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Asians and Health: The Myth of Healthy Asians *not*

Most news articles on race and health highlight poorer outcomes for minorities. But they rarely look at Asian outcomes, which are often right there in the same numbers.

If you believe the model minority "myth", it is a myth that Asians have less health problems that other groups. But then you have to wonder where this "myth" came from. Fact is, in general, Asians in America live longer and have a lower death rate than any other race, even compared with the Japanese in Japan, who are generally credited with having the longest life expectancy in the world. On the other hand, other than Asians in America, Caucasian Americans live nearly as long or longer than just about anybody else in the world despite growing up with bacon, eggs, Twinkies and Kool Aid.

Asian health risks and outcomes are better for almost every cause, except those associated with extreme poverty. They are especially better with respect to those related to cultural restraint, such as AIDS due to sex between men or injecting drugs. However, press accounts consistently report ONLY cases where Asian risks are higher than whites, even when most risks are actually lower.

The official line of activists is that the phenomenon of healthier Asians is either a myth, or "no data is available", and that Asians or Asian women are "at risk". It is said that problems such as domestic violence afflict all races equally or that problems are "under-reported", though no evidence has been presented to show that actual rates such as AIDS are any higher those reported. For example, it is thought that Asians are reluctant to disclose they are gay, yet no race has a higher percentage of AIDS attributed to male-male sex.

Asians have lower problems than other groups, despite higher rates of poverty, illiteracy and no formal education than whites. Although this has been noted for Hispanics, no one has reported this for Asians. This undermines the common heterodoxy that racism and poverty underly all racial disparities.

Moreover, many problems such as high infant mortality afflict blacks with even high levels of education and income. The only categories that stick out for Asians are stomach cancer (from eating pickled vegetables, dried fish and Kimchi) carbon monoxide poisoning, tuberculosis and leprosy, linked with poverty and diets based on preserved foods.

Asians have the lowest rates of death by "modern causes" such as AIDS and cancer. The largest health disparity is in AIDS, despite headlines that AIDS is the #1 threat to Asian community. Asian Americans do get AIDS, but at rates 1/3 to 1/10 the rates of other Americans depeding on the city. There is AIDS in China but it is as close to a statistical 0 as you can get, so for all practical purposes there is almost no AIDS in China, where the bulk of Asians live (but increasing). Only in South and Southeast Asia are there significant numbers of cases, and even then, reported rates nationwide are lower than US Asians.

This is most likely to due to the high level of cultural discipline of Asian culture where few births are to teens or unmarried, many breast feed, few take drink, take drugs pregnant or otherwise, or commit murder, or engage in anal sex with homosexuals or drug users, and a general aversion to risky occupations and sports which contributes to a low rate of accidents. This is the most likely explanation for the near-total black out of information on Asian American health.

Hispanics also have a lower mortality rate and equally or healthier babies despite poverty rates as high as blacks in some areas.

Ranking Summary

Health Risks Spectrum

Numbers are expressed as a ratio compared to Whites 2.0 is 2 times better -2.0 is 2 times worse Ranked by Asian compared to white. Case Index reference ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NYC cocaine births 93 W1.00 B-6.90 H-3.00 A 0.0 Korean AIDS SF W1.00 A55.0 PacIslander LA AIDS W1.00 A55.0 Koreans too. SantaClara AIDS/IVDU W1.00 B-10.3 H 1.06 A23.7 SF AIDS 91 W1.00 B 1.38 H 1.70 A15.1 N2.21 \doc\94\17\scaraai.wk1 LA AIDS 92 W1.00 B 1.06 H 2.8 A11.1 SF gay men STD clinic 93 W1.00 B-3.42 H-1.29 A10.7 N2.94 \doc938\sfaids93.xls Hawaii AIDS 92 W1.00 B 15.7 H 47.1 A 8.2 SantaClara AIDS W1.00 B-2.08 H 1.22 A 6.0 N-1.3 \doc\94\17\scaraai.wk1 AIDS CA Death 93 W1.00 B-1.6 H 1.8 A 6.1 O3.04 MA Deaths W1.00 B 1.56 H 3.9 A 4.8 O4.2 SF STD clinic 93 W1.00 B-3.42 H-1.73 A 4.0 doc938\sfaids93.xls MA Pregnant Smoker W1.00 B 1.51 H 1.79 A 3.8 SF Suicide rate (Chinese) W1.00 B 2.20 A 3.55 CA heart disease 93 W1.00 B 1.2 H 4.3 A 3.4 CA liver disease death 93 W1.00 B-1.08 H 1.2 A 3.1 CA deaths 93 W1.00 B-1.08 H 1.2 A 3.1 O3.1 College men, # of drinks W1.00 B 2.50 H 1.55 A 3.00 Vietnamese CA breast canc W1.00 A 2.92 SF alchohol treatment B10.4 H 1.6 A 2.90 US AIDS rate 93 W1.00 B-5.48 H-3.15 A 2.89 N1.66 AIDS death US 95 W1.00 B-4.49 H-2.98 A 2.70 CA Suicide W1.00 B 1.8 H 3.0 A 2.70 US Men overweight W1.00 B 1.21 H 1.08 A 2.39 CA breast cancer death W1.00 B-1.18 H 2.00 A 2.04 \doc\94\17\breastca.wk1 US Women smoking W1.00 B 1.11 H 1.49 A 2.23 Binge Drinking 91 W1.00 B 2.08 H 1.38 A 2.17 US Women overweight W1.00 B-1.74 H-1.22 A 2.15 N-1.40 US Unwed mother 92 W1.00 B-3.70 H-1.70 A 2.10 CA Develop Breast Cancer93 W1.00 B 1.18 H 2.00 A 2.04 US Chinese Infant Mort W1.00 B-2.07 H-1.05 A 2.00 US Teen suicide W1.00 B 1.91 A 1.95 US 15-19 birth rate 91 W1.00 B-2.20 H-2.00 A 1.90 N-1.60 CA Cancer Risk, Women 93 W1.00 B-1.15 H 1.87 A 1.84 Disabled W1.00 B-1.18 H 1.05 A 1.84 Wash. teen G12 drinking B 1.07 H-1.05 A 1.80 US CDC men binge drink A 1.80 WA G12 drug use 93 W1.00 B-1.07 H-1.25 A 1.80 WA AIDS Male-Male Sex W1.00 B-1.90 H 1.02 A 1.80 \doc\94\17\seataid.wk1 Seattle Student Drinking 93W1.00 B-1.04 H-1.08 A 1.72 US Pregnant Drug Use W1.00 B-2.00 H 1.33 A 1.71 US Coronary Heart Death 95 W1.00 B-1.36 H 1.42 A 1.68 N1.37 Japan-Am Breast Cancer W1.00 B 1.23 A 1.61 \doc\95\15\breacan2.txt Am Cancer Society US birth rate 35-39 W1.00 B-1.10 H 1.40 A 1.60 US Gonorrhea W1.00 B-39.8 H-2.68 A 1.58 CA Cancer risk, Men W1.00 B-1.44 H-1.70 A 1.51 CA UCDavis Firearm Injury W1.00 B-6.19 H 1.08 A 1.23 N-1.51 MA Infant Mortality 95 W1.00 B-2.19 H-1.63 A 1.46 CA Male Lung Cancer W1.00 A 1.44 US SIDS 1995 W1.0 B-2.52 H 1.49 A 1.42 N-2.91 US Unmarried mothers W1.00 B-3.00 H-1.7 A 1.40 WA G10 Drug use93 W1.00 B 1.00 H-1.25 A 1.40 N-1.82 KingCo Infant Mort 95 W1.00 B-1.90 H 1.57 A 1.34 US Syphillis W1.00 B-58.8 H-3.74 A 1.33 US Death in home by gun W1.00 B-4.30 H-1.30 A 1.30 US Men Smoking W1.00 B-1.12 H 1.11 A 1.26 US Bacterial Vaginosis w1.00 b-3.00 h-1.80 a 1.25 NYC child Asthma 92 W1.00 B-2.42 H-2.75 A 1.20 US Adolescent Obesity W1.00 B-1.26 H-1.25 A 1.18 Our kids at risk Asian Week June 27, 2002 p.3 US Preschool Obesity W1.00 B-1.31 H-1.37 A 1.20 CA Infant Mortality W1.00 B-2.34 H-1.01 A 1.15 MA Infant Mortality W1.00 B-2.98 H-1.44 A 1.12 CA Japanes Life Expect W1.00 A 1.10 US Life Expectancy W1.00 B-1.10 H 1.02 A 1.09 SEA Student guns at home W1.00 B-1.40 H-1.00 A 1.07 HI Life Expectancy W1.00 A 1.06 US child immz 1996 W1.00 B-1.05 H-1.10 A 1.01 N1.01 SEA Male in fights W1.00 B-1.67 H-1.56 A 1.00 Asians Better than white ============================================================ Asians Worse than white CA Immunization W1.00 B-1.32 H-1.57 A-1.04 S-2.64 Chinese Female Lung Cancer W1.00 A-1.05 SEA No Dental Exam / Clean W1.00 B-1.22 H-1.18 A-1.23 SEA No checkup 1993 W1.00 B 1.00 H-1.18 A-1.23 SEA1.34 NA 1.05 CA Vietnamese Breast Exam W1.00 A-1.27 CA Vietnamese Mammogram W1.00 A-1.28 NYC Lead in student W1.00 B 1.00 H-1.29 A-1.29 SCL low birth rate W1.00 B-2.15 H-1.15 A-1.28 OR Cavities 93 W1.00 B-1.2 H-1.3 A-1.3 N-1.8 Chinese Stomach Cancer W1.00 A-1.47 WA Female AIDS W1.00 B-7.29 H-1.97 A-1.49 N-3.6 \doc\94\17\seataid.wk1 CA low birth rate 86 W1.00 B-1.80 H 1.10 A-1.50 N 1.00 MA Low Birth Weight 93 W1.00 B-2.28 H-1.38 A-1.56 US Low Weght for Height 83 W1.00 B-1.28 H-1.24 A-1.69 N-1.07 CA Vietnamese Pap Smear W1.00 A-1.77 NYC Anemia 92 W1.00 B-3.78 H-2.56 A-1.78 US Health insurance 93 W1.00 B-1.9 H-3.2 A-1.8 LA Gang Homicide 15-19 94 W1.00 B-24.7 H-21.3 A-1.8 King Co SE Asian Men Smoke W1.00 A-1.83 Mammogram Orange Cnt W1.00 H-1.04 A-1.90
* Chinese Women Lung Cancer W1.00 A-2.00 Children w/o Health Ins W1.00 B-1.28 H-2.83 A-2.00 \doc\95\14\childheal.wk1 NYC Killed by guns W1.00 B-1.70 H-1.50 A-2.20 San Franc. TB 93 W1.00 B-5.34 H-3.39 A-2.40 US Abortion (2) W1.00 B-1.43 H-1.17 A-2.60 N 1.51 Public Hospital W1.00 B-5.71 H-4.30 A-2.74 N-5.35 US Low height for age 83 W1.00 B 1.13 H-1.09 A-2.84 N 1.05 CA Laotian men smoking W1.00 A-2.88 US Korean Health Ins W1.00 H-2.71 A-2.92 Diabetes W1.00 A-3.00 CA Vietnamese Cerv. Canc. W1.00 A-3.20 Born blind W1.00 B-1.05 H-2.33 A-3.75 * US Lactose Intolerant W1.00 B-3.50 H-2.50 A-4.50 Total Hip Replacement W1.00 A-5.00 * NYC Student Dental prob W1.00 B-3.29 H-3.43 A-6.14 O-6.57 US Tuberculosis W1.00 B-7.86 H-5.29 A-9.72 N-4.13 Los Angeles TB 92 W1.00 B-6.48 H-5.10 A-10.22 Born with Hepatitis B W1.00 A-13.5 Chinese Imm Hepatitis B W1.00 B-2.88 H-1.38 A-15.0 WA CO Poison 93 W1.00 B-2.96 H-57.1 A-16.9 NYC Chinese student TB W1.00 A-17.3 WA SE Asian CO Poison W1.00 A-116.4
Ranked by black Note that there ARE stats where blacks are better off than whites. \doc\96\03\blakheal.wk1 Health issues ranked by black Hawaii AIDS 92 W 1.00 B 15.70H 47.10A 8.20 SF alchohol treatment W 1.00 B 10.40H 1.60A 2.90 baby on stomach 1996 (SIDS)W 1.00 B 4.0 College men, # of drinks W 1.00 B 2.50H 1.55A 3.00 SF Suicide rate (Chinese) W 1.00 B 2.20 A 3.55 Binge Drinking 91 W 1.00 B 2.08H 1.38A 2.17 US Teen suicide W 1.00 B 1.91 A 1.95 MA Deaths W 1.00 B 1.56H 3.90A 4.80O4.2 MA Pregnant Smoker W 1.00 B 1.51H 1.79A 3.80 SF AIDS 91 W 1.00 B 1.38H 1.70A 15.10N2.2\doc\94\17\scaraai.wk1 Japan-Am Breast Cancer W 1.00 B 1.23 A 1.61\doc5\15\breacan2.txt Am Cancer Society US Men overweight W 1.00 B 1.21H 1.08A 2.39 CA heart disease 93 W 1.00 B 1.20H 4.30A 3.40 CA Develop Breast Cancer93 W 1.00 B 1.18H 2.00A 2.04 US Low height for age 83 W 1.00 B 1.13H -1.09A -2.84N 1.05 US Women smoking W 1.00 B 1.11H 1.49A 2.23 Wash. teen G12 drinking W 1.00 B 1.07H -1.05A 1.80 LA AIDS 92 W 1.00 B 1.06H 2.80A 11.10 NYC Black/Carrib Cardiov W 1.00 B 1.02H A WA G10 Drug use93 W 1.00 B 1.00H -1.25A 1.40N-1.82 NYC Lead in student W 1.00 B 1.00H -1.29A -1.29 ---------- Blacks better than average ------------------ ---------- Blacks worse than average ------------------- Seattle Student Drinking 93W 1.00 B -1.04H -1.08A 1.72 WA G12 drug use 93 W 1.00 B -1.07H -1.25A 1.80 Total Hip Replacement W 1.00 B -2.00 * CA liver disease death 93 W 1.00 B -1.08H 1.20A 3.10 CA deaths 93 W 1.00 B -1.08H 1.20A 3.10O3.1 US birth rate 35-39 W 1.00 B -1.10H 1.40A 1.60 US Life Expectancy W 1.00 B -1.10H 1.02A 1.09 US Men Smoking W 1.00 B -1.12H 1.11A 1.26 CA Cancer Risk, Women 93 W 1.00 B -1.15H 1.87A 1.84 CA breast cancer death W 1.00 B -1.18H 2.00A 2.04\doc4\17\breastca.wk1 Disabled W 1.00 B -1.18H 1.05A 1.84 OR Cavities 93 W 1.00 B -1.20H -1.30A -1.30N-1.8 SEA No Dental Exam / Clean W 1.00 B -1.22H -1.18A -1.23 US Low Weght for Height 83 W 1.00 B -1.28H -1.24A -1.69N-1.07 Children w/o Health Ins W 1.00 B -1.28H -2.83A -2.00\doc\14\childheal.wk1 CA Immunization W 1.00 B -1.32H -1.57A -1.04S-2.64 SEA Student guns at home W 1.00 B -1.40H -1.00A 1.07 CA Cancer risk, Men W 1.00 B -1.44H -1.70A 1.51 AIDS CA Death 93 W 1.00 B -1.60H 1.80A 6.10O3.04 SEA Male in fights W 1.00 B -1.67H -1.56A 1.00 NYC Killed by guns W 1.00 B -1.70H -1.50A -2.20 US Women overweight W 1.00 B -1.74H -1.22A 2.15N-1.40 CA low birth rate 86 W 1.00 B -1.80H 1.10A -1.50N 1.00 WA AIDS Male-Male Sex W 1.00 B -1.90H 1.02A 1.80\doc4\17\seataid.wk1 US Health insurance 93 W 1.00 B -1.90H -3.20A -1.80 US Pregnant Drug Use W 1.00 B -2.00H 1.33A 1.71 CA Hypertension W 1.00 B -2.00 US Chinese Infant Mort W 1.00 B -2.07H -1.05A 2.00 SantaClara AIDS W 1.00 B -2.08H 1.22A 6.00N-1.\doc\94\17\scaraai.wk1 SCL low birth rate W 1.00 B -2.15H -1.15A -1.28 MA Infant Mortality 95 W 1.00 B -2.19H -1.63A 1.46 US 15-19 birth rate 91 W 1.00 B -2.20H -2.00A 1.90N-1.60 MA Low Birth Weight 93 W 1.00 B -2.28H -1.38A -1.56 CA Infant Mortality W 1.00 B -2.34H -1.01A 1.15 NYC child Asthma 92 W 1.00 B -2.42H -2.75A 1.20 NYC Black Cardiovasc W 1.00 B -2.74 Chinese Imm Hepatitis B W 1.00 B -2.88H -1.38A -15.00 WA CO Poison 93 W 1.00 B -2.96H -57.1A -16.90 MA Infant Mortality W 1.00 B -2.98H -1.44A 1.12 US Unmarried mothers W 1.00 B -3.00H -1.70A 1.40 NYC Student Dental prob W 1.00 B -3.29H -3.43A -6.14O-6.57 SF gay men STD clinic 93 W 1.00 B -3.42H -1.29A 10.70N2.9\doc938\sfaids93.xls SF STD clinic 93 W 1.00 B -3.42H -1.73A 4.00 doc938\sfaids93.xls US Lactose Intolerant W 1.00 B -3.50H -2.50A -4.50 US Unwed mother 92 W 1.00 B -3.70H -1.70A 2.10 NYC Anemia 92 W 1.00 B -3.78H -2.56A -1.78 US HIV death 93 W 1.00 B -4.00 US Maternal death 93 W 1.00 B -4.27 US Death in home by gun W 1.00 B -4.30H -1.30A 1.30 AIDS death US 95 W 1.00 B -4.49H -2.98A 2.70 San Franc. TB 93 W 1.00 B -5.34H -3.39A -2.40 US AIDS rate 93 W 1.00 B -5.48H -3.15A 2.89N1.66 CA UCDavis Firearm Injury W 1.00 B -6.19H 1.08A 1.23N-1.51 Los Angeles TB 92 W 1.00 B -6.48H -5.10A -10.22.00 US Homicide 93 W 1.00 B -6.80 NYC cocaine births 93 W 1.00 B -6.90H -3.00A 0.00 WA Female AIDS W 1.00 B -7.29H -1.97A -1.49N-3.\doc\94\17\seataid.wk1 US Tuberculosis W 1.00 B -7.86H -5.29A -9.72N-4.13 SantaClara AIDS/IVDU W 1.00 B -10.3H 1.06A 23.70 Hypertension W 1.00 B -20.0 LA Gang Homicide 15-19 94 W 1.00 B -24.7H -21.3A -1.80 US Gonorrhea W 1.00 B -39.8H -2.68A 1.58 US Syphilis W 1.00 B -44.0 H 3.2 A NA US Syphillis W 1.00 B -58.8H -3.74A 1.33 FALLEN SJM 10/11/95 US - United States SEA - Seattle, WA NYC - New York City OR - Oregon CA - California SCL - Santa Clara County CA Sources: (1) "RISK OF STILLBIRTHS HAS FALLEN" SJM 10/11/95 (2) \doc\95\11\aborrace.wk1 Source: The Social Organization of Sexuality, Edward O. Laumann, Robert T. Michaels (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1994) >>Health: Contents @@Abuse Child Also see foster homes ASIANS #1 IN PHYSICAL ABUSE, #2 SEXUAL ABUSE (??) "Asian American Boys Much Abused, Study Says" Asian Week July 2, 1998 p. 8 New York Times article reports Louis Harris poll Dec 1996-June 1997, found Asians reported highest rates of abuse. 3162 boys grades 5-12 across US, 2/3 by family member at home. (but Asians have the lowest rates of foster placement, and the lowest rates of crime and academic failure) Sexual Physical Asian 9 17 Black 3 10 Hispanic 7 13 White 10 8 BLACK CHILDREN AT HIGHEST RISK OF CHILD ABUSE BY PARENTS \clip\99\15\chilabus.txt FOR RELEASE: 3 AUGUST 1999 AT 16:00:00 ET US University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill New study shows abuse homicides more common than records reveal CHAPEL HILL - Painstaking analysis of a decade of homicides among children ages 10 and under in North Carolina shows vital records poorly reflect the number of child abuse deaths, according to a new University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill study. ...Almost two-thirds of assailants were one or both of the victim's biological parents. "Factors that appear to put African-American children at three times the risk of dying at the hands of caregivers than white children should be distinguished from the effects of social class and socioeconomic status." @@Accident %%age The Most Dangerous Years American Demographics June 1998 p. 51 National Safety Council Itasca Il Rate of acc. death by age 1996 per 100k pop 35 all ------------ 15 under 5 *** 9 5 to 14 ** 38 15 to 24 ******** 33 25 to 44 ****** 30 45 to 64 ****** 44 65 to 74 ******** 141 75 plus ****************> (mostly falls) %%General NUMBER 5 CAUSE OF DEATH IN US Michigan State Medical Society Unintended injuries are the fifth leading cause of death in the United States, killing about 87,000 people per year.89 Motor vehicle crashes account for approximately one-half of these deaths. Injuries have been estimated to cost the United States more than $100 billion annually due to lost productivity and medical care.90 BOYS GET INJURED 2:1 COMPARED TO GIRLS \doc\96\06\boyhurt.txt "Daredevils and Fraidycats" Parents March 1992 p. 158 Lawrence Kutner PhD, Harvard University. Even as young as preschool, boys are much more likely to injure themselves. The National Safety Council reports that in 1988, boys accounted for 68% of all children five and under who died of accidental injuries. F092396 @@Acetominophen poisoning \doc\96\06\acet.txt Seattle Times July 8, 1996 p. A3 "Misusing 'safe' medicines can be deadly" At least 33 under the age of 13 have died of acetaminophen poisong between 1970 and 1991. There have been 152 serious illnesses ranging from hospitalization to serious disability or liver transplants. Parents are warned to take the label instructions seriously @@Acne \clip\99\09\acne.txt search Seattle Times March 17, 1999 An array of treatments help patients achieve clearer skin by Judith Blake Anyone battling acne will find an arsenal of weapons, from over-the-counter products to prescription drugs. The products deal in different ways with acne's chief cause: excess oil production combined with dead skin cells, forming a solid mass that can become infected. Whiteheads, blackheads and pimples result. In teens and some adults, hormonal fluctuations can increase the oil secretions. Stress is also thought to be a factor. While researchers say it's a myth that chocolate and greasy foods cause acne, some believe dairy products may contribute in sensitive individuals. @@Advantage While some activists say that Asian health is largely a myth, others have noted that there is an extensive pattern of Asian advantages with respect to many health issues, as often as Blacks are cited for having poorer health, Asians will fare better than Whites. Hispanics have also been noted a few times for better health due to diet, and health habits. See table for statistics that are better for Asians \clip\98\10\asiheal.txt Seattle Times August 3, 1998 Healthy image of Asian Americans can be misleading by R.A. Zaldivar Knight Ridder Newspapers " Overall, Asian Americans have the longest life expectancy, the lowest infant mortality and the lowest death rates from heart disease and cancer compared with other Americans. Stroke is the only major illness for which Asian death rates are higher than those for whites. " Secret of long life and low disease laid to Asian Diet \clip\97\17\foodpyr.txt Channel A July 1997 An Asian Pyramid Scheme: Rice and Vegetables are the Building Blocks to a Healthy Chinese Meal. By Pearl and Tien Chi Chen "The studies found Chinese to be physically fit and rarely obese. Compared to Americans, they have only one-seventeenth the heart disease rate, one-fifth the breast cancer rate and one-half the colon cancer rate. " ASIANS RISK AND SOCIODEMOGRAPHICS LIKE MINORITIES, BUT HEALTH EQUAL OR BETTER THAN WHITES \clip\97\04\betrheal.txt "Asians and Pacific Islanders were similar to African Americans and Latinos on most sociodemographic and system characteristics, disease status, and risk factors. Ethnicity was a significant predictor of differences in self-reported health. As a group, Asians and Pacific Islanders had better health or health of equal status compared with whites" DOCNO: RP-486 (Rand corporation) TITLE: Variation and Quality of Self-Report Health Data: Asians and Pacific Islanders Compared to Other Ethnic Groups. AUTH: L.S. Meredith, A.L. Siu NOTE: Originally published in: Medical Care, Vol. 33, No. 11, November 1995. MEXICAN IMMIGRANTS HEALTHY DESPITE POVERTY \priv\95\06\mexdiet.txt \priv\95\02\mexheal.txt STUDY: MEXICO-BORN WOMEN HEALTHIER 1/27/95 By RICHARD COLE Associated Press SAN FRANCISCO -- Women in the United States would do well to learn from the diets of recent Mexican immigrants, according to a University of California study. Study by UC Berkeley professor Sylvia Guendelman was published Thursday in the American Journal of Public Health. Sixteen percent of non-Hispanic white women smoke heavily during pregnancy - compared with only 1 percent of immigrants born in Mexico. Despite conditions of often extreme poverty, babies born to recent Mexican immigrants are approximately as healthy as non-Hispanic whites, while black babies have 2 times more complications. @@Age HEALTH CARE FOR OLDER MEN COSTS MORE Business Week 3/24/97 THE COMING JOB BOTTLENECK What an aging workforce means for everyone else "Per capita health-care costs for men aged 50 to 54, for instance, are three times those for men 30 to 34, according to benefits consultant Watson Wyatt. " @@Agriculture The agricultural work force in the United States totals 3.2 million, which equates to 2.7 percent of our total work force. However, there are 1,300 deaths and 120,000 disabling injuries annually, or 12.5 percent of all workplace deaths and 7.1 percent of all disabling injuries. Both of these rates -- in deaths and disabling injuries -- exceed the rates of the construction and transportation industries, and only mining has a higher death rate. Unfortunately, agriculture is one of the more hazardous occupations in the United States. FAIRS (the Florida Agricultural Information Retrieval System) is a comprehensive electronic library of information from major programs within the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Cooperative Extension Service. Asian.Health.AIDS @@Aids AIDS general info Aids and race doc94\2\massdeat.txt men die of AIDS B+H men 3X white women B9X H6X @@Airlines @@Helicopter" @@Air-travel @@Albino \priv\96b\07\albino.txt Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 07:51:30 -0400 From: (NewsHound) THE COLOR OF HOPE People with albinism band together to dispel common misconceptions, get medical information By Kathleen Donnelly Asian.Health.Alchohol @@Alchohol also see birth Summary: In general, Asian alchohol use is much lower than in the White population by a factor of 2 or 3 in every study. This results in healthier pregnancies, it may also contribute to a lower rate of vehicle deaths and violent crime. Asians may run liquor stores, but Asian communities don't have a lot of them. Mexicans appear to have the highest rate of problems Survey: US CDC men binge A -1.80 US CDC women binge A -2.14 college binge B-2.08 H-1.38 A -3.00 college men drinks B-2.50 H-1.55 A -3.00 college women drinks B-4.00 H-2.00 A -3.08 seattle teen alchohol B 1.04 H 1.08 A -1.72 SF alchohol treatment B10.4 H 1.6 A -2.9 Wash. teen G12 B 1.07 H-1.05 A -1.80 (1)Am Ind alchoholic B H A N5.00 ------------------------------------------------------- Sources: (1) Wall Street Journal Jul 16, 1996 ----------------------------------------- %%Deaths "Excessive alcohol consumption leads to more than 100,000 deaths annually in the US. Accidents, mostly from drunken driving, made up a quarter of this number in 1992; alcohol related homicide and suicide accounted for 11 and 8 percent, respectively. Cancers that are partly attributable to alcohol, such as those of the esophagus and larynx, contributed an additional 17 percent. About 19 percent resulted from alcohol-related stroke. Another major contributor is a group of 12 ailments wholly caused by alcohol [..], of which alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver and alcohol dependence syndrome are the most important. These 12 ailments represented 18 percent of all alcohol related deaths in 1992." (From: Scientific American, December 1996). \clip\98\07\alchdeat.txt April 6, 1998 Alcohol is a factor in 40% of violent crimes, study says The Associated Press WASHINGTON - Alcohol is a factor in 40 percent of violent crimes, even as it declines as a cause of death, the Justice Department reports. In the past decade, highway fatalities blamed on alcohol sank from 24,000 in 1986 to 17,126 in 1996. %%General MEXICANS THE WORST DRINKING PROBLEM? Mexican Ams face topic.."Seattle Times April 12, 1999 p. a9 perc of men who are heavy problem drinkers mexican am 23% african am 15% white am 12% Alchohol Research group Simmons Market Research Bureau says Latinos have highest % beer drinkers deaths from liver disease 3x us rates Federal govt study said mexam men highest rate of problem drinking CHINESE DIFFER IN SMOKING, ALCHOHOL RESPONSE DUE TO GENES \clip\97\20\chingene.txt From: "Louis R. Andrews" WESTPORT, Sep 01 (Reuters) In the September 1 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine, two separate groups of investigators discuss characteristics of Chinese and Asian-American individuals that make them less susceptible to cigarette smoke-induced endothelial damage than white adults, and more sensitive to the effects of alcohol. Dr. Tamara L. Wall of the University of California at San Diego and a multicenter team found that Asian-American men who inherit at least one mutant ALDH2*2 allele of the aldehyde dehydrogenase isoenzyme have similar blood alcohol concentrations after ingesting a standardized alcoholic beverage as Asian-American men who are homozygous for the ALDH2*1 allele. But levels are significantly higher in homozygous or heterozygous ALDH2*2 men than in homozygous ALDH2*1 men after ingesting an alcoholic beverage. RAND STUDY: ASIANS AND BLACKS LESS LIKELY TO ABUSE ALCHOHOL \clip\97\04\asinalch.txt "African Americans and Asians are less likely to misuse alcohol than whites and Hispanics" DOCNO: RP-600 TITLE: Teenagers and Alcohol Misuse in the United States: By Any Definition, It's a Big Problem. AUTH: P.L. Ellickson, K.A. McGuigan, V. Adams, R.M. Bell, R.D. Hays PAGES: , DATE: 1996 COST: no charge NOTE: Originally published in: Addiction, v. 91, no. 10, 1996. ---------------------------------------- \priv\96b\08\beerind.txt Wall Street Journal Tue, 16 Jul 1996 Bud ads show beer-guzzling Indians BY TARA PARKER-POPE The Wall Street Journal: The rate of alchoholism among American Indians is estimated to be 5 times higher than the general population. "Alchohol Interventions in Trauma Centers" Larry Gentilello et al JAMA Oct 4, 1995 p. 1043. Alchohol is involved in 64% to 70% of homicides, 75% of stabbings, 69% of beatings, 56% of domestic violence, vehicle crashes. Nearly half of deaths due to trauma related to alchohol. Hospitalized patients with alcholoism are 16 times more likely to have had previous fractures. Problem drinkers averaged 1.32 injury events compared to 0.75 for controls. Trauma patients who were intoxicated were over twice as likely to be re-admitted. filed under (This may explain the low rate of health problems for Asians) alchohol \DOC\96\03\TROPHEAL.TXT New York Times May 8, 1996 U.S. Troops Still Eat, Drink and Smoke Too Much, Study Finds By PHILIP SHENON. Pentagon Study 17 percent of military personnel were described as heavy drinkers defined in the study as drinking at least once week, with five or more drinks per occasion compared with an estimated 12 percent of civilians. Ages 18 to 25 was 28.5 vs. 18.6 There has been a drop in overall use of alcohol among troops, from an average daily intake of 1.48 ounces of alcohol in 1980 to 0.83 ounces last year. \doc\95\11\healhabt.txt "Study Says Health Habits Linked to Education, Not Race" Asian Week Jan 20, 1995 Based on Dec, 9, 1994 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report: Asians had lowest rates of alchohol abuse women men A W A W Alchohol Chronic ~0 1.1 2.3 6.7 60 or more drinks in past month Binge 3.5 7.5 12.8 23.1 five or more drinks at once in past month ~0 sample too small Overall ratio of 2 to 1 CDC Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System 1991-92 Healthy People 2000, 1991 \doc\95\05\asalch.txt Wise Young ( wrote: The "alcohol thing" amongst Asians is due to inefficiencies or absence of two liver enzymes: alcohol dehydrogenase (alc) and aldehyde dehydrogenase \priv\95\04\alchprob.txt - 7% of US has drinking problem, whites twice as bad blacks. d:\doc\94\19\collalch.wk1 - Alchohol among college students 1991 Survey of college students Binge drinking W1.0 B-2.08 H-1.38 A-2.17 Men Number of Drinks W1.0 B-2.50 H-1.55 A-3.00 Women Number of Drinks W1.0 B-4.00 H-2.00 A-3.08 seateen.wk1 - seattle survey of drug use among students Alchohol Use W1.0 B1.04 H1.08 A-1.72 SEA -1.96 N1.04 Medio Magazine May 1995 Gallup Poll - 2/3 of Chinese drink alchoholic beverages, wine is most common followed by beer. file: \doc\95\06\womnalch.txt summary: 1 to 3 drinks per week ideal, over 2/day hazardous. citation: "For women, a little alchohol means just that" Seattle Times May 11, 1995 A11 seateen.wk1 - seattle survey of drug use among students - data in report, but not in spreadsheet asians lowest d:\doc\94\16\alchaids.wk1 Alchohol and AIDS study in San Francisco of doc\95\02 alchohol treatment clinic W1.0(.53) B10.4 H1.6 A+NA -2.9 doc934\asyouth9.txt 20% of SF alchohol vs. 50% of SF schools or 1/2 average doc941\washdrug.xls drug use among Washington State teenagers White Black Hispanic Asian NatAm G6 1.00 -2.00 1.50 -2.00 1.00 G8 1.00 1.00 1.11 -1.80 2.11 G10 1.00 1.00 1.25 -1.40 1.82 G12 1.00 1.07 -1.05 -1.80 1.44 HALF OF ASIAN POPULATION HAS ENZYME THAT MAKES THEM DIZZY AND SICK AFTER DRINKING ALCHOHOL \clip\97\14\helpalch.txt "Help for alchoholics?" Seattle Times May 20, 1997 Half of the Asian population posess a certain enzyme that makes drinking alchohol an unpleasant experience: Their faces flush; they feel sick to their stomachs and dizzy. Researchers are trying to give this to people to discourage alchoholism. @@Allergy \clip\97\03\allergy.txt Asian Food Causes Less Allergy NEW YORK (Reuters) -- A new study links diet to allergy in UK schoolchildren. @@Alternative Medicine Alternative medicine: Think yourself better Alternative medical treatments rarely work. But the placebo effect they induce sometimes does May 19th 2011 ON MAY 29th Edzard Ernst, the world's first professor of complementary medicine, will step down after 18 years in his post at the Peninsula Medical School, in south-west England. Despite his job title (and the initial hopes of some purveyors of non-mainstream treatments), Dr Ernst is no breathless promoter of snake oil. Instead, he and his research group have pioneered the rigorous study of everything from acupuncture and crystal healing to Reiki channelling and herbal remedies A placebo is a sham medical treatment--a pharmacologically inert sugar pill, perhaps, or a piece of pretend surgery. Its main scientific use at the moment is in clinical trials as a baseline for comparison with another treatment. But just because the medicine is not real does not mean it doesn't work. T One conclusion emerging from the research, says Irving Kirsch, a professor at Harvard Medical School who wrote the preface to the volume, is that the effect is strongest for those disorders that are predominantly mental and subjective, In the case of depression, says Dr Kirsch, giving patients placebo pills can produce very nearly the same effect as dosing them with the latest antidepressant medicines. Pain is another nerve-related symptom susceptible to treatment by placebo. *ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE SUCH AS ASIAN HERBS AND ACCUPUNCTURE ARE POPULAR, BUT QUESTIONED. \priv\96b\01\altmed.txt Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 01:04:47 -0400 From: (NewsHound) On fringes of health care, untested therapies thrive BY GINA KOLATA New York Times @@Alzheimer "In the absence of the APOE-epsilon4 allele, the cumulative risks of AD to age 90 years, adjusted for education and sex, were 4 times higher for African Americans (RR, 4.4; 95% CI, 2.3-8.6) and 2 times higher for Hispanics (RR, 2.3; 95% CI, 1.2-4.3) than for whites. In the presence of an APOE-epsilon4 allele, the cumulative risk of AD to age 90 years was similar for individuals in all 3 ethnic groups." Alzheimer's risk found higher for Latinos, African Americans Seattle Times 3/11/98 p. A5 Journal of American Medical Association article says Latinos and African Americans are 2 to 4 times greater risk for Alzheimer's disease. Dr. Richard Mayeux looked at the Bronx in New York city. @@Amputee, Voluntary Atlantic December 2000 A New Way to Be Mad Carl Elliot. Apotemnophilia is when people want limbs to be lopped off, psychological illness has many similarities to people who want to change sex surgically, but that's now acceptable. @@Amusement Park 1 or 2 DEATHS PER YR OF 260M AM PARK VISITORS Inspections were left to Disneyland Seattle Times Dec 29, 1998 Man dies when cleat attached to fake 1955 boat fails and hits gurst in face, injures wife, employee. Last death in 1984 roller coaster, total 9 deaths since 1955 = 0.2 per yr. National Amusement Park Historical association says 260 million visit 500 fixed amusement parks per year, 7500 injuries, 1% require hospitalization @@Anemia doc938:assmall.xls B1.6 H-1.3 N-1.8 A1.0 doc939\nyheal.txt New NYC school children 1992 Percent White Black Hispanic Asian Other NYC Pct Anemia 0.9% 3.4% 2.3% 1.6% 2.1% 2.2% Ratio Anemia 1.00 3.78 2.56 1.78 2.33 2.44 @@Animal ENDANGERED OWLS THREATEN HIKERS z46\clip\2000\11\owl.txt Hikers warned after owl attack at St. Edward Thursday, November 2, 2000 By GREG JOHNSTON SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER REPORTER HIPPOS OF TERROR z46\CLIP\2000\11\hippo.txt Seattle Times Oct 20, 2000 Hippo Attacks Marauding hippopotami terrorized farmers and boatment in Niger, destroying fishing boats and devastating rice fields. At least two fishermen were injured by the charging beasts. @@AntiAcid %%Alka-mints I came upon Alka-Mints. Tums and Rol-aids were not working to relieve the burning in my stomach so I thought I would give these a try. Alka-Mints got rid of that nasty burning feeling and gave relief. I found that two did the trick for the whole evening. Each tablet 850 mg of calcium carbonate %%Magnesium Magnesium antacids are also laxative, and may cause diarrhea and hypokalemia %%Mylanta User Reviews for: peptic ulcer disease Aluminum antacids may cause constipation Magnesium antacids are also laxative, and may cause diarrhea and hypokalemia Aluminum hydroxide: 200 Magnesium hydroxide: 200 Simethicone: 20 Rolaids does spell Relief like the commercials advertise. On the positive side Rolaids does have a good taste to it. I didn't notice the chalk aftertaste with Rolaids that I notice with Tums. Mylanta and Maalox antacid tablets work the best on heartburn @@Anthrax Nasty bioweapon that surfaced after Sept 11 disaster in the mail. Z53\CLIP\2001\10\ANTHRAX.TXT Scare: All About Anthrax All About Anthrax Everything you didn't want to know . . . by David Tell WEAPONIZED ANTHRAX CAME FROM US RESEARCH? z53\clipim\2001\10\antweap.txt By Rick Weiss and Dan Eggen Washington Post Staff Writers Thursday, October 25, 2001; Page A1 "that it is unlikely that the spores were originally produced in the former Soviet Union or Iraq. [leaving the united states] @@Asbestos ASBESTOS IN WTC WOULD HAVE KEPT TOWERS UP 4 HRS z52\clip\2001\09\asbestos.txt,2933,34342,00.html Asbestos Could Have Saved WTC Lives Friday, September 14, 2001 By Steven Milloy Until 30 years ago, asbestos was added to flame-retardant sprays used to insulate steel building materials, particularly floor supports. The insulation was intended to delay the steel from melting in the case of fire by up to four hours. In 1971, New York City banned the use of asbestos in spray fireproofing. At that time, asbestos insulating material had only been sprayed up to the 64th floor of the World Trade Center towers. Levine frequently would say that "if a fire breaks out above the 64th floor, that building will fall down." @@Aspartame "Nutrisweet" Subject of widely spread internet chain letter, but largely unsupported by mainstream facts. MEDICAL EDITOR SCOFFS AT EMAIL ASPARTAME CLAIMS \clip\2001\06\aspcrank.txt Calgary Herald May 17, 2001 Thursday FINAL EDITION HEADLINE: Sweet sagaturning sour: Debate rages over relative merits, woes of aspartame BYLINE: Dr. Joe Schwarcz Many people have sent me a letter, attributed to one NancyMarkle, that has been making the cyber-rounds. It alleges virtually everyailment known to mankind can be caused by aspartame. The famous Nancy Markle Letter, the e-mail that was sent around the world, has saved thousands of lives, and has helped send the notorious Monsanto Corporation, the company that everyone loves to hate, into an economic tailspin. The post was actually based on an address given by Betty Martini to the World Environmental Conference. Aspartame Warning Posted: 01/06/99 By David Emery This specimen of email scarelore, in wide circulation since mid-December 1999, warns that the artificial sweetener aspartame (a.k.a. "NutraSweet" and "Equal") is toxic to humans in a hundred different ways. It even coins a new medical term for these effects: "aspartame disease." @@Assault \priv\96b\01\womnheal.txt Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 07:23:21 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Women are living longer, but . . . Report cites climb in cancer, AIDS cases Reuters Women are 7 times more likely than men to be victims of violent assault from a current or former partner. AIDS has fallen from 13 times more common in men in 1985 to only 5 times more common today. @@

Asthma Discussion: Asthma occurs more often among urban minorities and the poor, it has been increasing while air pollution as been _decreasing_. For whatever reasons, Asian school children in New York have lower rates despite very high rates of poverty and TB. Summary Spectrum Ranked by Black Risk Ratio ------------------------------------------------- US CDC Death Rates 0-4 15-24 W1.0 B-6.0 CDC US Asthma W1.00 B-4.45 Emergency dept CDC W1.00 B-4.35 US CDC Death Rates 1-14 W1.0 B-4.0 Outpatient dept CDC W1.00 B-2.60 NYC Schools 1992 W1.00 B-2.42 H-2.75 A 1.20 Hospitalization W1.00 B-2.00 All amb care CDC W1.00 B-1.53 Physicians off CDC W1.00 B-1.14 Ranking US CDC Death Rates 0-4 15-24 W1.0 B-6.0 US CDC Death Rates 1-14 W1.0 B-4.0 NY School Children W1.0 B-2.4 H-2.8 A1.2


