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Some people collect stuff, this is my 15 plus years collection of racial statistics, organized around statistics for Asian Americans. Most racial statistics are given for blacks, maybe hispanics, but very few for Asians. Asians are unusual in that they have both the characteristics of disadvantaged minorities, like the African Americans, and over-achieving minorities such as the Jews and Episcopalians.

What is remarkable is that, contrary to the popular thesis that Whites are always on top, and persons of color are always on the bottom because of racism, more often than not, Asians have lower rates of most headline problems. You'll almost never see them documented because of the unwritten rule that Whites must end up best and Blacks, worst. If you wander around, you'll also find evidence of when even the lower income, lower education Hispanics are better (AIDS rates, infant mortality, life expectancy) and even the few places where Blacks are better. I rank them, and figure out a conclusion instead of starting out with the conclusion and ommitting data that doesn't support it.

Asians have higher household incomes are healthier, get better grades and test scores, go to the best colleges at the highest rates in the most rewarding and difficult fields commit fewer crimes, and have more solid families in terms of structure than the whites, even though they may have a higher rate of poverty or live in poor neighborhoods. This makes the Asian Americans a potent weapon in the fight against classic liberal racial-marxism, the idea that all outcomes can be explained in terms of income and discrimination.


General References

Asians Better
Academic Achievement - Grades, Test Scores, Attendence
Law Students
Life Expectancy
Family Structure
Women in math
Crime (except gambling, gang membership)

Asians Worse
Law Profession
Public Safety (Police, Fire)
Sports (most except Japanese, Skating)
Occupational Tests
General Literacy Tests
Verbal Tests
Gang Membership
Teacher Representation
Education Administration


asian.abuse see

@@Child abuse



doc940\minorads.xls - minority ads

@@Africa (history)
z40\clip\2000\03\kenya.txt A New View of Kenya's 'Asians'A New View
of Kenya's 'Asians' By Karl Vick Washington Post Foreign Service
Wednesday, March 15, 2000 ; A21 NAIROBI –– They are known by their
nutmeg skin, their relative wealth and their custom of holding
themselves apart in a society where they were conspicuous already.
After more than a century in Africa, ethnic Indians are still
universally known here as "Asians."

@@Africa (compared to Asia)

AFRICA MIGHT YET ADOPT ASIAN SUCCESS \clip\97\14\asiaafr.txt tip from Copyright 1997 The New York Times Company May 24, 1997 Can Africa Thrive Like East Asia? By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF KISANGANI, Congo -- One of the great paradoxes of Africa is that its people are for the most part desperately poor while its land is extraordinarily rich. East Asia is the opposite: a region mostly poor in resources that over the last few decades has enjoyed the greatest economic boom in human history.

@@Agency, nonprofit

"Asian Agencies Not Getting Fair Share" Asian Week May 24, 1996 Aletha Yip. Asian nonprofits get less money than other nonprofits F052996 Asian Americans in Philanthropy found that only 0.2% of money nationally is targeted towards Asians, even though Asian poverty population is about the same as national average. The study said that only 17% of Santa Clara County agencies are targeted at agencies vs. 39% of the population [but correct population is about 20% - ed] \priv\96\16\ASINAGEN.HTM Thursday, May 16, 1996 Page A14 San Francisco Chronicle Asian Agencies Receive Less Money, Study Says Benjamin Pimentel On average, Asian American nonprofit groups receive about one-third less money from private and government sources than groups serving other ethnic communities, according to a study to be released today by the San Francisco-based Asian Pacific American Community Fund. @@Amerasia Journal
\doc\web\98\10\ameras.txt December 14, 1998 "UCLA Asian American Studies Center's Amerasia Journal Publishes its 26-Year Cumulative Index: A Record of 'Immeasurable Impact' on the field of Asian American Studies"

@@Amerasian vietnamese

\priv\95\08\oncelost.txt - lost in USA


\doc\95\14\asdocs.txt - list of museums with Asian archives, some have collection listings on line


\priv\95\17\koreargn.txt Don't Cry, This Land Is Rich in Kims and Lees November 15, 1995, (c) The New York Times Koreans in Argentina draw complaints from Jewish businesses.


\doc\95\05\chinaus.txt Chinese in Australia \doc\95\05\austchin.txt \doc\95\11\austviet.txt
@@Automobiles ASIAN LOW RIDER STUFF z45\clipim\2000\10\14\freak.efx Asian Week Super Freak for Auto Thrills Oct 2000 Column by Kimberley Chun about a shop with all that wierd junk young Asians put on their Hondas and Toyotas. Neon. Air freshers. Stickers. You know.





@@AIDS (Disease)



aarts.htm Also see mortgage


\clip\98\07\capchin.txt Where's the Capital of China Inc. 24-MAR-98 By Joel Kotkin [Chinese banks new source of capital for small American businesses, even non-Chinese] \clip\96\05\hispbank.txt 24 Sep 1996 00:07:37 -0400 Bankers Tailoring Services to Win Hispanic Accounts By Jim Mitchell, The Dallas Morning News Knight-Ridder/Tribune Business News. Hispanics use banks less than most Americans. Yankelovich Hispanic Monitor found 50 percent of Hispanics nationwide do not have a banking, checking or savings account.Eighty-two percent have no personal loans, and fewer than 10 percent have investments in stocks, bonds, retirement funds, money market accounts or mutual funds.
\clip\97\25\asbank.txt New Wave of Foreign Banks Hit L.A Los Angeles Business Journal 01-NOV-97 By Dennis Young [Asian owned banks] L.A. not a banking town? Not quite.

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@@Awards, people magazine

@@Bilingual AP Unraveling how children become bilingual so easily Baby brains offer clues to learning new language * By Lauran Neergaard, AP Medical Writer * On Monday July 20, 2009, 3:01 pm EDT WASHINGTON (AP) -- The best time to learn a foreign language: Between birth and age 7. Missed that window ... If you speak a second language, speak it at home. Or find a play group or caregiver where your child can hear another language regularly. "You'll be surprised," Kuhl says. "They do seem to pick it up like sponges."



also see - abortion, adoption, infant mortality, low birth weight, prenatal care abirth.htm

@@Black relations

Sometimes Blacks and Asian get along great, sometimes Asians aren't nice to blacks, and other times, when Blacks have the political power, they ignore other minorities the same way Whites have ignored blacks.

ONLY BLACKS PROTECTED BY CIVIL RIGHTS LAWS, NOT KOREANS \clip\98\06\asright.txt outrage.html National Review, Outrage du Jour, n.d. Civil Rights in the Land of Dr. King "The City of Atlanta contended that the Koreans, in fact, had no civil rights. The City Attorney, in a brief filed in the case, said that the 'Appellant's status as non-African Americans precludes them from protection of Sec. 1985(3) of the civil rights statute. The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected this absurd claim [Sang S. Park, et al, v. City of Atlanta, et al, Case No. 96-8512] "

\clip\98\07\indexc.txt Indians
angry at board exclusion disrupt meeting on race 6.10 a.m. ET (1110
GMT) March 24, 1998 By Steven K. Paulson, Associated Press "Judith
Winston, executive director of the Race Initiative, angered the
[American Indian] protesters when she said there was no room for them
on the board.  "It was not intended to represent the composition of
the United States, we can't have that with only seven people (on the
board),'' she told the crowd.  "

\clip\98\06\dcdivers.txt Washington Post, Wednesday, March 18, 1998;
Page B01 DC SCHOOL TASK FORCE PLANS TO QUIT Diversity Panel Says It's
Ignored By Debbi Wilgoren and Pamela Constable All 12 community
representatives to the D.C. school system's diversity task force,
which Chief Executive Julius W. Becton Jr.  created in January 1997
during one of the first crises of his tenure, plan to resign today
because they feel their concerns and suggestions about the education
of non-native English speakers are being ignored.

\clip\96\02\koregroc.txt The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition
-- July 30, 1996 Korean Grocer Learns the Law Doesn't Care About Good
Deeds: A Korean grocer who hires local black kids get nailed by the
feds for labor rules violations.

\priv\96b\08\jackasia.txt Date: Tue, 16 Jul 1996 08:37:28 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Jackson rips Asian business ways
Cheap labor, glass ceilings create `tension'. Charges jobs going to
cheap Asians sweatshops, says only 2% of Japanese car dealers owned
by blacks vs. 19% of cars bought (?) Of Mitsubishi Motors' 503 U.S.
franchises, he said, only 3 dealerships are owned by blacks and 8 by
Hispanics. Comment - maybe blacks don't seek Japanese car dealers
either, and he doesn't mention % of US car makes.

"Poor nutrition seen as fueling city violence" Seattle Times Feb 8,
1996 p. A3. The Korean store was one of the last two places poor
persons could purchase nutritious foods in the inner city community.

doc922:blackkor.txt - KABL, Cecil williams against Asians


We are pleased to announce the opening of the largest North America
Online Chinese Bookstore With more than
50,000 different titles, our products include Chinese books,
magazines, audio CDs & CD ROMs and more.  Our email address:, faxnumber: (416)332-9934.


AMERICANS \clip\2010\02\westbrain.txt West Brain, East Brain What a
difference culture makes.  By Sharon Begley | NEWSWEEK Published Feb
18, 2010 From the magazine issue dated Mar 1, 2010 Cultural
neuroscience," as this new field is called, is about discovering such
differences. Some of the findings, as with the "me/mom" circuit,
buttress longstanding notions of cultural differences. For instance,
it is a cultural cliché that Westerners focus on individual objects
while East Asians pay attention to context and background (another
manifestation of the individualism-collectivism split). Sure enough,
when shown complex, busy scenes, Asian-Americans and
non-Asian--Americans recruited different brain regions.


\doc\95\11\japnbraz.txt - Japanese in Brazil, references From: Marly Leira Yanaze I visited your site, and liked it a lot. I thought you might find interesting reading about the Japanese-Brazilians. If you are interested, visit me at and click on "Japanese-Brazilians" \clip\98\03\brazil\brazil.htm
@@Britain Sailer Indians seem to do better in the US than in UK.


%%african american competition \priv\95\13\blodsuc2.txt notes that Korean and Jewish "bloodsuckers" are still taking the worst jobs because that's what's available. If blacks drive them out, they will only succeed in replacing them with blacks, who still can't compete with the Wall-Marts run by corporate blood suckers. %%beauty \doc\95\12\cosmchan.txt "Cosmetic changes" Seattle Times Sept 24, 1995 F1 (business) Koreans are moving into a beauty supply market once dominated by African Americans. Most are concentrated in the Rainier valley noted for "Nail Strip, its concentration of Asian nail parlors, some in Federal Way. %%boards Directorship Study Shows Corporate Boards Have Gained Greater Ethnic Diversity GREENWICH, Conn. (BUSINESS WIRE) "The number of minorities serving on corporate boards of America's largest companies has increased 79% in five years, according to a new study just released by Directorship, a leading consulting, research and information services firm which specializes in corporate governance. The number of Asian directors on the boards of public Fortune 1000 companies rose 167% in the 1992-1997 period. The number of Hispanic directors increased 100% and the number of Black directors grew by 60%. By contrast, the number of Caucasian directors decreased by 5%. Non-U.S. nationals increased by only 1%." doc941\fortseat.wk1 - board seats in Fortune 1000 W (1.28)1.0 B-5.87 H-11.49 A-10.11 doc\94\11\priv\asboard.txt silicon valley corp doc\95\01\charity2.wk1 - Asian Charity Board of Director Nonprofit W1.00 B-1.38 H-2.20 A-1.38 %%census \doc\95\12\minrecpt.wk1 "How Minority-Owned Businesses Fare Average gross receipts by race / ethnicity of owner, 1987 Source: 1987 Economic Census, Survey of Minority Owned Businesses Race / Ethnicity Receipts Index White $189,000 1.00 All U.S. Firms $145,654 -1.30 Asian/Pac Islander $93,222 -2.03 All Minorities $64,132 -2.95 Hispanic $58,555 -3.23 Black $46,593 -4.06 Am Indian / Nat Alaskan $42,610 -4.44 Based on table in San Francisco Chronicle May 11, 1995 p. B6 \doc\95\05\minbus.wk1 - Minority business in the US 1987 Summary: Firms W1.00 B-4.69 H-3.53 A-1.40 N-6.20 Sales W1.00 B-15.3 H-9.53 A-2.24 N-20.4 Sales/Firm W1.00 B 4.1 H-3.23 A-2.03 N -4.4 Minority - owned Firms in the US, 1987 Sales % Group Firms Pct receipts Pop White 12,459,493 91.1% 96.1% 75.2% Black 424,165 3.1% 1.0% 12.0% Hispanic 422,373 3.1% 1.2% 9.0% Asian / Pac 355,331 2.6% 1.7% 3.0% AmInd / Alas 21,380 0.2% 0.1% 0.8% Total 13,682,742 100.0% Firms Sales Group Rate Index Rate Index White 1.21 1.00 1.28 1.00 Hispanic 0.34 -3.53 0.13 -9.58 Asian / Pac 0.87 -1.40 0.57 -2.25 Black 0.26 -4.69 0.08 -15.33 AmInd / Alas 0.20 -6.20 0.06 -20.44 Ranked by Number of Businesses Compared to Population Firms Sales % Firms Sales Group Pct receipts Index Index White 91.06% 95.60% 1.0 1.0 Asian / Pac 2.60% 1.70% -1.4 -2.2 Hispanic 3.09% 1.20% -3.5 -9.5 Black 3.10% 1.00% -4.7 -15.3 AmInd / Alas 0.16% 0.05% -6.2 -20.4 Source: U.S. Commision on Minority Business Development, based on 1987 Census data (latest as of 1995) "Minority Entrepeneurs" Wall Street Journal April 12, 1995 p. B1 note - sales index overall is worse than per-store sales becuase there are also fewer stores. %%city for business \priv\95\14\bestcity.txt - Fortune cites Singapore and San Francisco (both high % Asian) as best city for business. %%city contracts Summary: San Francisco: W 1.00 B-5.9 HNA A-31.8 King County W-1.48 B1.39 H3.18 A 9.15 N3.40 [[Seattle seem to favor Asians, constrast this with San Francisco d:\doc\95\13\mincont.txt d:\doc\95\13\mincont.wk1 - King County Minority Contracts Ranked by Representation index white men=1.00 men asian 10.19 both asian 9.15 women asian 8.12 men nat am 6.54 both nat am 3.40 women hisp 3.20 both hisp 3.18 men hisp 3.16 women black 2.21 both black 1.39 men white -1.00 both white -1.48 men black -1.78 women white -2.84 women nat am-3.73 White men vs average = 0.68 white black hisp asian nat am men -1.00 -1.78 3.16 10.19 6.54 women -2.84 2.21 3.20 8.12 -3.73 total -1.48 1.39 3.18 9.15 3.40 "Blacks say they are shut out of county contracts" Seattle PI Nov 8, 1994 p. B3 George Foster King County has had contract goals since 1981 Architecture and engineering contracts, goals 17% minority 10% women owned enterprises Construction contracts, goals 14% minority, 8% women woned Terry Koyano, county civil rights compiliance officer says: white black hisp asian nat am total Pct of contracts men 28.26% 1.05% 3.11% 26.62% 2.44% 61.48% women 9.94% 4.13% 3.15% 21.20% 0.10% 38.52% total 38.20% 5.18% 6.26% 47.82% 2.54% 100.00% Pct of population pop 83.3% 5.5% 2.9% 7.7% 1.1% pop/2 41.7% 2.8% 1.5% 3.9% 0.6% Asians best represented, followed by hispanics and black women. Only black men and native American women and white women are worse represented than white men. This is an unusual case of Asians getting a disproportinate share of contracts. [[San Francisco \doc\95\12\sfcontrc.wk1 City contracts in San Francisco: W 1.00 B-5.9 A-31.8 In a city where Asians are the largest minority, Blacks get twice the contract work, though both groups are under-represented. Pop Goal Contract Rate Index Asian 28.4% 18.7 1.4% 0.05 -31.81 Black 10.5% 11.8 2.8% 0.35 -5.88 Other 61.1% 95.8% 1.65 1.00 "How Black Firms are Faring" San Francisco Chronicle p. B1 May 11, 1992 %%dry cleaning doc\94\16\dryclean.txt Koreans own 80% of Dry Cleaners in Washington State Koreans may be facing health risks in dry cleaning business International Examiner May 4-18 1994 p. 1 Carina A. Dl Rosario %%employment d:\doc\94\17\blackem.txt - blacks employ more blacks, so it's wrong to accuse Asians of hiring only Asians. doc923:minbus87.wk1 - Minority business 1987 census Study of Small Business employment patterns in 28 large metro areas: Black employees in businesses owned by: White Black 50% or more 23.3% 93.5% less than 50% 19.0% 4.3% none 57.8% 2.2% %%executive ASIANS 20-30% OF SILICON VALLEY BUT ONLY 7% OF START UP EXECUTIVES "Running Your Own Show" Asian Week May 27, 1999 p. 15 Asians make up 25 to 30 percent of workers in Silicon Valley hi-tech startups, but of 100 firms that received venture capital funding, only 7 percent were headed by Asians or Asian Americans according a study this year by the San Jose Mercury News. New census data shows 38.4% of all small business in state are owned by Asian Americans, $37.7 billion in annual receipts. Mostly Taiwan based venture funding networks pumped $400 million into startups. Feature on hi tech asian american execs. %%grocery \doc\97\03\korgroc.txt "Korean Grocers Re-Unite to Oppose Alchohol Redlining" Kim H. Park Asian Focus March 1997 (Seattle) KAGRO's membership (Korean American Grocers Association) represents 700 grocery stores, and almost 80% of all convenience stores in the Puget Sound, excluding chains and franchises %%hispanic \priv\96b\07\hispbus.txt Date: Thu, 11 Jul 1996 20:16:22 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Report Finds Growing Number of Latino-Owned Businesses in United States By S.L. Bachman, San Jose Mercury News, Calif. Growing twice as fast as businesses in general %%International d:\doc\94\17\chincont.txt - Chinese have disproportionate control in Asia "A Driving Force" The Economist July 18, 1992 p. 21 Indonesia, 70-75% of nonforeign nongovernment run by Chinese Thailand: Chinese 10% of pop 90% of business assetts, half bank capital Philippines 1% Chinese, Chinese-owned companies 2/3 of sales of 67 largest companies Malaysia 1/3 pop also disproportionate Liquid assets of overseas Chinese is 1.5-2 trillion vs. 3 trillion for Japanese with 2x population Asian.Business.Minority %%Minority contracts d:\doc\94\19\mincont.wk1 - King County Minority Contracts (1993) (White men =1.0) White -1.48 B1.39 H3.18 A9.15 NA 3.40 Asians far more likely to win contracts in King County, minority contractors complain (Why is this? Perhaps bias towards contractors of color, but Asians better qualified within minorities) d:\doc\94\16\priv\mincont.txt - minority contracts 9% went to businesses in black majority neighborhoods 4% Hispanic majority 9% Asian, NaAm or mixed 7% in neighborhoods 40-50% minority neighborhoods. Asian.Business.SBA %%SBA Small Business Administration Summary: Whites are almost completely excluded from Sec8 Asians no more favored than blacks despite myth of Korean stores. Asians highest in some cities, but also higher than whites, so why would whites favor Asians over whites? \CLIP\96\05\sbablak.txt Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 17:25:34 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Black Entrepreneurs Question Allocation of Government Contract Dollars The Denver Post Knight-Ridder/Tribune Business News [Black small business claim that they are a far smaller proportion of SBA participants than their share of the minority population] from 1990 through 1995, Denver-area black businesses averaged only 8 percent of 8(a) contract dollars. That compares with 65 percent for Hispanic businesses, 17 percent for Native American businesses and 9.43 percent for Asian-owned businesses. Less than 1% of disadvantaged businesses certified by the SBA are "nonminority" The main program, section 8(a) has resulted in 95,000 contracts valued at $48 billion since its inception. "Race(etc) preferences on the line", Wall Street Journal March 14, 1995 p. A19 Tim W. Ferguson \doc\95\02\casba.wk1 - SBA Lending in California santa clara W1.00(.84) B0.85 H1.13 A2.20 Alameda W1.00(.85) B0.90 H1.42 A2.18 d:\priv\95\01\sbabias.txt - lawsuit says SBA excludes white men d:\doc\94\16\priv\sba.txt - SBA breakdown by race (sec *) W-300 B1.0(4.0) H-1.44 A1.25 NA 2.14 %%ownership d:\doc\94\20\calfcens.txt - California Census results 1990 Business Ownership in California WH1.00 B-2.69 A-1.3 %%self-employed doc\94\8\asself.txt W11% A11% Asians 2.6% ownership but 1.7% of gross revenue


\doc\95\10\ascanad.txt - Asians in Canad have very similar experiences.

