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2011: This is still the third most popular page on the site, even though it hasn't been touched since 1998! Thanks for the interest!

I used to have some stuff for sale, but I'm also archiving the McDonalds promotion web pages so that you can use them as a guide to the various set of toys. McDonalds, Burger King and some other competing fast food restaurants give away toys with their children's meals. Some are pretty pathetic, but some categories, licenced figurines, Hot Wheels, and Barbies are sought after because it's difficult to collect all of them in a set, since generally only one is available at any one time.

It can be literally Happy Meal hell to track down all of them if it's a popular promotion like the Beanie Babies. Unsorted toys generally run for $.50 to $1.00 in thrift shops, but it can be worth much more to track down just the ones you need, or a complete set for $3.00 - $6.00 on the internet, or arrange a trade for all of your extras for something you want.

I'm also putting my general TV/movie character stuff under here, since they tend to be the most valuable happy meal toys too. If you don't mind paying for real information, Terry and Joyce Losonsky's "McDonalds's Happy Meal(R) Toys In The U.S.A" Schiffer 1995 has lots of pictures of toys up to 1995 and prices. I got mine at Barnes and Noble, but you can add $2.95 and get it from the publisher at Schiffer Publishing Ltd. 77 Lower Valley Road Atglen PA 19310, or write for a free catalog.

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Inspector Gadget Conspiracy

McDonald's Disney Mulan Toys 1998

The movie has gotten great reviews. Check out my review, except for some mangled cultural references, it's pretty good. Anybody notice that all of the toys are guys except for Mulan, and she's one too with the armour on! I'm staying clear for now, but I might buy complete sets, or fill out what's missing at $2 per toy. Mattel Matchmaker Mulan (white Geisha face, that's Japanese, not Chinese, but who cares..) has vanished from the stores, but she's not getting much above retail on ebay. The action figures look nice too, and they aren't real common either.

8 toys:

McDonald's Teenie Beanie Babies 1998

See digicam pictures and what I have for sale

1. Doby the Doberman (1)  $9
2. Bongo the Monkey (Wanted: will trade 3 for 1) 
3. Twigs the Giraffe (sets only)
4. Inch the Worm (16) $4
5. Pinchers the Lobster $3
6. Happy the Hippo (9) $4
7. Mel the Koala (8) $6
8. Scoop the Pelican (5) $6
9. Bones the Dog (6) $6
10. Zip the Cat (5) $6
11. Waddle the Penguin (3) $6
12. Peanut the Elephant (22) $5
New bags (21) .50 each
Average bags (32) .30 each

1 Set complete $50
3 Sets minus Bongo $30
2 sets No. 7-12 $20
Mel Scoop Bones Zip Waddle Peanut

Shipping $3.00 min

Burger King Anastasia Nov/Dec 97

Hey folks, it's a pretty nice movie. Too bad it won't do great even if it was better than Hercules ($100M domestic, not too shabby) just because it isn't Disney. Watch out for the $2.69 battery powered train and the Anya doll, those will be the hot ones to get. I've got a couple of extras at $10 shipped, anybody want a complete set of toys, let me know.

Nov '97 Barbie Hot Wheels TM

(click for picture)
These Barbies have actual fabric dresses, they used to be solid plastic, or jointed. Happy Holiday Barbie might be special. I rate these as pretty desirable, and the barbies are among the few toys consistently worth over $1. The Hot Wheels are also pretty cool for once, these are futuristic (well what car doesn't these days) looking cars, with a retro-50s type tow truck that are not available as regular cars, and the the wheels and tampos are pretty nice if you don't mind the bare plastic overall finish.

Oct '97 McDonald's Jungle Book / Nerds

This is a nice complement to the older set (what, you didn't get the old ones??). $15 for a MIP set

Sept/Oct '97 Subway Kids Pack Simpsons

Subway toys are usually pretty lame, but these are very cool! 4 Simpsons Toys Wind-up Bart Skateboard, Spinning Bartman, Lisa Ocarina, Donut Chasing Homer. I have extras to sell or trade, sets or individual.

Sept '97 McDonalds's Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty School Toys


Aug '97 McDonalds / Animal Pals

Official Picture (mirror) Cheez, these are pathetic, definitely just give these to your kids.

