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Arthur Hu's Diversity Update Archive

Here's an archive listing of all the diversity updates so far. As I put new facts and stories in the index of diversity, a digest goes into the diversity update on email. Contact me at arthurhu@halcyon.com if you'd like to get updates by email (usually about 1 every one or two weeks, about 10-15k per update)

  • Aug 13, 1997 No. 21 ACT bias report
  • Sept 5, 1997 No. 22 Sand Point still has exclusionary covenants
  • Sept 17, 1997 No. 23Blacks shy away from honors classes
  • Nov 25, 1997 No. 24
  • Dec 16-Jan 6 1998 No. 25WA Prop 200, Frederick Douglas Harlem school Moon marriages
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