FAQ on ashtma in children LITTLE OR NO LINK BETWEEN ASTHMA AND AIR POLLUTION \doc\web\97\06\asthpoll.txt Reply-To: X-Archives: EPA's New Clean Air Standards Could Place Children at Greater Risk 1) Philadelphia study finds little correlation between air pollution and asthma. According to a study conducted by David M. Lang and Marcia Palansky and summarized in the New England Journal of Medicine, the link between air quality and serious respiratory illnesses is virtually nonexistent. 2) According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), a research arm of the Department of Health and Human Services, "the distribution of asthma in other countries fails to implicate pollution as an aggravating factor. Some of the highest asthma mortality rates occur in Australia and New Zealand, which have excellent air quality." doc\web\97\06\airrisk.txt New Clean Air Standards Could Place Children at Greater Risk by David Ridenour National Policy Analysis Paper #164 published June 1997 by The National Center for Public Policy Research According to study of asthma death rates in Philadelphia conducted by David M. Lang and Marcia Palansky and summarized in the New England Journal of Medicine, the link between air pollution and serious respiratory illnesses is nonexistent. The study, which examined the city's asthma death rates between 1969 and 1991, found that asthma deaths rose from 1.68 per 100,000 population in 1969 to 2.41 per 100,000 in 1991. But the rise in asthma deaths occurred at the very time concentrations of major air pollutants were in decline in the city. The study further found that death from asthma was more common in census tracts in which greater proportions of residents were black, Hispanic, female or poor. "The hospitalization rate for asthma among African-American children is twice that of white, but socioeconomic status is a more significant risk factor," \doc\96\03\asthma.txt "Asthma Deaths Double" Journal American (Bellevue WA) May 3, 1996 From ages 0-4 and 15-24, blacks die at 6 times the rate of whites due to asthma in 1993 according to the CDC, Atlanta. From ages 5-14, the ratio is 4 to 1. A doctor with the American Lung Association attributes the difference to a lack of quality health care. Asthma is the most common long-term childhood illness affecting 4.8 million children in the U.S. CDC Weekly Mortality Report Vol 48 51-52 "Asthma on rise", USA Today Anita Manning "not enough data to get stable rates for other races" Death rate 5-34 yr olds per million White 3.3 Black 14.7 Male 5.3 Female 4.6 doc939\nyheal.txt New NYC school children 1992 Percent White Black Hispanic Asian Other NYC Asthma 1.2% 2.9% 3.3% 1.0% 1.4% 2.4% Asthma 1.00 2.42 2.75 -1.20 1.17 2.00 AMBULATORY ASTHMA CARE VISITS BY RACE Rates per 1,000 persons 1 2 3 4 White 48.9 41.1 3.3 4.5 Black 75.1 46.9 8.6 19.6 Other 74.1 67.3 2.9 3.9 1- All ambulatory care settings W1.0 B-1.53 2- Physicians offices W1.0 B-1.14 3- Outpatient departments W1.0 B-2.60 4- Emergency departments W1.0 B-4.35 Source: Advance Data No 277 Sept 27, 1996: Ambulatory Care Visits for Asthma, CDC \clip\97\16\ad277.pdf @@Astronaut 6 Mercury 14 additional Gemini astronauts Of approx 20 astronauts before Apollo 1, 4 (25%) were killed in air crashes. 1 in auto accident 3 apollo killed on pad, Soyuz 1 1967 Yuri Gugarin killed in airplane accident one in training plane crash, one in parachute accident Source: Cosmonauts in Orbit Gene Clare Gurney 1972 learning channel extreme machines worst space disaster in history 91 russian technicians died when r16 rocket blew up on the pad @@Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD or ADHD) @@ADD There is some question as to whether ADD is a disease, or just the way some people are. Ritalin has been shown to be effective for many people, but others say that gifted people are often ADD, and that it can be an asset, not just a problem. What are some common symptoms of ADD? Excessively fidgets or squirms Difficulty remaining seated Easily distracted Difficulty awaiting turn in games Blurts out answers to questions Difficulty following instructions Difficulty sustaining attention Shifts from one activity to another Difficulty playing quietly Often talks excessively Often interrupts Often doesn't listen to what is said Often loses things Often engages in dangerous activities %%Adult adult add study Adult ADHD Could you have this disorder? By Katherine G. Bond about 2 to 3 percent of adults are likely to suffer with ADHD's effects z50\clipim\2001\08\17\aadhd\aadhd.htm Coaching may help adult adhd 50 Tips On The Management Of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder by Edward M. Hallowell, M.D. and John J. Ratey, M.D. Copyright (C) 1992 - keep notepad - keep organized - exercise - allocate time doing nothing - make deadlines links %%Coaching links Therapy and ADD Coaching: Similarities, Differences, and Collaboration %%Drugs There is a vast amount of research on the effects of the treatment of ADD/ADHD children with psychostimulants beginning with the following: z55\clip\2002\02\adhd.txt WHITE BOYS MOST LIKELY TO BE TREATED FOR ADHD Source: Andrew S. Rowland, et al., "Prevalence of Medication Treatment for Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder Among Elementary School Children in Johnston County, North Carolina," American Journal of Public Health, February 1, 2002. For text the treatment rates varied widely by sex, race- ethnicity and grade level of the student. o About 11 percent of the boys in the sample were taking ADHD medication, compared with only 3 percent of the girls. o More than 15 percent of the white boys in the fourth and fifth grades were currently taking stimulant medication for ADHD. o Among fourth-grade students, the proportion of black boys taking stimulant medication was only about 60 percent that of white boys. CANADIAN STUDIES FIND NO PROOF RITALIN WORKS BETTER THAN NOTHING z55\clip\2002\02\ritalin.txt Scientists Find No Proof that Ritalin is Effective February 7, 2002 8:00 Canadian National Post Researchers in Canada say that after painstakingly analyzing 62 studies of Ritalin treatment for ADD, meta-analysis published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal says the clinical trials of the drug have often been biased and poorly constructed. attention deficit disorder didn't officially exist before 1987, it has been remarkably catching. An estimated 5% of children are affected. DRUGS FOR ADD DO NOT CAUSE VIOLENT BEHAVIOR From: Russell barkley says ADD is real and Ritalin is effective %%Distraction Distractibility %%Education Unstructured Progressive Education may be a factor in ADD growth. %%Genetic z54\clip\2002\01\adhdgene.txt ADHD Gene May Have Benefited Early Humans ADHD Gene May Have Benefited Early Humans NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A gene variation associated with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) first appeared 10,000 to 40,000 years ago, and may have been advantageous to early humans, according to a new report. ``Up to half of ADHD individuals have this variant gene,'' lead investigator Dr. Robert K. Moyzis of the University of California, Irvine, told Reuters Health in an interview. behaviors that are considered a hindrance in today's classrooms, such as novelty-seeking behavior, may have been beneficial to humans. %%General Yahoo \clip\99\07\edclip06.txt NY Daily News: 700% increase in Ritalin use in the past ten years Diagnosis Attention deficit disorder Controversy swirls, treatments expand as ADD affects more kids and adults By EAMON LYNCH since 1990, the number of children and adults diagnosed with the condition has rocketed from 900,000 to an estimated 5 million, with the disorder accounting for up to half of all psychiatric referrals for children. \clip\98\17\edclip04.txt November 24, 1998 Imaging finds ADHD difference The finding could lead to objective diagnosing of the attention disorder. By Thomas H. Maugh 2d LOS ANGELES TIMES Stanford researchers have found the first clear difference in brain functioning between children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, and healthy children, a discovery that may lead to more objective ways to diagnose this mysterious brain malfunction. DRUGS DISPLACE THERAPY \clip\98\18\ritalin.txt COVER STORY/THE AGE OF RITALIN NOVEMBER 30, 1998 VOL. 152 NO. 22 The Age Of Ritalin By NANCY GIBBS What exactly does a normal child look like? * Production of Ritalin has increased more than sevenfold in the past eight years, and 90% of it is consumed in the U.S. * the percentage of children with an ADHD diagnosis walking out of a doctor's office with a prescription jumped from 55% in 1989 to 75% in 1996. The number receiving psychotherapy fell from 40% in 1989 to 25% in 1996. "The reason Ritalin use has gone up is that we are in an era when psychiatric services are devalued and therapy is not paid for by insurance companies," Adult Group listing \clip\98\10\add2.txt ADD Owner's Manual Neil Alex 1996 ADHD is 5 to 7 times more common in boys. \doc\web\98\06\welbu.txt Wellbutrin has been shown to be just as effective as Ritalin in increasing impulse control, concentration, and especially helpful in the mood swings very common in ADHD FAQ site \clip\98\10\addfaq.txt An Internet FAQ for parents and teachers of ADD diagnosed children. August, 1996. Revision 3.0T. FAQ is maintained by (Frank Kannemann) document is available is 3 formats (html, text and WordPerfect 7). The html version can be found at The text version at and via email for the WP7 version. 2. What are some common symptoms of ADD? Excessively fidgets or squirms Difficulty remaining seated Easily distracted Difficulty awaiting turn in games Blurts out answers to questions Difficulty following instructions Difficulty sustaining attention Shifts from one activity to another Difficulty playing quietly Often talks excessively Often interrupts Often doesn't listen to what is said Often loses things Often engages in dangerous activities %%Impulsive %%Job Hopping If you are an impulsive job-hopper, catch yourself before you "take this job and shove it." Kathleen G. Nadeau, Ph.D %%Memory Memory problems "Forgetfulness" is often a daily problem for adults with ADD. The more complex or high stress your day is, the more likely you are to forget. What to do??? 1- Live by the rule - "Do it now or write it down." Kathleen G. Nadeau, Ph.D. %%Overcommitment Over-commitment - Many ADD adults tend to cram far too many things into each day. Try to consciously under-commit your time. %%Procrastination Top Ten ADD Traps in the Workplace, Kathleen G. Nadeau, Ph.D. Procrastination can be a tremendous stumbling block for adults with ADD Request closer supervision. Procrastination flourishes in secrecy %%Risk Russell barkley says ADD is real ADHD has a negative impact on intelligence (an average 7- 10 points below normal), on academic achievement skills (an average of 10-15 points below normal), and academic progress (25-50 percent are retained in grade, 36 percent fail to graduate high school, and only 5 percent complete a college education). Children with ADHD, particularly those with childhood oppositional defiant disorder, are at much higher risk for later lying and stealing (45 percent), conduct disorder and delinquency (25-45 percent), early substance experimentation and substance dependence/abuse (15-25 percent), and social rejection (50 percent or more). @@Automobile - see driving @@Avalanche US Avalanche fatalities Colorado Avalanche Information Center Total deaths 198598 52 Back coubtry skiiers 50 snowmobilers 49 climbers 25 out of bounds skiiers 13 back country snowboarders 6 patrollers 6 others at work 5 residents 4 out of bounds snowboarders 3 motorists hiway workers 2 in area skiers Seattle Times 2/17/99 Avalanches kill five people in CA, CO, UT Seattle Times Feb 8, 1999 20-25 AVALANCHE DEATHS PER YEAR IN US "In mountains, experience sometimes isn't enough" Seattle Times Dec 27, 1996 B1. In the US last winter, 30 died in avalanches, the most since 1950, according to the Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center in seattle. The past 5 year average is 20-25 deaths per year. In Washington, there were 2 in 1990, none in several years, two in December. @@Baby Development Rushton presents data that blacks are born earlier, are more developed, walk earlier, brains develop earlier, while Asians bring up the rear. @@Baby Product Atlantic Nov 2000 p. 36 Children's Products and Risk E. Marla Fletcher bath seat drownings have remained constant at about 8 per year. 1 million seats are sold, one for every 4 live births. @@Bath "Babies Don't Need A Bath Every Day" Dr. Dean Edell, San Francisco Chronicle, 1991? Babies don't need a daily or even weekly bath. One doctor says soap may be harmful to skin. Stanford U's Alfred Lane says to wash dirty areas with plain water. If he makes a fort in the compost heap, then a bath is in order. z49\clipim\2001\05\23\bath120.gif @@Bathroom \doc\96\03\bath.txt Parents magazine May 1996 "Protect your child's skin" recommends against using bubble bath, which can irritate a girls vaginal area, or area under a boys foreskin, and says to rinse genital areas with clear water. \doc\96\03\bath.txt Parents magazine May 1996 3,600 children 4 or under are treated for water scalds \doc\96\03\bath.txt Parents magazine May 1996 80 children, most under 4 drown in tubs each year @@Bean Bag Chair July 7, 1995 Release # 95-142 CPSC And Five Manufacturers Recall Bean Bag Chairs CPSC is aware of 5 deaths from suffocation and at least 27 cases where children recovered from their injuries involving zippered bean bag chairs. The children who died unzipped the bean bag chairs, crawled inside, inhaled and ingested the small pellets of foam filling. Boy suffocated in bean bag chair Seattle Times June 6, 2000 10 yr boy like to play hide and seek, was found inside chair. 10m were recalled in 1995 after 19m toddler crawled inside, 1989 4 yr old boy died. Aware of 12 deaths. (7 deaths/ 5 yrs = 1 per year) @@Bed 35 children have died with "defective" bunk beds which have openings that heads can be caught in since 1991-97 (Sept 24, 1997 KIRO-7 TV news Seattle) (About 5 per year) ASIANS, BLACKS MORE LIKELY TO SHARE BED WITH INFANT z63\clip\2003\01\sharebed.txt More Babies Share Beds With Parents IN New York Times, 14 January, 2003 (Health) By DONALD G. McNEIL Jr. National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, found that the percentage of infants under 8 months old who usually shared an adult bed more than doubled in just seven years, to 12.8 percent in 2000 from 5.5 percent in 1993. Black infants were four times as likely to share an adult's bed as white infants, and Asian-Americans were almost three times as likely. ...the percentage of white infants in adult beds more than doubled in the 1990's, to 9.6 percent from 4 percent. The Asian-American percentage nearly tripled, to 32.1 from 11.5, and the African-American percentage rose to 31.3 from 21.6. W B A Ratio 1993 4.0 21.6 11.5 5.40 2.87 2000 9.6 31.3 32.1 3.26 3.34 @@Bedrails 16 / YR KILLED BY BED RAILS Seattle Times Jan 6, 2002 "New focus on dangers of bedrails": From 85-99 371 have been caught, trapped, or strangled by bed rails, 228 deaths, 87 injured by CFDA, mostly elderly. 4 dead in WA state alone in 2001 @@Bedwetting z45\clip\2000\10\bedwet.txt 10/18/2000 News Tribune (Tacoma) Waiting on the bed-wetter While parents often worry about enuresis, experts say it's usually best to let child outgrow problem Debbie Cafazzo; The News Tribune @@Behavior IS POOR HEALTH OF POOR MINORITIES BECAUSE OF POOR HEALTH BEHAVIORS OR RACISM? see Wall Street Journal Letters Jan 3, 1997 p. A9. Nancy Krieger , Dept of Health and Social Behavior, Harvard School of Public Health. Dec 12 article by Sally Satel says the poorer health and shorter life spans of the poor is due to poor health behaviors AIDS is primarily transmitted by known hazardous behaviors, anal sex with gay men and sharing needles. Asians have a low rate of AIDS mostly due to a low rate of risk behaviors. BBC NEWS Tuesday, 11 April, 2000, 10:53 GMT 11:53 UK Why men behave badly Baby boys need more attention than girls and if they do not get it they may develop behavioural problems later in life, a researcher says. The controversial theory will be presented at an international conference in London on parenting by consultant child psychiatrist Dr Sebastian Kraemer later this week. He will argue that that physiological, and social factors make little boys more emotionally vulnerable than girls. Full text: Video:The BBC's Karen Allen "Psychiatrists say it goes back to the womb" @@Better Activists state that the stereotype that Asians are healthier than any other group is false and destructive. Unfortunately, almost every major health problem which is worse for blacks is measurably better for Asians than whites except for problems which are minor for whites like TB, blood lead, CO poison, health insurance. etc. So why don't we hear about this? This is the best response: Date sent: Tue, 01 Dec 1998 16:39:08 -0500 From: "Louis R. Andrews" > so can anyone explain youll NEVER see a similarly > formatted article which show that for every one of > these conditions, asian americans fare better than whites by > nrarly as wide a margin? It's not brain science. As Michael Levin explains in his _Why Race Matters_: Asian/white comparisons favor Asians, white/black comparisons do not favor blacks. Such white/black comparisons are utilized to stigmatize and blame whites for black weaknesses in white society, while publicizing such an Asian/white comparison would destroy the whole ideological egalitarian game. Asian success is an embarrassment to the ideologues. Best, Louis \doc\95\11\healhabt.txt "Study Says Health Habits Linked to Education, Not Race" Asian Week Jan 20, 1995 Based on Dec, 9, 1994 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report: Asians had - lowest alchohol - lowest smoking - least overweight - 1.7 time less likely than Euro-Am to die from chronic disease - lower mortality rates than Euro-Am - table shows higher life expectancy in Hawaii, but not specifically mentioned in the report - equal sendantary and cholesterol @@Bicycle Bicycling attracts 67 million riders in the United States. Forty percent (26.8 million) of these bicyclists are children ages 14 and under. This age group rides about 50 percent more than the average bicyclist. Cyclists ages 14 and under are at five times higher risk for injury than older cyclists. Head injury is the leading cause of death in bicycle crashes. While children ages 14 and under represent 40 percent of the bicycle-riding population, they account for 71 percent of bicycle-related injuries and 37 percent of bicycle-related deaths. Bicycles are associated with more childhood injuries than any other consumer product except the automobile. DEATHS Each year, approximately 300 children ages 14 and under are killed in bicycle-related incidents. Of these 300 deaths, 90 percent are the result of collisions with motor vehicles. Bicycle-motor vehicle collisions account for only 10 percent of childhood bicycle-related injuries but for 90 percent of bicycle-related deaths. Bicycle-related death rates are highest in children ages 10-14. Four out of five deaths result from head injuries. \clip\97\09\bicyhelm.txt New York Times March 31, 1997 National Bicycle-Helmet Drive Sought After Success in Seattle 60% in Seattle vs. 15% of children nationally wear bicycle helments, of 250 deaths of young people in bicycle accident brain injuries, 184 might be prevented by using helmets. \clip\96\04\bikesafe.txt [The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition] September 10, 1996 Parents Fret Over Safety Issues, Curbing Where Children Ride By NEAL TEMPLIN Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL In 1995, 242 children five to 14 died in bike accidents, a decrease of 59% from 1975, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The decline came despite a 14% increase in the number of children in that age group since 1986. the number of children kidnapped, murdered or ransomed by strangers has remained constant at about 300 a year during the past 15 years \priv\96\11\mmwr45110.pdf Vol. 45 / No. 10 MMWR p. 211 Horseback riding Traumatic Brain Injury In Oklahoma, during 1992-1994, there were twice as many bicycle TBIs as horseback riding (234 versus 109), but risk was nearly 10 time greater per seat-mile, during 1989-1991, the rate of horseback-riding injury sufficiently severe to require hospital-based emergency care was an estimated 28 per 100,000 riding hours ( 6 ), while the rate for bicycle-associated injuries was 3.7 per 100,000 riding hours ( 7 ). High percentages were caused by children near horses, helmets have been shown to be 88% effective in reducing head injuries for bicyclists. \doc\95\07\horserid.txt - horseback riders in 1992: one injury per 113 per year vs 1 per 83 for bicycle riders @@Biological warfare \doc\96\08\bioagnt.txt "How Lethal Are Biological Agents" Business Week Dec 16, 1996 p. 130 Disease Incubation Fatalities Anthrax 1-5 days 80% Plague 1-3 days Pnuemonic 100% Bubonic 50% Tularemia 1-10 days 30-40% Cholera 2-5 days 25-50% Botulism 3 days 30% Source: U.S. Intelligence Reports @@Biotechnology \doc\95\13\whobio.txt - WHO press release says biotech can reduce death from disease in the world. @@Birth Summary - Asians have the lowest rate of alchohol, smoking, drug use and AIDS while pregnant, lowest rate of teen pregnancy, unmarried pregnancy. They have highest rate of 30-35 births. If there were an ethnic strategy to family success, it would be to minimize teen and unmarried births, and maximize education and income, and get married before birth On the minus side, Asians are more likely to be below poverty level, be uninsured or publicly insured, and receive late or no prenatal care. Suprisingly, the only negative outcomes are a slightly higher rate of low birthweight, but this seems to be a sign of smaller babies, not less healthy since the rate of infant mortality is much lower than any other ethnic group. Asians also have the lowest rate of SIDS, Asians were the inspiration to try moving babies off their stomachs which was the recommended sleeping position in the West. see @@abortion See @@adoption see @@Aids see @@drugs see @@health @@Drugs see @@Circumcision see @@Infant mortality see @@Low birth weight see @@Prenatal care see @@Smoking Birth @@Birth @@Birth Control 27 May 1997 Tim Kuchta Subject: [PN] Malthusian roots of birth control Here's another telling quote from BCR in an effor to promote birth control among Asians in the Western U.S.: Birth Control Review; October, 1926 "Sowing Seeds In the West" Perct Clark, Ph.D. "...seeminly endless desert, broken only occasionally by valleys where irrigation is possible. How many of you realize that possibly not more than two per cent, certainly not as much as ten per cent, of the entire state of Nevada can ever be used for human support. There is not the water for any more, and land without water is utterly useless for the purpose of growing food." @@Black STUDY FINDS THAT CARIB BORN BLACKS HEALTHER THAN WHITES IN NYC url: 36764+%28life%26expectancy%29%3Adescription%26and%2619961108%3Cevent%5Fdate clip: \clip\96\08\blakmort.txt Black Mortality Studies Find Wide Geographic Disparities By Judith Havemann Washington Post Staff Writer Thursday, November 21 1996; Page A21 The Washington Post Analysis by Arthur Hu For New York City Cardiovascular Young men Deaths Race Born in per 100,000 Index Black South 106.5 2.74 Black Northeast 99.0 2.55 Black Carribean 38.2 -1.02 White Northeast 38.8 1.00 Source: Shantha Madhavan, Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. Comment - it's not racism, but culture and lifestyle that accounts for poor health of blacks relative to whites. \priv\95\03\blakheal.txt - Why do blacks die earlier? Poverty and lifestyle explanations. Does not ask why whites die earlier than Asians. @@Black Plague Dale Warner writes "Unquestionably the most devastating plague to ever hit any continent was the Asian Black Plague brought to Europe by Asiatic invaders. Between 1/2 and 2/3 of all the inhabitants of Europe were murdered by these Asiatic germs, only about a century before Columbus sailed to the Caribbean." @@Blind \clip\96\01\blinchil.txt Date: Sat, 20 Jul 1996 17:53:50 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Growing Up Blind Study By The Associated Press. Blind Babies Foundation of 971 babies born between 1980 and 1995, based in San Francisco: Cases% W50 B9 H20 A8 Pop% W70 B12 H12 A3 Rate .71 .75 1.66 2.66 Index W1.00 B-1.05 H-2.33 A-3.75 Asians are nearly 4 times more likely to be born blind than whites, more than any other race. Hispanics are about 2 times. Blacks usually fare worst on most health measures, but come out about the same as whites when it comes to birth blindness. 94\16\priv\indiblin.txt - blindness in india @@Blind, window 13 WINDOW BLIND DEATHS PER YEAR Seattle PI 11/3/2000 A3 horizontal window blinds are believed to have caused 130 child deaths since 1991 (13/yr), 13 mo old boy died after getting tangled in blind cord near crib, 500m had been recalled before by cons product safety commission @@Blonde BLONDES MAKE 10% LESS MONEY IN ICELAND z48\clip\2001\02\blonde.txt Reuters Monday February 12 12:57 PM ET Blonde employees earned 10 percent less than their light brown haired colleagues, whose monthly pay averaged 232,000 Icelandic crowns ($2,700). People with very dark hair came second, followed by red- and grey-haired individuals. All these were ahead of blondes, whose salaries averaged 208,000 crowns. Men above the height of 179 cm were paid on average 260,000 crowns a month, 16.5 percent more than men 10-15 cm shorter. @@Boat SeaTimes Aug 10, 1999 no licence required in this state 36 killed in wa state boats 1994, 22 in 98, up to aug 99 \doc\96\06\watrbike.txt "From Sea to Shining Seat, Water Bikes Make Big Waves With Safety Authorities" WSJ 6/21/96 p. B1 800,000 waterbikes are in use in the US, 1996 sales are expected to reach 230,000 units. Coast Guard data shows that between 1990 and 1994 water-bike related injuries (often to head or spine) increased to 1338 from 532. There were 56 fatalities in 1994, or 24 per 100,000 units. If each unit gets used for 4 hrs per week for 10 weeks, thats 40 hrs per year, or 0.6 deaths per 100,000 hrs. April 28 - Recreational boating fatalities dropped 13 percent in 1996 to a record low of 714. The previous low was 800 deaths in 1993 and the record high - 1754 deaths - was recorded in 1973. Statistics just released by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators indicate that the number of non-fatal boating accidents also declined last year. In 1996, there were 4,589 non-fatal accidents reported to state boating agencies, down from 4,954 in 1995. Personal watercraft deaths declined, too, from 79 in 1995 to 54 in 1996. @@Body Piercing Extreme Body Piercing Not for the faint of heart. @@Bomb \clip\96\01\hero.txt AP 7/31/96 Atlanta bombing suspect may suffer from "hero syndrome" \doc\95\09\oakdeath.txt 22% of Oaklahoma city bombing deaths black, 80% of children \doc\95\05\bombdeat.txt - Death due to bombings in the US "Lobbyists for Explosives Makers Battle Proposal To Require 'Taggants' for Tracing Bomb Sources" Wall Street Journal May 4, 1995 p. A16 Source: Bureau of Alchohol, Tobacco and Firearms US Bombing Cases Year No. Killed Injured 1989 1,065 74 495 1990 1,275 64 385 1991 1,585 75 695 1992 1,911 45 469 1993 1,880 70 1,375 (about 1 in a million chances per year) @@Bone marrow Marrow doc921\marrow.wk1 doc\94\3\priv\bonemarr.txt Asian woman looking for bone marrow Seattle PI chance of Asian match is 1/10 that of whites but chance of registry is better than average. @@Boys \doc\96\06\boyhurt.txt "Daredevils and Fraidycats" Parents March 1992 p. 158 Lawrence Kutner PhD, Harvard University. Even as young as preschool, boys are much more likely to injure themselves. The National Safety Council reports that in 1988, boys accounted for 68% of all children five and under who died of accidental injuries. F092396 @@Bra \clip\98\11\bra\bra.htm From Shallow Breathing to Breast Cancer? Bras May Be a Health Hazard ABC 9/4/98 @@Brain @@Mad Cow z75\clip\2003\12\madcow.txt One Mad Cow Sets Off a Stampede NYT Op-Ed December 30, 2003 By SCOTT C. RATZAN LONDON Few people questioned the assertion that there was a link between eating meat and Creutzfeldt-Jakob in humans. But the dire predictions never came to pass: only about 20 Britons a year have died of the variant of Creutzfeldt-Jakob since that scare. There were other victims though: British beef farmers lost perhaps $10 billion in sales, and the British public's trust in government and the press took a severe blow. \clip\98\06\madmeat.txt Seattle Weekly March 12, 1998 p. 25 \clip\98\06\madmeat.txt Mad Meat We're just starting to learn how 'mad cow' diseases move through the food chain and what they can do to us by Chris Carrel The Official Mad Cow Disease Homepage CJD = Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease rare but fatal brain disease like mad cow disease kills 1 to 2 per million per year, 5 per year in WA state (that would be 300-400 per year nationally) z48\clipim\2001\03\madcow1 Greg Cochran this disease is apparently caused by a truly weird nonlving pathogen, called a prion. A prion is, we think, an improperly folded version of a normal brain protein. The prion version of the protein i s resistant to the normal cellular cleanup mechanisms, and gradually the bad form of the protein proliferates, causing fatal brain damage. Might have a incubation time as long as 30 years. @@Breakfast EAT YOUR CORN FLAKES, SCORE BETTER? \doc\web\97\02\brekfast.txt "Study: Timing of Breakfasts Affects School Performance" (AP) Seattle Times Oct 15, 1996 p. a3 Brend Coleman 775 of 500 boys and girls in an Israeli elmentary school who ate breakfast at home scored better on standardized tests @@Brain \priv\96\03\braindie.txt Why men just stop paying attention By Glennda Chui Mercury News Science Writer 2/12/96 BALTIMORE -- Men lose brain tissue three times faster than women as they age, with the sharpest decline in the part of the brain that governs mental flexibility and attention span, according to a study of brain activity. @@Brain Cancer "Brain cancer rates higher in electrical utility jobs" (Wash Post) Seattle times Jan 17, 1997 p. A8 Electrical utility wokers exposed to the highest field levels are twice as likely to die of brain cancer as the average american, but overall levels are low (twice 6 per 100,000), and they have lower death rates from most cancers and other causes. American Journal of Epidemiology. h:\clip\97\28\braincan.gif @@Breast cancer @@Breast-feeding "In a reversal, bottle-feeding gets a bad rap" USA Today Dec 5, 1995 F120595 BLACKS LOWEST, BUT ASIANS HIGHEST BREAST FEEDING RATE "Bottle vs. breast" Chart, Seattle Times Aug 10, 2005 B2 2002: Pct Vs. White Black 19.2% -1.86 Hispanic 32.7% -1.10 White 36.0% 1.00 Asian 46.2% 1.28 WIC 22.1% non-WIC 42.7% Source: Mother's Survey, Ross Products Division, Abbott Laboratories 2001 study in Journal Pediatrics found non-Hispanic black women 2 1/2 times less likely to breast feed even after controlling for socio-economics. Article highlights black, but not Asian rate. @@Breast implants A lot of lawyers got rich with junk science, but real studies showed no health problems related to silicone. Another interesting study showed that women who get implants have a much riskier sexual and drug / alchohol lifestyle than average women. BREAST IMPLANT STUDY BLAMES THE VICTIM? \clip\97\16\hardsci.txt Copyright © 1997 The Seattle Times Company Tuesday, July 1, 1997 Michelle Malkin: Junking hard science for sensitivity is an unhealthy trend BREAST IMPLANT WOMEN RISKIER THAN MOST WOMEN c:\clip\97\14\breast.txt Chicago Tribune RISKS LAID TO IMPLANTS MAY BE DUE TO OTHER CHOICES Web-posted Wednesday, May 28, 1997; 6:52 a.m. CDT Source: Linda S. Cook of Seattle's Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Journal of the American Medical Association. About 1 million American women have had implants, 80 percent for cosmetic reasons. Women with implants were: Nearly three times more likely to drink seven or more alcoholic beverages each week. - More than 1.5 times more likely to have been pregnant before age 20. - More than twice as likely to have terminated at least one pregnancy. - More than twice as likely to have used oral contraceptives. - About 4.5 times more likely to have used hair dyes. - Nearly nine times as likely to have had at least 14 sexual partners. - Much less likely to be heavy in weight. (Well, at least that's one favorable comparison) \clip\97\03\junksci.txt Breast-implant `science' headed to the junkyard Copyright © 1997 The Seattle Times Company Jan. 30, 1997 d:\priv\96\05\implants.htm - Feb 27 PBS Frontline transcript shows the silicone breast implant scare finally had no scientific basis, it turned into an entire legal industry. @@Breast size z53\clip\2001\10\brasize.txt "Dutch women's breasts bigger than ever survey finds" source: 24 October 2001 European marketing survey conducted by GfK FashionScope 7 european countries 1999 2001 Netherlands 22.1 24.7 Britain 36.3 (highest percentage) Dutch 30.0 \priv\96b\05\bigrbrea.txt Return-Path: Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 03:01:05 -0400 Burgeoning Trade in Full-Figure Bras Gives Lift to Manufacturers, Retailers By Kelly Barron, The Orange County Register, Calif. American women on average need larger bras than they used to. (Asian women tend to need smaller sizes though) @@BSE "Mad Cow Disease" IS MAD COW DISEASE CAUSED BY BAD BEEF? WE ACTUALLY DON'T KNOW. z48\clip\2001\03\bsebad.htm Mad Cows & Englishmen Steven A. Shaw WHEN BOVINE spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) strikes, cattle become disoriented and apprehensive BUT does BSE in cattle cause v-CJD in humans? One would think a responsible government would demand compelling evidence before undertaking so economically devastating a course of action as has Britain. @@Cancer Asian.Health.Cancer @@Candle \clip\99\01\candle.txt (ap) More fires, deaths blamed on candles January 7, 1999 National Fire Protection Association: Candles were blamed for 9,930 fires, 126 civilian deaths and $170.6 million in property damage nationwide in 1996, the most recent year for which statistics are available, the association said. @@Carseat path: file: \doc\95\06\carseat.txt 700 children under 4 killed, 75,000 injured in cars. @@Carbon monoxide poisoning Summary - SE Asians vunerable to CO poisoning by using primitive heating systems other than central heating. \doc\96\01\co.txt - 1,500 deaths per year. Angus Reid Group "colorless, odorless and deadly" Newsweek Oct 3, 1994 p. 60 1991 Deaths in the US (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Motor vehicles 45,536 Falls 12,662 Drowning 4,621 CO poisoning 594 doc\94\1\carbmono.txt doc\94\7\carbmono.xls CO poisoning in Washington State White Black Hispani Asian Other SE As? Index vs W 1.00 2.96 57.14 16.93 8.52 116.37 doc\94\9\copois.txt Original study on charcoal briquette CO poisoning @@Cervical cancer \doc\96\03\cervcanc.txt "Cervical cancer deaths preventable, national panel says" Seattle Post Intelligencer 4/4/96 p. A3 5,000 American women die of cervical cancer per year, nearly all could be prevented by condom use and routine pap smears. Young people should delay the onset of sexual activity and limit the number of partners (geez, why don't they say that about AIDS?). It is second to breast cancer as most common malignancy. Survey of women sexually active starting in college found 25% infection within one year, with average of only 2 partners.Virtually all are related to infection by human papilloma virus, or HPV, which is sexually transmitted. Smoking, oral contraceptive use, other STD's are also risk factors. d:\doc\94\18\vietcanc.wk1 - Cancer in Vietnamese women AW May 13, 1994 vietnamese: 3.2 vs. general pop in CA @@Checkup Summary: Asians had lowest rate of check ups \clip\96\01\checkup.txt - Doctors no longer recommend yearly routine checkups, more like once every 2 or 3 years should be OK. More emphasis on healthy lifestyles, less on checking and measuring. seateen.wk1 - seattle survey of drug use among students Students who did not have a check-up or physical Examination in the past 2 years, grades 9-12 1993 W1.00 B1.00 H-1.18 A-1.23 SEA1.34 NA 1.05 @@Cheerleading \yr\09\clip\2009\07\cheerlead.txt health alert 7/31/2009 1. Cheerleading Leads List of Dangerous Sports for Women high school cheerleading accounted for over 65 percent of all catastrophic sports injuries in women and girls over the past 25 years, and such injuries more than doubled from 1990 through 2002 while participation grew only 18 percent. College statistics are equally grim at just over 70 percent of catastrophic sports injuries. @@Chemicals Common wisdom - chemicals will kill us all PG&E LAWSUIT OVER CHROMIUM EXPOSURE A SCAM z40\clip\2000\03\chrom.txt March 28, 2000 Editorial Page WSJ 'Erin Brockovich,' Exposed By Michael Fumento, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute. "Erin Brockovich," which was No. 1 at the box office for a second week in a row, is a slick and enjoyable movie. The film tells the true story of Erin Brockovich, a legal assistant, who in 1993 lined up some 650 prospective plaintiffs from the tiny desert town of Hinkley, Calif., to sue Pacific Gas & Electric. In 1996 PG&E settled the case for $333 million. The problem is that no one agent could possibly have caused more than a handful of the symptoms described. Chromium 6 in the water almost certainly didn't cause any of them. DANGER IN VINYL TOYS WAY OVERBLOWN \doc\web\98\10\chemtoy.txt Greenpeace Yells Fire in a Crowded Daycare Center by Michael Fumento Nov 20 @@Chickenpox \clip\96\02\chikpox.txt Date: Thu, 15 Aug 1996 17:24:05 -0400 Vaccination Lack Said Causing Chickenpox, Measles Outbreaks By PAUL RECER AP Science Writer. Chicken pox causes 9,000 hospitalizations and 90 deaths annually in the US. @@Childhood Abuse NO RACIAL DIFFERENCE IN HISTORY OF CHILDHOOD ABUSE Despite many city statistics that show blacks have a very higher rate of domestic abuse and children in foster homes due to violent abuse, a survey of women showed no difference by race. It showed much higher behavioral risks for those with a history of abuse. "Clinical Characteristics of Women With a History of Childhood Abuse" JAMA May 7, 1997 p. 1362 Jeanne McCauley et al White - 14.2% Nonwhite - 13.8% Prevalence Ratios for some problems if woman had history of abuse High Anxiety 2.5 High Depression 3.5 Attempted Suicide 3.7 Considered Suicide 2.5 Hospitalized for emo/mental 3.2 Ever Street Drugs 2.7 Now Street Drugs 4.7 Al/drug abuse 2.3 Drink problem 2.2 @@Children Health Kids Count Data The Annie E. Casey Foundation 701 St. Paul St. Baltimore, MD 21202 ph: 410-547-6600 fax: 410-547-6624 e-mail: Data by state: (most not broken out by race) KIDS COUNT State Indicators Percent Low Birth-Weight Babies Infant Mortality Rate Child Death Rate Rate of Teen Deaths by Accident, Homicide, and Suicide Teen Birth Rate Juvenile Violent Crime Arrest Rate Percent of Teens Who Are High School Dropouts Percent of Teens Not Attending School and Not Working Percent of Children in Poverty Percent of Families with Children Headed by a Single Parent @@Cholera \clip\96\02\cholera.txt Date: Thu, 15 Aug 1996 14:27:12 -0400 More Than 1,000 Foreigners Quarantined in Cholera Outbreak ULAN BATOR, Mongolia. 6 have died of cholera, at least 65 infected, 1,600 exposed or have symptoms. Comment - that's probably more than die of AIDS in all of China in a year. d:\doc\94\16\priv\chol3.txt - 14,000 dead of cholera in Rwanda SJM 7/26/94 @@Cholesterol - very little differences between races 1988-91 White Black HispanicTotal MF men 1.00 0.98 0.99 1.00 women 1.00 1.00 0.98 0.00 \doc\95\11\healhabt.txt "Study Says Health Habits Linked to Education, Not Race" Asian Week Jan 20, 1995 Percent women men White Asian White Asian Hi Choles 25.8 27.0 27.4 25.8 - % ever told by doctor that rate is high. Source: CDC Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System 1991-92 Healthy People 2000, 1991 @@Circumcision - also see female genital mutilation Summary: Asians have a low rate of circumcision, but a very low rate of AIDS and STDs, so the STD issue may be moot for Asians. - see penis survey, Internet poll was 50% for White or Asian Circumcision Spectrum ---------------------- 96% US Jews 90% US 1960s 85% US Gay men 1990s 81% US White 1997 80.9% US MIdwest 1996 66.5% US Northest 1996 65% US Black 1997 63.6% US South 1996 60.2% US 1996 54% US Hispanic 1997 62% Mother less than HS Grad 60% US 1990s 36% US West 1990s 23% Canada 1996 7% Britain 1996 In west 63.9% 1979 49.4% 1984 41.0% 1989 35.5% 1993 36.3% 1996 ------------------------------------------------------------ Circumcision in the United States Laumann et al JAMA April 2, 1997 1052. Finds no significant difference in contracting STDs, overall slight benefit. Circumcised engage in "more elaborated" sexual practices (mastur/or sex) . No Asians (but probably low) z48\clipim\2001\03\08\circ\circ.efx Group rate of circumcision White 81 Black 65 Hisp 54 NoRelig 80 Prot 82 ConservProt 71 Cath 79 Jewish 96 Moth LessHS 62 Moth HSG 84 Moth SoColl 84 Moth ColGra 87 W1933-47 65 W1947-62 86 W1963-73 86 All black hisp C UC C UC C UC Het oral 80 65 52 47 75 67 Pass het oral 81 61 71 57 71 75 Active homo oral 5 2 3 3 10 2 Pass homo oral 8 6 6 8 10 5 Het anal 8 6 24 22 35 36 Mast in past yr 47 34 27 28 44 38 Note homosexual sex rate 6-10% Source: National Health and Social Life Survey z45\clipim\2000\10\05\circum.efx The unkindest cut Seattle Weekly April 8, 1992 The case against circumcision Thomas J. Ritter MD Circumcision Information Resource Center Seattle Washington. No benefits, no harm from circumcisions, report says. Seattle Times Jan 11, 2000 Tammy Webber American Academy of Opthamology reports 1 in 476 chance of complication wach saves 6 urinary tract infection, 1/2 case of penile cancer study of Wa boys, 37% done in hospital. Est 1 in 100 uncir get u.inf vs 1 in 1000, penile cancer is only 1 in 100.000 CIRCUMCISION PRO AND CON \clip\98\10\circum.txt Seattle Times August 12, 1998 Circumcision: A sensitive decision by Ian Ith Seattle Times staff reporter "By the 1960s, 90 percent of boys born in the U.S. were circumcised. Nowadays, 60 percent of boys in America are circumcised, the national Center for Health Statistics' most recent data shows. In the West, however, the rate is 36 percent, down steadily nearly every year since 1979, when the rate was 64 percent. " BLACKS, HISPANICS LESS LIKELY TO BE CIRCUMCISED "Circumcision in the United States" JAMA April 2, 1997 F052397 p. 1052 White 81% Black 65% Hispanic 54% Also shows rate of STD goes way up with number of partners C=circumcized UC uncircumsized All 1-4 life partners 5-20 21+ Rate per 1000 C UC Gonorrhea 94.7 104.8 22.1 20.4 108.4 143.9 237.3 196.4 Syphillis 9.3 10.8 2.5 6.8 9.9 7.6 28.2 0.0 All Viral 35.3 32.3 17.2 13.7 32.0 30.3 90.4 89.3 NO BENEFIT TO CIRCUMCISION? \clip\97\09\circum.txt Copyright © 1997 The Seattle Times Company Wednesday, April 2, 1997 No health benefits seen in circumcision by Marie McCullough Knight-Ridder Newspapers The latest research on the pros and cons of circumcision shows it has no health benefits, but it may enhance a man's sex life. University of Chicago researchers found they had less sexual dynsfunction with age, and more highly elaborated set of sexual practices (oral sex and masturbation) It analyzed data from 1,410 men, ages 18 to 59, surveyed in 1992 by the National Health and Social Life Survey. It did not reduce diseases or infections, in fact the uncircumsized had more of some STDs. W1.00 B-1.24 H-1.50 A 0.00 White 81% 1.00 Black 65% -1.24 Hispanic 54% -1.50 Asian NA Native 77% -1.05 Immigrant 42% -1.92 \doc\94\18\priv\hivart.txt - circumcised men had 2 times less risk than the uncircumcised for HIV. 85% of gay men were circumcised. Uncircumcised status was significantly associated with older age, nonwhite race, and history of syphilis; it was inversely associated with intravenous drug use. Title: The association between circumcision status and human immunodeficiency virus infection among homosexual men. (Periodical Report) (Abstract) Authors: Kreiss, J.K.; Hopkins, S.G. Citation: AIDS Weekly, Jan 17, 1994 p24(2) @@Clothes * Asian women are shorter, and have proportinally shorter limbs than caucasian women. "Finally clothes tailored for the Asian woman" Vinh Do, International Examiner (Seattle) June 15, 1994 p. 9 @@Coca Cola %%Hazard What’s the big deal about Diet Coke? by Medina Blanchet, Woodinville Women’s Clinic If you are reading this it is because you are probably hooked on Diet Coke or other cola soft drinks, or you know someone who is. You already know that it is very hard to stop drinking it …. headaches and crankiness sound familiar?! @@Coffee \clip\97\02\coffee.txt Chicago Tribune NATIONAL STUDY NORWEGIAN RESEARCHERS SAY COFFEE INCREASES CHOLESTEROL z56\CLIP\2002\07\caff.txt SCIENCE Edward Willett The world's most popular drug "drinking coffee, which contains as much as 100 milligrams per six-ounce cup. Next probably comes tea, with 70 mg per six-ounce cup, colas, at 50 mg per 12-ounce can, and chocolate, and chocolate (six mg per ounce of milk chocolate)." "The caffeine molecule binds to the same receptors in nerve cells as adenosine, a brain chemical that slows nerve cell activity, causing drowsiness" "impact is on sleep. If you consume a big cup of coffee at 3 p.m., by 9 p.m. half the caffeine from that cup is still in your system" @@Cold %%Dressing No, You Don't Catch a Cold From Getting Cold! "Dressing for the Cold" Sesame Street Parents December / January 1995 p. 54. A child responded that you don't catch colds because of not dressing warmly enough, you get them from viruses. This is correct, according to doctors. However, you need to guard against frostbite. \doc\95\12\kidcold.txt Treating kid's colds USA Today Oct 9, 1995 p. D1 Source: Market Research Institute for Triaminic - paper filed \clip\98\02\flu.txt Seattle Times 1/21/98 "Sneezing at those cold, flu myths" Don Colburn. ( Wear a coat, or you'll catch cold Wrong again. Harsh weather alone will not cause flu or the common cold. For either illness to strike, it takes a germ, a virus. %%Treatment Top ways pediatricians with children under 15 treat their own children's coughs and colds 62% Let cold take its course 17% Rest and fluids 13% Over the counter medicine 7% Treat for comfort 5% Acetaminophene for fever (more than one choice possible) TREATMENT MAY FEEL BETTER, BUT NOT CURE FASTER \clip\98\02\flu.txt Seattle Times 1/21/98 "Sneezing at those cold, flu myths" Don Colburn. ( Wear a coat, or you'll catch cold Wrong again. Harsh weather alone will not cause flu or the common cold. For either illness to strike, it takes a germ, a virus. %%Prevalence \clip\98\02\flu.txt Seattle Times 1/21/98 "Sneezing at those cold, flu myths"> Don Colburn. ( Children average 6 to 8 cold per year, adults 2 to 4. NCHS says 65 million colds send people to the doctor or home from work. @@Colon Cancer "Guide to Health" "Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States. Many of these deaths are preventable with lifestyle changes and regular preventative colon screening. In 1996 approximately 133,500 individuals were newly diagnosed with colon cancer and about 60,000 patients die of colon cancer each year." @@Computer \clip\96\02\brstcomp.txt 20 Aug 1996 11:35:44 -0400 Study: Computer work ups breast cancer risk BOSTON (AP) -- Women who work with mainframe computers and other equipment generating strong magnetic fields may be at greater risk of developing breast cancer, according to a new study. @@Condom - also see AIDS.CONDOM %%General \priv\95\18\aswmheal.txt 16 November 17. 1995 ASIAN WEEK "The State of Asian Women's Health: A Compendium of Facts and Findings" WHILE MORE SEXUALLY CONSERVATIVE, APAS REMAIN AT RISK OF HIV INFECTION. [But Asian women are generally the lowest of any race / gender group] Cochran, et al., (1991) conducted a survey of male and female students at a California university, Of the Asian American students who were sexually active, only 11 percent reported consistently using condoms. \priv\95\05\uscondom.txt Lifestyles remain a major barrier to condom use By Kim Painter, USA TODAY LIFE Page 4D - July 7, 1992 Survey of US Teens and condom use: The breakdown, by race, grade and lifetime number of partners: Lifetime number of sex partners 1-3 48.3% More than 4 40.6% Race White 45.9% Black 47.1% Hispanic 38.4% Asian NA Note that although Blacks have highest rate of condom use, they have the highest rates of AIDS and teen / unwed pregnancy Grade 9th 50.8% 10th 47.9% 11th 44.1% 12th 41.6% Total 44.9% * - Students who say they had sexual intercourse during the three months before the survey %%Ineffective CONDOMS NOT EFFECTIVE IN COMBATTING STDS IN TEXAS z48\clip\2001\02\stdcond.txt Waco Tribune-Herald, February 14, 2001 Groups use Valentine's Day to promote sexual health By RODNEY CARMICHAEL Tribune-Herald staff writer When used correctly and consistently, condoms are effective in decreasing the transmission of the HIV (which causes AIDS), as well as gonorrhea, health analysts agree. However, there isn't as much proof that condoms decrease the risk of spreading other STD infections as claims often suggest, according to the Medical Institute for Sexual Health. @@Conservatism JAMA: STRONG RELIGION, FAMILIES KEEP KIDS OUT OF TROUBLE. "JAMA Study No Surprise to Pro-Family Groups" Family Research Council Watch Nov 1997 On September 10, the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a study that showed that intact, devoted families produce safer and healthier children. @@Construction CONSTRUCTION ABOUT TWICE AS HAZARDOUS AS AVERAGE Seattle Times 2/27/99 "The building goes on, rain or shine" 1997 study, carpenters 26 per 100 and roofers 28 per 100 injuries. 17.3 of 100 ill or injured on job, about double rate of 9.6 per 100 for all jobs, state dept Labor and Indistries. @@Contraceptives \doc\95\04\contrace.wk1 - Contraceptive Use By Race "Who's Using What" Newsweek March 13, 1995 p. 62 Source: National Center for Health Statistics Contraceptive Use by Race, Percent Index, White = 1.00 White Black Hisp Female Sterilization 1.00 1.50 1.21 Condom 1.00 1.14 1.01 Pill 1.00 1.00 1.10 Other 1.00 -1.19 1.03 Male Sterilization 1.00 -11.92 -2.42 Whites are much more likely to use male sterilization Blacks more likely to use female sterilization %%failure rate \clip\96\06\birtcont.txt Tuesday, October 1, 1996 · Page A2 © 1996 San Francisco Chronicle Birth Control Use Hasn't Prevented Pregnancy Crisis Charles Petit, Chronicle Science Writer According to the Guttmacher Institute 53% of unplanned pregnancies are a result of lack of contraceptives. Women who are pregnant in first year of use 8% who use oral contraceptives 15% who use condoms San Jose Mercury News Jan 16, 1994 p. 23A Karl Kahler The female condom has a 26% failure rate due to improper use Over a one-year period, the pregnancy rate for female condom 26% birth-control pill 5% male latex condom and diaphrams 15% cervical caps 18% unprotected sex 85% %%female condom \priv\96b\07\femcond.txt Date: Tue, 9 Jul 1996 03:30:49 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Female condom appears to be popular among low-income women BY HUNTLY COLLINS %%IUD >>d:\priv\96\03\iud.doc "IUDs called low-risk, very effective" San Jose Mercury News March 31, 1992 p. 2C - IUD's are 99.05% effective and cause a very low risk of disease, but are shunned by Americans %%Pill \priv\96b\07\japnpill.txt Japan may make use of the pill legal \priv\96B\06\MORNAFT.HTM FDA says it's OK to use birth control pills, but drug companies won't file an appication because of politics. @@Coronary Artery Disease \clip\98\17\cad1.htm Why South Asians are at High Risk For Coronary Artery Disease: By Dr. Sudi Devanesen, MD, CCFP, M.CL.Sc, FCFP South Asian Community Council Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario @@Cosmetics \clip\96\04\zhen.txt Date: Wed, 4 Sep 1996 Asian-American Women Find an Untapped Market -- Themselves By JOYCE M. ROSENBERG AP Business Writer Susan Yee creates cosmetics for Asian women \priv\96b\07\ethcosm.txt Date: Wed, 3 Jul 1996 14:21:12 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Business & Race: Cosmetics Firms Find Women Blur Color Lines Via AP By LEON E. WYNTER. Now cosmetic companies are competing for ethnic market share and find some whites cross over to use shades originally for ethnic women. @@Cosmetic-surgery "Reconstruction Boom in Tokyo: Perfecting Imperfect Bellybuttons" Wall Street Journal Oct 4, 1995 p. B1 Women in Japan seek perfect belly buttons through surgery filed 10-6-95 \priv\95\05\cosmsurg.txt - Boom in Cosmetic surgery in Thailand, eye surgery to look "Western" @@Crane Why Boys Don't Grow Up To Run Cranes Wall Street Journal April 1, 1998 p. B1 Between 1984 and 1994, there were 502 crane-related deaths in the construction industry, [50 per year] according to a study sponsored by the Center to Protect Worker's Rights. The worker's crane union has 30,000 members. @@Day care %%government The Phyllis Schlafly Report Vol. 31, No. 5 P.O. BOX 618, ALTON, IL 62002 DECEMBER 1997 Feminist View of Motherhood, Marriage, and Career Hillary Proclaims a Daycare 'Crisis' President Clinton is demanding $300 million over five years to train 50,000 daycare workers, improve the pay of daycare workers, and direct Americorps student volunteers to look after latchkey kids. In addition, he is ordering Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin to jawbone private employers to provide free on-site daycare. "As long as we are promoting an economic system where two parents or single parents work, it is the responsibility of the federal government" to promote affordable and accessible daycare. %%helpful GOOD QUALITY CHILD CARE HELPS POOR MORE \clip\97\09\chilcare.txt Copyright © 1997 The Seattle Times Company Friday, April 4, 1997 Family, not child care, seen as key to development by Carey Quan Gelernter Seattle Times staff reporter Does being in child care early in life make a difference to a child's development? Yes, but not a big difference. What happens in the child's family is still by far most central to his development. \priv\96\08\chilcare.htm Child Care Found Not to Harm Infants' Trust in Their Mothers By Susan Chira NY Times April 21, 1996 The most far-reaching and comprehensive study to date has found that using child care does not affect infants' trust in their mothers. The conclusions, announced at a conference in Providence, R.I., run counter to several previous studies that seemed to show that infants in child care were slightly more likely to have an insecure relationship with their mothers than those whose mothers stayed at home with them.