@@Car Fords are the number 1 make of cars bought by Asian Americans Harpers May 1991


\doc\web\97\04\asian90.wk1 - We the Asian Americans asian census: doc91:census - short letter census: doc91:censusa.doc - Asian week on 90 census


\doc\95\06\lowvalue.txt "Boys show they grow into lowered values" USA Today May 18, 1995 Lois Harris Poll commisioned by Boy Scouts of America: Of 2,508 boys grade 4 through 12: Grade Age Age 4-12 11-13 14-19 24% 22% 33% shoplifted 54% 45% 76% cheated on homework or test 5% carried gun to school 28% 15% 47% have been drunk 17% 9% 29% used drugs 2% margin of error for boys Asians much less or no more likely to be found in home for troubled children, compared to other minorities which are much higher %%troubled children James Ranch doc938:trouble.xls B8.6 H8.0 A-1.2 Eastfield Ming Quong B2.9 H1.4 A-24


\doc\95\01\charity2.wk1 - Asian Charity Contributions W1.00 B-1.27 H-1.58 A-2.38 Volunteer W1.00 B-1.38 H-1.24 A-1.13 Board of Director Nonprofit W1.00 B-1.38 H-2.20 A-1.38

@@Child abuse


@@Child labor

\clip\96\09\chillabr.txt Asia Nations Deny Child Abuse By BRAVEN SMILLIE Associated Press Writer Tuesday, November 12, 1996 6:49 pm EST TOKYO (AP) -- Asian countries say child labor isn't a problem -- or they're working to end it -- and claim the numbers are inflated in a new U.N. report that dramatically raises estimates of children working worldwide.


%%troubled children Asians are highly under-represented among homes for troubled children San Jose: James Ranch
Trouble.xls"B8.6 H8.0 A-1.2 \doc\doc934\mingquon.xls San Jose: Eastfield Ming Quong B2.9 H1.4 A-24


Chinatowns started as ethnic ghettos where Chinese were allowed to live protected against prejudice. Today, most Asians live outside urban Chinatowns, either scattered in the suburbs, or in new suburban concentrations such as Monterey Park in Los Angeles, or San Jose's Berryessa. \doc\96\07\idist.txt Seattle Times Nov 24, 1996 F112496 Growing Up, Apart Seattle's International District (China and Japan-town) was threatned by the Kingdome in 1975, many hoped it would finish off what I5 had started and kill off the shabby neighborhood. But it thrived instead. Pictures, and stories about other Seattle communities. \priv\96\03\chintown.txt "The Great Wall of Chinatown" Los Angeles Times March 31, 1996 p. 1 90% of LA Chinatown is now run by Southeast Asian Chinese. Rents are only half what they were during the peak of the 80s, some tensions between the old and new immigrants.
Balch Institute-Building the Gold Mountain: Philadelphia's Chinatown


%%engineer \doc\95\06\ieeesurv.txt "IEEE members salaries beat inflation" Electronic Engineering Times May 15, 1995 p. 103 Survey of 4,064 working members of the IEEE engineering association shows: 80% native born, 8.3% naturalized citizen, 4.6 percent resident alien, 0.7 H1 visa, 0.3 other %%law \doc\95\10\racenatr.txt - Old laws only made whites eligible for naturalized citizenship, not Asians. %%local \doc\96\04\hispoll.txt full text \priv\96\17\hispoll.txt PRNewswire, May 21, 1996 Poll of 500 Los Angeles area Hispanics by La Opinion 14% claimed to be undocumented 29% citizen 55% legal resident 75% said relations with Anglo were best characterized by racism or contempt. %%national "Among Asians who arrived in 1980, 67 percent had become US citizens by 1990. Source: \clip\97\06\immincup.txt asian Immigrant Upward Mobility Reassessed Tracking California newcomers over two decades shows surprising climb in income By Daniel B. Wood, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor Jan 11, 1996 (by Dowell Myers, professor of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Southern California) \doc\96\03\asvote94.wk1 Non-Citizen W1.00 B-2.50 H-22.0 A-27.5 Citizen W1.00 B-1.03 H-1.75 A-2.18 Source: When Numbers Do Not Add Up by Don Nakanishi as cited in Asian Week March 29, 1996 p. 15 Rate of non-Citizenship in Index Citizen Index Asian 55.0% 27.50 45.0% 2.18 Latino 44.0% 22.00 56.0% 1.75 AfricanAm 5.0% 2.50 95.0% 1.03 NH Whites 2.0% 1.00 98.0% 1.00 Asians are the only majority non-citizen group in the US \doc\95\12\asiark90.wk1 Citizen 1990 born or naturalized Group Rate Hawaiian 99.3% 1.04 US 95.3% 1.00 Polynes 94.8% -1.01 Guamanian 91.8% -1.04 PacIsl 91.8% -1.04 Samoan 89.2% -1.07 Micrones 86.8% -1.10 Japnese 75.9% -1.26 Hispanic 73.6% -1.29 Filipino 70.2% -1.36 OtherPI 67.0% -1.42 AsianPI 62.3% -1.53 Chinese 60.8% -1.57 Asian 60.8% -1.57 OthAsian 59.6% -1.60 Tongan 57.1% -1.67 Korean 56.5% -1.69 Vietnam 53.8% -1.77 Indian 50.5% -1.89 Thai 47.9% -1.99 Melanesian 43.0% -2.22 Hmong 40.8% -2.34 Cambodia 34.4% -2.77 Laotian 34.3% -2.78 1980 census doc\95\01\asiarnk.txt Percent citizen 99.2 Hawaiian 96.6 US 94.2 Polynesian 93.2 Guamanian 92.4 PacIsld 88.2 Micronesian 81.2 Japanese 80.4 Samoan 58.9 Chinese 57.6 Asian/PI 57.5 Filipino 55.2 Asian 39.6 AsIndian 39.4 Korean 34.7 Indonesian 33.7 Tongan 30.8 Melanesian 22.2 Pakistani 18.0 Thai 13.7 Hmong 12.2 Vietnamese 6.8 Laotian 6.2 Cambodian White Black Hispanic Native Am doc938:racevote.xls H60% A54% WB~=95+% doc934:citizen.xls analysis of Santa Clara County immigrant W13.5 B10.6 H40.5 A79.9 non-cit W 8.2 B 7.6 H30.1 A46.8 see asian/race/poll LA Times poll doc938:satrac93.xls SAT HS students Mex 91% Asian 57% PuertoRican99% OtherHisp64% White 98% Black93% doc937:asian1.xls 1980 census citizens A57.6 CHN 58.9 JPN 81.2 FIL 57.5 AIN 39.6 KOR 39.4 PAK 22.2 THA 18.0 HMO 13.7 VIE 12.2 LAO 6.8 CAM 6.2


Harper's List - Asians prefer Fords over any other brand \doc\95\04\blakcar.txt - Blacks buy more upscale cars Source: "Black Car and Travel Newsletter" Seattle Medium March 22, 1995 "Blacks tend to buy upscale cars at a higher rate than their White economic counterparts"


doc\college\natl\career.wk1,carrank by race

@@College asian Asian.College


@@Communism - contrast

WOMEN WORK UNDER SOCIALISM IN NORTH KOREA, IN SOUTH WOMEN DON'T WORK AFTER MARRIAGE. \clip\97\07\KOREA.TXT html Copyright © 1997 The Seattle Times Company Wednesday, March 5, 1997 Close-up: South Koreans wary of unity with North by Mary Jordan Washington Post SEOUL - With Beethoven's Symphony No. 4 playing in the background, Chon Jin Sook sat with her friends in Terazzo Cafe in the city's ritziest shopping district and admitted that one of the last things she ever wants to see is a unified Korea.

@@Conference: lookahea.doc,prn - LA Asia Society conference

@@Computer use

Computer Use: Education


\doc\95\05\davibaco.txt - Davis Bacon Act "The Davis-Bacon Act Comes Under Attack By an Odd Alliance" Wall Street Journal May 3, 1995 p. 1 Dorothy J. Gaiter According to US census reports based on 1987 data: black-owned construction firms had: 1% of sales and receipts, or $2.2 billion 1.9% of firms which had paid employees, or 11,000 1.4% of employees, or 27,000 Most blacks and minorities in construction are laborers. @@Creative Common stereotype - Asians are smart but not creative. z63\clip\2002\12\chinnewt.txt Why Isaac Newton was not a Chinese Prof. Dr. Kenneth J. Hsü Search and Discovery Article #70002 (1999) ETH Zürich Hsü's Retirement Lecture, Delivered June 24, 1994, in Zurich Why was it so difficult for a person of Chinese origin to accept a revolutionary idea? Yes, one can invent paper,... technological innovations, done... not concerned about the philosophical truth. The philosophers were, however, not able to be inventive; they could not rebel against Confucius. That Isaac Newton was not a Chinese is thus not an idiosyncrasy in history, but an inevitability.


See acrime.htm


"Heaven's Gate" Cult Breakdown "The Victims" Newsweek April 7, 1997 p. 33 White 35 Black 2 Hispanic 2 Asian 0 Female 21 Male 18


%%discrimination asian.culture.discrimination \priv\96b\07\japndisc.txt Date: Tue, 9 Jul 1996 15:40:16 -0400 From: (NewsHound) International: Cramming for the Exotic U.S. Workplace Via AP By VALERIE REITMAN. Japanese execs have to be trained to watch for offending on the basis of sex, race, and religion. %%mainstreaming HOW THE ASIANS TOOK OVER AMERICA \clip\97\09\feng\fengshui.txt \clip\97\09\feng\fengshui.asp Feng Shui America The Asianization of popular culture. By Eric Liu (1,165 words; posted Saturday, April 5; to be composted Saturday, April 12) America, alas, has been infiltrated by Asian interests. Only now are we realizing how much Asians have already influenced the system. Even as we speak, powerful forces from the East, through a network of agents, are working to ensure that life here is never the same again.
< h2>@@Dating (also see marry) \doc\94\19\dateserv.wk1 - Dating Services by Race Asians least likely to use dating services W1.00(1.13) B-1.95 H-1.88 A-8.72 doc904\AISMEN.DOC - 1990 hu's on first why asian men lose out \DOC\95\05\AISMEN.TXT doc922:partdate.txt - interpary dating doc923:intrace.txt - high school asian c:\doc\95\02\wmaf1.txt - long internet piece of why WMAF combo is common doc\94\4\priv\asdate.txt imbalance in WM/AF is due to racism and historical imperialism internet article


Asians are the most likely to be dentists, as well as doctors, unlike other minorities. \doc\96\07\dentist.txt Race of Professionally Active Dentists, USA 1996 Index W1.00 B-4.84 H-2.48 A2.15 N-1.13 Dentists W85.0 B 2.8 H 4.1 A7.1 O0.8 W75.3 B12.0 H 9.0 A2.9 O0.8 Rate 1.13 .233 .455 2.44 1.00 Index W1.00 B-4.84 H-2.48 A2.15 N-1.13 Female W10.5 B32.0 H28.0 A28.7 N20.9 All 13.2 New Female W26 B51 H39 A38 N32 Age yrs W47.5 B45.8 H42.7 A42.4 N44.1 All 46.9 Source: American Dental Association, Survey Center "The Demographics of Dentistry" Journal of American Dental Association Sept 1996 p. 1327
@@Diplomat \clip\97\24\diplomat.txt Los Angeles Times Tuesday, October 21, 1997 Asian Americans Scarce in U.S. Corridors of Power Race: Reasons for the void are varied and complex. But observers say government only suffers as a result. By TYLER MARSHALL, Times Staff Writer Pct Rate 0.68% -5.14 Ambassadors 0.74% -4.69 career foreign service officers " Of the 145 ambassadors representing U.S. interests around the world, one is Asian American: William Itoh, in Thailand. No Asian American serves at the level of assistant secretary or above. As of September 1996, five of the 671 highest-level career foreign service officers were Asian Americans, a gain of one in the last 10 years. "


@@Divorce - also see marriage and family structure, main divorce

Asians have the lowest rates of divorce, and high rates of marriage and 2 parent families, which contributes to academic achievement and low rates of poverty despite low per-capita incomes.
Divorce doc\94\6\seaspov2.txt UCLA study on Asian success and poverty asians have lowest divorce rate (3%)


%%international (IMG) \doc\95\07\imgdoc.wk1 - Foreign Doctors Summary: nearly one quarter of doctors are foreign trained, about half of International Medical Graduates come from Asia, mostly South Asia and the Phillipines Source: "Medical Migration and the Physician Workforce" Fitzhugh Mullan, MD Robert M Politzer, MS , Howard Davis PhD JAMA May 17, 1995 p. 1521 In 1963, IMGs were 10% of the physicial workforce, it was 18% by 1970, and is now nearly one in four. According to ECFMG (Educational Commision for Foreign Medical Graduates, 1993, nearly 45% of International Medical Graduates certified obtained undergraduate educations in India, Pakistan and the Philippines. Since 1975, about 25% of all IMGs have come from India. Percent 1970 1980 1985 1988 1991 1992 Total 100.0% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0% US Medical Graduates (1) 81.9% 78.9% 78.0% 78.0% 77.4% 77.0% International Medical Graduat 18.1% 21.1% 22.0% 22.0% 22.6% 23.0% US Born (2) 2.0% 2.4% 3.2% 3.4% 3.2% 3.2% Foreign Born (3) 16.1% 18.7% 18.8% 18.6% 19.3% 19.8% 1 Includes Canadian medical schools 2 US - born citizens only 3 Foreign born includes non-US citizens, naturalized US citizens, unknown citizenship %%patients \doc\96\03\minodoc.txt San Francisco Chronicle May 17, 1996 · Page A26 "Support for Training Minority Doctors" Sabin Russell, Chronicle Staff Writer Study by A team of researchers led by Dr. Miriam Komaromy of San Francisco General Hospital published in New England Journal of Medicine finds that black doctors served areas with 5 times as many blacks as other races, Hispanics served areas with 3 times as many Hispanics. They noted blacks are 7% of doctors vs. 12% of population, and Latinos are 5 vs. 9 population \doc\95\07\minodoct.wk1 - Minority Patients and Doctors Summary: both Black and Asian doctors are much more likely than white doctors to have patients who are minority, even outside their own minority group, the poor, or uninsured. This might be bad for patients, who might get better doctors who are white, or for doctors, who may be getting stuck with worse patients. Source "Physician and Care of Minority and Medically Indigent Patients" Enest My, MD, MPH, Barbara A. Barman, MD MPH. JAMA May 17, 1995 p. 1515 1975 National Abulatory Medical Care Survey found that 87% of visits to black doctors were black vs. 7% of nonblack doctors 1975 Howard University survey of 729 medical school alumni found that among black alumni, 72% of patients were black, 46% were poor Data is based on 1987 National Medical Expenditure Survey (NMES) of 15,000 households Percent of patients with doctor of given race Race White Black Index Asian Index Total 86% 3% 6% Non-Hispanic White 89% 1% 1.00 5% 1.00 Minority 66% 13% 14.57 10% 2.74 Non-Hispanic Black 65% 21% 23.94 6% 1.54 Hispanic 73% 3% 3.47 10% 2.25 Asian / Other 51% 3% 4.31 31% 10.71 Index = Odds ratio, odds of patient group reporting XXX physician relative to non-Hispanic white patients Percentage of patients with doctor of given race Group White Black Index Asian Index Total 86% 3% 6% High or middle inc 87% 2% 1.00 6% 1.00 Low income, or poo 81% 6% 2.83 7% 1.42 Non-Medicaid 87% 3% 1.00 6% 1.00 Medicaid 71% 9% 4.05 11% 2.27 Any Health Insuran 86% 3% 1.00 6% 1.00 Uninsured 81% 5% 1.98 7% 1.2 Index = Odds ratio, odds of patient group reporting XXX physician relative to non-Hispanic white patients Increase in Doctors by Race 1970 - 1980 Race White Black Asian Increase 43% 124% 335%


I don't think it tastes that great myself. Then again, many Asians think it's horrible we eat cows. Now history shows Asians were probably the first to domesticate dogs. Dog YES KOREANS DID EAT DOGS, BUT NOT FOR KILLJOY WESTERNERS \doc\96\08\eatdog.txt "South Korea drops plans for dog slaughterhouses" Seattle Times Dec. 4, 1996 p. A17 North Cheju county on Chuji Island, a tourist island cancelled plans to re-open two dog slaughterhouses after a court ruled that dog meat is "edible food". County officals said there was too much negative opinion. TAIWAN BANS DOG EATING "Man Bites Dog" National Review Jonah Goldenberg Dec 9, 2002 Up to 40% of American households own a dog. Korea Herald observes Korea is moving towards a nation of dog lovers instead of eaters. Taiwain in 2001 banned consumption of dog meat to prove they are more civilized than the mainland where dog is available in markets. z48\clip\2001\02\bigdog.txt Skywave News Service Big dumb dog easy meat for Chinese The Swiss Parliament is to investigate the plight of thousands of St Bernard dogs being bred in China for their meat.


American girls features one doll with Asian hair and eye features. One magazine featured a story of a Japanese American girl with kimono paper doll AVON WILL SELL BARBIE IN CHINA "Avon's New Calling: Sell Barbie in China" Wall Street Journal May 1, 1997 F050197 Mattel won't sell dolls that look Asian, they launched a Barbie in Japan with Asian eyes and a less prominent bustline, but it flopped (actually, she looked more like anime girls). Worldwide, girls prefer the American icon. "International Barbie will remain the well-endowned bombshell that she is in the US and Europe" Mattel made a China Barbie in 1994, but not for 1995. Fisher-Price makes an Asian, Hispanic, and Black doll house family in 1994, but most figures available only in black and white. \priv\95\19\whbarbie.htm BARBIES' UN-HAPPY HOLIDAYS DEMAND AND PRICES SOAR FOR WHITE DOLLS San Jose Mercury News 12/18/95 - White holiday Barbies are sold out, lots of black ones are left. \doc\95\14\ethdoll.txt "Parents Are Toying With Diversity" Wall Street Journal Dec 6, 1995 p. B1 Mattel reports that non-white dolls are 15% of sales but critics respond that's not enough for the 25% of children that are minorities. Critics say they're merely painted, but Mattel has 3 face molds for blacks, two Hispanic, and one Asian mold. A black Asha figure is made for Toys R Us.

@@Dragon boats

\clip\96\04\dragboat.txt Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 09:18:35 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Championship races coming to Bay Area By Heidi Van Zant Mercury News Staff Writer (History of Dragon Boat tradition)


Asians, not whites have the lowest rates of dropout in most school districts, except when there is a high concentration of Southeast Asian refugees.

see drugs.htm




Image of America losing middle class jobs, disaster for persons
of color

- poverty rate down
- median income up relative to white
- net SAT scores higher than white
- home ownership up from 51.4% to 52.1%
- rate of college education up
- rate of high school completion up
- jobs increased despite immigration, mostly among professional
- asians in law school above population


Race in Education see Education Reform see State Assessment see Awards see College see Affirmative Action in College see Testing



\priv\95\08\sfelder.htm - elderly in San Francisco live independently
San Francisco Chronicle 6/30/95

