Boeing's jumbo-jet delays worry outside engineering experts
Seattle Times Sept 30, 2010

Boeing on Thursday postponed initial delivery of the 747-8 by six
months, as observers said the company's culture and outsourcing may
have exacerbated the plane's aerodynamic and mechanical gremlins.

By Dominic Gates Seattle Times aerospace reporter

Beset by aerodynamic and mechanical gremlins, Boeing on Thursday
pushed out initial delivery of the 747-8, the new, larger version of
its jumbo jet, by six months into the middle of 2011.

... 787 Dreamliner and the Italian Air Force tanker are way behind
schedule, too  worry outside engineering experts.  "Boeing just
hasn't been performing up to par, if you define par as how Boeing used
to perform up through the 777," said Hans Weber, president of San
Diego-based technical-aviation consultancy Tecop International

...Sorscher said he has been hearing complaints from engineers for
several years about a lack of communication within the
airplane-development programs and a growing reluctance to bring bad
news to the attention of managers who don't want to hear it.

... Boeing moved much of the early design work on the 747-8 from the
Puget Sound area.  "It's a different model than we had 20 years ago,
when we'd hire all the people and put them in a building in Seattle,"
Jeff Peace, then vice president for the 747-8 program, said in a
teleconference in July 2006. "We're recognizing and utilizing the
world's capability in engineering."  In Moscow, Boeing hired around
1,000 engineers who worked much more cheaply than those here. In 2003,
Sergei Kravchenko, president of Boeing Russia, in an e-mail
subsequently obtained by The Seattle Times, had promised Boeing's
leadership total labor rates "approximately 1/3 to 1/5 of the U.S.
cost while meeting Boeing standards for quality and schedule."