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It is commonly known that racism is the most common explanation why African Americans and minorities suffer unfairly from high rates of arrest and incarceration.

Statistics are harder to find on Asians, who are lower in arrest and imprisonment rates than any other race for nearly every category of crime. The exception seems to be gang memebership, runaways and homicide in urban areas. Asians and Blacks are more likely to be victims of hate crimes, but Blacks are also the most likely to be perpetrators of hate crimes. The politically correct explanation is that crime is caused by poverty and racism, and racial profiling. If there wasn't any racism and if there was social justice, all races (and genders) would have equal crime rates (yeah, right). Asians are much less likely to be searched than whites or blacks in New Jersey traffic stops.



Crime Perpetrator summary

Crime Spectrum

Index Summary Ranked by Asian
(5) Seattle 1994 Gang arr.    W1.0  B 54.1  H22.6  A49.7 N 5.9
(6) Los Angeles Male Gang 92  W1.0  B 71.7  H19.7  A13.5
    FBI Gambling              W1.0  B  7.0  H      A 5.1
Teen Gun Seattle              W1.00 B5.59   H2.47  A2.58
NYC Killed by Gun             W1.00 B1.7    H1.5   A2.2
(1) Juvenile Detention SF     W1.0  B 8.85  H 1.57 A 1.5 N 9.3
King County Victim 1995       W1.00 B7.75   H0.00  A1.09 N1.22
------- Asians worse than average  ^-------------------------
------- Asians better than average v--------------------------
(3) Washington State Juv      W1.0  B 7.86  H      A-1.2 N 3.4
(2) US juvenile Detention     W1.0  B 5.2   H 2.2  A-1.4
(15)New Jersey Traffic Search W1.0  B 5.51  H 9.63 A-1.42
(14)INTERPOL world crime 1990 W1.0  B 3.2          A-2.34
(8) WA 3 Strikes              W1.0  B21.1   H-1.7  A-2.7
(12)US Rape Arrest            W1.0  B 5.00  H-2.8  A-2.8  (HA=other) *
(9) Toronto Prison Admits     W1.0  B 5.2          A-2.0
(4) Boston Hate Crime S.      W1.0  B 1.5   H-3.2  A-3.2
(4) San Jose Hate Crime S.    W1.0  B 7.9   H 1.1  A-3.4
(7) FBI Murder arrest         W1.0  B 7.5   H      A-3.5
(7) FBI Violent Crime arrest  W1.0  B 5.2   H      A-3.6
(11) SF Jail, NonFil Asian    W1.0  B 7.6   H      A-7.1
(10) Killed Whites LACo       W1.3  B 2.1   H-1.5  A-10.2
    LAPD riots arrest         W1.0  B13.0   H 5.3  A-37.3
(4) Klan Watch US Hate CrS.   W1.0  B 6.3   H      A 0.0

Crime Victim
(10) Male murder vict LACo    W1.0  B14.00  H 5.64 A 1.3
(13) KingCo Murder Vict       W1.00 B 7.75  H 0.00 A 1.09 N1.22
(10) Female murd vict LACo    W1.0  B 5.75  H 1.50 A 1.0

(1) Adolescents in San Francisco Juvenile Detention Center 1990-92 SF
Health Department doc938\sfaids93.xls
(2)     d:\doc\94\19\juvedet1.wk1 - US juvenile Detention Department of
Justice 1991: W37%(1.0) B44%(5.2) H14%(2.2) A+O 2%(-1.4)
(3) \doc\95\04\washjuve.wk1      Washington State juveniles confined 1990 W1
B7.86 A-1.22 N3.42 George Bridges, Univ of Washington
(4) see @@hate crime section
(5) \doc\95\10\seatgang.wk1 - Gang Arrests in Seattle Summary, 1994
(6) \doc\94\7\lagang.wk1    Los Angeles gangs 21-24 1992
(7) FBI 1990
(8) AP 6/27/96 Washington State
(9) Toronto Globe and Mail 1/16/96
(11) Asian Week April 6, 1990 p. 4
(12) Bureau of Justice Statistics 1995
(13) Seattle Times Thursday, Feb. 27, 1997 King Co medical examiners
 office, police departments.
(14) Rushton
(15) SeaTimes May 22, 1999 "Racial Profiling found..." 


"Most children abducted, later killed, were taken by someone familiar
with their neighborhood" Seattle Times May (12 or 13?) 1997 p. 1
F051497-1 (67% of cases in 44 states) Washington State Attorney

@@Adultery (say what?)


Friday, May 16, 1997 · Page A18 ©1997 San Francisco Chronicle
Embarrassed Air Force Ready for Court-Martial THE AIR FORCE says it
is ready to go ahead with the court-martial of Lieutenant Kelly Flinn
for adultery and other charges, even though it is certain to become a
lurid show-trial and an embarrassment to everyone involved.


\clip\97\20\aftsch.txt Sept 10, 1997 (AP) Report: After-school
boredom invites youth crime WASHINGTON (AP) -- The most violent hour
of the day for juvenile offenders begins at 3 p.m. according to a
study released Wednesday by a children's advocacy group by Fight
Crime: Invest in Kids. Half of all violent juvenile crime occurs
between 2 p.m.  and 8 p.m. on school days


Aggression in boyh rewarded research says Seattle Times Jan 17, 2000
A2 journal Developmental Psychology "Tough boys were
disproportionately African American, particularly when they were a
minority in the classroom". It may have made up for being
disadvantaged in classrooms that were mostly white in the study.

\priv\95\04\crimalch.txt - crime linked with liquor outlets


Asians are least, blacks most likely to be arrested. The exception is
that in Canada and UK, South Asians are somewhat more likely to be
arrested than whites.


From link:
Database: 800,000 criminal and other charges from Toronto Police 
arrest records, as analyzed by The Star 2002
Capture rate: 95%
Brown = South Asian descent, Other = Far Eastern/SouthEastern origin

DOC922:ARRESTLA.WK1 - arrests in LA Riot of 92
    LA Sherriff W1.0 (.11) B41.2 H10.9 A+O 0.95
    LAPD        W1.0 (.25) B13.0 H 5.3 A -37.3 JP-20.2 CH-38 FL -11

doc938:arrest.xls B3.6 N1.8 A-1.8

1990 Summary Investors Business Daily Dec 20, 1993 p.1, FBI figures

Arrests for             White   Black   Other
Violent Crimes          1.00    5.21    -3.62
Murder              1.00        7.51    -3.50

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics 1995
Arrests, by offense charged, age
group, and race, United States, 1994 (Table 4.10)
 \doc\95\13\usarrest.wk1 US arrests for various causes, 1991
 Source: U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, Crime in the
 United States

Note that Gambling, Offenses against the family and Runaways
are the only crimes by Asians equal or greater than Whites

 Indexed, Ranked by Asian Relative Prevalence
                       Total   White   Black   AmInd   Asian
                                               Alas    PI
  Gambling                1.79    0.56    7.01   -4.46    5.07
  Offenses against fam    1.20    0.83    2.96    1.66    1.12
  Runaways               -1.00    1.00    1.32    1.37   -1.16
  Robbery                 2.14    0.47   10.87    1.07   -1.51
  Motor vehicle theft     1.37    0.73    4.50    1.37   -1.51
  Curfew and lointerin    1.04    0.96    1.79    1.04   -1.54
  Larceny/theft           1.21    0.83    3.10    1.66   -1.72
  Murd / NonNeg Mansla    1.85    0.54    8.45    1.85   -1.74
  Weapons posession       1.41    0.71    4.90   -1.13   -1.86
 Serious Crimes           1.27    0.79    3.66    1.59   -1.90
  Other non-traffic       1.26    0.79    3.61    1.58   -1.91
  Prostitution            1.33    0.75    4.22   -1.00   -1.98
  Forcible rape           1.47    0.68    5.31    1.65   -2.47
  Burglary                1.17    0.86    2.85    1.31   -2.48
  Stolen property         1.41    0.71    4.90   -1.14   -2.57
  Other assaults          1.24    0.80    3.45    2.02   -2.59
  Forgery and counterf    1.24    0.81    3.48   -1.08   -2.60
  Aggravated assault      1.34    0.75    4.27    1.51   -2.71
  Embezzlement            1.18    0.85    2.96    1.03   -2.74
 Total Crimes             1.16    0.86    2.81    1.60   -2.77
  Other sex offenses      1.03    0.97    1.69    1.28   -2.82
  Vandalism               1.06    0.95    1.95    1.32   -3.05
  Arson                   1.05    0.96    1.88    1.18   -3.08
  Disorderly conduct      1.23    0.82    3.34    1.99   -3.94
  Driving under the in   -1.11    1.11   -1.46    1.35   -4.01
  Drug abuse violation    1.38    0.72    4.72   -1.93   -4.20
  Fraud                   1.18    0.84    3.09    5.92   -4.90
  Liquor laws            -1.09    1.09   -1.34    2.76   -5.25
  Suspicion               1.97    0.51    9.61    1.23   -7.37
  Vagrancy                1.57    0.64    6.09    3.92   -9.25
  Drunkenness            -1.01    1.01    1.35    2.72   -9.78

Index, Ranked by Black Relative Prevalence
                    Total  White  Black  AmInd  Asian
                                         Alas   PI
 Robbery              2.14   0.47  10.87   1.07  -1.51
 Suspicion            1.97   0.51   9.61   1.23  -7.37
 Murd / NonNeg Mansl  1.85   0.54   8.45   1.85  -1.74
 Gambling             1.79   0.56   7.01  -4.46   5.07
 Vagrancy             1.57   0.64   6.09   3.92  -9.25
 Forcible rape        1.47   0.68   5.31   1.65  -2.47
 Weapons posession    1.41   0.71   4.90  -1.13  -1.86
 Stolen property      1.41   0.71   4.90  -1.14  -2.57
 Drug abuse violatio  1.38   0.72   4.72  -1.93  -4.20
 Motor vehicle theft  1.37   0.73   4.50   1.37  -1.51
 Aggravated assault   1.34   0.75   4.27   1.51  -2.71
 Prostitution         1.33   0.75   4.22  -1.00  -1.98
Serious Crimes        1.27   0.79   3.66   1.59  -1.90
 Other non-traffic    1.26   0.79   3.61   1.58  -1.91
 Forgery and counter  1.24   0.81   3.48  -1.08  -2.60
 Other assaults       1.24   0.80   3.45   2.02  -2.59
 Disorderly conduct   1.23   0.82   3.34   1.99  -3.94
 Disorderly conduct   1.23   0.82   3.34   1.99  -3.94
 Larceny/theft        1.21   0.83   3.10   1.66  -1.72
 Fraud                1.18   0.84   3.09   5.92  -4.90
 Embezzlement         1.18   0.85   2.96   1.03  -2.74
 Offenses against fa  1.20   0.83   2.96   1.66   1.12
 Burglary             1.17   0.86   2.85   1.31  -2.48
Total Crimes          1.16   0.86   2.81   1.60  -2.77
 Vandalism            1.06   0.95   1.95   1.32  -3.05
 Arson                1.05   0.96   1.88   1.18  -3.08
 Curfew and lointeri  1.04   0.96   1.79   1.04  -1.54
 Other sex offenses   1.03   0.97   1.69   1.28  -2.82
 Drunkenness         -1.01   1.01   1.35   2.72  -9.78
 Runaways            -1.00   1.00   1.32   1.37  -1.16
 Liquor laws         -1.09   1.09  -1.34   2.76  -5.25
 Driving under the i -1.11   1.11  -1.46   1.35  -4.01

Bob Govan notes that
the rank order for blacks is the reverse for whites, and they
appear to be linearly related. Cool!

what happens when you submit
table to web page for stat analysis] more



Mon, Nov. 24, 2003  
Asian-American youths' struggles belie stereotype
By Jack Chang
National Council on Crime and Delinquency, a
nonprofit research group.
Samoans had the second-highest juvenile arrest rate in Oakland at 8
percent, second to African-Americans, the report found.  Oakland's 807
Laotian and 122 Korean juveniles tied for third in juvenile arrest
rates at 7 percent.


\doc\94\19\crimvict.wk1 - Crime victimimization by Race

1992 USA assault W1.0 B1.25 H-1.08 A-1.22

@@auto theft

\doc\94\19\usjpcrim.txt U.S. Leads in Violent Crimes San Francisco
Chronicle May 29, 1992 p. E3 based on Where We Stand Michael Wolff,
Peter Rutten, Albert F. Bayers III and the World Rank Research Team
Auto Theft 583 per 100k Japan 28



\clip\97\07\deatpenl.txt Here are the ACLU's answers to some
questions frequently raised by the public about capital punishment:
African Americans are approximately 12 percent of the U. S.
population, yet of the 3,859 persons executed for a range of crimes
since 1930, more than 50 percent have been black.  Other minorities
are also death-sentenced disproportionate to their numbers in the
population.  This is not primarily because minorities commit more
murders, but because they are more often sentenced to death when they
do. (comment, this doesn't work out because blacks are just as
disproportionately victims of murders, not just arrests)
American Civil Liberties Union                  Briefing Paper Number 8

ACLU Free Reading Room   | A publications and information resource of the
gopher://   | American Civil Liberties Union National Office           | |  "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty"


\doc\96\07\crimbias.wk1 Bias in Crime Investigations
Murder Unsolved Victim W1.00 B-1.24 H-1.30
Murder Arrest Made W1.00 B-1.10 H-1.17
Capital Charges Filed W1.00 B-2.14 H-2.50
Capital Conviction W1.00 B-3.00 H-3.00

                  Murder probes when victims were
                  White   Black   HispanicWhite   Black   Hispanic
Unsolved               37%     46%     48%    1.00    1.24    1.30
Arrest Made            55%     50%     47%    1.00   -1.10   -1.17
Other                   9%      4%      5%    1.00   -2.25   -1.80

                  Capital Crimes when victims were
Capital Charges Fi     15%      7%      6%    1.00   -2.14   -2.50
Convictions             9%      3%      3%    1.00   -3.00   -3.00

Source: (\clip\96\10\murdrace.txt) Los Angeles Times Tuesday, December 3, 19

Not All L.A.  Murder Cases Are Equal By TED ROHRLICH, FREDRIC N.
TULSKY, Times Staff Writers (study by LA Times from public data)

\doc\95\13\ojpoll.txt Source: "Poll: A nation more divided" USA Today
Oct 9, 1995 p. 5A Joe Urschel

Note: Only a minority of blacks thought racial
discrimination was a somewhat or very serious

Is the US justice system bias against blacks

W33 B54   Biased
W48 B35   Not Biased

Have you personally ever felt treated unfairly by the
police specifically because of your race

W9  B34

How common is racism against Blacks among Police officers

W11 B37  Very common
W41 B31  Fairly common

d:\priv\95\01\arrebias.txt - bias in arrests: whites 60% of convicted
perpetrators, but 30% of arrests in CA SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS Monday,
December 9, 1991

@@Biology BIOLOGY AND CRIME David C. Rowe, University
of Arizona ISBN: 1-891487-80-9 Softbound, 200 pages, copyright 2001
profiles biological approaches to understanding why some people are
criminals and others not. The book, written by internationally
recognized behavioral geneticist David C. Rowe Includes human
evolution, genetic factors, but no mention of race.


see Single teen mothers and blacks and
native Americans have children with highest risk of being juvenile


From: Karl D. Kappus  According to the
*latest* US Department of Justice survey of crime victim s, more than
6.6 million violent crimes (murder, rape, assault and robbery) are
committed in the US each year, of which about 20 per cent, or 1.3
million, are inter-racial crimes and almost 1,000,000 white Americans
were murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by black Americans i 1992,
compared with about 132,000 blacks who were murdered, robbed,
assaulted or raped by whites, according to the same survey.  On a per
capita basis, blacks are committing more than 50 times the violent
racial crimes of whites.

>I think that these facts are misleading. The crimes that more privilidged
>(usually read: white) people commit are easier for them to get away with.
>I would theorize that this imbalance is only due to actual prosecutions,
>not *who actually committed the crime*!
>Dan Kappus

\priv\95\05\crimrace.txt - Owen M Thomas on why blacks commit more
crimes when Asians don't. Mother Jones (c) article.

@@car prowling

"50 cars prowled each day" Seattle Times Sept 25, 1997 Arthur Santana
(see statistics on car break-ins in Seattle

@@child abuse

Table 1. Reported cases of child abuse and neglect in
Hawaii by ethnicity of victim, 1996-98

Ethnicity            1996    1997    1998

Hawaiian              779     988     843
Mixed                 462     446     456
White                 297     318     263
Filipino American     124     202     109
Samoan                 46      75      78
Unknown               321     299     322
Other                 239     203     171
Total               2,268   2,531   2,242

Source: State of Hawaii Department of Human Services. Child abuse and
neglect in Hawaii. Honolulu: Department of Human Services; 1998. p.


Sailer vs Levitt on slate

Date forwarded: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 12:35:53 -0400 (EDT) Sailer also has
an op-ed article in today's National Post (Canada): No Truth to the
Rumour Abortion Reduces Crime Steve Sailer they also note that
African-Americans have three times the abortion rate of whites. That
fact is essential to any theorizing about abortion and crime because,
as the U.S. Department of Justice notes, +ACI-Blacks are eight times
more likely than whites to commit homicide.+ACI- Levitt and Donohue
argue, in effect, that legal abortion means fewer but better blacks.
What about just black male youths? Since their mothers were having
abortions at three times the white rate, their murder rate should
have fallen spectacularly from 1984 to 1993. Instead it grew an
apocalyptic 5.1 times. the crime rate has fallen fastest exactly
where it had previously grown fastest due to crack -- in the biggest
cities and among young black males.

ABORTION RATES REDUCED CRIME RATES?  \clip\99\15\aborcrim.txt,2669,2-32656,FF.html
Chicago Tribune August 8, 1999 The abortion-crime rate puzzle By
Karen Brandon Tribune Staff Writer Two widely respected scholars
studying the causes of the declining U.S.  crime rate, one of the
intriguing social puzzles of the decade, have reached a provocative
conclusion: Legalizing abortion in the early 1970s eliminated many of
the potential criminals of the 1990s.

Washington post

@@abuse , child abuse
@@child abuse

also see foster parents - Asians
have the lowest, Blacks the highest rate of child abuse, though this
is rarely mentioned in the news, unlike crime rates and academic
achievement, which are more widely known.

Summary: Asians have a very low rate of reported child abuse, Blacks
a very high rate.