@@Engineering asian

In top schools, whites are not over-represented, or are under-represented because of Asian Americans and foreign students. High Tech Spectrum --------------------------------------------- ACM Turing Award Indian W1.00 B 0.0 H 0.0 I30.0 Westinghouse 93 W1.00 B0.00 H-2.0 A27.92 J22.99 Indian 39.4
* 98 EE Times Survey Indian W1.0 A12.00 98 EE Times Survey Chinese W1.0 A10.71 97 Forbes 100 Indian W1.0 B 0.0 H 0.0 A 6.7 95 Microsoft Interns W1.0 B -3.6 A 6.6 UC Berkeley Eng W1.00 B-2.97 H-3.75 A 5.01 Ch15.0 In7.6 94 EE Times Survey AsianAm W1.0 B-10.9 H-4.89 A 3.94 CIS Scientists US 95 W1.00 B-1.84 H-14.5 A 3.36 Ch3.36 In3.87 ACM Turing Award W1.00 B 0.0 H 0.0 A 1.0 In30.0 Jewish High Tech ----------------------------------------------- ACM Turing W1.00 Js 12.0 97 Forbes 100 W1.00 Jw 3.0 \doc\web\98\06\salary.txt EE Times Salary Survey of 681 US engineers, 3000 questionaires 1998 EE Times survey 79% white 7.5% Chinese vs 0.7% = 10.71 3.6% Indian vs 0.3% = 12.00 %%microsoft \doc\95\11\hookedon.txt In 1995 of 494 college interns, 23.1% were Asian, 7.7% other minorities MS A23.1 M 7.7 W69.2 Pop A 3.5 M28.0 W68.9 Rate 6.6 M-3.6 W 1.0 Whites are _not_ over-represented (they would be if not for Asians) but Asians are. %%population Indians and Chinese strongest, Koreans White! White are _not_ over-represented. \doc\95\14\mathsci.txt Immigrant Engineers and Scientists are More Educated, Better Paid, Have More Skilled Persons Per Population, and Have Better SAT Math Scores than White Natives, Data in Anti-Immigrant CIS study shows. Source: US Census data analysis by "Foreign-Born Scientists, Engineers and Mathematicians in the United States" Oct 1995 by the Center for Immigration Studies (Wash DC) Ranked by Participation per 100,000 - Chinese and Indians top the list at 3-4 times Whites Foreign blacks nearly the same rate as whites. Number Per 100k Index Native Indian 201 2924 4.20 For Indian 10,259 2700 3.87 Native Chinese 4,015 2651 3.80 For Chinese 16,012 2345 3.36 Native Korean 296 1578 2.26 For Japanese 1,503 1139 1.63 Native Japanese 1,950 1128 1.62 For NHWhite 29,370 922 1.32 Native NHWhite 645,500 697 1.00 Native Filipino 928 656 -1.06 For Filipino 3,942 650 -1.07 For Korean 1,982 624 -1.12 Native Cuban 560 620 -1.12 For Black 4,683 554 -1.26 Native Black 45,827 378 -1.84 For Cuban 1,571 326 -2.14 Native Mexican 8,834 283 -2.46 Native Other His 8,542 241 -2.89 For Other His 3,878 241 -2.89 For Mexican 1,180 48 -14.52 \doc\94\17\eesurvey.wk1 EE Times survey EE Times 94 survey W1.00 B-10.9 H-4.9 A3.94 * Aug 1 1994 Electronic Engineering Times p. 37 1994 Worldwide Salary and Opinion Survey 988 surveys tabulated from US, 31,00 mailed US Pop Rate AsianIndian 4.20% 0.33% 12.73 Chinese 7.40% 0.66% 11.21 Asian 13.80% 3.50% 3.94 Japanese 1.20% 0.34% 3.53 Vietnamese 0.70% 0.25% 2.80 Arab/Irania 0.80% 0.45% 1.78 White 80.50% 75.70% 1.06 Korean 0.30% 0.32% -1.07 AmIndian 0.20% 0.70% -3.50 HispMexican 2.30% 11.25% -4.89 AfricanAm 1.10% 12.00% -10.91 Other 1.10% \priv\95\11\eetsurv.htm 1995 EE Times Worldwide Survey As in previous years, about 85 percent of our respondents are native-born U.S. citizens. The other 15 percent were born elsewhere, notably China (1.8 percent), India (1.8 percent), Taiwan (1.7 percent), Vietnam (1.3 percent) Hong Kong (1.2 percent) and the United Kingdom (1 percent). %%income \doc\94\17\eesurvey.wk1 EE Times survey \priv\95\11\eetsurv.htm Immigrants Salaries (groups over 12) mean 1994 1995 overall $59,800 $63,700 China $53,000 $64,700 India $61,600 $69,600 Germany $70,000 Taiwan $66,400 $72,800 Vietnam $56,700 Hong Kong $65,500 United Kingdom $80,300 Note that this follows rule of thumb that Chinese are 2 times more over-represented than Asians in general (3.0 in this case) Data from: ugf92.html#table 8 Population based on census STF3 for age 18 UC Berkeley College of Engineering by Ethnicity compared to Population 1992 CITIZENS & IMMIGRANTS Pop Rate Index Chinese/Chinese-American 3352 157 28.73% 2.83% 10.17 14.97 Korean/Korean-American 1219 36 6.59% 1.04% 6.33 9.31 East Indian/Pakistani 499 21 3.84% 0.74% 5.17 7.61 Asian Subtotal 7069 293 53.61% 11.3% 4.74 6.98 Other Asian 762 47 8.60% 2.53% 3.40 5.01 Japanese/Japanese-American 409 12 2.20% 1.26% 1.74 2.56 Filipino/Filipino-American 786 19 3.48% 2.90% 1.20 1.76 White/Caucasian 7673 164.5 30.10% 44.3% 0.68 1.00 Pacific Islander 42 1 0.18% 0.45% 0.41 -1.66 African-American/Black 1290 10 1.83% 8.0% 0.23 -2.97 Hispanic Subtotal 3078 35 6.40% 35.4% 0.18 -3.76 53% of engineering school was Asian in 1992. Only 30% were white. Although blacks are better represented than whites overall, they are only 1/3 population in engineering, which evidently does not use racial preferences. Source: US Census data analysis by "Foreign-Born Scientists, Engineers and Mathematicians in the United States" Oct 1995 by the Center for Immigration Studies (Wash DC) Ranked by Participation per 100,000 - Chinese and Indians top the list at 3-4 times Whites Foreign blacks nearly the same rate as whites. CIS Scientists US 95 W1.00 B-1.84 H-14.5 Ch3.36 In3.87 Number Per 100k Index Native Indian 201 2924 4.20 For Indian 10,259 2700 3.87 Native Chinese 4,015 2651 3.80 For Chinese 16,012 2345 3.36 Native Korean 296 1578 2.26 For Japanese 1,503 1139 1.63 Native Japanese 1,950 1128 1.62 For NHWhite 29,370 922 1.32 Native NHWhite 645,500 697 1.00 Native Filipino 928 656 -1.06 For Filipino 3,942 650 -1.07 For Korean 1,982 624 -1.12 Native Cuban 560 620 -1.12 For Black 4,683 554 -1.26 Native Black 45,827 378 -1.84 For Cuban 1,571 326 -2.14 Native Mexican 8,834 283 -2.46 Native Other His 8,542 241 -2.89 For Other His 3,878 241 -2.89 For Mexican 1,180 48 -14.52


\doc\95\14\top40.txt @@Eugenics \doc\web\98\08\eug.txt Perfect People's Republic Andy Coghlan chinese geneticists overwhelmingly support the use of eugenics to improve the health of their nation. A survey of 255 geneticists throughout China has shown that most of them favour genetic testing for purposes that their Western colleagues would strongly disapprove of. From New Scientist, 24 October 1998
@@Environment US Environmental Protection Agency's new website on its Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) Initiative? An extensive website for AAPIs to learn about environmental and public health issues, community partnerships, as well as business (grants/contracts), educational, and employment opportunities.


Also see
intelligence and evolution Phillipe Rushton of Canada has this controversial theory that the reason that Asians are smarter than Whites than Blacks is because they are higher up on the evolutionary scale and they appeared last. Also has wierd theories that size of sexual organs is inversely proportional to health, skull size and intelligence. This is widely regarded as racist, but an interesting correlation if nothing else since nearly all the data on this page indicates that Asians tend me be better in almost every point of comparison where blacks are worse, and worse where blacks are better. His explanations are odd, but if correlation isn't neccesarily causation, the patterns are worth noting because his data appears to be correct.


\clip\97\17\neand.txt Seattle Times Company Friday, July 11, 1997
Neandertals are not linked to humans, says study by Robert Lee Hotz
Los Angeles Times

CLOSER TO WHITES OR AFRICANS (They're probably close to whites)
by U Thant 

Pocahontas...) 021797.html
c:\clip\97\04\asiadisc.txt Feb. 17, 1997 Asians or Polynesians got
here first, panelists believe Scientists finding clues to support
longstanding idea 

New York Times June 4, 1996 More Recent Migration of Humans From
Africa Is Seen in DNA Study By KAREN FREEMAN. New evidence is that
common migration from Africa might be as soon as 20,000 years ago.


language links Asians and Native Americans November 8, 1998 [Graphic]
* Speakers formed a single population * Similar words for birch bark
* Evidence of several migrations Merritt Ruhlen of Stanford
University has found compelling similarities between Ket, a language
spoken by just 500 people in remote Siberia, and Na-Dene, a family of
Native American languages.


@@Facial Expression

/clip/98/03/face/face.htm Friday, January 9, 1998 Page: E-1 Emotions
at Face Value; Facial expressions don't always translate between
cultures. One researcher is finding that what means one thing to
Americans can look like something completely different to others.;

Example: 86% of Americans recognized this as anger. The Japanese
identified it as: Disgust: 67.5% Anger: 24.4% Contempt: 4.9% Sadness:
1.6% Fear: 0.8% Happiness:0.8% *


\doc\96\08\chinfarm.txt The Chinese were and still are important farmers in parts of California Date sent: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 15:12:42 -0600 From: "H-Net Exec Director: Richard Jensen" Subject: Chinese garden farms in US The Chinese were very active in farming in the US. Begin with Sucheng Chan's Bittersweet Soil. Almost every large Chinese community had some sort of "vegetable/fruit" garden. Many Chinese "farmers" still have farms in California's Central Valley and grow a variety of products. One of my family's close friends, a third-generation farmer near Walnut Grove (in the vicinity of Locke), just sent me a new variety of garlic he's working on. The Asian pears and grapefruits can also be found in California. In Nevada, Virginia City, Carson City, Tuscarora, and other towns with a Chinese population in the late 19th century have many stories about their "vegetable and fruit peddlers" and "Chinese gardens." Carson City's Chinese farmers even built their own Chinese style water wheel to irrigate the "gardens." Sue Fawn Chung UNLV History Department e-mail: \doc\95\07\farmdisc.txt A group of Mexican- and African-American farmers sued the Agriculture department alleging discrimination in loans. From 1980 to 1992, an Associated press study found African-American farmers received only 51 cents for each dollar loadn to white farmers Seattle Times June 17, 1995 p. A6 Asians #2 after white, but still way behind doc931\farm.xls farm owners by race overall W (1.16)1.00 B-13.1 H-12.9 A-8.8 N-2.4 sales over $10,000 W (1.17)1.00 B-38.6 H-18.7 A-7.2 N-4.4
@@Feminine ARE ASIANS MORE FEMININE? SMALL HIPS AND BREASTS e:\doc\web\99\05\asfem.txt "The fact that East Asians come in last place for both of these characteristics does not bode well for your theory. " asian


\doc\95\05\lafire.wk1 - Los Angeles fire department breakdown \priv\94\19\asinfire.txt - ACLU finds few Asians in LA fire depts DOC922:SJFIRE.WK1 San Jose Fire Department 1992 doc933:FAIRAWK DOC TXT San Jose Firefighter case, Fairness in Diversity FID


doc941\minfire.wk1 - federal firings Minorities are fired at a higher rate than whites, however Asians are not.


Yes, Asians do have some exotic tastes.. %%cats I read a book about Vietnam that said cat was served in soups. %%dog \priv\96b\01\dogchip.txt newshound jun 13, 1996 Strategic Shift: Major U.S. Companies Expand Efforts to Sell To Consumers Abroad Via AP By G. PASCAL ZACHARY The Wall Street Journal "Frito-Lay people in China, after similar tests, ruled out the most popular flavor, dog." %%fugu - a poisinous puffer fish delicacy in Japan \priv\96\17\fugu.txt "Japanese Delicacy Blamed For California Chef's Food Poisining" Asian Week May 24, 1996 p. 9 Fugu, or puffer fish caused illnesses in 3 chefs who smuggled it in from Japan. The CDC says that the delicacy is legal only when properly prepared by certified chefs on special occasions. It causes 50 poisining deaths a year in Japan %%general \doc\95\12\kidlunch.txt "What to pack in kids' lunches" USA Today April 11, 1995 A national survey of 250 mothers by Veryfind products found that they packed the following in the sandwiches for their elementary school children lunches: 44% Peanut butter and jelly 16% Bologna 14% Turkey 6% Cheese 4% Ham \doc\95\04\chinfood.txt "Checking China's Cupboards" USA Today March 21, 1995 Source: Gallup Organization survey of 3,400 households in China Food products most commonly found in households in China 97% Cooking oil or shortening 95% Rice 89% Tea 86% Pasta or Noodles 80% Sugar or Sweeteners 40% Beer or ale %%live killed food \clip\96\03\livefood.txt New York Times August 26, 1996 Cultures Clash in San Francisco Over Live-Animal Food Sales By TIM GOLDEN Animal activists are horrified over sales of live animals for food in Chinatown. %%noodles Noodles are cheap, common food in Asia, much like hot dogs and hamburgers in the US. In some parts of Asia and China, it rivals rice as the staple. Marco Polo brought noodles to the west, where most pasta dishes now comes from Italy. The Japanese have Ramen and yakisoba. The Chinese have chow mein, and broad low mein noodles. The Vietnamese have Pho, which is beef broth with thin noodles and various parts of beef. \priv\96\17\PHOHOA.HTM Boston Globe They're using their noodles to good effect in Dorchester By Linda Matchan, Globe Staff, 05/23/96 Pho Hoa, a small health-conscious Vietnamese restaurant in Dorchester, is a place where Saigon meets San Francisco. It is part of a large Vietnamese restaurant chain in the United States and Canada, based in San Jose, Calif. There are 35 Pho Hoa restaurants, nearly half located in California cities that have large Asian populations. %%sauce file:C:\priv\96\13\SALSA.HTM Sauces Beyond Salsa by Marcia Mogelonsky May 1995
American Demographics Annual spending on Salsa / Ketchup: $10.64 $5.74 Hispanic $ 9.43 $5.70 Non-Hispanic White $ 7.12 $4.26 Asian $ 6.17 $5.70 Black %%seaweed \priv\96b\01\seaweed.txt Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 11:46:09 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Cancer-killing factor discovered in seaweed. Research found people who lived in areas where seaweed was eaten had lower rates of cancer, and found that polysaccharide is the probable ingredient that can kill cancer. index - asian.cancer.drug %%shark fin Wednesday, May 29, 1996 * Page A12 (c)1996 San Francisco Chronicle Thieves Go for Shark Fins in Chinatown Heist 500-pound haul of rare delicacy is valued at $60,000 Glen Martin \priv\96\17\SHARKFIN.HTM


\doc\95\10\asiarnk.txt 1980 census, We the Asian Americans Percent foreign born 1.6 Hawaiian 6.2 US 9.5 Guamanian 10.3 Polynesian 11.8 PacIsld 14.1 Micronesian 28.4 Japanese 35.6 Samoan 58.6 Asian/PI 62.1 Asian 63.3 Chinese 64.7 Filipino 70.4 AsIndian 74.7 Tongan 80.9 Melanesian 81.9 Korean 82.1 Thai 83.4 Indonesian 85.1 Pakistani 90.5 Hmong 90.5 Vietnamese 93.7 Laotian 93.9 Cambodian White Black Hispanic Native Am


One of the few categories of crime that is higher for Asians is gambling.
San Jose Mercury Nearly half of SJ card room income is from Asians "Casinos add Asian touch to attract more gamblers" De Tran, San Jose Mercury News Aug 21, 1993 p. 1A Asians 5x to be arrested as white Total White Black AmInd Asian Gambling 1.79 0.56 7.01 -4.46 5.07


\priv\95\06\GRENTHUM.TXT How many men and women participate in garden work




doc935:racegend.txt Asians are feminine, Blacks masculine
Dr. Kurt Johmann: his chapter "The Gender Basis of the Three Races" from his on-line magnum opus "The Computer Inside You" at Sailer on blacks vs Asians on male-female scale.


The Chinese American Exorcist
\doc\95\14\ghost2.txt \doc\95\14\ghost.doc \doc\web\2000\10\ghost.txt A chinese boy is possessed by a long dead Aunt, they go to Chinatown to get a paper offering house. @@Girl Scout z63\priv\2003\01\gscout.txt Girl Scouts Aims to Update Image local/la-me-scouts20oct20004433,0,2651235.story?coll=la%2Dheadlines%2Dcalifornia from ... 1969 peak of 4 million girls, shifts in race, ethnicity and cultural mores also have depleted membership, to about 2.8 million as of September 2001. About 75% of those members are white. That number includes girls who are not Scouts in troops but participate in Girl Scout-run programs. Nearly 11% are African American, [actually pretty close to population 72% white, 15% black]


Asians favor 24k pure gold for investment 020397.html \clip\97\03\asgold.txt Seattle Times Feb. 3, 1997 Gold rush Price drop stirs interest in acquiring precious metal by Lee Moriwaki Seattle Times business reporter


\doc\94\20\sfadmin.wk1 - Admininstrators in San Francisco by Race Adminstrators W1.00(1.55) B-1.48 H-3.78 A-3.99 Professional W1.00(1.22) B-1.33 H-2.79 A-1.26 Asians and Hispanics are worst represented as adminstrators, Blacks within 1.5


Statistical Brief for Congress: Black Children in America 1993 Sept 1994 CB/94-1 Black children 4 times more likely than whites to live with grandparent (12 vs 3 percent)

@@Greeting cards

\clip\96\02\gretcard.txt 4 Aug 1996 Greeting Card Firms Offer Increasing Stock of Minority-Oriented Cards By Shantana Croom, St. Louis Post-Dispatch


\priv\96b\08\stordisp.htm SF Chronicle 7/16/96 Grocers Win OK To Show More Food on Street. Asian stores were not permitted to display anything but produce on the street, but the law was changed. \doc\94\17\priv\ethgroc.txt - SJM 8/7/94 Asian groceries in Ameircan and other supermarkets in San Jose Of Lucky's 180 stores in Northern California, 12 are considered ''Asian'' and 19 are regarded as ''Hispanic,'' said Decker. Five years ago, such designations didn't exist. Now you can find live fish tanks in the stores in heavily Asian neighborhoods and tortillerias in those located in Hispanic areas.

@@Guns - also see asian.crime.gun

\doc\95\11\gunrace.wk1 Whites are the most likely to own guns Comment - maybe this is why there is so much resistance to gun control? US Gun Owners White Black Other Gun Owners 88% 6% 6% Pop 75% 12% 13% Rate 1.17 0.50 0.46 Index 1.00 -2.35 -2.54 Source: Harper's Index (Time/CNN poll) April 1990


doc923:ashair.txt - asian guy getting perm hair doc935:forguide.txt - hair one-third thicker for japanese


\doc\web\98\08\sloan.txt also anti asian college criteria %%blacks \priv\95\12\philcorr.txt - blacks waged program against Asians in San Francisco housing projects. \doc\95\12\blakdemo.txt "Black Demagogues and Pseudo Scholars" Henry Loius Gates Jr. New York Times July 20, 1992 p. A16 Black hatred against middlemen jews echoes hatred of Asians and Korean shopowners. _asian health_




%%articles Asian Americans in media \images\2010\03\doc\AsianAmericanMedia.pdf - Notes circa 1985 - A message to the media - The Asian Image in children's textbooks - Slant Eyes, Buck Teeth, Yellow Skin Caricatures of Asians Asian American Chronology \images\2010\03\doc\AsianAmChronology.pdf A Brief Chronology of Asians in America compiled by Asian & Pacific American Federal Employee Council, Washington D.C. With Additions by Pacfici Citizen \images\2010\03\ChineseAmNAPAT.pdf National Association for pacific and Asian American Telecommunications (NAPAT) Chinese Americans Japanese Americans Korean Americans Filipino Americans %%Books z54\clip\2001\12\ashist.txt Asian American History's Overdue Emergence Chronice of Higher Education, 1.12.7 By ROGER DANIELS Although Asian Americans have played a significant role in American life for more than a century,serious academic interest in their history is a relatively recent phenomenon. The first generations of professional American historians either ignored them or demeaned them. After Asians were almost totally barred from immigrating to the United States in 1924, successor academic generations began to pay more attention, but they treated Asian Americans as victims of mob violence, unjust federal immigration statutes, and state laws and municipal ordinances limiting such choices as occupation and residence. %%Timeline
Asian American Artistry Timeline Very good. %%california From: Gene Cooper I am writing to announce the launching of the new web page of the Chinese Historical Society of Southern California ( To post to H-ASIA simply send your message to HOMEPAGE %%Chinese Analysis of discrimination compared to other minorities. [[Riot z55\clip\2002\04\pichin.txt z55\clipim\2002\04\23\pichin\pichin.htm The Misadventures of Skukum Kilay, Chapter 13: 'Go Home, John' Thursday, November 15, 2001 By M.L. LYKE SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER REPORTER "On Feb. 7, 1886, a mob headed into the Chinese District, knocking on every door, telling the terrified residents that their building was condemned, that they must leave immediately, that a ship was waiting at the dock to take them away." z45\clip\2000\08\lynch.txt Seattle times April 07, 2000 A Washington timeline: lynchings, lawsuits - and political triumphs 1870s-1880s. Anti-Chinese movements swept the west, murders and lynchings and driving out of Chinese from Los Angeles to Denver. Hundreds of Chinese put on boats and set adrift at sea. 1907 700 Asian Indians forced into Canada. Gov Gary Locke recalls riots in Olympia Wa that were turned back \doc\web\98\06\chinundr.txt Seattle Underground Museum / Gift Shop display Harper's weekly sketches of the 1886 Chinese riots. At one point, martial law was declared to control the mobs. One person was killed and six were injured \clip\97\25\chinwest.tif Seattle Times 10/26/97 p. K13 review of video of tour of history where Chinese were attacked throughout the west. %%Filipino z48\clipim\2001\02\26\Winter2001v2i1.pdf State of WA Comm Asian Pacific American Affairs Filipino Americans by Ryan Minato - largest ethnic Asian group - 20s and 30s run out of Toppenish, harassed in Yakima Valley - 1939 WA supreme court struck down 1937 Anti-Alien land law - arrived as US nationals between 1898-1946 until independence - 1906-1934 arrived as agricultural workers - 1992 Velma Veloria 1st Asian-Am woman legislator - WWII veterans do not get full US benefits. %%historian \priv\96b\05\chinhist.txt Date: Fri, 28 Jun 1996 06:34:23 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Chinese-Americans get a historical voice By Annette Vucinich Connie Young Yu %%Internment (Japanese) Nearly all western states interned all Japanese Americans in camps in WWII even US citizens. Eventually there was financial redress, which has inspired redress for African Americans. The U.S. also interned hundreds of Italian immigrants during WWII by New York Daily News z40\clip\2000\03\census.txt March 17, 2000, Friday National Desk The New York Times Report Says Census Bureau Helped Relocate Japanese By STEVEN A. HOLMES Two scholars say in a new research paper that despite earlier denials, the Census Bureau was deeply involved in the roundup and internment of Japanese-Americans at the onset of American entry into World War II. John Derbyshire raises the question of interning Chinese nationals, justifies WWII internment of Japanese. Tripp says Japanese TV says the internment was voluntary. \clip\99\13\rabmoon.txt July 1999 PBS P.O.V. "Rabbit in the Moon" Emiko Omori's new film, "Rabbit in the Moon," an award-winning selection at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival, reveals a complex, turbulent and intimate story of the World War II Japanese-American internment camps. KENT WA CHERRY TREE GROVE REPLANTED RECALLS JAPAN-AM INTERNMENT Cherry grove recalls sacrifice of Kent's Nissei Seattle Times May 26, 1999 B1 Sara Gonzalez. 24 cherry trees were replanted at Kent's Thomas Academy. 60 years ago, 2/3 of the students were Japanese Americans forced to leave to internment camps, early in 1942 vandals destroyed a grove of cherry trees planted in 1931 by Mat Iseri. zip32\clipim\99\05\27\grove.gif \clip\97\23\japnpark.txt Associated Press. All rights reserved. 10/07/1997 16:17 EST Park Will Honor Japanese-Americans By CARL HARTMAN Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) -- Nearly 120,000 Japanese-Americans -- men, women and children -- were forced into camps far from home at the start of World War II, guarded by armed sentries and barbed wire. The park also memorializes the 25,000 Japanese-Americans who served with U.S. forces during World War II -- at least 3,700 against Japan. \clip\97\16\italian.txt html The Seattle Times Company Thursday, June 26, 1997 WASHINGTON - In a little-known homefront episode of World War II, hundreds of Italian immigrants were put in internment camps, and thousands more - including Joe DiMaggio's father - were forced to move from their homes or subjected to other harsh restrictions. \clip\97\08\orphint.txt Japanese-Americans Orphans tell of World War II internment March 24, 1997 Web posted at: 8:47 p.m. EST (0147 GMT) LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- The injustices of the Japanese-American internment camps of World War II are well-documented, but now a new angle is emerging: that of the interned orphans. CNN's Anne McDermott reports LATIN AMERICANS SHIPPED JAPANESE TO US \priv\97\02\japnlatn.txt AP 11-Mar-1997 Japanese-Latin Americans Seek Justice By LAURA MYERS c:\priv\96\08\manzanar.txt Tuesday April 9, 1996 : Electronic Telegraph "Old conflicts rekindled over museum for Japanese-Americans" By John Hiscock in Los Angeles. Revisionists say there were no guard towers, outraged at museum for alleged concentration camp. \doc\95\12\eurointn.txt - internment of Germans and Italians in WWII \priv\95\10\japnintr.txt - Japanese interment in WWII NYT article %%##Revisionist JAPANESE INTERNMENT CAMPS WERE A LIE? z51\clip\2001\08\lies.htm The Lies Your Professor Told You An Accuracy in Academia Address by Daniel J. Flynn It is claimed that more than 100,000 Americans were interned during World War II. The true figure is 31,265. More shocking than this is that of all those who were interned, half were European-Americans more than 5,600 Japanese Americans renounced their citizenship following Pearl Harbor and an additional 20,000 joined the Japanese war effort. ...had the lowest infant mortality rate and the highest life expectancy rate during the war. Living in the centers was optional – 35,000 Japanese chose to live on their own elsewhere %%southeast Asians \clip\97\02\seaarch.txt Los Angeles Times Sunday, January 26, 1997 The Southeast Asian Archive Web site is at: Preserving Pieces of the Refugee Experience Research: UCI archive of Southeast Asian immigrant history grows into a national resource. By RANDAL C. ARCHIBOLD, Times Staff Writer %%Washington State 200 CHINESE OUSTED FROM TACOMA FOR PROSTITUTION, OPIUM IN 1835 z55\clip\2002\02\tacchin.txt Seattle Times July 4, 2001 Tacoma shouldn't waste money on Chinese shrine letter by Ramona Viggers Shelton "the Chinese ran prostitution dens .. workers have uncovered caches of opium"