July '97 McDonalds / Hercules

picture at
Hercules The movie struck me as lightweight, but the critics liked it better than Hunchback or Pocahontas, what can I say? They say at $50 million for the 1st month it's a "disappointment". Hercules just barely makes the top 10 at $91 million, beaten by George of the Jungle at $93 million Baby lift father with finger - that's Bamm Bamm. Baby falls from sky to grateful foster parents - Superman. Boy sings song saying he wants to fit in by going someplace else - Mermaid, Hunchback. Boy finds master mentor - Rocky, Yoda, Kung Fu. Everybody groaned at the Karate Kid frame. Black singers in background - Little Shop of Horrors-. The gospel soundtrack idea was loosely inspired by a stage production (anybody remember the name? The gospel at Colossus, or something like that, I saw it in SF with some African American friends of mine) which set greek legends to gospel music.

McDonalds snarfed the rights to all the Disney movies from BK. This time, they've packed in two toys per pack, with an outer shell toy that's usually big enough to hold a more detailed figurine, which often have moving parts. A much better deal than the big Mattel toys, but with 10, not easy to get all of them. Also watch out for the $3.99 CDs 1-2-3 and $1.99 plates which could get popular, or are cheap enough just to use. Picture saved from McD site. I'm getting most of these, contact me if you need to complete your sets. Looks like these sold out pretty well, even if they didn't make the headlines.

What I finally got / for sale or trade

Also see Nestle Magic Balls I have a few extras, and I'm looking for Pain, the round guy. Eric Humphrey collects these in Europe

I got a bunch of the chocalate bars with the white centers, but then the kids got 2 of them and my wife returned most of the rest of them. Anybody else got access to these candy bars, they evidently weren't way overproduced like the other ones were.

Also stuck in same box for lack of better organization - Sailor Mars
doll (no nose) Z895T 
Corgi Beatles 1997 45rpm jacket catalog with yellow sub, bus, etc,
retail .25, will mail for $2
Batman & Robin Kellogs/DC Special Preview $.50
Jack in the Box Red GTO-alike convertible (sort of) $3.00
How to tell the Muses Apart

June '97 McDonalds Disney Masterpiece Video II

2 bambi, 2 oliver, 2 Sleeping Beauty, $4 each. Anybody save the McD's web page?

June '97 Dairy Queen Nickleodeon

1 Set of Real Monster's handeyeball squirter, Arnold beach box, rugrats wobble ball Rocko's ring toss $16 + $4 ship

June '97 Burger King Land Before Time / Lost World Watches

I've got 4 complete sets of the toys. Still need to scan the pictures, but they included a walking littlefoot, tumbling ducky, squirting petrie, pullback Cera and pullback slow guy and wind-up chomper, I think that's 6 for $17 plus $3 ship

, or two for $10. Also have all but the hatch Lost World Watch, I think for $2, people just grabbed them as cheap watches for their kids except they're adult sized and really look kind of cool, $10 for one, $15 for two, I'll swap two for a hatch watch. Have the bones, dino-eye, and 3D Stego watches. They have day and date, plastic body and band. AVI Video clip of littlefoot toy in action

June '97 Galoob Micro Machines Sky Dancers

I'll swap two $1 off coupons (good til Sept 30, I have 34) for almost any loose genuine micro machines. (these are worth $1 your average $4-$5 basic or military or adventure set) Total + loose: 4+1 Gold Evac Helicopter 4+1 Deep Sea Hunter with crane 5+ 1 Polar Explorer (looks like Moon Bus halftrack) 5+ 1 Ocean Flyer chrome seaplane. Lots of free bags. These things were never as big as hot wheels, but are getting bigger every year.

Sky Dancers: 3 #1 Swan shimmer (orange wings, brown face), 4 #3 Flitter Flyer 1#2 Rose Merry

April '97 Beanie Baby Bonkers

Picture McDonalds toy mania goes mainstream. The press missed the 101 Dalmations craze, but they really set this one up. Foxtrot (c) Cartoon 5/31/97 No More Teenies! See news story in April 11, 1997 Wall Street Journal. Seattle Times. Says 100 million dalmations were distributed too. Geez, this is dumb, should I get these??? A Teenie Bit of Hysteria USA Today 4/17/97

Ok, I'm fresh out of these, in 2/98, I got hit by 6 people looking for these, people are buying them again to complete sets before the next set hit in May. Geez, what a nation of crazy people. In the mean time, I'm buying if you can send me 2 for $7, or more of them if you've got these lying around the house.

Some stores still have these (they ran out of the galoob toys????) in
place of hercules when they ran out!


Taco Bell / Star Wars

Brand New Doug!

