. Blackford Herald Leader Education Writer FRANKFORT - Teachers at high-performing schools would no longer receive cash rewards under a recommendation expected to go to the General Assembly next month.

%%Race GET MONEY IF YOUR WHITES DON'T IMPROVE AS MUCH AS MINORITIES z46\clip\2000\11\whitscor.txt San Diego CA: north county times School gets help for white kids scores [This is completely wacko folks!] ERIN WALSH Staff Writer FALLBROOK ---- A North County school district will spend $42,000 this year on an unexpected mission: improving the test scores of white students. @@Activities (Too much) TOO MANY ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS, NO PLAY zip37\clip\99\18\jamp.txt September 18, 1999 Jam-packed calendars: Are children doing too much too soon? by Barbara Mahany Chicago Tribune CHICAGO - More and more, America's children, it seems, are reliant on the family date book, or the color-coded calendar, or the keeping of the after-school schedule by day of the week: "If it's Monday, it must be tap class; if it's Tuesday, it must be karate." @@Adult education ADULT EDUCATION NEEDS TO TEACH "NEW BASIC SKILLS" z48\clip\2001\02\newskill.txt Idea of the Week: Adult Education for the New Economy The Massachusetts Institute for a New Commonwealth (or MASSInc) says we need new adult education programs for lifelong learning. This challenge is based on the increasingly well-established belief that "new basic skills" include "the ability to solve complex problems, think critically, communicate effectively, and use computers and other technology," as the report puts it. @@ADVANCE PLACEMENT COURSES

hitest.txt Cunningham: Just because high
scorers take advanced courses does not mean you force everybody to
take advanced courses , they just drop out.

Local News: Wednesday, May 28, 2003 
Bellevue schools chief calls on experts to assess reforms 
By Cara Solomon 
Seattle Times Eastside bureau 
"At the heart of Riley's reform effort is one strong belief: No child
should be exempt from high standards. But it's a tough sell for
parents of struggling students."  "what should make us uncomfortable
are the 20 percent of kids in our district who are not taking those
advanced classes." "

@@"All Students Can Learn" :( Bad idea Guiding
Principles of Mathematics Education Mass Dept of Education 19997

Some students may ultimately progress further in their mathematical
learning than others, and learning may take different amounts of time
for different learners. However, if each student is offered an
accessible approach to learning mathematics, consistent with his
learning style and experience, then all students can learn
mathematics. This means establishing high standards of expectations
and helping students when they are struggling with mathematics.


Alabama reforms filled with STW language


aljohnson  is my contact in Alaska


Rob KremerThe math specialist at the
state department said to me one day, describing her daughter's
college education at Northeaster U in boston : "It's awful. The
professors still have the attitude that they know something the
students do not and their job is to impart their knowldege to them"



Alaska Content Standards explicitly specify constructivist,
student-centered learning philosiphy, with outcome-based /
developmentally appropriate standards. They specifically cite the
laundry list of reforms specified by Kentucky's reform blueprint.

Home Content Standards

Math Frameworks

THEIR OWN PACE students will realize that they can create their own
patterns of computations that represent their own lines of reasoning.
.. some students construct computational knowledge more slowly than
other students. Often students require a meaningful application
before they are motivated to succeed at computational skills.

content will place greater emphasis on the inquiry skills (science
process skills and reasoning) at the expense of time spent memorizing
science facts. 
Less is better; in-depth study enhances learning

Specific content - They don't reveal much, but what they have leaves
out order of operations until high school instead of late elementary,
and leaves out decimal to middle school instead of late elementary.

order of operations = high school (normally G4-5)
decimal math = middle school (normally G4-5)

Student Centered Instruction Strategies
doc/web/98/09/Alasmat2.htm (barf!)
Based on Kentucky Curriculum Frameworks
There is now a large body of research-based knowledge that shows that the
facts-first approach to teaching is practically and developmentally
"This book looks at and suggests the constructivist approaches that
are facilitated through an S/T/S curriculum."

What is STS? (Science exists to serve politics)
Science/Technology/Society (STS) education teaches students to understand
science and technology and how it affects their lives and world events

Arthur's Note - it appears that STS is actually a college level
course on how science affects society, it is part of social studies,
not science. This "direction" has been investigated as a direction to
add "relevance" and politically correct politics to science classes.
Alaska appears to be the first institution to suggest that STS should
be the fundamental basis and justification for science instruction,
truly the tail wagging the dog.

@@Albertson Foundation 

"Management of Change Project" in Idaho

@@Alexander, Lamar

Conservative supporter of STW/OBE higher standards

American School Board Journal, July
1991, pp. 13+ Within a week of taking office, he had presented
the White House staff with a blueprint for top-to-bottom school
reform. One month later, President Bush announced the new initiative
amid much ceremonial fanfare in the East Room of the White House."
.. New American Schools project in which one school per Congressional
district would receive one million dollars to become "reformed."

@@Alignment Bad idea

Buzzword which means conforming to whatever is "new" or "cool", such
as NTCM standards, or whatever standards are being peddled.

READING AND MATH PROGRAMS \DOC\WEB\98\06\align.htm From: To: effschprac%OREGON.UOREGON.EDU (Effective School
Practices) Does anyone know anything about a company called Evans
Newton Incorporated?  It\'s a curriculum alignment outfit based in
Scottsdale, Arizona.  My school district (Milwaukee Public Schools)
recently paid this company about a half-million dollars to align our
textbooks with our state-mandated assessments. 97% of the objectives
tested on the Wisconsin Reading Comprehension Test (required of all
3rd grade public school students in Wisconsin) and the Wisconsin
Student Assessment System (TerraNova) are either not covered at all
by the Reading Mastery (DI phonics based program), or are covered
only minimally. 

@@All Students Will Succeed (Very, very Bad Idea)

The new mantra of reform is to toss the bell curve and teach all to
excel, the public and politicians all love the idea.  

Unfortunately, repealing the law of the bell curve is a lot of trying
to break the law of gravity, since there is absolutely no evidence
that such a goal has ever been achieved in a large diverse population
by any method.

(but that's what the Wash ed reform movement and assessment is based
on!)  \clip\98\08\debrul.txt
Seattle Times April 24, 1998 The truth about teaching kids to read by
Ralph DeBruler Special to The Times "the conviction that there must
be a method of teaching that will make academic success
universal..The idea has blossomed during the past 30 or 40 years.  ..
is related to the ancient belief in the existence of a philosophers'
stone that had the power to change base metals into gold.. But we
have not yet learned that the power to endow all children, students
and people with high academic achievement is also a myth."

Detroit News Friday, January 2, 1998 Philly school scores climb:
Fifth-largest district points way for gains nationwide By Tamara
Henry / USA Today " "I think sometime, someplace there has to be a
big-city school district in which a vast majority of kids succeed.
There's never been.  We are determined to be the first," Hornbeck
said.  "

@@Alternative Schools

"Private schools within the public schools" Seattle Times May 14,
1995 p. 1 Dick Lilly E. Rhodes, J. Houtz. There's not much proof that
alternative schools result in better test scores, only one Seattle
alternative school scores higher than average, some reject scores as
a measure.

LEARNING CURVE -- the Ferndale school, operated by
the private company Community Education Partners. The alternative
program contracts with public school districts to teach badly
behaving students who might otherwise fail. She was told that
students could not fail.  "That school needs to be closed down," says
Kimberly Moore. "Ain't a damn thing being learned in that school.
Nothing." at CEP teachers have a room full of often badly behaving
students. Students gambled, shooting craps in the classroom, came to
school stoned and cursed at teachers. Fights broke out on a daily
basis, Moore says.  a student was assaulting the teacher, and the
girl turned her fists on Moore. Knowing Moore was four months
pregnant, the girl punched Moore's belly until Moore wrestled the
girl to the ground, she says. There is no school library, and there
are no lockers. A CEP facility doesn't look like a traditional school
-- there aren't even blackboards or dry-erase boards in the
classrooms. Instead, students sit at work stations lining the walls
and rely on computer programs and video learning. Instructors rarely
do standard teaching since CEP relies on students to work on their
own and set their own pace.

\clip\99\17\blumoun.txt Little school draws National attention By
ANNE WILLIAMS The Register-Guard "Page 14 of the National Enquirer is
not quite what Blue Mountain's founders had in mind. "The School
Where Kids Rule," declares the bright green headline in the
supermarket tabloid's Aug. 31 issue...The school, which has no
principal, no tests and no grades,"

Alternative Schools in Colorado
with exit outcomes, etc.

@@AP Diploma

AP TO BE ALTERNATIVE TO IB DIPLOMA \clip\99\14\ibap.txt 28 Jul 1999
>From today's Fairfax Journal.  Schools will offer seniors AP diploma
By HALLIE PICKHARDT Journal staff writer Fairfax County's high school
seniors will have the option of pursuing an Advanced Placement
Diploma Fairfax County is one of the first school districts in the
nation to sponsor the AP program, which administrators regard as an
alternative to the prestigious International Baccalaureate program
many area schools don't have or don't want. To qualify for the AP
diploma, a student must take at least five AP classes in certain
subject areas and score a three or better on each end-of-year exam.

@@Applied Learning

Reformers want to get away from actual learning anything and get kids
to do "real life" tasks, as if academics are useless and irrelevant.
Ironically, most so-called real-life tasks found on tests aren't
anything like what you'd find on a real job.

[December 16, 1998] [Education Week on the Web] At 'Applied Learning'
Center, Every Lesson Has a Purpose By Mary Ann Zehr When students at
the Alice Carlson Applied Learning Center organize school events, run
the annual PTA membership drive, and write city zoning officials in
support of an outdoor-learning center, they aren't missing out on
their curriculum.  For these youngsters, such tasks are the


sixth grade honors social studies class currently is studying ancient
Greece. Each child must prepare a Greek ABC book.  For each letter of our
alphabet, they are to find a word that relates to ancient Greece (i.e. A
is for Athens, B for Bacchus, etc.) and use the word in a sentence.  Then
they are to draw a picture of the word. The criteria handed
out for earning an "A" specifically states that drawings will be
elaborately done.


... brother put himself through a two-year graphics art program at the
Art Institute of Pittsburgh, cleaning offices at night.  He now
designs billboards for a media giant.  He wins award after award, and
was once featured in the "best of the quarter" section of Advertising
Age Magazine.  When I hear about how no one could possibly make it in
this 21st Century Global economy without analytical Algebra, blah blah
blah, I tell them that my brother is doing quite well thank you very

@@Arthur Andersen

Training firm uses constructivism / teacher as facilitator method.

Arthur Andersen is constructivist


The Ausar Auset Society is the
local religious Kemet cult in Milwaukee. Reports of polygamy, female
circumcision (FGM), incest, and child abuse, as practiced by the
ancient Egyptian pharaohs and ruling class of Egyptian elite society,
surround the eclectic/syncretic cult society.

@@ASCD Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development 

Professional organization that promotes goofy curriculum "reforms".
"For the Success of All Learners"

ASCD Home Page
ASCD's Vision Statement

ASCD is committed to becoming a world leader among professional
organizations, supporting educators' efforts to develop learning
environments in which _all learners succeed_. Reflecting our _best
knowledge_ about _learning processes_, these environments will be
_cooperative_, interactive, rigorous, and responsive to the needs of
_diverse_ learners. ASCD will: 

        advocate for a clearly defined set of _values and beliefs_
about education.

        provide a highly respected international forum for _dialogue
and debate_ (har har) on education issues.

        provide information via _state-of-the-art_ formats and
technologies that best meet educators' needs.

        provide high-quality professional _learning experiences_ for

        influence the pursuit and use of _best practices_ by
educators and other policymakers throughout the world.

                          Our vision is one of educational excellence
for all. Positions

Tracking is bad based on "assumed ability to learn", but "Grouping
should be for particular instructional purposes". So it's OK if we
think it's ok.
Affirmative action is OK for equally qualified applicants (yeah,
right, like completely different experience and test scores are

Schools should be able to adjust the length and configuration of the
school day and year, as well as plan for alternative uses of time
within the school day, to meet the needs of all students. = block
scheduling and whatever other goofy "innovation" is fine by them.

External tests should not determine the goals and content of
curriculum. (unless you define the goals first, then it's OK to bash
local school over the head with tests which dictate curriculum!)

Basic Skills

All students should master basic academic skills, including reading,
writing, and computation. Education for life in our complex modern
society must include a broad range of knowledge and skills, including
the ability to reason and solve problems, which is also basic.
Development of these abilities should not be postponed until students
have mastered a narrower set of basics; both can and should be taught
together as part of a balanced curriculum.  (In other words, kids
don't have to master the basics, you have to throw useless problem
solving and exploration problems at them while you've neglected to
make sure they know that 6x7=42 first)

Bilingual schools should also provide essential academic instruction
in the language the students speak until they are linguistically
qualified to learn similar content in English. (In other words, don't
let them speak english until they absolutely have to)

The programs should avoid complete separation of college prep and
vocational students, enabling both groups to learn how academic and
technical knowledge is used in the adult world and helping them make
informed plans for their own careers. (School to work is for
Educators should protect children by identifying and reporting cases
of apparent child abuse or neglect. (it's OK to harass white
christian parents, but no poor black ones)

Choice: In accord with democratic principles, schools of choice must
provide equal access to students. (We're against private schools and
for forced busing) In the United States, public funds should not be
used to support religious schools because the U.S.  Constitution
requires separation of church and state. 

Schools should teach civics, geography, and history content
thoroughly, accurately, and in a meaningful way. (means it must be
politically correct)

Classroom Climate
All schools, from kindergarten through graduate school, should strive
to have an intellectually stimulating and psychologically supportive
classroom climate. There should be: 
Primary emphasis by the teacher on each learner as a person. 
Concern for the continuity and wholeness of each learner's
educational experiences. 
A balanced emphasis on the learner's social, emotional, physical, and
intellectual development. (= what the heck are they talking about???)

Controversial Issues A central purpose of schooling in a democracy is
to educate citizens who can decide for themselves which policies to
support. To learn to analyze and discuss controversial issues,
students need to examine a wide array of political and social
opinions. Still, schools must not needlessly undermine children's
values, religious beliefs, or political convictions. Educators must
ensure that controversial issues are treated in a balanced and fair
way. (= we will only tolerate politically correct view and persecute
any who stray)

Curriculum should be standards-based, integrated, and flexible. It
should be grounded in authentic experiences meaningful to learners
and should emphasize problem solving, reasoning, conceptualization,
and analysis. (= constructivist Mark Tucker approved reforms)

Legislation Educators should inform and work with legislative bodies
as legislation affecting education is developed.  Legislative bodies
should not prescribe curriculum. Design and content of school
curriculum should be the responsibility of state and local boards of
education and professional educators. (legislators should not favor
phonics, but it's OK for the state ed dept to mandate outcome based

Media Relations Educators should develop partnerships with the media
to encourage them to help the public understand the changing mission
of schools, the conditions under which they operate, and the
complexities of teaching and learning. (make good use of government
funds for PR to quash public protest over nutty reforms)

Teenage Parents schools should provide parenting skills and provide
other support for teenage parents.  (rather than discourage teen

Testing - norm referenced tests are bad, performance based tests are

MISSION STATEMENT Arkansas ASCD, a diverse group of educators, is
dedicated to the development and support of curricular leadership
which, in a rapidly changing society, insures success for all
learners. BELIEF STATEMENTS Each individual has..., 5885 bytes, 03Aug97

Recovered ASCD member quit 5 yrs ago

Marketing letter: "research on how human beings learn shows that
learning is more than just being able to memorize and recite
terminology. Learning also involves working with others, solving
problems, and exploring on your own. You've seen how this powerful,
active approach to learning works with students in the classrooms." Ontario ASCD With
200,000 members worldwide, ASCD is one of the largest and most
influential educational associations in the world. It is well known
for its publications including Educational Leadership, professional
development institutes, and networks as well as its annual conference
which attracts over 10,000 educators Ontario ASCD seeks to research,
create, disseminate, and reflect on strategies to improve learning
for all students. The association views learning for students and
educators as an integrated lifelong process. 

The Image of the Learner

Our changing work world requires lifelong learners who:

are self-directed take the initiative to decide what they need to
learn and how to go about learning it.

can make connections integrate their learning with their own beliefs
and experiences and many aspects of the world around them.

are creative act on a vision; see beyond existing structures; are
inventive and entrepreneurial.

can manage their own learning learn effectively alone and with others.

can solve problems formulate problems, think creatively and
critically, engage in systematic inquiry.

are responsible citizens
   make a positive contribution at work, nome, and the community.

have a positive attitude demonstrate a positive sense of self and
look for the best in people and situations.

are effective communicators use language and symbols effectively to
express one's pont of view while listening and working effectively
with others.



Seattle Schools faulted on 2000 audit

@@Authentic / Alternative Assessment Bad Idea

See Performance-based Testing Issues

A term for "new" modes of testing, er assessment. Asessment
used to be having a paper test, and grading students on the number of
questions they got correct. Now it's scavenger hunts and song
competitions. Connected with proficiency standards (as opposed to
norm referencing, % scores or letter grades) and rubrics. 

Alternative assessments generally toss everything we know about
traditional testing, trade fast, inexpensive machine scorable
multiple choice questions for expensive, subjective questions that
don't have correct answers, and require complex scoring rubrics. They
attempt to address concerns of minorities and eliminate racial bias, but 
"higher order thinking" tasks often require extended knowledge beyond 
the basic math or reading skills allegedly being asessed (such as
construction projects), and actually lead to higher racial and
economic gaps because they are so difficult.

St Charles in Illinois is even coming up with their own assessment to
"prove" that contrary to IGAP scores that show them going down the
tubes, all this fuzzy math and whole language appplications stuff
does show up on "test scores". This is a "group" assessment.

Assessment Links McRel
Kent WA strategic plan:
Assessment - Methods of assessing student and program/achievement that require direct demonstration
of the target knowledge and skills. This may include direct writing samples, open-ended questions,
demonstrations, experiments, group projects, and other methods. 
     Performance/assessment or alternative assessment - any way of assessing a skill other than a
     paper and pencil test. 
     Authentic assessment - Assessing students' ability using a real-life skill. An example would be
     having a student balance a check book. 

Negative review of St Charles
Illinois which has come up with "new asssessments" to show the
skills their children have been getting even though standardized test
results are awful.

Oak Park Elementary's link to "authentic assessment" is particularly
worth reviewing !!  http://babe.math.uic.ed


Authentic Assessment
in Mathematics A
1990 ERIC Digest written by Tej Pandey, California Department of Education.

Should Assessment Be Based on a Vision of Learning? M. Kulieke, J.
Bakker, C. Collins, T. Fennimore, C. Fine, J. Herman, B.F. Jones, L. Raack,
M.B. Tinzmann NCREL, Oak Brook, 1990 Multidimensional, senior project,
multiple skills, "real life" 

April 26, 1995 Education Week on the Web " Schools that sign on to
the method are encouraged to prohibit letter grades, standardized tests,
and retention." "In a test involving 100 kindergartners, the
[Work Sampling System] proved to be an accurate predictor of performance
on norm-referenced tests, even when researchers controlled for the potential
effects of gender, age, and initial ability. " 

NCTM San Diego Presentation Summary 25-28 April 1996, Authentic Alternative
Assessments: Ideas Designed to Motivate/Improve Student Performance This
session will provide more than twenty-three specific alternative assessment
ideas that can be integrated into your current grading scheme! These ideas
include: journals, student taught chapters, songs/class competitions, partner
quizzes, statistics projects, scavenger hunt, games, cooperative learning
activities and much more. (my god, there's 18 more????)
\clip\97\25\auth.htm - even more sessions. 

Louisiana Department of Education "Assessment is moving away from
the use of a single type of instrument to assess students’ understanding
and toward the use of a wide range of assessment techniques that require
students to demonstrate critical thinking skills. Combinations of the following
techniques, integrated with instruction, can provide a comprehensive assessment
of student understanding: observations, oral questions, journals, portfolios,
multiple choice tests, projects, activities, concept maps, presentations,
etc. " 


Council of State Science Supervisors
Alternative assessment includes performance assessment, authentic assessment,
portfolio assessment, process testing, exhibits, or demonstrations. The
following are common characteristics to all of them: * Ask students to
perform, create, produce, or do something. * Tap higher-level thinking
and problem-solving skills. * Use tasks that represent meaningful instructional
activities. * Invoke real-world applications. * People, not machines, do
the scoring, using human judgement. * Require new instructional and assessment
roles for teachers. * Stress the processes as well as the product of learning.
Teachers call Eco-Inquiry a "whole science" curriculum because
it embeds hands-on science within thematic, multi-dimensional learning
experiences. Eco-Inquiry includes: -Authentic assessment tasks and tools,
including proficiency standards and scoring rubrics 


Jeff Frykholm Notes from EdCI 3724 Teaching
Secondary Mathematics I
Objectives of reform-based assessment Objectives
of reform-based assessment Characteristics of alternative assessment Authentic
assessments... resemble real learning tasks (hence, reform-based assessment
has implications for instruction) reveal more than just what students know
and can remember ask students to perform, create, and produce involve tasks
that require problem solving or higher-order thinking include tasks that
are contextualized include tasks that vary in length, perhaps requiring
days to complete often require scoring rubrics or scoring guides for evaluation
of outcomes Essential vs. Tangential fits into the core of the curriculum
representative of "big" ideas Accessible vs. Inaccessible all
students should be able to start and progress on task should allow for
differing approaches and multiple entry points presented in a multiple
of formats excessive language should be avoided Authentic vs. Contrived
uses processes appropriate to the discipline emerges from authentic contexts
students see the value of the question and anticipated outcome Rich vs.
Superficial elicits significant mathematics leads to other problems and
mathematical concepts should require the integration of mathematical ideas
Engaging vs. Uninteresting thought provoking fosters persistence to should
encourage students make decisions Active vs. Passive the student becomes
the worker and decision maker students interact with each other students
construct meaning Focused vs. Distracting clearly defined goals for the
task wording points toward the central task the task should be manageable
Feasible vs. Infeasible the task can be done within a reasonable amount
of time developmentally appropriate for students safe Equitable vs. Inequitable
the task develops thinking in a variety of styles contributes to positive
attitudes is accessible to students of varying backgrounds, abilities and
cultures not gender or culturally-biased Open vs. Closed the task has more
than one right answer multiple avenues of approach 

@@Auto Repair

Seattle built then abandoned center
to fix automobiles.


Traditional content-based advocates say you need to memorize basic
skills so you don't have to think about them, and reserve your brain
for what really needs thinking. 8/4/98 "success in
subsequent math courses is impossible unless children master addition
facts to a fluency level of being able to solve 50-60 addition
problems per minute." Hirsch "Cultural Literacy": "Skill in reading
is like skill in chess in many respects.  Good reading, like good
chess, requires the rapid deployment of schemata that have already
been acquired and do not have to be worked out on the spot.



Increasing numbers of parents and citizens are standing up against
education deform.

OVER INVOLVEMENT By Bonnie Miller Rubin, Tribune Staff Writer.  Oct 4
Chicago Tribune "All I knew is that my kids were in school for six
hours a day, doing three hours of homework a night--and still weren't
getting it."

Investor's Business Daily, July 10,
1998 Places Parents Can Go School reform groups are growing.  
(actually anti-reform groups)

\clip\98\06\ncref.txt NORTH CAROLINA Raleigh NEWS AND OBSERVER,
committee, charged with finding waste in federal school funding,
casts its net much wider.  By TIM SIMMONS, Staff Writer (attacks on
Sunday March 1st in the Sunday Telegraph Minette Marrin writes: "WHEN
WILL OUR TEACHERS EVER LEARN ?"  Bad ideas die hard.  You might have
thought that most of the worst orthodoxies of the past 50 years would
by now be moribund, if not defunct.  Communism, statism, unfettered
individualism have received mortal blows,

2/16/98 Spokane Spokesman Review Superintendent Fox scolded by old
school \clip\98\04\newcl10.txt Fox has been far too moderate to
satisfy her 1994 base of support -- community activists who oppose
outcome-based education, school-to-work programs and the ``whole
language'' approach to reading instruction.

\clip\98\04\expert.txt Reason Magazine 2-6-98
Test Case How relying
on "the experts" failed public education.  By Virginia I. Postrel
[Educators put emphasis on water, not H20, but teachers can barely
master 5th grade math problems, and hide lack of content behind
"higher order thinking skills"]

\clip\98\03\edclip2.txt Christian Science Monitor 1/28/98 Trash the
Calculator, It's Back to Basics in Britain The approach marks a sharp
departure from "progressive" education. Since the 1960s, heavy
emphasis has been put on developing pupils' imagination and social
awareness rather than traditional achievement.


Packin' in the pounds Eastside Journal (Bellevue Wa) June 8, 1999
Doug Margeson.  In many schools, much of the weight is the result of
new textbooks dictated by statewide education reform.  They contain
more problem solving and question and answer material, cost as much
as $50 each.  Some schools have backsafety classes. Some schools have
one book per student plus one for desk. Survey avg student 120 lb avg
pack 21, lbs, 18% of weight vs 15% recommended.  More with
instrument. Some students up to 29%. Some have no lockers, some use
luggage carts

@@Baldridge Award

An evil plot to institute Total Quality Management into the public 
schools. Gerald Bracey doesn't like it. The black helicopter moms
don't like it. I don't.

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) The Department
of Commerce is responsible for the Baldrige National Quality Program
and the Award. NIST, an agency of the Department's Technology
Administration, manages the Baldrige Program.  While we make no
promises for the future, on average, publicly traded Baldrige Award
recipient companies have outperformed the Standard & Poor's 500 by 3
to 1

Key requirements for award:
learning-centered education 
* setting high developmental expectations and standards for all
* understanding that students may learn in different ways and at
different rates. Also, student learning rates and styles may differ
over time and may vary depending upon subject matter.
* primary emphasis on active learning. 
* using formative assessment to measure learning early in the learning
process and to tailor learning experiences to individual needs and
learning styles; 
* using summative assessment to measure progress against key,
relevant external standards and norms regarding what students should
[know and be able to do]; 
* assisting students and families to use self-assessment to chart
progress and to clarify goals and gaps; and 
* focusing on key transitions such as school-to-school and school-to-work. 

The Baldrige Criteria provide a systems perspective for managing your
organization and achieving performance excellence. However,
successful management of the overall organization requires synthesis
and alignment

Education Criteria for Performance Excellence 
z40\clip\2000\03\baldridge.doc baldridge.pdf
Baldrige National Quality Program 
National Institute of Standards and Technology 
Administration Building, Room A635 
100 Bureau Drive, Stop 1020
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-1020 
Telephone: (301) 975-2036 
Fax: (301) 948-3716 

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is a
non-regulatory federal agency within the Commerce Department's
Technology Administration

z45\doc\web\2000\09\bald2.txt On
October 17 and 18, NASA Ames is hosting a conference on achieving
excellence in education through the Baldridge principles and process,
What can be the results of incorporating a high performance education
model using the Baldrige process and criteria??

Bracey: Buy Into Baldridge, Sell
Out Democracy and Freedom.

More on baldridge plan and 

another and 
participants, info on attachment picture file

The entire Baldridge Plan can be found at:

Baldrige is a national initiative; the "new" framework for restructuring in
ALL states. File includes the names of 24 National Partners and Design Team
Partners (NC, Penellas, Brazosport, & Jim Shipley and Associates).

@@Basic Skills

Reforms say they want to go beyond basic skills, but really mean they
don't care about them in their pursuit of "higher order skills" and
"thinking". Yet employers and colleges complain and send their kids
to remedial basics, not higher order thinking.

z49\clip\2001\04\basic.txt April 28, 2001
-- New York Times April 28, 2001 Parents Hungry for ABC's Find
Schools Don't Add Up

RINCETON, N.J. - Signs of quiet revolt are everywhere: children tracing 
neat cursive letters in penmanship class, memorizing multiplication tables, 
taking spelling quizzes and learning the value of a strong topic sentence.

2/15/98 London Times A-level pupils to be taught 3Rs by Judith
O'Reilly Education Correspondent SIXTH-FORMERS will have to take
lessons in numeracy, reading and writing alongside their A-levels
under government plans to guarantee they leave school with basic

@@Behavioral Model

Constructivist disparaging term for direct instruction and traditional
education. Also used for the advocacy of the ideas of BF Skinner.
Kozloff: The [false] allegation that American education has been
dominated by the behavioral "model"--despite the enormous amount of
evidence that American education has been dominated--to the detriment
of at least five generations of children--by "developmentalist,"
"child--centered," self-anointed "progresssive" (mis)educators.

%%Skinner, BF

Love at Goon Park review
Deborah Blum 
"the well-known radical behaviourist, B.F. Skinner, developed the
"baby tender", a soundproof, climate-controlled box with a window, in
which he raised his baby daughter, Debbie. Children in orphanages and
hospitals.....  in the cold, clinical manner... didn't develop into
confident, independent beings: they were deeply disturbed. "

@@Bennett William

Republican Secretary of Education under Reagan, now author of books
about values and heros, empower America. Criticized because he
ended up pushing goals 2000 STW instead of eliminating the Dept 
of education.

z45\clip\2000\08\edchild.txt Published by the Richmond Times-Dispatch
November 14, 1999 The Educated Child: A Parent's Guide From
Preschool through Eighth Grade, William J. Bennett, Chester E., Finn,
Jr., John T.E. Cribb, Jr., The Free Press, $30.  Reviewed by Robert
Holland Positive, knocks model curriculum of earlier effort.

Shardelman knocks Bennett
endorsement of Carlson.

@@Benzel, Brian

WA State education reformer

     * Seattle School District 1998
     * Edmonds School District (Washington State) Superintendent
     * National Alliance for Restructuring Schools - Washington Site Leader
     * Commission on Student Learning - Board of Directors
     * National Council on Education Standards and Testing - member
     * Schools for the 21st Century - Director 1991
     * National Education Goals Panel - member 1991
     * National Standards Task Force - member 1991
     * Governor's Council on Education Reform and Funding, 1991
     * New Horizons for Learning: Advisory Council  1991
     * State Senate Education Committee - Analyst 1973

@@Best Practices

Buzzword for whatever happens to be the coolest and silliest fad of
the moment

"Their basic premise is psycholinguistics; Children can learn to
read, write, and compute the same way they learn to talk, they learn
experientially by being immersed in real texts and real literacy,
they learn best holistically when they are exposed to the complete,
real whole rather than the subparts, They learn best from whole words
even whole sentences.  They learn best by constructivest activities,
constructing their own meaning in math, language etc, reinventing
math and language in their own way and own time."

Book: "Best Practices" by Steven Zemelman, Harvey Daniels and Arthur
Hyde, and published by Heinemann, it is treated as the bible by
education reformers. 

Michael Jacques reveals
Best = Worst Practices

%%Social Studies

Social Studies in Wasington State Schools/WASHINGTON STATE COUNCIL FOR
"is delivered through methodologies that are informed by best
practices as defined by professional organizations such as the and
the National Council for the Social Studies. Examples of best
practices include.."


It is common for parents and political groups to charge unequal outcomes
amount to illegal racial discrimination Dec 16, 1998 New York
State Sued Over Education Equity For Minority Students By Jessica L.
Sandham The New York state affiliate of the American Civil Liberties
Union has filed a federal lawsuit claiming that educational
opportunities for the state's minority students are so inferior that
they amount to discrimination. [ NY City already being sued]

@@Billings, Judith

(since superceded by Terry Bergeson, who headed the Commision on
Student Learning)
     * Superintendent of Public Instruction - Washington State
     * New Standards Project - Board of Directors
     * Northwest Regional Education Laboratories - Board of Directors
     * Council of Chief State School Officers - President Elect
     * Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board - Member (produced
 High Skills, High Wages with the he help of the National
        Governor's Association and the Washington Roundtable.


