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War and Genocide and Disaster Victims: AnyIndex

With apologies to those who find the topic grisly, I've always wondered how all the great mass killings and wars rank compared against each other. This is one of the most complete collection of mass death statistics on the internet. Dedicated to the hope that people will one day stop using the name of economic justice to kill their fellow man and woman, and finally realize that Karl Marx, not free market capitalism, is the most evil system of thought, and biggest source of death and poverty in human history. Feel free to send comments or new information

Karl Marx Wins The Award for Most Deaths In History Due to One Man

And the award for the most mass killings credited to one man goes to ... (ta dah...) Karl Marx! Congratulations! It exceeds all war deaths in the 20th century, and even the wildest inflation of deaths due to slavery. More than Hitler. More than the Japanese Empire. Way more than Uncle Sam. Remember the motto.. No Justice No Peace. Just kill your fellow man until human equality has been achieved. Let this be a warning to those who want to raise hell for justice.

More Death Lists:

Albert Burns: Zbigniew Brzezinski in his book Out of Control: "Global Turmoil on the Eve Of The Twenty-first Century" puts the total between 167 to 175 million people. Professor Rudolph J. Rummel in his book: "Death By Government" gives a total of over 258 million.


Genocide Spectrum: Largest mass killings in History


720M Modern deaths if at primitive society rates H Bloom
**************** ALL TIME CHAMPION *************
270M 270 million nonbelievers over the last 1400 years for political Islam [5]
258M 20th century by govt. "Death by Government"
180M Evil deaths caused by govt or religion in 20th century
120M Partial Total Karl Marx inspired killings
105M 20th century war deaths
100M Communist deaths (Book of Communist Crimes, Courtois)
100M African Slaves Middle Passage (Lori Robison, absurd)
60-80M Mao 1994 estimate (#1 person)
 45M WWII total (World Almanac)
 40M Gengis Khan
 40M Influenza of 1918, Worldwide  [1]
 30M Asians WWII
 30M Taiping Rebellion (Chris Fitch)
 30M Stalin Purge / Famines
 30M Mao Tse Tung Famines
 30M Mongol rule of China
 25M African Slaves Middle Passage (intermediate)
 20M Spanish Flu epidemic 1918 ST 2/24/99
 20M-30M Chinese killled by Japanese Rape of Nanking
 20M-30M Spanish Decline of Incas -History Mexico
 20M Non-Japanese Asians WWII
 20M Russian WWII (Cris A Fitch)
 20M War dead 19th century
 20M Black Death Europe 1348-49
 15M WWII soldier SciAm Ju2000
 11M African slaves brought to New World (CD-ROM, Gregory)
 10M Stalin Famine and Executions
 10M Chinese civilians WWII
  9M Russian Civil Polish Sci Am Ju2000
  9M WWI Military SciAm Ju 2000
6.5M Ethnic Poles and Polish Jews, 20% of pop
  6M War dead 18th century, 17th century
  6M Chinese Civilians (Japanese War Crimes)
  6M Jewish Holocaust (TM, standard figure disputed by
3-6M Died on African slave ships (Black Voyage)
  5M Korean War civ+mil (Aviation Week)
  3M German soldiers WWII(A. Beyer)
3-10M Congo Free State 1886-1808 (Matthew White)
  3M German prisoners / Russia (Foot Soldier)
********** TOP ALLIED ***********************************
  3M Japanese WWII
  3M Bangladesh Hindu 1971
  2.7M French-Am Vietnam SciAm Hu2000
  2.5M Napoleonic Wars 1803-1815 SciAm Ju2000
  2M 1945 Treaty "Relocations"
  2M Vietnam war 1960-75 all sides
  2M Vietnam civilians Vietnam Govt est.
  2M Chinese WWII
  2M Cambodia Killing Fields (TM) Pol Pot ('96)
1.5-2M WWII bombing by all sides "War to be Won, Murray & Millett"
1.5M 20th century earthquakes (savage earth pbs)
1.5M War dead 16th century
1.5M SovAfganistan SciAm Jun2000
1.5M Rwanda / Burundi
1.5M Afghanistan war deaths 1981-2001
1.5M Armenian Genocide (TM)
1.2M Tibet by Chinese since 1950 (Matthew White)
1.1M Azeris by Armenians
1.1M All US War Casualties
  1M Muslims in 1952-1962 Algerian War
  1M Chin Great Wall construction
  1M Bangladesh by Pakistan
  1M Irish famine deaths to starvation / disease
  1M German soldiers (A. Beyer, revisionist)
  1M WWII conventional bombing (PBS Oppenheimer)
  1M Chinese Korean War (Cris A Fitch)
750K Vietnam refugees who successfully fled in late 1970s
700K Thought to be killed in Roman Coliseum for public entertainment
650k Slaves brought to US (gregory)
610K Total US-Japan B-29 raids
600K Khmer Health est 1969 Cambodia bombings ???
600K high estimate of allied bombing of Germany
600K US Civil War   #1 US
500K Australian aborigines
500K Cambodians by US bombing (Naom Chomsky)
500K Spanish Flu United States 1918-19
500K Idi Amin 1971-79
400K North Korean political prisons US News 2003
400K Vietnam civilian deaths due to communist shelling, rocket, attacks [3]
400K Type A flu epidemics USA since emergence
400K US AIDS deaths to 1998
350K Nuclar bomb deaths
300K Japan forced labor
300K Jews and others in German prison camps (revisionist, boo, hiss)
300K Germans killed by allied bombing WWII
300K Iran/Iraq Gulf War
290K US WWII deaths #2 US
260K Japan conventional bombing deaths
250K High Japan Retaliation for Doolittle Raid (air magazine)
235K Battle of Okinawa, all sides
225K ARVN S. Vietnam combat (Chomsky)
200K Philippines rebellion incl starvation
200K Guatemala generals (Cockburn)
200K Rape of Nanjing(TM)
200K Children sacrificed in Carthage over 200 years.
161K Indonesia volcanos, total
150K 1908 Messina Earthquake
150K Common estimate of Iraqi troops Gulf War
150K Yugoslavia breakup
116K US World War I #4 US
100K Japanese withdrawal from Manila
100K US share of slaves died in transport
 80K US WWII allied aircrew losses
 80K French in 1952-1962 Algerian War
 70K Asian Flu 1957-58 United States
 70K Nagasaki
 70K Dresden Fire Bombing
 60K Japanese POW in Russia
 58K Vietnam War US military #4 US
 57k US seamen WWII
 56K RAF bomber crews WWII (44.4% death rate), 
 54K US Korean War  #5 US
 51K German bombings of UK
 50-100K Died in boats fleeing Vietnam communists [3]
 50K Claims of US Vietnam civilian bombing deaths [3]
 47K Bataan death march / battle
 42K London Blitz WWII
 36417 Krakatoa tsunami 1883 (Kra..the day)
 30K US airmen Europe WWII
 30K Mid estimate of Iraq Gulf War
 30K British Merchant sailors WWII
 30K Low Japan Retaliation for Doolittle Raid (History Channel)
 26k US annual intentional shootings / suicide
 28K St Pierre Martinique volcano may 1902
 25K German U Boat crew WWII
 25K 1973 Arab Israeli war
 25K 1967 Arab Israeli war
 23k 1985 Nevado del Ruiz volcano mud flow
 22K Boer concentration camps under 16
 20K V-2 slave labor force deaths
 20K Zimbabwe 1982 Nbedeles by Shona tribe
 18K Taiwan 1947 riot suppression
 18K Cholera Plague Paris 1932 water
 17K WWI Aircrew (Wings)
 16K 1841 British withdrawal from Kabul 1 survivor
 14K Ferries 1980-2000
 12K POWS "River Kawai" railway
3-12k low est. Iraqi troops, ground 1991 based
 10-100K 1950s Vietnam communist executions in land reforms [3]
 10k USA annual accidental injury / death shootings
 10k Gloucester fisherman lost at sea
9,345 Wilhelm Gustoff sinking 1945
8,651 US merchant marine WWII Color of War
8,000 Galveston 1900 Hurricane #1 US Nat Disaster
5k-7k 5,534 to 7,207 Iraq Body Count 2003 War
7,000 Chernobyl explosion 1986
6,800 US Merchant Marine WWII
6,500 German V-1 buzz bombs
6,000 US Revolutionary War
5,000 9/11/2001 airliner attacks in DC/WTC
5,000 Kobe earthquake
5,000 Philipines ferry worst ship ever
3,200 Northern Ireland Violence
4,000 Sultana civil war ship explosion
3,000 2003 France heat wave, lack of a/c
3,000 US Helicopter Vietnam crews, 2nd only to infantry
2,403 Pearl Harbor Attack (US)
2,278 US Desert Storm, Iraqi Civilans
2,048 Italy 1963 landslide into dam
1,522 Titanic sinking
1,426 1990 Mecca pedestrian tunnel
1,100 1979 Sverdlosk Russia anthrax outbreak
1,000 Hanoi civilians 1972 Christmas B-52 bombings
  913+Jonestown mass suicide / murder
  756 Killed seeking north pole before Peary
  500 AP Afghanistan civilians 2001
  500 Actual Iraqi bodies recovered by Allies 1991
  500 Somalia 1993 US raid, civilians and armed
  460 Spanish American war US WSJ 7/2/03
  425 NY Times survey of rampage killings since 1949
  400 Iraqi claims of bomb shelter hit, 1991
  400 Hi estimate of My Lai massacre
  320 Port Chicago blast (202 black)
  300 Queen Mary burns protestants at the stake 1555
  266 Battleship Maine explosion
  240 Desert Storm Coalition Casualties
  200 WWII US Women casualties
 1-200 Paris massacre October 17, 1961 100-200 Algerians killed and
     dumped in the Seine).
 100s Killed in Vietnam by old bombs annually
 100 US Firemen killed annually
 146 US Desert Storm Casualties
 120 Mountain Meadows Massacre 1857, Mormons
  45 1927 school bombing
  39 DC Race Riot of 1919
  38 Los Angeles Rodney King Riot 1992
  34 Los Angeles Watts Riot 1965
  31 US Berlin Airlift 189,963 sorties
  18 US Battle of Mogadishu Somalia
   8 Vietnam US Nurses
   3 Bellingham WA gasoline pipeline explosion 1999

WSJ 2/9/98 [2] Chronicle of Higher Education April 27, 2001 Norman Cantor "Studying the Black Death" [3] American Heritage May 2001 p. 44 The Meaning of Tet Victor Davis Hanson [4] U.S. News World Report Oct 1, 2001 Andrew Curry History's graveyard [5] Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI).

Losses Ranked By Percent of Population

   90% Titanic 2nd class men
   68% Titanic overall
   66% Turkish Armenians 1915
   62% U Boat WWII death rate
   50+ US gay men 1980s peak of AIDS
   50% Laotian men Vietnam war
   50% Asian prisoners on "River Kwai" railway
   40% Jewish (darlene)
   40% Black slaves on ships (common estimate)
   33% Cuban chance of dying by sea escape
   33% Black Death European population
   33% Laotian pop Vietnam war
   30% European Jews WWII (Kiro-7)
   27% POWs held by Japanese WWII
   25% USAF Wild Weasels 45 day 1966
   25% Cambodia "Killing Fields"
   21% Primitive males killed by war
   20% Poland WWII, ethnic Poles and Jews overall
   20% American POWs transported by Japanese ships
   20% 1920 Galveston 1900 Hurricane
   15% Russia WWII
   15% 1934-36 Annapolis Graduates WWII
   15% Slave Passage Mortality (Gregory)
   10% High est. North Korea 86-89
    8% Anhui province China by Mao
    7% Rwanda / Burundi 1M/13M
    7% POWs held by Germans WWII
    5% North Korea Kim Il Sung Famine
    3% China Great Leap Famine
 0.16% US AIDS overall population 1990s
 0.04% Desert Storm USA 1991

Karl Marx Breakdown
 60-80M Mao Tse Tung
 30M Stalin Purge / Famines
  5M Korean War civ+mil (Aviation Week)
  2M Vietnam war 1960-75 all sides
  2M Cambodia "Killing Fields" (TM) Pol Pot ('96)
  ?? Central / South America (Any suggestions?)
  ?? Africa
120M Partial Total

Numbers compiled by Arthur Hu from various sources.


@@Airborne Troops

Source: Death From the Air (History Channel)
69,000 troopers have made combat jumps
5 major conflicts, over 50 years
25 nation, 93 major operations
They were 1% of armed forces but 5% of casualties
29% of combat soldiers were casualties
7,500 dead
3,500 missing
26,000 wounded


Afghan civilian death toll likely in hundreds. Seattle Post
Inteligencer Feb 12, 2002 Laura King AP. Taliban doctored reports to
1,500 civilian deaths. AP investigations suggest 500-600. U New
Hampshire Marc Herold said up to 5,000, revised to 3,100-3,800

U.S. News & World Report Oct 1, 2001 p. 39 "History's graveyard"
Andrew Curry. Of 16,000 English expedidition soldiers who fled Kabul,
only one wounded Army doctor survived in 1841

For Afghan boys - war Seattle Post Intelligencer Oct 2, 2001 "in 20
years of warfare, 1.5 million people have died" 70% is illiterate.

z53\clip\2001\10\cockburn.txt Cockburn and St. Clair: The Empire
Strikes Back October 9, 2001
By Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St Clair
Across ten years the Russians lost some 13,000 in Afghanistan, 33% due
to accidents, less than 1,000 per year.