Summary ranked by Black:
doc\doc923\abuse.wk1 Los Angeles County W1.0  B4.38 H-1.63 A-7.04
Seattle/King Co in care over 4 years [1]W1.0  B4.29 H NA   A-5.33 NA11.00
Seattle/King Co Complaints [1]          W1.0  B2.71 H 1.00 A-2.00 NA 6.00 
doc942\chilabus.wk1  USA                W1.0  B2.09 H 1.01 A-3.08 NA1.52
[1]z78\doc\web\2005\07\childweflare.xls Seattle Times July 11, 2005

****** Lauria Grace case - filed under

z87\doc\web\2005\07\childweflare.xls \clip\2005\07
Race and the child-welfare system
Seattle Times July 11, 2005 graphic
Article: New bias in child welfare? Seattle Times July 11, 2005 p. 1 Jonathan Martin

                   White   Black   Hisp    Asian   NatAm   Multi   Other   All OtheAllOthPop
King Co 2000            68%      7%             12%      1%      8%      4%     24%     24%
Compl/Investigate       54%     19%              6%      6%      9%      4%     19%
Child care over 60day   48%     30%                      8%                     14%     24%
Child care over 4 y     38%     39%                     11%      9%              3%     16%
Positive rate is better, negative is worse ratio to white.
Rate vs. white     White set as 1.00, other races compared to white
                   White   Black   Hisp    Asian   NatAm   Multi   Other   All Other
King Co 2000           0.68    0.07            0.12    0.01    0.08    0.04    0.24
Compl/Investigate      0.79   -2.71            2.00   -6.00   -1.13    1.00    1.26
Child care over 60     0.71   -4.29                   -8.00                    1.71
Child care over 4 y    0.56   -5.57                  -11.00   -1.13            5.33

Child Welfare Complaints and Investigations: Asians best, Native Americans worst.
Asian                  2.00                                `
All Other              1.26
White                  1.00
Other                  1.00
Multi                 -1.13
Black                 -2.71
NatAm                 -6.00

Children in care more than 4 years: Asians (All Other Races) best,
Native Americans worst

                   60 day      Child care over 4 yrs
All Other              1.71    5.33
White                  1.00    1.00
Multi              NA         -1.13
Black                 -4.29   -5.57
NatAm                 -8.00  -11.00

Length of time to adoption 2002
Source: King County Coalition on Racial Disproportionality
African American     58 months
Native American      49 months
Caucasian            31 months

"Joe Bell .. Wanted an explanation. A higher rate of child abuse and
neglect among African Americans? No, according to a series of
federally sponsored studies. Poverty may be a partial case.. His
conclusion, a professional bias throughout the child-welfare system…
bias is not racism, Black social workers bring black children at the
same rate as their white peers"

%%adult survey

statistics that show blacks have a very higher rate of domestic abuse
and children in foster homes due to violent abuse, a survey of women
showed no difference by race. It showed much higher behavioral risks
for those with a history of abuse.  "Clinical Characteristics of
Women With a History of Childhood Abuse" JAMA May 7, 1997 p. 1362
Jeanne McCauley et al White - 14.2% Nonwhite - 13.8%


\doc\web\98\06\eastcrim.wk1 Seattle Times survey of eastside
cities, Renton has highest car theft rate.

%%Cultural Defence

IN AMERICA, THEY CALL THAT CHILD ABUSE \clip\97\16\culfdef.txt
Culture Clash: Foreign Parents, American Child Rearing The New York
Times, June 29, 1997 "The parents all told the police they were only
doing what is the norm back home. Their lawyers claimed theirs were
not criminal cases but incidents of cultural differences and that
understanding, not punishment, was required.  New Yorkers were
unmoved. Here, they answered, we call that kind of behavior child
endangerment. And it's illegal."


100 DIED WHILE BEING MONITORED DSHS [Part 1 of 2] Seattle Times
August 4, 1996 p. A1 "more than 100 children died in 1995 while under
the watch of state social workers or shortly thereafter..  Such
children were four times more likely to die than the state's other
kids, the study found"


"Doubting Mom and Dad" Jon Kyl Wall Street Journal May 8, 1997
F050997-2 Rview of "The Assault on Parenthood" by Dana Mack. 700,000
families are falsely reported to authorities for child abuse. There
are no penalties for false reports, but legal penalties for not
reporting them.

\clip\97\12\hatemass.txt Copyright © 1997 The Seattle Times Company
Thursday, May 8, 1997 Hateful Massachusetts and the Amirault case by
Alexander Cockburn Syndicated columnist

\priv\96\20\INMATE.HTM Seattle Times Company June 6, 1996 Inmate
makes a last bid to clear his name by Marla Williamsand Susan Gilmore
For eight years, Paul Ross Ingram has been imprisoned for the ritual
sexual abuse of his daughters. And for eight years, he has claimed
his innocence. Experts believe he is a victim of false memory
syndrome, and was forced to imagine crimes he was alleged to have