People in '94 Ed reform

@@Block Scheduling

@@Black Education see black see education %%Private schools Also see vouchers - most data show blacks do somewhat better in private schools but not by a huge amount, and certainly not the same as whites. BLACKS DO AS WELL AS WHITES IN PRIVATE SCHOOLS? z45\clip\2000\09\blackpa.txt Black Pupils Lag Despite Economic Status Monday, Oct. 2, 2000 Lower expectations appear to be holding back black students more than do lower incomes. According to Paul Hill, director of the Center on Reinventing Public Education at the University of Washington in Seattle: "You can see when black kids get into Catholic schools and schools that are highly demanding, they generally do about as well as anybody else does." He said that poor blacks attending non-public schools "usually end up with the same grades, test scores and scholarships" as other students there. [Note, there isn't any data to support this] %%Separate There is some call for predominantly black schools, though not as strong a case as for black colleges. Most of the "miracle" stories of high achieving black or Hispanic kids have been in predominantly black settings such as Whitney Young in Chicago, Barclay School in Baltimore. Some are just plain black separists though. z50\clip\2001\06\blakscho.txt Black community 'needs own schools',5500,509776,00.html Will Woodward Education editor Wednesday June 20, 2001 The Guardian Black-only schools should be set up so that Afro-Caribbean children can be taught away from the institutionalised racism of the existing education system, the London mayor's __race adviser__ said last night. [this advisor is said to be a separatist] @@Bloom, Benjamin @@Blooms Taxonomy Author of "Mastery Learning", and valuing feelings and behavior over facts. Taught to give kids enough time to master everything rather than pushing everybody through with differing grades. From Devry University "Teaching Excellence" course 2004: z85\clip\2005\01\bloomtax.txt Within the undergraduate curriculum, all Terminal Course Objectives are written at the Applications level of the taxonomy or higher. Suggested enabling objectives (that build to a TCO) may be at the knowledge or comprehension level but ultimately expectation of student outcomes are at the application, analysis, synthesis or evaluation levels. At the graduate level higher-level thinking is demanded. Outcomes reached should be at the analysis, synthesis, or evaluation levels. Note - Washington preschool and k12 learning expectations are set at higher-level thinking. Independence Institute Homepage Outcome Based Education: How the Governors' Reform was Hijacked by Bruno Manno \clip\97\26\ismmano\ismmano.htm Part of this movement was "mastery learning," an educational method popularized by Benjamin Bloom in the late 1960s, which became widespread beginning in the early 1980s. In Bloom's words, "Given sufficient time, 95 percent of students can learn a subject up to high levels of mastery."(7) In other words, outcomes are primary, and instruction, especially the time used to master outcomes, should vary. This approach reversed the usual practice of allowing for little or no day-to-day variation in time used for teaching different subjects. These and other such efforts set the stage for the watershed events that soon followed. Art Burke [aburke@@VANSD.ORG]: Bloom considered his Mastery work a corrective to the work of Jensen and Burt, which he interpreted as saying that individual differences are immutable. most teachers educated after 1980 will be quite familiar with the behaviorists' mantra: TSWBAT (*The Student Will Be Able To...*) while having been taught to teach according to one behaviorists' template or another ONE-ON-ONE TUTORING WILL TURN AVERAGE STUDENT INTO MIT MATERIAL? "Dr. Dave" Moursund Professor in Teacher Education at the University of Oregon. Benjamin Bloom's "2-Sigma" Goal. One-on-one tutoring seems to produce a "2-sigma" gain in learning. This means that compared to a control group with a class average at the 50th percentile, the experimental group has an average at the 98th percentile. Students have the capacity to learn to much higher standards. \clip\97\25\whoswho.htm Benjamin Bloom. Mastery Learning was the original name for the process known lately as Outcome Based Education, also known as Performance Based Education, or Restructuring. Educational theories used in OBE are based on Benjamin Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives. A curriculum, according to Bloom, "...may be thought of as a plan for changing student behavior." (p 14 of Ron Sunseri's book OBE: Understanding the Truth about Education Reform, Questar Publishers, P.O. Box 1720, Sisters, OR 97759) Bloom called it "Mastery Learning." Techniques for his new style of education are based on Skinnerian behavioral psychology. He said the mission of education is to change the thoughts, actions and feelings of students. Bloom held that the desired outcome is "...formulating subjective judgment as the end product resulting in personal values/opinions with no real right or wrong answer." Bloom's theory thus denies that there are absolute truths and it makes everything relative. One idea is as good as another. With no absolutes, then the goal of good teaching is to modify the "thoughts, feelings and actions" of the student to some replacement system supplied by the educational system. Since that system is controlled by the government, the change is specified by the government. %%For @@Bloom 2 Sigma TUTORIAL INSTRUCTION DOES IMPROVE PERFORMANCE In education there is something known as "Bloom¹s 2 sigma problem"; holding time constant, students who are tutored score 2 sigmas above students in (30 student) group instruction. @@Blue Ribbon Reports \clip\97\28\blue\reform4.htm Based on available evidence, it appears that of the five countries studied only the United States has not instituted major reforms nation-wide. UNITED STATES Summary Commission on Excellence in Education report, A Nation at Risk, 1983 raises concerns regarding quality and trends of United States education. Carnegie study, Corporate Classrooms, focussed on need for more 1985 enterprise sector training in order to strengthen United States competitive position. 1987 Hudson Institute study, Workforce 2000, warns of workforce obsolescence. Historic Education Summit meeting between President Bush and state Governors results in development of national goals. 1989 Voluntary National Commission for Certifying Agencies created by the National Organization for Competency Assurance. Six National Goals proclaimed by United States President and National Governors' Association (NGA) including 'By the Year 2000, Every Adult American Will be Literate and Will Possess the Knowledge and Skills Necessary to Compete in a Global Economy and Exercise the Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship". NGA Committee, co-chaired by then Governor Bill Clinton, produced 1990 Educating America: State Strategies for Achieving the National Education Goals which proposed seven strategies for the adult education and training systems, and five strategies for the nation's post-secondary system. Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce report America's Choice: high skills or low wages!, predicts dire economic consequences unless major training reforms are adopted. Secretary of Labor's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills 1991 (SCANS) report What Work Requires of School defined workplace competencies and foundation skills required for effective job performance. SCANS final report Learning a Living: A Blueprint for High 1992 Performance calls for reinventing schools, fostering work-based learning, reorganizing the workplace and restructuring education-based assessment by the Year 2000. National Research Council report, Preparing for the Workplace: Charting a Course for Federal Post-secondary Training, characterized existing federal policy as inconsistent, poorly assessed, and disconnected from the world of work. 1993 Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich, expressed "preliminary ideas" regarding "the first stage of a lifelong learning process" including a new form of youth apprenticeship with a related national system of examinations and certification. Federal legislation entitled Goals 2000: Educate America Act has passed both houses of Congress. It, among other matters; 1994 [Image]codifies the six National Education Goals, and [Image]creates a National Skills Standards Board. Bracey critical of "risk" Stedman and Smith have changed a lot. Marshall Smith, of course, is currently Deputy Secretary of Education and fully acce pting of the lousy TIMSS cliches and other myths that Clinton insists on DEBUNKING A NATION AT RISK IN 1985 BEFORE BRACEY DID... The Great School Debate Which Way for American Education Edited by Beatrice and Ronald Gross (c) 1985 Touchstone book ***! "Weak Arguments, Poor Data, Simplistic Recommendations" Putting the Reports under the Microscope Lawrence C. Stedman and Marshall S. Smith [looks like Bracey's arguments against international comparisons! they skewer A Nation at Risk] * figure of 23M American adult functional illiterates based on criticized 1975 study, also 1974 NAEP figures that 13% of 17 yr old are "illiterate". * Can't compare US with other nations which test only a few who make it to elite academies. In WGermany for example, only 9 percent of the age cohort reached their terminal year of high school in the early 1970s compared to 75% of the US * warns against the "new basics" @@Blue Ribbon Schools My kids when through the first grade and kindergarten from hell, and all I got was a Blue Ribbon school certificate for AG Bell in 1999. MANY BLUE RIBBON SCHOOLS ARE "FAILURES" z57\clip\2002\08\blue.txt 19 of USA's 'finest' schools are 'failing' Mon Aug 5, 9:00 AM ET Karen Thomas and Anthony DeBarros USA TODAY At least 19 schools dubbed the nation's finest by the federal government over the past five years are also on this year's state lists of failing schools, USA TODAY has found. z47\doc\web\2001\01\bluerib.txt Local Sovereignty Monitor, Fall 2000 School Districts Across the Country -"opt out" of Federal Blue Ribbon Program It costs a school $100,000 [2 staff years of paperwork] or more simply to apply for this federal award; but a new study shows that the award is often a substitute for needed reforms. [school boards can prohibit schools from applying] A BLUE RIBBON FOR MEDIOCRITY z45\clip\2000\09\bluenot.txt 9/ED74908.DTL A Blue Ribbon For Everything But Education by DEBRA J. SAUNDERS Friday, September 29, 2000 San Francisco Chronicle, Page A29 Blue Ribbon's cutting edge can be the edge of mediocrity. Brookings found that only 19 schools scored in the top 10 percent for students in their socioeconomic grouping, while 17 schools -- about a quarter -- scored in the bottom half. z45:\clip\2000\09\bluer.txt -- | Section: Editorial Sept. 5, 2000, 6:14PM Blue Ribbon?: In measuring schools, not what it appears A new study, just released by the Brown Center at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C., and reported by the Associated Press, shows that only about one-fourth of the schools that earned the Blue Ribbon last year earned that distinction through academic achievement. Blue Ribbon Awards Scam by Date sent: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 20:06:59 -0600 To: Education Consumers Clearinghouse From: Jeanne Donovan Subject: Re: Blue Ribbon Award >Is anyone familiar with what it takes to get a Blue Ribbon Award from >the Department of Education? Characteristics of Blue Ribbon Schools (from U.S.D of E) Legislation Character education grants funded by OERI e123971852563bc005404fa?OpenDocument An article about Texas schools that won the awards A.G. Bell receives recognition @@Boarding Schools $80,000 TO EDUCATE CHILDREN FROM HELL IN BOARDING SCHOOLS z52\clip\2001\09\trouble.txt THE NEW YORK TIMES Monday, SEP 10, 2001 Parents of Troubled Youths Are Seeking Help at Any Cost By SARA RIMER COLUMBIA, S.C. - ... He had a learning disability and a hyperactivity disorder. He was failing in school. He was depressed, given to fits of rage, and seemed to have no idea how to make friends. A six-week wilderness program in Idaho can cost $16,000 or more. The schools cost about $50,000 to $80,000 a year. @@Bonds \z45\priv\2000\08\bond.txt ACRONIN -bethel begs for construction funds while lk wash sits on bonds for schools thet don't need @@Books %%Anti See ads on CLASS WARFARE: FAD CURRICULUMS FOR LOW ACHIEVERS VICTIMIZE ALL STUDENTS z63\clip\2003\01\classwar.txt,%20Bewildered%20Parents,%20B etrayed%20Kids%20and%20the%20Attack%20on%20Excellence.htm Class Warfare: Besieged Schools, Bewildered Parents, Betrayed Kids and the Attack on Excellence by J. Martin Rochester J. Martin Rochester is The Curators' Distinguished Teaching Professor of Political Science at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. shows how "pack pedagogy" has steamrolled parent resistance in promoting disasters such as whole- I language, fuzzy math, multiple intelligences theory, teacher-as-coach, the therapeutic classroom, and all the other fads found.. all children are being victimized, ... but also...those lower achieving kids whose supposed needs are now driving the entire curriculum. "The Seamless Web; Minnesota's New Education System"! Interview with Iserbyt All attendees were given a copy of The Change Agent's Guide to Innovations in Education, the bible for bringing about change in our schools and communities, written by Ronald Havelock of the University of Michigan. We were even taught how to identify resisters The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America A Chronological Paper Trail By: Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America - A Chronological Paper Trail : A Chronological Paper Trail by Charlotte Thompson Iserbyt, Charlotte Iserbyt-Thomson Our Price: $47.00 \zip36\clip\99\15\angry.htm Angry Parents, Failing Schools : What's Wrong With the Public Schools & What You Can Do About It by Elaine K. McEwan \zip36\clip\99\15\loselang.htm Losing Our Language : How Multicultural Classroom Instruction Is Undermining Our Children's Ability to Read, Write, and Reason [ABRIDGED] by Sandra Stotsky Dumbing Down Our Kids : Why American Children Feel Good About Themselves but Can't Read, Write, or Add by Charles J. Sykes None Dare Call It Education : What's Happening to Our Schools & Our Children?; John Stormer Back to Basics : How to Learn and Enjoy Traditional American Skills; Brave New Schools Berit Kjos SHATZER PROMOTES GOD IN EDUCATION VS REFORM "History of American Education: From Harvard Scholars to Worker-Bees of the New World Order." It details the influence of God in America's first schools. Vaughn Shatzer uses numerous old documents and books to trace the origins of our school system--including universities. The video sells for: $23.00 The book sells for: $8.00 To order, contact Vaughn Shatzer 301-791-0443 Samuel L. Blumenfeldis the author of "The Whole-Language/OBE Fraud" and seven other books on education. His books are available on [[Basarab Home Page Education Reform, The Silent Weapon Shirley Basarab brings a different approach to the subject and has produced the best documented, easiest to understand, most useful manual yet on the conspiracy to conquer America and bring her into the global plantation through mind control of the upcoming generation. Basarab explains how OBE has hijacked direct instruction, how DI methods appear to align to OBE Shirley Basarab addresses libertarians %%Basics WHOLE LANGUAGE FAILURE AND OTHER UNTESTED IDEAS \clip\98\15\untest.txt Untested Methods By Karin Chenoweth Sunday, October 25, 1998; Page R13 ANGRY PARENTS, FAILING SCHOOLS What's Wrong With the Public Schools And What You Can Do About It By Elaine K. McEwan Harold Shaw Publishers. 297 pp. Paperback $12.99 Reviewed by Karin Chenoweth, an education writer and a contributing editor of Black Issues In Higher Education. All of which makes it really irritating to have to report that the author has a point. Actually, she has several of them, and they will be of great interest to ordinary parents of school-age children. %%General The Great School Debate Which Way for American Education Edited by Beatrice and Ronald Gross (c) 1985 Touchstone book ***! "Weak Arguments, Poor Data, Simplistic Recommendations" Putting the Reports under the Microscope Lawrence C. Stedman and Marshall S. Smith [looks like Bracey's arguments against international comparisons! they skewer A Nation at Risk] * figure of 23M American adult functional illiterates based on criticized 1975 study, also 1974 NAEP figures that 13% of 17 yr old are "illiterate". * evidence of weaker academics is weak by transcripts 1972 28Black 50White academic tracks vs 1980 34B 40W, gap smaller by 70%. * Can't compare US with other nations which test only a few who make it to elite academies. In WGermany for example, only 9 percent of the age cohort reached theirterminal year of high school in the early 1970s compared to 75% of the US * warns against the "new basics" Parent's Guide to Washington Public Schoools Tony Bastian 1991 $5.95 + 8.2% tax + $1.50 postage Bastian Books POBox 541 Enumclaw WA 98022 * At grade 10 or age 16, you can switch to vocational / technical "college" at no cost, designed for one of 260 jobs right after graduation, or you can take courses at a "comprensive" high schol * Home school parents must take a course, be approved by the school, or follow a plan set by the school p. 10 * 8% of students in 1991 in private schools 1991 %%Reform @@Bottom Up Saxon is bottom up sequence, but reform wants top-down spiral approach, run before you walk, write before you read. @@Boys z56\clip\2002\07\noboy.txt{2B80FF16-053A-45DC-AA20-49D391988709} NEW YORK CITY - Schools are essentially anti-boy by their design, an Australian education expert told an international conference of boys' educators yesterday. author Peter West said. ''For too many of these boys, school is a place where they have to sit down, shut up and write this down,'' said Dr. West, who wrote the book What Is The Matter With Boys? and teaches in the faculty of education at the University of Western Sydney. @@Boy Scouts GAY POLICY MEANS BOY SCOUTS NEARLY GET THE BOOT IN SEATTLE z48\clip\2001\03\boyscout.txt March 20, 2001 Schools panel backs ending Boy Scouts' free rent, 'kid mail' By Keith Ervin Seattle Times staff reporter that Scout-affiliated groups should lose their preferred status following the U.S. Supreme Court decision allowing the Boy Scouts of America to maintain its ban on homosexual leaders. Why the Boy Scouts Work (and the progressives hate them) z39\clipim\2000\02\10\scout\scout.htm @@Bracey, Gerald email: Education Disinformation Detection and Reporting Agency One of the few that debunks the sky is falling mentality of ed reformers, a healthy skeptic of ed reform that infuriates people left and right. He likes student centered non-rote learning. He likes Success for All, but not the TIMSS. He likes peformance based testing, but not Virgina tests that flunk out 98% of high schools. He says that US Asians are as good as the best in the world, but US blacks score with the worst states and nations. z67\clip\2003\04\schbash.txt 20 YEARS OF SCHOOL BASHING Washington Post Op. Ed. -- April 25, 2003 April 25, 2003 by Gerald W. Bracey In the spring of 1983 the National Commission on Excellence in Education produced a report titled "A Nation at Risk" deploring the state of American education. The problem with the report, though, was that it was all wrong -- then and now. Why we don't want uniform standards for all Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 15:31:35 -0400 Bob Williams asks if Bracey has gotten any money from the NEA I worked for the NEA for three months in 1991 I received my first money since that time for two papers completed in 2001. I received $18,000. I have undertaken nothing since those papers nor received any money zip54\clip\2001\12\bracapp.txt zip54\clip\2001\12\rottenapples2001.doc THE EDUCATION SCARE INDUSTRY ROTTEN APPLE: THE JANE ADDAMS WAS RIGHT ROTTEN APPLE TO CRAIG R. BARRETT, CEO, INTEL THOMAS J. ENGIBUS, CEO, TEXAS INSTRUMENTS EDWARD B. RUST, CEO, STATE FARM INSURANCE LOUIS V. GERSTNER, JR., CEO, IBM TOMMY G. THOMPSON, SECRETARY, HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES WILLIAM J. BENNETT, FORMER SECRETARY OF EDUCATION, TESTING FROM DIAGNOSIS TO TREATMENT TO DISEASE? \clip\99\08\edclip03.txt From diagnosis then to treatment now / Standardized tests alter, act as catalyst Sunday, March 7, 1999 BY RHEA BORJA Richmond Times-Dispatch Staff Writer Standardized testing has become the 800-pound gorilla of the education world. "Content should guide testing, not the other way around, said Gerald W. Bracey, a nationally recognized education consultant and the director of research, evaluation and testing for the Virginia Department of Education from 1977 to 1986. Also, teaching should match the content that students should learn. " Bracey criticizes Spady and OBE Bracey has been published all over but he's not pdk Bracey is the research director for Phi Delta Kappa and a consistent critic of the view that public schools are doing anything less than a fine job. the Braceys and Coopers will turn parents and the public against the public officials who are trying to do what parents and the public want: Improve the schools. \clip\99\05\brac8\brac8.htm \clip\99\05\brac8\brac8.txt link The Eighth Bracey Report on the Condition of Public Education Phi Delta Kappan October 1998 \clip\95\05\brac8\award.htm awards CON BRACEY AS ED APOLOGIST \doc\web\98\08\bracey.txt 2002 Rotten Apple Awards THE "READY, AIM, DELETE" AWARD, or "THE z63\clip\2002\12\rottenapple2002.txt ELDERLY MAN AND THE SEA" AWARD TO: The New York State Department of Education The New York State Board of Regents New York State Commissioner of Education, Rick Mills Educational Testing Service And probably all other test publishers "You can imagine how honored I was to learn that my work was going to be mangled for the sake of standardized testing." @@Bradley Foundation Conservative foundation which funds vouchers initiatives among other causes. @@Brain Research see Neuroscience BRAIN BASED EDUCATION IS CONSTRUCTIVISM, NOT BRAIN SCIENCE! Kappan Professional Journal May 1999 In Search of . . . Brain-Based Education By John T. Bruer url: filed: \clip\99\13\brain.txt .htm MYTH OF FIRST 3 YEARS NOW BOOK BY BRUER \clip\99\17\myth3.txt Baltimore Sun sept 5, 1999 Brain is receptive far beyond age 3, educator says Development: One expert argues that children who don't receive optimal brain stimulation before age 3 are not slated for failure. By Mike Bowler In "The Myth of the First Three Years," John T. Bruer, president of a St. Louis foundation specializing in education and child development, takes aim at the view that the first three years of life are critical for optimal brain development "It is based on a cognitive and constructivist model of learning that is firmly rooted in more than 30 years of psychological research. Whatever scientific evidence we have for or against the efficacy of such educational approaches can be found in any current textbook on educational psychology.2 None of the evidence comes from brain research." \clip\98\14\brain.txt Published Monday, October 19, 1998, in the Miami Herald Teaching evolves to meet brain's abilities Educators develop styles to capitalize on recent research By ANALISA NAZARENO Herald Staff Writer "because the idea of applying biological brain studies to teaching practices is relatively new, there is little information about how to put this information to practical use. " @@Breaking Ranks \doc\web\99\17\breakg.txt CARNEGIE INITIATIVE THREATENS AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOLS Breaking Ranks: Changing an American Institution "This report, unlike those previously issued, embodies a vision developed primarily by high school principals. It draws strength and authority from the fact that it arises from the inside and does not descend on high schools from the outside." @@Breaks NO BREAKS OR RECESS \doc\web\99\01\break.txt I recently saw another TV news segment on the death of recess in schools. @@Bridges / Guilford \clip\98\20\bridges.txt Forbes, Nov. 30, 1998, p. 128,130 Intellectual Development Systems is using updated World War II military intelligence tests to change the way children learn. Teachers swear by it. Deconstructing the intellect By Carleen Hawn "a University of Southern California psychologist named J. P. Guilford developed a set of tests that measured not just IQ but the specific intellectual abilities required to perform the tasks of a pilot, such as risk assessment and navigation. Failure among training cadets plunged to 1-in-20. " \doc\web\98\10\guilfor.txt Guilford made a big splash in the sixties with his theory that intelligence was made up of 120 separate, independent facets. His views have been systematically rejected by experts in the field, even by dwindling group of those who believe that intelligence is made up of many factors. It seems odd to have this forgotten theory dusted off and find someone actually using it. "Guilford's SOI model must, therefore, be marked down as a somewhat eccentric aberration in the history of intelligence models" @@Bruer Bruer, J. (1993). Schools for thought: a science for learning in the classroom. MIT Press. It provides some background on what might be different and why. @@Buildings Open schools with no walls. New high schools with no library or labs. Rooms with no windows or windows that do not open. Rooms that expect teachers to roam between different rooms rather than one room per teacher. Schools that will not accomodate more than 20 students per room in rows of desks. Reform ideas often result in unusable schools. Traditional Row Seating Best but new schools cannot accomodate rows of seats for 20 students %%Computer ISSAQUAH SKYLINE HIGH SCHOOL BASED ON NOW DISCREDITED EDCUATIONAL THEORIES Mike Lindblom "Skyline HIgh to get more science labs" Seattle Times ISSAQUAH SKYLINE HIGH SCHOOL BASED ON NOW DISCREDITED EDCUATIONAL THEORIES Mike Lindblom "Skyline HIgh to get more science labs" Seattle Times July 8, 1998 p. B5 90% of students take science in just two labs, it will cost 1.5 million to add more science labs, and even more to expand the undersized library. Earlier school officials and citizen committees designed Skyline based on some now discredited educational theories, based on the assumption that computers would allow "virtual experiments", and that lecturing in classrooms would not need labs. [the library was based on the assumption that computers and the internet would replace the need for books in other articles] filed: \clip\98\10\skyhigh.txt Seattle Times Company July 8, 1998 Skyline High likely to get more labs %%Design Univ. of Washington Center for Architecture and Education Univ. of Washington Center for Architecture and Education "We are an interdisciplinary, MULTICULTURAL group of faculty at the University of Washington that seeks to enhance learning and COMMUNITY WELL-BEING through design" ...strive to engage in TRANSFORMATIONAL partnerships %%Health centers z45\doc\web\2000\10\schheal.txt Community based health clinics expand mission of schools beyond education, might be used to perform abortion counseling or abortion services. %%Light NATURAL SUNLIGHT SHOWS 20-25% IMPROVEMENT IN TEST SCORES clip\99\19\slight.txt Seattle Times October 7, 1999 A bright idea: Letting some light shine in classrooms by Linda Shaw Seattle Times staff reporter [Note, Lake Washington plans to build a new Redmond high school over teacher objections with rooms that are small, little or no natural light, and force teachers to move to different room in a day to save costs] "After controlling for other factors that affect test performance, such as family income, they found that students exposed to the most daylight also had significantly higher test scores...they found more improvement in schools with better natural light - 20 percent in math, 26 percent in reading." %%Open Plan Schools Lindbergh High School in Renton WA opened in 1972 with 2 houses (since dismantled), wooden lockers with coats out in the open unlocked (since replaced by traditional steel lockers), and many open areas (since then every possible space has been walled off) NOBODY WANTS FAD-BASED OPEN DESIGN WALL-LESS SCHOOL \clip\99\02\open.txt Seattle Times Wednesday, January 13, 1999 Plan for school-building swap criticized; teachers don't like South Shore's layout by Dick Lilly Seattle Times staff reporter principal Bi Hoa Caldwell recommended in a report that the building wasn't suited for use as a middle school because of severe noise distractions. South Shore is an open-plan school, built in 1972 when such designs were an educational fad, believed to enhance team teaching. It has only a handful of enclosed classrooms, and most of the teaching areas are separated only by chest-high dividers. FROM LECTURE TO GROUP STUDIO /images/972/112197/p07.gif "Schools Aren't Brick Boxes Anymore" Wall Street Journal Nov 12, 1997 In growing numbers, they're designing schools to reflect current research about the ways students learn best... swap factory / lecture model for a studio model where student work independently or in groups, while teacher circulates like a coach... tried in "open classrooms" or "progressive" schools.. traditional teacher led classes have persisted .. progressive methods have been in traditional brick boxes. %%Process Delphi is used to fool people into thinking they have input in designing radical new high schools. McGarr %%Redmond Teachers in 1999 complained about plans for the new Redmond high school where rooms were smaller, had few or no windows, and there is a deliberate design to have fewer rooms than teachers and expect teachers to move to different rooms in a day in order to reduce costs. @@Bush GW @@Kress, Sandy KRESS SHAPING (OR RUINING) THE FUTURE OF OUR CHILDREN z87\clip\2005\03\kress.txt "He operates from an office on the 21st floor of a downtown Austin high-rise. He lives in a million-dollar home " "he is really this highly paid hired gun who opens up education markets for big companies," said Carolyn Boyle, a former PTA mom who lobbies to maintain funding for public schools. " Sandy Kress BARNETT ALEXANDER "SANDY" KRESS Born: Sept. 26, 1949, in Dallas Education: Hillcrest High School; University of California at Berkeley, Phi Beta Kappa; University of Texas Law School, UT student body president Career: Dallas County Democratic Party chairman, 1986-89; Dallas ISD board of trustees, 1992-96; partner, law firm of Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, 1995-present; senior education adviser to President Bush, 2001 Current politics: Refers to himself as "post-partisan" 10:26 PM CST on Saturday, March 5, 2005 By SCOTT PARKS / The Dallas Morning News AUSTIN – Sandy Kress is charting the future for America's schoolchildren. September 7, 2003 Prop. 54 Sponsor Concedes Passage Is Now Unlikely ..said Sandy Kress, a Texas lawyer who worked with the Bush administration in drafting the legislation KRESS TO SCHOOLS - CLOSE THE EDUCATION GAP, OR ELSE z55\clip\2002\02\kress.txt Schools start now to fill education gap By Janet Jacobs American-Statesman Staff Thursday, February 14, 2002 schools... are going to have to close the education gap for disadvantaged and minority students or face the consequences, presidential education adviser Sandy Kress said Wednesday. KRESS TESTING PLAN WILL BE A DISASTER - BROOKINGS Z53\clip\2001\11\broktest.txt Bush's Big Test: The President's education bill is a disaster in the making. Here's how he can fix it The Washington Monthly, November 2001 Thomas Toch, Guest Scholar, Governmental Studies Powden discovered that the vast majority of the states' schools—schools with established track records in raising student achievement—would be labeled failures under the Bush system. education advisor Sandy Kress, the testing plan's author, scrambled to draft a new plan z151\clip\2001\09\schcrok.txt REASON * August-September 2001 Schoolhouse Crock Why George W. Bush’s education reforms won’t change anything Lisa Snell "That’s because the Bush plan deals almost exclusively with Title I, the major federal education program, which is designed to improve schooling for at-risk students." NEW AGE TESTING GURU BEHIND BUSH PLAN z50\clip\2001\08\uttest.txt Aug. 19, 2001 Passing marks with distinction UT regent, testing advocate walks softly but carries big stick By RON NISSIMOV Copyright 2001 Houston Chronicle "After [wife] introduced me to a lot of New Age things in the 1970s... Miller said he considers himself more libertarian than Republican, and criticizes elements of both the left and right for opposing student testing. MARC TUCKER DEMOCRAT IS BUSH SR EDUCATION ADVISOR z50\clip\2001\08\kress2.txt Democrat plays vital role in Bush education reform plan 03/11/2001 By Charles Ornstein / The Dallas Morning News And Mr. Kress, who later became school board president, has moved to Washington as his senior education adviser. SANDY KRESS IN CHARGE OF BUSH EDUCATION NYT AUG 10, 2001 Congress May Ease Plans for School Accountability By DIANA JEAN SCHEMO z50\clip\2001\08\kress.txt ...said Sandy Kress, the White House's chief negotiator on the education bill. "We think it's important that a bar be set somewhere, but we're open to where," Mr. Kress said. "The bar should probably be set at a rigorous but achievable level and be targeted and raised to the very highest levels, perhaps even 100 percent, over time." Sandy Kress is a former Texas Democrat Party State chairman. 5B FOR WHICH PHONICs? z48:\clip\2001\02\malkread.txt Michelle Malkin (back to story ) February 23, 2001 Don't fund dubious reading programs President Bush wants to spend $5 billion on federal literacy programs. Can you spell b-o-o-n-d-o-g-g-l-e? Pogrow concluded in a peer-reviewed study that Slavin misrepresented Success For All's achievements in Baltimore, the program's flagship district, by "selectively citing data from some of the tests used for a subset of students in 1 of the 1,100 schools that have been used in the program." z47\clip\2001\01\bushin.txt Bush framework must be improved What's Really Needed to Insure There Is "No Child Left Behind" by Richard G. Innes January 30, 2001 What's Really Needed to Insure There Is "No Child Left Behind" NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND IS NEW CONSENSUS TO CONCENTRATE ON POOR z47\clip\2001\01\bushcon.txt o&Re fId=Y1js4EFnnunuFNBojY January 23, 2001 Education Plan by Bush Shows New Consensus By JODI WILGOREN New York Times As his first major policy proposal, President Bush plans to present an education package today whose theme, "leave no child behind," echoes the decade-old motto of the Children's Defense Fund. clip\99\15\bushteam.txt National Journal August 7, 1999 Bush's Lesson Plan By Siobhan Gorman Diane S. Ravitch Douglas Carnine Lynne V. Cheney Williamson Evers served from 1996-98 on the California State Commission for the Establishment of Academic Content and Performance Standards and now sits on content-review panels for California's state-wide assessment system. Howard Fuller Eric A. Hanushek Lance T. Izumi Margaret LaMontagne As the senior adviser responsible for elementary, secondary, and higher education policy in Texas Lynne Munson Munson, 31, is a research associate at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, @@Business Roundtable BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE PICKETED BY ANTI-TEST ACTIVSTS IN OHIO z52\clip\2001\10\busroun.txt Mary Obrien is my pal from Ohio, and their Assessment Reform Coordinator. Hannah News Service - 7 October 9, 2001 Anti-Test Activists Picket Roundtable National Education Summits organized by Business Roundtable, and U.S. Chamber of Commerce "are the power and the force behind the high-stakes tests and state government-imposed education standards that are sweeping the country," "Batelle for Kids.. said the goal to "strengthen business support and public buy-in for an aligned system of public education grounded in high academic standards, challenging assessments, accountability with consequences and the capacity to assure the success of students and classroom teachers." @@Buzzwords (How to spot OBE) All students can succeed Accountability Average is No Longer Good Enough Bell Curve is No Longer the Paradigm Best practices Chalk and talk Collaborative Consensus Continuous Improvement Deep understanding Delphi Process Developmentally Appropriate Drill and Kill End of Mediocrity End of Social Promotion Facilitator High Expectations Higher Order Thinking Skills Higher Standards Holistic Scoring How good is good enough Increase student learning Learning in Context Leave None Behind Lifelong learning Mastery Math for all Math power Meaningful Diploma No Exception, No Excuses Outcomes Proficient Quality Producer Rote learning Restructuring education Root and branch Rubric One High Standard for All Outcome Based Education Paradigm Shift Performance Based Education Sage on the stage Seat Time Skills for the 21st century Stakeholder Standards Based Education Student Learning Total Quality Management Varying Learning Time What students should be expected to know and be able to do. World class standards


California nearly killed its basic skills in math and reading with the new new math and whole language "reforms", and its disasterous CLAS test. It is the first state to demonstrably destroy basic skills education by state mandate. Probably the biggest and most costly failure of education reform in the 21st century, yet reformers continue to champion the principles of Outcome Based Education, constructivism and performance based tests in states like Washington. On a district by district basis, districts are adopting, and dropping experiments with integrated science and math curriculums which conform to NTCM and NTCE standards.

HOW WHOLE LANGUAGE AND OUTCOME BASED EDUCATION FAILED IN CA #1996-49 March 15, 1996 THE DECLINE OF ACADEMIC STANDARDS IN CALIFORNIA EDUCATION The Story Behind the Student Testing Fiasco Just what was wrong with the CLAS test? It evaluated students more on their feeling than their analysis of a subject. It permitted students to take certain sections of the test in groups. It didn't require students to write complete sentences, much less complete paragraphs. In some cases, students could draw pictures instead of write their answers. In short, it furthered the state's policy of eschewing basic skills for so-called "problem solving" skills. DEATH TO WHOLE LANGUAGE! Criteria for 2002 Language Arts Adoption z39\clipim\2000\01\27\frame\frame.htm \clip\99\01\edclip07.txt LA Times Thursday, January 7, 1999 Davis Seeks to Unify Schools With Tests, Accountability Education: Statewide system would be a departure from current practice. But governor's plan has gaps. By NICK ANDERSON, RICHARD LEE COLVIN, Times Staff Writers Tuchman spent only $266,000 vs. $1.2M by Eastin, but lost by only 7 points! OBE EASTIN BEATS BASICS TUCHMAN BY ONLY 5 PTS Looks like with more money and more education of the public, Tuchman might have been able to beat Eastin. She did better than Matt Fong who many thought stood a good chance against Boxer. \clip\98\16\cavote.txt STATEWIDE RESULTS Thursday, November 5, 1998 San Francisco Chronicle Supt Public Instruction 100 % of precincts reporting Vote Pct (w) Delaine Eastin (i) 3,349,845 53 Gloria Matta Tuchman 2,917,071 47 lawsuit filed against Eastin \clip\98\16\cagov.txt CA ELECTS DEMO GOV, RE-ELECTS TUCKER-BASED-EDUCATION SLAVE AS SUPE Los Angeles Times Thursday, November 5, 1998 Davis Promises Fast Start on Sweeping Education Agenda Schools: Special legislative session is planned, with reading instruction, teacher training and accountability among priorities. Note - It was republican Pete Wilson that cut off the outcome based CLAS test and directed that conventional tests be used while most states are still "on track" with their tests. Candidate Tuchman was famous for opposing whole language and outcome based education. Eastin is card carrying member of the Tucker-Based Education crowd. By NICK ANDERSON, Times Staff Writer \clip\98\16\eastin.txt Education Challenge for Davis, Eastin Voters expect Democrats to improve state schools Nanette Asimov, Chronicle Staff Writer Thursday, November 5, 1998 ©1998 San Francisco Chronicle URL: Also see Marion Joseph on her fight to restore phonics, and the massive failure to teach a generation of kids to how to read by literally refusing to teach children "how to read". The Seattle Times Company Wednesday, Oct. 22, 1997 Basics work, teachers told Maureen Dimarco tells of California Reform Disaster

10/21/97 WA Legislature Reading Forum Realaudio linkThis portion of the House Education Committee Reading Forum features an address by former California Secretary of Education Maureen DiMarco. Now with Riverside Publishing. She compares Education Reform to responding to an earthquake.


Only Alan Keyes is consistently anti-STW/Goals 2000

@@Carlson, John 

KVI host supported I200 against affirmative action, but supports
education reform and John Stanford.

link Carlson actually supports


Some Catholic schools are adopting performance assessment and 
ed deforms.

Archdiocese of Chicago adopts performance assessment

@@Carnegie Forum on the Education and the Economy

clip\97\29\carform.txt  January 30, 1985
Education Week on the Web Carnegie Creates Forum To Help Shape
U.S. Education Policies By Cindy Currence [Carnegie forum on the
Education and Economy which became Marc Tucker's NCEE]

\clip\97\29\carnrev.txt January 13, 1988 [Education Week on the Web]
Carnegie Revamps and Relocates Forum on Economy and Education By
Lynn Olson [ Marc S. Tucker, the forum's executive director, has left
the corporation to launch an entity called the National Center on
Education and the Economy, which will be based in Rochester, N.Y.
The forum's 1986 report, A Nation Prepared: Teachers for the 21st
Century, quickly became one of the most-often cited documents of the
school-reform movement. Its release catapulted the forum into the
national spotlight, and turned its director, Mr. Tucker, from a
little-known policy analyst into a prominent spokesman for American
education. "

@@Carnegie Unit

Traditional measure of educational accomplishment, based on time and
courses taken. Outcome / Performance based education would rely on
performance tests, not time or course requirements. (Education Week) Carnegie Unit - A
credit representing the completion of a core of high school courses.
Developed in the early 1900s to set norms for curriculum and course
time in public schools across the country, these are named after the
Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, which first
suggested the practice. "This approach replaces
traditional time-based proxies for learning, such as the Carnegie
unit, with clearly specified statements of the knowledge and skills
which students must master to be accepted into any of Oregon's seven
baccalaureate-granting institutions"

@@Carnine, Doug :)

Oregon educator who warns against radical reforms without evidence
that it works, like tossing phonics. National Center to Improve the
Tools of Educators (NCITE) at the U of Oregon is one of few academic
centers critical of most faddish reforms. However, he does not openly
oppose reform movements, or condemn performance based tests in
general, only "minor corrections".

email (Doug Carnine)

Doug Carnine is speaking in Illinois

Proof? You want proof this stuff actually works???? hhahahahahaha

\clip\98\19\LaTimes2.doc Los Angeles Times Tuesday, July 2, 1996
Ideas: Education An Expert Cautions State to Evaluate Innovations
Before Issuing Edicts By RICHARD LEE COLVIN 

1/20/98 - WA Legislature Work Session/Public Hearinglink Carnine speaks
out about programs that work (phonics) and don't (whole language -
phonics) 3:00 Some schools go from 20% to 80% on test scores with
phonics Doug Carnine tells about government research in the need for
phonics 34:06 Children of high wealth are exposed to 1000 hrs vs.
only 36 hrs of literacy in poor families. 
ACHIEVE looks to standardize standards. Haven't discovered conflict
of interest. CA approved 6 reading teaching programs.  Most do not
teach how to read, or have decodable texts. People who wrote the
standards didn't do the research. Only 10-52% of words are decodable.
They are reading material so many irregular words they can't decode
it. 1:21 Teachers complain not all students learn the same way. Is
Phonics always the best way? We can't tell which students can use
whole language. There is no harm to phonics, but there might be harm
if you leave it out. In wealthier schools, you will have a higher
success rate. In at-risk schools it's clearly more responsible to
teach phonics, research shows greater success rate.

INSTRUCTION By William Raspberry Monday, February 2, 1998; Page A19
Washington Post " Doug Carmine, a University of Oregon professor who
heads the National Center to Improve the Tools of Educators (NCITE),
tells the story to make a point about school failure in America:
Teachers, the colleges that train them and the people who determine
their curricula seem to work at avoiding learning from their
successful peers."

Faculty Home Page
\clip\98\03\carnine\carnine.htm He is working to develop policies to
promote the use of _research-based practices_ in American schools.
Research He is particularly interested in instructional design,
technology, and _direct instruction_. 

\clip\98\03\whole.htm L.A. Weekly
Blackboard Bungle: Why California Kids Can't Read By Jill Stewart
Douglas Carnine, the Oregon scholar who is advising Eastin, warns
that even though her proposals are solid, teachers, like any
professional group, cannot absorb continual, massive change without
creating an inferior product. "California," Carnine says, "is going
to suffer terribly with its continuing addiction to massive
innovation. I don't know if they can see what is obvious: that
California is the first to innovate, and the first to fail. They
don't understand the nature of change theory. California has got to
slow down.  Let individual schools pick what works and prove it to
their community with test scores and visible, non-fuzzy, measurable
achievements. Stop trying to fix the whole damn world and end up
failing to fix a single school."
Says Douglas Carnine, a University of Oregon reading scholar and one
of Eastin's top consultants, "I fear that the education leaders in
California still don't see the real problem that has sent California
to the absolute bottom in reading. You cannot keep using an entire
state as an experiment. You wouldn't administer a drug to 3 million
people without testing it first, would you?"

TAD Endorsements / Related Articles Doug Carnine, E.D. Hirsch,
Barbara Foorman, Louisa Moats, Connie Juel, Isabel Beck, and many
professors and teachers from Texas schools and universities have
reviewed and added to the TADD. 

Real Audio WA Testimony - set standards that real kids can meet.
1/16/97  Joint Work Session with Senate Education
Student standards and assessments and education accountability.
Study in another state: Psychologists, Out of 5000 cases, failure
fault was with the parents or students, not the teacher or school.
Set hard standards that are realistic, not low standards

Carnine - basics are the most important vs. Bergeson "that's exactly
what we're doing" we need basics plus, you don't need to assess for
computation since they know it by then (no, that's where you get
mult-digit multiply and long division, decimals come even later)

- Basic math is not just as important as everything else.
Basics first vs. laundry list.
Bergeson: We're assuming, not assessing for basic math skills by
4th grade, same with reading. (test has only 1 multiply, 1 divide
The assumption of the test is that you already have the math
In samples, lots of tables, proportional reasoning, but not much
computation. If you don't believe in skipping computation and giving
kids calculators, basics have to be first.
Virginia test they state how many items per category are tested.
Bergeson: says priorities were set that way. We assume that you have
basics by 4th grade.
Carnine: Most mathematicians don't like the NTCM standards
Texas: Setting performance for affluent school districts - don't challenge
the best kids. State standards won't be high enough, but norm-
referenced tests will make them work. (Texas test is pretty easy)
International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement
National Standards have never been tested. Professionals don't like
the standards.
Hard to understand how tough standard are until test questions are seen
Need clear descriptions to domain and test items
writing May not support trait scores - scores aren't different between
spelling, comprehension, etc. Scoring for multiple traits when there's
only one score. Decide to not have teachers score test.
Students were not taught how to answer these questions.
Teachers are not taught how to score questions.
Found that reading to kids who could not read made their
scores above the reading kids.
Bergeson - math and reading are related, real genius of
state goals.
Bergeson - I didn't understand place value until I was 35.

Getting Education Back on Track According to University of Oregon
education professors Doug Carnine and Ed Kameenui, America's
elementary and secondary education system is in trouble--big spending
on fads, failure to teach the basics, little accountability for
abysmal student performance. As director and associate director of
the National Center to Improve the Tools of Educators (NCITE), they
are dedicated to getting education back on track. 

Recent Research Supports Phonics BIRMINGHAM, AL - Two national
leaders in the fast-moving field of reading disabilities addressed
the annual conference of the Learning Disabilities Association of
Alabama that convened at the University of Alabama at Birmingham on
Jan. 31.  For a synthesis of the NICHD research on reading, write Dr.
Doug Carnine, NCITE, University of Oregon, 805 Lincoln, Eugene,
Oregon 97401.
Participant, Hoover Institution (conservative)


Celeration Technologies

Standard Celeration Society.

Celeration is a method for
charting behavior response and is associated with B.F. Skinner.  It
is associated with "precision teaching", which is operant

Kozloff says he hates fuzzy
math and whole language too, and has conservative friends, says it's
ok to chart improvements as feedback.
See, for example, my piece on
constructivism and my rebuttals and rants.]

@@Center for Ethical Leadership

@@Certificate of Mastery (CIM)

AKA Certificate of Initial or Advanced Mastery

The idea for the Certificate of Initial Mastery was first advanced by
the Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce in its report
America's Choice: High Skills or Low Wages! Since its release,
Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Washington, and
Texas have decided to create a Certificate of Initial Mastery or a
similar certificate as one key lever for reforming education.

A new movement is to establish a "certificate of mastery" in
different fields rather than just some minimal level of performance
after so many years of study. The development of the Certificate of
Initial Mastery system was the first of the five recommendations made
by Marc Tucker's National Center on Education and the Economy's
Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce in its 1990
report, America's Choice: high skills or low wages! It is tightly
intertwined with School to Work, and OBE, and has been called on
Outcome Based Diploma.

The versions in Oregon and WA are based on NCEE proposals. Contrary
to the belief that is equal to a high standards diploma, it is
actually a 10th grade credential, which is modeled after nations like
Germany and Japan which send 11th and 12th graders to vocational
school and apprenticeship instead of to an academic school. 

Oregon adds a 12th grade level credential since they evidently didn't
like the idea of using only a 10th grade standard. Marc Tucker's
concept would get rid of the 12th high school diploma, require a test
for 10th grade skills, which would permit "free 11th and 12th grade
and a free (paid for by state and federal funds) year of college)"
and completely redefine the meaning of college. No state appears to
be using the CIM to deny 11th and 12 grade to students who do not

WA's variation does not replace the high school diploma, it is
basically a credential that says you passed "proficiency" levels on a
10th grade level performance-based tdst. (Then why the heck don't you
just attach the test scores to the diploma?)

If you look under graduation requirements, tying graduation to test
scores is somewhat equivalent to a CIM, in states like Texas,
minority groups are suing to end the practice which would take
diplomas away from students who would have qualified under previous
standards.  The author believes in raising standard, but NOT in
taking away from what students already get for their efforts.

Endorsement only 

Required for Graduation
Texas (prop)
Virgina (prop)
Ohio (prop)
California (prop)

Required for College 

Required for Employement
Oregon (was proposed)


Sailer offers alternative grade
achievement vs IQ potential, offer different levels of hs diploma
from honors down to certificate of attendence.

%%College Admissions

[[Oregon (required)

Oregon to require CIM/CAM for college admission

[[Stanford says no

Stanford U It is our
understanding that the CIM and CAM are demonstrations only of minimal
or average proficiency. They do little, I believe, to distinguish the
very best students from the rest....Please do what you can to
maintain a grading system where all outcomes are not the same. Jon
Reider Senior Associate Director of Admission Stanford University

Other responses from university:
Purdue University  --  OK but not enough
Northwestern University  -- Unacceptable
John Hopkins University ---- Not sure
MIT  --  Unfamiliar
Wellsley  --  Unacceptable
Rutgers  --  Unfamiliar
University Cal. Irvine  --  Unfamiliar


The Massachusetts version appears to have evolved from a 10th grade
diploma to an "honors" badge. However, it's only one more step to
requiring this sort of performance in the name of "elite standards for

Research Question A - What is the relationship between the high
school diploma and the Certificate of Initial Mastery? 
CIM sets one standard for all students and de-emphasizes tracking.
(but it is based on middle german standard which DOES track)

Research Question B - What are the elements of successful CIM systems
in the world? How can these elements be imported to Texas?  Countries
such as Sweden, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, France, Singapore have
clear sets of educational standards that all students must meet. (the
CIM is NOT a standard all must meet)

Research Question C - What relationship should the CIM have to
industry specific or advanced certifications? CIM indicates that the
student has passed a sequence of performance-based assessments
throughout their K - 10 experience . It is not indicative of the
industry specific skill level and would be a precursor to any
advanced certifications. 


Cloning of the American Mind: Eradicating Morality Through Education
B.K. Eakman Marc Tucker's "America's Choice High Skills or Low Wages"
states that children should not be permitted to work before the age
of 18 unless they have a Certificate of Initial Mastery or are
enrolled in a program to attain it. Businesses would be obliged
through threats and tax incentives to approved workers.

Robert wagner: This is from the (WA) white paper on the Certificate
of Mastery: "Eventually the state Certificate of Mastery may be
required of public school students for a broad range of employment
and training opportunities or for admission to higher education


Marc Tucker's original 1992 proposal would grant 10th and 11th grade
plus first 2 years of college to all who get CIM. Washington State
had a commision who recommended this in 1998.

\clip\98\19\schoship.txt The Seattle Times Company December 21, 1998
Editorial Increasing college access is costly, tricky, vital " This
is a hugely scaled-down version of the 2020 Commission's
recommendation, which would give a scholarship to every high-school
student who earns a Certificate of Mastery. The total cost of that,
however, would be in the hundreds of millions: 60,000 students
graduate each year. "


National Standards, Assessments and Certificates Prepared for the
Ohio State Board of Education Researched and compiled by Diana M.
Fessler December 10, 1996 New Standards
proclaims that "each state will determine for itself the rules
governing the awarding of CIMs. . ., " but then negates that notion
by adding that states will operate "within the context established by
the consortium of participating states."70 "States and districts
wishing to participate in the CIM system agree on a set of content
standards and agree to benchmark their performance standards to a
common reference standard."71 States, districts and localities will
be "permit[ted] considerable [but not complete] freedom to come up
with their own standards and examinations, providing that they are
reasonably congruent [the same] as those developed by New
Standards."72 Supposedly, states and districts, "will find it
relatively easy to comply with the technical standards that New
Standards will require its partners to live up to."73 [Note: The very
idea of New Standards presuming to permit governmental bodies [states
and districts] SOME degree of liberty to adopt standards, providing
that they are, for all practical purposes, the same as New Standards'
standards, is absurd (But WA, Ore, and Vermont are all going their
separate ways on setting "proficiency" based on "local" committes who
bookmark levels they agree on)


From Florida School To Work site:

States Begin Developing the Certificate of Initial Mastery (1994)

     National Center on Education and the Economy, Publications
Department, Suite 500, 39 State Street, Rochester, NY 14614-1327,
(716) 546-7620. (Report, 12 pp., $9.95) (CLEARINGHOUSE LOAN NO.1038) 

The idea for the Certificate of Initial Mastery was first advanced by
the Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce in its report
America's Choice: High Skills or Low Wages! Since its release,
Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Washington, and
Texas have decided to create a Certificate of Initial Mastery or a
similar certificate as one key lever for reforming education.

The International Experience with School Leaving Examinations (1994)

     National Center on Education and the Economy, Publications
Department, Suite 500, 39 State Street, Rochester, NY 14614-1327,
(716) 546-7620. (Report, 12 pp., $9.95) (CLEARINGHOUSE LOAN NO.1039) 

This report focuses on elements of other countries' educational
systems that the Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce
believes the United States would do well to adopt. In most
international economic-competitor nations, a clear division exists
between lower and upper secondary schools, and students are expected
to prove that they have met defined standards before moving beyond
basic education. Students complete lower secondary school at around
age 16, and in many countries their general education ends here.
Upper secondary education offers students more specialized studies,
either in intensive academic preparation for university admission or
in vocational and technical education leading to technical and
professional credentials.

The Certificate of Initial Mastery: A Primer (1994)

     National Center on Education and the Economy, Publications
Department, Suite 500, 39 State Street, Rochester, NY 14614-1327,
(716) 546-7620.  (Report, 20 pp., $9.95) (CLEARINGHOUSE LOAN NO.1037) 

This Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce report
proposes that all American students meet a national standard of
educational excellence by age 16 or soon thereafter. Students passing
a series of performance-based assessments that incorporate the
standard would each be awarded a Certificate of Initial Mastery.
Possession of the certificate would qualify a student to choose from
among three options: going to work, entering a college-preparatory
program, or studying for a Technical and Professional Certificate. 

-------------------------------------------------------------- One benefit of the
CIM design is said to be its ability to guarantee that students
achieving a Certificate in one state or school district reached a
standards "substantially equal" to their counterparts in other
jurisdictions.  Already six states -- Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts,
New York, Oregon, and Washington -- have enacted policy changes to
move toward a CIM system. The Certificate of
Initial Mastery (CIM) was unveiled April 13 by the NationalCenter on
Education and the Economy as a "valuable new credential that would
give young adults better access to good jobs, training programs and
college,"writes THE NEW STANDARD, the organization's newsletter
(Plattner, Berkowitch). 

\doc\web\97\09\cimore.txt CIM is 10th grade, CAM is 12th grade STW
version of diploma.


Ore CIM/CAM college req


THE NEW STANDARD summarizes progress in seven New Standards' sites
nationwide. Ore. leads the pack in developing a CIM.  The state in
1991 mandated creation of a CIM and a Certificate of Advanced Mastery
\clip\97\27\oreref.txt PRODIGY interactive personal service 08/24/94
sentiment. She says students spent much of their time writing essays
describing their feelings about themselves and their interaction with
others.  "

OBE Dictionary 
by Bob and Barbara Tennison of Oregon

CIM: Certificate of Initial Mastery. Based on the report America's Choice, high skills, low wages, 
 authored by Hillary Clinton and Marc Tucker. It is the cornerstone for the Outcome Based Education 
 System. The CIM is based on National Standards and requires students to pass a series of 
 "performance" based assessments that incorporate the National Standards. Would create a new 
 approach to student performance assessment for which students could explicitly prepare and would 
 provide multiple opportunities for success. Traditional Basic Academics are not considered important in 
 this program. 

 CAM: Certificate of Advanced Mastery. Based on the Department of Labor's SCANS report. 
 Prepares students to enter the world of work and requires students to choose one of six broad career 
 categories to study. It is the capstone of the Outcome Based Education System. Traditional Basic 
 Academics are not considered important in this program. 


Oregon has a Certificate of Advanced Mastery that covers 12th grade
skills \clip\97\27\cam.htm

Astoria High:
On September 19, 1996, the Oregon State Board of Education adopted
new academic content and performance standards for all of its
students in grades K - 12. Oregon students will now be held
accountable for meeting these new standards. As called for by the
Oregon Educational Act for the 21st Century, these new academic
standards raise the expectations that Oregon had for its students. 

At the high school level, instead of the current academic standard
which allows students to graduate with only a D-minus average in 22
credit hours of classes, Oregon will now require students to prove
they are proficient in English, Mathematics, Science, the Social
Sciences (including history, civics, geography, and economics), the
Arts and Second Languages. Students will prove their proficiency in
these content areas and demonstrate that they meet the performance
standards by achieving certain scores on a series of classroom
assignments and state tests. 

Assessment of students' performance on these assignments and state
tests will be measured against a set of benchmark standards at grades
3, 5, 8, and 10. Students who achieve the grade 10 performance
standards will receive a Certificate of Initial Mastery (the CIM).
Students who achieve the grade 12 performance standards will receive
a Certificate of Advanced Mastery (the CAM). 

Education Reporter
June 1997
\clip\97\27\cimq\cimq.htm, cimans.htm Questions about the CIM and CAM
This list includes every question submitted by the audience at the
February 13, 1997, meeting about CIM and CAM held at Crescent Valley
High School auditorium. 

Students not meeting the CAM standards, would have the same options
of any student currently not meeting graduation standards by the end
of their Senior year (in other words, no diploma, and they won't be
able to get a job civilian or military that requires having a
diploma!). The CIM/CAM system is expected to provide more
alternatives for all students, particularly those that have been less
successful with our existing system. (But it will result in more
dropouts, and dropouts are not attractive employment prospects!)

Current Data on Student Achievement and
the CIM Performance Standards Reported by Bill Auty December 17, 1996

                           G3    G5   G8  G10
%meeting 1999 CIM standard 76    70   66   51
%meeting 1991 Proficiency  95    92   92   96

FOCUS: Certificates of Mastery vs. Diplomas The following speech was
given at a conference entitled "What Goals 2000 Means to the States"
on February 12 on Capitol Hill.  by Representative Ron Sunseri (CIM
is diploma for Outcome Based Education) What we're doing here is of
critical importance to our entire nation.  In 1991, I was a member of
Oregon's House of Representatives when Ira Magaziner flew to Oregon
to make a presentation to a joint session of the House and the Senate
to usher in education reform in the state of Oregon.... PART II: IMPLEMENTING THE
the Education for the 21st Century Act in 1991, based largely on the
recommendations of America's Choice: High Skills or Low Wages, to
provide students with a Certificate of Initial Mastery by 10th grade,
which leads to a Certificate of Advanced Mastery. 

Oregon, high school seniors are now called CAM II. Here students no
longer receive diplomas that indicate academic achievement. Instead
they are issued the Certificate of Initial Mastery (CIM). To receive
such a document does not imply academic achievement. It simply means
that a student has met the proper standards for attitudes, values and
beliefs as set down by the education establishment. One such student
received his Certificate of Initial Mastery showing that he had met
the standards for: Involved Citizen, Quality Producer, Self-Directed
Learner, Constructive Thinker, Effective Communicator and
Collaborative Contributor.

FESSLER CIM AS WORK PERMIT, NO CIM, NO JOB! \clip\97\27\fessler.htm Mrs.
Fessler stressed that the primary difference is that a diploma brings
closure to K-12 schooling, whereas a CIM does not. "In fact," Mrs.
Fessler stated, "The CIM certifies that a student is ready for the
workforce; it is a work permit and those without a CIM will be,
according to its creators, 'condemned to dead-end jobs that leave
them in poverty even if they are working.'"  Mrs. Fessler said, "We,
as a nation, with virtually no public debate, are rapidly moving,
toward national standards, assessments, and certificates. In fact,
much of the system is already in place."

 20 Oct 1997 Barb Tennison actually has her son's CIM
on her website.  It comes from Marc Tucker of NCEE fame (National
Center on Education and the Economy) and author of Human Resources
Development Plan.  Yes, this is VERY bad news.  This replaces the
high school dipploma with STW/SCANS inspired outcomes instead of
measuring any liberal arts knowledge-based subjects.  Gayle Cloud
Citizens United for Education Riverside, CA

SCHOOL TO WORK AND OBE VS SOVIET MODEL \doc\web\97\08\stw.txt From: Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997 23:39:30 -0400 (EDT)
Attached is another article on Red Polytechnical Education, STW, and
many other related items.  "A "Certificate of Initial Mastery" (CIM)
would be given to the student who has met an overall standard. This
would be a universally recognized standard that this student has the
SCANS workplace know-how."


Rep. Brian Thomas (R - Issaquah) has introduced a bill 3 or 4 times that
would have created a 3-tier diploma. (He voted for 1209 and supports
OBE/STW, etc.) Fortunately, it never went anywhere.

(WA state:) Date sent: Sun, 02 Nov 1997 07:52:42 -0800 From: "Dale R.
Reed"  The Certificate of
Mastery will be a requirement for all grtf(government run tax funded)
school graduates.  It will be given to most students after they have
passed their tenth grade Essential Learning Tests.

@@Change Agent


From: ZorroFRR  Yup!  "Sum transformation"... OLD :
2+2='s 4 NEW: 2+2='s 5 Or, it's not the answer that counts, it's the

Richard Mills: CARNEGIE/NCEE/NASDC/NAEP/NSP/ECS et al....Vermont:
l988-l995 Legacy We need "new models of learning", "authentic
learning experiences..."authentic measures" "we need a revolution", a
"radical transformation"...we need "freedom from rules and
regulations in exchange for accountability", we need to "move past
those defenders of the status quo, those people who want to keep
things the same as they are, those who resist 'Change' ....."

CHANGE IS GOOD = READING DISASTER somebody stood up and said that we
were there to create a new generation of superior thinkers and
readers and writers who would run the businesses and set the policies
of the 21st Century. Creating that new generation was the dominant
theme from Day One."  \clip\98\03\whole1.txt L.A. Weekly
Blackboard Bungle: Why California Kids Can't Read By Jill Stewart

Terry Bergeson - It would be like driving a 20 year old car, why
teach kids the way you were taught?

