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Yes there are gay Asians

One of the biggest issues in Asian Americans studies is gays, and AIDS, and a lot of movies have been on gay Asians. The official party line anywhere you look is either (A) male homosexuality is equal across all races and cultures or (B) homosexuality is so closeted that there is no accurate data. Sorry to break this to you folks, but there's actually quite a lot of data on just how many Asian Americans have AIDS and gay Asians there are, and almost every data point shows that Asians have a lot less of both, for better or worse, and you'll only find it right here, since nobody else has the guts to point out this simple truth. Asians are really, really conservative on stuff like this. So while there ARE lots of Asian gays and Asians getting AIDS, it's still much less than the white population. See aaids.htm for data on AIDS in Asians, since most cases are among gays. Since HIV rates are actually equal between white and Asian heterosexuals and corresponding homosexuals, but the overall AIDS rate is much lower, algebra tells us that the rate of homosexuals must be just as low as these survey samples tell us they probably are.

This is yet another piece of the "Asian Superiority" puzzle, where the morally "regressive" Asian culture results in much lower rates of health and behavioral problems associated with homosexuality, whatever one might think of the merits of homosexuality are independent of associated problems. Either a low rate of homosexuality is a good thing, or the Asian community should work towards equality in numbers of Asian gays, and Asians with AIDS, STDs and other associated problems.

Index is representation of race relative to actual population, 1.00
equal to white, 2.00 twice -2.00 half

Rank by Index      Black  Hisp   Asian
Stanford Health        2.3    2.0    2.7
Stanford Gay Parade                  1.0
Rural China   2%                     1.0
China College 8%                     1.0
------- equal --------------------------
Overlooked USA wome   -2.2    1.2   -1.5
Vote gay marriage                   -2.0
Unmarried Partner      1.2    1.1   -2.0
Overlooked USA men    -3.4   -1.1   -2.7
SF Lesbian             1.4   -1.1   -2.8
SF Young Men's Surv   -1.1    1.0   -3.1
Seattle Gay STD 88-    1.7    1.6   -3.3
San Jose Metro Pers   -2.9    0.0   -4.9
DC Blade              -4.3   -2.2   -6.9
Los Angeles Rand      -3.6   -3.2   -8.2
Seattle STD Clinic     1.7    1.8   -8.9
Japan                              -10.0
San Francisco EMT F   -4.2   -4.5  -11.4
San Francisco EMT M   -3.1   -5.6  -14.6
San Francisco Gay S   -1.2   -1.6  -16.0
Gay Parade SF         -4.8   -6.2  -32.1
Gay murder victims                   0.0

Also see comparison of AIDS rates for Asians which is
comparably lower as well.

doc\94\3\priv\astranv.txt - transvestites in Singapore


\priv\95\02\chua.txt .doc
"Founder of First Gay and Lesbian Asian Group Succumbs to AIDS" Asian
Week Sept 2, 1994 p. 3 Daniel C. Tsang. Siong-Huat Chua, a native of
Malacca Malaysia died Aug 15 at Beth Israel Hospital, age 39. He was
profiled in "Fighting Chance" a video on HIV positive Asians, where
Chua refused to apologize for getting AIDS and said  that he would
change nothing in his behavior, adamantly declining to  accept blame
for the disease.


doc\92\doc924\chinaids.txt - Ruili China 1992 SF Examiner Sept 29,
1992 A11 Uli Schmetzer Chicago Tribune SF Examiner Sept 29, 1992 A11
Uli Schmetzer Chicago Tribune In a six city survey by China's
foremost sexologist, Dr. Liu Dalin, 0.5 percent urban residents and
2.31 percent of rural people reported having had homosexual
experiences.  At Universities, this figure was 8.4 percent for women
and 7.5 percent for men.[that's comparable to US] 93 percent of gays
had completed at least secon- dary school, many had spent time in
prison for being gay. Only one-third of the 254 homosexuals his 14
researchers interviewed had sex with their partners. Among those who
did, nearly 40% stuck to one partner.  85 percent of interviewed
homosexuals would not openly disclose their sexual status.  years,
Canton and Shanghai have become havens for gays from Asian countries


Common wisdom is that the rate of homosexuals and activity is equal
for all races, however there is zero evidence to support this, as
rates for AIDS and HIV vary widely between races. 

"Revolution by Stages" AsiaWeek Aug 7, 1998 p. 38. Persecution has
been largely banished, but ostracism has not. If it is true that one
person in 10 is gay, then maybe 315 million Asians are living a lie.
Many asian cultures are tolerant. India, Singapore, Malaysia outlaw
gay sex as "unnatural". China, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines and
Thailand have no laws.

