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This was one of my first popular web pages. Even though I haven't done much to it since the late 1990s, it still gets a lot of hits even when the pictures are broken, so enjoy. I still have boxes of hot wheels I'd be happy to unload to somebody who's willing to buy them for like $20 for moving box full of in-card cars, or if you want to bug me to fix some of the pictures so let me know if you are interested. I can also put up links if you are a hot wheels vendor and would like to put in a paid advertisement.

What's Not New?

  • Fish-O-Saur Van De Kamp Hot Wheels VW Bus/ Deora
  • European blister packs
  • 12/10 Costco Volcano deal with cuda, XV500 vs. Sizzlers
  • 12/1 Birthday club 3-12 get a birthday card and coupon good for a free car
  • McDonalds city cars are pretty neat (or ugly) - tow track, police, taxi, fire engine, ambulance
  • 11/12/97 GAME OVER! Car Cost Cutters $4.99 VW Promo Bus (All Tune & Lube) I got my 1st 8 11/14/97, email me if you want one at $28 shipped now they want shop receipts, no coupons accepted postmarked after 11/15/97.
  • Original S'Cool Bus on MOC on Ebay for $370!
  • Revvers case
  • Redline Collector's Buttons
  • 1996 Kellog's Raisin Bran / McDonalds's Racers
  • 1996 Toy Story Stunt Set, sold out!
  • Mars Rovers spotted! The story on Action Packs from | Just got 2 in, ship one for $22
  • 1968 Life Magazine Hot Wheels Ad
  • McDonald's Hot Wheels Cars by The Flash!
  • Color F/X Color Changing Cars
  • JPL Announces Mars Pathfinder Hot Wheels Toy | Picture
  • Finally got the entire 1970 Collector's Magazine posted HERE! | Nick Tovo comments 10/23/97

  • Hot Wheels NASCAR Jacket ad | Picture
  • Hot Headz Custom / Repro Decals
  • Malcolm Brook's Diecast Showroom
  • Hedgehog's Sky Show page
  • Cliff Watson's The Virtual Hot Wheel Collection has lots of pictures of new cars, listings of 1997 car series and poster offer.
  • Email your postal address to get info on new Tomart's guide
  • Arthur's Cars FS by Car type
  • The Official Hot Wheels Page is Up!
  • Tom Daniels (Red Baron Etc.) Video
  • Target Dodge Showroom, Retro Wheels Etc.
  • Target 1995 Then and Now / Black Convertibles

    Tatoo Cars


    Sizzler Fat Track

    Hot Wheels Catalogs On-Line!

    Sizzlers, pictures of entire 1970 Hot Wheels line. I just got my FAT TRACK pictures posted!

    Play With a Hot Wheels Set on Your PC!

    A 7 sec Quicktime clip of the 90's version of the SuperCharger. Just set your viewer into loop. This is a 6 min download at 28.8k.

    picture of cars

    McDonalds 1991 Stockers and Dragsters

    McDonalds and Quaker State Ford Thunderbird Stocker, Hot Wheels and Duracell Camaro, Hot Wheels and McDonalds Funny Cars and Dragsters.

    Vintage Car Collection

    Mongoose, Snake, S'Cool bus, Deora

    Van de Kamp's FISH-O-SAUR HOT WHEELS

    mustang and hiway hauler You could have gotten a '67 Glamasaurus Mustang (Vintage Mustangs so far have been reserved only for special promotions like the mystery car and toy shows) or Piranhasaur Hiway Hauler (pretty common, but a classic promotion vehicle in case you're collecting Hiway Haulers, the Barbie ones were recalled and worth a lot) for 16 VDK points from any combination of Van de Kamps frozen seafood products (about two $5.00 boxes of fish sticks or filets, not a bad deal for a car that's probably worth $5-$10 by itself) with your name, address and choice of vehicles to:

    P.O. BOX 6001
    YOUNG AMERICA MN 55558-6001

    In November, this changed to a
    deora (only as promotion) and the legendary VW bus dragster (the most rare '96 car) . Funny, they ran out of the mustang, but I got at least one bus. They sent back letters saying you could try again. I'm open to offers on any of the 3 cars that I got back

    Another nice thing about this offer is that you don't have to have the original coupon or box, just the vdk points, no extra shipping or handling either. Offer is expired now, so you can only get it from other people who sent in for it.