Marc Tucker - we need to prepare kids with the skills they need for
the 21st Century

@@Character Education
Con: It's about imposing government PC values on our kids

@@Charity / Foundations

Foundations like the Carnegie Foundation, Ford Foundation etc.  give
millions to misguided education reform programs, such as the NCEE.
Corporate money from Boeing and Weyerhauser goes to organizations
like the the Partnership for Learning in WA to support the new

%%Children's Scholarship Fund

z42\clip\2000\06\csf.txt NYT May 20, 2000 Foundation Awards 7,500
More Scholarships to New York City Children By EDWARD WYATT n a drive
to fill all of the 7,500 empty seats in parochial and private schools
in New York City, a philanthropic organization co-founded by Theodore
J. Forstmann, the billionaire financier, has offered $50 million in
new, partial scholarships to underprivileged children for this fall.
The program will be managed by the Children's Scholarship Fund


Ford Foundation What made the
routine violations of academic norms, and the subversion of
institutional traditions possible was millions upon millions of
dollars of bribes in the form of grants, subsidies, and other awards
to administrators, academics and institutions by the Ford Foundation
and its satellite donors.

%%Gates, Bill and Melinda

Gates Foundation
The foundation is focusing its efforts in 
three critical areas:
Our education system is an immensely important strategic front for forging 
a future in which all of our children can participate in the opportunities 
of the Digital Age. In March 2000, the foundation announced a $350 million, 
three-year investment in a series of education grants designed to help all 
students achieve at high levels by improving teaching and learning, and 
enhancing access to technology.

In 1999, Bill and Melinda Gates made a defining gift of $1 billion to 
establish the Gates Millennium Scholars program, which will provide 
scholarships for academically talented minority students who would 
otherwise not have the financial resources to attend college. Additional 
scholarships are available for minority scholars pursuing graduate degrees 
in science, math, engineering, education or library science.

HARVARD/MIT?)  z24\clip\2000\06\gatesch.txt BBC News Online Tuesday,
23 May, 2000 Gates to fund Cambridge scholarships Bill Gates:
Scholarships will rival Rhodes Foundation in Oxford Microsoft
chairman Bill Gates is to spend £130m on funding 230 scholarships to
Cambridge University.  The move will create the biggest international
scholarship scheme ever seen in Britain. The plan will create a rival
to Oxford University's Rhodes Scholarships.

Commentary Jan '98 "Giving It Away: An Open Letter to Bill Gates"
Chester E. Finn Jr. Walter Annenbert, of TV Guide, friend of Ronald
Reagan, has given hundreds of millions of dollars to school systems
and organizations... or vendors of pedagolical snake oil.


z42\clipim\2000\05\18\char.efx .txt
Charities Throw Money At Schools But
Is Reform Just a Matter of Cash?  May 17, 2000 Investor's Business
Daily Bill Melinda Gates gives away $350 to public schools, Annenberg
Challenge gives to reform groups like New American Schools, but no
evidence of systemic change. Children's Scholarship Fund and Children
First give out money to scholarships for private schools to spur
competition. Big funds want to look like they support public

@@Charter Schools

@@Child Centered Learning

Based on constructivism, the child "discovers" knowledge rather than
being taught by the teacher, who is no longer considered to drive the


>We have children being taught 'skills' without a basis on knowledgable
>facts, and teachers saying that they will 'aquire' the knowledge later
>on, contrary to all eviendence showing the fallicies of this belief.
>These belief's are so lacking in common sense, that really, it
>is unbeliveable that they are becoming the norm.  But they are!
I had a fellow ed school professor who teaches elementary math
methods classes, tell me that he had just come from a class in which
he sat and watched during the whole class while the student taught
each other.  He believes that this should be the goal of all ed
school professors because this is the only way to get teachers to be
completely student centered.  According to him, the teacher should
play only a small role in what goes on in the classroom, students
should only learn from each other.  George K. Cunningham University
of Louisville

"Dewey Wins!" Wall Street Journal Nov 17, 1997 F112097-1 Robert
Cwiklik /images/972/112197/p19.gif

14 Nov 1997 From: Our school district is implementing
outcome based education, child-centered, or developmentally
appropriate practices.


soc.culture.china 10/2000 said: 2. There are
very very few purely English educated Chinese in Singapore.  Most
Singaporeans have learnt Mandarin in school. Chinese Language has
been a compulsory subject for Chinese in Singapore, up to GCE 'O'
level for more than 30 years.

@@Christian Right as Enemy

Joanne Beard and the NEA/WEA wrote the bible on that when Beard wrote
and the NEA/WEA published "No Right Turn", "What's Left After the
Right", and "If You Don't, They Will".  Every facilitators manual
also includes instructions on how to alienate the "opposition", as
does the "Community Action Toolkit." 

Excerpt from:
What's Left after the Right
A resource manual for educators
Dr. Janet L. Jones, for the WEA, funded by the NEA
Very frequently members of an ultra-conservative, fundamentalist,
charismatic or Pentacostal faith.  Very frequently participants in a
local Religious Right "education" group that often has ties with one
or more of the National Far Right Organizations.

Washington State Symposium identifies
Christian right and conservatives as the enemy. Nov 17, 1989
\clip\98\07\togneri.txt Organizing Communities The Christian Right
and School Reform Wendy Togneri Heller Graduate School Brandeis
University 1996 "In a matter of weeks upon hearing of the imminent
structural and curricular changes, a conservative Christian-based
organization had rallied parents in opposition to the plan. Within
months, intensive reform efforts were in danger of being foiled
(Somerfield 1993).  "


%%Federal Way

FWay School Board shifts focus toward the basics 
Analysis: New members stir controversy, also win praise for interest
in academics 
"Van Dorien is just as straightforward when asked about his
relationship with an activist group called Citizens for Academics, or
CFA.  "
May 19, 2002 (Tacoma)
Jason Hagey; The News Tribune 


classicical education links

Classical Education by Doug Wilson can be found at:
z38\clip\99\21\bytbook.htm Teaching by The Book Classical education
alternative from Idaho spreading to Christian schools nationwide
Wendy Harris - Staff writer For a refresher on prepositional phrases,
Peterson cues them to recite a jump-rope jingle of 49 prepositions.
Then come the adverb and adjective chants and diagramming sentences.
The lessons -- often the stuff of high school curricula elsewhere --
are handled with ease by the 9-year-olds.  they modeled it after the
Logos School in Moscow, Idaho. Started in 1981 in a church basement,
the Logos School unwittingly started a national movement within the
Christian community.  On the ACT college entrance exam this year,
Logos students had an average composite of 28, compared with a
national composite of 21. (94th percentile)

@@Class Size

See link

@@Clinton, Bill

Thomas Sowell warns in 1993 that Clintons want to take control away
from parents, program for gifted kids indoctrinated them on PC.
Thomas Sowell had a column in the NY Post on 3/26/93, headlined: " 
'Billary's' vision: An America run by know-it-alls."

\doc\web\99\02\clinref.txt THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press
"After North Carolina sent assistance teams
into its 15 worst-performing elementary and middle schools in 1997, 14
turned around within the year and met state standards in reading and math.
 Similar results have occurred in individual school districts across the

@@Clinton, Hillary

Hillary Clinton is one of the original board members of NCEE, and
evidently received $100,000 for "work as a consultant" that appears
to be just lobbying money for influence.

Newsday (Long Island NY)
This is a weird thread of three stories laying out the relationship between
Hillary Clinton, John Sculley, and the National Center on Education and the

"The group, the Rochester-based National Center on Education and the
Economy, paid $101,630 for the first lady to work half timeover eight
months for a study group, the Commission on the Skills of the
American Workforce, said Marc Tucker, the head of the center, which
also has offices in Washington, D.C. The money was paid to the Rose
Law Firm of Little Rock, Ark., where Hillary Clinton worked.  That
sum roughly equaled Hillary Clinton's 1991 income at Rose."

A Report on the Work Toward National Standards, Assessments and
Certificates Prepared for the Ohio State Board of Education
Researched and compiled by Diana M. Fessler December 10, 1996 It is important to
note that the original twenty-seven NCEE board members were, and
still are, very influential people, most notably: ... and Hillary
Rodham Clinton, who was at the time a partner in the Rose Law Firm.8
NCEE paid Mrs. Clinton $102,000 in 1992 for her work as a consultant.9

According to constitutional law scholar Karen Iacovelli, "NCEE and
its payment to Mrs. Clinton are currently under investigation by New
York Attorney General Dennis Vacco. As a tax-exempt 501(c)(3)
nonprofit organization, NCEE has admitted to spending more than $2
million lobbying. This is not only a violation of federal and state
tax statutes, but the lobbying effort and payment to Mrs. Clinton
also raise other legal and ethical questions: What was the nature of
NCEE's lobbying, and who were the beneficiaries of $2 million in
"fees"? Did NCEE violate New York's competitive bidding laws?  Was
NCEE, in fact, a political strategy organization using taxpayer money
and the protections of tax-exempt status to advance a socialist
scheme? Apparently, NCEE had a contract with the controversial
Arkansas Rose Law firm to perform work that, to date, the firm is
unable to identify. It is also unable to explain the $102,000 fee
paid to Mrs. Clinton. While we await the results of Mr. Vacco's legal
probe, there is abundant evidence available exposing the tangled web
and tentacles of NCEE and its questionable motives."10
\clip\97\28\hillncee.txt Education Week April 20, 1994 Federal File:
Implication; Resignation On April 3, Newsday reported that the
National Center on Education and the Economy paid Hillary Rodham
Clinton $101,630 in 1991 to promote recommendations issued by the
center's Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce. 


Some strange bedfellows, both conservatives and progressives are
opposing high stakes testing.

z41\clip\2000\05\bigtent.txt Published April 27 - May 3, 2000
Editorial Comment Can the far right ever be part of the new anti-WTO
and anti-IMF/World Bank coalitions?  BY KNUTE BERGER 


< a href="../99/02/coleman.txt">Review of book expectations
matters, not material goods


Contrary to impressions that the US lags behind competitors in
college education because it isn't free, only Canada rivals the US in
percentage of students who go on to 2 or 4 years of college. In
nations like Japan or Germany, the rates are half as high or lower.
Unlike Japan and Germany where non-college students are tracked into
apprenticeships for the 11th and 12th grades, all Americans are
expected to complete 11th and 12th grades in academics. School To
Work wants to emulate nations where most of their their 12th graders
would be dropouts by the US definition of 12 years of academic study.


z47\clip\2001\01\highall.txt Higher Education for All: Wise or
Wasteful?  "Even to work as a receptionist, they are asking for
college degrees now," said Brinda Albert, a high school dropout now
working on her master's degree. (By Gerald Martineau - The Washington
Post) By Jay Mathews Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, January
30, 2001; Page A11 "Is this a good idea?  Most experts believe so..
but may waste resources, frustrate poorly motivated youths and dilute
the worth of a university degree.."


z46\clip\2000\11\derby.txt John Derbyshire at his best!
10/31/00 9:35 a.m.  Ten More Things Inspired by Larry Edler.  By John
Derbyshire, NR contributing editor 20. For most people, college
education is a waste of time and money.  We don't need more lawyers,
accountants, investment bankers, and architects. We sure as hell
don't need more "critical theorists" — one is too many.

That conference also floated the
idea that only about 15% of all American workers would need a college
education in order to be leaders

%%Free 2 Years


US GOALS OF 2 YEARS OF COLLEGE US Dept of Education Seven Priorities
Feb 1997 3. All students should be prepared for and able to afford at
least 2 years of college by age 18, and be able to pursue lifelong
learning as adults. "Although American higher education is the envy
of the world, almost 40% of our own high school graduates do not
immediately attend postsecondary education...  postsecondary
education remains an an elusive option for too many American
graduates" p. 37 Economic efficiency and fairness require that we
make at least two years of postsecondary ed as universally available
    as a high school diploma is now. U.S. Dept of Education Strategic
Plan \clip\97\29\stratpln.pdf

COLLEGE TRACK GO ON. p. 37 U.S. Dept of Education Strategic Plan \clip\97\29\stratpln.pdf

@@College Admissions

EDUCATIONAL REFORM MDS-913 Alexander C. McCormick Martha Naomi Alt
Sonya Geis MPR Associates National Center for Research in Vocational

" Despite the promise of applied courses, some flagship university
personnel expressed skepticism about their academic rigor. Some
admissions counselors thought that the courses represent a "dumbing
down" of college-prep material; thus, we found that ten flagship
universities do not count any integrated courses toward subject
requirements.[14] Respondents in 11 other states said they were
rarely counted.  "

The new assessments could not be easily compared across schools,
districts, or states; thus, they raise grave concerns among
admissions personnel who place a high priority on the ability to use
objective, reliable criteria to compare all candidates' preparation
and achievement.

More bad news is that our interviews found some confirmation of
anecdotal reports of resistance or refusal to accommodate reform.

From the institutions' perspective, the variety of reform movements
and even the range of implementation of any given reform across
schools raises serious questions about the feasibility of modifying
their procedures to accommodate the full spectrum of reform as
realized in schools.

@@College Credit

Advanced Placement is one way students can get college credit. Texas
has an academy set up at a university where students take 1st 2 years
of college in high school. Academics slam some high school credit
programs for not being equivalent.

z49\doc\web\2001\06\tams.txt Texas Academy of Math and Science at the
University of North Texas (UNT) at Denton 200 high school sophomores
in effect, dropping out of high school and going directly to
college).  These kids enroll for two years of regular UNT college
courses. After two years, they get 60 college credits (equivalent of
two year of an accredited college), plus the equivalent of a high
school diploma.  The tuition is paid by UNT (actually, the Texas
legislature).  from Dennis Quan

Houston Press Credit Check By Jennifer Mathieu Kids rack up
university credits right there in high school. And their districts
and colleges ring up ample revenues in the process. But ... They
believe hundreds of high school students both in their own college
district and statewide are earning questionable college credit for
courses taught in high school -- even after college professors have
questioned if the courses are up to par. 



f:\doc\web\98\08\2020.txt Date sent:
Tue, 13 Oct 1998 10:31:14 -0700 Subject: notice seamless web and
lifelong learning. Locke's home page The 2020 Commission is charged
with developing an innovative vision of what a world-class system of
post-secondary education and life-long learning in Washington should
be like by the year 2020. The Commission will recommend realistic
steps to implement that vision in order to advance educational
opportunity and prosperity for the citizens of our state.  The demand
for a competitive workforce, lifelong learning, and research to
promote economic vitality and quality of life; The implications of
K-12 education reforms for post-secondary education; The educational,
economic, and moral imperative that public higher education be more
inclusive of historically underrepresented and underserved



@@Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce

Original Tucker-led commision created by NCEE which came up with the
1990 America's Choice: High skills or low wages report. This set up
the architecture for Tucker-based education, and the
performance-based education movement which largely implemented much
of Outcome Based Education in states and districts across America
which embraced the report and / or contracted with Tucker's various
organizations to adopt this plan throughout the 1990s.

Eric Abstract:

America's Choice: High Skills or Low Wages. The Report of the Commission
on the Skills of the American Workforce. 

National Center on Education and the Economy, Rochester, NY. Jun 1990 

Work force growth will slow dramatically in the 1990s. To ensure a
more prosperous future, productivity and competitive position must be
improved. New high performance forms of work organization operate
very differently from the system of mass manufacturing. These work
organizations require large investments in training. The approach to
work and education must fundamentally change. 

Recommendations include the following: 

     (1) a new educational performance standard should be set for all
students, to be met by age 16, with the standard established
nationally and benchmarked to the highest in the world;

     (2) states should take the responsibility for assuring that
virtually all students achieve the Certificate of Initial Mastery
(CIM), with new local Employment and Training Boards creating and
funding alternative learning environments for those who cannot attain
the CIM in regular schools;

     (3) a comprehensive system of Technical and Professional
Certificates and associate's degrees should be created for the
majority of students and adult workers who do not pursue a
baccalaureate degree;

     (4) all employers should be given incentives and assistance to
invest in the further education and training of their workers and to
pursue high productivity forms of work organization;

     (5) a system of Employment and Training Boards should be
established by federal and state governments, together with local
leadership, to organize and oversee the new school-to-work transition
programs and training systems.

     ERIC Accession Number: ED323297 Ordering Information: 209 pages;
Price for microfiche: MF01. Price for paper copy: PC09. Click on
link(s) to see dollar amounts for the codes.  To order call
1-800-443-3742 and specify ERIC Accession Number when ordering.
Paper copy also available from: Publications Order Service, National
Center on Education and the Economy, P.O. Box 10670, Rochester, NY
14610 ($18.00; 10 or more: $15.00 each).  ERIC Information Service
Providers; some with full microfiche collections. 

\clip\97\28\carept.txt April 1, 1992 Task Force Calls for
Revamping Calif. High Schools By Lonnie Harp A California task force
has called for an overhaul of the state's high schools aimed at
upgrading courses and strengthening the connection between school and
work. [California, Oregon, Tennesee and nearly a dozen states embrace
Tucker's 1990 High Skills report]

Copyright 1993 by New Prospect, Inc. Preferred Citation:Richard
Rothstein, "The Myth of Public School Failure"The American Prospect
no. 13 (Spring, 1993) (  THE
MYTH OF PUBLIC SCHOOL FAILURE Richard Rothstein The employer-survey
to which Clinton alluded was conducted by "The Commission on the
Skills of the American Workforce" in pre-recession 1989. It found
that over 80 percent of American employers were satisfied with new
hires' education. Only 5 percent expected future increases in skill

Newsday (Long Island NY) One report, covering July-September 1989,
notes the creation of the "Commission on Skills of the American
Workforce" with a targeted completion date of May, 1990; there is no
mention of any "implementation" phase.  Rather, another report,
covering April, 1990, says "The final meeting of the Commission on
the Skills of the American Workforce took place on April 18 at the
Chase Manhattan Bank Conference Center in New York City."

@@Community of Learners

Holt School Innovative Mission Page Mission- The Holt School for
Innovative Teaching and Learning will form a community of learners
based on interdisciplinary, experiential learning with science and
technology as its focal point. The learning community consists of
students, teachers..  3/5/1998

We are a strong community of learners - letter supporting 
controversial ed-refrom principal in Seattle

Inventing our Future Learners A learner is any person, regardless of
age. The goal is for everyone to become life-long learners. STUDENTS
PARENTS COMMUNITY Global Schoolhouse Adult Learning School
Collaboration Engaged Learning Projects Parents...  12/22/1998

@@Community Service

A new idea is to mandate community service in order to graduate. Some
people call this a form of slavery since it is unpaid, and not
voluntary. Many Seattle area districts including Seattle and Lake
Washington are considering adding this requirement to getting a
diploma. Washington State school board in 2000 is also considering 
adding this to gradution requirements.


\doc\web\99\07\manvol.txt can't force
individuals of any age to be altruistic and compassionate. You can't
legislate morality and you can't force someone to develop a moral

Young Conservatives of Texas 2/2001 "Shaping Texas Politics" Marc
Levin, State Vice Chairman for Communications Is a regular
contributor to EducationNews Austin, TX - Today, YCT condemned the
passage of HB791 (enclosed below) requiring all Texas undergraduate
students to perform 28 hours of volunteer labor in one semester in
order to receive an undergraduate degree. This legislation sponsored
by State Rep. Pete Gallego (D-Alpine) was passed 6-1 late in the
evening Monday, February 20 out of the House Higher Education

%%Junior High School

Kimakin Junior High in Kirkland (Lake Washington District) may be one
of the only junior high schools in the nation with a community
service requirement.  It's called capstone with CAP meaning something
like Community Action Projet. Active libertarian Rachael Hawkridge reports that her son is being threatened with
failing the 9th grade because he believes that community service
requriements violate his freedom.


New York Post, November 2nd: "W.Side HS Recruits Volunteers For Hill" "The 
head of Manhattan high schools said yesterday that it was a 'slight 
oversight' for one of the city's top public high schools to invite students 
to volunteer for Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign."


From: Michael and Juanita Fruge Sent: Friday, August 11, 2000 11:46
PM Subject: re: Mandatory Community service Get Berit Kjos's book,
"Brave New Schools" and read the chapter entitled, "Serving the
Greater Whole". It is very good at explaining the issue of community
service and where this is all headed. She does quote Article XIII of
the U.S. Constitution:

"Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as punishment for crime
whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the
United States."

In other words, mandatory community service is for criminals.

\clip\99\01\volunt.txt [December 16, 1998] [Education Week on the
Web] Requiring Students To Volunteer May Be Overkill By Debra Viadero
The data come from "The Condition of Education 1998," a compendium of
educational statistics published by the department's National Center
on Education Statistics each year.  rates of volunteering in schools
that arrange, but do not require, community-service activities for
their students are almost as high as those in schools that require
and arrange volunteer projects.

In both kinds of schools, just over half of 6th to 12th graders had
spent some time volunteering.  Rates were lowest in schools that
required community service but did not help place students in an
activity. Less than one-fifth of students in those schools had
clocked any volunteer hours. WELCOME TO THE WEB SITE for the
Ayn Rand Institute's Campaign against Servitude. 


From:           	Terry Olive 
This is somewhat long , but is so interesting to me, thought it might be
to someone else.  From "Brain-Washing in Red China" by Edward Hunter,
1951.  The author obtained Chinese textbooks from various sources for his
study.  Most sounds very familiar...Terry

@@Compact :(

Schools want to hold parents accountable for student performance and
punish those who refuse to agree to support an array of duties.

zip37\clip\99\18\compact.txt From the Atlanta Journal Constitution
09/23/99: Parent's duties studied Doug Cumming - Staff Thursday,
September 23, 1999 "The only suggested sanctions against parents
related to compacts, or agreements, which the report said should be
encouraged. Compacts, which have been implemented in DeKalb County
schools under the name contracts, are signed by a teacher, parent and
student, with each agreeing to fulfill certain responsibilities for
the learning process. The report said that parents who refuse to
sign, or fail to comply after signing, could have their names
published on Internet sites or become ineligible for certain state
licenses, such as hunting, fishing, business and drivers licenses."


SCHOOLS AGAINST COMPETITION \clip\98\06\toohard.txt Investment
Business Daily. ARE
SCHOOLS TOO HARD ON KIDS? No, And It May Be Hurting Them, Research
Shows Date: 3/6/98 Author: Matthew Robinson Hard classes, lots of
homework, rigorous tests, tough grading. Do they help kids, or do
they just crush their self-esteem? 

\clip\98\04\compete.txt No winners--and no losers February 8, 1998 BY
DENNIS BYRNE SUN-TIMES COLUMNIST My guess is that it will take more
than a day of hosing down to douse the competitive instincts of New
Trier High School students.  "Anne Sorock, a Wilmette senior and
co-editor of the student newspaper, found it awful. ``At one point,
he compared [competition] to racism.''  "

Alfie Kohn is the author of Punished by Rewards: The Trouble
with Gold Stars, Incentive Plans, A's, Praise, and Other Bribes.
Kohn's prescription is the elimination of grades, or their
substitution with, say, A and In Progress grades. 


The military industrial complex is being replaced by an eduational
industrial complex.

z41\clip\2000\05\testcraz.txt Oakland Tribune Sunday, April 16, 2000
2:10 PM MST Value of school testing open to question "With personnel
moving back and forth between the state and private sector, an
education-industrial complex is emerging.  "

@@Compulsory Attendence

%%Age 18

Most states permit students to leave school at age 16, though they
are provided free education and don't get to "graduate" unless they
are 18. There is a movement to eliminate "dropouts" simply by 
extending the compulsory age to 18.

Sup of Pub Instruction Michigan Watkins 30 ideas in 30 days 
proposes making it illegal to drop out of school before 18, 
electronic suggestion box, education licence plates.


z45\clip\2000\20\compuk.txt - Steward Deuchar Europe is considering
compulsory education to age 18, rather than 16, and getting rid of
age 16 GCSE school leaving exam, but why require all kids to take
college prep level courses, or simply reinforce what they should have
learned years ago if remedial?


Muslims worry about compulsory education Jamie Tarabay AP The Asian
Reporter (Portland Ore) May 23 2000 (Note lauded Singapore math
standards) His “madrasah” — Arabic for school teaches students the
tenets of Islam and the Arabic and Malay languages and is considered
a nurturing ground for religious leaders and scholars.  But many
Muslims are worried the survival of their madrasahs may be at stake
in a Ministry of Education study on whether the Southeast Asian
city-state should introduce compulsory education.

to investigate requiring compusory attendence


From: "Dale R. Reed"  No child is being
forced, by the State, to start school before eight years old in
Washington. (washington)

Dr. Raymond and Dorothy Moore recommend
that little children not be forced to endure any formal schooling.   It may
not be a coincidence that the mandatory seat-time(truancy) law in Washington
State starts at eight years old.        Dale
"Home Grown Kids" by Dr. Raymond and Dorothy Moore
Down to earth guidelines for emotional and intellectual development from
prenatal stage through nine years of age.

\clip\98\18\compatd.txt ©INVESTORS BUSINESS DAILY December 2, 1998 REPEAL COMPULSORY-SCHOOL
Three years ago, state Rep. Russell George, a Republican, offered an
amendment to repeal the Colorado law that mandates school attendance
for children between ages 6 and 16.


Computers and technology are held up as the answer to better schools,
skeptics say it's a waste of money. If you ask me, computers are good
for what's it's always been good for - word processing and computer
science. Plus maybe CAD and spreadsheet and card catalog in
Linderbergh HS where I saw them. But not all the time for every
student. Computer assisted instruction was, is, and always will be a


New York Times Editorial z48\clip\2001\03\laptop.txt March 20, 2001
Lectures vs. Laptops By IAN AYRES NEW HAVEN — Something alarming
happened in my contract law class. I asked that laptop computers be
used only for note taking, and my students went ballistic.  Solitaire
and Minesweeper are everywhere now in university classes. At Yale,
students can also surf the Web, send e-mail or even trade stocks.

High-Tech Heretics By Jay Mathews Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, May 2, 2000; Page A11 One of Gary Bloom's first doubts about
the new era of educational technology arose the day he visited a
school computer lab in San Juan Bautista, Calif. 

z45\clip\2000\09\earlcomp.txt Published by US News Magazine Cover
Story 9/25/00 False promise Parking
your child in front of the computer may seem like a good idea, but
think again By Katy Kelly
in the late '90s she noticed a "significant increase" in kids with
weak focusing skills. "We used to see [these] problems just in

Does it Compute? The Relationship Between Educational Technology and
Student Achievement in Mathematics This report presents new evidence
on the effectiveness of educational technology. Analyzing data from
the 1996 National Assessment of Educational Progress, it finds that
the effectiveness of school computers depends upon how they are used;
some uses are associated with improved student academic performance
and school climate, while other uses are not. (supports NCTM style
simulations but not drill for minority students)

- disadvantaged groups had higher access in school
- higher use associated with lower achievement
- home computer use associated with higher achievement
- teachers of poor students less likely to have training
- minorities with computers at home were as likely to use them
- inequities erased where it does not matter, but not where 
  it does matter (?!)
see computer for race breakdown.
Low income, public, urban, and blacks are the most likely to use
computers, which explains the negative correlation with achievement.

\clip\98\14\edtech.txt nearly 80 percent of teachers, principals and
superintendents polled said they have seen increases in student
achievement in their schools as a result of technology The study
found, however, that lower-achieving schools are three times more
likely than schools overall to see significant improvement in student
achievement as a result of technology investments, and schools in the
least affluent areas are twice as likely to see significant

\clip\98\13\mathcomp.txt Computers' value in class? It depends
Technology can boost achievement if linked to curriculum, study finds
09/30/98 By Duchesne Paul Drew / The Dallas Morning News

\clip\98\05\compwas.txt Copyright (c) 1997 Investors Business Daily,
All rights reserved.  Investor's Business Daily - News For You
(05/14/97) High Tech Kids?  By Matthew Robinson What's generating
such fervor from the top? Wiring classrooms to the Internet. But few
have bothered to ask whether the Clinton plan will actually boost
student achievement.

Why computers in schools
for every student is a waste



%%textbook replacement

\clip\98\09\lappac.txt Schools May Not Be Ready for a Laptop in Every
Backpack Richmond Times-Dispatch Wednesday, May 13, 1998 Robert
Holland ... he suggested the state could provide every child a laptop
computer for about the same price. [computers don't have any content!]

@@Coombs, Marian

Writer critical of ed reform in Washington Times
\clipim\98\03\coombs.tif Marian Kester Coombs 1470 Crofton Parkway
Crofton MD 21114

\clipim\98\03\newmath.tif New Math Misses Mark The Washington Times
Marion Kester Coombs Tuesday June 17, 1997 The National Science
Foundation funded development of MathLand, Interactive Math and Math
in Context.  Prodded by "A Nation at Risk", the NCTM in 1986
appointed a commision to come up with new standards - verbalization.
Everyday real world.  Guess and check. Manipulatives. Calculators and
computers.  Understanding vs. memorization. Teamwork. Repetition of
topics rather than sequential.

Honest follow-through needed on this project TWT 3/24/98 Marian
Kester Coombs Direct Instruction devised by Siegfried Englemann in
the early 1960s is defined by James Baumann as the teacher in control
tells the students exactly what kids will learn. 

@@Conant After 1957 Conant
became one of the best-known critics of American secondary education,
advocating higher academic standards and curricular reforms. Among
his writings in the field of education are The American High School
Today (1959), Slums and Suburbs (1961), and The Comprehensive High
School: A Second Report to Interested Citizens (1967). He also wrote
the autobiographical My Several Lives (1970). Marshak says that 
he advocated larger high schools, but not THAT large
"Conant, James Bryant," Microsoft® Encarta® Online Encyclopedia 2000 

@@Conflict Management


Bruce Crawford notes 10/2000: Marilyn Reed The district in Colorado
that Columbine is in was one of the premier schools in OBE.  I
remember hearing that they had participated strongly in Peer
mediation & conflict resolution.  I believe down to the grade school
level.  A woman from here in PA whose name is Anita Hoag spoke out
there and warned them about many of their practices including this
one, You're correct about Columbine, and thanks for reminding us. The
two shooters had not only been peer mediated and conflict resolved,
they had also been through compulsory anger management, the third leg
of that 3-legged stool. 


Some negative views

%%Second Step

CDC funded fuzzy program to solve problems without violence (har har)
Spin seems pretty negative

%%Peace Builders

based on consensus and group
dynamics (it's bad) Our district allocated $1/4 million on Peace
Builders which is another non-sense program.

@@Consensus and Facilitation (TQM)

Consensus enforces a one-party system by forcing all to agree on one
"consensus" view. This is the new form of Democracy that they never
told you about in government class. This is how No Child Left Behind
regulations and most state education reform programs were designed from
a common plan, but emerged identical to designs after a "facilitation"
process to make people think it was their idea.

Consensus and Facilitation  Lynn Stuter (WA)

malone Consensus (l) wastes an
incredible amounte of time, (2) leads to mediocre options, (3)
generates compromised decision, (4) curtails commitment, and (5)
invites poor accountability.  Something that is everyone's task
becomes nobody's task." 

TQM facilitor denies that
process leads to predestined outcome

Lynn Stuter expose of how consensus
process was used in the WA Youth Safety Summit

Consensus Process
            The Consensus Process....

z56\clip\2002\06\suplet.txt THE SECRETARY OF EDUCATION WASHINGTON,
D.C. 20202 June 6, 2002
"No Child Left Behind requires the Department to develop, through a
"negotiated rulemaking" process...we assembled a panel of State and
local officials, school principals, teachers, parents, and
representatives of students as well as the business community.... The
negotiators reached consensus on such important issues as the
requirement for inclusion of all students in State assessments, and
the importance of aligning tests with the State standards. ....
reflecting the consensus that was reached through regulatory

@@Continuous Progress

The WA state accountability process is designed to show continuous progress.

Continuous progress can also mean self-paced development, so it's ok to be 3 yrs behind as long as it is showing progress.


Opposite: See "instructivism" and "direct instruction"

One of the founding pillars of education reform. The idea is that
knowledge cannot be "taught" by a teacher to a student. That's
"behaviorism" or dog training. A student-centered approach lets the
"learner" construct his own knowledge. Instead of simply telling the
learner how to do something, let him figure it out (thus, standards
based learning where you assess a skill without prior exposure any
skills like probablility or ratio), and the idea that there isn't one
right way to do anything.



"Should There Be a Three-Strikes Rule Against Pure Discovery Learning:
The Case for Guided Methods of Instruction Richard E. Mayer
U of California, Santa Barbara.

... there is sufficient research evidence to make any reasonable
person skeptical about the benefits of discovery learning - practiced
under the guise of [constructivism] as a preferred instructional

... some students do not learn the rule or principle under pure
discovery methods, so some appropriate amoutn of guidance is required
to help students mentally construct the desired learning coutcome. would be a mistake to interpret the current constructivist view
of learning as a rationale for reviving pure discovery learning as a
method of instruction.  Pure discovery did not work in the 1960s, it
did not work in the 1970s ...  so after these three strikes, there is
little reason to believe that pure discovery will somehow work today.

... students learn to become better at solving mathematics problems when
they study worked out examples rather than when they soley engage in
hands-on problem solving (Sweller 1999)

...Yet a dispassionate review of the relevant research literature shows that
discovery-based practice is not as effective as guided discovery.

.. the guided discovery group wrote more elegant programs, made
better use of good design principles and solve planning tasks better than
the pure discovery group... yet another example of the failure of pure
discovery as an effective instructional method.

The research in this brief review shows that the formula constructivism hands=on activity
is a formula for educational disaster.

In short, when students have too much freedom, they may fail to come
into contact with the to-be-learned material. There is nothing magical
to insure that simply working on a problem .. will lead to discovering
its solution.
\clip\97\27\construct.txt Constructivist Statement Constructivist
theory can be implicated in Web integrated lessons in many ways.
Piaget defines constructivism "as a way of explaining how people come
to know about their world."(1) As the Internet becomes more and more
a part of the world of education, it is my opinion that the Web
integrated lessons will be an important part of a constructive
classroom. "Katie"


Constructivism in Education: Sophistry for a New Age Martin A.Kozloff
May, 1998

Association for Direct Instruction at 800-995-2464 and order a copy
of their journal, "Effective School Practices". Get the Winter 1996
issue (Volume 15, number 1). The focus of this issue is Project
Follow Through, the US Department of Education's largest-ever
educational research study. There you will find the results of a $1
billion, 30-year study that tested nine different instructional
methods. No matter what was being tested (basic skills, cognitive
skills, and affective skills), the constructivist approaches were
always the bottom five performers, and additionally they always did
significantly worse then the control group.


z45\clip\2000\09\logo.txt A Captive
Audience Learns Tech by Katie Dean Sep. 7, 2000 PDT Seymour Papert, co-founder of the Artificial Intelligence Lab
at MIT is leading a project for teen-age criminal offenders at the
Maine Youth Center in South Portland, Maine.  The project has helped
to engage and inspire kids who've seen little support at home or
school, or who are grappling with drugs, alcohol, anger, or
psychological problems. about 15 to 20 kids ages 14 through 20 spend
their normal school day working on challenging, complex activities in
Papert's alternative building programmable robots
using Lego Mindstorms. Papert's program cost about $200,000 for two
years, King said, and has been funded primarily by private money --
including Maine author Stephen King's foundation.


ERIC entry defines constructivism:
Rather than a dispenser of knowledge, the teacher is a guide,
facilitator, and co-explorer who encourages learners to question,
challenge, and formulate their own ideas, opinions, and conclusions.
"Correct" answers and single interpretations are de-emphasized.

KNOWLEDGE CANNOT BE INSTRUCTED Applications and Misapplications of
Cognitive Psychology to Mathematics Education
\clip\98\04\misapp.htm ... they provide a basis for examining the
constructivist's claim that knowledge cannot be instructed. ...
However, it is quite wrong to claim that what is learned is not
influenced by explicit instruction. In point of fact, there is very
little positive evidence for discovery learning and it is often
inferior (e.g., Charney, Reder & Kusbit, 1990). Discovery learning,
even when successful in acquiring the desired construct, may take a
great deal of valuable time that could have been spent practicing
this construct if it had been instructed. "actual examination of the
research literature allegedly supportive of learning by discovery
reveals that valid evidence of this nature is virtually nonexistent.
It appears that the various enthusiasts of the discovery method have
been supporting each other research-wise by taking in each other's
laundry, so to speak, that is, by citing each other's opinions and
assertions as evidence and by generalizing wildly from equivocal and
even negative findings."  (p. 497-498)

The Heinemann Site Heinemann
361 Hanover Street Portsmouth, NH 03801-3912, USA Whole language
teaching reflects the constructivist view of learning that underlies
current methods of teaching in most disciplines today—most notably,
math and science. Constructivism acknowledges that we learn best by
doing—by trying things out for ourselves, with assistance as needed.


%%Taylor: Roger Taylor



"Study Confirms Tie Between Cultural Literacy and Social Opportunity" 
by Michael Marshall, Associate Director of Research and Communications
Source:  Common Knowledge, A Core Knowledge Newsletter
Volume 10, Number 3, Summer, 1997

The study, which has been submitted for publication, follows an earlier
report published last year in the Journal of Literacy Research, "Assessing
Adult Literacy by Telephone," that established the accuracy of a telephone
survey method and also revealed that San Diegoans with high levels of
literacy averaged $65,000 per year in income, while those with low levels of
literacy averaged $26,000.

"Results showed, for example, that 55
percent of adults in the lowest category of literacy did not know the word
"disconcert" and more than 80 percent did not know the words "irksome" and
"ubiquitous." Only two to three percent of the top fifth did not know the
meaning of these words.

@@Cooperative Learning (also Collaborative)

Pro: Children work together, learn teamwork and group learning,
better than traditional "competition"

Con: The smart kids do all the work, sometimes have to teach the
slower kids, no individual accountablility when the group gets a
common grade or assessment, discourages individual achievment.

cooperative learning resources for teachers spencer kagan university
of california 20.00 714-248-7757 27134 PASEO ESPADA #202 San Juan
Capistrano CA 92675 group rewards peer supportteam
formationindividual accountability free rider workhorse heterogeneos
teams team identity building mutual support valuing differences
bullysocial skills

"In cooperative and collaborative learning, students work together in
small groups to complete projects by questioning each other, and
discussing and sharing information. This is in contrast to the
competitive process usually used in the classroom. (you can see how
this leans towards marxist/socialistic ideals)"
Michael R. Collins
Kent WA strategic plan:
Cooperative learning - Students working in pairs or small groups to
study, solve problems, and complete assignments, with the teacher
serving as a resource and mentor to each group. 

@@Core Knowledge

The Core Knowledge Foundation is an outlet for E.D. Hirsch, author of
"Cultural Literacy", "What your xth grader needs to know", and "The
Schools We Need & Why We Don't Have Them" and the belief that you
should know facts, lots of them, and not just "strategies for
lifelong learning". Up there with Saxon as top enemies of reform. On the 
other hand, they also tend to embrace the "unbelievably high standards"
type of reform

Core Knowledge Home Page (Hirsch)

z49\clip\2001\04\corechar.txt Public
Charter Schools and the Core Knowledge Movement September, 2000 By
Robert Holland
Core Knowledge schools accounted 
for almost half the charter schools that were studied
proportions of Colorado charter-school 
students who scored "proficient" or higher on standardized tests:10
3rd grade reading: 77 % of charter students; state averages, 67%.
4th grade reading: 73% of charter students; state average, 59%
4th grade writing: 49% of charter students; state average, 34%.
7th grade reading: 66% of charter students; state average, 56%.
7th grade writing: 57% of charter students; state average 41%.

z48\clip\2001\04\core.txt Schools debate the popular Core Knowledge
concept TEACHING -- OR TRIVIA?  BY LAURA KURTZMAN Mercury News In the
drive to reform American education, no effort has captured the public
imagination quite like the return-to-the-classics approach of E.D.
Hirsch.  One study of schools in Florida, Texas and Maryland found
that in the schools where Core Knowledge was done well, students did
about the same as or slightly better than a control group on a test
of basic skills.  But in the inner-city school where Core Knowledge
wasn't done well, students did much worse than the control group.  A
study of Oklahoma City Public Schools, where 86 percent of children
qualify for subsidized lunches, found students improved only in
reading comprehension, vocabulary and social studies.

\clip\98\04\newscl10.txt 2/16/98 Wichita Eagle Back to basics Core
knowledge, a curriculum that stresses learning a basic group of
facts, is touted as a better way to educate children By John Ellis
The Wichita Eagle Horace Mann adopts core curriculum.


Tim Wise  4/2000 The Journal newspapers (in Northern
Virginia) reports that "The Fairfax County School Board has decided
to stop direct funding of two instructional programs at several
elementary schools because initial evaluations show they have not
helped boost students' academic performance."  One of the programs is
"Core Knowledge . . . a content-driven curriculum developed by the
Core Knowledge Foundation started in 1986 by E.D. Hirsch Jr., a
Charlottesville educator."
Domenech said students in Core Knowledge did "significantly poorer"
in most subjects in the Standards of Learning exams when compared
with students not in the program.  The reason, according to a report
presented to the School Board Monday night, is the Core Knowledge
curriculum is not aligned with the SOL curriculum, a primary focus
for teachers and administrators in recent years.

CK class taught classes that would
baffle high school students


"Our students were post tested from second through
fifth grade, and each grade level ranged between the 37th and 49th
percentile in reading. My school district does not have a structured math
program for grade k through two, so we were not surprised when the
students posted math scores in the twenties and thirties. We have gotten
them into the high fifties, with the students who started out in the first
grade, (just completing second), posted scores in the sixties and

Co CK-based school scores 100% on reading

Houston Chronicle 11/23/1997 SCHOOL OF THOUGHT Controversial
education critic: Houston gets it Karen Warren / ChronicleE. D.  ---
Hirsch Jr., left, discusses education theories during a recent
reception at Rice Memorial Center. Some Houston-area educators are
embracing the teaching ideas of Hirsch, a University of Virginia
professor and controversial school reformer. Hirsch believes that
factual knowledge results in higher educational achievements and
eventually, higher incomes.

\CLIP\98\01\CKKANS.TXT Wichita Eagle MONDAY, December 15, 1997 School
idea melds diverse political views Teachers union, social
conservatives join to core-curriculum school in Wichita.  By John
Ellis The Wichita Eagle
\clip\97\26\culture.txt November 16, 1997 Educators want change but
can't agree on the solution By Carol Innerst The Washington Times "A
necessary part of the solution is a return to content," says E.D.
Hirsch Jr., University of Virginia professor and author of the best
seller "Cultural Literacy."  "We also need teachers to teach reading
to everybody by first grade -- none of this pious 'by third grade'
stuff," adds Mr. Hirsch, founder of the Core Knowledge Foundation and
developer of the "core knowledge curriculum."  Detractors say the
content is too difficult for young students, but the sequential,
building-block curriculum is spreading across the country. It appeals
to parents who believe most schools have abandoned the transmission
of knowledge and facts to teach vague "skills."


Have reformers taken over CK too?

HAVE EDUCRATS HIJACKED CORE CURRICULUM?  f:\doc\web\98\09\ckq.txt 2nd grade lesson
is thematic and covers G4 material in G2 math.

@@Corporate Interests

New Democracy says 
Mass Business Alliance for Education is at fault.

From:             JoanEB001 
Date sent:        Fri, 27 Feb 1998 11:51:33 EST
TO ALL:  This book (which I do not have and have not read) MAY be of help in
bringing attention to the ramifications of School-To-Work plans which are
reaching near-hysteria in the U.S.  The only mention I have seen of it is a
just-noticed small ad in the Oct. 27th National Review.  The ad is copied
"SHELL GAME: Corporate America's Agenda for Schools."  By Clinton E. Boutwell.
"The jobs dilemma in America is obvious: lots of well-qualified graduates
coming out of high schools and colleges and too few jobs to go around.
"Critical questions for today's schools and tomorrow's work force:  Is the
current push for greater numbers of "high-tech, high-skill" workers by
Corporate America a fraud -- a shell game?  what will happen to all of those
highly qualified workers and college graduates who are not lucky enough to
land one of the few jobs for which they are qualified?

"Long-time educator and consultant Clinton Boutwell provides some surprising,
well-researched, and well-documented answers to these and related questions
about education and business for the 21st century.  367 pages, HB $35 plus
s&h.  ISBN 0-87367-499-5
Order Direct: 1-800-766-1156, or send order to Phi Delta Kappa Inernational,
PO Box 789, Bloomington, IN 46402-0789.  Purchase orders and MasterCard and
VISA orders also accepted by fax at (812) 339-0018."

@@Correct Answers

Traditionally, math problems had only one correct answer. Now they
may be several correct answers, in varying degrees of correctness,
and you can get full credit even if the result is wrong, since how
you got the answer is as or more important than the answer itself. In
fact, you can have the right answer, but get zero credit if you
didn't get it in one of the correct ways. 

Some tests like CLAS and oregon all but openly state that you can get
full credit for creative strategies for an answer even if the answer
isn't right.

ERIC entry defines constructivism:
"Correct" answers and single interpretations are de-emphasized.

Written explanation, not right answer
needed Oregon Statewide Math Assessment: the correct answer
wasn't necessary as long as the student could tell the teacher in
writing how she got to the answer she gave. Oregon's tests are 9
hours long, are given over several days and replaces the Standford

Correct answer doesn't matter as long
as you can explain how you got it (Worcester MA)

CLAS - DIDN'T EVEN SCORE THE CORRECT ANSWER!  \clip\97\09\mathans.txt
"The report that in grading the CLAS test, greater credit was given
to answers showing social sensitivity than to those with correct
mathematical thinking made the whole testing process very
questionable - and certainly raised doubts in my mind.  That was not
eased when I heard a presentation at Palm Springs in which the sample
paper presented to us as a "6" (perfect score) was in fact
mathematically incorrect, but it was the one the scorers liked the

10/21/97 WA Legislature Reading ForumrealaudioThis portion
of the House Education Committee Reading Forum features an address by
former California Secretary of Education Maureen DiMarco. Now with
Riverside Publishing. Public went beserk when scoring rubric was
reveal for problem where highest score was given to answer that was
incorrect, but had a "creative" strategy.

EVEN THE "BEST" ANSWER) Thu, 10 Jul 1997 09:01:00 -0700 From: Jim
Short That was not
eased when I heard a presentation at Palm Springs in which the sample
paper presented to us as a "6" (perfect score) was in fact
mathematically incorrect, but it was the one the scorers liked the
best. Hearing someone say, as I did, that "the essence of math reform
is that there is never just one right answer," would leave me
thinking that I want no part of it if I did not know that: 1) that is
not really what the speaker meant because I knew the speaker
personally, and 2) even if there are some who believe that, there are
a lot more of us who believe in reform who would accept that
statement.  When I challenged the last speaker on the statement, we
both agreed that it would be better to say that the essence of reform
is that there is not ALWAYS one right answer, and that there is
always more than one way to get there.