@@Algerian War 1954-62

"As many as one million Algerians and 80,000 French soldiers and
civilians were killed in particularly savage fighting in Algeria's
successful bid for independence from metropolitan France" says Neil C.
Livingstone, authority on terrorism. "Modern Military Threats" Paul
Mann Aviation Week April 22, 2002 p. 56

@@Annapolis Graduates

15% of graduates of 1934-36 died in WWII - History Channel 1997

@@Armenia and Armenian Genocide

 Armenia, Karabagh,
the Armenian Genocide


National Geographic June 1978 1.5
million, 2/3 of Armenians in Turkish empire.

c:\doc\96\03\localarm.txt "Local Armenians recall dark period in
history" Seattle PI Arthur C. Gorelick f042696. In 1995, the
"Armenian Genocide" was the first 20th century attempt to wipe out an
entire people. 1.5 million Armenians perished, some starved, some
were towed on barges and sunk. Turkish government does not dispute
deaths, but refutes claim to "genocide"


"Pacific Holocaust" R. Ting Huang, Chair Pacific Holocaust
Commemoration Committee. Claims 30 million Asians were
killed in the Pacific Holocaust. (Asian WWII)

"The Proud Armenians" National Geographic June 1978 p. 846 Robert
Paul Jordan "In 1915, the Ottoman Empire, allied with the Cental
Powers, embarked on a mass deportation of its Armenian minority, some
of whom were collaborating with the enemy, Russia. Starvation and
mass executions killed two-thirds of the empire's Armenians" (That
would make it one of the most devastating exterminations as a
percentage of population)


\doc\web\99\07\allies.txt from 17 July to 2 August 1945, Winston
Churchill, Harry Truman, and Josef Stalin with Ivan Maisky and
others, finalized the division of the corpus of Germany planned at
Teheran and Yalta.  the entire populations of East Prussia, most of
Pomerania and Silesia, and the Germans in Poland, Czechoslovakia,
Hungary, Rumania and Yugoslavia were expelled, some 12 to 15 million
people.  "What ensued was the largest and most sweeping 'ethnic
cleansing' in history . . .About 2.1 million of these died from a
combination of war, hunger, cold and disease" (Bell-Fialkoff, A.  A
Brief History of Ethnic Cleansing, Foreign Affairs, Summer 1993,


\doc\web\97\07\boyaus.txt "Boycott Australia 2000" claims mass murder
[genocide] of 500,000 Aboriginal (black) people and the continued
theft of their lands. "

@@Azeri 1.1 million by Armenians?


China's Great Leap Forward FaminePakistan killed a million or
more in Bangladesh before it became independent (1970).

@@Berlin Airlift

Air & Space June/July 1998 p. 37 Heros Welcome 31 US Fatalities in
189,963 flights (you can add that to Karl Marx's tally too)
History Channel puts about 75 total US plus UK


Hey, things were rough back then I guess.


Joshua Chapter 6 As the horns blew, the people began to shout. When
they heard the signal horn, they raised a tremendous shout. The wall
collapsed, and the people stormed the city in a frontal attack and
took it.  21 They observed the ban by putting to the sword all living
creatures in the city: men and women, young and old, as well as oxen,
sheep and asses. 


Numbers Chapter 31
7They took the field against Midian, as the Lord had commanded Moses,
and slew every male. 14Moses became angry with the commanders ... You
have spared every female! 17Now, therefore, slay every male among the
children, and slay also every woman who has known a man carnally;
18but spare every young woman who has not had carnal relations with a
man. 32The amount of booty.. 35and a total of 32,000 human beings,
namely, the women who had not had carnal relations.

@@Biological Warfare

'79 accident shows anthrax's deadly power - Russians paint grim
picture of biological arms. Will England Baltimore Sun Seattle Times
Feb 22, 1998. Accidental outbreak of anthrax from a laboratory in
Sverdlovsk in 1979 killed at least 100, and as many as 1,000 or more.
Outbreak killed more men than women, and killed no children.

@@Black Death 

z49\clip\2001\04\blakdeat.txt Chronice of Higher Education From the
issue dated April 27, 2001 Studying the Black Death By NORMAN F.
CANTOR The plague, which hit England hardest in 1348-49, was the
greatest biomedical disaster in European, and possibly world,
history. In England alone, it killed roughly 40 percent of the
population; in Western Europe, at least a third of the population.
That meant that somewhere around 20 million people died from what was
called "the pestilence" (the term "Black Death" was not invented
until after 1800). The so-called "Spanish influenza" epidemic of 1918
killed at least 30 million people -- and probably far more -- but
that was a smaller proportion of the total population.

@@Boer War

History Channel Gold: 22,000 under 16 died of starvation or disease
in British concentration camps


%%London Blitz

Air Raid Precautions - The Blitz
There were 42 000 civilian deaths in the Blitz raids,
and almost half of those were in London. Further bombing raids took place ...
Sept 7 - May 1941 (9 months)
First Night: 7th/8th September 1940 430 killed 
16,000 seriously injured 
From 7th September 1940 to New Year's Day 1941 13,339 killed  
17,937 seriously injured. 
Night of May 10th/11th 1941 1,436 killed 
1,752 seriously injured 


Ethnically different migrant workers being slaughtered in Indonesian
Borneo.  From today's _Telegraph_ - International news. 3/23/99 \clip\99\09\borneo.htm 5,000
trapped in forest as tribal feud continues Link: Ethnic clashes leave
43 dead in Indonesia [18 Mar '99]: GANGS armed with muskets, spears
and swords roamed villages in Indonesian Borneo yesterday determined
to wipe out all trace of migrant workers who have become scapegoats
for the prevailing social and economic turmoil.  the gangs, made up
of indigenous ethnic Malays and Dayaks, continued their hunt for
Madurese migrants.

@@Cambodia "The Killing Fields"

Quite possibly the most gruesome mass self-genocide relative to
population in human history. 1.7 million, at least 20% of the
population. Thanks Karl. 

Khmer Advocates of West Hartford CT claims US bombing in 1969
approved by Nixon killed 600,000 people (about the population of
Seattle proper - did they even have that many people living in these
areas???) (Asian Week Nov 21,2002 Sophia Hanifan)

z40\clip\2000\04\cambod.txt International Herald Tribune Paris,
Tuesday, April 18, 2000 25 Years Ago, Phnom Penh Fell - 10 Months
Later, I Escaped By Sichan Siv

The following was on the front page of the Seattle Times:
b17m&date=20000417&query=khmer+students Local News : Monday, April 17,
Slowly, Cambodians speak out:  Local students seek healing, 
understanding 25 years after brutal Khmer Rouge uprising 
by Jeff Hodson

\clip\96\04\skelcrum.txt Date: Mon, 16 Sep 1996 15:59:30 -0400 From: (NewsHound) As Skeletons Crumble, Khmer Rouge
Leaders May Escape Trial By PATRICK McDOWELL Associated Press Writer
Etcheson estimates 2 million Cambodians died during the Khmer Rouge
regime -- about a quarter of the population at the time.

\clip\96\02\kmerbrek.txt 8/16/96 Khmer Rouge Breakup May Not End
Cambodia's Troubles By PATRICK McDOWELL Associated Press Writer

\clip\96\02\khmrhist.txt Date: Fri, 16 Aug 1996 17:43:24 -0400 Major
Events Involving Khmer Rouge Since Armed Struggle Began in 1967 By
The Associated Press

\priv\96b\08\timor.txt Noam Chaomsky estimates 650,000 cambodians
killed in bombing campaign

\clip\96\02\khmrdead.txt Date: Fri, 16 Aug 1996 17:43:25 -0400 Few
Firm Numbers on Dead from Khmer Rouge Genocide: 3,000? 2 Million?
500,000 died in bombing campaign. 1M was old official estimate, now
perhaps 2 million or 25% of population based on grave survey

\priv\96\20\kmerkill.txt Report: Khmer Rouge May Have Killed More
than Previously Thought NEW YORK 7 Jun 1996 (AP) -- The number of
people killed by the Khmer Rouge between 1975 and 1979 could be
double the figure of one million previously thought, The New York
Times reported in its Friday editions.

June 6, 1996 WASHINGTON (AP) -- Pol Pot, whose reign of terror in
Cambodia two decades ago left more than 1 million people dead,
appears to be terminally ill and near death, informed U.S. officials
said today. \priv\96\20\potdead.txt

\priv\96\20\polpot.txt San Jose Mercury News Jun 6, 1996 "Khmer Rouge
leader Pol Pot still alive, guerrilla says" Estimates of deaths under
Khmer rule from executions, ill-treatment, hunger and disease run
from the hundreds of thousands to several million.


"It is estimated that the Tophet contains the remains of over 200,000
children who were sacrificed over a 200 year period".  "Carthage, The
City That Nearly Toppled Rome" Awake Nov 8, 2001


The #1 human catatrophe of the 20th century was the Great Leap
Forward Famine, due to the policies of Mao, the only man who can
better Stalin in sheer human deaths. The Chinese also suffered during
WWII and the Korean wars, evidently Chinese history is liberally
sprinkled with massive bloodshed on the scale of tens of millions,
unmatched in the less organized West.

Mongol Rule ?
Taiping Rebellion 30M
Great Leap Forward 30M
Warlord Zhang 20M
Great Wall of China 8M (Discovery Secrets of the Great Wall)

%%Great Wall
3M people built the Qin wall, 70% of the population at the time
The death toll in the building of the first Great Wall was
astounding: More than a million people died building this 3,000 mile
section more than 300 people per mile. 

FEW STARVE IN CHINA TODAY BUT...  China salutes 'earth-shaking
changes' AP Seattle Post Intelligencer Oct 1, 1999 p. A11 Mao may
have caused 30M deaths due to famine during early 60's, but pop up
from 540M in 1949 to 1.25B in 1998. Life exp is up from 35 to 71.
Infant mortality down from 20-25% down to 3.3%. Illiteracy down from
60 down to 12. Farmer income up from $10 to $261 (isn't income
supposed to go down, not up with population?), city $655 a year. 20
yrs ago, 250M in dire poverty now 42M.

Is this from Mao's China or the NCTM
standards?? "Hungry Ghosts" by Jasper Becker (The Free Press,
1996, ISBN 0-684-83457-X.)  It is very relevant to today's
educational and political situation. The book describes the
1958--1962 man-made famine which took place in the Chinese
countryside in which at least 30 million people perished.For a long
time, the events were covered up, ignored, or assumed to have been
caused by a natural disaster. 

Taiping rebellion 10s of millions
Mongol rule up to 50% population reduction The notorious warlord
Zhang Xianzhong (mid-17th century) seems to have set out to
exterminate the entire civilian population of that part of China he
ruled (modern Sichuan Province, pop. at that time probably 20m) and
largely succeeded.

Taiping Rebellion see For
reference, another significant human die-off of a similar nature
(famine, conflict) is the Taiping Rebellion of the 19th century.  The
estimates here also vary widely, but I would put it at around 30
million people, also.  From: Cris Fitch 
    One source for a 20m number is Jonathan Spence's book
"God's Chinese Son - the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of Hong Xiuquan"
    I'm having problems finding my written sources for the
30m number, but I do remember reading that the census
taken before and after the period shows a difference of
upwards of 60m people (410m => 350m).

Pretty interesting and tragic story behind that upheaval.
And again, thanks for updating the links.
- Cris Fitch

History of the gun - 6m dead taiping rebellion


From: drydem 
Newsgroups: soc.culture.korean,soc.culture.asian.american,soc.culture.china
Subject: Re: China: The Land of Cannibalism
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 08:57:12 GMT
posts these finds:
Cannibalism in China
The Chinese Cultural Revolution famine induced Cannibalism
Scarlet Memorial: Tales of Cannibalism in Modern China
Zheng Yi,  Zheng I, and  Ross Terrill
Westview Press. (c) November  1997.ISBN: 0813326168
The author, "a Chinese journalist who recently emigrated to the
UnitedStates, . . . {describes here} incidents of cannibalism that
allegedly occurred in Guangxi Province during the Great Proletariat
Cultural Revolution (1966-76). Zheng Yi examined official documents and
interviewed officials and relatives of the victims. Aside from the
specific incidents, . . . he also writes of his personal anguish in
being part of a nation and culture that would allowsuch incidents to
occur." (Libr J) Index.
Pro-Life activist accusation of Chinese of eating
fetuses appears to be an extension of objections to
using fetal tissue for medical research...

\images\98\01\011398\eat1.tif Eat People - A Chinese Reckoning
Commentary July 1997 Arthur Waldron Mao-led Chinese communists killed
people and ate their organs, more recently are harvesting organs from
prisoners. Fun stuff.

\clip\96\02\japnchem.txt China asks for chem warfare reparations.

\clip\96\02\germwarf.txt Newshound 12 Aug 1996 evidence for Japanese
'germ warfare' found in China

\priv\96\20\chemwar.txt Japanese Army killed 94,000 Chinese in WWII
with chemical weapons.

\priv\96\04\chemweap.txt  Date: Wed, 12 Jun
1996 Japanese chemical weapons victimized 94,000 Chinese. They were
used against troops and at least 10,000 civilians.

\priv\96\17\cultrev.txt Interpress (IPS) May 14, 1996 China: The
Cultural Revolution That Officially Never Took Place 1 million died
during the cultural revolution, as many as 20 million died during the
famine of the Great Leap Forward, but there is little record that it
ever took place in China.

China's Great Leap Forward Famine Cris A Fitch
Excellent compilation on the #1 human catastrophe of all time.

\priv\96\16\chinamn.txt Title: Amnesty abuses China human-rights
abuses By Daniel J. Shepard ) Earth Times News Service There were
3200 death sentences handed out in 1995, and 2100 executions. Amnesty
claims the penalty is used arbitrarily

\doc\95\11\wwiidet.wk1 WWII casualties
 World War II deaths by Country
 Source: US News and World Report August 28, 1989
 Basic Data: World Military and Social Expenditures, 1987-88
 Allies            Total        Civilian     Military     % Civ
 China               2,200,000      840,000    1,350,000     38.2%

\doc\95\11\chindeat.txt - 35 milion chinese deaths in
WWII by this estimate.


