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@@Total Quality Management / TQM / Delphi Process

"You Will Be Facilitated, Resistance is Futile!" variation on Star Trek Borg motto

Total Quality Management replaces debate and democracy with facilitating a diverse groups into a consensus based on a predetermined outcome. It is also ironic that when progressive reformers call for ending the "factory" model of education, they embrace TQM, which a way to ensure quality in a factory environment, as if we could stamp kids as "rejects" and remanufacture or dispose of the defectives.

Many put Total Quality Management as one of the top 3 or 4 ideas driving education reform along with constructivism and child-centered learning. School To Work is the marrying of TQM with Outcome Based Education . Reformers say the "factory model" fails, and then they say we should treat kids as inputs and outputs like a manufacturing industry to be produced at the lowest possible cost.

The National Alliance For Restructuring Education: A Proposal to the New American Schools Development Corporation by the National Center on Education and the Economy, Rochester NY Executive Summary "Adapting for education the principles of the total quality movement as they have evolved recently in the best American firms"

The National Education Association and its various state counterparts make a big deal of treating students as customers -- all part of the Total Quality Management approach to teaching today's kids. Dan Connell is a former federal executive who lives in Kingsport. His e-mail address is

But TQM was created as a way to produce high profits by reducing costs. It should _not_ be the way to turn out educated children!

Well TQM is what education reform is all about -- continuous quality improvement, the high performance work organziation, total quality schools -- all synonymous. The books Terry has -- is that "If You Don't, They Will", "What's Left After the Right" and "No Right Turn?" Lynn Stuter

Dean Gotcher

TQM Lecturer, Audio, Video!




Citizens for Academics Susan O Consensus, TQM, Conflict Management runs the school boards

Are You Being Delphied? Have You Been Delphied? Parents for Academic Excellence, PO Box 1777 Corvallis Oregon 97339 z42\clipim\2000\06\13\delphi.efx efax document html also .doc


From: Lynn M Stuter Subject: Re: Please post; Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellance Joan -- The Baldridge Award is TQM and all schools are using TQM as TQM is OBE for adults -- both are based on systems theory or systems thinking and are outcome-based -- first deciding what "we" want the world to look like in X number of years, then working backward to ensure the outcome. For those who want to get an eyeful of what that really means, in stark, bald terms, get a copy of Total Quality for Schools by Joseph C Fields, ASQC press (they are on the web). It also calls parents "stakeholders" and "producers of raw resources to which schools apply a variety of assessment tools over a thirteen year period of time".

@@Change Agent


Ronald G. Havelock's "The Change Agent's Guide to Innovation in
Education", published by Educational Technology Publishing: Englewood
Cliffs, New Jersey, 1973. This still is the "bible" for information on
change agents. According to Charlotte Iserbyt's book ("the deliberate
dumbing down of america", p. 122), Havelock's book was funded by the
U.S. Office of Education and the Department of Health, Education and
Welfare, and was re-published in 1995. (S. Leslie 2002)

Program/Project Management Resource List #44
Revised March 1999
Provided by the NASA Headquarters Library

The following books and articles cover the problems change agents
face in bringing change to an organization. William Hitt, in The
Leader-Manager, provides a list of attributes for effective change
agents he derived from several other writers which is paraphrased

1. They view change as a friend; 2. They have power tools and know
how to use them; 3. They are able to deal with both logical and
psychological aspects of change; 4. They are able to establish a
climate for change; 5. They start the change process with themselves
rather than with others; 6. They do not force change, they facilitate
it; 7. They create their own enthusiasm; 8. They are able to let go
of old ideas and experiment with alternatives; 9. They seek out and
accept criticism of their ideas; 10. They are able to get others to
"buy into" their ideas for change.
"Diary of a Change Agent" by Tony Page [book]
"The Change Agents' Handbook: A survival Guide for Quality Improvement
Champions" by David W. Hutton, published by ASQC Quality Press (P.O. Box
3005, Milwaukee, WI 53201-3005) 1994, 344 pp, $24.95 (list)
A Book Review by Norman C. Frank, PE, CQE, CQA
CER Corporation, Washington, DC

%%Media Training

*    Peg Achterman, television news photographer, KING TV (Seattle, WA)
*    Jennifer Best, former reporter, Santa Maria Times (Santa Maria, CA) 
*    Howard Blume, education reporter and associate editor, LA Weekly (Los 
Angeles, CA) 
*    Peter Bogdanoff, president, Bellevue Education Association (Bellevue, 
WA) ....

@@Christian Opposition

\doc\web\99\07\tqm.txt Dean Gotcher
is speaker on tqm process. Tours the nation. Christian view, based in
Oaklahoma, fights Goals 2000 and School to Work. Claims TQM is
transformational Marxism, similar to Soviet style government, based
not on facts but feeling about what ought to be.