Jeff Frykholm Notes from EdCI 3724 Teaching
Secondary Mathematics I
Open vs. Closed: the task has more than one right answer multiple
avenues of approach 

\clip\97\26\mathbook.txt 11/9/97 Textbooks' approval a ripsnorting
affair Divided education board OKs texts By MARY ALICE ROBBINS -
Morris News Service The book states: ``Mathematics educators
encourage students to use a range of techniques to approach a
problem, rather than focusing on getting one `right answer.'''


A Paradigm Shift

From: Instructional Focus on 3 R's
To: Focus is 5 C's Necessary for Future Success - 5 C's are  Communication,
Cooperation, Commitment, Creativity, and Compassion
From:Single Correct Answers
To: Alternate Solutions Generated
From: Teacher is the Sole Arbiter of What is Correct
To: Children Build and Examine Theories and Construct Knowledge
This was adapted from the Primary Program Resource Document, Ministry of
Education, Province of British Columbia, Canada.

@@Conspiracy Theory 

Since everything points to OBE, Spady, it's creator, and Marc Tucker
who has done the most to implement it, and the giant web of Goals
2000, OBE, STW, authentic assessment etc, it looks like a big

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy all
members of National Association of Scholars

Ramsey: the media had been co-opted by
listening to a few elitists in education and business spout their
feelings rather than empirical data on effective education. "
Angelo Dorta is president of the Vermont Chapter of the National Education
Association "Critics allege that school district incorporation of
"outcome-based" national education goals, devotion to faddish
instructional techniques, and exposure to pornography in health classes
are widespread and purposefully subversive. As expected, teachers and their
unions, misguided or bullish school board members, Democrats and liberals
of all types, incompetent school administrators and compliant citizens
are listed as conniving plotters. In a few politically embattled communities,
ultra-conservatives even have been able to gain majority status on school
boards to promote their conspiracy theories." 

@@Cosmic Rays

The I Am Your Child Campaign is based on mystic teachings! Under the Balanced
Beginnings Background link, is to be found the following statement, 

The infant could be called a 'holonomic' being, affected through and
through by all currents of cosmic rays, including the more intense
and present currents of emotion and thought in which each infant

The Preface to Muller's World Core Curriculum states, The underlying
philosophy upon which The Robert Muller School is based will be found
in the teachings set forth in the books of Alice A Bailey by the
Tibetan teacher, Djwhal Khul (published by Lucis Publishing Company,
113 University Place, 11th floor, New York, NY USA 10083) and the
teaching of M. Morya as given in the Agni Yoga Series books
(published by Agni Yoga Society, Inc., 310 West 107th St, New York,
NY USA 10025).


If average life expectancy is 70, grade k-12 is ages 5-17 = 13 years
= 18% of the population of 250 million = 46 million students at 
$5000 per year = 232 Billion per year

despite a cost 20% GREATER than what we
spend for national defense, approximately one-half of American high
school graduates are illiterate! [I don't know about the
illiteracy rate, but the defence comparison might be conservative
since public ed is typically half or more of most state budgets plus
local taxes]


Important study that has the potential to change school funding equity
October 2, 2002
Decent Education, Figured in Dollars
NY state spending on education has grown from $9.7 billion in 1994 to
$14.6 billion 2002 At $2,152 per child, the disparity
between what the poorest and richest districts receive for New York
students is more than twice the national average

@@Cottage Grove, Oregon

Home of the Tennisons, they are the shining Marc Tucker guinea pig
school. 1st school in nation to award a CIM.

\doc\web\97\09\tenny2.txt "The fine folks in Cottage Grove, we are
the national pilot school, Marc Tuckers shining example, Bill Spadies
playground, Ira Magaziner's lower level Brown University, we can have
no failures, therefore those tiny little details are not discussed or
even admitted to, the process can't allow that and neither can the
local administration or the state."

@@CPM College Preparatory Math / (Integrated) 


SCIENCE STANDARDS -- BACKING CREATION \clip\99\15\evol.txt Kansas Board Targets Darwin By Hanna Rosin Washington Post Staff Writer Sunday, August 8, 1999; Page A1 [Hey, if you get a bunch of people to come to a consensus on what every student should know, it's not always going to result in adoption of evolution...] a majority of the Kansas Board of Education may vote to pass a new state wide science curriculum for kindergarten through 12th grade that wipes ou t virtually all mention of evolution and related concepts: natural select ion, common ancestors and the origins of the universe. Creationists gener ally believe the Earth can be no older than 10,000 years a number arrived at by adding biblical "begats." "If dinosaurs perished 65 million years ago, how could one have been around in the last few hundred years? That matches with what the Bible teaches; that dinosaurs lived recently."


You have to generate bad news to get support for education reform. The Music Man: But there isn't any trouble here. Well, we'll have to make some. We have to create a desperate need for a boys band. BIG CON NO SHORTAGE OF HIGH SKILL LABOR
Leon Todd we have best trained most productive workforce CANADA RANKS BOTTOM OF CHART \clip\95\05\brac8\award.htm The With Friends Like These Award goes to the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training. Recall that Ontario is home to John Snobelen, the man who as education minister once said that "you have to generate a sense of crisis" about the education system. Alan Kreuger..Along the way he points out that good news about schools serves no one's political agenda for education reform. @@Crisis In Education Magazine 1/30/98 Crisis In Education magazine will go to press next Thursday and Friday with mailing beginning Friday or the following Monday. It has a February 1998 cover date. Final galley proofs have been completed as of today. "Everyone who has seen the issue is awed by it. It is book quality with a long shelf life," said publisher Karen Iacovelli, who added, "Crisis in Education is being hand delivered to every member of Congress." Crisis in Education is a registered (501) (c) 3 nonprofit organization. All contributions are tax deductible. Ordering Information: Single issue copies are $5.00. Mail check or money order to: Crisis in Education 419 The Parkway Suite 306 Greer, SC 29650-4522 Phone and Fax orders for single issue sales will NOT be fulfilled. Bulk issue costs: 50 or more copies, $4.00 each. @@Criterion Referenced Test Also called standards referenced test. Create a test that you promise will pass everyone, but first you flunk everyone. Referenced Testing Steven Kosser: Criterion-Referenced testing is replacing Norm-Referenced testing throughout our schools. If you used Criterion-Referenced testing, the Edsel was a great car: It had 4 wheels, it started when you turned the key and it was a new model. It's only when you use Norm-Referenced testing (comparing cars made at the same time to evaluate the differences between them) that you discover the truth. @@Critical Thinking (Berit Kjos) CRITICAL THINKING: Challenging students' traditional beliefs, values and authorities through values clarification strategies and Mastery Learning. (See Sex Ed and Global Values) @@Daggett, Willard A major proponent of education reform who gets quoted a lot, heads up a foundation. "International Center for Leadership in Education"and Bill Daggett, President. Has big grants from the Albertson's foundation in Idaho. Gerald Bracy says he's a clown, as do many parent reform critics. website address: International Center for Leadership phone number: 518-377-6878 DAGGETT FLOATS THE IDEA THAT ONLY 15% NEED COLLEGE That conference also floated the idea that only about 15% of all American workers would need a college education in order to be leaders DAGGET, CONSULTANTS GET TAX DOLLARS TO PROMOTE SNAKE OIL ARE SCHOOL CONSULTANTS WORTH IT? Many Get Big Bucks, Say Critics, For Very Little Investors Business Daily Date: 10/22/99 Author: Tyce Palmaffy zip38\clip\99\19\dagget.txt Talks the talk for your tax dollars, but he's got no facts to back, him up Spoke at Lake Wash 93-94 Another says Dagget is a !%#$% Gerald Bracey says that Daggett spouts a lot of unsupportable nonsense. From: JoanEB001 Guest column I wrote for the Apalachin monthly paper in February 1995, "Outcome Based Education"?? Massive Public Relations Con" William Daggett is the director of the group that sponsored the Model Schools Conference in 1994 (and every year since), He came from the NY State Dept. of Education, and he has SINCE branched out to having an international group with the same theme as described below. From: "Bob&Barbara Tennison" Thu, 4 Dec 1997 Daggett is not from Oregon. He is an advisor/speaker on education reform. I don't have his biography handy at the moment but will dig it out and post the relevant information to you. If you watch the reform movement closely you will see Daggett's name popping up as he criss-crosses the country presenting information to school districts. His most recent speech (that I am aware of) was in Kenosha, Wisconsin, just a few weeks ago. DAGGET: ENTRY-LEVEL WORKPLACE SKILLS ARE HIGHER THAN COLLEGE??? \clip\97\27\realskill.txt Detroit Free Press/Wednesday, January 18, 1994 By: Joan Richardson Free Press Educational Writer STUDENTS NEED SKILLS FOR THE REAL WORLD, REFORMER SAYS [Colleges concentrate on college skills like Shakespeare and Calculus, "The math, science and language arts needed for entry-level employment are higher and different that those needed for higher education," Dagget told his Livingston audiences on a recent visit."] Complete Listing of Funded RFPs "Individual Technology Curriculum Revision" The purpose is to make a pilot program designed to meet the high demands of skills that students need in this new age of technology as described by Dr. William Dagget. We will examine existing curriculum from many schools, visit Industries and determine what is to be added or dropped from current curriculum. From: "Bob&Barbara Tennison" \doc\web\97\09\daggett.txt I tell you folks, Oregon is leading the way. Do you wonder how many of these seminars are being held with Dagget and his foreign friends across the country and the local citizenry know nothing about it. @@Dare Popular anti-drug program has some critics, and it takes time away from academics when most kids don't have a drug problem. Some studies show it correlates to MORE drug use! z45\clipim\2000\08\28\dare.htm Washington Times August 27, 2000 DARE's dying gasps? Dennis Rosenbaum, professor of criminal justice studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago, surveyed and tracked 1,800 kids who had DARE training and concluded in 1998 that "suburban students who participated in DARE reported significantly higher rates of drug use . . . than suburban students who did not participate in the program." DARE is a tremendous time-waster \clip\98\01\dare.txt March 3, 1997 New Republic DON'T YOU D.A.R.E. by Stephen Glass @@Data Gathering DATA ON EVERYBODY NO PLACE TO HIDE? by Berit Kjos <> article \clip\98\16\data.txt @@Daycare One movement holds that children are "at risk" of developmental delay if they are not placed in formal preschool or daycare instead of (horrors) friends, family, or home based care. z39\clipim\2000\02\01\welfcare.tif WELFARE CHILDREN NOT DAYCARE MAY SUFFER DELAYS? Children may suffer when mothers go off welfare, study finds Seattle Times Feb 4, 2000 Lori Aratani 2 year study warns when welfare mothers go work, they put their children at risk if their kids are placed in "settings of questionable quality without books". "too often, children spend more time watching television than being read to" [Funny, that's exactly how I spent my childhood, and all of us went to MIT, is being read a 10 page "Curious George" book for 15 min really better for literacy than watching 10 hours of Pokemon or Disney's Little Mermaid?] "Only" 29 percent were put into childcare centers or preschools [presumably good] while 54 percent were watched by friends or family [bad] or home-based child care [worse?] This is evidently aligned with the early education movement which seeks to take kids away from parents if they don't start kids early with "higher standards". @@Death Education It is thought that OBE and death education, not easy access to guns is what led to the tragedy at Columbine high school. It may also have contributed to more, not fewer suicides. DEATH EDUCATION AT COLUMBINE HIGH SCHOOL ml THURSDAY MAY 27 1999 WND Exclusive Commentary Death education at Columbine High By Samuel L. Blumenfeld © 1999 "Death education has been a part of the progressive curriculum in virtually every public school in America for at least the last fifteen years. Yet no one in the establishment, let alone the U.S. Department of Education, has sought to find out what death education is doing to the minds and souls of the millions of children who are subjected to it." @@Decentalized Control DECENTRALIZED SCHOOLS LED TO FURTHER DECLINE OF GHETTO SCHOOLS IN NYC z60\CLIP\2002\10\COMMcon.txt A Lesson in Unintended Consequences Ocean Hill-Brownsville was where the idea of decentralized schools first took hold. What a textbook tragedy. By JAMES TRAUB NYT Magazine: 10/6/02 "ghetto children were failing in school, not because of the terrible problems of inner-city life but because of neglect, even hostility, from the system's overwhelmingly white teachers and administrators...[who were all fired by the new established local school board]" @@Decline (Caused by Reform) THE YOUNG ARE ALWAYS ILL EDUCATED z53\clip\2001\10\hindsite.htm Hindsight Gives History Its 'Best' Soldiers NY Times - October 24, 2001 By RICHARD ROTHSTEIN In the 1920's, business leaders said students were not adequately prepared for the work force. In 1927, the National Association of Manufacturers charged that 40 percent of high school graduates could not do simple arithmetic or use English accurately. Soldiers who fought in World War I were also, in their time, not thought to be particularly great. According to a 1921 report, the overwhelming majority of Army recruits had been taught to read in school but were unable to comprehend even simple written material. And in the decades before World War I as well, popular magazines and serious scholars bemoaned the declining quality of the young. BASIC SKILLS NOT DESEGREGATION RAISED TEST SCORES, WHOLE LANGUAGE HARMFUL TO MINORITIES \clip\98\09\sandieg.txt San Diego Union-Tribune, Dec. 20, 1995. Was court oversight of schools worth it? SHARON L. JONES Staff Writer read math above median 1980 G3 18 28 1980 G10 25 33 1986 G3 38 53 1986 G10 46 76 Whole Language / Math introduced 1990s: 1992 G3 57 1995 G3 47 1985 G8 45 1995 G8 34 About 57 percent of third-graders in the racially isolated schools scored at or above the national norm in 1992, compared to 47 percent in 1995. Eighth-graders hit their peak in reading in 1985 when 45 percent scored at or above the national norm, compared to 34 percent in 1995. @@Death Education Death Education may actually make suicide more attractive to teens Drudge Report, ABC News Columbine high school, Littleton CO. @@Deform zip37\clip\99\17\deform.txt 9/6/99 San Antonio Express News Reformed or deformed? by Roddy Stinson From Page 9A of Wednesday's Express-News: "In Texas, the average verbal score (on the national Scholastic Assessment Test) remained stable at 494, but the math score dropped two points to 499." @@Departmentalize 3rd Grade In our school they tried it once in fourth grade and the parents hated it. Too much homework, 3 teachers instead of one. @@Design Model The federal government and private foundations are supporting massive efforts to remold schools according to a few accepted name-brand "designs". Terry Olive explains how Boeing and the Gates foundation are supporting designs such as Sizer's Coalition of Essential Schools. New American Schools: The CES website lists partner schools by state "How to Create Incentives for Design-Based Public Schools, by Paul T. Hill, Research Professor at the University of Washington @@Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP) Hirsche's Core Curriculum is the opposite - stuffing kids with knowledge instead of "child centered" approach where they "discover" at their own pace, and emphasize "skills" over content. DAP is completely against high test scores and high performance levels. Some research claims some students are not ready to learn to read until age 9! From: Cheri Pierson Yecke The best source on DAP and its related problems is Bonnie Grossen at the University of Oregon. I would strongly suggest that you order Effective School Practices, Volume 12, Number 2 (1993) form the Association for Direct Instruction. 1-800-995-2464, total cost $8.00. %%Against CHILD-DIRECTED, PROGRESSIVE SHOWN TO HAVE WORSE RESULTS THAN NOTHING file:\clip\99\01\childir\cdp.htm Child-Directed Teaching Methods: A Discriminatory Practice of Western Education Bonnie Grossen University of Oregon December 1, 1998 The Abt report (1977) concludes that performance of disadvantaged children learning from the child-directed EDC model was below the performance of disadvantaged children learning from traditional instruction: Waiting until the child decides to learn to read is called developmentally appropriate practice (DAP). It doesn't work, especially with whole language. \doc\web\98\06\dap.txt From: Cheri Pierson Yecke One of the best analyses of DAP comes from Bonnie Grossen at the University of Oregon. It can be ordered for $8.00 from ADI. The number is 1-800-995-2464. Ask for Effective School Practices, volume 12, number 2, (1993). She asserts, very convincingly, that DAP is discriminatory: the kids damaged the most by it are generally disadvanatged and minority children. John's wonderful piece on DAP: Developmentalism: An Obscure but Pervasive Restriction on Educational Improvement DAP USED TO BE CALLED OPEN EDUCATION Studies show it to be harmful compared to structured education. DAP Just Isn't Working In PA Cumberland Valley School District Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 Adopts DAP, Griffin as consultants. "the teachers in grades fourth through sixth are in agreement with the parents that the DAP program is just not working. The children are not exhibiting the same skills that previous students have shown in class work. " PROOF THAT WHOLE LANGUAGE, CHILD-CENTERED, DEVELOPMENTALLY APPROPRIATE WORKS??? \clip\98\04\dapok.txt Recent Research Supports Developmentally Appropriate Practice In The Primary Grades Ten recent research studies support the concept of developmentally appropriate practice in the primary grades. Here are some of their findings: Catalyst: Voices of Chicago School Reform \clip\98\02\distar\distar.htm September, 1996 Direct Instruction making waves by Elizabeth Duffrin "According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children, some children may not be ready to read until the age of 9. " Defence of DAP " To expect high standardized test scores from a constructivist school is inappropriate because it is not the goal of the program. Therefore it could not be an expected result. The expected results would be cooperation, creativity, curiosity, excitement about learning and respect for others, their opinions, their diversity, their uniqueness as individuals. Students and teachers in this environment are on the path to life long learning." Need anything else be said?? This stuff comes from Griffin Center for Human Development IT'S NOT ELEMENTARY November issue of the Pennsylvania Family Institute's education policy newslette, by Bruce Barron "Developmentally Appropriate Practices" create a big stir Gloria Hoffman started out asking why her daughter's first-grade portfolio contained nothing but a handful of art projects. @@Developmentalism It seems like a good idea, but is not supported by research results, and based on faulty assumption of "natural" models of learning. Developmentalism: An Obscure but Pervasive Restriction on Educational Improvement \clip\97\25\develp.htm Developmentalism: An Obscure but Pervasive Restriction on Educational Improvement J. E. Stone East Tennessee State University STONEJ%EDUSERV.EAST-TENN-ST.EDU Abstract Despite continuing criticism of public education, experimentally demonstrated and field tested teaching methods have been ignored, rejected, and abandoned. Instead of a stable consensus regarding best teaching practices, there seems only an unending succession of innovations. A longstanding educational doctrine appears to underlie this anomalous state of affairs. Termed developmentalism, it presumes "natural" ontogenesis to be optimal and it requires experimentally demonstrated teaching practices to overcome a presumption that they interfere with an optimal developmental trajector @@Dewey, John Credited as one of the original constructivists, believed that students should be given problems to solve to construct their knowledge rather than sitting back being fed facts. Also credited with "child-centered" learning, and referenced by school to work advocates. John Dewey Project on Progressive Education. The John Dewey Project on Progressive Education was begun in September of 1997 as an independent grant-funded project in the College of Education and Social Services at the University of Vermont. Contextual Learning "The application of contextual learning to American classrooms was first proposed by John Dewey, who advocated a curriculum and teaching methodology tied to the child's experiences and interests, and who deplored the separation of education into mind and body, and of school programs into academic and occupational tracks. Today the school-to-work movement has become one of the strongest voices raised in support of learning situated i n settings that require students to interact directly with real experiences. Dewey and the Order of Skull and Bones an excerpt from- America's Secret Establishment An introduction to The Order of Skull & Bones by ANTONY C. SUTTON Liberty House Press 2027 Iris Billings, Montana 59102 1986 In stock $19.95 at: A-albionic Research, PO Box 20273, Ferndale, MI 48220-0273 "Bob & Barbara Tennison" While "surfing" the net, I ran across the entire text of his 1916 publication: Democracy and Education Lawrence Institute for the Advancement of Learning WAS DEWEY A MARXIST? William Brooks \clip\97\29\dewey\dewey.htm Schlafly on OBE, Dewey The Phyllis Schlafly Report Vol. 31, No. 4 P.O. BOX 618, ALTON, IL 62002 NOVEMBER 1997 " "Progressive" is the word used to describe the philosophy that originated with John Dewey and the Columbia Teachers College at the start of the 20th century and has held sway ever since. Outcome-Based Education is completely consistent with the Dewey philosophy of making socialization the goal rather than individual achievement. How can something be "progressive" that has been in place for 90+ years with obviously declining results? " /images/972/112197/p19.gif "Dewey Wins!" Wall Street Journal Nov 17, 1997 F112097-1 Robert Cwiklik John Dewey lead reformers back in 1899. The philosopher and educator published the book "The School and Society". Instead of "unnatural" feeding facts to students, they would present the curriculum as a series of problems, and students would "construct" a deeper knowledge of subjects. @@Diploma Traditionally, the diploma involves a minimal number of skeleton courses with a D average. The ed reform movement says that a diploma should stand for world class performance, and be replaced by a Certificate of Mastery which will force all to be high school gradates ready for any job or any college. Mediocrity will no longer be tolerated. %%meaning ONE HIGH DIPLOMA STANDARD -> LOWER SKILS, HIGHER DROPOUTS 1 Study questions the meaning of high school diploma Boston Globe May 20, 1986 p. 22 Muriel Cohen "dropout and retention rates are liely to increase and decline in graduation rates, vocational preparation may be curtailed, resulting in students who have fewer skills for the job market" "an inability to define precisely a high school education.. notion that a diploma has become meaningless" z54\clipim\2001\12\14\diploma.gif %%College Only ED TRUST: EVERY STUDENT SHOULD GRADUATE READY FOR 4 YEAR UNIVERSITY! z39\clip\99\21\collhs.txt Between High School and College, a Curriculum Mismatch By Karin Chenoweth Washington Post Thursday, December 23, 1999; Page M06 The report is called "Ticket to Nowhere"--a reference to the high school diploma. ALL STUDENTS MUST GRADUATE READY FOR COLLEGE WITH ALGEBRA High-school diplomas become 'ticket to nowhere' Posessing one doesn't guarantee a student is ready for college Seattle Times Dec 10, 1999 Richard Whitmire Gannett News Service. Comment - diploma is not and never was an indication of college readiness. It cannot be unless we expect every student to be required to be college ready to get a diploma. Education Trust says high schools must align standards so that every student graduates ready for college. All students must complete a college prep curriculum including algebra, advanced students should do college level work in high school. This is consistent with school to work / CIM movement that holds that all students must pass "world class standards" or flunk out, and all must master algebra. The minimal standards must be the same as the highest standard. Note - nearly all SAT test takers have taken algebra. \clipim\99\12\10\diplom1.tif, diplom2.tif @@Diploma Project DIPLOMA PROJECT "NOT REALITY" "SKILLS REQUIRED OF AP STUDENTS" z76\clip\2004\02\dipproj.txt High school diploma no longer is key to success Panel asks renewed push in reading, writing Ben Feller Associated Press Arizona Republic Feb. 10, 2004 12:00 AM "They (the American Diploma Project) are calling for the analytical and reasoning abilities found in advanced placement courses that are designed for a minority of students," Horne said. "The high school diploma should be available to all students who complete the work required." David Bloome, past president of the National Council of Teachers of English, said the report is not "smacking of reality." @@Direct Instruction :) The opposite of whole language, outcome based, constructivism, esteem oriented and application-oriented new new math. It usually refers to Siegfried Englemann's research which lead to DISTAR, a high scripted approach for teachers who can't teach and disadvantaged youngsters who won't learn. In the eyes of reformers, it is probably the worst of the "drill and kill" methods. See Thad Lott, Marva Collins and DISTAR for some success stories. Yet it is the only system that has been demonstrated to guarantee success in nearly all poor minority kids, vs. whole language and constructivist approaches where "performance based" tests invariably flunk nearly all minority kids. In a more general sense, it is curriculum based where you teach the kid everything they're supposed to know instead of having to have them "figure it out" based on "real world problems", and hope it results in some kind of coverage of the material. Some have linked it with Skinner's behavioral approaches, but they are not directly related, and Skinner didn't like content-based learning. %%Against Eakman says drill routine is good to bring back rote instruction and skills, but overkill for most kids. DIRECT INSTRUCTION MORE SKINNER CONDITIONING = MARC TUCKER \doc\web\98\10\bfstuff.txt a quotation from Robert Glaser of the University of Pittsburgh (who works with Lauren Resnik and Marc Tucker, deeply involved in educational restructuring/STW, and one of the key initiators--with B.F. Skinner-- of Individually Prescribed Instruction--failed Chicago Mastery Learning). %%General "Sorry if the following self-reference sounds like horn-tooting, but there is a lot of infomation on my website about Direct Instruction" In addition, there is a paper that I wrote with Lou LaNunziata and James Cowardin. The paper describes DI; shows that it is primarily COGNITIVE (higher-order) learning (concepts, propositions, cognitive strategies and complex operations, such as writing papers and solving problems); and dispels many negative myths, including the one that suggests that DI is like Pavlovian conditioning. Moreover, the analysis of behavior is NOT a major feature of DI. The main features are the analysis of "knowledge systems" (e.g., math, literature) and the analysis of communication (the aim being to produce faultless teacher-student communication). Martin Kozloff Watson School of Education From: "Kevin McGehee" To everyone who e-mailed me asking for information about Siegfried Engelmann's Direct Instruction program, I *have* found a Web site devoted to it (and yes, it IS Engelmann's Direct Instruction): Learning Assistance Centre for Direct Instruction Direct Instruction Wins Constructivism and Self-Esteem Loses. The March 24 issue of "The Washington Times" contains an article by Marion Kester Coombs on Project Follow Through, the largest ($ 1 billion, 700,000 students, 1967-1995) study of effective educational practices ever. \clip\98\02\lott\lott.htm Policy Review January-February, 1998 Number 87 Published by The Heritage Foundation Houston educator Thaddeus Lott puts failing schools to shame. "During Lyndon Johnson's "War on Poverty," the federal government began Project Follow Through, which spent $500 million and many years investigating the most effective pedagogy for disadvantaged students. It concluded that direct instruction was the only method that even came close to elevating poor readers to the 50th percentile in achievement. Child-centered approaches that diminish the teacher's role in the classroom and reject the teaching of basic skills finished in the cellar. Ironically, researchers also found that direct instruction elevated students' self-esteem far more than the child-centered methods that ascribe a central role to high self-esteem and maintain that self-esteem suffers in heavily controlled, teacher-directed environments. Disadvantaged students succeed more often with direct instruction, however, and Lott knows that achievement builds self-esteem, not the other way around. " DIRECT INSTRUCTION IS USED IN RUSSIA "I was educated in Russia where everybody (with the exception of severely retarded and emotionally disturbed children) was taught through direct instruction techniques. Reading problems are unheard of in Russia. Everyone reads by age eight." DI vs. Constructivist Direct Instruction techniques. vs. constructivist curriculum 1. Difference Direct instruction 1. Emphasizes knowing and applying knowledge to solve problems vs. Constructivism 1. Emphasizes gaining knowledge through problem solving 2. Difference Direct instruction Views knowledge as hierarchical vs. Constructivism Views knowledge as relative, wholistic, gained from authentic context 3. Difference Direct instruction Groups students by age or skill level vs. Constructivism groups students with mixed ages and skills 4. Difference Direct instruction teacher-direct instruction that is planned vs. Constructivism discovery learning; student directed 5. Difference Direct instruction teacher is active and students are active or passive vs. Constructivism lessons are experienctial; students are active, teacher is nonintrusive Direction Instruction in the real world From: Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 18:32:40 -0400 (EDT) %%OBE Shirley Basarab believes Direct Instruction is the newest lable for OBE. Stuter thinks DI is also OBE even though Follow Through said it was best Cunningham on link between di and obe %%Project Follow Through A federal study of progressive and direct instruction found that direct instructin was always the best compared to student centered approaches. \clipim\98\03\honest.tif Honest follow-through needed on this project TWT 3/24/98 Marian Kester Coombs Direct Instruction devised by Siegfried Englemann in the early 1960s is defined by James Baumann as the teacher in control tells the students exactly what kids will learn. The Ford Foundation commisioned a re-evaluation, in Harvard Educational Review said that DI might work for at-risk students, but was not relevant to the needs of normal students. %%Skinner DIRECT INSTRUCTION (DISTAR) BEST FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT LEARN ON THEIR OWN D.I. IS NOT SKINNER INSPIRED \doc\web\98\06\zigdi.txt @@Discipline \clip\98\15\japaned.txt Education Week Articles of Interest/Week of 10/20/98 Discipline problems linked to low scores, study says students who had committed minor or more serious offenses scored 10 percent lower on achievement tests in mathematics, reading, social science, and science than students who didn't have such discipline problems. Students with drug and alcohol problems scored 10 percent lower on math and science tests. ETS study web page Order in the Classroom: Violence, Discipline, and Student Achievement This report confirms the link between order in the classroom and academic achievement, examines the current level of school discipline problems, and describes a sampling of approaches being used across the country to reduce violence and increase order and discipline in our schools. * Delinquent behavior could be reduced through strict disciplinary policies. * The severity of the punishments meted out by schools was negatively related to levels of all types of delinquency. * The strictness of security arrangements in all the schools was negatively related to the levels of minor offenses. However, the existence of policies on school uniforms or gang colors proved unrelated to levels of delinquency. acrobat file: \clip\98\15\order.pdf @@Discovery Learning Another form of implicit constructivist learning %%Against KNOWLEDGE CANNOT BE INSTRUCTED Applications and Misapplications of Cognitive Psychology to Mathematics Education \clip\98\04\misapp.htm In point of fact, there is very little positive evidence for discovery learning and it is often inferior (e.g., Charney, Reder & Kusbit, 1990). Discovery learning, even when successful in acquiring the desired construct, may take a great deal of valuable time that could have been spent practicing this construct if it had been instructed. Bias in the NCTM Standards by Kim Mackey Subject: Bias in the NCTM Standards Author: Kim Mackey Date: Sun, 9 Feb 1997 21:38:32 -0900 (AKST) IMP: "Authentic tasks, Constructivist approach, Cooperative learning, Discovery learning, Discussion, Hands-on, Inquiry-based instruction, Interdisciplinary learning, Performance assessment, Problem-based learning, Real life activities, Small groups, Student-centered learning".[IMP, 2] IMP Abstract information on Interactive Mathematics Project. In NSF database at www. ehr.nsf. Try 9255262.htm @@Disney Celebration DISNEY MODEL SCHOOL IS ED REFORM FROM HELL z55\clip\2002\03\discel.txt The Wall Street Journal June 3, 1997 "Disney's Model School: No Cause to Celebrate" by: Steve Stecklow Staff Reporter of the Wall Street Journal But after it's first year of operation, Disney has learned that creating a cutting edge, model school is much easier said than done. Six of Celebration's first 19 full-time instructors quit, and several others don't plan to return next fall. @@DISTAR DISTAR GOOD FOR EDUCABLE RETARDED,BUT NOT NORMAL STUDENTS \doc\web\97\09\distar.txt He learned to read in the DISTAR program in the mid-to-late 1970s. His small special ed class had children with a variety of severe behavioral problems that hindered successful interaction with the regular population. @@Dress Code Dress code for elementary school 1999 short skirts, holes in pants, etc. @@Drill and @@Practice Constructivists believe that drill is bad, and that knowledge must be "constructed" through discovery, but discovery wastes time that could be used for practice. %%For Investors Business Daily NATIONAL ISSUE DOES GOOD PRACTICE MAKE PERFECT? Six In 10 Educators Say No; Researchers Say Yes Date: 4/24/98 Author: Matthew Robinson Applications and Misapplications of Cognitive Psychology to Mathematics Education \clip\98\04\misapp.htm An extension of this argument is that excessive practice will also drive out understanding. This criticism of practice (called "drill and kill," as if this phrase constituted empirical evaluation) is prominent in constructivist writings. Nothing flies more in the face of the last 20 years of research than the assertion that practice is bad. All evidence, from the laboratory and from extensive case studies of professionals, indicates that real competence only comes with extensive practice (e.g., Hayes, 1985; Ericsson, Krampe, Tesche-Romer, 1993). In denying the critical role of practice one is denying children the very thing they need to achieve real competence @@Diversity OFFENDED BY STEREOTYPES, WEAPONS \clip\99\05\jeffco.txt Jeffco schools may pull offending book By Janet Bingham Denver Post Feb 04 1999 Education Writer Feb. 4 - A workbook that reinforces ethnic, gender and economic stereotypes should be withdrawn from all classrooms...Juanita, who has "just started a new job at a fast-food restaurant. . . . She didn't bother to wash her hands or put on her apron when she arrived. @@Dumbing Down Gerad Bracey I suggest you all read "The Dumbing of America?" my cover story for the = November, 1997 issue of American Heritage. \clip\98\01\stanflit.txt Engels Wrote The Wealth of Nations?: Stanford Fails the "Cultural Literacy" Test by Jeffrey R. Giesea The Stanford Review A recent Stanford Review survey indicates that over half of Stanford upperclassmen (56 per cent) cannot name England's current Prime Minister. The question was one of six posed on a Review "cultural literacy" exam taken by 159 randomly selected upperclassmen at Stanford. \doc\web\97\11\eddecl.txt "The Dissolution of General Education: 1914 - 1993," the study detailed the progressive relaxation of general education requirements since the early part of the century, and their near abandonment over the last thirty years. NAS UPDATE National Association of Scholars Newsletter Spring 1996, Vol. 7, No. 2 ISSN 1089-0874 Anyone wanting to read the original report, "Dissolution of General Education: 1914 - 1993," can find it online at the National Assn. of Scholars web site. @@Early Learning A program to give the government more control over children even before they start in school, based on Rob Reiner's heavily promoted I Am Your Child campaign. Brain research is given as the justification, but it's all bunk. Official I Am Your Child Web Page %%Against PUBLIC PARTNERSHIPS TO TAKE CONTROL OF CHILDREN FROM BIRTH IN AL alnanny.txt Alabama Becoming Nanny State? (Alabama Eagle Forum) August 2001 "Tracking health records of ALL Alabama children from birth." "UNIVERSAL early learning program at NO COST to ALL Alabama children from birth to five." "State will set and maintain high standards of accountability against which ALL parents will be MEASURED....state can't expect 'inexperienced or unprepared parents to rise to those standards unless they are properly educated and CONTINUALLY supported.'" Legislature has been bypassed. Public-private partnerships essential to success. CEO's of Alabama Power, Southtrust Bank, Business Council of Alabama, Ala. Bellsouth, BE& K, T.A. Lewis & Assoc., Mercedes-Benz US, UWOHALI Inc, and American Cast Iron Pipe Co. are business leaders who are members of the Commission. They see this as a "return on investment." MALKIN: BABY BRAIN BOONDOGGLE z39\clip\2000\02\babybrai.txt Jewish World Review Feb. 15, 2000 /9 Adar I, 5760 Michelle Malkin The Baby Brain Boondoggle -- WHEN POLITICIANS start yammering about the undisputed scientific benefits of "early childhood learning," hold on tightly to your toddlers -- and your wallets. WSJ: SOCCER MOMS WITH BRAINS OPPOSE WA EARLY LEARNING COMMISSION z38\clip\99\20\early.txt Wall Street Journal/Marketplace/Northwest/NW4 Wednesday November 17, 1999 Conservatives Decry the Motives Of Wash. Panel on Child Learning By Rachel Zimmerman When Gov. Gary Locke last year created a Commission on Early Learning to provide public support and nurturing for children from birth to age five, it appeared to many to be just another benign, do-good government group. members of a protest group, informally called Soccer Moms With Brains, showed up, some pushing children in strollers who carried signs saying, "I'm Not Government Property." URL for this Article: l CHILDHOOD LEARNING STUDY TURNS CHILDREN OVER TO STATE FROM 0-K earlyl.txt September 24, 1999 PERSPECTIVE by JANN FLURY 905-571-4811 FAMILY UNDER SIEGE "the next phase of the argument: that the state should take over and implement institutionalized child rearing and training from infancy. Following along, right in line with the above article but independently, the Harris Government found it politically helpful to call for a study on early childhood learning." Subject: GCEL and what scientists say Lynn Stuter: The following URL provides interesting insight into papers that have been written about early child education and published in Education Week: Some of these articles contain quotes from Dr John Bruer who, it appears, is critical of the Clinton/Reiner agenda. Oldfield letter to Seattle Times A development excplosion from birth to gae 3? Author says no. Melissa Healy Los Angeles Times / Seattle Times Aug 3, 1999 p. a3 John Bruer "The Myth of the First Three Years" takes aim at theories behind govt initiatves, finds many findings to be dangerous link %%Britain UK SETS GOALS FOR PRESCHOOL EXIT BBC NEWS from the United Kingdom Monday, October 4, 1999 Published at 12:38 GMT 13:38 UK Early learning targets set out The plans will even cover the way children play New educational targets for nursery school children in England have been published. The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority has set out the revised Early Learning Goals to help ensure that all children can write their own names, count to 10 and recite the alphabet by the end of the reception year in school, when they are five or six. %%China KCTS-9 Precious Children %%For POOR PRONE TO NEGLECT BUT THEY SPEND MORE TIME AN MORE HUGS Date: Thursday, September 23, 1999 11:58 Parents in the dark on nurturing babies' minds Foundation seeks to spark early childhood revolution By John Gutierrez-Mier San Antonio Express-News Express-News Staff Writer Experts will meet this week in San Antonio to discuss how an infant's brain develops — something a majority of parents in Bexar County and the surrounding area know little about, according to a recent study commissioned by the Kronkosky Charitable Foundation. 67 percent of [NONPOOR] were unfamiliar with research on brain development, while the percentage rose to 85 in the low-income group. hrs w child hug 1+ daily General 3.8 64% Poor 8.9 93% \clip\99\14\iayc.txt I Am Your Child (IAYC) is a national public-education campaign founded by actor/director Rob Reiner; his wife, Michele Singer Reiner, a photographer; and Ellen Gilbert, a vice president of International Creative Management. The campaign's mission: to inform people of the latest neurological research and raise awareness of how extremely important the first three years of life are to healthy intellectual and emotional development. Funded $1.5 million 1999-01 WA Governor's Commision on Early Learning Minutes of commission on early childhood learning June 1999 National docs on I am your child campaign From: Lynn M Stuter National Education Goals Panel website has some must read reports relative to the WhiteHouse Conference on Early Childhood Learning and Development and the I Am Your Child campaign. Those reports can be found at . The Early Learning Initiative is part of Goal 1 of Goals 2000 -- readiness to learn. Good Housekeeping 7/99 promotes Reiner's program %%Washington EARLY LEARNING HOLDS CLOSED MEETING ON HOW TO PROMOTE EARLY LEARNING z51\doc\web\2001\08\edsecret.txt "it has been a challenge to motivate public support for early care and education programs." They are having a meeting without the public. Only the stake holders will conduct business behind closed doors. One of our representatives is involved but the public is not. @@Eakman, Beverly z48\clipim\2001\03\19\crime\crime.htm 2001 education policy speech just came out in the March 1 issue of Vital Speeches of the Day. @@Eastin, Delaine Delaine Eastin was Chairman of New Standards Governing Board in 1996., CA's Superintendent of Public Instruction has fought for "higher" fuzzy standards that leave out long division. \doc\web\98\03\ncee.txt SYSTEMIC DEFORM FOR CALIFORNIA EDUCATION February, 1998 Speech by Delaine Eastin, Supt. of Public Instruction the level of achievement of California students is far from where we need it to be for our children to live fulfilling lives as adults in the 21st century. A curriculum designed to foster problem solving and communication is unlikely to have much impact if students are tested on their ability to recall facts and perform rote drills. Supervising more than 5 million children in state schools the current superintendent, Delaine Eastin, heads the state Department of Education and dictates how nearly $40 billion in taxpayer money is spent each year. @@Economy Marc Tucker and friends told us the economy would fall if we did not reform schools but it has rebounded just fine without reform. OUR EDUCATION CAN BE MEDIOCRE IN A STRONG ECONOMY, BUT NOT EVERYONE WILL GET A HIGH PAYING JOB z47\clip\2001\01\slack.txt If our kids are such slackers, why has our economy done so well? By Scot Lehigh, Boston Globe Staff, 1/7/2001 "our economy can survive a sketchily educated work force. Yet an individual's chance for a share of the American Dream may not survive poor schooling." "One big reason for growing inequality is the education and skills gap in America, says Marc Tucker, president of the National Center on Education and the Economy, a not-for-profit group promoting standards-based education reform. " IF OUR SCHOOLS ARE SO BAD WHY IS OUR ECONOMY SO GOOD? z47\clip\2001\01\linkscam.txt Sent: Sunday, January 07, 2001 1:36 PM Subject: Is linking academics, economy a scam? Washington Post BY VALERIE STRAUSS The Washington Post " But if our schools have been turning out dangerously ill-equipped graduates for two decades, why hasn't our economy suffered for it yet? " "What does it mean that someone coming out of high school really needs two more years of school to get what he or she should have had in K-12? z42\clip\2000\05\edecon.txt POOR ECONOMY WAS NOT RESULT OF POOR SCHOOLS OR SKILLS Education and Job Growth May 10, 2000 By RICHARD ROTHSTEIN A dozen years ago the economy was in bad shape, with widespread unemployment. The United States could not seem to compete with other industrial nations that, with productivity growth, made better and less expensive products. Schools were widely blamed. The prevailing view was that high unemployment was mostly due to high school graduates who lacked the skills of German or Japanese workers. Today the crisis is a dim memory, and America's economy is the world's envy. Yet schools are, at best, only marginally better, so prosperity cannot be the result of school reform. That means schools were not to blame for the nation's earlier doldrums. @@Edison Schools Hot new (1995) falling star (2002) corporation started to privatize schools with "research based" Chicago Math and Success for All flops in the stock market. It is being driven out of town in Dallas by angry customers. Teachers in San Francisco threaten to quit over hours. The good news is that most studies show they aren't worse than comparable schools most of the time, they claim to show lots of improvement. But one study shows disasterous declines in a San Francisco school which has many parents up in arms. %%Against Z62\clip\2002\12\edfor.txt EDUCATION Why Edison Doesn't Work Chris Whittle still dreams of transforming the nation's public schools--and making lots of money too. Good luck. FORTUNE Wednesday, December 4, 2002 By Brian O'Reilly z58\clip\2002\09\edpub.txt Edison's Dim Bulbs Why is the for-profit public-education company struggling? By Daniel Gross August 30, 2002 Edison is struggling mightily, and it's hard not to conclude that its public status is partially responsible. Whittle owes even more. In 1999 and 2000 he borrowed $7.8 million to exercise options and pay income taxes. As of last September he owed Edison $9.2 million. Throw in two $100,000 loans to other high-ranking executives, and Edison has diverted $12.4 million in capital to its employees... EDISON FAILING AS A BUSINESS IF NOT AS SCHOOL SYSTEM z57\clip\2002\08\whittle.txt Edison Schools CEO Chris Whittle May Flunk Out on Profit Test By David Evans Edison's market value, $1 billion in January, is now less than $50 million. Its shares plunged 95 percent [has never turned a profit] Chester, south of Philadelphia.. told the SEC it spent $18 million in one year on books, computers, teacher training and school facilities -- and got back only $90,390, according to the district. BOSTON RENAISSANCE FIRES EDISON FOR LOW TEST SCOREWS Boston School Severs Its Ties With Edison, Citing Test Scores WSJ 5/16/2002 In 2001, 69% of 8th graders at pred black Boston Renaissance failed statewide math test, vs 54% Boston, 31% statewide. English 22% vs 20% citywide 8% state. Edison says they didn't have enough control. 1,300 students K-8, pays $9 annually to Edison. ($6923 per student) Was one of first and largest edison school. z56\clipim\2002\05\16\edchart\edchart.htm New York Times Big Charter School in Boston Breaks Its Ties With Edison By THE NEW YORK TIMES One of the nation's largest charter schools has canceled its contract with Edison Schools Inc., delivering another shock to the biggest for-profit operator of public schools. Edison's Future In Question Edison Schools' recent financial woes have sparked worries that the company may not still be in business by September, when it is scheduled to take over management of 20 underperforming Philadelphia schools, a report says. Analysts say the company may have difficulty raising the estimated $37 million to cover start-up costs for new sites. Edison's stock price has fallen 70% since mid-April. The Philadelphia Inquirer (5/8/2002) AFTER EDISON TAKES OVER FAILING BALTIMORE SCHOOLS, TWO STILL FAIL z55\clip\2002\01\edfail.txt Edison fails to improve two schools Private management disappointed by first-year results; One principal is replaced; Montebello gains with Horsey; officials remain optimistic By Liz Bowie Sun Staff January 30, 2002 z54\clip\2001\11\badedi.txt Nov. 4, 2001 San Francisco Parents Advocating School Accountability Caroline Grannan, 415/337-0494 [lists many failures] -- Edison Charter Academy, San Francisco ­ This school ranked last among all San Francisco elementary schools in spring 2001 test scores and landed on the California Department of Education's low performers list. San Francisco Unified School District has severed its ties with Edison Schools Inc., and the school is now chartered by the California state Board of Education. SF EDISON SCHOOL WELL UNDER AVERAGE, AND ECLIPSED BY OTHER SCHOOLS. z52\clip\2001\09\edscore.txt Parents Advocating School Accountability 7 Disadvantaged San Francisco Schools' Gains Soar Above Edison's Edison Schools Inc. has touted achievement gains by students at its San Francisco Edison Charter Academy (ECA). But an analysis of San Francisco schools' test scores reveals that Edison Charter Academy's gains since spring 1998, the first year of privatization, have been dramatically eclipsed by gains at seven other low-performing district-run schools with similar student populations. Spring 2001 STAR test scores National percentile ranking for average student score 2nd-grade reading Edison 22 SFUSD 53 2nd-grade math Edison 24 SFUSD 61 3rd-grade reading Edison 23 SFUSD 47 3rd-grade math Edison 35 SFUSD 62 4th-grade reading Edison 29 SFUSD 51 4th-grade math Edison 36 SFUSD 58 5th-grade reading Edison 28 SFUSD 47 5th-grade math Edison 38 SFUSD 61 EDISON HAS 21/26 TURNOVER, STILL FIRES 5 EXPERIENCED San Francisco Bay Guardian z50\clip\2001\08\edfire.txt August 15, 2001 Teacher trouble Edison fires five at its beleaguered S.F. school By Tali Woodward The first year Edison ran the school, 21 of the 26 teachers recruited to work there resigned. The next year, 18 out of 25 teachers decided to leave.... it was the more experienced teachers – who command higher salaries – who were released. Critics have long said that Edison relies on younger, less-experienced teachers as a cost-saving measure. z50\clip\2001\08\eddrop.txt Wednesday, August 15, 2001 Parents Advocating School Accountability 2001 Test Scores Drop at San Francisco's For-Profit Edison School Newly released spring 2001 STAR test scores for San Francisco's controversial, for-profit Edison Charter Academy show declines from the previous year in nearly every category. The school's test scores continue to rank far below districtwide averages. NEA STUDY SAYS EDISON NO BETTER THAN OTHER PUBLIC SCHOOLS z48\clip\2001\02\edstud.txt [NEA] Study questions Edison Schools Official disputes WMU report saying students' gains were exaggerated February 22, 2001 BY CECIL ANGEL FREE PRESS STAFF WRITER Western Michigan University study: "across all schools we studied, Edison students did not perform as well as Edison claims" %%General EDISON CLAIMS 6 PTS MEETING STANDARD, 5 PERCENTILE GAIN IN SCHOOLS z52\clip\2001\09\edprog.txt Edison Schools Reports Strong Achievement at Schools Across the Country PR NEWSWIRE increased the percentage of students achieving standards by an average of six percentage points every year from 1995 to 2001. On norm-referenced tests-tests that gauge the achievement of students relative to their peers nationwide-Edison schools have, from 1995 to 2001, increased the national percentile rank of students by an average of five percentiles every year. z47\clip\2001\02\edison.txt EPI’s Reform Briefs ( Edison Schools Run Into Tactical Warfare in New York and San Francisco student test scores have risen dramatically since Edison began managing... but.. there has been too much teacher turnover, and that the school has experienced "curriculum inconsistencies in the past." Thus, they want to dispense with Edison and put the school back in the hands of "the public." z47\clip\2001\01\edissf.txt Edison Is Ground Zero in Education Battle Debra J. Saunders Sunday, January 28, 2001 IF YOU KNEW that students at the Edison Charter Academy, which is run by Edison Schools Inc. of New York, were reading appreciably better, would you still oppose the school? (According to School Wise Press, a private company that provides parents with public school statistics, the percentage of Edison students scoring above average in reading jumped from 14 percent in 1998 to 32 percent today and those scoring above average in math rose from 24 percent in 1998 to 42 percent.) z46\clip\2000\10\edbad.txt Raining on Edison's Parade [A for-profit educational reform disaster] Shepherd Express Metro Newspaper October 26, 2000 Volume 21, Issue 44 Raining on Edison's Parade BY Bill Kurtz "After enrolling their children this fall at the Milwaukee Academy of Science-an Edison school and Wisconsin's first for-profit school-one parent transferred her child to a Milwaukee public school while the other intends to do so as soon as possible. " [also problems in San Francisco] Edison school removes principal Officials behind Milwaukee Academy blame 'start-up' problems By MIKE JOHNSON of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel [MJS] staff Oct. 18, 2000 The principal of the new Milwaukee Academy of Science, the highly touted, for-profit charter school, has been removed from her job because of problems there. Carolina Tercero said Wednesday she was relieved of her principal duties about two weeks ago but remains employed by Edison Schools. Malone reports Milwaukee academy is an Edison school with a rough start. Milwaukee "Alternative " paper called, "The Shepherd Express" 10/16/OO edition pages 4-5. The school is described as being off to a rough start. - " ...teachers have been quitting right and left." - " Less than half the teachers at the school last year returned this fall, complaining that a 'cookie-cutter, bottomline mentality harms everything from teacher morale to student development." It appears from the article that teachers are highly over-worked, there are discipline problems, z45\clip\2000\10\edison.txt School Reform News April 2000 Contents Edison Schools Expanding Rapidly Company achieves breakeven quarter z45\clip\2000\10\unpriv.txt Oct 19, 2000 NYT Union Study Finds For-Profit Schools No Better By EDWARD WYATT "teacher union study data shows that while students at Edison schools occasionally perform better than similar students at schools elsewhere in the same district or state, the Edison students mostly perform as well as or worse than students in comparable schools. " "New York-based Edison Schools flunked out with trying to privatize Sherman's public schools. Why should things be any different in Dallas?" By Jonathan Fox "Most Edison Teachers Ready to Quit in Fall S.F. public school is privately run" by Nanette Asimov, Chronicle Staff Writer TEACHERS THREATEN TO QUIT SF EDISON OVER 12 HR DAYS z42\clip\2000\05\edquit.txt Most Edison Teachers Ready to Quit in Fall S.F. public school is privately run by Nanette Asimov, S.F. Chronicle Staff Writer Wednesday, May 10, 2000 "Edison runs 79 public charter schools nationwide. It requires a 205-day school year and an eight-hour day, compared with the 181- day year and a seven-hour day at most California schools. But to do all the lesson planning required at an Edison school, teachers must work far longer -- about 12 hours a day, said Kathy Fleming, a physical education teacher who signed the letter. Teachers are also expected to show up one Saturday per month. " EDISON FLUNKS OUT IN DALLAS z39\clipim\2000\01\27\feature-1.html No Class : New York -based Edison schools flunked out trying to privatize Sherman's public schools. Why should things be different in Dallas? Edison costs more money, yet show worse profits than .com companies, promotes Success for All and Chicago Math (horror!) but does not show improvement in test scores (which means they're probably going backwards taking TAAS score inflation into account) @@Edmonds WA CO-CONSPRIATOR WITH BRIAN BENZEL RETIRES FROM EDMOND \clip\99\01\torrens.txt January 5, 1999 Edmonds school superintendent to step down by Nancy Montgomery Seattle Times Snohomish County bureau Torrens said that Benzel, Edmonds' superintendent for seven years, became a mentor. The two worked together on education reform, aligning district learning standards with new state standards, @@Education College \clip\97\26\edtrain.txt htt:// NATIONAL ISSUE WHO’S TEACHING THE TEACHERS? Education Schools Mold More Than Instructors Date: 11/6/97 Author: Matthew Robinson America’s teachers colleges sit quietly at the eye of a storm. They train and certify the next generation of classroom teachers. They prepare tomorrow’s superintendents and principals. They are the source of many of the ideas and research that shape textbooks and mold curricula. And though they are insulated from much of the debate over reforming lower education, they push ideas that are sharply at odds with what parents, students and even some teachers want from schools.
  • PUBLIC AGENDA SURVEY: PROFESSSORS VALUES PROCESS OVER KNOWLEDGE OR CORRECT ANSWERS VS. PARENTS WISHES \clip\97\25\edclip5.txt Professors' Attitudes Out of Sync, Study Finds By Ann Bradley Professors of education hold an idealistic view of public education that differs so markedly from the concerns of parents, taxpayers, teachers, and students that it amounts to "a kind of rarefied blindness," a report released last week says. "Different Drummers: How Teachers of Teachers View Public Education" presents the results of a poll of education professors by Public Agenda.
  • @@Education Department, US Strategic Plan (School to Work, etc.) \clip\97\29\stratpln.pdf @@Education Week K12 Industry Journal promotes radical reforms. ED WEEK QC99 RATING REFLECT BIAS TOWARDS RADICAL REFORMS
    e:\doc\web\99\01\edweek.txt Public Agenda - what parents think of standards http://www.edweek/org/sreports/qc99/pub-agn.htm @@Educrats Educrat's Alphabet :) \clip\98\01\educrat.txt Debra J. Saunders is a columnist with the San Francisco Chronicle. She is about the only insightful voice on education & politics in the paper. What Is an Educrat? by DEBRA J. SAUNDERS, 1/4/98 (Concerned with process, not results, how to learn, not actually learning everything, math as it pertains to real life instead of just math etc.) @@Effective Teachers David Shearon of Tennesee is a big proponent of "effective" teachers as measured by Tennesee's TVAS value added measurement system. He claims that teachers alone can account for the difference in performance between 85-95 percentile (typical of affluent / private schools) , and at the 35-45 percentile (typcial of urban / minority schools) . David Shearon: Tennessee's value added analysis of test scores has shown that students provided three straight years of highly effective teachers will average from the 85th to the 95th percentile in math. Students receiving three straight years of ineffective teaching will average from the 35th to the 45th percentile @@Efficacy Institute Jeff Howard has a Ph.D. in Social Psychology and Public Practice from Harvard University. He founded the first Efficacy Group in 1972 and incorporated the Efficacy Institute in 1985. The Institute has grown from four volunteers to a full-time professional staff of more than 25. The Target: 21st Century Standards The Efficacy Institute and its partners direct their effort toward helping all children achieve a set of common, critical development standards by the end of high school: Math Demonstrate mastery of calculus (or its equivalent) at the Advanced Placement level. Foreign Language Demonstrate fluency, verbal and written, of a second language. Language Arts Demonstrate mastery of written and spoken expression of the English language by researching, writing and defending a literate, cogent essay of 25 pages. We believe that virtually all children are born with enough mental capacity to meet these 21st Century standards of development. @@Election King County EDUCATION #1 FACTOR IN VOTING DEMOCRATIC IN '98 HOUSE RACES Exit polling from Tuesday's election showed that education was the most frequently cited factor in voters' decisions in House races; 66 percent of those who said education was their deciding issue reported they voted Democratic, while only 32 percent voted Republican (MSNBC). \doc\web\98\09\edelect.txt @@Ellis, Arthur K. Ellis from SandyElliot Research on Educational Innovations is Dr. Arthur K. Ellis' book. He is very concerned about the new tests and resulting curriculum. Washington Institute for Policy Studies (uncertain for that exact name), John Carlson's network (certain on this identity), invited him to a presentation at the College Club this past summer. Ellis was also the SPU professor of a fine educator/teacher and friend Margot Moore, in LWSD (blackballed in her attempt to escalate academics and has since moved on to Bellevue SD). Arthur K Ellis Phone : 425-483-2534 2129 234th Pl Se B48, Bothell WA 98021-9562 I am encouraging legislators to be "good consumers" and get an unattached second opinion on all testing and "new directives" Arthur K. Ellis professor at SPU being one. He is from our state. A very concerned citizen, and top notch teacher as per a friend who graduated with a masters in teaching from SPU. See Research on Educational Innovations, second edition. Marshall Fritz writes... Arthur Ellis has impressed me quite favorably. We've had several long discussions, and he attended and spoke at SepCon'96. He is a man I respect and trust. Marshall Fritz The Separation of School & State Alliance 4578 N First #310, Fresno CA 93726 (209)292-1776 292-7582fax @@Emotional Intelligence SCHOOL TEACHES EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE TO HELP MATH z48\clip\2001\02\emoiq.txt February 14, 2001 Lessons: A School District Refuses to Worship Scores Alone By RICHARD ROTHSTEIN PARK RIDGE, Ill. -- In 1997, four school board members in this upper-middle-class Chicago suburb ran for re-election against challengers who said that test scores were high, but not high enough. @@Employer Training 20% OF COMPANIES TEACH 3RS TO WORKERS 28 Companies retrain high school grads in basic skills Forbes Magazine for Feb. 23, 1998 "The skills gap." "Nearly 20% of the companies recently surveyed by Training magazine said they taught reading, writing, arithmetic or English to their new hires. Of these semi-literates, 67% had high school diplomas - a further black eye for the public education system." For instance, Qualcomm last year remedially schooled 500 employees hired to manufacture telephones. (Note, it's not training in citizenship or teamwork, or critical thinking skills!) @@Empower America Bennett Kemp led conservative think tank, cites low internatioonal test scores, 30% feeshmen enrolled in at least one remedial course,. naep 77% urban choldren reading below basic, manuf say 40% 17yr olds lack math, 60% reading for production job but no mention of obe, goals 2000, constructivism, stw

