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01artfam.jpg 1999 Arthur Jenny Eric Peter Henry | by Yuen Lui

This hangs from Arthur Hu's web page. I'm probably the only guy on the planet who puts every single photograph and digicam picture up on the web. I've got 1G to start, and I'll probably expand sometime. I do about 2 or 3 rolls of "film" a month, family shots, vacation, kid's projects, and collectible toys.

I'm the number one son of 7 children of John and Betty Hu who immigrated from China in the 50's and met in Los Angeles. They married, had 7 kids and named their children from A to G. We moved to the Seattle area during the Boeing boom of 1966. Dad even got to work on the SST project. | (Komo) Cacade Elementary was only 1 year old when we started out (now torn down and rebuilt) , and went to junior high at | (Komo4) Nelsen Middle School. We all grew up with Star Trek, Gilligan's Island, 70's TV shows like SWAT, Six Million Dollar Man, woke up to 70s hits on KJR when it was on AM played with Hot Wheels, built a lot of model kits and J.P. Patches, played in the Seattle Youth Symphony and got written up in the local paper as the "smart chinese family where everybody played the violin and went to fancy schools". We all graduated from LHS | Lindbergh HS | (KOMO) in Renton and 4 of us went to MIT, and 3 of us went to Stanford. We were just about the only Asians in the school back in the 60-70s, now LHS is (XX17%XX, make that) 20% Asian, we were probably the seeds of what is turning into a major middle class Asian suburb.

text to display Today Dave and Eileen are in Silicon Valley, the rest of us are all in the Puget Sound area, Ben, Carl, Eileen, and I have kids, and are working for hi tech places like Microsoft and Apple Computer.

My 2 older kids are going to A.G Bell Elementary in Kirkland in the Lake Washington where I'm wrangling with the education reform and their new "higher standards": writing in kindergarten, writing 9 words in A-Z order 2nd day of G1 homework, running a mile in G1, solving algebra and guessing pandemoneum in 2nd grade.

Eric got a 95th percentile reading score in Kindergarten (they later figured out it didn't make much sense to test kindergarteners for reading). In 2nd grade, he can add 2 2-digit numbers with carry in his head. He started piano at 5, now does 2 score music. Peter was able to write names and jog with Mario 64 at age 4, he's starting piano at 6. Henry at age 3 made it through the PC games Sammy's Science House sorting bins, Putt Putt Goes the Parade, Putt Putt Goes to the Moon and Putt Putt Enters the race. He knew the number for Edward the Blue Engine (Thomas the Tank Engine), picked out his name on Christmas presents and can read out 2 digit numbers

. Wife Jenny is Chinese who was a boat-person out of Vietnam in the late 1970s, was hosted by American families in New Jersey, she put herself through U Mass Boston while watching over her high school age brother and sister, got a job as one of the few women in high tech before marrying me in 1989

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    From my father's side, paintings by Don Lee
    Father John Hu
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