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@@Abedin, Huma
@@Huma Abedin

Abedin is not a typical congressional wife By Alan Duke, CNN June 7,
2011 Abedin is the daughter of college professors. Her late
father, an Islamic scholar, was from India and her mother, a
sociologist, was from Pakistan. She was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan,
but the family moved to Saudi Arabia when she was 2. She moved back to
the United States to attend George Washington University.  She told
Vogue that she decided at 15 that she wanted to be an international
journalist, inspired by former CNN correspondent Christiane Amanpour.

Former President Bill Clinton officiated at their July 2010 wedding.
Their marriage drew extra attention because Abedin is Muslim and
Weiner is Jewish.

Huma Abedin, 34, joined Hillary Clinton's staff 14 years ago
She is a senior aide to the secretary of state
Vogue profiled her in 2007 because of her style
She's Muslim and he's Jewish

Abedin: Weiner's Good South Asian Wife?  Posted: 06/ 7/11 08:42 AM
ET She is an American Muslim of South Asian descent -- her father,
an Iran expert, was born in pre-partition India and her mother, a
professor of sociology in Saudi Arabia, was born in Pakistan. She
herself was born in the United States but raised primarily in Saudi
Arabia, where her mother still resides, nearly 16 years after Huma's
father passed away.

Even though her boss [Hillary], a white woman, stood by a cheating
husband, if Abedin were to do it, it would be the South Asian wife in
her -- that traditional notion of a woman who will put up with
anything simply because society demands it of her -- that will have
compelled her to stay, so this argument goes.

@@Aceves, Larry

doc933:aceves.txt Larry Aceves Alum Rock Hispanic Superintendant

@@Akaka, Daniel K

US Senator from Hawaii
Party: Democrat

U.S. House of Representatives, 1977-90; Sought Democratic Nomination
for Lieutenant Governor, 1974.  Date First Elected to the Senate:
November 6, 1992 Date Last Elected to the Senate: November 8, 1994 Vote Smart

@@Anderson, Cal

\priv\95\09\caland.txt - 1st gay Washington legislator of district
that includes fremont, Capitol Hill

Bob Larimar in the book "My
Country: My Right To Serve" which advocated homosexuals in the
military.  In it he boasts of his "conquests" while serving in Vietnam

@@Antoinette, Marie

"Let Them Eat Cake". Actually, people are pretty sure she didn't
really say that when told the peasants were starving, but it sure
sounds like a good excuse to cut off her head. Actually, it was for
passing on secrets in wartime, but that's not as famous a line.

She was guilotined 16 October 1793 on the Concorde square (then name
Louis XV square) in Paris.
When war with Austria and Prussia erupted in 1792, Marie passed
military secrets to the enemy (who also happened to be her
relatives). The people, suspecting such treason, threw their rulers
into prison on August 10, 1792. 

From: TED CLARK [] Her son was indeed separated
from her and 'befriended' by a guard, where was eventually encouraged
to 'agree' to various accusations made about his mother--namely she
had engaged in sexual relations with him.  This "unspeakable" crime
justified her execution, for no one would speak in her defense.,5716,52163+1+50913,00.html

\clip\97\11\barbie\barbie.htm Los Angeles Times Wednesday, April 30,
1997 Mattel's Battle Over Barbie Isn't Child's Play Litigation: Toy
maker's suit accuses fan magazine of using doll's name and image
without permission. Publisher vows fight.  By DENISE GELLENE, Times
Staff Writer Millers in suit, there was an oversupply of collectible

@@bari, Judith

Earth First activist, victim of car bombing died 1997
of cancer and bomb wounds
From: Andy Caffrey 

@@Baum, Frank

Author of Wizard of Oz advocated elimination of Native Americans. Oz
is still a cool movie though.

z45\clip\2000\10\baum.txt The Telegraph [London] ISSUE 1965 Wednesday
11 October 2000 Racist editorials by the author of Oz threaten theme
park By Philip Delves Broughton in New York " In the early 1890s, 10
years before he wrote his books about Oz, L Frank Baum was
responsible for a series of newspaper editorials in support of the
mass killing of American Indians.  "

@@Benton, Don

2000 Washington State GOP party chairman, criticized as loud right winger, but
lots of folks like him.

BALTER BLASTS BENTON z43\priv\2000\07\benton.txt Copyright © 2000 The
Seattle Times Company Sunday, May 28, 2000 New state GOP chairman not
what the party needs Joni Balter / Times Staff Columnist State Sen.
Benton is the bombastic blowhard from Southwest Washington who
convinced a majority of committeemen and women he should lead the
GOP. They'll soon learn what an odd choice they made. Some already

@@Bergeson, Terry

My 1998 fan page
Official OSPI Home Page

2003 proposes $1B property tax increase for teacher COLA "looked
 bad to begin with, and looks even worse now" Seattle PI Mar 23, 2003
2000 wins 57% of primary, 67% of unopposed final
1996 won election as Superintendent of Public Instruction
1993 appointed Executive Director of Commision on Student Learning
of education reform commision before.
1992 lost bid for SPI vs. boss Judith Billings
teacher junior high school guidance counselor MA, Alaska, WA
1989 Executive Director Central Kitsap School District
1985 2 term President Washington Education Association


Wednesday, July 21, 2004, 12:05 A.M. Pacific 
Judith Billings will run to get school job back 
By Linda Shaw Seattle Times staff reporter

2001 meeting OSPI goals Either
our next governor or a bungling mismanager Sent to her full staff.

Nov 2000 return shows Bergeson
only got 67% when unopposed.

RETURNS 09/29/2000
Push "Refresh" or "Reload" on your browser to view the most current information 
Candidate/Party Key Votes Overall % 
Teresa "Terry" Bergeson - NP 609,393 57.21% 
Donald B. Crawford -      NP 164,915 15.48% 
Arthur Hu -               NP 149,625 14.04% 
David Blomstrom -         NP  84,720  7.95% 
Neil T.B. Helgeland -     NP  56,381  5.29% 
Anyone But Bergeson -                42.79%
Libertarian Party mem        314,540 29.52%
Note 30% combined is highest percentage libertarian party
members for statewide race. 

Total Governor vote          2,469,852
Teresa "Terry" Bergeson - NP 1,653,830  66.9%
Anyone but Bergeson            816,022  33.0%

Ruth E. Bennett, Lt Gov is credited with highest number of votes for
LP office in final election L 179,567 7.80% (Owen 54/Elliot 38) but
Hu/Crawford got more votes and 29.5% of votes. 

Name             Pct   Money Spent (latest C4)
SPI Crawford    15.48%    $943 (from LP)
SPI Hu -        14.04% $24,000
Lt Gov Bennett   7.80   $1,750
Auditor Caputo   5.47   $3,060
Com PubLan Layman5.40   $4,194
Perman           4.27
Ins Com Hihn     4.19   $2,570
Att Gen Shepard  3.93   $1,200
Sec State Gibson 2.16
Gov LePage       1.9   $10,245
Lt Gov Eliot-R         $ 6,231

Statewide races R+L:   Raised
Sec State                            50.42%  $300,000
Treasurer                            46.54%  ?
Insurance                            45.49%  $100,000
Public Lands                         44.09%  ?
Auditor                              43.61%  ?
Governor                             43.45%  $1.5M
SPI                                  42.79%  $20,000
Att General                          41.94%  ?

Hu spent/raised
$25,000, more than any other LP candidate, some R candidates
SPI Bergeson          $206,685
McIntee-R Aud   36.89% $42,710
SPI Hu -        14.04% $24,000
Rhoades Treas-R 39.89% $13,317
Gov LePage       1.9   $10,245
Lt Gov Eliot-R         $ 6,231
Pope-R AttGen   38.23%  $4,237
Com PubLan Layman5.40   $4,194
Auditor Caputo   5.47   $3,060
Lt Gov Bennett   7.80   $1,750
Ins Com Hihn     4.19   $2,570
Att Gen Shepard  3.93   $1,200
SPI Crawford    15.48%    $943
Sec State Gibson 2.16    $ 809

z45\clip\2000\09\longv.txt Sept 13, 2000 From the Longview Daily
News...  Bergeson will keep school reform on track The non-partisan
race for Washington Superintendent of Public Instruction can be
viewed as something of a plebiscite on the state's 1993 education
reform that created what could be the toughest education standards in
the nation.

Doyon applauds the 
4 dwarves and slams reform. Sept 9, 2000 Seattle PI

z45\clip\2000\09\colum.txt - Columbian 2000
endorses Terry Bergeson (surprise) So does
Eastside Journal.

- South County journal carried same article mentions Hu mention of

Blomstrom spoofs bergeson statement:

Terry Bergeson didn't write her own statement for the Voters Pamphlet! Read
all about it at

jedoyon: listen to the Kennewick A+ forum on TVW TVW, Washington State's Public Affairs
Network -- Ms. Terry gives quite a little ignorant, infuriating
speech about the validity of the WASL after listening to
heartwrenching stories read by school children.  Not only is she a
liar: She is a heartless, child abusing liar!  Let's get her drug out
of her liars den and talking, before she slithers her way back into
office for $4 MORE YEARS!

Anon email says
Bergeson denied sample test had anything to do with her

July 29, 2000, 12:00 a.m. Pacific No strong challengers for Gregoire,

Terry Bergeson is hopelessly
devoted to a doomed assessment system that shackles kids and teachers
with the burden of proof. 

Who filed at end of week
z44\clip\2000\08\filed.htm in order of filing:
Arthur HU (NP)
Teresa "Terry" BERGESON (NP)

Who's running in 2000
Bergeson Hu Blomstrom Crawford

Terry Bergeson's Island

Blomstrom Parody 5/2000

Bergeson Quiz 5/2000

Bergeson report card 5/2000

2000 fundraising 
Bergeson C4
5/2000 $41,000 raised $12,000 cash

I728 K12-2000
5/2000 raised $14,080/month spent $27,694 
       total $138,854 cash $112,841
5 paid staff

Most money spent by a single candidate:
1. $804,941 Ann Anderson, Public Lands, 1992
2. $796,426 Norm Maleng, Attorney General, 1992
3. $715,525 Ron Tabor, SPI, 1996

Most money spent by all candidates for a single position:
1. $1,488,960 Attorney General, 1992 (Gregoire, Maleng, Brand,
2. $1,422,439 SPI, 1996 (Bergeson, Tabor, Vance, Leahy, Lovern, La
Berge, Johannessen, Hidden-Dodson, Fuller, de la Rosa, Brown)
3. $1,243,976 Public Lands, 1992 (Belcher, Anderson, Murphy, Handy,

Most money spent OPPOSING a single initiative:
1. $3,406,425 Initiative 676--Handgun Device, 1997.
2. $1,716,350 Initiative 673--Health Insurance, 1997.
3. $1,680,751 Initiative 200--Race, Gender, 1998.


1996 election fundraising
1M bergeson 400k official +600k from unions
680k Ron Taber
100k Chris Vance (Prinmary)
7/1996 $200

Lonquist is treasurer, same lawyer
who represented WEA against the EFF

Blomstrom digs up Bergeson 1992
supporter list, Choe, Chow, Locke, Uwajimaya

Malkin says the WEA put
$600,000 in to Bergeson's campaign in addition to the $400,000
in direct contributions - total $1M!!

“Additionally, the union participated in a Campaign '96 coalition and
paid for a special liaison to state school superintendent Terry
Bergeson's campaign team. Some $600,000 was tapped from the WEA's
cash reserves for campaign-related expenditures. Tens of thousands of
dollars were spent on internal and external polls, research,
communications, support, internal organizers and Democratic
consultants - all diverted to conduct political campaigns while
regular staff duties were "put on hold.”
(“Dissident teachers forcing union to disclose the truth,” Michelle
Malkin, Seattle Times, May 11, 1999)

Terry Bergeson's Blames Teachers for
Low Math Scores The article, "Bergeson blames teachers," appears
as part of Trevor Neilson's "Media Watch" column. Neilson writes, "In
a March 29 article in Tacoma's Morning News Tribune entitled
‘Teachers learn new math along with their students,' Terry Bergeson,
superintendent of public instruction and a former president of the
WEA, told readers teachers are to blame for low math scores."

outlines next steps for schools Seattle Times Oct 19, 1999 p. B6 (not
online) zip38\clipim\99\10\20\bergout.gif Bergeson spent part
reviewing progress of ed reform, an effort to "modernize education"
and to get away from the notion that some students can handle
challenging classes and others can't "Make no bones about it, Our
education-reform strategy directly challenges this belief and the
practices that support it".. even though some say that the
fourth-grade test is too hard "it's too soon to decide to lower the
standard" [which is what they're doing one year at a time to meet the
80% goal!] She wants to require the CIM for the promise scholarships,
and align the teacher exam to the CIM and WASL, wants all districts
to offer summer workshops to bring students up to standard [even
though no research shows these really work] She jokes her dream is to
make the CIM mandatory for a driver's licence [let's hope she's just

\doc\web\99\15\ospi.txt Terry Bergeson gave her "1999 State of
Education Address yesterday.  A copy of it is on her website at Ed/StateofEd1999.htm.  Please read it!!

Saturday, May 15, 1999 Bergeson to speak at college despite protest
by Roberto Sanchez Seattle Times staff reporter A group of Catholic
activists was unsuccessful in an attempt to derail a commencement
speech today by the state's top educator, alleging she advocates
legal access to abortion.  Spangler said his group targeted Bergeson
because she was endorsed for office by the Rainbow Coalition in 1992
and by Planned Parenthood in 1996. Planned Parenthood asked
candidates if they supported family planning, including abortions.
Educators see proof of 'grade inflation' - 4/26/98 
Karie Hamilton / Associated Press Terry Bergeson, Washington state
superintendent of public instruction, leads a $30-million reform
effort to raise education standards, partly by monitoring 

\clip\99\19\bergadr.txt Bergeson again
seeks competency tests for teachers State schools chief renews
proposal that Legislature has rejected before October 20, 1999 debby
Abe; The News Tribune Overall, education in the state is strong and
getting stronger, Bergeson said. She cited gains fourth- and
seventh-graders made in passing the state's new academic tests, and
school districts' progress in raising the percentage of students
meeting reading standards. Parade of politicians ask
for pay raise Clean March 1997 By Harold Chambers and Sherry
Bockwinkel The line-up included newly elected Superintendent of
Public Instruction Terry Bergeson, newly elected Lt. Gov. Brad Owen,
Superintendent of Public Instruction
            Ballot Name / Party                   Votes     Share
------------------------------------------- ------------- -------
Teresa "Terry" Bergeson (NP)                  1,260,885     63.4%
Ron Taber (NP)                                  729,080     36.6%
\clip\99\13\seaend.txt This piece originally appeared in The Seattle
Times Oct. 14, 1996 Seattle Times endorsement: Terry Bergeson for
Superintendent of Public Instruction
\clip\99\13\prob.txt Oct. 18, 1996 Bergeson eyes reform of education
in state But critics say she's part of the problem by Marc Ramirez
Seattle Times staff reporter $80,000 television ad campaign in the two weeks before the
primary election, she topped September's 11-candidate field with 38
percent of the tally. Taber, a wealthy developer spending hundreds of
thousands of his own dollars to push himself and his school-voucher
initiative, finished second with 18 percent. ... So far, the campaign
has raised $111,000 since the primary with Bergeson investing, by her
estimate, about 30 hours a week of dialing-for-dollars time. 

"Terry is caught in a system that is a wrongheaded approach," says
Jerome "Jed" Brown, an educational consultant who ran for
superintendent this year and in 1992. He says reform ignores student
choice and panders to big business interests by churning out worker
bees instead of independent thinkers. He points out that Bergeson
herself has not taught in years. 

z40\clip\2000\03\bergbio.htm Seattle Times September 05, 1996
Candidate bios - Superintendent of Public Instruction Superintendent
of Public Instruction Name: Teresa "Terry" Bergeson 

Bergeson says her win is all about reform 
date=19961106&query=terry+bergeson November 06, 1996 Bergeson says
her win is all about reform 

Students quiz contenders for education post 
date=19960912&query=terry+bergeson SeaTimes September 12, 1996 
By Dick Lilly

Seattle Times Company
September 01, 1996 
Endorsements, funding help front-runners 
100k Vance
146k Bergeson
380k Taber
Dick Lilly

Education Week sept 11, 1996 11 Duke It Out in High-Profile Race for
Schools Chief in Wash.  By Kerry A. White Voters in Washington state
are being treated to a free-for-all as they prepare to narrow a
crowded field of candidates for state superintendent of public
instruction.  Vance has been endorsed by the Washington Alliance, a
nonprofit group of business leaders, area developers and builders,
and, like Ms. Bergeson, he got the nod of the Seattle Times.
sept 25 1996
Wash. Voters Narrow 11-Candidate Field in Chief's Race to Two 

z40\clip\2000\03\debate.txt Seattle Times October 25, 1996 Debate
contrasts two schools of thought By Dick Lilly Seattle Times staff
reporter The debate included candidates Terry Bergeson and Ron Taber,
and supporters and opponents of Initiative 173 (which would allow
tax-supported education vouchers) and Initiative 177 (which would
allow creation of independent publicly funded schools). Seattle
Times Sept. 15, 1996 Governor's race: Crowded ballot obscures issues
By Jim Simon Seattle Times The 11 candidates for state superintendent
of public instruction offer radically differing visions of how the
state's schools should be run. Among the better-known are Democrat
Terry Bergeson, a longtime state education policy-maker and favorite
of the teachers union, and Republican King County Council member
Chris Vance.  Olympia developer Ron Taber is spending nearly $400,000
of his own money to spread a conservative message that includes
support for allowing parents to use public tuition vouchers to pay
for their children's private schooling. The top two finishers will
run in the general election. 

Progressive Endorsements
Washington State Labor Council (WSLC) Leahy
Washington chapter of the National Abortion Rights Action League (WA NARAL)
Official Results of the September 17, 1996
Washington State Primary - Summary Report
3008:    Superintendent of Public Instruction
Ballot Name                Votes
Earl LaBerge (NP)            14,540    1.5%
Mae Laverne Lovern (NP)      18,018    1.8%
O. Jerome (Jed) Brown (NP)   32,127    3.2%
Raul de la Rosa (NP)         37,646    3.8%
Gloria Guzman Johannessen (  43,737    4.4%
Richard A. Fuller (NP)       47,444    4.8%
Nancy Hidden-Dodson (NP)     53,969    5.4%
Dan Leahy (NP)               68,994    7.0%
Chris Vance (NP)            119,644   12.1%
Ron Taber (NP)              174,990   17.7%
Teresa "Terry" Bergeson (NP 379,544   38.3%
                            990,653  100.0%
Republican                            33.0%
Rep vs. Bergeson                      46.3%
Terry Bergeson becomes schools superintendent By The Associated Press
SEATTLE - Terry Bergeson defeated Ron Taber in the race for state
superintendent of public instruction Tuesday, and two schools-related
initiatives failed.  Bergeson, a leading advocate of education
reforms, led with 64 percent of the vote, against 36 percent for
Taber with 20 percent of precincts reporting.

Bergeson, who lost her first bid for the nonpartisan SPI post when
she challenged incumbent Judith Billings in 1992, has carved a name
for herself as a reformer and innovator in the education arena.

OSPI biography page
EALR discussion transcript
\clip\99\11\bergeson.htm bergeson is in teacher's bull's eye.
longtime union backer head of wash ed association seattle times april
25, 1999 -- She is a longtime union backer and was president of the
Washington Education Association for four years.  -- Her credentials
as an education advocate and reform activist are impeccable. As head
of the Commission for Student Learning and as a two-term statewide
elected official in charge of public education, she probably is more
responsible than anyone for implementing the new wave of school

Seatimes nov 4, 1992 makes no mention of spi in election coverage

Democrats took 72% of votes in 1992! Taber did spectacularly by

Seatimes sep 16, 1992 pc8
judith billings 329,713 38%
terry bergeson 292,090 34%
o jerome brown 54,791 6%
bud scarr 128372 15%
rich fuller 66,886 8%
Known names take state spots p. c4
covers every race except ospi

The big winners: women sept 16, 1992 Pattty Murray won. So sis
Jennifer Dunn and Maria Cantwell. Also Christine Gregiore. Ans Ann
Anderson, Jennifer Belcher, Judith Billings, Terry Bergeson, Deborah
Senn and even Jeanne Dixo. Judith Billings, the state superintendent
of public instruction, will stand for re-election against another
woman Terry Bergeson.

Other state races front page - billings 38% Bergeson 34% 

z43\clipim\2000\06\28\spi92.efx State voter pamphlet

Bud Scar's failed
1992 campaign sleaze. LWSD superintendent with shady


British bigfoot site

First-of-a kind Bigfoot discovery has skeptics taking notice October
2, 2000, 08:30 AM MASON COUNTY - One of the Northwest's biggest
mysteries, the Sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot, is no longer a
legend - it's alive, according to researchers who have discovered
what they say is its imprint.

@@blackwell, Tim and Susanna (man murders Philipino mail order
bride in Seattle)



file:C:\priv\96B\01\BLAKJURR.HTM Seattle Times Company June 19, 1996
Blackwell's life influenced jurors on death penalty. Jury had mercy
because his life was bascially OK, and had helped out sisters from a
tough background. Blackwell is the man who shot his mail-order bride
and her friends in a Seattle courthouse.

\priv\96B\01\LIFEPRIS.HTM Seattle Times Company June 18, 1996
Blackwell sentenced to life in prison Jury split over death for
convicted killer

\priv\96\17\blaklife.htm Seattle Times May 30, 1996 Blackwell's
lawyers now must fight for his life Killer of 3 at courthouse is
convicted by Anne Koch Jury convicts Tim Blackwell of killing wife,
two women, and fetus.

\doc\96\04\blakpoll.txt Journal American May 31, 1996 p. A8
Should Timothy Blackwell get the death penalty?

Yes 111
No   97

d:\priv\96\17\blakmail.htm \doc\96\04\blakmail.txt New York Times May
26, 1996 "Seattle Murder Sparks Debate on Mail-Order Brides" By
TIMOTHY EGAN Timothy C. Blackwell is on trial for murdering his mail
order bride.

@@Blomstrom David

Seattle Schools x-files guy tracks down scandals
Announces candidate


\clip\99\08\boecost.txt March 3, 1999 Jets underpriced? Study adjusts
Boeing prices by Polly Lane Seattle Times aerospace reporter Boeing
sold its planes below its cost of producing them last year, with
average prices paid by customers ranging between 14 percent and 27
percent below list prices, a new study suggests.

"Why workers are angry at Boeing" Seattle Times Aug 27, 1999 p. 1
Most recent average annual wage for aerospace workers in King,
Pierce, Snohomish counties (90% Boeing) was $54,149, 40% more than
$38,582 for all private industry employees.

@@Brazier, Nona

Conservative black Seattle area businesswoman, ran for governor

\clip\96\01\brazier.htm Seattle Times July 18, 1996 Brazier,
businesses owe $500,000 for workers' comp, taxes Though a critic of
affirmative action, candidate sought race-based contracts

@@Brown, Willie      

(Af. Am Assembly Leader for Life in CA and SF Mayor after 1996, one
of most powerful black politicians, heck any politician, who ever

z47\clip\2001\01\willbrow.txt Willie
Brown fathers child with aide Friday, Jan. 19, 2001 SAN FRANCISCO
(AP) -- Mayor Willie Brown says he's going to be a dad again. 