    @@Enemies of Reform

    These people are a threat to reform, and they should not be allowed to have any input - Church - Parents - Parents of overachievers PARENTS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO MESS WITH REFORM \clip\98\16\input.txt Education Week, 10-28-98 THE METAPHYSICS OF 'INPUT' By Alan C. Jones Moving teachers and parents beyond the zones of their own experience. ENEMY: PARENTS, CHURCH, INFORMED CITIZENS
    \doc\web\98\08\baded.txt The terrible top 10: New study lists 10 factors most destructive to education 1. Perpetuated negative myths about public education. 2. Decline of the family. 3. Methods of funding public education. 4. Citizens' lack of a sense of responsibility for the entire community's public schools. 5. Inability of educators to see schools being different in the future. 6. Trustees who don't know their role. 7. Citizens' inattention to social issues. 8. Religious right's influence on laws and policies. 9. Vouchers, school choice, and charter schools. 10. Citizens' resistance to change. Most citizens, while demanding school reform, are continuing to support the graded classroom instead of the non-graded classroom, tracking students instead of the integrated classroom, emphasizing competition instead of collaborative and small-group learning activities, and following the traditional school calendar instead of the extended school year. \clip\98\08\kohn5.txt A. Kohn PDK article April 1998 · Volume 79 · Number 8 568 Only for My Kid: How Privileged Parents Undermine School Reform, by Alfie Kohn. Priviledged parents oppose fuzzy math in pursuit of Harvard "preparation H".
    NEA (National Education Association) Enemies List: Wash Times
    @@Engaged / Meaningful 
    (What the heck is THIS???) Vision of Engaged Learning What
    does engaged learning look like? Successful, engaged learners are
    responsible for their own learning. These students are self-regulated
    and able to define their own learning goals and evaluate their own
    achievement. They are also energized by their learning; their joy of
    learning leads to a lifelong passion for solving problems,
    understanding, and taking the next step in their thinking. These
    learners are strategic in that they know how to learn and are able to
    transfer knowledge to solve problems creatively. Engaged learning
    also involves being collaborative, that is, valuing and having the
    skills to work with others... Hence, they become producers of
    knowledge, capable of making significant contributions to the world's
     One of the pillars of political correctness to be instilled as
    outcome values along with multiculturalism and group-ism. Often the
    "facts" are absurd.
    NAME OF ENVIRONMENTALISM \doc\web\clip\98\01\badenv.txt 9/29/98
    ©INVESTORS BUSINESS DAILY Do Kids Learn Junk Environmentalism in
    Schools?  (No.  65 in an IBD series on education reform) by Michael
    Chapman Johnny can't read, write or do math. But he may know how to
    save the Earth. ..* "World Geography Today" (Holt). It claims that
    world petroleum supplies will last "only another 50 years or so." It
    goes on to say: "(The) people of the world must share and use the
    planet's resources more wisely . . . Will the richer nations share
    their wealth and resources with the less fortunate nations?" 
    @@Equal Outcomes
    From: SandyElliot  20 Jan 1999 Recall that
    President Lyndon Johnson presented the Commencement Address to
    Georgetown University in 1965 (appx) and promised there would be "NOT
    equal opportunity - but EQUAL OUTCOMES for EVERYONE!  That excerpt
    was on Channel 9's review of Johnson's GREAT SOCIETY.  
    @@ESEA Elementary Secondary Education Act: Son of Goals 2000
    Am Inst of Physics "there is
    currently a window of opportunity to transform the programs of the
    Department of Education through reauthorization of the Elementary and
    Secondary Education Act (ESEA).  Authorization for these federal
    programs lapsed during the last session of Congress,"
    z41\clipim\2000\05\10\ibd.efx Tussle Over Federal Role in Schools Now
    is Hot Issue On Campaign Trail IBD May 8, 2000. "The 1994
    re-authorization required the states to come up with standards and
    tests as well as performance goals".
    ESEA IS A DINOSAUR, SOURCE OF "TITLE I" FUNDS \clip\99\01\esea.txt
    EDUCATION POLICY Impeachment or no, Congress is still making laws.
    One of the biggest items on its plate this year is the
    reauthorization of the '65 Elementary and Secondary Education Act.
    ESEA devours between one-third and one-half of the Education
    Department's $33 billion annual budget.  By far the oldest and
    largest program is Title I
    (, "Aid to
    Disadvantaged Children," which cost $8 billion in fiscal '98.Despite
    massive federal outlays, disadvantaged kids still perform poorly.
    Ethics inquiry focuses on former state schools official
    Monday, April 8, 2002
    "The review of the 2001 "Summer Reading Camp" workshops is part of a
    months-long inquiry into the relationship between B.J. Wise, the
    former assistant state school superintendent in charge of special
    education, and Sopris West Educational Services, a Colorado
    publishing and marketing company."
    @@Ethnic Studies
    %%Asian American
    z44\clip\2000\08\ased.txt Panel: Kids missing out on Asian ed
    Commission pushes curriculum changes 07/25/2000 K. Connie Kang; Los
    Angeles Times LOS ANGELES - If Asian Americans are to be fully
    accepted in U.S. society, their histories, cultures and languages
    need to be taught in schools beginning in kindergarten, President
    Clinton's Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific
    Islanders was told Monday in Los Angeles.
    @@Exodus 2000
    Christian led movement to have parents take their children out of
    government schools
    "An exodus from the public schools?" MSNBC 11/25/97
    @@Expectations, Teacher (also high standards)
    One of the key themes to the "standards" movement is that if we set
    high standards, children will achieve to them, (no matter how high or
    unrealistic!) as WA Supt Terry Bergeson says.
    citation for "Pygmalion in the Classroom"?
    the researchers names start with an "R" and their work is about 15
    years old and discusses the relationship between thinking someone
    will succeed (expectations) and the fact that they do (outcomes).
    Rosenthall, R. & Jacobson, L. (1968) Pygmalion in the classroom: _Teacher
    expectation and pupils' intellectual development_. New York: Holt, Rinehart,
    & Winston.
    It is a study that is only appropriately used as an example of horrendous
    research.  There have been two books and ennumerable journal articles
    devoted to pointing out why this is such a bad study.
    George K. Cunningham
    University of Louisville
    A variation is to explicitly set lower goals for poor minority kids
    in the name of accountability.
    * Suzanne
    Stallings says Charlotte sets explicitly lower expectations for
    minority kids based on scale scores for NC's goals system.
    Los Angeles Times Sunday, January 17, 1999 Title I's $118 Billion
    Fails to Close Gap Program has been unable to lift academic level of
    poor students, research shows.  By RALPH FRAMMOLINO, Times Staff
    "The 1997 Education Department report found that Title I failed to
    make a significant dent in the achievement gap from 1991 to 1994 in
    part because it tolerates low academic standards for poor and
    minority students.  "
    "Baringer Students Set the Standard for Excellence... and Achieve it
    100%" Charlotte - Mecklenburg Schools. "Annual Targets are set for
    African-American and all White/Other Students". "In Grade 2
    mathematics, our 100% benchmarks were 74% (African-American) and 95%
    (White/Other)" "[3rd Grade] Achievement at the 100% level required an
    average score of 142.5 for African-American students and 150.8 for
    White/Other ... zoomed past with Af=150.7, Wh=f157.6.. equally
    impressive for mathematics (Af=149.9 vs. 139.0 goal, Whi=155.1 vs.
    149.4 goal)
    baring.efx.efx document
    From: (The Riggs Institute)
    At 10:53 PM 11/5/97 -0800, Murray J Philip wrote:
    >I have read several postings about (expectations???) an experiment 
    >exchanged student records between high and low achieving students
    >without the teacher's knowledge. The story goes that the low 
    >students with the records of high achieving students started to
    >Conversely, the high achieving students, with the records of the low
    >achieving students, stopped achieving.
    >Can anyone direct me to actual documents, research, or a web site that
    >discuses these facts or is this just an urban legend that we want to
    In a book entitled, What Works, 1987, Wm Bennett, lists
    research findings in almost every area of research relating to schools
    and education.  One page lists five references for "Teacher Expectation"
    and its effects on overall student outcome:
    Brophy, J.E. (1981) "Teacher Praise: A Functional Analysis." 
    Review of Educational Research, Vol. 51. pp 532
    Corcoran. T. and Wilson, B. (1986) The Search of Successful
    Secondary Schools: The First Three Years of the Secondary School
    Recognition Program. Washington, D.C. U.S. Government Printing
    Good, T, I. (Dec, 1982) "How Teachers' Expectations Affect
    Results." American Education. Vol 18, No. 10 pp 25-32.
    Good, T. I., And Brophy, J.E. (1984) Looking on
    Classrooms (3rd Ed.) New York: Harper and Row
    Purky, S. and Smith, M. (March 1983). "Effective Schools: A Review,"
    The Elementary School Journal. Vol 83. No. 4. pp
    Actually, there are six but I cannot read all of one entry in the copy I
    have.  A little dated but, perhaps, still good!  :-)
    Myrna McCulloch, Director, The Riggs Institute
    4185 S.W. 102nd Avenue, Beaverton, Oregon, 97005
    503-646-9459    (now linked to
      [note: there's an "underscore between eric and rec]
    Our motto: "An Equal and OPTIMAL Educational Opportunity
    Through Multi-Sensory Language Arts"