    Free Catalog and Stuff From Mattell

    Hot Wheels 1996 Collector Poster: Send $1.50 shipping and handling to

    "Hot Wheels Collector Poster"
    P.O. Box 3933, City of Industry
    CA 91744

    This is the most dynamic poster we've ever done! The poster lists all of the collector series vehicles being produced, and even comes with a checklist for each car and every series so everyone can keep track of the cars that they already own or want to buy! (Note, some of the cars like the Dodge Ram look _much better_ in the metal than the prototypes that were pictured. These are the same pictures in the booklet posted in some Toys R Us stores) There is also an offer for a FREE HOT WHEELS Collector case on the poster! For the collector case, which is blue solid plastic and holds 6 shelves of 7-10 cars per shelf. These are SOLD OUT. I resold my last two for $25 which means I can probably buy them from anybody bored with them for $12 shipped.

    (Info from 1996 Hot Wheels Poster)

    Mail In Offer for Bonus/Mystery Car


    When you purchase any car series (4 cars) we'll send you a mystery bonus car! A different bonus car is available each quarter this year. Which means you can get four different bonus cars by the end of 1996! These mystery cars are not available in any store.

    You can only get them by mail! Just send us all four complete cardboard package backs, your name and mailing address, plus $1.50 (check or money order) for shipping and handling to:

    Hot Wheels Bonus Car
    P.O. Box 3933
    City of Industry, CA 91744

    Offer expires 12/31/96 or while supply lasts. Void where prohibited. Valid only in U.S.A. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery

    1997 cars have a tacky looking "Bonus Car" tampo on them, they include the Lean Machine (have 3 to trade) and Porsche (have 3)

    I found out about this by calling up the Mattell 800 line (if you can get through) at 800-524-8697 (usually busy!) or the toll line at 310-252-2000. They'll also send you a text list of every hot wheels ever made (but not the sizzlers) if you ask.

    A Shareware Database for toy car collectors

    FAO Schwarz Series II Set: I've still got one extra set

    FAO Gold Series II Hotwheels (tm) Collection. Highly collectible, only 4,000 made. Sixteen vintage and classic die-cast metal cars created exclusively by FAO and Hot Wheels -- all in metallic gold. Very limited edition, so order early! Great display case. Ages 3 and up (at these prices, make that 35 and up...) Number 683391 Originally retailed at $85. The mail order outlet is sold out. These are basically the 25th Anniversay Vintage I and II in gold, but swapping the Beatnik Bandit for the Camaro. The series II Vintage cars are still pretty scare even in original form

    The store showed me a coming attractions flyer which I haven't typed in yet, but they've got 3 treasure hunt sports cars in the Olympic series, and they are going to have a 1996 JL Muscle Cars in plastic case set, and another Hot Wheels set featuring some European cars we haven't seen before like the London Taxi

    FAO Schwarz Home Page
    Gold Plated Classics

    Hot Wheels for Sale

    Other Cars For Sale

    Post Pebbles / Hot Wheels Flintmobile

    For Sale: $10 + $3 shipping

    Original box with photocopied coupon on cutout: $10 shipped

    Mattel Flintsones Family Car (from the Movie)
    (1) $15 car + Hardhat Fred, Lawnmower Barney + $10 s/h
    (4) $4 car + $4 s/h, no figures

    Anybody got a Wilma and Pebbles or Dino out there? I need one.

    $15 Unopened - Simpsons Radiation Van+ $3 s/h

    I also have (3) family campers for $13, also unopened on card

    Simpsons Bendable Figures, 1990
    I have for sale loose, Homer, Bart and Lisa in B+ condition $12 shipped

    I also have Simpsons
    - some Burger King figurines $4.00 shipped
    - Burger King dolls $35 a set + shipping
    Battery powered Bart on Skateboard (sold)
    - Simpsons family portrait tall water bottle with straw $5 + $2 ship
    - Bart Butterfinger container (needs new stickers) $5 + $3 ship

    Mustangs, bugs and other cars
    Cars by type - Firebird, Mustang VW, etc.