It was estimated that 250,000 Chinese were killed in retaliation for
the Dolittle Raids (citation by memory from article on the raids in
an aviation magazine), about the same as the Hiroshima bombings.

"soldiers swept southward from Shanghai in a massive manhunt,
scorching the earth behind them, and slaughtering a quarter of a
million Chinese peasants" Four Came Home, Carroll V. Glines Pictoral
Histories Publishing company 1966


"Germ-war plan in Japan" Nicholas D. Kristof (NY Times) Seattle PI
March 17, 1995 A23 Estimates are that 200,000 Chinese were killed in
Japanese germ warfare experiments


z45\doc\web\2000\10\mong30.txt said 10/2000 on
soc.culture.china: "Though Mongols slaughtered some 30 million
chinese, chinese people today still regard Mongol rulers with
respect, b'cos they helped to reunifiy "

%%Rape of Nanjing 300,000 chinese killed, 20,000 raped.
Pictures of disembowled people, arm and heads hacked off, piles of
bodies of women and children, etc. Fun stuff.

@@Civil War (United States)

Common figure is around 600,000, but new study puts it closer
to 750,000

Historian revises estimate of Civil War dead
June 6th, 2011
The Civil War--already considered the deadliest conflict in
American history--in fact took a toll far more severe than
previously estimated. That's what a new analysis of census data by
Binghamton University historian J. David Hacker reveals.
Hacker says the war's dead numbered about 750,000, an estimate
that's 20 percent higher than the commonly cited figure of 620,000.
His findings will be published in December in the journal Civil War

 Casualties of
the Civil Warcost the lives of 618,000 soldiers , nearly an entire
generation. Deaths not only resulted from battles, but were also due
to disease and poor living conditions.  \clip\97\04\caswar.txt

Civil War
A savage war that split the country in half, the Civil War cost the
United States over 600,000 lives, and led to over 1,000,000


What is the Museum of Communism?
   The Museum of Communism is an online, "virtual" museum that provides
   historical, economic, and philosophical analysis of the political
   movement known as Communism; it may be found on the World Wide Web at

Museum of Communism FAQ by Bryan Caplan
Vietnam: Thousands among the most educated and brightest Vietnamese were wiped
out in the years 1945 to 1947 that it took the communists to firmly
establish their power. By all accounts several hundred thousand
people perished during the 1953-1956 period
N. Korea: Extrapolating Soviet or Chinese death rates to Kim's regime
makes it extremely likely that he is responsible for one million or
more innocent deaths.

\clip\97\27\100mil.txt 100 MILLION DEAD FROM COMMUNISM "The Book of
Communist Crimes by co-author Stephane Courtois" Perspectives Column
from Nov. 12 issue of Wednesday on the Web Loathing Liberals By Phil
Brennan Wednesday on the Web


Matthew White
Roger Casement's original 1904 report estimated that as many as 3
million Congolese had died of disease, torture or shooting since 1888
Adam Hochschild (Leopold's Ghost, (1998)): 10 million, or half the
original population. 

@@conventional warfare

"Ban the Bomb - Make the World Safe For Conventional Warfare" -
Common restroom graffitti.

\doc\95\11\keepbomb.txt "Keep the Bomb" Alex roland (Duke University)
Technology Review August / Sept 1995 p. 67

In the Roman Empire, only 0.07 to 0.36% casualties
Soviet Union in WWII suffered 14% dead

Deaths due to warfare by century
Ruth Sival, "World Military and Social Expenditures"
16th 1.5M
17th 6.2M
18th 6.4M
19th 20M
20th 103M (as of '95)
86% before 1950

The rate for the 1st half of the 20th century is the safest
since before 1850


Direct cost of war, in billions of 2002 dollars
 % GNP
Revolutionary War      $2.2   63%
War of 1812            $1.1   13%
Mexican War            $1.6    3%
Civil War             $61    104%
Spanish American       $9.6    3%
World War I          $190.6   24%
World War II       $2,896.3  130%
Korean War           $335.9   15%
Vietnam War          $494.3   12%
Gulf War I            $76.1    1%
*Gulf War II           $51.9    0.5%
* cost so far, plus $3.9B per month
Source: Commerce Dept, William D. Nordhaus
from Chart "Cost of America's Wars" Investor's Business Daily A16 July 23, 2003


From Necrometrics

Crusades (1095-1291) 3 000 000 [make link] ?Estimated totals: ¦Robertson, John M., A Short History of Christianity (1902) p.278: 9,000,000 
¦Aletheia, The Rationalist's Manual: 5,000,000
 ¦Henry William Elson, Modern Times and the Living Past, (1921) p. 261: 5,000,000
 ¦Om Prakesh Jaggi, Religion, Practice and Science of Non-violence, (1974) p. 40: "The crusades cost Europe five million young men"
 ¦Fielding Hudson Garrison, Notes on the History of Military Medicine, Association of Military Surgeons, (1922) p. 106: 3,000,000 total, incl. 2,000,000 Europeans
 ¦MEDIAN: 3 million
 ¦Philip Alexander Prince, Parallel universal history, an outline of the history and biography of the world divided into ... (1838) p.207: "Although two million souls perished in the Crusades..."
 ¦Charles Mackay, Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds (1841): 2,000,000 Europeans killed. []
 ¦Wertham: 1,000,000
 ¦John Shertzer Hittell, A Brief History of Culture (1874) p.137: "In the two centuries of this warfare one million persons had been slain..."

 ?Individual Events: ¦Davies: Crusaders killed up to 8,000 Jews in Rhineland
 ¦Paul Johnson A History of the Jews (1987): 1,000 Jewish women in Rhineland comm. suicide to avoid the mob, 1096.
 ¦Gibbon, Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, v.5, 6 ¦1st Crusade: 300,000 Eur. k at Battle of Nice [Nicea].
 ¦Crusaders vs. Solimon of Roum: 4,000 Christians, 3,000 Moslems 
¦1098, Fall of Antioch: 100,000 Moslems massacred.
 ¦50,000 Pilgrims died of disease.
 ¦1099, Fall of Jerusalem: 70,000 Moslems massacred.
 ¦ Siege of Tiberias: 30,000 Christians k.
 ¦ Siege of Tyre: 1,000 Turks
 ¦ Richard the Lionhearted executes 3,000 Moslem POWs.
 ¦ 1291: 100,000 Christians k after fall of Acre.
 ¦ Fall of Christian Antioch: 17,000 massacred.
 ¦[TOTAL: 677,000 listed in these episodes here.]

 ¦Catholic Encyclopedia (1910) [] ¦Jaffa: 20,000 Christians massacred, 1197

 ¦Sorokin estimates that French, English & Imperial German Crusaders lost a total of 3,600 in battle. ¦1st C (1096-99): 400
 ¦2nd C (1147-49): 750
 ¦3rd C (1189-91): 930
 ¦4th C (1202-04): 120
 ¦5th C (1228-29): 600
 ¦7th C (1248-54): 700

 ¦James Trager, The People's Chronology (1992) ¦1099: Crusaders slaughter 40,000 inhabs of Jerusalem. Dis/starv reduced Crusaders from 300,000 to 60,000.
 ¦1147: 2nd Crusades begins with 500,000. "Most" lost to starv./disease/battle.
 ¦1190: 500 Jews massacred in York.
 ¦1192: 3rd Crusade reduced from 100,000 to 5,000 through famine, plagues and desertions in campaign vs Antioch.
 ¦1212: Children's Crusade loses some 50,000.
 ¦[TOTAL: Just in these incidents, it appears the Europeans lost around 650,000.]



Book cited by Kirby Wilbur KVI 4/2000
20% of Cuban population have fled into exile
100,000 have attempted to leave by boat
30% have died trying
42 drowned by Cuban Coast Guard ramming attack
4 killed in downing of civilian planes
bay of pigs 90 killed by castro forces


z41\clip\2000\05\cubad.txt The Wall Street Journal May 5, 2000 A
Firsthand Account Of Child Abuse, Castro Style


2,043 Italy Langarone landslide spills water 1960s TLC Collapse

@@Desert Storm (Gulf War)

     * 697,000 servicemembers served in the Southwest Asia theater of
       operations during Operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm.
     * The American Legion has over 45,000 Gulf War veterans among its


Steve Sailer: Jared Diamond's "3rd Chimpanzee" has a gruesome but
informative map showing genocides by order of magnitude of the number
of victims. 


Parade (a Sunday magazine supplement) listed a "Top Ten" of the world's
1. Kim Jong II
2. Fahd and Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
3. Saddam
4. Charles Taylor, Liberia
5. Than Shwe, Burma
6. Teodoro Obiang Nguema, Equitorial Guinea
7. Saparmurad Niyazov, Turkmenistan
8. Al-Qaddafi
9. Castro
10. Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus

Boiling under the top ten: Omar al-Bashir, Sudan; Mugabe; Bashar Al-Assad,
Syria; leaders of People's Revolutionary Party, Laos.

Hu Jintao of China has not had enough at-bats to be rated.
Not rated: Mugabe / Zimbabwe
Thanks to Steven Goldberg


HIROSHIMA JUSTIFIED, DRESDEN WAS NOT z45\clip\2000\09\dresden.txt Why
Agonize Over Hiroshima, Not Dresden?  The Los Angeles Times August
30th 2000 By ERNEST W. LEFEVER Why do some Americans feel guilty
about our justified bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which
immediately killed 120,000 Japanese (some estimates are significantly
higher), and not about the unjustified bombing of Dresden, which
killed 135,000 Germans? The atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki led to
surrender 5 days later. Nothing similar can be said about the
firebombing of Dresden. If it could, I'd agree that Arthur "Bomber"
Harris deserves his memorial

"Dresden's grief surfaces 50 years later" Seattle Times Jan 27, 1995
p. 1. The bombing of Feb 13-14 1945 caused an estimated 70,000
deaths, comparable to Hiroshima. But the Germans partly blame their
war effort rather than being pure victims.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, US News and world Report 35,000 dead

@@East Timor

\priv\96b\08\timor.txt Naom Chomsky compares E.Timor to US backed
genocide like Cambodia.


suggest that it makes *more* sense to suggest that a belief in
equality leads to genocide.  Look at history.  The Armenians, Jews,
Chinese in Malaysia and Indonesia - wherever a group more talented
than the indigenous population has out-achieved you can find examples
of genocidal actions


Information about Influenza
By  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 
as posted on 11/2003
Mortality associated with pandemics:
1918-19 "Spanish flu" A(H1N1) -- Caused the highest known
influenza-related mortality: approximately 500,000 deaths occurred in
the United States, 20 million worldwide 
1957-58 "Asian flu" A(H2N2) -- 70,000 deaths in the United States 
1968-69 "Hong-Kong flu" A(H3N2) -- 34,000 deaths in the United States


the Paris massacre (October 17, 1961; 100-200 Algerians killed and
dumped in the Seine).

@@Gengis Khan
@@Khan, Gengis

2/2002 notes "..greatest killer of all time. With the world
population at about 2000m Stalin and Mao killed about 1-3% each.
Ghengis Khan killed somewhere between 20-40m people on a population
of about 300-400m. So he claims the maximum at about 10% of the total
world population.  "



z48\clip\2001\02\leben.txt The Telegraph [London] ISSUE 2102 Sunday
25 February 2001 Norwegian government sued over children Nazis left
behind By Tony Paterson and Allan Hall in Berlin "The plight of the
estimated 12,000 children born to Norwegian women but fathered by
Germans under the Nazis' infamous lebensborn racial purity programme"
"Most of the victims were products of the Nazi SS leader Heinrich
Himmler's lebensborn or "fountain of life" policy, which actively
promoted sexual relations between German troops and women classed as
true Aryans - such as the Norwegians. The children conceived were
taken from their mothers to be raised as "racially pure" citizens for
the Third Reich.  "


A&E Foot Soldier Of 3 million german prisoners taken by Russians,
only 90,000 came back

<../97/02/cathjew.txt>Andy Beyerclaims he has accurate German
casualty figures from WWII (note, I haven't found much to counter
these yet)

Considering that the German victims of the Dresden fire bombing were
400,000 to 500,000 puts this in some persepctive.  Consider that

1,000,000 Germans died from aerial bombardment
3,000,000 died in the deportation of some 15 millions Germans from eastern
Germany (Prussia, Silesia, etc.), Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavi
a, and Rumania (their names and addresses are all very carefully and meticul
written down in the German Federal Archives in the monumental study complete
in 1968 on the German victims of the war)
800,000 Germans starved to death in the lean years of 1945-1949
1,700,000 German POW's were deliberatley murdered after the war (500,000 by
the Soviets, 250,000 by the Yugoslavs, and 1,000,000 by the Americans and
French - the numbers were dug up from the "Other Losses" column of US Army
reports on POW numbers by James Bacque, and from the opened Soviet Archives)

3,000,000 Germans died in the service of their country

caveat - this guy appears to be very pro-German, I have not verified this

OVERALL DEATH RATE OF GERMAN PRISONERS IS LOW June 2001 says: Albert Cowdrey of the Department of
the Army's Center of Military History reported to the conference, the
overall death rate among German prisoners was 1 percent. Mr.
Cowdrey's conclusion, strongly supported by another conference
participant, Maj. Ruediger Overmans of the German Office of Military
History in Freiburg (who is writing the final volume of the official
German history of the war), is that the total death by all causes of
German prisoners in American hands could not have been greater than
56,000.  Nick spencer 


Alexander Cockburn Heavily armed squads nothing new April 27, 2000
Seattle Times "In Guatemala, the generals reportedly instructed by
the CIA, killed around 200,000.  In Columbia, a US trained military
officer massacred a bunch of villagers with a chain saw"


Colt to test prototype of 'smart' handgun. michael Derby Seattle
Times July 25, 1998 p. a3. 10,000 accidental injuries / deaths,
26,000 intentonal shootings / suicide


February 02, 2004
244 killed in Muslim-pilgrim stampede
By Karl Vick
The Washington Post
...highest since 1997, when 340 pilgrims were killed in a fire in
their tent city in Mina In 2001 a stampede claimed 35 lives. In 1998
the death toll was 180.  In 1990, 1,426 pilgrims were crushed in a
pedestrian tunnel in Mecca.