"If you look at all societies", says Frederick Whitam [University of
Arizona], who has researched homosexuality in cultures as diverse as
the United States, Central America, and the Philippines,
"homosexuality occurs at the same rates with the same kinds of
behavior. That suggests something biological has been going on. The
biological evidence has been growing for 20 or more years" "Born or
Bred" Newsweek Feb 24, 1992

Comment - This is measurably false by any methodology for
quantitatively measuring homosexuals and homosexual activity in the
United States, China, or Japan. The author claims there is no 
evidence of different rates (I've documented dozens of pieces of
evidence) and offers no specific instances of quantitative measures
which show numerical equality.



z42\clip\2000\06\syph.txt Seattle Times Company May 10, 2000 No end
in sight to syphilis outbreak by Warren King Seattle Times medical
reporter About 40 to 50 cases of syphilis in gay men are being
reported annually in King County. The rate of infection in the gay
population is 150 times greater than for the heterosexual population.
Of nearly 100 gay men with syphilis interviewed during the past two
years, about two-thirds said they had recently had unprotected sex
with at least one anonymous partner. The average age of the infected
men was 35.  Three-fourths of the cases are in men who also are
carrying the AIDS virus.  "I think there is a small number who are
consistently unsafe and a larger number who are unsafe sometimes." 


\clip\96\05\japngay.txt Couple visit schools to dispel myths about
gays TOKYO, Sept. 25 (Kyodo) "''Statistics show that 3-5% of
population are homosexual, so there must be quite a few homosexuals
among the students we met." "Although some 10% of the students at
Kikukawa Junior High still said they could not understand
homosexuality even after listening to the lecture, about half of them
said their images toward homosexuals have been changed."


Asian Week Mar 9, 2000 p15
SF Poll mirrors early results
Bush heavily over mccain 18-6 vs 13-12 gen
52 chinese vs 26 for prop 22 (only 2 sex marriages)


"Proud to be queer Asians" Seattle Interntional Examiner July 3, 1996
p. 10 Denise Tang F072297 Sunday, June 30, over 100 Asians from
across the Pacific Northwest marched together in Seattle's Pride
parade, featuring "Queerzilla, the Original Flamer" "Being a queer
Asian breaks stereotypes of Asians as primarily heterosexual"


Lots of surveys on gays which
include Asians, table was at the front of this file as 
a summary.


doc942\priv\gaybost.txt 1/4 of gays are open, small in boston


Wash Blade Survey
Asian gays: 1/92 Washington Blade Survey, DC + Suburbs 
Index W1.00(1.31) B-4.29 H-2.22 A-6.92 
 Percent W87.6 B7.7 H2.3 A0.7 O1.7


doc\94\11\priv\japad871.txt 1 percent gay in Japan vs. 10 US
different from that in the United States,'' Shiokawa said in an
interview. He estimated that less than 1 percent of Japanese men are
homosexual, as compared with the United States' 10 percent. The

d:\doc\94\17\priv\jpaids11.txt SJM 8/7/94 JAPAN TRIES TO QUELL ANXIETY
AS AIDS SUMMIT OPENS  - estimate is 300,000 nationwide or 0.3%


doc\doc924\chinaids.dxt - survey of gays in China

[[Los Angeles - See RAND study

[[San Francisco
see AIDS study


d:\doc\94\seahiv.wk1 1993 STD clinic, of gay clients: W1.0(.99) B1.69
H1.79 A-8.91 NA1.10


  @@race - also see AIDS figures, which are closely related to gay population

\doc\95\05\macs.txt Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study

83.1% white
10.1% black
 5.3% hispanic
 1.5% Asian/NatAm/Other

  \doc\95\02\asiasex.doc - survey of asian gay polls

  D:\DOC\94\3\LATGAY.WK1 LA Times US exit poll of 92 presidential voters

         Ethnicity                               Index
                     men           women         men           women
                     gay    all    lesbia all    gay    all    lesbia all
         White*        79%    85%    74%    83%   0.93          0.89
         Black         13%     9%    15%    12%   1.55          1.34
         Latino         4%     3%     7%     3%   1.43          2.51
         Asian          0%     1%     0%     1%   0.00          0.00
         Other          4%     2%     4%     1%   2.15          4.30
         Minority voters more likely to call themselves gay, except Asian
         * White is gay / all, others are gay / all / white

d:\doc\94\20\gaykill.wk1 - Gay murders by Race
 Gay Murder Victims W1.00(.83) B2.85 H1.33 A0.00

doc\94\19\famstruc.wk1  - Family structure US Census 1990
US Unmarried Partner Households (Urban) W1.00 B1.19 H1.11 A-2.02 NA 1.80

\doc\94\17\gaymark.wk1 - Overlooked Opinions Survey
Overlooked Opinions 1992 survey of gay men in USA
Men W1.00(1.12) B-3.36 H-1.06 A-2.8 NA1.28
Women W1.00(1.05) B-2.17 H1.24 A-1.57 NA 2.18

Note that US Asian AIDS rate is 1/3 vs. 1/2.8 in survey


doc923:eqgay.txt[asian,gay] no proof of different number of asian gays

[[San Francisco

doc938:lesbaids.xls SF survey of Lesbians
  population B1.4 H-1.1 A-2.8 NA 3.9

doc\doc924\chinaids.dxt - survey of gays in China

From: Dr. Robert J. Hill []
Sent: Friday, August 17, 2001 2:48 PM
To: arthurhu @ (no space)
Subject: Gay College Statistics

I teach at the Univ of GA---and am on the UGA diversity team.  I'm
looking for statistics on: Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender
college students: Attrition rate, demographics etc.  Also, I'm
interested in any articles on the intersection of race and ethnicity
with sexual orientation and gender identity in higher education.

Any ideas where I can look!
Many thanks!