\priv\95\09\willedge.txt - writes off loss on sales of used car, uses
campaign funds to buy gifts at Neiman Marcus. SFC 8/3/95

\priv\95\07\wbrown.doc - Willie Brown is running for Mayor of SF, but
is legally blind, has earned $3 million from special interests, and
says he couldn't live a $140,000 a year.     WSJ 5/23/95

Notes from Willie Brown a biography by
James Richardson

@@Bush, GW
Bush's Honorable Air National Guard Service
By Col. John H. Wambough, Jr. USAF (Ret.) 
September 20, 2004
George Bush and I were fighter pilots. Lt. Bush flew F-102s in the Air
National Guard (ANG) -- While in F-105 training at McConnell AFB in
early 1968, we lost five aircraft in six weeks 

@@Cain, Dean

\doc\94\17\cain.txt Dean Cain (90s TV Superman) had a part-Japanese father

@@Cameron, Paul

\clip\97\15\cameron.txt Cameron attack "dirty practices".

\priv\94\19\cameron.txt gay studies NR 10/03/94 Paul Cameron,
professional sham. QUEER SCIENCE By Mark E. Pietrzyk

@@Campanis, Al

Lost his job in baseball because he said that blacks can't float
\clip\97\09\camp.txt Los Angeles Times Sunday, April 6, 1997 APRIL 6,
Racially Sensitive Remarks on National Television Cost the Dodger
Executive His Job and Reputation, Those Close to Him, Black and
White, Are Speaking Out in His Defense By STEVE SPRINGER, Times Staff

@@Cantu, Norma

Activist head of Ed Dept Office for Civil Rights has threatened to
sue or investigate institutions which do not use racial preferences
as being racially biased.

Norma V. Cantu, head of the Education Department's Office for Civil
Rights (OCR) in 1997. Miss Cantu is former regional counsel for
MALDEF in San Antonio.

@@Carlson, John

KVI Seattle area conservative talk show host who took several
populist initiatives to success in WA 3 strikes, I200
anti-preference, i695 tax cut, but is a question mark on the question
of ed reform and public schools. Was quoted in Education Week
supporting Olchefske and "standards". Running for WA 2000 governor.
January 19, 2000 Seattle's Superintendent Has Big Shoes To Fill By
Robert C. Johnston z41\clipim\2000\04\28\olchef\olchef.htm Carlson on
Olchefske: "Will he prevail and rule the day? I'm not sure, but I'm
rooting for him."

"Election 2000 - The Campaign Trail: Carlson puts charter schools at
forefront of his agenda: Says if lawmakers don't pass bill now,
they'll face a Paul Allen-backed initiative," News Tribune staff and
news services, Tacoma News Tribune, March 29, 2000

Reference: "Inside Politics: Despite party leaders' opposition,
primaries stable - for now," David Postman, Seattle Times, June 30,
20000 We're also told that Carlson voted for State Auditor Brian
Sonntag and Attorney General Christine Gregoire. "A gold star to
anyone who can name their 1996 opponents."
\clip\2000\03\carlson.txt March 16 - 22, 2000 Image by DAN LAMONT
John Carlson: older, but still a frat boy.  4th & James BY JAMES BUSH
Carlson for guv: first sign of apocalypse?
Carlson vs. board of education BY CATHERINE TARPLEY As I-200's John
Carlson prepares to sue the Seattle School District over its
integration policy, California courts may have doomed his efforts. 

z40\doc\web\2000\03\geob0308.txt Blomstrom leery of Carlson for

Blomstrom finds that he is 
reluctant to go against Olchefske and Seattle schools.

@@Carson, Sonya

'If You Can't Teach Me, Don't Criticize Me' Michael Ryan Parade May
11, 1997 p. 6 Black success story: single mother raises two
successful professional sons, turns into a play Ben Carson M.D. which
plays in Baltimore. F061997

@@Cashman, Pat

z44\priv\2000\08\cashman.txt: Go get em arthur!

@@Castro, Fidel Dictator of Cuba

 Castro's Crimes Against Humanity -
the Free Cuba Foundation

@@Chan, Charlie

Classic (?) Chinese detective character associated with bad

\clip\97\01\charchan.txt Sunday, January 12, 1997 CHARLIE CHAN,
Somini Sengupta New York Times

@@chan, Jackie

\priv\96\16\JACKCHAN.TXT February 2, 1996 "CAN CHAN CONNECT?  ASIA'S
BUSTING INTO THE U.S. MARKET. " By Mark Caro Chicago Tribune Jackie
Chan has jumped from a mountain onto a floating hot-air balloon,
roller-skated under a speeding 18-wheel truck, and taken multi-story
falls that have cracked his skull and smashed a Gray's Anatomy's
worth of bones.

\priv\96\01\jackchan.htm Asia Week 20 great Asians 1/16/96

@@Chang, Iris

Author of Rape of Nanking (WWII Japanese atrocities)
and Thread of the silkworm (Tsien, Chinese American rocket scientist
 deported in 1950s to become father of Chinese missle program)

Iris Chang Papers

Booknotes on Rape of Nanking

excerpt thread of the silkworm
They got the bomb from us in the firt place. Are you familiar with
Dr. Tsien Hsue-shen? He once held the Robert Goddard Chair of Jet
Propulsion at Cal Tech. He help found the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
The US kicked him out of the counrty and sent him to the PRC in 1955.
Where he proceeded to build the Chinese missle program from nothing.
He organized the creation of the Dong Feng East Wind and Silkworm
missiles. In other woders he took a country that had no missles into
one that had intercontinental nuclear bombs.  Its a shame we did not
learn from this mistake

@@Channel A

Losing Site Asian Week July 30, 1998
After two years, Channel A goes off-line

@@chang, michael

Chinese American tennis player

\doc\94\18\priv\michang.txt SJM 8/30/94 The Age Debate...

@@Chao, Elaine

Highest ranked Chinese American in executive Branch, and highest
Republican before 2001, nominated to Sec of Labor in GW Bush

     Born Taiwan
1983 White house fellow for Reagan administration
1986 Dept administrator Fed Maritime Administration
1988 Chairman 
1989 dept transporatation secretary
1992 United Way
     Heritage Foundation
2001 Secretary Labor GW Bush

- Nominated to replace Linda Chavez and Sec of Labor

Chao Knows Her Way Around Labor By George Lardner Jr. and Frank
Swoboda Washington Post Staff Writers Friday, January 12, 2001 ; Page
A23 After she was chosen by President-elect Bush to be secretary of
labor yesterday morning, Elaine Chao picked up the phone and called
AFL-CIO President John Sweeney. Elaine Chao has been around
Washington a long time.

- Endorsed by OCA and JACL (which did not endorse Ashcroft)

z47\clip\2001\01\chaotie.txt CHANGING OF THE GUARD Chao's pro-China
coup at Heritage?  Think tank ousted PLA expert after Labor nod
frowned on his warnings © 2001

Chao, former deputy transportation secretary in first Bush
administration and wife of Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.  Associated
Press 2000 AP Online Monday, December 25, 2000
z42\clipim\2000\06\12\chao\chao.htm The Highest Ranked Asian-American
Woman in the Executive Branch in U.S. History President of the United
Way of America in Alexandria, Virginia, 1992-1996 Deputy secretary of
the U.S. Department of Transportation in Washington, 1989-1991
Chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission in Washington, 1988
Deputy maritime administrator of the U.S. Department of
Transportation in Washington, 1986-1988 

z42\clipim\2000\06\12\chaosp\chaosp.htm A Keppler Associates, Inc.
Exclusive Speaker $10-15K fee She will leave her current post as
president and chief executive officer of United Way of America (UWA)
in August 1996 to serve as a distinguished fellow at The Heritage
Foundation, a prominent policy research institute in Washington, DC.
During her service in the federal government, she became the
highest-ranking Asian Pacific American appointed in the executive
branch in U.S. history.  She has also studied at M.I.T., Dartmouth
College, and Columbia University. Nomination of
Elaine L. Chao To Be Director of the Peace Corps September 17, 1991
The President today announced his intention to nominate Elaine L.
Chao, of California, to be Director of the Peace Corps. She would
succeed Paul D. Coverdell. 

z42\clipim\2000\06\12\chaoh\chaoh.htm HERITAGE FOUNDATION CHAIRMAN,

drydem  posted these links 1/2001:

On The Contrary -
Panelist (one of them is Elaine Chao )


okay so that does tell our newsgroup readers too much ....

lets start off with her biography (sort of neutral)


Heritage Foundation profile of Elaine Chao

Bio of Elaine Chao

What Chao says about others!

Citizen Initiative on Race and Ethnicity -
(Chao is critical of  Affirmative Action )

Chao speaks up for Bush during the Campaign

Diplomacy in the Information Age interviews Elaine Chao

Civility in Public life

Chao questions racism as the primary reason for certain
problems and concentrates on fiscal factors that effect
what she see as the major issues of the USA which she say
are education,taxes, Social Security, health care reform.
She feels these reforms should focus on who has control
over spending ... local v. federal controls

What some say about Chao!

The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy
issues dissent with Elaine Chao's Assessment of  the
United Way's  status
(critical of Elaine Chao's assessment)

Report on Elaine Chao's activities in  Political Campaigning / Financing

Elaine Chao's Business Relationships

@@Chavez, Linda

z47\clip\2001\01\chavez.txt Linda Chavez:
a favorite of conservatives 7.24 p.m. ET (040 GMT) January 2, 2001 By
Darlene Superville, Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) - As labor
secretary, Linda Chavez says she will "vigorously enforce''
regulations to guarantee that federal contractors do not
discriminate. And it's that pledge, from an outspoken opponent of
affirmative action, that alarms many of those who recall her stormy
tenure as a former head of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

z47\clip\2001\01\chavez1.txt ANALYSIS: Is Linda Chavez not Hispanic
enough?  Friday, 5 January 2001 11:28 (ET) By STEVE SAILER, UPI
National Correspondent LOS ANGELES, Jan. 5 (UPI) -- Is the
conservative intellectual Linda Chavez, George W. Bush's
controversial nominee for Secretary of Labor, not Hispanic enough? 
The NY Times writes: "[Labor Secretary nominee Linda Chavez] is not
universally hailed by Hispanics. Despite her surname, her critics
have asserted, she is neither bilingual nor bicultural. (Her father's
ancestors came from Spain; her mother is of English and Irish
descent.) "

z47\clip\2001\01\chavhire.txt 1/08/00 12:50 p.m.
The Chavez Controversy She didn't hire an illegal immigrant.  By John
J. Miller, NR's national political reporter

The Borking Begins
Linda Chavez's mistake was she took a less fortunate person into her home.
Monday, January 8, 2001 12:01 a.m. EST


July 31, 2000 COLUMN HOW MRS. CHENEY HURTS BUSH ...An outspoken and
splinter-edged conservative, she will win points for the Texas
governor in circles where he is already quite popular

@@cho, margaret

Asian American gen-x comic, cancelled All American Girl
savaged by PC Asian Americans.

\clip\99\03\cho.txt Thursday, January 21, 1999
Comedian Margaret Cho's fame and misfortune by Melanie McFarland
Seattle Times staff reporter


@@Choi Ted

Political Chair 43rd District Republicans, ranking Asian republican in 
2000 Washington state.

@@Chomsky, Noam

He accuses the US of genocide in cambodia, with figures of
200-500,000 dead, exceeding US atom bomb deaths, even though the most
intense raids of Hanoi, the most heavily populated part of Vietnam
resulted in only 1000 deaths (their count). He dimissed the Pol Pot

\clip\97\17\naom.txt Eyeless in Phnom Penh by Paul Greenberg Arkansas
Democrat-Gazette, Friday, July 11 ""A few Western intellectuals,
notably Prof. Noam Chomsky, refused to believe what was going on in
Cambodia. At first, at least, they put the reports of killing down to
a conspiratorial effort by American politicians and press to destroy
the Cambodian revolution."

\priv\96b\08\timor.txt Naom Chomsky compares E.Timor to US backed
genocide like Cambodia.

@@Chong, Charlie

Seattle's Brash Chinese American maverick city councilman and 2nd
place 1997 Mayoral finisher with signature beard.

Charlie Chong gets a spot on public access TV

The Seattle Times Company Monday, Oct. 20, 1997 Why Charlie Chong's
not suited to be mayor

\clip\97\19\cchong.txt The Seattle Times Company Wednesday, Aug. 27,
1997 All agree: Charlie Chong would change Seattle
by Susan Byrnes

Seattle Times staff reporter

Copyright © 1997 The Seattle Times Company Sunday, March 30, 1997
Citizen Chong by Susan Gilmore Seattle Times staff reporter The tiny
man with the wispy beard had spent the good part of an hour spinning
tales of politics and potholes, of his quixotic pursuit of
neighborhood empowerment.

@@chong, tommy

\doc\94\17\priv\chong.txt Tommy Chong Chinese half of 60's comedy
dopers Cheech and Chong

@@Chow, Cheryl

Liberal Seattle Chinese American councilwoman 1990s, running for
Seattle Mayor. Principal of Garfield temp 2000

Campaign home page
z43\clipim\2000\08\chow\*.* saved

\clip\97\19\cchow.txt The
Seattle Times Company Thursday, Aug. 28, 1997 Concern for children
fuels Chow's bid to lead city

Friday, June 13, 1997 Councilwoman Chow ponders run for Seattle mayor
by Janet I-Chin Tu Seattle Times staff reporter

@@Chu, David
"David Chu Sails Nautica into Fashion" AW 10-7-94 p. 21
Came to US as teenager from Taiwan, is founder and president
of Nautica and chief designer.

@@Chung, Connie

\priv\95\14\impol.txt Chinese did not support Connie Chung at CBS
for unprofessional conduct, and not associating with Chinese

d:\doc\94\19\cbschung.txt - Connie Chung says she's Chinese,
not "Asian American"

@@chung, Peter

\clip\96\01\pchung.htm Animator for Aeon Flux, born in Korea

@@Clinton, Bill Democratic President of the United States

Grolier biography of Bill Clinton

\clip\96\03\clinspec.txt Bill Clinton's 1996 acceptance

\CLIP\98\07\clintlie.txt Seattle Times Company March 31, 1998
Elizabth Ward Gracen says that she was not forced to have sex with
Clinton, nor asked to lie about it, but the Clinton campaigned asked
for a statement of denial, which she complied with.  "Gracen said in
an interview that after the Gennifer Flowers scandal, Clinton's
campaign asked Gracen to issue a statement in May 1992 denying she
had had sex with Clinton. Gracen, who complied, insisted she was not
pressured or cajoled into making the statement. " "I was never a
government employee; he never acted improperly; he never asked me to
lie; he never gave me a job," Gracen said.

@@clinton, Hillary
January 07, 2001 Clintons' furnishing bill ? Oh, maybe a million or
so By Emily Gest New York Daily News " it's not in the high end of
decorating where (Hillary Rodham Clinton) would like to be
sailing,"... does not include artwork.  "That's our second million,"
Fisher said.

December 14, 2000 First Lady's memoirs may fetch over $7 million By
Marc Humbert The Associated PressIn 1989, President Reagan received
more than $8 million for a two-book deal.  One person familiar with
the situation, speaking on condition of anonymity, said yesterday
that the first lady wants a large advance to help with the purchase
of a house in Washington

Seattle Times December 22, 2000 Ellen Goodman / Syndicated columnist
Hillary's $8 million deal doesn't pass the sniff test BOSTON - Mind
you, the pope got half-a-million bucks more for his book. But then
John Paul II is infallible, which was worth something extra. 

Seattle Times December 30, 2000 Clintons buy D.C. house: 5 bedrooms,
$2.85 million President Clinton and his wife, Sen.-elect Hillary
Rodham Clinton, signed a contract yesterday to purchase a
five-bedroom, brick Colonial home near the Embassy Row area of
Washington for $2.85 million. 

\priv\96B\03\HILLCL~1.HTM Hillary Clinton and the Whitewater
Controversy: A Close-Up Her Public Record Suggests Conflicts With
Self-Portrait of Naivete By David Maraniss and Susan Schmidt
Washington Post Staff Writers Sunday, June 2 1996; Page A01 The
Washington Post

\priv\96\02\RPDDEC95 HTM
Hillary Clinton in Brazil Lingerie Ad

\priv\96\04\nwhillar.doc W H I T E WAT E R Hillary's Real Legal
Problem How trying to have it all landed her in deep trouble Newsweek
Mar 11, 1996
\priv\96b\05\nwhillar.htm - doc with old lawyer picture

Whitewater now seems destined to dog the Clinto ns throughout this election year. In Little Rock last week, Jim and Susan Mc Dougal, along with Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker, began to stand trial on felony charges brought by independent counsel Kenneth Starr; they are accus ed of fraud, conspiracy and making or causing to be made false statements to a financial institution. When Hillary Clinton testified before a grand jury last January, she made history: never before had a First Lady been summoned to do that. A memo that had been subpoenaed two years ago by independent co unsel Robert Fiske was discovered in the files of a White House aide suggest ing that contrary to her lawyers' statements, it was the First Lady who had ordered the firing of White House travel-office employees. Subpoenaed billin g records from the Rose Law Firm, long described as missing, were suddenly f ound in the family quarters of the White House. They revealed that the First Lady was far more involved in work for a failed Arkansas savings and loan t han she had admitted.

\priv\96\01\womnlaw.txt: Hillary Rodham Clinton. \priv\96\01\clinbill.htm: WASHINGTON -- President Clinton said Thursday that a new report that he and his wife, Hillary, are approaching personal bankru ptcy ``is probably right.''

\priv\96\01\firebug.txt: Bonus picture of Hillary Clinton in Brazil at \priv\96\02\rpddec95.htm:

First Lady Hillary Clinton

@@collins, Barbara-Rose \clip\96\02\collins.txt Aug 7, 1996 (NewsHound) Rep. Collins Upset in Democratic Primary By JOHN FLESHER Embattled black congresswoman from Detroit was most absent, didn't pass anything, fired a staffer who's gay lover dies of AIDS, spent money from stripper fundraiser to buy art, was quoted as hating white people. @@Connerly, Ward African American Leader of California anti-preferences initiative CCRI Prop 209, declared "uncle tom" and had to hire body guards I got a copy of Connerly's letter to the SF Chronicle. He whines about how they "spun" his remarks but he does NOT challenge this quote: ``I think race should be taken into account in selecting clerks for the Supreme Court,'' Connerly told the gathering. ``Those are patronage positions. It is important for the judiciary to let the public know they (the justices) are inclusionary in their outlook.'' \clip\97\19\conwash.txt Copyright © 1997 The Seattle Times Company Tuesday, Aug. 5, 1997 California regent enlists in local anti-preference initiative by Marsha King Seattle Times staff reporter "Ward Connerly's trumpet blast" Economist March 29th 1997 Connerly has turned the tide, instead of the legislature passing an order to graduate college students by quota, they are admitting students without regard to race. F061797 Gearing up for a `racial Super Bowl' US News and World Report 3/25/96 \clip\97\14\ward\ward.htm In 1952, Ward Connerly was a 13-year-old in Sacramento. ... AFFIRMATIVE ACTION It Will Never Be Enough by Elizabeth Wright [Reprinted from Issues & Views, Fall 1996] \clip\97\14\a-action\a-action.htm (Picture) \clip\97\14\ward.txt The Wall Street Journal May 23, 1997 Ward v. Watts: GOP Debates Racial Politics By PAUL A. GIGOT The most intriguing debate in Washington this week wasn't on the floor of Congress. It was held behind closed doors, in Newt Gingrich's office, between the Republican Party's two most prominent black conservatives. \clip\97\05\asia96.txt Column: MICHELLE MALKIN Headline: WARD CONNERLY: A NEW BRAND OF CIVIL-RIGHTS HERO Date: October 1, 1996 p. B4 WARD CONNERLY IS SAVAGED FOR OPPOSING "INSTITUTIONAL DISCRIMINATION" \clip\97\04\CONNPRICE.TXT Friday, June 16, 1995 · Page A29 San Francisco Chronicle DEBRA J. SAUNDERS -- The High Price Of Critical Thought ry=/chronicle/archive/1995/06/16 \clip\96\09\conner.txt Equal and Opposite Reaction By Marc Fisher Washington Post Staff Writer Ward Connerly Profile Tuesday, October 29, 1996; Page E01 @@contrares \priv\95\15\contrare.txt @@Cortines \priv\95\08\cortquit.txt - cortines quits NY schools @@Craswell zip36\clipim\99\08\21\craswell.gif The fire this time Seattle Weekly. Aug 21, 1999 The Christian right handcuffs a Kitsap human rights group. Jim Craswell, son of candidate Ellen Craswell is accused of making ineffective the Kitsap County Council Robert Crawford of Coalition for Human dignity says "what they share is the same commitment to taking away basic civil rights of gay men and women" @@crew (Black Tacoma school superintendent promoted to NY City) \priv\95\13\crewchan.txt - crew starts new job in NYC @@Crouch Stanley - prominent conservative African American \priv\96b\07\crouch.htm POLITICS OF BLAME FEBRUARY 22, 1996 TRANSCRIPT. Stanley Crouch argues that Afrocentrism is a crock, and that blame will not uplift the race Salon Magazine \clip\99\02\crouch.txt Stanley Crouch is a bull in the china shop of the black intelligentsia. HE CALLS TONI MORRISON A FRAUD, AFROCENTRISTS "LOST" AND GANGSTA RAPPERS "THE SCUM OF THE EARTH." BUT ACTUALLY, CRITIC STANLEY CROUCH IS A SWEETHEART. @@Crown Heights - location of riot where Jewish scholar Yankel Rosenbaum was murdered. 2 BLACK MEN FOUND GUILTY IN DEATH OF JEW IN CROWN HEIGHTS \clip\97\04\crowheig.txt Copyright © 1997 The Seattle Times Company Feb. 11, 1997 " The jury found that Lemrick Nelson, 21, stabbed Rosenbaum and that Charles Price, 43, incited an angry crowd to attack Jews. " c:\clip\97\03\crownht.txt AP 6-feb 97 Race Riot Jury Chooses Foreman @@Cunanan, Andrew - Filipino origin gay man accused of murder spree. From: (Engdome) He's half Asian. Eng \clip\97\18\cunan.txt Associated Press 07/18/1997 13:29 EST Cunanan Dad: My Son Is Innocent MANILA, Philippines (AP) -- The Filipino father of Andrew Cunanan, the prime suspect in the fatal shooting of Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace, believes his son is innocent and insists he is not gay, police said. Summary page \clip\97\18\cunanan\cunanan.htm (Philipino page) @@Davis Fred Jack Peng thinks this guy is anti-chinese. \clip\97\14\freddavs.txt Copyright © 1997 The Seattle Times Company Opinion/Editorials : Friday, May 30, 1997 The smasrt money's betting China gets favored again by Fred Davis @@Design Intelligence \clip\97\15\negrev.txt negative review wants more flexibility "Two New Programs Are Bringing Changes to Desktop Publishing" Personal Technology by Walter S. Mossberg Wall Street Journal May 8, 1997 F050997-6c:\ "Web and paper publishing unified" Infoworld Electric F050597 "Rhapsody port promised for PC Layout App" MacWeek April 28, 1997 F050997 "A new revolution in desktop publishing" Seattle Post Intelligencer November 15, 1996 p. B1 040297-1 @@Dilbert \clip\97\13\dilbert\dilbert.htm TV Guide 5/97 Scott Adams to appear in Babylon 5 @@Dion, Celine \clip\97\09\dione.txt The Seattle Times Company Thursday, March 27, 1997 Celine Dion: Her voice transcends love or hate by Patrick MacDonald Seattle Times staff critic Love her or hate her, you've got to admit Celine Dion has a remarkable singing voice. @@Dishwalla (Counting Blue Cars, tell me all your thoughts on God) Chords and guitar charts. @@Disney %%Mulan 'Mulan' the latest Disney film to be slammed for its messages Seattle Times July 10, 1998. Rose DeWolf, Knight Ridder newspapers some blacks complain about dialect of black crows, but others note they were nice to dumbo and taught him how to fly, Snow white was domestic, Pocahontas was too sexy. \clip\98\10\mulslam.txt Seattle Times Company July 10, 1998 `Mulan' the latest Disney film to be slammed for its messages by Rose DeWolf Knight Ridder Newspapers [black centaur serving white one is removed in Fantasia]
@@Donahue, Mark Versatile American race car driver specialized in AMC cars like Javelin, Matador, won 1972 Indy 500, then died in a crash z47\clipim\2000\12\28\trans70\trans70.htm Road and Track Auto Racing 1970 - javelin ends mustang domination Mark's career: 1968-1969-1971 SCCA Trans-Am Champion (26 wins) 1973 Can-Am Champion (9 wins) 1974 IROC Champion (3 wins) Won 1971 Pocono 500 and 1972 Indianapolis 500 Won 1969 Daytona 24 Hours 4th 1967 LeMans 24 Hours Won 1966 Canadian GP Died following practice crash for 1975 Austrian GP In 1973, with an American Motors Matador, he won the season-opening 500-miler on the road course at Riverside, Calif., beating Bobby Allison by a lap and giving American Motors its first NASCAR win. @@Drexel, Katherine Cathlolic heiress, missionary who promoted education for minorities Catholic Saints online Blessed Katharine Drexel Foundress 1858 - 1955 z45\clipim\2000\10\09\drexel\drexel.htm New saint devoted her life to minorities Seatle Times Oct 8, 2000 4th American to be canonized by Catholic church David O'Reilly Heiress gave $20 million to charities in 96 yr life, founded an ordeer of religious missionaries in 1891, fortiune established 245 cstholic missions, 12 schools for nat ams, 50 for af ams, including Xavier U in New Orleans. Was hailed as living saint before death in 1955. Trust was $7m in current dollars annually. Insisted on "fairly" segregated churches z45\clipim\2000\10\09\drexel\drexel.efx z45\clipim\2000\10\09\drexel.rtf z45\clip\2000\10\drexel.txt @@d'souza, Dinesh >> \priv\95\18\souzrev.txt Souza Review, Review of The End of Racism: Principles for a Multiracial Society by Dinesh D'Souza (Free Press) for The Weekly Standard by Glenn C. Loury Loury agrees with general conservative call for responsiblity, but rejects broad brush indictment of black culture and white superiority. "The Bigot's Handbook" Time Oct 2, 1995 (filed 10-6-95) Negative review of Dinesh D'Souza's "The End of Racism" as "obscene" Wall Street Journal Oct 5 1995 "The End of Racism or Just Its Validation" Hugh Pearson Controversy over Dinesh D'Souza's "The End of Racism" (filed 10-6-95) @@disney \priv\95\09\disparen.txt - disney movies often have only one parent @@Donahue, Mark In 1970, the Penske team had forsaken the Camaro for the American Motors Javelin on the Trans-Am circuit and by 1971, Donohue dominated the competition to capture the championship. In 1973, Donohue tried his luck at NASCAR. Armed with an American Motors Matador, he won the season-opening 500-miler on the road course at Riverside, Calif., beating Bobby Allison by a lap and giving American Motors its first NASCAR win. Picture of Mark Donahue Matador NASCAR, Bobby Allison \clipim\99\03\05\arctic\arctic.htm zip38\clip\clipim\99\10\20\donahue\donahue.htm Donohue Indy 500 Sunoco Car USRRC Champion 1967-68 Trans-Am Champion 1968-69-71 Daytona 24 Hour Winner 1969 Indy 500 Rookie of the Year 1969 Indy 500 Winner 1972 Can-Am Champion 1973 1st IROC Champion 1974 @@Doohan, James "Scotty" z42\clipim\2000\06\01\doohan.htm Thursday, May 18, 2000 5-week-old daughter of 'Scotty' already living in the limelight by Sherry Grindeland. Lives in Redmond, daughter born in Evergreen Medical center @@Duke, David Former suit and tie KKK leader, preaches color blind, but argues anything that benefits blacks is unfair and jews are too powerful, and argues for good stuff for white people. NY times \clip\99\05\duke.txt SECRET HISTORY OF THE KLAN History Channel special protrays Duke as new age leader of the klan who swaps sheets and hood and hate speech for suit, tie, and more legitimate claims for rights of white citizens. DUKE ON WHY TALMUD IS WORSE THAN MEIN KAMPF ON MEET THE PRESS \clip\99\10\dukenbc.txt Clyde Bruckman on problems with duke, what's true what's not. @@educational Testing Service \priv\95\12\greasort.txt Atlantic Sept 95 THE GREAT SORTING (part 1) @@Edmark "More than Gore" Puget Sound Business Journal May 23, 1997 F052897 Jason Hall and friends Bryan Bowman, Brian Goble, Garett Price, Paul Renault, Toby Gladwell and Brian Waite founded a company that that now has 70 people in 40,000 square feet of space in Kirkland. @@Einstein z49\clip\2001\05\einspica.txt New York Times Book Review, 1.5.6 Space-Time Cubism A scientific philosopher and historian posits that Einstein and Picasso changed the world with their early work. By WILLIAM R. EVERDELL EINSTEIN, PICASSO: Space, Time, and the Beauty That Causes Havoc. By Arthur I. Miller. Illustrated. 357 pp. New York: Basic Books. $30. @@Eminem z48\clip\2001\02\emin.txt UPI 2/22/2001 Sir Elton welcomes Eminem to the Celebrity Cartel By STEVE SAILER UPI National Correspondent "As a child growing up in tough Detroit neighborhoods, little Marshall was repeatedly beaten up by black thugs. In response, he started to identify with his tormentors. He became enamored of the worst aspects of African-American underclass culture. " @@Escalante, Jaime Arthur Jensen 2/24/97 says that he talked to Mr. Escalante, and he went through school records and grade reports to find the best students to teach, he has not been able to repeat his achievement of sending high numbers of barrio kids through AP Calculus Sacramento Bee 10/16/97 Dan Walters: Bilingual poll changes tenor Jaime Escalante, the Latino immigrant who taught calculus to inner-city youngsters and became the state's most famous teacher, endorsed the ballot measure and denounced bilingual education's effects on immigrant children. Escalante gained national fame -- including portrayal in a major motion picture, "Stand and Deliver" -- as a teacher in Los Angeles. Escalante now teaches in Sacramento and recently rebuffed entreaties by conservative education reformers to run for superintendent of public instruction next year. In a letter to Unz, Escalante said his support for the measure is "based on personal experience" both as an immigrant lacking English language skills and as a teacher. \clip\97\23\edclip3.txt @@Eu, March Fong DEMOCRAT MARCH FONG EU SUPPORTS REPUBLICAN SON \clip\98\11\marcheu.txt August 23, 1998, in the San Jose Mercury News Like mother, like son? No, yet Eu will aid [Matt] Fong BY SARAH LUBMAN Mercury News Staff Writer @@Eva Peron (Evita) postive review of movie A&E Biography - good short bio \clip\97\21\evita\evita.htm internet movie database 216/the_arts_you_must_love.html \clip\97\21\evita\time.htm Time DECEMBER 16, 1996 VOL. 149 NO. 1 YOU MUST LOVE HER @@Eyman, Tim Initiative pitchman liberals love to hate in WA z44\clipim\2000\07\27\07-05Edittoon.gif Eyman meets the pieman cartoon in Columbian I-695 site zip36\clipim\99\08\16\eyman.htm eyman.txt Seattle August 15, 1999 Meet the 33-year-old who got the $30 car tax on the ballot by Jim Lynch Seattle Times Olympia bureau Timothy D. Eyman is the little-known sponsor of Initiative 695, which rumbled onto the political stage last month after the 33-year-old Mukilteo entrepreneur turned in a jolting 514,141 signatures, the second-largest number ever gathered for a ballot measure in state history. @@Farakhan, Nation of Islam Nation of Islam's key official foments rancor and rage By Gadi Meir This liberal-leaning Jew who has for years been involved in a variety of social justice causes has just gotten the awakening of his life. I have come face to face with the rage of an evil man. \doc\97\03\farak.txt Farrakhan still believes in 1997 that a black scientist created white people, and a space ship will come and devastate the white race. From: 4/21/97 ARAB-ISRAEL CONFLICT 488: Change Of Pace \priv\95\14\num19.txt Richar Cohen on meaning of 19, a man who connects stuff of nonsense. \priv\95\13\blodsuck.txt - calls Jews and Koreans who do business in black neighborhoods "blood suckers" @@Fay, Tim Runs against reverse discrimination z56\clipim\2002\07\31\timfay\timfay.htm "A BLACK AND WHITE ISSUE Tim Fay Why are you against reparations? Pro-reparations groups say that all whites have benefited from the effects of slavery, while all blacks continue to suffer from them. In a court of law, this argument wouldn't pass the laugh test. @@Flinn, Kelly B-52 pilot nailed by USAF for adultery \clip\97\14\flinn3.txt ation.wings_of_desi.html Time JUNE 2, 1997 VOL. 149 NO. 22 NATION/SEX IN THE MILITARY WINGS OF DESIRE THE AIR FORCE'S STAR FEMALE PILOT FINDS HERSELF ENMESHED IN A TALE FULL OF PASSION AND LIES BY NANCY GIBBS @@Flying Tigers WWII American Volunteers who flew defending China against Japanese air attacks and scored a very high kill-loss ratio with P-40 fighters using guerilla tactics \clipim\98\11\24\p05.tif-p09.tif Film Depicts short-lived bravery of Flying Tigers Northwest Asian Weekly Oct 31, 1998 Melissa London @@Fonda, Jane Daughter of actor Henry Fonda infamous for trip to N. Vietnam posing in front of anti-aircraft artillery outraging veterans. HANOI JANE DISAPPOINTED QVC CAVES TO INSANE PRESSURE BUT ADMITS WAR PHOTO WAS BETRAYAL OF US AND LAPSE OF SANITY Jane Fonda: QVC axed my appearance over politics By Frazier Moore, Associated PressPosted 36m ago | 3 | 0 Share she is "deeply disappointed that QVC caved to this kind of insane pressure" and declares, "I love my country." NEW YORK — Jane Fonda says she's been banished from QVC amid concerns about her political past. The network says it was a routine programming change. after visiting the North Vietnamese capital, where she made radio broadcasts critical of U.S. war policy. While there, she was photographed sitting on an anti-aircraft gun laughing and clapping. Though she still defends her anti-war activism, Fonda has acknowledged that the photo incident was "a betrayal" of American forces. "That two-minute lapse of sanity will haunt me until the day I die," she wrote in her 2006 autobiography. z43\clip\2000\07\fonda.txt Drudge report june 19, 2000. Jane Fonda regrets posing in front of a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun, turns to christianity. INTERNET HOAX LETTER DOES NOT CHECK OUT Z48\clip\2001\03\hanjane.txt Jane Fonda is being honored as one of the "100 Women of the Century"..... Critical essay which says incidents are not based on facts (but she's still scum) z48\clipim\2001\03\06\hoax\hoax.htm Urban Legends Page: @@Fong, Matt 1997 California State Treasurer speaks out against bilingual education and affirmative action in effort to define himself to GOP voters. He is the highest-ranking Republican elected official of Asian ancestry in the United States. 1998 campaign is neck and neck with powerful Jewish Barbara Boxer and getting even Asian Democrats (like his mother) to help / support him. z49\clip\2001\05\fongarmy.txt May 16, 2001 ASIAN PACIFIC AMERICAN ORGANIZATIONS EXPRESS CONCERN OVER ACCUSATIONS AGAINST MATT FONG Washington, DC - This afternoon, several leading Asian Pacific American (APA) civil rights organizations - the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL), National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium (NAPALC), the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NAFFAA) and the Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA) - objected to Judicial Watch's attack concerning Matt Fong's nomination for Undersecretary of the United States Army. a source insists that $100,000 Mr. Fong accepted in 1995 came from Indonesian businessman Ted Sioeng, a foreign national, but originated with the People's Republic of China. \clip\98\13\fong2.txt Fong goes after the support of Asians Hoping crossover voters help him win By Bill Ainsworth STAFF WRITER San Diego Union-Tribune, September 28, 1998 " A bilingual exit poll in a heavily Chinese-American area of San Francisco, a Democratic stronghold, found that 81 percent of Asian-American voters chose a Democrat for governor in the primary. But 74 percent switched to the Republican ticket to vote for Fong. " \clip\98\12\mattf.txt Asians a unique factor in Fong run CAMPAIGN: A disparate minority could boost his challenge to Barbara Boxer. September 6, 1998 By DENA BUNIS and VIK JOLLY The Orange County Register \CLIP\97\19\FONG.TXT Los Angeles Times Republican Fong Confronts Role of Race in Senate Drive Wednesday, August 13, 1997 By CATHLEEN DECKER, Times Political Writer State treasurer @@Franklin, Ben Ben Franklin would totally violate today's PC standards on race and culture. Now he was anti-slavery. However, he wanted America to be filled up solely by white immigrants. And somehow he considered only the English to be white. @@Fuhrman, Mark The cop that blew the OJ trial for saying the "n" word has a book that shows that the prosecution blew a bloody fingerprint, and OJ really did do it N word or not. OJ STILL DID IT EVEN IF FURHMAN DID SAY THE N WORD c:\clip\97\07\fuhrman.txt Copyright © 1997 The Seattle Times Company Wednesday, March 5, 1997 trial and his police career collided by Richard Seven Seattle Times staff reporter @@Fujita, Nobuo Japanese pilot who bombed US mainland from submarine based plane. \clip\97\23\fujbomb.txt New York Times October 3, 1997 Nobuo Fujita, 85, World War II Japanese Pilot Who Bombed Oregon By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF TOKYO -- Nobuo Fujita, a Japanese pilot who flew bombing runs over Oregon in 1942, apparently the only time that an enemy aircraft has ever bombed the American mainland, died on Tuesday at a hospital near Tokyo. He was 85. @@Fujimori Alberto - Peru President z45\clip\2000\10\fujim.txt 'Alberto Fujimori of Peru - The President Who Dared to Dream." @@Fumento, Michael Conservative contrarian first made it big with The Myth of Heterosexual Aids (one of the only books that mentions, if briefly, that Asians have the lowest rates of AIDS), now with the American Enterprise Institute POLLUTED SCIENCE \doc\web\97\06\pollsci.txt My web site for my book "Polluted Science," on the EPA's nonsensical new air regulations is now up and running at Mike Fumento @@Gates, Bill CEO Microsoft "Richest Man in the World" by mid 90's z47\clip\2001\01\gatechic.txt Wall Street Journal January 4, 2001 Page One Feature Geek Is Chic in South Korea, As Businessmen Mimic Gates By HAE WON CHOI Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL \clipim\98\03\billsux.txt,jpg "bill sux" picture on pentium chip \clip\96\05\bgates.txt 9/27/96 Bill Gates Net Worth $19 Billion By DAVID KALISH AP Business Writer @@Gehry Architect Frank Gehry is the designer of the controversial Experience Music Project museum in Seattle, and a bunch of other really wild looking buildings. Archpedia Architecture Encyclopedia Brain Nank 1991 Chiat Day Office Venice 1992 Center for Visual Arts University of Toledo, OH 1992 Festival Disney Euro Disney Paris 1993 American Centre Paris 1994 Fredrick R. Weisman Art Museum Minneapolis, MN 1996 Dancing Building Prague, Czech-Republic 1997 Team Disney Administration Anaheim, CA 1997 Montreal Museum of Decorative Arts Montreal, Canada 1997 Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain 1999 Experience Music Project Seattle, WA Ginger and Fred in Prague California Aerospace Museum @@Gilligan's Island GW BUSH AS GILLIGAN z52\clip\2001\09\gillig.txt Subject: [Upstream] Farewell to Greatness Books & Arts September 17, 2001/Vol 7, Number 1 Farewell to Greatness America from Gilligan's Island to The X-Files By David Brooks z42\clipim\2000\06\01\prof.htm May 05, 2000 Cruising 101 from 'The Professor' As "The Professor," Russell Johnson embarked on a short ocean voyage in 1964, only to be stranded... As "The Professor," Russell Johnson embarked on a short ocean voyage in 1964, only to be stranded in the South Pacific on "Gilligan's Island" for three years, a couple of animated series, several TV movies and endless reruns. Now 75, Johnson has lived on Bainbridge Island for nearly a dozen years with his wife, Constance says The Professor's full name is Roy Hinkley. He is a high school teacher from Cleveland ,Ohio. He never got Married. H has 6 collage degrees.H got his Ph.D. at the age of 25 from TCU. Without the professor the castaways would not even survive. (I think) Arthur Hu SPI 2000 campaign mentioned that the WASL is a test that expects everybody to be as smart as the professor. \doc\web\2001\03\gilligan.txt Gilligan's Island: A metaphor for government and life Libertarian Party News April 2001 Page 21 A Scholarly Critique of the Style, Symbolism, & Sociopolitical Relevance of Gilligan's Island. Lewis Napper. LP candidate for Mississippi US senate. Skipper is govt. Gilligan is agent of the government that always screws up something important. Howells are the rich. Professor is smart, but can't fix the boat. Ginger is sex symbol but has complex value system. Mary Ann is central character, most well adjusted. Punch line is not that they can't get back, but that they want to when they are already in paradise. @@Gingrich, Newt \priv\95\07\gingblak.txt Seattle Times June 16, 1996 Gingrich on black underachievment @@Ginsberg, Allen My War with Allen Ginsberg Norman Podhertz Commentary August 1997 [Poet of the beat generation lead a generation of young people to cultural disaster, promoting drug, sex, and general irresponsibility. Contributed to the genesis of the AIDS epidemic by advocating promiscuous homosexual sex, along with pals like Jack Kerouac] image: \images\98\01\011798\ginsberg\p01.gif (1M) @@Graglia \doc\web\97\08\graglia2.txt Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 18:22:59 -0400 From: Judith Wilson Subject: UT Law Prof.'s racism The current issue of THE NATION features an article by Patricia J. Williams on the U. of T. controversy. Williams provides some important background on Prof. Graglia's history of involvement in anti-Civil Rights politics and his ties to powerful right-wing think