@@Wenatchee Witch Trials 1995-1998

see page %%incidents [[black Lauria Grace, the babies thrown out the window, this is from the bronx, and a likely black child abuse case: \clip\97\13\poisin.txt Seattle Times Company Monday, May 19, 1997 Mother, grandmother charged after police find girl poisoned by Beth Gardiner Associated Press NEW YORK - A 5-year-old girl's grandmother and mother are accused of forcing her to swallow a lethal cocktail of ammonia, vinegar, cayenne pepper and olive oil, then putting her body out with the trash. [[box \priv\96\19\boxboy.txt Tacoma News Tribune June 4, 1996 FINDING MOM / A boy's long journey from a plywood box to a loving embrace / 'Boy in the box' seeks to fill his emptiness. Stepmother kept step-grandson in a plywood box and out of school, she only got 30 days. [[Lauria Grace - RACIALISM KILLS African American girl was killed by her mother after her caseworker ignored warnings from Childhaven day care that she and her supervisor considered "trying to impose middle class values on African Americans", and questioned the "cultural relevance" of programs like Childhaven for African Americans. The system is quick to take children away from Christian white families, but reluctant to do the same for blacks. \clip\97\05\chilhave.txt Seattle Times - Childhaven believed that because of absences, the child was in danger while Dorothy Thomas wanted the case to be closed. \clip\97\05\lgrace.txt Seattle Times Articles 1995 \clip\97\05\grace96.txt Seattle Times Articles 1996 >>\doc\96\02\gracguil.txt "Mother guilty in death of lauria grace" Seattle Times Feb 21, 1996. The defence claims that cause of death of black child was not proven to be strangulation by the mother. The case worker refused to heed compaints by day care provider of possible abuse, because they tried to impose inappropriate "middle class values" on an African American child. "Caseworker, boss demoted in child's death" Seattle Post Intelligencer Jan 23, 1996 p. 1 Dorothy Thomas demoted and had pay cut, did not believe there was any drug use or abuse, investigators concluded she minimized concerns of drug abuse. She told DSHS investigators that she felt that Childhaven had difficulty working with people of color and held minority children and parents to middle class and higher standards than nonminorities. \priv\95\13\lgrace.txt - more Seattle Times articles \priv\95\13\casewrkr.txt - Case worker blamed for death of Lauria Grace in Seattle to drug abusing black woman released from prison. She ignored warnings because child care was "not culturally relevant&qu ot; and imposed "middle class values" on child c:\priv\95\11\laurgrac.txt: Letter to editor critical of racism in Lauria Grace case Seattle Post Intelligencer Aug 25, 1995 (letters to editor) 'Cultural relevancy' more important than child's life? c:\priv\95\11\laurgrac.txt: EXPERTS TO REVIEW CHILD-PROTECTION POLICIES SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER (SP) - WEDNESDAY, August 30, 1995 By: TINA KELLEY [[Tacoma African American father and mother with a history of criminal records are covered as "the father that threw their babies out the window", but you had to watch TV news to get an idea of their ethnic background. GIRL THROWN OUT FROM WINDOW IN TACOMA HAD TROUBLED BLACK PARENTS \clip\97\04\white.txt Girl thrown from apartment window released from hospital to the state Cynthia Flash; The News Tribune "When Walter and Sabrina White moved their family to Tacoma four months ago, they left behind in Minnesota a long list of arrests for violent crimes. Sabrina White in November was arrested and accused of a domestic assault. Her husband has at least one conviction and one arrest for domestic violence in 1995 and 1996, plus a 1996 arrest for aggravated assault. (article had no mention of race)" %%Religion \clip\99\02\arabch.txt Arab Family Feels Cultural Crunch as State Removes Children By Jon Jeter The Washington Post, January 20, 1999; Page A03 The moment that destroyed Mansour Alesawis's faith in America was not when the police came for his children. Wenatchee families were evidently targeted because they were Christian. @@Speeding z55\clip\2002\03\driv.txt Race-based driver study questioned Federal government asks New Jersey not to release data ASSOCIATED PRESS " The study, which has not been formally released, found black drivers went 15 mph or more over the speed limit much more than other drivers, and the racial gap widened at higher speed limits." TRENTON, N.J., March 21 - The federal government has asked New Jersey not to release a state study - ordered as part of a government probe into allegations of racial profiling - that suggests black drivers speed more than other drivers. @@spouse abuse Spousal abuse in the military reportedly higher than average Seattle Times Jan 18, 199 p. A4. CBS News 60 minutes found 50,000 military spouses were victims of domestic abuse 1992-1996, 5 times higher than civilian population compared with Department of Justice records. @@statistics CHILD ABUSE DOWN IN MASSACHUSETTS \CLIP\97\01\CHILABUS.TXT Boston Globe State child-abuse figures dip slightly, halting trend By Doris Sue Wong, Globe Staff, 01/03/97 "Girls in the Gang" Seattle PI Oct 27, 1994 Survey of King County juveniles in detention shows 98% of girls and 65% of boys have been sexually abused doc\doc923\abuse.wk1 Los Angeles County Child abuse W1.0 B4.38 H-1.63 A-7.04 doc942\chilabus.wk1 USA W1.0 (0.80) B2.09 H1.01 A-3.08 NA1.52 \clip\96\03\hmonmols.txt Date: Thu, 29 Aug 1996 01:48:59 -0400 Sentence in Molestation Case Upsets Victims By DIANNA BISSWURM Associated Press Writer LA CROSSE, Wis. (AP) -- A Southeast Asian immigrant who molested his young stepdaughters was sentenced to English lessons instead of prison, shocking the girls' relatives and members of the community. they expressed outrage at the suggestion from Sia Ye Vang's lawyer that sex with girls is accepted in Vietnam, where the Hmong immigrant came from. @@chinese CAMPAIGN DONATIONS FROM TAINTED CRIME-LINKED DONORS? \clip\97\19\harmony.txt The Seattle Times Company Tuesday, Aug. 5, 1997 Michelle Malkin: More than money troubles at the Harmony Palace by Michelle Malkin Seattle Times editorial columnist Why in the world would Gov. Gary Locke's savvy campaign team of hotshot lawyers, public-relations consultants and seasoned politicos wait nearly half a year to disclose the names of numerous cash donors from New York City's Chinatown? \clip\96\05\chincrim.txt Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 07:14:01 -0400 From: (NewsHound) How ethnic Chinese crime groups grew to become a menace to the Bay Area Like an eagle's claw around a robin's egg, a new crime menace has encircled the globe and sunk its talons deep into California and the Bay Area. @@Church Arson < ahref="index.htm#church">See @@City %%London 25% OF LONDON CRIME ACCUSED ARE BLACK z45\clip\2000\10\londcrim.txt This report is based on year 2000 data collected by Scotland Yard. The Electronic Telegraph ISSUE 1979 Wednesday 25 October 2000 Quarter of men accused are black By John Steele, Crime Correspondent reference: @@college CAMPUSES SAFER BECAUSE OF MORE POLICE, OR STUDENTS COMMIT FEWER CRIMES? \clip\96\11\campcrim.txt Ap 11-dec-1994 Study Finds College Crime Rate Low By MICHAEL J. SNIFFEN Associated Press Writer Justice department attributes low rates of crime to hiring lot of police rather than affluent populations that are less prone to committing crimes. Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics Index analysis by Arthur Hu Incidents per 100,000 in 1994 / Index Violent Property College 64/-11.2 2,141/-2.2 US 716/ 1.0 4,656/ 1.0 By campus Large 25 1,000 <5,000 3 71 @@curfew San Jose reports reduced 12% drop in juvenile crime and 13% in teens who are victims of violent crime, county has 40% drop in juveniles treated for gunshot and knife wounds since Aug 1994 when a curfew was imposed. 7,000 youths have been arrested so far in violation. reference: \doc\96\04\teencurf.txt priv\96\17\TEENCURF.HTM Friday, May 31, 1996 · Page A1 San Francisco Chronicle "Clinton Backs Youth Curfews He proposes teens be home by 8 p.m. " John Wildermuth, Chronicle Staff Writer. Issue - it might work in some cities, but wouldn't it be overkill in safer communities? @@Death penalty Summary: Blacks most likely (by 4X), Asians least likely to be executed (1/4x) under the death penalty. Many believe this to be evidence of anti-black bias, however convicted prisoners are no more likely to be sentenced to death than whites. La Griffe claims that most states excecute consistently with the same rates as murderers, but in the south, there are too many whites, and in PA, too many blacks relative to the murder pool. Data Race / Percentage / Index (White=1.00) (1) US 1995 W48.5%/1.00 B40.5%/5.31 H10.5%/1.83 A0.5%/-3.69 (2) Texas 1995 W60% /1.00 B36% /3.75 H26% /-1.3 (3) California 92 W 1.00 B 9.04 H 2.90 A -3.71 (1) \doc\95\15\death95.wk1 NAACP (2) Time Oct 16, 1995 "Texas Death Row" (3) \doc\doc922\cadeath.wk1 - CA prison system Griffe says most states about equal to murderer population, South actually has too many whites with DP. 10/2000 z46\clipim\2000\10\30\death\death.htm ONLY 2% OF CA DEATH ROW ASIAN, 4 IN US SINCE 1978 \clip\99\06\asdeath.txt Asian Week February 11, 1999 Asian Americans Rarely Executed By Perla Ni, Richard Lee, Joyce Nishioka and Gennie Rim Execution of Asian Americans in the United States and in California is extraordinarily rare, according to prison officials and anti-death penalty advocates. Among California's 500-plus condemned inmates, roughly 2 percent are of Asian descent. Nationwide, only four inmates of Asian descent have been executed since 1978, and only one in California. 1993 executions and those with death sentences Tim Kuchta Anxiety Over Crime is Growing Poll Finds San Francisco Chronicle Dec 17, 1993 p. A4 Gallup poll finds death penalty support 1989=53% 1993=59% among blacks ------------------------------------------------------ From Ed Kent Last year I posted some information from the NAACP Legal Defense Fund on a list from which it must have been picked up by some one and added to a Web site, I know not where. The upshot is that once or twice a week I receive a request for death penalty information -- mainly from students. I have put together an informal response of bits a pieces from your organizations which follows. As a teacher I try to supply basic facts rather than prose that can be substituted for an independently conceived paper. As background I teach philosophy at Brooklyn College, have served on an ACLU advisory committee, and have spoke against the death penalty for the ACLU and Amnesty International. For your information I am passing along the death penalty statistics compiled by the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, updated and circulated quarterly. You can request being placed on their mailing list (no charge): Death Row, U.S.A., LDF, Suite 1600, 99 Hudson St., NYC 10013-2897 (212-219-1900; Fax: 212-226-7592). Donna Gloeckner is their librarian and can be reached by e-mail: In addition to the materials here, the publication contains the breakdown of data by states, modes of execution by state, death row inmates names, and other data not included here. As of January 31, 1996: Total Inmates 3,061 Ranked by index - Asians least, Blacks most likely Race: Rate Index Black 1,246 (40.70%) 3.391 -5.08 Native American 22 ( .72%) 1.02 -1.52 Latino/a 233 (7.61%) .761 -1.14 White 1,470 (48.02%) 0.667 1.00 Asian 40 (l.31%) .433 1.55 Gender: Male 3,012 (98.40%) Female 49 ( l.60%) Dispostions since 1/1/73 Executed 318 Suicides 44 Commutations 74 Died of Natural Causes 98 Reversals 1519 Defendant-Victim ratios of executions: White Defendant with WV 242 (56.81%) BV 5 (l.17%) Asian V 2 ( .47%) Lat. V 5 (1.64%) Black Defendant with WV 100 (23.47%) BV 49 (11.50%) Asian V 2 ( .47%) Lat. V 1 ( .23%) Latino D with WV 9 ( 2.12%) Lat. V 7 ( 1.64%) Asian V 1 ( .23%) Nat. Amer. D with WV 1 ( .23%) Asian D with Asian V 2 ( .47%) Race of Victims: Rate Index White 350 (82.16%) 1.10 1.00 Black 55 (12.91%) 1.08 -1.02 Asian 7 ( 1.64%) .546 -2.01 Latino 14 ( 3.29%) .329 -3.34 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Note. For comparative purposes the most recent figures that I have seen for ethnic breakdowns of Americans rounded off to whole numbers: White 74% Black 12% Latino 10% Asian 3% The Death Penalty Information Center e-mail is dpic@essential.orgs. I imagine that they can also assist with information you need. Ed Kent \doc\96\07\deatrow.wk1 Index 1995 US Death Row: W1.00 B-5.13 H-1.40 A3.67 N1.53 Death Row Criminals By Race in America (1995): Ranked by Overall Number Number Pct Pop Rate Index Whites 1,513 49.6% 73.8% 0.672 1.00 Blacks 1,262 41.3% 12.0% 3.446 5.13 Hispanic 236 7.7% 8.2% 0.943 1.40 Native Indians 22 0.7% 0.7% 1.030 1.53 Asians 19 0.6% 3.4% 0.183 -3.67 Total 3,052 100.0% All Current Death Row Inmates Convicted of Murder. ASIANS ONLY 1/4 AS LIKELY AS WHITES TO BE ON DEATH ROW BLACKS 5 TIMES. RACIAL BIAS AGAINST WHITES AND BLACKS? Ranked by Rate Per Population Per White Number Pop Index Blacks 1,262 12.0% 5.13 Native Indians 22 0.7% 1.53 Hispanic 236 8.2% 1.40 Whites 1,513 73.8% 1.00 Asians 19 3.4% -3.67 Basic numbers from "Executions Hit A 38 Year High", AP 1996 By MICHAEL J. SNIFFEN Associated Press Writer Rate analysis by Arthur Hu \priv\96b\07\execut.txt China executes 1000 in 2 months in new campaign against crime \priv\96B\06\DEATPENA.HTM US News 7/8/96 The Death penalty... Total: 3,122 on death row White: 1,493 (48%) Black: 1,272 (41%) Latino: 236(8%) White defendant, white victim: 256 (57%) Black defendant, white victim: 101 (23%) White defendant, black victim: 5(1%) Black defendant, black victim: 51 (11%) >> \doc\95\15\death95.wk1 Asians and Women are the least likely to be on death row (obviously because of racial bias caused by model minority stereotype) US Oct 1995 Race of Death Row Inmates Ranked by Death Row Representation Inmates Index Black 40.5% 5.31 Hisp/Oth 10.5% 1.83 White 48.5% 1.00 Asian 0.5% -3.69 Women 1.6% -19.78 Basic data: NAACP Legal Defence and Educational Fund Asians based on 1 execution in Texas out of 208 total since 1977 They were not broken out separately in the original table Asian Week (report that 1st Asian had been put to death in Texas) USA Today Dec 29, 1995 p. 3A "Record Year for Executions" Index analysis by Arthur Hu \doc\95\15\texdeat.txt "Texas Inmate Becomes First Asian Executed in U.S." Asian Week Dec 15, 1995 p. 8 Huntsvill TX - A Vietnamese man, Hai Hai Vuong, 40 was the first Asian American executed since the present era of capital punishment 20 years ago. He walked into a game room with automatic weapons and shot 7 people, 2 died. He claimed it was in response to gang threats, but later said it was accidental or in self defence (the guy should fry ed.) Only one Asian, period. F122095 Time Oct 16 1995 "Texas Death Row" death row W48% B36% H16% A0% state population 60 12 26 2 index 1.00 3.75 -1.30 0 \priv\95\07\jpdeath.txt - death penalty rare in japan \priv\95\02\deatbias.txt - NYT 2/24/95 Whites are 85% of victims of death penalty, but blacks are 50% of murder victims. \doc\95\02\execrace.wk1 - Executions by Race 1977-1995 keywords: asian.crime.death-penalty Percent W55.2% B38.2% H7.5% A0.0% NA 0.4% Index W1.00(0.71) B4.47 H1.08 A0.00(<-4.15) N-1.29 Between Jan 17, 1977 and Jan 4, 1995, persons executed Race White Black Hisp Asian NatAm Total Number 143 99 15 < 1 1 259 Percent 55.2% 38.2% 5.8% < 0.4% 0.4% 100.0% Pop 80-90 77.6% 12.0% 7.5% < 2.3% 0.7% Pop Rate 0.71 3.19 0.77 < 0.17 0.55 Index W=1 1.00 4.47 1.08 < -4.15 -1.29 No Asians executed, but even 1 would be 1/4 rate of whites, the only race significantly less likely to be executed than Whites. Source: "Are Executions Racially Biased" Parade Magazine Feb 12, 1995 p. 17 d:\doc\94\19\racejust.wk1 - Sentencing of convicts by Race 1991 survey of state prison inmates by Bureau of Justice Statistics Convicts receiving life sentences between 1986 and 1991 Percent White Index White Black Hisp White Black Hisp Life sentence 6.90% 7.10% 6.70% 1.00 1.03 -1.03 Life w/o parole 0.70% 0.70% #N/A 1.00 1.00 #N/A Death penalty 0.50% 0.30% 0.40% 1.00 -1.67 -1.25 Note that blacks are slightly more likely to recieve life, much less likely to receive death sentances than convicted whites. doc\doc922\cadeath.wk1 - california prisons and death row 1992 Death row W1.00 B5.80 H-1.40 Other -2.68 A-15.9 Prison system W1.00 B9.04 H2.90 A-3.71 doc\94\3\deathpn.wk1 US death penalty 1992 USA today W1.00 (.72) B4.49 H-1.08 A+O-2.66 NAACP W1.00 (.66) B4.96 H 1.21 A+O 1.18 DOC922:KILLER.DOC - small number of death penalty @@Domestic Violence Summary: A New York study showed domestic violence to be the leading killer of women. Many articles put Asian women at special risk but Asians are the only group that uses domestic violence services at a lower rate than whites. Blacks have the highest rate of domestic violence (as with violent crimes in general). Asians have the lowest rate of violent crime, they don't even show up in the NYC study. Nationally, 40% and in NY City, nearly half of women were killed by husbands, former husbands, or boyfriends. Contrary to the impression that all races are impacted equally, Blacks and Hispanics have much higher rates of domestic murders by husbands. Ranked by Black Index NY City Wom killed by husb(3) W1.00 B5.84 H4.10 A King Co D.Viol Service Use(2) W1.00 B3.92 H1.92 A-1.25 N4.08 women killed by husbands(1) W1.0 B3.00 Sources: (1) "Why Batters So Often Go Free" Newsweek Oct 16, 1995 p. 61 (2) Seattle / King Co Health Department (3) New York Times March 31, 1997 "Study Exposes Domestic Violence as Leading Killer of Women" \clip\99\13\menand.txt [National Post Online] Page URL: Saturday, July 10, 1999 Men and women are equals in violence Donna Laframboise National Post "In fact, two years ago, California State University psychologist Martin Fiebert assembled a list of 70 research studies, stretching back to the 1970s, all concluding something quite different: That violence in married, co-habiting or dating couples is an equal-opportunity phenomenon." CANADA STUDY SHOWS WOMEN MORE LIKELY TO INITIATE VIOLENCE IN RELATIONSHIP \clip\99\13\canwom.txt Canadian survey on domestic vioence: woman as aggressive as men [National Post Online] Page URL: Saturday, July 10, 1999 Women emerge as aggressors in Alberta survey 67% of women questioned say they started severe conflicts Brad Evenson and Carol Milstone National Post OTTAWA - Women are just as violent to their spouses as men, and women are almost three times more likely to initiate violence in a relationship, according to a new Canadian study that deals a blow to the image of the male as the traditional domestic aggressor. 10/7/98 USA Today Patricia Pearson Women are aggresors in disputes as often as men American social scientists Marray Strus and Richard Gelles report that women hit ,slap, kick, punch, throw objects, and use weapons as often as men. 12% of Americans minor acts, 3% -4 % severe. about half of disputes are mutual. emergency-room admissions pub by US Dept Justice in 1997, 30,000 domestic violence related injuries for men. Women suffer injuries at 8 times rate of men. Men less likely to report 25% is exclusively male. Some cultures like Somalia, Venezuela, violence by women is accepted. LEADING KILLER OF WOMEN BLACK WOMEN 6X HISPANIC 4X TO BE MURDERED BY HUSBANDS AS WHITE \clip\97\09\domkill.txt New York Times March 31, 1997 Study Exposes Domestic Violence as Leading Killer of Women 1997 NYC Domestic Murders W1.00 B5.84 H4.10 A0.00 Table and Analysis by Arthur Hu 1990 Killed Pop Rate Index White 16% 45.6 .351 1.00 Black 55% 26.7 2.05 5.84 Hispanic 29% 20.1 1.44 4.10 Asian NA 7.1 "Two-thirds of the domestic violence killings were in the poorest boroughs, the Bronx and Brooklyn, and three-quarters of the women killed by husbands and boyfriends were black or Hispanic. These findings run counter to the long-held public impression that "domestic violence knows no class and color boundaries," said Dr. Jeff Fagan" "nearly half of the women were killed by current or former husbands or boyfriends, a much higher proportion than expected. Nationally, the figure is 40 percent, compared with 6 percent of men who were killed by wives or girlfriends. " By PAM BELLUCK NEW YORK -- More women in New York City are killed by their husbands or boyfriends than in robberies, disputes, sexual assaults, drug violence, random attacks or any other crime in cases where the motive for murder is known. ----------------------------- "Why Batters So Often Go Free" Lyn Nell, Newsweek Oct 16, 1995 p. 61 1.8 million women are abused each year, 1 every 16 seconds according to Murray Strauss, codirector of the University of New Hampshire Family Research lab. 4 women a day die at the hands of husbands, ex-husbands boyfriends, accordin g to analysis of FBI homicide data by James Alan fox of Northeastern Univerisity. Black women are 3 times as likely as whites to die of domestic violence ------------------------------- In the United States, up to 4,000 women are beaten to death every year. Representative Velma Veloria (Washington) Northwest Asian Weekly March 25, 1995 p. 7 "Community Pays Tribute" - figure thrown around during the OJ trial, about half of women who are murdered are murdered by their spouses or lovers. -------------------------------------- \doc\94\19\seaviol.wk1 - Seattle King Co Rate of Domestic Violence Service Use in King County by Race 1992 per White Black Hispanic Asian NatAm 100,000 120 470 230 90 490 Index 1.00 3.92 1.92 0.75 4.08 Estimated from Graph +/- 20% King Co D.Viol Service Use W1.00 B3.92 H1.92 A-1.25 N4.08 Rate of Assault as Domestic Violence in Seattle By Victim Race per White Black Hispanic Asian NatAm 100,000 120 800 #N/A 100 820 Index 1.00 6.67 #N/A 0.83 6.83 Estimated from Graph +/- 20% @@drive-by shooting \doc\94\19\driveby.wk1 - Drive By Shootings in Los Angeles, 1991 Summary - Asians slightly more likely to be hit than White, but BH most Boy Drive-By Injuries W1.00 B28.41 H25.91 A1.75 Girl Drive-By Injuries W0.00 B2.45 H3.78 A0.00 @@dopamine Africans have different levels of dopamine receptor associated with sociopathy @@drug Asians are least, Blacks most likely to be arrested on drug related crimes. See health and AIDS for more numbers that show the same trends See drugs.htm: arrests %%enforcement "Drug enforcement by the numbers" Seattle Times Sept 17, 2000 p. A29 compiled by Seattle Times from 451 drug cases filed in March in King County Age 4% Under 20 31% 20-30 34% 30-40 28% 40-50 3% Over 55 Gender 40% Women 60% Men Race / pop / white parity 4% Other 3% 7.7% 1.5 Asian 44% 5.0% -15.2 Black 50% 86.2% 1.0 White or Hispanic BLACKS MOST, ASIANS LEAST LIKELY FOR DRUG ABUSE VIOLATION link \doc\95\13\usarrest.wk1 US arrests for various causes, 1991 Source: U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, Crime in the United States Drug abuse violation 4.72 Black 1.00 White -1.93 AmInd -4.20 Asian %%Murder Massachusetts crime: \doc\94\19\priv\macrim93.txt - Crime in MASS 1993 BG 5/1/93 \doc\94\19\priv\macrim91.txt Fifteen percent of the homicides were said to be drug-related. @@DUI z48\doc\web\2001\03\gadui.wk1 BLACK WOMEN UNDERREPRESENTED IN GA DUI ARRESTS March 15 Augusta Chronicle pictures, as counted by Louis Andrews Race Gender N %Race %All Pop White Males 19 70.37% 32.2% 52158 0.274922 White Females 8 29.63% 13.6% 52158 0.274922 Total White 27 100.00% 45.8% 104316 0.549845 Black Males 31 96.88% 52.5% 39807 0.209821 Black Females 1 3.13% 1.7% 39807 0.209821 Total Black 32 100.00% 54.2% 79615 0.419647 Total All 59 100.00% total 189719 @@Editorial Sikh paper's editor killed for revenge, authorities say. Seattle Post Intelligencer July 16, 1999 p. B9. Gunned down in his garage for "personal revenge" over newspaper editorial, was in wheelchair after being shot in 1988 by fundamentalists Sikh youth. @@family structure \doc\95\04\crimefam.txt - Correlations between race, income, and crime are explained by family structure according to Andrew Peyton Thomas. @@famous - Asians at California Good Guys \priv\95\16\busjack.txt Seattle Times version mentioned "asian" HIJACKER LED POLICE ON 25-MILE CHASE 11/3/95 School bus hijacking, man was shot. Was Chinese man named Catalano "Nick" Sang, ran chinese restaurants. Also "Fla. school bus hijacked" USA Today Nov 3, 1995 p. 3A F110695 @@federal vs. state \doc\96\08\fedcrime.txt Most prisoners and violent crimes fall under state jurisdiction. Federal and State Crimes Prison Populations, 1991 State 754,011 Federal 71,608 Violent Offenders Convictions violent offenses State 47% Federal 17% Executions State 3,983 Federal 33 Source: Justice Department As cited by San Jose Mercury News Jan 19, 1994 "'Federalizing' violent crime won't get it off states's backs" @@female victims Female Crime Victims Report by Bureau of Justice Statistics web: local: \doc\97\02\fvvc.pdf ------------------------------------------------------------ The race or ethnicity of the female victim is not associated with level of risk ------------------------------------------------------------ There is no evidence from the NCVS to suggest that different races have higher or lower risks of victimization by intimates. Also, between Hispanics and non-Hispanics there is no measurable difference in risk of victimization by intimates. Source: BJS, Violence against Women: Estimates from the Redesigned Survey, August 1995, NCJ-154348. comment - this conflicts with data that minority women are more likely to be victims of violence, which is mostly intr-racial, and the following data that poor women are also more likely. ------------------------------------------------------ Low-income women are more likely to experience violent victimizations ------------------------------------------------------ Women with an annual family income under $10,000 were more likely to experience violence than those with a family income of $10,000 or more. When the violence is committed by intimates, women in the lowest income group are at 4 times greater risk than women in the highest income group. -------------------------------------------------- In 1994 there were x many women over age 12 per violent crime commited: 270 rape 240 robbery 29 assault 23,000 murder ----------------------------------------------------- In 1994, women were about two-thirds as likely as men to be victims of violence, 43% of 10.9 million crimes. Violent victimizations per 1,000 43 Women 60 men Since 1973, the rate for women has risen from 30 to 43, while the rate for men has fallen from nearly 70 down to 60. @@fight doc936:asfight.txt - Asians and blacks fight in Univ Texas @@flogging \clip\97\04\flogging.txt Boston Globe - bring back flogging @@Food Delivery FOOD DELIVERY ATTACKED - OR WHY SOME PEOPLE WON'T DELIVER TO SOME NEIGHBORHOODS Another Chinese Food Delivery Person Murdered in New York Police arrested Shaniqua Brown, 19, Ernest Carroway, 16 and Antoine Belton. Was shot in Brooklyn delivering $13 worth of Chinese food. There have been a total of 4 similar attacks in the past 4 years in NYC. No mention of race of attacker. Asian Week 10/24/2002 z60\clipim\2002\11\04\chinfood.jpg @@frame up FRAME UP OF TWO ILLINOIS HISPANIC MEN PROSECUTED \clip\97\02\frameup.txt feb 2, 1997 From: "Herman Ohme (by way of Herman Ohme )" PROSECUTORS INDICTED FOR FRAME-UP by Alan Dershowitz United Feature Syndicate Finally, prosecutors and sheriffs have been indicted for framing innocent men and sending them to death row.. Fortunately, neither of the framed defendants was executed, but they came awfully close to becoming victims of what a Supreme Court justice once called "judicial murder".