asian holiday new years doc942\priv\mickey3.txt chinese new years taken off Christmas balancing act \clip\97\29\chribal.txt Tacoma News Tribune A Christmas balancing act: Schools seek middle path in deciding holiday's role in classrooms Diversity emphasis satisfies some, but others say religious aspect is either unfairly limited - or overplayed Kris Sherman; The News Tribune


%%feng shui file:C:\priv\96\13\ASHOME.HTM Asian Homebuyers Seek Wind and Water by Dan Fost June 1993 American Demographics Imagine a curving path leading to a house nestled in the hills. In the backyard glistens an ornamental pool. The house doesn't sound like it would be hard to sell to anyone. But it is especially appealing to Asian homebuyers. Those qualities, along with many others, translate into feng shui--literally, "the wind and the water."

@@Home insurance

c:\clip\96\02\relaxhm.txt 8/14/96 Relaxing Standards for Homeowner Policies in Minority Areas By CLIFF EDWARDS AP Business Writer CHICAGO (AP) -- The Allstate Corp. says it has relaxed it standards for minority city dwellers seeking comprehensive homeowner insurance policies, but a fair housing group said Wednesday it sees no evidence changes have occurred. \clip\96\02\homeins.txt Date: Fri, 2 Aug 1996 00:45:42 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Housing Discrimination By Home Insurers Allstate, Nationwide By DARLENE SUPERVILLE. Housing advocacy group claims insurance companies refuse to insure homes in minority areas.

@@Home ownership

\clip\96\02\blakhome.txt Date: Wed, 14 Aug 1996 22:16:30 -0400 Federal and Local Program Aims to Increase Home Ownership for Blacks By Pamela Yip, Houston Chronicle Knight-Ridder/Tribune Business News 70% of white households own homes vs. 43% of blacks.

@@Hotel owner

- many small hotels are owned by South Asians.

@@Hotel worker

\doc\95\06\hotel.txt Michael Lichter UCLA Department of Sociology Statistics for the County (pardon my ugly SAS table): LOS ANGELES COUNTY, EMPLOYED ADULTS, AGES 16+, HOTELS AND RESTING PLACES U.S. CENSUS OF POPULATION, PUBLIC USE SAMPLES MAJOR GROUPS YEAR Frequency | Percent | Row Pct | Col Pct |1970 |1980 |1990 | ------------+--------+--------+--------+ WHITE NB | 12000 | 10120 | 10066 | | 57.14 | 37.48 | 25.88 | ------------+--------+--------+--------+ WHITE FB | 2300 | 1660 | 1692 | | 10.95 | 6.15 | 4.35 | ------------+--------+--------+--------+ HISPANIC NB | 1800 | 1640 | 2293 | | 8.57 | 6.07 | 5.90 | ------------+--------+--------+--------+ HISPANIC FB | 2500 | 8420 | 16847 | | 11.90 | 31.19 | 43.32 | ------------+--------+--------+--------+ BLACK NB | 2100 | 2400 | 2750 | | 10.00 | 8.89 | 7.07 | ------------+--------+--------+--------+ BLACK FB | 100 | 120 | 131 | | 0.48 | 0.44 | 0.34 | ------------+--------+--------+--------+ ASIAN NB | 0 | 440 | 695 | | 0.00 | 1.63 | 1.79 | ------------+--------+--------+--------+ ASIAN FB | 200 | 2000 | 4184 | | 0.95 | 7.41 | 10.76 | ------------+--------+--------+--------+ OTHER NB | 0 | 180 | 208 | | 0.00 | 0.67 | 0.53 | ------------+--------+--------+--------+ OTHER FB | 0 | 20 | 23 | | 0.00 | 0.07 | 0.06 | ------------+--------+--------+--------+ Total 21000 27000 38889 Between 1970 and 1990, native born whites declined from 57% to barely 26% of the workers in the industry, a huge drop, while native born blacks declined from 10% to 7%, and immigrant Latinos jumped from 12% to 43%. If anyone was being displaced, it would be native whites, right? I don't know the industry well, but I would guess that most of that was replacement, as in ethnic succession, not displacement. This is typical of immigrant-dominated industries in the Los Angeles area. If you pick the top 10 industries by percent immigrant in 1990, in nine of them immigrants were over-represented in 1970, and none of them had an above-average percentage of black workers in 1970.

@@House, housing

@@Hug BEING JAPANESE MEANS NEVER HAVING TO SAY I LOVE YOU Japan hugs it out, uneasily By Iva Skoch TOKYO, Japan--Michiko Odajima has been happily married for 36 years to a man who meets the criteria for a successful traditional marriage here: He loves her and provides for her. .. .But there's one thing she yearns to change about her husband. "He never says 'I love you.' Never!" she said. "Japanese men never say it." Is it still awkward to hug people in Japan? June 16, 2009 Best Answer - Chosen by Asker Yes, people here do not hug. No Carl it is not because they are conservative, it is because in Japanese culture such displays of emotion are frowned upon. You say 'still' as if it is something that is bound to change, that hugging is somehow better, but this is not necessarily the case. Not even all Westerners like to hug anon e-mail observation 2011: about 15 or so years ago, my wife and I noticed something that has not been remarked upon here in Japan. Japanese (not married couples) have started to hug each other. Previously, it was unthinkable. But somehow, perhaps through the gateway of show biz people who were imitating their Hollywood idols, a small group of Japanese started hugging each other to show mainly a feeling of congratulations. This seemed to spread to sports people. Then we noticed that ordinary citizens were starting to do it, and not just young people. Older people, who had never hugged or even seen a person hug in their younger years, started doing it

@@Human development

There was a report that said that American human development of blacks lagged whites, but did not report that Asian Americans are MORE developed by most measures than American whites, mainly because of better health and education. "Living Standards" Economist June 21, 1997 p. 108 Human Development Index shows Canada #1, France #2 and US #3, Japan #4, but Canada is #8 in GDP per head, France is #15. \priv\96b\08\humdev2.txt Date: Tue, 16 Jul 1996 04:39:09 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Canada, U.S., Japan have world's top living standards NEW YORK, July 15 (Kyodo) -- Canada, the United States and Japan have the world's top three living standards in health, education and purchasing power, according to a U.N. report released Monday. (But Japan lags in women ranking because of high costs, low college rate, and women differential in education, costs) \priv\96b\08\humdev.txt Date: Mon, 15 Jul 1996 06:37:07 -0400 From: (NewsHound) -- Nations: U.N. survey finds the schism is hardening between haves and have-nots. By Barbara Crossette UN Human Development index rates Canada with the most advanced overall human development, followed by the United States, Japan, the Netherlands and Norway. Out of of 174 countries, Russia ranks 57th, China 108th and India 135th. Africa south of the Sahara dominates the bottom. \priv\95\10\womndevl.txt - United States ranked as number 2 in human development after Canada in 1995 by United Nations, but slips way down if weighted to reflect disparities between men and women. \doc\95\04\humndev.txt - Asian Americans should be #1 worldwide, not white Americans. Blacks 31, Hispanics at 35
@@Identity "It's time to move beyond the shackles of ethnicity" David Brewster Seattle Times June 26, 1998 p. B6. Eric Liu authored "The Accidental Asian" who argues that you don't have to be ethnic, if whites have a choice, why not Asians. Also Newsweek review, says that Jews didn't just assimilate, they also changed the majority culture , as did blacks. Just grow up, don't turn your ethnicity into a prison. \doc\index\immig.txt">

@@Immigration - see \doc\index\immig.txt



also see poverty

@@Indian / Asian Indian / South Asian


%%Buck Teeth z46\priv\2000\11\new1129.txt z46\clip\2000\11\wong.txt June 26, 2000, 1:02 PM PDT [The Industry Standard] Mr. Wong Just Not Right, Critics Say's Asian cartoon character draws cries of racism from activist groups. Wednesday November 29 12:03 PM ET Icebox Inc. sells series to Fox, will cut staff LOS ANGELES(Reuters) - Icebox Inc., a creator of Web-based entertainment, said Wednesday it has licensed its ''Zombie College'' series to Fox Broadcasting Co., marking the first time that a series created for and premiering on the Internet has been purchased by a major television network. NATIONAL REVIEW WITH BUCKTOOTH ASIANS \clip\97\08\natrev.txt AP 20-Mar-1997 Asian Groups Decry Magazine NEW YORK (AP) -- Asian-Americans are outraged at the latest cover of the National Review magazine, which depicts Bill and Hillary Clinton bucktoothed with narrow eyes and wearing stereotypical Chinese clothing. \clip\97\08\cover\acon3-20m.htm web page with picture %%Cartoon Charlie (Mr Magoo's houseboy) used to have awful Chinese accent, he's been redubbed into an American southern accent Mr. Wong on Mr. Wong Created By: Pam Brady and Kyle McCulloch The touching and heart-warming story of a girl and her eighty-five year-old Chinese houseboy. Love and loss abound. Drawn in yello, but doen't look very Asian. If loving this is wong, I don't want to be white. %%Chinese
Impolite Chinese words for foreigners Ju1 bah1 jieh4 pig ( female expression for a uncouth and nasty male ) Suh4 lang2 colored wolf ( male sexual pervert or sex fiend ) da4 bi2 zi ren "big-nosed-person". %%Clothing AMBERCROMBIE: TWO WONGS CAN MAKE IT WHITE z55\clipim\2002\04\asian\asian.htm Abercrombie pulls 'racist' Asian theme T-shirts April 19, 2002 Posted: 2:54 AM EDT (0654 GMT) carry caricatures of slant-eyed Asians in conical hats along with such slogans as "WONG BROTHERS LAUNDRY SERVICE: TWO WONGS CAN MAKE IT WHITE" and "WOK-N-BOWL -- CHINESE FOOD AND BOWLING." "It is not and never has been our intention to offend anyone," MALKIN - ASIANS CAN DO NO WONG? z55\clipim\2002\05\02\malkin\malkin.htm Who could market such insensitive clothing? Surprise, surprise. The makers of these T-shirts are young Asian entrepreneurs. It's okay to cash in on the Wong thing - as long as you aren't white. %%Costume OBE CHINE CHINESE MAN COSTUME IN BAD TASTE? \clipim\99\08\16\obe.efx International Examiner - A "historic" piece of art is history July 1999 \doc\web\98\08\cman.txt See the Picture 'It as clear we live in different worlds' ObaChine ownder claims censorship over print. Scan of print and Wolfgang Puck and Barbara Lazaroff. Seattle Times March 12, 1998 p. B1 \clip\98\06\oba3.txt Conflict over print: `We live in different worlds' by Hugo Kugiya Seattle Times staff reporter March 12, 1998 \clip\98\02\obachin.txt html Posted at 06:15 a.m. PST; Tuesday, March 10, 1998 Michelle Malkin/Times staff columnist America is abundant land of equal-opportunity insult American Beats Kwan - MSNBC ACURA SALESMAN FIRED FOR INSULTING CHINESE \doc\web\97\08\lcwang.txt The San Francisco Chronicle, Saturday, October 4, 1997 . Page A13 Salesman Fired after Racial Slur Colma car dealership apologizes for incident \doc\web\97\08\acura.txt Original email complaint. \priv\95\15\radapolg.txt - radio station apologizes for making fun of Chinese %%Internet \clip\98\17\rushtown.txt Anti-Asian rants rile netizens November 17, 1998 OPINION By Wyn Hilty Orange County Weekly "As difficult as it is to believe, there are people out there with nothing better to do than try to disrupt Usenet newsgroups. These strange, parasitic beings are known as "trolls," [rushtown] %%Music z41\clip\2000\05\yellowfev.txt Yellow Fever by the Bloodhound Gang Chinky chinky bang bang I love you (it gets a lot worse...) thanks to tip from Calvin Chen "Turning Japanese" by the Vapors z41\clip\2000\05\turnjapn.txt %%Star wars \zip\zip36\clipim\99\08\16\staras.efx International Examiner are Asians intergalactic trade villians July 1999?

@@Integration, education

DOC922:INTEG.DOC busing, cerritos, ravenswood, Kozol, black income, simi valley,orrfield, newton,renton,Lowell, boston,san jose state president, san francisco schools superintendent
seg.txt 1994 US News Compuserve report on city and school segregation

@@Integration, housing

ASIANS SEGREGATED IN SAN JOSE (BUT IS THIS BAD? FOR WHOM?) San Jose Mercury News, February 3, 1997 FOR LATINOS, ASIANS, MORE SEGREGATION REPORT SHOWS SAN JOSE A LEADER IN THE TREND By Ken McLaughlin Mercury News Staff Writer c:\doc\97\02\svseg.txt Segregation in Silicon Valley Computed on a scale of 0 mixing to 100% segregated Hispanic (increase) Year Index 70 40 80 45 90 48 Asian (increase) 70 25 80 30 90 39 Black (decline) 70 61 80 49 90 43 Source: Douglas S. Massey professor of sociology University of Pennsylvania


IQ and intellectual / cognitive ability @@Intermarriage See marry.htm

@@Internet resources

\clip\96\02\scaafaq.htm SCAA FAQ by Bryan Wu

@@Internet Access

ASIANS HAVE HIGHEST RATE OF INTERNET ACCESS, BLACK/HISPANIC CRISIS? Study: 'Digital divide' affects school success Kids with home computers more likely to graduate From eSchool News staff and wire service reports December 12, 2005 "Access to a home computer increases the likelihood that children will graduate from high school, but blacks and Latinos are much less likely to have a computer at home than are whites, according to a study by a researcher at the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC). " Robert Fairlie, associate professor of economics at UCSC. His findings appeared in the October issue of the Economics of Education Review. Among children, slightly more than half of all black and Latino children have access to a home computer, and about 40 percent have internet access at home. By comparison, 85.5 percent of white children have home computer access, and 77.4 percent can use the internet at home. Asians have home-computer and internet-access rates that are slightly higher than white rates (77.7 and 70.3 percent, compared with 74.6 and 67.3 percent).


\priv\95\19\vietisra.txt "Vietnamese in Israel aspire to assimilate" San Jose Mercury News 12/14/95. Vietnamese accepted as refugees have children who speak Hebrew better than Vietnamese. ``The younger people want to become completely Israeli at all cost, so they even become impolite and lazy like Israelis. They don't want to work hard like we do,'' Fong said.


The Japanese Americans have risen from a disadvantaged minority before WWII to one of the most developed and assimilated groups among Asians Americans.
Yahoo Japanese Search %%History z54\clip\2002\01\japanhi.txt Debunking Japan's Myths of Its Exceptional Self NYT January 15, 2002 By HOWARD W. FRENCH James L. McClain, in his sweeping and vigorously told new book, "Japan: A Modern History," debunks these cherished myths. [ one noting the intelligence and fine manners of the peasants, wrote, "They are superior not only to other Eastern peoples but also to Europeans as well."] Balch Institute--The Japanese American Experience The University of Washington Libraries has created a website, The Japanese American Exhibit and Access Project: This project includes archival guides to pertinent collections in the UW Libraries Manuscripts & University Archives Division, a selective bibliography of books, a section on the Japanese Canadian internment experience and an online exhibit on Camp Harmony, the Puyallup Assembly Center. The Camp Harmony exhibit includes the full-text of all 12 issues of the camp newsletter, numerous photographs and drawings, and selections from government reports, camp documents and letters. %%Internment THE INTERNMENT (TM) Z82\clip\2004\08\defint.txt Rethinking the Japanese-American internment 2004-08-07 by Michelle Malkin Mon, 9 Aug 2004 17:00:55 EDT steveslr Sailer: On Michelle Malkin's "In Defense of Internment" On Michelle Malkin’s "In Defense of Internment" By Steve Sailer All the documenting links are at _ ( August 08, 2004 Friday, August 6, 2004 Book defends WWII internment of Japanese Americans, racial profiling By JOHN IWASAKI SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER REPORTER %%Nation of Japan "jstrocch" notes: A good start for statistical comparisons would be this publication: Japan: an international comparison Japanese has one of the most restrictive immigration in the OECD Net migration rate (no migrants per 1,000 population) 0.00 Rank: 25 (Mexico has smallest - a net drain - on the money Steve Sailer!) And one of the highest average IQ Regression Analysis of Real GDP Per Capita 1998 on IQ for 58 Countries (Italy has the highest EU IQ - Italians do it better - Forza Italia!) And the highest ratio of robots to population Industrial-Use Robots in Operation Japan 402,212 54.2% And the highest household per capita income (outside mini-states). 32,600 Rank: 5 And one of the lowest Gini Co-efficients. Gini coefficient (income distribution) 26.0 Rank: 16 And one of the lowest crime rates. Homicide (deaths per 100,000 population) 0.6 Rank: 24 "England and Wales top crime league",2763,441810,00.html And the highest life exectancy Life expectancy at birth (total population) 80.91 Rank: 1 And a lowish fertility rate. Total fertility rate 1.42 Rank: 21 And a lowish teenage birth rate Teenage birth 4.6 Rank: 27

@@Jewish, comparisons

Asians compared to Jews -
see chart on over-representation page Asians have been compared with the Jews as the new overachieving group, but it appears that only the top Asian ethnic groups are really comparable, the Japanese, Indians, and Chinese.

Another group with a 50% college rate, high IQ, and 2-3% population are the gays, but both Jews and Gays are very liberal and vote at rates approaching unity, wheras Asians tend to be a bit more conservative than the general population, and vote at very low rates. Asians are highly represented as engineers and doctors, as are Jews, but only at parity among new law students, and far below parity in the law profession.

It is very difficult to find numbers of Jews. One reason is that Jews have successfully lobbied NOT to be included in US Census breakouts, however there are private surveys, the SAT, which records religion data, and it is often possible to pick out likely jewish persons by surname in awards lists.

Jews generally score higher than Asians, but the advantage is smaller or disappears if compared against Chinese or Indians broken out separately. Jews are proportionally stronger than the Japanese in he Westinghouse Talent Search, but less than the Chinese and Indians.

Where the big differences are that Asians vote at the lowest, Jews the highest rates, and Asians are among the most conservative, but Jews the most liberal. In IQ, Jews are higher than Asians overall, but not so far ahead of the Chinese or Indians.

In the Ivy League, one survey would put Asians behind, but the Chinese ahead of Jews. When broken down by religion, no group scores higher than the Jews in combined SAT, except Hindu Asians, mostly Indian, who scored about the same. Asians overall scored slightly ahead of whites, and are hurt by relatively poor verbal scores.