tanks. @@Gorton, Slade 72 years old in 2000 challenged by big money cantwell z45\clip\2000\09\gorton.txt z45\clipim\2000\09\10\gorton\gorton.htm Sunday, September 10, 2000, 12:00 a.m. Pacific Tough re-election race is nothing new to Gorton by John Hendren Seattle Times Washington bureau @@Gramm, Wendy Asian American wife of senator Phil Gramm c:\doc\95\02\wendgram.txt @@Grove, Andrew (immigrant CEO of Intel) Declared to have made no significant technical innovations by Norman Matloff. Time 1998 Man of the Year GROVE MAKES MOS TECHNOLOGY PRACTICAL - THE BASIS OF THE MICROCOMPUTER Time DECEMBER 29, 1997 / JANUARY 5, 1998 A Survivor's Tale By Joshua Cooper Ramo Survivor Bio Here he was, trained as a fluid dynamicist and going to work in materials chemistry. (The math, everyone promised him, was pretty much the same.) Someone asked him to study the electrical characteristics of mos. Grove delivered a sharp, comprehensive report. His bosses were impressed. Grove and two colleagues he discovered in the company cafeteria--Bruce Deal and Edward Snow--then set out to make silicon usable. After months of work, they discovered that most of the mos instability was traceable to an impurity--sodium--introduced when the chips were cured. Like a drop of lemon juice added to a cup of milk, sodium soured the precious semiconductors. The discovery solved a fundamental problem in materials science and set the stage for the semiconductor revolution. Grove and his team won one of the industry's most prestigious awards for the work. \priv\98\13\grove.txt DECEMBER 29, 1997 / JANUARY 5, 1998 VOL. 150 NO. 28 The Digital Age . . . driven by the passion of Intel's Andrew Grove By Walter Isaacson A Survivor's Tale: Andrew Grove DECEMBER 29, 1997 / JANUARY 5, 1998 VOL. 150 NO. 28 1 0f 12 By Joshua Cooper Ramo \clip\96\05\grovebk.txt AP 24-Sep-1996 17:13 EDT REF5118 How Andy Grove Manages Intel @@Haley, Alex see Roots @@Hallmark d:\clip\96\12\hallmark.txt @@Hamblin, Ken "Black Avenger" from Colorado Seattle - KVI AM570 1-3AM @@Hamill, Mark - Luke from Star Wars \clip\97\07\hamill.txt [The Seattle Times Extra] Copyright © 1997 The Seattle Times Company Friday, March 7, 1997 `Star Wars' makes Hamill a force again by Sharon Waxman Special to The Washington Post @@Hanson, Pauline @@Harlem, New York \doc\web\clip\97\20\harlem.txt H-NET BOOK REVIEW Published by (September, 1997) Gilbert Osofsky. _Harlem: The Making of a Ghetto. Negro New York, 1890-1930_. Reprinted second edition. Chicago: Ivan R. Dee, Incorporated, 1996. Introduction, maps, bibliographic essay, notes, index. $14.95 (paper), ISBN 1-56663-104-1. Reviewed for H-Urban by Ellen Stroud , Columbia University @@Hayakawa, S.I. Japanese American Co-founder of US english, famous for pulling the plug from demonstrators at San Francisco State in the 60's and snoozing as a senator. OPPOSED CREATION OF FED DEPT OF EDUCATION Senator S. I. Hayakawa (R-CA, and former President of San Francisco State College) passionately argued, "Senator Moynihan and I have joined in opposing this bill. We have both been teachers for a long time. But it appears that our colleagues would rather listen to the unfounded pleas of people who know only that there are problems in our schools today, but who do not know how to solve them. Having this new department is rather like grasping at straws. We see there is a problem and attempt to solve it by creating a new department. I wish someone would tell me how this new department is going to make our children literate? Or how it will erase the violence that has erupted in our schools? Or how it will ensure that we get what we pay for with our tax dollars? Or how it will make our children better prepared for their futures?"(5) US English bio c:\clip\97\10\hayak.txt @@Heaven's Gate Cult, Applewhite ry=/chronicle/archive/1997/04/04&arrows=yes c:\clip\97\09\website.txt Friday, April 4, 1997 · Page A2 ©1997 San Francisco Chronicle Ex-Cult Members Fight Over Web Sites Who is controlling IMPRISONED BY HIS OWN PASSIONS PENALIZED FOR HIS SEXUALITY, THE FUTURE GURU EMBARKED ON A QUEST FOR SEXLESS DEVOTION AND AN ANTISEPTIC HEAVEN BY HOWARD CHUA-EOAN soned_by.html Time APRIL 7, 1997 VOL. 149 NO. 14 \clip\97\11\applgay.txt People April 14, 1997 \clip\97\11\applgay.txt Marshall Herff Applewhite 65, music teacher turned cult leader Newsweek April 7, 1997 p. 31 "Applewhite was driven by sexual demons... left Alabama amid whispers of a homosexual affair" p. 42 ... though married earlier in life and the father of two children, discovered that he was homosexual" @@Hendrix, Jimmy Tombstone: Greenwood Cemetary 350 Monroe Ave E. NE Fourth St Renton Washington 8-4:30 12-4 Sunday 425-255-1511 @@Hill, Amy Mixed Asian actress "All-American Actress" Paul Lee Canon Asian Week April 18, 1997 p. 17 F050597 @@Hill, Anita DAVID BROCK RENOUNCES THE REAL ANITA HILL z50\clip\2001\06\anithill.txt New York Times, 1.6.27 Truth, Sex, Lies and Videotape LIBERTIES By MAUREEN DOWD David Brock now says he lied then when he painted Anita Hill as a liar, a woman who was "a little bit nutty and a little bit slutty," both in an American Spectator piece and a best seller embraced by conservatives called "The Real Anita Hill." .. calling himself "a witting cog in the Republican sleaze machine." @@Ho, Anna \images\98\01\011997\p01.tif-p03.tif Immigration court judge has one of the hardest jobs around Melissa London Northwest Asian Weekly Jan 17, 1998. Seattle Immigration Judge @@Ho, David Time 1997 Man of the Year Immigrant Chinese American AIDS scientist \clip\97\07\hoyear.txt The Tao of Ho: His Tenacity and Legendary Tranquility both Spring From the Immigrant Experience By Howard Chua-Eoan Time DECEMBER 30, 1996/JANUARY 6, 1997 VOL. 148 NO. 29 "Celebrity Scientist" Aletha Yip Asian Week Jan 3, 1997 p. 9 F012897-2 @@Hochstatter Conservative Rep state senator from WA PI ENDORSES.. HOCHSTATTER??? z34\clip\2000\09\hoch2.txt Harold Hochstatter in the GOP primary Sunday, September 10, 2000 POST-INTELLIGENCER EDITORIAL BOARD z45\clip\2000\09\hhgov.txt - comparision grid vs Locke, Carlson z44\clipim\2000\07\27\07-19edittoon Columbian "bigfool" cartoon LOCKE $2M 46 to 30 vs. Carlson z43\clip\2000\07\lockmon.txt Govt2000 Monday, July 10, 2000 Locke 2000: Money up, ratings down Governor's lead less commanding, giving GOP rivals hope of upset BRAD SHANNON, THE OLYMPIAN The Elway Poll of 400 registered Washington voters June 19-21 found Democrat Locke receiving 46 percent to Carlson's 30 percent in a head-to-head comparison. In a three-way race against Carlson and Hochstatter, Locke would win 43 percent, Carlson 16 percent and Hochstatter 3 percent of the vote, Elway's polling found. The poll has a 5 percent margin of error. LOCKE, PRESS JUMP ON HOCHSTATTER FOR "SHOOTING" STATEMENT z43\clip\2000\07\hoch.txt South Sound Tuesday, July 11, 2000 The Associated Press State Sen. Harold Hochstatter, R-Moses Lake, speaks at a rally in Lacey on Wednesday. Candidate defends gun remark BOB PARTLOW, THE OLYMPIAN OLYMPIA -- Republican gubernatorial candidate Harold Hochstatter will not apologize to anyone after saying last week: "It's not time yet, but it's getting time for shooting" state environmental regulators. z43\clip\2000\07\hoch.txt Govt2000 Sunday, June 18, 2000 Republican candidates leave each other alone, attack opposing party @@Hong Kong history "1898 and all that -- a brief history of Hong Kong" The Economist June 28, 1997 p. 22 F070397 Captin Charles Elliot seized the nearly deserted, rocky island of Hong Kokng instead of the more strategic islands. "You have obtained", fumed the British foreign secretary, Lord Palmerston, "a barren island with hardly a house on it". Western development shifted to Shanghai, but it took a Communist victory and the consequent flight to Hong Kong of Shanghai's capitalist class, to set the territory on the path to properity. \priv\96b\01\hongkong.txt part 1 of history of Hong Kong Return-Path: Date: Thu, 20 Jun 1996 00:11:20 -0400 The Road to Hong Kong: A Port Became a Mecca By James Carroll, Press-Telegram, Long Beach, Calif. @@Hope of God Church Evangelical church started in Thailand, largely Asian churches in US, "aunt" church is in Seattle \clipim\98\03\hopegod.tif, hopegodb.tif "Hope of God of Seattle church settles into the Mercer Island community" Mercer Island Reporter Jul 8, 1998 p. C2 @@Hotz, Joseph Hotz Says that teen mothers dont' have problems because of teen birth, mothers who gave birth did slightly better than those that had miscarriages. (of course that doesn't explain comparison with those that never got pregnant in the first place) "Teen-pregnancy myths debunked" Seattle Times 6/5/97 p. A12 F060797 UCLA researcher Joseph Hotz "there may be benefits to getting childbirth out of the way early, when earning potential is lowest, and then beginning an uninterrupted career" \clip\97\15\kidshav.txt The University of Chicago Magazine June 1996 Kids Having Kids Surprise: The U of C's Joe Hotz says many teenage moms-like these women receiving job counseling at Chicago-area Aunt Martha's Youth Services-later earn more than their peers. U Chicago News12/5/96 Teen motherhood doesn't increase welfare costs ""Over her early life (from age 17 to 34), a teen mother is no more likely to participate in government-sponsored public assistance programs than if she had delayed her childbearing until she was an adult,"" @@Hovis, Kathy Tuesday, August 31, 2004, 12:51 A.M. Pacific Students returning to land of learning By Cara Solomon Seattle Times Eastside bureau (A.G. Bell teacher for my kids) @@Hsia Hsia, Jayjia. Asian Americans in higher education and at work. Hillsdale, N.J. : Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1988. @@Huang, John - Got into trouble for Asian campaign contributions Parody of Big John... Huang, as heard on Rush Limbaugh July 1997 \clip\97\18\silhan\bigjohn.htm - web page \clip\97\18\silhan\ - Audio clip Every morning in DC they'd see him arrive He stood 5 foot 8 and weighed 155 Average in stature, but a giant of a man 'Cause everyone knew that the Pres was a fan . . . of Big John Big John . . . Big John . . . Big John Huang No one seemed to know where he was from He just seemed to step out of the rising sun He didn't say much - he was kind of shy And if you spoke at all, you just said "hi" . . . to Big John Somebody said that the Riady clan Had groomed him to be Clinton's right-hand man He could make cash flow like a babbling brook So when the Pres needed help, he knew where to look . . . Big John Big John . . . Big John . . . Big John Huang Then came the time that the polls all said The Pres' re-election chances were dead If he didn't raise 15 mil, he was through So he picked up the phone and the call went out to . . . Big John Through the smoke and mirrors of that campaign hell Walked this giant of a man contributors knew well He squeezed them hard, and they let out a groan But they sent in their checks, 'cause you don't say "no" . . . to Big John Big John . . . Big John . . . Big John Huang And with the strength of a man possessed He amassed an amazing campaign war chest That allowed Bill to scramble from a political grave But the headlines broke before they could save . . . Big John With spin and denials they gave it a try But the revelations came fast, and it became time To cut the rope and put distance between And the White House thought it was the last they'd seen . . . of Big John Big John . . . Big John . . . Big John Huang But hearings in DC have a life of their own And a familiar shadow has arrived and grown So the time may come when he raises his hand . . . And we get to hear the words of a big, big man . . . Big John Parody version © 1997 Paul Silhan \clip\97\18\huang2.txt (C) Copyright 1997 Investors Business Daily, Inc. 7/14/97? E D I T O R I A L Chinagate: A Chronology As the Senate started its hearings yesterday into campaign fund-raising abuses, the probe's chairman, Sen. Fred Thompson, R-Tenn., said the evidence will lead all the way to China. That nation, he said, sought to influence U.S. elections with illegal funds through a plan that ''our investigation suggests . . . continues today.'' \clip\97\17\huang.txt Seattle Times Thursday, July 10, 1997 How Huang rose to power in the Democratic National Committee John Huang didn't know a lot about raising money for a political campaign. He had never done it professionally and didn't know the rules. Democratic party bosses worried he might violate fund-raising laws HUANG LINKED TO VIETNAM POW/MIA ISSUE \clip\97\04\huangpow.txt From: Willie Dougherty ------------------------------------------ "Huang, who was given a Top Secret security clearance without an FBI background investigation, received "37 intelligence briefings" and had access to "15 classified field reports" pertaining to Vietnam" The Last Firebase Veterans Archives Project PO Box 246, Kinston, N.C. 28502 919-527-0442 Fax 919-527-8079 For Immediate Release February 12, 1997 \clip\96\12\jhuang.txt 1996 The American Spectator. All rights reserved. John Huang's Bamboo Network By James Ring Adams \clip\96\08\huangdis.txt The Seattle Times Nov. 18, 1996 Dismissal of Huang was set, says DNC Committee returns another foreign gift by Alan C. Miller Los Angeles Times @@hugo, victor \clip\96\01\victhugo.htm Encyclopedia Brittanica entry from web @@Hughes, Bob Big player in education reform in Washington State. Lake Washington School Board, Education Technology Exchange. Flaky futurist vs. angry parent. His home page He has been a member of the Lake Washington School District Board of Directors for the past 20 years serving as President in 1983,1986,1987 and 1993. retired executive for the Boeing Company in Seattle, Washington, where he served as Corporate Director of Education Relations, General Manager of Programming Services and General Manager of Professional Software Products. His last assignment before leaving Boeing was to form an educational consulting firm and report directly to Washington State’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, for the purpose of developing a statewide educational technology plan. Board Member and Futurist - Bob Hughes Dave Asher Endorsers ... Lake Washington School Board Members: Janice Linville; Jackie Pendergrass; Bob Hughes; Doug Eglingten. " has been active in education reform for 12 years. He will present his view of the impact on society of our failure to understand the true nature of education reform, describe the emerging skill sets needed by today’s workers, and propose the steps needed to create the High Performance School of the Future. 1998 Digital Steppingstones: Enhancing minority participation in the Information Age keynote speaker, Bob Hughes... Educational Technology Exchange said,..asking them a true/false or multiple choice question. Whatever you measure as acceptable performance for kids, thats exactly what youre going to get. Do we bring about educational reform by raising educational standards or by changing curriculum to match the workplace? If you only raise the standards, the gap between the rich and poor will continue to get wider because we are measuring the wrong thing. We need to measure things that will bring about success. Kids in our schools are flat out bored stiff because what they are learning is irrelevant for their lives. @@HUNZIKER, EVAN Half-Korean who swam naked an drunk into N Korea and started an international incident, killed himself. MIXED KOREAN-AMERICAN CAPTIVE IN N KOREA COMMITS SUICIDE, HAD TROUBLED LIFE \clip\96\12\hunzikr.txt Copyright © 1996 The Seattle Times Company Dec. 19, 1996 Records show a troubled life before captivity in North Korea, apparent suicide by Lily Eng Seattle Times staff reporter For three months, Evan Hunziker was at the center of an international incident. @@Inouye, Daniel K Japanese American Senator / War hero from Hawaii Party: Democrat Majority leader, Territorial House of Representatives, 1954-58; Territorial Senate, 1958-59; U.S. House of Representatives, 7/28/59-1962 Date First Elected to the Senate: November 6, 1962 Date Last Elected to the Senate: November 3, 1992 Vote Smart @@intel \clip\96\11\intel.txt @@Izumi, Lance JE Stone: Lance Izumi with Pacific Research Institute is an excellent policy analyst @@Jackson, Jesse Named the top black leader, his reputation is tarnished by the impression he just shakes people down for money. z48\clip\2001\02\jackinc.txt Jackson's income triggers questions Steve Miller and Jerry Seper THE WASHINGTON TIMES Published 2/26/01 "The complaints among many of his critics in Chicago are loud and clear: Mr. Jackson, under the guise of selflessly promoting social change, has lined his pockets. He has an estimated annual income of about $300,000. " z47\clip\2001\01\jackpush.txt From the Outhouse to the Lucrehouse by William L. Anderson Founder of Rainbow Coalition / Push He has managed to become a multi-millionaire through extortion. His MO is to threaten large corporations with charges of racism unless they make substantial contributions to his organization called the Rainbow-PUSH Coalition. Jackson receives a cut of that money through that organization, and also receives lavish speaking fees from corporations and labor unions. \priv\96b\07\jackbio.txt Date: Sun, 7 Jul 1996 06:26:10 -0400 From: (NewsHound) The Last Survivor A look back at one forward march JESSE: The Life and Pilgrimage @@Jefferson JEFFERSON'S SALLY HEMMINGS - NOT YOUR AVERAGE SLAVE, ASSIGNED TO HOUSE, NOT FIELD, SENT TO PARIS MIGHT HAVE LEARNED HARPSICORD, FRENCH ml \clip\98\16\jeffslav.txt The Secret Life Of Mr. Jefferson: Scientists Now Confirm What Gossips Long Spread. But DNA Tests Will Never Untangle By Ken Ringle Washington Post Staff Writer Saturday, November 7, 1998; Page C01 Z49\CLIP\2001\04\HEMINGS.TXT Slave's children not Jefferson's Thursday, 12 April 2001 20:46 (ET) Slave's children not Jefferson's By KURT SAMSON, UPI Medical Writer WASHINGTON , April 12 (UPI) -- On the eve of the 250th anniversary of Thomas Jefferson's birth, a panel of scholars reported that he never had children with Sally Hemings, a slave at his home Montecello. "the Hemings family held a relatively privileged position among the slaves at Monticello. As house servants, they worked high on the plantation pecking order, with duties that demanded both tact and responsibility, rather than the harsher physical labors of the field." "When Sally was 14, she was sent with 8-year-old Mary to Paris, where Jefferson was ambassador. In Paris, according to Stanton, she would have received training in needlework and care of clothing to equip her as a lady's maid... There is at least some evidence that she spoke French and may have played the harpsichord as well" @@Joplin, Scott Black ragtime composer, hit it big with "The Sting" in 70s. z43\clipim\2000\06\21\joplin Investor's Business Daily 6/20/2000 @@Joshua Looked this up after watching the Veggie Tales version. In the real version, they killed everybody and everything in the city except the prostitute. Wow. \clip\98\16\joshsong.htm The Battle of Jericho \clip\98\16\joshua1.htm Joshua 6:1-7 Instructions on how to take Jerico \clip\98\16\joshua2.htm Joshua 6:12-25 Only Rahab the prostitute [2] and all who are with her in her house shall be spared, because she hid the spies we sent. They devoted the city to the LORD and destroyed with the sword every living thing in it--men and women, young and old, cattle, sheep and donkeys. @@Kaku, Michio Japanese American theoretical physicist who gets a lot of media exposure about the creation / evolution of the universe. He is the son of parents interned at Tule Lake. He built an atom smasher in his parent's basement and caught the attention of Penn and Teller who got him a scholarship into Harvard. z43\clipim\2000\06\28\kaku.efx Michio Kaku International Examiner June 7, 2000 @@Kao, Suzy Ying Suzy Ying Kao 1931 Opium smuggling case. @@Kerry, John \clip\2004\02\kerrynam.txt The Washington Times Vets refuse to forgive Kerry for antiwar acts By Charles Hurt THE WASHINGTON TIMES Published February 20, 2004 "If I got three Purple Hearts for three scratches, I'd be embarrassed," said Ted Sampley, who fought in Vietnam and publishes U.S. Veteran Dispatch. He remembers soldiers turning away awards for minor injuries. @@Khan, Genghis \priv\95\12\khan.htm - biography from Treasure Beyond @@Kidd, Kenneth Scientist who believes Africans have a lot of genetic diversity Why are blacks so good at sport? 