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Index of information on sex, with emphasis on inclusion of Asian and Asian Americans


Discussion: Asians Lowest, Blacks Highest Rates of Risky Sex

While high rates of sex among blacks is generally well known, low rates among Asians are almost totally absent from the media, and many in the black community continue to discount as stereotypes reports of higher rates of sexual activity. Almost every survey shows Asians have a lower level of sexual activity than whites. Nearly all survyes (except Stanford U) show Blacks are higher than whites. If you look at gay and AIDS data, Asians also have the lowest rate of gay sex between men, the most risky form of sex.

However, at least one "Best Friends" program results in only 22% of black seniors having sex by 12th grade, and only 1% getting pregnant before graduation. That would be lower than the 33% of Asians in Seattle schools who said they had sex. Like education, blacks generally do poorly. But this is not destiny if conservative values are applied, the appear to be capable of the same potential as Asians, but this is not easily achieved.

As in education, Asians are doing everything wrong politically. Yet they are getting the best outcomes. Blacks politically are doing the right thing with the highest percentage who have talked about AIDS or HIV infection, and highest rate of condom use. Yet Blacks have the highest rates of pregnancy, sexual activity, AIDS and number of partners. Politicians spend the most effort on things that don't matter like condom use and education instead of lowering the rate of sexual activity and number of partners at the expense of being culturally sex-negative.


Index -2.00 means twice as much as white (<1.00 means "worse") Ranked by Low Asian sex pct/Index ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Active MIT (3) W33%/1.00 A 5%/ 6.60 Stanford U not act(3) W15%/1.00 B15%/ 1.00 H32%/-1.39 A45%/ 3.00 11th grade dating (2) W83%/1.00 A34%/ 2.44 Mass Ever had sex (7) W45%/1.00 B69%/-1.53 H57%/-1.29 A28%/ 1.61 Cal College (1) W72%/1.00 B84%/-1.17 H A47%/ 1.53 Seattle Teen Male (5) W46%/1.00 B80%/-1.74 H66%/-1.43 A35%/ 1.37 N69%/-1.50 Seattle Teen Fem (5) W43%/1.00 B65%/-1.51 H63%/-1.47 A32%/ 1.35 SEA32%/1.35 N69%/-1.60 MA Ever Pregnant (7) W 4%/1.00 B15%/-3.5 H11%/-2.6 A 6% -1.4 Ranked by Black - Higher than White except Stanford U ------------------------------------------------------------------------- MA Ever Pregnant (7) W 4%/1.00 B15%/-3.5 H11%/-2.6 A 6% -1.4 US Teen 4+ Partner(4) W16%/1.00 B38%/-2.34 H17%/-1.04 A Chicago Teens (6) W40%/1.00 B80%/-2.00 H40%/ 1.00 A Mass Ever had sex (7) W45%/1.00 B69%/-1.53 H57%/-1.29 A28%/ 1.61 US 15-17 W34%/1.00 B48%/-1.41 H49%/-1.43 US 15-19 W47%/1.00 B58%/-1.20 H52%/-1.11 Cal College (1) W72%/1.00 B84%/-1.17 H A47%/ 1.53 Stanford U not act(3) W15%/1.00 B15%/ 1.00 H32%/-1.39 A45%/ 3.00 DC Average 12th B66% DC Best FriendsG12 B22% Note that DC Best Friends program black at 22% sex is lower than Asians in Massachusetts or Seattle. sources: (1)\priv\95\18\aswmheal.txt 16 November 17. 1995 ASIAN WEEK "The State of Asian Women's Health: A Compendium of Facts and Findings" (2)11th graders dating in United States compared to Japan.doc\94\3\asedtv.wk1 "U.S. kids study less, see less TV" USA Today May 9, 1994 Dennis Kelly (3)doc921\stanfsex.txt 1990 Health Needs Assessment at Stanford MIT Phone Survey by Arthur Hu (4)\priv\95\05\teenrisk.txt Teens' risky sexual behavior USA Today Page 1D - April 10, 1992 By Kim Painter, USA TODAY Source: CDC Atlanta (5)\doc\94\18\seateen.wk1 Seattle Teen Health Survey Teens who had sex in grades 9 to 12 (6) doc\94\3\priv\teensex8.txt sex by race SJ Mercury in Chicago Public Schools SMART, CHURCH-GOING TEEN-AGERS STILL APT TO HAVE SEX, STUDY FINDS San Jose Mercury News 05/10/94 (7) 1995 Massachusetts Youth Risk Behavior Study
@@abstinence \clip\97\19\virtabst.txt New York Times Commentary: Showing Girls the Virtue of Abstinence August 7, 1997 By EVELYN NIEVES MANY TEEN GIRLS SAY FIRST SEX WAS VOLUNTARY BUT NOT WANTED \clip\97\16\teensex.txt Society pressures girls to have unwanted sex. We're treating the fair sex unfairly By Jennifer Grossman MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR 7/11/97 Mentions Best Friends network \clip\97\16\abstin.txt AP 07/05/1997 12:13 EST Congress Pushes Abstinence for Teens By LAURA MECKLER Associated Press Writer LITTLE EVIDENCE ABSTINENCE ONLY WORKS? Simply Preaching Abstinence Doesn't Cut Teenage Pregnancy, Experts Say By Judith Havemann Washington Post Staff Writer Monday, March 24 1997; Page A07 The Washington Post As legislatures around the country debate strategies for reducing teenage pregnancy, researchers told state welfare directors yesterday there is little evidence that simply promoting abstinence will work. BEST FRIENDS PROGRAM: ONLY 1% VS. 22% IN DC PREGNANT BEFORE GRADUATION, ONLY 10% HAD SEX BY 12TH GRADE VS. 66% \DOC\WEB\97\02\sayno.txt "These Teens Know How To Say No" Mona Charen (conservative columnist) Readers Digest Mar 1997 p. 125 f021297 A program called "Best Friends" encourages mostly African-American girls to postpone sex before marriage, and sets up support networks. It was founded by Elayne Bennett, wife of white conservative education secretary William J. Bennett. Unlike most sex education programs, it does not assume students will have sex, but teaches them abstinence, and shows results. Comment: Asians normally have the lowest rate of teen pregnancy, blacks highest largely because of cultural expectations. These rates put them BELOW rates of Asians in Massachusetts and Seattle risk behavior surveys. Thus blacks are not only capable of equal academic ability, but also equally low sexually activity