    US DEPT OF ED ALLOWS PSYCHOLOGICAL EXPERIMENTS ON OUR KIDS Applications and Misapplications of Cognitive Psychology to Mathematics Education \clip\98\04\misapp.htm The use with children of experimental methods, that is, methods that have not been finally assessed and found effective, might seem difficult to justify. Yet the traditional methods we use in the classroom every day have exactly this characteristic--they are highly experimental in that we know very little about their educational efficacy in comparison with alternative methods. We should make a larger place for responsible experimentation that draws on the available knowledge--it deserves at least as large a place as we now provide for faddish, unsystematic and unassessed informal "experiments" or educational "reforms." We would advocate the creation of a "FEA" on analogy to the FDA which would require well designed clinical trials for every educational "drug" that is introduced into the market place. @@Explicit Teaching The opposite of constructivism with complex integrated projects, you isolate facts and exercises, then when mastered, you tackle projects IMPLICIT VS EXPLICIT HARMS KIDS AT THE BOTTOM \clip\99\15\hirsch.txt Cal State Northridge 1999 Conference on Standards-Based K-12 Education California State University Northridge [Teachers are taught explicitly not to teach explicit facts, this harms the kids who don't have their basic facts the most. Discovery, integrated, complex is the opposite of isolated and explit teaching] @@Facilitation Go here to see "how facilitation works" in their own words: (The facilitator insures that the correct pre-determined conclusion is reached) ... the facilitator provides the structure and leadership needed to reach the desired goals or objectives. Step four: The facilitator delivers a summary report, action plan, communication model or other result along with recommended steps to meet that plan. SynerVision International Inc. How Facilitation Works Hugh Ballou, a skilled facilitator, will guide you to... • DEVELOP • EVALUATE • IMPLEMENT Facilitation is an effective strategy for your staff or leadership team. One day or multi-day facilitation is offered. Step one: Meet with the facilitator to define your goals Define the exact results that you want to receive from the session of group of sessions. Determine the goal that you want to reach: action plan, communication model, evaluation, etc. Choose your team members to maximize the results. Step two: Establish a meeting time and place for the facilitation, either at your site or at a retreat center The environment will make a tremendous difference in the mood and pace of the facilitation. All options are available to match the mood and character of the project and to provide a comfortable and convenient location for all attendees. Step three: The facilitator conducts the meeting, or series of meetings and brings the group to a vision and consensus After the meeting or series of meetings is designed and the location chosen, then the facilitator provides the structure and leadership needed to reach the desired goals or objectives. Step four: The facilitator delivers a summary report, action plan, communication model or other result along with recommended steps to meet that plan. The entire process is managed without the participants taking notes. Within a pre-arranged time frame the facilitator will deliver the notes from the meeting and arrange for any follow-up desired. SynerVision International Inc. Expert Facilitation PO Box 11166 Blacksburg, Virginia 24062 1-888-398-8471 @@Facism A partnership of public money and private industry is facism, a close brother of nazism (national socialism), socialism and communism. Facism, nazism and socialism all evolve into communism. Welcome to the New World Odor!!! LynnS STW = FACISM MERGING OF STATE AND BUSINESS LEADERSHIP z47\clip\2001\01\training.htm Training Our Children for the Global Economy The Mutinational Corporations' Role in Dumbdown, Facist/Socialist Planned Economy by Charlotte T. Iserbyt & Melanie K. Fields what is Fascism, or the essence thereof? The American Heritage Dictionary defines Fascism this way: A philosophy or system of Government that advocates or exercises a dictatorship of the extreme right typically through the merging of state and business leadership... [emphasis added] >Here is a new site called ERT (European Round Table). Members are all >industrialists. They also care a lot about education. If you click on >>htm and go to Education, you can download a >report called Education for Europeans. The more I read about ed reform , >the more I feel that corporations, industrialists, foundations and >educrats form a new kind of a Mafia. Simone facism.txt Susan Trout: "Learning from ones race" is Fascism, with a capital *F*. "Learning from ones race" is post-modern fascism; it is a re-emergence of what those in the 1930s were theorizing. Call Concordia House Publishing at 314-268-1000 and buy a copy of Modern Fascism, the Liquidation of the Judeo-Christian World View by Gene Edward Veith Some other values of fascism: 1. reality is determined by culture and ethnicity 2. individual identity does not exist 3. laws and social conventions are for the purpose of control of the people 4. Western civilization is corrupt because of human values (transcendent values) 5. the transcendent meaning of reason, objectivity, and language is an illusion @@Facts Facts? Who needs them. Education is about asking questions, not answering them. ALASKA: FACTS-FIRST IS DEVELOPMENTALLY INAPPROPRIATE Based on Kentucky Curriculum Frameworks There is now a large body of research-based knowledge that shows that the facts-first approach to teaching is practically and developmentally inappropriate. POLITICALLY CORRECT DOESN'T MEAN THE TRUTH \clip\99\13\truth.txt THE AMERICAN ENTERPRISE A NATIONAL MAGAZINE OF POLITICS, BUSINESS, AND CULTURE MAY/JUNE 1999 VOL. 10, No. 3 Bird s Eye KARL ZINSMEISTER Propaganda in America? Truth is something outside yourself, something to be discovered, and not .. something you can make up as you go along. -George Orwell, 1944 There are no facts. Michel Foucault, 1968 [Does this sound like the theme of ed reform?] @@Failure \clip\98\18\edclip08.txt REFORMERS WHO FAIILED IN PASADENA WRITE NEW BOOK TOUTING CIM Los Angeles Times Wednesday, December 9, 1998 ON LEARNING / RICHARD LEE COLVIN A Call to Refocus Our Country's High Schools By RICHARD LEE COLVIN David Marsh in "The New American High School" (Corwin Press). Marsh, a professor at USC's Rossier School of Education, co-edited the book with Judy Codding, the former principal of Pasadena High School. Codding was principal and Marsh a consultant at Pasadena High School from 1988 to 1993. Alas, it didn't work. Today, the school's test scores are still weak, with reading the worst. The average junior reads at the 32nd percentile, more poorly than two-thirds of his peers nationally. All the changes instituted by Codding and Marsh have been dismantled. SAINT LOIUS STW CAREER ACADEMY FAILS \clip\98\11\stwfail.txt STW Career Academy a 'Model' for Chaos Teacher Labels School a 'Diabolical Gauntlet of Pandemonium' The Saint Loius Career Academy was designed to be one of five "break-the-mold" School-to-Work model high schools in the U.S.... facade of "success" and "achievement" began to crumble when one of its teachers came forward to paint a sordid picture of chaos, confusion and ineptitude at the school, calling it "a diabolical gauntlet of pandemonium" for its students. TEST SCORES PLUNGE FOR EDISON PROJECT SCHOOLS IN WITCHITA filed [\clip\98\18\edison.txt] December 3, 1998 Edison Project school runs afoul of state BOE: Ingalls-Edison Academy did not take the necessary steps for accreditation. By John Ellis The Wichita Eagle An elementary school operated by the private, for-profit Edison Project has run afoul of the state Board of Education and could be the first Wichita school to lose its state accreditation. @@Failing Students HISTORY OF FAILURE: STUDENTS WHO FALL SHORT OF "STANDARDS" z52\clip\2001\09\mismatch.txt z52\clipim\2001\09\25\10773.pdf Mismatch: Historical Perspectives on Schools and Students Who Don't Fit Them Sarah Deschenes Stanford University @@Falling Test Scores Test Scores for Rochester Minnesota fall from 1990 to 1994 because of OBE reforms. @@Federal Control Education reformers are using the federal government to implement radical reforms in an end-run around local control. Math and science programs that don't teach math, irresponsible sex ed, standards which require all students based instruction around vocational education, etc. %%Against FEDERAL EDUCATION REFORM PROGRAMS ARE WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE SCHOOLS Z48\clip\2001\02\fix.txt The "fix" that's destroying education in America By Tom DeWeese web posted February 19, 2001 The problem? It's the federal programs and the education bureaucracy that run them. Simply stated, over the past twenty years America's education system has been completely restructured to deliberately move away from teaching basic academics to a system that focuses on training students for menial jobs. thoroughly documented in a book called The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. The book was written by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt %%Department of Education DOFED IS SMALLEST CABINET WITH 5,000 EMPLOYEES Dec. 31, 2000 As education head, Paige faces big leap Bush backs controversial department By DAN FELDSTEIN Houston Chronicle Rod Paige would have 83 percent fewer employees than he has as superintendent of the Houston Independent School District. But his budget would rise from $1.3 billion to $42.1 billion because of the 175 federal programs they administer - he runs the department, which is the smallest of all Cabinet-level departments at 5,000 employees. z45\doc\web\2000\10\doed.txt COMMITTEE ON EDUCATION AND THE WORKFORCE U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION: WASTE, FRAUD AND ABUSE The audit reports of ED, issued by Ernst & Young LLP in March 2000 and November 1999, cite three and four internal control weaknesses, respectively, such as the agency’s inability to balance its checkbook with the Treasury Department. ED officials placed close to $700-million dollars in the wrong Treasury account and then disbursed the money without leaving an auditable paper trail. [crimes, $5 million in abandoned aid program, etc.] 50% Increase in Education Spending! Michelle Malkin linked to an article in the Washington Post that says, "When the newly elected Republican congressional majority roared into Washington in 1995, the most ardent revolutionaries loudly declared their intention to eliminate the Department of Education. The department's budget that year was $24.4 billion. This month, as Republicans nervously stepped back from many of their budget disputes with President Clinton, lawmakers approved spending that will give the Education Department $35.6 billion." That's a 46 percent spending increase! Hmmm… What else has gone up dramatically? Not test scores. Thanks to David Blomstrom. %%Spending Am Inst of Physics 2/2001 says Federal education funding accounts for only about seven percent of all education money %%Goals 2000 %%Teacher Certification National Board for Professional Teaching Standards would multiply more than 100 times by the year 2006. At Clinton’s request, Congress raised the federal subsidy for the board to $18.5 million this year from the previous $5 million. %%National Science Foundation NSF DOES NOT HAVE RIGHT TO THREATEN STATES OVER BACK TO BASICS MATH STANDARDS Washington Fax website Front page specific article %%School To Work @@Finn, Chester Conservative Education Reform advocate supports Certificate of Mastery and "high standards" @@Fireworks Expensive fireworks at homecoming @@Florida See testing, they have A+ testing, if your school fails, you get voucher for a private school @@Flier Most school districts won't allow you to pass out fliers at public meetings, especially campaign materials In Chicago the cops told them that at a public meeting of a public body they were not going to interfere with my public activities unless I was disrupting something, which I wasn't. @@Fordham Conservative think tank that advocates conservative style education "reform", but has bought into standards based reform - 10/10/200 supports standards based reports cards replacing ABC - supports standards based testing Bracey says Fordham's loser states were actually high scorers, slams "standards" based reform. @@Foreign Language North Olmsted, Ohio starts in middle school, only for advanced students who take shorter accelerated english classes. @@Forward To the Basics From Lake Washington Schools School Levy Flyer 1/13/98: Basic education is a phrase most people are familiar with -- reading, writing and arithmetic. These skills remain essential in our classrooms; but the district also stresses _new skills_ that our _society demands_. "Forward to the basics" means students must demonstrate mastery of _technology_ as well as mastery of the language; an understanding of world economies as well as understanding how to _solve math problems_. (College Preparatory Math page) "But is the back to basics movement advocating a return to the old basics, or a move forward to the basics that our citizens will need in order to work, indeed to survive, in the technological universe in which we are all going to be living in just a few years. (The twenty-first century is only five years away.)" --Carl D. Waddle, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Instruction, Fresno City College in a Letter to the Editor of the Fresno Bee, April 6, 1995. @@Foundations Nonprofit foundations are supposed to be nonpolitical, yet they are the source and lifeblood for some of the most harmful education movements. Marc Tucker's NCEE is largely supported by the Carnegie Foundation. Here's an excellent primer: E-FILES 7: HOW FOUNDATIONS CONTROL EDUCATION Further info on Wormser, and Norman Dodd. %%Gates Foundation Fund Gates grants go to 8 districts SeaTimes May 2, 2000 $42.3 million, about $400 per student, Seattle got $26 million, Everett, Spokane, Enumclaw, etc. Blomstrom 3/1/2000 blasts In one of the largest gifts to schools in the United States, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced today a bold $350 million, three-year initiative with the potential to turbo-charge the school-reform movement. GOOD, BAD DONATIONS These two stories appeared on the front of the local news section of the Seattle Times. What more contrast is there between these two visions of education? Why don't we protest this Kirkland thing? Seattle Times 12/3/99 z38\clip\99\21\cathmon.txt Eastside Catholic High gets gift of $1 million The teachers had gathered for a meeting at Eastside Catholic High when a couple stood up and said they had, oh, just a little announcement: They will give $1 million to the Bellevue private school. His main goal is to raise enough money to build a campus for Eastside Catholic High. The school, with 575 students, leases a building from the Bellevue School District in the Newport Hills area. KIRKLAND EVENT - MORE MONEY FOR EDUCATION DEFORM, SIZER & CO z38\clip\99\21\cashsch.txt Seattle Times 12/3/99 Cash for schools awaits ideas by Jolayne Houtz Cash for schools awaits ideas At an intimate, invitation-only event in Kirkland next week, a star-studded lineup of some of the nation's most respected education researchers and philosophers will speak - to an audience of one. The audience is Tom Vander Ark, the man in charge of deciding how the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will spend part of its $17.1 billion endowment. ED EXPERTS TO USE GATES FUND TO DESTROY OUR HIGH SCHOOLS z39\clip\99\21\gatecon.txt Gates conference hears call for many small high schools Thursday, December 9, 1999 By DEBERA CARLTON HARRELL SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER The conference was held by the Gates Foundation and the Daniel J. Evans Graduate School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington. so-called "contract" schools, an extension of the charter school concept, could be organized around shared community values, common themes or missions, such as the arts, "great books," the environment, bilingual education, technology or, in the case of one Miami school, the travel industry rather than "shopping mall" schools. %%general \clip\99\14\wormser.htm Foundations: Their Power and Influence, 1958, 412 pages. soft bound, $20 "It is difficult for the public to understand," writes Mr. Wormser, "that some of the great foundations which have done so much for us in some fields have acted tragically against the public interest in others, but the facts are there for the unprejudiced to recognize. a congressional committee, following backward to their source the threads which led from admitted Communists .. and the Carnegie Endowment to Thomas Lamont, and the Morgan Bank, fell into the whole complicated network of the interlocking tax-exempt foundations. The Eighty-third Congress in July 1953 set up a Special Committee to Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations with Representative B. Carroll Reece, of Tennessee, as chairman. .. An interesting report showing Left-wing associations of the interlocking nexus of tax-exempt foundations was issued in 1954 rather quietly. Four years later, the Reece committee's general counsel, Rene A. Wormser, wrote a shocked, but not shocking, book on the subject called Foundations: Their Power and Influence." (p. 954-955) CHESTER FINN SAYS MONEY IS BEING GIVEN TO PEDDLERS OF EDUCATIONAL "SNAKE OIL" Date sent: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 08:41:05 -0500 From: marjorie/gene malone Subject: Chester E. Finn ,Jr. The new (January'98) edition of Commentary Magazine, pp. l9-23, has a piece written by Chester E. Finn,Jr. relating to foundations and his belief that their monies are not properly being applied to education reform. It is, "Giving It Away:An Open Letter to Bill Gates. Chester Finn is the President of the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation. Most loopers have studied much about Chester Finn and his weaving in and out of the reform debate going on today so I will not prejudge the article and let you read/decide what he is saying. However, I will give a small opinion-I think he has some good points that foundations need to be reigned in-but, as usual his solutions are wrong. What say -you? Gene @@Frameworks FRAMEWORKS FRAUD \clip\98\03\whole.htm L.A. Weekly Blackboard Bungle: Why California Kids Can't Read By Jill Stewart "I don't think many teachers have actually benefitted from reading this thing," says Simonowski, pointing to a page of the framework. "I tried out these concepts, and I see this framework for what it is: a jobs program for tutors, reading consultants and child psychiatrists. Give me a child who has been taught simple discipline at home, and I will use what we all know about teaching reading to give you a child who can read and write fluently." "It's pitiful out there, and I blame the experts and the textbook companies who make big bucks every time California figures out a whole new way to teach reading." @@Free Time WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO TIME TO DO NOTHING? Doing Nothing Is Something. Anna Quindlen Newsweek May 13, 2002 p. 76 The overscheduled children of 21st century American, deprived of the gift of boredome. Summer is coming - soccer leagues, acting classes. Our children are as overscheduled as we are. How about nothing? U Michigan study says American kids have lost 4 unstructured hours a week over the past 20 years. ($ at @@Freedom z45\clip\2000\09\edfree.txt From The Wall Street Journal, September 19, 2000 Grading States on Their Education Freedom By JAY P. GREENE And CHESTER E. FINN JR. Says states that are most free to choose schools score the best. How Free is Free Public Education? \clip\98\16\v5n11.htm Centralized Goal Formation and Systemic Reform: Reflections on Liberty, Localism and Pluralism Kenneth A. Strike Cornell University This paper asks whether there are reasonable concerns about liberty raised by standards driven systemic reform. @@Funding Equalization VERMONT EQUALIZATION LAW DRAWS REVOLT FROM "HAVES" \clip\99\18\act60.txt America's Newest Class War An innovative Vermont law designed to equalize school funding has pitted the haves against the have-nots by David Goodman September/October 1999 To accomplish this, Vermont'S act 60 replaced dozens of wildly varying local school-tax rates with one statewide property tax (also known as "the school tax") to be phased in over three years. By next year, all Vermont homeowners will be paying $1.10 per $100 of their assessed property value ($1,100 on a $100,000 home). In return, the state will distribute an inflation-adjusted block grant to each school district. @@Gabler Mel Texas couple that crusades against erronous textbooks in Texas and has affected textbook market in their favor. Theve been on national TV since the 80s Mel and Norma Gabler educational research analysts and authorities in the field of textbook evaluation, will be visiting Federal Way this month. Please take advantage of their time in our state to see how our local textbooks rate according to various criteria. You can visit their website at TOPIC: What are They Teaching Our Children? @@Gap (Race, Gender) %%Jewish WHY FOCUS ON GAPS WHEN WE DON'T WORRY ABOUT JEWISH WHITE GAP z53\clip\2001\10\jewgap.txt Ignoring the Gap and Raising the Bar on Test Scores Washington Post, 23 x 01 By Jay Mathews "The socioeconomic gap between Jews and Christians today is greater than the gap between blacks and whites," they write. "Jewish per capita incomes are nearly double those of non-Jews, a bigger difference than the black-white income gap. Although Jews make up less than 3 percent of the population, they constitute more than a quarter of the people on the Forbes magazine list of the richest four hundred Americans. A remarkable 87 percent of college-age Jews are currently enrolled in institutions of higher education, %%Opinion z56\clip\2002\05\racegap.txt \clip\2002\05\racegap.htm V83 N1 Pp41-58 September 2001: 33rd Annual PDK/Gallup Pol Pl age 1 of 40 The 33rd Annual Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup Pol Of the Public's Attitudes Toward the Public By Lowell C. Rose and Alec M. Gallup Do white students perform better? 48% Yes 39% Same 5% Lower Do blacks have the same opportunities 79% Yes 18% No Gap related to quality of schools Yes 21% 73% Other 6% Don't know %%Race Vs. Quality Simply putting poorly trained kids into the best schools does NOT erase the race gap. See desegregation BERKELEY HIGH INTEGRATION DOES NOT = HIGH MINORITY ACHIEVEMENT z58\clip\2002\09\berkhi.txt Berkeley, CA: Top-Notch School Fails to Close 'Achievement Gap LaShawna Candies is a product of the other Berkeley High. The 15-year-old, timid and self-doubting, returned last week to start her sophomore year. As a freshman she scored Fs in most subjects, and reads at a second-grade level. She may never be able to decipher a job application, let alone a college text. Berkeley's black student population is nearly triple the city's 12% rate of African American residents @@Gardner (Multiple Intelligences) see Multiple Intelligences GARDNER OPPOSES HIRSCH, ASKS FOR CHOICE BETWEEN TRADITION, PROGRESSIVE \doc\web\98\06\gardnr.txt (Letter to Education Week) LOW SCORES ARE GREAT! clip\98\06\newscl01.txt New York Times 3/2/98 Commentary Low Scores Are No Disgrace By HOWARD GARDNER CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- The dismal performance of American 12th graders on the Third International Mathematics and Science Study is naturally disheartening. Even in a pool that From: Mkinniery Date sent: Fri, 6 Mar 1998 19:26:57 EST I was delighted to see in today's "Times" four caustic letters to the editor re: Gardner's bizarre, desperate and revealing op-ed. My favorite reply was from the woman in Connecticut who said, though we have every reason to celebrate the low scores (since they measure lowest common denominator skills), "let's shoot for last place!" next time... EDUCATION CONSUMERS CLEARINGHOUSE @@Gardner, John (Vouchers) z56\clip\2002\07\gardner.txt Q&A: John Gardner, school choice backer By Steve Sailer UPI National Correspondent ( @@Gates Grants Gates gives out money for smaller "schools within schools". But SAT scores are higher in larger schools, and it's just silly to prevent students from taking classes in other "houses" for the sake of smallness. GATES GRANT: STUDENT NOT ABLE TO TAKE CLASS IN OTHER HOUSE z76\clip\2004\01\gateno.txt Gates Grant schools are 'dumbing down' KEN SEVERE; Lakewood; "she sought some classes that were not within her house. This displeased the teachers outside her house as well as the administration." @@Gato, John Taylor z48\clip\2001\02\gato.txt March 2001 The World According To Gatto By David Ruenzel Teacher Magazine early in the 19th century, the spread of industrialization demanded that people become full-time factory workers; thus "the new utopian world of forced schooling" was created. @@Gay Education Gay/Lesb/Transgender education ranges from "tolerance" to "safe schools" which promotes gay sexual techniques and attacking views which are not politically correct. SAFE SCHOOLS OR UNSAFE SEX? GLSEN teaches children how to engage in gay sex, fisting, and other fun stuff that the christian right objects to in Mass, and targeting the south. PRO-GAY LEGISLATION IN CALF \clip\2000\08\gaybill.txt FROM ROBYN NORDELL 8/16/00 SB 1326: This bill by Senator Tom Hayden (D-Santa Monica) would require "greater educational understanding of the issues of racism, sexism, religious intolerance, homophobia, bias against persons with disabilities, and other forms of bigotry, AB 1785: This bill by Assemblyman Antonio Villaraigosa (D-Los Angeles) would require education "about the diversity of California's population and discouraging the development of discriminatory attitudes and practices." In the bill, "diversity" is more than race and ethnicity -- it includes "sexual orientation" in all its forms. AB 1931: This third homosexual curriculum bill would actually send schoolchildren on pro-homosexuality field trips. AB 1931 by Assemblyman Jack Scott (D-Pasadena) authorizes $2 million in taxpayer funds for "tolerance" field trips for students and teachers. OFFICIAL FIRED AFTER TAPED SESSION SHOWS GAY-ED WENT OVERBOARD z47\clip\2000\12\gaytalk.txt 'Sex educator' sues parent Charged with civil-rights violations for recording homosexual workshop By Julie Foster © 12/2000 A parent who secretly audio-taped a workshop in which Massachusetts state employees gave teen-agers graphic instruction in how to perform homosexual sex acts is being sued by a workshop presenter who was fired after the recording was made public. Massachusetts Department of Education has historically provided funding to GLSEN through the state's "Safe Schools Program." @@Generation 45-54 YR UK COME OUT ON TOP, THEN 65+ THEN KIDS z46\clip\2000\10\dumb.txt Poll finds young Brits 'dumber' than oldsters By JOHN EZARD The Guardian 10/29/00 Young 18- to 24-year-old British adults are measurably "dumber " than older age groups, Fewer than a third of them can name Winston Churchill, Britain's war-time hero, as a prime minister who served before 1945. The age group that emerged as most knowledgeable was 45- to 54-year-olds, who began their schooling under the post-1945 grammar school/seconda ry modern school system and finished it as comprehensive schooling was st arting to become widespread. People over 65, whose education began when rote learning was more com mon, scored well on some answers but came top on only six. Young adults were top on five questions - all about pop culture or the Internet. @@Genital Examinations Some school authorities are implementing routine genital examinations for evidence of child abuse without parental notification or permission. \clip\99\17\genexam.txt Oaklahoma parents sue over preschool exams Some info: . Http:// \clip\99\15\examv.txt 7/28/99 Exams violated girls' civil rights By JOE McDONALD Pocono Record Writer East Stroudsburg School District violated the civil rights of eight girls during a school physical three years ago that included a genital examination, U.S. District Judge A. Richard Caputo ruled Tuesday. In 1997 the East Stroudsburg School District preformed pelvic exams on 59 students, without their parents knowledge or consent. The cost of the innocence of those 59 is listed below. The school district settled by paying $7,500 to each of the girls. The physician also settled out of court by paying $25,000 to each girl."\\Culture\\archive\\200103\\CUL20 010305b.html JANUARY 14 1999 Genital exams for preschoolers? Lawsuit filed against Tulsa Head Start program By Jon E. Dougherty © 1999 E D U C A T I O N R E P O R T E R April 1998 South Carolina Kindergartners Undergo Genital Exams From: "Thomas A. Carder" (by way of Fred Battey ) March 3, 1997 Marshall Fritz, The Separation of School & State Alliance and I are trying to build a special repository of any and all information about genital and other forms of sexual invasion of public school children. The repository (a free information service) will appear as a chapter on the CAP site and is likely to be mirrored at the SepSchool site. The CAP site address for the special repository will be Each of you will be notified of when the page becomes reality. @@Germany Reforms like STW and CIM are patterned after Germany, yet Germany tracks its students far more rigidly, and has much higher basic skills standards than the US. See details under school to work on why germany is a failed model, and how germans are tracked into unskilled, vocational and college tracks. %%Basic Skills
  • 4th graders in Germany write english better than US high schoolers memorize multiplication tables up to 20x20. %%CIM and STW CIM and STW are patterned after countries like Germany Ore CIM/STW PATTERNED AFTER GERMAN VOCATIONAL MODEL %%Unemployment \CLIP\98\02\lagerm.txt Los Angeles Times Saturday, April 12, 1997 Page: A-1 Qualified, Educated ... Yet Lacking a Good Job; Germany's effort to protect its workers has boomeranged, creating a corps of long-term unemployed.; By: MARY WILLIAMS WALSH TIMES STAFF WRITER BERLIN [Germany has a rigid, expensive labor system that results in 11% unemployment] @@Gerstner, Louis Jr. IBM big shot who supports High Stakes Testing and Higher Standards, stepped down, but continues to deform our schools. Gerald Bracey 1/2003: Now Lou Gerstner, recently stepped down from IBM will form the Teaching Commission to improve teaching. Executive Director of the Teaching Commission is R. Gaynor McCown, former senior vice president at Edison Schools, Inc. NY Times 1/22/2003 A Quest to Upgrade Teaching By GREG WINTER Louis V. Gerstner Jr., who retired in December as chairman of I.B.M., has assembled a special panel to... rustle up — and better yet, hold onto — legions of superb teachers when they could probably make a lot more money doing something a lot less challenging? 10/2001: [IBM Chairman Louis] Gerstner had harsh words for the critics of testing, who have argued that education has been hurt by the push to raise scores by teaching to the test. They hide behind the new bogeyman of testing, and they say they speak for the children," Gerstner said. "But if you listen closely, what you hear is a pathetic willingness to sacrifice an entire generation, and deny them their shot at a better chance, a better future, and a better life." GERSTENER IS PRIMARY FORCE BEHIND HIGHER STANDARDS Undermining Standards Phi Delta Kappan May 2001 p. 653 John Merrow "The prime mover behind standards has been IBM CEO Louis Gerstner Jr.. was the principal organizer behind the National Education Summit meetings in 1996 and 1997.. involved nearly every state governor" Article lambasts goals 2000 Donates to GW Bush NY republicans. @@Gifted Washington State and others reserve money for gifted students, but there is controversy over how to pick them. In Seattle it's Spectrum, Quest in Lake Washington. Flury thinks it just supports egos and is a sign of a failed ed system, my family sent 7 kids to MIT and Stanford without putting us into any gifted programs, in fact, we had a bad experience with one such program, mom and some other folks claim it might be a plot to hold talented kids BACK to let other kids catch up by teaching them wierd stuff they don't need to know instead of basic math. %%Against Rent the video 'Harrison Bergeron". "All children must be average" is the premise. The setting is the 50's and the story line is amazing. Flury Gifted classes, special needs, and remediation classes are all inventions of our failing education system. Parents who want their child to go to gifted class do so for egotistical reasons because they want to be able to tell everyone that their Johnny or Susie is smarter than Joey and Dotty and requires special lessons to keep his/her mind occupied. There are many options open to children who are truly gifted, without setting up some phoney cerebral caste system within our public schools. A brilliant short story was written on this theme aorund 1961 called "Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut. It's in his collection, Welcome to the Monkey House. -Natalie %%College There are programs that find middle school kids who outscore college students on the SAT 7th grader skips high school, is MIT grad student at 18 z45:\priv\2000\09\gift7.txt Tobin: The JHU Talented Youth program was a wonderful program. it begins in 5th grade. It was harmless, and in fact quite helpful for "gifted and talented" kids. I should know, one of my kids now attends JHU 5th graders take the PSAT, 7th graders who score in 98+ percentile take the college SAT. JHU give awards for kids in 7th grade that match or exceed the "average" score of the College Bound Kids that took the test that year. You would be surprised how many 7th graders better the score of the College bound kids. Mr. Quan: My son decided not to go, even with a 1160 on the PSAT. He was hired that summer as a senior programmer for large oil exploration company. Later he skipped high school and went directly to college. At 18 today, he is a graduate student at MIT. %%Complaints COMPLAINTS ABOUT GIFTED IN VA, MD z42\clip\2000\06\vagift.txt By Tracey A. Reeves Washington Post Staff Writer Monday, May 22, 2000; Page B01 Programs For Gifted Varied, Strained Maryland has no statewide rules for gifted education. Virginia has a policy that simply requires school districts to screen for gifted children and then offer them programs different from the regular curriculum. Montgomery County--About 38,000, or 29 percent, of the 131,181 students are gifted or receiving gifted services, school officials say. Prince George's County--About 17,000, or 13 percent, of the 133,000 students have been identified as gifted, but as many as 21,000 students receive gifted services. %%Seattle YOU GET TO DECIDE IF YOUR CHILD IS GIFTED z40\clip\2000\04\gifted.htm Thursday, April 06, 2000 If you think you're gifted, just raise your hand high Susan Nielsen / Times Staff Columnist Schools historically have used tests to figure out who's gifted. The latest idea in Seattle schools is to let parents and students decide for themselves instead. It's a possibility raised by Superintendent Joseph Olchefske and echoed by school board President Barbara Schaad-Lamphere. Call it the "If you think you are, you are" philosophy of giftedness. Topic also raised by Weissbach KVI570 SPECTRUM IN SEATTLE z40\clipim\2000\03\gifted.txt Seattle Times Editorials & Opinion : Monday, March 13, 2000 Gifted kids still exist There is no doubt that the current Spectrum program for highly capable students is parent-driven, politically charged, geographically lopsided and patently incomprehensible. The state pays school districts to provide enrichment for gifted students. It works out to $320 a kid for the top 2 percent z40\clip\2000\03\gifted.txt 3/22/2000 Seattle Times Gifted education Educate our highly capable children to highest levels Barbara Schaad-Lamphere, President, Seattle School Board @@Girls Common wisdom is that girls are shortchanged in education, but girls usually do better in most education statistics. %%General z41\clip\2000\05\girlbet.txt Arizona Republic Regarding education, the weaker sex is male Apr. 29, 2000 by Steve Wilson Who would you say are doing better in school these days, boys or girls? Chances are, you're thinking boys. z41\clip\2000\05\girlbet.txt Arizona Republic Regarding education, the weaker sex is male Apr. 29, 2000 by Steve Wilson Who would you say are doing better in school these days, boys or girls? Chances are, you're thinking boys. Girls get better grades and take more advanced placement classes. In reading and writing, the average boy is a year and a half behind the average girl. Boys are less likely to go to college. Full-time college enrollment across the nation was 55 percent female in 1997, and the spread is widening. The U.S. Department of Education projects that 9.2 million women and 6.9 million men will be enrolled in 2007. Girls score higher on tests of musical and artistic ability. %%Geography NEW YORK TIMES May 31, 2000 Girls a Distant 2nd in Geography Gap Among U.S. Pupils By KATE ZERNIKE Ten students from across the country gathered as finalists in the National Geography Bee on a Washington stage last week, standing alongside "Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek and waving at their parents beaming in the audience. But all shared one notable trait, the same shared by all but two finalists in the 12-year history of the contest. And the answer is? They were all boys. Full text: %%Grades GIRLS HIGHER GRADES, BUT HIGHER DISTRESS z56\clip\2002\06\grade.txt 26-Jun-2002 Press release: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign June issue of the Journal of Educational Psychology: new study at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign shows that girls also experience more internal costs -- worry, anxiety and depression -- despite their academic success. Girls' higher grades come with emotional price tag, researchers say Girls outperformed boys in all four subjects, although the gap narrowed slightly as children entered seventh grade. Regardless of their grades, girls reported more internal distress than did the boys. @@Glaser, William William Glaser - Reality Therapy Schools Without Failure "The book details the shortcomings of current education and proposes a daring new program to reduce school failure--a program based on increased involvement, relevance, and thinking, as opposed to mere memory drill." And there you have it. The book was copyrighted in 1969. This geezer's been around awhile. From: (Steve Jerrett) The school district that my children attend is pushing the theories of William Glasser (Control theory, Quality Schools, etc.) I find much of this to be extreme and nonconducive to academic excellence. Has anyone else had any experience with Glasser? Dose anyone know of a school district where it has produced desirable results or one where it has failed? @@Glossary @@Goals 2000 @@Grade Some reforms replace grades with sophisticated number based equivalents, others like Alfie Kohn believe that grades should be abolished altogether. %%Abolish z56\clip\2002\06\reptcard.txt SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER Parents appeal required use of report cards Court intervention sought at alternative school Wednesday, June 12, 2002 By TRACY JOHNSON SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER REPORTER Parents who say they don't want their children being graded, labeled and compared are challenging Seattle Public Schools' mandatory use of report cards. Their children go to Alternative School No. 1, a popular Northgate school that offers kindergarten through eighth grade and specializes in hands-on, or "experiential," learning. PARENTS SHOULDN'T EVEN ASK FOR LETTER GRADES. \clip\98\08\kohn5.txt A. Kohn PDK article April 1998 · Volume 79 · Number 8 568 Only for My Kid: How Privileged Parents Undermine School Reform, by Alfie Kohn ". They are learning to do without grades, although they would still like them. Maybe in a few years they won't even whisper; they just won't ask." " %%Inflation This article from The Chronicle of Higher Education From the issue dated April 6, 2001 Grade Inflation: It's Time to Face the Facts By HARVEY C. MANSFIELD The official grades will conform with Harvard'sinflated distribution, in which one-fourth of all grades given to undergraduates are now A's, and another fourth are A-'s. Says compressed grades that are all A's makes it impossible to tell who is better than whom. %%Point %%Standards Based z56\clip\2002\06\stangrad.txt June 11, 2002 MEDIA & MARKETING Instead of Awarding Grades, More Schools Measure Skills By ROBERT TOMSHO Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL "After the Federal Way School District near Seattle switched to standards-based grading in 1998, the uproar from parents and teachers was so great that, even after hiring a professional mediator to make peace, the district soon retreated to letter grades." FEDERAL WAY ADOPTS 0-3 PT SKILL BREAKDOWN TO REPLACE ABC GRADES \clip\98\05\fedgrade.txt Seattle Times Feb 18, 1998 p. B2 District says goodbye to traditional grades %%Limited COTTAGE GROVE GIVES NO "D" ONLY ABC/FAIL WITH DUMBED DOWN CURRICULUM The answer was/is no student will receive a "D." The grading system is "A" "B" "C" and "F," based on the premise that ALL students will and can learn 70% or the work or they can't graduate. ( The grading system used to be "A", "B" and IP, In Progress, until parents pitched a fit and pointed out that in order for ALL students to receive an A or B, the curriculum would have to be dumbed down. They were right, the curriculum had been dumbed down and it still is.) %%Mastery OREGON GIVES OBE GRADES, TEACHING TRAINING \clip\98\16\practea.txt Practicing What They'll Teach Grading is another area where the landscape has changed for both students and teachers. Under state reform, letter grades are no long the sole measure of success. \clip\98\08\barter.txt D-B principal proposes new grading system based on mastery instead of barter by MICHELE WILDER Dobyns-Bennett High School principal Judd Porter asked Kingsport School Board members to keep in mind Tuesday night as he presented a mastery-based grading system %%State Mandated Scale FLORIDA EASES UP ON STATEWIDE %RIGHT GRADING SCALE z49\clip\2001\05\flagrade.txt Lawmakers lower the grading scale, expand vouchers By DIANE RADO © St. Petersburg Times, published May 5, 2001 TALLAHASSEE -- For the first time since a statewide grading system was created 14 years ago, Florida's high school students may have an easier time making an A. Under the bill, the new statewide grading scale would be: 90 to 100 percent for an A, rather than 94 to 100 now. An A grade has required 94 percent since 1987, when the Legislature first passed a statewide grading scale. 80 to 89 percent for a B, rather than 85 through 93 now. 70 to 79 percent for a C, rather than 77 to 84 percent now. 60 to 69 percent for a D, rather than 70 to 76 percent now. 59 percent or below for an F, rather than 69 percent now. FLORIDA MANDATES PERCENT TO LETTER GRADE SCALE Miami Herald 5/6/00 Easier school grades mandated Legislators bring rules in line with those of other states BY SUSAN FERRECHIO Z41\clip\2000\05\flgrade.txt Students would no longer have to earn a 94 or higher to receive an A. Like schools in most other states, a 90 or above would qualify. An 80 would earn a B grade, instead of the currently required 85, and the bar for earning a C would drop seven points, to 70. %%Swiss now under Swiss OBE tests are evaluated by codes (LA=very satisfactory, A=satisfactory, EVA=becoming satisfactory, NA=not satisfactory) but report cards have grades from 2 to 6 ! using arithmetic averages is forbidden for teachers! %%Test Compton tried tying grades to standardized test, parents in uproar z39\clip\2000\01\compgrade.txt Compton Parents Sue Over Grading System Education: Judge refuses to bar use of writing exam as a factor, pending a hearing, but says litigants can have their children's grades withheld. By DOUG SMITH, INDRANEEL SUR, Times Staff Writers @@Grade Inflation It's better to be in a school that gives out harder grades than one that gives out higher "inflated" grades. So it's not just the letter but a realistic assessment that matters. TRACKING AND TOUGH GRADING WORKS z50\clip\2001\08\track.txt AUGUST 27, 2001 By Gene Koretz What Makes Sally Learn: How grading and "tracking" pay off The study indicates that shifting to a class with high grading standards significantly improves learning. And shifting from a tough teacher to an easy grader retards learning by a similar amount. BEST SCHOOLS HAVE LOWER, WORST HAVE HIGHER GRADE AVERAGES z50\clip\2001\07\grade.txt From The Columbus Dispatch [], Saturday, July 21, 2001. See Inflating grades simply deflates education By William Bainbridge "Data show that schools with low achievement generally have a higher grade-point average than schools with high achievement. " SF: INCREASE ABC GRADES BY 5% OR ELSE clip\98\sfgrade.txt Return to regular view Teachers Told to Pump Up Grades Quota of 5% more A's, B's, C's asked at S.F. high school Nanette Asimov, Chronicle Staff Writer Saturday, April 4, 1998 ©1998 San Francisco Chronicle URL: \doc\web\98\04\gradinfl.txt From: James Burts Article Sundays 3/29/98 Eastside journal Spokane Quote But the increase in perfect GPAs has not been matched by an increase in real achievement as measured on national test. That's called grade inflation. In other words today's A isn't your father's A these days B not C is an average grade for high schoolers education experts agree. @@Graduation Grade The trend is to eliminate general 11th and 12th grade and turn them into vocational training, or 1st 2 years of college, as outlined in Marc Tucker's plan. Exit is moved back to grade 10, while entrance is moved back to compulsory preschool "early education" starting at age 3. AP courses also help this trend by moving college course into high school. TURN GRADE 11 12 INTO JR COLLEGE WITH ASSOCIATE DEGREE z52\clip\2001\09\top2grad.txt N.Y. school plan skips senior year, 11th grade September 10, 2001 Bard High School Early College in New York City is jumping students from 10th grade to college classes on the same campus, and awarding them associate degrees z42\clip\2000\05\grad10.txt How Much High School Is Enough? Some Students Benefit by Leaving After 10th Grade, Some Educators Contend Simon's Rock College: The nation's only liberal arts and sciences college designed for students of high-school age. @@Graduation Ability NAEP: near the end of high school, blacks read at the same level as white 8th graders kinds of text that are common both in college and in our modern office economy. * 7 in 10 Whites have mastered the usage and computation of fractions, commonly used percents, and averages, compared to only 3 in 10 African American and 4 in 10 Latino 17 year-olds. * By age 17, only about 1 in 17 students can read and gain information from specialized text— something like the science section in your local newspaper. The numbers are much worse for students of color. Only 1 in 50 Latinos and 1 in 100 African American 17 year-olds can read at this level, compared to about 1 in 12 Whites. Report advocates college prep curriculum for all students, saying that vocational tracks are obsolete, cites NY Regents for all requirement, and dumping "outmoded ways of teaching algebra", which would favor "integrated" rain forest math. @@Graduation Level HARTFORD HIGH SCHOOL GRADS DON'T MAKE 10TH GRADE POLICE TEST z45\clip\2000\10\citygrad.txt Many City Grads Not Up To The Test By RACHEL GOTTLIEB The Hartford Courant October 17, 2000 When 136 graduates of Hartford public schools took a recent entrance exam for city police jobs, 90 of them failed. The test's reading level: about 10th grade. @@Graduation Requirements Graduation requirements are getting stiffer, but some are more lax Some are proposing 3-5 year high school tracks to keep outcomes same, but vary time. %%Algebra CLASS OF 2004 IN CA MUST PASS ALGEBRA TO GET DIPLOMA Thursday, December 04, 2003 Contra Costa Times Starting with the class of 2004, all high school students must pass Algebra I to earn a diploma %%Higher z63\doc\web\2003\01\rigrad.txt Rhode Island Graduation Requirements The Rhode Island Board of Regents for Education has approved new graduation requirements that do not mandate any standardized testing. exams may not count for "more than 10 percent of all the weighted factors contributing to promotion or graduation." NO GRAD CEREMONY IF YOU DON'T PLAN MORE EDUCATION z56\clip\2002\05\nograd.txt May 7, 2002 Talk about it E-mail story Print No Plans, No Graduation Rite, Seniors Told Policy: Only students bound for college, a trade or military can take part in ceremony. No Plans, No Graduation Rite, Seniors Told By DAVID PIERSON, TIMES STAFF WRITER Officials in the Los Angeles school system's local District C, covering the southwest Valley, defend the policy as a way to encourage more students to consider college "Kati Haycock, director of Education Trust, a school reform advocacy group based in Washington, D.C., said the policy was "odd" but important. " A DIPLOMA IS WORTHLESS WITHOUT HIGHER ED District C policy page Steve Lopez: Points West Spelling Out a Graduation Plan May 8, 2002 ST. VRAIN/LONGMONT TO REQUIRE 8TH GRADE SKILLS FOR 12TH GRADE DIPLOMA z55\clip\2002\01\grad8.txt Diploma may require certificate By Kate Larsen Camera Staff Writer SEATTLE STARTS FLUNKING D AVG SENIORS, HALF FLUNK 2ND CHANCE TEST z52\priv\2001\10\grad.txt 78 high school seniors passed special test for graduation; 97 failed Thursday, October 4, 2001 By GREGORY ROBERTS SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER REPORTER Olchefske also gets a "well-deserved" $12,000 raise to $175,000 24% SEATTLE, 40% BLACKS WONT MAKE C AVG GRAD REQUIREMENTS \doc\web\2001\03\diprisk.txt Seattle Times Mar 31, 2001 Diplomas are at risk for 1 in 4 in Seattle Keith Ervin [despite efforts at improvement] 2 of 5 blacks at risk. \z48\doc\web\2001\03\diprisk.wk1 seattle high school seniors 1st sem falling below 2.00 gpa to graduate school 99-00 00-01 rainier beach 33 37 district 29 34 west seattle 41 32 race 99-00 00-01 asian 20 16 1.00 black 50 41 -2.56 latino 35 32 -2.00 natam 45 33 -2.06 white 21 16 1.00 all 29 24 -1.50 Seattle hs < C avg W1.00 B-2.56 H-2.00 A1.00 N-2.06 The class of 2001 is 1st subject to - c average - read 20 books write senior project demonstrate math proficiency perform 20 hrs community service to graduate - waive c average if they pass rq test to wasl 80% FAILURE RATE - CHICAGO CHARTER REQUIRES PORTFOLIOS TO GRADUATE z43\priv\2000\07\defend.txt June 30, 2000 Seattle Times At Chicago school, students must defend their work -- or risk failure Lekeisha will graduate today along with just six of her classmates. The 25 other eighth-graders at the school will be held back, mainly because they failed to keep detailed portfolios of their work since sixth grade. acronin notes very low test scores, Seattle Times did not want to show portfolios just don't work Sheridan: For years, California law has required districts to determine minimum proficiencies. That law has been repealed with the institution of the state High School Exit Exam. State graduation Requirements Chart NJ OPPOSITION TO MANDANTORY 4 DAY SCHOOL 1 DAY WORK WEEK \clip\98\18\njstw.txt Opposition to School-To-Work: Bergen Record, November 25, 1998 Key parts of high school reform plan opposed Wednesday, November 25, 1998 By DAVID GLOVIN Staff Writer Under the new plan, the state would no longer require specific courses. Instead, students need only pass competency tests early in their junior year, as well as meet local graduation requirements. New Jersey officials say relaxing course requirements will make it more feasible for districts to expose students to the range of topics required in new state curriculum standards. %%Not Needed THE BIG CON IS THAT NEW JOBS WILL REQUIRE THAT ALL MEET COLLEGE ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS TO GRADUATE FROM HIGH SCHOOL Redovich Center for the Study of Jobs & Education in Wisconsin and U.S. What is the big con in education in the United States? By Dennis W. Redovich April 2001 What is the rationale for President Bush’s testing plan? What is the rationale for high stakes testing at any grade level? What is the rationale for high school graduation tests? What is the rationale for eliminating social promotion? What is the rationale for requiring all students to master algebra? What is the rationale for all students to meet the requirements of college entrance to graduate from high school? [Most new jobs won't require any more skills than jobs of the 20th century] 77% of new jobs require less than bachelors degree. A bachelor's degree is not needed for many computer jobs. Only 4% of new jobs require advanced math or science skills. %%Performance based Also see grad requirements WA BILL TO BAN NEW OBE REQUIREMENT z48\clip\2001\02\hb1312.txt Tell School Board to not impose performance/projects "the new requirement that students must complete a plan and culminating project before graduation provides school districts with less autonomy and flexibility than they had before the new requirements were adopted. In addition, the requirement may constrain a student's opportunity to participate in programs such as running start and tech-prep" z48\clip\2001\02\seagrad.txt SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER The path to high school graduation may change Thursday, February 15, 2001 By LISA STIFFLER SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER REPORTER Simply warming a desk seat and pulling a "C" average won't be enough to earn a Seattle Public Schools diploma beginning with the class of 2006, district officials and educators said yesterday. STATE BOARD TO COPY LWSD OBE GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS z45\clip\2000\08\statgrad.txt By Catherine Hawley - Journal Reporter 2000-08-23 New state graduation requirements near: Student performance to be focus in earning high school diploma Notes on meeting. Why Lake Washington's Performance Based Requirements are bad JBurts gets letter in Eastside Journal 6/12/00 complaining about requirements. LAKE WASHINGTON IGNORES ANGRY PARENTS z42\clip\2000\06\lwgrad.txt Lake Wash. raises bar for graduation 2000-06-06 by Catherine Hawley Journal Reporter New graduation standards were approved last night by the Lake Washington School Board, despite doubts expressed by some parents. Latest LWSD madness - 3 AP exams to get "high honors", fill out tax form to pass minimum, all coursework goes away. z42\clipim\2000\06\01\L5Draft61.pdf Lake Washington wants to require a senior project, work "field" experience, and community service, plus "proficiency" in several "advanced literacies" with passing standard to be defined by teachers and committees. No student will be permitted unless they meet the highest proficiency standard in all areas. It is based Ted Sizer's ideas. Yakima Promotion Standards Students must demonstrate performance and above 25th percentile on standardized test. LITTLETON HAD HIGH STUDENT, STAFF DROPOUT HOMESCHOOL RATES \doc\web\99\07\litobe.txt From: Joan Battey Discovered this afternoon that "Government Nannies: The cradle-to-grave agenda of Goals 2000 & Outcome Based Education: by Cathy Duffy (1995) has several references to Littleton, Colorado. loss of students and staff were byproducts of Littleton High's outcome-based education: 'Littleton High School has to face a distressing loss of students, which many teachers attribute to our complex experimental program. 73 students from next year's 9th grade class have either to enroll in our two other high schools or to homeschool, and over 20 upper classmen have chosen not to return to Littleton High School. We will lose 7 staff members." They had 36 demonstrations that students must perform to graduate. Students still took high-school classes, and received grades, but the grades carried no weight for high-school graduation. The impact of this policy was obvious: 533 students enrolled in algebra. Of those only 145 students completed the course. 160 students were scheduled to retake it in summer school. The other 228 dropped the course, receiving incompletes. There was no incentive to complete the course, because demonstrating knowledge of algebra was not a graduation requirement. (8th grade math will do.). @@Grammar Schools SELECTIVE SCHOOLS EXCLUDE POOR, BUT NOT MINORITIES z46\clip\2000\11\gramm.txt Grammars 'exclude the poor' The Campaign for State Education says it has figures to show that grammar schools are more than six times less likely to have pupils from deprived backgrounds than the average comprehensive. ... But the selective system appeared to be open to pupils from ethnic minorities, with over half the counties surveyed showing an above average representation of ethnic minority pupils in grammar schools. 45-54 YR UK COME OUT ON TOP, THEN 65+ THEN KIDS z46\clip\2000\10\dumb.txt Poll finds young Brits 'dumber' than oldsters By JOHN EZARD The Guardian 10/29/00 The age group that emerged as most knowledgeable was 45- to 54-year-olds, who began their schooling under the post-1945 grammar school/seconda ry modern school system and finished it as comprehensive schooling was st arting to become widespread. @@Greater Council of Churches Julanne Burts says the greater council of churches is involved in ed reform and goals 2000, they use the Delphi facilitation process to create consensus. @@Griffin Griffin Center for Human Development works on DAP Developmentally Appropriate. This stuff comes from Griffin Center for Human Development DAP Just Isn't Working In PA Cumberland Valley School District Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 Adopts DAP, Griffin as consultants. "the teachers in grades fourth through sixth are in agreement with the parents that the DAP program is just not working. The children are not exhibiting the same skills that previous students have shown in class work. " Skills list by Griffin Center For Human Development 3R's is at bottom of this list too. @@Grossen, Bonnie ***** Excellent University of Oregon education reform critic Home Page and link to several excellent articles. @@Group, group assignment In a group, the good students do all the work, but they lose credit when their colleagues don't do any work. The laggards gain, but don't neccesarily learn anything. Everybody gets the same grade regardless of contribution. Group project drags down A+, raises D student \doc\web\98\10\group.txt GROUP WORK / GRADE FOLLOWS MARXIST MAXIM FROM EACH.... From: Date sent: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 10:59:36 EDT << FROM EACH ACCORDING TO HIS ABILITY TO EACH ACCORDING TO HIS NEED >> either of my copies of the 1977 version of the old USSR Constitution. I still recall how startled I was to read in this USSR Constitution, "From each according to his ability; to each according to his WORKS." In the 1987 version, it is in the middle of page 13, in "Article 14." It is appropriate that I have stored it in the bookcase with my Massachusetts constitution; the Massachusetts constitution is a meaningful as that of the USSR. The Massachusetts legislature actually operates on the lines of the Golden Rule: "He who has the gold (*or the raw power*) makes the rules." Art (aka "Art the Arch Conservative.") Teacher seats students in "pods" where teacher is hard to see, not everybody has to be in a group. @@Grouping "the multi-age DAP-based groups I have seen and have talked to teachers about have been disastrous. It is only common sense that one teacher with heterogeneous large groups of children seems a recipe for failure." @@Guilford, J.P. Structure of Intellect developed by J.P. Guilford in the 1960s is not scientifically valid. "George K. Cunningham" He proposed a complex theory of intelligence based on a three dimensional model of intelligence that yielded 120 facets of intelligence. His views were popular at the time and Guilford is a knowledgeable effective writer. Unfortunately, there is no good evidence to support his view of intelligence and the factor analytic methods he uses are not accepted by knowledgeable experts in the field. You can think of him as a precursor for Howard Gardner. Both are desperately anxious to disprove the prevailing views of intelligence, which see it dominated by a single factor (g). @@Guinea Pigs NYT's today.: As an informed and involved New York City public school parent, I offer another lesson that school administrators and policy makers need to learn: to respect the values and standards parents hold for their children's education, over and above education experimentation and professional advancement. Parents have had enough of trendy, flavor-of-the-month educational reforms, like whole language and fuzzy math. Our children are continually used as guinea pigs for pedagogical fads, promulgated not by experienced classroom tachers who know better, bt by those with vested interests in securing abundant grants and with an eye to the professional glory of being on the cutting edge." signed-Elizabeth Carson New York, 8/7/02 @@Harassment Lynn Stuter has been the object of harassment by students at the local high school apparently in retaliation for her opposition to OBE and pulling her kids out to homeschool them. The tactics appear to echo what the KKK did to African Americans and Jewish Americans a generation ago, but now is directed a Christian homeschoolers. A record of incidents: \clip\99\19\stuter.txt Washington family harassed for 5 years School reform activist blames political retribution One local school board official became upset at Stuter's efforts, she said, and in 1995 "wrote a scathing editorial in the local newspaper about me -- saying I was lying about the dangers of the school's curriculum, that I'm a conspiracy nut, a militia momma, you name it." Shortly afterward the harassment began in earnest, she added. The web site address for the article is Letter attacking stuter efax gif image I have agreed to go on the Jerry Hughes show on October 21st at 1:00 PDT. The Jerry Hughes Show is a nationally syndicated show that has a web page at @@Head Start link @@Health @@Wellness Now called "wellness" in some districts, sometimes associated with Physical Education. @@Health Clinics Putting health clinics in schools have led to abuse of power and mandantory genital examinations. %%Dental z42\clip\2000\06\dental.txt May 24 2000 Toddler gets 7 fillings behind parents' backs Head Start provider allegedly forged mom's consent signature By Julie Foster © 2000 Parents of a three-year-old boy who was given seven dental fillings without parental notification or consent have filed a claim against a California Head Start program provider %%Genital Exams From: Karen (by way of Fred Battey ) [] Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2000 4:05 PM Subject: Info/documentation on school-based clinics The following links contain information and documentation about school-based "health" clinics. -- Karen EAST STROUDSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA - Genital exams for school children School's physical exam enrages parents, scares girls - Education Reporter Note: The Education Reporter is published by syndicated newspaper columnist and attorney Phyllis Schlafy. Schlafy is frequent guest on various news programs such as CNN's Crossfire. Judge allows East Stroudsburg Lawsuit to Proceed - But genital exams remain part of the medicalization of the public schools - Education Reporter Genital examinations badly traumatized girl, doctor testifies - Pocono Record Newspaper Exams violated girls' rights - Pocono Record Newspaper Invasive Exam Violated Rights of 59 girls, School District held Accountable - Education Reporter AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA - Genital exams for school children: Actual examination forms used by SC schools: Article about genital exams in Aiken, SC: TULSA OKLAHOMA - Genital exams for preschoolers mandated by Head Start Genital exams for preschoolers? Lawsuit filed against Tulsa Head Start Program - WorldNetDaily Preschoolers examined without permission from their parents - Education Reporter HOW BIG FOUNDATIONS HELP FUND SCHOOL-BASED CLINICS AND HOW MEDICAID MONEY IS USED TO FINANCE THESE PROGRAMS: Trojan horse money - Forbes Magazine Covert health reform through schools - The Washington Times Medicaid money flows to schools - Education Reporter Medicaid ushers in Nanny State and School-based Health Clinics - Speech by U.S. Congressman Samuel E. Rohrer published in the Education Reporter GOALS 2000 AND TITLE X LAWS Note: Title X is a part of the enabling and regulatory legislation passed twenty-odd years ago to govern the distribution of federal funding in the area of healthcare. Under this legislation states and localities are allowed to furnish any and all services in the area of sexuality to children of any age under what is called the "Emancipated Minor Doctrine." This is simply a statement which says that anyone of any age presenting themselves to a service provider funded under Title X (HHS)--which includes all public health agencies, hospitals, clinics, and many doctors--is considered an "emancipated minor" in the area of their sexuality. They would need a parent if they had an earache, but are considered "adults" when it comes to their sexuality. -- Cindi Weatherly Title X, Goals 2000, Health Care and Family Planning - Education Reporter @@Heritage Foundation Heritage is conservative, but advocates its own version of "reform" and "outcomes", so falls on the side of promoting OBE / Goals 2000 \ TIME TO OVERHAUL THE ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY EDUCATION ACT OF 1965 Nina Shokraii Rees Heritage lauds state standards movement (OBE) \clip\2000\01\heritage.txt "Look to the States for Ideas on Education" By: NINA SHOKRAII REES (Nina Shokraii Rees is a senior education policy analyst with The Heritage Foundation (, a public policy research institute in Washington.) Heritage Makes Its Mark In Education Debate The Heritage Foundation, the 26-year-old incubator of conservative thought, has expanded its involvement in federal education policy. It now names education as one of its top five priorities and is aggressively seeking to leave its mark on the Elementary and Secondary Education Act reauthorization that is being considered by Congress this session. @@Heros OBE fighters list Thaddeus Lott Marion Jones John Saxon Doug Carnine National Center to Improve the Tools of Educators (NCITE) at the U of Oregon @@Herzer, Ann "Loop" Critic of OBE, and also scripted phonics as "direct instruction" becuase it is based on operant "Skinner" conditioning. Critical of Hirsch for being part of New Schools. Blind Spot Says DISTAR is still OBE, Hirsch is part of New Schools. @@Heterodoxy David Horowitz's vehicle for conservatism, now hopping on the ed reform bandwagon. z43\clip\2000\07\mamath.txt Heterodoxy "Mathematically Correct." Culture/Society Opinion (Published) Keywords: EDUCATION Published: June 27, 2000 Author: Kenneth Lloyd Billingsley see "The state has appointed a woman," read the warning, sent by Professor Maurice Gilmore, professor of mathematics at Northeastern University, to Professor Hyman Bass, professor of mathematics at the University of Michigan and the president of the American Mathematical Society, a man with an IQ allegedly off the charts. The woman in question was Sandra Stotsky, a deputy commissioner of education in Massachusetts, and for these heavy hitting professors she posed a special problem. @@High Performance Organization Tucker buzzword for the new organization that uses Total Quality Management, and the new model for education. Trouble is, there is no crisis for turning the world upside down, and Ford uses 9th grade workers with some additional training to produce cars as fine as anywhere in the world. @@High School %%Abolish z56\clipim\2002\05\07\school\schoo.htm REASON * October 2001 Daniel Pink School's Out Get ready for the new age of individualized education B The End of High School It wasn't until the 1920s that high school replaced work as the thing most Americans did in their teens. "American high school is obsolete," says Bard College president Leon Botstein, one of the first to call for its end. He says today's adolescents would be better off pursuing a college degree, jumping directly into the job market, engaging in public service, or taking on a vocational apprenticeship. KILL THE LAST 2 YEARS OF HIGH SCHOOL z52\clip\2001\09\highob.txt Wednesday, September 26, 2001 IS THE TRADITIONAL HIGH SCHOOL OBSOLETE? David W. Kirkpatrick He favors replacing traditional schools with a system in which students would attend K-6 elementary schools, then 7-10 secondary schools and graduate at 16 as Botstein himself did from NYC's High School of Music and Art in 1963 ... so much duplication between the last two years of high school and the first two years of college, that one or two could be eliminated. z48\clip\2001\03\abhigh.txt 3/2001 ABOLISHING HIGH SCHOOL By Ross G. Douthat Harvard Crimson Harvard U. What we really need to do is to get rid of high school. High school socializes adolescents by forcing them to spend all their time, not with adults who offer examples of maturity, but with other adolescents. %%History z70\clip\2003\08\amhi.txt DEJA VU By CYNTHIA CROSSEN Wall Street Journal Sept 3, 2003 In 1860, America Had 40 Public High Schools; Teachers Chopped Wood But until the 20th century, most Americans' formal education ended with elementary school, where they learned to read (especially the Bible), write and do simple arithmetic. In 1846, the school year began Nov. 3 and ended April 17. There were 112 students enrolled in the town's single school, but on any given day, only 59 would show up. Opponents argued that elementary education was sufficient to allow people to discharge their duties as citizens. Further education would only make poorer classes aspire to unrealistic economic levels and alienate them from manual labor...graduates of any high school, who have made the most of their opportunities in school, have become more self-reliant, respected and useful citizens, state supreme courts ruled in the 1870s that taxes should support secondary education. In 1900, only about 8% percent of Americans 14 to 17 years old attended high school, and of those, only about 11% expected to attend college. In 1924, 19% of high-school students who took the New York state regents exam in English failed; 30% failed the math exam, and 31% failed Latin. @@Higher Standards JUST SAY "NO!" TO HIGHER STANDARDS IF HIGHER STANDARDS PROMISE THAT ALL WILL SUCCEED, WHY IS EVERYBODY FAILING? People are sick and tired of students falling short of traditional standards. People who can't read or remember 7 x 6 = 42. Used to be mostly the poor and of color who didn't meet the standard. But now the "bar is being raised" not to average or above average, but so high that even elite students in the top 50% are falling short. Elite high schools are handing out 40% CD grades. Asssessments are failing every high school below the 85th percentile average social studies scores. Its like the reason minority kids can't get multiplication and division is because we're not teaching them algebra and precalculus. The reason they're doing worse on multiple choice tests and fact recall is because we should be looking at constructed responses and analytical problem solving skills (where nobody should be surprised if they do even worse) %%Against HIGHER STANDARDS NAZIS HAVE WROUGHT A GENERATION OF HIGH PERFORMING DRONES. z48\clip\2001\03\orgkid.txt The Atlantic Monthly | April 2001 The Organization Kid The young men and women of America's future elite work their laptops to the bone, rarely question authority, and happily accept their positions at the top of the heap as part of the natural order of life by David Brooks They are the most honed and supervised generation in human history. If they are group-oriented, deferential to authority, and achievement-obsessed, it is because we achievement-besotted adults have trained them to be ""They are professional students," he said... big-backpack era was the release of the report A Nation at Risk, on April 26, 1983. They didn't do enough homework. They weren't given enough "rigorous examinations" and standardized tests, nor were they forced to meet stringent college-admissions requirements. By 1997 the amount of homework assigned to the average child of the same age had doubled, to more than two hours a week. Now the language of education reform has changed, and the emphasis is on testing, accountability, and order. DERBYSHIRE OBSERVES END OF CHILDHOOD WITH OVERWORKED KIDS Tomorrow's Elites The new super-kids seem docile, dull, and girlie. Mr. Derbyshire is also an NR contributing editor March 23, 2001 National Review My own kids are hardly ever out of range of adult supervision. Between dance, piano, soccer practice, and homework (I never did a minute's homework till age 11) One purpose of an educational system is to produce elites. What are the other purposes, and what should be their weight in relation to elite production? SEPERATE SCHOOLS IS AGAINST "HIGH STANDARDS FOR ALL" z48\clip\2001\02\sepbush.txt Bold New Vision of The Same Old Thing: Bush's Education Program Repeats Past Failures (c) Marshall Fritz s January 30, 2001 " A third contradiction is asserting that all children can meet high standards. It would be much easier to see the fallacy of high standards for all if they had proposed such nonsense for sports, music, or dance: All children will be able to run a marathon in less than four hours, play The Sabre Dance at Carnegie Hall, and dance the lead in the Nutcracker. " All are meeting high standards really means below average at an Everett school. Ontario is demanding higher standards for math even though students couldn't hack the old ones. Makes politicians look good, but teachers, students fail. ED REFORM COMES DOWN FROM FEDERAL GOALS 2000 REQUIREMENTS doc\web\99\10\pg.txt Prince George's Journal Newspaper. July 14, 1999 Education, `change agents' and the New World Order - jrnl 7/14 "buzzwords such as ... and high standards, are phrases our leaders use to seize every opportunity to keep us confused. " "Eight national goals and a host of ``high standards" for education were enacted in 1994 and were adopted and enforced at the state level by an array of state laws on July 1, 1995. HIGHER STANDARDS ARE MEANINGLESS Diane Ravitch has written an excellent piece for the Fordham Foundation on state standards that are higher but hollow. It can be read at As her piece implies, higher standards are meaningless if they are too vague to describe the curriculum required, too broad or vast to be possible to master, and if there are no clear plans and resources provided to implement them. PARENTS NATIONAL NETWORK AGAINST HIGHER STANDARDS \doc\web\99\05\highstan.txt Everyone wants standards. The problem is whose standards? Parents should beware accepting the term standards, even when they are referred to as "higher standards." Always demand to know the standards being proposed and question what is meant by "higher" higher according to whom? Standards based on strong academics? or based on "politically correct" attitudes? %%For MASS TEST FAMOUS FOR FLUNKING 59% DUBBED BEST??? \clip\99\12\massbest.txt Survey says Massachusetts teacher Test is best in US By Beth Daley, Doreen Iudica Vigue, and Kate Zernike, Globe Staff, 06/22/99 "according to a recent report by the non-profit Education Trust, a Washington-based group that argues that high standards are the best way to raise performance" %%Garfield link GARFIELD: HIGH STANDARDS FOR ALL -> DRIVE OUT SLACKERS? Rigorous time at Garfield High Seattle Times March 7th 1999 p. 1 One of Seattle's most diverse schools wants to offer honors classes only [Classic standards based ed - all will be in top 10% - or else, higher order thinking, death to lecture, rote learning, but no stw] @@History Time Line -------------------------------------------------------------------- 1776 average American had been to school only 82 days [1] 1837 Horace Mann 1900s the average schooling of Americans was only five years 1900s Two million children were at work, not school. 1920 John Dewey 1940 Half of US graduated from high school 1989 Tucker: America's Choice: Low Skills or High Wages 1993 State reform acts passed 1994 Goals 2000 2001 Average attendence 14.5 yrs [1] z51\clip\2001\08\edhist.txt 'School: The Story of American Public Education'; Democracy's Great Experiment By Patricia Brennan Washington Post Staff Writer Sunday, September 2, 2001; Page Y07 * progressive education, espoused by John Dewey of the University of Chicago. Dewey thought that schools should take on the acculturation of immigrants as well as teach academic skills. He believed in learning-by-doing, in field trips and group projects, in exercise as well as academics. Hu reviews @@History Standards PROPOSED NATIONAL HISTORY STANDARDS WERE TOO CRITICAL OF US, WEST Educaton Week June 15, 2009 Subject-Matter Groups Want Voice in Standards By Sean Cavanagh " an effort to draft history standards sparked controversy when critics, including Lynne V. Cheney, the former head of the National Endowment for the Humanities, which underwrote the project, complained that the content was too critical in its view of U.S. history and biased against the West in world history. The history documents were revised. @@Holistic Also "holistic" grading for performance based tests. Berit Kjos HOLISTIC EDUCATION: Education involving the whole person--body, soul, and spirit. It integrates all subjects and infuses all learning with a pantheistic, monistic spirituality. @@Hypnotism UK LOOKS INTO RAISING STANDARDS USING HYPNOTISM z45\clip\2000\10\hypno.txt Wednesday, 18 October, 2000, 15:12 GMT 16:12 UK Hypnotic approach to exams Hypnotists will focus pupils on getting good results next year Kirklees education authority in west Yorkshire is to begin an experiment this autumn to see whether group hypnosis can raise standards in school. @@Safe Schools Code name for homosexual tolerance program founded by gay catholics (?!) z45\clip\2000\08\safedon.txt Donors in WA include all the teacher unions, universities Arras report @@Savings Accounts Save money with tax benefits for education expenses. Education Savings Accounts 1999 @@Scouting UK GIRL SCOUTS GO FEMINIST z47\clip\2000\12\ukguide.txt The Electronic Telegraph ISSUE 2031 Saturday 16 December 2000 Guides accused of losing their way By David Graves [UK girl scouts] "The handbook, which has a front-page picture of a Guide wearing a ring through her nose, also includes a colour photograph of another girl holding up an unrolled ribbed condom." The word husband does not occur: however husbands are not mentioned as being married to wives but to the house. The mention is of 'househusbands'." @@Senior Year HALF OF HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATIONS A COMPLETE WASTE??? z47\clip\2001\01\waste12.txt Thursday, January 18, 2001 Colleges and High Schools Must Work Together to Make 12th Grade Count, Report Says By JULIANNE BASINGER Washington The senior year of high school is often a complete waste of time, and college leaders should help do something about it, says a report released Wednesday by a commission appointed by the U.S. Department of Education. As many as half of all high-school students "are undereducated or miseducated," @@Sheep Hu for SPI 2000 has "No Sheep" as a campaign slogan. z45\clip\2000\08\sosheep.txt From today’s Washington Times, A15, Monday, August 21, 2000 Thomas Sowell: Overreach on Ritalin Highlighted: The more fundamental question is why they have a right to take over such decisions from parents in the first place. What is even scarier are the sheep-like parents who simply go along with whatever the "experts" say. Now the law is threatening to come down hard on parents who refuse to be sheep. @@Skip Grade z47\clip\2001\02\skipgrad.txt Lifestyles : Saturday, January 27, 2001 Skipping grade creates stress By Sarah Allen Newhouse News Service "Being told I could skip the fifth grade was supposed to be a kind of reward, I guess," recalls O'Shea, now 35. "I did not see it that way." @@Singapore z39\clipim\2000\01\08\desired.htm "Desired Outcome" Classic non-academic attitude based outcome based education. @@Single sex Not much conclusive evidence that single sex education wins hand down over co-ed approaches. Patti Hausman: Here are a couple of references on same-sex education. Two of the studies reported no difference in performance based on type of school. The Bell study did but attributed it to the greater selectivity of single-sex schools. Also, the AAUW publishes a report on the subject entitled Separated by Sex. It is not nearly as awful as the typical AAUW report, but obviously, that's not saying much. Bell, J. (1989). A comparison of science performance and uptake by fifteen-year old boys and girls in co-educational and single-sex schools-APU survey findings. Educational Studies, 15(2), 193-203. Finn, J. (1980). Sex differences in educational outcomes: a cross-national study. Sex Roles, 6(1), 9-26. Steedman, J. (1985). Examination results in mixed and single-sex schools. In D. Reynolds (Ed.), Studying school effectiveness . London: Falmer. @@Skyline %%Skyline A brave new high school in most affluent suburb of Seattle introduces ambitious "humanities" course that combines english and social studies, all are required and they get one combined grade. 70% are C or worse, 30-40% of students are getting D's and F's, half of kids spend more than 1 hour of homework on class per night. Reformers say it's raising standards. Parents say it's insane, and that they don't have a voice or choice. \clip\99\12\skyline.txt Skyline's first seniors leave rich legacy Friday, June 18, 1999 By Doug Margeson and Tim Larson Tim Larson Journal Reporters SAMMAMISH -- When members of Skyline High School's Class of '99 march down the aisle tonight, they'll make history. 8. Controversial Skyline class draws students despite parent protests - 05/22/99 Weight: 1 Date: Sun, May 23 1999 Author: Doug Margeson Archive: Eastside Journal News Archives 19. Overlake: Moorehead did wrong - 05/21/99 Weight: 0.5 Date: Sat, May 22 1999 Author: John Huether Archive: Eastside Journal News Archives 20. Controversy over Skyline high's humanities cooling - 05/20/99 Date: Fri, May 21 1999 PARENTS COMPLAIN OPEN FORUM SHUTS THEM DOWN Skyline struggles with plan for change. Humanities proposal triggers disagreements at task force meeting. Doug Margeson Eastside Journal 3/23/99 (not online). Teacher claims that humanities program was designed with parent's input. Parents say that they were just shut down instead of having an open forum. zip32\clipim\99\03\24\skyline.jpg Notes on talk with 2 parents REPORTER SAYS KIDS LOOK JUST FINE AT SKYLINE \clipim\99\03\24\sweat.jpg Is the class a sweatshop? Not what meets the eye. [Students blame weak middle school, say it's not so bad once you get used to it] SKYLINE PARENTS REVOLT NOT SATISFIED BY "IMPROVEMENTS" HIGHER STATE ED REFORM STANDARDS BLAMED \clip\99\10\skyline.txt March 23, 1999 Skyline parents still skeptical about humanities by Mike Lindblom Seattle Times Eastside bureau How hard should high school be? WRONG TO FLUNK EVERYBODY? "First-semester test grades will be raised if more than 20 percent got Ds or worse, if fewer than 30 percent got Bs or above, or if nobody exceeded 90 percent" 22 HOURS OF HOMEWORK IS JUST DANDY? "Several parents questioned the 90-minute homework standard, which would extrapolate to 22 hours per week for all subjects. Principal Judy Peterson said most math, science and other courses aren't as time consuming as humanities. " Simeon Greenstein, director of secondary education, said "the degree of distrust is the worst I've ever seen in a school setting." Usually, suburban schools give A's to one-fourth of students and B's to another half, according to Jay Matthews, a Washington Post writer whose book "Class Struggle" explores elite public schools. .. given momentum by state education reform standards that are attempting to get students to integrate subjects and develop analytical skills.. but few are as tough as Skyline. STUDENTS OK WITH HIGH SCHOOL FROM HELL, PARENTS NOT Students: homework not all bad. Seattle Times 3/10/99 Parents upset over Skyline High's excessive humanities course say 1/4 of children spend more than 3 hrs of homework a night, 2/3 say children believe they are not successful. Issaquah gives 59% AB fresh english vs 43% skyline. On homework, 55% spend < 1 hr, 18% over 90 min 26% MORE THAN 2 HRS PER NIGHT HOMEWORK FOR INTEGRATED CLASS FROM HELL \clip\99\08\skyline.txt Skyline class irks kids less than parents: Review finds humanities grades, workload not that extreme Wednesday, Eastside Journal (Bellevue WA) March 10, 1999 By Doug Margeson Journal Reporter Comment - maybe the students don't know any better, most kids seem to be OK with integraed social studies / english block class from hell that has made local headlines, but a lot of kids are spending over 2 hrs on homework, the other 2/3 are still spending up to 90 minutes per night. ISSAQUAH -- Two recent studies on Skyline High School's controversial humanities class found the class might not be the academic sweatshop critics claim. The class, which combines English and history in a two-hour session, has come under fire from parents who claim it assigns excessive homework. INTEGRATED HUMANITIES CLASS IS ACADEMIC SWEATSHOP \clip\99\07\skyhard.txt Parents say class at Skyline too hard Thursday, February 18, 1999 Complaints cause district to delay mailing grades By Doug Margeson Journal Reporter ISSAQUAH -- Skyline High School's combined English-social studies class is an academic sweatshop that is destroying students' grade point averages while offering few benefits.. my son's workload was horrendous: 11 major works to read, trace the plots and outline the characters; study sheets with 500 items, events and dates to memorize. I've never seen anything like it, not even at the college level,'' ``Once he studied eight hours for a test, with me quizzing him and he still received a low grade. HIGHER STANDARDS -> EVEN RICH KIDS WILL FAIL \clip\99\05\skyline.txt February 05, 1999 Reforms taking toll on Skyline students by Mike Lindblom Seattle Times Eastside bureau ""I counted a good 30 to 40 percent of D's and F's in the grade book, and I realized it wasn't just Justin's problem. It was more widespread," she said. " "Principal Judy Peterson said the difficulty of the school's humanities course is a response to the state's new "Essential Learning" standards and to employers and colleges that consider many high-school graduates lacking in critical-thinking skills. "It's not unusual for students to go from high school to college and drop a full (grade) point. We'd like to prepare students for college so it isn't such a rude shock," she said. " it does leave 42 percent of students in this success-oriented community with C's or below. "Grades are dynamite," he says. " A school handing out that many C's and D's unless the kids are really dogging it, is asking for trouble. Top high schools usually give one-fourth A's, one-half B's and only one-fourth of children receive a C or below, he says. %%Lower (actually) Eastin claims higher standards reform with standards that leave out long division and consider memorization of math facts to be harmful. %%Individualized Kosser Newsletter Dr. Spady tells us that OBE sets "high expectations" for all learners but NEVER forget -- education is being individualized for all students A "high" expectation for a slow learner is not the same as a "high" expectation for a fast learner. So-called "culminating" outcomes are written in such vague language because they have to define RANGES. We have individually prescribed "HIGH EXPECTATIONS" for each student, and, with only Criterion Referenced testing, we have no way to compare one student's performance with another. %%Minority It is thought that minorities are not expected to perform as well as others, but if you raise standards, they will rise. (But why raise standards higher than even the white kids were expected to meet?) \clip\99\05\edclip05.txt TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1999 Big money, big battles Christian Science Monitor Until very recently, conventional wisdom held that poor children shouldn't be expected to learn to high standards. That view has been challenged by surges in student achievement in states such as North Carolina and Texas, where students have lagged behind the national average on test scores. In Texas, the biggest gains were made by Hispanic and black students. @@Conservative Conservatives and libertarians range from embracing STW / OBE / goals 2000 to staunchly opposing it. Most oppose whole language and "new new" invented math. %%Hoover Institute Education Issues in Hoover Digest, Winter 2000, No.1 @@Hirsch, E.D. @@Core Knowledge Core Knowledge Curriculum base on ED Hirsh ideas, opposed to progressive move towards process and away from memorizing facts and content. You can get a number of reports containing CK school test scores from the CK homepage and from other CK schools who have their own homepages. Jefferson Academy, for instance, has its scores posted for anyone to study, and they have an excellent homepage with super information. You can also call or write to CK schools and request the information. Everyone I asked was more than helpful and all the CK schools are listed on the CK homepage. CORE KNOWLEDGE WORKS, TWO SIDES OF REFORM DEBATE \clip\98\16\debate.txt All Children Can Master Basic Knowledge ~ The Richmond Times-Dispatch Sunday, November 8, 1998 by E. D. Hirsch, Jr. Here are just a few: Phonics vs. Whole Language Learning the Multiplication Table vs. Grasping Math Concepts Factual Knowledge vs. Critical Thought Memorizing vs. Deep Understanding Objective Tests vs. Authentic Assessment Extrinsic Rewards vs. Intrinsic Interest Objective Achievement vs. Self-Esteem Uniformity vs. Diversity Effort vs. Ability Labeling the Oppositions %%SOL HIRSCH LAUDED AS FATHER OF SOLS z54\clip\2001\11\hirsol.txt Against The Establishment How a U-Va. professor, denounced as elitist and ethnocentric, became a prophet of the school standards movement By Drew Lindsay "one of Schroder's first calls in his new post was to Hirsch, sometimes known as the father of the SOLs." @@Character Education The homeschool moms don't like it, but liberals and moderate conservatives are pushing "character education". z39\clip\2000\01\chared.htm Voting for character ed: so light, tasty and flaky z39\clipim\2000\01\26\char.efx Seattle Times Jan 23, 2000 Peace on the Playground: Third graders could teach us about character. Nicole Brodeur say character ed should be mandatory when kids are polite and help each other out instead of beating each other up. JIM KEEFE BLASTS CHARACTER ED IN SEATTLE TIMES filed as z39\clipim\2000\01\25\keefe.efx 1/24/2000 Letter to editor from STW warrior Jim Keefe blasts the Times for attacking character ed as a conservative plot when a co-sponsor is a democrat, Jim also agrees we don't need to overload teachers with more non-academic stuff. @@Choice Blacks and Christians favor giving parents right to spend public dollars on private schools z42\clip\2000\06\blchoice.txt June 2000 Black Leaders Building a movement for school choice by George A. Clowes More than 300 African-Americans from 26 states gathered in Milwaukee recently for an annual conference that is building a national movement for school choice and outlining reforms necessary to enhance educational options for low-income minority children across the United States. @@Coulsen, Andrew z39\clip\2000\01\coulson.txt Wall Street Journal January 21, 2000 It Does Not Compute By ANDREW J. COULSON @@Holiday z44\clip\2000\07\diverse.htm Johns Hopkins University Human Resources Organization Development & Diversity - Office of Human Services DIVERSITY CALENDAR EXPLANATION @@Holistic z46\clip\2000\11\holis.txt Nov 8, 2000 No Simple Answer Rod Paige supt of Houston schools To use a most uncatchy term, we have taken a holistic approach to school improvement, and it appears to be paying off. Between 1994 and 1999, the proportion of students in the Houston Independent School District passing the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills rose from 44 percent to 64 percent, the dropout rate declined from 6.3 percent to 2.8 percent, and performance gaps between minority and nonminority students narrowed considerably. @@Holland, Robert Home Page, Columns Robert Holland is a columnist and Op-Ed page editor with the Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch, has won the H. L. Mencken Award and other honors for his incisive writing on education. His crusading journalism helped stymie a statewide OBE mandate in Virginia, and he has counseled worried parents across the nation about arresting this trend. In 1999, he was named a senior fellow to shoot down reform full time by the Lexington Institute. Bob's works have been printed in numerous publications including The Washington Times and Middle American News. He is the author of the book, Not With My Child You Don't, a citizen's guide to eradicating OBE and restoring education, with testimonials from parent-activists who have made a difference in communities across America. Of that book, former Virginia Governor L. Douglas Wilder said, "Bob Holland has exposed, for all to see, the way government has heretofore operated both nationally and locally with an attitude of indifference to what the people's thoughts on the matter were, other than the bureaucrats involved." To order a copy of Not With My Child You Don't, call 1-800-555-7606. (The cost is $12.95 + $2.50 shipping and handling.) Send correspondence about book inquiries and requests for autographed copies to: Robert Holland, P.O. Box 70787, Richmond, VA 23255. holland.txt @@Homeless 2/2001 Wayme Bishop says about the Pappas (sp.?) School in Phoenix that exclusively serves homeless children? 60 MINUTES just did a segment on it. He likes: 1. free health clinic, 2. free food and clothing, 3. a tracking system and bus program that follows the students as they change "residence", 4. a supportive faculty environment, 5. a supportive student body environment, 6. that it's voluntary, 7. other? Critics say it segregates homeless children.