"Heat victims overwhelm morgues" Seattle Times Aug 16, 2003 p. A15
Many of victims, generally elderly died of dehydration heat stroke
where many homes and offices lack air conditioning. Families may have
to wait 10-15 extra days for burial.


z48\clip\2001\03\headhunt.txt Monday, February
26, 2001 Head-hunting revival a gruesome legacy of Soeharto's failed
experiment The return to ancient and bloody practises by the Dayaks
of Borneo is linked to years of being marginalised by Madurese
migrants, writes Louise Williams. 


Indian Hindus complain of genocides committed by Muslims.

Hindu Holocaust Museum

"The massacres perpetrated by Muslims in India are unparalleled in
history, bigger than the holocaust of the Jews by the Nazis; or the
massacre of the Armenians by the Turks; more extensive even than the
slaughter of the South American native populations by the invading
Spanish and Portuguese."  iii- Francois Gautier

ABSTRACT It is well known that the 1971 army repression in Bangla
Desh (former East Pakistan) resulted in an influx of 10 million
refugees into India. Most world renowned relief and news agencies put
the number of dead at 3 million. ..  that 80 percent of the refugees
from Bangla Desh were Hindus and that 80 percent of the 3 million

Holocaust of Hindus during Muslim rule in India


Why Agonize Over Hiroshima, Not Dresden?
from The Los Angeles Times
August 30th 2000
Why do some Americans feel guilty about our justified bombing of
Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which immediately killed 120,000 Japanese (some
estimates are significantly higher), and not about the unjustified bombing
of Dresden, which killed 135,000 Germans?

\clip\96\02\hiro51.txt 5 Aug 1996 (NewsHound)
80,000 people died instantly in the blast, and the death toll rose to
more than 140,000 by the end of 1945.

\clip\96\02\korehiro.txt Date: Mon, 5 Aug 1996 From: (NewsHound) Koreans mourn for A-bombed
compatriots More than 20,000 Koreans are thought to have been exposed
to the bombing in Hiroshima, may of whom died immediately or soon
after the blast.

"Amnesaia: Forgetting VJ Day" The New Republic 9/18/95 p. 14 Morton
Keller says we should be celebrating the end of massive war, not
regretting the bombing of Hiroshima.

\priv\95\10\atomwipe.txt -  4.1 square miles of the Japanese city of
Hiroshima 60 per cent of the city had been destroyed. Hiroshima, on
the Inland Sea, had a built-up area 6.9 square miles and a pre-war
population of 343.000. Equivalent to 2,000 B-29s. citydeat.txt,
2ndbomb.txt about nagasaki. kokura.txt city missed

\priv\95\11\hirodeat.txt, \priv\95\10\poltmem.txt (complete)
"Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and the Politics of Memory"
John W. Dower. Technology Review Aug/Sept 95 p. 48

Japanese estimates 140,000 Hiroshima, 70,000 Nagasaki
deaths within months, double US estimates shortly
after the bombs were dropped. Total deaths are now
estimated by government at 300-350,000

Total US combat deaths in Pacific were 100,000, fewer
than Japanese civilians, but double US in Vietnam.

Japanese estimates:
6,500 to 10,000 Koreans
1,000 Japanese-Americans
Hundreds of Chinese
Some western prisoners
Two dozen caucasian American POWs survived the
bombing to be killed in vengenence by Japanese

c:\priv\95\10\keepbomb.htm - Alex Roland "Keep the Bomb" Deaths due to
war have fallen dramatically since WWII and the bomb.

Ron Takaki (Hiroshima, Why America Dropped the Bomb)  thinks Byrnes
pushed Truman, the military all believed the bomb was not neccesary,
therefore it was out of racism against the Japanese, or to get the
Russians, or to be masculine (why do you think they called it a
_virgin_ target? Why did they name the bomber after the guy's
mother?) Says Dresden was in just retaliation for Europe bombing, but
doesn't mention the Japanese had no bases or planes which could hit
America, and did bomb the !@#$% of China. \priv\95\10\adiscuss.htm Why
did America kill 100,000 Japanese in a fire-bombing raid less than 10
hours before the surrender, less that 10 hours after Nagasaki? Why
did America use two bombs, instead of one?  Why civilian areas? It's
proof of racism and genocide he has to deal with growing up. Jason
Rabbitt-Tomita, 18yrs. old, Seattle, Wa., hapa yonsei. 