Summary: Gambling is one of the only categories of crime that are higher for Asians than whites. While gambling is not completely accepted in Asian cultures, it is more tolerated as a normal activity than in America. Card rooms in San Jose attract large numbers of Asians. Predatory monster or economic savior? Seattle Times March 30, 1998 A2 Americans placed $586 billion in legal wagers, more than on clothes, cars, movies or groceries Problem gamblers are 1 to 3 % of the population Social cost may be as high as $40 to $50 billion
link \doc\95\13\usarrest.wk1 US arrests for various causes, 1991 Source: U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, Crime in the United States Note that Gambling, Offenses against the family are the only crimes equal or greater than Whites Indexed, Ranked by Asian Relative Prevalence Total White Black AmInd Asian Alas PI Gambling 1.79 0.56 7.01 -4.46 5.07 Offenses against fam 1.20 0.83 2.96 1.66 1.12 \priv\95\08\threshot.txt - three men shot in chinatown gambling den New York Times 7/7/95 Here's a link of gambling demographics by the Australian Gaming Council: 20GAMBLING%20DEMOGRAPHICS.pdf From h-bd 5/2003: "In Ontario, I've observed a disproportionate representation of East Asian (and native American) gamblers, both male and females, at both slot machines and casino games. " Asian.Crime.Gang @@gang Summary: The only crimes that are higher for Asians are gambling, gang arrests and youth homicide. Asians are half of gang arrests in Seattle, and their gang rate relative to population has increased to nearly even with African Americans in the city by 1994, who have declined. A 1992 Los Angeles study shows Asians less likely than blacks, but 13 times more likely than whites to be members of gangs. Summary Index Seattle(1) W1.00 B54.1 H22.6 A49.7 NA5.9 US Urban (3) W1.00 B50.2 H62.7 A29.2 Los Angeles F(2) W1.00 B22.5 H38.1 A15.4 Los Angeles M(2) W1.00 B71.7 H19.7 A13.5 LA M15-19 Homi (4)W1.00 B24.7 H21.3 A 1.8 (4)\doc\95\14\epidgang.wk1 The Epidemic of Gang-Related Homicides in Los Angeles County From 1979 Through 1994 H. Range Huston, et al. JAMA Oct 4, 1995 p. 1031 [[asian victims Asian gangs tend to prey on other Asians \clip\98\16\immnew01.txt Asian gangs preying on their people: Home invasion robberies, killing concern metro police detectives By Michael O'Keeffe and Tillie Fong The Rocky Mountain News (Denver), November 3, 1998 Asian gang activity is on the rise in the metro area, police said Monday, two days after a 17-year-old was killed by gang crossfire. Fear retribution, business keep cash at home, not rigged for communicating with ethnic communities, etc. [[city Schmidt lays out Chicago ethnic gangs. \clip\98\06\wagang.txt Asian, Hispanic teens see gangs as family Washington Times, March 10, 1998 By Kristan Trugman THE WASHINGTON TIMES The young woman with brown hair slicked back in a ponytail [[international \doc\94\18\priv\spidgang.txt 07698078 ASIAN GANGS `LIKE A GIANT SPIDER WEB SPREAD ACROSS THE WORLD' Seattle Times (SE) - Sunday July 17, 1994 By: RICHARD COLE AP Edition: FINAL Section: NEWS Page: A13 Word Count: 791 [[Los Angeles \priv\95\12\famties.txt Of 779 gang killings in Los Angeles last year, a preliminary breakdown by the sheriff's department suggests that killings among rival Hispanic gangs outnumbered those of black gangs by as many as 2 to 1. \clip\96\09\18gang\18gang01.htm LA 18th street gang is multi-ethnic, not just Latino. [[Boston \clip\96\01\fallgang.txt Boston Globe Fall of Leader, Gang Leaves a Power Void in Asian Underworld By Judy Rakowsky, 07/28/96 Six years have passed since the Ping On gang extorted money from the gambling dens and restaurants of Chinatown, but last week its 12-year reign officially ended with the conviction of crime boss Stephen Tse. [[Seattle ASIAN GANGS SUSPECTED IN W SEATTLE BRIDGE SHOOTINGS \clip\97\21\gangtie.txt Seattle Times Wednesday, Sept. 17, 1997 Police suspect gang ties in slayings of 2 by Jake Batsell Seattle Times staff reporter SEATTLE EASTSIDE SUBURB GANGS ON DECLINE - OR GONE LEGIT \doc\web\97\06\ganggone.txt F081397 "Where have all the gangs gone" Eastsideweek August 6, 1997 p. 15 by Nina Shapiro There are Hispanic, Asian, Black and now even Russian gangs in Seattle's Eastside suburbs. There were rivalries between Hispanic gangs when they began to outnumber the Asian gangs. Visible activity is much less measured by police reports, but kids still get a lot of money for flashy clothes, presumably through illegal activities. The Kirkland Heights apartments, near Kingsgate and Totem Lake was once the hangout of the Boys of Kirland, the Oriental Local Boys, and was known as the "ghetto of Kirkland" FILIPINO GANGS IN BALLARD INCIDENT INVOLVED IN NEW SHOOTING \CLIP\97\01\BALLDEAT.TXT Copyright © 1997 The Seattle Times Company Jan. 8, 1997 Mall suspect had role in Ballard High death (no mention of filipino gangs) by Anne Koch Seattle Times Snohomish County bureau incidents \doc\95\12\gangdrem.txt "Gang Members Kill a Dream" Seattle Times June 28, 1995 p. D3 Nga Ngoeng, 18 was sentence to life in prison without parole for his involvement in the death of Sapanaway High School Seniors robert Forest and Michael Weldon who tossed eggs in their direction. Oloth Insyxieng age 16 sentenced July 5, could be up to 75 years in prison \priv\95\13\spangang.txt - Laotian youths sentenced in egg-tossing prank murder in Spanaway d:\doc\94\19\seapress.doc - seattle press ignores ethnicity of Asian gang incident d:\doc\94\18\priv\surrgang.txt 07587053 SURRENDER IN WAKE OF BLOODSHED YOUTH HELD IN SLAYING OF BALLARD HIGH TEEN SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCE (SP) - MONDAY, March 28, 1994 By: Scott Sunde P-I Reporter Edition: Final Section: News Page: A1 Word Count: 788 note - search on filipino and gang, but not asian d:\doc\94\18\priv\ronquil.txt 07588034 RONQUILLO TO PLEAD INNOCENT, ATTORNEY SAYS SUSPECT IN SLAYING AT BALLARD HIGH CALLED `A GOOD KID' SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER (SP) - TUESDAY, March 29, 1994 By: Mike Merritt and Dan Raley P-I Reporters Edition: Final Section: News Page: B1 Word Count: 820 Note- no mention of filipino or asian gangs, just ethnicity d:\doc\94\18\priv\toll8.txt 07644018 THE DEATH TOLL SO FAR THIS YEAR: 8 SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER (SP) - TUESDAY, May 24, 1994 Edition: Final Section: News Page: A5 Word Count: 818 keyword is 2 of 8 are asian or 25% most of remainder probably black d:\doc\94\18\priv\lincgant.txt - gang incident in Seattle DETAILS MURKY EXCEPT ONE - 20-YEAR-OLD LEFT DEAD POLICE STILL SEEKING SHOOTER Seattle Times (SE) - Sunday July 17, 1994 By: DIEDTRA HENDERSON Edition: FINAL Section: LOCAL NEWS Page: B3 Word TEXT: Maybe the large group of Asian gang members was menacing a smaller group as the youths walked back and forth at Lincoln Park, playing loud music and staring down kids who were hanging out there. d:\doc\94\18\priv\ballgang.txt - Filipino gang shooting in Ballard 07584042 `IT WAS ONE GANG AGAINST ANOTHER' POLICE HAVE TALKED WITH PARENTS OF YOUTH SUSPECTED OF KILLING GIRL AT BALLARD HIGH Seattle Times (SE) - Friday March 25, 1994 By: PEYTON WHITELY, ALEX TIZON, DAVE BIRKLAND, DEE NORTON Edition: FINAL Section: NEWS Page: A1 Word Count: 1,557 TEXT: The shooting death of a 16-year-old girl at Ballard High School Wednesday was a deliberate confrontation between two rival Asian gangs, police sources now say, and youth intervention counselors familiar with the suspects say the girl likely knew her attackers. d:\doc\94\18\priv\lagang.txt - Asian gangs in LA 07262124 THEY LEARN TO SPEAK THE LANGUAGE OF CRIME Seattle Times (SE) - Sunday September 19, 1993 By: DINAH ENG GANNETT NEWS SERVICE Edition: FINAL Section: SCENE Page: L4 Word Count: 689 doc924\ascrime.doc - gangs !!statistics (1) \doc\95\10\seatgang.wk1 - Gang Arrests in Seattle Summary, 1994 Percent W5.2% B37.7% H5.7% A40.2% NA0.5% Index W1.00 B54.1 H22.6 A49.7 NA5.9 d:\doc\94\18\priv\seagang.txt ST 2/8/94 Southeast Asians are 1/4 of Asian population, but 1/2 of Asian gang members. Criminal cases involving Asians were up 40% in one year 91-92 International Examiner Apr 20, 1994 - Filipino and PI prone to gangs and dropouts (2) doc\94\7\lagang.wk1 Los Angeles gangs 21-24 1992 Summary White Black HispanicAsian Male 1.0 71.7 19.7 13.5 Female 1.0 22.5 38.1 15.4 Half of black men are reported to be in gangs (3) \doc\95\13\juvejust.doc \doc\95\13\usgang.wk1 "Juvenile Offenders and Victims: A National Report" Snyder, Howard N. and Sickmund, Melissa (1995) Washington D.C: Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention In 1992, Curry, Ball and Fox surveyed metropolitan police departments in the 79 largest US cities and a sample of 43 smaller cities. One-third of police departments responding to the 1992 survey could provide information on the ethnicity of gang members. In these jurisdictions, gang members was Index % Gang Relative to US pop 50.2 48% African-American 62.7 43% Hispanic 29.2 5% Asian 1.0 4% White (Note Asians about equal to white when whites outnumber Asians by 20 to 1 in the general population) p. 57 \doc\95\14\epidgang.wk1 - Gang - Related Homicides in Los Angeles The Epidemic of Gang-Related Homicides in Los Angeles County From 1979 Through 1994 H. Range Huston, et al. JAMA Oct 4, 1995 p. 1031 Indexed Rate of Male Gang-Related Homicide 15-19 1989-91 white=1.00 W1.00 B24.69 H21.29 A1.80 LA Gang 15-19 Homicide W1.00 B24.69 H21.29 A1.80 \doc\95\14\epidgang.w k1 Filed under asian.crime.gang %%city [[Tacoma 5th teen arrested in massacre Seattle Times July 20, 1998, B1 Authorities arrested 5 teens, they appear to all be Cambodian, many of them gang members. There may be tension between Vietnamese and Cambodian gangs even though they get along usually. A shooting at a Tacoma restaurant left 5 dead, all Vietnamese. asian.crime.gun @@gun It is thought that banning guns will reduce crime, but it may access to illegal guns that is the trick. Some studies show that parents who provide guns to their children actualy have less problems than those with no guns or illegal access to guns. %%Child Libertarians advocate more guns to save lives (?!) April 2000: Federal Study zip40\clipim\2000\04\06\libed.efx Federal Study: Kids + Guns saves lives Same as below, US Dept of Justice Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention entitled, "Urban Delinquency and Substance Abuse". BUYING GUNS FOR CHILDREN REDUCES GUN CRIME \clip\99\11\kidgun.txt Date sent: Tue, 25 May 1999 08:22:05 -0400 Do guns turn children into criminals? Myth-shattering federal study says: No Surprising suggestion from the Libertarian Party: Buy your youngster a gun. "The evidence is in: The simplest way to reduce firearm-related violence among children is to buy them a gun and teach them how to use it responsibly," said Steve Dasbach, national director of the Libertarian Party. * Children who get guns from their parents don't commit gun crimes (0%), while children who get illegal guns are very likely to do so (21%). * Children who get guns from parents are less likely to commit any kind of street crime (14%) than children who have no gun in the house (24%) -- and are dramatically less likely to do so than children who acquire an illegal gun (74%). %%General \clip\96\01\racegun.htm July 25, 1996 Close-up: NRA theorist tries to link racial factor to homicides by Michael A. Fletcher Washington Post Critic points out that if you compare Seattle and Vancouver, and correct for race, rates of gun violence are comparable, but Seattle has more blacks. Middle class whites have more access to guns, yet lower gun death rates. (This also applies to quality of schools - districts which vary widely may actually be similar if race is compensated for) Criticized as a "genetic" theory. \priv\96\17\CHINSTIN.HTM Friday, May 24, 1996 · Page A17 San Francisco Chronicle "Firms in Sting Have Strong Ties to Chinese Military One has been called China's `Guns R Us' " David Dietz, Chronicle Staff Writer China was caught trying to sell arms to officials posing as gang member \priv\95\12\dangtime.txt "Dangerous time to be a kid, study finds" Seattle Post Intelligencer Sept 8, 1995 p. A3 (Associated Press) "Juvenile Offenders and Victims: A National Report" by Justice Department found: 1993 survey 83% of inmates in juvenile halls owned guns 22% of students in inner city high schools 35% of juvenile inmates, 10% of students believed "it's OK to shoot a person if that is what it takes to get something you want" Asian.Crime.Hate @@gunman %%Asian Zao Xing Yang, USC 2007 [Asian]USC student charged with assault in handgun case police say Zao Xing Yang, 19, threatened a woman at a party early Sunday. By Richard Winton, Los Angeles Times April 25, 2007 A 19-year-old [Asian] USC student was charged Tuesday with making criminal threats and committing an assault with a handgun at a weekend party near campus... Zao Xing Yang [chinese name], an undergraduate, was arrested early Sunday morning after fellow students wrestled him to the ground when they saw him holding a .25-caliber handgun. ..searched Yang’s apartment and discovered packages of methamphetamine, a .44-caliber revolver... His arrest comes a week after a [Korean] Virginia Tech student.. @@hate crime Asians have the lowest rate of hate crime perpetrators, but nearly or the highest rate of victimization in most cities and nationally. Asians are higher than Blacks in Boston and in Klanwatch US figures. Among Asians, Vietnamese have the highest rates of victimizatin, followed by the Chinese and Indians. Blacks are among the highest rate of victims, but are also consistently the highest rate of perpetrators in every location. This should not be surprising given the higher rate for all violent crimes for blacks, there is no reason why an exception would be made for crimes of hatred. The margin of 2 to 8 times higher is less than or equal to the 8-10 times higher ratio of arrests for crimes in general (if crimes are higher in general, why would hate crimes be any different?). The highest reported rates of hate crime victimization are for the gays / homobisexuals and Jews. Summary Victim Index Ranked by Asian Index (White=1.00) White Black Hisp Asian Gay Jew Los Angelng which color shirt to wear. "I'm going to kill me a Chinaman" is how Robert Page put it in his written confession to the police. \clip\96\02\actasin.txt Date: Tue, 6 Aug 1996 09:50:55 -0400 Actions against Asians increase Report finds jump in violence, hate crimes in `diverse' areas By Daniel Vasquez. Nationwide, 458 incidents were reported in 1995, up from 452 in 1994, and 335 in 1993. ---------------------------------- \clip\96\02\asinviol.txt AP 5-Aug-1996 0:02 EDT REF5339 Study: Anti-As-1.37 Boston 93 1.00 1.51 -3.18 -3.22 %%Byrd Road to Hate / Raw racism, chance lead to brutal crime in Texas Newsday; Michael Dorman; 06-29-1998 Three White Men Drag Black Man To Death In Texas., New York Voice Inc./Harlem USA, 06-17-1998, pp 1. Seattle Times Wednesday, February 24, 1999 Texas town hopes for healing after verdict by Bruce Tomaso and Lee Hancock The Dallas Morning News zip31\clip\99\07\byrd.txt %%City ]]Boston priv\95\02\asiahate.txt - hate crimes in Mass According to statistics gathered statewide from participating police departments and compiled by the Criminal Histories Systems Board, 11.4 percent of the 472 crimes reported in 1992 were motivated by*anti-Asian*sentiments. doc93B\bosviol.xls u White Black Hispan Asian Victim 0.50 3.67 1.69 8.92 Suspect 1.00 1.51 -3.18 -3.32 ]]California Hate Crimes Up in California Asian Week Jan 8, 1998 Attorney General Dan Lungren 1996 Hate crimes 1,463 71.2% racially motivated 244 9.6% Asian victim 897 35.5% Black 275 10.9% White 202 8.0% Latino 5 <1% NatAm/Alas 19% Sexual orientation 7.5% Religion 5% Physical/Mental disability \doc\96\06\cahate.wk1, .prn State Stats on Hate Crime Released Asian Week July 26, 1996 p. 8 Office of California Attorney General Asians are 2nd most likely to be victims of hate crimes \doc\96\06\cahate.txt State Stats on Hate Crime Released Asian Week July 26, 1996 p. 8 Office of California Attorney General Asians are 2nd most likely race to be victims of hate crimes Gays near Blacks @3% of population. Ranked by relative rate Black 48.8 0.074 6.59 27.35 Sexual Or 18.1 0.03 6.03 25.02 Asian 11.4 0.096 1.19 4.92 Hisp 11.6 0.258 0.45 1.86 White 13.6 0.564 0.24 1.00 ]]Los Angeles Victim Index W(.07)1.0 B58.82 H6.54 A30.41 ]]San Jose doc934X:racevict.xls San Jose 1992 data asians as victim, suspects doc939:racevict.xls .txt - Asians as victim/suspect of hate crime, San Jos e victim W(0.7)1.0 B6.6 H1.2 A1.6 suspect W(0.8)1.0 B7.9 H1.1 A-3.4 ]]US BLACKS MOST LIKEY TO BE VICTIMS, BUT 64X MORE LIKELY TO BE A PERPETRATOR z42\clipim\2000\06\01\hate\hate.htm In its last complete National Criminal Victimization Survey (1994), the Justice Department revealed blacks to have committed 1,600,951 violent crimes against whites. Only 15 percent of these had robbery as a motive. Eighty-five percent of the attacks were assaults and rapes. While blacks were committing these 1.6 million crimes against whites, whites were reciprocating with 165,345 violent offenses against blacks. Blacks, representing thirteen percent of the nation, committed more than 90 percent of the violent interracial crime In 1994, a black was 64 times more likely to attack a white than vice versa. This is the real story of hate in America. It is the