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Old file describing Asian Week columns, needs to be cleaned up!


1995 guidelines - 800-900 words, monday deadline


doc87\diverse4.doc "How Much Diversity is Enough" MIT Tech 10/14/88

doc87\poets.doc "Artists and Poets" MIT Tech 10/88

 "Superstudents or Understudents"
Unprinted survey of Asians in Education and summary of anti-Asian
quotas 2/10/87


doc88\airbus.wp - Airbus shootdown

doc88\bwasian.wp - Asians not all rich, Business Week

doc88\dating.wp - Conversation about Asian guys and dating

doc\doc891\mitrept.doc - MIT report neglects to check if there
is any difference in admissions standards for blacks at MIT.

\doc\95\10\ahulat.txt - citation of JOURNAL  Los Angeles Times Sept
19 1988, v107, Sec. II, p5, col 1 AUTHOR 1) Hu, Arthur TITLE    As the
Asian experience tells us, average is hard to define. (measurements of
Asian-Americans' economic successes seen as misleading) (column)

doc88\dualmin.wp - 8/10/88 Asians as a dual minority. Short article
on status of Asian Americans, rich and poor.  dualmin.htm

doc88\gardner.wp - letter to UC president about quotas

doc88\harv88.doc - letter to Dept of Civil rights about Harvard

doc88\harvard.wp - letter to Susan chao about Harvard quotas

doc88\howmuch.wp - MIT Tech editorial : How much diversity is enough? Minorities are better represented than some non-Jewish whites. 11/13/88

1989 doc891\ucprob.doc \doc\web\96\03\ucprob.htm 4/10/89 unfinished letter notes that blacks and Hispanics have meet their goals, while Whites are under- represented.

doc891\mitrept.doc \doc\web\96\03\mitrept.htm - 4/30/89 MIT Tech editorial says that blacks at MIT _are_ admitted to lower standards, but nobody will admit it.

doc891\ucquota2.doc \doc\web\96\03\ucquota.htm 3/19/89 Summary of evidence of quotas at UC

5/22/89 Illegal Quotas at UCLA, Berkeley and Harvard: (in)famous 1989 compaint against UCLA, Berkeley and Harvard. Shows Asians have low admission rates from 1982-86 at Harvard, while UCB and UCLA may be violating constitutional prohibitions on quotas doc892\complain.doc \doc\web\96\03\complain.htm -

6/29/89 Black Busing Failure? Myth of Disappearing Black College Student. Asian Week column and letter to Boston Globe saying students being bused from urban Boston to Newton suburbs should not be called failures just because they don't get 95th percentile test scores. Reports of black decline in college don't take into account rising high school graduation rates. There is no net decline. \doc892\metco.doc Globe: metco.htm Asian Week version

\doc\96\02\amcult.txt 3/23/90 by Arthur Hu What's American Culture? amult.txt doc904\AISMEN.DOC - Internet SCAA classic: 1990 hu's on first why asian men lose out, and why it's always White guys going out with Asian women, and the reverse for Blacks. Asian culture scores as feminine for both genders, Black culture scores as more masculine. Simple as that. aismen.htm 1991 doc91\censusa.doc - Asian week on 90 census 1992 doc\94\16\usthem.txt - 6/1/92 New Republic on LA Riots 1993 doc937\movies.doc - 10/18/93 Joy Luck Club doc938\stanhire.doc - 11/2/93 preferring American blacks doc939\neaplit.doc - 11/21/93 literacy and the NEAP doc93b\ferghate.doc - 12/23/94 Hate Crimes doc\94\1\chinchan.doc 2/2/94 KQED perspective on Lowell doc\94\3\gendsprt.doc 5/9/94 Gender Equity and Sports doc\94\16\seateen2.doc *7/27/94 Asian Youth at Risk doc\94\18\priv\asiansj.txt SJM FEEL, SIGHTS OF HOME DRAW ASIANS TO NEIGHBORHOOD SJM 8/23/94 doc\94\19\seapress.txt *9/4/94 Asian gang race not disclosed doc\94\19\okcho.txt 10/16/94 All American Girl is OK, Brandon Lee doc\94\19\elect94.doc elect942.doc 11/10/94 Republican victory doc\94\20\shortiq.doc 12/1/94 Bell Curve and intelligence \doc\95\02\pangboy.doc Martin Pang: All American Boy Asian Week 3/10/95 \doc\95\02\asiasex.doc Sex, Lies and Asian Americans Penis, AIDS, Sex Asian Week 3/24/95 \doc\web\96\02\asiasex.htm \doc\95\04\afac.doc Affirmative Action: The Beginning of the End \doc\web\95\91\afac.htm d:\doc\95\05\blakwell.doc - Martin Pang, Blackwell, AIDS, PBS \doc\95\06\racetrav.doc - 5/8/95 Seattle Times printed Comment on travel article that claims all whites are racist against black travelers, but offers no evidence \priv\95\06\raciholi.txt - original Seattle Times article (c) \priv\95\06\washafac.txt - Initiative to ban affirmative action in washington state, AHU letter to editor \priv\95\06\f14pilot.txt - Cites high death / washout rate for Navy pilots \doc\95\06\lafirelt.doc - Quotas in Los Angeles Fire Department \doc\95\08\disprop.doc - Disproportinality in schools - Asian success \doc\95\10\seaptest.doc - (printed in Seattle PI) Seattle Police Test biased against Asians \doc\95\11\seaptest.htm \doc\95\10\onair.txt - On the air, NPR and KIRO-7 \doc\95\10\minivan1.txt - 7/31/95 Hu review of buying minivan \doc\95\10\misspoca.doc,.txt - Pocahontas, Miss Saigon, Seafair, Picture Bride \doc\95\10\misspoc1.doc - long version \doc\95\11\okbomb.doc,.txt,.htm - "Hiroshima, the End of War as We Knew It" Arthur Hu vs. Ron Takaki on why Hiroshima was important in ending the era of global conventional warfare. \doc\95\11\facequand.txt Subject: USA Today: California's Asian students face quandry. Polls show that Asian American teens are the least likely to oppose affirmative action. \doc\95\14\abovavg.doc Nov 6, 1995 "Above Average" An Asian Week article proclaims that the rate of domestic violence is the same for Asians as for any other race, but analysis of the table shows that Asians have by far the lowest rate, and this is a general pattern of denial of Asian statistics that are superior to average whites. \doc\95\14\hurtmino.doc - The Center for Immigration Studies concludes that we wouldn't need any immigrant scientists if we simply recruited minorities in the same proportion of population. Arthur Hu says it's simply blaming Asians for the failure to educate minorities. -> download the EE times version of this article -> this is continued in \doc\web\hu1st.htm which has the latest articles and fairness in diversity postings _end