"you will never, ever match us
European Jews in IQ or power" Montoya challenges Asian claims to
high performance compared to Europeans.
IQs of over 130 are 7 times more likely to be found in European
populations than in East Asian populations.  China has a lower GNP
per capita than Morocco, and accounts for only 2% of Noble Prize
winners. China accounts for less than 6% of the world's GNP, and only
1/2 of its population are literate.  China has 1 billionare, Japan
has 23, the USA has 276.  Europe and North America are the only
places on Earth were % of global GNP exceeds % of world population.

MIchael Barone has new book "The New Americans: How the Melting Pot
Can Work Again.
'We Have Been Here Before: Similarities between Irish, Italians and
Jews then, nad blacks, Latinos and Asians Now" George F. Will
Newsweek June 11, 2001 p. 64 East Asians like East Euro Jews, "people
of the book" mandarin vs. Talmud. By 1940s when most Jews were
am-born, Jews were more affluent than most American. Asians continued
academic succsses continue to astonish and provoke disgraceful quotas.
Irish and Italians seen as low races, 80% of Latino males work, higher
than anybody.

Bizzare claim that China is one of the lost tribes of Israel

Time 25 Most Influential People

1997: 21 White 3 1/2 black,
1/2 Asian, no hispanic, 4 Jews Albright, Rubin, Weinstein, Weil

 N    %   Pop  Index
21   84%  72   1.16 W/Avg
 4   16%   2   6.89
3.5  14%  12   1.00 Black
21   84%  72   1.00 White
0.5   2%  3.5 -2.00 Asian
 0    0   11.0 0.00 Hispanic
Analysis by Arthur Hu

1996: \priv\96\20\time25.txt Of Times's top 25 in June 1996, 5 are
black.  That's 1.5 times better proportionally than Whites, no Asians
or Hispanics were named. 4 Jews - michael hammer, calvin Klein, Jerry
Seinfeld, Ed Witten "Ed Witten( "Marcello M. Pavan"
 writes a huge mind in theoretical physics) and
Chomsky, for example, hardly hate themselves for being Jewish. "

Summary: W1.00 B1.50 H0.00 A0.00
Blacks disproportionately Most Influential by Time

 N    %   Pop  Index
20             1.11 W/Avg
 4   16%   2   7.20
 5   20%  12   1.50 Black
 0   80%  72   1.00 White
 0    0   3.5  0.00 Asian
 0    0   11.0 0.00 Hispanic

Analysis by Arthur Hu


IBM Deep Blue Team 2
Chinese, 1 Canadian, 2 likely Jewish (Brody, Benjamin), so 80% of the
team is made up of people who are 3% of the population, there is no
record of how many "canadians" there are. There are twice as many Jews
as Chinese, so that puts Chinese at 2X the representation rate of Jews,
which is 40% vs. 2% population.

\doc\web\96\07\benywong.txt Nathaniel Weyl in his book *The Geography
of American Achievement Intellect* has worked out performance
coefficients which involves the analysis of surname frequencies in
Who's Who in America, American Men and Women of Science etc., and
found that different ethnic groups score differently. (Formula =
frequency of surnames in reference works divided by frequency of
surnames from social security lists.) A coefficient of 200 means that
an the ethnic group is represented twice as often amongst high
achievers as would be expected from the population numbers alone.

Occupational coefficients:
Jews -       488  1.00
Japanese -   391 -1.24
Koreans      375 -1.31
Chinese -    271 -1.80
NW European -100 -4.88
Hispanic - 10
Black - 9

Since the above makes use of samples derived from middle aged and the
elderly, academic coefficients, which would predict *future*
occupational coefficients, are also calculated and provided by Weyl.

Academic coefficients:
Koreans - 1411  4.16
Chinese - 1097  3.23
Jews -     339  1.00
Japanese - 218 -1.55
NW European 53 -6.39
Hispanic -  10


Scholastic and Occupational Achievement

The Toronto Star, on Feb 11th, 1995, published the following data on high school 
achievement of various ethnic groups. It shows that Asians and Jews are groups 
that achieve the most in high school. The following percentages correspond to 
those who achieve over 70% in both English and in Math at the advanced level. (The 
Ontario system streamlines students into three groups: basic, where students are 
up to 2 years behind when there are in grade 8; general, where students do not 
expect to go to university; and advanced, where most students intend to have some 
college or university education. The following data are collected for the advanced 

Korean - 44%             1.05
Jewish - 42%             1.00
Chinese - 41%           -1.02
Indo-Chinese - 31%
Anglos/NW Europeans - 26%  -1.61
Iranian - 25%
Tamil - 19%
Portuguese - 16%
Canadian born blacks - 16%
Latino - 13%
African born black - 13%
Caribbean born black - 9%

The following shows those who are failing (<50%) or are falling behind in credits at 
the advanced level, broken down by ethnic groups:

African Black - 39%
Latino - 38%
Canadian born black - 35%
Portuguese - 33%
Caribbean born black - 32%
Iranian - 30%
English - 25%   -1.92
Tamil - 22%
Korean - 15%    -1.15
Jewish - 13%     1.00
Chinese - 12%    1.08

Westinghouse Talent Search
Rate  Group
71    Chinese   3.08
39    Indian    1.69
27    Asian     1.17
23    Jews      1.00
19    Japanese -1.21
 1    White    -23.0

Analysis by Arthur HU

USA Today Feb 6, 1997 p. 6D
Rank by Population Rate
USA Today College Academic Team

                Number  Pct     US Pop  Index    JIndex
South   Asian          2   10.0%   0.40%   27.92  3.98
        Jewish         3   15.0%    2.0%    7.00  1.00
All     Asian          4   20.0%    4.1%    5.50 -1.27
East    Asian          2   10.0%    2.4%    4.75 -1.47
        Black          3   15.0%   12.1%    1.38
        Total         20  100.0%  100.0%    1.12
        White         13   65.0%   72.6%    1.00 -7.00
        Hisp           0    0.0%   11.3%    0.00

House Vote Asians most
conserv, Jews most liberal

Voting Rate

Asians are the least likely, Jews are the most likely to

d:\doc\95\12\vote94.wk1 - House Vote in 1994 NYT Poll                   
"Portrait of the Electorate: Who Voted for Whom in the House"                  
New York Times Nov 13, 1994 p. 15 Based on various New                  
York Times polls of 5,000 to 10,000 voters in each year                 

Rate ranked by Group
Vote vs Pop     Voted    Pop      Rate     Index
Jewish               4%     2.0%     2.00     1.84
Gay/Lesb/Bi          3%     2.0%     1.50     1.38
White               79%    72.5%     1.09     1.00
Black               13%    12.0%     1.08    -1.01
Catholic            29%    28.0%     1.04    -1.05
WhiteProtestant     41%    40.2%     1.02    -1.07
White Born-Agai     20%    29.0%     0.69    -1.58
Hispanic             5%    10.8%     0.46    -2.35
Asian                1%     4.0%     0.25    -4.36

Pop sources:
US Census, CUNY, Gallup poll. Gay estimated at 2%

             Jews  115   1.00
Chinese/ Indians   110  -1.05
             Asian 104  -1.10
             White 100  -1.15

1990 Census 4 yr College
Indians 58%  1.23
Jews    47%  1.00
Chinese 41% -1.14
Asian   38% -1.23
White   21% -2.20

"Asian American's Prosperity" Ramon McLeod San Francisco Chronicle
Jan 13, 1994 p. A3 The nationality with the highest college
education is Russian at 48% vs. 20% average with 4 yr degree.

Ivy League Rep vs. population:
Chinese 11.0   1.10
    Jew 10.0   1.00
  Asian  5.7  -1.75
  White  1.0 -10.00

  • HS grad HSG D/O Jew 92.0 8.0 1.00 Japanese 87.5 12.5 -1.56 Indian 84.7 15.3 -1.91 White 77.9 22.1 -2.76 Chinese 73.6 26.3 -3.28 Combined Math / Verbal SAT 1030 Jewish 1.00 1029 Indian Hindu 1.00 938 Asian -1.09 934 White -1.10
  • US population, 1995 2% Jewish (and falling) 3.5% Asian (and rising) Household Income Indian $44,696 1.20 Asian $37,000 1.00 Jewish $37,000 1.00 White $31,672 -1.17 "Asian American's Prosperity" Ramon McLeod San Francisco Chronicle Jan 13, 1994 p. A3 The nationality with the highest median income is $58,826 for Russians, mostly Jewish. Engineering Relative particpation rate Number Per 100k Index Native Indian 201 2924 4.20 For Indian 10,259 2700 3.87 Native Chinese 4,015 2651 3.80 For Chinese 16,012 2345 3.36 Native Korean 296 1578 2.26 For Japanese 1,503 1139 1.63 Native Japanese 1,950 1128 1.62 For NHWhite 29,370 922 1.32 Native NHWhite 645,500 697 1.00 (no figures available for Jewish, but likely exceeds the Chinese)
    \priv\96b\05\jews2nd.htm  Slate 6/26/96 Jews in Second Place:
    When Asian-Americans become the "new Jews", what happens to the Jews? 
    Nicholas Lemann
    \priv\96b\08\newjew.htm Asian Week June 28, 1996 Seattle Times July
    15, 1996 Mazel Tov to You!  Here's to us, the New Jews! Emil
    Guillermo says that many Asians look more like the new blacks.


    NEW JOURNAL PREMIERS JANUARY 1998 The JOURNAL OF ASIAN AMERICAN STUDIES John M. Liu and Gary Y. Okihiro, Editors The official publication of the Association for Asian American Studies, the _Journal of Asian American Studies_ (JAAS) will explore all aspects of the Asian American experience. The _Journal_ will publish original works of scholarly interest to the field, including new theoretical developments; research results; methodological innovations; issues of pedagogical concern; and book, media, and exhibition reviews. In providing a much-needed outlet for consistent, high-quality scholarship, _JAAS_ will feature contributions that articulate Asian American Studies both within the various disciplines that constitute the field and/or contribute to it as an interdisciplinary, distinctive, scholarly pursuit. The Journal will be published three times a year by the Johns Hopkins University press. It will be available by subscription or free with membership to the association. For more information or to be put on a mailing list to receive further information as the publication date approaches, please email or write to me with your name, address, phone, email, etc. to: Barbara Caplan, The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2715 North Charles St., Baltimore,MD21218.

    @@Labor force participation

    doc\95\12\asiark90.wk1 Only Cambodians and Hmong substially lower than whites. Persons 16 years old and over, 1990 Labor force Participation Group Index Melanesian 75.6 1.16 Filipino 75.4 1.15 Asian Indian 72.3 1.11 Guamanian 72.2 1.10 Micrones 71.6 1.09 Thai 71.4 1.09 Hawaiian 71.2 1.09 OtherPI 70.9 1.08 PacIsl 70.1 1.07 Polynes 69.6 1.06 Tongan 68 1.04 Asian / PI Tota 67.5 1.03 Asian Total 67.4 1.03 OthAsian 66.0 1.01 Chinese 65.9 1.01 White 65.4 1.00 United States 65.3 -1.00 Japanese 64.5 -1.01 Vietnam 64.5 -1.01 Samoan 63.7 -1.03 Korean 63.3 -1.03 Black 62.7 -1.04 Laotian 58.0 -1.13 Cambodia 46.5 -1.41 Hmong 29.3 -2.23
    @@Language @@Laundry The two classic stereotypical niches for Chinese were laundries and restaurants where they did compete with whites. In modern times, Koreans ar common in dry cleaning as well "It all comes out in the wash" Smithsonian Sept 1997 p. 84 C. Santiago. The 1st commercial laundry opened in Troy N.Y. in 1837. In 1849, the California gold rush sent clothes to Hawaii to Chinese laundries. In 1851, the 1st Chinese laundry was set up in San Francisco. By the 1880s, Chinese owned and operated 75% of northern CA laundries.




    asian.left-handed Vernon p. 134 There are very few left-handed persons in China, but Japan is much more like whites. Hatta and Nakatsuka (1976) and found that 4.3% of males and 2.25% of females were left handed, compared to Clark (1957) who found that 8% of boys and 6% of girls Japan Scottish Ratio Boys 4.3% 8% 1.8 Girls 2.3% 6% 2.6


    SF CHINATOWN LIBRARY IS THE BUSIEST BRANCH, GETS RENOVATIONS C:\priv\96B\01\CHINLIBR.HTM Chinatown Library Spruced Up Changes include more elbow room, kids' rest room Steve Rubenstein, Chronicle Staff Writer SF Chronicle June 16, 1996. Chinatown is the busiest branch library in the city system which checks out 33,000 books per month. \doc\95\14\libuse.txt "Libraries From A to Z" by Tibbett L. Speer American Demographics Sept 1995 p. 48 Whites, affluent, well educated and the young have the highest rates of library use. (Asians not included) According to a 1991 survey by the National Center for Education Statistics: Adults who used the library in past year all 53% w 56%/1.0 b 42%/-1.3 h 38%/-1.5 children age 3 to 8 w 78%/1.0 b 66%/-1.2 h 59%/-1.3 doc938:berrlibr.mcw - asian books checked out at high rate

    @@Literacy Asian.Literacy

    Goto Literacy

    @@Live Food

    Agreement Reached on Live Food Standards. Merchants SPCA agree on rules for confining, killing animals Bert Eljera Asian Week April 2, 1998 \clip\98\08\livefood.tif Animal Activists Lose on Live Food Kill Ban in San Francisco "Fresh Blood for 'Live Food' Commision" Asian Week May 30, 1997 F060397 \doc\web\97\04\livefood.txt The San Francisco Animal Control and Welfare Commision is only advisory, but then recommended a ban last year on merchants who killed live animals for food at retail. The recommendation went nowhere with the Board of Supervisors, and caused a near-riot at Chinatown hearings. After failing at a political level, animal rights activists have sued a number of merchants for their treatment of live animals.
    @@Malaysia chmalay.txt "Louis R. Andrews" Chinese subject to discrimination, yet have done better than majority population who go for easier subjects and political power.


    asian.manager Asians are less likely than whites to be managers, even in technical fields, but more likely to be in technical fields or professions. SAILER ON BLACK VS ASIAN LEADERSHIP / DATING / PAY
    \doc\web\99\06\masciq.txt Says perceived masculinity may give power to leaders which Asian males don't have. \clip\96\02\asiatop.txt Date: Sun, 11 Aug 1996 06:40:53 -0400 Asians rising to the top By Miranda Ewell Mercury News Staff Writer Some Asians are making it to the top. \doc\96\03\raceunem.txt full text \priv\96\16\ Chicago Tribune May 4, 1996 By Barbara Sullivan, Tribune Staff Writer. "JOBLESS DIP CAN'T ERASE RACIAL GAP FOCUS ON EXECUTIVE LAYOFFS MISLEADING" says that Blacks and Hispanics have low rates of manangement due to low rates of education and training, though this does not apply to better educated Asians. \doc\95\14\healexec.txt CAAP/ OCP Convention, SeaTac WA Nov 1995 According to the American College of Health Care Executives, 1995 Asians were only 273 of 1.3% of 21,621 Health Care Executives, vs. 3.5% of the population. d:\doc\95\11\asiaglas.txt "Asians in Big Three see glass ceiling" Percent chance of engineer becoming a manager by race: White Asian Asian2 Percent 28 18 25 Index 1.00 -1.56 -1.11 White - non Hispanic White Asian - all Asians Asian2 - Asians with equal education, native born, fluent in English Source: 1995 UCLA study by Paul Ong of Commerce Department data on 13,000 scientists and engineers \priv\95\04\asglascl.txt Asians complain of glass ceiling Hard numbers do back up many of the conclusions. Asian-American men born in the United States, for example, are 7 percent to 11 percent less likely to hold managerial jobs than white men with the same educational and experience level, according to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. Median income for Asian-Americans with four years of college education is $34,470 a year, compared with $36,130 for whites, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. "Glass ceiling remains out of reach, panel finds" Seattle Times Mar 16, 1995 pl A7 (Washington Post) The Glass Ceiling Commision 3 yr study concluded that 97 percent of senior managers at Fortune 1000 industrial corporations are white males, only 5 percent of top managers at Fortune 2000 industrial and service companies are women 2/3 of the overall population and 57% of the workforce is either women or a minority \doc\95\02\cens301.txt - Among college-educated year-round, full-time workers, a similar proportion of African American (28 percent) and non-Hispanic White men (30 percent) were employed in executive, administrative, and managerial jobs in 1993. However, the median earnings of these African American men were only 86 percent of comparable non-Hispanic White men ($46,980 versus $54,680) in these jobs. In professional, specialty, and sales jobs, the gap was even wider--around 71 percent. asian/manager/work - doc934:asmanag.txt doc\94\7\sfcitywk.txt Greenlining Coalition reports says 1 in x of each race makes $90,000 per year or more index whites 20 1.0 asian 80 -4 latino 100 -5 black 120 -6 filip 400 -20


    \priv\95\19\manicur.htm 12/18/95 ``Ten years ago, manicurists were 65, 70 percent Caucasian,'' he said. Now, the nail classes at Cox's school are 90 percent Vietnamese.


    \clip\97\30\canal.txt 12/23/1997 17:02 EST Chinese Goods Fuel N.Y. Bargains By VERENA DOBNIK Associated Press Writer (Chinatown has 3rd world cheap goods) doc90:chopsuey.doc - Yellow Pages, Macy's \clip\96\02\minyell.txt 10 Aug 1996 Specialized Phone Books Proliferating in Philadelphia By Ciaran P. McNally, The Philadelphia Inquirer Knight-Ridder/Tribune Business News Aug. 12--While consumers' fingers stroll through the yellow pages, owners of specialized directories are taking off full gallop. Chinese, Spanish, Black, even gays and NASCAR.

    @@Marry - see family structure

    Marriage \clip\96\02\japnmary.txt Date: Fri, 23 Aug 1996 02:07:08 -0400 Shanghai weekly warns women against marrying Japanese SHANGHAI, Aug. 23 (Kyodo) -- A Shanghai weekly paper is warning Chinese women against marrying Japanese in a special report portraying the hardships of married life in Japan and denouncing the thriving marriage broker business. @@Masculinity SAILER ON BLACK VS ASIAN LEADERSHIP / DATING / PAY \doc\web\99\06\masciq.txt Says perceived masculinity may give power to leaders which Asian males don't have.


    \priv\95\10\chinmass.txt \priv\95\10\chinmass.doc "Safe held Chinese-massacre secret, cover-up for century" associated PRESS, Seattle Times WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 16, 1995 B3. 31 Chinese miners were killed by a band of horse thieves in 1887 in Oregon, the worst massacre of Chinese Americans in history.

    @@Migrant workers

    \clip\96\02\filmaid.txt Date: Thu, 1 Aug 1996 17:33:20 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Filipino Maid Convicted of Killing Employer Returns to Warm Welcome By CLARO CORTES. The Philippines has more than 5 million migrant workers, who send back more than $6 billion a year to their families.


    @@Missing children

    d:\doc\94\17\priv\misschil.txt - Chicago Tribune 8/14/94 state police data: among 14-year-olds, the age of kids who are most likely to be reported missing. For every 10,000 white children, 309 are reported missing. For every 10,000 black children, 1,040 are reported missing.Deborah Hinde, executive director of Teen Living Programs, a group that provides emergency shelter for runaways on the North Side, said 56 percent of the 3,000 kids served each year are African-American and 28 percent are white. State police data from two years ago, the most recent available, shows the department recorded 40,268 cases of missing children, a 7 percent increase from 1990. During those years, the number of white children reported missing rose 6.4 percent to 23,095. The number of black children reported missing jumped 7.6 percent to 16,773.

    @@Mixed race


    THE NAACP ESTIMATED THAT AS MANY AS 70 PERCENT OF AFRICAN AMERICANS ARE OF MIXED-RACE BACKGROUNDS MN71431.DTL&directory=/chronicle/archive/1997/04/24&arrows=yes \clip\97\11\mixrace.txt San Francisco Chronicle Thursday, April 24, 1997 · Page A4 Tiger Woods an Emblem for Census Issue Calls for a multiracial category on form gaining momentum Ramon G. McLeod, Chronicle Staff Writer Golfer Tiger Woods' description of his racial background is giving new impetus to calls for adding a multiracial category on the 2000 Census. \priv\96b\03\multrace.txt Classifying by race gets tougher Multiracial Americans clash over their census identities By Margarita Contin Date: Sat, 22 Jun 1996 11:06:22 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Charles Byrd, publisher of the on-line magazine Interracial Voice, if all the people who had mixed heritage identified themselves as multiracial, there would be 6 million such people in the United States. \doc\95\10\mixrace.txt - professor wonders about issues of mixed race

    @@Model minority / poverty z48\clip\2001\03\ausasian.htm Ranbir Singh Malik is a senior master of society and environment Accounting for the Differential Academic Performance: A case of the Chinese-Australian and Anglo-Australian Children An impressive educational performance of children from the East and Southeast Asian countries, settled in the Western World, has captured the imagination of the social scientists How is that Asian students, even in the face of major obstacles related to the structure of school programs, racism, home-school differences and minority status perform on par or better than their mainstream counterparts.? asian c:\clip\97\06\modlmin.txt Asian Americans Spurn Image as Model Minority Christian Science Monitor 8/26/94 THE U. S., NATIONAL, Page 6 \priv\96b\01\succfail.txt Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 09:00:54 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Joseph Dolman: Turning success into failure By Joseph Dolman (Newsday) Why do activists insist on turning the model minority into a model of social failure? doc\94\6\seaspov2.txt.txt UCLA study on Asian success and poverty


    Nationwide, Asians slightly better than whites, Blacks 2X worse than whites, but Asians just as bad as blacks in some categories (over 60k income). Blacks and Hispanics default at higher rates than whites, Asians are unknown.