All I got is Doug and Judy, with super-costume kits MIP 2 for $8 shipped (Jack In The Box) I'm all out, but let me know if you've got any. Picture I've got the

Stupid Jack Antenna

balls too, as featured in TV ad campaign $7.50 shipped. Last time I checked they weren't giving selling these anymore for a while.

McDonalds 1996 101 Dalmations

McDonalds finally succeeded in coming up with a collectible item that costs over $100 retail, a real landmark up there with the $100 Barbie and the $60 Internet Hot Wheels bus. 100 million were distributed, which is 1 for every 2 americans, but only one set for each 200.

I've tried to steer clear of this madness, but here's a couple of neat links to the complete set of toys that was available if you knew about the coupon for all of them at $1 each plus shipping, and the picture with numbers that has become the defacto standard to ID each dog. I've heard of an error mickey mouse pup for $30, but most are generally sold for about $2 each. I like the vehicles, and action ones, and the heavy ones like the bobby hat and the drum. Mel & Cloe 101 Dalmations Set

Numbered Dalmations Map From The Dalmation Exchange

Pictures of 101 Dalmations Posters

I've got several sets of posters for a complete 5 (n=5) poster set, (Beauty Spots, Who You Callin Spot, Bad to the Bone n=17, Party Animals n=7, Puppy Love n=2) going price is $12 with shipping, so let me know if you need any, or individual posters at $5 each shipped or trade for a puppy or other toy I need.

I also have sets of the snow globe ornaments mib picture by Deanna, $20 shipped I'm giving away 1 bags or hat with any set.

Hunchback of Notre Dame Burger King '96 McDonalds '97


1 set Subway TV Dinosurs! $12 shipped (I have the McDonalds ones too)


Alladin Inflatables | ANIMANIACS 94 95 | Babe 96 | Beauty and the Beast | Huncback of Notre Dame 96Disney Masterpiece Videos 96 | TOY STORY 95 | LION KING | POCAHONTAS | Nestle / Disney Candy Bars | Happy Meal Anniversary Birthday Train | '93 Hot Wheels Stocker and Dragsters | More Fast Food Toy sites

| Little Mermaid

information at bottom of file I have - Toy Story BK toys, Adventures mag,
cups, bags, Shoes, Payless Shoe Friendship books - Pocahontas Burger King
toys and glasses - Lion King toys, pop ups, lunch bags - McDonalds
Richard Scarry Toys/ Bags - Some happy birthday toys and sets, ask (Mermaid, Kermit
Piggy, Tiny toons, etc.) 

Beauty and the Beast: Burger King Pizza Hut

Picture $16 plus $3 ship, Belle $9 by herself. Also have the Pizza Hut Belle $10 (1), Beast (3) $4, Cogsworth $6(2) and Chip $10 (1) rubber hollow puppets. I also have, from the stage show - Chrome Xmas ornament $30 - Beast Thermos $10 - Sparkle Belle $45 - CD soundtrack (used) $20

Space Jam Train 1996

spacejam pics

Space Jam figures connect into one big train, not pictured, a stack of Nerdlucks (Monstars in cute configuration)

Toy Story

Rainbow Thinkway Toys with pics Disney Video site with clips Storybook Site 1996 Burger King Toy Story - Talking dolls and small toys || Euro McDonalds Toy Story Toys

Looking for buzz.. 2/18/97 WTB: I don't have any more talking dolls, but I'm told they can fetch up to $15 for crazy enough people, if you can give one up, I can give $8 plus ship for each one if you want to cash yours in.


Artwork (c) Burger King

3 Talking Woody big doll $35 plus ship
1 Burger King Talking Buzz and Woody and RC Car set loose but mint $45
I still have (5) MIP Hopping Potato Heads, $9 to ship one, $13 for 2
1 MIP Woody, MIP Potato head, loose recon squad and Rex $15 + $5 ship
2 MIP Woody $7 shipped
2 loose RC cars $4 each plus ship

1 Thinkway Rocket Buzz $20 shipped (original color)
1 Thinkway Karate Buzz $15 shipped
1 Thinkway Quick-Draw Woody
1 Thinkway Baby Face $15 shipped

Viewmaster 3 reel + viewer gift set $15 shipped

Contact me at send mail if
you have extras to sell. If you want to buy, I'll list you for free
for now here.

Description of toys

1 Buzz Lightyear (wings flip out, pretty amazing for a $1 toy), 
2 Hopping Mr. Potato Head (you wind his ear). I've still got
  7 of these guys MIP as of 5/96, $6 ships one $7.50 ships two.
3 pull -back RC car,
4 fabric woody (too bad he doesn't stand up)
5 Rex (push down and he goes) and 
6 Army recon squad (hey are these guys stupid, or what? They
don't do anything and cost $.10 to make, but you _gotta_ have them)

The puppets are Hamm/ Pig, Woody, Buzz, and Rex. 