compared to Asians, but only when this is made a top goal instead of being dismissed as impractical. In 1995 David Rowberry surveyed 88 girls in the program compared to CDC figures for the District of Columbia, 66% of girls in DC had sex by 12th grade, bu only 10% of girls in program did. 22% of DC girls were pregnant before graduation, only 1% of Best Friends were. Note - This is a 3 to 1 reduction. In seattle, Asian girls are only 1/2 as likely as blacks to have had sex, so the Best Friends as black girls are LOWER in sexual activity than average Asian girls. (but Seattle is higher than average for Asians because it has so many low income Asians) @@affairs \doc\95\05\richaffr.txt - 2% unskilled, 10% white collar, 4% of women had extra-marital affairs @@Age The median age of first sex is well before 16 now. Age of partner for first sex before age 16 66% Under 18 21% 18 or 19 7% 20 to 22 6% 23 or older "Teen Pregnancy Findings" Seattle Times May 1, 1997 p.1 from 1995 National Survey of Family Growth @@Anal / Oral Sex see \doc\95\06\oralanal.txt Sexual Orientation and Sexually Transmitted Disease Oral/ Anal SEx Male Female Heter Homo Heter Homo Never 74.5 21.3 68.9 36.1 Once 5.7 7.5 6.2 9.8 Over 100 times .6 20.0 2.8 8.2 Ever 25.5 78.7 31.1 63.9 Only 25-30% of heterosexuals of either gender have tried either anal or oral sex, 78% of homosexual men and 64% of homosexual women have ever tried it. @@Attraction WOMEN SEEK OLDER, MORE SUCCESSFUL MATE \doc\web\98\04\secrsex.txt Learning Channel: The Science of Sex 1997 Even among women who were rich and / or successful, they sought mates like poorer women, older and more successful. This might change over a few generations, but hasn't happened yet. MEN SEEK YOUTH, BEAUTY \doc\web\98\04\secrsex.txt Learning Channel: The Secrets of Sex 1997 Evolutionary psychologists say that men seek the signs of youth and fertility in order to father as many children as possible. Men of even the most remote cultures prefer a curved hourglass proportions of women. @@birth (sex after postpartum) \clip\97\07\birtsex.htm Small Talk BabyTalk March 1997 p. 9 Sex After Baby The study showed that only 17 percent of couples had intercourse in the month following childbirth. @@Brain \clip\97\24\sexbrain.txt Seattle Times Company Thursday, Oct. 23, 1997 Sexual behavior can alter adult's brain structure, study shows by Robert Lee Hotz Los Angeles Times @@Casual Men are much more likely than women to seek casual sex. %%Gender MEN WANT CASUAL SEX, WOMEN DON'T \doc\web\98\04\secrsex.txt Learning Channel: The Secrets of Sex 1997 Men become the salesmen, women play hard to get. U Florida study shows that if woman simply walks up to a stranger and asks "do you want to have sex with me?", 3/4 of men will say yes, but if a man asks a woman, 100% said no. @@censor \priv\96b\07\jpanpubc.txt Date: Fri, 12 Jul 1996 10:49:46 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Kyodo news summary -10- TOKYO, July 12 (Kyodo) -- -- Movie industry censors have decided to allow a European movie including glimpses of pubic hair to be shown uncut in Japan after all, they said Friday. @@college Had sex: 80% 1972 College women survey 61% 2000 College women survey 39% OF COLLEGE WOMEN SAID THEY'RE VIRGINS, LITTLE DATING z50\clip\2001\08\colldate.txt Chronice of Higher Education, 1.8.10 Dating Among College Students Is All but Dead, Survey Finds By DANA MULHAUSER Institute for American Values and financed by the Independent Women's Forum. "In a finding that surprised the study's authors and several independent health experts, 39 percent of respondents said that they were virgins" 80% OF 1972 COLLEGE STUDENT DATES HAD SEX z50\clip\2001\07\collsex.txt `Sex at college is key to happy life' ...the Boston Couples Study in which 462 dating college students were questioned in 1972. Of the total group, 80% of couples had sex at college but 20% of dating students did not. \priv\95\18\aswmheal.txt 16 November 17. 1995 ASIAN WEEK "The State of Asian Women's Health: A Compendium of Facts and Findings" WHILE MORE SEXUALLY CONSERVATIVE, APAS REMAIN AT RISK OF HIV INFECTION. [But Asian women are generally the lowest of any race / gender group] Cochran, et al., (1991) conducted a survey of male and female students at a California university, which found that heterosexual Asian Americans were more sexually conservative than African American and Caucasian peers Had sexual experience Group Percent Index White 72% 1.00 Black 84% 1.17 Asian 47% -1.53 The researchers postulated that this finding may reflect strong values of family unity, control of emotions, and social order among Asian Americans. Of the Asian American students who were sexually active, only 11 percent reported consistently using condoms. Sexually active young Asian American women had a greater number of partners in the last six months and greater frequency of sex than their male peers, meaning that young APA women may be at elevated risk for HIV and other STDs. (Cochran, et al., 1991) [A. Hu notes that actual statistics show Asian women are much closer to white women risk than Asian men, probably because of much lower incidence of male homosexuality, and sex with white men However] March 1990 New England Journal of Medicine compared college women in 1989, 1975 and 1986. any year - 87% sexually active, 40% had more than 1 partner 8%-10% enaged in anal intercourse at least occasionally Condom use 12% 1975 21% 1986, 41% in 1989, but 60% don't use them. @@college _college sex_ doc921\stanfsex.txt - Sex at Stanford survey and MIT 1990 Health Needs Assessment at Stanford Percent of Stanford students NOT sexually active Group All Asian Af-Am Wh-Am His-Am Percent 23% 45% 15% 15% 32% Index 3.00 1.00 1.00 -1.39 Percent of students who engage in sex with same sex All Asian Af-Am Wh-Am His-Am 3.6% 8% 7% 3% 6% Note - Asian and Af-Am are not statistically significant (<5 persons) MIT Random Phone Survey 1989 (by me) 18 non-Asians, 11 men, 7 women 19 Asians, 10 men, 9 women White Asian SexActive 33% 5% NotActive 37% 33% No Answer 33% 58% Active/Non 1.00 0.15 NonAsians All Male Female SexActive 33% 45% 14% <- Men much more so than women (or maybe it's just MIT women??? SLAP!) No Answer 33% 36% 29% <- Even in 1989 1/3 clam up on the question NotActive 33% 18% 57% Asians All Male Female SexActive 5% 10% 0% <- That's one person out of 20! No Answer 58% 50% 67% NotActive 37% 40% 33% <- Still higher than non-Asian Index Date out of race (in) 71% 67(33)75(25) <- Pretty close. Harva and Stanf drawn from (Harvard) 80% 70(30)90(10) campus surveys in late 80s. !