    \clip\97\07\bankbias.txt AP 5-Mar-1997 20:20 EST REF5945 Copyright 1997. The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. Blacks, Latinos Face Lending Bias \clip\96\04\risklend.txt Date: Fri, 6 Sep 1996 15:12:35 -0400 From: (NewsHound) High-Risk Mortgage Lender Settles Federal Bias Suit ORANGE, Calif. (AP) The Justice Department accused Long Beach Mortgage Co. of Orange of charging fees of up to 12 percent of the loan amount to many blacks, Hispanics, Asians, women and the elderly -- significantly more than to young white men. Comment - the firm denies wrongdoing, and this does not take into account if risks were different for different group which might justify different rates. \clip\96\02\minloan.txt HUD Minority lending data is at

    \priv\95\13\sowell95.txt - ADDING A DOSE OF CANDOR TO IMMIGRATION DISCUSSION by Thomas Sowell Seattle Times May 17, 1995 It may be worth noting that a 1992 study that showed blacks being turned down for mortgage loans more often than whites also showed whites being turned down more often than Asians. \doc\95\02\biasmin.txt - Blacks default 2X whites, Hispanics higher too. "Fed Study Challenges Notion of Bias Against Minorities in Mortgage Lending" Wall Street Journal Albert R. Karr Jan 26, 1995 \doc\95\01\mort92.wk1 - Mortgage rejectin in 1992 A Magazine Vol 3 No. 1 1994 p. 7 Percentage applicants denied bank loans in 1992 HUD figures White Black Hisp Asian 16% 36% 27% 15% Index 1.00 2.25 1.69 -1.07 d:\doc\94\19\mortlend.wk1 - Mortgage Rejection Rates by Race White Black Hisp Asian Percent 15.30% 34% 25.10% 14.60% Index 1.00 2.22 1.64 -1.05 1993, nationwide 15.4 million applications, 9,650 institutions doc934\asmortg.xls Mortgate rejection rates, San Francisco <35K B1.26 H1.4 A-1.4 35-60k B1.5 H1.3 A-1.1 over 60k B1.5 H1.3 A+1.5 <<----- overall B1.5 H1.4 A-1.1 Asians better than white overall, but =black over $60k



    "Don't call them exotic" Northwest Asian Weekly (Seattle) Jun 24, 95 p. 47 - mixed birth girls valued as prostitutes in Korea, otherwise looked down upon - National Center for Health Statistics says 3.2% of births in 94 vs. only 0.7% in 1968.


    %%classical doc939\piano.txt - 7X general population buying pianos in US, half of sales and piano instruction in Santa Clara County see Juliard School see Seattle Youth Symphony
    @@Name From: Newsgroups: soc.culture.asian.american Subject: Re: First Asian American Miss America Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2000 "Asian Surname Rules." GUIDE TO ASIAN LAST NAMES ------------------------- Everybody thinks 'all Asians look alike.' Well, sometimes, but here's sure-fire way to find out an Asian person's ethnicity: Chinese: Last names have few syllables. Chung Chan Hu Mao Japanese: Last names have many syllables, always ending in a vowel. Honda Toyota Kawasaki Korean: Last name is either "Kim" or "Park." Lee Kim Park Hee Vietnamese: Last name is "Nguyen." Thieu Ky Minh Filipino: Last name is in Spanish. Marcos Thai: Last name is impossible to pronounce.

    @@Name analysis

    namesay.txt 18/04/2000 Tuesday-0400, wrote: Nathaniel Weyl's massive studies of achievement in America by tracking last names found that the last names heavily represented in first wave of Chinese immigrants (e.g., the ones who helped build the transcontinental railway) showed fewer accomplishments per capita in the 1980s than the Chinese last names that only appeared in significant numbers in America post WWII NOT ENOUGH NAMES IN CHINA, TOP 5 NAMES COVER 1/3 OF POPULATION \doc\web\clip\97\14\surname.txt [Los Angeles Times] Friday, June 6, 1997 Unusual Names in China Are Unlike Li Nation's top 5 surnames are shared among 350 million people. Increasing confusion over identities threatens chaos. By HENRY CHU, Times Staff Writer " Astonishingly, just 100 surnames now account for nearly 90% of the Chinese population. By contrast, another Asian nation, Japan, boasts more than 70,000 surnames for its 125 million citizens. South Korea, like China, has problems with surnames--three family names are held by 45% of South Koreans--but even the most popular, Kim, covers only about 9 million people. " RAND: Surnames can be used to count Asians and Hispanics for Survey purposes. 13577765 \clip\97\04\surname.txt DOCNO: RP-420 TITLE: Surname Analysis for Estimating Local Concentration of Hispanics and Asians. AUTH: A.F. Abrahamse, P.A. Morrison, N.M. Bolton

    @@Native born

    @@Foreign born

    \doc\96\06\calflang.wk1 - Language in California San Francisco Chronicle 1993 Source: US Census Bureau, Chronicle Research Foreign Born: Total Since 1980 Californians 21.7% 50.4% Bay Area 20.2% 47.4% doc939\asnative.txt in CA W8% H46% A55% foreign born doc937\racelit.txt US sample of test adults W4% B6% H46% A78% foreign-born

    @@Net worth


    doc934\asmlnews.txt Asian male anchors \clip\96\05\surname.txt Playing the Name Game; Newscasters with Anglo-sounding last names are switching to ethnic handles. It gets them work--but some ask if it's ethical.; By: Scott Collins [Los Angeles Times Archives] Sunday, August 18, 1996 Home Edition


    doc934\newspapr.xls - Asians in newspapers doc93A\newspsj.txt - EEOC breakdown on newspaper in SJ by race doc93A\newspapr.* - EEOC breakdown doc93A\newspbay.* - EEOC breakdown doc940\sjreply.txt - reply it's OK for diversity \doc\94\16\priv\minnew.txt - minority newspaper editor


    by Steve Sailer Published in National Review, 8/12/96 In the job market, if you are equal, you are just a commodity. How to succeed in business? Find some niche where your talents and connections aren't merely mediocre but potentially superior, sweat to fortify these competitive advantages, then monopolize the hell out of them. Immigrant groups thrive because they understand acutely the advantages of specialization (e.g., Asian Indians, the most successful of the recent arrivals, manage about half of America's motels). In the sports market, where affirmative action hardly exists, blacks grasp this logic equally well. Blacks don't comprise 12.4% of NBA players, 12.4% of synchronized swimmers, 12.4% of monster truck drivers, etc. Instead, blacks concentrate overwhelmingly on games where they are most apt to possess natural edges. In turn, this narrow focus grants them sizable cultural advantages: growing up amidst a critical mass of players, coaches, and aficionados, black youths can conveniently absorb the needed expertise. By dismissing sports as mere feats of brawn unworthy of intelligent inquiry, liberal intellectuals ironically overlook that black sports success reflects not just physical but, as we shall see, mental superiorities -- Assets that blacks could exploit in other careers, too
    @@Nightclub Seattle's Ragin' Asians Vodka shots, dancing at Venom, and 3 a.m. noodles in the ID: Welcome to Seattle’s “neon tetra fish” nightlife scene. By Erika Hobart published: August 05, 2009 \clip\2009\08\ragin.doc @@Nonprofit zip#28 \images\97\new\apashort.txt .tif "APAs Shortchanged by Nonprofits" Asian Week June 27, 1997 p. 8 National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy found that of $180m in grants that top 124 American corporations awarded to minorities last year, only $4.9 million when to Asian Pacific Americans, of 72,510 grants, 404 went to APA, 65.8% worth lesss than $10,000. Council on Foundations found APAs make "just" 3.7 percent of foundation managerial staff (that's parity!), and 3.5 percent of foundation employees. Only 1.3% of foundation board members were APA, "not sufficient to represent and articulate the interests of the APA community" Asian Pacific American Community Fund, Mabel Teng SF Supervisor found on average, APA nonprofits receive about one-third les money from private and government sources than groups that serve other ethnic communities, and community organizations only get 5 cents for every dollar spent by the City and County of San Francisco. the Foundation Center found that of 133 foundations awarding grants in 1996, only 8 had interest in Asian Pacific Americans.


    Asians in most polls and in most presidential elections are the only group that is MORE conservative than whites. Blacks are generally the most liberal. Jews and Hispanics tend to be liberal as well Gallup Polls: Images of the Chinese and Japanese Related Materials: Impact of War with Asia on Asian-Americans From: Harold R. Isaacs, Images of Asia: American Views of China and India (New York: Harper and Row, 1972), pp. xviii-xix. Copyright 1958 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Reprinted there by permission of publisher and author. The following sets of percentages relating to the Chinese and the Japanese (George Gallup Polls) are taken from a sampling made in 1942, just after Pearl Harbor when the Chinese had become our heroic allies and the Japanese our attacking foes; again in 1966, when the Chinese had long since become the foe and Japan the ally; and most recently again--though regrettably not about the Japanese this time--in March 1972, just after President Nixon's trip to Beijing. The selection of adjectives is as follows: CHINESE 1942 1966 1972 Hardworking 69 37 74 Honest 52 - 20 Brave 48 7 17 Religious 33 14 18 Intelligent 24 14 32 Practical 23 8 27 Ignorant 22 24 10 Artistic 21 13 26 Progressive 14 7 28 Sly 8 20 19 Treacherous 4 19 12 Warlike 4 23 13 Cruel 3 13 9 JAPANESE 1942 1966 Treacherous 73 12 Sly 63 19 Warlike 46 11 Hardworking 46 11 Intelligent 39 44 Brave 24 17 Religious 20 18 Progressive 19 31 Artistic 19 31 Ignorant 16 4 Practical 9 17 Honest 2 9 \clip\99\02\racepoll.txt "CBS Poll: Teens See Less Racism" "Most students have a positive view of affirmative action. Of those polled, 64 percent say it is necessary to have laws to protect racial minorities from discrimination in hiring and promotion, while 72 percent think government affirmative action programs in hiring, promotion, and college admissions should be continued, not eliminated. By contrast, adults are less supportive of continuing such affirmative action programs." \clip\98\09\masspoll.txt From: ADP views_of_Massa chusetts.htm Conflicting views of Massachusetts Poll shows a sharp racial divide over the state of equality By Scot Lehigh, Globe Staff, 06/14/98 Are minorities close to achieving equality in Massachusetts? Are Races a long way apart from whites? W B H A Y 63 51 44 N 33 36 47 Are White equal to... B H A Y 55 48 62 N 37 41 25 (Asians generally fall between Whites and other minorities) Experienced discrimination in past 3 months B33 H33 A25 Government should make "every effort to improve minorities" W26 B46 H56 A38 Minorities should rely on themselves W42 B28 H20 A27 Increase affirmative action W18 B49 H53 A31 Decrease affirmative action W28 B11 H6 A17 Bilingual Education y/n=english only W35/61 B54/43 H81/14 A48/46 Standardized Tests for High School Graduation - W75 A75 B60 H60 "Asian Americans on the Issues" Asian Week Aug 23, 1996 p. 14 F050597-2 Poll of voters from California and 4 other states show Asians generally supportive of Affirmative action, but otherwise pretty conservative "swing" voters. \clip\97\11\lapoll.txt Los Angeles Times Tuesday, April 29, 1997 City Still Viewed as Racially Split The Times Poll: Majority of respondents say post-riot despair has faded. But two-thirds believe that race relations remain poor. By JEAN MERL, Times Staff Writer Special Report: Five Years Later Interesting points - In a LA times on the 1992 riots, on almost every issue Asians were the opposite of blacks, being even more conservative than whites on every issue except agreement with the 1992 verdict. Asians ranked nearly as high as whites in perception of unfair economic power, even though whites greatly outnumber Asians, and own nearly all of the largest businesses, but are correctly perceived as politically weak. On the other hand, Hispanics were perceived as very powerful even though Blacks have more voting power and better representation among government officials. Asians 81% were most, blacks 64% least satisfied with their communities. Latino 76% White 73% Asians 40% were least, blacks 75% most likely to say economic opportunity was not good 41% whites, 65% latinos Asians were 2nd most likely to object to 1992 King beating verdict 72% white 65%, Latino 69% Black 83%, but.. Asians least likeley 38% vs. 74% black that verdict was based on prejudice, white 49%, 62% Latino Asians 72% most, Blacks 55% least likely to say that rioting didn't disrupt their lives, white 60% Latino 67% Most believed whites and Asians had the most economic power, with very close point spread between whites and Asians despite the fact that whites have much, much more economic clout than the far less numerous Asians, with political clout going to whites and Latinos, despite the fact that per-capita, blacks have much more representation and voting power than the latinos. Most believed Asians and Latinos were the hardest working, except for blacks, who placed themselves 2nd after Latinos. Asians least 37%, Blacks 75% most likely to say LAPD brutality and is common, whites 38% Latino 61%, similar for racism within the department http://minerva.acc.Virginia.EDU/~postmod/Survey_Home.html 1996 Survey of American Political Culture \clip\97\11\execsum.txt http://minerva.acc.Virginia.EDU/~postmod/Survey_ExecSum.html# anchorExSum5a In 1996 the Post-Modernity Project combined forces with the Gallup Organization of Princeton, New Jersey to conduct one of the most comprehensive surveys ever on American political culture Blacks are much more pessimistic than whites, and much more supportive of "affirmative action", but only 40 percent strongly oppose ending racial preferences / affirmative action, found both are commited to middle class values and are just as if not more religious. DOC922\AMTHINK.doc Am Jewish Committee survey etc. doc934\asimmg.xls opinions of immigrants


    %%Filipino Civil Rights Advocates \doc\web\97\06\filcra.txt %%jacl Japanese American Citizens League filed - asian-american.organization organization \clip\96\02\jacl.txt 6 Aug 1996 San Jose Mercury News Turning point for Asian civil rights group JACL to open convention in search of a new path By Dennis Akizuki Mercury News Staff Writer. JACL recovers from controversy over gay marriage resolution. %%OCA Organization of Chinese Americans

    @@Pacific Islanders

    \doc\96\03\spotpac.txt "Spotlight on Pacific Islanders: Population is small but increasing rapidly by more than 40 percent at last count" Nina Chen Asian Week July 7, 1995. Only 13% were foreign born because of US posessions and Hawaii. 11% college vs. 30% natl, 17% poverty filed asian.pacific-islander
    @@Pakistani Pakistanis are a disadvantaged group in the UK, compared with Indians who do well in UK and even better in the US. sailer / pitchford: there a higher percentage of Moslem South Asians in the UK than in the US. Hindus seem to be able to make the big leap to Western modernity better than Moslems. I don't know why this is, but I sense little among Hindus of the resentment of modernity so characteristic of Moslems these days. REPLY: The most recent figure I have for the Moslem population of the UK is 2,135, 000 (3. 7 percent), with the largest single group being those of Pakistani origin. Moslem groups have a great concern with ethnic and religious identity which constrains their activities, and participation in wider society and the economy @@Patriotism AMERICANS MOST PATRIOTIC OF NATIONS \doc\web\98\06\mostpat.txt press release from June 30, 1998 Americans Are World's Most Patriotic People; National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago Finds Americans are prouder of their country than are any other people in the world, according to a study of patriotism by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago. The survey found that nearly 90 percent of Americans would rather be citizens of the United States than of any other country. That rating is the highest of the 23 nations studied for "National Pride: A Cross-national Analysis," the largest and most comprehensive international study ever conducted on national pride. The United States was followed by Austria, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand in the average ranking of two national-pride scales


    doc90\chopsuey.doc - Yellow Pages, Macy's
    @@Parenting Many studies show effective parenting, and two-parent families , not income or education is the best indicator of dis/advantage. IMMIGRANTS MAY BE POOR, BUT ONLY HALF AS MANY SINGLE PARENT FAMILES = BETTER ADJUSTED, BETTER STUDENTS \clip\98\15\imclip01.txt Immigrant kids better adjusted, study says: Fewer problems than their peers born in Canada By Elaine Carey The Toronto Star, October 27, 1998 Immigrant and refugee children are doing better emotionally and academically than their Canadian-born peers, even though far more of them are poor, according to a new study headed by Dr. Morton Beiser, director of the Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Settlement [CERIS] at Toronto's three universities. They also ``consistently outperform native-born children in school and are more likely to be class valedictorians,'' says the study, based on a Statistics Canada survey of 23,000 children, their parents, teachers and principals. The study found that almost a third of immigrant children live below StatsCan's low-income cut-off, compared to only 13.2 per cent of Canadian-born children. Fifty-nine per cent of the Canadian-born families in poverty are led by a single parent, compared to a third of immigrant ones. PARENTING MATTERS MORE THAN MONEY TO THE POOR \clip\98\15\gazette.txt [The Gazette (Montreal)] Money not key to children's well-being, study suggests NORMA GREENAWAY Thu 29 Oct 1998 Put more money in the pockets of low-income Canadian families, and children will come up winners, right? Not necessarily, according to new research showing that children's well-being is more dependent on positive parenting than financial security. \clip\98\15\parent.txt Parenting style matters more than income: study Unique research surveyed more than 20,000 families across *Canada* Canada: GLOBE AND MAIL THU OCT.29,1998 MARGARET PHILP Although children who live in poorer families are still more likely to suffer health and behaviour problems, a sweeping national survey of more than 20,000 families shows that attentive, patient parents can go a long way in overcoming that disadvantage. The study, which tracked about 23,000 children across the country, suggests that children growing up with single parents are more prone to behaviour problems,


    d:\doc\94\17\priv\petdog.txt - NYT 8/17/94 Pet Dog is newest Chinese Status Symbol. Says dog is sometimes served


    \priv\95\12\philcorr.txt New Republic 09/18&25/95 Part 1: THE FAILURE OF AMERICAN FOUNDATIONS. PHILANTHROPICAL CORRECTNESS By David Samuels. Foundations do not favor Asian Tenderloin project because children go to college, does not include blacks or Hispanic "diversity"


    Yahoo Filipino search The Filipinos are nearly the largest Asian American ethnic group, and may soon beat the Chinese for #1. Though often considered to be disadvantaged, this is often only by comparision with the Chinese and Japanese as their drop out rates and college education rates are often as good or better than whites. Before 1990, most UC campuses included Filipinos under racial preferences, but many campuses dropped this policy after being informed that Filipinos had never been under-represented. After 1993, Filipinos at Berkeley had the LOWEST admission rates, indicating affirmative action may have moved to discriminate against this group largely because they could and did get away with it, where the Chinese and Japanese had forced a showdown and won in the 80s. Their political power is nowhere near proportional to the clout of the less numerous Japanese or equally numerous Chinese Americans. Racially, they are mostly Asian, but there is some mixing with the Spanish and Americans who have owned the islands before in history. For detail statistics, check statistics elsewhere under Asian under Filipino. %%book Kim, Hyung-chan, The Filipinos in America, 1898-1974: a chronology & fact book Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. : Oceana Publications, 1976 Of course see R. Takaki, Strangers from a different shore. H. Brett Melndy, Asians in America: Filipinos, Koreans, and East Indians (Hippocrene Books) Stanley Karnow, America's Empire in the Philippines Lawrence H. Fuchs, The American Kaleidoscope Carlos Bulosan, America is in the heart. [Nhi T. Lieu writes:] Vicente Rafael's _Discrepent Histories_ Yen Le Espiritu's _Filipino American Lives_. %%survey d:\priv\96\04\filpsurv.txt ASIAN GROUP MIXES IN POLL: FILIPINOS 'MORE WESTERN' San Jose Mercury Saturday, January 27, 1996 LA Times Filipino survey Of those surveyed, 85 percent are foreign born and 73 percent are U.S. citizens. Most non-citizens said they wanted to become citizens as soon as they qualified. ''We have an Asian face, but our heritage and traditions are more western,'' said attorney Cas Tolentino, who taught UCLA's first class on the Filipino-American experience. asian.police Police


    also see -affirmative-action.police Summary: Issue - if blacks are equal or nearly so to local population, should they be entitled to racial preferences even if population quota is met?


    see apolitic.htm

    @@Population see apopul.htm

    @@Population control

    \priv\95\08\popuchin.txt NYT 6/25/95 Population control in china: coersion and evasion By PATRICK E. TYLER \doc\95\06\chinwake.txt Chinese policy has resulted in killing or aborting of girl babies, forced sterilization, destruction of housing or drastic fines. Many believe such measures, though distasteful, are neccesary.


