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The Flowers Cried in Texas

A Book by Arthur Hu about the Eldorado Yearning For Zion Ranch Raid and investigation
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0 Forward (Who is the monster and who is the victim?)
1 A Desperate Cry for Help (Sarah Barlow is raped and beaten and needs help)
1 Rescue Plan  (A Plan to rescue one child, or an entire village?)
2 Protect the Children (Past midnight, Angie Voss determines "It is not a safe place for children")
3 The Big Raid
4 Eldorado's New Neighbors (Will Eldorado become the next Waco disaster?)
5 Protective Custody (Rescue from Carolyn Jessop's idea of a concentration camp into the FLDS idea of a concentration camp)
6 Temple Standoff (Men stand in front of the SWAT tank praying, crying)
7 Child Protective Services: The Best Interests of the Child:  (This is how CPS treats/abuses EVERYBODY)
8 Zion at Fort Concho (The last of the families are taken from an overcrowded shelter into a larger overcrowded internment camp) 
9 Internment Camps (Short Creek Raid, The Australian Stolen Generations, Indian Schools, Japanese Americans, and Axis Camps)
10 Abusive Cult (Worldwide headlines of affadavit proclaim FLDS to be child-abusing cult)
Two-day hearing (Every child will be given an individual hearing NOT)
San Angelo Coliseum (Tule Lake in Texas)
Media Insurgency (The FLDS appeals for their children)
Sarah is found (Swinton is the Fraud Caller)
Even the Rangers Cried (The Most Terrible Day: Separation from Coliseum)
Diaspora (Foster Homes)
Two More Children (CPS stands guard to snatch babies from pregnant ADULT mothers)
Appeals Court
Supreme Court
Appendix: Mental Health Worker Testimony About Mistreatment of FLDS Mothers and Children

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