@@CQI Continuous Quality Improvement

Puget Sound Career Consortium

@@Delphi Process

The name of a form of TQM developed by RAND by which a group is manipulated to a predetermined "consensus" but made to believe that it is their own local decision and idea. It removes accountability from those who came up with the ideas to the people the idea has been sold to. "It was your idea, so why are you complaining?" Nice summary from Reading MA Berit Kjos DELPHI TECHNIQUE: Communication technique used to manipulate a diverse group toward a consensus position through circulating information for comment in several rounds synthesizing the responses until all agree. If a participant's view cannot be synthesized with the groups after repeated rounds, then the premise must be declared invalid and abandoned. Breaks down moral barriers and shifts students world view from the old to the new paradigm. %%Against
GEORGIA, TEXAS STANDARDS BASED ON NCEE, DELPHI PROCESS z70\doc\web\2003\09\garner.txt THE WRITING OF GEORGIA'S CURRICULUM STANDARDS Donna Garner on 8/25/03 I got to experience the Delphi Technique close up and personal. The way the technique works is that peer pressure and psychological manipulation are utilized to the utmost. Trained facilitators and national experts are brought in to manipulate the group and to dilute any like-minded people from finding each other. The pre-set configuration of the standards document is introduced to the group, and no vote is ever taken as to whether the group agrees with the pre-set model or not.
link Good intro to facilitation towards pre-determined outcome. Brevard Insider on Delphi

link z40\clip\2000\03\delphi.htm The "Delphi Technique" And How It Robs Parents of Control Over Their Child's Education Later, the technique was perfected to literally dictate desired outcomes. A panel of experts was placed in a group session and through a very subtle manipulations process to separate supporters from detractors of the official, desired outcome, they were brought around to accept a pre-determined position

Lynn Stuter The Delphi Technique. What Is It? The Delphi Technique was originally conceived as a way to obtain the opinion of experts without necessarily bringing them together face to face. In Educating for the New World Order by B. Eakman, the reader finds reference upon reference for the need to preserve the illusion that there is "lay, or community, participation (in the decision-making process), while lay citizens were, in fact, being squeezed out." The Delphi Technique is the method being used to squeeze citizens out of the process, effecting a left-wing take over of the schools.

The Bush Glitch Project Mundy later research revealed she had been subjected to the Delphi Technique, a manipulative method which pushes an audience toward foreordained "conclusions."

see sensit.txt What is 'Sensitivity Training?' by Dr. Gerald L. Atkinson 18 July 1999 A version of the Tavistock Method, called the Delphi Technique was developed by Rand Corporation in the late fifties, initially as a method of forecasting trends os that managers could make product production decisions. It evolved into a process of separating supporters from detractors in small-group situations so that a predetermined consensus could be manipulated by the facilitator.

z57\clip\2002\08\delprank.txt This is From people trying to promote the Delphi Technique. Prioritization Process Using Delphi Technique White Paper by Alan Cline Carolla Development "That project produced a tool in which a group of experts could come to some consensus of opinion when the decisive factors were subjective, and not knowledge-based. Delphi is particularly appropriate when decision-making is required in a political or emotional environment, or when the decisions affect strong factions with opposing preferences. " Newport University USA We offer the Total Quality Management (TQM) program for our students, which is vital to preparation for the 21st century. Quality Tools and Methods Problem identification (brainstorming, cause-and-effect diagrams, check sheets, control cards, Delphi technique, force-field analysis, analysis, quality function deployment, and root-cause analysis)


Scott Adams' creation who skewers corporate management fads like TQM.

DILBERT SKEWERS TQM IN SILICON VALLEY WITH BOGUS MISSION STATEMENT \clip\99\14\dilbert.txt Mission Impertinent San Jose Mercury News

"My goal is to see if a group of executives will allow somebody who has very few credentials, except for good hair, to come into their meeting and get them to write a mission statement which is so impossibly complicated that it has no real content. --Scott Adams 9:30 a.m., Oct. 8, 1997 "

"In the best Dogbert tradition, Me'bert ignores the difficult CFO. When it comes to employee input, Dogbert advises paying no attention to ''any pesky assumptions that don't support the [consultants'] predetermined recommendations.'' (''The Dilbert Principle,'' Harperbusiness, 1996, p. 152.) "

"Me'bert is writing madly: ''Breaking Paradigms,'' ''Fertilizing.'' This guy hit the Mission Word Jackpot and he's still talking, now about new ways of looking at customers. "


Person trained in TQM techniques to manipulate an artificual
consensus to a predetermined outcome.

@@Fast Forum

On the one hand, this might be a better way for people to
get representation when there's no way most citizens can 
take days off to go down to Olympia to a work session where
nobody who isn't an invited speaker can say anything anyways.
On the other hand, it's pretty scary how easily can be

"... to reduce their reliance on big meetings at often remote
distances in order to pass resolutions...  Seattle religious groups
first experimented between 1965 and 1968 with traditional forums..
emerged the prototype of the "Fast Forum" technique. There are no
motions, no amendments, no win-lose situations, no controversy, no
arguments, no talking at the point of decision-making as all talking
precedes decision-making--thus there is no emotionalism or heat.
Instead, there is just light, that is, swift, silent, rational,
synaptic mind-to-mind, response to some idea posed in writing for
objective response such as yes, no, abstain, multiple-choice, or
value scales. Hence the name, Fast ForumŽ. "


Total Quality for Schools by Joseph C
Fields "Parents supply a resource to which educators apply a
variety of processes.  These processes include a thirteen-year
sequence of assessments to match quality standards to develop a
graduate who meets customer requirements."  