    Asians have pornagraphy too, and there are magazines oriented to non Asians who are into Asians as well Asian Hq was just awarded the "Adult Oriented Site of the Day" for 04/22/97 (the free intro is pretty raunchy, but technically it's well done, got this in a junk email) "What's So Special About Us Asian Girls? Submissive lovers, obedient mates, supportive friends, and the pure soul. Silken hair, soft skin, dark complexion... "

    @@Post office

    Asians are the most likely to be postal workers, followed by blacks \doc\95\02\blakalie.txt Los Angeles 1993 Pop Ratio B6.2 H-2.3 Ratio is 12 times The Black Alienation Peter Skerry the New Republic Jan 30, 1995 d:\doc\94\17\postrac2.wk1 - Post workers by race d:\doc\94\17\priv\postrace.txt SJM 8/2/94 OFFICIAL: BLACKS OVER-REPRESENTED AS POSTAL EMPLOYEES 8/2/94 Men W1.00(1.08) B1.12 H.88 A1.91 Women W1.00(.61) B1.55 H.90 A2.16 w vs. avg, min vs. white of same gender asian.poverty




    \doc\95\15\dchate.txt - Frank Wu refuses to identify the race in DC which is responsible for killing Asian shopkeepers. \priv\95\19\whitprej.txt observes that Whites are often the least prejudiced: 94-03-03 14:15:20 EST From: MillieWhit The Mercury News published a highly problematic article today on page 12A. It purported to be a report of a study by the National Conference of Christians & Jews. Item 1 (from San Francisco Examiner): Percentage of people who agree with the statement - African Americans "want to live on welfare": 31% - Asian Americans 26% - Non-black Latinos 21% - Whites Item 2: Percentage of people who agree with the statement - Jews "when it comes to choosing between people and money, will choose money": 54% - African Americans 43% - Latinos 34% - Asian Americans 27% - Non-Jewish Whites asian.prejudice \doc\95\15\ "African Americans in Japan Find Some Freedom From Race" Seattle Times Aug 4, 1995 p. F1 f:asian.prejudice \doc\95\15\japnbias.txt "Japanese culture upholds bias against foreigners" Seattle Times Nov 22, 1995 p. A15 Foreign exchange students from other Asian nations complain that the Japanese still have an attitude of superiority towards other Asians even as the number of exchange students has increased from 5,000 in 1979 to 50,000, and a million more fill assembly lines, nightclubs and local businesses.

    @@Prevailing wage

    \doc\95\05\davibaco.txt - Davis Bacon Act "The Davis-Bacon Act Comes Under Attack By an Odd Alliance" Wall Street Journal May 3, 1995 p. 1 Dorothy J. Gaiter. Prevailing wage laws keep out minority workers and contractors.


    d:\doc\94\19\immprof.wk1 - Immigrant professionals 21% of American born physicians are American born, according to 1990 census data analyzed by Leon F. Bouvier and David Simcox, Center for Immigration Studies in Wash DC. Compared to 8% of the population, they are 15% of postsecondary teachers, 13% of natural sciences and 12% of engineers Percent Index population 8% 1.00 physicians 21% 2.63 postsecondary teachers 15% 1.88 natural sciences 13% 1.63 engineers 12% 1.50

    @@Prostitution (sex industry)

    Prostitution appears to be more common in Asia than in the U.S. also see
    aids - prostitution %%Japan PROSTITUTION LICENCED IN JAPAN \clip\98\04\japan.txt Foreign Policy Research Institute The Newsletter of FPRI's Marvin Wachman Fund for International Education MOLDING JAPANESE MINDS By Sheldon Garon As state regulators explained, licensed prostitution served to satisfy the urges of husbands and thus preserve family units. Readily available prostitutes also enabled single men to forego marriage, and thus to avoid the costs of supporting families and so reduce aggregate national consumption. \clip\96\05\prosscho.txt The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition -- October 2, 1996 Prostitution by Schoolgirls Hits Epidemic Levels in Japan By VALERIE REITMAN Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL TOKYO -- It is perfectly legal to have sex with a 14-year-old here in Japan's capital. [Girl started by charging $100 to allow men to touch her breasts] Estimates that 8% of schoolgirls nationwide -- and one-third of girls at some schools that aren't geared toward the university bound -- are involved in the sex industry. Japanese culture doesn't impart on sex the sense of sin that Western religions tend to. Half of interviewed prostitutes don't think it's wrong. AIDS data in print edition: Low level of 2,000 AIDS cases overall, only 9 among teens Only 28 cases of VD 10-19, down from 33 in 1995, but officials belive it may be under-reported. \priv\96b\07\vietpros.txt Vietnam catches trafficing to China \doc\96\03\scihone.txt "Scientists Hone Knowledge of How Virus Spreads" Wall Street Journal May 1, 1996 f050196. Bruce G. Weneiger of the CDC notes that good Thailand studies show 1 in 5 men using prostitutes in the past 12 months. The Univ. of Chicago found only 1% of 3,432 surveyed did. In inner city, two-thirds of crack using women had traded sex for money or drugs, 40% who had unprotected sex for money were infected. \priv\96\20\worlpros.txt Date: Fri, 7 Jun 1996 Sexual Exploitation Is Rising Because of Exploding Cities. Numbers of prostititues and child prostitutes, many in Asian nations. "Every year, an estimated 2 million prostitutes between the ages of 5 and 15 enter the sex market, said Lisbet Palme, head of the Swedish committee for the U.N. Children's Fund". Comment: AIDS is spread in Asia primarily through prostitutes, which are not as common in the US \priv\96\19\chincomp.txt Date: Thu, 6 Jun 1996 China calls on Japan for compensation for sex slaves. Japanese official said women volunteered for duty as a commercial activity The fund, a nongovernmental organization, decided to compensate each of 300 surviving South Korean, Philippine and Taiwanese victims, euphemistically called ''comfort women,'' with a 2 million yen solatium. Historians say some 100,000 to 200,000 Asian women, mainly from the Korean Peninsula, then under Japanese colonial rule, were forced into sexual slavery at military brothels for the Japanese Army. \priv\96\19\prostask.txt Hooker Hospitality Task force urges S.F. to repeal prostitution laws By Elizabeth Wasserman. A San Francisco task force on prostitution made up largely of prostitutes and their promoters concludes that prostitution should not be prosecuted and money could be spent on housing, outreach and social programs for ``sex workers.''. Prostitution should be promoted as a tourist attraction. There are 6,000 arrests per year in SF compared to only 250 in San Jose. ``It was made up of better than two-thirds prostitutes and their sponsors, representatives and promoters,'' \doc\96\02\bellpros.txt Asian House of Prostitution Busted in Bellevue "11 arrested for prostitution in Bellevue" Seattle Post Intelligencer March 21, 1996 p. B2 >>\priv\96\02\kidsale.htm - Kids for Sale NY Times Jan 22, 1996 Child prostitution in Asia \priv\95\15\aidssum2.txt "Asian Child Prostitution on Rise Despite New Laws" Reuters (10/29/95); McIntosh, Alistair "We can now simply say that there are more than a million children in prostitution in Asia alone," \priv\95\12\sexslave.txt 9/11/95 NYT Sexual Slavery: From Thailand Grocery Store to New York Brothel \doc\94\18\priv\cambpros.txt sjm 8/31/94 CAMBODIA RED-LIGHT DISTRICT CLOSES 8/31/94 \doc\94\18\priv\jappros.txt JAPAN TO SET UP 'SEX SLAVES' FUND 8/31/94

    @@Race relations

    %%business \clip\98\07\limit.tif Limiting sales of holiday items to one group only serves to divide, fragment society Michael Babinski Woodinville Seattle Times Feb 2, 1998 (Kwaanza should be limited to black merchants only) %%china \priv\96\04\chinrace.txt - book review on race in China towards West and blacks %%good doc\94\12\oldman.txt Black man adopts abandoned Korean Am infant \doc\94\18\priv\inglwood.txt inglewood as utopia? NR 8/22/94 %%bad MINORITIES ARE MORE BIASED THAN WHITES (Blacks now behave much like whites did towards less powerful minorities) \clip\98\07\immblack.txt In Rapidly Changing L.A., A Sense of Future Conflicts (Another in a series of occasional articles) The Washington Post, Tuesday, April 7, 1998; Page A01 By Michael A. Fletcher Washington Post Staff Writer LOS ANGELES -- Two pictures hanging in the lobby of Martin Luther King Jr. Medical Center offer silent testimony to a view shared by many blacks here that the hospital was built by and for African Americans. [and not for Asians or Latinos] A poll by the National Conference, a nonprofit organization that promotes racial dialogue did a national survey that found that minorities often harbored even harsher views of one another than whites. Asians are "unscrupulous, crafty and devious in business." 50% Latino 40% African American 25% White Latinos tend to "have bigger families than they are able to support." 70% Asian 50% African Am White Latinos are almost three times as likely as whites to believe that blacks "aren't capable of getting ahead" even if given the opportunity, the poll found. Blacks still control the mayor's office, the city council, all but one school board seat and four out of five municipal jobs in Compton, even though the population is now mostly Latino, who question why they don't have a share of jobs or power. black leadership. Nearly two-thirds of the city's 29,000 public school students are Latino but less than 10 percent of its teaching staff is. \clip\98\07\mhate.txt Yahoo Latino Link story.html?s=n/latinolink/community/19980401/19980401001 Wednesday April 1 1998 Emory University psychologist Eric Vanman and other scientists, who contend in a new study that "electromyography,'' or EMG, can detect tiny muscle movements in the face. Results on people who claimed to not be prejudiced show in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology: The results: 55 percent of whites were prejudiced against blacks. 60 percent of blacks were prejudiced against whites. 65 percent of Asian-Americans were prejudiced against blacks. 67 percent of Hispanics were prejudiced against blacks. Uncovering the Face of Prejudice April 1, 1998 -- We might as well face it. Racial prejudices run so deep that they infect even many people who think they're totally free of bias. [comment - doesn't seem much of a way to prove these signals actually show bias, also shows WHITES are the least biased group, rather than the most biased] \doc\95\06\asblbraw.txt - Asians join Blacks in brawl with Hispanics
    \doc\94\18\priv\compton.txt - Latino underrepresented in government jobs in black dominated community
    @@Race Profiling %%Asian
    Seattle 2001 Jaywalking Asian case dismissed

    @@Riot, Los Angeles 1992

    -riot doc922\laburn.txt - rodney king was right doc922\lariot.doc,lariot0 - Doing the Wrong Thing (New Republic, AWeek) doc922\atriot.txt - Atlanta incident doc922\newrep.res - New Republic response portal.508 - most twisted quotes of riots p.60 SJM 6-22-92 Few riot victims applying for loans p.61 SJM 6-22-92 Black boy kicked in game based on rodney King doc922\asibeat.txt - Chinese beaten in Boston, Chin doc922\denny.doc - defending denny's beaters doc922\mtvrace.prn - blacks on MTV explain looting to Koreans doc922\harlins.txt - latasha harlins and Maxine Waters shame doc933\SJBURN.TXT Burning down chinatown

    Racism Rate

    French racism runs highest among EU nations Copyright © 1998 Copyright © 1998 AFP PARIS (July 1, 1998 09:21 a.m. EDT - France is the xenophobic black sheep of Europe, with two out of five of its citizens openly admitting to racist feelings, according to a study published in the daily Le Monde Thursday. Surveys last year on xenophobia and racism, describe themselves as more or less racist: 13% Spain 21% Italy 23% Germany 38% France

    @@Racism as cop-out

    \doc\web\97\01\racedev.txt USING RACISM AS A DEVICE [Review of James Robinson's Racism or Attitude: The Ongoing Struggle for Black Liberation and Self-Esteem, published by Insight Books/Plenum Press. Reprinted from Issues & Views, Fall/Winter 1996]

    @@Racism against others

    \doc\95\14\asracm.txt Peter Herz notes that Asians may dislike ethnic groups, but have great respect for individuals who break the pattern. @@Racism, Definition
    OED From the Oxford English Dictionary cd-rom: racism a. The theory that distinctive human characteristics and abilities are determined by race. (Note - it is not about hate, or power, or discrimination in terms of treatment. It is literally ANY difference in characteristics!) Other definitions * only whites can be racist because only they have power. * hatred or hateful behavior based on race membership * anyone who disagrees with you in matters of race

    @@Rape - see asian.crime.rape


    1990 CP-2-1 1990 Census of Population Social and Economic Characteristics United States US Census Bureau "The Economist Book of Vital World Statistics", by editors of the Economist, Times Books 1990. International comparisons "Asian and Pacific Islanders in the U.S.: 1990, CP-3-5," available from the Government Printing Office at (202) 512-1800. The Statistical Record of Asian Americans ($105) is published by Gale Research, Inc.; telephone (313) 961-2242. (Bellevue Public Library has it) Foreign-Born Professionals in the United States, by Leon F. Bouvier and David Simcox, is available from the Center for Immigration Studies; telephone (202) 466-8185. India-Net is an online communication service for people of Indian origin residing outside of India; for more information, contact Gaurang Desai,


    e:\clip\96\03\boatend.txt Date: Mon, 2 Sep 1996 14:52:46 -0400 From: (NewsHound) End Is Near For Boat People Saga As World Sends Thousands Home By KATHY WILHELM Associated Press Writer. Boat people are being sent from camps back to Vietnam. From 1975, when U.S.-backed South Vietnam fell to the Communist North, until 1989, more than 1 million Vietnamese were given permanent homes in the West. \priv\95\17\unrefug.txt Associated Press, Nov. 15, 1995 Wars Force 50 Million From Homes \priv\95\04\vietref.txt - One million refugees, UN is resettling remainder back in original countries. asian.religion




    \clip\96\09\pension.txt Los Angeles Times 11/21/96 Sharp Drop in Minorities Pension Coverage Found % Covered by Private Pensions White Black Hisp 1979 49.9 45.1 37.7 1993 45.1 33.8 24.6 Source: Yung-Ping Chen, 1996 University of Massachusetts Study


    %%korea d:\priv\95\10\healkore.txt - returning koreans NYT 8/22/95 %%vietnam SOME VIETNAMESE RETURNING "HOME" \clip\97\01\vietretr.txt AP 6-Jan-1997 2:12 EST REF5598 Vietnam Emigrants Visit Home By IAN STEWART Associated Press Writer HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam (AP) -- Three times, Lan Ai Trinh and her mother tried and failed to flee communist Vietnam. Finally, they managed to escape to the United States 16 years ago.


    Runaways are a problem among Southeast Asian teens, and illegal Chinese immigrant teens placed in foster homes. One of the few crimes reported as higher for Asians than Whites. See FBI Crime statistics book. asian.runaway \doc\95\11\immiabdu.txt 35-40% of illegal immigrant teens run away from foster< homes they are placed in. "Immigrant abduction case widens" Seattle Post-Intelligencer Sept 9, 1995 p. B1


    asian.culture.sacrifice \doc\96\03\sacrfice.txt full text \priv\96\17\INCAVIRG.HTM Seattle Times May 22, 1996 "Inca girl died from blow to head 500-year-old Peru mummy shows secrets of sacrifice" by Kerry A. White Baltimore Sun "A young Inca girl whose 500-year-old body, clothed in brilliant finery, was found frozen on a Peruvian mountaintop last year died from a crushing blow to the head, a ritual sacrifice offered up to an Andean mountain"


    \doc\95\13\hapysalr.wk1 - Happy with salary by race blacks generally unhappy, Hispanics over 30 are as happy as whites.


    c:\priv\95\03\samoa.txt - Time mag. article on Am Somoa See Seattle School Dist stats, Samoans worst in almost everything.

    @@Science (also see engineering)

    Summary ------------------------------------------------------ Microsoft Interns W1.00 B -3.6 H-3.6 A6.6
    * EE Times 94 survey W1.00 B-10.9 H-4.9 A3.94 * Native CIS Particip Rate W1.00 B -1.8 H-2.4 A3.80 * Immig CIS Particp Rate W1.00 B -1.2 H-14.5 A3.36 * 80 Census Engineers W1.00 B -4.1 A2.46 N-2.35 (4) * 80 Census Eng/nat sci W1.00 B -3.3 A2.34 N-2.05 (4) * 1991 NIH Grants by Race: W1.00 B-40.7 H-8.7 A1.95 * d:\doc\web\96\07\nihgrant.txt 20 Nov 1996 Benny Wong 1991 NIH Grants by Race: Index W1.00 B-40.7 H-8.71 A1.95 Representation among those who successfully received grants Whites: 89.7% Asians/Pacific: 8.1% Hispanics: 1.5% Blacks: 0.4% Others: 0.3% \doc\96\03\morewomn.txt 24-Apr-1996 "More Women Needed In Science" (AP) The United States and Japan lead the world in spending on science at 2.8 percent of GNP, and spending averages 1.9 percent in the 15-nation European Union. \doc\96\03\morewomn.txt AP April 25, 1996 "Math, Science Show Some Improvement" The number of blacks and Hispanics graduating with a bachelor's in science or engineering rose between 1985 and 1991. However, blacks still earned only 6 percent of all the degrees, and Hispanics received 4 percent.

    @@Segregation - also see education

    \doc\96\04\segques.txt Arthur Hu notes that Asians do well no matter how bad the school system, and Blacks do poorly or only average, no matter how good the school system, says that getting children to master the material is more important than the racial composition. \doc\96\04\segok.txt Keith Tankard notes that segregation in South Africa also applied to the Chinese and the Indians, who did not appreciably suffer, and question if isolation alone was the problem if the community didn't have the resources to succeed on its own. \priv\96\17\segclass.txt "AMERICAN APARTHEID: SEGREGATION AND THE MAKING OF THE UNDERCLASS" By Douglas S. Massey and Nancy A. Denton. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1993. Pp x+ 292. Review by Lawrence H. Fuchs Brandeis University. Argues that segregation keeps blacks isolated, and perpetuates self-destructive culture and behavior, and leads to poorer education. Asian.Sex

    @@Sex, Asian


    @@Sexual Harassment

    \clip\96\01\sexharas.txt USA Today 07/22/96 Nearly 75% of kids get unwanted sexual attention. 83% of girls, 60% of boys. 72% have admitted to harassing others. \priv\96b\07\sexharas.txt Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 00:41:13 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Sexual Harassment Widespread in Japan; Law Falls Short of Solution By Coco Kubota, Journal of Commerce Knight-Ridder/Tribune Business News TOKYO--Jul. 10--Mariko Ito, a former employee of Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan Ltd., thinks Japanese women are too complacent about sexual discrimination.


    \priv\95\06\SCRNWRIT.TXT Ethnic screenwriters work at 1/2 pay. 3/10 screenwriters on black shows are white, only 4% of all screenwriters are non-white. Business Week: May 1, 1995 Department: Up Front: DIVERSITY LILY-WHITE IN LA-LA LAND?


    \priv\96\20\ethnmall.txt Ethnic malls in New Jersey are started by immigrants


    SEATTLE SIKHS GROWING, SOME CAN'T FIND WORK OR DRIVE CABS BECAUSE OF TURBANS \clip\97\15\sikh.txt html Wednesday, June 4, 1997 The state's Sikh community outgrows its only temple as an old culture, religion take root in new soil by Putsata Reang Seattle Times Eastside bureau From: "Peter J. Herz" This is late for this topic, but when I was a consular officer in Bangkok (1990-1992), Sikhs were definitely a "bad guy" group--i.e., they had high rates of visa fraud, with rings organized in India running people via Bangkok. Peter J. Herz


    black.slavery \priv\95\15\slavbok2.txt Jacob Ernest Cooke, ed. LABOR SYSTEMS AND RACIAL INTERACTION, PARTS VI AND VII OF US ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE NORTH AMERICAN COLONIES. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1993. Volume II: 1-220. 3 volumes, 174 signed essays, 32 maps, 2397 pages, bibliography, index, cross references, and chronology. $320. \priv\95\15\slavbook.txt Review of Roderick A. McDonald. THE ECONOMY AND MATERIAL CULTURE OF SLAVES GOODS AND CHATTELS ON THE SUGAR PLANTATIONS OF JAMAICA AND LOUISIANA. Baton Rouge and London: Louisiana State University, 1993. 339 pp. $39.95. \doc\doc935\althomo.txt: slave owners quoted colossians 3:22 to prove that God supported slavery \doc\doc912\muslim.txt The Muslim Minority doc\doc903\reliberi.txt: Liberia was founded by freed slaves before the Civil War \doc\94\1\blakgap.txt Seattle Times article that history doesn't cover slavery well enough for black ams. \doc\95\13\minquon.txt Ming Quong home in San Jose was founded to save Chinese slave girls in San Francisco at the turn of the century \doc\95\14\chinmiss.txt - One place to begin with regards to the study of Chinese women and missionaries is Peggy Pascoe's _Relations of Rescue_. She examined the intersection of gender and race via the Chinese Presbyterian Rescue Mission in San Francisco (a.k.a. Cameron House). \priv\95\16\chinmis2.txt Peggy Pascoe published _Relations of rescue: the search for female moral authority in the American west, 1874-1939_ (New York: Oxford University Press, 1990). In the case of Judy Yung, the University of California Press has scheduled the publication of her _Unbound Feet: A Social History of Chinese Women in San Francisco_ for November 15, 1995, and Mae Ngai of Columbia University has agreed to review the book for H-Ethnic. c:\priv\95\03\asslave.txt - Gangs bring in immigrants who are virtual slaves


    Slumber Time: Average total hours of sleep required per night by age group: Infants 16-18 hrs Child(10 yr) 9-10 hrs Teens 10 hrs Young Adults 8 hr 55 and older 6-8 hrs National Sleep Foundation (Investor's Business Daily July 7, 1994)



    Organization of Chinese Americans says Wen Ho Lee is being strung up on charges no person of other ethnicity have been charged with. \clip\99\09\taispy.txt San Jose Mercury News Chinese Americans rally against image of Chinese spies, and defence of accused. In complex world of espionage, China spies are no surprise. Seattle Times March 10, 1999. China has effective long term intelligence strategy. Larry Wu Tain Chin committed suicide in 1996, was a CIA analyst. Tsien Hsuen was MIT educated Cal Tech professor who built China's missle corp after being deported as communist. Wen Ho Lee fired for suspected security violations. \clip\96\05\skorspy.txt Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 11:28:39 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Naval intelligence worker arrested for spying WASHINGTON (AP) -- A civilian Navy intelligence official was accused today of spying for his native South Korea after he was arrested by the FBI at a local Army base, a law enforcement official said. see Indian

    South Asians

    @@State Support ASIAN ETHNIC INSTITUTIONS GET WA STATE FUNDING z50\clip\2001\06\asstate.txt --The Filipino Community Center (FCC) of Seattle was $200,000 for its Seattle location, along with the FCC of Wapato receiving $25,000. --The Korean Women's Association of Tacoma received $218,000. --The Lao Highland Association of King County, Seattle received $119,000. @@Stereotype SCIENTIFIC SUPPORT FOR STEREOTYPES BASIS IN FACT \clip\99\11\stereo.txt Fighting Stereotype Stigma Studies chart accuracy, usefulness of inferences about social groups By BRUCE BOWER Psychologist Yueh-Ting Lee received an electronic mail message several years ago that included some barbed observations about the quality of life in several countries. "Heaven is a place with an American house, Chinese food, British police, a German car, and French art," Lee's correspondent wrote. "Hell is a place with a Japanese house, Chinese police, British food, German art, and a French car."