    @@Honor's Classes Plus - higher level of achievement Minus - tracks kids, playing an academic arms race based on number of meaningless awards. I didn't have them when I was in school. Minorities complain of being segregated to the wimpy class. Schools remove honors track, says test scores aren't any better. New York Times January 1, 2010 As Honor Students Multiply, Who Really Is One? By WINNIE HU COMMACK, N.Y. — There have been so many honor societies created at Commack High School on Long Island in recent years that some students ended up in six or seven of them, racking up memberships like so many merit badges or thanks-for-playing trophies. @@Hornbeck, David DAVID HORNBECK: * Superintendent of Schools - Philadelphia * National Center on Education and the Economy - board of Trustees 1994 * National Alliance for Restructuring Education - Co-chair * National Education Goals Panel - Goals 3 & 5, Standards Review, Technical Planning - Subgroup member * Washington Business Roundtable - Senior Advisor * Gap Analysis (for Washington State) - Author, attended Washington state Business Roundtable * State Superintendent of Schools - Maryland (12 years) * Carnegie Foundation on Advancement of Teaching - Chairman of the Board * National Center of Education Outcomes * National Council for Education Standards and Testing * Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), Chapter I - 28 member study panel - chairman * GCERF Report (for Washington State) Author * Children's Defense Fund Hornbeck was an "expert consultant" to Booth Gardner's G-CERF(Governor's Commission on Education Reform and Funding) and one of the co-authors of Washington's Gap Report, which explained what steps we needed to close the "gap" between where we were and where Marc Tucker et al wanted us to be. The result was ESHB1209 - our OBE law - in 1993. Marda Kirkwood z46\clip\2000\10\hornbeck.txt Dan Geringer Philadelphia Daily News. Not by a long chalk - Hornbeck is an idiot who resigned after bringing in the SAT-9 From Marda Kirkwood: "What is more, employer beliefs about the superior capability of educated employees turned out not to be confirmed in fact. Educated employees have higher turnover rates, lower job satisfaction, and poorer promotion records than less sophisticated employees. ... One final complication arises from the fact that, unlike physical capital, human capital cannot be owned by someone else." This is from "Human Capital and America's Future", by Lester Solomon and David Hornbeck; Hornbeck was a chief consultant to Washington Governor Booth Gardner's Governor's Commission on Education Reform and Funding (GCERF) whose work laid out the framework for the Performance-Based Education Act of 1993 (ESHB1209). DAVID HORNBECK PHILLY "OBE" HAS BEEN FIRED BY PENN LEGISLATURE \doc\web\98\06\hornbeck.txt Besides, one of the inventors for this state's reformation, David Hornbeck, has been thrown out as superintendent of Philadelphia's public schools by Pennsylvania legislature. His version of Outcome Basic Education was too expensive with no known improvement to "Basic Education". @@Idaho Idaho Dept of Education %%Exit Standards Analysis of Idaho Standards This stuff is unbelievably advanced to expect of all HS students. Linear programming? Graphing on computer screens? Use trig to measure height? Model AC circuits? Oscilloscope? Conduct a financial audit? ?!%#$% DRAFT I OF THE EXITING STANDARDS IS AVAILABLE AT SPECIFIC LIBRARY LOCATIONS OR FIND IT ON THE EXITING STANDARDS WEBSITE draft standards \clip\98\12\draft1.pdf my copy Published on 08/04/98, SPOKESMAN-REVIEW EDUCATORS GET LOOK AT GRADUATION STANDARDS BUT STATE OFFICIALS HAVE NO PLAN TO ASSESS THOSE STANDARDS It's not just what students learn that's important, it's how you determine whether they've learned it. That was the message sent to the state's top education officials Monday night during a public presentation of the first draft of the Idaho high school graduation standards. Published on 08/02/98, SPOKESMAN-REVIEW EXIT EXAM GETS MIXED REACTIONS PUBLIC HEARING SET FOR MONDAY ON FIRST DRAFT OF HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION STANDARDS Determine the payment required on a loan. Compute the area of an irregularly shaped room. Understand chemical reactions. Analyze the causes and impact of the Great Depression. Those are just a few of the things public high school students in Idaho would be expected to know before graduation, under a 53-page set of exiting standards proposed by the state Board of Education. @@Income Education achievement generally goes up with parent education and income. Conventional wisdom is that this explains differences between ethnic groups, but it only explains a small part when gaps remain even when schools, income, and education are the same. Poor Asians outscore rich blacks. See section on testing @@Indian/Native CANADIAN AB/INDIANS SUE CHURCHES OVER FORCED ASSIMILATION z46\clip\2000\11\canind.txt Indian Lawsuits on School Abuse May Bankrupt Canada Churches November 2, 2000 By JAMES BROOKE REGINA, Saskatchewan Lawsuits filed by thousands of former Indian boarding school students in Canada, claiming sexual, physical and "cultural" abuse, threaten to swamp the financial resources of four mainstream Christian churches that ran the schools until 1970. @@Indoctrination GOVERNMENT TO REPLACE THOUGHTS, FEELINGS AND ACTIONS \clip\97\25\whoswho.htm Benjamin Bloom. With no absolutes, then the goal of good teaching is to modify the "thoughts, feelings and actions" of the student to some replacement system supplied by the educational system. Since that system is controlled by the government, the change is specified by the government. BREAK ALLEGIENCES TO COUNTRY, PARENTS, GOD "Every child of America entering at the age of five is mentally ill because he comes to school with certain allegiances. Allegiances toward his founding fathers, toward his elected officials, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being, toward theommitted to improving education via legislative reform. @@Integrated Curriculum why integrated doens't work in plano clip\99\13\integrat.htm Integrated curriculum is a good example of the "progressive" approach. In one module, the curriculum requires second-graders to debate the merits of cutting down a tree to make room for a new road. The purported intent of the exercise is to teach students to think, without guiding them to any particular conclusion. ... rather than helping students determine the truth by examination of facts, the exercise explicitly dismisses the importance of both truth and facts. In short, it is neither a debate, nor an education, but it does waste a great deal of precious classroom time, which could be spent learning things. @@Instructivism The opposite of the more popular term "constructivism". Also "direct instruction". Teach the kids, then assess, then help. DIRECT INSTRUCTION IN EDUCATION Martin A. Kozloff Louis LaNunziata University of North Carolina at Wilmington James Cowardin Achievement Charter Systems January, 1999 @@Intentional Teaching Term evidently invented by the great Terry Bergeson "Text forms and features a resource for intentional teaching oct 1998 by Margaret E Mooney for Spi Terry Bergeson" @@IB @@International Baccalaureate High regarded expensive college prep program that works students hard, but has some critics - it's essentially student centered, leftist and globalist. Many colleges don't accept IB for entrance credit. Some students seem to be pushed way too hard. "IB isn't that great. Do you know that they don't learn about the Northwest in their geography class and the World Health class really studies prophylactics and other such "sophisticated" stuff in depth.]" %%anti SUPPORTED BY SOROS-BACKED TIDES FOUNDATION 2009 Chair: Ms Carol Bellamy, President & CEO, World Learning International Development Programs Since its inception, World Learning STAR Network has worked closely with bi-lateral and multi-lateral organizations, private foundations and individual donors to secure sustainable financial support for STAR Network operations and partner groups in the region Urgent Action Fund ** Tides Foundation Donor Advised Funds (Mendel McCormack, Caritas, Virginia Wellington Cabot) ** Unitarian-Universalist Service Committee Working Assets The Compton Foundation Greenville Foundation Rockefeller Financial Services Shaler Adams Foundation i2 Foundation Truth about Website critical of IB STUDENT COMMENT - IB IS A THREAT TO HIGH SCHOOL QUALITY \yr\09\clip\2009\02\ibbad.txt "We need to pay attention. IB is spreading through the U.S. public school system -- supported by deceit and bullying. Public input is removed from any schools that implement IB. As of today (2/26/09), IBO lists 981 school locations in the U.S. that are authorized to deliver their programs. In 2005, the number was 597 when I was researching IB"Debbie The following appeared in the Arizona Daily Star newspaper's online comments. Note: Marica Volpe is the Principal of Cholla High School in Tucson, Arizona] Emphasis added: 10. Comment by Will H. (Steelers) ‹ May 2,2007 @ 12:34PM Marica Volpe is ruining Cholla High School. She is destroying any chance we have at a quality education, by forcing the teachers to teach classes that they are either not qualified to teach or that they are over qualified to teach. She is the cause of over 25 Cholla staff not returning next year. As a Cholla student I believe Marica Volpe is the cause of our school's rapid deterioration, and will be the cause of many Cholla students graduating undereducated and under prepared for the work that lies ahead. She has attempted to strong-arm many teachers into teaching classes under the auspices of the new International Baccalaureate program.. IB IS LEFTIST, GLOBALIST, ANTICHRISTIAN z75\clip\2004\01\ibflunk.txt Parents question values of IB studies By George Archibald THE WASHINGTON TIMES Published January 18, 2004 "Administrators do not tell you that the current IB program for ages three through grade 12 promotes socialism, disarmament, radical environmentalism, and moral relativism, while attempting to undermine Christian religious values and national sovereignty," Jeanne Geiger wrote last year in the Reston Connection, a local newspaper. DEPT OF ED SUPPORT GLOBALIST IB Learning globally By George Archibald THE WASHINGTON TIMES Published January 18, 2004 "a retired official of the National Science Foundation says many of the peer reviewers in the program are "hard left-leaners."" PARENTS BANISH HATED WORTHLESS IB PROGRAM Fairfax 'backlash' ousted IB program By George Archibald THE WASHINGTON TIMES Published January 18, 2004 There was "a significant backlash against the IB program" as he became county superintendent, Mr. Domenech said in an interview. Woodson parents and teachers rebelled because they found that IB's required standard-level courses making up half the curriculum's two-year high school diploma program were not accepted by top-ranked Virginia colleges that their highly achieving children aspired to attend. AP GIVES STUDENTS AN EDGE OVER IB z47\clip\2000\12\ibbad.txt Thursday 12/28/00 Graduates question value of program Tough International Baccalaureate classes draw mixed reviews By HANNAH MARIA HAYES Staff Writer Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin "She found that most of her freshmen classmates had taken AP courses, which had given them an edge. "Although I am mostly caught up now, my first two semesters were very academically taxing, not only because of the difficulty of the material, but because I feel I did not enter on an equal playing field with my classmates." " IB IS PROGRESSIVE, STUDENT CENTERED, GLOBALIST z46\clip\2000\10\ibglob.txt From The Asian Reporter, V10, #43 (October 24-30, 2000), page 1 and 9. International Baccalaureate Program Giving students a global view By Sean P. Nelson [He favors a more libertarian concept of education, which begins instead with the reconciliation of the poles of contradiction so that "both are simultaneously teachers and students."] "To receive the International Baccalaureate diploma, students must pursue six courses of study during their junior and senior years in high school, including two languages, a social studies area, and mathematics. Students can also choose electives from theatre, arts, psychology, and computer courses. In addition to the above requirements, students can also take a third language or a second science." %%dropped UK Kings College for the Arts and Technology Dumps IB 08/09/2009 TAIB doesn't need to add any commentary to this article. The quotes speak for themselves: ~A GUILDFORD school has turned its back on an examinations system which former parents had claimed was failing students The International Baccalaureate (IB) is being scrapped at Kings College for the Arts and Technology because of a lack of interest from pupils. ~Now the number of students going into the sixth form has doubled as a result of A-levels being offered, and parents who felt their children were let down by the IB have welcomed the news it will be abandoned. ~Results of the IB exams were a major concern among them, as the proportion of students passing the diploma - the equivalent of three C grades at A-level - was usually less than 50%. ~In 2007, it was as low as 42%, after which 30 parents wrote to the school asking for an explanation of the grades. They also set up a website - - providing information on the IB. ~Ms Mayhead was pleased to hear other promising students would not be disadvantaged at the school now the IB was being scrapped. ~“We had a lot of trouble with the IB,” he said. ~“It was expensive to train staff [to teach the IB], it was always a case of fighting a losing battle against staff.” ~Parents who expressed concern about teaching or their child’s progress were made to feel it was ‘their child’s fault’, Ms Mayhead said, and it also proved difficult for them to see statistics to compare the IB results to those of other schools. ~“They really wanted an opportunity to work towards A-levels. It gives children more flexibility in terms of what they want to do. %%Mandatory The IB Creep from Choice to Mandatory 08/06/09 In the middle of the summer recess, 50 parents have put their names to a petition to make participation in IB at Midlothian Middle School in Virginia, voluntary. Yet school administrators claim that the "vast majority of comments have been positive". The article only refers to the annual $6,000 IB membership fee while ignoring the $60 per student registration and $640 per subject fees also charged by IBO. We already know that IB requires PYP schools to implement its program "schoolwide". This is an outrage and parents in Midlothian need to wake up and stop this fascist takeover of its public school. @@Iserbyt, Charlotte ED REFORM UN PLOT TO MOLD STUDENTS TO WORLD GOVERNMENT \clip\99\18\iserbyt.txt THE CAMDEN REPORTER Camden, Maine February 14, 1991 Charlotte Iserbyt: Conspiracy in the schools? By Estelle Sassaman ...restructure American education to educate our children for world government. This move toward an international curriculum, she said, has been developed in the Office of Economic Cooperation and Development of the United Nations. @@ISO International Standards Organization has iso 9000 quality standards that some believe can be applied to education Lancaster PAin 1995 wanted to be first district to be certified iso9000 compliant. Article images zip39\clipim\99\12\05\iso.efx Quality Assurance Standards - Guidelines for the Application of ANSI/ISO/ASQC Q9001 or Q9002 to Education and Training Institutions. z64\clipim\2003\02\01\iso\iso.efx "seen in the press" @@Japan %%Discipline Teacher Magazine January 2001 Learning Japanese By Gerald K. LeTendre z47\clipim\2000\12\11\japnmid\japnmid.htm One boy squirts a girl with water, and she cries, "Teacher!" One group boils off the mixture too fast, sending bits of hot precipitate flying onto the desk. Another boy has no hot mitts on and attempts to use his handkerchief to remove the solution, inadvertently setting the handkerchief on fire. In neither case does Mr. Hori, who has returned to the classroom, reprimand the individuals or groups. JAPANESE SCHOOLS MIGHT BE A FAILURE BY US STANDARDS z46\clipim\2000\10\30\testok\testok.htm Educational Reform in an Era of Disinformation David C. Berliner Arizona State University feb 2, 1993 From the Japanese press: during the 1980s, minors aged fourteen to nineteen accounted for 43.4 % of all criminal offenders; 54% of all murder cases in the nation involved jobless youth. High school girls turn to prostitution for entertainment, curiosity, and as a source of revenue--police report their rate up 262%. %%Reform Japanese complain they have great workers but few Bill Gates great innovators. The Daily Yomiuri (Japan) More people oppose cuts in textbook content The number of people opposing a 30 percent reduction in the content of primary and middle school textbooks starting in April 2002 to promote flexible and pressure-free education has increased over the last two years to a level exceeding those who support such a move, according the results of a survey conducted by The Yomiuri Shimbun. 3/2001 JAPAN MOVING AWAY FROM STUDY OR DIE, LESS HOURS z48\clip\2001\02\japanre.txt a7c2b642b8230Q More Sunshine for Japan's Overworked Students February 25, 2001 By HOWARD W. FRENCH TOKYO, Feb. 24 the 13-year-old thinks that plans to reduce school hours are a horrible idea. ..system excels at producing pliant, disciplined workers but is failing to produce the problem solvers and innovators needed for the future. DUMBING DOWN OF JAPANESE EDUCATION - SMALLER CLASSES, 5 DAY WEEK WILL REDUCE HOURS AND CONTENT BY 30% z47\clip\2001\01\japncur.txt New school curriculum to be drastically revised Yomiuri Shimbun [Asians send kids to school 1/2 day on saturday] @@Jefferson, Thomas Thomas Jefferson calculated in 1818 would require 3 years of schooling to achieve can be found in the Jefferson Image in the American Mind by Merrill D. Peterson, pp. 239-240. @@Job Corps $20,000 IN JOB CORPS EQUAL TO 1 YEAR SCHOOLING MORE INCOME zip40\clip\2000\03\jobcorps.txt THE NEW YORK TIMES March 30, 2000 Study Shows Job Corps Works By ALAN B. KRUEGER The Job Corps is the most intensive and expensive of the dwindling number of government programs for disadvantaged youth. The $1.3 billion cost last year amounts to about $20,000 for each participant. Two and a half years after applying to the Job Corps, the average applicant selected for the program earned 8 percent more each week than the average control group member. Because only three-quarters of the selected applicants actually attended the Job Corps, the Mathematica analysts figured that the program raised the average participant's earnings by 11 percent. This increase is about what labor economists expect for every year of schooling. @@Kindergarten
  • WHEN DID KINDERGARTEN CHANGE FROM A GARDEN TO KINDERGARTEN FROM HELL? Kindergarten was traditionally learning how to go to school, but reformers are turning into 1st grade as is ag bell in Kirkland WA with 45 mi of home/parent work per night. Should academic hell start this early? Some districts are doing away entirely with half-day kindergarten as well.

    End of year newsletter 1999 - principal Wilson claims that nearly all kindergarteners are reading above the 80th percentile in Kindergarten, yet told me the goal was reading by third grade, not end of K.

    %%All day PARENTS FIGHT TO KEEP HALF-DAY KINDERGARTEN \clip\99\13\allday.txt "All-day kindergarten attacks the family" Parental involvement in a child's education is clearly the most important variable in determining long-term achievement. Eliminating the important option of half-day kindergarten is a dangerous trend that highlights society's view that stay-at-home parents are inferior and cannot be trusted to make educational decisions for their children. CONWEY CASILLAS JESSICA CASILLAS Arlingtonians for Half-Day Kindergarten %%Advanced See kindergarten curriculum gone berserk at Lake Washington R. Anglin: 6/02 "My Grandson, thanks to "Hooked on Phonics" was reading at a 2nd grade level when he entered Kindergarten. At the end of 1st grade he is well beyond a 5th grade level. The program has merit...." ONLY ONE CHILD MET SAN DIEGO'S NEW HIGHER KINDERGARTEN STANDARD z60\clip\2002\10\kindstan.txt Kindergarten less playful as pressure to achieve grows Chicago Tribune national correspondent By Karen Brandon October 20, 2002 [kindergarteners] should write their names legibly, distinguish each letter's name and sounds, and read some words..or they not meet the San Diego public school district's new and higher achievement standard, a milestone only one child in her class achieved two years ago. ..took standardized achievement tests last month, and some cried or put their heads on their desks in exhaustion. PUSHING KINDERGARTENERS TO READ IN SEATTLE SCHOOLS z56\clip\2002\06\kindread.txt Monday, June 24, 2002 - 12:00 a.m. Pacific ABCs upgraded to a higher power By Linda Shaw Seattle Times staff reporter MIKE SIEGEL / THE SEATTLE TIMES In Seattle's Highland Park, letters go to parents as early as November if students don't know enough of their letters or letter sounds. More math, science and writing also crowd the schedule. KINDERGARTEN FROM HELL HITS NY TIMES z45\clip\2000\10\kindac.txt Oct 23, 2000 NY Times No Time for Napping in Today's Kindergarten By KATE ZERNIKE Most boring? Art history...he has homework every night and has been anxious about an oral report he has to deliver in science. But Nicky is 5, and he is in kindergarten. %%Competitive z47\clip\2000\12\supkind.txt Chicago Sun Times Kindergarten crunch time December 17, 2000 BY SABRINA WALTERS STAFF REPORTER Some of Chicago's wealthiest parents are frantically scurrying to complete entrance applications and interviews at some of the country's top schools. They know that getting accepted to the right one can open doors for life. Ex: The Chicago City Day School Tuition: $12,500 to $13,700 Average class size: 10 to 1 %%Crisis Debunked 94% OF US KINDERGARTENERS PROFICIENT AT BASICS link discussion of federal studies by Darcy Olson of the Cato Institute: According to the U.S. Department of Education Study “America's Kindergartners,” (NCES 2000-070, February, 2000): 94% are proficient at recognizing numbers, shapes, and counting to ten; 92% are eager to learn; 97% are in good health. “It's also in the early years when American students are most competitive internationally. Consider France, England, Denmark, Spain and Belgium where more than 90 percent of 4-year-olds attend public preschools. International tests show that by age 9, when the benefits of preschool should be most apparent, American children outscore nearly all of their universally preschooled peers on tests of reading, math, and science.” – (National Center of Education Statistics, “Elementary and Secondary Education: An International Perspective,” Department of Education, March, 2000, pp. 50-56) %%Early Start "An extra year in pre-k is worth considering" Time Nov education 11/2000 Any advantage you get by enrolling a child as a late-five as an early start disappears by fifth grade, even though they may be advanced by close to a year. Fullerton Longitudinal study. K-1 repeaters consistenly 5 pts lower than either. Orange - Youngest in grade 115 Green - Oldest in grade 110 Blue - K-1 repeaters 105 %%Ready Kindergarten Readiness Gates Foundation - only 50% of children are ready for kindergarten?? IS KINDERGARTEN READINESS ANXIETY OVERBLOWN? z55\clip\2002\02\kindread.txt Parenting Impacts Success in Kindergarten By Jay Mathews Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, February 12, 2002; 6:00 AM [mother] Not only did she dump me at the school without much worry about my readiness, but by the third month, she had me walking home alone! 8/16/99 Kindergarten-readiness up for debate By Monica Richardson, Herald-Leader Frankfort Bureau FRANKFORT -- Child-care centers in Kentucky aren't bound by state guidelines or rules that say what a child should know before entering kindergarten. Because they're so young, there's no standardized test for preschoolers that would give parents the thumbs-up or thumbs-down on school readiness. A third of kids called unprepared to start school San Jose Mercury News / Boston Globe 12/8/91 4A Carnegie Foundation survey says as many as 2 million kindergarteners have problems including emotional maturity and lack of language skills that prevent them from learning. (and these kids are supposed to master reading and addition before 1st grade???) children deficient in language are six times more likely to have reading problems. z47\clipim\2000\12\01\kinder.gif 35% US 33% Washington 38% California 41% Mississippi 26% Wyoming 42% Arkansas %%Simple kids that just played in kindergarten ended up at Harvard @@Kitchen Militia Chey Simonton conjured up the title in 1996, she's since dropped out but the term lives on. Chey Simonton's letter my copy THE KITCHEN MILITIA - THE NEW LINE OF DEFENSE Amerian Policy Center \doc\web\99\10\kitchen.txt @@Kohn, Alfie (Bad) Excellence Will Not Be Tolerated. picture His Home Page Constructivist / progressive author who speaks out against competition, ranking, grades, and honor rolls. But how can you assess performance vs expectations, or reward high levels of performance if you don't distinguish or value between high and low levels of performance? On the other hand, he is not afraid to challenge the Marc Tucker orthodoxy of Outcome Based Education based on ridiculously high standards, which proves the "true" progressives aren't on board with School to Work either. Nothing but positive reviews on this guy, but what's the difference between attacking A's honor rolls, and ther performance and students who get these honors???? If there's no difference between a 90% and 10% passing rate, then who the heck cares if blacks kids in Lott's school pass the test as 100%, and the ones in an average school for poor black kids only get 10%? Political science professor J. Martin Rochester has plagiarized your title, What's it all about, Alphie?" in the October issue of the Kappan. It's not on their website yet, but I don't think you are going to mind the theft. His article is the most smashing, devastating attack on progressive education we could imagine!! ECCers are going to love it! They also published the "capsule of cyanide" essay I first composed for the ECC in May. My thanks to those who encouraged me by speaking well of it. Bob z47\clip\2001\01\kohn.txt Schools & Learning Featured Article Education's Different Drummer Alfie Kohn Is Marching Against Standardized Learning, and He Has Gained a Nationwide Following By Jay Mathews Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, January 9, 2001; Page A10 PROGRESSIVE KOHN ATTACKS STANDARDS BASED REFORM, BOYCOTT TESTS \clip\2000\02\kohn.txt Crusader Argues School Reforms Hinder Learning By RICHARD LEE COLVIN, Times Education Writer Conventional wisdom says schools will improve by imposing tough new standards on students. Nonsense, says author Alfie Kohn, a popular speaker among parent and teacher groups. KOHN FLUNKS ED REFORM 11/29/99- Updated 12:58 AM ET Critic fails school reform By Tamara Henry, USA TODAY WASHINGTON - Like an ant trying to stop a herd of elephants, education author Alfie Kohn is attempting to put the skids on the standards movement that's stampeding through school districts. Kohn outlines his worries about the nation's obsession with "raising the bar" in his recently published The Schools Our Children Deserve: Moving Beyond Traditional Classrooms and "Tougher Standards" (Houghton Mifflin Co., $24). The book has two strong messages, Kohn says. Groff attacks Kohn for opposing standardized reading testing \clip\98\15\rose.txt October 1998 Kappan journal, and is copyrighted by Phi Delta Kappa International KOHN: 95% RIGHT, BUT WRONG! By Robert V. Rose, M.D. Alphie Kohn's April 1998 Kappan article, "Only for MY Kid: How Privileged Parents Are Undermining School Reform", contains a great deal that is easy to agree with. The most direct way to negate Kohn is to point out that his is an exact reformulation of John Dewey's theory, first expressed in 1899 with the publication of "The School and Society". Dewey's implied objective was to abolish social classes through the schools, and he correctly recognized two options: 1) Give aristocratic knowledge to everyone, or 2) make believe that no one needs it. Incredibly, Dewey decided on the second course. \clip\98\14\alfie.txt October, 1998 issue of the Phi Delta Kappan, and is copyrighted. It is forwarded for educational purposes only. WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT, ALPHIE? A Parent/Educator's Response to Alphie Kohn By J. Martin Rochester **Kohn's article is an affront to anyone who takes seriously academic excellence and integrity, Mr. Rochester maintains** Kohn's article, dares to presume that any parent who has a concern about such things as MERIT and RIGOR must be by definition a fascist, a racist, or a plutocrat. We have heard these themes before from many in America's schools of education, where what Kohn has to say is now arguably the dominant world view. \clip\98\08\kohn.htm Complete .html article, copyrighted. Blames affluent parents of high performing children for attacking reform math. PARENTS SHOULDN'T EVEN ASK FOR LETTER GRADES. \clip\98\08\kohn5.txt A. Kohn PDK article April 1998 · Volume 79 · Number 8 568 Only for My Kid: How Privileged Parents Undermine School Reform, by Alfie Kohn ". They are learning to do without grades, although they would still like them. Maybe in a few years they won't even whisper; they just won't ask." " \clip\98\08\kohn5.txt A. Kohn PDK article April 1998 · Volume 79 · Number 8 568 Only for My Kid: How Privileged Parents Undermine School Reform, by Alfie Kohn Just wanted to make sure that you have read the latest "let's avoid the real issues" article by Alfie Kohn in the April 1998 issue of Phi Delta Kappan. J. E. Stone, Ed.D. Not only does this guy push the worst of the sixties mentality, schools and colleges bring him in as some kind of guru whose views are well grounded in educational research. The research he is fond of citing about the harm done to "intrinsic" motivation caused by "extrinsic" incentives has been thoroughly repudiated. [see Cameron, J. & Pierce, W. D. (1994). Reinforcement, reward, and intrinsic motivation: A meta-analysis. Review of Educational Research, 64(3), 363-423.] If your school or college is bringing in Alfie Kohn, look out. From: Marshall Fritz (by way of Fred Battey ) Some of the left are definitely against STW because it is fascism, and they prefer socialism. Alfie Kohn has personally told me that he doesn't much care for for-profit schools, as he is himself a socialist. He's bright, and seems to smell the fascist rat in STW. Marshall Fritz POSITIVE FANS WRITE AMAZON REVIEW No Contest : The Case Against Competition by Alfie Kohn \clip\98\04\amakohn.txt Punished by Rewards : The Trouble With Gold Stars, Incentive Plans, A'S, Praise, and Other Bribes by Alfie Kohn The 500-Pound Gorilla by Alfie Kohn Education Inc SkyLight Training and Publishing. (Schools should be driven by needs of children, not corporate america or world economic dominance) Studies Find Reward Often No Motivator Creativity and intrinsic interest diminish if task is done for gain By Alfie Kohn Special to the Boston Globe [reprinted with permission of the author from the Monday, 19 January 1987, Boston Globe] \clip\98\04\reward.txt Alfie Kohn, a Cambridge, MA writer, is the author of ``No Contest: The Case Against Competition,'' recently published by Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston, MA. ISBN 0-395-39387-6. (NEA speeches) \clip\98\04\kohn.htm (biograpy and speech) Alfie Kohn on Performance vs Learning: The Lessons -- and limits -- of Quality Management for the Classroom (realaudio) School Restructuring and Inclusion: Equity and Excellence for ALL October 1,2, &3, 1997 Portsmouth, NH Educational teams throughout the country are engaged in systemic school reform. How do students with fit in with this efforts? This conference broadens conversations about curriculum and instruction, school climate, standard based reform, social justice, and sustainable change to include all students. Keynote Presentations: Alfie Kohn, author, writer, and speaker on human behavior, education and social theory. If NCTM/Exxon Education Foundation Newsletter you're packing your suitcase for NCTM's Annual Meeting, please make plans to visit with old friends and make new ones at a reception to be hosted by the Exxon Education Foundation. Mentioned several times lately on the EXXONTNT listserv in discussions about the practice of teachers and parents giving children extrinsic rewards for "learning" is Alfie Kohn's book Injured by Rewards. Is there any one out there who would like to review it for this column? \clip\98\04\honor.txt Giving a Grade to the Academic Honor Roll For Some Teachers, Parents and Students, Recognition Is a Key Motivational Tool; Others Say It's the Exact Opposite By Jay Mathews Washington Post Staff Writer Thursday, December 18, 1997; Page J01 Alfie Kohn, a lecturer and author whose book "Punished by Rewards" sharply attacks grades and other sorts of external recognition, said honor rolls encourage "the motivation to triumph over one's peers, rather than to care about them or even to learn." THE LAST RESPECTABLE BIAS by William A. Donohue, Ph.D. —Published in Chronicles (December 1997)— In a piece for Phi Delta Kappan, Alfie Kohn opines that "it is of no relevance that almost all of the leading proponents of character education are devout Catholics." "But it is entirely relevant that, in the shadows of their writings, there lurks the assumption that only religion can serve as the foundation of good character." Good going, Alfie, you nailed those Catholics. American program bureau speakers Alfie Kohn Author of Beyond Discipline, Kohn speaks on human behavior, education, and social theory. His workshops focus on such topics as "Rethinking Rewards" and "Realistic Alternatives to Controlling Students' Behavior." picture @@Mandatory Attendance WA state: TVW Senate Education Cmte January 31, 2002 hearing: Lowering the age for mandatory school attendance from eight to six. @@Mann, Horace Father of ed reform in 1837, whole language z51\clip\2001\08\edhist.txt 'School: The Story of American Public Education'; Democracy's Great Experiment By Patricia Brennan Washington Post Staff Writer Sunday, September 2, 2001; Page Y07 In 1837, Massachusetts Gov. Edward Everett decided to establish a state board of education and asked state senate president Horace Mann to gather information on the commonwealth's schools. Mann visited 1,000 schools in six years, and his reports became core documents used to reform and standardize education nationwide MANN FATHER OF WHOLE LANGUAGE z51\clip\2001\08\mann.txt "the problem began with a proposal by Horace Mann in 1837 to stop teaching reading by the phonetic method and to begin teaching reading by the "whole-word" memorization method. Mann's method didn't work, so it was adopted by teachers' colleges all over the country." Literacy by Robert Klassen, @@Mantra Something stupid you chant over and over like "all will succeed" or "world class standards" or "raising the bar" to make it sound like it's so. Common in education deform. Kozloff: certain words and combinations of words are repeated like mantras, and while this procedure may well eventually produce in some what chanting is often designed to do, namely, produce a certain feeling of enlightenment without the tiresome business of intellectual effort, this feeling nearly always disappears with the immersion of the head in the cold water of critical interrogation. (Suchting, 1992, p. 247) Suchting, W. (1992). Constructivism deconstructed. Science and Education, 1, 223-254. @@Media Institute for Educational Inquiry ... This institute was formed, specifically, to advance the cause of education reform in the media ... television, newspaper, advertising, etc ... For those in Washington state, a few names will undoubtedly be familiar ... the institute was founded by John Goodlad ... on it's board is Booth Gardner ... Kenneth Sirotnek will be a name familiar from GCERF (Governor's Council on Education Reform and Funding) ... Neil Postman who has written a couple books on ed reform. Thanks to Terry Olive, Lynn Stuter. 5/2002


