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Driving Safety

Asian Americans probably have the worst ethnic reputation as American drivers, but they have the highest rate of seatbelt use, and lowest % of deaths due to use of alchohol.

Ranked by Asian Traffic Safety Spectrum

%deaths to alchohol  W1.0 B-1.07 H-1.36 A 1.63
vehicle deaths       W1.0 B 1.01 H      A 1.52
Seat Belt            W1.0 B-1.27 H-1.20 A 1.38

Ranked by Black
Seat belt use        W1.0 B-1.17 H??
Male fatality 13-19  W1.0 B-1.78 H-1.64


@@age doc\95\07\driveage.txt Death rates are highest among teens and the extreme elderly, lowest 45-59 middle age Death Rates by Age per 100,000 licensed drivers Age Mill Death Rate 0-19 8.7 86.52 ******** 20-29 35.6 26.72 *** 30-44 58.9 16.63 ** 45-59 36.4 13.82 * 60-69 18.1 15.75 ** 70-85 14.5 29.79 *** 85-100 0.9 99.47 ********** 1993, National Association of Independent Insurers \clip\97\29\motor\motor.htm National Safety council Accident Facts DEATHS DUE TO MOTOR-VEHICLE ACCIDENTS, 1996 If each driver drives 10,000 miles / yr at 30 mph, that's 333 hrs, 16 deaths per 33 million driving hours, or .048 per 100,000 driving hours @@airbag Air bags were originally designed so that people would be protected even without seat belts. Some research says they only work with seat belts, but newer study says they help unbelted as well. They work better than belts alone, but there is some evidence they may kill smaller adults and children, especially when improperly belted. Facts: - Reduces death in head-on by 26% - Reduces death in all serious accidents by 13% - Caused 0.2% of deaths of children in auto accidents - Save 900 lives per year, but killed 26 children in 1993-96 \clip\97\24\airbag.txt http://www.seattletimes.com/extra/browse/html97/bagg_102297.html The Seattle Times Company Wednesday, Oct. 22, 1997 Should air bags have on/off switches? by Shelby Gilje Seattle Times Troubleshooter "Air bags work only with belts, study concludes" San Jose Mercury News June 26, 1992 p. 8A 1st federal air bag study finds they work better than belts alone, reduces risk of death in head-on by 26% and all serious accidents by 13%, but "other studies show" they are not much help without seat belts. They cushion impacts with hard surfaces in a way that belts do not. MIKE FUMENTO: ONLY SIBERIAN TIGERS POSE LESS OF A THREAT TO CHILDREN THAN AIR BAGS article is posted at http://www.arthurhu.com/96/08/airbag.htm Airbags have caused the deaths of 32 children since 1990, but that's only 0.2% of 15,000 total auto-related deaths of children. People may die when they go the shop to get their airbag disconnected. \clip\96\09\decap.txt Nov. 27, 1996 Passenger air bag decapitates toddler 1-year-old dies in `minor' parking-lot crash \clip\96\09\bagrisk.txt Seattle Times Nov. 26, 1996 Air bags Who's safe? Who's at risk? And what should you do? by Carey Quan Gelernter Seattle Times staff reporter c:\doc\96\06\airbag.txt "Air Bags Cut Fatalities, But Increase the Risk for Elderly and Children" Wall Street Journal Oct 4, 1996. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration concluded that air bags are generally effective even with unbelted passengers in reducing fatalities, but increase the risk of death for those 12 and under or 70 and over. The study was of 10 years of data with 8,788 driver fatalities with driver or dual air bags, and 821 front passenger deaths. Since 1993 26 children have been killed by the force of air bags. \doc\96\03\airbag.txt 15 child deaths last year, but 900 lives saved 1987-95 Seattle Times 3/9/96 \doc\95\14\airbag.txt - Cars with airbags actually had _more_ injury claims. Talley's