media's well-kept secret. "Blacks linked to more hate crimes" San Jose Mercury News Dec 13, 1993 p. 16A An increasing number of hate crimes is being commited by blacks according to the Klanwatch project of the Southern Poverty Law Center in Atlanta. President Morris Dees says that blacks are victims more often than perpetrators, and isolated incidents such as the LA riots and the Long Island railroad massacres can really skew figures. \clip\97\21\ashate.txt c1997 AsianWeek. September 19-25, 1997 Jump in Violence Against APAs Annual audit shows 17-percent increase over previous year BY ALETHEA YIP \clip\97\08\asinhate.txt New York Times, 12-13-95, at A16) ATTACKS AGAINST ASIAN-AMERICANS ARE RISING By Kenneth B. Noble LOS ANGELES, Dec. 12 -- He chose his course of action matter-of-factly, as if he were deciding which color shirt to wear. "I'm going to kill me a Chinaman" is how Robert Page put it in his written confession to the police. \clip\96\02\actasin.txt Date: Tue, 6 Aug 1996 09:50:55 -0400 Actions against Asians increase Report finds jump in violence, hate crimes in `diverse' areas By Daniel Vasquez. Nationwide, 458 incidents were reported in 1995, up from 452 in 1994, and 335 in 1993. ---------------------------------- \clip\96\02\asinviol.txt AP 5-Aug-1996 0:02 EDT REF5339 Study: Anti-Asian Violence Increasing By DARLENE SUPERVILLE Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) -- Violence against Asian- and Pacific-Americans increased slightly in 1995, according to a private research report being released Monday. ----------------------------------------------------- Percent Victims Offenders Pop 1992 1993 1992 1993 Anti-white 24.0% 30.8% 52.5% 46.2% 75.0% Anti-black 40.9% 59.2% 39.5% 45.5% 12.0% Anti-AmInd 0.5% 0.7% 0.8% 0.8% 0.7% Anti-Asian/PI 4.0% 5.3% 5.3% 4.7% 2.9% Anti-MultiRacial 3.0% 4.0% 1.9% 2.9% Index Victims Offenders 1992 1993 1992 1993 White vs. avg 0.32 0.41 0.70 0.62 Anti-white 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 Anti-black 10.66 12.00 4.69 6.15 Anti-AmInd 2.23 2.49 1.69 1.82 Anti-Asian/PI 4.26 4.41 2.59 2.60 Anti-MultiRacial Cited by: Asian Week Sept 15, 1995 p. 8 "Zeroing in on Anti-Asian Violence" Samuel R. Cacas According to these numbers, Asians are more likely than whites to be hate crime offenders? Not true in most cities surveyed, or in FBI figures \doc\95\14\bittlega.txt "The Bitter Legacy of O.J." Mortimer B. Zuckerman, US News and World Report October 16, 1995 p. 100 "An FBI report indicated that in 1993, blacks committed hate crimes at a per capita rate four times that of whites. \clip\96\12\hateman.txt Resisting Defmation: FBI classifies Hispanics as white as perpetrators. \PRIV\95\17\HATE94.TXT - hate crimes down in 1994 WASHINGTON (AP) hate crimes reported to police declined in 1994, with the number of murders ropping from 20 to 13, the FBI said Monday. The bureau said 5,852 hate rime incidents were reported during 1994, compared with 7,684 ncidents in 1993. The most frequent racial targets were blacks, accounting for 2,666 victims, followed by whites, with 1,268 victims. racial bias was the most frequent motivation for hate crime, accounting for 60 % of the incidents in 1994. Religious bias was behind 18 % of the incidents. Bias against homosexuals, mostly males, accounted for 12 % of the incidents. \doc\95\11\hatec.wk1 - hate crimes 1995 doc939:HATECRIM.XLS Klanwatch SJM May 2, 1993 14A victims W1.0 B5.6 H4.9 A7.4 G15 (2%) d:\doc\doc93B\HATECRIM.XLS Klanwatch press release,NYT Dec 12, 1993, murders in US victims W(0.89)1.0 B-3.2 H2.2 A2.7 suspect W+O(0.61)1.0 B6.33 d:\doc\doc939\fbihate.xls US cases by 1991 FBI report d:\doc\94\6\fbihate.txt 1993 report suspect W1.0 B2.87 A-1.37 NA-1.48 victim W1.0 B3.88 H-1.77 A2.75 NA -2.62 victim religion Islam 2.84 Homo 12.0 Jew 37.5 doc942\priv\ashate.txt d:\doc\94\7\ashatecr.wk1, .txt Total Hate Crime incidents by Ethnicity Rate compared to all Asians by population Ranked by relative indicidence. Asian Homicides US Asian Total Percent Proven Suspect 1990 popPercent Rate Unknown 61 39.4% 1 NA NA NA NA Vietnamese 22 14.2% 0 NA 0.25% 8.6% 1.65 Total 155 100.0% 4 30 2.90% 100.0% 1.00 Chinese 33 21.3% 1 NA 0.66% 22.8% 0.94 Indian 12 7.7% 0 NA 0.33% 11.4% 0.68 Cambodian 2 1.3% 1 NA 0.06% 2.1% 0.62 Japanese 8 5.2% 0 NA 0.34% 11.7% 0.44 Korean 7 4.5% 1 NA 0.32% 11.0% 0.41 Other 5 3.2% 0 NA 0.37% 12.8% 0.25 Filipino 5 3.2% 0 NA 0.57% 19.7% 0.16 doc93b\ferghate.doc \doc\95\11\ferghate.txt- 12/23/94 Hate Crimes Asian Week columns by Arthur Hu, Blacks are the largest perpetrator of hate crimes ]]Washington State \images\97\76irs\hate.tif Seattle Times Sept 14, 1997 p. B6 "Statistics show that blacks are most often victims of race crimes" Hate crimes, 1996 Washington State Black 80 Asian/Pac Islander 15 White 15 AmIndian 7 Multiracial 3 Total 120 Ethnic/National Hispanic 15 Other 6 Arab 2 Total 23 [[Computer \clip\97\28\hatemodm.txt Seattle Times Wednesday, Dec. 3, 1997 Hate crimes by modem Irvine student prosecuted for threatening Asians by email. asian.crime.hate.fraud %%Fraud %%Fake There are many accounts of people who fake incidents of hate crime Tufts University expelled a student over such a case. Tawana Brawley is a famous case SCC paper told to apologize for fabricating racist letter Grayden Jones - The Spokesman-Review "Spokane _ Spokane Community College president Jim Williams on Wednesday asked the campus newspaper to issue an apology for fabricating and publishing a racist letter. Todd Simmons, managing editor of the student-run newspaper, said his staff was undecided about whether to apologize. .. on Tuesday, those concerns shifted to anger when the newspaper editors revealed that ``Whitey'' was a composite character whom they fabricated to raise awareness about racism on campus." \priv\95\16\hatesusp.txt 11/2 /95 (AP) Alleged Victim Now a Suspect FARGO, N.D.--A woman found tied up with a swastika-like symbol carved into her body outside her family's burning restaurant has been charged with setting the fire, police said Thursday. [[Incidents PROTEST OF HANDLING OF DENNY'S ATTACK IN SYRACUSE \clip\97\21\syracus.txt RACE-POL Digest 227 1) Details of rally at Syracuse by Joe Montano 2) [Fwd: Sidenote to rally at Syracuse] by Joe Montano DA FINDS NO ANTI-ASIAN BIAS IN DENNYS BEATING \clip\97\21\denny.txt c1997 AsianWeek. September 12-18, 1997 D.A. Reports on Denny's Case BY HEATHER HARLAN Following a five-month criminal investigation, the Onondaga County District Attorney's Office said last Thursday that they have found no evidence to support charges of racial discrimination made by a group of mostly Japanese and Asian American students who said that they were denied seating and assaulted at a Denny's restaurant in Syracuse in upstate New York. [[Mexico \clip\96\02\mexhate.txt Date: Tue, 6 Aug 1996 23:15:20 -0400 OPINION: Mexico's Racism a Dirty Little Secret By Kevin G. Hall, Journal of Commerce Knight-Ridder/Tribune Business News. Mexicans have racism within their own ethnic groups. %%Police RACISM TO BE DEFINED BY PERCEPTION OF THE VICTIM IN UK \clip\99\09\ukrace.txt Telegraph March 24, 1999 Racist police face sack in Lawrence plan By Philip Johnston, Home Affairs Editor Jack Straw, the Home Secretary, said he accepted nearly all the 70 recommendations of Sir William Macpherson's report. The Government plans to bring public services, including the police, within the ambit of the Race Relations Act. Further measures include: Racist incidents to be defined as "any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person"." Asian.Crime.Homicide Asian.Crime.Murder @@homicide crime Summary: Asians are more likely to be victims of homicide in some cities, but overall about equal in some states. Asians own small stores likely to be hit, and victims of gang violence in some inner cities, but many other Asians live in affluent suburbs with low crime rates. In King Co, when police "justifiably" kill a suspect, it is considered "homicide" and not "murder". Note that many claim that blacks are unfairly arrested to explain their higher arrest rates, but blacks are just as over-represented among victims of shootings as they are among alleged perpetrators. Murder Spectrum Ranked by Asian ---------------------------------------------------- Teen Gun Seattle W1.00 B5.59 H2.47 A 2.58 NYC Killed by Gun W1.00 B1.7 H1.5 A 2.2 FBI Homicide W1.00 B10.1 H4.8 A 1.2 LA County Male Vict W1.00 B14.0 H5.6 A 1.2 King County Victim 1995 W1.00 B7.75 H0.00 A 1.09 N1.22 LA County Fem Vict W1.00 B5.75 H1.5 A 1.0 INTERPOL world 1990 W1.00 B3.2 A -2.34 Killer of Whites W1.30 B2.1 H-1.5 A-10.2 fed stats on web [[business Asian.Crime.Murder.Business \doc\95\01\mercmurd.wk1 - Merchant Murder in DC "Numerically Speaking" A Magazine Vol 3 No. 1 1994 p. 7 Murders in Wash DC as of Oct 1993 383 Merchants or Employees 49 12.8% Number who were Asian 8 16.3% Small Businesses owned by Asian 66% Only 16% of merchants or employees killed in DC were Asian vs. 66% of businesses [[Child Rand Corporation Children and Welfare: Investing in What Works (1997) For children between 5 and 15, homicide rates have tripled and suicide rates have quadrupled since 1950. (USA) \priv\95\01\chilmurd.txt - child murders in Chicago In 1994, at least 67 children under age 15 were slain in the six-county Chicago area; 63 were slain in 1993. Though the year has ended, the toll for 1994 could rise as authorities establish the cause of death in some undetermined cases. [[City King County Washington \doc\97\03\kingmurd.wk1 King County Murders 1996 1995 est 1996 Pop Murders Rate Index White 80.1% 60% 74% 1.00 Black 5.4% 31% 576% 7.75 Hisp 3.3% 0% 0% 0.00 Asian 10.0% 8% 81% 1.09 NatAm 1.1% 1% 91% 1.22 King Co Murder Victim Index W1.00 B7.75 H0.00 A1.09 N1.22 Analysis by Arthur Hu Kirkland WA Data from \clip\97\06\kingmurd.txt Seattle Times Thursday, Feb. 27, 1997 Murder rate falls again in Seattle, King County [[Cocaine Asian.Crime.Murder.Cocaine \doc\94\19\homicoke.wk1 - Cocaine and homicide in NY City Summary: Asians more likely to be murdered, esp 45-54 but much less likely to have been using cocaine when murdered All Homicides in NY City W1.0(.21) B8.76 H9.27 A2.73 Murder victim used cocaine, age & gender corrected W1.0 B1.6 H1.4 A-5.0 With age and gender corrected, chances of being killed by firearms W1.0 B1.7 H1.5 A2.2 [[Gang 1/3 OF SLAYINGS IN VANCOUVER BC DUE TO GANGS KIRO News Fax Jan 6, 1997 Vancouver BC police say over one third of homicides are related to gang and drug disputes. 1995 and 1996 were up 50 percent from the usual 20 a year (question, are these chinese gangs?) KILLERS NOT PUNISHED IN 2/3 OF LA SLAYINGS, MOSTLY BLACK/HISP, HALF DUE TO GANGS \clip\97\01\thrdays.txt Los Angeles Times Saturday, December 7, 1996 Portraits of the Human Toll of Homicides In seven days, 32 people lost their lives. From the victims, the modern face and pace of murder in L.A. County emerges. "killers were not punished in about two-thirds of the slayings, mirroring what The Times found in a study of homicides from 1990 through 1994. During that week, most of the victims were Latino and black males. Gang members were blamed for nearly half of the slayings, while nearly a third of the homicides resulted from arguments and brawls. More than two-thirds of the deaths took place outdoors or on the street." [[Gun Asian.Crime.Murder.Gun \doc\94\19\homicoke.wk1 - Cocaine and homicide in NY City Summary: Asians more likely to be murdered, esp 45-54 but much less likely to have been using cocaine when murdered With age and gender corrected, chances of being killed by firearms W1.0 B1.7 H1.5 A2.2 [[punish 39% OF MURDER CASES ARE NOT SOLVED "Homicides in Bellevue are still relatively rare" Seattle Times Jan 7, 1997 p. B2 f010997-5 According to 1993 FBI Report, also half of solved cases are by someone who knew the victim KILLERS NOT PUNISHED IN 2/3 OF LA SLAYINGS \clip\97\01\thrdays.txt Los Angeles Times Saturday, December 7, 1996 Portraits of the Human Toll of Homicides "killers were not punished in about two-thirds of the slayings, mirroring what The Times found in a study of homicides from 1990 through 1994. [[race of victim BLACKS MOST LIKELY, ASIANS LEAST LIKELY TO BE KILLERS, BLACKS MOST, WHITES AND ASIANS LEAST LIKELY TO BE VICTIMS IN LA COUNTY \doc\97\01\victim.wk1 Murder Victims Los Angeles County 1996 See graphic at c:\clip\97\01\victim.gif "Portrait of Murder 1/1/1997" Comparitive Analysis by Arthur Hu Blacks have the highest rate of homicide victims, even black women are ahead of White and Asian men. While most races are mostly likely to be killed by their own race, Blacks are the only group that is over-represented as killers of all races, and the most likely for Whites. Murder in Los Angeles county Annual Homicides per 100,000 people Source: Los Angeles Times Homicide Study Male Index White male 11 1.00 Black male 154 14.00 Latino male 62 5.64 Asian male 14 1.27 Female White female 4 1.00 Black female 23 5.75 Latino female 6 1.50 Asian female 4 1.00 Note black females are higher than White or Asian males Asian rate is comparable to white despite 4 Teen gun deaths in King county W1.00(0.47) B5.59 H2.47 A2.58 N0.00 \doc\94\14\seaviol.txt - Seattle King Co Rate of Homicide by Offender race in Seattle 1985-1992 per White Black Hispanic Asian NatAm 100,000 3 33 #N/A 5 #N/A Index 1.00 11.00 #N/A 1.67 #N/A Estimated from Graph +/- 20% Rate of Homicide by Race Age 15-24 1990-1992 per White Black Hispanic Asian NatAm 100,000 5 95 10.20 -8.16 Black *2.10 *8.29 *1.43 *2.10 Hispanic -1.51 -3.44 2.12 -1.30 Asian -10.20 -51.00 -10.20 4.31 Ranked by Killer of Whites Index White Black 2.10 White 1.30 Hispanic -1.51 Asian -10.20 *Blacks are the only group over-represented as killers of all races. Otherwise, most are most likely killed by members of the same race Blacks have very little to be worried about being killed by Whites or Asians. Asians are the least likely to be killers of any race except Asian Blacks are the most or equally likely to be highest killers of all races except for Asian. Victims Stranger 26% Friend/Acquainta 25% Undetermined 29% Gang member 12% Fam/Spouse/Partn 8% Why Gang 39% Argument/Brawl 23% Other 7% Undetermined 13% Domestic 4% Drugs 5% Robbery 9% Where it happens Street/Outside 55% Other 0.60% Schools 0.30% Business 7% Vehicle 11% Residence 26% \doc\95\04\murdrace.wk1 - Murder by Race and Gender of Victim and Suspect Murder Victim / Offender Relationship by Race and Sex: 1992 Index vs. pop Race of offender Race of Victim White Black Other Unknown White 1.11 1.22 0.08 Black 0.07 7.79 0.02 Other 0.36 0.90 5.10 Unknown 0.29 2.08 0.13 Asian.Crime.Murder.Spouse [[spouse About half of wives murderered are killed by their significant others (thrown around widely during OJ trial) \doc\95\13\husbkill.txt - Only 2% of men accused of killing wives are acquitted. \doc\95\06\spousmur.txt Rod Van Mechelen wrote: 34% of victims of spousal murder are men, and we're not talking about a large portion of the population, here. It's far more pop-feminist hype than reality. In 1992, 23,760 people (mostly men) were murdered. Of them, 1,431 were female victims of husbands or boyfriends, 753 were male victims of wives or girlfriends. That's only about 9 percent of all homicides, and 8 ten-thousandths of one )percent of the US population. Asian.Crime.Murder.Teen \doc\96\03\younviol.txt "Our Youngest Citizens Are Our Most Violent" Wall Street Journal April 25, 1995 James Alan Fox, dean of Northeastern University's College of Criminal Justice calculates that white males 14 to 17 constitute less than 2.5% of the population but commit almost 5% of the murders; black males that age are under 0.5% of teh population but commit 8% of murders. Whites are 2X population, Blacks are 16X population, the ratio is 8 to 1. Youth homicides in King County 1990-9 1991-26 1994-40 Northwest Asian Weekly 3-11-95 \doc\94\20\kingviol.wk1 Youth Violence in King County, 1994 Teen gun deaths in King county W1.00(0.47) B5.59 H2.47 A2.58 N0.00 \doc\94\14\seaviol.txt - Seattle King Co Rate of Homicide by Offender race in Seattle 1985-1992 per White Black Hispanic Asian NatAm 100,000 3 33 #N/A 5 #N/A Index 1.00 11.00 #N/A 1.67 #N/A Estimated from Graph +/- 20% Rate of Homicide by Race Age 15-24 1990-1992 per White Black Hispanic Asian NatAm 100,000 5 95 10 14 55 Index 1.00 19.00 2.00 2.80 11.00 Estimated from Graph +/- 20% [[white "National Alliance" (white supremacist site) The Campaign Against "Hate Crime" Who Are the Real Haters? by Dr. William Pierce The figures are for 1995, and they come from the FBI's Supplementary Homicide Report. 