"Truman, the bomb, and what was neccesary" Seattle Times 8/6/95 p. 1 -By July 1945, 290,000 American servicemen had been killed, 630,000 wounded -Over Tokyo, 16 square miles were destroyed, 100,000 were killed, 1M homless (out of several million?) the last aircrews complained of smell of burning flesh -Over 9 days, 32 more square miles of Japanese cities were reduced to ashes and 150,000 more were killed. -On Aug 13, after the nuclear attacks, 1,000 planes dropped another 12 million pounds = 6MT of bombs in one last raid. (12,000 lb per plane) = or 1/4 the 20 KT hiroshima blast. (20 KT = 40,000 x 1000 = 40,000,000 lb) "Hiroshima: Tears, prayers, and lanterns" (AP) SPI 8/7/95 140,000 died total over a six-month period, half of the wartime population. All bomb-related deaths are believed to now number 192,000 (If Tokyo had 1 million people, 100,000 deaths would be less than 1/10) "Bombing destroys Japan's cities" Seattle Times 8/6/95 p. L1 From March to August 1945 US conventional bombing killed 300,000, destroyed 2 million buildings, left 13 million homeless .Hiroshima killed 70-100,000, Nagasaki killed over 25,000 immediately "Events hastened end of war" 100,000 killed in Tokyo firestorm. Okinawa killed 175,000 , 12,500 American, 120,000 Japanese and 42,000 civilians \doc\95\10\hirobomb.txt "Was it neccesary? Debate itself becomes explosive" Seattle Post Intelligencer 8/3/95 p. 1 Hiroshima (8/6/45) caused 80,000 immediate deaths, 140,000 within a year. Nagasaki (8/9/45) caused 35,000 and 70,000 total. Plus 100,000 after nuclear bombs = 300 + 210 + 100 = 610,000 killed by B29 raids, only 1/3 by nuclear weapons. How can you say it was militarily unjustified to drop bombs that killed 200,000 civilians when we had already killed 300,000 by explosion and fire, and that WAS considered justified? \priv\95\09\whybomb.txt - Why the US dropped the bomb. @@Hitler Perhaps the most hated man of the 20th century, tried to conquer the west, and most of the rest of the world. Killed a bunch of people, especially hated by Jews who were at the top of his hate list, but everybody else hates him too. Killed 30 million during WWII @@Holocaust (Jewish term for Nazi German WWII exterminations) %%Black BLACK VICTIMS OF NAZI HOLOCAUST \clip\98\12\blackhol.txt This text is also available at Uncovering the Black German Holocaust Review by Delroy Constantine-Simms University of Essex %%General Musem of Tolerance Learning Center The Simon Wiesenthal Center 70 gigibytes of material, go wild. 40% of Jews lost their lives during WWII " It is the symbol that Jews were required to wear during WWII, a war in which 40% of the Jewish population lost their lives during the Holocaust."> Judaism From Ignorance to Tolerance to Respect Darlene %%Revisionist Revionists actually range from total denial to lower estimates of deaths than 6 million and questions about the specific design and purpose of some of the death camps. <../97/02/cathjew.txt>Andy Beyerdisputes catholic guilt and official 6 million dead figure with detailed figure on his own. Who IS this guy? "In the June 13,1946 issue, in an article entitled, "Wie hoch is die Zahl der Judische Opfer" - "How high is the number of Jewish victims?" they did some similar math and came up with a maximum number of victims of 1,500,000. As more information has come to light, this has allowed a more precise figure to be arrived at which is around 300,000 to 500,000 in a war which claimed the lives of some 35,000,000 Europeans. " @@Ireland From: Josef Barton Interpreting the Irish Famine More than a million people died of starvation and disease during the Great Famine in Ireland from 1845 to 1850. Another million and a half fled the country in "coffin ships," immigrating to the United States, Australia, and other countries. Liz Szabo, a graduate student at the University of Virginia, created the site as part of her research into 19th-century cultural issues. * World-Wide Web: --Deirdre Ryan "The Irish Famine of 1846-50 took as many as one million lives from hunger and disease, and changed the social and cultural structure of Ireland in profound ways" "The combined forces of famine, disease and emigration depopulated the island; Ireland's population dropped from 8 million before the Famine to 5 million years after."[from ACADEME TODAY] @@Iran %%Executions z48\clip\2001\02\iranex.txt electronic telegraph 2081 Sunday 4 February 2001 Khomeini fatwa 'led to killing of 30,000 in Iran' By Christina Lamb, Diplomatic Correspondent CHILDREN as young as 13 were hanged in a barbaric two-month purge of Iran's prisons on the direct orders of Ayatollah Khomeini, according to a new book by his former deputy. More than 30,000 political prisoners were executed in the 1988 massacre @@Iran-Iraq War The Iran-Iraq War: Roots, Conduct and Prospects Michael E. Dobe IR: US Diplomacy October 31, 1986 On September 22, 1986, the six year anniversary of the Gulf War, the New York Times estimated conservatively that 100,000 Iraqis and 200,000 Iranians had died in the war. @@Iraq 150,000 CIA high military deaths estimate 1991 100,000 indirect civilian deaths 1991 30,000 low military estimate 1991 7,207 Hi 2003 Iraq Body Count research group 5,534 Lo civilian 2,278 civilian direct deaths 1991 14 April 2000 US/UK air strikes %%Hussein, Saddam *Approaching 2 million 150-340k iraqis 450-730k Iranians in Iran-Iraq war 100,000 Kurds disappeared 5,000 killed in gas attacks 1,000 Kuwait 1500-200,000 gulf war casualties War Against Iraq April 2003 abcd publishing %%Military 150,000 Iraqis were estimated to have been killed in Desert Storm by the CIA. Most were thought to have been killed by B-52 raids "Wings" Discovery Channel, B-52 (this is way high, less than 30,000 is more like it) MORE LIKELY TO BE KILLED BY GUNFIRE IN IRAQ THAN IN DC Insider Scoop-By: Gina Hollenbeck Big Tex - Friday Factoid FACT: There have been an average of 160,000 troops in theater during the last 22 months; that gives a firearm death rate of 60 per 100,000. The rate in Washington, D.C. is 80.6 per 100,000. CONCLUSION : We should immediately pull out of Washington, D.C.?? %%Civilian 7,207 Hi 2003 Iraq Body Count research group 5,534 Lo civilian 2003 CIVILIAN TOLL 5-7,000 Seattle Times June 14, 2003 p. A5 "Iraqi civilian death toll topped 5000, research group says" based on hospital and mortuary counts, witnesses, relatives. according to Anglo-American research group Iraq Body Count. [sounds realistic to me, still no count of military, claimed to be in 10s of thousands?] z40\clipim\2000\04\10\strikes.efx Seattle Times April 3, 2000 p. A15 "Around the World" buried in 4 inch column: 14 civilians die in air strikes; U.S. says Iraq fired on planes Iraq military claims 14 civilians dead and 19 injured Wash Post "Fog of War" 9/98 \clip\98\12\collat95.doc "Collateral Damage" and Iraqi Civilian Deaths During Operation Desert Storm William M. Arkin August 1995 (Edition 2) This report specifies incidents of civilian "collateral damage" and civilian deaths and injuries from 17 January 1991-28 February 1991 Source: Iraqi civil defense authorities. Houses destroyed 8347 injured 5976 deaths 2278. Indirect excess deaths after the war thought to be 100,000 due to destruction of power and transportation. Detailed breakdown, attack by attack and house by house of all collateral damage incidents. %%US war 2003 "Aggression Against Iraq" Translation of Russian Intelligence reports @@Islam List of attacks According to the site: More people are killed by Islamists each year than in all 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition combined. (source) Islamic terrorists murder more people every day than the Ku Klux Klan has in the last 50 years. (source) More civilians were killed by Muslim extremists in two hours on September 11th than in the 36 years of sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland. (source) 19 Muslim hijackers killed more innocents in two hours on September 11th than the number of American criminals executed in the last 65 years. (source) Thursday, June 16, 2011 Islam: 270 Million Bodies in 1400 Years Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI). FP: Can you touch briefly on the history of political Islam? Warner: The history of political Islam starts with Mohammed’s immigration to Medina. From that point on, Islam’s appeal to the world has always had the dualistic option of joining a glorious religion or being the subject of political pressure and violence. After the immigration to Medina, Islam became violent when persuasion failed. Jihad entered the world. After Mohammed’s death, Abu Bakr, the second caliph, settled the theological arguments of those who wished to leave Islam with the political action of death by the sword. The jihad of Umar (the second caliph, a pope-king) exploded into the world of the unbelievers. Jihad destroyed a Christian Middle East and a Christian North Africa. Soon it was the fate of the Persian Zoroastrian and the Hindu to be the victims of jihad. The history of political Islam is the destruction of Christianity in the Middle East, Egypt, Turkey and North Africa. Half of Christianity was lost. Before Islam, North Africa was the southern part of Europe (part of the Roman Empire). Around 60 million Christians were slaughtered during the jihadic conquest. Half of the glorious Hindu civilization was annihilated and 80 million Hindus killed. The first Western Buddhists were the Greeks descended from Alexander the Great’s army in what is now Afghanistan. Jihad destroyed all of Buddhism along the silk route. About 10 million Buddhists died. The conquest of Buddhism is the practical result of pacifism. Zoarasterianism was eliminated from Persia. The Jews became permanent dhimmis throughout Islam. In Africa over 120 million Christians and animists have died over the last 1400 years of jihad. Approximately 270 million nonbelievers died over the last 1400 years for the glory of political Islam. These are the Tears of Jihad which are not taught in any school. %%Buddist 10 million Buddhists killed by Jihad Buddhists do not keep up with the history of war. Keep in mind that in jihad only Christians and Jews were allowed to survive as dhimmis (servants to Islam); everyone else had to convert or die. Jihad killed the Buddhists in Turkey, Afghanistan, along the Silk Route, and in India. The total is roughly 10 million. [David B. Barrett, Todd M. Johnson, World Christian Trends AD 30-AD 2200, William Carey Library, 2001, p. 230, table 4-1.] %%India "Jaladhi" opinion: Muslims tried their best to convert all Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains killing about 80 to 100 milion over a period of about 1000 years but could not succeed to force their religion on them Was There an Islamic "Genocide" of Hindus? Dr. Koenraad Els Hindus suffered such attempted extermination in East Bengal in 1971, when the Pakistani Army killed 1 to 3 million people, with Hindus as their most wanted target. This fact is strictly ignored in most writing about Hindu-Muslim relations, in spite (or rather because) of its serious implication that even the lowest estimate of the Hindu death toll in 1971 makes Hindus by far the most numerous victims of Hindu-Muslim violence in the post-colonial period. Nandan Vyas ("Hindu Genocide in East Pakistan", Young India, January 1995) has argued convincingly that the number of Hindu victims in the 1971 genocide was approximately 2.4 million, or about 80%. In comparing the population figures for 1961 and 1971, and taking the observed natural growth rhythm into account, Vyas finds that the Hindu population has remained stable at 9.5 million when it should have increased to nearly 13 million (13.23 million if the same growth rhythm were assumed for Hindus as for Muslims). Of the missing 3.5 million people (if not more), 1.1 million can be explained: it is the number of Hindu refugees settled in India prior to the genocide ...millions of Hindus disappeared by way of enslavement. After every conquest by a Muslim invader, slave markets in Bagdad and Samarkand were flooded with Hindus....Hindu slaves were converted to Islam, and when their descendants gained their freedom, they swelled the numbers of the Muslim community. It is a cruel twist of history that the Muslims who forced Partition on India were partly the progeny of Hindus enslaved by Islam. 80 million Hindus victim of Jihad Hindus Koenard Elst in Negationism in India gives an estimate of 80 million Hindus killed in the total jihad against India. [Koenard Elst, Negationism in India, Voice of India, New Delhi, 2002, pg. 34.] The country of India today is only half the size of ancient India, due to jihad. @@Jamestown Virginia \clip\98\08\treering.txt The Seattle Times Company Posted at 06:11 a.m. PDT; Friday, April 24, 1998 Tree rings reveal clues to mystery of missing colonists by Alexandra Witze The Dallas Morning News "Only 38 of the original 104 settlers were still alive after Jamestown's founding in 1607. Of 6,000 colonists sent between 1607 and 1625, about 4,800 died." @@Journalists JOURNALISTS IN IRAQ WAR MUCH MORE DANGEROUS THAN COMBAT z63\clip\2003\04\jourwar.txt THE NEW YORK TIMES April 8, 2003 11 Journalists Die in 21 Days of War By TIMOTHY L. O'BRIEN During the 43 days that comprised the Persian Gulf war in 1991, no journalists lost their lives in the conflict. In the current war in Iraq, now just 21 days old, 11 journalists have died, including three who were killed today in United States military strikes in Baghdad. [compared to about 100 coalition deaths] there were 20 journalists killed in 2002, the lowest number since it first began keeping a tally in 1985. @@Korean War Aviation Week Apr 16, 1997 p.l 95 UN 118,515 casualties 264591 wounded 92,982 captured US 33,629 casualties 103,284 wounded Communist 2 million dead South Korean civilians 3 million dead. (5 million) S KOREANS SAY US SOLDIERS HAD ORDERS TO SHOOT CIVILIANS IN MASSACRE Reports of massacre by U.S. troops in S. Korea Sang-Hun Choe, Charles Hanley, Martha Mendoza Associated Press Seattle Times Sept 30, 1999 p. 1 US soldiers were ordered not to allow civilians to cross line, were shot like fish in a bowl under a railroad bridge, hundreds killed, only other documented incident besides My Lai. Some were killed on bridges that were blown while refugees were crossing as well. Korean Conflict Casualties During the Korean Conflict, June 25, 1950 to July 27, 1953, the U.S. suffered 142,091 casualties including 33,629 deaths and 7,140 captured or interned. USAF losses were comparatively light, 1,841 casualties including 379 killed in action, 11 deaths from wounds, and 821 missing in action and presumed dead. In addition, it had 224 flyers who were captured or interned. till, USAF personnel survived much better than the overall average for U.S. forces. Only four of its 224 personnel died while in captivity, compared to total U.S. troop statistics of 2,701 men who died of 7,140 captured or interned. @@Kosovo Once part of Albania, autonomous part of Serbian dominated Yugoslavia which worked to drive out ethnic albanians in 1999 despite NATO air attacks. In Kosovo, history is a weapon. Seattle Times May 7, 1999 p. C1 Cameron McWhirter Detroit News \clip\99\12\kosovo.txt New York TIMES May 5, 1999 Ethnic Conflict in Kosovo Has Centuries-Old Roots By JANE PERLEZ WASHINGTON -- There can be few places in the world as small as Kosovo -- a swath of mountains, forests and plains the size of Connecticut -- where the arguments over ethnic development and history are seen so differently by its people. @@Laos Seattle Post Intelligencer July 8, 1998 Rebirth waited across the river The Hmong assisted the US armed forces. By war's end, a third of the population, and half of the men woyld be dead. They had little choice but to serve - they would beat you or put you in jail @@Lynchings z55\clip\2002\01\lynch.txt About Lynching Robert L. Zangrando Excerpted from a longer article in The Reader’s Companion to American History. Ed. Eric Foner and John A. Garraty. Copyright © 1991 by Houghton Mifflin Co. Between 1882 (when reliable statistics were first collected) and 1968 (when the classic forms of lynching had disappeared), 4,743 persons died of lynching, 3,446 of them black men and women. Mississippi (539 black victims, 42 white) led this grim parade of death, followed by Georgia (492, 39), Texas (352, 141), Louisiana (335, 56), and Alabama (299, 48). From 1882 to 1901, the annual number nationally usually exceeded 100; 1892 had a record 230 deaths (161 black, 69 white). Although lynchings declined somewhat in the twentieth century, there were still 97 in 1908 (89 black, 8 white), 83 in the racially troubled postwar year of 1919 (76, 7, plus some 25 race riots), 30 in 1926 (23, 7), and 28 in 1933 (24, 4). @@Kosovo Part of Yugoslavia that used to be part of albanians, and was still full of Albanians when Yugoslavia tried to kick everybody out and claim it for Serbians. History of Kosovo @@Mao Tse Tung Mao Tse Tung probably wins the title of most people directly killed by his policies in human history, and 2nd only to Karl Marx in terms of total killed due to his inspiration. But remember, at least the Chinese didn't starve (at least not counting the Great Leap Forward famine...) "The Ten-Year Holocaust" LANG Diaoyu \clip\97\16\tenyear.htm "Therefore, Chairman Mao Zedong, who directly initiated and commanded the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, must be rated as the Most Evil Person in All of History, and it is still a tragedy that many Chinese even Thirty Years Later are unwilling to accord him that dubious honor" "Why is North Korea Starving" Economist June 7, 1997 p. 35. North Korea isn't as bad as Stalin's starving of 8M or Mao's 30 million by poor policy, but when Chinese and Russian support collapsed, so did North Korean's food supply. F062697 MAO'S POLICIES MAY HAVE KILLED 80 MILLION Seattle Post-Intelligencer (c) 1994 Seattle Post-Intelligencer. All rts. reserv. November 24, 1994 By: Beth Duff-Brown The Associated Press Old government figures were 15 to 25 million deaths, now 60 to 80 million, plus cannibalism caused by great leap forward famine putting all emphasis on melting down metal and not growing food. "Because of not having full access to government documents, Zheng was never able to give an accurate number of how many people were cannibalized... in Wuxuan county, 64 people were eaten in 1968: 56 hearts and livers were eaten; 13 sets of genitals were consumed; and seven people were disemboweled while still alive." That makes Mao the greatest killer in human history. 7.7% of Anhui province starved or died. @@Marx, Karl Karl Marx may not have been a mass murderer, but he probably inspired more bloodshed than any man who ever lived. Total deaths due to war, famine, and executions due to world leaders who professed to be guided by Marx number at least 120 million. 60-80M Mao 1994 estimate 30M Stalin Purge / Famines 5M Korean War civ+mil (Aviation Week) 2M Vietnam war 1960-75 all sides 2M Cambodia "Killing Fields (TM) Pol Pot ('96) ----------------------------------------------------- 119M Partial Total "Can Cambodia Be Saved?" Newswwek June 30, 1997 "Pol Pot is (one hopes) the last of the awful 20th century dictators whose fantastic bloodshed was inspired by the teachings of Karl Marx, Lenin - Stalin - Mao - Pol Pot. \clip\97\27\100mil.txt 100 MILLION DEAD FROM COMMUNISM "The Book of Communist Crimes by co-author Stephane Courtois" Perspectives Column from Nov. 12 issue of Wednesday on the Web Loathing Liberals By Phil Brennan Wednesday on the Web @@Mass Spree Killings $2.50 z40\clipim\2000\04\10\spree\spree.htm They Threaten, Seethe and Unhinge, Then Kill in Quantity Ford Fessenden New York Times April 9, 2000 102 killers in 100 rampage attacks since 1949. 425 killed, 510 injured, mostly in 1990s. Asians are the least likely to murder overall, but are over-represented as spree killers. Asian American Spree Killers - Age/Killed/Wounded Gang Lu 28/5/1 Wayne Lo 18/2/4 Tuan Nguyen 29/3/2 Katusuyuki Nishi 53/2/3 Dung Trinh 43/3/0 Bryan K. Uyesugi 40/7/0 More likely to be white Spree 71W 19B 2H 8A/Other Overall Murder 36W 50B 11H 2A/Other More likely to be white White Black Hisp Asian/O Spree 0.71 0.19 0.02 0.08 Overall 0.36 0.50 0.11 0.02 Pop 0.73 0.13 0.10 0.04 Index Spree 0.98 1.55 -5.07 1.95 Overall 0.49 8.02 2.14 -1.04 White vs avg, other races vs. white=1.00 Ranked by spree killer rate Asian 1.95 Black 1.55 White 1.00 Hisp -5.07 Better educated Spree/Avg No High School 8/57 High School 33/26 Some College 24/13 Degree 35/1 Under 30 43/60 30-50 46/32 over 50 11/7 Unemployed 57/26 Military 52/30 No Military 48/80 Suicide 33/3 Sources: NY Times database, FBI Supplemental Homicide reports, 1996, Survey of Inmates of State Correctional Facilities, etc. z40\clipim\2000\04\10\lo\lo.htm April 12, 2000 RAMPAGE KILLERS / COMING TO TERMS Man and His Son's Slayer Unite to Ask Why By WILLIAM GLABERSON $2.50 It had been seven years since that winter night when his son Galen, an 18-year-old student at Simon's Rock College in western Massachusetts, had been gunned down by a fellow student named Wayne Lo. @@Mongol Mongolia Must Pay Reparations to Whites | January 19, 2001 By Richard Poe Mongolias average per capita income is only $390 and many of its people still live in tents. But those Mongols treated us badly. Its time for them to pay up. Beginning in 1222, Genghis Khan and his successors conquered half of Europe, including Russia, Poland and Hungary. They ruled with an iron fist for nearly 300 years. @@Mormon %%Mountain Meadows Little known tale of the west when Mormon zealots wiped out a wagon train of immigrants deemed a threat to their people. 9/2001 Nice article in the current American Heritage magazine about the Mountain Meadows Massacre. This was a Mormon operation in which a large prosperous wagon train was attacked and then, through subterfuge, the whole train was slaughtered. thnks to Henry Harpending Online books: Mountain Meadows Massacre by Josiah F. Gibbs JOSIAH F. GIBBS. Salt Lake City, Utah, October 17th, 1910. z52\clipim\2001\09\18\meadow\meadow.htm Salt Lake Tribune A Brief History of the Mountain Meadows Massacre Sunday, March 12, 2000 A California-bound wagon train of about 140 Arkansas emigrants led by John Baker and Alexander Fancher camped near the present-day southwestern Utah town of Enterprise in September 1857. In all, 120 people, mostly women and children, were slain. Voices of the Dead Monday, March 13, 2000 BY CHRISTOPHER SMITH THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE The slaughter of an estimated 120 white civilians by a cabal of Mormon zealots and Indians is never mentioned in school history textbooks and is not even listed as a "point of interest" on Utah's official highway map. Until recent additions, the interpretive signs at Mountain Meadows were so vague as to how the Arkansas emigrants died that they became a source of national ridicule. Covered in History series: The Real West TWO BOOKS CRITICIZE VIOLENCE IN MORMON HISTORY z68\clip\2003\07\mormviol.txt Sunday, July 20, 2003 Books: Violence in the history of Mormonism By John Freeman Special to The Seattle Times DETAIL FROM BOOK JACKET OF "AMERICAN MASSACRE: THE TRAGEDY AT MOUNTAIN MEADOWS, SEPTEMBER 1857" "American Massacre: The Tragedy at Mountain Meadows, September 1857" by Sally Denton Knopf, [nearly 200 peaceful Arkansas farmers traveling through Utah territory were slaughtered by Mormon settlers.] $26.95 "Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith" by Jon Krakauer Doubleday, $26 @@muslim \priv\95\05\muslim.txt - 2.5 million muslims by Armenians? war.genocide.mylai @@mylai "Vietnamese Quietly remember My Lai" Seattle Times March 17, 1995 p. A18 The US Army inquiry concluded that at least 175 and as many as 400, mostly women and children were killed in the massacre. war.genocide.nagasaki @@nagasaki NPR Fresh Air 8/3/95 James Yamasaki was a Japanese American doctor who was assigned to look at Nagasaki after the nuclear bombing. He observed that children of the bomb had small head sizes, increased rates of mental retardation, stunted growth, 4 times the rate of fetal deaths. "Nagasaki bomber may quietly get its due" Seattle Times March 19, 1995 James Hannah (AP) 75,000 people were killed or wounded in the atomic bomb raid. \doc\95\10\hirobomb.txt "Was it neccesary? Debate itself becomes explosive" Seattle Post Intelligencer 8/3/95 p. 1 Nagasaki (8/9/45) caused 35,000 immediate and 70,000 total deaths. @@