Second Chance Forbes Sept 25, 1995 p. 62 @@alcohol Asians are the least, Native Americans the most likely to crash because of alcohol. % of driving deaths related to alchohol Native American 73 -1.66 Mexican American 60 -1.36 African American 47 -1.07 All American 46 -1.05 White 44 1.00 Puerto Rican 44 1.00 Asian 27 1.63 \DOC\WEB\99\07\DRUNK.WK1 usa Today chart dot report http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/people/injury/alcohol/alcupdate/alcprobupd.html#People Alcohol Highway Safety:Problem Update ( April 1998 ) James also compared the percentage of various ethnic groups in the DWI population with percentages in the general population and found that Asian-Americans were under-represented in the DWI population by a factor of about 3 to 1, blacks were over-represented by a factor of 1.25 to 1, and Native Americans were over-represented by a factor of 2.53 to 1. ASIAN LEAST LIKELY TO DIE DRIVING DUE TO ALCHOHOL \clip\99\07\indrunk.txt Indians, Mexican Americans top list in crashes tied to alcohol http://www.phillynews.com/inquirer/99/Feb/23/national/BELT23.htm By Jere Downs INQUIRER STAFF WRITER "Alcohol has caused a higher percentage of traffic fatalities among Native Americans and Mexican Americans than other ethnic groups, according to a new study released yesterday of traffic deaths by race and ethnicity. Using data from traffic deaths, seat belt use, and death certificates nationwide from 1990 through 1994,(see table) according to the study by Robert Voas and Scott Tippetts of the Maryland-based Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation. Asian Americans ranked last, with 27 percent of traffic deaths due to alcohol. % of driving deaths related to alchohol Native American 73 -1.66 Mexican American 60 -1.36 African American 47 -1.07 All American 46 -1.05 White 44 1.00 Puerto Rican 44 1.00 Asian 27 1.63 SOME ALCH 2X, LOTS 35X CHANCE OF FATAL ACCIDENT \doc\web\98\06\drunk.wk1 Car and Driver shows that the main problem is very drunk drivers, not lowering the borderline "The Deadly Drivers Are Deadly Drunk" Car anf Driver Sept 1998p. 110 1996 NHTSA study of friday, sat midnight drivers BAC= blood alcohol content none some drunk 0 .01-.09 .10+ On road 93.0% 14.2% 2.8% Fatal crashes 42.5% 11.8% 45.7% ratio 0.46 0.83 16.32 index 1.00 1.82 35.72 @@bus Buses are statistically a very safe form of transportation "Charter Buses" USA Today May 26, 1999 p. 15A. Average only 6 bus passenger deaths per year 1990-99, but fatal crashes have increased from 23-32 most years to 69 in 1998. @@car ratings NHTSA car safety ratings page @@Chase Discovery "High Speed Chases" 1/4 end in crash 75,000 chases per year world ?1,000 killed in US ?20,000 injured in US 200 bystanders killed in US (I think) @@Child Safety Seats "Car Seat Misuse is Killing Kids" USA Today May 17, 1995 p. 1 Michelle Healy 700 infants and toddlers under 4 killed riding in autos in 1994, 75,000 injured, Nat Highway Traffic and Safety Administration. vs. 616 in 1992. 60% ride consistently in restraints, 25% improperly belted. Vehicle deaths #1 for children. Better protected than airbag/belted adult. US Child Safety Seat Recalls @@Death Rate by Vehicle z82\clip\2004\08\suvsafe.txt Big and Bad How the S.U.V. ran over automotive safety. New Yorker Malcolm Gladwell http://www.gladwell.com/2004/2004_01_12_a_suv.html safety statistics compiled by Tom Wenzel, a scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, in California, and Marc Ross, a physicist at the University of Michigan. for example, for every million Toyota Avalons on the road, forty Avalon drivers die in car accidents every year, and twenty