@#$ women (Stanford) 78% consistently out-date the A males. @@COMPUTER CYBERSEX M=F, MEN PICS, WOM CHAT z41\clip\2000\05\cybsex.txt (aol) Study: Cybersex Addiction Spreading By ERIN McCLAM The Associated Press ATLANTA (May 5) - Online sex addiction is a growing epidemic that is tearing partners apart and creating a dangerous new compulsion affecting everyone from housewives to gay men and corporate executives, psychologists said Friday. @@condom usage Asian men have highest rate of condom use in national study, and Seattle study STUDY CONCLUDES CONDOM USE MAY CONTRIBUTE TO LOW ASIAN AIDS RATE image: zip33\images\99\06\09\condom.gif "Half of APA Men Practice Safe Sex, Study Finds: But most don't seek reproductive health care" Asian Week June 3, 1999 p. 9 health study commisioned by National Asian Women's Health Organization, interviewd 802 Asian American men 18-65. 87% were sexually active, but only 39% tested for HIV vs. 84/59 general population. 51% reported using condoms every time, mostly for contraceptive use, vs. 20% of US men in general. "Higher rates of condom use have likely contributed to lower Asian HIV rates than the population as a whole". Although Asians are only 1.45 percent of the US population [that's wrong 1980 figure, is now over 4%] Asians are only 0.8% of AIDS cases, and APA men are only 2% in CA, 0.5% in New York. 80% of men believe they are not at risk to AIDS, 89% have never received reproductive health services Asians had the highest condom use in the Seattle Area STD clinics 60.0% Asian/PI Female/HM 42.1% MSM (Men having sex with men) 35.3% Females 34.9% Heterosexual Males Study says gay condom use is significantly higher, but it's still less than 50% for a group that is at most risk to AIDS. Seattle/ King Co. HIV/AIDS 1st Quarter 1997 page 12 "Results of Unlinked HIV Prevalance Surveys Among King County STD Clinic Patients 1988-1996 "African American and Hispanic STD clients continued to have higher HIV prevelance than whites, while none of the Asian /Pacific Islander or American Indian / Alaska Native backgound tested postive after 1990 and 1993, respectively." Fem/Het Male MSM N %HIV+ 88-90 91-93 94-96 88-90 91-93 94-96 Male 2858 0.6 2743 0.5 2416 0.3 311 32.6 465 17.4 475 8.6 Female 1733 0.5 1696 0.3 1565 0.3 ------------------------- White 2504 0.2 2477 0.3 2306 0.1 258 32.6 376 18.1 341 7.9 Black 1471 1.0 1284 0.6 967 0.6 21 28.6 43 20.9 35 8.6 Hispanic 206 1.0 251 0.8 182 1.6 28 7.1 36 11.1 Asian 143 0.7 148 0.0 188 0.0 AI 100 3.0 79 1.3 82 0.0 Other 138 0.7 190 0.0 245 0.0 30 3.3 (blank - small denominator) (Note gay HIV+ declined from 32.6 in 88-90 to 8.6 in 94-96) @@dating Asians have very strict rules against dating even in high school. Asians date less at later ages, also have less sexual activity. z39\clipim\99\12\12\pressure.efx Asian Youths feel pressure of two cultures Boston Globe, sometime in 1985? Cambodians and SE Asians have high rate of suicide in high school and college. Most are female, torn between strict Asian mores of no dating from Asian culture, and loosening up from popular culture. 7 of 109 Cambodian students at South Boston High attempted suicide one year. doc\94\3\asedtv.wk1 "U.S. kids study less, see less TV" USA Today May 9, 1994 Dennis Kelly Professor Harold Stevenson and grad student Andrew Fuligini Study of 578 11th grade students in Minneapolis; Sendai, Japan and Taipei, Taiwan 11th graders currently dating USA 83% Taiwan 37% Japan 34% USA 1.00 Taiwan -2.24 Japan -2.44 @@definition January 20 edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association contained an article by Stephanie A Sanders and June M Reinisch of the Kinsey Institute: The Monica generation of college students [1991, average age 21, large, political conservative midwestern university] answered the question, "Would You Say You 'Had Sex' With Someone If the Most Intimate Behavior You Engaged in Was ..." [Numbers are percent yes] Women Men Oral contact with other's genitals 37.3 43.7 Oral contact with your genitals 37.7 43.9 Penile-anal intercourse 82.3 79.1 Penile-vaginal intercourse 99.7 99.2 The authors concluded their paper with these words: "These data indicate that prior to the current public discourse, a majority of college students attending a major midwestern state university, most of whom identified themselves as politically moderate or conservative, with more registered Republicans than Democrats, did not define oral sex as having 'had sex'." @@Education COLLEGE EDUCATED MORE LIKELY TO ENGAGE IN "ADVANCED" SEX z47\clip\2001\01\womsex.txt HER WAY Young Women Remake the Sexual Revolution. By Paula Kamen. By COURTNEY WEAVER education and economics overwhelmingly influence women's sexual choices. More than 83 percent of college-educated women have received oral sex (compared with about half of those with less than a high school education), and they are more likely to have had anal sex, to have experimented in