@@Decontamination z53\clip\2001\10\decon.txt Decontamination bio warfare Decontamination Procedures Mike Kemp for Sierra Times 10.09.01 Military Field Manual 3-5 on NBC decontamination can be downloaded here: 3.5 MB .pdf file @@Dengue fever \clip\96\05\dengue.txt Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 11:28:39 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Indian capital in grip of dengue fever NEW DELHI, India (AP) -- Dengue fever has killed at least 17 people in New Delhi, where poor villagers streaming into the already crowded capital have turned its dirty streets into a breeding ground for disease, health officials say. @@Dental Conventional wisdom - there is a dental care crisis because there aren't enough minority dentists. Hu spin - actually we've got way too many Asian dentists as it is, but Asians still have worse dental outcomes because they skip on dental procedures not covered by middle class dental insurance. Dental health appears to be one of the few areas where Asians trail average Americans. Ranked by Asian Outcome 2000 Dentist rate W1.00 B-6.2 H-4.8 A1.6 ------------------------ asians equal to white ------------------ Seattle schools no dent exam W1.00 B-1.21 H-1.18 A-1.23 Oregon cavities 1993 W1.00 B-1.2 H-1.3 A-1.3 B-1.8 New York children 1993 W1.00 B-3.29 H-3.43 A-6.14 CAVITIES ARE GOING AWAY AS THING OF THE PAST F020497-3 Wall Street Journal Feb 4, 1997 Average Cavities in US (Proctor & Gamble) 1960s 12-15 1990s 3 NOT ENOUGH MINORITY DENTISTS = HEALTH CRISIS? z48\clip\2001\03\racedent.txt Shortage of Minority Dentists Leads To Sharp Decline in Care By ALEXANDER VARGAS ©2001 DiversityInc.comMarch 30, 2001 A shortage in the number of minority dentists has led to a decline in minority oral health care, new findings schools have reduced their minority enrollment by 30 percent since the 1980s. While African Americans make up about 12 percent of the population, they only account for 2.2 percent of dentists, according to the study. Also, while Hispanics make up 10.7 percent of the population, they only account for 2.8 percent of dentists. This is in stark contrast to whites, who comprise around 73 percent of the population but account for more than 87 percent of the dental workforce. Pop Dent Rate 4 8.0 1.60 asian? 70 87 1.00 white (1.24 vs avg) 11 2.8 -4.87 hispanic 11 2.2 -6.25 black 2000 Dentist W1.00 B-6.2 H-4.8 A1.6 There are plenty of Asian dentists, but their care is also hurting. ASIANS AND OTHER MINORITIES IN SEATTLE LESS LIKELY TO HAVE DENTAL EXAM seateen.wk1 - Seattle survey of drug use among students Students who didn't have a dental examination with teeth cleaning in past year G9-12 Seattle schools 1993 W1.0 B1.22 H1.18 A1.23 SEA 1.34 NA 1.05 ASIANS AMONG OTHER MINORITIES WITH MORE CAVITIES doc939\cavity.xls - Asian cavities in Oregon doc93A\oregcav.txt - article for above W52%/1.0 B64%/-1.2 H65%/-1.3 A67%/-1.3 N91%/-1.8 High rate of cavities in kids seen in study San Jose Mercury News 11/29/93 p.7A 1991-92 statewide study of 2,872 Oregon children 3-12 Ages 6-8 tooth decay in primary or permanent teeth average 55% white 52% AmInd 91% Asian 67% Hisp 65% Black 64% doc93A\povcav.txt - poverty causes cavities? high black rate NY ASIANS HAVE HIGH DENTAL PROBLEMS doc939\nyheal.xls - Asians have high dental problems among school children White Black Hispanic Asian Other NYC %Dental Problems 0.7% 2.3% 2.4% 4.3% 4.6% 2.2% Index Dental Prob 1.00 3.29 3.43 6.14 6.57 3.14 @@Depression Not much data is available by race, but rates appear to be lowest among Asians and conservative Christian groups such as the Amish. DEPRESSION THOUGHT TO BE SAME AS US ABOUT 3% z47\clip\2001\01\psydrug.txt January 10, 2001 Marketplace Psychiatric Drugs Sell Poorly in Asia, Where Stigmas, Shamans Do the Job By THOMAS M. BURTON Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL incidence of major depression is about the same as US in Asia, 3% of adults, MEN AND WOMEN EQUAL IN EXPANDED DEFINITION \clip\98\06\depres.tif "Men fight hidden depression" Seattle Times March 11, 1998 p. E2 Chart: An expanded definition of depression: Total depression - Men=48.7%, Women=47.3%, both=48% Source: Archives of General Psychiatry, Jan 1994, Seattle Times chart. \doc\96\06\depres.txt "Depression same world over" Seattle Times Aug 6, 1986 Journal of the American Medical Association published study by Myrna Weissman of Columbia University in New York. Study of 38,000 people in 10 countries taking the same standard survey of depression. Samples were not neccesarily representative, but overall, there appear to be differences in rates: Ranked by rate At least one epsisode reported by 19% Beirut Lebanon 16% Paris Suburb 5% Five US sites 4% Puerto Rico 2.9% Korea 1.5% Taiwan \priv\96\04\techamis.txt "Technology Amish Style" Technology Review Feb 1996 p. 31 Eric Brende - Low rates of depression and divorce are cited for the Amish @@Diabetes About half of Type II diabetes cases are minorities. Most minorities are about double the rate of Whites, including Asians. One of the few significant health risks worse for Asians than Whites. It this thought to be caused by genetic differences and not being used to the American diet. Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the U.S. Summary CDC US W1.00 B-1.54 H-1.54 A-2.9 N1-8 Am Diab Assoc W1.00 B-2.30 H-2.08 A-2.08 N-2.30 Int Ex 1994 W1.00 A-3-4.0 ------------------------------------------------------ Links CDC Diabetes page Diabetes Facts CDC: Prevalence by Population Groups Number of persons diagnosed with diabetes (1993 estimates) Women: 4.2 million Men: 3.6 million Children aged 19 years or younger: About 100,000 Adults aged 65 years or older: 3.2 million Percentage of Adults with Diabetes by Race and Ethnicity (estimates of the prevalence of diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetes from various national surveys and special studies) Index 1.54 African Americans: 9.6 percent 1.54 Mexican Americans: 9.6 percent 1.46 Cuban Americans: 9.1 percent 1.75 Puerto Rican Americans: 10.9 percent 1.6 Studies say Asians 1.6 for equal weight NYT 1.0 White Americans: 6.2 percent 1-8 American Indians: Ranges from 5 to 50 percent 2.90 Japanese Americans: Among second-generation Japanese Americans 45 to 74 years of age residing in King County, WA, 20 percent of the men and 16 percent of the women had diabetes. CDC US Index W1.0 B-1.54 H-1.54 A-2.9 H1-8 Source: (CDC site) [[Asian studies: Asians 60 percent more likely to get diabetes vs. whites THE NEW YORK TIMES January 12, 2006 Bad Blood East Meets West, Adding Pounds and Peril By MARC SANTORA [[Evolution z75\clip\2003\11\diabet.txt Why So Many Of Us Are Getting Diabetes Never have doctors known so much about how to prevent or control this disease, yet the epidemic keeps on raging. How you can protect yourself By CHRISTINE GORMAN Time Sunday, Nov. 30, 2003 Evolutionary biologists suspect that a predisposition toward diabetes developed among certain ethnic groups—such as Pima Indians or Americans of African descent—as a result of repeated, perhaps even recent, bouts of starvation. Those individuals who were better able to decrease energy expenditures during a famine survived and passed on the trait to their offspring. Unfortunately, that ability seems to cause insulin resistance when food is plentiful. In 1993, about 400,000 deaths from all causes are estimated to have occurred among persons aged 25 years and older who have diabetes. This figure represents 5 percent of all persons known to have diabetes and 18 percent of all deaths in the United States in persons aged 25 years and older. Based on death certificate data, diabetes contributed to the deaths of more than 169,000 persons in 1992. It is well known that death certificate data underrepresent diabetes deaths. Diabetes was the seventh leading cause of death listed on U.S. death certificates in 1993, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. It is the sixth leading cause of death by disease. "Diabetes' silent toll: High rate is `totally unexpected,' according to UW research" "Of the 16 million Americans who have Type II diabetes, a half of them are people of color. minorities, especially Asian Americans, are more prone to have diabetes because they are genetically predisposed to the disease and are exposed to two risk factors in American lifestyles: high-fat diets and inadequate exercise. Less than 8 percent of Tokyo residents have diabetes, for example, but 20 percent to 25 percent of Japanese Americans in King County have the disease." Web: \clip\97\15\diabetes.txt The Seattle Times Extra Tuesday, June 10, 1997 \clip\97\03\dietdiab.txt Exercise And Asian Diet Linked To Lower Diabetes Rates WESTPORT, Oct 02 (Reuters) - Japanese-American men who maintain an Asian diet and stay physically active have a lower incidence of diabetes compared with those who pursue a meat-heavy, more sedentary Western lifestyle, researchers in Hawaii report. DIABETES RARE IN CHINA, BUT ASIANS VULNERABLE TO WESTERN DIETS \clip\96\11\silekill.txt Silent Killer Threatens up to 45 Percent of U.S. Adults By Ronald Kotulak TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER Originally printed: Sunday, February 5, 1995 Asians are thought to be genetically more vulnerable to diabetes once exposed to western diets, although rare in China American Diabetes Association White 5.2 1.00 Blacks 12.0 -2.30 Hispanic 10.8 -2.08 Asian 10.8 -2.08 Mexican 25.0 -4.81(1) Native Am 11.50 -2.30 Index W1.00 B-2.30 H-2.08 A02.08 N-2.30 (1) Seattle Times 5/30/96 \priv\96\17\DIABGENE.HTM Seattle Times May 30, 1996 "Diabetes gene-link located with Virgina Mason help " by Warren King About 25 percent of the Mexican-American population has diabetes, compared with 3 percent of the overall U.S. population. Type II diabetes, which affects about 15 million adult Americans. (Type I diabetes, or insulin-dependent, most often develops during childhood.) "The Silent Disease" AW 4/19/96 F043096-4 Diana Lau APAs have a rate twice as high as whites. Some Native American tribes are as high as 50%, Latinos and Asians are 10.8 percent, Whites at 5.2% >>doc\96\02\blakdiab.txt "Blacks urged to heed signs of diabetes" Seattle Times Feb 21 1996 p. E1 According to the American Diabetes Association (800-342-2383) blacks are twice as likely as others to develop diabetes, along with Hispanics and Native Americans. The rate in Africa is only 2%, but it is 12% among US African Americans. filed \doc\96\01\fatydiab.txt "Fatty foods may cause diabetes in minorities" Dean Wong International Examiner (Seattle) Jan 17, 1996. High fat diets cause diabetes in Asians, but Europeans are used to it. c:\priv\95\17\diabrate.txt - AP / Prodigy story. " Another reason is the growth of minority populations such as blacks, American Indians, Asian-Americans and Hispanics who have elevated diabetes rates, mostly because of their genes, he said." \doc\95\14\diabup.txt - \doc\95\14\diabup.txt "Diabetes up with changes in population" USA Today Nov 3, 1995 Tim Friend Asians and Hispanics are genetically vulnerable to diabetes with American diet. \priv\95\03\diabetes.txt - Time diabetes survey. Low diabetes in Japan Diabetes is endemic among many American Indian tribes, notably the Pima Indians of southern Arizona, who have the highest incidence of Type II diabetes in the world (50% of those over age 35). In some neighborhoods of San Antonio, one person in five has diabetes. \priv\95\02\diabworl.txt - World diabetes epidemic - South Asians 50% higher than English. "Diabetes plauges APIs in shocking numbers" International Examiner Nov 16, 1994 Japanese Americans in West Coast cities 3X general pop Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Filipinos in Hawaii 3X to 4X general pop' Sept 1988 issue of Diabetes Forecast %%Diet WESTERN DIET LINKED TO DIABETES z55\CLIP\2002\02\diabdiet.txt Nutrition: Linking the Western Diet to Diabetes NYT February 12, 2002 By ERIC NAGOURNEY researchers, from the Harvard School of Public Health, said diets [characteristically Western vs. Asian] high in red meat, processed meat, high-fat dairy products, refined grains and desserts increased the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes @@Dialysis (Kidney Failure) ASIANS, PACIS, BLACK OVERREP IN DIALISYS Northwest Kidney Centers 2002 Annual Report Serves 1,145 patients in King and Clallam County 21% African American 14% Asian American 6% Native American 6% Other 51% Caucasian 33% At or below poverty line 58% Still working, school or active homemaker 33% Waiting for kidney transplant page - z63\clipim\2002\12\27\dialysis.efx, jpg @@Diarrhea \doc\96\06\diarrhea.txt F092396 "New diarrhea vaccine could stop major childhood killer" In the US, the rotavirus, the leading cause of diarrhea, causes 3.1 million cases, and 50,000 hospitalizations as a result of dehydration, but rarely kills. Worldwide, it causes 1 million deaths a year, a major killer. (Comment, it was estimated in 1995 that AIDS would kill 300,000 to 600,000 per year, far less than the rotavirus). Nearly all children get it at some time. Trends of Diarrheal Disease Associated Mortality in US Children 1968 through 1991 Paul E Killgore et al JAMA Oct 11, 1995 P. 1143 Ratio / Case Rate Age mo White Black Other 1-11 1.0/8.3 4.0/33.1 2.3/19.5 12-59 1.0 0.9 1.9/ 1.7 0.7/ 0.6 @@Diet Many attribute Asian health advantages to a low-fat mostly carbohydrate diet with vegetables. I'm a little skeptical of the total power of this, Asian Americans still outlive their counterparts, especially in China, where the life expectancy is only 69.5 years, compared to 83 for US Asians. %%Calories MEN: 2,450 WOMEN: 1,877 CALORIES PER DAY Study Finds a 30-Year Upswing in Amount Americans Eat WSJ 2/6/2005 CDC found women calories up 22% between 1971 and 2000 from 1,542 to 1,877 calories per day. Men up 7% ot 2,618 from 2,450. Most more carbohydrates About same protein as 1971. %%Children Most of Nation's Children Found to Have Nutritionally Poor Diets. Only 1% of 2-19 eat healthy diets. Sept Journal of Pediatrics according to usda guidelines survey of 3307 1989-91 16% none 30% fruit grain 36% vegetable 1% met all requirements 2-3day servings w2.2 b1.7 h1.9 %%Asian Channel A: Secret of long life and low disease laid to Asian Diet \clip\97\17\foodpyr.txt Channel A July 1997 An Asian Pyramid Scheme: Rice and Vegetables are the Building Blocks to a Healthy Chinese Meal. By Pearl and Tien Chi Chen "The studies found Chinese to be physically fit and rarely obese. Compared to Americans, they have only one-seventeenth the heart disease rate, one-fifth the breast cancer rate and one-half the colon cancer rate. " \clip\97\03\allergy.txt Asian Food Causes Less Allergy NEW YORK (Reuters) -- A new study links diet to allergy in UK schoolchildren. (Indian food) %%Black z68\clip\2003\07\blackveg.txt Seattle Times Friday, July 04, 2003 Advice for black men: Eat more fruits, veggies By Bruce Taylor Seeman Newhouse News Service "Health experts struggling to lower disease rates among black men are promoting a simple preventive strategy: Eat more fruits and vegetables. Men overall eat about 3.9 servings of fruit or vegetables each day, according to federal estimates. But the fruit-and-vegetable intake rate is lowest among black men, estimated at 3.1 to 3.5 servings a day." %%Fat \priv\96b\06\lowfat.txt Date: Wed, 3 Jul 1996 07:20:25 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Low-fat diet tied to lower cancer Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston discovered that patients on a diet of 20 percent fat had fewer precancerous growths and non-melanoma skin cancers. \priv\96\01\eatfat.txt SJM 1/17/96 "Americans eating less fat, but putting on more of it" 1994 Survey shows 1 inch gain in height, 11-12 lbs heavier than 1977-78 survey. 33% of adults overweight compared to 20% in 1977-78. 33% of calories from fat vs. 40% in 1977-78. \priv\95\02\mexheal.txt Mexicans healthier because of diet? STUDY: MEXICO-BORN WOMEN HEALTHIER 1/27/95 By RICHARD COLE Associated Press SAN FRANCISCO -- Women in the United States would do well to learn from the diets of recent Mexican immigrants, according to a University of California study. Study by UC Berkeley professor Sylvia Guendelman was published Thursday in the American Journal of Public Health. The first-generation Mexicans ate diets richer in protein, zinc, folic acid and calcium, and lower in fat, the study found. \clip\97\03\dietdiab.txt Exercise And Asian Diet Linked To Lower Diabetes Rates WESTPORT, Oct 02 (Reuters) - Japanese-American men who maintain an Asian diet and stay physically active have a lower incidence of diabetes compared with those who pursue a meat-heavy, more sedentary Western lifestyle, researchers in Hawaii report. %%Vegetables zip56\clip\2002\05\color.txt The Color of Nutrition: Fruits and Vegetables NYT May 14, 2002 By JANE E. BRODY "What Color Is Your Diet?" (Regan Books, $25) and "The Color Code" (Hyperion, $22.95) emphasize the importance of increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables, and the need to choose broadly among the richly colored options. ...the authors of "The Color Code" divide fruits and vegetables into four broad color groups: red, orange-yellow, green and blue-purple, each with a different set of beneficial phytonutrients. @@Dioxin \PRIV\95\14\DIOXIN2.TXT Conservatives try to save dioxin \priv\95\13\dioxin.txt - PNEWS report on effects on dioxin (strongly negative) @@Disabled \doc\95\14\childisa.txt "Disabilities Among Children Aged <= 17 Years - United States 1991-1992" JAMA Oct 11, 1995 p. 112 (MMWR 1995:44:609-612) Children aged < 3, overall prevalence of disabilities was 2.2% 3-5, 5.2%, 6-14, 6.3%, 15-17, 9.3%. In all age groups, the prevalence of disabilities was higher among boys than girls, this sex-specific difference was greatest in the 6-14 year age group. The conditions most frequently reported as a cause of functional limitation among children 17 and under was 29.5% learning disability 13.1% speech problems 6.8% mental retardation 6.3% mental or emotional problems or disorders \doc\95\11\disable.txt - mmwr report on diabilities in children under 17 (1). For children aged less than 3 years, the overall estimated prevalence of disabilities was 2.2%; for those aged 3-5 years, 5.2%; for those aged 6-14 years, 6.3%; and for those aged 15-17 years, 9.3% (Table 1). In all age groups, the prevalence of disabilities was higher among boys than girls; this sex-specific difference was greatest in the 6-14-year age group. The condition most frequently reported as a cause of functional limitation among children aged less than or equal to 17 years was learning disability (29.5%), followed by speech problems (13.1%), mental retardation (6.8%), asthma (6.4%), and mental or emotional problems or disorders (6.3%) (Table 2). d:\doc\94\20\disable.wk1 - Disability by Race US Census Percent of Persons 15 to 64 years old with a disability by race and Hispanic Origin: 1991-92 White Black Hisp Asian NatAm Percent 17.7% 20.8% 16.9% 9.6% 26.9% Index 1.00 1.18 -1.05 -1.84 1.52 Asians only group much lower than Whites doc93b\dischina.txt 10.2M mentally in China , 300-460,000 congenitally disabled born each year in china @@Disparity BLACKS WORSE THAN WHITES [BUT ASIANS ARE BETTER SHHHH!] \clip\98\17\racedisp.txt Statistics on racial health disparities Copyright © 1998 Nando Media Copyright © 1998 The Associated Press (November 27, 1998 01:09 a.m. EST -- Statistics show the disparities between the health of black and white Americans. According to the Department of Health and Human Services: [but asians have better cancer, lifeexp, infant mort, aids, heart etc] @@Doctor - see @@doctor @@Dog Bites \images\98\01\010897\p07.tif Dog-bite injuries are more common USAT Jan 7, 1998 334,000 ER vists (#2) #1 was 400,000 baseball games and (#3) 267,000 playground accidents. 670 hospitalized, 20 deaths. @@Dowry Deaths (India) Bummer man. \clip\97\24\dowry.txt [The Indian Express] Wednesday, July 23 1997 Over 5,000 dowry deaths in India annually NEW DELHI,July 22: More than 5,000 dowry deaths occur every year in India, according to a United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) report @@Aggression %%Dog z48\clip\2001\02\dogagg.txt February 6, 2001 It Takes Training and Genes to Make a Mean Dog Mean By MARK DERR Over the centuries, people have selectively bred types of dogs to emphasize certain traits, including hunting, speed, herding and aggression, said Dr. Katherine Houpt, director of the animal behavior clinic at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. see @@Driving @@Automobile @@Motor Vehicle @@Traffic @@Transportation Safety @@Douche \priv\96b\01\douche.txt Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 19:19:59 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Douching May Delay Conception in Women Trying to Get Pregnant By LAURAN NEERGAARD. One national survey found 37% of women under 44 douche, 18% once a week, 67% of black women. doc941\douche.wk1 W33% B66% H"High" A Not Available @@Drowning BLACK BOYS DROWN AT 12-15X WHITE RATE z50\clip\2001\07\blakdrow.txt Boys most at risk in U.S. child drownings-study CHICAGO (Reuters) - Three out of four children who drown accidentally are boys. The rate of drowning among African-American black males older than 5 was 12-to-15 times higher than among white males in that age group -- a disparity that researchers blamed on less access to swimming lessons and possibly on overcrowded public pools. \priv\95\09\totpool.txt - pool drowings #1 risk to children 1 to 4 in California "Report Urges Tots' Parents Not to Have Home Pools" SFC 7/20/95 @@Drugs @@Drug Reactions "Reactions to legal drugs kill thousands" Seattle Times April 14, 1998, A4 Brenda C. Coleman. Sixth among leading causes of death, University of Toronto research. In 39 studies of hospital patients, serious drug reactions affected 6.7% of patients, fatal 0.32 percent in JAMA. Adverse drug reactions ranked between 4th and 6th leading cause of death depending on estimate, between 76,000 and 137,000, 106,000 "median", 1.6 to 2.6 million injured. @@Dry cleaning doc\94\16\dryclean.txt Koreans own 80% of Dry Cleaners in Washington State Koreans may be facing health risks in dry cleaning business International Examiner May 4-18 1994 p. 1 Carina A. Dl Rosario @@Dyslexia zip37\clip\99\17\dysgene.txt The Independent Sept 6, 1999 GENETIC CAUSE OF DYSLEXIA TRACED SCIENTISTS HAVE identified the location of a gene for dyslexia, creating the possibility of screening tests and early treatment for the learning disorder. The discovery means that at least four genes are now implicated in causing dyslexia. @@Ear infection \priv\95\12\earinfec.txt - Ear infection is #1 reason kids to go to the doctor Good Housekeeping article @@Earthquake \clip\96\02\japnlife.txt 10 Aug 1996 From: (NewsHound) Quake, flu outbreak trim Japanese life expectancy TOKYO, Aug. 10 (Kyodo) The disastrous earthquake that struck Kobe and nearby areas in January 1995 left more than 6,300 people dead. @@Eating disorder Investors Business Daily Jan 24, 2000 p. a2 Wesleyan University in New England study found 8% black or white women reported binge eating at least once in 3 months, 4% black 2.6% white recurring binge. 1% induced vomiting @@Ebola "South African reports its first known case of deadly Ebola virus" Seattle Times Nov 17, 1996 A19. 800 have died of Ebola worldwide since identified in 1976, 245 last year in Zaire. It kills up to 80 percent of victims, causing them to bleed to death internally. \clip\96\04\ebola.txt Return-Path: Date: Thu, 5 Sep 1996 18:39:16 -0400 Ebola is just a dumb macho virus, expert says ANTWERP, Belgium (Reuter) - The impact of Ebola, the dumb macho among killer viruses, is small compared with HIV but the media fanfare about it has boosted transatlantic cooperation on fighting epidemics, a leading expert said Thursday. \priv\95\09\aidssum.txt "Hot Frog!" POZ (08/95-09/95) No. 9, P. 24; Eisenberg, Jana Both Ebola and HIV kill respectively 70-90and over 90% of affected patients, but HIV is much harder to notice, like the hot frog effect. @@elder care assisted living has evolved into middle class, only 10% reserved for medicare wa ore have more at home or community services New ways of caring for elders Seattle Times Aug 24, 1999. @@Electrical "Electromagnetic fields" SPI jan 13, 1994 Electrical workers had twice the rate of brain cancer, but overall still low 144 out of 139,000 workers. WEAK EVIDENCE OF EMF HAZARDS link The report is available in both PDF and HTML formats at theEMFRAPID Program world wide website, Copies of the report can also be obtained by sending a request by fax: 919-541-0144 or mail: EMF-RAPID Program, NIEHS/NIH,P.O. Box 12233 MD EC-16, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709; or by calling 919-541-7534. Dated: June 18, 1999.Samuel H. Wilson, Deputy Director, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. NIEHS Conclusion - Executive Summary The scientific evidence suggesting that ELF-EMF exposures pose any health risk is weak. The strongest evidence for health effects comes from associations observed in human populations with two forms of cancer: childhood leukemia and chronic lymphocytic leukemia in occupationally exposed adults. @@Elephant \doc\95\05\elepkeep.txt - Elephant Keeper is most dangerous job, coal miner is number 2 @@ER / Emergency Room Top 3 Emergency Room Visit Causes #1 400,000 baseball #2 334,000 Dog bites #3 267,000 playground accidents Source: \images\98\01\010897\p07.tif Dog-bite injuries are more common USAT Jan 7, 1998 @@Euthenasia \priv\96\17\NURSEUTH.HTM May 23, 1996 "Survey: 1 of 5 ICU nurses has helped patient die " by Terence Monmaney Los Angeles Times A new survey of nurses in hospital intensive-care units finds that nearly one out of five has hastened the death of critically ill patients at least once in their careers, occasionally without explicit permission from patients, doctors or family members. 16% at the request of doctors or patients, 4% without. @@Exercise - also see fitness Asian.Health.Exercise Summary: Asian men equally, women less likely to exercise than whites. C:\PRIV\97\07\FATAM.TXT American Adults, Children Significantly Fatter Since 1980 By Curt Suplee Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, March 7 1997; Page A16 The Washington Post "Vast numbers of Americans Percent with little or no physical exercise 74 Mexican Am women 67 African Am women 65 Mexican Am men 59 women 49 men \priv\96b\05\exerprot.txt - exercise creates protective chemicals. ap 6/27/96 \doc\96\01\workout.wk1 Source "Who's Working Out" USA Today 1/8/96 Data from Prevention Magazine 45% of men vs. 30% of women say the exercise strenusoulsy 3 or more days a week. By age: "Warning: Scientists Have Determined that Lack of Exercise Will Shorten Your Life" Wall Street Journal April 12, 1995 p. B3 Men who became fit after being out of shape were 52% less likely to die from cardiovascular disease, and overall lower risk of premature death. \doc\95\02\healrisk.wk1 - CDC US Survey Sendentary Men Percent White Black AmInd Asian Hispanic Sendentary 56.2 62.8 50.8 56.6 61.5 Sendentary 1.00 1.12 -1.11 1.01 1.09 women Sendentary 56.4 67.7 64.1 64.7 61.9 Sendentary 1.00 1.20 1.14 1.15 1.10 '"Study: Weight training pumps up bones" Seattle Times Dec 28, 1995 p. B3 - white women 50-70 who did exercise had less bone loss and were stronger. @@Experiment TUSKEGEE EXPERIMENT TOLL \clip\97\13\tusk.txt Sour legacy of Tuskegee syphilis study lingers Of 399 black men signed up, By the time the study was exposed in 1972, 28 men had died of syphilis, 100 others were dead of related complications, at least 40 wives had been infected and 19 children had contracted the disease at birth. @@Eyes %%Appearance \doc\95\05\slanteye.txt - Theories about why Asians have "slanted" eyes. %%Nearsighted DANGERS OF EARLY COMPUTER USE? z45\clip\2000\09\earlcomp.txt Published by US News Magazine Cover Story 9/25/00 False promise Parking your child in front of the computer may seem like a good idea, but think again By Katy Kelly EYE FOCUS SKILLS FOR COMPUTER, NOT JUST BOOKWORMS. in the late '90s she noticed a "significant increase" in kids with weak focusing skills. "We used to see [these] problems just in children doing an incredible amount of reading," says Hoenig, a professor and chief of the binocular-vision clinic at the University of California-Berkeley. "The increase has been exponential . . . with the rise of computers in homes." In years past she found these problems among heavy readers who read chapter books before the fourth grade. "Now, I'm seeing them around second grade . . . for computer-related problems." Patti Hausman: Eyesight is not the same in all human populations. Nearsightedness is much more common in some than others. A review paper: Baldwin, W.R. A review of statistical studies of relations between myopia and ethnic, behavioral, and physiological characteristics. American Journal of Optometry and Physiological Optics 58: 516-527, 1981. @@Face z51\clip\2001\08\face.txt NYT AUG 25, 2001 Taking a Rare Stroll Through Facial History By NEIL GENZLINGER All members of People Against Punning, look away now. "The Human Face," a four- hour series tomorrow and Monday on the Learning Channel, simply demands to be described as cheeky. @@Farm accidents tractor accidents mostly male and white \doc\95\10\mmwr.txt Tractor-related fatalities accounted for 16% of the 176 occupational fatalities recorded in Kentucky during 1994. All decedents were males who ranged in age from 15 to 86 years (median: 46 years); @@Fat (@@Obesity) Fat is made out to be the #1 evil in the 80s, 90s, but trying to ban it might make things worse. See @@Overweight. C. Everett Coop called it the "No. 2 cause of death". Asians are consistently the only group with less obesity than whites. Rankings W1.00 B-1.26 H-1.25 A 1.18 Obesity: 1998 US Adolescent Health W1.00 B-1.31 H-1.37 A 1.20 N-1.93 Obesity: US preschoolers born in 2001 NCES %%Deaths "Dire Warnings About Obesity Rely on Slippery Statistic" Wall Street Journal Feb 9, 1998 p. B1. 300,000 deaths per year first showed up in Surgeon General C. Everett Coop in 1995 speech, called obesity the No. 2 cause of death after smoking, based on "Actual Causes of Death" Nov 1993 Journal of the American Medical Association. But it did not say obesity did kill that many people, but only a factor. A recent New England Journal of Medicine editorial says the figure was based on "weak or incomplete data", others found that risk decreased with age. Nurses and Health study found obesity at fault in 20% of untimely deaths in nonsmoking deaths under 70, but was used to cover all deaths. %%General \clip\97\30\satfat.txt The Seattle Times Company Wednesday, Dec. 24, 1997 Study: More saturated fat, fewer strokes by Brenda C. Coleman Associated Press The publication of the study in today's issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) raised protest from health experts who for years have urged Americans to eat less fat, not more. Fumento on Pooh Pooh of fat in NE Journal of Med \priv\95\05\fatstudy.txt - Low fat and exercise is a good idea despite conflicting studies, NYT 5/10/95 %%OK US NEWS: GETTING USED TO FAT IS BETTER THAN TRYING TO BAN IT \clip\98\01\skinfat.txt US News 1/12/98 The Joy of Fat, One Fat World %%Race There are racial variations in obesity ASIANS LEAST OBESE AMONG US ADOLESCENTS 1998 US Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health 26.8% -1.10 all 20.6% 1.18 Asian/PI 30.9% -1.26 AfricanAm 30.4% -1.25 Latino 24.4% 1.00 Caucasian Journal of Nutrition 1998 1st immigrant 15.6% 2nd 30.8% 3rd 34.6% Ad: Our kids at risk Asian Week June 27, 2002 p.3 ASIANS LEAST, NATIVE AMERICANS MOST OBESE PRESCHOOLERS filed: \yr\09\priv\2009\04\childoverweight.txt Yahoo! News Study finds 1 in 5 obese among 4-year-olds By LINDSEY TANNER, AP Medical Writer Lindsey Tanner, Ap Medical Writer Tue Apr 7, 7:49 am ET US nationally representative data on 8,550 preschoolers born in 2001 ... measured in their homes conducted by the government's National Center for Education Statistics... appear in Monday's Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine. Rates, % in increasing order, ratio 13 1.20 Asian 16 1.00 White 21 -1.31 Black 22 -1.37 Hispanic 31 -1.93 American Indian W1.00 B-1.31 H-1.37 A 1.20 N-1.93 US preschoolers born in 2001 NCES Definition: height-weight ratio, in the 95th percentile or higher based on government BMI growth charts. For 4-year-olds, that would be a BMI of about 18. OBESE BLACK WOMEN MAY BE GENETIC z50\clip\2001\08\racefat.txt Monday November 13 2001 Fat-Storing Gene May Trigger Obesity By DANIEL Q. HANEY, AP Medical Editor NEW ORLEANS (AP) - A thrifty gene that helped cavemen survive food shortages appears to be a common underlying trigger of both obesity and diabetes, researchers reported Monday. They said the gene could be an important explanation of an inherited tendency to gain weight, especially among black people. Their work shows that about 90 percent of blacks, 50 percent of Asians and 30 percent of whites carry at least one copy of this gene. Those with two copies of the gene were six times more likely than usual to keep their extra pounds - but only if they did not exercise. Worldwide, the researchers found that about 60 percent of black people carry two copies of the gene, compared with 20 percent of Asians and 10 percent of whites. ...said Dr. Robert H. Eckel of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. FITNESS GURU VARIES FAT GOALS BY RACE, REDHEADS Steve Sailer 4/2001 notes: Covert Bailey, a fitness guru frequently shown on PBS, has measured the body fat % of about 10,000 people. From this data, he tells his black male clients to set their goal as 12% body fat due to their naturally higher degree of muscularity, white males should aim for 15%, and East Asian males for 18%. (His goals for women are 7% higher than for their racial brethren.) The one exception he cited was redheads. For redheads, he assigns the black goal of 12%. Did they inherit other Neanderthal genes for muscularity? @@Fda NPR editorial April 1995 - 7000 deaths due to adverse drug reactions per year. (far less than estimated deaths due to slow approval of drugs) @@Female genital mutilation / @@fgm / female circumcision The african tradition of routine removal of the clitoris is seen as savage genital mutilation in the west, but less known is that it was also practiced here for those with "atypical" genitals. z47\clip\2000\12\femfraud.txt Feminist cause was fraud,3604,414169,00.html Martin Kettle in Washington Thursday December 21, 2000 A Ghanaian woman whose campaign against her deportation [claiming protection from female circumcision] from the United States became a rallying point for prominent American women, including Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinem and Julia Roberts, has been exposed as an impostor and faces prosecution for fraud. z46\clip\2000\11\clomy.txt It's a girl! Or is it? Making the cut. Americans engage in cosmetic genital surgery too, but there is a movement to leave atypical body parts alone. BILL WOULD BAN FGM IN COLORADO, \clip\99\10\denfgm.txt Stopping the Mutilation Bill seeking to ban practice against girls not a sure thing By Cate Terwilliger The Denver Post, April 14, 1999 Thirty percent of 100 metro-area health-care providers surveyed last fall had seen FGM within the past five years, said Jill McFadden, executive director of the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault. FGM IS A FEDERAL CRIME IN THE US \CLIP\97\08\nofgm.txt Mutilation Tradition Fought The Associated Press, March 24, 1997 By DONNA ABU-NASR Associated Press Writer New federal law sponsored by Pat Schroeder bans "female genital mutilation" below the age of 18. (Migration News April 197) On March 29, 1997, it became unlawful in the US to cut away a female's genitalia. A new law provides for up to five years imprisonment for anyone who carries out female genital mutilations on girls younger than 18. Critics of the new law say that is vague, and that the law does not assign responsibility for enforcement. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that at least 150,000 girls and women of African descent in the US have undergone the procedure or are at risk of having the procedure. The World Heath Organization estimates that as many as 85 million to 114 million girls around the world have undergone the procedure. MAP OF FGM Check out the Economist Aug 10, 1996 p. 34 "Men's Traditional Culture", gives a map showing nations were 25% to 80% of women undergo female circumcision / FGM. \clip\96\03\circdeat.txt Sat, 24 Aug 1996 11:51:28 -0400 Village Girl Bleeds to Death During Circumcision Procedure CAIRO, Egypt (AP) -- A 14-year-old girl bled to death during a female circumcision operation Saturday, the second to die from the procedure in two months. \priv\96b\06\femcirc.txt Date: Tue, 2 Jul 1996 15:46:15 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Female Circumcision Viewed With Reverence, Revulsion Around the World AP Graphic FEMALE CIRCUMCISION By KARIN DAVIES HARGEISA, Somalia (AP) -- Hudan Mohammed Ali's shrieks for Allah's mercy rend the dawn and chill the heart. Her sister smacks Hudan's face and pries her thin legs apart as an old woman cuts deeper into the 6-year-old's flesh. \priv\96b\01\geniasyl.txt The New York Times, June 14, 1996 U.S. Grants Asylum to Woman Fleeing Genital Mutilation Rite By Celia W. Dugger \priv\96\13\fgmatak.txt Living Marxism Oct 1994 The FGM issue is used to impose western values on cultures they do not understand. \doc\96\03\fgmasy.txt U.S. Frees African Fleeing Ritual Mutilation By Celia W. Dugger "FGM: It's time to confront a gisly imported tradition" Ellen Goodman Seattle Times Oct 20, 1995 p. B4 100-130 million women affected worldwide Somalia 100% Ethiopia 90% Egypt 50%. Maybe 100s to 1000s of cases in the US. England, Sweden, and much of Europe, it is illegal. In France, one woman was jailed for doing her daughter. There have been no prosecutions in the US, only 3 states, New York, Minnesota, and North Dakota have laws against FGM. She says we have to say no (But isn't it a privacy issue, and a matter of choice, if killing a woman's unborn daughter is a choice, what about minor surgery to satisfy culture?) \priv\95\14\fgm.txt Female Genital Mutilation Atlantic Oct 1995 (full text) @@Fever FEVER: DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT SO MUCH, IT'S NATURAL - search on fever \clip\97\04\fever.htm - fevers were once greatly feared, but are a natural way to combat illness bugs. As long as the temperature doesn't exceed 105 degrees, it doesn't really need treatment, as long as the kid isn't uncomfortable, and some treatments won't help. @@Fights seateen.wk1 Seattle Teen Health Survey Male Students who had 1 or more physical fights at school in the past ye W1.00 B1.67 H1.56 A1.0 SEA.78 NA2.0 Female Students who had 1 or more physical fights at school in the past W1.00 B2.83 H2.83 A.83 SEA1.17 NA3.0 Students threatened or injured by someone with a weapon at school W1.00 B na HNA A1.00 SEA0.78 NA2.22 @@Fetal-alchohol \priv\95\04\fetalch.txt Up six times since 80's @@Fire (Pyroshield Blanket) Approx. 4,500 people die annually from fire in the U.S. alone. Another 30,000 are seriously injured. @@Fireworks 6,000 killed or injured each year in China 12,000 emergency room visits in usa 4 deaths in 1999 \priv\96b\06\firework.txt Date: Tue, 2 Jul 1996 13:34:15 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Chinese firecracker blast kills 36 BEIJING (Reuter) - A huge explosion at a firecracker factory in southwestern China killed at least 36 workers and passers-by, hurling bodies and limbs into the air, local officials and state media said Tuesday.... fireworks .. kill or injure 60,000 people a year, with many of the casualties caused by accidents during production or transport. (much higher than the one 100 AIDS cases!) \doc\95\09\firework.txt "12,000 Seen in ERs for Firework Injuries" Seattle Post Intelligencer July 1, 1995 p.A9 Robert L. Jameson Jr. In 1994, there were 13,000 fireworks injuries treated in the US, 9,000 in July alone. In Seattle, there were 12 injuries in 14 surveyed Seattle hospitals on the 4th of July weekend. The average age was 16, usually burns and cuts. An 18 yr old lost 3 fingers, and a 6 yr old lost an eye. In 1995 a dog had its head blown off after it attempted to retrieve an explosive firework Many cities ban fireworks, but in 1999, all deaths ere related to professional fireworkks 4 die in fireworks accidents boy killed by stray bullet Seattle Times July 6, 1999 p. A9 39 killed in LA county since 1985 by july4/new years bullets fired into air. 4 died related to professional fireworks shows @@Fishing "APA's Exceed Safe Levels of Bay Fish Consumption" Asian Week June 13, 1997 Of 228 surveyed fishing at 50 municipal piers around San Francisco F061997 Median person said they ate 32 ounces of bay fish, twice what was considered to be safe by health authorities. 70% Persons of color 38% AsianPA 14% Latino 12% African Am 7% Mixed "APA Ecology" Asian Week April 19, 1996 p. 15 f043096-5 The Save San Francisco Bay Association survey found that 48% of bay area anglers were Asian, the Regional Water Quality Control Board found in 1994 unhealthy levels of PCBs, mercury dioxin and other nasty stuff. \doc\95\01\fishdead.txt - 13 - 30 fishermen /yr die in Alaskan waters fishing @@Fitness Blacks excercize less in high school, but can run faster and do more push ups in the military. No data on Asians, except in San Jose running race. %%assessment CHARTS FOR ADULT BMI, EXERCISE REPETITIONS zip33\clipim\99\06\09\bmi.gif Body Mass Index zip33\clipim\99\06\09\fitchart.gif Fitness Chart Go to the mat. Seattle Times May 4, 1999 p. C1 tests and scores providd by cooper institute for Aerobics research in Dallas NATIONAL NORMS FOR K12 PRESIDENT'S CHALLENGE \clip\99\11\qualify.htm The President's Challenge Youth Fitness Program Presidential Physical Fitness Award: Participants must at least reach the 85th percentile in all 5 events based on the 1985 School Population Fitness Survey. The National Physical Fitness Award = 50th percentile The Health Fitness Award = 50-70th percentile (1 pull-up = 75) %%general \priv\96b\08\fitness.txt Date: Tue, 16 Jul 1996 18:30:05 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Study: Fitness Helps Compensate for Smoking in Protecting Heart By BRENDA C. COLEMAN AP Medical Writer CHICAGO (AP) -- Being physically fit is such a powerful force for health that even smokers with high blood pressure and high cholesterol who are in good aerobic shape tend to live longer than nonsmoking couch potatoes who are otherwise healthy, a study found. d:\doc\94\19\fitrace.wk1 - Fitness by race in high school W1.0 B-1.l34 H-1.11 doc937\fitness.xls US Army fitness of candidates (BWH no Asians) doc\94\12\fitage.wk1 fitness by gender and age but not race @@Floods Far more people die from floods than AIDS in China, despite lopsided news coverage. \clip\96\02\flood96.txt Reuters BEIJING - The death toll from floods and storms across China has risen to at least 2,700 \priv\96b\06\chinflod.txt 92 die in one weekend of flooding in China \doc\94\18\priv\chinflod.txt 4,300 DIE IN CHINA FROM '94 FLOODS SJM 9/7/94 \priv\95\08\chinflod.txt 400 died in recent weeks @@Flying, military Combat Aircraft Dec 2000 Class A accident rate of 1.23 per 100,000 flight hours is 20% better than 1999 rate of 1.54, safest on record US crash toll falls (Janes News Briefs 12/97) The US Department of Defense lost 68 aircraft in accidents during FY97, its lowest annual total since records began in 1958. The major accident rate equalled 1.5 accidents per 100,000 flying hours, with 76 fatalities recorded. Service Accidents Deaths Class A Rate per 100,000 f.h. Army 6 4 0.58 Navy 20 17 1.75 Marines 9 30 2.63 Air Force 22 7 1.04 Total 57 58 1.23 ACCIDENT RATE FOR NAVY FELL FROM 1956-61 Navy Accident Rate 1956-1961 Rate FY /10K hr. Cost/incident 56 3.33 $156k 57 3.05 $225k 58 2.83 $296k 59 2.56 $346k 60 1.43 $400k 61 1.70 $444 p. 225 Naval Review 1962-63 Naval Institute Press Cost of Naval aircraft Yr Cost K $/lb 1944 60 10 1951 467 32 1955 868 62 1960 1745 121 1965 1840 125 F-18 MUCH SAFER THAN F-14 or A-6 In the 1st 1.5 million flight hours, the Navy lost 124 A-6 Intruder (subsonic low-level bomber) 102 F-14 Tomcat (supersonic swing-wing fighter) 67 F/A-18 Hornet AirFan March 1997 p. 4 \priv\96\16\milfly.htm Seattle Times May 20, 1996 "Close-up: Still safe? Military aircraft crashes run counter to long trend" The rate of military Class A mishaps has fallen by 2/3 from 4.3 in 1975 to 1.5 in 1995 per 100,000 flying hours. Class A mishap involves A class A mishap involves a fatality, permanent disability, or at least $1 million in damage to the aircraft. Civilian "general" aviation runs 8 to 10 per 100,000 hrs. Human error was a contributing factor in 73% of accidents. The NTSB estimates 60-70% of civilian accidents are due to pilot error. military aircraft were involved in 3,828 Class A mishaps between fiscal years (FY) 1975 and 1995, which resulted in 3,810 fatalities and 3,483 destroyed aircraft, or about 1 fatality and one destroyed aircraft per incident, and about $1 billion dollars in losses per year, or $21 billion since 1975 Since fiscal year 1975, the annual rate of destroyed aircraft per 100,000 flying hours was reduced from 3.1 to 1.3. The number of DOD aviation fatalities per 100,000 flying hours fell from about 4 in fiscal year 1975 to 1.7 in fiscal year 1995. Aircraft Losses 1975 1995 Navy/MC 117 31 Army 52 7 AirForce 52 29 Total 221 67 \doc\96\03\crewfati.txt "Crew Fatigue Emerging as Critical Safety Issue" Aviation Week April 8, 1996 USAF Class A accidents (loss of aircraft, crew or both) per 100,000 flying hours @@Safety