    Quick Glossary

    - Hot Wheels


    - The original late 60's early 70's "golden age" cars identifiable by red-lines on the tires. They had torsion bar and later plastic spring-bar suspensions, and shiny "spectr-flame" paint jobs. The new replicas do not have suspension systems, and have the center axle exposed at the hub.. The oldest cars had a tendency to have their tires "bow" in. These cars that range in value from $15 for good condition "boring" car up to $75 for a Custom Charger to $100 for a Mongoose or Snake, or $400 for an Olds 442. Track was orange, with the classic clamp, loop and jump.

    Black-wall - Newer cost-reduction cars, no suspension systems. Most of these cars are worth only $2 to $3, but a couple like a stocker Torino and Valvoline Thunderbird stocker are worth up to $25. Some of the cars after 1995 are getting pretty cool again, the Dodge Ram was getting up to $7 at one time.

    Gran Toros

    - These were bigger 1/43 scale machines which had a larger track, and weren't made for long. They generally run $50 and up when you can find them, and are shown in the 1970 collector's catalog (yeah, I should post that page too when I get around to it. (Pagliari Alessandro XTS) from Rome Italy says he got $250 US for his two mint Boss 302's

    Micro-sized - there were micro-machine sized Hot Wheels in the mid 80s.

    Sizzlers - Rechargeable electric cars


    - Originally Lesney, now owned by Tyco Regular "slow" wheels - worth from $15 up to $50 had big fat axles, and moving parts.

    - Superfast originally the old cars with new Hot-Wheels type low-friction wheels. The new cars tend to be more accurate than Hot Wheels, but original designs aren't as good as HW. The really new ones are infamous for really stupid tampos and paint jobs

    Collectors choice: These evidently bombed at $10, but if you can find them at a discount, these have the really cool authentic paint jobs that the standard ones really need badly. I've got a pile of these, see the Matchbox page.

    Premier - this is the new collector's series with fat wheels and $3.00 price tag. The viper and prolwer are fetching up to $15.

    Majorie - French Hot-Wheels style cars, selling for under $1 at
    most discount stores, or $2 at specialty toy stores.


    These are to a smaller scale, mostly cartoonish design, but some of
    the newer ones are respectible replicas, especially the military and
    the Star Wars and Star Trek line. They're not fast, but they are
    generally in very good shape unlike Hot Wheels which are usually
    quite beat up. Notable in 1995 line are Viper R/T, '68 Charger, 57
    chevy, '65 mustang, '67 Beetle convertible, Chrysler Turbine, Ford
    Explorer, International Travelall. Right now there's no secondary
    market for these guys, but some of these are nice. You have to buy 5
    at a time, and the wife might not let you give them to your under-3

    Siku German cars

    Other Hot Wheels Links

    If you visit these folks, tell them you heard about them first from my Hot Wheels page

  • Race Center - neat FX
  • Martin's Hot wheels, nice photos
  • Tim My Humble Hot Wheels
  • Garrison New hot wheels
  • Hot Wheels Web Ring
  • The Peddler FS list
  • Cliff Watson's The Virtual Hot Wheel Collection
  • Valley of Fantasy
  • Last Chance garage dealer
  • Christopher's Hot Wheels - Hot line Hot Birds
  • Die Cast Car & Track: The Online Diecast Collector Magazine Hot Wheels cyber-collection with pictures
  • Hot Wheels Audio
  • Chucky
  • Kent Wittwer | News!
  • Steve Wallace's Virtual Car Catalog
  • Quicksilver's "H.W. by the Numbers" Guide
  • Mike Strauss Hot Wheels Newsletter
  • Richard Adkins Hot Wheels
  • Dan Wells Antique Toys: HW, MB, Corgi, JL, Tomica, More!