1.0 White 1.2 Asian 2.0 Native American 4.8 Hispanic 10.1 Black "the impression deliberately fostered by the media is that Asians are more law-abiding than Whites. That may have been true 50 years ago, when Asians were a very tiny minority in America and tended to be on their best behavior. Now that we have a lot more of them here and they feel more at home, they are showing their true natures. " [[women NYC Female Homicide Rates by Race Per 1,000 population, rate vs. white Black 6.41 -3.50 **** Latino 5.27 -2.88 *** Cacasian 1.83 1.00 * Asian 1.76 1.04 * Source: NYC Dept of Health Asian Week June 10, 1999 [[world \priv\96b\06\lammurd.txt BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) -- Latin America is the world's most violent region, with a yearly average of 30 murders per 100,000 people, the World Bank says. Colombia was the continent's most dangerous country. @@Housing Harassment "HUD Steps In To Stop Attacks in Projects" \clip\97\21\hudstep.gif Asians are attacked and threatened in predominantly African American projects in San Francisco, officials try to deflect blame @@immigrants and noncitizens US Dept of Justice Report: Noncitizens in the Criminal Justice System 1984-9 4 web: text: local \doc\97\02\nifcjs.pdf Selected demographic characteristics of citizen and noncitizen defendents prosecuted in US district courts 1994 US citz Non citz Total Total 32401 100.0 10352 100.0 42753 White 15996 49.6 814 7.9 Black 11212 34.5 1135 11.1 Hispanic 4009 12.4 7760 75.7 Asian/Other 1119 3.5 548 5.3 Black 100.0 Nigeria 31.3 Jamaica 29.9 Asian 100.0 China 16.5 Vietnam 15.3 Korea 11.1 Philippines 10.3 Country of Citizenship of noncitizens convicted of an offense in US district courts Table 2 48.6 Mexico 10.2 Columbia 5.7 Dominican Republic 4.0 Nigeria 3.9 Cuba 3.3 Jamaica 2.2 Canada 1.0 China <------ 1.0 El Salvador .9 Vietnam <----- .9 Great Britain .7 Guyana .7 Philippines <-- .6 Korea <-------- .6 Trinidad 15.0 Other Note that China, Vietnam and Phillipines and Korea rank below Canada, and most are below Great Britain, despite perception that Asians outrank white crime. Demographic characteristics ************************* Most noncitizens prosecuted in U.S. district courts were from Latin America. Hispanics comprised 75.7% of noncitizens prosecuted (table 3). Eleven percent of the noncitizens prosecuted were black non-Hispanic; 7.9% were white non-Hispanic; and 5.3% were Asian. Those noncitizens identified as black were primarily from Nigeria (31.3%) and Jamaica (29.9%), and those noncitizens identified as Asian were primarily from China (16.5%), Vietnam (15.3%), Korea (11.1%), and the Philippines (10.3%) (not shown in a table). Drug and immigration offences account for the majority of of offenses for which noncitizens are prosecuted, 69% in 1984 and 78% in 1994. Of drug offences, importation of cocaine (35.7%), marijuana (34.6%) and heroin (17.7%) . Only 6% were involved with crack cocaine. Between 1984 and 1994, noncitizens serving a sentence in Federal prisons increased by 15% annually from 4,088 to 18,929, compared to 10% increase during 1994. In 1994, 75% drug offence 13% immigration offence 2% violent offence The Urban Institute estimates that in the 7 top states with 86% of illegal aliens, 2.8% of the population are illegal aliens. In 1991 Current offence of sentenced noncitizens 1991 Current Offence Fed State Violent offence 1.9 35.2 Property 2.4 13.0 Drug offence 85.1 45.2 Public-order offence 7.4 6.6 Other 3.3 5.1 -------------------------------------------- Source: 1991 Survey of Inmates in State and Federal Correctional Facilities p. 10 State Criminal Alien Assistance Program All 37,679 Seven highest states ill alien pop ------------------------------------- California 18,593 Texas 6,228 New York 2,390 Florida 2,323 Illinois 1,445 Arizona 1,384 New Jersey 601 \doc\95\01\illimmcr.txt - Illegal immigrants in prison "Coming to America" Michael Paulson, SPI Dec 23, 1994 p. A1 Washington - 15% illegal or deportable immigrants of 11,000 total inmates, vs. 25% nationally. 1,650 inmates cost $28 million a year "States seek compensation for incarcerating criminal immigrants" Michael Paulson, Seattle Post Intelligencer Dec 23, 1994 p. A9 Arizona claims 1,760 or 10% of state prison, $30 million Calilfornia claims 16,700 adult, 600 juvenile, 4,400 parolees, 14.3% of prison $377 million / year plus $1.6billion to build prison space Florida $60 million / year 9.1% or 5,400 ill immigrant @@injustice \priv\96\20\kornshot.htm Los Angeles Times June 8, 1996 Officers Justified in Killing Driver, O.C. D.A. Says By TRACY WEBER, Times Staff Writer The Orange County district attorney's office announced Friday it will not file charges against four officers involved in the Valentine's Day chase and fatal shooting of Korean national Hong Il Kim. Comment - Rodney King just got beat up. This guy was shot on live TV. @@Inverventions (to reduce crime) Rand: Inteventions may reduce crime by 10-50% "Helping Children in a Downsizing World " Diverting Children from a Life of Crime: Measuring Costs and Benefits, Peter W. Greenwood, Karyn E. Model, C. Peter Rydell, and James Chiesa, RAND/MR-699-UCB/RC/IF, 1996, 82 pp., ISBN: 0-8330-2383-7, $15.00. The text appears in its entirety on the World Wide Web ( \clip\97\15\twig\mr699.html "Directed by Greenwood, the team analyzed numerous pilot programs employing four different approaches. Home visits by child care professionals beginning before birth and extending through the first two years of childhood, followed by four years of day care. Training for parents and therapy for families with young children who have shown aggressive behavior in school. Four years of cash and other incentives to induce disadvantaged high school students to graduate. Monitoring and supervising high-school-age youth who have exhibited delinquent behavior. A preliminary assessment of these programs found that home visits reduce crime by 50 percent; parent training, by 60 percent; graduation incentives, by 70 percent; and delinquent programs, by 10 to 20 percent." @@iq Black crime no higher when iq is taken into account @@jury See Law, Jury Asian.Crime.Juvenile @@juvenile incidents From chart in Asian Week April 29, 1999 p. 16 S.F. Juvenile Arrests 1997 White 12% APA 13% Latino 18% Other/Unk 5% Black 51% Draft SF Juvenile Probation Report 1997 \priv\96\17\kidnap.txt Seattle Times May 22, 1996 16-week abduction penalty outrages parents by Dave Birkland. Asian youths steal car in Redmond WA with babies in back seat because they missed the bus to the mall, babies could have died of dehydration if police hadn't gotten them to show them where they left the car. Press did not report that youths were Asian. \doc\96\02\riseweap.txt file asian.crime.juvenile "The rise of the young and the ruthless" Seattle Times Sept 7, 1995 p. A5 Between 1983 and 1992, violation of juvenile weapons laws have more than doubled for each racial group according to the Justice Department report "Juvenile Offenders and Victims" W- 106% B- 167% Other - 129% \doc\95\13\juvejust.wk1 \doc\95\13\juvejust.doc "Juvenile Offenders and Victims: A National Report" Snyder, Howard N. and Sickmund, Melissa (1995) Washington D.C: Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Copies of all kids of statistics on juvenile crime \doc\95\11\ascryout.txt - Asians account for an even larger number of incidents among youth and young adults than African Americans in Seattle "Asian Parents, City Discuss Violence" Northwest Asian Weekly (Seattle) Aug 14, 1995 p. 1 @@juvenile detention \doc\95\04\washjuve.wk1 Washington State juveniles confined 1990 W1.00 B7.86 A-1.22 N3.42 George Bridges, Univ of Washington Asian.Crime.Juvenile \doc\96\02\minyouth.txt "Study: Minority youths punished disproportionally" Seattle Times Feb 17, 1996 p. A10 (asian.crime.prison) In Washington state, minority youth are only 21% of the population, but 42% of those sent to corrections facilities. Author finds "no explanation" d:\priv\95\01\juverace.txt "Race and Justice" by Carina A. Del Rosario International Examiner Jan 18, 1995 p. 1 According the Juvenile Justice Racial Disproportionality Work Group, lead by George Bridges of the University of Washington in 1993 found that: African American, Native American and Latino youth had higher rates of prosecution, detention and confinement compared to Whites. Asian Pacific Islander youth, who make up 5 percent of the state's population are less likely than Whites to be sent to court, detained before adjudication and prosecuted for charges. Bridges found that API youth are as likely as Whites to be sentenced to jail c:\doc\95\02\polistop.txt - Korean friend was not stopped because of stereotype that Asians do not commit crimes d:\priv\95\01\teenpolc.txt Chicago Tribune 1/9/95 Poll indicates generation gap between teens and police Teens stopped by Police Index White Black Hisp Asian Other 1.00 1.11 -1.20 -1.85 ERR Asians least likely to be stopped by Police Whites nearly the same as Black, more than Hispanic Despite stereotype that only Blacks are stopped "Girls in the Gang" Seattle PI Oct 27, 1994 Survey of King County juveniles in detention shows 98% of girls and 65% of boys have been sexually abused 13% of arrests for violent crimes are girls according to FBI 1992 "Crime in the United States" (3) James Ranch doc938:trouble.xls B8.6 H8.0 A-1.2 Eastfield Ming Quong B2.9 H1.4 A-24 d:\doc\94\19\juvedetn.wk1 - Juvenile detention by race Total Juveniles in Detention, US W1.0(.54) B5.32 H2.53 A1.06 NA1.68 d:\priv\94\19\juvedet.txt SJM 9/26/94 d:\doc\94\19\juvedet1.wk1 - US juvenile Detention Department of Justice 1991: W37%(1.0) B44%(5.2) H14%(2.2) A+O 2%(-1.4) Adolescents in San Francisco Juvenile Detention Center 1990-92 SF Health Department doc938\sfaids93.xls - W(0.38)1.0 B 8.85 H 1.57 A 1.50 N 9.29 d:\doc\94\19\usjpcrim.txt "U.S. Leads in Violent Crimes" San Francisco Chronicle May 29, 1992 p. E3 based on Where We Stand Michael Wolff, Peter Rutten, Albert F. Bayers III and the World Rank Research Team Juvenile Delinquents US 16% of criminals are under 17 Japan 45% @@kidnap \clip\97\12\kidnap.txt Slaying of girl adds to fear of crime in Taiwan By Christopher Bodeen Associated Press, Boston Globe 05/07/97 TAIPEI - When the daughter of a noted entertainer was kidnapped on her way to school, Taiwan's public was deeply concerned. That concern grew to outrage when the girl's corpse was discovered in a ditch. ...Taiwan is still safer than many Western countries. But reported kidnappings jumped from 98 in 1995 to 156 last year. \doc\95\11\immiabdu.txt - Chinese illegal immigrant teens abducted from foster homes in Tukwila, Washington. 35%-40% of such teens run away. [[Redmond Carjacking Asian youths (who were not identified as Asian by the mainstream press) missed a bus to the mall, so they grabbed a car with the key in the ignition with 2 toddlers in the back seat, picked up 2 girlfriends, fought a woman who tried to get inside, and then took off. \priv\96b\06\girlsent.doc Girls sentenced for carjacking role SEATTLE Times JUne 28, 1996. Got deferred sentences and community service d:\priv\96b\03\redkid.txt "Boy sentenced to five years for kidnapping children in car" Seattle Times 6/22/96 p. A4. A 16 year old boy (race not reported, but he was Asian, as were his friends) accused of stealing a car with two young children inside were sentenced yesterday to five years in juvenile detention - the maximum penaly under state law. \priv\96\17\kidnap.txt Seattle Times May 22, 1996 16-week abduction penalty outrages parents by Dave Birkland. Asian youths steal car in Redmond WA with babies in back seat because they missed the bus to the mall, babies could have died of dehydration if police hadn't gotten them to show them where they left the car. Press did not report that youths were Asian. @@Lead (blood) BLOOD LEAD ASSOCIATED WITH DELINQUENT ACTS IN INNER CITY BLACK YOUTH z55\clip\2002\02\lead.txt Public release date: 28-Feb-2002 Children's Hospital Medical Center of Cincinnati Study links lead exposure to antisocial behavior "Ninety-two percent were African American and 53 percent were male. ..Adolescents with the highest blood lead concentrations when they were first graders reported, on average, 4.5 more delinquent acts in the previous 12 months compared to children with the lowest blood lead concentrations as first graders. [perhaps another factor on top of income, education to explain race gap in crime] @@Lynch BLACKS IN SC 2X AS LIKELY TO COMMIT LYNCHING CRIMES "Recalling Lynching" Emil Amok Asian Week sept 25, 2003 p.5 When the AP did an analysis of lynching laws, it found blacks account for 63% of those charged in S. Carolina, about twice the rate of whites, mostly for gang-style crimes. @@Marriage unmarried men in their 20s are 3 times more likely to commit crimes than married men, Leaving young men without mate is something society should avoid source:the science of sex learning channel @@mug book \priv\96\02\mugbook.htm - SJM 1/25/96 Vietnamese man paid by city for inclusion in mug book by mistake. @@murder %%Black vs Russian WHITE RUSSIANS COMMIT MURDER AS MUCH AS BLACK AMERICANS La Griffe du Lion 1/2004 It is instructive to compare the Russian per-capita murder rate to that of American blacks. The FBI says that of the 10968 murders for which the assailant's race was known, 50.33% were committed by blacks. Under the assumption that the remaining 4520 murders are distributed in the same way, this gives a total of 7795 murders. The American black population in 2001 was 36.4 million people. Thus if we consider them a nation in their own right, Black Americans 2001, 36.4 million people, 7795 murders, 214 murders- per-million Russian 2001, 144 million people, 33500 murders, 232 murders-per- million Thus we note that Russians are committing murders at a higher per- capita rate than Black Americans . Clearly environment and culture matter a great deal. %%General CHINESE FIREWORKS EXEC MURDERS FAMILY KILLS SELF \clip\97\14\murdbell.txt The Seattle Times Company Wednesday, June 18, 1997 Bellevue murder motive remains mystery %%Serial BLACKS ABOUT 2X OVER-REPRESENTED AS SERIAL KILLERS z60\clip\2002\10\serial.txt Sniper suspect defies profile By Mary Leonard, Globe Staff, 10/27/2001 Eric Hickey, a professor of criminal psychology who has collected data on 399 serial killers from 1800 to 1995, said while the majority of them have been white, blacks represent 22 percent of the cases, while they make up about 13 percent of the US population. ''Blacks actually are overrepresented among serial killers,' @@n @@opinion Asian.Crime.Opinion d:\doc\95\01\crimpoll.txt - Which Race is most likely to commit crime Percentage of respondents to October 1993 USA Today / Gallup Poll question as to which was "more likely to commit crimes" White Black Hisp Asian Police 6.0% 37.0% 30.0% 15.0% 11.0% 99.0% @@opinion %%Black MOST BLACKS BELIEVE MOST BLACK CHILDREN WILL COMMIT CRIMES doc\94\7\blackcpol.txt - pessimistic poll of black parents and children of black parents 50% said it was a very bad time to raise black children 46% said violence was the worst fear for their children 66% said at least half of black children will be destroyed by drugs 61% said at least half of black children will commit crimes @@organized crime US 11,000 Italy 19,000 Japan 84,000 d:\doc\94\19\usjpcrim.txt U.S. Leads in Violent Crimes San Francisco Chronicle May 29, 1992 p. E3 based on Where We Stand Michael Wolff, Peter Rutten, Albert F. Bayers III and the World Rank Research Team @@pakastani S ASIAN GANGS HIT WHITE MEN IN UK z47\clip\2001\02\pakatak.txt Oldham Evening Chronicle - Wednesday January 31 2001 Huge rise in race attacks on white men by SAMANTHA MANNION " Oldham police.. concerned about of racist attacks by gangs of Pakistani and Bangladeshi youths on white men." 60% of 572 attacks were against white men. \priv\95\08\pakayout.txt NYT 6/26/95 Pakastani youth critically hurt in beating @@police %%Abuse \CLIP\97\08\badcop.txt Monday, March 24, 1997 · Page A1 ©1997 San Francisco Chronicle Team of Brash S.F. Cops Dissolved Amid Criticism Susan Sward, Bill Wallace, Chronicle Staff Writers %%Race RACE ASSIGNMENT MATTERS IN POLICE crospol.txt Steven Levitt: Police forces that add white officers see a disproportionate increase in arrests of non-whites; police forces that add non-white officers see disproportionate increases in arrests of whites. Furthermore, there is some evidence that cross-race policing is more effective in reducing crime. @@Police shootings A new look at racial disparities in police use of deadly force July 31, 2018 One of the most important social issues of the last five years is fatal police shootings of black Americans. Black Americans are only about 13 percent of the population, but make up over 30 percent of people fatally shot by police. A typical fatal police shooting occurs when there is the potential for imminent death to an officer or other citizen. Almost 85 percent of police fatal shootings involve armed citizens. crime rate estimates per 100,000 white black CDC death by assault 4.4 25.6 FBI Summary Report System reported murder/manslaughter 2.5 15.6 arrested murder/manslaughter 2.1 12.6 arrest weapon 35.2 132.7 FBI National Incident report murd/mansl 1.2 7.2 arrest murd/mansl 0.6 4.0 rep violent crime 15.7 173.7 arrest viol crime 5.0 31.5 death by assault record not biased by police suggests that officer bias – in terms of officers making different shooting decisions for black and white citizens – is not necessarily the cause of black citizens being shot at higher rates. differences in involvement in criminal situations between black and white citizens fully explains the population-level disparity in fatal police shootings. number of fatal shootings in which a citizen is unarmed and not assaulting an officer is small – about 6 percent of all fatal shootings, or 45 people every year. our work suggests this disparity is explained by differences in rates of exposure to the police, rather than racial bias by officers making deadly force decisions may help explain why department-wide implicit bias training has not been – and will not be – effective. It is not addressing the root of the problem. The notion that all officers across the profession are biased in this important decision is not supported by the data