33fb6faf&pg=/et/97/7/26/tlfast26.html \clip\97\19\kidd.txt London Electronic Telegraph Saturday 26 July 1997 Issue 792 @@Kim, Jay Republican Korean-American congressman from California "Kim Pleads Guilty to Illegal Donations" Asian Week Aug 8, 1997 p. 8. F081897 "Kim, the first Korean American elected to the US Congress, admitted to accepting $50,000 from a Taiwanese national, and laundering the money through his personal bank account in his 1992 campaign. @@King, Martin Luther Jr. \doc\97\03\killking.txt William F. Pepper, author of the book: _Orders to Kill: The Truth Behind the Murder of Martin Luther King_ Carroll & Graf, 1995, ISBN 0786702532 claims that a goverment conspiracy actually killed King. %%plagarism The Martin Luther King Jr. Plagiarism page from Aa" info on mlk's plagiarism is all but taboo in usa the rockford institute book is out of print, and little hard and trustable data on king's plagiarism is available on the net...what i've been able to [ed note, I can't vouch for the accuracy of the info, but there it is] The University of British Columbia policy on plagiarism Complete or Near-Complete Plagiarism Despite minor changes to the text, the passages are substantially unchanged. In the first case, the plagiarist also lifts the footnote from the original. Note that the use of even very brief passages (such as the "wings of aspiration") constitutes plagiarism. Use of such passages throughout an essay would constitute complete plagiarism; use of such passages occasionally would constitute near-complete plagiarism. [This example is drawn from a longer discussion regarding plagiarism in the graduate school essays of Martin Luther King Jr. Students interested in a well-illustrated discussion of student plagiarism, might want to consult this: "Becoming Martin Luther King -- Plagiarism and Originality: A Round Table," Journal of American History (June 1991, pp. 11-123. The example used below is on p. 25.] A chronology of the discovery of King's plagiarism (starts in 1987) Most of this information comes from articles collected in Theodore Pappas' book The Martin Luther King Jr. Plagiarism Story (Rockford Institute, Rockford, IL, 1994). I am grateful to the Institute for providing a copy of this out-of-print work. 02-4409622-4917030 Plagiarism and The Culture War : The Writings of Martin Luther King, Jr, and Other Prominent Americans by Theodore Pappas Our Price: $16.95 The author , May 12, 1998 Back-cover Comments About This Book "This brave book deserves a wide reading..." --from the foreword to the book by Eugene Genovese "This is a work of great seriousness, expressed in a lucid style (a rare combination). It is a flickering candle of light in an overwhelming murk of intellectual and academic darkness." --John Lukacs, author of The End of the Twentieth Century "An important book both for setting out the King plagiarism tale and for exhibiting the problems of fraud and its exposure. It should be read by everyone concerned with American intellectual life." --Barry Gross, President, New York Association of Scholars "What Pappas brings into question is not King's greatness, but the divinity that has descended about him....I would not want it said, a century from now, that there was no one willing to stand by Theodore Pappas in his advocacy of the integrity of the academy and equal treatment of the races." --Jacob Neusner, author of The Price of Excellence @@Kingdome Demolition Day March 29 2000 Discovery King 5 lots of video shots, entire live broadcast blast at 02:34 @@Kinsey, Alfred @@KKK Ku Klux Klan \priv\95\09\klanhist.txt - OLD LIST OF KLAN MEMBERS REVIVES RACIST PAST IN INDIANA CITY NYT 8/2/95 @@Korematsu, Fred \clip\98\03\korematsu\korematsu.htm Once a Fugitive, Now a Hero. Asian Week Jan 15, 1998 Japanese American wins Presidential medal from Clinton for opposing going to WWII relocation camp. @@Koresh, David, Waco Texas \clip\97\21\waco.txt WACO: THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT / *** 1/2 (Not rated) Copyright c Chicago-Sun-Times Inc. September 19, 1997 BY ROGER EBERT (maybe the ATF did overdo it) \priv\95\17\waco.htm - Frontline transcript @@KVI Radio Blomstrom notes: KVI Radio – The “Teacher-Bashing Station.” Like KOMO TV, KVI is owned by Fisher Broadcasting, in turn owned by William Krippaehne, Jr., who is a member of the sinister Washington Roundtable and sits on the board of directors of Seattle’s corrupt Alliance for Education. @@Kwan, Michelle (Asian American female figure skater) Expect to see a lot more smiles in ads soon. Michael McCarthy USA Today Feb 25, 2002 Yahoo buzz index 1. Sarah Hughes (Euro Am) 2. Apolo Ohno (Japanese Am) 3. Michelle Kwan (Chinese Am) 4. Sasha Cohen - Sarah Hughes could earn $10M over next 4 years (2.5/yr) - Kwan already earns $2m a year - Cammi Grantao lead women's hockey team in 1998, earns over $1m - Picabo Street makes nearly $1m - Tara Lipinski makes close to $2M - Estimates Kwan might lose $10m in endorsements KWAN BEAT BY AN AMERICAN AGAIN! z55\clip\2002\03\kwanam.txt Seattle Times Sunday, March 03, 2002, 12:00 a.m. Times won't forget readers' reminder on Kwan headline The secondary headline said, "American outshines Kwan, Slutskaya in skating surprise," \CLIP\97\30\kwan.txt Sunday, Jan. 4, 1998 Winter Olympic notebook: Michelle Kwan adjusts by Elliott Almond Seattle Times staff reporter " Kwan, 17, from Torrance, Calif., and Tara Lipinski, 15, from Sugar Land, Texas, are primed to compete for gold in a scaled-down rivalry from the Tonya Harding-Nancy Kerrigan escapades of 1994. " Photo in Pocahontas outfit is in USA Today Oct 20, 1995 \priv\96\04\mkwan.txt AP Kwan gives US skating sweep @@Larimer, Bob \clip\98\02\larimer\larimer.htm Everett Herald 1/16/98 with photo @@Larouche, Lyndon Fringe Democratic presidential candidate, convicted of charging credit cards, actively recruit on campus and airports and democratic conventions. z43\clipim\2000\06\19\larouche.efx Lyndon LaRouche from a prison cell to the white house? Right Turn April 2000 (U Wash) @@Lee, Coco|LEE Asian pop diva "CoCo Lee was born January 17, 1974 in Hong Kong; a decade later the family relocated to San Francisco, and she subsequently studied biochemistry at the University of California at Irivne. After winning the Miss Chinese-America Pageant in 1991" Now Asian star emerging in US, did song in Runaway Bride. Official commerical site Sold 6M CDs in Asia, sings in Mandarin. two great ambitions ("the first to be an internationally renowned singer and the second, to be a good surgeon,") @@Letourneau Mary Kay 13 year old knocks up his teacher, teacher's life is ruined in a public stoning, the kid ends up a victim and hero. Go figure. Mary Kay "fan" sites (Mary-Kay Conference) faq 'The Mary Kay Letourneau Story: All-American Girl' seduces with pathos and creepy moments @@Lee, Ang \doc\94\17\priv\anglee.txt SPI 8/5/94 Director Looks... @@Lee, Bill Lann Appointed by Bill Clinton, but shot down to attorney general for civil rights 1997 \clipim\99\03\02\billlannlee\opinion1.htm February 25, 1999 Asian Week Bill Lann Lee-Prince of Preferences His interim record proves his biases Lee Cheng \images\972\112197\p03.gif Dec 1, 1997 New Republic "Lee's Way" p. 6 "unreconstructed civil rights activist" LEE VOTE A TRIUMPH FOR EQUALITY UNDER LAW, INSTITUTE FOR JUSTICE SAYS Notes he is unable to identify any illegal preferences program, and unwilling to defend the law. \clip\97\25\leesave.txt The Seattle Times Company Wednesday, Nov. 5, 1997 Clinton tries to save civil-rights nominee by Angie Cannon Knight-Ridder Newspapers \doc\web\97\08\billlee.txt see \clip\97\25\billee.txt Stop This Nominee By George F. Will Sunday, October 12, 1997; Page C09 The Washington Post New York Daily News 1st Asian For Civil Rights Post Clinton taps son of Bronx [below] Center for Equal Opportunity: the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold hearings on October 22 regarding the nomination of NAACP offical Bill Lann Lee to head the civil rights division of the Justice Department. The hearings will provide senators with an opportunity to learn about Lee’s longstanding support for racial preferences. A Pragmatic Answer to the Race Dilemma Justice: Bill Lee is a solid choice to be the country's top civil rights enforcement officer. By Dianne Feinstein (below) .htm TEXT: CLINTON NAMES HEAD OF CIVIL RIGHTS AT JUSTICE DEPT. (Nominates Bill Lann Lee Assistant Attorney General) June 12, 1997 (below) /images/972/112197/p04.gif Wall Street Journal on the subject matter. The article gives a very good background, issue and politics of confirming Bill Lee as the assistant attorney gereral in the senate right now. It is titled as "A Vote for Lee Is a Vote for (racial) Preferences" by Clint Bolick and it is on page A23 (WSJ Oct.27). Bolick is the ligitation director at the Institute for Justice in Washington D.C. @@Lee, Bruce actor kung fu movie %%Movie doc939:dragonl.txt Bruce Lee story by Joe Bob %%Gravesite Lakeview Cemetary Capitol Hill 1554 15th Ave E Seattle WA @@Lee, Harry Chinese American Good Ol Boy sherriff in Louisiana criticized for racist treatment of blacks. doc\94\3\priv\sherriff.txt Louisiana sherriff \images\98\01\011398\sher.tif A good ol' boy named Lee Sherriff Harry Lee of Louisiana. Asian Week Jan 8, 1998 @@Letourneau, Mary K. Kent WA woman teacher made national headlines arrested for "raping" a 13 yr old boy who claimed they were "in love". \clip\98\04\letou.txt Friday, February 6, 1998 Letourneau sent to prison for more than seven years by Seattle Times staff A judge today sent Mary K. Letourneau to prison for more than seven years after being told the former teacher had not only violated her probation @@Lewis, Reginald F. Hugely successful Black businessman \priv\95\01\blakentr.txt \priv\95\01\reglewis.txt - Reginald Lewis in USA Today @@Lin, Maya - Asian American sculptor of the Vietnam War Memorial c:\clip\97\11\mayalin.txt Copyright © 1997 The Seattle Times Company Tuesday, April 15, 1997 Despite her growing notoriety, Maya Lin would prefer to be a behind-the-scenes `turtle' by Chris Solomon Seattle Times staff reporter \priv\96\05\mayalin.txt MAYA LIN: A STRONG CLEAR VISION by Roger Ebert * * * Ocean Releasing presents a documentary written and directed by Freida Lee Mock. Produced by Mock and Terry Sanders. Photographed by Don Lenzer and Eddie Marritz. Edited by William T. Cartwright Sr. Music by Charles Bernstein. Running time: 96 minutes. No MPAA rating. @@Liu, Lucy Parade Oct 22, 2000 summary of chin-am actress from Ally McBeal and Charlie's Angels. @@Locke, Gary 1st Chinese American governor in continental US, Washington state, Democratic Liberal. - spent time in projects - father shot by robber - eagle scout - first in family to college, Yale scholarship affirmative action z68\clip\2003\07\locke1.txt Seattle Times Tuesday, July 22, 2003 - Page updated at 12:00 A.M. Editorial Gov. Locke takes his leave on the upswing First lady Mona Locke listens as Gov. Gary Locke announces he won't seek a third term. z45:\clip\2000\09\locke.txt Wednesday, September 6, 2000, 12:00 a.m. Pacific The case that helped shape Locke: Governor draws on his experiences as prosecutor by Ralph Thomas and David Postman Seattle Times Olympia bureau \CLIP\98\07\locksory.txt Seattle Times CompanyMarch 31, 1998 Seattle Times March 31, 1998 The PDC's loose ends on Locke's temple visits THE state Public Disclosure Commission's investigative report on Gov. Gary Locke' fund-raising trips to a Redmond Buddhist temple is a disappointment. \clip\97\29\lockfine.txt Seattle Times Dec 10, 1997 Locke to be fined for violations by David Postman Seattle Times Olympia bureau The Public Disclosure Commission voted 4-0 yesterday to fine Gov. Gary Locke's campaign $2,500 - the maximum allowed under the law - for a series of fund-raising violations Seattle Times Thursday, Oct. 9, 1997 Family ties tug at Mona Lee Locke while visiting her father's home city by David Postman Seattle Times Olympia bureau doc\web\97\08\gaylock.txt Gary Locke announces that being gay is no different than being born black. \images\97\76irs\garymona.tif Mansion Life - Cover picture from Pacific Magazine Seattle Times May 11, 1997 Gary, Mona and baby The Seattle Times Company Wednesday, Sept. 3, 1997 Jean Godden: A Locke on national leadership? Is Gov. Gary Locke a role model or not? The governor's historic breakthrough - first Asian American elected governor on the U.S. mainland - receives careful analysis in a recent Washington Post article titled "Locke Step." c:\clip\97\08\malk1.txt Seattle Times Tuesday, March 18, 1997 Michelle Malkin: Locke's cash donations eluded public disclosure c:\clip\97\05\monalee.txt Copyright © 1997 The Seattle Times Company Sunday, Feb. 23, 1997 Mona Lee Locke: A first lady's first impressions by Florangela Davila Seattle Times staff reporter 1st Chinese American Named Governor \clip\97\01\1stchgov.txt Copyright 1997. The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. By DAVID AMMONS AP Political Writer Gary Locke sworn in as Governor of Washington State \clip\96\08\lockwin.htm (Find "locke and craswell") First Asian-American governor outside Hawaii elected in Washington Chinese American King County Executive and front runner for Governer of Washington State. \clip\96\08\lockwin.txt AP 6-Nov-1996 Chinese-Amer. Gov. Wins \clip\96\06\lockscho.txt education views \clip\96\05\lockher.txt Copyright © 1996 The Seattle Times Company Oct. 2, 1996 Locke making heritage pay off in race for governor \clip\96\05\lockcras.txt: Seattle Times Company Sept. 18, 1996 It's Locke, Craswell \clip\96\05\washresl.txt: x-Gary Locke, Dem 139,921 - 25 percent \clip\96\05\locke.htp Tacoma Times Tribune biography lsieh: i'm still confused about gary locke...was he born in the US or bor n in China? andrewc: Lui Locke was born in taiwan and emigrated here in his teens. it' s in last week's transcript. @@Loh, Wallace UW Law School Dean who is big on diversity \doc\95\07\wallloh.txt - bio on wallace loh leaves UW law school \clip\97\14\loharg.txt Seattle Times ON A PATH TOWARD CULTURAL DIVERSITY March 12, 1995 Wallace Loh Responses: 5-23-97 1:18p 3,003 lohbad.txt 5-23-97 1:23p 3,829 lohbad2.txt 5-23-97 1:24p 2,348 lohbad3.txt 5-23-97 1:26p 4,256 lohbad5.txt 5-23-97 1:13p 5,932 lohdiv.txt Big 5-23-97 1:15p 1,596 lohleave.txt 5-23-97 1:17p 1,241 lohok.txt 5-23-97 1:14p 3,546 lohrepl.txt 5-23-97 1:12p 21,007 uwrank.txt @@Loury \priv\95\18\notso.txt Not-So Black and White: The Two Americas Are Actually Converging. The Washington Post, October 15, 1995, FINAL Edition By: Glenn C. Loury Oct 19, 1995 Wall Street Journal Glen Loury and Woodson quit the AEI @@Luke, Wing \clip\96\05\lockher.txt Seattle Times Oct. 2, 1996 Locke making heritage pay off in race for governor In the 1960s, Seattle City Councilman Wing Luke became the state's first Asian-American politician of any prominence. Often, he was described as a Chinese community activist. (He has had a museum and a school named after him) @@Lynch z68\clip\2003\06\lynch.txt Close-up Jessica Lynch revisited: Interviews add to account of capture, rescue By Dana Priest, William Booth and Susan Schmidt The Washington Post June 19, 2003 @@malkin, michelle LA Daily News, Seattle Times Filipino American conservative woman columnist Asian Week April 19, 1996 p. 10 f043096-6 @@Maksirisombat, Kumroom (Mr Mak) @@Mak Seattle SE Asian teacher who lost fight to be promoted to be principal, charged discrimination in not having affirmative action follow through in 1997. Mak's replacement wrecked 2 schools Mister Mak RIP? 1-17-98 Northwest Asian Weekly David Blomstrom zip23\images\98\01\011998\p07.tif \priv\99\01\blomstro.txt private notes about Asian Focus staying away from issue @@Mandela, Nelson Hero of S. African Freedom %%Critic z48\clip\2001\02\mandela.txt Gavan Tredoux: * Gadaffi/Castro supporter * backed Saddam * Cuba has one of the world's * defence of the Lockerbie bombers 1. Sabotage & "armed struggle" in MK (armed wing of the ANC) in defiance of Luthuli 2. Involvement in scorched earth campaign in the 80s 3. Kidnapping and intimidation of witnesses and journalists during the "Stompie" trial of Winnie, his then wife. 4. Creation of "self defence" units in early 90s, which were armed from ANC weapons caches and unleashed a campaign of terror. 5. Shell House 1994 (7 or so people killed, many more wounded) a. Ordering guards to "shoot to kill if necessary" b. Preventing police from gathering evidence @@Mangione, Chuck (review) \clip\98\12\mangrev.txt The Seattle Times Company September 16, 1998 Mangione's rhythms work magic by Paul de Barros Special to The Seattle Times @@Mapplethorpe Controversial Gay erotic photgrapher. \priv\95\09\mappleth.doc - WSJ review of biography, says his work is essentially homoerotic pornagraphy elevated to "normal" status. \doc\95\12\mappleb.txt "Mapplethorpe: A Biography" raced through 1,000 lovers before his AIDS related death in 1989 Her Mapplethorpe was no pornagrapher, but a driven man with the clinical eye of an anthroplogist. @@Martin, Mark Yahoo page rk/ Driver of Ford Valvoline Stock Car Nascar driver page \clipim\99\03\30\mmartin\mmartin.htm Mark Martin Fan Club MMFC P.O. Box 68 Ash Flat, AR 72513 Cost: $11 Individual, $15 Family U.S. Funds Only fan page @@Marx, Groucho z45\clipim\2000\10\05\groucho.efx Comedian Groucho Marx IBD Oct 6, 2000 @@mason, dawn Washington State Representative Dawn Mason is the only black in the state house, and only one of two in the legislature. Kip Tokuda is one of two Asians in the state legislature "Racial, ethnic rivalry shapes legislative contest" Seattle Times Sept 11, 1996 @@McCain %%Crashes Did McCain crash five planes? A: No. Chain e-mails and Internet postings that make that claim are mistaken. And the Navy commended his piloting skills. McCain did lose two Navy aircraft while piloting them, both due to engine failure. A third was destroyed on the deck of the carrier USS Forrestal when hit by a missile fired accidentally from another plane, triggering a disastrous fire that killed 134 sailors and nearly killed McCain. A fourth plane was lost when he was shot down over North Vietnam on a bombing mission over Hanoi. There's no evidence that any of the four destroyed planes were lost to pilot error. A fifth alleged "crash" was flying through power lines, but no crash. . The Navy praised his "aggressiveness and skillful airmanship" when awarding him the Navy Commendation Medal for an attack Oct. 18, 1967, on a shipyard in Haiphong, North Vietnam, prior to his capture. The Navy also commended his "superb airmanship" in awarding him the Distinguished Flying Cross for a bombing attack on a Hanoi power plant Oct. 26, 1967. His plane was hit by a surface-to-air missile on that mission, but he "continued his bomb delivery pass and released his bombs over the target" before being forced to eject, according to the official citation. MCCAINS GRANDFATHER *DID* CRASH FIVE PLANES, THEN COMMANDED CARRIER McCain Didn't Crash Five Planes? I'd wager it comes from this story which mentions his Father getting his wings at age 50. Slew McCain was so driven that when the navy passed a rule saying only aviators could command a carrier, the old man went to flight school while in his fifties. He crashed five planes before finally getting his wings, and then his carrier. In one Pacific battle, planes under Slew McCain's command sank 49 Japanese ships in a single day. @@McGruder z55\clip\2002\02\mcgruder.txt Critical Noire McGruder's Follies: Playa Hatin' BET in Public [15 February 2000] by Mark Anthony Neal PopMatters Columnist and Music Critic Aaron McGruder is no ordinary 25-year-old. Frequently referred to as the first Hip-Hop comic strip, McGruder's strip, The Boondocks, which initially appeared in a student magazine at the University of Maryland, is currently nationally syndicated in over 250 daily newspapers. The strip follows the travails of not yet teen-aged brothers Huey, a budding neo-cultural nationalist and Riley, a hood-rat in training, as they confront the challenges of contemporary suburbia @@McWhorter z47\clip\2001\01\mcwhor.txt The Linguist's Fighting Words: John McWhorter Links Low Achievement to Black Culture By Michael A. Fletcher Washington Post Staff Writer, 1.1.3 He's the one who writes that African Americans undermine their own progress by subscribing to "a cult of victimology" that leads them to loaf through school, mistake minor inconveniences for crippling racism and embrace an anti-intellectual culture that frowns on serious scholarship. @@Mead, Margaret Considered one of the mothers of modern sociology, she was challenged by Derek Freeman who questioned Margaret Mead's famous account of adolescent sexuality in Samoa. BENEFITS OF FREE SEXUALITY A HOAX z54\clip\2001\12\pion.txt December 12, 2001 Pioneer Fundophobia By Steve Sailer ( "leftist ideologues like anthropologist Franz Boas, the sponsor of [42]Margaret Mead's notorious 1928 Samoan hoax, were already gaining the upper hand in academe" 42 note: The Fateful Hoaxing of Margaret Mead : A Historical Analysis of Her Samoan Research by Derek Freeman "showing that her assertion that adolescence in Samoa is easier because of free sexuality (upon which she based her nurture-over-nature theories) is in conflict with the facts of Samoan life and even with her own field notes" "one of the most influential anthropological studies of the twentieth century was unwittingly based on the mischievous joking of the investigator's informants. it is an examination of how Mead's Boasian training set her up to be hoaxed" also by Sailer: Mead's writings were largely a rationalization for her remarkable sex life. For instance, her main informant in Samoa was the 18 year old Samoan boy she had an adulterous affair with. MEAD MOTHER OF SEXUAL REVOLUTION Whitney a bi-sexual graduate student of Franz Boas, ... the sexual constraints of traditional Western Christian civilization caused the emotional difficulties of puberty and led to wars, prejudice, bigotry and suppression of women.... The outcomes were happy, well adjusted, peaceful, open, kind people. Here we have the basis for the slogan "Make Love, Not War" and an impetus for the later "sexual revolution". TALE OF SEXUAL FREEDOM IN SAMOA WAS JUST WRONG z50\clip\2001\07\meadbad.txt NYT AUG 05, 2001 Derek Freeman, Who Challenged Margaret Mead on Samoa, Dies at 84 By JOHN SHAW Prof. In 1983, Dr. Freeman charged that Dr. Mead's influential 1928 account, "Coming of Age in Samoa," was mistaken and misleading in its depiction of uncomplicated sexual freedom His challenge was initially greeted with disbelief or anger, but gradually won wide -- although not complete -- acceptance. Margaret Mead (1901 - 1978) Trailblazing anthropologist whose book, Coming of Age in Samoa, caused scientific and social rethinking of adolescence. Margaret Mead who introduced the public face of anthropology to Americans, along with a new way of understanding gender roles and sexuality An advocate for change, Mead famously noted, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world Margaret Mead 1901-1979 Margaret Mead was arguably the most renowned anthropologist of all time, Mead focused on child-rearing and personality in Samoa, New Guinea, and Bali resulting in such ethnographies as Coming of Age in Samoa in 1928 some of Mead's early research on Samoa has been questioned, most notably by Australian anthropologist Derek Freeman, who argues that she was wrong about Samoan norms on sexuality. Nevertheless, her life-time achievements eclipse the controversy surrounding her earliest fieldwork @@Medved, Michael Nationally syndicated radio show host moved to KVI Seattle. \clip\97\16\medved.txt Copyright © 1997 The Seattle Times Company Sunday, June 22, 1997 Let's talk about it: Michael Medved on the air by Ross Anderson Seattle Times staff reporter @@Michigan Frog Lots of .wav sounds, Hello My Baby zip44\clipim\2000\07\17\mfrog02.wav Old rip, the horned toad frog inspired michigan frog @@microsoft General Statistics -------------------------------- 1999 9.1B stock options cashed in, 69B remaining 1997 $11 Billion in sales 1997 120,000 applications per month 1997 14,000 Puget Sound Employees 1997 800 Puget Sound employees leave 8% growth in employees per year 6,793 people hired in 3 years 1993-96 30-40% of new engineers are immigrants 1996 3-4% are foreign nationals $500,000 revenue per employee (1997) #9 employer in Pacific Northwest (1997) #1 market value in PNW (1997) #1 profit in PNW (1997) #1 market value in the US (1998) Per employee: 1996 $58,660 in salary and benefits, better than Boeing 1996 $135,000 in total compensation (including stock) 1997 $1 million in unexercised stock options (Norman Matloff says that companies like Microsoft are not important to the US economy or high tech, or creating jobs.) %%best company MICROSOFT REPLACES AT&T AS BEST COMPANY IN HARRIS POLL \clip\97\23\micrbest.txt The Seattle Times Company Monday, Oct. 6, 1997 Microsoft is best company, American public says in poll by Associated Press NEW YORK - Microsoft has risen to the top of a poll that asks Americans which major companies they think of most highly. %%general %%Hiring z63\clipim\2003\04\01\ballmer\ballmer.htm Seattle Times April 02, 2003 - Page updated at 12:25 a.m. Ballmer raps state's higher-education funding, curricula By Brier Dudley " only 8 percent of its work force have come from state colleges and universities. " ""The UW is the No. 1 supplier of bachelor's graduates to Microsoft worldwide," " The other thing we need is we need more women in high-tech careers." " Micrsoft's 'temp'-worker records raise issue of who employer is Dan Richman zip38\clipim\99\11\06\micrhire.efx Washington Alliance of Technology Workers union says Microsoft rates workers as eligible, eligible with feedback, eligible with serious feedback, or ineligible for rehire. Refusing to release these ratings to worker is claimed to be violation of state law. MICROSOFT HIRES FOR HI-IQ WITH ORAL TESTS zip37\clip\99\18\smart.txt Fortune Magazine November 25, 1996 "Microsoft's Big Advantage--Hiring Only the Supersmart" Following policies set by brainy Bill Gates, recruiters at the world's favorite software company seek high-IQ candidates and worry about teaching skills later. MICROSOFT IS 9TH LARGEST EMPLOYER IN PNW, 8% GROWTH Seattle Times Top 20 Northwest Employers June 2, 1998 p. G8 Company 1997 Growth 1 Boeing 238,000 +12.8% 2 Albertson's 94,000 +6.8% 3 Fred Meyer 57,000 203.6% 4 Costco 57,000 7.5% 5 Nordstrom 41,000 10.8% 6 Weyerhauser 35,778 -8.3% 7 Starbucks 25,000 50.6% 8 Airborne Fr 22,500 8.7% 9 Microsoft 22,232 8.1% 10Nike 21,800 26.7% #6 in revenue per employee $11,358,000 sales, 22,232 employees = $510,885 #1 '97 fiscal year profit $3,454,000 #1 change in sales computer software 2 year change in market value =186.3%, Sales 91.3%, employees 24.9% And the Growth Goes ON Washington CEO p. 69 The 1998 list of top 79 software companies: 71 King County 3 Spokane 1 Mead, Everett, Oak Harbar, Vancouver, Bellingham 34 Seattle 36 Other King County $10 billion in 1997 list $13 billion revenue 1998 list $1.36B excluding microsoft 1997 $1.68B excluding microsoft 1998 (Microsoft is about 90% of revenue of top 80) 23,261 employees in 1998 11,451 employees excluding Microsoft (about half of top 80) Estimated over 2,300 software companies in the state, most very small startups. #1 Microsoft revenues 1996 8,671M 1997 11,136M employees 12,100 #79 Pizer Inc Seattle 1996 .22M 1997 .23M employees 4 #80-2000 revenue? employees from 2000-6000 July 1997 Seattle Times Microsoft Hires 1996 2,461 1997 2,529 est 1998 3,600 est About 800 replace employees leaving 14,000 Puget Sound Employees \clip\97\17\micrhous.txt Copyright © 1997 The Seattle Times Company Monday, July 14, 1997 Microsoft fuels hot housing market by Tyrone Beason Seattle Times Eastside bureau The anecdotes spin like broken records at Eastside real-estate offices. \clip\97\18\msoft.txt notes: notes Microsoft employees own an average of $1 million in unexercised stock options. Each job creates about 3.4 jobs. Company has grown by 150% 1990-96. Immigrant Charles Simonyi might be worth 1 billion, among top 7 founders. The Seattle Times Company Sunday, July 13, 1997 Life in Microsoft's circle of prosperity by Keith Ervin and Sarah Lopez Williams Seattle Times Eastside bureau reporters 30% - 40% of new microsoft technical people are immimgrants, entering at very high levels of experience and skills. 