Safety Spectrum - Death rates per 100,000 hours

----------------------------------------------- horse riding 28.0 Gen Aviation 10.0 F14 1995 8.6 A6 1995 7.5 DOD 1975 4.3 F18 1995 4.0 bicycle 3.7 DOD 1995 1.50 1995 DOD Overall1.44 / 100,000 flying hours fighter/attack 2.59 F14 1991 2.1 Skydiving 1.0 (1 per 65,000 jumps @ 1 hr/jump) Waterbike 0.6 (est 24 per 100,000 @ 40 hrs/yr) US Army 0.56 SF Bus Coll. 0.20 4 per 100,000 mils SFC 5/31/96 Airlines 0.10
(A. Hu estimate) USA Bus Coll 0.05 1 per 100,000 miles SFC 5/31/96 Driving 0.048 (A. Hu estimate) Driving 0.000056 based on 1.7 per 100 million miles @30 mph Living 25-34 0.000033 based on 201 deaths per 100,000 person years Coll = collision @@Food \doc\94\19\priv\wasabi.txt - wasabi prevents cancer?? @@Food attacks CSPI GOES OVERBOARD ON OLESTRA \doc\web\97\02\atakfood.txt "Attack of the Food Police" Readers Digest March 1997 p. 69 Daniel Levine criticizes the CSPI, the famous "research" organization that routinely picks some innocent category of food and attacks it mercelessly. This article says they went overboard on Olestra. F021297-2 @@Food poisoning CAMPYLOBACTER CAUSES 4M INFECTIONS, 200-1000 DEATHS IN US \clip\97\30\bacteri.txt Obscure bacgerium bugs a lot of people Seattle Times Dec 24, 1997 Sandraw G Boodman (Washington Post) Federal health officials estimate that Campylobacter (which comes from the intestines of poultry) caseus 4 million infections annually, and between 200 and 1000 deaths, mostly in the elderly or those with weak immune systems. \clip\97\30\bact1, bact2.tif \clip\97\30\campy.txt Houston Chronicle 12:11 AM 10/20/1997 Poultry bacterium getting upper hand, health officials fear By MARIAN BURROS New York Times The nation's health authorities are increasingly concerned about a poultry contaminant that can be as debilitating, if not as deadly, as salmonella. \clip\96\02\japnfood.txt Fri, 9 Aug 1996 17:43:36 -0400 From: (NewsHound) E. Coli Bacteria Claims Eighth Victim in Japan By BRAVEN SMILLIE Associated Press Writer 8 deaths, 9,313 ill. Worst since 10,000 were ill to salmonella \priv\96b\08\japnfood.txt - NewsHound/AP 7-23-96 Six die of food poisoning, 6,300 cases total normally in a year only 100 cases of sickness anually. "Don't Let Your Food Make You Sick" Peter Hellman, Parade 8/5/96 p. 18 80 million cases of food illness, 9,000 deaths in the US per year. E. Coli alone had 23 outbreaks, 20,000 cases, 400 deaths in 1994 @@Fracture \doc\95\07\fracture.txt - Most injuries treated under 18, goes down with age @@Fumigate doc\94\16\fumigate.txt 2 people / yr die in CA per year @@Furniture Tipover from: (total 11 in 4 years) Chests of drawers tip-overs were associated with an estimated 2,000 hospital emergency room treated injuries per year from 1982 through 1986. Six children under 5 years of age died when these chests tipped over on them. TV tip-overs were associated with an estimated 2300 hospital emergency room-treated injuries per year from 1982 through 1986. Four children under 5 years of aged died when TVs fell on them. CPSC estimates that 400 of the injuries occurred when the TV was located on a cart, stand, or table. Bookcase tip-overs were associated with approximately 580 hospital emergency room-treated injuries annually from 1982 through 1986. One child under 5 years of age died when a bookcase tipped over. @@Gender Parity Fumento Women often come out with the long end of the deal in health, not short. @@Genetic Differences RACE GENES MAY MAKE AFRICANS LESS RESPONSIVE TO CHEMOTHERAPY z48\clip\2001\03\genchem.txt,,2-104670,00.html MONDAY MARCH 26 2001 Genetic make-up affects therapy BY A CORRESPONDENT Scientists discovered a particular genetic variant that determines how well a person responds to cancer drugs, as well as other kinds of treatment. It is thought to explain why people of African descent can be less responsive to chemotherapy than Caucasians and Asians. z48\clip\2001\03\chemrace.txt Washington University School Of Medicine ( Date: Posted 3/28/2001 Drug Resistance Found To Vary By Ethnicity New Orleans, March 25, 2001 -- A genetic mutation affecting resistance to chemotherapy occurs more frequently in some ethnic groups than in others according to a new study. Researchers found that African and African American populations included more individuals with the drug-resistant gene than Caucasian or Asian populations. This might help explain why some people of African descent respond poorly to chemotherapy. STUDY: GENES FOR RACE HEALTH DIFFERENCES? \CLIP\98\10\gene.txt August 5, 1998, in the Miami Herald Race-based medical research looks for answers By BRIGID SCHULTE Herald Washington Bureau CHINESE DIFFER IN SMOKING, ALCHOHOL RESPONSE DUE TO GENES \clip\97\20\chingene.txt From: "Louis R. Andrews" WESTPORT, Sep 01 (Reuters) In the September 1 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine, two separate groups of investigators discuss characteristics of Chinese and Asian-American individuals that make them less susceptible to cigarette smoke-induced endothelial damage than white adults, and more sensitive to the effects of alcohol. @@Global health World Resources Institute Global Health Trends \clip\97\04\globheal.txt \clip\97\04\disedeat.gif has this table Estimated Deaths from Infectious and Parasitic Disease, 1993 Number of deaths in thousands ------------------------------------------------- 4,110 Acute lower respiratory infections under 5 3,010 Diarrhea under age 5 including dysentery 2,709 Tuberculosis 2,000 Malaria 1,160 Measles 933 Hepatitis B 700 AIDS 360 Whooping Cough 210 Bacterial meningitis 200 Schistosomiasis 10 Foodborne trematodes 6.8 Cholera 3.9 Diptheria 2.5 Leprosy .5 Plague ------------------------------------- 16,445 Total Source: World Health Organization, The World Health Report 1995: Bridging the Gap (WHO, Geneva 1995) Table 5 p. 18 @@Gonorrhea \doc\95\05\gonorh.txt - CDC reports that blacks have the highest rates of gonorrhea. Six urban zip code areas were 5% of the population but 49% of gonorrhea cases in Minneapolis- St. Paul. although explanations for the high rates among blacks are undetermined, race may be a marker strongly associated with risk factors for STDs, such as low socioeconomic status, access to health care, health-care seeking behavior, illicit drug use, and residence in communities with high prevalences of STDs. @@Growth \priv\94\19\normgrow.txt normal growth patterns @@Gun US Male 15-19 death rate W1.0 B5.3 death in home by gun W1.0 B4.3 H 1.3 A-1.3 N5.2 UC Davis Firearm injuries W1.0 B4.2 H-1.1 A-1.2 Summary: Asian teens least likely to have guns at home. Asians are least likely to be killed at home by a gun, and the least likely to be firearm injury patients in Davis, CA. But Asians more likely to be victims of drive-by shootings, or store-clerk shootings, which can explain higher rate of shootings in New York. African Americans are the most likely to be victims of shootings and suffer cripping spine injuries, by a factor of 5 or 6. There are far more gun deaths in the US per population than in Japan or other Asian nations. %%general file:C:\priv\96B\04\GUNSHOT.HTM US News and World Report Online 6/25/96 GUNS, MONEY & MEDICINE The proliferation of powerful new weapons has sent the cost of crime spiraling. Here's why you pay To doctors after a while, the entries on emergency-room-admissions forms start to look the same: GSW, BL, M, 1976, MA--gunshot wound, black, male, 20 years old, medical assistance. Roughly 75 percent of all gunshot victims are under 30, as are half of all spinal cord victims. "Japanese Researcher Killed in Calif" \priv\96\17\japngun.txt AP May 10, 1996 Last year, there were 168 shootings nationwide in Japan, resulting in 34 deaths in the country of 125 million, police said. In 1994, the last year for which a full set of statistics is available, there were 15,456 shooting murders in the United States, a country of 260 million, not including accidental shootings. The US does not recored total shootings. \doc\96\03\gunfire.txt "Gunfire is No. 2 cause of deaths among children" Seattle Post Intelligencer April 9, 1995 p. A3 Index W1.00 B5.31 Children's Defence Fund reports black male death rate 5 times higher than whites 15-19 \doc\96\03\whelhip.txt "The Wheelchair Turns Hip as New Generation Of Users Demands Styles" Wall Street Journal Sept 28, 1995 p. A1 Violence, specifically gunshot wounds is the number 1 cause of crippling spinal cord injuries among black men. In Michigan, largest spinal injury rehabilitation center, 90% of gunshot victims are male, 86% are African Americans. "Violence is the polio of the 90's" doc939\homocide.xls - death in home by gun B4.3 A-1.3 H1.3 N5.2 \doc\95\07\fireinj.wk1 Firearm injuries W1.00 B4.23 H-1.08 A-1.23 Demographic Characteristics of 750 Patients With Firearm-Related Injuries Who Were Admitted to the University of California, Davis, Medical Center From January 1990 Through December 1992 source: JAMA June 14, 1995 p. 1768 Incidence of Firearm Injury Admission at UC Davis Medical Center by Race Compared to Sacramento County Population Women Men Total Race African Am 4.23 6.19 5.89 Hispanic -1.08 3.42 3.03 Native Am 1.51 2.23 2.12 White 1.00 1.00 1.00 Asian -1.23 -1.50 -1.45 Asians are least, African Americans most likely to be patients admitted with firearm injuries to UC Davis Medical Center \doc\94\19\homicoke.wk1 - Cocaine and homicide in NY City Summary: Asians more likely to be murdered, esp 45-54 With age and gender corrected, chances of being killed by firearms W1.0 B1.7 H1.5 A2.2 "Firearm Training and Storage" David Hemenway et. al, JAMA Jan 4, 1995 p. 46 90% of 800 surveyed for gun use were White race. Seattle Teen Health Survey seateen.wk1 Students who reported a gun at home, in their car, or in family's car W1.0 b1.4 h1.0 a-1.07 sea-1.66 na1.27 Males who carried a gun or other weapon in the past month W1.0 B1.79 H.91 A.71 SEA.38 NA 1.18 Females who carried a gun or other weapon in the past month W1.00 B.81 H.38 A.33 SEA.24 NA.76 %%opinion Wall Street Journal Mar 12, 1999 Decision Quest 1999 Support government lawsuits gun manufacturers for cost of violent crime? Oppose 66% support 19% unsure 15% ICR Survey Research Center Roper Center for Public Opinion Research 1997 Companies that make guns should be held liable if products used in a crime disagree 78% agree 18% dont know 3% no answer <0.5 Gun owner 1973 47 1978 50 1985 44 1994 40 1998 38 National Opinion Rsearch Center U Chicago 1998 Support for handgun ban 1975-1993 38% 1997 18% @@Hair Native American and Asian hair is thick, straight and black Its is circular in cross section. Asian women often use perms to curl their hair Black hair is curly and black. It is oval in cross section. Black women sometimes straighten their hair. Stores carry black hair products, some object to special secuity measures for black products whixh is either indicative of racism or high thedt rates. Caucasian hair is straight to moderately curly, black, blond to black in color. It is off-circular in shape between asian and white (learning channel show). Caucasian women often dye their hair or curl it. Whites are said to grey somewhat earlier. @@Hair, gray \doc\95\15\grayhair.txt "Ouch, What?" Wall Street Journal Nov 1, 1995 p. B1 1/2 of whites have gray hair by age 50 blacks 60 or over @@Happiness Happiness is contagious out to the fourth degree of connection according to framingham study. 1st show this emotional life. This new year, resolve to be happy January 4, 2010 | A three-part PBS series, "This Emotional Life," tonight will look at why we feel what we feel, through a scientific lens and through the wisdom of such celebrities as Larry David, "Seinfeld" co-creator: "I don't think it's that much of a mystery. If you don't have a job that you like, and you're not having sex, you're just not gonna be happy." Show host Daniel Gilbert, who sat down with NPR today for an interview, said the larger point on relationships and happiness rings true. "If you're not involved in a relationship," the Harvard psychologist said, "then indeed we see that people who aren't in romantic relationships are less happy than those who are." Another reason to pursue happiness and avoid loneliness this year – scientists say it’s just as important on the New Year’s resolution list as quitting smoking or losing weight. As Health reporter Melissa Healy blogged last month, loneliness can be as bad for your health as smoking and obesity the feeling created by absence of relationships -- loneliness -- spreads like a disease: Results indicated that loneliness occurs in clusters, extends up to three degrees of separation, is disproportionately represented at the periphery of social networks, and spreads through a contagious process. (but on the show, happiness spreads like a disease) Read Jameson's story, and check out the first part of “This Emotional Life” tonight, airing at 9 p.m. on KCET. @@Hearing WOMEN, BLACKS HAVE MOST SENSITIVE HEARING Testing: More Headphones but No More Hearing Loss New York Times 6/20/2006 Eric Nagourney. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health sample from 1999 to 2004 presented at Acoustical Society of America found on the softest audible sound, women tended to hear better than men and non-Hispanic blacks were the best, non-Hispanic whites were the worst @@Heart Attack Pessimism may cause heart attack, study says by Melissa Williams Associated Press \clip\97\19\heart.txt Copyright © 1997 The Seattle Times Company Tuesday, Aug. 26, 1997 @@Heartburn @@GERD People go into emergency rooms complaing of chest pains, but it's actually a digestive condition, stomach fluids go back up the esophagus. Vary your eating patterns, take anti-acid medicines to reduce acid production. Tips on preventing heartburn R aise the head of your bed by placing 4- to 6-inch blocks under the legs at the head of the bed. Try to eat at least 2 to 3 hours before lying down. If you take naps, try sleeping in a chair. Lose weight if you're heavy. Don't overeat. Eat high-protein, low-fat meals. Avoid tight clothes and tight belts. Avoid foods and other things that give you heartburn. antacids can cause diarrhea or constipation. Look for antacids that contain both magnesium hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide. (One creates constipation while the other causes diarrhea, therefore counteracting each other.) Some names of antacids include Maalox, Mylanta and Riopan Gastroesophageal reflux disease The long and the short of therapeutic options William M. Brady, MD; Carrie P. Ogorek, MD VOL 100 / NO 5 / NOVEMBER 1996 / POSTGRADUATE MEDICINE Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine Heartburn Author/s: Belinda Rowland This End Up Quinn's sardonic description of living with gastroesophageal reflux disease and Barrett's Esophagus includes tips on dealing with the conditions. z52\clipim\2001\09\20\thisend\thisend.htm this has animation showing stuff going the wrong way. About GERD Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, affects at least an estimated 5% to 7% of the global population—men, women, and children. (Prevalence based on once per day heartburn.) z52\clipim\2001\09\gerdtreat\gerdtreat.htm z52\clipim\2001\09\20\burn\burn.htm Better Homes and Gardens Dec, 1998 Sooting the Burn.(heartburn) Patricia Hittner * 21 million Americans suffer frequent heartburn, with two or more attacks a week. * Each year, about 5 million Americans are rushed to hospital emergency rooms with chest pain. A significant proportion have heartburn, not heart disease, * People with persistent heartburn--a condition called gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD--can't eat their favorite foods * H2 blockers, such as Tagamet, Zantac, and Pepcid By switching off certain receptors in the stomach, H2 blockers relieve heartburn for about two-thirds of patients. * proton pump inhibitor (PPI), Prilosec works by shutting down the so-called "pump" that secretes acid into the stomach. can help patients with severe reflux * Surgery involves wrapping part of the stomach around the lower esophagus, strengthening the muscular valve on the end of the esophagus. FDA information Aciphex is used for: -short-term (4-8 weeks) healing of a gradual breakdown (erosion) or sore (ulceration) in the esophagus which may be caused by the -backward flow of gastric acid from the stomach into the esophagus (gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD); -maintenance of healing of erosive or ulcerative GERD; -short-term (up to 4 weeks) healing of an ulcer in the duodenum; -medical conditions that result in the body secreting too much acid, including Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. Duodenal ulcer z52\clipim\2001\09\20\dulcer\dulcer.htm Peptic ulcer Mosby International z52\clipim\2001\09\20\pulcer\pulcer.htm Surgery is now very rarely performed for peptic ulcer, except in the most severe cases the doctor may simply prescribe an antacid medication, to absorb excess acid in the stomach, and recommend the changes listed above. For many people, this will be sufficient to allow the ulcers to heal naturally. %%Anti-Acid Harmful ANTIBIOTICS MAY BE BETTER THAN ANTI-ACID OR ACID REDUCER z54\clip\2002\01\ulcbact.txt Study: Variety of Bugs May Cause Stomach Cancer By Maggie Fox Reuters WASHINGTON (Jan. 16) - Chronic heartburn may keep millions reaching for antacids but taking them may actually make the stomach more hospitable to the bacteria the body is trying to kill and an antibiotic may be a better choice, researchers said. drugs used to lower stomach acidity may actually promote the growth of these other bacteria %%Proton Pump Inhibitor Lansprazole - 15 mg 1/day for duodenal ulcer %%Tagamet CSMC NICU: Cimetidine (Tagamet) Generic Name, Cimetidine. Brand Name, Tagamet. Indications, Hyperacidity, GI hemorrhage, ulcer. ... @@Heart diseases Some studies show black differences in heart attack rates are due to known factors, but others say that race itself may be the only difference. Some diseases have had genes identified which only occur in blacks, but not in whites. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- US Risk Repeat HA W1.0 B 2.0 A-1.6 CA Death W1.0 B-1.2 H-4.3 A-3.4 \doc\web\98\06\mindif.wk1 Analysis by Arthur Hu Aug 1998 Cardiac Care by Race Diagnostic Balloon Bypass Angiogram Angioplasty Surgery White 30% 10% 12% Asian/PI 28% 9% 13% Hispanic 20% 5% 7% Black 18% 4% 4% Ratio White 1.00 1.00 1.00 Asian/PI -1.07 -1.11 1.08 Hispanic -1.50 -2.00 -1.71 Black -1.67 -2.50 -3.00 Bypass Surguery W1.00 B-3.00 H-1.171 A1.08 Balloon Angioplasty W100 B-2.50 H-2.00 A-1.11 Diagnostic Angiogram W1.00 B-1.67 H-1.50 A-1.07 Patients admitted for chest-pain or heart attack who received these high-tech procedures 1986-88 Note: Asia Americans equal to or better than white Of 100,000 patients in Los Angles County Sources: American Journal of Public Health Georgetown University Medical Center The Commonwealth Fund Minority Health Survey, 1994 As appeared in Knight Ridder Newspapers Seattle Times August 4, 1998 p. A2 Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) Deaths by Race and Hispanic Ethnicity, United States, 1992-1995 \doc\web\98\06\Secrac3b.gif \doc\web\98\06\usheart.wk1 Coronary Heart Disease Deaths by Race and Hispanic Ethnicity United States 1992, 1995 Deaths per 100,000, ranked by race ratio Rate Ratio 1992 1995 1992 1995 API 63.1 62.6 1.77 1.68 Hispanic 78.1 74.2 1.43 1.42 AI 81.2 76.4 1.37 1.37 White 111.4 105.0 1.00 1.00 Black 151.3 147.0 -1.36 -1.40 Every race except Black is better than White! from chart at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, National Vital Statistics System Analysis by Arthur Hu July 1998 \clip\98\04\blakhear.txt 2/98 Macon Telegraph web page: Cardiovascular Disease This is the leading cause of death for African Americans. 1993 death rate * Black 343.3 (47% higher than men white men) Black 222.6 (69% higher than women white women) * Age-adjusted death rates per 100,000 population Cornary Heart Disease Death rates are higher among African Americans. 1993 death rate * Black 139.3 (4.7% higher men than white men) Black 85.7 (34.3% higher women than white women) * Age-adjusted death rates per 100,000 population BLACKS AT HIGHER GENETIC RISK FOR SOME HEART DISEASE \clip\97\04\blakhear.txt Seattle Times Feb. 13, 1997 Study: 4 percent of blacks have heart-risk gene by Ridgely Ochs Newsday About 4 percent of black Americans [vs. 0 in whites] carry a mutated gene that puts them at 4 times higher risk for developing a type of heart disease after age 60 called cardiac amyloidosis, researchers said. [comment - it is popular to blame poor black health on racism and poverty, but sometimes it's just a genetic difference] \clip\97\03\hearatta.txt Blacks Face Higher Heart Attack Risk NEW YORK (Reuters) -- An African American's chance of heart attack after hospitalization for a previous attack or angina is double that of whites, according to a new international study. Study concludes that even after all known risk factors are taken into account, outcomes are not equal, and race is an "independent" factor of risk (In other words, blacks may just not be as healthy because of their race, poverty and racism aside) Survey of US, Canada, Japan Chances of subsequent heart attack W6.4% B12% A4% Relative risk of repeat Heart Attack W1.0 B2.0 A-1.6 -------------------------------------------------------------- "Hospitalization for Congestive Heart Failure" Mark Alexander et al, JAMA Oct 4, 1995 p. 1037 - Concludes that race differences in first hospitailzation for congestive heart failure are largely explained by known clinical and behavioral risk factors, including hypertension and diabetes. death in CALF doc938\death1.xls B-1.2 H-4.3 A-3.4 Seattle Times march 14, 1995 p. A6 - study shows for the first time racial differences in heat attack rates. Blacks do not have higher risk just due to obesity. @@Height Asians are shorter than other races, on average, with proportionally shorter limbs. Blacks on the other hand are just the opposite. Populations have tended to grow taller over history. Steve Sailer 7/01 notes: Data collected from the federal Centers for Disease Control show that average height for Americans has stabilized in the past 50 years to about 5 feet 9 inches for men and 5 feet 4 inches for women. they might be lumping recent immigrants (primarily East Asians and mestizos) and their children into the average. Young Dutchmen recently passed 6'-0" on average. CHINESE TALLER, BLACKS NOW AS TALL AS WHITES z75\clip\2004\03\chinhi.txt Analysis: NBA height spreading globally By Steve Sailer UPI National Correspondent Published 1/31/2003 6:47 PM View printer-friendly version The U.S. government's National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found that blacks and whites are virtually identical in stature, both at the 50th and the 95th percentiles. Stephen Morgan, an economics professor at the University of Melbourne, found that the average Chinese 17-year-old boy was 2.7 inches taller in 1995 than in 1955. West Africans are significantly shorter on average than their distant cousins, the much richer African-Americans. (American blacks account for 19 of the 25 All-Stars, vs. zero African players in either the main showcase game or the young players' game.) NORTH KOREANS EMBARRASSED ABOUT FAMINE/ECONOMY INDUCED STATURE z75\clip\2004\02\nkoreah.txt p. A3 Saturday, February 14, 2004 Close-up Effects of famine: Short stature evident in North Korean generation By Barbara Demick Los Angeles Times 42% of children stunted nk refugees 17 yr under 56, 100,lb vs 5' 8" south koreans, who are slightly shorter than americans. Also have trouble keeping up in schools so there is an iq gap UNITED NATIONS CALLS CRISIS OVER SHORT PEOPLE GAP z47\clip\2001\01\unhi.txt U.N. Report Scathing on Growing Height Inequality by Gene Callahan and Stu Morgenstern Geneva - Nutritional advances may be improving life for many people around the world, but they are also widening the gap between tall and short, according to a U.N. report released today. An international effort is needed to meet the growing needs of short people in the areas of reaching things on tall shelves, getting some booty, and finding their friends at crowded parties, according to the 2000 Human Development Report. disk:\priv\96\13\SHORTMEN.HTM Selling to Short Men is a Tall Order by Patricia Braus March 1993 American Demographics Discrimination based on height "pervades American life," according to a July 1990 article in the Journal of Pediatrics. "America is getting shorter, not taller, due to the influx of Asians," he says. Asians were the largest immigrant group to the United States between 1981 and 1987. index d:\doc\94\19\aswmmeas.txt - Measurments A Magazine Women '94 issue p. 7 Average measurements of Asian woman 33-24-34 Average height 5 feet 3 in (petite = 5' 4" and under) Average weight 108 pounds * Asian women are shorter, and have proportinally shorter limbs than caucasian women. "Finally clothes tailored for the Asian woman" Vinh Do, International Examiner (Seattle) June 15, 1994 p. 9 \doc\96\02\shortguy.txt "short guys finish last" Economist Dec 23, 1995 p. 19 filed short men are judged negatively according to many psychologicl studies, studies show women prefer taller men, they get hired first, and are paid more. doc938\assmall.xls Asian children are significantly smaller than other races US 1979-1983 lo weight for height B1.28 H1.24 N1.07 A1.69 hi weight for height B1.15 H1.18 N1.49 A-1.4 lo height for age -1.13 H1.09 N-1.05 A2.84 "petite" is defined as women 5'4" or under. Seattle Bon Marche Radio commercial @@Helmet Thursday, March 13, 1997 Bike helmet is in pieces; 11-year-old's head is fine by Arthur Santana Seattle Times Snohomish County bureau \clip\97\08\helmet.txt Copyright © 1997 The Seattle Times Company "When a cyclist wears a helmet during an accident, the risk of serious head and brain injuries is reduced 65 to 70 percent, according to a study by the Journal of the American Medical Association, which looked at seven Seattle-area hospitals from 1992 to 1994. " @@Hemophilia \clip\96\04\japnhemo.txt Date: Mon, 9 Sep 1996 09:03:36 -0400 9-9 0608 Lack of communication may have led to AIDS scandal TOKYO, Sept. 9 (Kyodo) Some 1,800 of Japan's 4,500 hemophiliacs contracted HIV after being administered unheated blood coagulants in the 1980s. @@Hepatitis B Index W1.00 A-15.0 Born with Hep B W1.00 A-13.5 Asians have the highest rate of Hepatitis B of all ethnic groups. 15% of Chinese immigrants vs. only 1% of whites are carriers. Hepatitis B is one of the few diseases that afflicts Asians worse. Over half of babies born with Hep B are born to Asian mothers. "HB Screening" Asian Week May 30, 1997 p. 11 Diana Lau F060397-1 94% of Bay Area Vietnamese have never heard of hepatitis B. Symptoms include jaundice of the skin, sclera of the eys, easy fatigue, nausea, vomiting, lack of apetite, weight loss, tea colored urine. Half of cases have no symptoms It is easily transimitted through blood or body fluids, including food, sexual intercourse, personal items like toothbrushes. 54% of babies born as hepatitis b carriers came from Asian Pacific mothers [vs 4% of population], Asians have the highest rate of Hepatitis B Cases declined in the US from 300,000 in 1985 to 200,000 in 1994 (CDC) Since 1991, the CDC recommends vaccination at birth, it can cost $200 and up in adults, and take 3 injections over 3 months. \doc\95\15\hepb.txt "Confronting an APA Killer: Gettting the word out about the hepatitis B vaccine" Diana Lau More than half the time, HBV is transmitted through sexual activity. Of all HBV carrier infants, 54 percent came from Asian Pacific mothers. Incidence of Hepatitis B has declined from 300,000 cases in 1985 to 200,000 in 1994, but there is a vaccine available which could prevent many or most of these. This disease is more common among Asian Pacific Islanders than any other ethnic group. \doc\94\19\hepb.txt - 15% of Chinese Immig carriers vs. 1% whites Race and Health Northwest Asian Weekly Sept 10, 1994 p. 2 An estimated 15% of Chinese immigrants are carriers of Hepatitis B, but standard insurance plans don't carry treatment since only 1% of whites are carriers doc939\aswmheal.txt Asian women 12X general rate of hepatitis B @@Herpes \doc\web\97\10\herpes.wk1 Herpes Prevelance Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Herpes prevalance among 12-19 yr olds, USA Percent Index 76-'80 88-94 76-80 88-94 Black Teens 5.70% 8.80%-5.94-1.96 Others 0.60% 8.00% 1.60-1.78 All 1.60% 5.60%-1.67-1.24 Boys 0.80% 5.60% 1.20-1.24 Girls 2.30% 5.50%-2.40-1.22 White Teens 0.96% 4.50% 1.00 1.00 as cited by Wall Street Journal Dec 10, 1997 p. b1 "Others" is mostly Hispanics @@Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) Common medical advice is to eat as little salt as possible to lower blood pressure. New studies say to drink lots of juice, vegatables and low-fat dairy products Blacks are higher, Hispanics lower risk of hypertension. No stats on Asians readily available. Risk W1.0 B-1.4 Death cause W1.0 B-2.0 W10% B20% CA 1998 W1.0 B-2.0 W20% B40% Kidney disease W1.0 B-3.0 %%Definition ..consistently stays at 140/90 or higher is considered high blood pressure. %%black Chris Brand on wierd theories about hypertension and racism vs. genetic differences. BLACK HYPERTENSION MUCH HIGHER FOR BLACK WOMEN, MIDDLE MEN z75\clip\2004\02\bprace.htm The National High Blood Pressure Education Program .. based on a national survey (called NHANES, for National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey) which was conducted between 1988 and 1994. NHANES data gave an estimate of 42.3 million people in the US who have measured hypertension, plus 7.7 million who had been told by their doctors on two or more occasions that they had hypertension .. total of 50 million hypertensives The prevalence (percentage of the population) according to this survey: 1. Prevalence of Hypertension in Blacks Age Total (%Men (%) Women (%) 18-24 2.6 4.1 1.4 25-34 8.2 10.6 6.2 35-44 25.9 29.5 22.9 45-54 46.9 44.3 48.8 55-64 60 58 63 65-74 71 65.2 75.6 75+ 75.5 71.3 77.9 Total 28.1 27.9 28.2 2. Prevalence of Hypertension in Whites Black vs. White Age Total (%Men (%) Women (%Total (%Men (%) Women (% 18-24 2.5 4.6 0.5 -1.04 1.12 -2.80 25-34 4.9 8.1 1.6 -1.67 -1.31 -3.88 35-44 11.3 14.3 8.5 -2.29 -2.06 -2.69 45-54 25.8 29.1 22.6 -1.82 -1.52 -2.16 55-64 42.1 43 41.4 -1.43 -1.35 -1.52 65-74 58.6 54.9 61.7 -1.21 -1.19 -1.23 75+ 69.7 59 76.1 -1.08 -1.21 -1.02 Total 23.2 23.4 23.1 -1.21 -1.19 -1.22 Not: blacks much higher for women 18-54, men 35-54 Comparison table by A. Hu %%Coffee COFFEE 1 CUP NON +5MM, REGULAR +2MM, SMOKE +10MM z75\cd\clip\2004\02\lifecbp.txt Does coffee affect blood pressure? Drinking one or two cups of coffee raises the blood pressure by about 5 mm Hg. These effects are smaller in people who drink coffee regularly, which suggests that the effects may wear off with time. ..Has not been found to be associated with any excess mortality from heart attacks or strokes. LIMIT COFFEE TO 2 CUPS PER DAY Does drinking coffee affect my blood pressure? ..caffeine,..can cause a sharp increase in blood pressure when consumed by people who do not normally have caffeine in their diet. Many doctors caution people with high blood pressure to limit daily caffeine to no more than two cups of coffee, three to four cups of tea, or two to four cans of caffeinated soda. High Blood Pressure In one study, the caffeine consumed in 5 cups of coffee daily caused a mild increase in blood pressure in elderly people who already had hypertension, but not in those who had normal blood pressures... combination of smoking and drinking coffee.. increase the blood pressure more than coffee alone...limiting.. may be of some benefit in controlling their high blood pressure 5 CUPS A DAY ELEVATES BP 5 PTS(?) z75\clip\2004\02\cofbp2.txt 25 May 1998 Coffee At Work Equals High Blood Pressure May issue of Psychosomatic Medicine, the researchers describe the effects of coffee on nineteen habitual drinkers who wore "ambulatory" blood-pressure monitors as they went about their daily jobs. Four to five cups raised blood pressure an average of five points - an increase that remained elevated throughout the day - compared to stints when they consumed just one cup. GET ACTIVE, DON'T DUMP COFFEE z75C\clip\2004\02\coffeebp.txt Does Coffee/Caffeine Consumption Contribute to High Blood Pressure? Despite previous controversy on the subject, most researchers now conclude that regular coffee and caffeine use has little or no effect on blood pressure. An American Heart Association study, as referenced by several peer-reviewed scientific and medical publications, has recently claimed that people who are physically active have a lower risk of getting high blood pressure -- 20%-50% lower -- than people who are not active. %%Drug HydroDIURIL® Hydrochlorothiazide Diuretic - Antihypertensive The usual starting dosage is 25 mg a day as a single or divided dose. In some patients, when hydrochlorothiazide is given as a single entity or in combination with other antihypertensive agents, a starting dose of 12.5 mg daily may be sufficient. %%Fiber HIGH FIBER GOOD FOR HYPERTENSION Remedy - Aug 2005 "Dial it Down" According to Journal of Hypertension people who ate 7.2 to 18.9 grams of fiber a day had a reduction in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Cup of black beans 19 grams. %%General \clip\99\05\blhyp.txt The Seattle Times Company February 08, 1999 Study says diet best treatment for blacks with hypertension by Herbert G. McCann The Associated Press previous studies showed blacks are about 40 percent more likely than whites to have high blood pressure. A low-fat, higher-protein diet rich in fruits and vegetables may be the best treatment for blacks suffering from hypertension, a new study suggests. \clip\99\05\hypert.txt High blood pressure - African Americans at high risk February 8, 1999 African Americans have more than three times the rate of hypertension-related, end-stage kidney disease than is seen in the general U.S. population. They also have an 80 percent higher rate of stroke-related deaths and a 50 percent higher heart disease mortality rate. Native Am about the same, Hispanics less. Ethnic groups show more obesity, high blood pressure January 7, 1999 By Julie Sevrens San Jose Mercury News "…the study also confirms that Latinos and African-Americans in California are more at risk for cardiovascular disease than other ethnic groups. While about 20 percent of those studied suffer from high blood pressure, more than 41 percent of African-American men have the condition. The hypertension rate is especially high in the Bay Area, where more than 46 percent of African-American women said they had high blood pressure. A disproportionate number of African-Americans also have diabetes." The Puzzle of Hypertension in African-Americans January 12, 1999 By Richard S. Cooper Scientific American "Nearly all Americans undergo a steady rise in blood pressure with age. Almost 25 percent cross the line into hypertension, the technical term for chronically high blood pressure. This condition, in turn, can silently contribute to heart disease, stroke and kidney failure and thus plays a part in some 500,000 deaths every year. For black Americans, the situation is even more dire: 35 percent suffer from hypertension. Worse, the ailment is particularly deadly in this population, accounting for 20 percent of deaths among blacks in the U.S.--twice the figure for whites." %%Salt Is Salt Really So Bad? Experts Disagree About Its Role in High Blood Pressure By Salynn Boyles Reviewed By Michael Smith, MD on Thursday, September 25, 2003 WebMD Medical News new data Thursday suggesting that high blood pressure is much more closely linked to a diet low in minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium than sodium intake ..lead researcher is a longtime paid consultant for the salt industry. DASH, participants ate either a typical diet or a highly controlled diet that was low in sodium and fat and high in calcium, fruits, and vegetables. Researchers found that reducing the salt in the diet had a direct impact on blood pressure levels MILK, JUICE NOT SALT MAY BE KEY TO LOW BLOOD PRESSURE \clip\98\11\saltok.txt Scientits maintain salt is OK for most of us Salt aside, diet can help blood pressure The Seattle Times Company Science/Health : Wednesday, August 19, 1998 by Los Angeles Times (It's not the sugar, color or flavor in kool aid or coke that will kill you - it's the lack of other nutrients found in milk and juice) @@Hiccup %%Remedies From: "Keith & Barbara Murray" Press your thumb on the soft tissue towards the back of the roof of your mouth. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat until hiccups stop. It suppresses the reflex that causes the hiccups. @@Hip replacement \clip\97\03\ostearth.txt Osteoarthritis Rare In Asians; Women More Prone To Knee Injuries Than Men WESTPORT, Feb 26 (Reuters) Total Hip Replacement W1.00 B2.00 Osteoarthritis is said to be almost non-existent among Asian-Americans, who have the lowest incidence. Caucasians are the highest, with African-Americans and Hispanics in the middle, Dr. Hoaglund reported. Whites have total hip replacements at 2 to 5 times the rate of other groups. @@Homeless z40\clipim\2000\04\10\homeless.efx The Ravages of the street San Francisco Examiner March 31, 1991 Jane Garrison. Minor maladies grow out of control 10.5 severe skin infections 9.9 psychosis 6.5x drug poisoning 4.4x hospitalized for pneumonia 4x hospitalized for burns 4x exposed to TB @@Homicide also see crime, homicide Asians in some cities are more likely than whites to die from homicide, due to attacks on convenience store owners and a small number of gang incidents. But overall, Asians are less likely to die from homicide. Articles on why the US has such a high rate of homicide avoid the question of race, even though the problem is most marked among poor Blacks and Hispanics, where homicide is the leading cause of death for young men in the US. Homicide Rates Ranked by Black Proportionality --------------------------------------------------- US men 15-19 gun W1.00 B10.9 Massachusetts W1.00 B8.0 H5.0 A In Home By Gun W1.00 B4.3 H1.3 A-1.3 N5.2 Gay Murder Victims W1.00 B2.85 H1.33 A 0.00 California W1.00 B2.2 H1.7 A 1.06 O2.06 doc\94\3\firearmd.wk1 US deaths 15-19 by firearms black men 10.9X black women 5.2X asian/hisp/natam NA "Asians are the least likely group to die from homicide" ---------------------------------------------------------------- \doc\97\02\yvfact.htm Youth Violence in the United States * Homicide is the second leading cause of death for persons 15-24 years of age and is the leading cause of death for African-American and Hispanic youth in this age-group.2 * The homicide rate among males, 15-24 years old in the US is 10 times higher than in Canada, 15 times higher than in Australia and 28 times higher than the same rate in France or in Germany.3 * Poverty, discrimination, and lack of opportunities for education and employment are important risk factors for violence (but this doesn't seem to apply to Asians) ---------------------------------------------------------- \clip\97\04\youtviol.txt Washington Post For Children, an Epidemic of Homicide By Judith Havemann Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, February 7, 1997; Page A01 * Nearly three-quarters of all the murders of children in the industrialized world occur in the United States, federal health officials said yesterday. "some researchers have suggested that the high rate of violent death among American children might beassociated with the low level of funding for social programs in the United States." But there is no mention in this article anywhere of race, even though homicide is the #1 killer of young Black and Hispanic men, and the rate of arrest for murder is nearly 8 times higher for blacks than whites. The arrest rate for Asians is less than 1/3 the rate for whites, by contrast, even though the poverty rate for Asians is also worse than whites. ---------------------------------------------------------- d:\doc\94\20\gaykill.wk1 - Gay murders by Race Gay Murder Victims W1.00(.83) B2.85 H1.33 A0.00 doc938\death1.xls California B2.2 H1.7 A1.06 O2.06 doc939\homocide.xls - death in home by gun B4.3 A-1.3 H1.3 N5.2 doc942\priv\massdeat.txt (no Asians) Massachusetts blacks Massachusetts blacks 15-24 11X, Blacks 8X Hisp 5x doc\94\3\firearmd.wk1 US deaths 15-19 by firearms black men 10.9X black women 5.2X asian/hisp/natam NA "Asians are the least likely group to die from homicide" @@Horse riding \doc\95\07\horserid.txt - horseback riders in 1992: one injury per 113 per year vs 1 per 83 for bicycle riders @@Hospital ALL MINORITIES MORE LILELY TO USE PUBLIC HOSPITALS \doc\web\98\06\mindif.wk1 Analysis by Arthur Hu Aug 1998 Public vs. Private Hospitals Private Public Ratio Index White 72% 35% 2.06 1.00 Black 9% 25% 0.36 -5.71 Hispanic 11% 23% 0.48 -4.30 Asian 3% 4% 0.75 -2.74 NativeAm 5% 13% 0.38 -5.35 Public Hospital W1.00 B-5.71 H-4.30 A-2.74 N-5.35 Sources: American Journal of Public Health Georgetown University Medical Center The Commonwealth Fund Minority Health Survey, 1994 As appeared in Knight Ridder Newspapers Seattle Times August 4, 1998 p. A2 @@Hot dogs doc\94\12\hotdog.txt - alleged risk of brain tumors and leukemia (Asians eat fewer hot dogs) @@Hurricane Aug 1999 1900 Galveston Hurricane (History Channel) 8,000 died, largest disaster in US history, 20% of population died. 6,000 plus died Striking Galveston on Sept. 8, 1900, the Great Storm is considered the worst natural disaster in the nation's history. More than 6,000 men, women and children lost their lives. Among the dead were 10 sisters and 90 children from the St. Mary's Orphans Asylum, operated by the Sisters of Charity. @@Hyperactivity (sugar) \priv\95\18\sughyper.doc "Researchers say sugar doesn't hype up children" Seattle Times Nov 22, 1995. Report in Nov 22, 1995 Journal of the American Medical Association. "Parents may remember reports of two studies from 1980 and 1986 that linked sugar intake and hyperactivity, the authors said. But the methods in those studies made it impossible to tell whether sugar caused the hyperactivity or whether the children's hyperactivity led to their eating sugar." @@Hypertension (high blood pressure, kidney disease, dialysis) \priv\96b\08\hyper.txt Date: Tue, 16 Jul 1996 14:14:43 -0400 From: (NewsHound) CDC: Blacks should note surgeon general NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- Blacks should pay special attention to the surgeon general's warning that exercise is essential to good health, says the head of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. :: Blacks 20 times more likely than whites to have high blood pressure, causes kidney disease which is a leading killer of black Americans at at six times the rate of whites. They are 31 percent of those on dialysis because their kidneys have failed vs 12% of the population @@Immigrant Immigrants are thought to be healthier, but they lose their advantage when they assimilate. Family bonds and social taboos against destructive behaviors an habits appear to have a greater effect than their greater poverty. (What, race and poverty are not the primary determinants of health??? Naaaah) In fact, Asians are healthier than whites by almost every measure, and more suprising, so are the Hispanics who really are poorer than the whites. RUMBAUT: IMMIGRANT CHILDREN HEALTHIER - FAMILY BONDS AND SOCIAL TABOOS MORE IMPORTANT THAN POVERTY \clip\98\12\immheal.txt Fitting In Leaves Children Less Fit By William Branigin The Washington Post, September 10, 1998, page A1 Despite generally higher poverty rates, children in immigrant families tend to be healthier than those of U.S.-born parents, but the immigrant children's health deteriorates the longer they remain in the United States and assimilate into American life "immigrant mothers are less likely to smoke or use alcohol or drugs and may have healthier diets and stronger family bonds than women who have been in the country longer." "they tend to have strong, two-parent families and maintain social taboos that discourage smoking and drinking by women, researchers said." "significantly lower rates of infant mortality and low-birthweight babies among immigrant mothers than among U.S.-born mothers of the same ethnic and social class. The lower rates held true for different ethnic groups despite the greater access of U.S.-born mothers to prenatal care, the report said." \clip\98\10\illimm.txt Seattle Times August 3, 1998 Immigrants to America find new illnesses in new land by R.A. Zaldivar Knight Ridder Newspapers table: immig hispanics eat more beans, less meat Breast cancer and Asian Americans by immigrant Cases per 100,000 anually 1973-86 ratio Immig US born Chinese 73 117 45.9% 73.6% Japanese 73 122 45.9% 76.7% Whites 159 Immigrant Asians are only 1/2 white rate, but even US born are still 25% less Source: Janet Stanford, Epidemiology, 1995, "Breast Cancer in Asian Migrants to the U.S." @@Immumization Some Asian groups like Southeast Asians are less likely to be immunized, due to lack of health insurance, but not in general. Minorities are less likely in general Spectrum ----------------------------------------------------- US child imm 1996 W1.00 B-1.05 H-1.10 A 1.01 N1.01 CA 1994 W1.00 B-1.32 H-1.57 A-1.04 CA 1994 SE Asian W1.00 B-1.32 H-1.57 A-2.64 \doc\web\98\06\usimmun.wk1 Summary: US child imm 1996 W1.00 B-1.05 H-1.10 A1.01 N1.01 Childhood Immunization Rates by Race and Hispanic Ethnicity United States 1994 1996 Percent Ratio 1994 1996 1994 1996 White 78 80 1.00 1.00 Black 69 76 -1.13 -1.05 Hispanic 68 73 -1.15 -1.10 Asian/PI 83 81 1.06 1.01 AI/AN 74 81 -1.05 1.01 children ages 19-35 months with standard immunizations Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Immunization Survey National Health Interview Survey chart: UNVACCINATED CHILDREN AT 6-22 TIMES HIGHER RISK OF MEASLES, WHOOPING Study Probes Infections in Unvaccinated Children Wall Street Journal 12/27/2000 study of Colorado school children 3-18 found measles rates 22 times higher, whoooping cough 6 times higher in unvaccinated children. In 1994, 6 out of 1,000 children were un-vac, 14 in Colorado. Estimated 1 in 10 vaccinated childen got measles from a child that was not vaccinated. Comparitive rates triple from ages 3 to 10. Influenza over 65 Whites highest, Asians = other minorities. NWAsianWeekly 7/9/94 ID Health Clinic... International District Health has 91% of under 2 children immunized vs. 30% national average \doc\94\16\CAIMM.WK1 Immunization in CA W 1.0/58% B-1.32/44% H-1.57/37% A-1.04/56% SEA-2.64/22% E Asians high, SE Asians lower than B or H A=Chin+Japn \doc\94\17\usimmun.wk1 - white vs. black and other up to date for age, 2 yrs old W41.3% (1.0) B+Other 21.5% (-2.0) T37.2% Cost is only one barrier San Jose Mercury News 2/3/1993 p. 1e Statewide immunization rates 58 white 56 chinese japanese 44 black 37 hispanic 22 se asian @@Inbreeding z48\clip\2001\04\intrace.txt Commentary: Multiracial Tiger Woods By STEVE SAILER, UPI National Correspondent Thursday, 5 April 2001 18:04 (ET), The opposite of Tiger's famously out-marrying family tree are the inbred genealogies found notoriously often among hillbillies and aristocrats. Berkeley psychometrician Arthur Jensen, who has published 400 articles on intelligence in scientific journals, reports that inbreeding reduces "birth weight, height, head circumference, chest girth, and resistance to infectious diseases." Marriages between first cousins, so common among the crowned heads of Europe, tend to reduce IQ by 7 to 10 points, according to a review of 14 different studies. @@Income \priv\96\20\starkdif.txt Stark differences in health seen between blacks, whites BY THRITY UMRIGAR San Jose Mercury News Jun 10, 1996 The study looked at four cancers -- breast, uterus, bladder and colon -- in which the mortality rates for blacks were disproportionately higher than for whites.``If we matched people for socio-economic status, education and income,'' Blacklow says, ``the (mortality) outcomes were no different between the races.'' @@Industrial accidents c:\doc\96\06\tunndeat.txt PBS "West Virginia" 500-600 blacks died of silicosis digging a tunnel, the "worst industrial disaster in American history". But more Chinese died building the intercontinental railroad, thousands. Asian.Health.Infant-Mortality _infant mortality @@Infant mortality - also see low birthweight @@Infant Swings KILLER SWINGS STRANGLE 6 CHILDREN Seattle Times April 13, 2000 7 million Graco infant swings are recalled after stranglings. 6 children have died after becoming entangled in waist belts and strangling, 181 children fallen, sold from 1970s to 1998, 5 of 6 are 2nd hand swings, some without restraining tray. [about 1 in 1 million fatality rate, less than poke-balls] @@Influenza (flu) %%Deaths Seattle Times 1/21/98 "Sneezing at those cold, flu myths"> Don Colburn. Influenza kills 20,000 Americans per year, sends 200,000 to the hospital, afflicts 10%-20% of the population every winter, typically takes 10 days. Combined with pneumonia, is 6th leading cause of death according to the CDC, 3rd 80 and older to heart disease and stroke. Michael Fumento on Mutant Killer Chicken Flu 20,000 per year die of influenza. The last such shift that became an epidemic was the Hong Kong flu of 1968-1969, in which 34,000 Americans died instead of the usual 20,000 or so. %%Epidemic 1918 INFLUENZA KILLS 1/2 MILLION AMERICANS 30-40 MILLION WORLDWIDE "TV: America's Forgotten Plague" Wall Street Journal Feb 9, 1998 p. A16 Influenza 1918" PBS The American Experience 1/9/98 Killed 550,000 to 675,000 Americans, 30-40 mmillion worlwide. 195,000 died in October alone, but dropped off sharply after armistice, and disappeared. Dr. Alfred Crosby was author of "America's Forgotten Pandemic: The Influenza of 1918"