same-sex activity and to have m-bated within the last year. Studies in the 90's have shown that 86 percent of college women are sexually active (surpassing college men, averaging 70 percent); @@fetish \doc\95\04\asfofaq.txt - faq @@fish z48\clip\2001\03\fishorg.txt The Electronic Telegraph ISSUE 2120 Thursday 15 March 2001 Something fishy about trout orgasm By Robert Uhlig, Technology Correspondent Sweden's National Board of Fisheries New Scientist SCIENTISTS announced yesterday that female brown trout regularly fake orgasms. [so that they might mate if better males show up] @@genetic \priv\94\19\ROSENIQ.txt In The Bell Curve, Murray and Herrnstein also introduce readers to the work of J. Phillipe Rushton, a Canadian psychologist. Rushton has argued that Asians are more intelligent than Caucasians, have larger brains for their body size, smaller penises, lower sex drive, are less fertile, work harder and are more readily socialized; and Caucasians have the same relationship to blacks. @@harass \doc\95\07\sexharas.txt Asian women more tolerant than other Americans in U Mass Boston study @@Kinsey, Dr. Alfred Controversial early "popular" sex researcher. Widely credited as the source of "10% of the population is gay". Has been accused by conservatives as perverting American values, and very poor research practices. \clip\97\28\kinsey2.txt (review) ALFRED C. KINSEY A Public/Private Life By James H. Jones Norton. 937 pp. $39.95 Getting Serious About Sex By Winifred Gallagher Sunday, November 16, 1997; Page X01 The Washington Post [he did some good things, but the guy was a pervert...] "The Professor of Desire" Alan Wolfe, review of Alfred C. Kinsey: A Public/Private Life by James H. Jones (Norton 937 pp. $39.95) The New Republic Nov 24, 1997 p. 31 F111997-1 /images/972/112197/p10.gif [definitely a pervert...] Concerned Women Blast Kinsey Legacy Kinseyan Pornography & "Sexual Rights" Time line of Kinsey influence on Playboy efforts to liberalize sex. \clip\97\12\kinsey.txt From: Elazar "`ERRORGENOUS' ZONES? KINSEY'S SEXUAL IDEOLOGY" Alan J. Levine is a historian specializing in twentieth-century diplomatic history and the author of a forthcoming book on the space and missile race. This review appeared in the February 1994 edition of, The World and I, a publication of The Washinton Times Corporation. Sub: 1-800-822-2822 >>f:121395 "Kinsey research more than a little suspect" Linda Chavez USA Today Dec 13, 1995 p. 31A Kinsey relied for some of this most controversial data on a pedophile whose victims included 2 month old children. Kinsey wrote in his book that a child should not be disturbed by the touching of his genitals, or seeing genitals or more general sexual contacts. He testified in favor of liberalizing laws regarding sex offenders and child molesters, yet his numbers are still widely cited to determine public policy. 1990 Dr. Judith Reisman, Edward Eichel _Kinsey, Sex and Fraud: The Indoctrination of a People. 10% GAY BASED ON FAULTY KINSEY STUDY, BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! \clip\97\08\sexlies.txt Reader's Digest April 1997 p. 59 "SEX LIES AND THE Kinsey REPORTS" BY RACHEL WILDAVSKYA \clip\97\08\sexlies.htm These books helped spark a sexual revolution. But were they true? Almost 50 YEARS AGO Alfred Kinsey, a quiet Midwestern zoology professor, published the first of two volumes that would shake American culture to its foundations. His 1948 book, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male like its1953 sequel, Sexual Behavior in the Human Female - claimed to report the findings of a massive survey of American sexual behavior. And what findings they were! In dry, scientific language, Kinsey declared that many traditionally forbidden sexual activities were commonplace: About half of all married men and one in four married women had had extramarital sex; 69 percent of men had been with prostitutes; ten percent of men had been homosexual for at least three years; 40 to 50 percent of boys raised on farms had had sexual contact with animals. \clip\97\07\reisman.txt Dr. Judith Reisman is the co-author of "Kinsey, Sex & Fraud" and author of "Soft Porn Plays Hardball." Her research on pornography helped convict Hustler cartoonist, Dwaine Tinsley of child sex abuse in 1990. Sex researcher generally credited with the "10% of the general population is gay" statistic. Except he never said that, he said "astonishing scientific findings-that 98% of men and roughly half of women had premarital sex, 95% of American men were legally sex offenders and 10% or more of men were largely homosexual" and even 10% of men is questionable, given a sample where 26% of his subjects were sex offenders, 25% were prisoners, 4% were male prostitutes, and "Kinsey did use "the gay community," pedophiles and prisoners to generalize to the population at large." Where did 10% gay population come from? \clip\97\05\kinsey.txt Kinsey 2/20/97 Kinsey and the Homosexual Revolution by Judith Reisman, Ph.D.