There is No Hamm toy. I repeat, there is NO BK HAMM TOY, JUST THE
PUPPET for 1995

I also have, just in case, burger bags, Crown Hat, cup, Adventures
Flyer. Make an offer. (These are way gone. Has flipbook and picture
above, makes nice poster with Buzz holding Woody) and even a couple of
French Fry bags

Other cool stuff I have to sell, plus shipping
- Candy bars with pictures on the bar $2.00
- Colorforms $6.50 (paste pictures on top of the bed)
- 3D Viewmaster gift set $10.00

Stuff to look out for:
- Toy Story Hot Wheels set featuring Red Baron and ORANGE TRACK!
  Costs the same as the old g-force set, $13 at Toys R Us, I got
  some at scalper prices.
- Alien action figure
- bedding with buzz on one side, woody on the other
- kids bowl, 8oz glass and silverware set
- Big stuffed figures $11 (Payless Drug)
- The Art of Toy Story $40 (Has cool 3D cover, sold out in Bellevue)
I'll sell mine for $45 plus s/h if you want one desperately.

- Toy Story Post Card pack $9
- Coloring Poster (yeah it's dumb but maybe OK for 10-15 set)
- Thinkway QuickDraw Woody, Karate Chop Buzz, Rocket Buzz
I'll sell either Buzz for $13 + s/h
- Talking Buzz (still hard to find) and woody (he's 
electronic even with the pull string)
- Potato Head $10, just showed up at the Fred Meyer 1/28/96

Gags to look for in the actual Movie

Top Grossing Movies of 1995, Toy Story #3

- This is another yet another Disney movie without one parent (where's dad?)
(Examples - Pinnochio, Ariel Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, Belle of
Beauty of the Beast, Dumbo, etc.)

- Start logo is a 3D rendered castle (just for this movie, get it?)

- Dog's name is Scud, not Spud. the only thing that Saddam had that could
damage anything on our side.

- Hamm is the mailman from Cheers. There is Little Tykes Pig in pink
and Blue that he looks modeled after.

- Lots of Milton Bradley games in the background (Can you name them all?)

- Tea pot is the standard computer graphics test pattern

- The books in back are the original Pixar Siggraph shorts "Red's Dream,
Adventures of Andre, KnickKnack, Luxo Jr"

- Pizza Planet is patterned after the big Chuck E. Cheez in San Jose, with
whack the aliens.

- No Eveready energizers in the baby monitor

- You hockey puck is straight out of the routine of Don Rickles, the
voice of Potato head.

- The Tool box is a fictional Binford brand from Home Improvement from
the main job of Buzz's voice

- The green army guys say "frag him", which in 'Nam meant taking out 
your own commanding officer if you didn't like his guts.

- The Toyota Pickup truck says "YO", a common sight in California if
not in the rest of the US.

- Virtual Realty *sold* sign. The office is behind the gas station

- The Hot Wheels track is orange, which makes it an antique and worth
a lot. New track is purple or black. The car is the Red Baron, a
Monogram design, still available as a replica at your Toys R Us for $2,
though in colors other than the authentic "red"

- The gas stations features oil in CANS. These things are worth $3 to
$5 now empty. I dug one up from my Dad's 1978 Fiesta and somebody
said I should keep it!

- The song "can you hear the love tonight" appears when Woody gets
smooched. Hakuna Matata plays when the toys are in the mirror in the
chase scene.

- The lamp looks like a cameo for Luxo

- No Bo Peep merchandise, just guy stuff.

- No Asian American or Hispanic characters, but a couple of black

Talking Characters

Woody according to John Lasseter, the head animator says he was
patterned after his own pullstring Casper(TM) doll. Most newer talking
dolls are based on digitalchips, but the 1992 talking Ren and Stimpy
dolls (collectible, value unknown) also used pull strings) Woody is
avaikable as a bendable, stuffed doll, Thinkway quickdraw and kicking,
Burger King small rag doll, Burger King puppet Tom Hanks did the
voice, he was also in Big (another movie with toys), Forrest Gump, and
Apollo 13