Nanjing "Rape of Nanking"(TM)

During WWII, Japanese conquerers killed 200-300,000 Chinese soldiers and civilians, and raped 20,000 women. That would be equal to nearly half the peace-time population, and more than both US Atomic bombs combined. Some even claim that it never happened. (Note however that this does not come close to the magnitude of 60 to 80 MILLION deaths attributed to Mao and his policies, but it is the largest number of deaths due to foreigners.) "Chinese forgave Japanese, but doesn't mean it didn't happen" Seattle Times David Chan, Seattle Jan 12, 1997 "Chinese reports pegged the population of Nanjing as over 500,000" Refers to Dec 31 Kazuyuki Murata letter "Sixty years have passed, isn't it time to find, tell the truth?" which claims it never happened. Nanjing was the capital of a China of 450 million people, Murata claims that it was only 150-250,000. \clip\98\04\nanking.txt Chang's bestseller humanizes history by Marc Ramirez Seattle Times staff reporter Iris Chang "The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II," which just hit the New York Times bestseller list. II.html "World War II Resistance and Liberation" After Nanking fell to the Japanese they killed over 300,000 Chinese soldiers and civilians and raped 20,000 Chinese women. \clip\96\02\nanjing.txt killed tens of thousands \priv\96b\06\nanjing.txt Return-Path: Date: Thu, 4 Jul 1996 00:04:57 -0400 New museum in Nagasaki continues to draw controversy BY NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF New York Times NAGASAKI, Japan -- The greatest danger, Mizuro Fukushima warned gravely, his eyes gleaming fiercely, is that naive schoolchildren may come to believe that the United States dropped the atomic bomb because Japan had done something wrong. While the bomb killed about 74,000 people, the most common figure for the death toll in Nanjing is 200,000. @@North Korea 5% of population starved to death 2M Famine 400,000 Prisons 5% of NK DIED OF STARVATION "Kim Jong Il's new image" Robert Marquand Christian Science Monitor Seattle Times Sept 5, 2003 A17 "Kim Il Sung, a period when 5 percent of the population died of starvation" %%Famine "Up to 2 million N. Koreans dead in famine" Seattle Times Aug 19, 1998 A9 2 million N Koreans, nearly 10% of the population of 23m may have died in 3 years of famine say us congressional aides. 300 to 800,000 per yearmostly related diseases. (then it would be worse than Mao!) ARDUOUS MARCH FAMINE OF MID-1990S KILLED 2 MILLION BOOKSHELF JANUARY 28, 2010 Looking North by Melanie Kirkpatrick The North Korean's comment would not have surprised B.R. Myers, the author of "The Cleanest Race: How North Koreans See Themselves—and Why It Matters." Mr. Myers is a professor at Dongseo University in South Korea, a contributing editor of The Atlantic and an occasional contributor to the editorial pages of this newspaper's Asian edition All survived the "Arduous March," the propaganda machine's name for the famine of the mid-1990s that killed perhaps as many as two million, or one-tenth of the North's population. All "Why is North Korea Starving" Economist June 7, 1997 p. 35. North Korea isn't as bad as Stalin's starving of 8M or Mao's 30 million by poor policy, but when Chinese and Russian support collapsed, so did North Korean's food supply. F062697 %%Prison "Gulag Nation" (North Korea) US News and World Report Jne 23, 2003 p. 14. 200,000 prisoners in 2003. 400,000 thought to have died in political prisons . @@Nuclear Cost "Nuclear tab for U.S. is $5.8 trillion" Seattle Times July 1, 1998 p. 1 (Washington Post) Brookings Institution study of 5 1/2 decades of nukes puts it behind $13.2 trillion for other defence spending, $7.9T social security, but ahead of welfare $5.3T, and national debt $4.7 $365B for cleanup, may end up more than cost of building weapons. US produced 70,000 warheads, peak of 30,000 in 1960s. 7% for producing weapons $409.4B, $3.2T for delivery systems and people and bases. Manhattan project in 1996 dollars would be $26 billion $7B for nuclear powered airplane study. Now 10,365 warheads, now about 15% of defence budget. @@Nuclear Power 7.000 dead in Chernobyl explosion 1986 Seattle Times Feb 24, 1999 A5 @@okinawa \doc\95\12\okinresn.txt "Resentment of U.S. Rises in Okinawa" Seattle Times Oct 1, 1995 p. A24 As many as 1/4 of civilian residents of Okinawa were killed in the big US invasion (Time says 1/3) Japan pays 70% of the cost of basing American troops (450,000 total, 30,000 on Okinawa alone), cheaper than the US spends to base them at home. Japan spends $5.5 billion annually, $122,000 per soldier. \doc\95\10\okintoll.txt "50 Years After Okinawa" Seattle Post Intelligencer June 23, 1995 50 years ago, 235,000 people died in fighting on Okinawa, more by most estimates than killed in Hiroshima, including 1/3 of the civilian population, many who committed suicide. 12,000 Americans were killed. @@Pearl Harbor 10/2001: Conservative Columnists: Robert Novak ... he said. He pointed out that effective airport security would have prevented the disaster that may exceed the 2,403 deaths in the bombing of Pearl Harbor. ... @@Philippines 26 May 2000 The estimate of 200,000 deaths in the Philippines includes deaths by disease and starvation after we followed the Spanish policy of rounding up and concentrating civilians to help dry up support for the rebellion. Excerpts: Hostilities broke out on the night of February 4, 1899, after two American privates on patrol killed three Filipino soldiers in a suburb of Manila. Thus began a war that would last for more than two years. Some 126,000 American soldiers would be committed to the conflict; 4,234 American and 16,000 Filipino soldiers, part of a nationwide guerrilla movement of indeterminate numbers, died. ... According to historian Gregorio Zaide, as many as 200,000 civilians died, largely because of famine and disease, by the end of the war. Atrocities were committed on both sides. 4,000 AMERICANS, 200K FILIPINOS KILLED IN SP-AM PEACE 460 Spanish American war US WSJ In 1901 Philippines Peace Cost More Lives Than Were Lost in War Cynthia Crossen 7/2/03 260 Maine blast In 3 yrs, 4,000 Americans killed in rebellion. 200,000 Filipinos, mostly civilian killed. In response to guerilla tactics, Col George S. Anderson conceded that American soldiers killed indiscriminately during raids on villages. "Many men were shot as they fled, but they probably deserved it" z68\clip\2003\07\philwar.efx @@Poland Frontline Oct 199: Pope of the Millenium The Jews suffered greatly in Poland, overall 6.5 million Poles were dead, half of them were Jews. 1/5 of the population was killed by the war or its consequences. %%WWII 4/3/2003 A Disinformation Strategy By Pavel Felgenhauer In two weeks of intense ground fighting, the allies have so far lost less than 100 men. In comparison, the German blitzkrieg against Poland in 1939 that is considered a masterpiece, took the lives of 13,799 German solders in 18 days with 30,322 wounded. The losses were considered insignificant. The Polish army of 1939 is comparable in overall strength with Hussein's force. @@Port Chicago Disaster 320 KILLED IN PORT CHICAGO DISASTER, 202 WERE BLACK SAILORS \clip\99\10\mutiny.txt [Press Releases]"MUTINY" NBC Sunday, March 28, 9-11 p.m. ET On July 17, 1944, a Victory ship anchored at Port Chicago Munitions Base near San Francisco exploded, killing 320 men and injuring and additional 390. It was the worst homefront disaster of the war. The majority of the casualties (202 dead, 233 wounded) were black sailors who were loading the ships. @@Primitive Societies MODERN GENOCIDE PALES COMPARED TO 21% KIA OF PRIMITIVE SOCITIES Howard Bloom William Divale and Marvin Harris scrutinized data from 561 primitive tribes and discovered that within this sample 21% of the males were killed off violently before they ended adolescence. The percentage of the slaughtered skyrockets if you include the women and children wiped out by indigenous peoples like the South American Taulapang, who burned dozens of families in their huts Our techno-capitalist civilization comes nowhere near the resulting grim proportion of butchery. If it did, roughly 720 million modern humans would be blasted to smithereens in wars or homicides every generation. Compare this with the 55 million who died in WWII, and the bloodlettings of the current century, appalling as they've been, are less than one-tenth what they'd amount to under aboriginal conditions. That reduction in violence is a blessing of the superorgan- ism's evolution. PRIMITIVE CULTURES TAKE WAR SERIOUSLY z60\clip\2002\10\pinker.txt Reason October 2002 Biology vs. the Blank Slate Evolutionary psychologist Steven Pinker deconstructs the great myths about how the mind works. Interviewed by Ronald Bailey and Nick Gillespie "many Western intellectuals had always been impressed that in many battles among hunter-gatherers, the battle is called off as soon as the first couple of people are killed. That led to the idea that warfare among pre-state societies was largely ritualistic. But in fact, if you do the numbers and count the bodies, two deaths in a band of 50 people are much bigger than the September 11th casualties in a society our size" The Blank Slate..masterfully deconstructs the main "myths" about human psychology. Hunter-gatherers are dead serious about war. They make weapons as destructive as their ingenuity permits. And if they can get away with it, they massacre every man, woman, and child. AS MANY AS HALF OF MEN DIED OF WAR IN PRIMITIVE CULTURE, VS. 1% IN 20TH CEN In a book called War Before Civilization, the anthropologist Lawrence Keeley estimates that as many as 95 percent of primitive societies engaged in at least occasional warfare, and many fought constantly. ... about 1 percent of all 20th-century males in Europe and the U.S. died of war-related causes. As many as 50 percent of the men in primitive societies were killed by other men. And primitive warriors only had arrows and spears to kill with instead of machine guns and bombs." John Horgan - Is War In Our Genes? @@Riots 400 1921 Tulsa Race Riot est. 39 Race Riot of 1919 38 Rodney King Riots 1992 34 Watts Los Angeles 1965 400 EST DEAD IN 1921 TULSA OK RACE RIOT \clip\99\10\okriot.txt Electronic Telegraph ISSUE 1403 Monday 29 March 1999 Mass graves hold the secrets of American race massacre By James Langton in New York 1921 Tulsa race riot INVESTIGATORS are searching for the graves of up to 400 black Americans in an attempt to end the 78-year cover-up of one of the worst acts of mass slaughter in the country's history. 39 DEAD IN 1919 RACE RIOT IN DC \clip\99\07\raceriot.txt In the Race Riot of 1919, a Glimpse of Struggles to Come By Peter Perl Washington Post Staff WriterMonday, March 1, 1999; Page A01 Nine people were killed in brutal street fighting, and an estimated 30 more would die eventually from their wounds. More than 150 men, women and children were clubbed, beaten and shot by mobs of both races. 38 DEAD, 1,200 INJURED IN RODNEY KING RIOTS 34 DEAD IN 1965 WATTS RIOTS \clip\99\07\emerriot.txt, .htm FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE-EMERGENCYNET NEWS SVC.-04/30/92-1700CDT MAJOR RIOT IN LOS ANGELES, THIRTEEN DEAD, 192 INJURIED FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE-EMERGENCYNET NEWS SVC.-05/01/92-2200CDT L.A. INSURRECTION SURPASSES 1965 WATTS RIOTS, 38 DEAD, MORE THAN 1,200 INJURED By: Clark Staten, EMT-P (watts riots:) Thirty-four (34) people died in the following six-days of chaos, 1,000 were injuried, and $200 miilion dollars in damage was done. @@Rockets V-1 6500 German V-1 buzz bombs V-2 Rocket More than 1,100 V-2s hit southern England alone, causing an estimated 2,700 deaths and 6,500 injuries. Even more missiles were launched against the port city of Antwerp, Belgium. As this chart shows, strikes were concentrated against population centers. Because the Germans could not pinpoint targets with precision, anyone within the surrounding area could be hit. V-2s killed a total of 7,000 people in Europe. @@Roman Empire 700,000 were killed in the Roman Coliseum for public entertainment. Secrets of the Coliseum as broadcast 2002 on the Discovery Channel. @@Rwanda African nation beset by racial genocide, 1 to 1.5 million estimated dead, mostly Tutsi at the hands of the Hutu. TUTSI GENOCIDE WAS PARTLY ANTI-CHRISTIAN \doc\web\99\09\rwanda.txt Reverend Peter Hammond: The Tutsi were Christians, and the Hutus are are primarily anti-Christians; Hammond said there were three operative anti-Christian forces: 1) voodooists/ animists 2) Marxists, who worked up the resentment against the Tutsis, who, as a result of their habits of clean-living, saving, investment, and so on, built up more material and financial success than the Hutus and 3) Islamists. \clip\97\29\rwanda1.txt Monday December 15, 1997 GISENYI, Rwanda Raid survivors recall agony Spokesman Review {Spokane) " Tutsis pledge not to forgive Hutus who massacred refugees " (270 refugees killed, 800,000 were killed in 1994) Central Africa's Cycle of Violence National Geographic June 1997 Rwanda is a nation of 7 million, Burundi is 6,226,100 or about 6 million, 1 million dead would be something like 7% \DOC\94\18\PRIV\RWANDEAT.TXT San Jose Mercury 8/24/94 estimates of Rwanda deaths now 1-1.5 million. That would equal the Armenian genocide, and low revisionist estimates of the Jewish Holocaust, and all US wars. @@School '27 massacre at school was worst in u.s. Seattle Times April 23, 1999. May 18, 1927 45 incl 38 children killed by bombs planted by school board official andrew kehoe. compare to 15 at littleton co @@Sept 11 Terrorism War z53\clipim\2001\10\24\washcap\washcap.htm Aviation Week Fighter CAPs Settle Into A Routine WILLIAM B. SCOTT/IN AN F-16D @@Sewage 18,000 DEAD FROM CHOLERA, PLAGUE 1832 PARIS WATER Invisible Places Discovery Channel 1999 @@Ship %%ferry Mayday TLC 14,000 have died on ferries since 1980-2000 5,000 in 1987 Philpinnes ferry est %%Gustloff NAZI REFUGEE SHIP SUNK BY SOVIET SUB 9,343 LIVES z48\clipim\2001\02\14\gustloff\gustloff.htm that night it had been sunk by the Soviet sub S-13 and disappeared under the dark sea in less than 50 minutes, taking with it 9,343 lives, marking its loss as the most tragic naval loss in all of history @@Slavery Afrocentrists cite figures of deaths from transport of slaves from 14 up to 100 million, but slavery histories show there were only 50 million africans in all of sub-saharan Africa, and perhaps only 11 million africans who were even transported. Gregory says 100,000 died on the way to the US, 1.5 million worldwide. 