[1] @@Japan %%General Sex in Japan %%kissing \priv\94\19\japnkiss.txt SCANDAL IN JAPAN: KISSING SJM 9/27/94 Japanese don't kiss in public @@Kiss z47\clip\2001\01\kiss.txt It started with a kiss New Scientist, 12/23/00 From a simple peck to a full-blown snog [kiss?], who invented this bizarre habit of ours? @@Love z48\clip\2001\02\love.txt The Science of Love Researchers Explain How Love Makes People Feel Funny By Amanda Onion February 14, 2001 ..recent studies has zeroed in on exactly what kind of chemical and neurological activities occur at different stages of human and animal relationships. @@Opinion KINSEY SURVEY - WHITE WOMEN EMOTIONALLY CLOSE, BLACK WOMEN SEXUAL RESPONSE z48\clip\2001\03\racewom.txt Oct 27, 2000 New Survey Claims to Have Answers to What Women Want From Sex Lives Kinsey Institute Issues New Data on Sources of Sexual Satisfaction By Neil Osterweil WebMD Medical News Kinsey researchers conducted a random telephone survey two-thirds were white, and one-third were black. sexual response was the most important predictor for sexual well-being among all black women in the survey, but it was only seventh among all white respondents. The white women attached considerable importance to 'feeling emotionally close' to their partner; the black women felt that 'feeling comfortable talking about sex" was more important to their sexual happiness, Fall poll by UCLA's Higher Education Research Institute from the Class of 2001: Sex is okay if people like each other. All Institutions: 42.2; Public Universities: 41.5; Private Universities: 39.6 Is Premarital Sex Acceptable? Year No Yes No Opinion 1969 68% 21% 11% 1973 48% 43% 9% 1985 39% 52% 9% Gallup report Plain Truth Nov / Dec 1985 @@partners There is exactly one study which claims to show that the number of sex partners is equal between all races. Eveery other study shows dramatically higher numbers of partner at younger ages for blacks, fewer partners for Asians, compared to whites. %%Equal There was also an interesting study on sexual behaviour of 941 heterosexual men by Evans, Bond, and MacRae last year which found no racial differences in numbers of sexual partners or condom useThere is a huge amount of evidence that African-American men are more acculturated toward having more sex partners than white or Asian-American men %%general \priv\95\05\sexsurv2.txt Wellcome co. funded study 51% men 6+ partners, 25% women 28% men 11+ partners 10% women \priv\94\19\sexsurv.txt --More than four in five Americans had only one sexual partner, or no partner, in the past year. Generally, blacks reported the most sexual partners, <>. Only 3 percent of Americans -- most of them under the age of 30 -- reported having five or more partners in the last year. Also see gay @@penis size see @@survey Warner: SEX IN AMERICA: A DEFINITIVE SURVEY by Robert T. Michael, John H. Gagnon, Edward O. Laumann and Gina Kolata (This report is based on the most comprehensive study of sexual practices in the US since Kinsey's. Interviewing 3,432 people in 1992, the National Opinion Research Center gathered data showing that we are much more monogamous and much less sexually active than is generally supposed. Sept 3, 1995) Playboy's College Sex Survey Playboy Nov 1998 Survey of 7 collges in California, Oklahomoa, MIssisippi, Louisiana, Pennsylvaia, Michigan, New York virgins 1996 6.5% men 6% women 1998 15% men 15% women \doc\94\19\advocsex.wk1 - Advocate 1994 survey \doc\94\17\washblad.txt - Wash (DC) Blade says \doc\95\01\playsex.txt - playboy international sex survey "Frenchmen Have More Sex than Most--Playboy Survey" Reuters (01/04/95) The Playboy International Sex Survey has determined that French men have sex the most frequently. The magazine found that most men--90 percent in Brazil, 81 percent in France, 78 percent in Greece, 75 percent in the United States, and 70 percent in Japan--are worried about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Poles are the least concerned about STDs. A total of 57 percent of American men said they have had more than 11 sexual partners--the highest in the survey and more than the 33 percent reported in the University of Chicago "Sex in America" survey released in 1994. Japanese men most frequently use condoms. @@Rate STUDY CONCLUDES CONDOM USE MAY CONTRIBUTE TO LOW ASIAN AIDS RATE image: zip33\images\99\06\09\condom.gif "Half of APA Men Practice Safe Sex, Study Finds: But most don't seek reproductive health care" Asian Week June 3, 1999 p. 9 health study commisioned by National Asian Women's Health Organization, interviewd 802 Asian American men 18-65. 87% were sexually active, but only 39% tested for HIV vs. 84/59 general population. @@Reassignment RAISING BOYS W/O PENIS AS GIRLS DOES NOT WORK z42\clip\2000\05\gendass.txt Friday May 12 5:06 PM ET Research Confirms Nature Makes the Man WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Two studies published on Friday confirm that nature makes the man, and that sex-reassignment surgery for boys born with deformed sex organs is misguided and possibly cruel. The studies of 25 genetically male children raised as girls because of genital deformities showed all of them retained strong male characteristics, despite hormone and other treatments. Most reassigned themselves to be males when they got older, the researchers at Johns Hopkins University said. @@religion (also see abortion by religion) \clip\96\02\relgsex.txt Date: Fri, 23 Aug 1996 09:17:05 -0400 TESTAMENTS 8-23 TESTAMENTS: Mormons Follow Teachings to Wait Until Marriage By DAVID BRIGGS AP Religion Writer 3/4 of Mormons vs only half of most other religions believe premarital intercourse is wrong, and they have a very low rate of premarital sex. Only 8% had cohabited with the opposite sex before marriage vs. 20% of conservative protestants and 45% of those with no religion. No religious affliation had the most sex and conflicts with sex. (Comment, I would guess this group has a very low rate of single parenthood, a very low rate of AIDS, and such high moral standards explains why this is the only group that can compare with Asian Americans in terms of sexual-related health and economic issues, but such an approach to solving social problems appears to be unacceptable to activists and academics) @@premarital sex Seattle Times Dec 20, 2006 Study: Premarital sex normal for most Dec 20, 2006 David Gary AP. Over 9 of 10 men and women had prem sex back to those born in 1940s. Study by Lawrence Finer Public Health Reports. Study of surveys 1982 to 2000 by 20. Of 77, 75 had, 12 had married. 