people die in accidents involving Toyota Avalons.) Make/Model Type Driver Deaths Other Deaths Total Dodge Neon subcompact 161 39 199 Pontiac Sunfire subcompact 158 44 202 Chevrolet Cavalier subcompact 146 41 186 Pontiac Grand compact 118 39 157 Toyota Tacoma pickup 111 59 171 Ford F-Series pickup 110 128 238 Dodge Stratus mid-size 103 40 143 Lincoln Town large 100 47 147 Nissan Sentra subcompact 95 34 129 Toyota 4Runner S.U.V. 94 43 137 Ford Explorer S.U.V. 88 60 148 Honda Civic subcompact 84 25 109 Toyota Corolla subcompact 81 29 110 Mercury Marquis large 80 43 123 Ford Taurus mid-size 78 39 117 GMC Jimmy S.U.V. 76 39 114 Subaru Legacy/Outback compact 74 24 98 Nissan Altima compact 72 49 121 Chevrolet Malibu mid-size 71 34 105 Buick Century mid-size 70 23 93 Mazda 626 compact 70 29 99 Chevrolet Tahoe S.U.V. 68 74 141 Jeep Grand S.U.V. 61 44 106 Ford Expedition S.U.V. 55 57 112 Honda Accord mid-size 54 27 82 Nissan Maxima mid-size 53 26 79 Chevrolet Venture minivan 51 34 85 Volkswagen Jetta subcompact 47 23 70 Chevrolet Suburban S.U.V. 46 59 105 Toyota Camry mid-size 41 29 70 Toyota Avalon large 40 20 60 Ford Windstar minivan 37 35 72 Chrysler Town & Country minivan 31 36 67 Among the safest cars are the midsize imports, like the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord. Or consider the extraordinary performance of some subcompacts, like the Volkswagen Jetta. Drivers of the tiny Jetta die at a rate of just forty-seven per million, which is in the same range as drivers of the five- thousand-pound Chevrolet Suburban and almost half that of popular S.U.V. models like the Ford Explorer or the GMC Jimmy. @@Deaths \clip\99\03\seatbelt.txt Detroit News Jan 25, 1999 Seat belt goal spurs minority study Harassment research aimed to increase number buckling up By Kenneth Cole / Detroit News Washington Bureau http://detnews.com:80/1999/nation/9901/25/01250122.htm Rate Index Seat belt use W68% B58% H?? W1.0 B-1.17 H?? Male fatality 13-19 W37 B66 H61 W1.0 B-1.78 H-1.64 per billion mi Source: 1996 federal survey %%decline State Roads Getting Safer. Seattle Times March 1, 19998 p. 1 Death rate down from 5.1 in 1953 to 1.3 in 1997. Deaths per 100 million vehicle miles: 1953 5.1 ***** 1965 5.0 ***** 1975 3.0 *** 1985 2.0 ** 1997 1.3 * 1st major decline was when interstate 5 (freeway) replace old highway 99 as main north-south route. When I90 bridge was replaced, it got rid of dangerous curve in center of drawbridge section and reversible lanes which caused 6-7 deaths per year or 70 per decade. Collisions per 100 mvm 1953 721 ******* 1965 500 ***** 1970 480 ***** 1975 500 ***** 1980 350 **** 1985 350 **** 1990 290 *** 1995 284 *** When two vehicles hit head on at 30 or 1 hits a wall at 60 mph, seat belts result in a survival rate of 50% % of accidents due to alchohol use CA = 40% OR = 42% US = 41% WA = 50% \CLIP\97\18\trafdeat.txt New York Times July 17, 1997 Traffic Deaths Rose in 1996 By MATTHEW L. WALD WASHINGTON -- The number of traffic deaths rose last year, for the fourth year in a row, the Department of Transportation said Wednesday. [Department statistics show that 41,907 people died in traffic accidents last year, up from 41,798 in 1995, an increase of about 0.25 percent, but miles travelled up by 1.7 percent, so death per mile is still going down] \doc\95\15\trafdeat.txt "Traffic deaths up two years in a row" Seattle Times Oct 29, 1995 Deaths about half the peak in 1972. %%race MOST ASIANS LEAST LIKELY TO DIE FROM VEHICLE ACCIDENTS \doc\web\99\04\drivdeat.wk1 Death rate per 100,000 by motor vehicle accidents Race rate other API 17.7 -1.07 white 16.6 1.00 black 16.4 1.01 hawaiian 