1. 25-100m deaths Loris Robinson 1997 2. 14-20m deaths Intl Place of Rememberance 3. 11m slaves transported, 15% mortality, 6% to USA Gregory \clip\98\12\slavedat.txt Washington Post Sept 21,1998 Charting the Voyages Of Africans as Slaves At William and Mary Debut, Database Receives Cheers, Jeers From Scholars By Linda Wheeler Washington Post Staff Writer Monday, September 21, 1998; "According to the database ["Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, A Database on CD-ROM."', about 11 million African people were forced into slavery in the New World during the time period it covers." White slavery Romans enslaved Britons, Egyptians, Babylonians and Romans enslaved Jews 25-100 MILLION SLAVES CLAIMED KILLED DURING "MIDDLE PASSAGE??" "As to the losses of slavery, estimates of fatalities of Africans during the Middle Passage alone range from 25 million to 100 million" Loris S. Robinson (Washington D.C. / Emerge Magazine) "Righting a Wrong" Seattle Post-Intelligencer June 29, 1997 p. E1 F070197 - Comment, if true, the high estimate would equal all 20th century war deaths, and even the low estimate is exceeded only by Mao's famines, Asian and total World War II deaths. Guy was taught that hundreds of millions died< /a> BETWEEN 14 AND 20 MILLION DIED IN TRANSPORT AS SLAVES Black People's International Place of Rememberance "Over all, however, it is likely that of 100 people enslaved in the African interior, about 60 of them made it alive to the Americas. That represents a total average mortality along the entire "way of death" of about 40%." "Somewhere between 28 and 42 million people, therefore, were enslaved in the Atlantic world between about 1480 and 1880. Of these, between 10 and 15 million were landed alive in the Americas; the rest were either retained in Africa or died along the way to their places of enslavement...... Source: The Museum of Slavery in the Atlantic " 3. M. Gregory: About 100,000 US-bound slave deaths, 1.5 million world-wide Seattle Post Intelligencer July 13, 1997 "Present-day GI bill for blacks is one way to atone for slavery" By Marvin Gregory, (Renton Washington) Counters claims of 25 to 100 million deaths of slaves in transport that the entire sub-saharan African had only 50 million, only 11 million slaves were transported, of which only 650,000 were brought to the US, and mortality rate was more like 15%. That makes about 100,000 deaths of US-bound slaves, perhaps 1.5 millions to the New World. Sources: Atlas of World Population History" by Colin McEvedy and Richard Jones (p. 215), "American Slavery," 1619-1877 by Peter Kolchin (pp. 22-24) and "Two Nations" by Andrew Hacker (p. 110). Steven Plaut says the Spanish were the worst slaveholders, but descendents of the Spanish get affirmative action. " The 100 million death claim is one of the more absurd claims by PC Afro-Fascists. It is needless to say completely imaginary. AT the time of the slave trade there were not 100 million black people in all of Africa." Admittedly from a non-pc guy. IRISH WERE ENSLAVED TOO? Date sent: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 06:21:35 -0700 From: Moira I read that Irish slaves, slvaves for life in Jamaica, St Kitts, Barbados, Virginia, and New England, were horribly treated. Any that were caught trying to escape were branded with the letters "FT" for fugitive traitor. How little we hear about Irish slaves. There is a man named Bob West, in Illinois, who has laboriously researched this, documenting it with literally hundreds of references. From: Date sent: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 After 1808 when slave importation was made a crime in the |U.S., every slave on an American ship was thrown overboard if they were sighted by a naval vessel. Thus, the loss rate was 100%. Raoul Lowery Contreras %%Reparations (joke) FRED REED WANTS LICENCE FEES FROM WESTERN CIV TO EX-SLAVES z50\clip\2001\07\licence.txt Yes'It's Time To Pay Reparations For Slavery $3,000 reparations vs. $150,000 in licence fees for civilization @@Soldier ONLY 15% OF WWI SOLDIERS WILLING TO FIRE AT ENEMY \clip\99\12\howkill.txt We Are Training Our Kids to Kill by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman Saturday Evening Post - July/August 1999, pgs. 64-72 They discovered that only 15 to 20 percent of the individual riflemen could bring themselves to fire at an exposed enemy .. And fix it the military did. By the Korean War, around 55 percent of the soldiers were willing to fire to kill. And by Vietnam, the rate rose to over 90 percent. @@Somalia Eighteen soldiers were dead and 73 wounded. Estimated 500 some Somalis killed, many civilians. Philadelphia Inquirer complete series: Order the complete website, video documentary and printed story on a CD for $23.99. Video produced for PBS, but not broadcast nationally yet. Comment: You can reach me by email through MB, Your first piece said this was the biggest single firefight for American troops since the Vietnam War. Weren't there bigger firefights during the Persian Gulf War? The Gulf War was a bigger war, without question, but the ground fighting that occurred was mostly fast and furious. The Battle of Mogadishu was a 15-hour-long gunfight pitting about 120 American soldiers against thousands of Somali irregulars and militia. Before using that phrase I checked it with Army officials, who agreed it was accurate. MB bradley stoutIf you ever do a continuation story do one on what happened before the rangers arrived 44 americans died total only 18 on those 2 days, there is alot more of a story there than just oct 3-4 500 DEAD IN 1993 MOGADISHU RAID \clip\98\01\somalia.txt Sunday, Jan. 11, 1998 (Philadelphia Inquirer series) The day the U.S. got stung in Somalia The Battle of Mogadishu is known today in Somalia as "Ma-alinti Rangers," or The Day of the Rangers. It pitted the world's most sophisticated military power against a mob of well-armed civilians and Somali irregulars. It was the biggest single firefight involving American soldiers since the Vietnam War. 18 American dead, 500 Somali estimated. @@South Africa %%General Minor Atrocities of the Twentieth Century by Matthew White South Africa (1948-93) Apartheid Regime Ploughshares 2000: 7,000 since 1990 Some numbers from the ANC's statement to the Truth and Reconciliation Comm. [] Deaths in detention: >70 (1985-89) Assassinations of anti-apartheid activists: ca. 100 (1974-89) + 165 (1990-92) Political violence: >12,000 (7/90-12/93) SIPRI 1994: 18,997 k. by pol. viol. Berkeley, The Graves Are Not Yet Full (2001): 20,000 blacks k. in internecine political violence 1985-1994 Before 1980: WHPSI: 1,707 deaths by political violence in South Africa, 1948-1977. Soweto Uprising (1976-77): 600 killed (16 June 1988 Toronto Star; 18 June 1977 Washington Post) or 575 k (16 June 1980 Washington Post) 14 Jan. 1977 Washington Post: 30 prisoners died in detention, 1963-77, citing Institute of Race Relations. Total: Some guy on Usenet, citing A Crime against Humanity: Analysing Repression of the Apartheid State, by Max Coleman (I haven't been able to confirm it). Deaths by political violence, 1948-94, S.Afr.: 21,000, incl... (1990-94): 14,000 Kassinga, Angola, 1978: 600 k (6/1990-7/1993): 8580 Black on Black out of 9325 total K by security forces: 518 %%White farmers "More than 3,140 white farmers have already been murdered on South African farms since 1987 – often after hours of mutilation and torture " @@Spain 8,000 UNARMED INCAS KILLED BY PIZARRO TLC Conquistadores: Pizarro, an illiterate soldier of fortune committed one of the worst massacres in military history. 168 soldiers killed 8,000 unarmed Incas to kidnap the emperor while camped not far away from 80,000 troops. Avg 48 killed each. Nov 16, 1532 @@Stalin Stalin ranks as #2 after Mao, or #1 Caucasian killer of other men in history. Yahoo Stalin Links \clip\97\17\stalin\stalin.htm "The Stalinist Horror" Of all of the dictators in history, Joseph Stalin is probably the most hated, by the most people, alive or dead. During his reign as dictator of the Soviet Union from 1929 until 1953, an estimated 30 Million people met premature and dismal deaths to satisfy Stalin's power hunger. His main 'Purge' occurred between 1936-1939, but that was only the high point of 20 years of attacking his people. Details of his crimes came to light only in recent years, most notably in Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's massive 'Gulag Archipelago', 1973. \priv\94\19\maokill.txt Stalin killed tens of millions, killed more Russians than Hitler. "Why is North Korea Starving" Economist June 7, 1997 p. 35. North Korea isn't as bad as Stalin's starving of 8M or Mao's 30 million by poor policy, but when Chinese and Russian support collapsed, so did North Korean's food supply. F062697 @@Suicide Bombers SUICIDE BOMBERS MORE LIKELY TO BE COLLEGE EDUCATED UPPER CLASS z67\clip\2003\05\martyr.txt THE NEW YORK TIMES Who Wants to Be a Martyr? IN New York Times, 5 May, 2003 (Op-Ed) By SCOTT ATRAN The Princeton economist Alan Krueger and others released a study in 2002 comparing Lebanese Hezbollah militants who died in violent action... the Hezbollah members were less likely to come from poor homes and more likely to have a secondary school education. .... nearly 250 aspiring Palestinian suicide bombers and their recruiters. "None were uneducated, desperately poor, simple- minded or depressed," @@Taiwan \clip\97\06\taiwan.txt The Seattle Times Thursday February 27 1997 p. A18 New Taiwan holiday irritates industrialists "Taiwan's new public holiday marks the day in 1947 when Nationalist troops, losing the Chinese civil war to the communists on the mainland, suppressed anti-Nationalist riots on the island, killing an estimated 18,000 people. The massacre was sparked by an old woman's protest against expropriation of untaxed cigarrettes. " @@Terrorism %%Islamic the evolution of Islamic terrorism an overview by john moore As pointed out by RAND's Bruce Hoffman, in 1980 two out of 64 groups were categorized as largely religious in motivation; in 1995 almost half of the identified groups, 26 out of 56, were classified as religiously motivated; the majority of these espoused Islam as their guiding force. In the late 1960s Palestinian secular movements such as Al Fatah and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) began to target civilians outside the immediate arena of conflict. Following Israel's 1967 defeat of Arab forces, Palestinian leaders realized that the Arab world was unable to militarily confront Israel. At the same time, lessons drawn from revolutionary movements in Latin America, North Africa, Southeast Asia as well as during the Jewish struggle against Britain in Palestine, saw the Palestinians move away from classic guerrilla, typically rural-based, warfare toward urban terrorism. Radical Palestinians took advantage of modern communication and transportation systems to internationalize their struggle. They launched a series of hijackings, kidnappings, bombings, and shootings, culminating in the kidnapping and subsequent deaths of Israeli athletes during the 1972 Munich Olympic games. These Palestinian groups became a model for numerous secular militants, and offered lessons for subsequent ethnic and religious movements. Palestinians created an extensive transnational extremist network -- tied into which were various state sponsors such as the Soviet Union, certain Arab states, as well as traditional criminal organizations. By the end of the 1970s, the Palestinian secular network was a major channel for the spread of terrorist techniques worldwide Key Radical Palestinian Groups (descriptions taken directly from the U.S. State Department publication "Patterns of Global Terrorism, 2000") •Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP): The PFLP, one of the original members of the PLO, [1] is a Marxist-Leninist group founded in 1967 by George Habash. The group was against the 1993 Declaration of Principles; participation in the PLO was also suspended. Committed numerous international terrorist attacks during the 1970s, has allegedly been involved in attacks against Israel since the beginning of the second intifadah in September 2000. Syria has been a key source of safe haven and limited logistical support. •Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC):This group, led by Ahmed Jibril, split from the PFLP in 1968, wanting to focus more on terrorist than political action; violently opposed to the PLO and is closely tied to Syria and Iran. The PFLP-GC conducted multiple attacks in Europe and the Middle East during the 1970s and 1980s. Unique in that it conducted cross-border operations against Israel using unusual means, including hot-air balloons and motorized hang gliders. Currently focused on small-scale attacks in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza Strip. •Abu Nidal Organization (ANO): Anti-Western and anti-Israelinternational terrorist organization led by Sabri al-Banna; left the PLO in 1974. 