38% of the immigrants had masters or higher degrees listed. %%development cost Puget Sound Business Journal March 3, 2000 Windows 2000 was 4 years late and cost $2 billion to develop comparison V-22 . Through FY1996, Congress provided some $5.5 billion for the V-22, $497 million for R&D in 1995 f-22 Through FY1996, the Defense Department invested about $14 billion in the F-22 ATF program The Administration's FY1997 budget requested $2,003 million for the F-22; Congress appropriated $1,987 million for the program in FY1997 %%race z47\clip\2001\01\msdisc.txt Jan 3, 2001 - 12:12 AM Employees to Sue Microsoft for Discrimination By D. Ian Hopper Associated Press Writer Katz said blacks make up 2.7 percent of Microsoft's domestic work force, but all minorities comprise 22.7 percent of the company's workers, he said. %stock z68\clip\2003\07\micrstok.txt CBS Market Watch July 8, 2003 SAN FRANCISCO (CBS.MW) - In a head-on reply to mounting criticism of stock options, Microsoft said Tuesday that will stop giving them out and will give employees actual shares of stock instead. Between 50 and 69 percent of the outstanding options were priced higher than the company's stock price at the end of last year %%wages $105K AVG SOFTWARE WAGE W/O STOCK z42\clip\2000\06\washlead.htm Seattle Times Company Business : Thursday, May 18, 2000 Washington leads nation in 1998 high-tech wages by Monica Soto. In a ranking observers say is driven by Microsoft, Washington state led the nation in high-tech wages in 1998, with an average annual salary of $105,000, according to a report released yesterday by the American Electronics Association (AEA) and Nasdaq. Stock options included, the average income for software workers in King County last year was $350,000 $350,000 AVERAGE SOFTWARE SALARY, BUT MEDIAM IS $66K z42\clip\2000\06\howmuch.txt Seattle Times Company Business : Sunday, May 14, 2000 Economic memo Stephen Dunphy / Times Staff Columnist Software workers make how much? $350,000. There it is again. That number, the one no one can believe. The one that workers in the industry think is way off base. The one that seems so far out of touch with reality. The one that several readers said must include Bill Gates. MICROSOFT/SOFTWARE PAYS MORE THAN BOEING/AEROSPACE zip36\clip\99\16\softwage.txt Seattle Times August 22, 1999 In King County Last Year, wages including exercised stock options: - Half earned over $65,800 - 2,900 earned over $190,000 - 1,200 earned $1 million or more Local software makers last year paid an average wage of $287,700. All other workers in the region earned an average of $34,300. Historically, Boeing has been #1. But last year, 23,500 software workers in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties earned $6.77 billion, while 110,000 aircraft workers made $5.98 billion. Microsoft reveals that employees in fiscal 1998 cashed in $4.5 billion worth of options. The party isn't over yet. Microsoft employees have yet to exercise $52 billion worth of options, based on today's market price. \clip\97\13\micropay.txt (Tacoma) News Tribune 5/13/97 "Software workers - about half of them working for Microsoft - did average $135,000 in compensation. But that's only because a large number of them cashed in lucrative stock options during a bullish stock market, "We receive 120,000 resumes a year, and over the past three years we've hired 6,793 people (5%)" Murray said. Salary and benefits were $58,660 at Microsoft vs. $53,800 at Boeing, $21,500 in education, and $25,200 in newspaper publishing. \clip\97\12\borland.txt [The Seattle Times Extra] Copyright © 1997 The Seattle Times Company Thursday, May 8, 1997 Borland files against Microsoft " "In the past couple of years, Borland has gone from about 1,900 people to about 900. In the past three years, as part of the 6,793 people we've hired, they're claiming that 34 have been Borland employees," he said. " by Seattle Times news services IF IMMIGRANTS ARE SO CHEAP AND UNPRODUCTIVE, WHY DOES MICROSOFT SPEND SO MUCH AND WHY DOES MS PRODUCE 2X LOTUS PER DEVELOPMENT DOLLAR? \DOC\WEB\97\02\intelgath.txt "Intelligence Gathering" Contract Professional Jan 1997 p. 45: review of "The Microsoft Way: The Real Story of How the Company Outsmarts Its Competition" By Randall E. Stross Addison Wesley, $25 They get 120,000 applicants per month \clip\96\05\micrfam.txt Microsoft tries to be family friendly %%wages \clip\99\15\wage300.txt Pacific Northwest sets a new course Logging is done, now streaming media is hot By Brenon Daly, CBS MarketWatch Aug 13, 1999 Software Report Parks said the average salary, including options, for people in the software industry in Washington is $300,000. Obviously, that figure is skewed by Bill Gates' $50 billion net worth as well as other Microsoft millionaires, but the point is the industry is thriving. \doc\95\11\micrwage.txt King County and Washington Employment and Security Department (Seattle PI Aug 2, 1995) Average wages, including stock options software $80,508 aerospace $49,155 King Co. $30,716 Boeing vs. Microsoft Local Employees 72,000 10,000 Worldwide Empl 105,000 17,800 Revenues 20.74B 5.9B Rev / Employee $124,000 $334,000 Market Value 23B 55B \doc\95\11\msfacts.txt Seattle Times August 18, 1995 - The average salary of an MS employee in the US is $43,000 (King County survey of software workers, including stock option exercise, said the average was $80,000) - Stock has doubled 6 times since it became public in 1986 - Microsoft accounts for 20 percent of jobs in Redmond, and employees account for 6 percent of the population. - 3 to 4 percent of Microsoft employees are foreign nationals, and that's not counting immigrants. - Estimated that there are 3000 microsoft millionaires. IBM is the largest software company in sales. How software sales stack up, (1996 est) 1995 1996 1997 IBM 12 13 14 Microsoft 6 9 11 Oracle 3 4 6 Billions of Dollars Source: Company reports, Merrill Lynch & Co estimate, montgomery securities estimates Business Week April 21, 1997 p. 124 %%laundry guy \priv\95\10\micrlaun.doc - Microsoft guy fails at laundry he bought. %%black Yes there are blacks at Microsoft, I know both of them... Actually the 3 i know: ceo of Key programmer in MS mouse driver, forgot his name, but probably rich now too. %%sex \clip\97\16\micrsoft.txt Dr. Ruth frowns on long hours at Microsoft Copyright © 1997 The Seattle Times Company Thursday, July 3, 1997 by Associated Press @@midori \priv\95\05\midori.txt - Violinist NYT @times 5/10/95 @@Matsui, Robert Japanese American Congressman from Sacramento Party: Democrat Sacramento City Council, 1971-78;; Vice Mayor, 1977. Date First Elected to the House: November 7, 1978 Date Last Elected to the House: November 8, 1994 Vote Smart \clip\97\20\matsui\matsui.htm @@Minami, Dale z47\clip\2001\01\minami.txt listed below is the 411 listed on their site at Dale Minami, a Partner with Minami, Lew & Tamaki LLP, was admitted to the California State Bar in 1972 and he was admitted to practice in the they had supported Fred Korematsu, Gordon Hirabayashi and Minoru Yasui's recent case, kristi yamaguichi, amy chow and other apa entities/personalities. @@Mineta, Norman Japanese American San Jose Congressman until 1995 Political Experience: Party: Democrat San Jose councilman, 1967-71; Vice Mayor, 1969-71; Mayor 1971-74 Date First Elected to the House: 11/05/74 Date Last Elected to the House: 11/08/94 Resigned Seat on October 10, 1995 Vote Smart Summ ary \clip\97\20\mineta\mineta.htm @@ming quon \priv\95\19\eastmin.htm - now only has 10 due to cutbacks \doc\doc934\mingquon.xls - home for troubled children @@Moon, Sun Myung Evangelist / Cult Christian from Korea associated with conservative causes QUAYLE, MOON, FARAKHAN IN ONE PLACE?? z53\clip\2001\10\moonfar.txt Nation of Islam and Unification Church Mr. Farrakhan keynoted a conference organized by the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace, a group organized by Rev. Sun Myung Moon, founder of the Unification Church. The conference included a hundred ministers from several religious denominations, and political figures, including former Vice President Dan Quayle, @@Moore, Tony associated with Falwell @@morito, akio Mr. Sony \priv\96\01\morita.txt Asiaweek - 20 Great Asians "THE INNOVATOR: Morita Akio" 1/16/96 @@morris, greg \clip\96\03\gregmorr.txt Mission impossible black actor @@Mulan positive Big Idea movie review @@Nastri, Gene Prominent Everett WA music teacher z46\clipim\2000\11\23\nastri.gif \clip\97\17\nastri.txt The Seattle Times Company Wednesday, July 9, 1997 Gene Nastri shared his passion for music with generations by Melinda Bargreen Seattle Times music critic @@Ngor, Haing \priv\96\12\ngorkill.txt Chicago Tribune April 23, 1996 REPORT: NGOR KILLED BY GANG MEMBERS SEEKING LOOT Academy Award-winning actor Haing Ngor, a survivor of Cambodia's bloody killing fields, was slain by an Asian street gang member seeking loot to buy rock cocaine, sources told the New York Daily News. @@Nissan Ad "Nissan's Ad Campaign Was a Hit Everywhere But in the Showrooms" Wall Street Journal April 8, 1997 p. 1 Sally Goll Beatty. "Toys" ad featuring an action figure in a 300ZX didn't sell many cars, but won lots of awards. The car was scratch built. F040897 @@Nixon, Richard z51\clip\2001\09\nixon.txt Excerpts from a Newsweek article about a book on Nixon ... He wanted to help blacks - because he viewed them as genetically inferior, and thought they would provoke endless disorder if unassisted. He respected the Chinese and Japanese, viewing them as genetically superior to Caucasians; he thought Western leaders' task was to postpone a race war they would inevitably lose. @@Nomo, Hideo Japanese baseball player makes good in US baseball \doc\95\10\hideo.txt Seattle Post Intelligencer July 11, 1995 @@Novak, Michael - Ex democrat now promotes capitalism as champion of the poor. \clip\97\02\mnovak.txt Democratic Capitalism Is Best Vehicle for Poor @@Obama %%carbon emissions 80% CARBON EMISSIONS REDUCTION BY 2050,0,2754949.story On September 20, 2008, the LA Times published science questions and answers from both John McCain and Barack Obama which, in part, dealt with the issue of energy and clean coal was once again spoken about by Obama. Specifically, I will implement a market-based cap-and-trade system to reduce carbon emissions by the amount scientists say is necessary: 80% below 1990 levels by 2050. I will start reducing emissions immediately by establishing strong annual reduction targets with an intermediate goal of reducing emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. . . . I will also create a Technology Transfer Program dedicated to exporting climate-friendly technologies, including green buildings, clean coal and advanced automobiles, to developing countries to help them combat climate change. %%Lose As David S Broder wrote in the Washington Post: “[Obama's] recital of a long list of domestic promises could have been delivered by any Democratic nominee from Walter Mondale to John Kerry. There was no theme music to the speech and really no phrase or sentence that is likely to linger in the memory of any listener. The thing I never expected did in fact occur: Al Gore, the famously wooden former vice president, gave a more lively and convincing speech than Obama did.” %%oil TYRANNY OIL LIKE FACISM AND COMMUNISM Barack Obama: What's the big idea? New Yorker The Talk of the Town By Dorothy Wickenden updated 5:57 a.m. PT, Mon., June. 23, 2008 "A year ago, he likened “the tyranny of oil” to that of Fascism and Communism, saying, “The very resource that has fueled our way of life over the last hundred years now threatens to destroy it if our generation does not act now and act boldly.” " %%socialism October 13, 2010 New Book Confirms Obama Socialist Connections Stanley Kurtz is a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, D.C. In his new book, (which references the New Zeal blog) Mr Kurtz confirms President Barack Obama's long time links to the US's largest marxist organization, Democratic Socialists of America. In a new article in National Review Online , Mr Kurtz confirms something I first speculated on here, that Barack Obama had attended D.S.A.'s annual Socialist Scholar's Conferences in New York, in the early 1980s. On the afternoon of April 1, 1983, Barack Obama, then a senior at Columbia University, made his way into the Great Hall of Manhattan’s Cooper Union to attend a “Socialist Scholars Conference.” There Obama discovered his vocation as a community organizer, as well as a political program to guide him throughout his life.... largely set aside strategies of nationalization and turned increasingly to local organizing as a way around the Reagan presidency — and its own spotty reputation. In the early 1980s, America’s socialists discovered what Saul Alinsky had always known: “Community organizing” is a euphemism behind which advocates of a radical vision of America could advance their cause without the bothersome label “socialist” drawing adverse attention to their efforts. A loose accusation of his being a socialist has trailed Obama for years, but without real evidence that he saw himself as part of this radical tradition @@Olbermann, Keith Limbaugh for Lefties With Chris Matthews on Election Night, November 7, 2006. (Photo: Virginia Sherwood/Courtesy of MSNBC) “People say, ‘You may have been the difference in the election,’?” says Olbermann. He gives a shudder. I can’t tell whether it’s genuine revulsion or managed humility. “I’m like, ‘Oh, Christ, I don’t want that.’ I’m not out for some power trip on this. I have some personal and professional ambition, but in terms of influence, I just want to see the truth out there.” @@Olchefske Joseph Seattle superintendent who succeeded St John Stanford, but belly flopped by 2003 when a huge budget boo boo was the straw the broke the camel's back. z67\clipim\2003\04\30\olchefske\olchefske Seattle Weekly April 16 - 22, 2003 Why They So Dislike Olchefske The reasons are almost as numerous as the teachers, parents, and principals who wanted the superintendent ousted. by Nina Shapiro One thing you can say about Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Joseph Olchefske, he has a great poker face January 19, 2000 Seattle's Superintendent Has Big Shoes To Fill By Robert C. Johnston z41\clipim\2000\04\28\olchef\olchef.htm @@Osama Bin Laden z54\clip\2001\12\binvid.txt,6903,619480,00.html Bin Laden videotape was result of a sting The CIA may have set up the terrorist leader to incriminate himself z52\clip\2001\09\h-bd who is osama bin laden.txt Who Is Osama Bin Laden? by Michel Chossudovsky September 13, 2001 Article claims that CIA supported bin Laden and drug trade. z52\clip\2001\09\binladen.txt Conversation with Terror Osama bin Laden lashes out against the West: TIME's January 1999 interview This interview originally appeared in TIME's January 11, 1999 issue The U.S. alleges that I am fully responsible for the killing of its soldiers in Somalia. God knows that we have been pleased at the killing of American soldiers. This was achieved by the grace of God and the efforts of the mujahedin from among the Somali brothers and other Arab mujahedin who had been in Afghanistan before that. @@Pakistan PAKISTAN WAS FORMED AS MUSLIM STATE FROM INDIAN PROVINCES z53\clip\2001\10\pakistan.txt Pakistan's Taliban Problem And our Pakistan problem. by Reuel Marc Gerecht CREATED ON AUGUST 15, 1947, from the northern, primarily Muslim provinces of British India, Pakistan isn't really a nation-state. It is a geographic expression of an age-old Islamic ideal: Muslims should not, if at all possible, live under non-Muslim rule. @@Palin, Sarah %%Birth Palins' child diagnosed with Down syndrome (04/22/08): Top Stories ...Apr 22, 2008 ... Sarah Palin was back at work Monday in Anchorage, holding a meeting on the proposed natural gas pipeline three days after giving birth to Trig ... Back to work prematurely (so to speak) She was back to work in 3 days after having Piper and brought Piper to work with her - same with Trig, they say. To clear up one thing, the picture most shown as indicating the daughter was 'clearly' pregnant is identified by the newspaper as taken in 2006 when neither was pregnant. - Anie Submitted by Guest on Sun, 08/31/2008 - 12:50. reply (also on CNN presents) %%Creationism Asked by the Anchorage Daily News whether she believed in evolution, Palin declined to answer, but said that "I don’t think there should be a prohibition against debate if it comes up in class." "I’m not going to pretend I know how all this came to be," she said. Sarah Palin Wants Creationism Taught in School By Michael Lang on Aug 31, 2008 ..Palin, Creationism, and Fear - It seems Palin DIDN’T support teaching Creationism in school. As I said in an earlier post, enemies will spring out of the woodwork now that she’s on the national stage, and they WILL use every dishonest trick in the book to make her %%Facts FACTCHECK.ORG Sliming Palin False Internet claims and rumors fly about McCain's running mate. %%Religion Bible is Palin's professional guide, friends and pastors say By Kirk Johnson and Kim Severson Published: September 7, 2008 %%Review, positive Why They Hate Her Sarah Palin is a smart missile aimed at the heart of the left. by Jeffrey Bell 09/15/2008, Volume 014, Issue 01 Weekly Standard "every affluent democracy beginning in the 1970s preached that children and childbearing were the central instrumentality of men's subjugation of women. This more than anything else in the menu of the post-socialist left raised toward cultural consensus a vision in which the monogamous family was what prevented humanity from achieving a Rousseau-like "natural" state of freedom from all laws and all bonds of mutual obligation" .."The simple fact of her being a pro-life married mother of five with a thriving political career was--before anything else about her was known--enough for the left and its outliers to target her for destruction. She could not be allowed to contradict symbolically one of the central narratives of the left. How galling it will be to Sarah Palin's many new enemies if she survives this assault and prevails. If she does, her success may be an important moment in the struggle to shape not just America's politics but its culture. " @@Palmer, Debora Black / Asian girl murdered in small community of Oak Harbor in 1997 \clip\97\09\oakharb.txt The Seattle Times Company Tuesday, April 1, 1997 Search for Whidbey girl ends in the sad discovery on a remote beach \clip\97\02\oakharb2.txt Seattle Times Wednesday, April 2, 1997 Rattled Oak Harbor locks doors, wonders by Florangela Davila Seattle Times staff reporter @@Pang, Martin Martin Pang is Seattle's and the Chinese community's OJ Simpson. The guy evidently is #1 suspect in burning down his parent's warehouse, resulting in the death of 4 firefighters, but no fire personell have accepted blame in an obiviously bungled operation which sent men into a burning building they knew nothing about, and should have known better. \priv\96\08\pangbud.htm Local News: April 17, 1996 Seattle Times Pang's pal in Rio worked for FBI Montoya helped him flee, then helped capture him Martin Pang's best friend during his days as a fugitive in Brazil was secretly working for the FBI. Manuel Montoya, a music promoter with residences here and in Rio de Janeiro, told The Seattle Times that he helped Pang flee to Brazil one month and then helped the FBI track him down the next. Full Story. \PRIV\96\08\firesafe.htm April 20, 1996 Report: Fire chiefs ignored safety by Eric Nalder Seattle Times staff reporter. Seattle ignores fire safety, retaliates against safety officer, cites "disasterous mistakes" in Pang warehouse fire. Assitant chief is quoted to say they would rather pay a settlement than have unsafe practices identified. \priv\95\20\pangwitn.txt News Tribune 1/5/95 THE AREA BRIEFLY - Seattle: Witness in Pang case reportedly flees "Important lessons from the Pang Fire" Seattle Post Intelligencer 10-1-95 filed 10-6-95. Seattle fire department screwed up in handling of fatal file \priv\95\02\darkpang.txt A CHARMER WITH A DARK SIDE MARTIN PANG, SOUGHT IN CONNECTION WITH A BLAZE THAT KILLED FOUR FIREFIGHTERS, WENT THROUGH CARS, MONEY AND WOMEN AT BREAKNECK SPEED, MAKING A LOT OF FRIENDS. BUT HE COULD TURN VIOLENT IN A FLASH, AND SOME SAY HE USED FIRE AS A MEANS OF CONTROL AND REVENGE Seattle Times (SE) - Thursday February 9, 1995 By: ERIC NALDER, d:\priv\95\02\pangplay.txt Feb 15 1995 Seattle Post-Intelligencer 08046085 MARTIN PANG: PLAYBOY WITH A VIOLENT LIFE PAMPERED SON IS SOUGHT FOR QUESTIONS IN FIRE SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER (SP) By: James Wallace and Dan Raley Page: A1 Martial arts expert, race car driver and actor, a handsome and charming man who has appeared in episodes of ``Northern Exposure'' and a recent television movie about the terrorist bombing of the World Trade Center. @@Park, Steve Asian American actor who started with Do the Right Thing and In Living Color \priv\97\03\spark.txtLetter to the Los Angeles Times @@Pendergrass, Jackie z74\priv\2003\09\kleis.txt Ran against Jackie 8 yrs ago @@Perfect Storm US Coast Guard Report @@Petersen, Barbara Republican Seattle School Board member 2000, does not impress Blomstrom, she could be worse, but seems to be part of establishment. z45\doc\web\2000\08\huspaug14.txt z45\priv\2000\08\bp.txt Blomstrom's not impressed with Barbara Petersen @@Pilgrims SOCIALISM, NOT WEATHER KILLED OFF THE FIRST PILGRIMS. "The Pilgrms' Most Important Discovery" Robert A Sirico, Wall Street Journal Nov 26, 1997 F113197. "following the advice of the company, declared all pastures and produce in command and enshrined this principle in law. The result was economic chaos, disease and starvation. After the first winter, half the colonists had died." "Textbooks typically blame the weather for this disaster. But William Bradford assigned to every family a parcel of land. "This made all the hands very industrious" @@Planned Parenthood \clip\97\12\planpar.txt From: Tim Kuchta > The important word in these sentences is "was". Planned Parenthood > purged itself of racist and eugenic policies many years ago. When? To date there has been no *official* repudiation of their racist, eugenified roots. PP still thrives in the urban setting. With the exception of the college campus, how many PP clinics are located in suburban areas next to the 7-11 or laundramat? Minorities are still targeted as PP clients, and The Grand Illusion "Many of his references are from the Planned Parenthood publiction Birth Control Review. I went