14.9 1.11 amindian 13.9 1.19 vietnamese 12.3 1.35 api 10.9 1.52 filipino 10.7 1.55 korean 10.5 1.58 chinese 8.6 1.93 asindian 7.0 2.37 japanese 6.9 2.41 Except for "other" API, blacks and whites are more likely to die from driving accidents than most Asian ethinic groups. Sources: http://www.cdc.gov/nchswww/SSBR/45112t07.htm http://www.cdc.gov/nchswww/SSBR/lc7bb_a.htm http://www.cdc.gov/nchswww/data/sr20_29.pdf http://www.cdc.gov/nchswww/data/mvs46_1s.pdf Monthly Vital Statistics Report, Vol 46, No 1 Supplement (8/14/97) \clipim\99\02\25 http://www.cdc.gov/nchswww/data/sr20_29.pdf Vital and Health Statistics, Series 20, No. 29 (6/96) \clipim\99\02\25 http://www.cdc.gov/nchswww/data/mvs46_1s.pdf Monthly Vital Statistics Report, Vol 46, No 1 Supplement (8/14/97) National Center for Health Statistics @@Guns ONE GUN INCIDENT A DAY IN KING CO TRAFFIC http://www.seattletimes.com/extra/browse/html97/free_040197.html \clip\97\09\roadrage.txt Copyright 1997 The Seattle Times Company Tuesday, April 1, 1997 `Road rage' takes a deadly detour by Nancy Bartley Seattle Times South bureau Traffic incidents involving guns are occurring at nearly a one-a-day rate this year in King County, according to the State Patrol. @@japan San Jose Mercury Newshound 6/10/96 The death toll from traffic accidents this year hit 4,014 last Friday, the agency said. A total of 495,821 people were killed in traffic accidents since 1946 @@Korea \priv\95\07\koramb.txt - Korean ambulance in nation with highest traffic death rate @@Pedestrian Health July/August 1997 p. 22 110,000 pedestrians were injured and 6,000 are killed in the US each year in traffic accidents. @@race HISPANICS HAVE STATISTICALLY BAD DRIVING RECORD z50\clip\2001\06\hispcar.txt http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?17717 Sunday, November 12, 2000 Hispanics lead drunk-driving arrests, accidents Federal study: Car crashes 3rd-leading cause of death for Latinos "...while Hispanics comprised 9 percent of the driving population, "21 percent of those arrested for impaired-driving nationally were Hispanic." They also are involved in proportionately more crashes than whites or blacks, the study showed." The [1995 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study ], "Highway Safety Needs of U.S. Hispanic Communities," study noted several factors in the high incidence of deaths and injuries, most based on machismo, or "macho" cultural norms. Black and Hispanic Children More Likely to Die in Crashes http://abcnews.go.com:80/sections/living/DailyNews/teencrashes981222.html December 23, 1998 Bill Brewster ABC News "Black and Hispanic children in the United States are much more likely to die in car crashes than white kids. This sad fact was suspected but not confirmed until researchers at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety analyzed traffic casualty data in a different way and illuminated a disturbing gap between the races." @@Teenager BBC NEWS Wednesday, 22 March, 2000, 03:17 GMT Teenage drivers 'die showing off' Teenage drivers are more than twice as likely to be killed when they have passengers in their car, according to new research. While older drivers have a reduced risk of fatal accidents when they have other people in their car, 16 and 17-year-olds are more likely to be killed. Teenage motorists are also more likely to die when carrying passengers under 30 and when they are driving late at night. Full text: http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/health/newsid_686000/686044.stm Video: http://news.bbc.co.uk/olmedia/685000/video/_686044_tom_heap0700_vi.ram Pals in car inceease danger of teen crash. Seattle