38,000 people, 33,000 women. In 82, 88, 95, 02, 99 pct had sex by 44, 95 before marriage. Subgroup abstain by 20, 4/5 by 44 rate stable since 1950s women as likely as men 50 to 78 born 91% by 30 40s 88% by 44 concerned women of america are skeptical of findings @@Teen Sex Also see Birth/Teen Summary - Asians have the lowest rate of teen sex activity (only Seattle and U. Mass Boston have figures), and generally low teen birth rates (see health,birth,teen). In my survey of the literature, this has never been spelled out in any summary or headline. However, those few who are active in Seattle have higher rates of STD, unsafe sex, and pregnancies. Blacks have generally the highest rates, and Hispanics the next highest rate of teen pregnancies. Most studies show teen sex to be negatively correlated with good life and child outcomes, though there are a few who insist that teen pregnancy is not a bad thing in itself. [[Africa SOUTH AFRICAN TEEN SEX STARTS AT 12 VS 17 INTL z48\clip\2001\02\teensexa.txt February 20 2001 South African AIDS Campaign Targets Pre-Teen Sex By Jeremy Lovell ``Internationally the average starting age is 17 or 17 and a half. In South Africa it starts at 12,'' she said, noting that 45 percent of South Africans were under 20 years old. CAPETOWN (Reuters) - South African children tend to start having sex before their teens and they must be persuaded to postpone the experience. [[Asians lowest Pathfinder's People Site: July 1997 Filmmakers profile a black, Asian, and a couple of other teen age girls from Philadelphia. One white and black girl get pregnant, it's the Asian girl stuck with the "terrible" strict parents who don't want her to date who ends up going to Brandeis, a prestigious private university. [[condom FREE CONDOMS DON'T INCREASE SEX "Study: Kids given condoms no more likely to have sex" Seattle Times 9/30/97 p. A9. Study of 13,000 students in New York and Chicago in American Journal of Public Health found no increase in sexual activity, significant increase in condom use in schools where free condoms were available. Academy for Educational Development, Hunter College Center on AIDS, Drugs and Community Health, NYU School of Education. [[decline US TEEN SEX DOWN TO 50% EVER, 1/3 PAST 3 MONTHS \doc\web\2001\01\teensex.wk1 More young men are heeding messages on abstinence Washington Times Aug 14-20, 2000 p. 17 Youth Risk and Behavior Survey CDC HS students who have had intercourse 1991 1993 1995 1997 1999 All 54.1% 53.0% 53.1% 48.4% 49.9% Males 57.4% 55.6% 54.0% 48.8% 52.2% Females 50.8% 50.2% 52.1% 47.7% 47.7% last 3 months 37.5% 37.5% 37.9% 34.8% 36.3% Four surveys show trend National Survey of Family Growth National Survey of Adolescent Males Youth Risk Behavior Survey National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health ONLY 17% OF UK TEENS ARE SEXUALLY ACTIVE, 89% ANTICIPATE MARRIAGE Steward Deuchar: In September 2000 Family Education Trust (Oxford, England) published the results of a detailed and comprehensive study of the attitudes towards sexual relationships of 2000 young people aged 13-15. Only 17% of this large sample claimed to be sexually active. 69% disagreed with the statement that "marriage is old-fashioned", and 89% saw their own lives in terms of getting married. TEEN SEX DOWN 5% TO 50% SINCE 1991 z42\clip\2000\07\teendrug.txt June 09, 2000 Seattle Times Teen drug use, smoking on rise; risky sex down, report says a government survey says fewer teens are having sex and those who do are more likely to use condoms. fewer high-school students said they have had sex, a trend that gradually decreased from 54.1 percent in 1991 to 49.9 percent in 1999. Report shows 11% decline in sexually active teens (wash post) SeaTimes sept 18 1998 Reported ever having intercouse - high school (cdc) 1991 54.1 1993 53.0 1995 53.1 1997 48.4 boys down to 49 from 57 in 91 girls 48 51 4+ partners 16 from 19 Number of women 15-44 years of age who have ever had voluntary intercourse and percent distribution by age of first voluntary partner, according to age at first intercourse and race and Hispanic origin: United States, 1995 Source: Women sexually active by race 1997 Number of women 15-44 years of age and percent who have ever had sexual intercourse (after menarche) for all women and never-married women, by age at interview and by race and Hispanic origin and age for teenagers: United States, 1995 Blacks most, Whites least, Hispanics in between. No Asians. Age at interview All women Never Married and race 1,000s Pct. Index 1,000s Pct and Hispanic origin 15-19 years: Hispanic 1,150 55.0 -1.11 1,078 52.0 Non-Hispanic White 5,962 49.5 1.00 5,693 47.1 Non-Hispani black 1,392 59.5 -1.20 1,351 58.3 15-17 years: Hispanic 688 50.0 -1.43 673 48.8 Non-Hispanic white 3,534 34.9 1.00 3,485 33.9 Non-Hispanic black 853 48.2 -1.41 853 48.2 Source: National Center for Health Statistics Index analysis by Arthur Hu 5/97 Note data does not include Asian Americans. Index US teen birth 15-19 W1.00 B-1.20 H-1.11 A NA US teen birth 15-17 W1.00 B-1.41 H-1.43 A NA \clip\97\09\teenaids.txt Copyright 1997 The Seattle Times Company Friday, April 4, 1997 Program targets rise in teen AIDS by Warren King Seattle Times medical reporter In King County 18- and 19-year-olds have more than twice the gonorrhea rate (331 cases per 100,000 population) of 30-34-year-olds (117 per 100,000). HIV in youth < 1% gay/bi males in STD clinic 1995 11% Half of Seattle teens have had sex, half of them didn't use a condom the last time. Portland Action program 1994-94 reports from 5 to 17 percent delay sex, 79 to 90 use condoms, 18 to 30 percent stopped having sex. \priv\95\05\moreteen.txt CDC report of teens in school: The number of teens having sex has