to my library (TCU) and they had scattered issues for the years in question. However, I found that virtually *any* issue between 1922 and 1940 rife with racist and eugenics material. Hitler's geneticist... " @@pocahontas \priv\95\10\dispoca.doc New Republic "Dishonest Injun" \priv\95\07\pocahon.txt - Encarta and Columbia encyclopedia \priv\95\09\grolpoca.txt - grollier's encyclopedia @@polo, Marco \clip\96\05\marcpolo.txt 24 Sep 1996 07:51:40 -0400 Was Marco Polo more of a stay-at-home than an adventurer? British librarian's book questions whether famed traveler's journal was fa Was Marco Polo more of a stay-at-home than an adventurer? British librarian's book questions whether famed traveler's journal was fact or fiction By William D. Montalbano Los Angeles Times @@Ponnuru, Ramesh \priv\95\14\afirinac.htm - on affirmative action, national reporter for National Review now. @@Potter, Harry z52\clip\2001\09\potter.txt Screening the Novel Words of Harry Potter By JEFFREY MCQUAIN @@powell Famous moderate, Black Desert Storm General favored for Republican Presidential nomination, for affirmative action, but has made statements against preferences and quotas as well. Ken Hamblin doesn't like him. "The Race Initiative: Tough but Worth the Effort" Wall Street Journal Dec 11, 1997 p. A23 Albert R. Hunt "In fact, according to Clifford Alexander, who was Secretary of the Amry when Gen. Powell became a general, the promotion board came back with a paucity of minority candidates. He simply sent them back to see if other candidates could be found; Colin Powell was in the next group. "This was not an affirmative action program,", Mr. Alexander says [But if it was not affirmative action, why didn't Powell show up in the first group?] \images\972\122702\race.tif \priv\95\17\powlrun*.txt - Powell will not run for president \doc\95\14\powlvotr.txt "Many Voters Believe Powell Could Bridge Nation's Racial Divide" Wall Street Journal Nov 7, 1995 p. a1 Powell ranked number 2 black leader after Jesse Jackson \priv\95\14\powbook*.txt - excerpts from My American Journey, Time mag. \priv\95\14\powpoll.txt - powell beats dole in NH poll \paper\10-6-95 Birth of a Salesman Time Oct 2, 1995 Powell would make a good president \priv\95\13\powell1 - man behind the hype \priv\95\13\powell2.txt - blacks favor clinton over powell March CNN/Time poll found that blacks favored Clinton over Powell 57 to 29 percent. A recent U.S. News and World Report survey found that one in four blacks had never even heard of Powell. Time/CNN poll Sept 25, 1995 p. 32 Powell 33% Clinton 30% Dole 24% 2-way Powell 46% Clinton 38% \priv\95\05\powell1,2.txt Colin Powell believes in working hard and you will be rewarded, using discipline to fight discrimination and disorder \priv\95\06\powell.txt - torn between republicans and democrats @@Presidents Ranking the presidents. James Lindgren, Steven G. Calabresi. Wall Street Journal approx Jan 2001. Ranked by 132 prominent professors. z49\clipim\2001\04\25\rankpres.gif 150dpi Great 1. George Washington 2. Abraham Lincoln 3. Franklin Roosevelt ---------------------- Near Great 8. Ronald Reagan 9. Dwight Eisenhower 17. Lyndon Johnson ---------------------- Above Average 18. John Kennedy ---------------------- Average 21. George Bush 24. William Clinton ---------------------- Below Average 28. Gerald Ford 30. Jimmy Carter 33. Richard Nixon ---------------------- Failure 39. James Buchanan @@Quixote, Don Online notes and text Sancho Panza - Don Quixote's squire and loyal sidekick @@Rand, Ayn The Mother of Objectivism, Libertarianism \doc\web\98\04\rand.txt The current issue (Mar 9) of U.S. News has lengthy four-page article on Ayn Rand -- largely quite positive. @@Raspberry, William Mostly, but not completely liberal black commentator Leading Authorities \clip\97\29\rasp\William_Raspberry.html Sanford Institute picture \clip\97\29\rasp2\index.html Knight Professor of the Practice of Journalism B.S. (History), University of Indianapolis, 1958 Office: 141 Sanford Institute Phone: (919) 613-7388 Email: Research: The role of policymakers and the press in affecting issues of race , poverty, family and community William Raspberry is urban affairs columnist for the Washington Post. He is the recipient of the 1994 Pulitzer Prize for commentary. Mr. Raspberry has won numerous journalistic awards and honorary degrees. In addition to writing his column, he teaches at Duke University and has authored one book, Looking Backward at Us. articles BLACK BOYS DON'T ASSOCIATE ACADEMICS WITH SELF-ESTEEM \clip\97\29\stereoty.txt ml Stereotyping and Self-Interest By William Raspberry Monday, December 8, 1997; Page A19 Do black Americans make too much of race? "But their self-esteem appeared to come from athletic success or general popularity. Academics had nothing to do with it." @@reeves, Kuneau \clip\96\03\kreeve.txt Is API background, though this bio doesn't mention it. @@Reisman \clip\97\07\reisman.txt Dr. Judith Reisman is the co-author of "Kinsey, Sex & Fraud" and author of "Soft Porn Plays Hardball." Her research on pornography helped convict Hustler cartoonist, Dwaine Tinsley of child sex abuse in 1990. @@Paige, Rod GW Bush Secretary of Education @@Ritua, Imelda c:\clip\97\08\ritua.txt AP 14-Mar-1997 14:26 EST REF5624 Fillipino Immigrant Murdered By NJ Couple By DEEPTI HAJELA Associated Press Writer NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (AP) -- Imelda Ritua came to the United States from the Philippines in 1994 with the promise of an accountant's job. Instead, she found herself working as a live-in housekeeper and nanny for the couple who invited her here. @@rodriguez, richard \priv\95\10\richrodr.txt - reviews of his work @@Rogers, Mister \priv\95\09\mrroger.htm @@Rosewood Warner Bros site official report \clip\97\13\rosewood.txt African American town destroyed in a white riot 1923, described in a 1997 movie ROSEWOOD - WHITES DESTROY A BLACK TOWN IN 1923 c:\clip\97\08\rosewood\rosewood.txt US News and World Report 3/10/97 True story, big studio, black film Will Rosewood change Hollywood's bias? "A white woman in the white town of Sumner, Fla., falsely accuses a black stranger of brutally beating her. Almost instantly a lynch mob takes off on a murderous spree into the neighboring and more prosperous black town of Rosewood. When the weeklong rampage ends, at least eight people--and probably many more--are dead. And the town is destroyed." @@Rushton, Phillipe Most controversial Canadian IQ expert holds that the races can be ranked on an evolutionary scale based on procreation strategy of many, less developed, and fewer but more developed offspring, holds that Asians are at the top, blacks at the bottom in terms of brain size, sexual drive, and penis size. What do I think? It's interesting, but a stretch to say that it's based on biological evolution, or that intellectual ability is fixed, though the evidence I've seen confirms his observations on penis size, measurable intelligence of actual populations, and brain size. d:\priv\94\19\rushton.txt - Rushton book review on IQ, sex, and race See Bell Curve p. 642-3 @@Shuval, Jonathan z76\clip\2003\10\shuval.txt Local News: Wednesday, October 08, 2003 Bellevue School Board challenger opposes district's centralized system By Cara Solomon Seattle Times Eastside bureau @@Sacajawea, Sacagawea Indian/Native American Woman (and child) who helped guide Lewis and Clark. Links: 12/97 Lewis and Clark (PB S) /clip/97/29/saca/saca.htm Knowledge Adventure Sacagawea: Guide To The Guides \clip\97\29\saca\sacagawe.html PBS The West \clip\97\29\saca2\w4sacaga.htm World's shortest Lewis and Clark story written at 5th grade level \clip\97\29\lewis1\lewis.htm Book People of Moscow Lewis and Clark and Sacagawea \clip\97\29\lewis2\lewis.htm Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation Spelling the name \clip\97\29\sacname.htm @@Sailer, Steve Biodiversity Institute z68\clip\2003\07\sailer.txt for steve Anti-fan page z69\clipim\2003\07\30\xsteve "Anyone who has done research on the internet on such topics as race, genetics, or interracial marriage may have directly or indirectly come across an infamous race researcher named Steve Sailer used to write for National Review, now for UPI, owned by Washington Times @@Sanchez, Loretta "Rep Loretta Sanchez: a new Hispanic on political horizon" The 40th congressional district in California is 50% Hispanic, but it has only 20% Hispanic voters (note - probably because so few Hispanics are citizens) Seattle Times Feb 16, 1997 p. A10 @@Sanger, Margaret A key founder of Planned Parenthood abortion provider, sponsored development of the birth control pill. Attacked by many for views on abortion, Catholic Church, and allegedly anti-black and anti-jewish views. SANGER INVITED TO KKK, OPPOSES BLACKS, JEWS "A Margaret Sanger Sampler" Wall Street Journal Letters 6/16/97 Response to May 21 criticizing Sanger for attacking minorities and supporting eugenics. F061997 Human Life International The Truth about Margaret Sanger \clip\97\14\sanger1.txt Prepared by the PPFA Communications Division (6/94). Copyright 1994 Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. Falsehoods about abortion as a tool to curb minorities @@Schwarzenegger From: steveslr Subject: UPI/Sailer: Steroids & Schwarzenegger Commentary: A unique aspect of Arnold By Steve Sailer UPI National Correspondent if they questioned Schwarzenegger about being the all-time leading role model for steroid use. No man owes more to steroids and steroids owe more to no man. @@Seattle zip36\clipim\99\08\17\pink\pink.txt Seattle Times Monday, August 16, 1999 Artist memorializes local icons in her paintings by Cynthia Rose Seattle Times staff reporter What do you see when you [Image] look at Fairview Avenue's Pink Toe Truck, or the Twin Teepees restaurant along Highway 99? z47\clip\2001\01\monolith.htm Seattle monolith makes a mysterious exit The steel structure that appeared with the dawn of 2001 disappears as inexplicably as it arrived Thursday, January 4, 2001 By Peggy Andersen of The Associated Press @@Seattle Youth Symphony @@SYSO zip67\clipim\2003\05\07\syso\syso.htm May 08, 2003 Seattle Youth Symphony members, alums gather for 60th anniversary By Emily Russin Special to The Seattle Times @@Shackleton KODAK WEB SHOW @@Shakespeare %%King Lear z45\clip\2000\08\Lear Review.htm OAC I English King Lear S.J. Perry, St. Joseph's Secondary School, Cornwall, Ontario. z45\clip\2000\08\kinglear.txt A Teacher's Guide to the Signet Classic Edition of William Shakespeare's KING LEAR By Leigh Ann Hern, M.A.,University of Georgia @@Shanker, Albert ALBERT SHANKER DIES AT 68 (comment - I really liked his "Where We Stand" ads, he gave teaching unions a credible voice) c:\clip\97\06\shanker.txt Times Tribune (Tacoma) 2/23/97 Albert Shanker, leader of teachers' union, dies at 68< By Joseph Berger The New York Times @@Sanrio Hello Kitty and other terminally cute friends \clip\97\03\sanrio\sanrio.htm Channel A 5/12/97 @@Sharon SHARON TAKES HARD LINE z56\clip\2002\06\sharon.txt\ FROM Sharon surprises senators IN Chicago Sun-Times, 17 vi 02 BY ROBERT NOVAK 'We need many more Jews to come to Israel, a million more Jews,'' Committing himself to a hundred years' war against Arabs, Sharon warned the senators not to trust his adversaries--including moderate states closely aligned with the United States. @@Sharpton, Al "No Justice, No Peace" Combative Black Civil Rights Activist in New York City z50\clip\2001\08\sharpton.txt A once-shunned Sharpton on a comeback N.Y. minister now getting more respect for his political activism after a history of controversy By Charisse Jones USA TODAY SHARPTON RUNS FOR NYC MAYOR, CALLS FOR "RACIAL BALANCE" IN POLICE DEPARTMENT \clip\97\02\sharpton.txt New York Times January 21, 1997 Sharpton Formally Announces His Candidacy for Mayor @@Schlafly, Phyllis SCHAFLY BIO VS THE FEMINISTS z56\clip\2002\07\schafly.txt isit Wednesday, July 17, 2002 Call her Mrs. By Ann Coulter As the feminists spent 20 years engaged in a death-match debate over whether it is acceptable for feminists to wear lipstick, Schlafly was writing 10 books, most of them on military policy. She co-authored "The Gravediggers," accusing the elite foreign-policy establishment of cheerfully selling out the nation's military superiority to the Soviet Union. That book sold 2 million copies. @@Schott, Marge Famous woman owner of Cincinatti Reds who allegedly claimed to never want to hire another n--, owns a nazi armband, says Hitler wasn't such a bad guy, and can't understand why "jap" is offensive \priv\96\20\schohist.txt A history \priv\96\20 schotsurr.txt newshound 6/13/96 Schott Surrenders Leadership of Reds for 2 1/2 Years Schott gives up control of the baseball team @@Schlessinger, Laura. Socially conservative radio talk show host who opposes abortion and casual sex. \priv\96B\01\DRLAURA.HTM Wall Street Journal June 18, 1996 "An Antidote to Dr. Ruth" Opposed to abortion, an observant Jew, contemptuous of casual sex, Dr. Laura is the perfect antidote to Dr. Ruth. Indeed, her popularity is a sign of a latent revolt against the sexual revolution. People on some level like to be told not to sleep with "hussies," not to "shack up," not to do all the things celebrated in popular culture at every turn. @@Siv, Sichan Cambodian former official with Bush Administration z46\clipim\2000\11\19\sichan.efx Asia in Washington March 2000 Asiaview: Eyewitness to History International Herald Tribune April 18, 2000 25 Years Ago, Pnom Penh Fell - 10 Months Later I Escaped Dec 17, 1999 An Old Asian Civiliation Looks to Its Modern Future New Turns for Ancient Cultures Washington Times Aug 17, 1999 @@Skinner, B.F. Influential psychologist. He demonstrated that animals, and believed that people could be trained by behavior modification, using simple rewards to condition desired responses. Wrote novel about utopian society based on theory. B.F. Skinner bio Reading legislation based on Skinner-like behavior modification? More on skinner / reading controversy OBE is Skinner conditioning Skinner was one of few who didn't agree with self-esteem movement @@Sokol, Vilem Revered maestro Vilem Sokol gave his love of music to all Vilem Sokol, beloved godfather of Seattle classical music and an internationally prominent conductor, professor and violist, died Friday at age 96. By Melinda Bargreen Special to The Seattle Times Related He was born in a log cabin in Pennsylvania, but his favorite place became the conductor's podium. Vilem Sokol, who died Friday of cancer in Seattle at age 96, was the beloved godfather of the city's classical music and an internationally prominent conductor, professor and violist. As longtime music director of the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra and its Marrowstone Music Festival (1960-1988), and music professor at the University of Washington (1948-1985), Mr. Sokol shaped more than four decades of young talent, inspiring generations of students and listeners. file:\clip\2011\08 @@Spencer, Diana (Princess of Wales) (Hey, her death was the biggest, no bigger than JFK's death. Half of the freakin planet turned in to a funeral that was in the middle of the night for half the globe. It's not a guy thing, but 43% of guys got hooked too) "Diana story has Americans Rapt; more than half followed closely" AP Seattle Times Sept 13, 1997. F091397 90% paid attention, 54% very closely vs only 11% closely in 1993 and 3% in 1996. 64% of women were "closely vs. only 43% of men Survey by Pew Center for the People and the Press image: \images\97\76irs\diana.tif Princess Diana Poor Taste Jokes & Links People Photo Review \images\97\73\people\photo?.html Royal Geneology Line of Succession Royal Trading Page @@Steele, Claude Brother of Shelby famous for studies about the effects of stereotypes on minoritiy students. "Stereotype Threat" (a.k.a., Occam's Butterknife) By Steve Sailer z75\clip\2004\04\stthreat.txt 2/22/04 The test said that blacks performed worse than if they were not under a threat, not that they would have performed the same as whites. CLAUDE STEELE: BOYS SCORE WORSE WHEN TOLD TEST IS IQ TEST. \clip\97\29\stereoty.txt ml Stereotyping and Self-Interest By William Raspberry Monday, December 8, 1997; Page A19 Do black Americans make too much of race? "But their self-esteem appeared to come from athletic success or general popularity. Academics had nothing to do with it." @@Steele, Shelby Black english professor at San Jose State, now Hoover Institution fellow is critical of black attitude of victimhood, believes that blacks are just as capable as whites, but are tied up in buying into the status of inferiority as much as whites put them there. He is married to a white woman, his daughter got into a fancy college without affirmative action. WHITE GUILT AND THE WORLD TRADE CENTER DISASTER Z52\CLIP\2001\09\SSTELE.TXT The Wall Street Journal September 17, 2001 Commentary War of the Worlds By Shelby Steele. White guilt is what causes minority and Third World "inferiority" to stand as a negative moral judgment on the Western way of life. It presumes that Western success is the result not of three millennia of cultural evolution (much of it enhanced by contributions from what today we call the Third World) but of the ill-gotten gains of slavery and colonialism. Western success is presumed to have come at the price of Third World inferiority. GW BUSH TAKES OFFENSIVE TO GET MINORITIES z45\clip\2000\08\steele.txt The Wall Street Journal August 2, 2000 Commentary A New Front in the Culture War "Obstacles to Black Progress: Thinking Beyond Race" Shelby Steele Current January 1991 F070297 Review of The Content of Our Character by Shelby Steele" Review of Black and Right: The Bold New Voice of Black Conservatives in America Edited by Stan Faryna, Brad Stetson, and Joseph G. Conti Praeger Trade. 1997. 216 pages. 0-275-95342-4. $19.95 Available About Books Archives 88% Sunday March 30, 1997 Today on About Books, Hoover Institution Senior Fellow Shelby Steele, talks about racial reform in America since the 1960's at the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco. Mr. Steele in the author of The Content of Our Character..., 4309 bytes, 22Apr97 5. Abstract: The Politics of Difference: Diversity or Separatism? 88% The Politics of Difference: Diversity or Separatism? PPI Symposium, September 1990. Participants: Shelby Steele, Ronald Walters, Cynthia McClain-Hill, Joe Klein. This panel discussion centered on Professor Shelby SteeleÕs notion that a new ..., 2280 bytes, 07Feb97 6. (alternate) 7. Shelby Steele 88% Shelby Steele By Nora Profit Ross Spartan Daily Staff Write r A black, mild mannered English professor, once described as looking "inno cuous as a bookkeeper in his horn-rimmed glasses and button-down shirt ," was catapulted to celebrity status five..., 6514 bytes, 20Jul95 8. Columnist misrepresents Steele's views By Dustin Lanier (07-Apr-93) 88% April 7, 1993 Columnist misrepresents Steele's views Dustin Lanier To the editor: Shelby Steele's book, the Content of Our Character, is a deeply thought-provoking book everyone should read because of its frankness and evenhandedness. These aspects. l, 4304 bytes, 03Feb97 @@simpson, Senator Al d:\priv\95\18\sensimps.txt - simpson retires @@Simpson, Orenthal J African American football star accused (and probably did) murder his ex-wife in a controversial criminal trial of the decade. Of course the guy did it unless you believe every bit of evidence was faked or planted, and OJ told the truth on the stand, and that the pictures of the shoes were faked, all 31 of them. \clip\97\04\ojlose.txt .html FEBRUARY 17, 1997 VOL. 149 NO. 7 THE INSIDE STORY OF HOW O.J. LOST USA TODAY HAS DETAILED OJ POLL CHART "Racial chasm still wide in aftermath of Simpson Trial" f020897-1 Chart: Simpson civil trial poll results USA Today Feb 6, 1997 p. 10A (print only) 74 white 26 black agree with results of civil trial \clip\97\04\ojpoll2.txt AP Feb 8 1997 LA times survey says 76 percent of whites agree with the verdict. But only 25 percent of blacks agree with it. Evidence pages Detroit news \clip\97\93\ojjury\detnews.htm Detroit news evidence Pictures of OJ evidence \clip\97\03\ojjury\evidence.htm Comprehensive evidence page P athfinder OJ central \clip\97\03\ojverd.txt AP 5-Feb-1997 8:52 EST REF5318 Copyright 1997. The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. Nation Reacts To Simpson Verdict An ABC telephone poll after the verdicts found that 66 percent agreed with decision 74 of in favor white 23 of in favor black \priv\95\14\unreas.txt The New Republic staff thinks the OJ verdict stinks, and so does everybody else in the issue. 10/23/95 UNREASONABLE DOUBT \priv\95\14\darkage.txt The New Republic 10/23/95 THE INSTITUTION FROM THE DARK AGES. JURY DISMISSED By Michael Lind - the jury system is deeply flawed and could be fixed \priv\95\14\racegend.txt The New Republic 10/23/95 MY RACE, MY GENDER - He reminded the jury about the Scottsboro Boys--the black Alabamans falsely accused of rape by two white women. \priv\95\14\thesimp.txt The Simpsons TNR 10/23/95 Jim Sleeper Sharpton broght Tawana Brawley to shake hands with the attackers of the Central Park Jogger. She was shown to have lied about being assaulted and raped by police. Lemrick Nelson, a black teenager charged with murdering the Australian Jewish scholar Yankel Rosenbaum in Brooklyn's Crown Heights, was taken to dinner by the jury. Alton Maddox as a student suffered a brutal beating at the hands of local police when he protested their order to move his car. Twenty years after that, in Brooklyn, Maddox managed to win acquittal for Andre Nichols, a 19-year-old black man who'd confessed to murdering a white priest who Nichols claimed had solicited him for sex. In 1987, Maddox had nearly won an acquittal of a black man charged with slashing a white model, Marla Hanson who he claimed had a problem with black men. \priv\95\14\kingcoch.txt From King to Cochran not all of us believe that truth and reason should be sacrificed in an attempt to vindicate past wron \priv\95\14\justblak.txt The New Republic 10/23/95 THE JUSTICE SYSTEM AND BLACK AMERICA. AFTER THE CHEERS By Randall Kennedy Thinks outcome was wrong, reflects problems with history w\doc\95\13\ojpoll.txt - race poll on verdict >>\priv\95\14\darkage.txt The New Republic 10/23/95 THE INSTITUTION FROM THE DARK AGES. JURY DISMISSED By Michael Lind - the jury system is deeply flawed and could be fixed >>\priv\95\14\unreas.txt The New Republic staff thinks the OJ verdict stinks, and so does everybody else in the issue. 