Times July 19, 1998 A 1998 study in Ontario Canada found in drivers 16-19 were twice as likely to have a fatal crash when having one passenger vs alone, six times with two or more passengers, passengers at night 11 times alone in day. 1998 study by Preusser Research Group found 16 yr old drivers with at least 2 teen passengers 8 times more likely than adults with passengers. Over past 20 years, death rate has doubled for 16 yr olds from 19 to 35 per 100,000 licensced drivers. @@Trucks The Truck Jihad. Autoweek May 25, 1998 p. 17 Death rates per million registered vehicles 90 full size SUV 136 Explorer and Blazer 168 passenger car 214 subcompact 279 minicar (about 3x) \clip\98\07\safesuv1.tif,safesuv2.tif March Wall Street Journal on SUV weight and safety. http://www.seattletimes.com/news/nation-world/html98/cras_030398.html \clip\98\07\sidecras.txt March 3, 1998 Explorer crashes into Accord to test `vehicle compatibility' by Donald W. Nauss Los Angeles Times EAST LIBERTY, Ohio - In one corner, weighing in at 4,680 pounds, is the muscular, red 1997 Ford Explorer. In the other, tipping the scales at a mere 3,418 pounds, is a black four-door 1997 Honda Accord. [an accord hitting an Explorer in the side would still be the winner] "Survey Casts Utility Vehicles as Threatening" Wall Street Journal Feb 10, 1998 p. B1 Insurance Institute for Highway Safety computes that people in cars broadsided by large pickup trucks or SUVs are 27 more likely to die than those in the truck, 47 to 1 if the vehicle is less than 2,500 lbs, 4 to 1 for all cars and light trucks. @@Rage roadrage.txtMichael Fumento notes traffic deaths are down, not up, "road rage" is an invented epidemic not based on facts. ROAD RAGE A FACTOR IN 2/3 OF HIGHWAY DEATHS \clip\97\18\roadrage.txt Temper Cited as Cause of 28,000 Road Deaths a Year New York Times July 18, 1997 By MATTHEW L. WALD "several factors were involved in every car crash but that rage was present in two-thirds of the 41,907 deaths last year, and in a third of the nonfatal crashes, which resulted in three million injuries. " @@Rollover SUVs are larger in collisions with smaller vehicles but are more prone to rollover 62% of SUV deaths are in rollovers @@School Bus Are you worried about your kids getting killed in a school bus? It's actually one of the least likely things to happen to a kid with only 11 actual deaths to kids inside of buses a year, and not that many more getting run over by buses. MUNICIPAL BUS IS SAFEST, SCHOOL BUS 2ND. STUDENT DRIVER WORST z56\clip\2002\06\schbus.txt San Jose Mercury News Wednesday, Jun 19, 2002 School bus is safest ride STUDY: TEENAGE DRIVERS RISKIEST FOR STUDENTS By Greg Toppo Associated Press WASHINGTON - The driver may be cranky and the seats may squeak, but riding that big yellow bus is by far the safest way to get to school -- even safer than walking, a government study shows. The most dangerous way: riding in a car with a teenager behind the wheel. June 19, 2002 Transportation Research Board Special Report 269, The Relative Risks of School Travel: A National Perspective and Guidance for Local Community Risk Assessment Report at http://gulliver.trb.org/publications/sr/sr269.pdf z56\clipim\2002\06\19\sr269.pdf Trips vs deaths / ratio 25% 2% -12.5 School bus 14% 55% 3.9 Student driving 20% Parent driving 6% Walking 6% Bicycle 61% 32% -2.0 PWB Fatalities per 100 Million Trips -------------------------------------- 0.1 Other Bus 0.3 School Bus 1.6 Adult Driver Passenger Vehicle 3.5 Total 4.6 Walking 9.6 Bicycling 13.2 Teen Driver Passenger Vehicle From Table 3-3 NTSB SAYS SEATBELTS DON'T HELP, SOMRTIMES HARM Buckle up argument