BAD BUB initials can spell ruin, study says Janet McConnaughey AP Seattle Times March 28, 1998 Penelope Wasson Dralle Louisiana State University Medical Center Psychiatry dept looked at 5 million deaths in ca 69-97. Men with positive identified initials lived 4.48 yrs longer than neutral initials, DUD ASS died 2.8 yrs earlier than control. Suicise .5% vs 3.5 in bad group. 2.5% accidental deaths vs 6% in bad group. No causes identified
@@Injury BLACK CHILDREN 2-8 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO BE INJURED THAN WHITE \clip\2005\05\injury.txt Thu May 12 Black Children More Likely to Die From Traumatic Injury Than White Children COLUMBUS, Ohio, May 12 (AScribe Newswire) -- A new study of nearly 6,000 children suggests that black youth are more than twice as likely to die from a traumatic injury as are white children. ..12.3 percent of Ohio children 15 and younger were black. But these children accounted for 28 percent of the trauma cases. Compared to white children, black children were: -- Nearly eight times more likely to sustain burns or gunshot wounds; -- Seven times more likely to be struck by a car; -- Six times more likely to be assaulted (the number includes cases of child abuse); -- Nearly five times as likely to drown; and -- Had a greater risk of dying from a traumatic injury, because their injuries tend to be more severe. ..overall risk of dying was 2.2 times greater than.. white child.) z75\clip\2004\03\cinjury.txt A new study out of the University of Alberta shows that 84 per cent of children will sustain an injury before the age of 10 that requires professional medical attention, and 73 per cent will sustain at least two or more such injuries. * Thirty-two of the 96,359 children in the study died as a result of an injury between the ages of five and nine, which is about 41 per cent of all children in the study who died between these ages. * Ten per cent of injuries required hospitalization. Dr. Donald Spady, a professor of pediatrics at the U of A and lead author of the study. University of Alberta news release 30-Mar-2004* @@Insecticide MORE KILLED BY BUGS THAN BY INSECTICIDES each yr 50 Ams stung to death by bees, hornets wasps, fire ants kill 100, west nile virus from mosquitos killed 7 in nyc The Senate's Pests: Bill to shield kids ignores problem of vermin and bugs Michael Fumento April 13, 1998 EPA May Soon Impose a Ban to Drive You Buggy \doc\web\98\05\chlorp.txt "I spoke with numerous scientists and industry officials, and searched medical and newspaper databases, and I found not a single adult death or even near-death from chlorpyrifos that didn't result from intentional (suicidal) ingestion. There appear to be no cases of children dying from drinking it." "Of almost 1,000 pesticides registered for use in the U.S., chlorpyrifos is the fourth most common." @@insurance cost %%Cost 2011: $15,073 / $4,129 2004: $9,000 %%Congress Congress health plan probably costs $12,000 per year What Does Obama's Health Plan Really Cost? by Julie Rovner Morning Edition, September 30, 2008 Obama's key promises everyone will be able to get a health plan at least as good as those available to members of Congress. "If your congressman is like your average federal employee, he's got the Blue Cross Standard Option (plan), and it costs in excess of $12,000 a year," The Obama campaign itself estimates the plan could add as much as $60 billion a year to the nation's $2 trillion health tab. 2004: 9,000 FOR HEALTH COVERAGE FAMILY Kaiser Family Foundation: family coverage average $9,000 / yr individual plan $3,400 Seattle times oct 10, 2004 Saying no to smokers shirleen holt AVERAGE COMPANY PAID PLAN COSTS $15,073, FAMILY PAYS $4,129 Health Insurance Costs Up Sharply By Kate Rogers September 29, 2011 FOXBusiness excerpt: Employers are paying more toward their workers' health-care premiums than ever before, as prices increased 9% over the past year. The premiums for family health-care coverage have grown to an average of $15,073, with employers footing more than $10,000 of the cost, according to a recent survey. The Kaiser Family Foundation/Health Research & Educational Trust 2011 Employer Health Benefits Survey, released Tuesday, found that workers pay $4,129 toward the premium and employers foot the $10,944 remainder. @@Insurance rate, @@Health Insurance @@Uninsured Hispanics the most, and sometimes Asians are the next most likely to not be covered by health insurance, proably because Blacks are more likely to be non-working welfare poor rather than working at low-paying jobs with no benefits. Lack of health insurance is thought by many to be a major cause of Black disadvantage, but Hispanics and Asians are often as healthy or better than whites with lower rates of coverage, a Rand study finds that blacks get less care even when they are covered by insurance. Survey Ranked By Asian Uninsured Children of Working (1) W1.00 B-1.66 H-2.56 US Interrupted W1.00 B-1.56 H-2.17 US insurance (4) W1.00 B-2.21 H-2.71 A-2.92 Children(3) W1.00 B-1.28 H-2.83 A-2.00 N-3.97 US 2000 W1.00 B-1.95 H-3.42 A-1.87 US JAMA (5) W1.00 B-1.9 H-3.2 A-1.8 CA Workers (2) W1.00 H-1.43 A-1.25 Whites are insured at the highest rate. Asians nearly as uninsured as blacks due to low-paying jobs without health insurance and relatively lower welfare rates than blacks. Hispanics are the most uninsured due to working at low paying jobs without benefits, and lower welfare rates than comparably poor blacks. The elderly are almost completely covered due to medicare. %%France z50\clip\2001\07\franch.txt Seattle Times Company July 08, 2001 WHO rates France's health system No. 1 US #37 By Ray Moseley Chicago Tribune France taxes $800 per month to cover health and pension, pays doctors only $49,000, but pays 100% of unlimited coverage. %%General HIGHEST GROUPS ARE NON-CITIZEN, FOREIGN BORN, HISPANIC, 18-24, MALE z60\doc\web\2002\09\health.txt Sept 30, 2002 Health Insurance Coverage: 2001 - Table B-3 Health Insurance Coverage: 2001 Table B-3. People Without Health Insurance for the Entire Year by Selected Characteristics: 2000 (Numbers in thousands. For an explanation of confidence intervals (C.I.), see "Standard errors and their use" on the Census Bureau's CPS Web site at ......Census 2000 controls...... ..... Uninsured ..... Characteristic Total Number Percent People Total................... 279,517 39,804 14.2 Sex Male....................... 136,559 20,791 15.2 -- Female..................... 142,958 19,013 13.3 Race and Ethnicity White...................... 228,208 30,075 13.2 not Hispanic.......... 193,931 18,683 9.6 1.00 Black...................... 35,597 6,683 18.8 -1.95 Asian and Pacific Islander. 12,693 2,287 18.0 -1.87 Hispanic2.................. 36,093 11,883 32.9 -3.42 -- Age Under 18 years............. 72,314 8,617 11.9 18 to 24 years............. 26,815 7,406 27.6 -- 25 to 34 years............. 38,865 8,507 21.9 35 to 44 years............. 44,566 6,898 15.5 45 to 64 years............. 63,391 8,124 12.8 65 years and over.......... 33,566 251 0.7 ++ Medicare Nativity Native..................... 247,706 29,529 11.9 Foreign born............... 31,811 10,275 32.3 -- Naturalized citizen.. 11,785 1,930 16.4 Not a citizen........ 20,026 8,345 41.7 -- MORE KOREANS, VIETNAMESE UNINSURED THAN BLACKS IN SEATTLE z39\clipim\2000\01\26\uninsure.efx z39\clip\2000\01\uninsure.htm Seattle Times January 22, 2000 Report: Health-insurance gap grows between King County's rich, poor Public Health - Seattle & King County. minorities are uninsured: -3.00 Koreans, 33 percent; -3.00 Vietnamese, 33 percent; and -2.27 Native Americans, 25 percent; -2.00 Hispanics, 22 percent; -1.54 African Americans, 17 percent; -1.27 Chinese, 14 percent 1.00 whites is 11 percent ==================================================================== \clip\97\08\noheal.txt USA Today 03/13/97 Census: Nearly 10 million children without insurance Percentage covered by insuranc at some time during: 1989 1995 66.1 73.6 Private Health Insurance 13.8 Uninsured 19.2 23.2 Medicaid Data: US Census ------------------------------------------------------- \clip\99\02\noinsu.txt Immigrants' Fears Leave Children Without Insurance Thousands have no health care in California Louis Freedberg, Sabin Russell, Chronicle Staff Writers San Francisco Chronicle, Friday, January 15, 1999 HALF OF SOME IMMIGRANTS NOT COVERED BY HEALTH INS Prop 187 Struck Down Asian Week 3/26/98 Nearly half of immigrants in one survey have no health ins. NICOS Chinese Health coalition found 22% of Chin am in stdy not covered, 40.1 of noncitizens BLACK CHILDREN OF ALL INCOMES / INSURANCE STILL GET LESS HEALTH CARE Children's Health: Is Insurance a Panacea? Rand Corporation 1997 \clip\97\15\twig\health.htm Medicaid-covered children in general are more likely to have routine preventive checkups than children with private insurance or no insurance at all. However, white children covered by Medicaid get more attention from the health care system--both more routine checkups and more doctor visits for illness--than children of other races, even if those children are covered by private insurance. For black children, neither Medicaid nor private insurance coverage is associated with an increase in the number of visits to the doctor for illness. Moreover, black children with private insurance are no more likely to have routine checkups than children without coverage. These differences in levels of care of black children and white children persist across income levels. That is, regardless of type of insurance coverage or lack of it, poor black children see a doctor less often than poor white children, and middle-class black children less often than middle-class white children. If lack of insurance is not the culprit in the unequal care of black children, what is? Census bureau: In 1995, a higher proportion of the foreign-born population in the U.S. was without health insurance (32.5 percent), compared with the native-born population (13.6 percent). \doc\96\06\hirate.txt (Numbers in thousands) Health Insurance Coverage: 1995 Total Total Covered Not Covered Number Number Percent Number Percent Race and Hispanic Origin: White 218,443 187,338 85.8 31,105 14.2 Black 33,889 26,782 79.0 7,107 21.0 Hispanic origin1 28,438 18,964 66.7 9,474 33.3 Foreign-Born: Native 239,757 207,159 86.4 32,598 13.6 Foreign-born 24,557 16,573 67.5 7,984 32.5 Naturalized citizen 7,904 6,652 84.2 1,252 15.8 Not a citizen 16,653 9,921 59.6 6,732 40.4 Firm Size: All firms 140,338 74,602 53.2 65,736 46.8 Under 25 persons 42,833 12,115 28.3 30,718 71.7<--- 25 to 99 persons 17,777 9,541 53.7 8,236 46.3 100 to 499 persons 19,062 12,102 63.5 6,960 36.5 500 to 999 persons 8,091 5,269 65.1 2,822 34.9 1000 or more persons 52,575 35,575 67.7 17,000 32.3 \clip\96\01\mignews.txt Migration News Aug 1996 About 40 percent of the legalized aliens reported that no one in their family had private health insurance. It found heavy usage of emergency, maternal and child health-care programs. (40% is about equal to Hispanic average) (4) \priv\96b\07\intheal.txt CENSUS BUREAU: NEARLY 3 IN 10 HAVE INTERRUPTIONS IN HEALTH An estimated 23 percent of whites spent at least a month without health insurance compared with 36 percent for blacks and nearly 50 percent for Hispanics, the report said. (1) \priv\96b\06\hisp2nd.txt Date: Tue, 2 Jul 1996 Approximately 31 percent of the children of working Hispanic adults are uninsured, compared with 20.1 percent of black children and 12.1 percent of white children. Also, Hispanic children are least likely to see a physician, according to National Coalition of Hispanic Health and Human Services Organizations, a national group of Hispanic health-care and social service providers. (2) \priv\96b\04\medical2.txt Los Angeles Times, June 24, 1996 830,000 May Lose Medi-Cal, Study Says. While 62% of citizens in California have insurance at their jobs, just 31% of Latinos and 40% of Asians do. W48, H69, A60 (2)W1.00 H-1.43 A-1.25 \priv\96b\04\medical.txt Return-Path: Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 01:41:52 -0400 As Many As 830,000 Immigrants May Lose Medi-Cal, Study Says. Medi-Cal program provides health coverage for roughly 6 million poor Californians, this would only affect legal immigrants, and back up the sponsor pledge that immigrants will not be a "public charge" with threat of deportation in first 5 to 7 years. The study estimates 44 percent of the state's 6.1 million non-citizens lack health insurance, as opposed to 18 percent of citizens in the state. (3)\doc\95\14\childheal.wk1 - Children Without Health Insurance By Race Children never covered by Health Insurance: W2.9%(1.00) B37.7%(1.28) H8.2%(2.83) A5.8%(2.00) N11.5%(3.97) \doc\95\04\lowheal.txt - Koreans and Latinos lowest rates of health insurance (US poll by insurance company) Percent who do not have health insurance % Index 31% 2.21 Minority-group adults 14% 1.00 Whites 41% 2.92 Koreans (least) 38% 2.71 Latinos (next least) (4) W1.00 B-2.21 H-2.71 A-2.92 d:\doc\94\19\unins93.wk1 - Uninsured in 93 By Race USA Note - Blacks least uninsured when poor! Index White Black Hisp Asian All 1.00 1.44 2.23 #N/A Poor 1.00 -1.33 1.30 #N/A (5) doc938\healins.xls Jan 9, 1991 Journal of American Medical Association Health Insurance UnInsured Rate Index White 10% 1.00 Black 19% 1.90 Hispanic 32% 3.20 Asian/oth 18% 1.80 Puerto Ric 16% 1.60 Cuban 20% 2.00 Mexican 37% 3.70 "A Boston study in 1987 showed that Asians tied for worst with Hispanics at 27 percent uninsured, compared with 19 percent for blacks and 12 percent for whites. The South Cove Health Center estimated that 57% of its mostly Chinese patients had no insurance. A consumer survey in one Asian Week article painted a glowing picture of moneyed Chinese consumers, but half of those surveyed had no health insurance." %%Low Income NEARLY ALL VERY POOR US KIDS ELIGIBLE FOR FREE HEALTH CARE Nearly 95 Percent of Low-Income Uninsured Children Now Are Eligible for Medicaid or SCHIP. A new analysis of Census data, from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities finds that 94 percent of all uninsured children with family incomes below twice the poverty line qualify for Medicaid or a separate state child health insurance program supported by SCHIP funds. The analysis suggests that measures need to be taken to increase enrollment among eligible, but uninsured children. @@Insurance reform \priv\95\18\doctbail.txt 08295096 DOCTORS BAIL OUT OF CANADA'S FOUNDERING HEALTH SYSTEM Seattle Times (SE) - Sunday October 22, 1995 @@Irradiation (Food Preservation) Approved in 1997 by FDA for general foods, but held back by nuclear fears, despite fact that it could reduce food poisoning. "Food Safety Held Hostage" Wall Street Journal Dec 10, 1997 Opinion. Michael Fumento @@Japan \priv\96b\07\japnheal.txt - Japan survey of teens finds 3 hrs of TV/ video games Boys 14.5 hrs exercise, girls 11.5 hrs. Boys 67 min video games, girls 29, both 2 1/4 hrs TV. Jr hi bed at 11pm, sr hi 12am. 60% of sr hi students complain not enough sleep. @@Juice \clip\96\09\ecoli.txt The Seattle Times Company Nov. 19, 1996 Source of E. coli outbreak may never be found. Unpasteurized apple juice causes e coli outbreak. @@Kidnap \clip\96\04\bikesafe.txt [The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition] September 10, 1996 Parents Fret Over Safety Issues, Curbing Where Children Ride By NEAL TEMPLIN Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL the number of children kidnapped, murdered or ransomed by strangers has remained constant at about 300 a year during the past 15 years @@Kidney Kidney disease is the fifth most common cause of death in the U.S. One out of every 20 Americans, more than 20 million individuals, suffers from diseases of the kidney and urinary tract. In Northern California, more than 11,000 people have chronic renal disease - requiring either dialysis or a kidney transplant to stay alive. @@Lead poisoning Summary - it is well known and documented that blacks and Hispanics have higher blood lead levels, but NY school children survey shows Asians are also susceptible to this problem, despite high test scores and grades, one of the few disproportionate health problems among children (TB, blood lead, dental, insurance) NYC B 4.5% H5.8% A5.8% B1.00 H1.29 A1.29 Central Cities B36.7% US W8.9% B21.6% Noncent City W5.8% (1)Poor Urb Black W5.0% B35.0% (1) compared to whites living outside of central cities ------------------------------------------------- Lead Poisoning in Mass. drops to lowest of industrial states, in a decade-long trend. Lead poisoning down by 33%, elevated blood level cases down by 22% between 1995 and 1996. Definition is having 25 micrograms or more of lead per deciliter of whole blood. \clip\97\05\leadpois.txt Mass. rate of lead poisoning hits low: Level seen as best in industrial states Boston Globe By Judy Foreman, Globe Staff, 02/25/97 ------------------------------------------------- \doc\web\97\02\leadbeh.txt article text by in igc:toxics.rachel TOXICS AFFECT BEHAVIOR The toxic metal, lead, is associated with aggressive behavior, delinquency, and attention disorders in boys between the ages of 7 and 11 "APA Ecology" Asian Week April 19, 1996 p. 15 f043096-5 Recent research found that 40 to 50 percent of dishware popular with APAs leached lead, which has leads to various problems. "Poor nutrition seen as fueling city violence" Seattle Times Feb 8, 1996 p. A3. The Korean store was one of the last two places poor persons could purchase nutritious foods in the inner city community. Journal of American Medical Association: Children 1-5 with blood-lead levels 10 micrograms ber deciliter or higher Central city > 1M 21% < 1M 16.4% Non-central city 5.8% Percentage of children with high blood-lead levels by income Low 16.3 Mid 5.4 High 4.0 \priv\96\01\fatlead.htm - SJM 1/10/96 Study: Less fat in diet means less lead in kids Toxic metal can slow development, lower IQs \doc\95\01\blodlead.txt The prevalence of elevated BLLs varied by race/ethnicity, income, and residence. For example, an estimated 35% of non-Hispanic black chilren who were poor (i.e., household income less than 1.3 times the poverty level) and lived in the central city of a standard metropolitan statistical area had BLLs >10 gg/dL, compared with 5% of non-Hispanic white children living outside of central cities. doc939\nyheal.txt 1992 NYC new K1 schoolchildren Elevated Blood Levels from Venous tests (Table 10) White Black Hispanic Asian NYC Other Percent 3.7% 7.2% 3.3% 8.7% 4.7% 2.8% Index 1.00 1.95 -1.12 2.35 1.27 -1.32 All Lead Tests (Table 11) White Black Hispanic Asian NYC Other Percent 4.5% 5.8% 5.8% 7.6% 5.7% 5.4% Index 1.00 1.29 1.29 1.69 1.27 1.20 Asians have the higher blood levels. Must be old housing? d:\doc\94\16\priv\blodlead.txt SJM 7/27/94 (JAMA) 78% drop in lead levels in 1988-91 vs. 1976-80 12.8 vs. 2.8 micrograms per tenth of a liter of blood 36.7% of black children living in central cities over 1 million had "elevated lead levels" d:\doc\94\16\blodlea2.txt - SPI 7/27/94 8.9%All vs. 21.6% black children 1-2 have high blood lead @@Iodine Iodine deficiency causes goiter, and in China, retardation. It is remedied with iodized salt in the diet. New York Times June 4, 1996 For Lack of Iodine, Millions in China Suffer Retardation By PATRICK E. TYLER priv\96\19\CHINDIET.HTM \doc\96\04\iodine.txt "The public health ministry now estimates that more than 10 million cases of mental retardation in China -- including hundreds of thousands with the overt handicaps of cretinism -- are a result of iodine shortages during brain development. " Non-iodized salt is still cheaper and distribution to remote areas is a problem. Over 1/3 of the salt is not iodized, and falling. There were iodine deficiencies in 35 to 65 percent of tested infants in a 1995 survey of provincial capitals. The World Health Organization says that of the estimated 1.6 billion cases worldwide of iodine deficiency, nearly a third, or 500 million, are in China. In affected areas of China, field studies showed up to 25% of children with IQs of 50 to 69, mildly retarded. @@Lactose Intolerance Racial minorities are supposed to be more intolerant to lactose. Me, I like milk just fine Lactose intolerant by race: Index (White=1.00) Percent Group 90% 4.50 Asians ("nearly all") 75% 3.50 African American 80% 4.00 Native Americans 50% 2.50 Hispanics 20% 1.00 Whites Steve Sailer says that cultures develop genes for lactose intolerance (article draft) Doctor's group says food pyramid racially biased Seattle Times SEpt 17, 1998 p. A8 Physicians Committe for Responsible medicine says milk should not be part of pyramid, W15 B70 L15 A90% intolerant \priv\96\20\lactose.txt Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 LACTOSE LAMENT By Donna Kato. Asians are thought to need to be able to drink milk to fight osteoperosis, but have a high percentage of lactose intolerance. \doc\96\01\lactose.txt From The Merck Manual, 16th edition (1992) [a standard medical reference], p. 825-826: Lactase deficiency occurs: 75% of most adults worldwide 90% of US Asians 75% of US Blacks and Indians Under 20% of US Whites of northwest European origin \doc\95\07\lactose.txt "Milk Doesn't Always Do a Body Good" American Demographics January 1995 p. 47 Marcia Mogelonsky Lactose intolerant by race: Index (White=1.00) Percent Group 90% 4.50 Asians ("nearly all") 75% 3.50 African American 80% 4.00 Native Americans 50% 2.50 Hispanics 20% 1.00 Whites @@Landslide \clip\99\02\landslid.txt The Liquid Earth Atlantic Jan 1999 according to the National Research Council, they annually cause more deaths (twenty-five to fifty) and greater economic loss (roughly estimated at $1.5 billion) than all other natural hazards combined. @@Latex z42\clip\2000\06\latglove.txt The Seattle Times Company Sunday, June 04, 2000 Life-threatening allergies seen with more use of latex gloves by Judy Foreman The Boston Globe Today, the FDA believes that between January 1985 and March 1999 there were five deaths from allergies to latex gloves and 2,330 allergic reactions, says Dr. Brock Hefflin at the agency's Center for Devices and Radiologic Health. @@Left Handed z55\clip\2002\03\left.txt Later childbirths may also be giving rise to more lefthandedness.,,177-238758,00.html Professor Chris McManus, of University College London, says the rise is partly because left-handers suffered severe discrimination in the 18th and 19th centuries, meaning they had fewer children. Some 11% of women and 13% of men are now left-handed compared with only 3% of those born before 1910, according to new research. _leprosy_ @@Leprosy (Hansen's Disease) Summary - Leprosy is primarily a third world disease, so it is likely that it is much more common among Latino and Asian immigrants than White or Blacks Amercians. \doc\95\14\aslepr.txt Of 6,000 leprosy patients in the US in 1987, 90% were refugees or immigrants from Southeast Asia or Mexico New York Times May 4, 1987 \priv\95\09\aidssum.txt "Archaic Leprosy Law Under Attack" Nature Medicine (07/95) Vol. 1, No. 7, P. 617; Nathan, Richard Japan is considering whether to repeal its Leprosy Prevention Law, which was introduced in 1907. The law now confines more than 5,800 people to a life of isolation ST 9/30/94 p. 1 "Leprosy not what it used to be" Linda Keene Native Americans have never had the disease, Mexicans and Filipinos are more vulnerable. Once common in Europe in 12th and 13th centuries, but has declined nearly out of existence. \doc\94\16\priv\indilepr.txt - SJM 7/18/94 4 million leprosy cases world wide in 1981 950,000 cases in 1994, goal of <100,000 by 2000 worldwide 2.2 million vs. 12 million in 1981 (probably over half in Asia, or 1 million cases) d:\doc\94\16\priv\vietlepr.txt sjm 3/22/94 Leprosy in Vietnam \doc\94\16\priv\leprend.txt sjm 8/31/93 end of leprosy by 2000? \doc\94\16\priv\leprimm.txt sjm 2/9/93 leprosy stopped as cause to exlude immigration \doc\94\16\priv\mexlepr.txt sjm 11/28/92 3,000 cases of leprosy in one state, 18,000 Mexico \doc\94\16\priv\leprim2.txt sjm 8/29/87 AIDS added to TB and leprosy as imm exclusion @@Life expectancy @@Life Insurance Blacks once got "discriminatory" rates for life insurance based on outdated death rates. z47\clipim\2001\01\02\life\life.htm December 26, 2000 Major Business News Life Insurers' Race Bias in the Past Affects Policyholders Even Now By SCOT J. PALTROW Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL "in 1935, MetLife reduced commissions paid to agents on ordinary policies sold to blacks to 20% of those on policies sold to whites. He said this ended in 1951." z47\clip\2000\12\lifeins.txt The Wall Street Journal December 26, 2000 Major Business News Old Notion of Black Mortality May Have Influenced Insurers By SCOT J. PALTROW Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL In 1896, the chief statistician of Prudential Insurance Co. of America published what he called a "scientific" study, titled "Race Traits and Tendencies in the American Negro.""race-based underwriting has always been wrong." after an exhaustive search, [fewer than 100]are affected by the old discriminatory rates. Steve Sailor on life insurance: Here are the 1994 numbers from the Statistical Abstract Whites: 76.4 Blacks: 69.6 White Males: 72.3 Black Males: 64.9 White Females: 79.0 Black Females: 74.1 For a 40 year old male applying to buy a life insurance policy, the difference in additional life expectancy is 19%: 35.9 additional years for whites, 30.2 for blacks. The chance of a policy holder dying in the next year (the worst outcome for an insurance company) is sharply higher for black males at almost every age. Although black eleven year old boys die almost no more often than white eleven year old boys, the difference starts growing as puberty arrives. By age 16, a black youth is twice as likely to that year. The ratio peaks at 2.55 times higher chance of death for black males than white males at age 22. It doesn't drop below 2 to 1 again until age 52. Steve Sailer @@Liver cancer doc938\liver.txt W-7.5 B-5 A1.0 ?? @@Liver disease doc938\death1.xls CA B1.08 H-1.2 A-3.1 Low Birth Weight @@Low height or weight doc938\assmall.xls Asian children are significantly smaller than other races US 1979-1983 lo weight for height B1.28 H1.24 N1.07 A1.69 hi weight for height B1.15 H1.18 N1.49 A-1.4 lo height for age -1.13 H1.09 N-1.05 A2.84 @@Lukemia Lukemia Society of America Team in Training: It is estimated that leukemia and its related cancers, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, multiple myeloma and Hodgkin's disease, strike some 102,200 Americans each year and kill 56,210. These totals account for about eight percent of new cases of, and deaths from, malignant diseases. Source: Leukemia Society Team in Training North Texas Chapter 1997 Handbook

@@Lung Disease



What is Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer that occurs in the lining of the body's internal organs, a thin layer of cells known as the mesothelium. While very thin, this layer of cells is vitally important to organ function and the health of the inner body structures.

The primary cause of mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos, though other factors, such as smoking may increase the likeliness of the disease in certain individuals. Most people diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma have worked in jobs where they were exposed to asbestos. According to there are about 3,000 people diagnosed with Mesothelioma per year. This terminal disease can take as long as a decade to fully develop. Early detection and treatment of mesothelioma is crucial to beating this deadly disease.

Asbestos has been used as a versatile material throughout the world, including Asia. In April 2009, the Asian Asbestos Conference was held in Hong Kong which has raised the debate to ban asbestos debate in China, the world’s largest asbestos user.

There are three recognized types of mesothelioma.




zip36\clip\99\17\ddt.txt New York Times August 28, 1999 DDT, Target
of Global Ban, Has Defenders in Malaria Experts By SHERYL GAY
STOLBERG "Now the United Nations is drafting a treaty that may lead
to a worldwide ban on DDT. ...drawing opposition from an unlikely
quarter: public health professionals, who say DDT is necessary to
stop the spread of malaria, a disease that kills as many as 2.7
million people each year, mostly children in undeveloped countries.  "

World Health Organization
Division of Control of Tropical Diseases
Disease sheet: Malaria (The Current Situation)

d:\priv\94\19\malaria.txt - MALARIA KILLS AT LEAST 2,000 IN INDIA  sjm
10/22/94 70,000 tested positive in a single state of India in a single
month, with at least 229 confirmed deaths  Other estimates are as high
as 2,000 to 4,000 deaths in one month.  By comparison, only 57 have
died of the plague, and AIDS deaths are insignificant.


See worldwide comparison with other diseases
\clip\97\04\disedeat.gif has this table

Estimated Deaths from Infectious and Parasitic Disease, 1993
Number of deaths in thousands, worldwide
4,110  Acute lower respiratory infections under 5
3,010  Diarrhea under age 5 including dysentery
2,709  Tuberculosis
2,000  Malaria
1,160  Measles
  933  Hepatitis B
  700  AIDS

World Health Organization

@@Male health

web -
local - \clip\97\05\asher\maledead.htm
Deadly Hazards of Being Male in Canada By Jeffrey Asher 

@@Mammogram - see screening cancer

"Asian Women Among Least Likely to Have Mammograms"
Asian Week Aug 31, 1990 p. 12. 1990 Orange County Health
Surveys: W55.2%, H53.2% A29% had at least one mammogram

Mammogram Orange Cnty Index W1.00 H-1.04  A-1.90

@@Mass Destruction NBC Nuclear Biological Chemical

Red Thomas (Ret) Armor Master Gunner Mesa, AZ Chemical weapons are
categorized as Nerve, Blood, Blister, and Incapacitating agents
Contrary to the hype of reporters and politicians they are not
weapons of mass destruction they are "Area denial," and terror
weapons that don't destroy anything. 

@@Maternal death

The maternal death rate is over 4 times worse for blacks in the US
than whites, other races are not counted.

c:\doc\web\96\07\ Date: Tue, 30 Jul 1996 12:30:44 -0400 From: (NewsHound) More pregnant women die than
stats say BY LAURA MECKLER "The report suggested the actual rate of
mortality for mothers was close to 23.5 women per 100,000 live
births, compared with 10 deaths per 100,000 as reported by the
federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 1990."


\priv\96\20\matdeat2.txt NewsHound Jun 11, 1996 UNICEF Says More
Women Being Hurt, Killed in Childbirth AP Graphic DEADLY CHILDBIRTH

One in xx women die from complications from pregnancy or childbirth
   13 sub-Saharan Africa
   35 southern Asia
3,200 Western Europe
3,300 United States
7,300 Canada

\doc\96\04\matdeath.wk1 Maternal Deaths in the World, 1996

Countries and their maternal mortality rates, in deaths of mothers
per 100,000 live births:

(rank within region)             Index
1. Sierra Leone            1,800  -150.00
1. Afghanistan             1,700  -141.67
3. Guinea                  1,600  -133.33
2. Somalia                 1,600  -133.33
1. Bhutan                  1,600  -133.33
6. Angola                  1,500  -125.00
5. Chad                    1,500  -125.00
4. Mozambique              1,500  -125.00
2. Nepal                   1,500  -125.00
8. Eritrea                 1,400  -116.67
7. Ethiopia                1,400  -116.67
1. Yemen                   1,400  -116.67
9. Rwanda                  1,300  -108.33
10. Burundi                1,300  -108.33
14. Mali                   1,200  -100.00
13. Niger                  1,200  -100.00
12. Senegal                1,200  -100.00
11. Uganda                 1,200  -100.00
15. Gambia                 1,100   -91.67
16. Nigeria                1,000   -83.33
1. Haiti                   1,000   -83.33
17. Benin                    990   -82.50
Sub-Saharan Africa(Region    980   -81.67
18. Zambia                   940   -78.33
3. Papua New Guinea          930   -77.50
20. Burkina Faso             930   -77.50
19. Mauritania               930   -77.50
21. Guinea-Bissau            910   -75.83
4. Cambodia                  900   -75.00
22. Congo                    890   -74.17
23. Zaire                    870   -72.50
5. Bangladesh                850   -70.83
24. Ivory Coast              810   -67.50
25. Tanzania                 770   -64.17
26. Ghana                    740   -61.67
27. Central African Repub    700   -58.33
2. Sudan                     660   -55.00
7. Indonesia                 650   -54.17
6. Laos                      650   -54.17
28. Kenya                    650   -54.17
2. Bolivia                   650   -54.17
29. Togo                     640   -53.33
30. Lesotho                  610   -50.83
3. Morocco                   610   -50.83
8. Burma                     580   -48.33
9. India                     570   -47.50
31. Zimbabwe                 570   -47.50
Central Asia (Regional av    560   -46.67
33. Liberia                  560   -46.67
32. Malawi                   560   -46.67
34. Cameroon                 550   -45.83
35. Gabon                    500   -41.67
36. Madagascar               490   -40.83
Asia-Pacific (Regional av    390   -32.50
37. Namibia                  370   -30.83
10. Pakistan                 340   -28.33
4. Iraq                      310   -25.83
5. Lebanon                   300   -25.00
3. El Salvador               300   -25.00
4. Peru                      280   -23.33
11. Philippines              280   -23.33
38. Botswana                 250   -20.83
39. South Africa             230   -19.17
6. Libya                     220   -18.33
6. Brazil                    220   -18.33
5. Honduras                  220   -18.33
7. Guatemala                 200   -16.67
12. Thailand                 200   -16.67
7. Oman                      190   -15.83
9. Syria                     180   -15.00
8. Turkey                    180   -15.00
11. Egypt                    170   -14.17
10. Tunisia                  170   -14.17
9. Nicaragua                 160   -13.33
8. Paraguay                  160   -13.33
13. Vietnam                  160   -13.33
12. Algeria                  160   -13.33
13. Jordan                   150   -12.50
10. Ecuador                  150   -12.50
Americas (Regional averag    140   -11.67
14. Sri Lanka                140   -11.67
2. Tajikistan                130   -10.83
15. North Korea              130   -10.83
14. Saudi Arabia             130   -10.83
1. Romania                   130   -10.83
40. Mauritius                120   -10.00
15. Iran                     120   -10.00
12. Jamaica                  120   -10.00
11. Venezuela                120   -10.00
3. Kyrgyzstan                110    -9.17
14. Dominican Republic       110    -9.17
13. Mexico                   110    -9.17
16. Argentina                100    -8.33
15. Colombia                 100    -8.33
17. Cuba                      95    -7.92
18. Trinidad-Tobago           90    -7.50
19. Uruguay                   85    -7.08
16. China                     85    -7.08
4. Kazakstan                  80    -6.67
17. Malaysia                  80    -6.67
2. Russia                     75    -6.25
18. South Korea               70    -5.83
3. Albania                    65    -5.42
20. Chile                     65    -5.42
4. Moldova                    60    -5.00
6. Turkmenistan               55    -4.58
5. Uzbekistan                 55    -4.58
22. Costa Rica                55    -4.58
21. Panama                    55    -4.58
7. Armenia                    50    -4.17
5. Ukraine                    50    -4.17
6. Estonia                    41    -3.42
7. Latvia                     40    -3.33
8. Belarus                    37    -3.08
Europe (Regional average      36    -3.00
9. Lithuania                  36    -3.00
10. Georgia                   33    -2.75
11. Hungary                   30    -2.50
16. Kuwait                    29    -2.42
12. Bulgaria                  27    -2.25
17. United Arab Emirates      26    -2.17
19. New Zealand               25    -2.08
8. Azerbaijan                 22    -1.83
13. Germany                   22    -1.83
---- US Black --------------  21
14. Poland                    19    -1.58
20. Japan                     18    -1.50
17. Czech Republic            15    -1.25
16. France                    15    -1.25
15. Portugal                  15    -1.25
18. Slovenia                  13    -1.08
23. United States             12    -1.00
20. Italy                     12    -1.00
19. Netherlands               12    -1.00
21. Finland                   11     1.09
25. Austria                   10     1.20
24. Belgium                   10     1.20
23. Greece                    10     1.20
22. Ireland                   10     1.20
21. Singapore                 10     1.20
27. Denmark                    9     1.33
26. United Kingdom             9     1.33
22. Australia                  9     1.33
---  US Avg by CDC  -----      7.5
29. Spain                      7     1.71
28. Sweden                     7     1.71
23. Hong Kong                  7     1.71
18. Israel                     7     1.71
31. Norway                     6     2.00
30. Switzerland                6     2.00
24. Canada                     6     2.00
----CDC US White ------         5     

(No figures available for Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovakia, Macedonia or

(SOURCE: UNICEF, World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins University.)

Note that both Japan and Germany scored worse than the US. CDC
breakouts show US blacks about even with Japan or Germany, with US
Whites leading the world. Hong Kong and Spain, both far less
developed than the US are lower.


\DOC\96\03\DEATRATE.TXT "Mortality Patterns- United States, 1993"
MMWR 1996:45:161-164 
Index W1.00 B4.27  \DOC\96\03\DEATRATE.TXT

In 1993, only 302 women were reported to have died from causes
associated with pregnancy and childbirth. The overall mortality
rate was 7.5 deaths per 100,000 live-born infants, but the rate
was four times higher for blacks than for white

Rate per 100,000 live infants
Rate Index Group
20.5 4.27  black
 7.5 1.56  overall
 4.8 1.00  white

Other races were not reported due to inconsitencies in race reporting.

>>c:\doc\96\02\marijuse.txt "Marijuana use, thinking studied" Seattle
times Feb 21, 1996. Marijuana users found to perform worse on tasks
requiring attention.

65 marijuana users 22+ days per month vs 64 students who were
non-users according to the JAMA were found to perform worse on tasks
sustaining and shifting attention, though newly learned information
was not different.  Previous studies of heavy marijuana use shows
that it harms mental function even after users abstain.


\clip\96\08\MEASLE.TXT Copyright © 1996 The Seattle Times Company
Nov. 15, 1996 World defeat of polio delayed; victory against measles
predicted by Neil Winton Reuters 

Measles remains one of the major childhood killers, accounting for
more child deaths than any other vaccine-preventible illness. WHO
estimates that more than a million children died from measles in
1994. 98 percent of these deaths occur in developing countries.

\clip\96\02\chikpox.txt Date: Thu, 15 Aug 1996 17:24:05 -0400
Vaccination Lack Said Causing Chickenpox, Measles Outbreaks By PAUL
RECER AP Science Writer. Through Aug. 9 of this year, 350 cases of
measles have been reported in the United States, a 38 percent
increase over the same period in 1995 The death rate among U.S.
measles patients now is one to three per 1,000 cases.

\priv\96b\06\hisp2nd.txt  Date: Tue, 2 Jul
1996 Hispanic kids 2nd largest group BY RACHEL L. JONES in a study
sponsored by the National Coalition of Hispanic Health and Human
Services Organizations: more pre-school Hispanics suffered measles
infections than non-Hispanic blacks or non-Hispanic whites.

d:\doc\95\10\mmwr.txt - Measles More than half of the cases in persons
aged 5-19 years were associated with outbreaks among persons with a
religious or philosophic exemption to vaccination.

International importations and cases occurring within two generations
of these importations accounted for 75 (8%) measles cases in 1994.
These cases were reported from 24 states and, for those for whom the
country of origin was reported, occurred most frequently among
persons arriving from Europe (26 cases) and East Asia (18). Cases
resulted from importations from the Americas (eight), the Middle East
(six), and Africa (two)


z50\clip\2001\06\memory.txt Americans and Chinese recall memories
very differently, indicating the impact of cultures on 'self-concept'
FOR RELEASE: June 26, 2001 ITHACA, N.Y. -- How American adults and
preschool children recall their personal memories are consistently
different from the way indigenous Chinese do, finds a Cornell
University developmental psychologist.  Americans on average cite
earliest memories back to about age 3 1/2. Chinese, on average,
recall their earliest memories from approximately six months later
than Americans.

information on Qi Wang:


If you have or develop the symptoms
of vomiting, high fever, stiff neck, headache, a rash, you should
contact your doctor.  


Hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms are rare in Asia. Africans
report more hot flashes.

z45\clip\2000\09\meno.txt Tuesday
September 5 11:08 AM ET Menopause symptoms differ by race By Nancy
Deutsch NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Symptoms of menopause seem to
vary depending on ethnicity, socioeconomic factors and lifestyle, a
new study has found.  Japanese and Chinese women reported fewer
overall symptoms of menopause, with the exception of forgetfulness,
the authors report.  African American women seemed to experience more
hot flashes or night sweats. Hispanic women reported more urine
leakage, vaginal dryness, heart pounding and forgetfulness. 

\doc\web\99\05\menop.txt It is
well-known that "hot flushes" and other symptoms of menopause are
much less common in East Asia than they are in Europe and North
America (14-18% of menopausal East Asian women and 70-80% of European
women experience hot flushes).  This difference probably reflects the
high intake of estrogen-like substances in the East Asian diet,
notably in soybean products (Knight and Eden 1996:900). 

\clip\98\06\thank.tif Thank grandma for long life span. Theory posits
reason for menopause Curt Suplee The Washington Post Seattle Times
Feb 13, 1998 p. A11 Theory is that mothers shared food with children
rather having more babies.

\clip\96\09\tofuflas.txt Study: Tofu May Ease Menopause By DANIEL Q.
HANEY AP Medical Editor Sunday, November 10, 1996 10:32 pm EST NEW
ORLEANS (AP) -- Eat tofu for hot flashes?  The idea is not as weird
as it sounds. - Menopausal symptoms like hot flashes are rare in Asia.


Asians are shorter (but getting bigger) have proportionally shorter
arms (hence shirts for Whites are long on Asians, and Japanese shirts
are short on Caucasians), shorter penis (if you believe Rushton and
internet surveys), blacks have longer arms and limbs.

\doc\94\19\aswmmeas.txt - Measurments
A Magazine Women '94 issue p. 7
Average measurments of Asian woman 33-24-34
Average height 5 feet 3 in
Average weight 108 pounds

@@Melanoma - see skin cancer

@@Mental illness

Despite the stereotype that all Asians are relatively well adjusted,
the official view is that Asians have mental illnesses at the same
rates as other races. It's just an "illusion" that Asians take
advantage of services less often because of face and shame

Mental illness in a family was widely a disqualification for marriage
prospects. Common wisdom is that all rates of mental illness are the
same for all races, but researchers have found some associations with
genes and schizophrenia do vary between races.


z54\clip\2002\01\creatment.txt 'Creating Mental Illness' by Allan V.
Horwitz reviewed by Lynn E. O'Connor Human Nature Review 2002
Volume 2: 4-6 ( 10 January ) Creating Mental Illness by Allan V.
Horwitz University of Chicago Press, 2002.  Reviewed by Lynn E.
OConnor, a fascinating and scholarly critique of our
classification of mental disorders.  Horwitz begins by stating boldly
that many so-called mental disorders according to our current
symptom-based system of classification, are not really mental
disorders at all, but normal responses to social stress, relationship
problems, work or other problems in living, or social deviance that
may be in some cases, culturally supported.


z54\clip\2001\12\schiz.txt EurekAlert!  9 December 2001 Dr. Oakley
Ray American College of Neuropsychopharmacology
Important step taken toward the identification of schizophrenia genes
"Schizophrenia is a devastating and mysterious disease that strikes
one person in a hundred Speaking on Sunday, Dec. 9, at the annual
meeting of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology held in
Waikoloa, Hawaii, Debby Tsuang of the University of Washington -- a
member of the molecular genetics team -- reported that she and her
colleagues have found evidence for such an association in two of the
chromosomes.. It is the first such study to include large samples of
European-American and African-American families from the United
States. As a result, the researchers were able to determine that the
association between chromosome 15 and schizophrenia in
European-American families was positive while there was no
association between the chromosome and the incidence of schizophrenia
in the African-American families."

%%Hypomanic Hypomanic .. do not cause significant distress or greatly impair
one's work
1) inflated self-esteem or grandiosity
2) decreased need for sleep (e.g., feels rested after only 3 hours of
3) more talkative than usual or pressure to keep talking
4) flight of ideas or subjective experience that thoughts are racing
5) distractibility (i.e., attention too easily drawn to unimportant or
irrelevant external stimuli)
6) increase in goal-directed activity (at work, at school, or
sexually) or psychomotor agitation
7) excessive involvement in pleasurable activities that have a high
potential for painful consequences (e.g., engaging in unrestrained
buying sprees, sexual indiscretions, or foolish business investments)

Manic: .."high", euphoric, expansive, sometimes agitated,
hyperexcitable, with flights of ideas and speech.
(Psychiatric Annals #17: January 1987)
Bipolar I: Mania and depression
Bipolar II: Hypomania and depression
Bipolar III: Cyclothymic disorder
Bipolar IV: Hypomania or mania precipitated by antidepressant drugs
Bipolar V: Depressed patients with a family history of bipolar illness
Bipolar VI: Mania without depression [unipolar mania]


Ronald Honberg of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill says
only 10-15% of people with mental illnesses have jobs


Mental Illness Hospitalizations in Children
Reasons for Mental Illness Hospitalization
5-14 15-19
46% 67%   Depressive disorder 
25%  3%   Oppositional defiant disorder
10%  5%   Conduct disorder
 8%       Hyperactivity disorder
 5% 12%   Bipolar disorder
 4%  2%   Post-tramatic stress disorder
     7%   Schizophrenia
 2%  4%   Eating disorders

Source: University of Washington School of Public Health and
Community Medicine from chart in Seattle Post Intelligencer
Nov 1, 2001

In 1999, 2,800 Washington children were hospitalized. 5 to 14 yr olds
average 20 days. Depressive most common, 46 in 5-14 67% in 15 to 19.

Personality disorders (2 Aug) - An estimated 30.8 million American
adults (14.8 percent) meet standard diagnostic criteria for at least
one personality disorder as defined in the American Psychiatric
Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental
Disorders-Fourth Edition (DSM-IV), according to the results of the
2001-2002 National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related
Conditions (NESARC) reported in the current issue of the Journal of
Clinical Psychiatry

13%  9-17 anxiety disorder
 3%  child depression
 8%  adolescents
 1%  14-18 bipolar
3-5% Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
National Institute of Mental Health
Fewer than 20% of children with mental disorders get treatment
Seattle Times Sept 18, 2002 F1 When a child is mentually troubled

nyt021702 z55\clip\2002\02\mentheal.txt
Estimates of Mentally Ill Too High, Study Says
IN New York Times, 17 ii 02 (National)
new study in the February issue of
Archives of General Psychiatry.
older surveys suggested that in a given year almost 30 percent of
American adults experienced mental or addictive disorders and that
nearly 50 percent needed mental health services in their lifetime.
Those data come from the National Institute of Mental Health
Epidemiologic Catchment Area Program (1980-85), and the National
Comorbidity Survey (1990-92). Using the new method, researchers found
that the number of adults who had a disorder in a given year fell to
18.5 percent

Percent affected by
50%     Old: Adults affected lifetime nyt021702
30%     Old: Adults affected 1 year nyt021702
20%     Children each year signs of mental illness (1)
20%     Families affected by mental illness
18.5%   2002: Adults affected nyt021702
11%     Children impaired by mental illness (1)
10.9%   Phobia
 9.5%   Depression
 5%     Children extremely impaired by mental illness (1)
 3%     Bipoloar / Manic Depression
 2.1%   Obsession / Compulsion
 1.5%   Antisocial Personality
 1.5%   Bipolar ST Sept 17 2003
 1.1%   Schizophrenia
 1.3%   Panic
 0.2%   Somatization
Source: National Institute of Mental Health

* 20% of familes are affected by severe mental illness in their lifetime
* 21% of hospital beds are filled by mental patients, #1 admissions

H-0341.1HOUSE BILL 1124
(2) Feb 17, 2002 Estimates of Mentally Ill Too High, Study Says
IN New York Times


z63\clip\2003\01\psycho.txt Even
in the Age of Prozac, Some Still Prefer the Couch NYT January 28,
2003 By ERICA GOODE In the last quarter century, psychoanalysis has
been declared dead many times over...After spending six years and
about $60,000 on analysis, she says, she is less self-destructive,
more responsible, more productive and more successful in her work. 


October 27, 2001  South China Morning Post
Pupils near top of world mental illness league
A recent national survey has revealed that between 16 and 25 per cent of
students suffer, or have suffered, from mental health problems, ranking
China near the top globally for mental illness.
The survey also found that between 27 per cent and 32 per cent of primary
and middle school pupils had mental illnesses.

z47\clip\2001\01\psydrug.txt January 10, 2001 Marketplace Psychiatric
Drugs Sell Poorly in Asia, Where Stigmas, Shamans Do the Job By
In Thailand, shamans wave swords to ward off ancient spirits.
incidence of major depression is about the same as US in Asia, 3% of 
adults, but use of shamans and stigma of mental illness holds down sales
of drugs. Prices are high. 

Rate of psychiatrists per million population
  5 Thailand
120 United States
500 New York City

%%Asian American

z51\clip\2001\09\stress.txt Public release date: 30-Aug-2001
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Test
data may overstate social stress among Asian Americans A new study
indicates that what appear as signals of distress simply may reflect
a culturally adaptive sensitivity in social situations among Asian
Americans, the researchers suggest

%%Bipolar/Manic Depressive

Individuals show hyperactive and depressed episodes, feelings of
grand designs and inflated self-worth

z74\clip\2003\09\lithium.txt Seattle Times Wednesday, September 17,
2003 Study finds lithium cuts bipolar suicides By Thomas H. Maugh II
Los Angeles Times An inexpensive drug for bipolar disorder that has
been shunted aside in favor of newer, more heavily marketed drugs is
actually much more effective at preventing suicidesThey found 31.3
suicide attempts per 1,000 people a year among those taking
divalproex, compared with 10.8 attempts among those taking lithium.
There were 1.7 successful suicides per 1,000 people per year in the
first group, compared with 0.7 in the second group.  Goodwin conceded
it's unknown why lithium was better.  As recently as 1994, Goodwin
said, lithium accounted for 80 percent of prescriptions for bipolar
disorder. In 2001, divalproex accounted for more than 70 percent.
Annual sales of lithium are about $43 million a year, while those of
Depakote are more than $1 billion, he said. Researchers discovered
that lithium smoothed the mood swings in up to two-thirds of patients.
It was the first important drug for mental problems of any sort.

Bonn researchers localise manic depression gene  For further information, please contact:
Prof. Peter Propping 
Institute of Human Genetics, Universität Bonn
Posted By:
University of Bonn    17 January 2002 
About one per cent of all humans suffer, in the course of their
lives, from this “bipolar emotional disorder” – and this occurs in
all the cultures which have hitherto been investigated. The causes
are as yet unknown; therapy is therefore correspondingly difficult.
People who display the corresponding genetic features, studies of
twins have shown, have a 70% to 80% chance of developing the disease.

z45\clip\2000\09\bipolar.txt 2 OCTOBER 2000 AT 00:01 ET US University
of Michigan Health System U-M team finds
evidence of brain chemistry abnormalities in bipolar disorder 30%
higher concentration of certain signaling cells may help explain,
treat "manic depression"
\clip\98\04\bipolar.txt Seattle times February 15, 1998 Bipolar
disorder: Valid excuse for Letourneau?  by Carol M. Ostrom Seattle
Times staff reporter Perhaps 3 percent of the population suffers from
some form of bipolar disorder


From Lynn Stuter's site:

z47\doc\web\2001\01\mentstat.txt Compulsory education = Compulsory
Mental Health Intervention?
H-0341.1 HOUSE BILL 1124 The legislature finds that approximately one
in five children experiences the signs and symptoms of mental illness
each year.  Eleven percent of children experience significant
functional impairment as a result of these symptoms; five percent
experience extreme functional impairment.  Approximately one-half of
the people with mental illness do not receive treatment.
PROGRAM: Caring for Every Child's Mental Health Communications Campaign
DESCRIPTION:. The purpose of the CMHS communications contract is the
development and implementation of a public information/education campaign to
coordinate with the Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for
Children and Their Families Program. The "Caring for Every Child's Mental
Health: Communities Together" campaign was started in 1994 as a national
effort to increase the likelihood that children with mental health problems,
including serious emotional disturbance, and their families are
appropriately served and treated. This social marketing endeavor seeks to
develop, disseminate and evaluate products leading to an increased awareness
of children's and adolescents emotional disturbances by family, public,
government, business, community and media entities. The contractor for this
campaign is Vanguard Communications, which is a full-service communications
firm specializing in public education campaigns that seek to change
attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors or to affect the public policy debate
about issues critical to the Nation.
Remarks by Donna E. Shalala, Secretary of Health and Human Services, at the
National Children's Mental Health Initiative
For Release Upon Delivery Tuesday, March 5, 1996
Washington, D.C.
As a society, we can't afford to let our children's mental health needs go
unmet. Not when one in five children has a mental, emotional or behavioral
problem; not when one in 20 children has serious emotional disturbances that
impair their ability to function; and not when two-thirds of children with
mental health problems are not even getting the help they need.

An "Epidemic" of reports on children and mental health:
Emotional and Behavioral Problems Among Washington's Children
According to new research released today by the U.W.'s Washington Kids
Count, high numbers of Washington children suffer from emotional problems,
and adolescent boys living in low-income or single-parent families are most
at risk. The research summary Emotional and Behavioral Problems Among
Washington's Children, is a first-time look at the emotional well-being of
the entire population of children in Washington.
No Child's Play
Report: 1 in 10 Kids Suffers
Severe Mental Illness
The Associated Press
Satcher said Medicaid is developing community models for mental health
services, and that the federal justice and education departments will work
with health officials on training.
The epidemic in children
And is it any wonder that:
The World Health Organization estimates the numbers affected by mental and
neurological disorders will surge over the next 20 years.