    Mediator can bridge gap between teachers who assign bad homework, the union and parents. Homework should not have to be taught by the parents. @@Malpractice zip40\clip\2000\03\edmal.htm Educational Malpractice in the USA Copyright 2000 by Ronald B. Standler @@Marxism Many critics of education reform see a streak of leftism / progressivism / socialism and even marxism in its philosiphy. Critics of TQM such as Dean Gotcher say that it is based on transformational marxism, a further development from "traditional" marxism. @@Neighborhood BETTER, HIGHER INCOME NEIGHBORHOOD DOES NOT HELP TEST SCORES Families originally living in public housing were assigned housing vouchers by lottery, encouraging moves to neighborhoods with lower poverty rates. Although we had hypothesized that reading and math test scores would be higher among children in families offered vouchers (with larger effects among younger children), the results show no significant effects on test scores for any age group among over 5000 children ages 6 to 20 in 2002 who were assessed four to seven years after randomization. .., suggesting that achievement-related benefits from improved neighborhood environments are alone small. @@Stakeholder More OBE-speak, the mark of a pod person. z45\clip\2000\09\stake.txt "Defining the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders will provide the basis for identifying the standards for a comporehensive accountability model." Department of Children, Families and Learning, Report to the Minnesota Legislature, January, 2000. @@Success For All Success for all is a widely laudeded, phonics based program, but still has some critics. It is highly structured, direct instruction, with some exotic twists such as using Venn Diagrams to diagram stories. Some report evidence of success, while in others it falls short of goal of reading parity. %%Against negative review success vs old not vs norms \clip\99\02\edclip11.txt January 19, 1999, in the Miami Herald Costly program falls short in poorest Dade schools Teachers, parents still enthusiastic about Success for All in early grades By JODI MAILANDER FARRELL Herald Staff Writer A nationally acclaimed reading program that costs Miami-Dade County public schools more than $4 million annually has failed to achieve its most basic goal -- getting the students to read at grade level by the third grade...Dade third-graders in Success for All schools, who have been in the program since prekindergarten or kindergarten, are scoring an average 20 percentage points below the national median on the Stanford Achievement Test... [students in other programs including direct instruction scored better] SUCCESS FOR ALL A FAILURE? [April 8, 1998] [Education Week on the Web] The Diogenes Factor By Herbert J. Walberg and Rebecca C. Greenberg Consider "Success for All," which provides a noteworthy example of the Diogenes factor in a federally supported program. Though its own developers declare it a huge success, independent evaluators find essentially negative evidence. %%For \clip\99\02\readread.txt Ready, Read! Nicholas Lehman Atlantic November 1998 Success for All, central control by proven rigid programs is advocated. "Crew replaced four of the nine new principals, and he adopted the Success for All reading program. This time the reading scores at all nine schools (and at three other schools that had been added to the district) rose significantly." url: file: \clip\99\05\refmodl.htm file: \clip\99\05\refmodl.txt Schoolwide Reform Models: What Works? By Olatokunbo S. Fashola and Robert E. Slavin Success for All: for language-minority students, the effects of Success for All have been particularly positive.11 Bilingual schools in Philadelphia found substantial differences between Success for All schools and control schools on scales from the Spanish Woodcock, with an effect size at the end of second grade of +1.81 (almost a full grade-equivalent). SUCCESS FOR ALL MAKES KENTUCKY "STUFF THAT WORKS" LIST \clip\98\02\readres.txt THE OREGONIAN January 18, 1998 Educators put reading to the test Two UO professors push for results-driven schooling, but critics call it inhumane By Scott Learn of The Oregonian staff Only 12 elementary school reading programs made the list [of programs with proven improvement], including both of Engelmann's "Success for All," the phonics-based program that Portland Public Schools started this year to improve dismal reading scores. Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2000 07:44:07 -0400 From: "S. Kocsis" The 1918 Communist Constitution is again available online from Bucknell! The web page is at Chapter 5, articles 13 and 18 deal with separation of church-state and school-state and with STW respectively. The idea from ussr to nazi to facist to mao to ed reform marx "Among the elementary measures the American Soviet government will adopt to further the cultural revolution are... [a] National Department of Education...the studies will be revolutionized, being cleansed of religious, patriotic, and other features of the bourgeois ideology. The students will be taught the basis of Marxian dialectical materialism, internationalism and the general ethics of the new Socialist society." - William Z. Foster, Toward Soviet America, 1932 ALL WILL SUCCEED - EQUAL OUTCOMES IS MARXISM \doc\web\98\08\edmarx.txt Arthur Hu Outcome Based Education as Educational Marxism Received: from Date: Sat, 24 Oct 1998 13:41:48 EDT I have also read that our belief that Soviet communism was egalitarian is a myth. Marx and Lenin indeed spoke of a distant future when, after human nature had been changed, egalitarianism would supervene. But for the forseeable future, reward was to parallel production. They understood social class to be determined by one's relationship to the means of production and distribution, not to income or wealth. Bob @@Maslow From: It seems to me imperative that any discussion of Maslow should include the disastrous experience undergone by the teacm of Maslow-Rogers-Coulson in their experiments with the use of group therapy and values-clarification in S. California in the late 60s. There is also a recent piece by Coulson on the troubles experienced by the children of the Maslow, Rogers and Skinner in the use of drugs and sex. I suggest that any interested party contact Coulson for copies of the article and for his earlier recantation of the horrible things the team did to young people over the period of several years. @@Mastery Learning Mastery Learning is an early term for OBE by Benjamin Bloom, it applies special education principles to every student. The bad reputation it received lead to the renaming to "Outcome Based Education" OBE = Mastery Learning "In January of 1980 we convened a meeting of 42 people to form the Network for Outcome-Based Schools. Most of the people who were there - Jim Block, John Champlin - had a strong background in mastery learning, since it was what OBE was called at the time. But I pleaded with the group not to use the name 'mastery learning' in the network's new name because the word 'mastery' had already been destroyed through poor implementation. I argued that we had about five years before they destroyed the term 'outcomes', but at least we could get a start and pursue a clear vision of an idea. Source: "On Outcome-Based Education: A Conversation with Bill Spady", Ron Brandt, Educational Leadership, December 1992. Kosser Report Dr. Gibboney concludes that OBE is basically just another technological program with severe limitations -- it applies special education technology (MASTERY LEARNING) to everybody. Mastery Learning allows NO arguments and no discussion. There is only the target performance to be demonstrated. Get it right and you continue. Get it wrong and you repeat the instruction, again and again, until you DO get it right. When you've hit all of the targets, your education is declared "done." People have been using "Mastery Learning" and other behavior modification techniques with mentally retarded folks for 50 years; it's a simple, mechanical way to teach discrete skills, like how to make a bed, how to brush your teeth or how to tie knots in a rope. Kent WA Strategic Plan: Mastery - The ability to perform a task without assistance or direction. Mastery learning - Knowing and doing without external prompting or direction. see @@McCune, Shirley Flakey New Age Education Reformer. Hired by WA OSPI under Terry Bergeson @@Memorization Education Reform seeks to eliminate the need to memorize any facts or formulas, and emphasizes process over content. It seeks to replace it with "problem solving" and "higher order thinking" even though the biggest problem in education are the large number of students who haven't even mastered basic skills. EARLY MEMORIZATION IS A "HINDRANCE" Preferred Citation: Peter Schrag, "The New School Wars: How Outcome-Based Education Blew Up," The American Prospect no. 20 (Winter 1995): 53- 62 ( "Early memorization of number facts is seen as a hindrance rather than a help in developing mathematical understanding," the guidelines say. MEMORIZATION(ASIAN) EQUALLY VALID AS PROBLEM SOLVING (US) "Many countries, particularly Asian ones, tend to focus on memorization, as opposed to the American tactic of problem-solving. Though both are equally valid learning methods, those who learn by memorization usually do better on tets, the standard by which our students are compared". Matthew Wolf, Lynwood Letters to the editor Seattle Times Nov 8, 1997 @@Military MILITARY KIDS SCORE 2ND TO CONNECTICUT, SMALL RACE GAP z53\clip\2001\10\milkids.txt 10/09/2001 - Updated 09:36 AM ET Military kids are outscoring civilian schools By Tamara Henry, USA TODAY [NAEP]In eighth-grade writing, 38% of DOD domestic students and 31% of those overseas scored at grade level or higher. This was second only to Connecticut. [higher than average minority, but higher than average scores] The black-white performance gap in DOD schools was significantly smaller than for the nation in general on the 1998 NAEP writing and reading assessments. There was no significant gap in reading between white and Hispanic students in DOD schools. [May have something to do with most parents having jobs, education, and 2 parents, no public assisstance cases] @@Misson Talk about fuzzy mission statements... The mission of the Kent School District is to enable all students to become life-long learners, to achieve their full potential, to be responsible citizens and to acquire the skills essential for success in the 21st Century \DOC\WEB\97\08\oakpark.txt OAK PARK ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS DISTRICT 97 OUR MISSION is to educate every child to be an academically successful student, a socially responsible citizen, and a life-long [Image] teaching the necessary knowledge and skills, and the appreciation of cultural diversity, WITHIN SCHOOLS that foster excellence, mutual respect, creativity, and the joy of learning, with an effective, caring, innovative staff, in partnership with home and community. (animated gif alternates between...) socially responsible effective communicator knowledgeable person collaborative worker quality producer critical thinker @@Mixed Grades (Split, Ungraded) @@Multiple Age Grouping @@Multi-Age Instead of placing children by age into grade, Kentucky mandated ungraded 1-3, with poor results, some other schools combine other grades such as 1-2 or 3-4. %%Against OREGON HAS GROUP AGAINST GRADE BLENDING A grass-roots organization, Citizens Against Blends, (CAB), was formed in September, 1998 in Lake Oswego, Oregon to challenge the implementation of multi-age - blended - classes in the district's 9 elementary schools. Since the early 1990's, more and more grades have been swallowed up by blends. The district claimed this was a cost -cutting measure. Citizens Against Blends P.O. Box 382 Lake Oswego, OR 97035 Email: KENTUCKY HAS 50% 4TH GRADE REMEDIATION AFTER MULTI-AGE kentmult.txt Innes PARENT HAS BAD EXPERIENCE WITH MULTIGRADE \doc\web\98\06\mixgrade.txt Kentucky may the only state that requires school to NOT group 1-3 graders by age, but by ability. David Brown's explanation of why multi-age classes are bad Dianne Cassidy assembles impressive store on multi-age The conversion process from single grades to blended classrooms is about 50% at this time, but the number of unhappy parents is growing steadily. I also liked the parent-produced website with a page devoted to multi-age classrooms at the following address: Cotten, K. (date?). Nongraded Primary Education. School Improvement Series, Northwest Regional Education Laboratory, Portland, OR. This one is online at: A quote from the begining of the article: "The rationale for nongraded primary programming rests heavily on the concept of developmentally appropriate practice, as this concept has emerged from the work of child psychologists and other child development specialists (Bredekamp 1987; Gaustad 1992)." On page 4 the report lists many "advantages" of the nongraded primary classroom -- cooperative work & play, whole child learning, peer tutors, integrated, thematic instruction, continuous progress, performance assessments, etc. Why parents object to blends (nongraded primaries) · Increases ability and developmental range within the classroom difficult to manage · Increased teacher prep and training time needed -- very labor intensive (Cotton) · Unproven practices being used on children -- where’s the proof? (retread of the failed open classroom) · “Continuous progress” will keep some kids from progressing and parents from knowing how well their children are doing in relation to age-peers: for some, learning problems may not be discovered until too late, and able children may not be pushed to excel -- no specific grade-level benchmarks/expectations used to assess students’ progress · Inappropriate expectations placed on kids of differing ages. Eg.: 5th graders in a 5/6 blend expected to learn skills (notetaking, bibliographies, etc) usually taught in 6th grade, or older students expected to re-learn skills or slow their pace for younger students · Cooperative grouping has been a disaster for most students -- some will do more work while others will coast and learn little · Prefer academic instruction to social/affective training -- loss of class time to spurious, nonacademic goals · “Looping” may not be prefered by students, teachers or parents! Learning lags may not be noticed as easily, subjective evaluations carry forward · Students who act as tutors may pass on incorrect information and may be losing out on appropriate lessons · Promises of individualized learning rarely kept -- low effectiveness, too time-consuming -- whole group instruction proven to be most effective · Concern for Learning Disabled students’ instruction \clip\98\04\edbrief2.txt 2/15/98 Lexington Herald Leader KERA program that mixes ages losing support By Linda B. Blackford HERALD-LEADER EDUCATION WRITER The primary program supported this idea by allowing children to work at their own pace so they could move to the fourth grade when they were ready, without the stigma of retention. Children of all ages worked together according to ability. \clip\98\01\multiage.txt Education Week February 7, 1996 Ky. Bill To End Multi-Age Grouping in Grades 1-3 Advances By Lonnie Harp " "The teachers and researchers we've talked to say that multi-age grouping is the essential lever to getting primary school teachers to think about continuous progress," said Robert F. Sexton, the executive director of the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence, a statewide citizens' group. "The bill heads in the wrong direction--a return to the status quo." " %%For Mercer Island Island Park Elementary, Washington This school evidently gets very high test scores because (or despite) multi-age grouping and progressive integrated education. Interestingly, math test sores have fall from hi 80s in 1992 to low 80s by 1997. Island Park shall: provide multi-age classrooms which embrace learning experiences that are hands-on and integrate concepts across content areas provide Cluster groupings that combine children of different ages across 2-3 grade levels CTBS Student Ethnicity Total Total Total Total Reading Language Math Battery Black: 8 1992 84 81 87 86 Asian: 110 1993 87 85 87 88 Native American: 1 1994 80 77 81 81 Hispanic: 11 1995 83 80 84 85 White: 465 1996 76 78 81 81 1997 75 76 82 79 @@Models FORDHAM RATES REFORM-BASED SCHOOL DESIGNS \doc\web\99\17\design.txt z39\clipim\2000\01\04\fordham\fordham.htm ? 1. America's Choice, 0 2. the Coalition of Essential Schools, ++ 3. Core Knowledge, Direct Instruction, ? 4. the Edison Project, ++ 5. Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound, ? 6. Multiple Intelligences, ++++ 7. Success for All, and ++ 8. the (Comer) School Development Program. ++++ 9. Direct Instruction @@Modern Red Schoolhouse Summary: Backed by conservatives, some evidence of success Based on work of Resnick, buddy of Marc Tucker, and OBE philsophy of "all will suceed at highest levels". the Modern Red Schoolhouse originated as a project of the [conservative] Hudson Institute and was one of eleven plans funded by the New American Schools Development corporation (now New American Schools or NAS) to design "break-the-mold" schools. "all students can and will reach high academic standards--mastery of subject matter is the only acceptable goal, regardless of the child's background, learning style, or pace. Because students learn at different rates and in different ways, in a Modern Red Schoolhouse time, space, and instructional methodology become important variables, allowing students to progress through the curriculum in ways best suited to their individual strengths and abilities." Questions and Answers \clip\99\02\obeyport.html The academic standards developed by the Modern Red Schoolhouse are consistent with those in other nations and thus world class Research in cognitive psychology, expertly summarized in the work of Lauren Resnick, provides considerable insight into the learning styles and needs of children. Ninety percent of the schools fully participating the MRSh initiative have shown significant improvement in student achievement within two years of beginning the initiative—as evaluated by standardized tests administered in their respective states. Eighty-seven percent have shown improvement in their first yea url: file: \clip\99\05\refmodl.htm file: \clip\99\05\refmodl.txt Schoolwide Reform Models: What Works? By Olatokunbo S. Fashola and Robert E. Slavin Modern Red Schoolhouse. The Modern Red Schoolhouse is a project of the Hudson Institute, a conservative think tank with headquarters in Indianapolis.35 The program is based on the Core Curriculum of E. D. Hirsch, Jr.. Modern Red Schoolhouse design have shown improvement on NCEs in the early grades. @@Multiculturalism Multiculturalism is supposed to be the inclusion of many cultures, effectively it is used a a vehicle to promote left wing socialist philosiphy and propoganda. Ford FoundationAll the traits of the Stalinists in the 1930s are being repeated in the universities in the 1990s...multiculturalism would not have been possible without the Ford Foundation... \doc\web\99\01\multicul.txt Multiculturalist Teachers Push for Revolution February 1997 Middle American News Vol.3 No. 2 "multiculturalist teachers, far from endorsing tolerance, condemned private property as an intrument of "white supremacy" and vowed to start a revolution in the U.S. against the American people and their way of life." "the goal of multiculturalist schooling, the speakers said, is to achieve power for some groups at the expense of others. Geneva Gay of the University of Washington told one conference workshop that multiculturalist education demands the destruction of the American political and economic system. " Gay says she was misquoted.

    @@Multiple Intelligences

    See Gardner The general idea by Howard Gardner is that the real reason kids get low test scores is that we're not measuring one of their independent intelligences. There is no such thing as g or general intelligence. But in fact, most of these other intelligences show up with the conventional ones anyway. No amount of assessing alternative intelligences is going to give a good rating to a student that doesn't study, or isn't smart.

    My info on multiple intelligences (as well as other ed deform info) is at The basic motivation is more how to make low scoring kids feel good than exercising the best in every kid. Gardner presents no evidence that these other "intelligences" are different from the general "g"based intelligence that most IQ people talk about. In other words, poor black kids aren't just better at something else if their IQ is low. They need to have high reading and math test scores too if they are to succeed (and direct instruction is the only method that appears to defy the IQ notion that nothing will change low black IQ scores / academic performance)

    %%against GARDNER: I WOULD NOT WANT TO BE PART OF SUCH A SCHOOL! \clip\98\16\mi.txt The New Republic October 26, 1998 Multiple Intelligence Disorder: Howard Gardner's campaign against logic By James Traub "In the 15 years since the publication of Gardner's Frames of Mind, multiple intelligences has gone from being a widely disputed theory to a rallying cry for school reformers' to a cultural commonplace. And, amazingly, it has done so without ever winning over the scientific establishment.... When I showed Gardner copies of some of the exercises in Celebrating Multiple Intelligences, he scrutinized them carefully, frowned, and said, "The only answer I can give to this is: I would certainly not want to be in a school where a lot of time was spent doing these things."" \clip\98\15\multint.htm TIME MAGAZINE, OCTOBER 19, 1998 VOL. 152 NO. 16
    Seven Kinds Of Smart
    A hot concept aims to identify your child's hidden talents. Is it valid? We look at what's solid and what's shaky By JAMES COLLINS
    [As science, then, there may be less to the theory of multiple intelligences
    than many educators seem to believe. (there is no evidence that it works, a lot of it seems to be a big waste of time) New Republic Oct 26, 1998 JAMES TRAUB Multiple Intelligence Disorder The scientific establishment never fully accepted Howard Gardner's theories on IQ. But that didn't stop educators from using his teachings to transform American schools. (not on the web) From: jshewmaker Jim Traub has been and for all I know still is a staff writer for the New Yorker magazine, and is well versed in educational matters. He wrote a review three years ago on Deborah Meier's then new book about the East Harlem Schools. His New Republic Article should definitely be scanned. Multiple Intelligences Thread Hirsch says that MI is not accepted and probably wrong. Theories Multiple intelligence theory is ideal for the classroom as it challenges teachers to engage each student differently in any given exciting challenge indeed!

    Cunningham on Gardener Howard Gardner has reprised parts of this theory by asserting that what he calls intelligences are independently located in different parts of the brain. What he presents is a description of a wide range of individuals who function in diverse and wonderful ways. He does not provide the crucial bit of evidence that would show that these are independent.


    @@Lake Washington School District Redmond Kirkland Washington

    @@Larabee, David ARGUES AGAINST SOCIAL MOBILITY AND ADVANCEMENT OF INDIVIDUALS \clip\97\29\larabee.txt David F. Labaree is the author of the new book, How To Succeed in School Without Really Learning: The Credentials Race in American Education, published by Yale University Press. He is an associate professor of education at Michigan State University in East Lansing. @@Law %%No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 Committee on Education and the Workforce 4/2002 dbname=107_cong_public_laws&docid=f:publ110.107.pdf z55\clip\2002\04\29\nochild.pdf 1.76 MB %%Improving America's Schools Act of 1994 #1996-49 March 15, 1996 THE DECLINE OF ACADEMIC STANDARDS IN CALIFORNIA EDUCATION The Story Behind the Student Testing Fiasco Congress should repeal provisions of the Improve America's Schools Act requiring states to send plans for state standards and curriculum to the federal government. Furthermore, it should preserve local and state authority over expenditures by repealing the "opportunity to learn" standards in Goals 2000/IASA which potentially subject states to judicial rulings. s.1513 improving america's schools act of 1993 12-all childferen can master challenging contebt and complex problem solving skills; research clearly shows that childern, invluding low achieving children, can succeed when expectations are high 3) use of low-level tests that are not aligned.. fails to provide adequate information abouy what children know and can do 13- the disproven theory that children must learn basic skills before engaging in more complex tasks continues to dominate strategies.. drill and practice at the expense of content-rich instruction, accelerated curricula, effective teaching to high standards (jmcann lib) FULL TEXT ``SEC. 1116. ASSESSMENT AND LOCAL EDUCATIONAL AGENCY AND SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT. ``(a) Local Review.--Each local educational agency receiving funds under this part shall-- ``(1) use the State assessments described in the State plan; ``(2) use any additional measures or indicators described in the local educational agency's plan to review annually the progress of each school served under this part to determine whether the school is meeting, or making adequate progress as defined in section 1111(b)(2)(A)(i) toward enabling its students to meet the State's student performance standards described in the State plan; ``(3) publicize and disseminate to teachers and other staff, parents, students, and the community, the results of the annual review under paragraph (2) of all schools served under this part in individual school performance profiles that include statistically sound disaggregated results as required by section 1111(b)(3)(I); and ``(4) provide the results of the local annual review to schools so that the schools can continually refine the program of instruction to help all children served under this part in those schools meet the State's student performance standards. ``(3) Assessments.--Each State plan shall demonstrate that the State has developed or adopted a set of high-quality, yearly student assessments, including assessments in at least mathematics and reading or language arts, that will be used as the primary means of determining the yearly performance of each local educational agency and school served under this part in enabling all children served under this part to meet the State's student performance standards. Such assessments shall-- ``(A) be the same assessments used to measure the performance of all children, if the State measures the performance of all children; ``(B) be aligned with the State's challenging content and student performance standards and provide coherent information about student attainment of such standards; INVALID ASSESSMENTS ARE GOOD ENOUGH FOR THE FEDS ************************************************ ``(C) be used for purposes for which such assessments are valid and reliable, and be consistent with relevant, nationally recognized professional and technical standards for such assessments; ``(4) Special rule.--Assessment measures that do not meet the requirements of paragraph (3)(C) [valid and reliable] may be included as one of the multiple measures, if a State includes in the State plan information regarding the State's efforts to validate such measures. **************************************************** ``(D) measure the proficiency of students in the academic subjects in which a State has adopted challenging content and student performance standards and be administered at some time during-- ``(i) grades 3 through 5; ``(ii) grades 6 through 9; and ``(iii) grades 10 through 12; ``(E) involve multiple up-to-date measures of student performance, including measures that assess higher order thinking skills and understanding; Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1994 A Summary of Consumer Language The Elementary and Secondary Education (ESEA) Act of 1994, also known as the Improving America's Schools Act, renews existing elementary and secondary education programs. The new law offers school districts more flexibility and authority in return for greater responsibility for student performance. The act also better targets the funds so that they reach those students who are most in need. Improving americas schools act of 1994 to accompany s.1513 usgpo 80-632 1994 assessments for title I to be tied to state assessments, intended to be valid and reliable but not the intent "to discourage States from experimenting until they satisfy such criteria" Stock Number: 869-024-00172-1 SubDocs Class: AE 2.110:103-382 Title: Improving America's Schools Act of 1994, Public Law 103-382 Availability: Out-of-Print GPO Price: $20.00 Price (non US): $25.00 Description: Public Law 103-382. H.R. 6. An Act to Extend for Five Years the Authorizations of Appropriations for the Programs Under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, and for Other Purposes. Approved October 20, 1994. Includes these shorter acts: National Teacher Training Project Act of 1994; Star Schools Act; Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1994; Women's Educational Equity Act of 1994; Foreign Language Assistance Act of 1994; Native Hawaiian Education Act; Jacob K. Javits Gifted and Talented Students Education Act of 1994; 21st Century Community Learning Centers Act; and Education Infrastructure Act of 1994. Item 575. \doc\web\99\01\edlaws.txt Internet Law Library Education and the law (links to various education laws including goals 2000) @@Lawsuit \clip\99\01\lawsut.txt Groups filed class-action suit against Florida over poorly performing schools By KAREN L. SHAW MIAMI (January 7, 1999 EST - Florida is violating the constitutional rights of many of its public school students - not just minorities and immigrants - by failing to provide adequate education, a lawsuit filed against the state alleges. Similar lawsuits have been filed and are at various stages of litigation in New Jersey, Rhode Island, Kentucky, Alabama, North Carolina, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Ohio and Vermont, the attorneys said. @@League of Education Voters z75\priv\2004\01\leged.txt 1/2004 JBurts reports on a meeting in Wenatchee. The League of Education Voters is not the grass root organization it claims to be. The members are the backers and writers of the teacher pay-raise initiative (I-728) that passed in Washington State, and now they are after more taxes. They want an increase of between $600 million to $1 billion more per year in sales taxes. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation gave them $500,000 to travel around the state holding public forums @@Learners Classic ed reform buzzword to replace "student". Lifelong learners, community of strong learners, growing able learners AUGH! The goal of the Design Centers for Advanced Academics is to identify and nurture able learners in K-4. "Growing able learners" is the primary focus for these programs. Letters of supporters of ed-reform tyrant at Gatewood school in Seattle proclaim "we are a community of strong learners" @@Learning Styles Lots of educators believe that students have their own learning styles, and that we should tailor teaching to each student's style, however there is absolutely no data anywhere that shows that this works any better than teaching everybody the same way. It's obviously much more difficult to tailor a classroom to 30 different ways of learning. Bracey and Cunningham agree there is absolutely no evidence this stuff works. WHOLE LANGUAGE USES LEARNING STYLE @@Legislation IS PASSING LAWS AGAINST WHOLE LANGUAGE TOTALTARIANISM? Tiptoeing to Totalitarianism David C. Berliner Interim Dean College of Education Arizona State University Arizona Legislators are being urged to pass laws that tell teachers precisely what and how to teach, and what not to teach. @@Lewis, C.S. %%That Hideous Strength : A Modern Fairy-Tale for Grown-Ups Written during the dark hours immediately before and during the Second World War, C. S. Lewis's Space Trilogy, of which That Hideous Strength is the third volume, stands alongside such works as Albert Camus's The Plague and George Orwell's 1984 as a timely parable that has become timeless, beloved by succeeding generations as much for the sheer wonder of its storytelling as for the significance of its moral concerns. A sinister technocratic organization that is gaining force throughout England, N.I.C.E. (the National Institute of Coordinated Experiments), secretly controlled by humanity's mortal enemies, plans to use Merlin in their plot to "recondition" society [reported to bear a striking similarity to Marc Tucker's NCEE and it's plan to "restructure" American education] @@Liberals Not all of the opposition to ed reform comes from conservative christians: 30 Dec 1997 Bruce Crawford Regarding your point that progressive education may not be necessarily tied to liberalism (modern, not classical), remember that E.D. Hirsch, Jr. describes himself as a liberal. All of the founders of Mathematically Correct, save one, are liberal Democrats. One of them told me that liberals want their children to have a solid education, too. @@Libertarian In some states, libertarians are opposing Goals 2000 and STW like Minnesota. Mostly, it's either a non-issue or they might be supporting "higher standards". %%Rand Ayn From: (by way of Fred Battey ) Subject: Ayn Rand Quote Ayn Rand once described public schools this way: Your children are taken from you by force, sent to a school of which you may or may not approve, to study subjects you don't have to like, under teachers that you didn't hire, and probably can't fire; and the whole system is paid for by money extorted from you at the point of a gun. Given that arrangement as the structural foundation of something as important as education, we should be surprised by the kids that DO survive public schooling, rather than the relatively few who don't. %%Minnesota MINNESOTA LP ATTACKS GOALS 2000 STW \doc\web\99\14\libnews.txt Libertarian Party News April 1999 p. 9 Headline: Affliate News: Reasons to oppose Goals 2000 Charles Test on Goals 2000: "It is about resisting the temptation of federal funding". * Minnesota The federal government's School to Work and Goals 2000 education programs treat children as "human resource capital" said LP State Chair Charles Test in testimony to the House Education Committee -- and the state legislature should protect Minnesota children by withdrawing from those programs. z40\clipim\2000\04\06\libed.efx Taking the first steps towards educational freedom in America Libertarian Party News April 2000 Curriculum is by politicians Cites Virginia eurocentric Standards of Learning crams euro history into kids heads However, does not specifically attack standards based ed reform, fuzzy math, whole language, or school to work. Advocates vouchers, home schooling @@Lifelong Learning Most education reforms want to transform our children into lifelong learners. Sounds good, but it's actually a UN supported globalist agenda with socialist roots to transform society into a "democratic" society. LIFELONG LEARNING IS GUIDING PRINCIPLE OF EUROPEAN ED REFORM z50\doc\web\2001\08\lifelong.txt COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES Brussels, 30.10.2000 SEC(2000) 1832 COMMISSION STAFF WORKING PAPER A Memorandum on Lifelong Learning Lifelong learning is no longer just one aspect of education and training; it must become the guiding principle for provision and participation across the full continuum of learning contexts. The coming decade must see the implemention of this vision. SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC STATE TO CONFER RIGHTS TO THE CHILD link Judith Chapman and David Aspin tell a whole different story at the web site here: http://www.ape Discover here "A Pure Theory of Lifelong Learning, by Michael J. Hatton and "Schools as Centres of Lifelong Learning for All", by Judith Chapman and David Aspin. He points to conservatives as "on par with animals and psychotics and babies". A parent is practicing totalitarianism if they instruct their children in any form of 'doctrine' [such as religion?] UNITED NATIONS INVENTED LIFELONG LEARNING IN 1970 LIFE-LONG LEARNING and the UN By Dean Gotcher, 1996 It seems "Life Long Learning" has become a new buzz-word for the 90's. UNESCO began redefining education as "life-long", with a global emphasis, during its International Education Year, 1970. LIFE-LONG LEARNING AND MARXISM BY DEAN GOTCHER 1996 An Introduction to Lifelong Education 1965 Paul Lengrand Towards a Conceptual Model of Lifelong Learning 1972 Perkins @@Life Skills PAPER CLIPS - MANAGEMENT BY SCOOBY SNACK?? z45\doc\web\2000\09\life.txt Carter/Amaya Management Plan Students are rewarded tickets for being on time, turning in homework, sharing, working in a group cooperatively and using Life Skills. Once they have gotten 35 paper clips they get a class movie. This is reinforces the Life Skill of cooperation within the whole group. @@Littleton Colorado Denver suburb famous for 1999 high school shooting, but also had earlier 1993 parental revolt which threw out the OBE school board which imposed "performance based graduation requirements". Evidently the system regained control in 1997. More on Littleton, Columbine and OBE Gerald Bracy disputes Littleton OBE story Carol Brzeczek one of the victorious parents speaks out. Demise of Performance Based Graduation An example of this "method" is given by a pro-OBE principal from Littleton, Colorado: "It is more important to know how to find states on a map than to memorize their locations." He also refused to believe that students should know something about the Depression, the Holocaust or World War II because he suggested that "any definition of cultural landmarks was arbitrary and therefore, presumptuous." \clip\99\10\cadams.htm Littleton Independent November 13, 1997 No voice on school board In the wake of the LPS School Board elections, that is what supporters of traditional, basic education are left with. Now with the Littleton Education Association in full control of all five seats on the school board, those of us who favor traditional education for our children are once again eliminated from the process. How quickly will this board take us back to the OBE mindset that caused the philosophical rift culminating in the election of the Back to Basics slate in 1993? \clip\99\10\little.htm Understanding the Conflict over Outcome-Based Education Two 90-minute audiocassettes in a binder provide personal accounts of the controversy that surrounded performance-based approaches to school restructuring in Littleton, Colorado. Features interviews and conversations with teachers, administrators, education experts (Robert Marzano), parents, and school board members in presenting all sides of the debate. 1994. Stock# 2-94074 Price $ 34.95 \clip\99\10\outcome.html outcome.txt OUTCOMES GO: ANATOMY OF A INSURRECTION by Ed Lederman Littleton Colorado parents throw out OBE school board in 1993.Why this happened can be laid to any number of factors: the intellectual bankruptcy of OBE--a pedagogical approach that purports to emphasize the acquisition of skills over knowledge, the daunting commitment in time and energy of several parents, Bill Cisney and Carol Brzeczek, recently instituted mail-in voting, November cycle school board elections and, into the stretch, the monumentally inept intervention of People For the American Way. \clip\99\10\outgo.htm Here is the [expired] URL for the Education Week article on Littleton school policies and problems. It was published 6/1/94: "Requiem for a Reform" by Ann Bradley Susan Subject: 6/1/94 - Requiem For A Reform From: "Charles K. MacKay" Date: Mon, 07 Jun 1999 19:04:49 -0400 Goals 2000 & Outcome Based Education (OBE) And in Littleton, Colorado, outraged parents and voters tossed out virtually the entire school board and replaced them with a slate of pro-family, pro-American, and pro-education officials committed to restoring the traditional character and integrity of the schools. (1 of top 2 with Pennsylvania) \clip\99\10\g2000.htm Preferred Citation: Peter Schrag, "The New School Wars: How Outcome-Based Education Blew Up," The American Prospect no. 20 (Winter 1995): 53- 62 ( In the end, OBE was withdrawn or blocked in Virginia, Ohio, and Oklahoma, at least temporarily stopped in Connecticut, and, after a school board was recalled, repealed in Littleton, Colorado, where it had been in place for more than two years. \clip\99\10\20schr.html @@Looping \clip\98\06\loop.txt EDUCATION WEEK 'LOOPING' CATCHES ON AS A WAY TO BUILD STRONG TIES By Linda Jacobson [teacher stays with classes for more than one year in elementary school] @@Methods (1) Michael Collins lists these: Methods and Approaches There are a variety of teaching methods which seek to reform the traditional lecture, information-transmission model for learning. Collaborative and Cooperative learning Discovery-based learning Engaged learning Problem-based learning Whole language approach Examples of learner-centered programs @@Middle Schools MIDDLE 6-8 VS. JR HIGH 7-9 MS MOVEMENT \doc\web\99\11\midsch.txt Carnegie Corporation's Turning Points Report completed in 1989. It was the impetus for the great push from junior high schools to middle schools during the 1990s. It advocated that 10-14 years students should explore rather than master facts and go in depth in academic studies. MIDDLE SCHOOL EXCHANGES SELF-ESTEEM FOR ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT \clip\98\08\midmud.txt Muddle in the Middle By Ann Bradley The middle school model has come under attack for supplanting academic rigor with a focus on students' social, emotional, and physical needs. Ellicott City, Md. @@Minnesota Minnesota has adopted a "standards based" system. Why has Minnesota shifted to a standards based system? To meet the demands of the 21st Century, Minnesota is focusing on both the basics – the 3Rs of reading, writing, and arithmetic — and on the higher levels of information and skills that our students need to succeed in this changing world. State web page Department of Families and Learing Ed reform 1997 law %%Profiles of Learning Incorporates controversial performance packages z40\clip\2000\03\minnesot.htm Strange Brew: Minnesota's Motley Mix of School Reforms, by Mitchell B. Pearlstein, The Thomas B. Fordham Foundation, January 2000. Minnesota was the first state to embrace many important education reforms, from statewide open enrollment to charter schools, but it has also been home to a number of bad ideas in education. currently, Minnesota parents, educators, politicians and others remain locked in a fight over what are arguably the worst academic standards in the nation, the state’s so-called “Profile of Learning.” ..a controversy that has meandered from “outcome-based education” to “results-oriented graduation standards” to “learning for success” to the current “Profile of Learning,” with other stops along the way. .. began developing “Some Essential Learner Outcomes” (SELOs) as early as 1972. 1983, Education Commissioner urged the Legislature to replace traditional “clock hour/seat time graduation standards” with “learner outcomes and state achievement tests.”35 And within five years of that, the State Board of Education declared, as a journalist explained, “that it wanted to establish a system that would require a mastery of basic skills and also raise the bar of student achievement.” DIVERSITY RULE EQUITY OR ELSE In early 1994, To replace a twenty-one-year-old rule, the updated scheme would break new ground by requiring districts with more than thirty minority students to ensure that these youngsters performed at essentially the same levels as white students: academic performance, dropout rates, rates of suspension and expulsion, and rates of participation in remedial and honors classes. If a performance gap were to persist for more than four years, the state could “reconstitute” a school by changing all its teachers and its principal. If the gap continued for another three years, the state could take over the school.44 1997 Under the new rule, public schools would have an enforceable obligation to “reduce or eliminate” gaps in performance among demographic groups What sorts of gaps would be forbidden? “any measurable disparity in student performance, attendance rates, graduation rates, suspension rates, and rates of participation patterns in course offerings and extracurricular activities.” Board of Education was terminated in 1999. PEOPLE WANT TO CAN MINNESOTA PROFILES OF LEARNING \clip\98\20\edclip06.txt Star Tribune December 27, 1998 Teachers criticize Profile of Learning Norman Draper / Star Tribune "The essential bottom line for all of us is that this is still crazy," said Lonni Skrentner, a U.S. history teacher at Edina High School. "We do not yet have a working system to track this. ... "We can't throw the whole thing out," It's going to take 10 years minimum to know whether this is going to work out." REAL LIFE PERFORMANCE-BASED ED STARTS OUT AS DISASTER IN MINN \clip\98\15\proflear.txt October 23, 1998 Teachers stressed out by grad-rule requirements Norman Draper / Star Tribune (Minnesota) "in discussions throughout the state, they've been barraged with complaints about burdensome paperwork and the magnitude of the Profile of Learning. " "The profile requires students to perform tasks that demonstrate their learning, often through projects, writing or assignments outside of school. Beginning this year, ninth-graders will have to complete 24 requirements in such areas as "themes of U.S. history," "algebraic patterns," "public speaking," "career investigation" and "technical writing" in order to graduate. Eagle forum: Grassroots opposition to Minnesota "profiles in Learning" Performance-package curriculum, too expensive, pushes left wing diversity agenda. AFT review of "Profiles in Learning" standards \clip\97\29\minn\minn.htm (judged just barely better than unuseable - 8th grade standard to graduate, standards are not specific to content) QUIST RUNS FOR GOV AGAINST ED REFORM MOVEMENT \doc\web\97\09\minnref.txt Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 09:33:49 -0600 Opposes Goals 2000, Profiles in Learning. The truth about the Profiles in Learning is this: they are a radical attempt to reinvent education along lines that are totally experimental and enormously bureaucratic. By means of the Profiles in Learning, the state is mandating specific teaching methods and curriculum content. The Department of Children, Families and Learning is requiring all public schools to shift over to the Profiles in Learning system by the fall of 1998. This policy should be abandoned. @@Occult Christian ed reform critics say some of the thinkers are based on occult religions. OCCULT EDUCATION - VALUES > FACTS, GOD DEMANDS REFORM WHAT'S 2+2? \doc\web\99\08\occult.txt From: berit kjos Subject: Occult education from Conversations with God these quotes on education from Conversations with God, Book 2, the top-selling series of occult books by Neale Donald Walsch, would be of interest to the loop. The books consist of a continual dialogue between Walsch (who has been involved with United Religions and who commends UN leader Robert Muller) and a spirit guide that calls itself "God" and "dictates" each answer to the popular author. longer list of quotes from Book 2 at our website. To see it, We have also posted part of the glossary from Brave New Schools at I am talking about a complete revision of your schools’ curricula. I am speaking of a values-based curriculum. You are now teaching what is largely a facts-based curriculum. (127) Right now your schools exist primarily to provide answers. It would be far more beneficial if their primary function was to ask questions.


    Some radicals such as Gerald Bracey and Walter Williams says that we'll do just fine without radical reforms. \clip\98\09\fret.txt Copyright © 1998 The Seattle Times Company May 22, 1998 Fretting over the nation's students largely misplaced by Walter Williams Much of the hand-wringing is misplaced. The United States is not likely to experience economic deterioration because of the current failings of its elementary and secondary schools. Nor do the low test scores appear to threaten the economic futures of the college-bound top students, and certainly not the very best ones taking advanced classes in mathematics and science.

    z47\clip\2000\12\k12online.txt First Online K-12 School Brings
    Universal Access to Excellent Education December 28, 2000 07:10 CDT
    In a press release, William J. Bennett and Knowledge Universe
    Learning Group (KULG) announced on Wednesday the formation of the
    first Internet-based school for kindergarten through 12th grade.
    @@Team Teaching
    Questions about Team Teaching No
    proof that benefits justify the cost?? Teaming requires the team
    teachers to teach one LESS class per day in order to have the time to
    From: Bruce Crawford  read Stevenson &
    Stigler's "The Learning Gap" for a description of what I believe team
    teaching was meant to be before the concept got subverted. TLG is
    short (less than 200 pgs.) It is the layman's version of the report
    they did on a 10-yr. comparison of American and Asian schools.
    @@Technical Education
    INITIATIVE \doc\web\98\04\belltech.txt Dear Arthur and Ed loop In the
    Eastside Journal Sunday the 29th Tech center National Pilot program
    which Boeing paid so far, 1 million and Microsoft 1 million and The
    National Science foundation has pumped 3 million into the project.
    The center for immerging technologies which has a staff of 11 and an
    operating budget of 1 million this is what former Microsoft executive
    Neil Evans is a tech dean of.
    @@Tech Prep
    EDUCATIONAL REFORM MDS-913 Alexander C. McCormick Martha Naomi Alt
    Sonya Geis MPR Associates National Center for Research in Vocational
    Tech Prep Associate's Degree Programs
    Tech Prep or "2+2" programs link courses taken in the last two years
    of high school with a two-year community college program to culminate
    in a Tech Prep or applied associate's degree. Tech Prep programs may
    combine applied academics curriculum, context-centered learning, and
    competency-based assessment.[27] 
    @@Technology - see computers
    See also testing
    George W. Is Bush's record on education really that good? In short,
    yes. Chester E. Finn (chief right wing reform leader) Manhattan
    Institute: Texas probably leads the country at the moment in setting
    academic standards, testing, and accountability." Texas and North
    Carolina showed most NAEP improvement, Hispanic complain exit tests
    discriminate, TRA says TAAS is too wimpy.
    EduNews slams review of Bush
    Between 74% and 85% of the elementary schools in Houston I.S.D.  that
    were rated "acceptable" by the Bush accountability system had below
    grade level performance on the last administration of the national
    Stanford Achievement Test.
    \clip\99\04\texread.txt January 31, 1999, in the San Jose Mercury
    News BY ANNE MARTINEZ Mercury News Staff Writer " The Texas model The
    combined approach of teacher training and reading academies has won
    broad support in Texas, which has come under the national spotlight
    for its achievement gains in the 1990s.  "
    Education Reform wants to get rid of automatic recall, emphasize
    thinking, but it is the job of education to reduce as much as
    possible to recall.
    EDUCATION SHOULD ENCOURAGE LESS, NOT MORE THINKING from 8/98 A quote from Sir Alfred North Whitehead.
    This quote is from his An Introduction to Mathematics, Home
    University Library (1911), p. 61.
        \"It is a profoundly erroneous truism, repeated by all copy books
    and by eminent people when they are making speeches, that we should
    cultivate the habit of thinking of what we are doing. The precise
    opposite is the case. Civilization advances by extending the number
    of important operations which we can perform without thinking...\" 
    To that, Jacques Barzun added in his Teacher in America, \"This is
    particularly true in mathematics, where the ability to pass rapidly from
    our starting point to our goal is the result of previous thinking, just as
    muscular power is the result of previous practice.\" 
    Prisoners of Time Report of the National Commission on Time and
    Learning 1994 (J. McCann lib) us gov print office. Est by public law
    102-62 (ed council act of 1991) findings in april 1994.  Mastering
    world class standards will require more time for almost all students
    52-more hrs per day 47-more days, same hous 62-after school care
    85-importance of preschool for low income/minority children
    ... preschoolers who can use a computer before they can read a book
    science, geography.. new standards will require more time
    @@Title 1
    Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965
    • The largest federal education program
    • Has done little or nothing to close poor academic gap
    • Spent $118 billion since start of program in the 1960s
    %%Failure \clip\99\10\title1.txt Investor's Business Daily IS TITLE I OVERDUE FOR OVERHAUL? Some Fear School Program Will Only Get Tuneup 4/16/99 Author: Anna Bray Duff But after spending a $120 billion over the past 32 years, Title I has disappointed many. While the program may have kept the education gap from growing, some experts say Title I has been so poorly run that it's actually impeded educational opportunities for poor and minority kids. TITLE I COST $8B BUT DOES IT HELP? \clip\99\07\title1.txt USA Today 03/02/99 Views differ on progress of teaching poor WASHINGTON (AP) - The federal program for poor and other disadvantaged children has encouraged higher standards in schools and thus helped to increase learning, the Education Department says in a new report. TITLE 1 FAILS TO CLOSE RICH POOR EDUCATION GAP \clip\99\02\title1.txt Los Angeles Times Sunday, January 17, 1999 Title I's $118 Billion Fails to Close Gap Program has been unable to lift academic level of poor students, research shows. By RALPH FRAMMOLINO, Times Staff Writer Spent $118 billion over 3 decades, but has been unable to narrow the gap between rich and poor. Pays for 132,000 classroom positions The program has been "a failure up to now" MOst dollars spent on tutorng an remedial efferts that have produced marginal improvement in test scorews. repart last fall by Dept of Ed gap between 9 year students attending high and low poevrty schools stame the same or increased from mid 80s to mid 90s. This gap left poor students 4 grade levels behind affluent students in reading, 2 grades behind in math. - in 1997, massive spending has done little to close the gap between 1991 qand 1994 in part because it tolerates low academic standars for poor and minority studnts (standards based educatin myth] - aids lack skills to teach "high level" skills? [higher order thinking myth, rich kids have basics down, poor don't] Title I pays $685 per poor child, but CA is $573 - serves 46,000 or nearly half of US schools - minority students recieve most Title I services - conservative say it has been a waste of money since score have widened since mid 80s - arguments about who and where money goes, not whether it works - 1994 requires students to be held to same standards - many teacher aides were laid off
    Title 1 is the largest federal program for children at risk, $7 billion in FY 1995, but no study has ever shown it to erase the poverty gap in academic performance. %%Outcome Based Education TITLE 1 TO BECOME YET ANOTHER WAY TO ENFORCE OBE thanks to: For those readers who are new, "Performance based" "inputs and outcomes" "break the mold" and "new global economy" are all buzz words for Marc Tucker's OBE education restructuring model. Pretty scary that Title I (ESEA)has turned into yet another way to implement OBE. Toward Performance-Based Federal Education Funding Reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act Andrew Rotherham PPI Policy Report (Progressive Policy Institute is a think tank affiliated with the Democratic Leadership Council) Select quotes from the report: April 1999 "As Congress prepares this year to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), lawmakers face a critical choice: ... or *break the mold* ... students prepared for the new global economy." "... *performance-based* funding isn't deregulation... The desired performance *outcomes* become the regulation, as opposed to *inputs* and process.71" TITLE 1 MANDATES STANDARDS BASED (OBE) REFORMS \doc\web\99\09\esea.txt "A Conservative News Forum" Reauthorizing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965: A New Approach for a New Century - Allegiance to the Children, In the 1994 reauthorization, the Clinton administration made Title I and the ESEA a key component of a national restructuring, under Goals 2000, obliging states to implement standards and aligned assessments. @@Todd, Leon Black neo-conservative Milwaukee school board member has been fire bombed over criticism of afrocentrism and progressive education. The guy deserves a medal, he is critical of some right wing attempts to use IQ to exclude blacks from higher eduation. contact: leontodd BLACK TALK SHOW APPLAUDS FIRE BOMBING OF LEON TODD HOUSE z45\clip\2000\08\leont.txt Isthmus Newspaper Madison, Wisconsin January 10, 1997 A Shameful Silence Charles J. Sykes A school board member's home is bombed in Milwaukee, and no one is outraged. None of that has stopped former Ald. Michael McGee, who went on his radio talk show two days after the bombing to applaud the attack and warn Todd that if he "were smart, he'd get his butt out of the black community." z39\clip\99\21\sykes.txt Isthmus Newspaper Madison, Wisconsin January 10, 1997 A Shameful Silence Charles J. Sykes A school board member's home is bombed in Milwaukee, and no one is outraged. @@Total Quality Management @@TQM see N-Z