Buzz Light Year started out as Tinny of the Tin Toy Academy Award
Winning short film, but he got updated. Lasseter says he was inspired
by GI Joe, but doubtless was influenced by the tremendous success of
Star Wars, Star Trek, and the space serials popular in the 50s. He is
available as a figurine, bendable with the cassette storybook, small
Burger King toy wth a button that makes his wings pop out or $2
Puppet and he dominated the store display , Thinkway $5 figure with
Karate Chop Action or with the Big One rocket. The most sought after
Talking Buzz reportedly has the same sounds, the same size, ad runs
for $28 or $65 over the Internet if you actually want to get one
within 6 months of seeing the movie. Buzz is voiced by Tim Allen of
Home Improvement and Santa Clause fame. Buz is, by far, the most
difficult to get. If you watch carefully, the copyright is on
his bottom on the real figures, and in the  movie.

Bucket Of Soldiers

Sarge with field glasses



Minesweeper guy got stepped on

Note: The uniforms and helmets and bazooka are WWII, but rifles are
patterned after the Vietnam era M16 semiautomatic rather than the
bolt action M-1. When I was 6 in 1964, soldiers and WWII play and
WWII action shows (combat, Twelve O Clock High, Rat Patrol) was huge,
then for some strange reason, Vietnam came around, and it all died
out until desert storm came around. The demise of the original large
GI Joe was also about this time period. Hasbro nixed GI Joe because
he was to be blown up, so Combat Carl was substitited instead. The
large GI Joes are collectible now,
a GI Joe in space capsule goes for $600 today, and are available as
Target re-issues in limited numbers

Hamm the piggy bank appears to be patterned after the pink plastic
Little Tikes bank, but was turned into his own character He's played
by the mailman from Cheers. There's a blue bank too (evidently for
boys insecure about their gender identify)

Rex is probably based on the junior Jurrassic Park Tyranasourus with
removable bite-hole. I've got one of these, and they are scary

Slinky dog is played by the guy who does Ernst. The toys are no
longer being made, and they didn't ramp up fast enough for Christmas

Mr. Spell - based on TI Speak N Spell - They did a generic version,
but the glowing green flouresent display is a give-away that it's
based on the 80s ET collectible now, there are similar boxes now made
in Taiwan with liquid crystal displays. My Aunt just gave me one,
what are these things worth?

Non-speaking Toys

Little Tikes Fire Engine (a 90's toy still at Toys R Us)

Jointed Snake

Tracked Robot - inspired by Tomy Toys

Walking Binoculars

Barrel of Monkeys (60's game by Lakeside, I picked up some in Candada)

Nested eggs -Little tikes has nested farm animals

Rocky Gibraltar - Stongman troll

Bikini troll - huge in the 60s, minor revival in the 90s

Etch-A-Sketch - can be had at yard sales for $2, but were
hard to get when the movie came out.

Games (all Milton Bradley, a division of Hasbro, as opposed to Parker
Brothers) Battleship Candy Land (they still sell piles of this game!)
Ants in the Pants - Operation - Twister (under the bed)


Potato Head removes his lips and kisses his bottom

Luxo Jr turns out the lights at the end of the credits

Milk crates have a huge WARNING on each side:

Private Property
If Stolen Maximum Fine $500.00
Agricultural Code Section

You _know_ Sid is evil when his room is filled with these things.
(Nowadays you're supposed to buy these things from K-Mart. Of course,
I don't have any of these from my college days, it says "West Lynn

The cars are mostly in the style of rounded Honda or Saturn size
compacts and minivans in the 1990s

Toy Story Web sites

Official Disney Toy Story site 
You can get video quicktime clips here of the trailers and download
a game or two.

Pixar site Movie reviews and more

Where to order the original Siggraph Pixar shorts

 800-888-9856 5 Sales

Order the video by fax:
510-236-1388 to order by phone

$25 + $3 shipping + state tax
Give name, address and order information, credit card ask for the
compilation with Luxo Jr, Red's Dream, KnickKnack and Tin Toy

Little Mermaid

I've got Burger King (from TV series) Wind-up Sebastian (several), Merboy squirt gun, Flounder Squirter, Ariel on Turtle

and McDonalds Picture with Ariel, Witch, Eric, and Flounder squirter. $16 plus $3 shipping


MacDonalds Richard Scarry Toys - cars and houses

Set - Lowly Worm with Apple car
Huckle Cat with crate car
Bananas Gorilla in banana car , 
Mr Frumble / Pig with pickle car
Under 3 toy Lowly Worm Apple Car

Houses are school, store, firehouse, and something else with
printed reversible card that shows characters through windows.