\clip\98\07\boys.txt The Seattle Times Company Friday, April 3, 1998
Thank heaven for little boys?  by Megan Rosenfeld The Washington Post 
" Diane Halpern, a psychology professor at California State
University in San Bernadino...  males have more mental retardation,
attention deficit disorders, delayed speech, dyslexia, stuttering,
learning disabilities and emotional disturbances.  "


"Employers adjust to mental illness" Seattle Times May 3, 1997 p. A2

Seattle Times June 4, 1996 Iodine-deficiency illness targeted
Associated Press.  Iodine deficiency is responsible for mental
disability among more than 80 percent of the country's 10 million
mentally disabled people.
c:\doc\96\04\blakment.txt priv\96\17\BLAKMENT.HTM Thursday, May 30,
1996 · Page A13 San Francisco Chronicle Study Says Hospitals Give
Blacks More Drugs, Less Time Than Whites Sabin Russell.  A Berkeley
professor is charging that mentally ill black patients are being
overmedicated with anti-psychotic drugs at county hospital emergency
rooms.  The average daily dose given to African American patients of
the drug chlorpromazine or an equivalent was 1,321 milligrams,
compared to 825 milligrams for other patients. Blacks, who made up
one quarter of those evaluated, were also 67 percent more likely than
others to receive an anti-psychotic agent in the first place.
``Asians apparently require lower doses of anti-psychotic medication
than Caucasians for therapeutic effectiveness,'' but there are no
dosage studies comparing blacks and whites. It was blamed on
inattention by mostly white hospital staffers, though he would not
say that it was just racial bias.

\doc\95\14\mentill.txt - Rates of Schizoprhenia (1:100), Major(1:16),
Manic depression (1:100) Seattle Times Nov 5, 1995


According to Dr. Donald Black, a professor of psychiatry at the
University of Iowa Medical School and an expert in
obsessive-compulsive disorder, hoarding is "the acquiring (of) an
excessive amount of acquisitions and the saving of things that have
no inherent value."

z47\clip\2000\12\hoarder.txt straits
times singapore 12/28/00 Are you a hoarder?  "The most widely
accepted working definition of severe hoarding, promulgated by Smith
College psychology professor Randy O. Frost and his colleagues who
study the problem, is the steady and often-compulsive acquisition of
things that appear to be useless or of limited value, coupled with a
failure to discard them.  "

Lady Not all hoarders collect possessions. Some also collect animals.
They are the so-called 'cat ladies', usually, but not always single
women over 40, whose homes are overrun by animals, sometimes hundreds
of them. The
hoarders' double life. Fairfax county townhouse stuffed with junk by

z45\clip\2000\09\packhous.txt The Seattle Times Company October 03,
2000 Is packed house evidence of illness or crime?  By Joshua Robin
Seattle Times Eastside bureau According to Dr. Donald Black, a
professor of psychiatry at the University of Iowa Medical School and
an expert in obsessive-compulsive disorder, hoarding is "the
acquiring (of) an excessive amount of acquisitions and the saving of
things that have no inherent value." 


American Psychiatric Association
2-Jan-01 Strong Link Between Mental Disorders in Parents and Their
Washington, D.C. - There are significant associations between the
presence of panic disorder and major depression on parents and
patterns of dysfunction in their children, according to a study in
the January 2001 American Journal of Psychiatry.


Mental Health: A Report of the Surgeon General
Epidemiology of Mental Illness
"According to current epidemiological estimates, at least one in five
people has a diagnosable mental disorder during the course of a year
(i.e., 1-year prevalence)."

About 20 percent of children are estimated to have mental disorders
with at least mild functional impairment

Table 2-7. Children and adolescents ages 9 to 17		                             														 
with mental or addictive disorders,* combined MECA		                             														 
                                Prevalence (%)			                             														 
      Anxiety disorders              13.0				                             														 
      Mood disorders                  6.2				                             														 
      Disruptive disorders           10.3				                             														 
      Substance use disorders         2.0				                             														 
      Any disorder                   20.9				                             														 
* Disorders include diagnosis-specific impairment		                             														 
and Child Global Assessment Scale  1 yr

20.4% mental hospital
3.% nursing home
6.7% prison


A sociopath is characterized by the deficit of social emotions such as
love, guilt, shame or remorse. According to the University of
Tennessee-Knoxville, the sociopath lacks "a sense of moral
responsibility and social conscience." Sociopaths often scheme to
manipulate others without regard to consequences of inflicting harm.
It is the cold-hearted way the sociopath reacts to his victims that
illustrates his lack of moral compass and detachment from other human

@@mental end


\clip\98\12\immment.txt Tuesday,
September 15, 1998 Americanization a Health Risk, Study Says Culture:
Research finds that immigrants' physical, mental problems increase
the longer they stay.  By THOMAS H. MAUGH II, PATRICK J. MCDONNELL,
Times Staff Writers

@@Mercury Poisoning

\clip\97\24\mercury.htm The
Seattle Times Company Monday, Oct. 20, 1997 Cultural use of toxic
mercury worries EPA by Arlene Levinson Associated Press 

\clip\97\15\mercury.txt Boston Globe 6/10/97 Chemist dies of mercury
poisoning By Kathleen Burge, Globe Correspondent HANOVER, N.H. -
Dartmouth College professor Karen Wetterhahn was working with
dimethylmercury, a synthetic mercury compound, last August while
studying how heavy metals interfere with cell metabolism in humans.
Although she was wearing standard latex gloves, she apparently didn't
know that the chemical compound could permeate latex.  

@@Microwave Oven

\clip\99\18\micrbaby.txt 9/27/99 Mother Charged With Microwave Kill
LANEXA, Va. (AP) -- A woman was charged Monday with murdering her
newborn son by cooking him in a microwave oven.  Authorities were
investigating whether Ms. Otte was disoriented by an epileptic
seizure when the baby died.


\clip\96\05\migraine.txt Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 10:25:39 -0400
FEATURE EDITOR [Migraine affects an estimated one in six American
women at a 3:1 ratio over men.]

@@Milk - Asian.Health.Milk

Also see lactose intolerance The "Milk Will Kill You" webpage. Not
endorsed or anything, but certainly a different viewpoint. Me, I love

Here's the scary claims:

     Milk is the foundation of heart disease and the explanation for
America's number one killer. 

     Milk is the reason that one out of six American women will
develop cancer of the breast. 

     Twenty-five million American women over the age of forty have
been diagnosed with bone crippling arthritis and osteoporosis.  These
females have been drinking in excess of two pounds of milk per day
for their entire adult lives.  Why are their doctors blind to the
fact that drinking milk does not prevent osteoporosis? 

     Calcium in milk is not adequately absorbed and milk consumption
is the probable cause of osteoporosis. 

     Milk is responsible for allergies, colic, colitis, earaches,
colds and congestion in young children.  Research indicates that one
bovine protein in milk destroys the insulin-producing beta cells of
the pancreas, causing diabetes. 

     Sixty Percent of America's dairy cows have leukemia virus.  Is
it wise to eat the flesh or drink body fluids from diseased animals? 

     The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) used to allow a small
amount of antibiotics in milk.  As a result, new strains of bacteria
developed, immune to the 52 different antibiotics found in milk.
Antibiotics no longer work because Americans have been drinking milk

     Beer bellies are indeed making a comeback in America.  One 12
ounce glass of beer contains 144 calories and no fat.  On the other
hand, a 12 ounce glass of milk contains 300 calories and 16 grams of

"Two New Studies link cows milk with diabetes" SPI Dec
23, 1994 p. A5

\clip\99\21\medmist.txt Tuesday, November 30, 1999 Study: 98,000
deaths each year are linked to medical mistakes by Rick Weiss The
Washington Post WASHINGTON - About 98,000 Americans die unnecessarily
every year from medical mistakes made by physicians, pharmacists and
other health-care professionals AIDS, according to the report
released yesterday by the Institute of Medicine, an arm of the
National Academy of Sciences. 

@@mobile homes

cost $35 per sf vs site built 10% of us pop, 50% of tornado deaths in
trailer parks, site and construction. House Trailers smithsonian June
1998. National Weather Service

@@Model minority

\priv\96b\01\jamaapi.txt Title: Asian American and Pacific Islander
health: a paradigm for minority health.  Author: Yoon, Eunice; Chien,
Felix Source: JAMA, The Journal of the American Medical Association,
v275, n9, March 6, 1996, p736 Summary: The 1985 DHHS Task Force
Report on Black and Minority Health stated: As a group, the
Asian/Pacific Islander populationhe United States is at lower risk of
early death than the white population. Healthy People 2000 stated
that US-born AAPIs had no distinguishing health needs from the
population as a whole.Author claims that Asians are undercounted
because of coding inconsistencies, and denies they are generally
healthier, cites specific health problems among Asians.

\doc\95\15\breacanc.txt - Seattle doctor believes data that
breast cancer rates are low are erroneous due to model
minority image


\priv\96b\07\mole.txt Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 07:51:31 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Check moles to spot cancer early
By Jane E. Brody MOLES: We all have them. Caucasian men and women
generally have 10 to 40 -- an average of 24 -- of the pigmented spots
on their bodies. That adds up to nearly 4 billion moles on white
Americans. Some may be sign of cancer, minorities have fewer of them.


Dirty Dollars. Seattle Times Feb 26, 1998 p. D3 (Wall Street Journal)
1972 JAMA article found that 13% of coins and 42% of bills were
contaminated. Infections in Medicine in 1997 found only 3% of coins,
11% of bills when "real world" was used. 1.8% of coins, 7% of bills
grew disease-causing bacteria.


from: Hold the Cheese L.A.
Magazine, February 1996 National Safety Council's (NSC) "Accident
Facts, 1994 Edition": Motorcycles represent just two (2) percent of
the vehicles in the United States, with an estimated 4 million on the
road out of a total vehicle population of almost 197 million. Out of
that number, motorcycles account for less than one (1) percent of
accidents and under six (6) percent of vehicle fatalities. Compared
to the overall fatalities from all causes in the United States,
motorcycles account for [only] 0.1 percent of the total.  Compare the
2,500 motorcycle fatalities with 720,862 from heart disease, and you
could make a pretty good case that riding a Harley each day for 20
years is safer than eating a cheeseburger a day for the same amount
of time. "...Hey, waiter, how about a tofu burger?"

\doc\96\03\motosafe.txt - Motorcycle riders are 20 times more likely
to be killed per vehicle mile than cars, 53% of deaths involve head
injuries, helmets are 46-85% effective in reducing severe head injury
and 29% effective in reducing fatalities. Law applying to all ages
are up to 99% effective, limiting to under 18 results in only 42-59%
helmet use. Original \priv\96\08\mm4515.pdf (acrobat)


Mormons are a very strict sect of Christians who are most
concentrated in Utah and the west, with strong prohibitions against
homosexuality, nonmarital sex, coffee and alchohol.

A good recent source to start from is _Contemporary Mormonism: Social
Science Perspectives_, ed. by Marie Cornwall, Tim B. Heaton, and
Lawrence A. Young, U. of Illinois Press, 1994.  It includes articles
on Mormon families, drug and alchohol use, and mental health.  Andrew
Hall University of Pittsburgh Utah has low rates of
AIDS and alchohol related driving deaths. Mormons have the highest
white life expectancy.


Utah AIDS rates are relatively low rates of Human
Immunodeficency Virus (HIV) infection and the Acquired Immunodeficency
Syndrome (AIDS) in Utah are lower than the U.S. rates...  Among the
states, the AIDS rate in Utah is in the second lowest quartile for men
and the lowest quartile for women. From 1994 through 1997, the
HIV/AIDS infection rate among Black persons was ten times higher than
for white persons. The rate among Hispanics was almost three times
higher than for whites, and the rate appears to be increasing. These
rates in the minority population are far in excess of the general
population of the state 

Utah bottom 9 in AIDS rate
                HIV     AIDS    Rate 2005
9 Utah          820     1,125   2.6
8 South Dakota	183	124	2.4
7 Wisconsin	2,254	2,060	2.2
6 Montana	-	185	2.1
5 Idaho	        346     282     1.7
4 Maine	        -	477	1.6
3 North Dakota	75	70	1.6
2 Wyoming	90	88	1.2
1 Vermont	-	226	1.0


"Fewer alchohol related driving fatalities" Seattle Times Aug 24,
1998 p. A7 Dept of Transportation reports Utah has the lowest
percentage of alchohol related fatalities in 1997, 20.6% vs. #2 New
York state 27.4%

AP -- Mormons have less heart disease ... New research suggests that
another of their "clean living" habits also may be helping their
hearts: fasting for one day each month... people who skipped meals
once a month were about 40 percent less likely to have clogged
arteries than those who did not regularly fast.  61 percent of Mormons
had heart disease compared with 66 percent of non-Mormons. [survey]
asked about Mormons' religious practices: monthly fasting; avoiding
tea, coffee and alcohol; taking a weekly day of rest; going to church,
and donating time or money to charity.  ...  only fasting made a
significant difference in heart risks: 59 percent of periodic meal
skippers were diagnosed with heart disease versus 67 percent of the



Sampling of Latter-day Saint/Utah Demographics and Social Statistics from National Sources "The high degree to which Latter-day Saints follow the moral and dietary laws of their church (including sexual abstinence outside of marriage, emphasis on education, prohibition of abortion, proscriptions against violence, and total avoidance of alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea and illegal narcotics) cause their population and/or Utah to stand out in interesting ways in a variety of national demographic and sociological studies"

The latest federal health figures (1997) rank Utah as having the fewest births to unwed mothers. 16% of all births in Utah were to unmarried mothers. The national average was over 30%. The next lowest state after Utah was Idaho, with 20%. (Idaho is the second most Latter-day Saint state, with approx. 1/3 of the population belonging to the Church.) An article (Lee Davidson, "Utah's birthrate is highest in the nation: But out-of-wedlock birthrate is lowest", 18 April 2001) citing data from the National Center for Health Statistics reported:

The latest report (1999) by the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta confirmed that Utah still has the lowest smoking rate in the U.S. The report said that in Utah, 14.2 percent of adults smoke

These practices have always shown up in national health data, which consistently rate Utah as having the lowest rates of smoking, alcohol use, lung cancer, etc. The National Institute of Mental Health ranked Utah as the second-lowest U.S. state in new inpatient admissions to state mental hospitals and the ranked Utah as having the lowest per-capita alcohol consumption

National demographic studies indicate that couples in which both partners are Latter-day Saints (and who marry in a Latter-day Saint temple) have the lowest divorce rate among all U.S. social and religious groups studied.

In October 2000 the Associated Press reported that Utah ranks first in peronsal computer ownership


\doc\96\03\aswmheal.txt National Asian Women's Health Organization
announcement, Asian Week Nov 17, 1996 p. 14 In 1991, 13% of reported
women and children killed in Massachusetts were Asian, compared to
only 2.4% of the population

Sunday 11 February 2001 Revealed: why so many Americans are fat (it's
not the food) By James Langton paedophiles murder only around 100
children each year in the United States. By contrast, 1,772 children
died and 316,000 were injured in car crashes in 1998

@@Near Sighted

Asians are stereotyped as wearing glasses but rate is up to 
90% in "some asian" nations.

90% "some asian nations"
90% Singapore leaving high school
90% Guangzhou leaving high school
73% China college students
71% China sr high students
48% China jr high students
25% US population
20% China elementary students
5-10% Young adults in India

Economist why so many chinese children wear glasses
nov 8, 2014  economist

In 1970 fewer than a third of 16- to 18-year-olds were deemed to be
short-sighted (meaning that distant objects are blurred). Now nearly
four-fifths are, and even more in some urban areas. A fifth of these
have “high” myopia, that is, anything beyond 16 centimetres (just over
six inches) is unclear. The fastest increase is among primary school
children, over 40% of whom are short-sighted, double the rate in 2000.
That compares with less than 10% of this age group in America or

- associated with lack of  time spent out doors
now 4/5 nearsighted in primary school in China
double rate in 2000
vs 10% US and Germany
80-90% in Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan
Beijing - study, reading,  computer use

The eyes have it! Deep time and future vision
We've seen this massive emergence of a pandemic of myopia in East
Asia. The prevalence of myopia in a place like Singapore has gone from
20% to 25% in the 1960s to a situation where now something like 90% of
children are leaving school short sighted,...

In Singapore, Indians are almost as myopic as the Chinese, not quite,
but internationally an extremely high prevalence of myopia, and that
contrasts with virtually no myopia, 5% to 10% myopia in young adults
in India. What that tells you is that it's the environment of
Singapore that is causing the myopia.

Guangzhou where we do a lot of work with Chinese colleagues. The
prevalence of myopia in 15-year-olds is now around about 70%. That's
gone up enormously from about 20% in the 1960s, so it's a huge
increase and it keeps going, so that by the time the children are
leaving school at the age of 17 or 18 it's closer to 90%

now we know that when you develop a mass education system, as you have
in China then you induce a veritable epidemic of myopia

..children who spend more time outside are less likely to become
myopic, even if they have myopic parents or even if they do enormous
mounts of study and achieve.

The first part of testing it was to show that by increasing light
intensities inside that we could start to block myopia. That bit has
been done. The other part of the hypothesis then involved taking
animals inside, increasing the light intensity and using a dopamine
antagonist to block the effects of dopamine and block the block. Then
the animals developed myopia as they would have in lower lighting

z53\clip\2001\10\chinment.txt October 27, 2001 South China Morning
Post Pupils near top of world mental illness league just-published
results of the national health survey found that glasses were needed
to correct the vision of 20 per cent of elementary school pupils, 48
per cent of junior high students, 71 per cent of senior high
students, and 73 per cent of college students.

"Turn off the lights" Time May 24, 1999 p. 94 Christine Gorman.
Reports link night lights on with growing eyeballs which may cause
nearsightedness. 10% who slept in darkness, 34% with night light, 55%
who sleep with room lights on become nearsighted. Dr. Richard Stone
in Nature.

May 13, 1999 Child night lights linked to nearsightedness by Thomas
H. Maugh II Los Angeles Times Infants who sleep in a room illuminated
with night lights or full lighting are at substantially greater risk
of becoming nearsighted than those who sleep in the dark, University
of Pennsylvania researchers reported in today's edition of Nature.
..At least 25 percent of the U.S. population is myopic, and in some
Asian countries the prevalence is as high as 90 percent.

@@Occupational Deaths

"The Deadliest and the Safest Occupations in California" San
Francisco Chronicle Jan 22, 1990 p. A11. Source Ca Dept of Health
Services, Chronicle Research image: \clipim\98\01\occup.tif

1979-81 Death Rate Expressed as ratio compared to average for all

Highest Male Death Rates
1. Deckhands/tankermen      3.93
2. Structual metal workers  3.17
3. Roofers                  2.29
4. Industrial Helpers       2.22
5. Foresters                2.19
6. Miners/drillers          2.17
7. Operating engineers      2.17
8. Construction helpers     2.13
9. Bartenders               2.00
10. Precision Metal workers 1.81

1. Secretaries                .44
2. Bookkeepers                .45
3. Teachers                   .53
4. Physicians / Dentist       .56
5. Machine maintenance        .61
6. Registered nurse           .63

Highest Female
1. Waitresses                2.43
2. Precision metal worker    2.30
3. Performing artists        2.16
4. Freight / Material movers 2.15
5. Cosmetologist             1.71
6. Launderers                1.64
7. Telephone operators       1.60
8. LVN nurse health aid      1.57
9. Assembler                 1.45
10. Artist / Photographer    1.40 US Bureau of Labor Statistics
   Fatal occupational injuries by year 1992-1996
             1992    1993    1994    1995    1996
 Injuries   6,217   6,331   6,632   6,275   6,112

Blaine Derstine
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Last modified: August 7, 1997


"Worker is killed on I-5 in Portland" Seattle Post Intelligencer July
16, 1999 B9 Last year 14 deaths and 452 crashes in WA in road work
sites, 166 in oregon since 1985.  10,000 nationwide. Risk of death is
7 times average worker Ore Dept of Transportation.


Fat substitute that passes through body, alleged to be dangerous.

Michael Fumento says no evidence of any
difference vs. control groupMarch 11, 1999 It's Activists, Not
Chips, Making People Sick

@@Osteoporosis (Brittle-Bone Disease)

Light-skinned women (whites and Asians) are at higher risk than
other races for Osteoperosis. Today NBC 5/16/96

\doc\95\14\osteopo.txt "Focus On Osteoporosis" Asian Week Sept 95 (?)
Asian women are at a higher risk for osteoporosis ( brittle-bone
disease) because of a calcuium deficient dietary pattern, lack of
regular exercise, lack of use of hormonal therapy after menopause, and
a tendancy to have many children [AHU notes - most Asian groups
actually have a lower fertility rate than whites in terms of total
children born]

@@Natural Remedies

1) Miracle Cure For Anything That Ails You Is As Close
Miracle Cure For Anything That Ails You Is As Close
As Your Supermarket Shelves - By Susan Jimison


87-23 Helmkamp, JC; LL Balazs, & PA Coben (1988) A Descriptive
Summary of Active-duty Deaths in the U.S. Navy in 1986. Military
Medicine, 153(12), 621-625.  The highest crude mortality rates
occurred in 23- to 24-year-old, males, Caucasians, and E-5s.
Eighty-eight percent of the 1986 deaths occurred among enlisted
personnel; 26% of those among marine engineering, aviation
maintenance, and weapons specialties. Nearly two thirds of the deaths
occurred in members who had less than 10 years' active duty. Saturday
was the most frequent day of death. One third of the 1986 deaths
occurred in the South Atlantic region and an additional 29% in the
Pacific. Motor vehicle-related deaths were the most significant
contributing cause of mortality accounting for 42% of the deaths. 


Bill would protect workers Eastside Journal Feb 17, 1999 In WA,
43,000 from sharp instruments Nationally, 1M injuries, 1,000 serious
disease, 100 deaths

@@Negligence "Applying the New York
State figures nationwide would mean, for example, that in 1988,
negligence in American hospitals was responsible for 80,000 deaths
and 234,000 injuries, and even this estimate is understated because
it includes only injuries and deaths in hospitals. A more recent
estimate, by a Harvard Law School Professor who co-authored the
Harvard Medical Practice Study, calculated the annual number of dead
to be 150,000."


\doc\web\97\07\nuke.txt Date sent: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 23:28:33 -0400
(EDT) From: Alex Gimarc  Sunday, Sept 14, 1997 1.
Anti-Nuke Hysteria.  The greenies managed to get a bit of air time
midweek scaremongering the upcoming launch of the Cassini Saturn
probe.  The probe carries a Radioisotope Thermal Generator (RTG) that
provides power via the disintegration of 78 pounds of Plutonium.
Plutonium is radioactive and if properly distributed, is poisonous.
What the greenies and the media don't bother to mention is that the
US has been flying plutonium fueled RTGs for 40 years. 

\priv\96\15\sileways.txt Vladimir Chernousenko, the Ukrainian
nuclear physicist who supervised the `clean- up' of Chernoby says
there were only 31 official casualties, but 7,000 died immediately
and Kiev, 4 million was heavily dosed.

\priv\96\12\cherdamg.txt 4/25/96 New York Times "Inherited Damage
Found in Chernobyl Children." Summary: Reports of birth defects are
disputed, U Michigan expert believes this is inconsistent with past

\priv\96\12\cherkill.txt "Through Fear, Chernobyl Still Kills" March
31, 1996. Summary - fewer than 500 direct deaths, compared to 2,000
at the Bhopal India chemical leak. There were 300 cases of thyroid
cases, none fatal since 1990 in Belarus, compared to 7 in the decade
before. The Gomel study showed people believed they were 5 times
sicker than the controls, but in fact were about the same. But the
people suffered from stress.


summary - Asians are only half as likely to be overweight, less than
any other racial group. Among youth, Asians are the only group with a
lower rate of obesity than whites, though it increases for the US
born.  Black women are more overweight than whites, as they are also

US Men     W1.00 B 1.21 H 1.08 A 2.39  (CDC)
US Women   W1.00 B-1.74 H-1.22 A 2.15
US G7-12   W1.00 B-1.27 H-1.25 A 1.17


Sunday 11 February 2001 Revealed: why so many Americans are fat (it's
not the food) By James Langton Most adults consume only around 100
calories a day more than they did 20 years ago, while the amount of
fat in their diet has dropped from 42 per cent to 34 per cent.
Residents in [Seattle] streets built before 1947 walked or cycled at
least three times every two days. Those in more modern houses used
cars almost exclusively. [walking to school is gone] paedophiles
murder only around 100 children each year in the United States. By
contrast, 1,772 children died and 316,000 were injured in car crashes
in 1998


Z68\clipim\2003\07\07\fat.efx .jpg
Americans are Gaining but 'Ideal Weight' Keep Shrinking DejaVu Cynthia
Crossen Wall Street Journal July 16, 2003 60 yrs ago, Metropolitan
Life Insurance created the first widely used weight charts.
"Overweight is so common that it constitutes a national health problem
of the first order". By 1924, based on many of those early charts,
more than half of all Americans over 35 were overweight, says Hillel
Schwartz in 1986 book "Never Satisfied" Actress Lillian Russel was 200
lbs. Howard Taft in 1909 was 300.  In 1941, average 5'10" 35 yr old
man weight 171, but chart set desirable at 159. Mr. Dublin claimed
that ideal weight at age 29 should be a lifelong weight. Americans
grew taller, worked less, and weighed more. By 1963, 5'10" 35 man was
169, but ideal was moved to 165. Women told to slim down from 145 in
1941 to 135 in 1963 for 55-64. Glenn Gaesser in 1996 "Big Fat Lies"
says crisis caused by new standards, not new weight. 1983 revision,
now woman can weigh 138, avg is 140.Using body mass index 25M made
obese. Today about 97 million considered overweight.


"The study found the most obese black women did not have a
significantly higher risk of premature death than slender black
women."  The abstracts of the article from the New England Journal of
Medicine can be found at this site:

\clip\98\09\obese.txt Immigrants' Children Tend to Be More Overweight
NEW YORK, May 27 (Reuters) -- "Among children of Hispanic and Asian
immigrants, those born in the US were more than twice as likely to be
overweight, compared with those born outside of the US, report Drs.
Barry M. Popkin and J. Richard Udry, of the University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill.  "

Of more than 13,000 adolescents surveyed grades 7-12 nationwide

-1.09 26.5 overall
-1.27 30.9 black non-Hispanic
-1.25 30.4 Hispanics
 1.00 24.2 white 
 1.17 20.6 Asian American  (Asians are least obese)

Most Asian groups except Chinese and Filipinos doubled obesity
between 1st and 2nd generation, Hispanic gap was nearly as large.

"Adolescent Obesity Increases Significantly in Second and Third Generation 
U.S. Immigrants: The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health," by 
Barry M. Popkin and J. Richard Udry, The Journal of Nutrition, Vol. 128 No. 
4, April 1998, pp. 701-706.
the abstract, with a link to the complete article, is available at:
C:\PRIV\97\07\FATAM.TXT American Adults, Children Significantly
Fatter Since 1980 By Curt Suplee Washington Post Staff Writer Friday,
March 7 1997; Page A16 The Washington Post 

Percent of US considered overweight:
1960-'62 24.3%																			                          																						 
'71-'74  25.0%																			 	                         																						 
'76-'80  25.4%																			                          																						 
'88-'94  34.9%																			                          																						 
Source:  Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 																				 						 																						 

\clip\97\07\fatcity\fatcity.txt Study:
New Orleans really is Fat City CNN 3/4/97

"The study found that cities with high unemployment rates, low per
capita income, high annual precipitation rates, a high number of food
stores per capita and larger numbers of black residents tend to have
higher rates of obesity."


F020497-3 Wall Street Journal Feb 4, 1997
Overweight Children
     Boys    Girls
1964   5%      5%
1991  12%     14%
National Center for Health Statistics

\DOC\96\03\TROPHEAL.TXT New York Times May 8, 1996 U.S. Troops Still
Eat, Drink and Smoke Too Much, Study Finds By PHILIP SHENON. Pentagon Study
Under the age of 20, 1 in 5 troops is classified as overweight . 

>>\priv\96\02\fatsurv.txt "Fat Survey: More of us say there's more of
us" Seattle Times Feb 5, 1996 A3. Harris Poll determines 75% of
Americans are overweight, up from 59% in 1986 filed:
\doc\96\01\weightg.txt "The New Weight Guidelines"
Business Week Jan 29, 1996 p. 78

"A Hot Potato" Ecnomist Sept 30, 1995
The British Dept of Health says that over 50% of Britons are overweight by the 
clinical definition. Between 1980 and 1992, the average person in Britain has 
increased in weight by 9 lbs.

\doc\95\02\healrisk.wk1 CDC US Survey
   Percent         White   Black   AmInd   Asian   Hispanic
   Overweight(3)      25.8    21.4    33.8    10.8    23.8
   Overweight(3)      1.00   -1.21    1.31   -2.39   -1.08
   Overweight(3)      21.7    37.7    30.3    10.1    26.5
   Overweight(3)      1.00    1.74    1.40   -2.15    1.22


The April 2001 Discover
Percentage of overweight adults by nation
U.S. 61
Russia 54
UK 51
Germany 50
Colombia 41
Brazil 36
China 15


\doc\95\11\cookoys.txt - Cooked oysters can harbor flu-causing
viruses, not just raw oysters.


THE INDEPENDENT Women are far more sensitive to pain than men Reports
by Steve Connor, Science Editor in Washington 22 February 2000

Women are born to suffer because they feel pain more acutely than men and
they are less easily relieved by painkilling drugs, scientists have

A number of studies show that women are inherently more sensitive to pain
because their nervous system recognises and responds to pain in a different
way from that of men, who are more able to brush it off.

Jeffrey Mogil, assistant professor of psychology at the University of
Illinois, told the meeting that medical researchers have clearly demonstrated
a sex difference in the intensity of feeling pain which is probably due to

Full text:

@@Pain Killer

"Many with cancer suffer pain needlessly" Seattle Times June 17, 1998
Paul A. Driscoll AP JAMA article: African American patients 65% more
likely to be untreated for pain than whites. 

@@Panic Attacks  Asian.Health.Panic-Attacks
Summary - Asians and Hispanics have a much lower rate of Panic Attacks

d:\doc\94\18\panic.wk1 - Panic Attacks in 5 US communties                   

Ratio of Panic Attacks% to No Psychological Disorders%
W1.0(1.07) B-1.13 HA-1.74                   
Source: Panic Attacks in the Community, Gerald L. Klerman et al, JAMA                
Feb 13, 1991 Vol 265 No. 6                  


Gang warfare has caused an epidemic of paralysis among inner city
minority youth.

\clip\96\04\paralyze.txt AP 10-Sep-1996 4:42 EDT REF5002 Los Angeles
Gangs Paralyze Rivals LOS ANGELES (AP) Gang warfare has caused an
epidemic of paralysis among inner city minority youth.

\clip\97\13\xwalk.txt 2 deaths, 20 pedestrian accidents in 1995, 17
accidents in 1996 in Kirkland Seattle Times Company Monday, May 19,
1997 Flashing lights for safety by Peyton Whitely Seattle Times
Eastside bureau 

@@Penis size

(Yes, Asians are probably smaller, and blacks are probably larger)

see @@penis


Cultural variation in eye movements during scene perception
Hannah Faye Chua, Julie E. Boland, and Richard E. Nisbett* Department of 
Psychology, University of Michigan, 530 Church Street, Ann Arbor, MI 
48109-1043 Contributed by Richard E. Nisbett, July 20, 2005
"the Americans fixated more on focal objects than did the Chinese, and
the Americans tended to look at the focal object more quickly. In
addition, the Chinese made more saccades to the background than did
the Americans. " [Asian Americans were somewhere inbetween, authors
believe it proves cultural differences]

@@Perinatal Period deaths

doc938\death1.xls CA B2.6 H2.6 A1.2


Predicting a child's future personality Parents Magazine May 1996 p.
103 Diane Debrovner. F043096 Many children preschool traits persisted
into young adulthood, according to study by University of Wisconsin
and Otago Medical school in New Zealand


health.pesticide \clip\96\04\pestwork.txt Date: Sun, 8 Sep 1996
17:32:15 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Harvest of
Illness Scares, Puzzles California Farm Town By Karen Brandon,
Chicago Tribune "-No one has ever been able to prove why the children
of this farm workers' town keep getting cancer."

\priv\95\15\dirtdozn.txt - diry dozen most hazardous

\priv\95\13\babypest.txt - pesticides in baby food are
below federal limits, but claims it's still too much.

@@Physical exams 

\priv\95\10\physexam.txt Physical exams are often a
waste of time, study says SJM 8/23/95


Chinese believe eating placentas
will beef up a weak child.


\clip\96\01\plague.txt Plague is very rare in the US and only
occasionally kills a victim or two in any given year.

@@Plastic Surgery

z50\clip\2002\11\jacknose.txt Is Jackson's nose what the doctors
ordered?  los angeles times nov 15, 2002 November
15, 2002 E-mail story Print By Booth Moore, Times Staff Writer "What
he's done is to go from a Negroid or black nose, which is round and
broad and flat, to a Caucasian nose that's narrow and projecting,"


\clip\97\02\PLAYGROU.TXT Tuesday, January 21, 1997 · Page A1 ©1997
San Francisco Chronicle 
"Nearly 150,000 children each year end up in hospital emergency rooms
after being injured on public playgrounds, according to the federal
Consumer Product Safety Commission. About 15 children across the
nation die from those injuries every year."

\doc\96\03\playgrnd.txt "Playing It Safe" Consumer Reports May 1996
25% of those surveyed reported children being injured on playsets
or public playgrounds. Of these, 10% of injuries were sprains,
broken bones, concussions, or cuts requiring stiches. About a dozen
children a year die each year on playground equipment


151 police officers died this year while on duty AP David Ho
Seattle Times Dec 29, 2000
National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund
Most deaths due to firearms, except 1999 when it was due
to traffic and auto accidents.
Average per year 
153 1990s 
187 1980s 
222 1970s

officer struck and killed by motorist Bakersfield Californian
11/20/96 WINTERHAVEN, Calif. (AP) A motorist who fell asleep while
driving struck and killed a California Highway Patrol officer who was
checking an abandoned vehicle on Interstate 8, officials said
Tuesday, [third CHP officer in Southern California in 3 weeks] in 3
weeks ``This is the most common cause of death for a CHP officer,''
Marinez said. ``More of our officers are run over and killed as
opposed to being shot and killed.'' 


\clip\96\08\MEASLE.TXT Copyright © 1996 The Seattle Times Company
Nov. 15, 1996 World defeat of polio delayed; victory against measles
predicted by Neil Winton Reuters 
Last year 7,000 cases of polio were reported worldwide, but Hull said
the actual occurrence was about 70,000,

"Billions Suffering Needlessly, Study Says" New York Times (05/02/95)
P. C5;  Leary, Warren E. WHO reports that polio has been eliminated in
the Western Hemisphere in the last three years.


\clip\97\05\airlife.txt NewsBank, inc. - The Seattle Times - 1995
STUDY Date: March 10, 1995 Page: A3 Author: CURT SUPLEE WASHINGTON
POST "people in the nation's most polluted cities are 15 to 17
percent more likely to die prematurely than those in cities with the
cleanest air" study co-author Douglas Dockery of the Harvard School
of Public Health,

@@Poor health

Thirty percent of Vietnamese and 37 percent of Hispanics report fair
to poor health compared to 12 percent of the white and 22 percent of
the Japanese and Chinese surveyed in Santa Clara County


Seattle Times Sept 10, 2003 C1 "Mashed in the Marketplace" #1 crop in
the US by value $2.5B. 1/4 of at home meals have potatoes.  From
1990=2000, fresh use down by 23.5%, but frozen up by 4%. Use was 81
lb/yr in 1960, now 49.

@@Prenatal care


Social Marxism holds that poverty, not race is the main reason for
poor health, but this does NOT hold up. Poor Asians are healthier
than affluent blacks, and Hispanics live just as long as much more
affluent Anglos.

30-year study shows poverty hurts health (Los Angeles Times) Terence
Monmaney Seattle Times Dec 25, 1997 p. A4 \images\972\1228\study.tif
[People in low income families are more likely to develop physical
and mental problems that interfere with daily life, New England
Journal of Medicine]

atmo=33fb7519&pg=/et/97/8/5/npov05.html " POOR health suffered by
people from ethnic minorities, compared with the white population, is
the result of poverty, not cultural habits or racial characteristics,
a report says today.  " UK News Electronic Telegraph Tuesday 5 August
"But those Indians, Africans and Chinese who are closest to whites
in income are as healthy as whites. Dr James Nazroo, author of the
report, said: "Poor health is associated with poverty. Some ethnic
minority groups are among the poorest in Britain and they also have
the worst health. "


keywords: Asian.Health.Problem
\priv\95\01\asbprob.txt - Asian problem areas are:
thalassemia, hepatitis B, tuberculosis, parasites, diabetes
melitus and nasopharyngeal cancer.

@@Prostate cancer UC Davis Cancer Center
Prostate cancer has become a major problem for men in the United
States, resulting in some 40,000 deaths annually.  Overall, early
detection is the key to successful management of genitourinary

\doc\95\06\prostfat.txt - Asians have the lowest, Blacks the highest
rates of prostate cancer. Risk goes up with fat intake.

\clip\96\02\proscanc.txt Aug 7, 1996 SJ Mercury News Study Finds More
Reliable Way to Diagnose Prostate Cancer in Black Men By Patricia
Anstett, Detroit Free Press. Black men have a higher incidence of
prostate cancer, develop it earlier and are twice as likely to die
from it as white men. Black men have the highest rate of the cancer
in the world, according to the American Cancer Society, no one knows
why. (comment, at least they're not blaming poverty again)

"Prostate cancer is linked to fat intake" Donna Alvarado, San Jose 
Mercury News May 3, 1995 p. 1

Rates of prostate cancer among men:
Black         82              1.32
White         62 per 100,000  1.00
Japanese Am   33             -1.87
Chinese  Am   20             -3.10
Shanghai China  2            -41.00

@@Proton Pump Inhibitor


"Purple Pill"

Slightly altered version of Prilosec which has patent expiring

Randy@noname 9/2001
Have you tried Nexium for the stomach? Seems to help me... Very high rate of
ulcer healing after short (4 to 8 week) therapy, especially when combined
with antibiotics.

lislar@aol: I was taking Prilosec, but after a few years it wasn't
working anymore, so my hepatologist just recently switched me to
Nexium.  It works beautifully for me.  

Nexium® Offers Unique Advantage Over Generic Omeprazole
Only proton-pump inhibitor proven to enrich AstraZeneca

test vs. Tagamet
CONCLUSIONS--Omeprazole 30 mg daily accelerates healing of ulcers in
the body of the stomach as compared with cimetidine 1 g daily. This
effect is more pronounced in ulcers greater than 12 mm diameter.
Faster at 4 weeks, but about the same at 2 or 6 weeks.


Side effect of diarhea, otherwise very effective. Dancing Tummy mascot.

modxald@elnop: I had severe esophagal disease as a result of daily
acid reflux for a period of over 40 years.  I was maxing out on
Gavascon Extra Strength.  I took a Prevacid pill one night and have
not even thought of my stomach since.  I had an endoscope a year
later and, according to my internist, my esophagus is "textbook
healthy." Started Prevacid 30 mg once day. Symptoms
stopped almost overnight but continued Prevacid for 8 weeks to give
my esophagus chance to heal. In eighth week of Prevacid I started
having 3 to 4 bad cases of diarrhea every day. I stopped taking
Prevacid and diarrhea stopped

aglasser@sc.rr 1/2001	I have been on Prevacid for 2 years for acid
reflux (15mg).  A little diarrhea for about 2 weeks then pretty
normal.  Prevacid is great and works for me very well.



Book: "The Essential Guide to Psychiatric Drugs" 


Blacks reach puberty before whites, Asians probably later.
Consistent with rk evolution theory

Puberty Onset Age, by Ethnicity: 
Asian/Pacific Islander:  12.1 +.4
European (white):        11.7 
Latin-American/Hispanic: 11.6 -.1
African (black):         11.3 -.4

Age at Puberty   W10 yr  B 9 yrs

Time Aug 8, 2005 p. 44 "Being 13" Nancy Gibbs "From 1963 to the early
1990s, the age .. of first period dropped by about one month every
decade, to 12.1 years for black girls to 12.6 years for whites"

JackinWorld Puberty Survey
"The ultimate male masturbation resource"
Puberty Onset Age, by Ethnicity: 
Asian/Pacific Islander:  12.1 
European (white):        11.7 
Latin-American/Hispanic: 11.6 
African (black):         11.3
Internet Survey was held in July 1998 over a period of about five
days. It was open to males age 19 and under. A total of 2,476
responses were collected

Facing breast cancer before 50 
Mind Body and Soul, Inc July 10, 1998 A
recent study showed that Black girls enter puberty before White
girls, a sign that high levels of estrogen are circulating in our
bodies sooner. 
While some surveys
found that Oriental girls enter puberty as early as whites (Eveleth &
Tanner, 1976), others suggest that in both physical development and
onset of interest in sex, the Japanese, on the average, lag 1.5 to 2
years behind white Americans (Asayama, 1975). (Rushton, J.P. &
Bogaert, A.F. (1987)

Rushton says  it is part of a 
pattern of earlier development

z48\clip\2001\02\puber.txt New York Times,
1.2.20 Doubters Fault Theory Finding Earlier Puberty By GINA KOLATA
"the age of onset of menstruation, the only date in the continuum of
sexual development for which good data exist, has remained constant
for half a century, occurring at about 12 years and 8 months in white
girls and a few months earlier in black girls."  Black girls began
developing breasts at an average age of 8.87 and pubic hair at an
average age of 8.78.  For white girls, the average ages were 9.96
years for breasts and 10.51 years for pubic hair.  the lower end of
the normal age range was also pushed back, to age 6 for black girls
and age 7 for white girls.  ... previous guidelines, about 8 percent
of white girls and 26 percent of blacks would be considered to have
precocious puberty,"

z39\clip\99\21\puberty.txt New York Times November 30, 1999
Yesterday's Precocious Puberty Is Norm Today By JANE E. BRODY On the
average, breast development was notable before age 10 in white girls
and before age 9 in black girls, and the growth of pubic hair
generally occurred about a year later. But even at age 7, 27 percent
of black girls and nearly 7 percent of white girls had begun to grow
breasts, pubic hair or both.  there has been no apparent advance (and
no racial difference) in the onset of puberty in boys.

\clip\97\10\pubert2.txt New York Times April 9, 1997 Early Puberty
Onset Seems Prevalent By SUSAN GILBERT
"In the study, the average age when puberty began was just under 9
years old for African-Americans and roughly 10 to 10 1/2 for
whites... 7 percent of the white girls and 27 percent of the
African-American girls had begun puberty by the age of 7. And 1
percent of the whites and 3 percent of the African-Americans had some
pubic hair or breast growth as early as the age of 3...Why
African-Americans begin puberty so much earlier than whites is a
mystery. Heavy girls tend to menstruate earlier than others, and
African-American girls tend to be heavier than white girls, Dr.
Herman-Giddens said, but she controlled for differences in body size
in her study.  "
\clip\97\10\puberty.txt Seattle Times Tuesday, April 8, 1997 U.S.
girls hit puberty earlier than believed, new study indicates by
Brenda C. Coleman Associated Press 

"At age 8, 48.3 percent of black girls and 14.7 percent of white
girls had begun developing breasts, pubic hair or both. Menstruation
occurred at 12.16 years in blacks on average and at 12.88 years in
whites" "The study, and other research, suggest that blacks and
whites have some inherent differences in sexual development." Comment
- this is interesting in light of controversial Phillipe Rushton's
assertion that blacks are different in sexual development and
tendencies, as well as in intelligence. This might also shed light on
why Asians have less teen sexual activity.

@@Race Differences

Some differences between races - 
- Limb length. Asians short, Africans long, Whites intermediate
- Head size Asians larger, Africans smaller, Whites intermediate
- IQ Africans less, Asians more, Whites intermediate
- Testosterone levels, Asians low, Africans high, Whites intermediate
- Lifespan. Asians long, Africans short, Whites intermediate
- Infant mortality. Asians low African high, Whites intermediate
- Brain size, Asians large, Africans small, Whites intermediate
- Crime rates, Asians low, Africans high, Whites intermediate.
- Coordination development - Asians late, Africans early, Whites intermediate
- Cancer, Asians low, Africans high, Whites intermediate


Published online: 23 July 2004; | doi:10.1038/news040719-16 
First 'black' drug nears approval
Helen Pearson 
Controversial study suggests treatment should factor in the patient's
ethnic group.  
The heart drug BiDil exceeded all expectations when tested in African
A heart drug being tested in black patients is on course to become the
first medicine approved for use in a specific ethnic group,


Clinton's HHS Race Initiative
Lays out goal of eliminating differences between races, but makes
no mention that tables show Asians BETTER than whites for most 


\clip\98\10\minheal.txt "Health care: separaten unequal: Minorities
lack first-rate treatment" Brigid Schulte Seattle Times August 2,
1998. Article hammer black gap, but chart shows that Asians have
longest life (82.4 w76.8 b70.3 h78.6 n76 vs. Japan96=79), lowest
infant mortality (3.6 chinese, 5.4 filipino 5.8 viet 6.0 mex 6.3 wh
8.9 pr 9 na 14.6 b per 1000 births ), and lowest deaths from treatable
illnesses (269 vs b686, w429 n385 h334 deaths per 100,000) 64,000
fewer black deaths if equal.
Gap infant mortality is same even among educate or afflent blacks
poor west african immigrabts = white
"Mexican paradox" high poverty, low health ins, yet less likely to
die from many illnesses than whites
Cancer studies of active military where care is same show blacks have
worse health than whites

BLACKS STILL WORSE OFF (but Asians shhh have lowest mortality)
Monday March 6, 2000, 1:54 PM ET
SOURCE: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1999;896:173-188.
Black - white health gap remains
By Tate Gunnerson NEW YORK, Mar 06 (Reuters Health) -- Nearly 50
years and numerous advances in civil rights have not narrowed the gap
between the death rate in blacks and that in whites, which was the
same in 1995 as it was in 1950, a University of Michigan researcher
reports. ..After adjusting for their economic status, African
Americans are more likely than whites to be unable to meet essential
expenses. Hispanics and American Indians have lower levels of heart
disease, cancer and stroke, but higher death rates of diabetes and
cirrhosis of the liver than whites. 

>>>The Asian/Pacific Islander
population has significantly lower mortality rates than those of

Seattle Times Company August 2, 1998 Minorities are left behind in
health care by Brigid Schulte Knight Ridder Newspapers
Analysis of table that appeared in Seattle Times Aug 2, 1998
by Arthur Hu

Life Expectancy
        Ratio   Years
Asian       1.07   82.40
Hispanic    1.02   78.60
White       1.00   76.80
NativeAm   -1.01   76.00
Black      -1.09   70.30

Infant Mortality
        ratio   Mortalitpercent
Black      -1.64   14.60     164%
NativeAm   -1.01    9.00     101%
White       1.00    8.90     100%
PuertoR    -1.00    8.90     100%
Mexican     1.41    6.30      71%
Vietname    1.53    5.80      65%
Filipino    1.65    5.40      61%
Chinese     2.47    3.60      40%

        Per     Percent Ratio
        Deaths from
        Treatable Diseases
Black        686    100%    -1.60
White        429     63%     1.00
Hispanic     334     49%     1.28
Asian        269     39%     1.59

good at sports?
33fb6faf&pg=/et/97/7/26/tlfast26.html \clip\97\19\kidd.txt London
Electronic Telegraph Saturday 26 July 1997 Issue 792 " According to
the medical evidence, African-Americans seem to have, on average,
greater bone-mass than do white Americans - a difference that
suggests greater muscle mass.  Black men have slightly higher
circulating levels of testosterone and human-growth hormone than
their white counterparts, and blacks overall tend to have
proportionally slimmer hips, wider shoulders and longer legs."
[Asians have proportionally shorter limbs, and less testosterone]

%%Racial profiling

Studies which correct for socioeconomic disparities appear to show
differences which may be accounted for by genetic differences. But
this goes against the general belief that there is no such biological
concept of distinguishable races. The article concludes by implying
that eliminating social / economic differnces will eliminate all
health differences, which is precisely what the studies have
consistently shown is NOT the factual case.

Why Racial Profiling Persists in Medical Research,8599,1916755,00.html
filed: \yr\09\clip\2009\08\raceprofheal.txt
Saturday, Aug. 22, 2009
By Catherine Elton

"studies that attribute health disparities between blacks and
whites not to socioeconomics or access to health care alone but also
to genetic differences between the races--a concept that implies
that a biological category of race exists."

