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Hi all, welcome to the jumping off place to all my toy and other collecting pages. I started by stashing some of the toys I got for my kids so that we'd have a nice one after they got done trashing them, and by doing some research on a box of old redline hot wheels cars that, besides my airplane models, are just about all we saved from our 60's and 70's childhood. Most trading has been in Hot Wheels and Sizzler cars and sets, but I've also done Disney and other McDonald's Happy Meal toys, Micro machines, and various other types of toys, drawing on my knowledge of cars and toys.

People often ask me to track down specific cars or types of cars, there are people into AMC cars, buses, ambulances etc. Geez, it's wierd to be able to recall and be familiar with every 1/64 variation of camaro, Mustang, AMC Gremlin and what not. My areas are mostly information, with some trading, I find that information leads people to the trading page, and it helps pay for my internet space, though it will be a long time before I can quite my day job doing this stuff.

This has turned into my most popular web page, along with the offbeat Seattle screen saver, so enjoy!

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  • Around the Sound This guy will rebuild your stereo loud speaker drivers for $35, or otherwise fix your speakers, he's in seattle but you can mail him the driver 323 N 105th St Unit C Seattle WA 98133 206-782-7975

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    Does anybody know about where to get more of these cars? I sold this for $20 for a Renault 5 nut. I got this in Tokyo in 1987, and haven't seen any since then. I also have a Toyota 2000, VW Bug, 80's Celica, Honda Mini-Wagon, Porsche 956 LeMans Car and MR2

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