$20 with shipping


Top 1994 Burger King LION KING

Lion King toys set of 7 $20 + $5        Single $5
Simba, Nala, Rafiki, Ed, MISSING Scar (you got one?), Pumba/Timon, Mufasa
Some in bags

Lion King Pop Up finger puppets set of 6 $4.50 + $3 s/h
Mufasa * Little Simba * Rafiki * Ed * Scar * Pumba
Most in bags
Single $.75

*SOLD* Anybody got any? Lion King Burger bags $1.00 with s/h

Wanted From:
Subject: lion king trading cards
I'm looking for the special cards of the two lion king card sets.
Series 1: L1, L2, F1-F9, P1-P5
Series 2: F1, F2, P6-P10, T1-T9
I already have all of the 170 numbered cards.

Goofy Movie set of 4 - $3 + $3 s/h
* Inner tube * Bronco * Pacer * Ski * Fishing Boat

 McDonalds 1994, 1995 ANIMANIACS Top

store display picture


Loose 1995 Animaniacs springy tube complete Set $10 + $5 ship, 4
for $10 shipped

1 Hippos
2 Water Tower
3 Goodfeather fire engine
4 Dot and Ralph
5 Pinky and Brain with Earth
6 Mindy and Buttons in Baby Carriage
7 Wakko and Cannon
8 Skippy Helicopter <- I will trade 2 to get one of these
   I need more Skippy's

WB store Talking cube $16 shipped, or $12 with any set of animaniacs
"Want to see me make bubbles with my spit?"
"I can't help it if I'm cute"
"We like you. We have no taste, but we like you"

store display poster

1994 Animaniacs set of 8 + 1 random tiny toon, $12 + $5 ship. $6 each
$10 for 4 I have just one MIP set $16 + $5 ship

All loose, very good to new codition.
and 1 Tiny Toon (see list below)
Single (if available) $3 + $2 shipping 

* Slappy sidecar (skippy goes up/down)
* Buttons / Mindy roller coaster (mindy goes up/down) 
   special single - $3 postpaid
* Wakko on Ralph (legs on wheels)
* Upsidedown Yakko trike (hands on wheels) 
* Dot ice cream (ice cream goes up to lick)
* Goodfeathers skateboard (legs move)
* Brain and Pinky on trike (rolls)
* Wakko Yakko Dot on trike (feet move)

Tiny Toons Flip cars set of 4  $4 + $3
Each car features two characters, flips over
for the other one.

Tiny Toons Clear Vehicles
Single $2.00 + ship (singles only, no sets)
1 Buster + basketball popper 
2 Babs  + juke box
3 Elvira + jeep
4 Montana Max + cash register
5 Dizzy + barbeque
6 Plucky + truck
7 Gogo on trike
8 Tweety on steam roller + furball

Alladin sets $3 + $3
A Genie wind-up plus 3 blow-ups
B Abu wind-up plus 3 blow-ups

*** THESE ARE SOLD OUT (But let me know if you have any) *****

McDonald's Stompers

$6.50 single -------------------------------------- These are some interesting 80's 4x4 cars fair to good condition (some wear on decals) 1 Van 1 red c8 1 yellow c8 2 S-10 - none 3 Ranger pickup - none 4 Jeep Renegade Orange 1 C9 1 C8 tampo 5 Dodge Rampage (Omni pickup) - none 6 AMC Eagle SX-4 (fastback spirit) 1 Black 1 Orange 7 Toyota Tercel Gray C9 8 "Blazer" looks like Ford Bronco Yellow ** POWER RANGERS MICRO MACHINE 1ST SEASON SET ** $25 + $5 sh/h These come with a figure in and out of morph outfit, a motorcycle sidecar, and sub-zord RED BLACK Zak (Black, replaced by half-Asian guy) YELLOW Trini (Asian, replaced by black woman) PINK Kimberley BLUE Billy MEGAZORD AND SQUAT (the whole zord thing put together) MacDonalds Power Rangers Movie $7 each with shipping. Top Grossing Movies of 1995 (Seattle Times Jan 28, 1996) "Only Toy Story seems likely to pass the $200 million mark" 1. Batman Forever $184 Million 2. Apollo 13 $172 million 3. Toy Story $150 million 4. Pocahontas $141 million 5. Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls" $104 million 6. Casper $100 million 7. Die Hard With a Vegeanance $100 million 8. Goldeneye $93 million 9. Crimson Tide $91 million 10. Waterworld $88 million Home Updated 7/98 (a LONG TIME AGO but people keep on coming!)