priv\94\19\povcrime.txt - Crime is caused by poverty, not family structure.

@@prison Summary - Asians are disproportionately low in prison and death penalty Also see - arrest rates Prison Rates by Race White=1.00 Ranked by black rate - ranges from 9 to 4.5 times worse ------------------------------------------------ CA Prison System W1.0 B-9.0 H-2.9 A 3.7 O-1.1 SF County Jail W1.0 B-7.6 H--- A 4.1 US prison 93 W1.0 B-7.1 US Local Jails W1.0 B-6.9 H-2.8 A 1.1 US prison 84 W1.0 B-6.2 Fed prisons 18 W1.0 B-6.6 H-4.1 A 1.6 US Local Jail 94 W1.0 B-6.0 H-2.9 A1.38 CA Death Row W1.0 B-5.8 H 1.4 A15.9 O 2.7 (1) Canada W1.0 B-5.2 A 2.0 9% US in Jail 97 W1.0 B-4.5 (1) Toronto Globe and Mail Jan 16, 1996 Most blacks aren't criminals but, that doesn't mean numbers less than 50% aren't a shocking problem... 14% of black men have lost voting rights because of felony conviction 33% of black men in 20s in San Francisco in trouble with the law 33% of black men in the US is under criminal justice supervision (sentencing project) 34% of black men 18-19 in Memphis Tennesee were in jail 40% of black men in California in trouble with the law 50% of black dropouts will be in jail by early 30s [[asians low Ranked by Asian rate - ranges from 16 to 10% better than white No location are Asians more likely than whites to be in jail ------------------------------------------------ CA Death Row W1.0 B-5.8 H 1.4 A15.9 O 2.7 SF NonFilip W1.0 B-7.6 A 7.1 SF County Jail W1.0 B-7.6 H--- A 4.1 CA Prison System W1.0 B-9.0 H-2.9 A 3.7 O-1.1 (1) Canada W1.0 B-5.2 A 2.0 Fed prisons 18 W1.0 B-6.6 H-4.1 A 1.6 US Local Jail 94 W1.0 B-6.0 H-2.9 A 1.4 US Local Jails W1.0 B-6.9 H-2.8 A 1.1 (1) Toronto Globe and Mail Jan 16, 1996 WHITES LESS CRIME THAN BLACK, BUT MORMAN UTAH THAN NEVADA TOO z50\clip\2001\06\prison.txt Imprisonment rates differ wildly By STEVE SAILER, UPI National Correspondent In "Masking the Divide: How Officially Reported Prison Statistics Distort the Racial and Ethnic Realities of Prison Growth," the NCIA broke out Hispanics as a separate category from non-Hispanic whites Overall, the study found that 2.6 percent of the African-American adult population was imprisoned in 1997, compared to 1.1 percent of Hispanics, and 0.3 percent of non-Hispanic whites. The report does not break out imprisonment rates for Asian-Americans, but .."most experts believe Asians tend to be imprisoned the least of all major groups." drydem detailed 2001 post on asians in prison from: steve plaut Just saw in latest Public Interest a stat that said that in 1965 in all of California there were only 8 Chinese Americans in jail. Use that in your postings!!! [[black HALF OF BLACK DROPOUTS WILL BE IN PRISON BY EARLY 30S z70\clip\2003\08\drop50.txt Too much spent on jails instead of schools, study says Report finds racial gap in incarceration chances By Michael Dresser Baltimore Sun August 28, 2003 The report, which will be released today by the Justice Policy Institute, shows that 52 percent of black male dropouts will have been incarcerated by their early 30s compared with 13 percent of white men who do not complete high school. BLACK PRISON RATE RISES TO 3.62%, OVERALL .48% UNDER CLINTON z48\clip\2001\02\jailrate.txt Study: Prisons Grew Under Clinton by KAREN GULLO Associated Press Writer 2/20/2001 Justice Policy Institute finds: incarceration rate at the end of the Clinton administration was 476 per 100,000 citizens, versus 332 per 100,000 at the end of Bush's term and 247 per 100,000 at the end of Reagan's administration Incarceration rates for blacks increased to 3,620 per 100,000 from around 3,000 per 100,000 people during Clinton's two terms. 9 PERCENT OF BLACKS VS. 2% WHITES ARE IN JAIL \clip\99\05\badnews2.txt ( The Underclass Revisited Charles Murray Bradley Fellow, American Enterprise Institute As of 1996, 2 percent of white adults and 9 percent of black adults were under correctional supervision. The proportional increase from 1991=9696 was about equal for each race (21 percent for whites, 20 percent for blacks). ONE OF 3 US BLACK MEN IN OR NEAR JAIL \clip\97\03\blvote.txt Seattle Times Jan. 30, 1997 One in 7 black men aren't allowed to vote "1995 study reporting that one in three young black males is under criminal justice supervision - either imprisonment, parole or probation. " [[city King County Jails 2000-01 Dept of Adult and Juvenile Detention 59.4 white 3.1 native am 33.3 african am 4.0 asian PI Seattle Times Mar 20, 2002 DC Department of Corrections Facts and Figures January 2011 Washington DC Religious Affiliation of Intakes: 44.5% Christian 33.3% None/Undeclared 18.2% Islamic (Note how high this number is) 3.9% Other (Jewish, Hindu Buddist) 0.2% Agnostic/Atheist ------------------------ 1.9% Moorish faiths 0.2% Jewish 0.1% Buddist What's it like to be white, gay, Jewish, and a snitch in the D.C. Jail? It hurts. By John Metcalfe on December 2, 2005 "At 0.2 percent of the D.C. incarcerated population in fiscal year 2005, Jews rated in strength above Buddhists (0.1 percent of the population) but below “Moorish faiths” (1.9 percent). There were approximately 5 Jews locked up in the company of about 2,300 non-Jews, according to inmates’ self-reported statistics on the Department of Corrections Web site" [[computer \priv\96b\06\barcompt.htm - WA state prisons say they can't monitor computer use, so will remove computers from cells even though one prisoner trained himself into a 35,000 a year job. [[effective One point of view is that we imprison far too many, and that it does not reduce crime. Another view is that crime would expand even more if prisons were not expanded, and that you can measure a decrease in crime compared to letting criminals go free or on reduced sentences. \doc\96\06\incarcer.txt f092396 "Incarceration Is A Bargain" Wall Street Journal Sept 23, 1996 Steve H. Hanke. Harvard University economist Steven D. Levitt in the May 1996 issue of the Quarterly Journal of Economics concludes that even though crime is up with increasing prisons, there were be a 70% increase in violent crime and 50% increase in property crime if prisons had not expanded at all. Since the average criminal on the loose would cost society $53,900 (not to mention the incalculable value of lost or degraded lives of victims), it is far more than the average $30,000 / yr cost of incarceration. For each 1% rise in prison population, decrease in crime: -.70% Robbery -.41% Assault -.40% Burglary -.28% Larceny -.26% Auto Theft -.25% Rape -.15% Murder Source: Quarterly Journal of Economics May 1996 [[Federal Federal Bureau of Prisons
Inmate Race 24 November 2018 Race # of Inmates % US pop Vs white vs white Asian 2,670 1.50% 5.8 0.6014665081 1.66 Black 68,727 38.10% 13.4 6.612540745 -6.61 Nat American 4,104 2.30% 1.3 4.114647804 -4.11 Hispanic 32% 18 4.13452533 -4.13 White nonHisp 26.10% 60.7 0.4299835255 White 104,916 58.20% 76.6 population estimate [[general z69\clip\2003\08\pris.txt Report: 5.6M Americans have 'prison experience' Posted 8/17/2003 6:28 PM Updated 8/17/2003 6:41 PM WASHINGTON (AP) -- About one in every 37 U.S. adults was either imprisoned at the end of 2001 or had been incarcerated at one time, the government reported Sunday. Bureau of Justice Statistics Number of US adults either in state or fed prison or who had been incarcerated as percentage of population Male 1974 2001 White 837,000 1.4 1,978,000 2.6% Black 595,000 8.7 1,936,000 16.6% Hispanic 595,000 2.3 911,000 7.7% Total 1,677,000 2.3 5,037,000 4.9% Female 1974 2001 White 86,000 0.1 225,000 0.3% Black 51,000 0.6 231,000 1.7% Hispanic 8,000 0.2 86,000 0.7% Total 142,000 0.2% 581,000 0.5% Female \CLIP\97\07\crimprob.txt Study projects one in 20 will spend time in jail By Cassandra Burrell The Associated Press Chances of prison 5% All 25% Black male 16% Hispanic male 4.4% White male Complete prevalence table Estimated prevalence of incarceration by race, sex and Hispanic Origin Original report is at \clip\97\07\llgsfp.pdf Bureau of Justice Statistics Prison and Jail Inmates at Midyear 1996 1/97 web \doc\96\02\pjimy96.pdf, .txt At midyear 1996 a majority of local jail inmates were black or Hispanic. White non-Hispanics made up 41.6% of the jail population; black non-Hispanics, 41.1%; Hispanics, 15.6%; and other races (Asians, Pacific Islanders, American Indians, and Alaska Natives), 1.7%. Relative to their number of U.S. residents, black non-Hispanics were 6 times more likely than white non-Hispanics, over twice as likely as Hispanics, and over 8 times more likely than persons of other races to have been held in a local jail on June 30, 1996. Number of jail inmates ------------------------ Per 100,00 Estimated resident count in each group ------------------- --------------------------- Total 518,492 196 White, non-Hispanic 215,700 111 1.00 Black, non-Hispanic 213,100 666 -6.00 Hispanic 80,900 290 -2.90 Other 8,800 80 1.38 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- US Local jails 1994 W1.00 B-6.00 H-2.90 A1.38 Note: Inmate counts were estimated and rounded to the nearest 100. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ********************************************* 14% OF BLACK MEN HAVE LOST VOTING RIGHTS DUE TO FELONY CONVICTION, INCARCERATED AT 7.66 TIMES RATE OF WHITES. c:\clip\97\02\votegap.txt AP 29-Jan-1997 22:48 EST REF5132 Racial Gap For Prisons Increasing (comment - so is the solution to have fewer black men commit felony crimes, or allow those with convictions to vote?) ------------------------------------------------------------ \doc\96\06\toront.wk1 \doc\web\96\07\benywong.txt Jan 16, 1996, The Globe and Mail Changing face of prisons Adult admissions to jails in Ontario Source: Ontario Ministry of the Solicitor-General and Correctional Services Prison admissions per 100,000 members of racial groups, Ontario Canada Black - 3686 per 100,000 -5.22 Aboriginal - 1993 per 100,000 -2.82 Total population - 827 per 100,000 -1.17 White - 706 per 100,000 -1.00 Arab - 482 per 100,000 1.46 East Indian - 456 per 100,000 1.55 Asian - 353 per 100,000 2.00 ----------------------------------------------- ASIANS STARTING TO COMMIT CRIMES IN BRITAIN, WRECKING IMAGE \clip\97\02\ascrime.txt London Telegraph Issue 372 Monday April 29 1996 Thugs shatter Asians' law-abiding image By Amit Roy " Although south Asians are under-represented in the criminal justice system, their prison population, according to a report by Marion Fitzgerald, a Home Office researcher, has been growing - from 2.3 per cent in 1985 to 3.1 per cent in 1992. " (All nonwhites are 2.8% of the population according to CIA World factbook) \doc\96\06\prisprim.txt Rates: per US resident 1985: 1 in 320 1995 1 in 167 US Prison Primer Seattle Times 8/19/1996 p. A5 jail breakdown 62% State prison 30% Local Jail 6% Federal Prison 2% Jail supervision * supervised outside of jail facility Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics, research by Brenna Sink \clip\96\02\prisrate.txt Date: Mon, 19 Aug 1996 10:04:40 EST AP 18-Aug-1996 17:00 EDT REF5273 US Incarceration Rate Doubles By MICHAEL J. SNIFFEN Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) -- The number of men and women in the nation's prisons and jails climbed to nearly 1.6 million last year, culminating a decade in which the U.S. rate of incarceration nearly doubled, the Justice Department reported Sunday. \priv\96\03\blakpris.txt AP Nearly 40 percent of California black men in their 20s were in prison, probation or on parole last year, according to a study critical of the criminal justice system. \doc\95\12\blakjail.txt "1 of 3 Blacks in 20s Had Trouble With the Law" Loius Freedberg (San Francisco Chronicle) Seattle Post Intelligencer Oct 5, 1995 p. 1 The Sentencing project in Wash. D.C. \doc\95\11\behibars.txt "2.7 percent of US population behind bars or on probation" Seattle Times Aug 28, 1995 p. A4 5.1 million Americans under prison control, - Department of Justice report, Bureau of Justice Statistics 2.7 percent of adult population 3 out of 4 supervised in the community or on parole instead of behind bars Since 1980, numbers have tripled, average 7.6 percent growth per year, 3.9 in 1994 21% of probationers and parolees are women 58% white / 32% black on probation 51% white / 32% black on parole \doc\95\05\locljail.wk1,.txt - US Local Jails by Race, June 1994 Blacks most, Asians/Others least likely to be held in local jails according to Bureau of Justice Statistics. Summary: W1.00 B-6.94 H-2.84 A1.08 Note - Asians are combined with Native Americans with low s/e status, so Asians alone are likely to be much lower in jails than whites rather than only 8% better ---------------------------------------------------- d:\doc\95\01\justall.txt 34% of county's black men between 18 and 19 in Memphis Tennesee are in local jails. ------------------------------------------------- \doc\95\01\SFJAIL.WK1 Jails in San Franciso County by Race San Francisco County Jail W1.00(.73) B7.59 H??? A-4.13 Non-Filipino Asian -7.12 Filipino -1.59 S.F. County Jail Survey Shows Bias Against Blacks, Hispanics Asians and Filipinos are 5% of Jail Population Asian Week April 6, 1990 p. 4 ---------------------------------------------- "Nation's prison population tops 1 million mark" Seattle Post Intelligencer Oct 28, 94 p. a3 Bureau of Justice Statistics Rate of incarceration per 100,000 W1984 116 B1984 723 Ratio = 6.23 W1993 203 B1993 1,432 Ratio = 7.05 women were 6.1% DOC922:CADEATH.WK1 - california death row death row W1.0 (.85) B5.8 H-1.4 O-2.7 A-15.9 92 CA prison system W1.0 (.52) B9.0 H 2.9 O-1.1 A- 3.7 @@Prostitution Asian.Crime.Prostitution There are articles about prostitution busts in Bellevue WA of Asian women. Statistics in San Francisco put Asians higher than whites among representation of "johns" Prostitution is fairly rampant and open in Asia, even in the developed nations like Taiwan, Korea and Japan. DOC924:ASPROS.XLS - men arrested for prostitution in San Francisco SF 92 W1.00 B1.0 H4.0 A1.5 "Prostitutes have way out" Seattle Times 1/8/95 p. B1 1993 study by Debra Boyer of U Wash says 4,000 women work in sex industry, 1,000 arrests annually. Some arrested with as many as 60 prior arrests. [[Hispanic Z50\CLIP\2001\06\HISPPRIS.TXT Latino prison count called inaccurate By Cindy Rodriguez, Globe Staff, Boston Globe 6/7/2001 Seven out of every 10 inmates locked up in the nation's prisons between 1985 and 1997 were black and Latino, a figure much higher than previously believed because prisons were counting Latino inmates as white, according to a first-of-its-kind national study. "New Mexico, for example, recorded its prison population as being 83 percent white in 1997. But, once Latinos were excluded, it was 29 percent white. Massachusetts used to count Latino inmates as white." [[increase TOO MANY PEOPLE IN PRISON RAISES CRIME RATE? \clip\99\13\hipris.htm PRISONERS DOUBLED IN ONLY ONE DECADE 1985-96 The number of people in prison in the U.S. doubled between 1985 and 1996, from 502,507 to 1,182,169. Source: U.S. Department of Justice @@Race and crime rates Crime is simply a matter of socioeconomics, many say, but it goes much further than that. Rushton notes, and I've generally confirmed that Asian have lower, and Africans higher rates of crimes than Europeans in the US, or in respective Asian, European, and African nations. Crime Rates per 100,000 across world 44 Pacific Rim 74 European 143 Afro-Carribean BLACKS IN UK 15 TIMES POPULATION FOR ROBBERY ARREST z47\clip\2001\01\ukraccri.txt The Electronic Telegraph ISSUE 2065 Friday 19 January 2001 28pc of robbery arrests are black people, says report By Philip Johnston, Home Affairs Editor BLACK people accounted for 28 per cent of arrests for robberies across England and Wales, according to figures published yesterday. Across the country, black people make up about two per cent of the total population aged 10 and over, rising to 7.5 per cent in London. ...It is not because they are black but because of their social background, age group and educational attainment.. but Nacro, the criminal justice pressure group, said the figures did not show that black people committed more crimes. RACE-CRIME DIFFERENCES APPLY ACROSS ALL NATIONS AND MINORITIES z45\doc\web\2000\10\racecrim.txt British Home Office Report showing that although only 2% of the British population are Black, they account for 15% of the prison population. The Asian population from the Indian sub-continent are now 3% of the population and only 2% of the prison population. Summing the crimes, and averaging across years, Rushton (1990, 1995) found statistically significant differences per 100,000 population of, respectively, 44 (Pacific Rim), 74 (European), and 143 (Afro-Caribbean) total crimes. Special Review Race, Intelligence, and the Brain: The Errors and Omissions of the Revised Edition of S. J. Gould's The Mismeasure of Man (1996) Personality and Individual Differences, Vol. 23, No. 1 (July 1997), pp. 169-180 J. Philippe Rushton consider the striking racial differences in criminal behavior. These differences are consistent across time, national boundaries, and political-economic system, which argues strongly for their having some genetic component. For example, as far back as records go, in the U.S., Orientals have been underrepresented and Blacks overrepresented in crime statistics relative to Whites. This pattern is not specific to the U.S. but is repeated around the world. Analyses of INTERPOL Yearbooks throughout the 1980s show that African and Caribbean countries have double the rate for violent crime of European countries and three times the rate of the countries in the Pacific Rim. The combined figures for murder, rape, and serious assault per 100,000 population for 1984 and 1986 were Africans -- 142, Europeans -- 74, and Asians -- 43. For 1989-90, the pattern was unchanged: Africans -- 240, Europeans -- 75, and Asians -- 32 (Rushton, 1990, 1995a). index: INTERPOL world crime 1990 W1.0 B-3.2 A2.34 White areas have lower crime rates Very politically incorrect site by Jeff Yale attempts to show that areas that are mostly white account for a disproportionately small percentage of crimes Race and crime: an international dilemma