    Tomart's Price Guide To Hot Wheels by Mike Strauss
    This is pretty much *the* book used by hot wheelers.
    You can order direct from him at the address above. The cost is
    $26.95 + $3.05 S & H = $30.00 total (US funds).

    Quicksilver Diecast Toy Service

    be039@YFN.YSU.EDU (internet)
    102451,3003 (Compuserve)
    216-757-1160 voice
    216-757-1576 fax

    For decent prices on fairly common new stuff try Robbie at JL muscle cars too. Serg Palonov's World of Wheels Siku, Hot Wheels - will look for stuff on shopping trips -

    Our URL is now shortened to
    and the email address is

    (In fact I only use that email address for the convenience of reading
    my newsnet stuff. Our usual email address is

    Enjoy the models (built and kits), car and model books, videos and
    magazines at our website and let me know what else you would like to

    Craig Campbell's 40+ redlines FS

    eric waiter OR Compuserve:73424,1057
    *** Email orders ship FREE (over $20 USA 48 states)
    Auto motor sport race car mobilia book model video mag sale diecast
    EWA & Miniature Cars USA 369 Springfield Av Berkeley Hts NJ 07922
    Voice:+1-908-665-7811 ORDERS: 800-EWA-4454 FAX: +1-908-665-7814

    For good deals on limited edition stuff try Larry at
    Larry would probably send you a list of his more recent limited
    editions if you e-mail and ask him.
    Toy Show Listing Seattle Toy Show 360-668-7144 206-486-7353 Todd Aicher

    Hot wheels Classifieds

    Miller's Limited Editions etc.

    Kiddie Kar Kollectibles

    1161 Perry Street, Reading PA 19604 (610) 375-4780

    Craig & Linda Hill Collectors Toys

    1149 Front Street, Binghamton NY 13905 (607) 771-0665

    Motor City Hot WheelsInformation, and some stuff for sale

    Jeff's Cars for Sale

    out of a collection of 1,200 cars.

    \priv\95\11\matchbx.txt - guy with
    matchbox car collection for sale

    Neil's Wheels

    The new MB models are $1.35 each. He also stocks European MB, collectibles, inaugural. To receive his latest list, send an s.a.s.e. to: Neli's Wheels, Box 354, Old Bethpage, NY 11804 (516-293-9659 does phone/credit card orders). Has $29.95 1/43 Matchbox muscle cars

    Here's George's list of web sites
    George's List of Matchbox / Toy Car sites

    (John Bodin) Nice Diecast Digest with areas on Racing Champions, Matchbox, Johnny Lightning, and Hot Wheels

    Hovercraft guy : Eric Goldstein (Hey, there
    no accounting for taste)

    Hayman Holdings Pty Ltd
    Vintage Toys
    Matchbox, Dinky, Trains

    Hot Wheels Newsletter 
    Check for $20.00 US payable to: 
    Mike Strauss 
    26 Madera Ave, 
    San Carlos, CA 94070 
    foreign dues are $29.00 in US funds 
    Home page

    Richard Adkins Hot Wheels 
    (Link is to their new web page)
    1913 W. Puetz Rd
    Oak Creek WI 53154
    Free catalog with color cover if you call. Nearly as big as Dan Wells, but their catalog is free. Hot Wheels only, no matchbox, some JL.

    Barbie Hauler Sold Out and recalled, but this is what it looked like


    Dan Wells Antique Toys

    phone 502-225-9925
    (note updated address for 1997)
    Dan Wells Antique Toys
    7008 Main St
    Westport KY
    Over 7000 cars, lots of regular wheels and cheap superfast 
    matchbox cars, dinky, mini lindy, some sizzlers 
    Annual (4 issues) Catalog rates as follows:
    Bulk Mail, $12
    Priority Mail, $24
    UPS Next Day Air, $60 (street addressed only)
    Foreign, $24 (includes Canada)

    Brian and Anna's collectibles

    P.O. box 5467
    Katy TX 77491-5467
    Phone 1-888-335-7400 (toll free) for paper
    catalog. I got the limited edition hummer
    from them

    Send Comments and orders to:

    Arthur Hu

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