Subject: The Change Agents Handbook Here, folks, is just the book we
all need!!!!  This and others of the same ilk may be found at .  How did I come across this?
It's linked to our Workforce Training and Education Coordinating
Board web site.  LynnS

The Change Agents' Handbook: A Survival Guide
for Quality Improvement Champions

by David W. Hutton

If you are striving to create change, you need The Change Agents'
Handbook! This guide leads you through the entire process of assessing
each situation, getting established, preparing to launch the process,
creating a detailed plan for the transformation, managing and ensuing
changes, and learning from the experience. It deals with the practical
issues and personal needs that surround the change agent's assignment,
including the emotional pressures and the types of opposition to be
expected. Benefits:

-Utilize ideas for action, which help change agents tackle and solve
-Make a great contribution to the success of your organization. 

-Learn ways to deal with the opposition to change. 

Item: AS 15, List Price $29.00. Woods Quality "AASA/TQ Network Price"

@@Gotcher, Dean

Dean Gotcher
Institution for Authority Research
5436 S. Boston Pl.
Tulsa OK 74105

As far as I know, Dean doesn't have an email address.  If you are looking
for his website, you can find a link to it from  LynnS

Excellent seminar on TQM fron Christian perspective, transformational
marxism. Ask for audio, video tapes of lecture.

Dean Gotcher is apparently going to be in Washington state on October 30,
1999.  Apparently times and places have not been firmed up yet.  If you
know of groups who might arrange for Dean to speak, please contact Norma

 Dean Gotcher - The consensus process

  Another Dean Gotcher interview

Fall 1999 tour schedule

THE E-FILES                                  NUMBER SIX
"Employees and others who would benefit financially from the programs
greatly outnumbered parents whose children would be affected. The
question, "Should we implement the programs?" was never asked.
Instead, the question, "What steps do we need to do to successfully
implement the programs?" was the task the participants of group
discussions were given to "brainstorm." It would have taken a BRAVE
soul to stand up and declare the process bogus. This is an example of
how important decisions are sometimes made in advance,"


ISO Malcolm Baldridge program is based
in instituting of ISO 9000 criteria (International Standards
Organization).  ISO is the global version of our ANSI, American
National Standards Institute.


TQM is "transformational" marxism. The old Soviet Union and China
were "traditional marxism" where they put a gun to your head if you
don't agree. Some people moved here from East Europe who evolved it
to "transformational". Now they facilitate you to a consensus, either
way a centralized authority gets its way in implementing radical
change. It's marxism with a smiling nonconfrontational face. If you
disagree, you are verbally agressive, confrontational and disruptive.

sensit.txt What is 'Sensitivity
Training?'  by Dr. Gerald L. Atkinson 18 July 1999 Training for
change agents is the single most damning hard evidence that
Marxist-Leninist Soviet-style manipulative tactis have been part and
parcel of America's educational 'restructuring effort'

DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY Total Quality Leadership Office
Revolution in Business Affairs

@@Roberts Rules
@@Parlimentary Procedure

National Association of Parliamentarians
Parlimentary Proceedure
This page provides some basic information on key elements of parliamentary 
procedure, including:
Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised
Principles Underlying Parliamentary Law
Nature and Types of Deliberative Assemblies

@@Predetermined Outcome

TQM seeks not to debate differing possibilities, but facilitate
towards a consensus to a predetermined outcome.

Mission Impertinent San Jose Mercury News " When it comes to employee
input, Dogbert advises paying no attention to ''any pesky assumptions
that don't support the [consultants'] predetermined
recommendations.''  (''The Dilbert Principle,'' Harperbusiness, 1996,
p. 152.)  "

@@Sensitivity Training

sensit.txt What is 'Sensitivity
Training?'  by Dr. Gerald L. Atkinson 18 July 1999 The two
'facilitators' who led this small-group encounter session were a
young Hispanic enlisted woman and a black chief petty officer (CPO).
Their goal was to apprise the all-white naval officer attendees of
their insensitivity to the plight of disadvantaged minorities in the
U.S. Navy - and to examine their attitudes and 'behavior' toward
minorities and women and change them if warranted.  After a short
introduction, the CPO exclaimed 'All of you are racists!'  the CPO
told the young Lieutenant that he was not cooperating, was being
disruptive of the class, and should immediately leave the room. 

@@Total Quality Learning

+Redesigning Education Kenneth Wilson TQL emphasizes proxcess rather
than outcomes p. 160