Phillipe Rushton includes crime on his controversial racial spectrum, says testosterone levels may explain low rates of crimes among Asians, and high rates among Blacks. David Duke's almost unabashedly anti-black crime index. Can we afford to ignore the truth and let nuts like this guy run with it? %%Gap BLACK WHITE 0.37 SD VIOLENT AGGRESSION GAP \doc\web\2002\12\violgrif.txt Sat Dec 14, 2002 From: "il_leone_uno " 1 Assault rates came from the 1994 National Crime Victimization Survey report which reported that during the year assault was committed by 2.20 percent of whites and 5.00 percent of blacks, from which the method cranked out a 0.37 SD black/white aggressiveness gap. 2 The second threshold 'serious assault' as defined by Interpol. Comparative rates were assembled by Phil Rushton from Interpol year books, and included data from 23 predominantly African and 41 predominantly Caucasian countries. The rates of 'serious assault' were 0.213 percent for blacks and 0.063 percent for whites, corresponding again to a gap of 0.37 SD at a threshold of aggressiveness 3.2 standard deviation beyond the white aggressiveness mean. 3 infant homicide rates. They are reported as 0.0256 percent for blacks and 0.006 percent for whites. This corresponds to a still higher threshold of aggressiveness (I should hope so) of 3.8 standard deviation beyond the white aggressiveness mean, and astoundingly once again yields a black/white aggressiveness gap of 0.37 SD. @@Race determination z68\clip\2003\06\flarace.txt 6/4/03 FAQs: Florida lab pointed to race Serial killer search changed course By JOSH NOEL Advocate staff writer A private genetics lab altered the hunt for the south Louisiana serial killer in early March after telling investigators that the person they sought was a black man. .. his company can determine a person's ancestral past by analyzing 73 DNA markers and narrowing the results to proportions in four categories: East Asian, Indo-European, Native American and Sub-Saharan African. @@Race issue [[Taylor, Jared New Century Foundation report on interracial crime in the U.S., launched on C-SPAN June 2nd? Sample: in 1994 around 3,500 black Americans out of every 100,000 committed a crime of violence against a white person, while only 63 whites out of every 100,000 committed a violent crime against a black. New Century Foundation seems to be run by Jared Taylor (of the 1991 book "Paved With Good Intentions" and the monthly "American Renaissance"). Rape Page @@riots \clip\96\09\riots.txt Study: Most urban riots not sparked by race BOSTON (Reuter) - Race has been the motivation in fewer than half the urban riots in the United States over the last two years, according to a study released Wednesday. DOC922\LARIOT.DOC Hu's on first on LA riots doc924\ascrime.doc - LA riots @@Reduction GUILIANI NYC COPS SWITCH TO FIGHTING CRIME, HOMICIDE -70% FELONIES -46% \clip\99\14\nycrime.txt URL for this Article: The Wall Street Journal July 20, 1999 Bookshelf How to Fight and Win By HEATHER MAC DONALD Aggressive crime-fighting carried enormous risks to top officials, since it increased the chance of career-ending corruption scandals and racial troubles. Besides, even police commissioners subscribed to the prevailing wisdom that the police couldn't solve crime until its alleged "root causes"--poverty and racism--were eliminated. The real Giuliani crime revolution consisted of rejecting this fatal quiescence. Only commanders committed to double-digit crime reduction could hope for promotion; those who did not succeed were out. The rest is history: From 1993 to 1998, homicides in New York dropped 70%, and major felonies 46%, transforming the city. @@robbery or armed robbery \priv\95\17\camrobb.txt CAMERA CATCHES ROBBERY, ABDUCTION SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER (SP) - THURSDAY, November 9, 1995 By: P-I STAFF Edition: Final Section: News Page: C1 Asian man supected of robbing, abducting and shooting a Euro-American convenience store clerk. doc\94\14\seaviol.wk1 Rate of Robbery in Seattle by Race 1988-1993 per White Black Hispanic Asian NatAm 100,000 425 1020 #N/A 400 825 Index 1.00 2.40 #N/A -1.06 1.94 Estimated from Graph +/- 20% \doc\94\19\usjpcrim.txt U.S. Leads in Violent Crimes San Francisco Chronicle May 29, 1992 p. E3 based on Where We Stand Michael Wolff, Peter Rutten, Albert F. Bayers III and the World Rank Research Team Armed Robbery US 221 per 100k Japan 1 @@runaway \doc\94\18\priv\seagang.txt ST 2/8/94 Southeast Asians form gangs in Seattle area Furthermore, an increasing number of Southeast Asian children are leading vagabond lives, accounting for up to 10 percent of children living on the streets. The makeshift "camp" of Laotian and Vietnamese teenagers discovered by police in a darkened stairwell in the International District last spring is one of many that have been found. @@Southern Poverty Law Center z47\clip\2000\12\dees.txt The Church of Morris Dees By Ken Silverstein Harper's Magazine, November 2000 How the Southern Poverty Law Center profits from intolerance "the SPLC's treasury bulges with $120 million, and it spends twice as much on fund-raising-$5.76 million last year-as it does on legal services for victims of civil rights abuses. The American Institute of Philanthropy gives the Center one of the worst ratings of any group it monitors, estimating that the SPLC could operate for 4.6 years without making another tax-exempt nickel" @@survey \doc\94\19\priv\macrim93.txt - Crime in MASS 1993 BG 5/1/93 \doc\94\19\priv\macrim91.txt Domestic killings accounted for 27.4 percent of the murders; non-domestic arguments for 17.8 percent; and robberies, 10.3 percent. Fifteen percent of the homicides were said to be drug-related. According to the analysis, the average age of a murder victim last year was 29.7 and the average age of the offender was 26.7. Nonetheless, more killers and their victims were 17 than any other age. Of all homicide offenders, 3.8 percent were women and 96.2 percent were males. Of those murdered in 1992, 29.1 percent were females and 70.9 percent were males. Of those, 57.6 percent were white, 41.3 percent were black, and 1.2 percent were*Asian.* Rapone said the statistics show most of the murders were intra-racial: 82 percent of black victims were killed by blacks and 81 percent of the whites were killed by whites. @@Taser Seattle Post-Intelligencer Nov 30, 2004 p. A10 Police and Tasers - chart Breakdown of incidents by agency Jan 1, 2003 to June 30, 2004 Seattle Police Dept 269 incidents White 42% Black 41% Asian 5% Other 12% King County Sherriff's Office 267 incidents White 60% Black 19% Hispanic 10% Asian 4% Indian 2% Other 5% @@Testosterone "Race" scientists such as Phillipie Rushton and Glayde Whitney who study racial differences have theorized that data which shows blacks with higher levels of testosterone, and perhaps Asians with lower levels might help explain elevated crime levels among blacks, and lower levels among Asians. It is well established that men have elevated testosterone levels and crime rates relative to women, although many or most credible voices believe there are no biologically based behavioral differences between men and women, let alone races. Not surprisingly, this view is heavily marginalized, and the mere existence of this theory is not even widely acknowledged enough to even make it worth disputing. @@Theft EUROPE, NOT US IS HIGHEST THEFT RATE, JAPAN LOW igure 2.2: Theft Crime Rates, 1950-97 (4 Country) rate per 100,000 population 1994 Japan 1245 US 4660 UK 7402 Sweden 8522 @@three strikes \priv\96b\05\3strike.txt 27 Jun 1996 Agreed: Washington Not Vulnerable to Attack That Weakened California Law By HAL SPENCER. In Washington state, thirty-two of those sentenced to life terms under the three-strikes law are white, 24 are black, one is Hispanic and two are Native American. Only one is female. WA 3 Strikes W1.00 B-21.1 H1.46 A 0.00 N-1.58 Summary W1.00 B-21.1 H1.46 A 0.00 N-1.58 Blacks most, Asians least likely to fall under 3 strikes penalty White Black Hispanic Asian NatAm Women Total 3Strikes 32 24 1 0 1 1 58 Percent 55.1 41.3 1.72 0 1.72 1.72 Population 86.5 3.1 4.4 4.3 1.7 Rate 0.63 13.3 0.43 <0.23 1.0 Index 1.00 -21.1 1.46 >2.73 -1.58 @@Traffic Summary Usually Blacks are worst, Asians least likely to be stopped ====================================================== Seattle W1.0 B-2.13 A-1.14 New Jersey W1.0 B-5.51 H-9.63 A 1.42 California CHP W1.0 B-2.2 H-1.6 A 1.7 O-1.4 ASIANS LEAST LIKELY TO BE STOPPED OR SEARCHED BY CAL HIGHWAY PATROL Searched by CA CHP W1.0 B-2.2 H-1.6 A 1.7 O-1.4 z50\clip\2001\07\chpprof.txt Racial bias in CHP searches Latinos, blacks more likely to have vehicles examined after being pulled over Erin McCormick, Jim Herron Zamora, Chronicle Staff Writers Sunday, July 15, 2001 "Asians were the least likely of all groups to have any contact with the CHP, accounting for 5 percent of traffic stops and citations. Asians were also far less likely to be searched than any other racial group. "Johnson of the UC Davis law school said the fact that Asians are searched less than other racial groups may show that they are stereotyped by police as much as any other group." Note by Arthur Hu - or it may be consistent with low crime rates by Asians for nearly every category of crime except gambling CHART 1: Odds of being searched once pulled over by the CHP Search rates for each of the California Highway Patrol's eight divisions (ratios computed by Arthur Hu) 1 Northern California 1.0 White: 1 in 66 -1.89 Hispanic: 1 in 35 -1.02 Black: 1 in 67 1.85 Asian: 1 in 122 2 Sacramento and the Central Sierra 1.00 White: 1 in 101 -2.81 Hispanic: 1 in 36 -2.66 Black: 1 in 38 1.50 Asian: 1 in 152 3 San Francisco Bay Area 1.00 White: 1 in 98 -2.72 Hispanic: 1 in 36 -2.58 Black: 1 in 38 1.53 Asians: 1 in 150 5 Los Angeles 1.00 White: 1 in 104 -2.31 Hispanic: 1 in 45 -1.53 Black: 1 in 68 1.40 Asian: 1 in 146 CHART 2: CHP by the numbers statewide California Highway Patrol stops and searches by race Total White Hispanic Black Asian Other California adult population 51.5% 28.1% 6.2% 11.4% 2.9% stops(x) 55.6% 26.1% 7.6% 4.8% 5.9% 55.1% 27.5% 7.4% 5.1% 6.7% 42.7% 42.7% 9.2% 2.1% 3.3% Odds of being searched once stopped One in 53 69 32 44 119 96 Index 1.00 -2.16 -1.57 1.72 -1.39 (x)Doesn't include roadside or collision assistance stops Chronicle Graphic Source: Chronicle analysis of 1999-2000 CHP data z47\clip\2001\01\wastop.txt January 17, 2001, 12:00 a.m. Pacific Minorities get searched more often by Patrol by Stuart Eskenazi Seattle Times staff reporter Blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans pulled over by the State Patrol are 2-1/2 times as likely as whites to be forced to submit to a search, the agency revealed in a report that hints at racial profiling among police. 2001 report on WA state patrol race profiling z47\clipim\2001\01\24\racepro.doc z47\doc\web\2001\01\trafstop.xls Asians are less likely to be stopped, but more likely to be involved in accidents, which might be consistent with the "bad Asian driver" stereotype. Driving AgOfficer Index AccidentIndex Pop Stop White 0.85 0.837 0.98 0.818 0.96 Black 0.03 0.037 -1.25 0.038 -1.07 NatAm 0.015 0.007 2.11 0.007 -1.04 AsianPI 0.055 0.044 1.23 0.056 -1.32 Hispanic 0.05 0.061 -1.24 0.061 -1.04 38.8 percent of driving age non-white people are 15-29 years old, while only 23.4 percent of driving age white people are 15-29. Age Freq 20 15000 40 7500 60 3000 Frequency of stops roughly halves from 20 to 40 to age 60 Contraband Searches and Contraband Found by Race for Officer-Initiated Contacts Blacks slightly higher to be searched, but nothing found. Search No Search Total RACE found Search Not found White Count 1,855 277,376 3,833 283,064 % within race 0.70% 98.00% 1.40% 100% Black Count 134 11,875 408 12,417 % within 1.10% 95.60% 3.30% 100% Native AmeCount 73 2,206 155 2,434 % within 3.00% 90.60% 6.40% 100% Asian Count 22 11,278 150 11,450 % within 0.20% 98.50% 1.30% 100% Pacific IsCount 9 1,197 31 1,237 % within 0.70% 96.80% 2.50% 100% East IndiaCount 4 2,538 18 2,560 % within 0.20% 99.10% 0.70% 100% Hispanic Count 183 19,664 801 20,648 % within 0.90% 95.20% 3.90% 100% Other Count 13 4,421 38 4,472 % within 0.30% 98.90% 0.80% 100% TOTAL Count 2,293 330,555 5,434338,282[1] % within 0.70% 97.70% 1.60% 100% [1] The total number of searches differs slightly from total officer-initiated contacts due to recording errors in the early stages of data collection. BLACKS IN SEATTLE 2X, ASIANS 1.15X MORE LIKELY TO GET TRAF TICKET z42\clip\2000\07\bltick.txt Wednesday, June 14, 2000 Seattle's blacks twice as likely to get traffic tickets [Asians slightly more likely as well] Chart - percentage 1 - driving age population 2 - share of traffic stops 3 - share of all tickets Index 1 2 3 2 3 White 77.8 67.4 65.8 1.00 1.00 Black 8.7 18.6 20.4 -2.13 -2.34 Asian 11.0 10.9 10.7 -1.14 -1.15 Source: Seattle Times by Andrew Garber Seattle Times staff reporter Blacks living in Seattle are twice as likely as whites to be given a traffic ticket. raceprof.wk1 ASIANS LEAST, HISPANICS MOST LIKELY TO BE SEARCHED. in NJ "'Racial profiling' found in recent investigation" Seattle Times May 22, 1999 p. A2 New Jersey attorney general investigated stops and searches at Moorestown and Cranbury stations Rank by Search IndexStops Searches Ratio Index Asian 4% 1% 0.25 1.42 Other 3% 1% 0.33 1.07 White 59% 21% 0.36 1.00 Black 27% 53% 1.96 -5.51 Hispanic 7% 24% 3.43 -9.63 COPS AREN'T GOD, RACE PROFILING DOES SOME GOOD \clip\99\08\waltw.txt Walter Williams' Weekly Column Moderate Republicans miss the mark again 10 MAR 99 "But with whom should we be angry: police officers or those who've made black synonymous with crime? Of course, an alternative is not to stop cars at all. " 3/10/99 Today's WSJ also has an article on the same topic in defense of racial profiling by Jackson Toby on the editorial page. Police targeting minority drivers Seattle Times Mar 2, 1999 p. a2 Henry Goldnman, Thomas Ginzberg John Lamberth Temple University found 15% of NJ turnpike drivers black vs 35% pulled over NJ attorney gen found over 2 months 3/4 stopped were minority. Maryland 17.5 of violators I95 baltimore, 29 stopped 71.3 searched. 40% of those stopped by disgression black. Maryland police super says 35% of searches result in arrests police memo said blacks likely to be drug couriers AFFIRMATIVE ACTION FOR TRAFFIC OFFENSES \clip\98\19\trafbias.txt Federal Judge Aims at Traffic Bias AP-NY-12-16-98 0900EST BOSTON (AP) -- A federal judge gave a black man a reduced sentence for gun possession because she said his lengthy arrest record stemmed from officers' habit of stopping black drivers more often than white ones. @@Values Asian cultural values are one important reason why Asians have such low crime rates - it relies on shame rather than external courts and punishment system. Contrast this to groups with higher crime rates, this is not strictly a result of racial discrimination. ASIAN SECRET - HIGH SHAME = LOW DELINQUENCY "Research on Health, Deviant Behavior Presented" U Mass Boston Institute News (for Asian American Studies) Summer 1998 Frnk Y. wong at Fenway Community Health Center presented research, found that Asian youth tend to have substantially LOWER levels of delinquent activities while reporting substantially higher levels of shame and perceived importance of parental approval. They were more likely to predict experiencing shame if caught breaking hte law nad to care about what their parents or significant others think about them. Asian American parents seemed more likely to use shame to control undesirable behavior in their children. Punishment can be warm and firm. see \clipim\98\01\healdevi.tif @@victim Many claim that high rates of black crime are merely a stereotype and a result of bias in arrests and prosecutions, but blacks are also higher as victims of crime, which is not likely a figment of the statistical imagination. \clip\99\10\blacrim.txt Walter Williams column: Black people must develop zero tolerance for crime 05 MAY 99. Jesse Jackson says he fears white crime less than black crime. Crime rate drops, but not as sharply for urban blacks / Survey of victims shows nationwide violence down 12.4 percent from '94 to '95 Robert L. Jackson; Los Angeles Times A3 In its annual survey of violent-crime victims, the department's Bureau of Justice Statistics said the national rate for rape, robbery, assault and other violent crimes fell by an overall 12.4 percent between 1994 and 1995. The bureau said the fall was the largest recorded since the annual National Crime Victimization Survey began in 1973. \clip\97\10\crimdrop.htm News Tribune April 14, 1997 \clip\97\11\victim.pdf Bureau of Justice Statistics National Crime Victimization Study: Changes in Criminal Victimization 1994-95 Personal crime in 1995 per 1000 violent Pop total total Rape Robbery Assault P.Theft White 84.2% 43.1 43.1 1.6 4.2 37.3 1.4 Black 11.6% 55.4 55.4 1.6 12.5 41.3 3.1 Other 3.7% 40.9 40.9 1.2 6.3 33.4 2.9 Hispanic 9.1% 53.4 53.4 1.3 10.6 41.5 2.6 Most of Other are Asian (3.5% population) RAPE IS ONLY CRIME BLACKS LESS LIKELY TO BE VICTIMS OF \doc\94\19\crimvict.wk1 - Crime victimimization by Race rape W1.0 B-1.5 H1.11 A-3.00 assault W1.0 B1.25 H-1.08 A-1.22 violent W1.0 B1.5 H1.22 A-1.05 personal W1.0 B1.16 H1.05 A-1.13 doc934:asgun.xls - teens report % who know someone killed by guns B1.9 H1.5 A1.1 doc939:homocide.xls - homocide victims by gun in home B4.3 A-1.3 H1.3 N5.2 doc941\crimvict.wk1 - victim by race of attacker - Blacks more likely to be muderer of black and white, but Hisp/Asian are less likely than whites black W1.0 (0.11) B7.0 Oth 0.55 white W1.0 B1.4 Oth 0.63 doc941\blackhom.txt blacks 9 times more likely to be a victim of gunfire than whites @@vietnamese \priv\96\20\vietsmok.txt Newshound Jun 12, 1996 "Booming Business in Smuggled Smokes" Vietnamese who were imported into East Germany from North Vietnam dominate the gangster trade in illegal cigarettes. @@white collar \doc\94\19\usjpcrim.txt U.S. Leads in Violent Crimes San Francisco Chronicle May 29, 1992 p. E3 based on Where We Stand Michael Wolff, Peter Rutten, Albert F. Bayers III and the World Rank Research Team White Collar Crimes 117 per 100k Japan 53 @@women \doc\94\19\usjpcrim.txt U.S. Leads in Violent Crimes San Francisco Chronicle May 29, 1992 p. E3 based on Where We Stand Michael Wolff, Peter Rutten, Albert F. Bayers III and the World Rank Research Team Women as percent of all criminals US 18% Japan 20% @@Wone, Robert Eric DC Asian American attorney mysteriously murdered, main suspects are friend and domestic partners. %%articles \clip\2009\02\mysdeath.txt Attorney-Activist Robert Wone's Mysterious Death Continues to Baffle Posted by Andrew on Sunday, January 14 @ 22:12:38 EST Law By Judy Tseng Compiled from Press Reports Special to January 14, 2007 Robert Eric Wone, general counsel for Radio Free Asia, President-Elect of the Asian Pacific American Bar Association-DC, and general counsel to the Organization of Chinese Americans, died of stab wounds on August 3, 2006. He was 32 years old, and, the month prior, had just left the law firm of Covington & Burling to work for Radio Free Asia. A strange mystery continues to surround his brutal and senseless murder. Who would want to kill someone as generous, well-liked, and compassionate as Robert Wone? r:\yr\09\clip\2009\02\stillnoanswer.txt Washington City Paper homepage City Desk Washington City Paper Robert Wone’s Death: More Details, Still No Answers Posted by Jule Banville on Nov. 3, 2008, at 12:11 pm Saturday’s A1 story in the WaPo about the murder of lawyer Robert Wone on Swann Street filled in a few of the chilling details that have been hanging around in rumors for more than two years. But neither the article nor the affidavit do any more to answer why he was killed or who killed him. comment: "Considering all the evidence, it seems likely that Robert may have been having some sort of a relationship with Dylan and/or that Dylan was on drugs and decided to abuse Robert and ended up killing him. " %%blog @@world \doc\96\03\japnrape.txt "US Japan Agreement Controversial" Northwest Asian Weekly (Seattle) Deni Luna April 27, 1996 According to Stars and Stripes, Americans on Okinawa are just 4.2 percent of the population, but are 11.5 percent of felonies like rape, murder, and robbery - 3 times higher. Pop Crime Rate Index US 4.2 11.5 2.73 2.95 Japan 95.8 88.5 .92 1.00 %%UK / Britain BRITISH ASIANS COMMIT MORE CRIMES THAN WHITES, BUT LESS THAN BLACK z58\clip\2002\09\ukcrim.txt Crime UK SUMMARY Robbery (which includes mugging) is committed by blacks at a rate of nearly 23 times that for whites, with fraud and forgery 8.5 times higher. Sex and drug offences are committed by blacks at about 5.7 times the white rate. Asians commit fraud and forgery at 3.4 times the white rate with robbery at 2.4 times, while levels of sexual and drug offences are about twice that for whites. In contrast, Asians commit fewer burglary and criminal damage offences than whites. On average, blacks commit offences at a rate 580 percent greater than whites while Asians have a 75 percent higher rate. In 1999/2000: The latest estimates derived from the Labour Force Survey indicate that 2% of the population aged 10 and over in England and Wales were of black ethnic origin, 3% of Asian origin and 1% 'other' non-white ethnic groups. Figures from UK home office In the 1950's, the British recruited Pakistani and Bangladeshi peasants to work in the mills in northern English cities. Today, their descendents' crime rates (according to Theodore Dalrymple) are six times higher than Hindus and three times higher than Sikhs. (The current generations are a lot bigger physically than the first generation). None of these groups are particularly assimilated into English society, but considering the high crime rate of white lower class English lads, that may be a blessing. - Steve S. @@youth see juvenile crime doc938:sfaids93.xls - W(0.38)1.0 B 8.85 H 1.57 A 1.50 N 9.29 @@crime end