over seat belts in buses NTSB 18 mo study no additional benefit, may craete injuries, expensive side collision may wxacerbate spin inten injuries 11 deaths per year vs 5,500 children in other vehicles, 26 fromgetting on and off bus 250 sds require, some states. Seatimes Sep26 1999 ONLY 11 CHILDREN DIE INSIDE OF SCHOOL BUS CRASHES EACH YEAR http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/people/injury/buses/ (7/97 NHTSA) @@Seat belts Asians have the highest rate of seat belt use of any race. African Americans have the lowest. Rate Index MADD Seat Belt W42% B33% H35% A58% W1.0 B-1.27 H-1.20 A 1.38 Seat belt use W68% B58% H?? W1.0 B-1.17 H?? Male fatality 13-19 W37 B66 H61 W1.0 B-1.78 H-1.64 per billion mi seatbelt.txt \clip\99\07\belt.txt - full article http://www.phillynews.com/inquirer/99/Feb/23/national/BELT23.htm Philadelphia Inquirer Feb 23, 1999 Seat belt use Percent Index Asian 58 1.38 White 42 1.00 Puerto Rican 40 -1.05 Mexican 35 -1.20 African American 33 -1.27 \clip\99\03\seatbelt.txt Detroit News Jan 25, 1999 Seat belt goal spurs minority study Harassment research aimed to increase number buckling up By Kenneth Cole / Detroit News Washington Bureau http://detnews.com:80/1999/nation/9901/25/01250122.htm Source: 1996 federal survey \priv\96\02\seatbelt.txt SFC 1/22/96 84% in CA wear seat belts, but half of dead do not wear them. 757 out of 1049 might have survived if they had belts on. \priv\95\09\seatbelt.txt Seat belts, air bags found less protective for women (SFE 7/24/95) Women 52% more likely to be killed than men in crashes, maybe due to seat belts and air bags built for men @@size / fuel economy \CLIP\97\08\CARTRUK.TXT New York Times March 19, 1997 Collision Odds Turn Lopsided as Sales of Big Vehicles Boom "Of the 5,426 people killed in collisions between cars and light trucks in 1995, the most recent year for which statistics are available, only 20 percent were in the light trucks; 80 percent were in the cars. (The number killed in collisions between cars in 1995 was 4,271.) " Related Articles Auto Safety: Accident Data Review to Focus on Rollovers (March 14) Automakers in Japan Learning to Love Safety (Nov. 22) \clip\97\08\cartruk.gif Graphic Mismatch Between Trucks and Cars Average truck weight has increased from 3500 to 4000 lbs from 84 to 96 vs. 3000 lbs for the average car. Minivans increased from 4 to 6 million, SUV from 1 to 2 million per year from 1990 to 1996 \clip\96\04\warvan.txt [The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition] September 10, 1996 The War on Minivans By ERIC PETERS.. the NHTSA study found that an estimated 322 people die each year as a direct result of shaving just 100 pounds (on average) from already downsized small cars, half were because of a smaller car hitting a larger light truck or sport-util. According to NHTSA, between 2,000 and 3,000 people are killed each year simply because they had the misfortune to be in a subcompact car. Now activists are calling for including minivans to CAFE fuel economy regulations. @@sleep \doc\95\11\drivslep.txt - Half of NY Thurway accidents are due to drivers asleep. http://cybertowers.com/selfhelp/articles/holidays/daysave.html \clip\97\16\daysave.html "Daylight Savings Time Sure Bet for Increase in Accidents, Fatigue" by Stanley Coren, Ph.D. Psychologist Stanley Coren, Ph.D., from the University of British Columbia reported his research last year in The New England Journal of Medicine showing a seven percent increase in traffic accidents the day after Daylight Savings Time and a seven percent decrease in accidents in the Fall when the clocks return to Standard Time. "We're all sleep