leveled off at 53% 20% with four or more partners 40% sex in past month alchohol or drugs before having sex 11% "SEXUALITY: More Teens Report Using Condoms" By A.J. HOSTETLER Associated Press Writer Medio CD Magazine May 1995 longitudinal data from the Centers for Disease Control show the proportion of sexually-experienced high schoolers fell from 59 percent in 1989 to 54 percent in 1991 to 53 percent in 1993. - (Family Research Council) Washington Watch March 30, 1995 San Jose Mercury Page 6D - July 27, 1992 The state of the U.S. epidemic The CDC reports that Between 1989 and 1991, the proportion of teens who'd had sex fell from 61% to 54% and those reporting two or more sexual partners in their lifetimes fell from 40% to 35% [[Japan Japan's High Schools p. 291 Thomas R. Rohlen Extensive survey in Japan over 21,000 persons 10-21 1974, 14.2% boys 6.7% girls over 18 had intercourse vs. 26.0 17.1 in 1980. Petting increased from 19.9 to 36.4 for boys over 18, 11.1 to 30.9 for girls. By 1981, nearly half of all 18 yr olds had experience with kissing. Japan has has the highest average marriage age. [[Oral ABOUT HALF OF TEENS HAVING ORAL SEX z47\clip\2000\12\nytsex.txt December 19, 2000 Survey Shows Sex Practices of Boys By TAMAR LEWIN a study by the Urban Institute, financed by the federal government, provides the first national data on the sexual practices of 15- to 19-year- old boys. ...everyone's surprise, several girls had pharyngeal gonorrhea. black and Hispanic boys were almost twice as likely as whites to have had anal intercourse. White and Hispanic boys were about twice as likely as blacks to have performed oral sex on a girl. The study also found that while the percentage of black boys receiving oral sex more than doubled, to 56.9 percent, from 1988 to 1995, the percentage stayed relatively stable among white boys at 50.3 percent and among Hispanic boys, at 45.4 percent. [[rates Teen Sex Spectrum =================== 86% Guttmacher boys age 19 80% black 8th grade boys Chicago 80% black high school Seattle 73% black high school CDC ever 69% male nat am high school Seattle 58% hispanic high school ever 55% boys age 16 Kaiser 50% white boys 1995 15-19 getting oral sex 50% boys age 16 Guttmacher 49% white high school CDC ever 46% male white high school Seattle 40% girls age 16 Kaiser 40% white 8th grade boys Chicago 35% male asian high school seattle 30% black 8th grade girls chicago 25% male se asian high school seattle 15% black HS pregnant or impregnated CDC 13% boys age 13-14 Kaiser 13% hispanic HS pregnant or impregnated CDC 10% white 8th grade girls chicago 4% white HS pregnant or impregnanted CDC 3% girls age 13-14 Kaiser Age at first intercourse --------------------------- 17.7 Netherlands 1998 17 US Girls median 1988 16 US Boys median 1988 15.8 US 1998 13.7 US inner city teens US Teens Vs. Europe A B C United States 15.8 54.4 17.0 Netherlands 17.7 6.9 5.2 Germany 16.2 13.0 NA France 16.8 9.1 7.9 A - age at first intercourse B - live births per 1,000 women 15-19 C - abortion rates per 1,000 15-19 Source: Advocates for Youth from chart in USA Today Feb 18,1999 p. 13A \clip\98\07\sexsurv.txt Survey shows many teens feeling pressure to have sex March 25, 1998 Web posted at: 1:39 a.m. EST (0639 GMT) WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- ""Sexual intercourse starts to become common for teen boys once they hit age 16 (55 percent have had intercourse) and for teen girls at age 17 (51 percent)." Only 40 percent of girls aged 16 said they had sex. Just 13 percent of boys and 3 percent of girls aged 13 to 14 said they had had intercourse. " Kaiser Family Foundation CDC YOUTH RISK BEHAVIOR SURVEY CDC Youth Risk Behaviors Local copy Sexual Behaviors that Contribute to Unintended Pregnancy and STD, Including HIV Infection In 1995, as part of the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a national school-based Youth Risk Behavior Survey among a representative sample of 10,904 high school students in grades 9-12. These data are summarized from that survey. For more information see CDC, Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance -- United States, 1995. MMWR; 45(No. SS-4), 1-86, 1996 (Note that blacks have the highest rate of heterosexual AIDS, but have the highest rate of condom use and AIDS discussion) Black students (35.6%) were significantly more likely than white (14.2%) and Hispanic (17.6%) students to have had sexual intercourse with four or more sex partners. Black students (24.2%) were significantly more likely than white (5.7%) and Hispanic (8.8%) students to have initiated sexual intercourse before age 13. Black students (73.4%) were significantly more likely than white (48.9%) and Hispanic (57.6%) students to have ever had sexual intercourse. Black students (66.1%) were significantly more likely than white (52.5%) and Hispanic (44.4%) students to report that they or their partner had used a condom during last sexual intercourse. White students (21.4%) were significantly more likely than black (10.2%) or Hispanic (11.4%) students to report that they or their partner had used birth control pills during last sexual intercourse. Black students (35.6%) were significantly more likely than white (14.2%) and Hispanic (17.6%) students to have had sexual intercourse with four or more sex partners. Black students (54.2%) were significantly more likely than white (34.8%) and Hispanic (39.3%) students to report current sexual activity. Black (14.8%) and Hispanic (12.5%) students were significantly more likely than white students (4.0%) to report having been pregnant or gotten someone pregnant. Black students (73.4%) were significantly more likely than white (62.1%) or Hispanic (61.5%) students to have talked about AIDS or HIV infection