"The paper found that all other factors being equal, black patients
had on average a significantly lower cancer survival rate than whites.
Given that all patients were participating in the same clinical
trials, the authors said, there was no difference in terms of access
to care. Researchers said also that even after adjusting for patients'
socioeconomic status, the survival gap between black and white
patients remained for three of the cancers studied: breast, ovarian
and prostate. "There is a considerable difference in the statistics.
Something big is going on among people who are getting equal care,"
says lead author Kathy Albain, a breast and lung cancer specialist at
Loyola University's cancer center. That something, the authors
concluded, must be some unknown biological or genetic factor that
differs by race."

"To close the gap in health outcomes, thus, the key is perhaps not to
control for socioeconomic disparities but to try to eliminate them


New from the same people who brought you political correctness:
Racism causes sickness.

The Indoctrinologists Are Coming by Sally Satel Atlantic Monthly,
January 2001 Does either color or sex determine the level and
frequency of medical care that individual patients receive? A careful
look at available data, the author argues, suggests that the answer
is no

RACISM?  see
Wall Street Journal Letters Jan 3, 1997 p. A9. Nancy Krieger , Dept
of Health and Social Behavior, Harvard School of Public Health. Dec
12 article by Sally Satel says the poorer health and shorter life
spans of the poor is due to poor health behaviors, and riducules the
hypothesis supported by her new study that discrimination is the
cause of poor health. Comment - Hispanics live just as long and
Asians live longer than whites, despite much higher levels of
poverty. The poorest Asian refugees have lower rates of infant
mortality than even middle class blacks. They also get better grades.

"Race for the Cure: Does Racism Make You Sick?" Sally Satel The New
Republic F050597-2 Feb 17, 1997 p. 12 Very poor politically-based
research is the basis of a popular study by Nancy Krieger that racism
in itself causes and explains the poorer health of blacks.

"The Politicization of Public Health" Wall Street Journal Dec 12,
1996 p.  A12 Sally Satel F012497-1 Nancy Krieger co-authored a study
in the American Journal of Public Health "Racial Discrimination and
Blood Pressure" blaming HBP on racism but were "riddled with
contradictions and failed utterly to support her case". Camara Jones
at Harvard's School of Public Health teaches "Race and Racism".

\clip\96\02\raciheal.txt Aug 7, 1996 Chicago Tribune Chicago Tribune
Science Briefs Column By Ron Kotulak and Jon Van, Chicago Tribune
International Journal of Behavioral Medicine published that black
women had their heart and blood pressure go up when exposed to racist

\priv\96\04\raceheal.doc Racism liked to blacks' poor health Marilyn
Elias USA TODAY 3/18/96 p. D1 WASHINGTON-Living with racism inflicts
biological stress that can hasten death in black Arnericans, new
studies suggest. (I dunno, this sounds pretty silly to me)

@@Radiation poisoning

Bikini test effects

\priv\95\19\NIHRadia.txt NIH researcher is poisoned deliberately,
delivers baby normally.

@@Radon hazard

Radon is a naturally occuring radioactive gas which is thought to
prevent a serious enough threat to lung cancer to merit monitoring,
and removal if levels are high enough. EPA estimates are as high as
20,000 deaths per year based on uranium miner exposure, but low
exposure to rats indicates it should be much lower than this.

\clip\99\01\radon.txt New study suggests radon threat may be
overestimated   January 4, 1999 From Correspondent Dan Rutz " When
Brenner and his colleagues at Columbia bombarded mouse cells with
low-dose radon, their results differed from earlier studies [based on
higher dosages among uranium miners].  

 Time to Overthrow the Radonistas By
Michael Fumento

"Radon's Danger Tallied" Seattle Times Feb 20, 1998 P. A11 Raja
Mishira. 2,000-3,000 lung cancer deaths per year are thought to be
caused by radon exposure according to an EPA sponsored study. It
contributes to 15-20,000 deaths per year. But 90% of lung cancer is
caused by smoking.

\priv\96b\08\radon.txt 7/16/96 New Study Finds No Link Between Indoor
Radon And Lung Cancer By PAUL RECER AP Science Writer.  Radon is NOT
a significant risk for lung cancer according to this study.


Per Passenger mile, railroads are 8 times as dangerous as cars, 40
times more than flying. Annually, only 15 of 21 million passengers
die on Amtrak, one in 4 million. There is one motor vehicle death per
5,000 persons in the US annually, but people take many more trips in

Fatalities per Billion Passenger/Miles
     Air  Motor Vehicle Rail
1991 2.81 11.54         87.68
1992 2.69 10.53         87.24
1993 2.16 10.60         97.35
1994 2.60 10.49         N/A

Cars are about 4 times more dangerous per mile, but not per hour.
Rail is more dangerous than air, probably because of ground traffic
and broken tracks.

Injuries per Billion Passenger/Miles
     Air  Motor Vehicle Rail
1991 1.43 849.16        1723.43
1992 1.24 811.89        1594.44
1993 1.15 812.62        1455.40
1994 1.32 816.95        N/A

Car are much more dangerous in terms of injuries.

Note: Information from the U.S. Department of Transportation. "Air"
includes all air travel: commercial carriers, commuter airlines,
unscheduled air taxis and other aviation. "Rail" includes Amtrak and
commuter rail, but not municipal rapid transit. "Motor Vehicle"
includes highway travel only.  As cited by Washington Post 7/19/96
?s=v/nm/19990805/wl/crash_train_20.html August 5 1999 India Suspends
Officers For Train Collision at least 285 people had died and 312
injured in the collision at Gaisal station ...a record of some 300
accidents a year, about two-thirds of which are blamed on staff
negligence.  Indian Railways has defended its record, saying the
incidence of accidents per million kilometers traveled fell to 0.57
in 1996/97 (April-March) from 5.5 in 1960/61. 

Trains Unlimited:
Railroad deaths
1890  6,335
1917 10,087
1918  9,237
Worst accident killed 101, injured 121 in 1918

According to a History Channel series, rail deaths were once as high
as 12,000 per year, depending on the estimate.

Worst fatal amtrack wrecks 3/16/99 CNN September 22, 1993 -- In
Amtrak's deadliest accident, 47 people were killed near Mobile,

11+26 February 16, 1996
1+78 October 9, 1995
7 June 8, 1995
1  May 16, 1994
47 September 22, 1993
16 January 1987
6  March 17, 1993 

89 total over 6 years = 15 per year, one death per 4.2 million
passengers per year
3/16/99 In 1997, 245 Amtrak trains were involved in accidents
reportable to the Federal Railroad Administration, according to
Amtrak statistics.  They caused 1,020 crew injuries and 266 passenger
injuries, most of which were minor.  Of all the reportable accidents,
183, or 74 percent, were attributable to motor vehicle operator
inattention or impatience.  Amtrak annually serves about 21 million
passengers. The national railroad has 23,000 employees. 

Train Bums Page Irreverant compilation of bad things happening to

JAMA April 2, 1997 Deaths Among Railroad Trespassers The Role of
Alcohol in Fatal Injuries Deaths among railroad tresspassers 75%
were drunk at the time of death.

National Safety Council
                               Accident Facts
                     Transportation Accident Statistics

Passenger transportation accidents account for about one-fourth of all
unintentional-injury deaths. But the risk of death to the passenger,
expressed on a per mile basis, varies greatly by transportation mode.
Automobile travel presents the greatest risk; air, rail, and bus travel
have much lower death rates. The tables below show the latest information
on passenger transportation deaths and death rates.

Passenger automobiles and taxis. Automobile occupants account for about two
thirds of all highway vehicle occupant deaths, and automobiles represent
about 67 percent of the total vehicle miles of highway travel. The
automobile statistics shown in the tables below represent all passenger car
usage, both intercity and local.

Buses. School buses transport approximately 20.0 million students each
school day, or about 3.6 billion each year. Intercity buses carried 343
million passengers and transit buses carried 5.5 billlion passengers in

Railroad passenger trains. In 1994, Amtrak accounted for about 44 percent
of the railroad passenger miles and 2 of the 5 railroad passenger
fatalities. Railroads carried about 359 million passengers in 1994.

Scheduled airlines. Of the 159 passenger deaths in 1994 in scheduled
service, 7 were on commuter airlines and 152 were on large airlines.
Domestic certified airlines carried 489 million passengers in 1994.

       Transportation Accident Death Rates, United States, 1992-1994
(Ranked by death rate per passenger mile)
                                    1994            1994        1992-1994
        Kind of          1994     Passenger      Deaths per      Average
    Transportation    Passenger     Miles       100,000,000       Death
                                 (billions)   Passenger Miles     Rate
 automobiles (a)         21,813       2,537.0             0.86        0.85
 Railroad passenger
 trains (c)                   5          13.2             0.04        0.17
 Transit buses                5          20.4             0.02        0.02
 Intercity buses              4          25.3             0.02        0.02
 Scheduled airlines
 (d)                        159         388.4             0.04        0.02
 Buses                   15 (b)         140.7             0.01        0.01
 School buses                 2          95.0              (e)         (e)

Source: Automobile and bus passenger deaths -- Fatal Accident Reporting
System data. Railroad passenger deaths -- Federal Railroad Administration.
Airline passenger deaths -- National Transportation Safety Board. Passenger
miles for intercity buses, railroad, and airlines -- Eno Transportation
Foundation, Inc. (1995). Transportation in America, 13th edition.
Lansdowne, VA: Author. All other figures -- National Safety Council
(a) Includes taxi passengers. Drivers of passenger automobiles are
considered passengers.
(b) Deaths include other and unknown bus types.
(c) Includes commutation.
(d) Includes large airlines and scheduled commuter airlines; excludes cargo
service. Rates exclude suicide/sabotage deaths.
(e) Less than 0.005.

         Passenger Deaths and Death Rates, United States, 1984-1994

       Passenger Cars                      Railroad
           & Taxis          Buses      Passenger Trains Scheduled Airlines
 Year Deaths | Rate (a) Deaths | Rate Deaths | Rate (a)  Deaths | Rate (a)
 1984   23,373 | 0.98     37 | 0.03       12 | 0.11          39 | 0.02
 1985   22,974 | 0.96     47 | 0.04        3 | 0.03         202 | 0.07
 1986 24,704 | 1.27 (b)   36 | 0.03        4 | 0.03          7 | 0.002
 1987   24,909 | 1.22     34 | 0.03       16 | 0.13       253 | 0.07 (c)
 1988   25,614 | 1.19     44 | 0.03        2 | 0.02       273 | 0.01 (c)
 1989   24,871 | 1.12     48 | 0.04        8 | 0.06         147 | 0.04
 1990   23,924 | 0.99     24 | 0.02        3 | 0.02         11 | 0.003
 1991   22,215 | 0.91     25 | 0.02        8 | 0.06         104 | 0.03
 1992   21,257 | 0.83     23 | 0.02        3 | 0.02          39 | 0.01
 1993   21,414 | 0.86     14 | 0.01       58 | 0.45          19 | 0.01
 1994   21,813 | 0.86     15 | 0.01        5 | 0.04         159 | 0.04

Source: See table above.
(a) Deaths per 100,000,000 passenger miles.
(b) Rate not comparable to prior years due to change in estimating
(c) Rate excludes deaths due to sabotage (1987=38, 1988=244).

DOT Federal Railroad Administration
Railroad Crossing & Trespassing
Child Facts

     Over the last five years, casualties (child and adult) at
highway-rail crossings or while trespassing have accounted for 93.8
percent of the deaths in rail operations and 12 percent of the

     Of these crossing and trespass casualties, 8 percent were
individuals 15 years old or younger (8.5 percent of injuries and 6.9
percent of fatalities).

     Casualties 15-and-under at highway-rail crossings (1,181)
outnumbered those trespassing (407) by nearly 3 to 1.

     Highway-rail crossing casualties in this age group have declined
significantly (approximately 50 percent) over the 5-year period,
while trespass casualties have increased by a quarter.

     Not surprisingly, Spring and Summer months (April through
September) generate more trespass casualties (nearly 2 to 1) in this
age group than do Fall and Winter months.

     One third of the highway-rail crossing and trespass casualties
in the under-16 age group, over the last five years, occurred in five
states. In addition to the top five states, the next third of the
casualties occurred in the next ten states (for a total of 67.5
percent in the top fifteen states).

                    Texas            202
                    Illinois         123
                    Ohio             99
                    Louisiana        75
                    New York         70
                    Indiana          67
                    Wisconsin        62
                    California       57
                    Oklahoma         54
                    Pennsylvania     52
                    Arkansas         45
                    Georgia          43
                    Michigan         43
                    Alabama          41
                    Mississippi      39
                    North Carolina   38

@@Race Reaction

When Races Interact, Bodies React, Purdue Study Finds
Source: Purdue University Posted 8/4/98
When Races Interact, Bodies React, Purdue Study Finds


Mormons are the longest living white ethnic group. Conservative
Christians have very low rates of AIDS, and other health risks, but
this is factor which has never been studied because most studies
are based on finding victims, not personal health strategies.

%%Blood Pressure

Study shows religion keeps blood pressure in elderly low GARY D.
ROBERTSON, Associated Press Writer Tuesday, August 11, 1998 Breaking
News Sections SF chronicle "The new Duke University study of 4,000
North Carolinians ages 65 or over found those who participated in
religious activities were 40 percent less likely to have high blood
pressure, which can increase the risk of heart disease.  The effect
of religious activities appeared to be strongest in blacks and people
between 65 and 75.  " 


\doc\web\99\06\relmed.txt religion health claims are
not reliable
Religion, spirituality and medicine by R P
Sloan, E Bagiella, T Powell Lancet 1999 Februaru 20; vol. 353: pp.
Of 296 physicians surveyed during the
October, 1996, meeting of the American Academy of Family Physicians,
99% were convinced that religious beliefs can heal, and 75% believed
that prayers of others could promote a patient's recovery. Benson
writes that faith in God has a health-promoting effect.6

However, the strategy of matching ensures equivalence of groups only
on the matched variables. As a consequence, the groups differed with
respect to dietary habits, smoking, blood cholesterol concentrations,
and marital status, with the secular group having greater risk, as
the authors themselves report. The multivariate analysis of mortality
did not control for these factors. (the religious had lower-risk
health behaviors)


Groups" Family Research Council Watch Nov 1997 On September 10,
the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)
published a study that showed that intact, devoted families produce
safer and healthier children.


The general rate of mental retardation is only 1 to 3%, about twice
as high among blacks, so you're IQ needs to be in the bottom 1-3% to

\doc\96\03\smokretr.txt "Smoking Linked To Retarded Babies" Seattle
Times April 10, 1996 p. A7 According to article in April Pediatrics
magazine, pregnant women who smoke were 50% more likely to have
retarded children. There was a 35% increase for those with just 5
cigarettes a week. It was 60% more if smoking was in last 6 months of
pregnancy, and 1 pack per day was up 85%

3 articles in American Journal of Public Health Vol. 85 No. 3 (3/95)

- General rate of mental retardation is 1% to 3%
- Born to mothers who don't complete HS is 4X otherwise
- Born to black mothers 2X whites
- Blacks born to mothers who don't complete about equal to
- study believes about half the difference due to low education, low
income neighborhood. Would not speculate on whether genetic potential
had anything to do with remaining difference.

@@Rice cakes

\doc\95\01\ricecake.txt - 6 elderly Japanese died eating rice cakes
on one day, vs. 100 AIDS cases per year "Tragedy marks New Year's
celebrations" (AP) Seattle Post Intellegencer Jan 2, 1995 p.1


z48\clip\2001\03\ricket.txt Rickets making a comeback in kids Health
officials cite milk substitutes, less time outdoors ASSOCIATED PRESS
ATLANTA, March 29 2001 - Childhood rickets - a bone-softening disease that
had become so rare the government stopped keeping statistics on it -
is making a comeback, in part because some youngsters are not getting
enough sunlight or fortified milk, health officials say.
"The resurgence
has been seen particularly among children breast-fed by black
mothers. Dark-skinned people absorb less sunlight.  "


Data as cited in "Fear Vs. Risk New York Times" March 8, 1995 p. B7
Source: National Center for Health Statistics

A - Women who perceive disease as a serious threat
B - Percent who may actually get the illness

                   A    B
Breast Cancer -    46%  4%
Unspecified Cancer 16%  3%
AIDS                4% <1%
Heart Disease       4% 36%
Uterine and ovarian
cancer              3%  2%

\DOC\94\18\PRIV\HEALRISK.TXT teen health risk
  HEALTH RISKS FOR TEEN-AGERS One of proponents' chief arguments for
  school health clinics is the risky behavior of many adolescents. A
  1991 survey of U.S. high school students showed many engaging in
  dangerous or poor health practices. Risk factor  Percent

 Did not always wear seat belts                          72 
 Ever had sexual intercourse                             54 
 Not enrolled in physical education                      51 
 In physical fight in past year                          42 
 Had 5 or more drinks on one occasion in past 30 days    31 
 Smoked cigarettes in past 30 days                       28 
 Carried weapon in past 30 days                          26 
 Had sexual intercourse with 4 or more partners          19
Source: 1991 survey Centers for Disease Control SJM 10/29/93

@@Ritalin (also see ADD)

One side says that Ritalin is far too overdiagnosed for ADD, and it
is similar to other illegal drugs in its harmful effects. Others say
that it is both effective and safe.

%%How it works

z47\clip\2001\01\rita.txt Study unlocks brain mystery of Ritalin By
Merritt McKinney Jan 19 (Reuters Health) - Doctors have been
prescribing Ritalin for years to treat
attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children... the
medication appears to work by increasing levels of the brain chemical


\clip\99\13\ritunder.txt Drugs for
attention deficit under- not over-used June 24, 1999 (Reuters Health)
Only one in eight children who have symptoms of ADHD are prescribed
stimulants according to Dr.  Peter S. Jensen of the National
Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland, and colleagues. says Ritalin is safe
and effective with minor side effects.


\clip\99\10\drugrit.txt Doping our kids Prescription drugs at root of
violence, says expert By David M. Bresnahan © 1999
Mind altering drugs may be the cause of violence among school
children, according to some doctors and other experts. Millions of
children are legally taking drugs similar to cocaine in schools every
day.  The drugs are Ritalin, Prozac, and others. 

@@School Injuries

School Deaths / Injuries
CSN Home Page: (Revised
 May of 97)

     71 pupils were killed and 201 severely wounded in schools by handguns
during the years 1986-1989, according to the Center to Prevent Handgun
      175 pupils were killed in incidents involving school buses during
that same period. An additional 29,600 children suffered school-bus-related
injuries, with more than half being struck by the bus or another motor
vehicle as they boarded or left the bus.
      Almost 22 million children in the United States are injured each
year. An estimated 10 to 25 percent of these injuries occur in and around

WA guns report Olympia -- The Report
to the Legislature on 1996 - 97 Weapons in Schools showed for the
third consecutive year, a decrease in overall fire-arm incidents in
Washington public schools. The report was issued today by the Office
of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI).  Overall, there was a
6.8% increase over last year in public school weapons-related
incidents. Even with that increase, however, there has been a 27.3%
overall decline in public school weapons-related incidents since 1993.

@@School bus

COAT DRAWSTRINGS GET CAUGHT ON SCHOOLBUS HANDRAILS \clip\97\09\handrail.txt After recall and
7 deaths, school bus handrails still faulty By Laura Meckler,
Associated Press, 04/04/97 

@@Scoliosis Curvature of spine Curvature of spine doen't lead to problems later, study suggests Lidsey Seattle Post Intell Feb 5, 2003 AP/JAMA Previous research led to mandatory screening programs in 26 states based on misperceptions that spine deformities lead to severe disabilities. Untreated did have more back pain and image problems, bit similar death rates, just as functional and productive 50 yrs after diagnosis. Lead author Dr. Stuart Weinstein Univ Iowa. 117 patients diagnosed 1932-1948. Compared diagnosed with normal, modern treatment - brace, surgery not available then. avg 50 deg @@Seat Belt (also see @@Driving) \clip\97\12\seatbus.txt Seattle Times May 4, 1997 Education Q and A Why aren't seat belts required in school buses? Studies show that students are actually safer in school buses without seat belts. In cars, they keep you from being ejected or hitting the dashboard. @@Sebaceous cyst Cyst under skin see @@Sickle cell anemia Sickle cells are thought to be an evolutionary adaptation to African diseases. Most cases are among African Americans. BLACKS HAVE HIGH RATE OF SICKLE CELL \clip\97\01\sickcell.txt Chicago Tribune SICKLE CELL DISEASE RATE HIGHER IN FLORIDA THAN NATIONAL INCIDENCE, FDA SAYS January 8, 1997; 6:01 a.m. CST Florida health officials are investigating a startling new finding that young black children with sickle cell disease appear to die from it there at double the national rate. Sickle cell is an inherited disease that primarily afflicts black Americans, affecting about one in every 350 black newborns. \clip\96\02\sickcell.txt Aug 8, 1996 Bone Marrow Transplants Cure Severe Cases of Sickle Cell Anemia By DANIEL Q. HANEY AP Medical Editor. Sickle cell anemia affects 80,000 Americans, mostly black. Bone marrow transplants cure 3/4 of victims, but kills 10%. @@Size z75\clip\2004\04\size.txt Industry standards set a size 8 at a 35-inch bust, a 27-inch waist, and 37.5-inch hip. In the survey, white women ages 18 to 25 came in, on average, 38-32-41, with white 18 to 25 bust/waist/hip barbie 39-18-33 white 18-25 38-32-41 white 36-45 41-34-43 black 43-37-46 hispanic 42.5-36-44 other(Asian) 41-35-43 Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 15:46:19 -0400 (EDT) Sizing Up America: Signs of Expansion New York Times, 4.3.1 By KATE ZERNIKE For the first time since World War II, a national survey has sized up the average American body, not just by weight and height or even the standard chest-waist-hip routine, but in more than 240 measurements tip to toe. @@Skating, Roller "Classic Roller Skates Return as Safety Fears Dull Blades" Wall Street Journal Oct 24, 1997 Joseph Pereira. "From 1992 to 1996, there were three dozen deaths related to in-line skating, the [ Conumer Product Safety] commision says", accidents went from 105,000 in 1995 from 37,000 in 1993. Roller blade users number 27 million compared to 15 million for conventional roller skates. (10 deaths per year out of 27 million users = 1 in 2.7 million annually) 7 skaters, 730 bicycle deaths @@Skiing (snow) The overall chance of death or serious injury is about 1 per million skier days, somewhat lower for snowboard. Nationwide, only about 34 deaths per year. No statistics by race, but probable that whites have the highest death rates. \clip\99\02\snowbrd.txt Posted at 09:52 p.m. PST; Sunday, January 17, 1999 Risk is always part of the ride in snowboarding and skiing by Chris Solomon Seattle Times Snohomish County bureau This winter, two Western Washington snowboarders have been killed and a third seriously hurt. "The overall fatality rate, when expressed in number of deaths per million skier visits, is substantially less for snowboarders than for skiers," said Dr. Jasper Shealy, a leading ski-injury researcher at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, N.Y. The death rate is about 30 percent less for snowboarding accidents, Shealy said. \images\98\01\010897\p05.tif Skiing is Relatively Safe Jan 7, 1997 p. 2 ST average 34 deaths per year vs. 1995: 716 boat, 800 bike, 89 lightning Wall Street Journal Jan 12, 1998 p. B1 Annual 52.5 million visits, 36 deaths vs. 800 bike. Chance of serious injury 0.89 / million skier days Chance of death 0.69 / million skier days @@Skin-cancer Skin cancer is one of the only health risks that is higher for whites than for other races ---------------------------------------------------------- Rate Index 3.1 Male 2.5 1.0 White 1.5 Female 0.4 5.9 All Other Races \doc\95\08\melanocd.txt "Deaths from Melanoma - United States 1973-1992" Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report May 5, 1995 p. 343-347 98% of melanoma deaths occur among whites In 1992, rate of death of mealnoma was 5.9 times higher than for all other races (2.5 and 0.4 per 100,000) and 2.1 times higher for males than females (3.1 and 1.5) Risk factors include sunburn sensitivity, frecks, light skin, blue eyes, blond or red heair. \priv\95\07\racemela.htm - Australia study shows light skinned persons are more vulnerable to melanoma than darker skins. \doc\94\16\priv\austcanc.txt LA Times 6/14/93 1,000 Australians die of skin cancer each year. \priv\95\05\skincanc.doc Seattle PI article text \doc\95\05\melanoma.txt 98% of melanoma deaths are to whites. Rate of death has increased from 1.6 to 2.2 per 100,000 "Toll from deadliest skin cancer is on rise" Seattle Post Intelligencer May 5, 1995 p. A22 @@Skin Color BLACK SKIN PROTECTS AGAINST DISEASE, NOT LATITUDE? z49\clip\2001\04\blakskin.txt New theory on why dark skin protects in the tropics Thursday, 26 April 2001 An Australian researcher suggests dark skin could be better than white at fending off fungi and bacteria. He says it could explain why dark skin evolved in humans and animals living in tropical environments. @@Skin lightening UK BLACKS, ASIANS USE SKIN LIGHTENING CREAMS C:\CLIP\97\03\SKINLIGT.TXT The Electronic Telegraph Monday 18 March 1996 Home News Call to ban creams for blacks that lighten skin by Chris Oliver Wilson TRADING standards officers are calling for a ban on skin lightening creams used by millions of black women after evidence that a bleaching agent in them can cause cancer and liver damage. @@Skydiving About 30 deaths per year, about the same number as skiiing. This sport is safer than driving an automobile (when measured in deaths per 100,000 users per year), The following is from the 1995 Fatality Summary published in the May 96 issue of Parachutist magazine. There were 27 deaths reported in the United States down from 30 in 1994 and less than the average for the last decade (29.8 fatalities per year). These are the categories describing the circumstances involving the fatalities. No Pull/Low Pull (22%) Malfunctions (26%) Reserve Problems (22%) Collisions (7%) Landing Problems (19%) Other (4%)* *This jumper died from heart related problems. These are annual U.S. fatalities from certain amateur sports obtained from April 96 Skydiving magazine: Boating:1063 Scuba diving:105 Snowmobiling:60 Water skiing:47 Snow skiing:41 Skydiving:27 Snorkeling:20 Hang gliding:13 Football:6 Basketball:4 Boxing:2 From: (TSW) Newsgroups: rec.skydiving Subject: Re: Risks Date: Mon, 05 Dec 1994 17:22:21 -0600 Formatted in HTML by Bradley C. Spatz, 06Dec94). FAI/IPC Techical and Safety Subcommittee Congress Helsinki, Finland, October 1993 Global research on safety in parachuting 1991. Replies from 35 countries of 62 were received. 26 had exact counts, nine had only estimated numbers. Total of 245 162 jumpers made 4 848 025 jumps. 74 died, which makes 1 fatality per 65 513 jumps. Preliminary research gives ratio of 1:64 091 for year 1992. Experienced jumpers (over 250 jumps), who cover 24% of all jumpers, made half of all jumps, but were involved only in 35% of accidents. Students cover 48% of all jumpers, but they made only 17% of jumps, and were involved in 38% of accidents. Human error was cause of 92% of fatalities. Approximately 75% of victims would have been saved with AAD(Automatic Activation Device). RSL(Reserve Static Line)/Stevens system might have saved 35%. If all jumpers would had used both AAD and RSL, amount of victims might had decreased from 74 to 20. In 75% of accidents reserve hasn't been used at all or it had been used too low. @@Sleep %%Amount "we know a century ago, most Americans got about 9 hous of sleep a night Now avg is 7, and 1/3 are 6 or less By age 18-54 55*84 Less than 6 16 13 6 to 6.9 25 21 -------median 7.? --------- 7 to 7.9 30 28 8 to 8.9 21 28 9 or more 6 7 National Sleep Foundation Newsweek 1/19/2004 p. 60 Hours per day (NIH) WSJ 1-26-2004 B1 1920 8.8 1970 7.7 2001 6.8,941.html Six to Seven Hours Sleep Best For a Long Life After analyzing data from more than 1-million people, researchers at the University of California found that people who sleep for more than eight hours or less than four hours are 15% more likely to die over a six-year period than those who manage six or seven hours of shuteye each night. SIX HOURS IS NOT ENOUGH z75\clip\2004\01\sleep6.txt 13-Mar-2003 Contact: Ellen O'Brien University of Pennsylvania Medical Center 'Sleep debts' accrue when nightly sleep totals six hours or fewer National Sleep Foundation Feeling sleepy? One-third of U.S. adults report drowsiness during the daytime by Ridgely Ochs Newsday \clip\97\15\sleep.txt The Seattle Times Company Wednesday, June 4, 1997 6% had severe sleepiness At least 100,000 police-reported traffic crashes and 1,500 deaths occur each year because people fall asleep at the wheel, said Dr. Michael Thorpy, director of the Sleep-Wake Disorders Center at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx. \clip\97\14\nap.txt The Seattle Times Company Monday, June 2, 1997 More wake up to idea of workplace naps by Maggie Jackson Associated Press " Before the invention of the electric light, Americans slept an average of 10 hours a night, according to James Maas, a Cornell University professor and authority on sleep. Today, Americans sleep an average of 7.1 hours a night. A third of Americans get six hours of sleep nightly." %%Infant Death SLEEPING WITH INFANT DANGEROUS REPORT SAYS Seattle Times Sept 30, 1999 p. A2 Consumer Product Safety Commision says co-sleeping accounts for about 15 deaths a year, 23% of 64 deaths that result when children under 2 are placed on adult beds. [15 children are killed by airbags each year, 11 die in car trunks, to much more publicity]

@@Sodium Nitrite

Sodium Nitrite Q and A What is sodium nitrite?
Sodium nitrite is a salt and an anti-oxidant that is used to cure meats like ham, bacon and hot dogs. Sodium nitrite serves a vital public health function: it blocks the growth of botulism-causing bacteria and prevents spoilage. Sodium nitrite also gives cured meats their characteristic color and flavor. Also, USDA-sponsored research indicates that sodium nitrite can help prevent the growth of Listeria monocytogenes, an environmental bacterium that can cause illness in some at-risk populations.

Are cured meats the major source of sodium nitrite?
The amount of nitrate in some vegetables can be very high. Spinach, for example, may contain 500 to 1900 parts per million of sodium nitrate. Less than five percent of daily sodium nitrite intake comes from cured meats. Nearly 93 percent of sodium nitrite comes from leafy vegetables & tubers and our own saliva. Vegetables contain sodium nitrate, which is converted to sodium nitrite when it comes into contact with saliva in the mouth

From Wikipedia


Seems that Sodium Nitrite itself is not a problem, but in combination with naturally occurring amines and heat or acid, can form harmful compounds. Vitamin C is thought to be an effective antioxidant and is added to meats processed in the US.

Mechanism of action

Carcinogenic nitrosamines are formed when amines that occur naturally in food react with sodium nitrite found in cured meat products.

R2NH (amines) + NaNO2 (sodium nitrite) ? R2N-N=O (nitrosamine)

In the presence of acid (such as in the stomach) or heat (such as via cooking), nitrosamines are converted to diazonium ions.

R2N-N=O (nitrosamine) + (acid or heat) ? R-N2+ (diazonium ion)

Certain nitrosamines such as N-nitrosodimethylamine[21] and N-nitrosopyrrolidine[22] form carbocations that react with biological nucleophiles (such as DNA or an enzyme) in the cell.

R-N2+ (diazonium ion) ? R+ (carbocation) + N2 (leaving group) + :Nu (biological nucleophiles) ? R-Nu

If this nucleophilic substitution reaction occurs at a crucial site in a biomolecule, it can disrupt normal cell functioning leading to cancer or cell death.

@@Stage Diving

Source: VH-1 Pop Up Video 1/99: 2 stage diving deaths in 1997


WHO - World Health Organization

@@Std (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)

STD rates for US minorities.

Women more susceptible to sexual diseases, study finds,2107,7413-12795-90011-0,00.html
January 13, 1999 Reuters "Women were almost twice as likely as men to
contract gonorrhea, hepatitis B and other sexually transmitted
diseases, with minority women disproportionately affected, according
to research reported Wednesday.  The AIDS virus was four times more
likely to spread to a woman from an infected man than vice versa, it
said. Infection rates for sexually transmitted diseases also tended
to be higher among minorities, it added. 


Gonorrhea - Reported rates per 100,000 population by age, gender, and
race/ethnicity: United States, 1992

Rates per 100,0000
         Group                  Index
1408.1   Black, NonHispanic    -39.77
 198.7   Total                  -5.61
  95.2   Hispanic               -2.68
  94.0   Amercian Indian        -2.65
  35.4   White, NonHispanic      1.00
  22.4   Asian/Pacific Islander  1.58

Source: CDC, index analysis by Arthur Hu

Syphillis rates
Primary and secondary syphilis -- Reported rates per 100,000
population by age, gender, and race/ethnicity: United States, 1995

Rate      Group               Index
 46.2     Black              -57.75
  6.3     Total               -7.85
  2.1     American Indian/AN  -2.62
  3.0     Hispanic            -3.74
  0.8     White                1.00
  0.6     Asian/ PI            1.33

Source: CDC, index analysis by Arthur Hu

United States" JAMA April 2, 1997 F052397 p. 1052 White 81% Black 65%
Hispanic 54% Also shows rate of STD goes way up with number of 

C=circumcized UC uncircumsized
           All             1-4 life partners   5-20         21+
           Rate per 1000
                C   UC
Gonorrhea     94.7 104.8    22.1  20.4       108.4 143.9     237.3 196.4
Syphillis      9.3 10.8     2.5   6.8          9.9  7.6      28.2   0.0
All Viral     35.3  32.3    17.2 13.7      32.0 30.3         90.4 89.3

@@Sexual active - see @@sex

@@Sex change

\clip\96\05\sexchan.txt Date: Sat, 21 Sep 1996 11:46:18 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Medical experts to compile sex
change guidelines TOKYO, Sept. 21 (Kyodo) -- A nationwide group of
psychiatrists and neurologists decided Saturday to draw up guidelines
for the diagnosis and treatment of people wanting sex change

Since a gynecologist who conducted a male-to-female sex change was found guilty 
in 1969 of violating the Eugenic Protection Act, sex change operations have 
virtually become taboo in Japan.

@@Sexually transmit diseases

Summary - Asians are the only race with
lower STD rates than whites, 1/2 for heterosexual
1/10 for homosexual relative to population
in either seattle or San Francisco

%%Los Angeles - see HIV reports

seateen.wk1 - seattle survey of drug use among students

1993 STD clinic - same as San Francisco
gay W1.0(.99) B1.69 H1.79 <<-A8.91>>> NA1.10
het W1.0(.66) B9.56 H2.69 <> NA2.72

%%San Francisco
doc938:sfaids93.xls SF HIV survey Asians only 1/2 to 1/3

  heterosexual women in std clinic
  WBHAN  0.75/1.0    4.24    1.89   -2.10      4.49
  heterosexual men in std clinic
  WBHAN  0.68/1.0    5.39    2.44   -3.48      2.84
  gay men std clinic
  WBHAN  1.39/1.0   -1.01   -1.29  <<-10.67>>      2.05
  overall std clinic
  WBHAN  0.87/1.0    3.42    1.73   -3.96      2.94

Note that women are within 2, men within 4, but gay men are off by 11,
not much different from AIDS rates for different causes.


\doc\95\10\hivprev.txt "Prevention of HIV Infection" JAMA April 12,
1995 p. 1143 STDs among Thai sex workers was reduced from 13% to 0.5%

@@Shark attack

"Shark Attacks Are Increasing Sharply, Especially on the 
East Coast" New York Times oct 22, 1995 p. 33  Attacks in 
1995: Florida 28, Carolinas 8 Georgia 1 Texas 1 California 
3, Hawaii 1. There was 1 killed in Hawaii in 1994, no so far 
in 195. There were fewer than 10 confirmed shark attack 
deaths since they have been counted in the 1950s.



doc935:forguide.txt - womens shoe size stops at 7, mens at 9 in Japan


Women's shoes, especially high heeled ones have been criticized for
being impractical and harmful (but ladies still wear them to attract
the guys...)

Inquirer magazine STYLE Down to earth Why did the fashion editor
cross the street? And what did it teach her?  By Patricia McLaughlin 

"Working women walking away from high-heel shoes" Janet McConnaughey
AP Seattle Times March 22, 1998 Survey taken for foot surgeons shows
younger women less likely to wear high heels. doctors seeing fewer
women with foot deformities. 

20% wear sneakers to work 
38% wear pumps with heel up to 1 inch, 
21% 1 to 2 1/4 in
 3% (14) wore higherheels

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Summary: Asians have a lower rate of SIDS than other groups. Asians
have no rule about putting babies on stomach, which is thought to
contribute to the problem, and a change in recommendations has been
credited with reducing the rate by a factor of 3 or 4, inspired by
studies of Asian nations with low SIDS rates. Asian women also have a
very low rate of smoking, which is a risk factor.  Bed sharing is not
found to be a factor unless the parent is obese, drugged, or drunk
and can't react to babies cries.  Having an abusive mother under the
watch of Child Protective Services also appears to be a risk.


baby on stomach 1996 (SIDS) W1.0 B4.0
US SIDS 1995                W1.0 B-2.52 H1.49 A1.42 N-2.91

z45\clip\2000\08\bsids.txt New York Times July 20 A19 Black babies
are twice as likely to die from SIDS as other babies, a 1998 study
found. The government campaign seeks to break that trend as well as

SIDS Death Rates by Race, US 1990, 1995
(Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
Analysis by Arthur Hu July 1998

National Center for Health Statistics
SIDS Rate per 1,000 live-born infants
Ranked by Ratio
              1990    1995    1990    1995
Hispanic      84.2    47.7    1.31    1.49
Asian/PI      93.2    49.9    1.19    1.42
White        110.7      71    1.00    1.00
Black        230.6   178.6   -2.08   -2.52
AI/AN        307.3   206.6   -2.78   -2.91
Note: Asians and Hispanics are 40-50% BETTER than whites

SIDS rates are down by half since '92 Seattle Times July 22, 1998 3
studies in JAMA show more parents are placing infants on back, from
70% in 1992 to 24% in a996, but whites went from 71 in '92 to 11 in
1996 vs. 82/43 for blacks, more likely for very young or previous
mothers. Another study found 40% of inner city mothers placed on
stomach. 3rd study found B and Hisp twice as likely to put babies on
stomach. Some responded - for comfort or family tradition (asians not

\clip\96\02\cpssids.txt Seattle Times Aug 5, 1996 More cases of
crib death occur under state watch 14 babies died in '95 while on
rolls by Duff Wilson Seattle Times staff reporter. The 1995 suddent
infant death syndrome rate was eight times higher for infants with
open cases at Child Protective Services than other infants in
Washington State, with a rate of 11.1 per 1,000 compared to 1.4 for
other infants.

\doc\96\06\bedshare.htm SIDS Network - bed sharing is not a risk
if mother not obese, drugged, or drunk.

American SIDS Institute Web site

SIDS Information Home Site SIDS claims 7,000
lives per year

\priv\96b\04\lowsids.txt Date: Mon, 24 Jun 1996 23:17:50 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Campaign cut 1,500 crib deaths
yearly. SIDS Deaths down by 30% since babies on stomach has been
reduced from 70% to under 30%. Comment - Asians have the lowest rate
of SIDS, the idea came from Australians looking at Asian countries.

\doc\95\10\sidswarn.txt "SIDS warning now accepted, but it took too
long, prof says" Tom Paulson Seattle Post Intelligencer August 2, 1995
p. A1 - infants placed face down face 4X risk of SIDS death

d:\doc\95\04\smoksid2.txt - 
Odds ratios of SIDS with exposure to smoking
compared to no exposure: Blacks at higher risk in
connection with smoking than whites.

      O.R  Index
White 3.44  1.00
Black 5.00  1.45
Hisp  2.60 -1.32
Asian Insufficient Data

\doc\95\04\casids.txt - No connection found with sleeping position,
but Asians and Hispanics have the lowest, Blacks and Native Americans
have the highest rates of SIDS in California.

"A Case-Control Study of Routine and Death Scene Sleep
Position and  Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in Southern
California" Hillary Sandraw Klonoff-Choen, PhD et al
JAMA March 8, 1995 p. 790

\doc\95\04\tasmsids.txt 70% of SIDS reduction in Tasmania due
to sleeping on backs.

National Center for Health Statistics, Deaths per 100,000 live

              Rate Index
Am Indians    344  2.84
Black         241  1.99
Puerto Rican  138  1.14
Whites        121  1.00
Asians         95 -1.27
Cent/South Am  53 -2.28

"Looking Up?" The Economist May 9th 1992 p. 108

A doctor in Hong Kong thought their low rate of SIDS
might be explained by the fact their children slept
on their backs. Australians tried it and lowered the
rate of SIDS by 30%.

Studies in Europe appear to show the risk of SIDS
drops by four times by sleeping on their backs.

d:\priv\95\03\sidsmoke.txt - higher rates of sids
associated with smoking, 2.2 to 3.5 times

doc938:sids.xls W1.0 B2.0 H-2.3 A-1.3 N2.8

Seasonality in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome JAMA Feb 13, 1991 Vol 265 No. 6
p. 708 (CDC report) "From 1980 through 1987, the rak for SIDS was greater for
black infants than white infants and for males than females. Among whites, the
risk was greatest in the West, but was the North Central region for blacks"

@@Skin cancer
LA Times  June 14, 1993 p. 1 d:\doc\94\16\priv\asutcanc.txt
One in six Americans will suffer from skin cancer, and 
the rate is increasing nearly 4% a year, according to the National Cancer 
Institute. Nearly 7,000 Americans will die from melanomas, the most serious 
form of the disease.

@@Skin lightening
d:\doc\94\16\priv\skinlit2.txt - skin lightening abstract
 for creams used by blacks and Asians.


\priv\95\03\smell.txt - The Japanese don't have glands that make the
smells that Caucasians have.

For Fathers and Newborns, Natural Law and Odor 
By Ina Schicker
Special to The Washington Post
Monday, February 26, 2001; Page A09 

@@Smoking and tobacco

Summary - some SE Asian men smoke a lot, but nationally and in most
cities, Asian students and adults smoke less in general, especially
Asian women and pregnant Asian mothers. This contributes to healthy
birth outcomes in terms of low-birthweight, infant mortality, and
SIDS. However, Asian women die at higher rates of lung cancer,
possibly due to stir frying.


\priv\95\13\youtsmok.txt SJM 10-19-95 ads linked
to youth smoking

\doc\95\12\clinsmok.txt "Applause for Clinton's Anti-smoking Stand"
Asian week August 18, 1995 p. 1.  A University of Southern California
study of billboards in Southern California:

Number of billboards advertising cigarettes was 17 times 
higher in API neighborhood than white
Percent of billboards advertising cigarettes
W2.2 B7.8 H4.3 A17.5
% of promotional displays in retail outlets advertising 
W7.4 B3.3 H3.0 A5.6

Asian youth are at special risk (but Asian youth have the 
lowest rate of smoking in Seattle)


San Jose Mercury Wed, 5 Jun 1996 Philip Morris Ads Argue Passive
Smoke Less Harmful Than Milk LONDON (AP) -- Amid a move toward
tighter smoking regulation in Europe, Philip Morris has launched an
advertising campaign that argues passive smoke is less harmful than
drinking whole milk. Eating one cookie a day is more likely to cause
heart disease than passive smoke is likely to cause lung cancer.


COSTS OF TOBACCO USE A World Bank economist has estimated that the
use of tobacco results in a net loss of US $ 200 billion per year,
with half of these losses occurring in developing countries. Each
1000 additional tonnes of tobacco consumption translates into a net
drain on the world economy of US $ 27.2 million. If the European Union
were simply to pay all tobacco farmers an amount equal to their entire
net income and require them not to grow any more tobacco, subsidy
expenditures would be reduced by 44%.


"In Monroe, officials estmate about 50 percent of inmates smoke, 
about double the rate of non-incarcerated"
Smoking to be bammed in stste prisons July 1
Seattle Times Mar 20, 2004 p. 1 Jennifer Sullivan

%%death risk, rate


San Francisco Chronicle Thursday, April 24, 1997 · Page A15 
Death Risk From Cigarettes Higher Than Ever, Study Finds 
David Perlman, Chronicle Science Editor

Relative Rates of Death to Lung Cancer vs. nonsmokker
9.6  White men
5.4  Black men
1.5  Asian men
18.6 White women
23.0 Black women
 3.0 Asian women

Data: National Cancer Institute

\DOC\96\07\YOUNGSMO.TXT "Report: Young Smokers at Risk" Seattle Times
August 8, 1996 p. A7 5 million under-age smokers will eventually die,
1/3 of those who start smoking (CDC MMWR) (This is based on 1/3 death
toll commonly quoted for smoking)

\clip\96\08\breaabor.txt Review of 23 Studies Links Abortion and
Breast Cancer By David Brown Washington Post Staff Writer Saturday,
October 12 1996; Page A03 The Washington Post Source: the Journal of
Epidemiology and Community Health, a publication of the British
Medical Association.

* Smoking increases the risk of lung cancer by 18.8 times

* Heavy smokers / drinkers 36 times risk of throat cancer vs.  non
smoking drinkers

\priv\95\14\cigsci.txt - cigarette science the tobacco corporations
have successfully maintained their privilege of selling a product that
kills 10% of everyone who uses it as directed. Roughly half-a-million
Americans die each year from tobacco-related illnesses,

\doc\95\01\smokdeat.txt - Only 18% - 36% of smokers die of lung
cancer Double Crossing to Safety James Bovard, American Spectator Jan
1995 (and they don't die at age 40, which is typical of AIDS cases
where 50% to 90% of some gay communities have died of the disease)

** \priv\95\09\edsmoke.txt - smoking associated with school dropouts.
Nealy all dropout men were smokers.


Medio Magazine May 1995 (Gallup Poll) Half of adult men in China are
regular smokers, 30% smoke occasionally, compared t 34% of Americans
who are regular or occasional smokers.

\DOC\96\03\TROPHEAL.TXT New York Times May 8, 1996 U.S.  Troops Still
Eat, Drink and Smoke Too Much, Study Finds By PHILIP SHENON. Pentagon
Study Nearly 22 percent of military men below the age of 25 use snuff
or other forms of smokeless tobacco. 31.9 percent were smokers
compared to 51% in 1980, comparable to civilians

\doc\95\02\healrisk.wk1 US CDC survey
   Percent         White   Black   AmInd   Asian   Hispanic
   Smoking%            24.5    27.4    39.9    19.4    22.0
   SmokingI            1.00    1.12    1.63   -1.26   -1.11
   Smoking%            21.6    19.4    28.7     9.7    14.5
   SmokingI            1.00   -1.11    1.33   -2.23   -1.49

d:\doc\94\19\washsmok.wk1 - Smoking in Washington State     
Surveys of adults in Washington state
All adults                      23% 1.00
King County SE Asian men        42% 1.83

seateen.wk1 Seattle Teen Health Survey
Among teenagers in Seattle Schools:
W1.0 B-1.03 H1.13 A-1.29 SEA-1.52 NA 1.31

Among SE Asian men: Laotian 51.2% Vietnam 41.7% Camb 32.8%

doc933:ASSMOKE.XLS health smoking

doc938:assmoke2.xls Asian men high

doc934:asyouth9.txt SF youth 10% smokers vs. 50% students

doc941\ethsmoke.txt Asian smoking in california

20-25 California Overall
23.5 Asian men
26.1 Hispanic
28   Chinese men
28   Korean men
36   (1.44) Vietnamese men
72   (2.88) Laotian men


Nicotine metabolism shows ethnic bias
Nathan Seppa
A comparison of Latino, white, and Chinese-American smokers suggests that 
people of East Asian descent are apt to clear nicotine from their blood 
more gradually than the other smokers do, thereby staving off a craving for 
the next cigarette.
Blood analysis showed that it took an average of 152 
minutes for half the injected nicotine to degrade in the blood of the 
Chinese-Americans in this study. Nicotine's half-life in whites and Latinos 
was 134 and 122 minutes, respectively.


BBC story (from
Chinese smokers 'need less nicotine'
About 300 million men in China are smokers 
Smokers of Chinese origin
may be less likely to develop lung cancer than other people because
they take in less nicotine per cigarette, scientists say. They also
found the group breaks-down nicotine at two-thirds the rate of white
or Latino people, meaning they need to smoke fewer cigarettes to
satisfy their craving. It is thought different intakes of toxins from
cigarette smoke may account for some or most of the ethnic variation
in lung cancer risk. In the US, white people are about five times more
likely to develop the disease than Chinese. 

%%risks - see death

%%second hand smoking

"Most recent studies support view of EPA" Joby Warrick Washington
Post. Seattle Times July 20, 1998. The EPA estimated 3,000 lung
cancer deaths due to second hand smoking.  63% of 100 major studies
found harm due to second hand smoke, 3/4 that found no evidence were
funded by tobacco companies.