    \clip\96\01\schwab.txt Date: Mon, 22 Jul 1996 06:32:59 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Schwab sees growth in Asian investors Bloomberg Business News Asians trade more often, 5 times more likely to be "active", generate 20% more commision revenue per trade. 15% have over $100,000 in assets vs. 9% of overall base, and twice the assets on deposit vs other customers. Only 1% use asian language services. Asian customer base and assets growing 50% annually compared to 13% overall.


    \doc\95\14\assuper.txt - Asians are better at: doc\94\3\priv\assucss.txt - time on asian success @@sugar \clip\96\02\sugar.txt - Sugar industry is near the end in Hawaii


    doc934\suicide.xls - suicide in SF, US "A Holiday Based on Ms. Information" Christina Hoff Sommers Wall Street Journal April 10, 1995. Ms Foundation information "Girls are four to five times more likely than boys to attempt suicide" based on 1990 American Medical Association report on adolescent health, but adolescent boys are 4 times more likely to actually commit and complete suicide.


    The politically correct explanation is that there is no such thing as racial, cultural or any kind of superiority. All races and cultures are equal, anything to the contrary is due to social injustice. But how can you be "disadvantaged" if you're equal? The concept of "disadvantaged" requires that you acknowledge that somebody is "superior" whether or not they got there fair and square. The real question is how and why the winners and losers got that way.

    Another interesting issue is that while racists generally believe the white race is superior, and anti-racists all agree that whites are at the top of the oppression food-chain, race-scientists tend to peg Asians and Jews as the most developed with respect to restraint and IQ.

    Yet another good point is that if Asians are so much smarter and healthier than everybody else, why is it everybody complains about white superiority, while even Asians complain about "discrimination"?

    PASTEUR INSTITUTE NEUROLOGIST5 SCOFFS AT ASIAN SUPERIORITY VS SWISS link why then with 26% of the world's population are Chinese only .87% of nobel prize winners in the sciences/economics(Daniel Tsui 1998collaberative in physics & Yuan Lee 1986 chemistry)? Also, only one chinese has ever won a Fields Prize(Shing-tun Yau); making china's total only 2% of Fields prize winners. Switzerland with only 7 million people beats china 8:1 in both Nobel prizes and Fields medals. Also, according to the UN Human Development Index, China is listed as having the 107th highest standard of living. 1/3 of all Chinese are illiterate and 7% have access to clean, potable water. (more in article)

    JARED TAYLOR, RUSHTON, DUKE AT AMERICAN RENAISSANCE CONFERENCE DUKE ASKS IF ASIANS ARE SO SMART, WHITES MIGHT HAVE MORE? z40\clip\2000\04\arbad.txt St. Louis Post-Dispatch April 6, 2000, Thursday, FIVE STAR LIFT EDITION SECTION: NEWS, Pg. A6 WHEN WHITE SUPREMACISTS GATHER, THEIR TALKS CAN GET VERY DETAILED BYLINE: Terence Samuel; Post-Dispatch Washington Bureau DATELINE: WASHINGTON But David Duke asked - Isn't it true, he asked Rushton, that while Asians have on average a high IQ, most of them cluster around the average, while there is a wider range of IQ scores among whites? So, he suggested, while the average Asian might be smarter than the average white person, "We've got more geniuses than they do?" Rushton said that was a possibility.

    \clip\98\12\sowafr.txt Walter Williams' Weekly Column [Thomas Sowell's Conquests and Cultures says that rivers and commerce and water have a lot to do with why the Europeans, and not the Africans became the masters of economic development] Victim mentality doesn't hold-up under scrutiny

    Why do nations fail-and succeed? Thomas Sowell answers a taboo question. 6201052a.htm Forbes Magazine, July 6, 1998 Human capital By Peter Brimelow A chat with Thomas Sowell "Unshrugging Atlas of the American race debate, longtime fellow of Stanford University's Hoover Institution, economist, FORBES columnist, survivor of Harlem public schools and the U.S. Marine Corps, gifted amateur photographer and much-feared world-class grouch, Thomas Sowell, 68, has just published his 25th book-Conquests and Cultures: An International History (Basic Books). It's a stunner. "We all stand on his shoulders," says the Manhattan Institute's Abigail Thernstrom, whose book America in Black and White: One Nation, Indivisible (coauthored with husband Stephan) caused a major controversy last fall. Sowell's newest work is the last of a trilogy (Race and Culture, 1994; Migrations and Cultures, 1996) in which he gives his answer to one of the most troubling, and taboo, questions of modern times: why the achievements of different human groups vary so dramatically. Sowell argues, bluntly and in great detail, that some human cultures-the mental "working machinery of everyday life"-are just plain more effective than others. Not "better" or "worse"; just plain work better in the modern world." from ADP

    \clip\97\05\eurosupr.txt Copyright © 1997 The Seattle Times Company
    Tuesday, Feb. 25, 1997 Science: Platform for world dominance -
    Scientist says Eurasia was base to power by Bill Dietrich Seattle
    Times science reporter " The first, most obvious answer forms the
    title of Diamond's ambitous, thought-provoking and highly readable
    new book: "Guns, Germs and Steel" (Norton, $27.50).  Europeans
    carried microbes that wiped out an estimated 95 percent of native
    Americans. And their technology was so superior that when the Spanish
    conquistador Francisco Pizarro and 168 soldiers met the Inca emperor
    Atahuallpa and 80,000 soldiers on Nov. 16, 1532, he captured the Inca
    leader and killed 7,000 of his followers in a single day without
    losing a man.  "
    f111695 "Why Asian economies need Americans" Seattle Post
    Intelligencer Nov 16, 1995. Bruce Ramsey claims Asian countries do
    not use import substitution, lower schooling, high savings rates,
    little government support of families or companies.
    \priv\95\17\asinsupr.txt - Tom Parker questions Asian claims of
    racial superiority among Japanese and Chinese


    \doc\doc91\dualmin2 mainstreaming the dual minority PRB \doc\94\17\priv\seaasian.txt Asian Identity Crisis SPI 6/2/94 \doc\web\97\04\asian90.wk1 - We the Asian Americans stat summary


    \doc\94\17\priv\blacktax.txt - SJM 8/17/94 Blacks pay more in property taxes in cities than whites. May also apply to Asians. Blacks pay 47% more in Philadelphia and 25% more in Cleveland.

    @@Telephone - Asians are the least likely to be

    without phones in the US, but most likely worldwide. Minorities Spend More on Phone Calls than Rest of Population January 14, 1999 PRNewswire "This country's leading ethnic groups are spending more of their income on local and long distance phone calls than other groups, according to a new report by The Insight Research Corporation. With the ethnic population in the US on the rise, minority consumers' telecom spending will only continue to increase dramatically. Hispanics, Asians, and African-Americans represent 25% of the US population, but they are responsible for 29% of long distance revenue and 37% of local telephone service revenue according to Insight's "Telecom Marketing Opportunities to Ethnic Groups" report." >> "Hooking up" Economist nov. 11, 1995 p. 62 f102596 Chart shows telephones per 1000 people in Asian nations, Hong Kong #1 at 55, Japan #2 at 48, Singapore 47 , Taiwan and South Korea at 40, China at 3, India at under 2. ------------------------------------- [Stan Nadel writes:] Arthur Hu says that Asians in the US are more likely than others to have phones. That may be true overall, but in the Lower East Side extension of New York City's Chinatown you can see that large numbers of Chinese residents use the corner pay phones for both incoming and outgoing calls--which suggests that they do not have phones of their own. Dr. Stanley Nadel, Chair Department of Social Science Southwestern Okla. St. Univ. Weatherford, OK 73096 (405) 774-7097 (w) ------------------------------------ d:\doc\94\18\cendata.txt Asians least likely to be without telephones in the US W1.0(4%) B3.0 H3.0 A-2.0 NA6.0 YOUNG ADULTS MOST LIKELY TO BE PHONELESS IN AMERICA, CENSUS BUREAU REPORTS "Phoneless in America (SB/94-16)," a statistical brief released today by the Commerce Department's Census Bureau. -------------------------------------- Asians worldwide are least likely to have phones %Population %Phones Index North Am 5 31 1.00 West Eur 8 30 -1.65 Africa 12 <2 -37.10 Asia 55 7 -48.81 "The Messenger" Economist Dec 25, 1994 p. 49
    @@Thinking \yr\09\clip\2009\05\eastwesthink.txt Ideas & Opinions East Versus West Hana R. Alberts, 05.11.09, 12:00 AM ET A psychology professor dares to compare how Asians and Americans think. "Perhaps Americans should temper their optimism, Asians their reluctance to take center stage. For it seems to Nisbett that those who will be most successful in the 21st century are the ones who grasp what's best about both worldviews."


    CHINESE (AMERICAN) MONEY REPLACES JAPANESE AS THREAT TO AMERICA html \clip\97\01\asiamony.txt Copyright © 1997 The Seattle Times Company Jan. 5, 1997 New Asian money machine stirring up old fears in United States by David E. Sanger New York Times WASHINGTON -- In the 1980s, the Asian money that fueled scores of conspiracy theories in the U.S. was all Japanese.


    Time.prn \doc\web\98\06\time.wk1 full article: \clip\98\09\time.txt American Demographics, June 1998 About Time Time and the Melting Pot by John Robinson, Bart Landry, and Ronica Rooks African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and non-Hispanic whites each have different ways of spending time. For example, blacks spend the most time on religious activities, whites spend the most time on housework, and Asians spend the most time on education. (At 3 times higher than whites, do you suppose that has anything to do with Asian superiority in test scores??) Index Ranked by Asian White Black Asian Hispanic More than whites EducationFree 2.7 -1.13 3.81 1.96 Commute 2.2 1.18 1.23 1.09 Less than whites Housework 13.9 -1.39 -1.38 -1.16 Child care 2.0 -1.05 -1.43 1.40 Communication 5.0 1.24 -1.52 -1.52 Religion 1.0 2.70 -1.67 -1.25 Organization 0.9 1.11 -3.00 1.33 Asians do have messier homes? But they're really smart. Index Ranked by Black White Black Asian Hispanic Religion 1.0 2.70 -1.67 -1.25 Stereo 0.4 1.75 -1.33 1.00 Communication 5.0 1.24 -1.52 -1.52 Housework 13.9 -1.39 -1.38 -1.16 Meals 8.1 -1.47 1.07 -1.07 Hobbies 2.9 -1.81 -1.04 -1.16 Events 1.1 -1.83 1.00 1.00 Read 3.3 -2.06 1.06 -1.32 Low time spent reading, lots on religion, stero @@Toys Asian American Action Figures website by Peter J. Chen Very unique look at asian americans in toys....


    d:\doc\96\06\asintrav.txt "Study shows Asian American travelers are a unique and growing market" International Examiner (Seattle) Oct 2, 1996 p. 11 Source: Travel Industry Association of America Asian Black Hispanic Averge spending $678 $405 $559 per trip Avg nights 3.9 3.4 3.5 hotel stay % own PC 59% 28% 42% (computer) % AAA 10% 25% 23% member Size travel $6 $25 $19.5 market $b Nearly every Asian household has a credit card, more than other minorities, more likely to travel alone and spend more than other minorities. \clip\96\02\mintrip.txt Aug 8, 1996 U.S. Hispanics, Blacks and Asians Have Different Travel Habits By Jeff Rowe, The Orange County Register, Calif. Aug. 9--When it comes to traveling, Americans are a diverse lot. Travel at least one trip White 79% Asian 77% Hisp 69% Black 64% Airplane - Asians most Length - Hispanic California - Asian and Hispanic Texas - Black \clip\96\02\mintrav.txt Aug 7, 1996 Study Spells Out Minority Travel Preferences By Carol Rosenberg, The Miami Herald Average spending per vacation trip Group Amount Index Overall $421 1.00 Black $405 -1.08 Hispanic $559 1.32 Asian $678 1.61 Comment: Probably due to travel overseas.



    "AFL-CIO confronts its future" USA Today June 13, 1995 p. 3A Unions are: 30% women Unions Pop Rate 15% Black 12% 1.25 8% Hispanics 9% 0.89 77% White/Other 79% 0.97 35 member executive council is 30 white men 2 black men 3 women \priv\96b\07\prevwage.txt Return-Path: Date: Fri, 12 Jul 1996 18:26:07 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Work On Airport Overhaul To Go Ahead As Planned - Asian and African Americans protest union only rule which excludes minorities. asian.value


    @@Vietnamese Summary of statistics They do well in education awards and college attendence, rivaling Chinese and Indians, but poorly with respect to poverty, unemployment and public assistance. Figure Index white=1.00 ==================================== USA Today HS 1993 100.00 Olympic Scholarship 22.00 Westinghouse Award 1993 12.50 UC Berkeley 1996 admit 2.4% 2.14 in college 49.3% 1.42 -------- parity -------------------- household inc 1990 $29,772 -1.06 B-1.59 4 year college 1990 17.4% -1.24 B-1.89 HS Diploma 1990 61.2% -1.27 US Unemploy 1990 8.9% -1.71 King Cnty PcInc1990 $9,059 -2.05 Family Poverty 1990 23.8% -3.4 US PubAssist 1990 24.5% -4.62


    %%college doc936\collhate.xls,prn racism in colleges %%crime victims doc924\ascrime.doc - hate crimes column and victims doc924\asvict.xls - USA Asians as victims of crime doc932\hatecrim.xls Klanwatch hate crimes by race and religion doc924X doc934X\racevict.xls San Jose 1992 data asians as victim, suspects doc939\racevict.xls .txt - Asians as victim/suspect of hate crime, San Jose doc940\texshoot.txt - white businessman shot, like Japanese student %%housing harassment \priv\96\03\houshara.txt BHA record on race blasted: Minority tenants cite harassment By Michael Grunwald, Boston Globe Staff, 02/06/96 %%indonesia
    1997 Jakarta riots lead to rape, beatings, harassment of Chinese by muslims, others. %%lynchings MASS LYNCHINGS OF CHINESE IN 1871 Official Negligence. George Will Newsweek Feb 16, 1998 p. 80 Lou Cannon book: Official Negligence. "history of the LAPD from its creation in the aftermath of racal disorders - the mass lynchings of Chinese in 1871" %%Riots Anti-Chinese riots in Seattle 1885 Seattle Metropolitan police museum p. 79-84 "Anti Chinese Agitation" King County and its emerald city: Seattle Illustrated History by James R. Warren


    \doc\95\01\charity2.wk1 - Asian Charity Contributions W1.00 B-1.27 H-1.58 A-2.38 Volunteer W1.00 B-1.38 H-1.24 A-1.13 Board of Director Nonprofit W1.00 B-1.38 H-2.20 A-1.38

    @@Vote Asian.Vote

    see avote.htm




    income Asian.wealth


    asia.wealth \doc\96\06\asiaweal.txt1 "Gates Stays On Top of Forbes Richest List" Seattle Times July 1, 1996 p. A5 Asians are 1/2 of the top 10 richest private citizens, and 123 of 497 billionaires counted. Asia's contribution to world economic output was 17% in 1980, 25% in 1996. "It's Asia's turn" says Forbes Magazine. Americans are 3 of the top 10, with Microsoft's Gates, Paul Allen, and Warren Buffet. \priv\96b\05\toprich.txt AP 30-Jun-1996 14:02 EDT REF5211 Bill Gates Is World Richest"But perhaps more significant about the richest list is that half the top 10 are Asian, reflecting the growing prominence and economic might concentrated in that part of the world. "

    Comment - that's rouglhy equal to their percentage of the world population, but still behind whites, who are over-represented. \doc\96\04\stokshar.txt "Odds and Ends" Wall Street Journal May 28, 1996 Percentage of households owning stocks and mutual fund shares in 1993: Pct Index White 22% 1.00 Black 6% -3.66 Hispanic 6% -3.66 Asian NA NA Source: Bureau of the Census ======================================= "Getting Richer" John C. Weicher (Hudson Institute), Wall Street Journal June 14, 1995 ed. Wealth in 1989 Dollars 1983 1989 %Change All $150,000 $180,700 20% White, non-Hispanic $175,100 $216,400 24% Black, non-Hispanic $35,900 $48,600 35% Hispanic (1) $31,900 $49,200 54% (1) used different methods to determine Hispanic status Source: Federal Reserve Board surveys Claims there are no racial differences when age and education are taken into account. ============================================================


    \priv\95\19\chinwed.txt - internet thread - need list of Chinese wedding customs - 10 course banquet in Chinese restaruant - Karoke setup is replacing DJ / dance - Coke and Sprite on each table, plus something harder - White and Black tux for guy, Chinese slit-up-side dress, White Western dress, frilly something else dress - Chinese wedding invitations - Wedding doll strapped to grille of Lincoln Town Car or Mercedes, decorated car - Groom negotiates, pays $99.99 to bridemaids to get to bride at her home, goes back to Groom's home, eat some food, then go the church - Tea ceremony \doc\95\11\wedpay.txt "When wedding bells ring, who pays?" Northwest Asian Weekly August 19, 1995 p. 7 Under Chinese tradition, the son's family pays. Under American tradition, the family of the daughter pays. The author believes the party that can afford it should pay. Asian.welfare


    awelfare.htm asian.volunteer


    doc934\voluntee.xls - volunteer rate US and bay area

    @@White resentment

    "White Male Rage Sweeps America" Wall Street Journal Feb 9, 1995 p. A16 Herbert Stein White men are threatened by superior IQ and work ethic of Asian men.


    %%against "Enter, Women" New York Times April 19, 1995 Laura A. Ingraham (Women don't need affirmative action, most strides is due to individual choices)














    %%home \clip\96\09\parkmom.txt Tokyo's Forbidding `Park Moms' Daunt Newcomers In City's Rare Green Spaces, Maternal Hierarchies Impose Rules of Obedience By Mary Jordan Washington Post Foreign Service Monday, November 18 1996; Page A01 The Washington Post According to government statistics, the number of stay-at-home mothers of young children has remained unchanged since the early 1980s, at 72 percent. Many of the 28 percent who work outside the home do so part-time. %%manager doc935\aswommg.xls asian women 2x white as manager! Asian women more likely than white to be manager, not like men %%math At MIT, when the ration of M/F for whites was 2:1, it was more like 1.5 to 1 for Asians. When the ratio was reduced to 1.5 to 1 for whites, there were actually more Asian women than men! Asian and Jewish women are NOT under-represented relative to their population at MIT, so why even give them preference? This would be a justifiable case of favoring non-jewish whites over Asians and Jews since white women are under-represented.
    P. Hausman says data shows smaller M/F gap for Asians. ASIAN M/F BRAIN DIFFERENCES REFLECT CLOSER MATH ABILITY From: Ralph L Holloway Our preliminary analysis of sex differences in the corpus callosum of an Asian sample is indicating no significant sex dimorphism in relative CC size, or splenial size. This is coherant with these observations regarding much less sex dimorphism re math abilities. Ralph Holloway On Fri, 11 Jun 1999, Patricia Hausman wrote: > ratio is 13:1. They later reported that when > the top percentile is examined by ethnicity, > the m/f ratio is not nearly as dramatic among > Asians. Their figures are 4:1 in favor of males Ralph L. Holloway Dept. Anthropology Columbia University NY, NY 10027 To: You are probably familiar with the Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth started by Julian Stanley at Johns Hopkins. From their talent searches, they originally com- puted that in the 99th percentile, the m/f ratio is 13:1. They later reported that when the top percentile is examined by ethnicity, the m/f ratio is not nearly as dramatic among Asians. Their figures are 4:1 in favor of males for the most talented Asians. %%TV Asians overall are the least represented along with Hispanics. Blacks are over-represented. However among female roles, Asians are only slightly under-represented, and about the same as African Americans,which reflects the preference in American culture for Asian females and black males. DOC922\ASIANTV.WK1 Asians in TV roles on TV shows W(1.07)1.0 B1.34 H-5.84 A-5.84 N-2.34 women actress roles W(1.13)1.0 B-1.36 H-3.09 A-1.23 N-8.52 Asian women in particular are close to parity, > black women Asian overall -5.84 Also see - anchors more news women - foreign adoption more girls - interracial marriage more asian fem / white men - more women at selective colleges like MIT, Stanford - Asian women paid same or more than white women, men are paid less - Asian women have higher birth rates, but lower fertility rates - Asian women famous in Ice Skating (sports) - Asian women more likely than white women to be managers. @@Woo, John A: My next project is called "the Flying Tigers," this story about the American volunteer team fighter pilots who worked with the Chinese Air Force in World War II, a true story. The main theme is the friendship between the Chinese and Americans.

    @@Youth Problems