with a parent or other adult family member. ------------------------------------------------------- \doc\94\18\seateen.wk1 Seattle Teen Health Survey Male Students who have had sex G9-12 1993 WhiteBlackHisp AsianSEAsiAmIndian W46%/1.00 B80%/-1.74 H66%/-1.43 A35%/1.37 SEA25%/1.85 N69%/-1.50 Female Students who have had sex G9-12 1993 WhiteBlackHisp AsianSEAsiAmIndian W43%/1.00 B65%/-1.51 H63%/-1.47 A32%/1.35 SEA32%/1.35 NA69%/-1.60 Male Students who have had sex by age 14 WhiteBlackHisp AsianSEAsiAmIndian 1.00 2.60 1.52 0.64 0.48 2.08 Female Students who have had sex by age 14 WhiteBlackHisp AsianSEAsiAmIndian 1.00 2.28 1.94 0.61 0.39 2.56 ------------------------------------------------------------- \priv\95\10\aidssum.txt "British Lose Virginity at 17--Survey" Reuters (08/10/95); Majendie, Paul. British Medical Journal (BMJ) says the British lose their virginity at an average age of 17, three years earlier than in the 1950s, but 60% of 19,000 youths surveyed used condoms. London britches are falling down Seattle PI Nov 30 A14 Lancet study University College of London etc 11,161 survey 16-44 London lesbian 3% 1990 7% 2000 men with homosexual relationship from 9/1990 10/2000 nationwide 2->5 4->6 avg partners 4->7 women 9->13 men, avg once a week --------------------------------------------------------- \doc\95\07\massteen.txt - Asian teens are active later than other races, institute news, U. Mass Boston Institute for Asian American Studies Spring 1995 ---------------------------------------------------------- \priv\95\05\usteensx.txt Page 1D - March 5, 1991 Teen-agers ponder: Is everyone doing it?;Fewer kids save sex for adulthood By Kim Painter, USA TODAY 33% of of boys use condoms all the time. Nearly two-thirds of sexually experienced girls have had at least two partners; The average, sexually active 17 to 19-year-old urban male claims six partners. A teen-age girl having sex in 1988 was less likely to get pregnant than one having sex in 1982, probably due to better contraceptive use. But, because more girls had sex, overall pregnancy rates remained constant at 127 per 1,000 girls each year TEXT OF GRAPHIC EXPERIENCE AND AGE Unmarried teens who've had sex by age Age Boys Girls 15 33% 27% 16 50% 34% 17 66% 50% 18 72% 69% 19 86% 75% Source: Alan Guttmacher Institute, 1988 figures ----------------------------------------------- \priv\95\05\teenrisk.txt Teens' risky sexual behavior USA Today Page 1D - April 10, 1992 By Kim Painter, USA TODAY - Fewer than half reported using a condom the last time they had sex. - 1 in 4 high school seniors have over 4 partners The latest report focuses on those reporting four or more partners. That includes: Grade and Gender Girls Boys Grade 9 6.8% 18.9% Grade 12 17.0% 38.5% Race: Index Whites 15.8% 1.00 Blacks 37.8% 2.39 Hispanics 16.5% 1.04 1.5% had shot up drugs. Among those with four or more sex partners, rates were dramatically higher - 6.2% for boys and 2.6% for girls. US 1992 Teen 4+ Partner W1.00 B2.29 H1.04 Source: CDC Atlanta ----------------------------------------------------- \priv\95\05\youtvirg.txt Urban Institute: 60% of 15-19 yr old males, 52% of women had sex at least once Survey of adolescent males 75% sexually experienced in 1988, up from 66% in 1979, but only 6 partners in 1988 vs. 7.3 in 1979, and only 3 times per week in 1988 vs. 4.6 in 1979. Condom use 17-19 among men from 21% in 79 to 58% in 1988. In 1988, sexually active men 15-19, 35% always used condoms, 22% never, 43% sometimes --------------------------------------------------- - 53% of teens G9-12 had sex, 53% used condoms "More Teens Use Condoms" (AP) Seattle Post Intelligencer Feb 24, 1995 p. A3 contraceptive survey of black teens who had given birth New England Journal of Medicine 1994;331:1201-6 Nov 3, 1994 - 1st sex at 13.7, half had 3 or more partners, 38% of pill users were pregnant again within a year, over 1/3 of pill, nearly half of norplant had STD, 25-35% had more than one partner in past 6 months, most were unsafe sex, almost none used condoms all the time. ------------------------------------------------------------ too much teen sex doc\94\3\priv\teensex8.txt sex by race SJ Mercury in Chicago Public Schools SMART, CHURCH-GOING TEEN-AGERS STILL APT TO HAVE SEX, STUDY FINDS San Jose Mercury News 05/10/94 White Black Hispanic Asian 8th G boys 40% 80% 40% #N/A 8th G girls 10% 30% 10% #N/A Boy / Girl 4.0 2.7 4.0 #N/A Blacks and boys were more likely to get involved with sex Index White Black Hispanic Asian 8th G boys 1.00 2.00 1.00 #N/A 8th G girls 1.00 3.00 1.00 #N/A Boy / Girl 1.00 0.67 1.00 #N/A @@Thailand The Economist Jan 2nd 1999 p. 42 A Global Disaster By the mid 1990s, 1990-93 adult men reporting non marital sex fell from 28% to 15%, women from 1.7% to 0.4%. Men reporting seeing prostitutes down from 22% to 10%. Northern Thailand paying for sex fell from 57% to 24%, condom use from 61% in 91 to 93% in 1995. HIV in northern provinces among military from 7% to 3.5% @@Vibrator zip31\clip\99\07\vibr.txt February 23, 1999 In the History of Gynecology, a Surprising Chapter By NATALIE ANGIER [Doctors used to give manual simulation of patients, leading to development of the vibrator] @@Voluntary 16 percent of girls under 16 compared to only 3 percent of women who had first sex at age 20 or older said the first sex was not voluntary. "Teen Pregnancy Findings" Seattle Times May 1, 1997 p.1 from 1995 National Survey of Family Growth @@World DUREX POLL SAYS UK TOPS SEX PER YEAR z62\clip\2002\11\intlsex.txt UK Reuters Nov 25, 2002 Durex Global Survey: 149 UK 167 France 158 Netherlands 152 Denmark 150 Canada 138 Americans 135 New Zealanders 121 Spanish 4 in 10 UK admit to unprotectd sex with new partner in past 12 months 46% in UK between 18-20