10/23/95 UNREASONABLE DOUBT @@Simpsons, The /clip/97/09/simpsons/simpsons.htm Starwave review of Simpsons Songs in the Key of Springfield. @@Scottsboro Boys Southern black teenagers falsely accused of raping a white woman in the 1930s, TNR 10/23/95 @@Sokol, Vilem Locally famous violin teacher / conductor of the Seattle Youth Symphony during the 1960s-70s-80s \clipim\98\03\sokol.tif Agatha Sokol, partner of conductor Seattle . Obituaries, Seattle Times May, 1998 link Seattle Times March 30, 1997 Sokol, young musicians reuniting for special concert BY MELINDA BARGREEN f040297 @@Sowell, Thomas Conservative Black who argues that human capital in skills and culture, not discrimination is what separates the races. Not too kind to immigrants though, quoted my MIT study that showed blacks at MIT were in the top 10% nationally, but bottom 10% of the campus, author of numerous books on the topic of race. Immigration Forbes June 2 Don't bend the laws for immigration, let them assimilate. \priv\95\13\sowell94.txt - Seattle Times 1994 columns \priv\95\13\sowell95.txt - Jan to July 1995 columns @@Sprinkle, Annie Official SF sex artist / star "see my cervix" home page. Not for the faint of heart. Under "art" (yeah, right) @@Stalin \priv\95\13\ReStalin.txt - stalin wasn't such a bad guy, rumours of purges are capitalist lies. @@Stanford, John Popular, innovative black ex-military Seattle school superintendent who died in office of Lukemia, was made into a saint by the local media. Allegedly fired up interest in schools and test scores but was privately disliked by many, floated many useless or harmful ideas, and really didn't show any solid evidence of progress since WASL is a fraud. David Blomstrom's shrine to the late John Stanford as Seattle's foremost critic of the man and institution. John Stanford International School scandal kills off Latona. Stanford still exploited in death \clip\99\09\blom.txt Rumours: Stanford was on the verge of divorce when he contracted leukemia and had a tax-subsidized mistress, and she spices her story with an allegation that he has an illegitimate son who attended his funeral at Arlington. \clip\99\04\olchef.txt The Seattle Times Company January 19, 1999 Olchefske wants to finish what he and Stanford started by Jolayne Houtz and Dick Lilly Seattle Times staff reporters (search) much of Olchefske's proposed academic plan is an outgrowth of the state's 6-year-old education-reform law. \priv\95\12\childfir.txt \doc\95\15\imprstar.txt "John Stanford's Impressive Start" Seattle Post Intelligencer Sept 6, 1995 p. A14 \clip\98\19\reverse.txt John Stanford, now deceased hero of Seattle school reform, was liable for $100,000 in punitive damages because the county would not promote a white deputy fire chief because of his race. @@Steinberg, Laurence Researcher with Sanford Dornbush, published Beyond the Classroom (Simon and Schuster, 1996 Professors Laurence Steinberg, B. Bradford Brown, and Sanford Dornbusch. @@Suzuki, David Japanese Canadian scientist television doc936:suzuki.txt David Suzuki (Secret of Life) doc936:famasian.txt - lots of Asians in movies @@Suzuki, Pat Was first dancer cast for Flower Drum Song musical F022897 Asian Week Feb 7, 1997 p. 12 "Back in the Spotlight" Lia Chang @@Suzuki Shinichi Famed developer of violin method. \clip\98\03\suzuki.txt Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 01:16:13 EST Music Teacher Shinichi Suzuki Dies .c The Associated Press TOKYO (AP) - Shinichi Suzuki, who pioneered a novel method of teaching toddlers to play musical instruments, died Monday at the age of 99, Japanese media reports said. The Suzuki method is based on the concept that by listening and imitation children can learn to speak any language - and play music, as well - by the age of 3. @@Swanson, Dave and Melody z55\clip\2002\03\nissan.txt Business & Technology: Friday, November 30, 2001 2 Nissan dealerships close By Tricia Duryee Seattle Times Eastside business reporter texis/web/vortex/display?slug=nissan300&date=20011130&query=melody%27s+nissan An inability to renew bank financing has forced Melody's Bellevue Nissan and Melody's Kirkland Nissan to lock their doors and clear the Bellevue store's showroom floor. @@Taber, Ron 1996 candidate for superintendent of public instruction Superintendent of Public Instruction Teresa Bergeson 1,260,885 (63%) Ron Taber 729,080 (37%) Craswell got 42/58 in governor z42\clip\2000\05\taber.htm February 27, 1998 A `new' Ron Taber aims for Congress by David Postman Seattle Times Olympia bureau says he's a different man than the one who ran an expensive, self-financed, landslide-losing and loose-lipped campaign for superintendent of public instructionIn 1996 he talked of people's right "to be ignorant," suggested drug dealers be caned and in talking about his opposition to bilingual education, said, "Spanish is the language of doormen, dishwashers and fruit pickers." Candidate statement Superintendent of Public Instruction; nonpartisan; age 54; 4210 36th Ave. N.E., Olympia, 98516; 26-year resident; previously lived in Pullman; retired teacher and building contractor; bachelor's degree in history with honors in 1965 and Ph.D. American Studies in 1969 from Washington State University; 800-494-6774. I'm a successful businessman and teacher who wants better value from schools. I grew up in Eastern Washington and hold a Ph.D. from Washington State University. We need lower taxes and parental control. Let's return to basics. I reject the new education experiments. My opponent is a strike leader and former teacher union president who wants higher taxes. Gov. Lowry appointed her to engineer the state takeover of local schools. Her union recently called for same sex marriage and a gay and lesbian history month. I favor parental choice of public schools and scholarship vouchers for students who need private schools. Competition will improve schools. I oppose busing. I want smaller, safer schools located in neighborhoods. We should teach English first. @@Tan, Chung-Jen "Master Mind: The brains behind Deep Blue" Asian Week May 23, 1997 p. 9 Aletha Yip Mr. Tan is the leader of the team that built the computer Deep Blue that won the world's grand master Garry Kasparov in 1997. Works for IBM at the T.J. Watson Research center in Yorktown Heights NY. Graduated from Seattle University, PhD from Columbia in 1969 IBM Biography Of 6 team members, 2 are Chinese, 1 is Canadian, and 2 others are likely Jewish Americans. @@Tangis z42\clipim\2000\06\13\tangis\tangis.htm Monica Soto Wearing out the limits of technology Seattle-based Tangis is designing the user interface and applications software for wearable computers. Someday these harnesses will allow you to walk up to someone at a party whom you've met before but have forgotten and retrieve his personal information on the fly. @@Taylor, Jared Mr. American Renaissance, is anti-affirmative action, but opposes nonwhites in general, whether they are over-achieving Asians or under-achieving Blacks or Hispanics. He's been called a White Supremacist, which he denies, but he is clearly hostile to non-whites. @@TechWave \clip\98\08\techwav.txt Seattle Times Company April 12, 1998 User Friendly Tech Wave finds profit in selling to vendors @@Thernstrom Abigail, Stephen Excellent (in my opinion) Neo-Conservative optimists Husband and Wife from Harvard on race and education issues. I disagree on high stakes testing. \clip\97\20\blakwhit.txt BOOK REVIEW: A NEW GROUND ZERO IN THE RACE DEBATE? AMERICA IN BLACK AND WHITE One Nation, Indivisible By Stephan Thernstrom and Abigail Thernstrom BY PAUL MAGNUSSON Business Week Sept 11, 1997 Gerald Bracey: I love Abigail Thernstrom (her husband got a Rotten Apple award in the 9th Bracey Report). She says "any student who wants a high school diploma...." this after forcing kids to go to school or go to jail. @@Thomas the Tank Engine z45\clip\2000\08\thomas.txt christian review of *Thomas and the Magic Railroad* (G) -- delightful romp for the preschool set and for bonding with them 7/2000 @@Thomas, Clarence Transcript by Federal News Service SUPREME COURT JUSTICE CLARENCE THOMAS at the National Bar Association Convention, Memphis, Tennessee. Wednesday, July 29, 1998 \clip\97\01\nothom.txt - NAACP says that Thomas is "not a good role model" for blacks. And Snoppy Dog Dogg is?? file:C:\priv\96B\03\CASECLAR.HTM - Wash post interview of ed board member who objected to Thomas speaking to school children. "they have no idea of how harmful his attacks on affirmative action are, I don't want children to want to be like him" \priv\96b\01\judgthom.txt 6/19/96 Seattle Times Judging Justice Thomas: the color of conservatism. William Raspberry encounters a taxi driver who wonders what's so terrible about Clarence Thomas speaking to kids about working hard, and why only whites are allowed to be conservative. z57\clip\2002\08\clthom.txt Supreme Discomfort More than a decade after his bitter confirmation battle, African Americans are still judging Clarence Thomas guilty. Is that justice? By Kevin Merida and Michael A. Fletcher Sunday, August 4, 2002; Page W08 @@Tien, Chang-Lin First Asian American to lead a a major US research university, famous for "diversity is excellence" line, was probably hired as payback for the Asian American admissions scandals, but promoted affirmative action for blacks and Hispanics and saw white freshmen drop below 30%. \clip\96\01\ctien.htm "Growing Up in Asian America" KPIX with picture \priv\96b\07\tienresg.txt Wed, 10 Jul 1996 07:09:30 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Tien to quit post as Cal chancellor -- Leadership: He's defender of affirmative action. By Renee Koury \priv\96b\07\tienbio.txt NY Times 7/10/96 bio of Tien @@Till, Emmett Emmett Till was a young black boy who was brutually mutilated, killed and drowned for talking with a white girl. The Scottsboro boys were falsely accused of raping white women "My Race, My gender" New Republic Oct 23, 1995 p. 16 @@Tuchman, Gloria Matta Ran from behind barely losing to eastin in 1998 search 1998 tuchman 10/4/98 Eastin for Schools Chief Aug 28, 1998 SF Chron only 11 vs 41 know tuchman polls 37 to 18 6/4/98 statewide results june runoff eastin 1976285 43% tuchman 1,176,132 26% 5/21/98 State Schools Chief deserves second term.. goal of improving academic achievement... rigorous academic standards $33B schools budget 5.7M schoolchildren 2/6/98 Bilingual Education Foe on Ballot for Top Schools Post She challenged Eastin in 1994 \clip\98\17\tuchman.txt English-Only Leader to Run for State Schools Chief * Date: 11 Feb 1998 07:50:08 * Newsgroups: Tuesday, February 10, 1998 English-Only Leader to Run for State Schools Chief By NICK ANDERSON, Times Staff Writer Gloria Matta Tuchman, the Orange County schoolteacher crusading against bilingual education, is expected today to announce a run against incumbent Delaine Eastin for state superintendent of public instruction. \clip\99\14\tuchman.txt May 1998 California Voter Guide We select candidates who share our general philosophy of less taxes and smaller government. Tuchman would challenge the education establishment, but she lacks the leadership, management and negotiating experience needed to be effective as superintendent, and her back-to-basics vision of education is too narrow. \clip\99\14\eastin.htm TUCHMAN WINS CONSERVATIVE ORANGE COUNTY \clip\99\14\tuch2.txt Orange County Register Results back the status quo in education November 5, 1998 Santa Ana teacher Gloria Matta Tuchman outpolled Eastin, 55 percent to 45 percent, in the county, contrasting with Eastin's 54-46 edge statewide Smart Voter League of Women Voters of California Delaine Eastin 3,721,448 votes 53.6% Endorsed by the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Sacramento Bee, San Jose Mercury News, La Opinion & almost every major newspaper in CA. Gloria Matta Tuchman 3,222,717 votes 46.4% @@Turing doc\doc922\turing.txt gay computer pioneer @@Twain, Mark (Samuel Clemens) I admire this guy along with Ben Franklin, he can talk straight, he had some good things to say about Chinese, as well as the plight of African Americans. z42\clipim\2000\06\07\twain1.efx Writer Mark Twain Investor's Business Daily June 5, 2000. Huck Finn was banned by some libraries for being rough an vulgar even when it came out, and Twain welcomed the publicity to sell 25,000 copies. Big Twain resource David Duke find s Mark Twain with uncomplementary description of Native Americans. @@Twin Teepees z47\clipim\2000\12\13\twin\twin.htm Z49 December 13, 2000, 11:27 a.m. Pacific Even closed, Twin Teepees remains a head-turner by Andrea Otanez Seattle Times assistant metro editor The kitschy landmark on Aurora Avenue North near Green Lake is gutted, and the landowner isn't sure when it will reopen @@Unz, Ron High tech businessman who ran for governor and successfully pushed Prop 227 anti-bilingual ed, now talking about ed reform. z48\clip\2001\04\satcal.txt April 2, 2001 A: Keep SAT test; B: Drop it; C: None of the above Education leaders, sans No. 2 pencils, debate the future of admissions exams By Carrie Sturrock TIMES STAFF WRITER Of California education movers and shakers asked about their SAT scores, Unz was the only one who gave specifics: a perfect 1600. Unz comments on Asian Americans Commentary November 1999 California and the End of White America go to for full 9,000 word article by Ron Unz zip36\images\99\07\26\unz.tif McCain finds kindred spirit in California Maverick Unz Mattew Miller (LA Times) Seattle Times July 21, 1999. Spent $700,000 on prop 227, tested with 214IQ, Harvard and Stanford, born out of wedlock in LA lived under welfare. \priv\99\01\unz.txt "Educational Nonsense and Vouchers" Ron K. Unz Sacramento Bee, Sunday, January 3, 1999 @@Valentine z48\clip\2001\02\valen.txt Source: The History Channel Web Site: The history of Valentine's Day -- and its patron saint -- is shrouded in mystery. But we do know that February has long been a month of romance. St. Valentine's Day, as we know it today, contains vestiges of both Christian and ancient Roman tradition. @@Veggie Tales Big Idea Productions computer animated children's videos. Official Home Page largest Veggie Tales fan page Order Veggie Tunes piano book \clip\98\11\vegtale.txt Two Vegetables with Big Ideas - founders of christian computer animated veggie tales, started before Toy Story. @@Vernon Philip E. Vernon "The Abilities and Achievements of Orientals in North America" Academic Press: New York, 1982. Book purports to show how Asians are better than average in academics and intelligence. @@Vu, Thuy Vietnamese TV/Radio Reporter in San Francisco \clip\97\02\thuyvu\thuyvu.txt Channel A (web) 1/20/97 @@Walker, Dwayne CEO of Techwave, former cashed-out fortune Microsoft employee. Oh yeah, he's black too. z42\clip\2000\06\shopnow.htm The ink on the stationery was barely dry: changes name by Roger Yu Seattle Times technology reporter B2C is so 10 minutes ago. Or so it seems with a name change for \clip\98\07\walker.txt \clip\98\07\walker\walker.htm Self Employed Professional March/April 1998 MICROSOFT EMPLOYEE STOCK OPTIONS are the stuff of legend. And when Dwayne Walker cashed out of Microsoft in 1995 after creating an in-house division that generated more than $1 billion in sales @@Wang, Charles cwang.tif Investor's Business Daily Dec 11, 1997 Computer Associates' Charles Wan: How He Built Giant Firm By Teaching Clients Technology \clip\96\12\suny.txt Charles B. Wang Endows $25 Million For Asian American Center At State University Of New York At Stony Brook 25% Asian student body (one of the highest outside of CA) CEO, Computer Associates, #2 Software Maker in the world after Microsoft Article: "Little Known Bit Software Maker Wants Some Respect", Wall Street Journal Jan 27, 1995 p. B1 @@Wang, Garrett \priv\95\05\starcast.txt - official bio \doc\95\05\garwang.txt - Paramount biography @@Washington, Booker T "Up from Dependency" Wall Street Journal March 25, 1992 Dinesh D'Souza hu: bio.washington @@waters, maxine Radical Black Congresswoman in the Al Sharpton "No Justice No Peace" raise hell camp. Not one of my favorites. z45\clip\2000\08\sosheep.txt From today’s Washington Times, A15, Monday, August 21, 2000 Michelle Malkin: Reigning queen of the race baitors? She is one of the most self-serving, hate-filled, race-obsessed politicians in America. The Democratic Party doesn’t just embrace her. It kneels at her feet. \doc\web\97\08\waters.txt September 18, 1997 Oak Lawn (IL) Reporter. Congresswoman shows her fabulous sense of humor by Michael M. Bates \clip\96\08\maxwatr.txt The Seattle Times Nov. 22, 1996 Congress' blacks pick fiery leader Los Angeles Democrat Maxine Waters known as aggressive champion of poor MAXINE WATERS IS A RADICAL NUTCASE, NOT GREAT BLACK LEADERSHIP \clip\97\16\waters.txt text at: html The New Republic June 30, 1997 ON THE HILL: TROUBLED WATERS by Robyn Gearey \doc\94\19\maxwater.txt @@Watts, J.C. Conservative Black Republican from Oaklahoma JC WATTS ANSWERS AFFIRMATIVE ACTION CHALLENGE \clip\97\17\jcwatt.txt JACK KEMP AND J.C. WATTS JR. Replace discrimination with opportunity BY JACK KEMP AND J.C. WATTS JR. @@Welsing, Francis \clip\96\06\blakblam.txt AP 5-Oct-1996 11:07 EDT REF5150 Copyright 1996. The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. Black Americans Blame Government "This could be a case of attempted mass murder," said Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, a black psychiatrist and author from Washington. " \clip\96\06\welsing.txt Francis Welsing is the published writer of a number of books on race and color, and the originator of the controversial ice-man sun-man thesis, and an exponent of the Cress Theory of Color Confrontation. This theory states that Whites are the albino descendant of black people and that all of their actions towards blacks are based on numerical inadequacy and feelings of genetic inferiority. @@West, Cornel Classic race-speak black writer. "Cornel West, an Ivy League professor of religion, philosophy, and African American studies, brands the United States a "racist patriarchical" nation. @@Whitney, Glade z54\clip\2002\01\whitson.txt Here is a letter from Glayde Whitney's two sons. @@Williams, Polly Milwaukee World 6/29/01 The Queen No More Rep. Annette Polly Williams has been supplanted by Howard Fuller as the leader of school choice. And she's not happy about it. The Rise and Fall of Polly Williams Time was when Rep. Annette Polly Williams (D-Milwaukee) was the star of the conservative talk circuit. In 1994, she made an astonishing $58,000 in honorariums and expenses - more than doubling her $35,070 salary as a legislator. She was on CNN and "This Week With David Brinkley," and collected honorariums as high as $5,000 for speeches about school choice at the Hoover Institute, the California State Republican Convention and the National Conservative Summit. @@Williams, Roberta \clip\97\03\rwill.txt msnbc 3/14/97 From ‘Mystery House’ to ‘King’s Quest’ Sierra Online founder and game designer @@wong, bd \priv\95\01\bdwong.txt @@wong, bill \priv\96\13\billwong.htm San Francisco Chronicle Tuesday, March 26, 1996 · Page A16 Protest Over Oakland Tribune Firing Asian American columnist Bill Wong boasted national reputation Benjamin Pimentel, Charles Burress, Chronicle Staff Writers Asian American community and media groups are protesting the firing of nationally known columnist Bill Wong, who was ordered out of the Oakland Tribune newsroom Friday. @@Yam, John Doctor Journal American letter about intolerance z50\clipim\2001\08\06\yam\yam.htm @@Yamaguchi, Kristi Japanese American Gold Medal Skater \clip\97\09\yamag\index.htm Fan Page Home Page Milk Ad \clip\97\09\kristi\yamaguchi2.html Milk ad @@Yang, Jerry Chinese immigrant who co-founded Yahoo. Norman Matloff insists this man made no significant contribution to computers. Richard Reeves "Why Americans admire our new millionaires" mentions Jerry Yang of Yahoo, Seattle Times 10/16/97 "You couldn't make this stuff up. In January 1997, Yahoo! reported that it had 550 advertisers and its first quarterly profit was $91,000. In April, Yahoo! reported it had passed 1 billion pages viewed per month. Click Click. Yahoo! We're millionaires!" @@Yeoh, Michelle Asian female action hero, James Bond, Supercop, Crouching Tiger Born 1962 in Malaysia, first appeared in TV commercials with Jackie Chan in 80s, action films in 90s. Michelle Yeoh Web Theater - animated gifs, clips bio \clip\97\29\yeoh.txt Copyright © 1997 The Seattle Times Company Friday, Dec. 19, 1997 Yeoh gets her kicks on way to Bond stardom by Melanie McFarland Seattle Times staff reporter Actress Michelle Yeoh's high-kicking Chinese secret agent Wai Lin, the hard-boiled heroine of "Tomorrow Never Dies," @@Yew, Chay Gay Singaporean playwright CHAY YU: GAY CHINESE PLAYWRIGHT FROM SINGAPORE \clip\97\03\gayplay.txt Seattle Times Feb. 3, 1997 Playwright is at home in many worlds by Misha Berson Seattle Times theater critic @@X, Malcolm \clip\97\14\shabazz.txt New York Times 6/2/97 Widow of Malcolm X Is Burned Badly in Fire; Grandson Is Suspect Another Blow for Family Familiar With Suffering @@wong, david \priv\95\17\davewong.txt - Free Dave Wong, wrongly accused of murder by guard? @@Woo, John Hong Kong filmmaker gone to Hollywood \images\97\34\woo\woo.htm CNN Showbiz - He's putting the Woo in Hollywood "NEW YORK (AP) -- Hailed as the George Balanchine of ballistic ballet, as a maestro of operatic ultraviolence, filmmaker John Woo looks like he wouldn't hurt a fly." @@Woo, Ruth Seattle Chinese woman behind politics Seattle Time THE ELUSIVE POLITICS OF RUTH WOO NO ONE KNOWS QUITE HOW SHE DOES IT. BUT COUNCIL MEMBERS, GOVERNORS AND GOVERNOR- WANNABES ALL HAVE HER ON THEIR LISTS OF PEOPLE WHO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Date: September 8, 1996 Section: PACIFIC Page: 12 \clip\97\05\asia96.txt @@Woo, S.B. Former Lieutenant governor of Virgina SB WOO LEADS 80-20 INITIATIVE z42\clip\2000\07\sbwoo.txt Seattle Times Company Sunday, May 28, 2000 A new force in American politics is being born: Asian Americans who plan to make their voices heard Bush did not respond again 6/2000 @@Woods, Tiger Some say he is the best golfer in the world at his age, he is half Thai. The local bookstore here puts his book up in the African American heritage month display. He's more than half Asian, but the world sees him as a Black golfer. Newsweek May 5, 1997 p. 60 "In Living Colors" Tiger Woods is 1/4 Chinese, 1/4 Thai, 1/4 White, 1/8 black and 1/8 Native American. TIGER SPEAKS UP - HE'S NOT JUST BLACK \clip\97\11\notblak.txt Wednesday, April 23, 1997 Tiger Woods says he's not only black by Michael A. Fletcher Washington Post I'm a `Cablinasian,' " Woods said during a taping of "The Oprah Winfrey Show." He said the name best captures his racial makeup: a blend of Caucasian, black, Indian and Asian. \doc\97\03\wood.txt Ursula Liang Newton gets printed in the Globe, admonishes them for leaving out Tiger's Asian heritage. TIGER MASTERS MASTERS Wall Street Journal April 15, 1997 p. A16 Frederick C. Klein F041597 Woods became the youngest masters winner, and although he's of mixed parentage (his mother is Thai) he's the first player widely identified as African American to win an event that until 22 years ago permitted blacks to participate only as caddies.*25G0AcAFaoORrLo/si/masters97/ \clip\97\11\tiger\tiger.htm Sports Illustrated. Tiger woods is the youngest and first minority to win at the masters. GOLFER TIGER WINS ONE FOR BLACKS, BUT NO MENTION HE'S MORE ASIAN THAN ANYTHING ELSE nat%2F004 \clip\97\07\tiger\tiger.htm Wondrous Win for Woods: Young Master sets mark for the ages By Michael Madden, Globe Staff, 04/14/97 To the Boston Globe 4/14/97 Great article on Tiger Woods, but all of the spin on race is on his black heritage, when he is actually more Asian than any other racial heritage. Don't Asians count at all too when there are also very few Asian athletes of note, much fewer than black athletes? His mother is of Thai and Chinese heritage, but his father is only part African, among other races. To truly honor diversity, we must recognize all of the colors of god's children, not just the black and white. \clip\97\06\tigerfan.doc BY BILL WONG Asian Week Feb 7, 1997 p. 6 Tiger's Fans: The appeal of a 'Universal Child' ""Tiger has Thai, African, Chinese, American Indian and European blood," his mother, Kultida, who is of Thai and Chinese descent, said in a recent Sports Ilustrated, which named her son its Sportsman of the Year for 1996" His father Earl is part African American, Cherokee, Chinese, and white European. TIGER WOODS THREAD Visit these interesting Tiger Woods Web sites: http://www.golfweb.c om/ga96/bios/twoods.html http://www.golfweb .com/ga96/bios/twoods.html TIGER WOODS RETURNS TO THAILAND WHERE HALF HIS HERITAGE LIES \clip\97\04\tiger.txt AP 7-Feb-1997 14:31 EST REF5558 Half-Asian Tiger Woods Visits Thailand By ROBERT HORN Associated Press Writer @@Wright Elizabeth Elizabeth Wright Issues and Views Conservative black woman, hangs around IQ groups but claims to not know that territory well. ewright.txt