%%skin Scientific American
Melanoma of the Skin 38,300 new cases to be diagnosed in the U.S.
this year 7,300 deaths expected Melanoma accounts for three quarters
of all deaths from skin cancer. [=9733 total] The incidence has
increased by 4 percent each year since 1973. (Basal cell and squamous
cell skin cancers, which are not melanomas, account for more than
800,000 skin cancer cases in the U.S. annually but cause only 2,100
deaths because they are highly curable.) 

\priv\96b\05\smokskin.txt Return-Path: 
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 1996 08:40:37 -0400 How smoking assaults your skin
`Smoker's face' is just the most noticeable health liability By Jane
E. Brody. Smoking is harmful to the skin as well as the lungs.

%%United Nations

\doc\95\13\whosmok.txt - WHO publications
on smoking


\clip\97\19\chinsmok.txt Subject: FWD: U.S. Promotes Tobacco Exports
Copyright 1997 Associated Press. All rights reserved.  08/23/1997
16:21 EST 
"An estimated 70 percent of Chinese men smoke. Fewer than 10 percent
of women smoke, but that figure is rising. In some areas, as many as
40 percent of children aged 13-18 smoke, according to official
statistics.  "

\clip\97\16\taiwsmok.txt Copyright 1997 Associated Press. All rights
reserved.  06/22/1997 12:09 EST U.S. Tobacco Firms Target Asian Kids
"[Taiwan] Health Department statistics show half of all adult
Taiwanese men and 3 percent of women smoke."

\doc\96\08\stopsmok.txt "As Americans stop smoking, more foreigners
start" Sonni Efron (Los Angeles Times) Seattle Times Oct 6, 1996 p.

The World Health Organization reports 1.1 billion people worldwide
smoke, including nearly half of all males.  Cigarette consumption 15
and older increased by 18 percent betwenn 1970 and early 1990s

In France, by age 18, 58% smoke


\priv\95\10\blaksmok.txt - black youth smoking less, but nobody knows
why, or how to apply it to other groups (why not emulate Asians
then?) doc934\asyouth9.txt 10% of SF school smokers vs. 50 pop

"Black Teen-Agers Are Turning Away From Smoking, but Whites Puff On"
New York Times April 19, 1995 p. B7 Philip J. Hilts Whites have
leveled out to 20% teen smokers, but blacks have fallen below 5%.
"We'd like to bottle it and get it to others"

\doc\95\04\loblsmok.txt - Young Blacks smoke at only half the rate of


In general, nations spend more on health, and more as a percentage as
they get wealthier. By this measure the US is #1 in the world, as
much as many say this is sign of a cost crisis.

The Economist (chart) June 14th 1997 p. 112 show Korea last (5.3% of
GNP, $500 / year / capita), US (14.2%, $3,500) first with Switzerland
2nd at 9.7/$2,500. F061797


c:\doc\95\07\mongspot.txt - Asian and AmerInd children have
"mongoloid spots" at birth, sometimes mistaken for signs of abuse.

@@Std - sexually transmitted disease
Asians have by far the lowest incidence of patients in STD clinics in
SF, which parallels their low rate of AIDS cases.

doc938:sfaids93.xls gay std clinic (W1.39) B-1.01 H-1.3 A-10.7 NA2.1


The Japanese government approved sterilation of handicapped women in
the past, a practice frowned upon in the west.

Seattle Times Wednesday, Sept. 17, 1997 16,000 handicapped Japanese
women involuntarily sterilized since 1949

@@Still birth 

San Jose Mercury 
\priv\95\13\stilbirt.txt - RISK OF STILLBIRTHS HAS
FALLEN  SJM 10/11/95 Dr. Ruth C. Fretts, who directed the study, said
the risk of stillbirths in the United States is a bit higher than the
US -- about seven per 1,000 for white mothers and about 13 per 1,000
for blacks. The higher risk in blacks was attributed, at least in
part, to a greater likelihood of high blood pressure.
still birth W1.00 B1.85 cancer

@@Stomach cancer

Asians have high rates of stomach cancer, probably due to pickled
foods like kim-chee, picked vegetables, and salted/dried foods.  This
is also true of Asian countries such as Japan. Not all Asian food is

Summary - 
Japanese Am    W1.0 B    H    A-3.0
Japan vs US    W1.0 B    H    A-7.2
US 1990 Jpn    W1.0 B    H    A-3.3 
US vs 1980     W1.0     1930s  -4.0

"Food Safety Held Hostage" Wall Street Journal Dec 10, 1997 Michael
Fumento "The incredible 75% drop in stomach cancer rates in this
country since the 1930's, for instance, is generally attributed to a
decline in the consumption of cured foods, especially salt-cured ones.

\doc\94\19\hepb.txt -Japanese Americans have a rate of stomach cancer
3 to 4 times whites Race and Health Northwest Asian Weekly Sept 10,
1994 p. 2

doc938\ascancer.xls Asians rank lower for nearly every cause of cancer
except stomach cancer
Asian Americans: A Status Report U.S. General Accounting Office March 1990
GAO/HRD-90-36FS call 202 275-6241
Appendix VI
Cancer Deaths per 100,000 Population
Note: These are average annual age-adjusted death rates.
Sources: (1 ) HHS, PHS, CDC, National Center for Health Statistics and (2)
HHS, PHS, National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute, Cancer
Among Blacks and Other Minorities: Statistical Profiles (1986), as
presented in Disease Prevention/Health Promotion: The Facts, Office of
Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, PHS, HHS (1988), p. 193.

                       White/Hisp Chinese  Filipino Hawaiian Japanese
 Stomach                  5.3     1.47    -1.61     4.77     3.30

 "Report Details Death Risks Around the World" San Francisco Chronicle
 April 26, 1991 (AP)
                Heart               Lung      Stomach
                Disease   Strokes   Cancer    Cancer    Suicide
 Japan               45.0     123.6      25.0      42.9      19.6
 USA                229.8      62.8      52.0       6.1      12.2
 Index                5.1      -2.0       2.1      -7.2      -1.6


Parents Jan 1995 p. 35 "Blinds and Shades" At least 140 children have
strangled since 1981 due to cords, blinds or other window coverings.
Recommendations: cut loops to separate tassels, use breakaway tassels
that separate if child becomes entangled.


Race difference in stress response
June 18, 1998 Reuters
"Under mental stress, arteries in blacks dilate to a lesser degree than
those in whites, according to a report in the June issue of the journal
Hypertension, published by the American Heart Association. The finding may
explain why high blood pressure is more prevalent in blacks.


\priv\95\06\blkstrok.txt - higher stroke risk for blacks may
be due to genetic mutation
In 1991, 27 per 100,000 white men died of strokes vs. 55 black
         23 per 100,000       women vs.               41 black

\priv\95\02\genestro.txt - Blacks 2X as likely to die of stroke as
whites, may be genetic. Seattle Times Feb 13, 1995. p. A6 "Genetic
factor found in blacks who are at risk of stroke"


\doc\96\03\sugar.txt "Maybe it's /not/ the sugar" Parents Magazine
May 1996 p. 103 Diane Debrovner. F043096 Sugar and artificial
sweetners were found to have no effect on activity, hyperactivity, or
attention deficit syndrome



\clip\96\03\recess.txt Teachers as well as students need to protect
themselves against sun exposure, it is an "occupational hazard"

\clip\96\03\sunscrn.txt Date: Tue, 27 Aug 1996 03:13:36 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Sunscreen Protects Schoolchildren
from Harmful Effects of Sun By Harry Wessel, The Orlando Sentinel,


\clip\96\02\symm.txt Reuters Aug 9, 1996 Symmetry boosts sperm count
BY CAROLINE DREES Reuters VIENNA - Men who are more symmetrically
built ejaculate more sperm during sex and symmetrical women face a
reduced risk of breast cancer, a leading British biologist said on


"Syphililis reate at record low in U.S." Seattle Times June 26, 1998
Russ Bynum AP Syphilis has plummeted 84% since 1990 to lowest 
rate on record [due to AIDS reduction??] 3.2 per 100,000 according 
to CDC, 0.3 in WA. Peaked at 20.3 in 1990. CDC says increased funding 
for treatment is reason, plus AIDS behavior changes. New cases dropped
83% 90-97 from 50,578 to 8,551. Maryland highest 17.6, Mississippi 14.4.

W1.0 B44.0 H3.2
22 Blacks
 0.5 Whites
 1.6 Hispanics


"Tea It's Just a Cure: Modern science supports an ancient tradition"
Reader's Digest p. 125 June 1997 Tea contains many beneficial
chemicals according to many studies.

@@Teen risk


(1) Wise’s reference info for the data on white v black drug usage
and weapons carrying on campus
(2) Tim Wise
School Shootings and White Denial
(3) Excerpts from Leah Y. Latimer
Are white kids more violent?
(4) Mike Males
Tim Wise Didn't Go Far Enough

z50\clip\2001\07\whviol.txt Are white kids more violent?  Some are
actually keeping score, writes Leah Y. Latimer By Leah Y. Latimer
BET.COM In a widely circulated piece called “School Shootings and
White Denial,” writer Tim Wise puts some facts from the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention into perspective, and White America on
notice: White high school students are: Seven times more likely than
Blacks to have used cocaine Eight times more likely to have smoked
crack Ten times more likely to have used LSD Seven times more likely
to have used heroin.  “In fact, there are more white high school
students who have used crystal methamphetamine (the most addictive
drug on the streets) than there are black students who smoke
cigarettes. What’s more, white youth ages 12-17 are more likely to
sell drugs: 34% more likely, in fact than their black counterparts.
And it is white youth who are twice as likely to binge drink, and
nearly twice as likely as blacks to drive drunk. And white males are
twice as likely to bring a weapon to school as are black males,”
writes Wise. 

"Human Rights Website"
In Georgia, using the most recent national rates for current illicit
drug use, we estimate that in 1994, for example, at least 7,300 black
Georgians per 100,000 were current users of illicit drugs compared to
6,000 whites per 100,000.23 Thus blacks apparently use drugs at a rate
about 20 percent higher than whites. Yet blacks were arrested for
possession of illicit drugs at a proportional rate that was 500 percent
greater than whites. Tip by Albert Himoe

"Ken Hirsch" 
The original essay by Tim Wise is available several places on the net, e. g. 06
The surveys he draws his statistics from are the National Household Survey
on Drug Abuse
( and the CDC's Youth Risk Behavior
Surveillance (
Note that some of the links on the  SAMHSA page are bad, but it's easy to
figure out what they should be-- the 1998 main findings are

TEEN SEX DOWN 5% TO 50% SINCE 1991 z42\clip\2000\07\teendrug.txt June
09, 2000 Seattle Times Teen drug use, smoking on rise; risky sex
down, report says Cocaine, marijuana and cigarette use among
high-school students increased during the 1990s fewer high-school
students said they have had sex, a trend that gradually decreased
from 54.1 percent in 1991 to 49.9 percent in 1999. 

Patricia Anstett, Knight-Ridder Newspapers "Mature girls, a tangle of
unhealthy behaviors" as published in The Seattle Times, February 4,
1998, D1 30 percent smoke cigarettes by 10th grade; By the time they
are high school seniors, two-thirds have had sex and 50 percent say
they have drunk alcohol in the last month; One in five have been
sexually abused, many of these due to date-rape; One in four are
depressed, twice as often as boys. A major new study of 6,748 boys
and girls in grades 5-12 found high rates of depressive symptoms,
physical abuse and behaviors that put girls at risk of lifelong
consequences. The survey was conducted between December 1996 and June
1997 by the Louis Harris polling firm for the Commonwealth Fund.

\priv\95\13\teenrisk.txt - risk to teens STUDY: TEENS FACE SERIOUS
DANGERS  SJM 10/11/95 Smoking among eighth graders, defined as those
who had smoked a cigarette within 30 days of the time they were
polled, rose by 30 percent from 1991 to 1994, to 18.6 percent.
Marijuana use more than doubled, to 13 percent. The firearms homicide
rate more than doubled from 1985 to 1992, to 1.9 per 100,000 from
eight-tenths of 1 percent. For black males, the rate increased to 8.4
per 100,000 from 3 in the same period.

CDC youth risk behavior survey

Gay Risk behaviors / Massachusetts Risk Behavior Survey


Manhattan Institute Education Working Paper, No. 4, January 2004
Sex, Drugs, and Delinquency in Urban and Suburban Public Schools
BY Jay P. Greene, Ph.D., Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute for Policy
Research, and Greg Forster, Ph.D., Senior Research Associate,
Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
"Using hard data on
high school students from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent
Health, one of the most comprehensive and rigorous studies of the behavior
of American high school students, it finds that suburban public high school
students have sex, drink, smoke, use illegal drugs, and engage in delinquent
behavior as often as urban public high school students. "

  • Television


    TV MAKES YOU FAT, MINORITIES WATCH MOST Study: Children who watch more TV are fatter Seattle Times March 25, 1998 Ross Anderson John Hopkins Un of Medicine in JAMA, 4063 children from 1988 to 1994 67% at least 2 hr per day 26% 4 or more 4 hr had 20% more fat kids than 2 hr % 4 hr or more per day ------------------------- 43 black 30 mex am 20 non latino white no asian lowest activity black, mex am girl and girls JAPANESE CARTOON CAUSES SEIZURES \clip\97\29\seiztv.txt Seattle Times Company Friday, Dec. 19, 1997 Close-up: Japan's cartoon calamity - What really happened? by Kevin Sullivan Washington Post
    @@Testosterone Scientists who study differences in race conclude that Blacks have relatively the highest, Asians the lowest, and Whites intermediate levels of testosterone, which may explain differences in crime and physical ability also found between men and women. STUDIES SHOW BLACKS PRODUCE MORE TESTOSTERONE Why HIV is so Prevalent in Africa 1997 by James Michael Howard. Blacks produce more testosterone than whites, and the infection rate of blacks far exceeds the rate in whites. (Blacks males produce significantly more testosterone than while males, (J. Natl. Cancer Inst. 1986; 76: 45), and black females produce more testosterone than white females, (J. Clin. Endocrin. Metab. 1996; 81: 1108). HUMANS EVOLVE BECAUSE ?? MORE TESTOSTERONE? Androgens in Human Evolution A New Explanation of Human Evolution Copyright © 2000 by James Michael Howard. z48\clipim\2001\02\21\evtos\evtos.htm " Human males and females produce more testosterone than chimpanzee males and females, respectively (Winter et al., 1980). " \CLIP\2000\04\testo.txt TESTOSTERONE MAY DOOM VISION OF GENDRE EQUALITY The He Hormone As testosterone becomes increasingly available, more is being learned about how men and women are not created equal. So let's accept it and move on. By ANDREW SULLIVAN Photographs by NORMAN JEAN ROY Men, blacks have more, it explains why sex differences aren't going to go away, maybe ever. Diversity is accepting, not eraducating difference. It is as if it has sacrificed quantity of life for intensity of experience, and this trade-off is a deeply male one. So it is perhaps unsurprising that those professions in which this trade-off is most pronounced -- the military, contact sports, hazardous exploration, venture capitalism, politics, gambling -- tend to be disproportionately male. REFERENCE FOR TESTOSTERONE LEVELS IN RACES \doc\web\99\05\testo.txt The reference is: Ellis, L. & H. Nyborg. 1992. "Racial/ethnic variations in male testosterone levels: a probable contributor to group differences in health," Steroids 57:72-75. RUSHTON RACE THESIS GOES BEYOND IQ - TESTOSERONE MIGHT EXPLAIN CRIME DIFFERENCES IN RACE? Race and crime: an international dilemma.Rushton, J. Philippe Society, Jan-Feb 1995 Biological variables such as the sex hormone testosterone are implicated in the tendency toward multiple relationships as well as the tendency to commit crime. One study, published in the 1993 issue of Criminology by Alan Booth and D. Wayne Osgood, showed clear evidence of a testosterone-crime link based on an analysis of 4,462 U.S. military personnel. Other studies have linked testosterone to an aggressive and impulsive personality, to a lack of empathy, and to sexual behavior. Testosterone levels explain why young men are disproportionately represented in crime statistics relative to young women, and why younger people are more trouble-prone than older people. Testosterone reliably differentiates the sexes and is known to decline with age. Ethnic differences exist in average level of testosterone. Studies show 3 to 19 percent more testosterone in black college students and military veterans than in their white counterparts. Studies among the Japanese show a correspondingly lower amount of testosterone than among white Americans. Medical research has focused on cancer of the prostate, one determinant of which is testosterone. Black men have higher rates of prostate cancer than do white men who in turn have higher rates than do Oriental men. @@Tetanus \doc\95\07\tetanus.wk1 Summary - 515,000 deaths estimated worldwide, about half are in Asia. From Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report Dec 9, 1994 (CDC, Atlanta) Estimated number of deaths attributable ot neonatoal tetanus (NT) by region, woldwide, 1993 Region Est Deaths % Southeast Asia 176,000 34.2% African 145,000 28.2% Western Pacific 110,000 21.4% Eastern Mediterrane 80,700 15.7% Region of the Ameri 2,000 0.4% European 2,000 0.3% Total 1,300 Source: Global Program for Vaccines and Immunization, World Health Organization, 1994 @@Thigh cream \priv\95\04\thigcrem.txt - thigh cream doesn't work @@Time change \doc\96\03\cervcanc.txt "Cervical cancer deaths preventable, national panel says" Seattle Post Intelligencer 4/4/96 p. A3 study of traffic accidents in Canada in 1991 and 1992 found 8% jump the Monday after clocks were moved ahead, attributed to lack of sleep. @@Tobacco, chewing \clip\96\02\chewtoba.txt Seattle Times Company Aug 15, 1996 Taking a bite out of tobacco Campaign spotlights dangers of chewing by Warren King Seattle Times medical reporter. "the youths are at great risk of becoming long-term users, who have 50 times the risk of oral cancer as nonusers. They also have more gum disease, tooth staining and tooth loss. " @@Tofu Western researchers seem to have a thing about Tofu and Asians as the reason why they are seemingly healthier than westerners. EAT TOFU TO STOP BREAST CANCER? \CLIP\97\01\SOYCANC.TXT There's no proff that the environment causes breast cancer but women can't escape a sense of menace Boston Globe By Richard Saltus, Globe Staff, 01/06/97 "In Asia, where diets are generally low in fat and high in soy, breast cancer rates are relatively low. But diet isn't the only factor at work. Asian girls are older at menarche, the onset of menstruation, than girls in the United States and Western Europe. As a result, they're exposed to less estrogen over their lives. ". Comment - why don't people study Asians for low rates of AIDS and teen pregnancy? TOFO MAY EASE MENOPAUSE \clip\96\09\tofuflas.txt Study: Tofu May Ease Menopause By DANIEL Q. HANEY AP Medical Editor Sunday, November 10, 1996 10:32 pm EST NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- Eat tofu for hot flashes? The idea is not as weird as it sounds. - Menopausal symptoms like hot flashes are rare in Asia. TOFU MIGHT MAKE ASIANS LIVE LONGER \clip\96\08\tofu.txt Business Week 11/25/96 TOFU MAY BE GOOD FOR THE TICKER RESEARCHERS HAVE LONG sought to explain why rates of heart disease and breast cancer are four times higher in the U.S. than in Japan. Now they may have found part of the answer: the lowly soybean. @@Toilet paper uSA Today 5/6/94 "Great debate unrolls" KRC research and consulting for Northern Bathroom Tissue Top 59% Under 22% Don't Care 18% @@Tomato Eastside Journal Feb 17, 1999 Study: Tomatoes lower cancer risk Journal of National Cancer Institute 57 of 72 studies find tomatoes and products helpful in reducing various cancers @@Tornado HALF OF TORNADO DEATHS IN TRAILER PARKS cost $35 per sf vs site built 10% of us pop, 50% of tornado deaths in trailer parks, site and construction. House Trailers smithsonian June 1998. National Weather Service from: NUMBER OF DEATHS BY NATURAL HAZARDS, 1940-1981 (after Kessler, 1988) total Annual LIGHTNING 7,741 188 TORNADO 5,268 128 \priv\96\16\tornmani.htm "Tornado Statistics Jump as 'Storm Chasers' Proliferate" By KEITH BRADSHER NY Times May 16, 1996 142 a year died of tornadoes in the 1950s, but in the 1990s it has fallen to just 44. Seattle Times May 4, 1999 Dozens die AP Tim Talley. 40 people in Oaklahoma, 5 in Kansas killed in one day of tornadoes. May 31, 1985 90 were killed in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Ontario. @@Touch "Touching, talking aid brain growth" Seattle Times Sept 13, 1997 p. A3 image: \image\97\76irs\touch.tif African American children and infant especially benefit from touching, talking to, and cuddling to encourage brain development. Some see babies born as healthy infants with delayed development because touching talking and snuggling are not going on. "If you leave a baby alone, nothing happens" (Is African American parenting lacking compared to other cultures, such as Asians who have the highest IQ scores?) @@Tractor d:\doc\95\10\mmwr.txt - Tractor accidents occur mostly among whites, and almost entirely among men @@Trampoline Seattle Times July 1, 1998 p. 1 Trampoline Injuries: Follow the bouncing fall. 82,400 cases of injuries seen in hospital emergency rooms in 1997 according to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commision, vs 42,615 in 1993. 64,000 14 and younger. \doc\96\03\bath.txt Parents magazine May 1996 In 1994 40,000 children were treated for trampoline inuuries @@Transplant \priv\96b\03\japntran.txt 6/21/96 In Japan, transplant shortage is rooted in cultural beliefs BY CHARLES A. RADIN AND MUGI HANAO The Boston Globe - The japanese do not allow organs to be donated out of ancient religious beliefs compare to other modern nations. @@Trauma from: Northwest Region Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Care Council Trauma has become the leading cause of death in persons between ages of 1 to 44. Annually, trauma accounts for more than 125,000 fatalities throughout the United States. It is the leading cause of death among children and adolescents, with over 25,000 deaths each year. @@Trunk 19 DIE IN 10 YEARS, 11 IN 1998 \clip\99\10\trunk.txt All Ford cars to have emergency trunk release March 31, 1999 NEW YORK (AP) -- Ford Motor Co. said it will be the first major car maker to install an emergency trunk release as a standard feature on a wide range of cars. Nineteen children have died in the past decade after inadvertently locking themselves inside trunks, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Last summer, the victims included 11 children @@Truth \doc\96\02\telltrut.txt "Some ethnic groups don't want the mortal truth" USA Today Sept 13, 1995 p. 7D JAMA found Korean and Mexican Americans were less likely than African- and European- Americans to say patients should be told of serious illness. Doctors, it is concluded, should ask patient preference. @@Tuberculosis Asian.Health.Tuberculosis Asians have a very high rate of TB. In fact, they're the main reason immigrants are associated with high rates of TB. However, despite the wide publicity given between the linke between AIDS and TB, HIV rates for Asian TB patients are close to zero, probably because Asians with TB come from traditional cultures that do not involve drug use or anal sex with homosexuals. %%comparitive \priv\96\17\aidssum.txt "Health Risk" St. Louis Post-Dispatch (05/30/96) P. 1B; Schieszer, John TB kills more people worldwide each year than AIDS, malaria, and all tropical diseases combined, but it is declining in the United States %%general \doc\97\01\canctb.txt "Tuberculosis Rates Up in the APA community" Asian Week Dec 6, 1996 p. 8 TUBERCULOSIS CASES, NOT RATES UP Tuberculosis , 22,813 total cases in US 1995 Group Percent White NH 26.1 Black NH 33.0 AsianPI 17.2 AmInd 1.4 Hispanic 21.1 source: CHHS, CDC Between 1985 and 1995, TB cases increased 55% from 2,530 to 3,932 (comment, this is driven by immigration, not higher rates, so the title is misleading) \doc\96\02\tbrate.txt \doc\96\02\tbrate.wk1 Tuberculosis Case Rates per 100,000 in 1993 by Race / Ethnicity Ranked by Incidence Rate Case Rate Table 2 All ages Index Cases US born Asian 44.5 12.36 All 25287 12464 Black 29.1 8.08 Black 8951 8229 Hisp 20.6 5.72 White 6922 6300 NatAm 14.6 4.06 Hisp 5194 2241 All 9.8 2.72 Asian 3680 287 White 3.6 0.37 NatAm 274 265 Asians have the highest rate of TB, but Blacks have the highest overall numbers. Nearly all Asian cases are foreign born Source: "Reported Tuberculosis in the United States" 1993, CDC Atlanta GA Index white vs. population, others vs. white=1.00 \doc\95\07\tbreport.txt May 95 TB morbidity report \priv\96b\07\tbvac.txt 79% of TB is among minority groups. In NYC, Latinos are 299, API 421, AfAm 701 times non-Hispanic whites. Article questions why TB vaccine is not used in the US. %%immigrant \doc\96\03\usatb.txt MORBIDITY AND MORTALITY WEEKLY REPORT Centers for Disease Control and Prevention May 10, 1996 Vol. 45, No. 18 Tuberculosis Morbidity -- United States, 1995 ... indicates a decreased number of TB cases among U.S.-born persons and increased number among foreign-born persons.During 1995, TB cases reported among persons born outside the United States and its territories (i.e., foreign-born) accounted for 35.7% of total reported cases, compared with 31.3% in 1994 (Table 2). The number and proportion of persons reported with TB who were classified as foreign-born have increased 63.3% since 1986, the first year information on the country of origin was collected for each case (Figure 1). In 1995, the country of origin was known for 7592 (94.4%) cases reported in foreign-born persons; six countries (Haiti, India, Mexico, People's Republic of China, Philippines, and Vietnam) accounted for 63.6% of the cases. \doc\96\02\tbrate.wk1 Tuberculosis Case Rates per 100,000 in 1993 by Race / Ethnicity Table 2 All White Black Hisp Asian NatAm Pct US 49.3% 91.0% 91.9% 43.1% 7.8% 96.7% Pct For 50.7% 9.0% 8.1% 56.9% 92.2% 3.3% Source: "Reported Tuberculosis in the United States" 1993, CDC Atlanta GA Index white vs. population, others vs. white=1.00 92% of Asian cases are foreign born \doc\95\06\immtb.txt "TB and IMMIGRANTS" April 21, 1995 By Sandra Jacobs, Knight-Ridder/Tribune. Chicago Tribune CDC figures show immigrants were 29.6 percent of all new cases in 1993, up from 21.6 percent in 1986. The rate of TB in the foreign-born is 4 times that of natives 55 percent of immigrants with TB were diagnosed within their first five years here. The CDC study noted that of the foreign-born cases, most were from Latin America (43.9 percent) and Southeast Asia (34.6 percent). \priv\95\05\aidssum.txt - British study says TB associated with unemployment and poverty "Global Epidemiology of Tuberculosis" JAMA Jan 18, 1995 p. 220 49% of reported TB cases in 1990 were in Southeast Asia, 71% are in SEA and Western Pacific. Estimated 7.5 million cases and 2.5 million deaths worldwide in 1990 \DOC\95\01\USTB.WK1 - Tuberculosis in the US US Tuburculosis 1993: W1.00(.37) B7.86 H5.29 A9.72 N4.13 Asians are proportionally the most affected by TB "New wave of TB is blamed partly on complacency; Poor, minorities are hardest hit" Ed Timms (Dallas Morning News) Seattle Times Dec 29, 1994 p. A8 TB in the United States, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (1993) By Race White Black Hisp Asian/PI AmInd Unknown Total Cases 6,922 8,951 5,194 3,680 274 266 25,287 Percent 27.4% 35.4% 20.5% 14.6% 1.1% 1.1% 100.0% White, Black are non-Hispanic d:\doc\94\19\worldtb.txt SJM 11/17/94 New Warning on TB * TB is number one infectious killer, more than all others combined (over half of all deaths, far more than AIDS) * 3 million annual, expected to grow to 3.5 million in 5 years, had declined until 1985 * world is 1/3 TB carriers * 8 million cases per year worldwide * 10-15 million infected in US (6%) 10-15% get symptoms * NYC 1/3 resistant to one drug, 5 % to all. d:\doc\94\19\scholtb.txt TB test rates in Boston schools 7% to 24% d:\priv\94\19\tbdeath.txt - about 1500 TB deaths in the United states last year (if Asians are 10 to 1, they should be about 1/3 of deaths) d:\doc\94\17\laaidstb.wk1 - AIDS and TB in Los Angeles Co. 1992 TB case rate in LA County W1.00 B6.48 H5.10 A10.22 HIV rate of TB client W1.00 B-1.73 H-2.22 A 0.00 d:\doc\94\17\priv\asiatb1.txt Asian Week 3/26/93 p. 1 Immigrants, Minorities, Vunerable to TB CDC 1990 figures: (White = 1.0) B7.9 H5.1 A/PI 9.9 NA 4.5 d:\doc\94\17\asiatb.txt - TB high among Asian populations 50%-60% of SE Asian refugees test positive for TB bacteria exposure 3% have type A or B TB on entry TB rate was 1,138 per 100,000 at arrival plus 407 after arrival. doc938:sfaids93.xls San Francisco HIV survey W1.00 (0.45) B5.34 H3.39 A2.40 NA9.19 doc939\nyheal.txt NYC new students K/1 1993 Table 8 TB Test Positive Index Haiti 18.3% 22.88 Central Am 14.8% 18.50 South Am 13.8% 17.25 >China 13.7% 17.13 Mexico 13.2% 16.50 Jamaica 11.2% 14.00 Africa 10.2% 12.75 >Asia 9.8% 12.25 Guyana 8.8% 11.00 Columbia 8.5% 10.63 >Korea 3.7% 4.63 Other 3.7% 4.63 Hispanic 2.5% 3.13 Black 2.3% 2.88 NYC 2.3% 2.88 Puerto Rican 1.1% 1.38 White 0.8% 1.00 Positive Reaction Rates to the Mantoux Test by Race / Ethnicity (TB) White Black Hispanic Asian Other NYC Percent 0.8% 2.3% 2.5% 5.0% 3.7% 2.3% Index 1.00 2.88 3.13 6.25 4.63 2.88 Asians have the highest rate of TB d:\doc\94\16\priv\hightb.txt - Los Angeles HS has high rate of TB started by student from Vietnam. %%screening \priv\95\10\aidssum.txt "TB Screening Questioned" Washington Post (08/23/95) P. A2 In the current issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, a team led by Janet C. Mohle-Boetani of the California Department of Health Services reports their findings after studying mass TB screenings in Santa Clara County between 1992-1993. They determine that it costs about $16,400 to treat a case of TB, and contact and test those who might have been exposed, but that the additional expense of mass screening was nearly $35,000 for each case prevented outside of the high-risk group. %%world \priv\96\04\tbam.txt Pan American Health Organization reports 70,000 TB deaths in the Western Hemisphere, 95% in Latin America and the Carribbean. The countries with the worst epidemics include Bolivia, Peru, the Dominican Republic, and Ecuador. "TB A Threat in Latin America, Caribbean" Reuters (03/22/96); Kenen, Joanne @@Ulcer Although we used to think that ulcers were caused by stress or spicy foods, we now know that most ulcers are caused by a certain type of bacteria known as Helicobacter pylori, or H. pylori. H. pylori is found in at least eight out of ten patients with ulcers. antibiotics, such as clarithromycin and amoxicillin are used to eliminate the H. pylori bacteria Prevpac: Lansoprazole Amoxcillin Clarithromycin AntiAcid - taken frequently to neutralize acid H2 blocker - taken twice a day to reduce acid production Proton Pump blocker acid reducing drug will heal ulcer in 1 - 2 months pain will go away in a few weeks @@Unemployment LOSE YOUR JOB, LIVE LONGER? \clip\97\04\unemgood.txt "Unemployment is good for you?" Seattle Times Feb 16, 1997 p. E1 Reuters - Christopher Rhum, professor of economics at U North Carolina at Greensboro concludes that higher unemployment is associated with lower mortality rates and reduces fatality from many causes of death. His study projects .5 percent reduction in death rate for each point rise in unemployment. (comment, this sounds too wierd for me to believe in) @@Unsupervised Children \clip\97\14\casino.txt Copyright © 1997 The Seattle Times Company Wednesday, May 28, 1997 Child who was left at playground while dad gambled was killed in the casino restroom by Tom Gorman Los Angeles Times @@Urinary tract infection Blacks have the highest rate of urinary tract infections, since they have the highest rates of unmarried sex, this might be an explanation, though you'd never hear it from the medical community. One might suspect that Asians would have a very low rate of these infections, but I haven't seen any data to support this. HAVING MORE UNMARRIED SEX BRINGS MORE URINARY INFECTIONS \clip\97\04\uritract.txt The Seattle Times Company Wednesday, Feb. 19, 1997 Urinary tract infections: There are gaps in understanding how to prevent this ailment, which is probably even more common than thought " risk of infection goes up with frequency of sexual intercourse; with diaphragm and spermicide use; with spermicide use alone; and for those with a history of these infections. " 3 to 5 times risk for those with sex 5 times a week compared to none, using spermicide with a diaphram is 6 times risk. Unmarried women are also at a greater risk (article does not bring up possibility of large number of potentially infected partners) \priv\96b\06\lowfat.txt Date: Wed, 3 Jul 1996 07:20:25 -0400 From: (NewsHound) Low-fat diet tied to lower cancer Affects one in 3 wom\en at least once in a lifetime, black women are over 5 times more likely to get UTIs, they are the 2nd leading cause of lost work days for women @@Vaccination %%Smallpox z63\doc\web\2002\12\vacnot.txt fwd: re: 20 reasons not to take the smallpox vaccination By Amy Worthington "The Right to Know, The Freedom to Abstain" From kh6 1-9-2 Point #2 extrapolates the number of deaths following [smallpox] vaccination at 71,250 more than the number of deaths from diabetes mellitus (61,767) and HIV (31,130) (CDC, for the year 1996). Vaccination would kill a lot more people than firearms (1,400) @@Vegetables \priv\95\04\kidveg.txt 1/4 of kids don't eat vegetables @@Vegetarian - Asian grocery stores feature "mock" meats for vegetarian diets, and there are vegetarian restaurants. - Some Asian religions require vegetarians diets - Hamburger restaurants in Britain have adopted vegetarian hamburgers, evidently in response to large vegetarians Asian Indian population. - Report that some girls lower their IQ if they do not get enough iron from veg diet. LOW IRON VEG DIET CAN LOWER YOUR IQ z44\clip\2000\08\vegiq.txt July 26 2000 BRITAIN Dieting girls risk cut in their IQ Times of London BY NIGEL HAWKES, SCIENCE EDITOR TEENAGE girls are lowering their IQs by eating diets deficient in iron, according to a study in three North London comprehensive schools. The Economist Aug 19, 1995 "Animals' Lib" Chart shows that the Vegetarian society claims % of british population claiming to be vegetarian has increased from 2% in 1984 to 4.5% in 1995 \doc\95\14\vegnum.txt "Vegetarian" 1992 survey by Vegetarian magazine estimates that vegetarians have doubled since 1985 to 12.4 million, however, one-third of those questioned admitted to eating poultry once a week. Seattle Post Intelligencer Nov 1, 1995 p. C1 *Estimates of vegetarians range from under 1 million to more than 12 million depending on how you define "vegetarian" * Nearly 15 percent of college students chose a vegetarian option at their dining halls on any given day "When kids say NO to meat" Seattle Times Oct 26, 1994 p. F1 Judith Blake @@vehicular heat stroke According to the Kansas-based non-profit group, there have been nine child vehicular heat stroke deaths, counting baby Christiana. Last year, as many as 32 children perished after being left in overheated cars @@Vending Machines Man Vs. Pop Machines Seattle Times ed Oct 30, 1999 Toppling vending machines have killed 35, injured 140 since 1978 (about 2 per year) @@Veneral disease \doc\95\03\table052.wk1 - US Health table Data based on reporting by state health departments Cases per 100,000 population 1990 1991 Sexually transmitted diseases3/: Syphilis4/....................... 53.80 51.69 Primary and secondary.......... 20.10 17.26 Early latent................... 22.10 21.66 Late and late latent........... 10.30 11.05 Congenital5/................... 1.30 1.74 Gonorrhea........................ 276.60 249.48 Chancroid........................ 1.70 1.40 Granuloma inguinale.............. 0.00 0.01 Lymphogranuloma venereum......... 0.10 0.19 SOURCES: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Final 1991 reports of notifiable diseases, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 40(53). Public Health Service, Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 1992; Division of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Center for Prevention Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Selected data. \priv\95\09\aidssum.txt "More Chinese Youths Contract Venereal Disease" Reuters (08/04/95) Chinese youths in 1994 with venereal disease is up 83% compared to 1993. The total in 30 Chinese provinces is 300,466. There have been only 1,774 diagnoses of HIV, but estimates are as high as 10,000. Analysis: 300,466 / 1 billion = 30 cases per 100,000 vs. 250 - 300 in the US, so rate of STD's in China is only 1/10 that of the US. @@Violent Death IF ITS JOB THAT MATTERS, WHY ARE BLACKS AT MOST RISK? \clip\99\07\jobrace.txt Jobs, more than race, determine your odds of dying by violence by Alex Tizon Seattle Times staff reporter A jobless white man living in a poor inner-city neighborhood has as much chance of a violent death as a jobless black man in the same situation, according to a University of Washington study about race, economics and mortality in Chicago. ...lead researcher Gunnar Almgren, an assistant professor at the University of Washington School of Social Work. @@Vision Asians are stereotyped as wearing glasses, but there's not any data to support that. Asian newspapers have really tiny print, and Asian kids study a lot which might explain part of it. \doc\95\08\vision.txt Women are more likely to wear corrective lenses than men at all ages Source: Mediamark Research Inc, New York NY as cited by American Demographics June 1995 p. 39 men women under 35 28.8% 39.9% 35 to 54 44.4% 53.4% 55 and older 60.7% 65.6% @@Vitamin \priv\96\13\mayok.htm The Seattle Times May 2, 1996 Study spreads health news about mayo and margarine by Daniel Q. Haney Associated Press BOSTON - Food experts have started to sing the praises of - can you believe it? - mayonnaise and margarine. The reason is vitamin E, the hot nutrient of the moment. A pile of medical evidence, including a large study in today's New England Journal of Medicine, suggests this vitamin protects people from heart disease. @@Voice Asians have the highest, then whites, blacks lowest voices. BLACKS LOWER VOICE THAN WHITES Jason Malloy: "Hudson and Holbrook (1982) gave a reading task to 100 black men and 100 black women volunteers ranging in age from 18 to 29 years. The fundamental vocal frequencies were measured and compared to white norms. The frequency for black men was 110 Hz lower than the 117 Hz for white men, and the frequency for black women was 193 Hz, lower than the frequency of 217 Hz for white women." 'Race, Evolution, and Behavior' p. 163. Phillipe Rushton. Hudson, A. I., & Holbrook, A. (1982). Fundamental frequency characteristics of young black adults: Spontaneous speaking and oral reading. Journal of Speech and Hearing Research, 25, 25-28. @@Walkers (baby) (baby) \doc\95\06\walkers.txt - 25,000 emergency room injuries a year \clip\98\04\injure.txt Seattle Times Company February 9, 1998 To keep kids from being injured, focus on cars, bikes, skates, walkers by Lisa Pemberton-Butler Seattle Times staff reporter. Baby walkers are associated with more injuries than any other baby equipment. Each year, about 29,000 children are treated in hospital emergency rooms for baby-walker-related injuries. There is at least one death a year in the United States from baby-walker accidents. @@Wash hands \clip\96\04\washhand.txt 16 Sep 1996 You'll Pardon Me If I Don't Shake Your Hand: Many of Us Aren't Washing By DANIEL Q. HANEY AP Medical Editor NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- Millions of Americans routinely ignore one of Mom's most important pieces of advice: Wash your hands after you go to the bathroom. @@Water %%bottled water NRDC SAYS BOTTLED WATER IS DANGEROUS, FOO SAYS FUMENTO \clip\99\10\bwater.txt April 3, 1999 The NRDC's Bottled Fear by Michael Fumento "For the past 37 years," according to the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), "there have been no confirmed reports in the US of illness or diseases linked to bottled water." "Foul!" cried the NRDC. They've located bottled-water disease outbreaks in the medical literature, they say. How many? Two. Where? One in the Marianas Islands, and one in Portugal. Houston Chronicle 10/3/1996 Wary consumers prefer water from a bottle By MICHAEL KASHGARIAN Copyright 1996 Midland Reporter-Telegram - One family spends $820 annually for water that costs $2.20 from the tap. Last year, Americans consumed 2.7 billion gallons of bottled water or about 163 eight-ounce servings per person, according to a bottled water trade association. %%death 50-1,200 DEATHS PER YEAR Is it safe to drink the water? Seattle Times March 13, 1999 p. 2 Paul Nussbaum 50-1,200 deaths per year due to water borne disease, 200,000 to 1.3m ill according to cdc \priv\96b\07\micrwatr.txt 10 Jul 1996 Bacteria Causes Growing Health Threat In Nation's Water Supply By H. JOSEF HEBERT According to CDC estimates, between 900 and 1,000 people a year die and another million people become sick from microbial illnesses from drinking water \doc\95\07\badwater.txt National Public Radio June 1, 1995 A government study showed that 20% of Americans drink water that violates federal safety standards. 1,000 Americans a year die from drinking contaminated water %%dehydration 8 GLASSES A DAY IS BOGUS, DRINK WHEN YOU'RE THIRSTY Why You're Drinking Too Much Water Wall Street Journal May 23, 2002 D1 Betsy McKay. Experts are questioning long touted rules. Dasani bottled water recommends 6-8oz glasses for one one-hr workout. International Bottled Water Association says 11 8oz glasses per day for 180lb man with no exercise. National Academy of Science, one of the sources of 8 x 8 oz per day is working on new guidelines. Only studies that appear to support 8 glasses per day were based soldiers, hospitals, and other unusual environments. Also doubts that coffee and alcohol are dehydrating. DRINK 8 CUPS OF WATER A DAY? \doc\97\02\waterday.txt "Dam the inconveniences" Molly Martin Pacific Magazine Seattle Times Feb 2, 1997 John Putnam of Kent says that people adapt to dehydration and suggests * drink 64 ounces of water a day, more for exercise * drink another cup of water for every cup of coffee or alchohol. * drink a half-cup an hour to spread it out evenly * thirst is not a good indicator. %%filter \clip\96\08\watrfilt.txt Houston Chronicle 10/3/1996 Filters can improve taste and smell, guard health By BILL VIRGIN Copyright 1996 Seattle Post-Intelligencer /special/water/08/water/water-filtration-tues.2-1.html %%general @@Wheelchairs \doc\96\03\whelhip.txt "The Wheelchair Turns Hip as New Generation Of Users Demands Styles" Wall Street Journal Sept 28, 1995 p. A1 Violence, specifically gunshot wounds is the number 1 cause of crippling spinal cord injuries among black men @@Women %%general \priv\95\18\aswmheal.txt 16 November 17. 1995 ASIAN WEEK "The State of Asian Women's Health: A Compendium of Facts and Findings" Survey of women's health findings, however it tends to downplay or ignore the overwhelming health advantages of Asians compared to whites and other minorities. %%muscle WEAKER SEX? MEN 50% MORE MUSCLE THAN WOMEN "men are 13% taller and have 50% greater muscle mass than women" New Scientist "Sex, lies and EastEnders" 17 May 2003 p. 37 @@Workplace violence ----------------------------------------- FISHING, LOGGING, PILOT MOST DANGEROUS JOBS \clip\97\11\workdeat.txt Seattle Times Friday, April 25, 1997 Death in the workplace: Ceremonies to honor workers who died on the job by Jack Broom Seattle Times staff reporter \doc\web\97\03\dangjob.txt Most Dangerous Jobs: Deaths per 100,000 workers Fisherman 104 ********** Logger 101 ********** Pilot 97 ********** Miner 78 ******** Structural Metal Worker 64 ****** Garbage Collector 60 ****** Taxi Driver 46 ***** Construction Laborer 39 **** Bulldozer operator 31 *** Farm worker 30 *** Roofer 29 *** Electrical Installer 28 *** Truck Driver 26 *** Note that the top 3 dangerous jobs are disproportionately white. ---------------------------------------------------- \clip\96\02\workinj.txt Aug 8, 1996 Fewer Workers Die on Job in 1995 By LAURA MECKLER Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) -- On a typical day in 1995, 17 people were killed on the job -- a 6 percent decrease from 1994, the government said Thursday. For women - The most dangerous jobs for homicide are taxicab drivers, sales counter clersks, news vendors, followed by police. Police and nursing are the most dangerous non-fatal occupations. \doc\95\14\womndang.wk1 - homicide rate by occupation Ranked by Homicide Rate per 100,000 workers Taxicab drivers and chauffeurs 4 18.9 Sales counter clerks 11 8.8 News vendors 3 6.9 Police and detectives, public service 3 4.9 Mangers, food serving and lodging 18 3.5 Bartenders 3 1.8 Kitchen workers, food preparation 3 1.5 Real estate sales occupations 5 1.4 Food counter, fountain and related oc 3 1.2 Supervisors and proprietors, sales oc 15 1 Cashiers 18 0.9 General office clerks 4 0.7 Hairdressers and cosmetologists 4 0.6 Managers and administrators 7 0.4 Waiters and waitresses 4 0.4 Secretaries 10 0.3 Nursing aides, orderlies, and attenda 4 0.3 Bookkeepers, accounting and auditing 4 0.2 The Most Dangerous Jobs for Women 1993 Nonfatal Workplace Assaults Number Rate Ranked by Rate Sherriffs, bailiffs, other law enforcement 251 2079.1 Police and detectives, public services 588 1813.2 Nursing aides, ordierlies and attendants 5593 699.8 Correctional institution officers 221 656.9 Welfare service aides 130 408.5 Licensced practical nurses 613 288.1 Supervisors, personal service occupations 113 269.9 Social workers 558 261.1 Teachers's aides 551 222.2 Health technologists and technicians 418 221.5 Bus drivers 254 207.1 Secondary school teachers, exc. postsecond. 690 183.3 Maids 468 163.8 Counselors, educational and vocational 126 157.7 Registered Nurses 1134 122.2 Health aides, exc. nursing 143 109.6 Special education teachers 135 106.2 Teachers, other 218 95.7 Elementary school teachers 304 40.2 Cahsiers 139 12.9 \doc\95\14\workviol.txt "Women Likelier To Face Violence In the Workplace" Wall Street Journal Oct 13, 1995 p. A13 Asra Q. Nomani Based on report "Women in Public Service" Fall 1995 by Sharon L. Harlan, University of New York at Albany, Center for Women in Government "Women of Color Face Greater Risk of Workplace Violence" Rates of Nonfatal Workplace Assault Against Women by Race / Ethnicity in 1993 Index Rate 2.26 34 African Am 1.00 15 White -1.15 13 Hisp -1.36 11 Asian / PI -3.75 4 Native American Rates per 100,000 of Nonfatal Workplace Assalt Against Women by Race and Occupation in 1993 Major Occupational Categories Af-Am White Index Managerial and professional 29.2 10.8 2.9 Technical, sales and administrative support 8.2 8.1 1.0 Service occupations 91.2 56.2 1.6 Operators, fabricators, and laborers 9.5 2.0 4.8 Homicide Rates of Women by Race / Ethnicity in 1993 Rates per 100,000 women workers Index Rate Race / Ethnicity 4.0 1.2 Asian or Pacific Islander 1.3 0.4 African American 1.0 0.3 White Rates of Nonfatal Workplace Assault in 1993 women 58 per 100,000, losing 5 work days men 52 @@Youth Risk Behaviors National CDC YRB page Stuter says survey is invasive %%Colorado Youth Risk Behavior Survey 1995 Program Director: Mary VanderWall, Program Director Program Contact: Mary VanderWall, Program Director (303) 866-6616 Organization: Colorado Department of Education Prevention Initiatives HIV AIDS Education Program Address: 201 East Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO 80203 Phone: (303) 866-6616 Fax: (303) 830-0793 County: Denver %%Massachusetts local: \clip\97\05\yrb95lgr.htm web: Massachusetts summary without charts contact 617-388-3300 for Carol Goodenow for copies of the original report. This report says that gays engaged in very high risk behaviors, but immigrants and Asians were very low. The charts with race breakdowns are ommitted from the web version %%United States (CDC) web: local: \clip\97\07\usrisk.pdf Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance United States, 1995 (732,864 bytes) September 27, 1996 / Vol. 45 / No. SS-4 Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 1991 (for microcomputers) (Datafile) Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Summary: The Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS) is an epidemiological surveillance system that was established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to monitor the prevalence of youth behaviors that most influence health. Kids Count Summary, teen births and low birth weight suicide and homicide are up. Subject: Disturbing Statistics on America's Children @@X-ray \priv\95\06\XRAYFIRE.TXT \priv\95\06\XRAYFIRE.GIF - did x-rays cause breast cancer?