deprived anyway so that extra loss you experience is enough to lead to an accident," says Dr. Coren. He is now studying the effects of sleep deprivation on the immune system. http://canoe1.canoe.ca/JamBooksReviews/sleep.html \clip\97\16\sleep.html Sunday, June 9, 1996 Overdrawn at the sleep bank Our reverence for workaholism has produced corporate leaders who believe they don't need sleep, and neither should anyone else By MEREDITH RENWICK SLEEP THIEVES: An Eye-opening Exploration into the Science and Mysteries of Sleep By Stanley Coren Free Press, $32.50 " Most people are running such constant sleep debts that even an hour's change in sleep time, such as the switch to Daylight Savings Time, can cause a weeklong "spike" in traffic accidents; a 7% increase in the spring when we lose an hour, and a corresponding decrease in the fall when we get the hour back. " @@speed "Western States Raise Speed Limit to 75 M.P.H. on Rural Highways" By JAMES BROOKE New York Times May 8, 1996 \priv\96\15\spedlimt.htm Summary: Rural states have raised speed limits. 75 burns up 50% more gas, but saves time. Statistics show no certain increase in fatalities due to speed. >>"Free as a bird" economist dec 2 95 p.24 in 1988, when rural speed limits were raised, there were 2.3 vs 2.4 deaths per 100m miles on federal roads compared to the previous year, 1987 f121495, despite another study that showed one road had increased deaths. @@statistics Statistical Abstract of the United States 1993 No. 1027. Motor Vehicle Accidents--Number and Deaths -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ITEM Unit 1970 1972 \1 1980 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Motor vehicle accidents \2 Million 16.0 17.0 17.9 Cars Million 23.5 24.5 22.8 Trucks Million 3.2 3.5 5.5 Motorcycles 1,000 305 343 560 Traffic death rates: \4 \6 Per 100,000 resident population Rate 25.8 26.2 22.6 Per 100,000 registered vehicles Rate 47.3 44.5 31.6 Per 100 million vehicle miles Rate 4.7 4.3 3.3 Per 100,000 licensed drivers Rate 47.2 46.1 35.2 Motor vehicle accidents \7 Million 22.1 24.9 24.1 -------------------------------------------------------- ITEM Unit 1991 -------------------------------------------------------- Motor vehicle accidents \2 Million 11.3 Cars Million 13.7 Trucks Million 4.7 Motorcycles 1,000 239 Motor vehicle deaths within 1 yr. \3 1,000 43.5 Traffic death rates: \4 \6 Per 100,000 resident population Rate 16.4 Per 100,000 registered vehicles Rate 21.5 Per 100 million vehicle miles Rate 1.9 Per 100,000 licensed drivers Rate 24.5 Source: Except as noted, National Safety Council, Accident Facts, annual. c:\doc\96\04\heavbatt.txt "God is on the side with the heavy battalions" Csaba Scere, Car and Driver July 1996 F053196 Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found 1990-92 best: Volvo 240 0 deaths 124,129 vehicle years worst: Corvette 27 78,874 vehicle years But big difference is drivers, not cars. Accident statistics: between a 3000 and 4200 lb car the lighter car are over twice as likely to die, 12 times if the smaller car is half the size of the larger one. Federal standards are based on a fixed wall, which is only valid for a head-on between equal cars. Current fatality rate 1.7 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles, down 70% in 30 years, or 4300 years between fatalities. Comment: That's .0017 per 100,000 vm, at 30 mph, it's .0000567 per 100,000 vehicle hr. DOD flying is 1.44, est. airlines is 0.10 per 100,000 hrs. Driving is probably more dangerous per mile on long trips (which are not broken out separately from short trips), but safer per hour compared to flying on average per hour. @@SUV 62% of SUV deaths are in rollovers SUVS CAUSE MORE DAMAGE WHEN THEY WEIGH MORE OR SAME Car riders put at risk by SUVs study says AP In most tests, driver dummies suffered more damage against suv than car in collision, but suffered more from Lumina which weighed more than s10 pickup. gm engineer says most crashes ere survivable, generally heavier vehicles win. U Mich study calc 2,000 died in car vs truck/suv vs hit by car, actual crash data twice as many killed in lt collisions even when weighr is same SUV ROLLOVER DEATH RATE 2X CARS, 2/3 NOT USING SEAT BELTS \clip\99\08\suvroll.txt http://cnn.com/US/9903/05/BC-AUTOS-WARNING.reut/index.html U.S. unveils new rollover warning label for SUVs March 5, 1999 SUVs have a higher center of gravity and a rollover rate of 98 fatalities per million registered vehicles compared to only 44 fatalities per million for other light vehicles. In 1997, 1,088 of the 1,482 SUV rollover deaths involved occupants who were not using their seat belts. @@teen from http://www.evc-aips.com/teen2.htm 64% of deaths among teenagers occur from motor vehicle crash injuries. About 5,500 teenagers are killed in car crashes annually in the U.S. Auto accidents each year result in 35,000 to 45,000 brain injuries so severe that the persons are disabled for life. Nearly 5,000 suffer paralyzing spinal cord injuries every year. TEENS ARE CRUMMY DRIVERS http://biomed.nus.sg/MEDNEWS/june94/7261_8.html Health Info-Com Network Medical Newsletter \clip\97\07\riskdriv.txtRisky Driving Behaviors Among Teenagers -- Gwinnett County, Georgia, 1993 " When cases and controls were compared, three behaviors appeared to be associated with risk for MVCs: driving 20 mph over the speed limit (p=0.06), passing a car in a no-passing zone (p=0.06), and taking risks while driving in traffic because it makes driving more fun (p=0.07). For these behaviors, differences were greatest for those who reported engaging in the behaviors six or more times during the 3 months preceding the survey (Table 1). " @@telephone car telephones bring higher accident risk IF YOU DRIVE, DON'T CALL http://www.seattletimes.com/topstories/browse/html97/cell_021397.html \clip\97\04\carphone.txt The Seattle Times Company Feb. 13, 1997 Car phones as big a menace as drunken driving, study says [associated with 4 times increase in risk, compared with 4 times for driving with legal limit of alchohol PBS story said that 1 in 50 chance of serious accident per year, might increase it to 4 in 50] by Thomas H. Maugh II Los Angeles Times [today's New England Journal of Medicine] @@Trucks Truck deaths renew calls for change AP Eastside Journal Feb 24, 1999 p. A7 5,355 truvk related accidents in 1997 vs 4,400 in 1992. Some drivers drive 16 hrs despite laws limiting to 10 hrs on, 8 hrs sleep @@Workplace Deaths \clip\99\07\workplac.txt Bureau of Labor Statistics http://www.bls.gov/special.requests/ocwc/oshwc/cfar0017.txt @@world US has highest male death rate except for New Zealand. \clipim\99\02\25\icemort.pdf http://www.cdc.gov/nchswww/data/icemort.pdf Health, United States, 1996 Summary: International Comparisons In 1994 the motor vehicle traffic injury death rate among males 15 24 years of age was 41 per 100,000 population in the United States. The firearmdeath rate among males 15 24 years in the U. S. was 32 percent higher than the mot MANY COUNTRIES MUCH WORSE THAN USA IN TRAFFIC FATALITIES Car and Driver Csaba Csere p. 11 October 1998 International Federation of the Red Cross / Red Crescent fatalities per 100,000,000 vehicle miles 1.7 USA 1997 5 Most Western Counties Less than 40 India 77 Bangladesh 111 Ghana 192 Ethiopia