1979-1991 In the West, attention was focused on state sponsorship, specifically the Iranian-backed and Syrian-supported Hezbollah; state sponsors' use of secular Palestinian groups was also of concern. [3] Hezbollah pioneered the use of suicide bombers in the Middle East, and was linked to the 1983 bombing and subsequent deaths of 241 U.S. marines in Beirut, Lebanon, as well as multiple kidnappings of U.S. and Western civilians and government officials. Hezbollah remains a key trainer of secular, Shia, and Sunni movements. As revealed during the investigation into the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, Libyan intelligence officers were allegedly involved with the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine -- General Command (PFLP-GC). Iraq and Syria were heavily involved in supporting various terrorist groups, with Baghdad using the Abu Nidal Organization on several occasions. State sponsors used terrorist groups to attack Israeli as well as Western interests, in addition to domestic and regional opponents. It should be noted that the American policy of listing state sponsors was heavily politicized, and did not include several countries -- both allies and opponents of Washington -- that, under U.S. government definitions, were guilty of supporting or using terrorism. Hezbollah: Radical Shia group formed in 1982 in Lebanon. Strongly anti-Western and anti-Israeli. Closely allied with, and often directed by, Iran but may have conducted operations that were not approved by Tehran. Known or suspected to have been involved in numerous anti-U.S. terrorist attacks, including the suicide truck bombing of the U.S. Embassy and U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut in October 1983 and the U.S. Embassy annex in Beirut in September 1984 Egyptian Islamic Jihad (EIJ - Al-Jihad, Jihad Group, Islamic Jihad): Egyptian group active since the late 1970s. The EIJ is apparently split into two factions: one led by Ayman al-Zawahiri - who currently is in Afghanistan and is a key leader in the Usama bin Laden (UBL) network - and the Vanguards of Conquest (Talaa' al-Fateh) led by Ahmad Husayn Agiza. Abbud al-Zumar, leader of the original Jihad, is imprisoned in Egypt and recently joined the group's jailed spiritual leader, Shaykh Umar Abd al-Rahman, in a call for a "peaceful front." The group's traditional goal is the overthrow of the Egyptian Government and creation of an Islamic state. Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ): The PIJ, emerging from radical Gazan Palestinians in the 1970s, is apparently a series of loosely affiliated factions rather than a cohesive group. The PIJ focus is the destruction of Israel and the creation of a Palestinian Islamic state. Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS): Emerging from the Muslim Brotherhood during the first Palestinian intifadah (1987), HAMAS has become the primary anti-Israeli religious opposition in the occupied territories. The group is mainly known for its use of suicide bombers and is loosely organized, with centers of strength in Gaza and certain areas in the West Bank. HAMAS, while condemning American policies favoring Israel, has not targeted the U.S. directly. 1991-2001 Al-Qaeda (The Base): Established by Usama Bin Ladin (UBL) circa 1990, Al Qaeda aims to coordinate a transnational mujahideen network; stated goal is to "reestablish the Muslim State" throughout the world via the overthrow of corrupt regimes in the Islamic world and the removal of foreign presence - primarily American and Israeli - from the Middle East. UBL has issued three anti-U.S. fatwas encouraging Muslims to take up arms against Washington's "imperialism." Al Qaeda provides financial, manpower, transportation, and training support to extremists worldwide. In February 1998 bin Ladin issued a statement under the banner of "The World Islamic Front for Jihad Against The Jews and Crusaders," saying it was the duty of all Muslims to kill U.S. citizens, civilian or military, and their allies. Allegedly orchestrated the bombings of the U.S. Embassies in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, on August 7, 1998. Claims to have been involved in the 1993 killing of U.S. servicemen in Somalia and the December 1992 bombings against U.S. troops in Aden, Yemen. Al Qaeda serves as the core of a loose umbrella organization that includes members of many Sunni Islamic extremist groups, including factions of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad (EIJ), the Gama'at al-Islamiyya (IG), and the Harakat ul-Mujahidin (HUM). The group is a prime suspect in the Sept. 11 attacks as well as the U.S.S Cole bombing. Lashkar-i-Taiba (LT) (Army of the Righteous): The LT is the armed wing of the Pakistan-based religious organization, Markaz-ud-Dawa-wal-Irshad (MDI)--a Sunni anti-U.S. missionary organization formed in 1989. One of the three largest and best-trained groups fighting in Kashmir against India, it is not connected to a political party. The LT leader is MDI chief, Professor Hafiz Mohammed Saeed. Almost all LT cadres are foreigners--mostly Pakistanis from seminaries across the country and Afghan veterans of the Afghan wars. The LT trains its militants in mobile training camps across Pakistan-administered Kashmir and Afghanistan. [1]Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Al Fatah The PLO was founded in 1964 as a Palestinian nationalist umbrella organization committed to the creation of an independent Palestinian state. After the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, militia groups composing the PLO vied for control, with Al Fatah -- led by Yasser Arafat -- becoming dominant. Al Fatah joined the PLO in 1968 and won the leadership role in 1969. %%New York WTC DISASTER WAS EQUAL TO 600 TONS OF TNT RELEASED z52\clip\2001\09\towfall.txt NYT September 25, 2001 Years to Build and Moments to Destroy: How the Twin Towers Fell By WARREN E. LEARY .. the total energy released in the disaster was equivalent to the explosion of 600 tons of TNT, about one-twentieth of that released by the 10-kiloton atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima, he said. @@Titanic Yahoo history page Encyclopedia Titanica, passenger lists, (Andrew Chin) \-[1] Date: Tue Feb 17 21:49:24 PST 1998 Arthur Hu (arthurhu @ (no space)) wrote: : There are quite a few Chinese names on the 3rd class : passenger lists, looks like a Mr. Bing was actuallyl : a survivor. If I remember correctly, all four of the Asian survivors of the Titanic stowed away in the bottom of one of the collapsibles. One has to wonder whether Asians and other people of color were excluded from the officially rationed positions on the lifeboats -- did "women and children first" include Asian women and children? From: Date: 1998/02/04 Newsgroups: alt.history.ocean-liners.titanic Another ship which sank with higher loss of life was the "Sultana." She was a Mississippi River steamboat carrying POWs north after the Civil War. The "Sultana" was very overloaded, photos exist of her with decks almost awash and her decks jammed with gaunt-looking men. Her boilers exploded and the ship burned. I don't have a reference of how many died on hand right now, but I think it was around 3600. This was also a peacetime accident, not an act of war (although clearly war-related). -Doug King From: Date: 1998/02/04 Newsgroups: alt.history.ocean-liners.titanic Imagine this: During WW2, the Queen Mary was re-outfitted to carry approx. 16000 troops, which she did carry in 1943(the largest number of souls on a ship in all history)That my friends is an entire Division!!!!! What if she sank? @@Tokyo Raid Aviation history magazine claimed 250,000 Chinese were killed in retaliation for cooperation in the Doolittle Tokyo raid (no reference) @@Turkey @@Uganda Ex-Ugandan dictator Idi Amin, 80, dies. Seattle Times Aug 16, 2003 p. A15. During 8 years as president of Uganda, starting in 1971, his government was held responsible for the deaths of up to 500,000 and at least 100,000 fled. When overthrown, inflation was 200 percent, debt was $320 million and shelves were bare. In 1972, he expelled 50,000 of South Asian descent, mostly shopkeepers. @@United States (911 conspiracy theory site) "Since 1952, the United States has promoted, financed and participated in over 20 separate wars, killing 8 million people for capitalistic corporate profits." (anti-US site) Since 1952, the United States of America has promoted, financed and participated in over 20 separate wars, killing over 8,000,000 people. 1952 - 79, 70,000 Iranians killed. ( Ayatollah Khomeini, US public enemy for the 1980s, was on the CIA payroll while in exile in Paris in 1970s, as were Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden at different times and in different places. ) 1954 - 120,000 Guatemalans killed 1954 - 1975, 4,000,000 Vietnamese and Cambodians killed. 1965 - 3,000 Dominican Republicans killed 1965 - 800,000 Indonesians killed 1973 - 30,000 Chileans killed 1975 - 250,000 East Timorese killed 1970s - 1,000,000 Angolans killed 1984 - 30,000 Nicaraguans killed 1980s - 80,000 El Salvadoreans killed 1989 - 8,000 Panamanians killed in an attempt to capture George H. Bush's CIA partner now turned enemy, Manuel Noriega, 1980s - over 700,000 Libyans, Grenadians, Somalians, Haitians, Afghanistanis, Sudanese, Brazilians, Argentineans and Yugoslavians killed, 1991 - over 1,000,000 Iraqis killed, including over 500,000 children --about which Madeline Albright ( then, Secretary of State ) said "their deaths are worth the cost". While George W. Bush owns over 80% of the oil wells in Kuwait, trouble will continue there. Source: Philip Bradbury, Insight Magazine, November 2001 (conservative magazine) @@US Marine Corps Marine Corps Casualties 1775-1995 Marine Corps Casualties 1775-1995 Conflict Killed in Action & Died of Wounds Wounded In Action Revolutionary War 49 70 Quasi-War with France 6 11 Barbary Wars 4 10 War of 1812 46 33 Creek-Seminole Indian War 8 1 Mexican War 11 47 Civil War - Union 148 131 Spanish-American War 7 13 Samoa (1899) 0 2 Boxer Rebellion 9 17 Nicaragua (1912) 5 16 Mexico (1914) 5 13 Dominican Republic (1916-1920) 17 50 Haiti (1915-1934) 10 26 Nicaragua (1926-1933) 47 66 World War I 2,457 8,894 World War II 19,733 67,207 Korean War 4,267 23,744 Dominican Republic (1965) 9 25 Vietnam War 13,067 88,633 Lebanon (1982-1984) 240 151 Grenada (1983) 3 15 Persian Gulf (1988) (Oil Platforms) 2 0 Panama (1989) 2 3 Persian Gulf War (1990-1991) 24 92 Reference Section, History and Museums Division, February 1996 @@US Wars Figures come from Ohio Right To Life U.S. War Casualties Each "+" represents 10,000 (or fraction) killed. Revolution + 6,188 War of 1812 + 4,505 Mexican War + 4,152 Civil War ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (both sides) 498,332 Spanish-American War + 2,446 World War I ++++++++++++ 116,516 World War II +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 405,399 Korea ++++++ 54,246 Vietnam ++++++ 58,167 Desert Storm + 293 of 697,000 who served total all U.S. Wars ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1,150,244 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++ @@Blackhawk Down z54\clip\2002\01\blackha.txt Film of the Week: 'Black Hawk Down' By Steve Sailer UPI National Correspondent LOS ANGELES, Jan. 17 (UPI) -- "Black Hawk Down" recounts with nearly scrupulous accuracy the 1993 battle in which elite but inadequately armed U.S. troops saw 18 men killed in an enormous ambush by Somali clansmen loyal to warlord Mohammed Farrah Aidid. @@Van Dorn Camp There is a book about an alleged massacre of black troops, but research says it never happened. From Black World Today 2001: In December of 1943, over one thousand black soldiers were slaughtered at Camp Van Dorn, located just outside the sleepy southern town of Centreville Mississippi. These enlisted men weren't killed in combat with the enemy, but lined up and mowed down, unarmed, by white soldiers acting on orders from superiors in the US Army. This is the tragedy chronicled in The Slaughter, written by Carroll Case, a white journalist from Mississippi who recently blew the cover off this shocking, long-rumored massacre. Mystery of the 364th Sat, 14 Apr 2001 review from The Slaughter : An American Atrocity by Carroll Case [There is no evidence of an alleged massacre of black soldiers] Those seeking the real story of the 364th Infantry at Camp Van Dorn will do well to read "A Historical Analysis of the 364th Infantry in World War II," A reader from New York The government completed its research of the subject matter, intiated at the request of Congressman Bernie Thompson, and the information printed in this book is false. The government came to its conclusion by tracking down pay documents, personnel records, and interviews with survivors. Good read, but not true. @@Vietnam War %%General American Heritage May 2001 p. 44 The Meaning of Tet Victor Davis Hanson Tet Offensive - 1-2,000 Americans, Communist forces - 30-40 times that, nearly 40,000 in a few weeks 10,000 Vietnamese executed during 1950s land collectivization, perhaps up to 100,000 91% of those who served in Vietnam report they were happy to do so 97% honorable discharge Charges up to 50,000 civilians killed by American bombs 400,000 civilians killed by communist shelling, rocketing, terrorist attacks 50-100,000 may have died in boats fleeing communism 750,000 refugees fled communism. 1971 - record 6.1 million metric tons of rice produced in S Vietnam, but by late 1970s, nation was near starving under communists %% Helicopter 3,000 dead 2,600 injured, 2nd only to front line infantry 4,645 helicopters lost vs 3,338 airplanes, 6,000 damaged beyond repair 55% opreational loss vs 27 airplane Aviation Hostory Jan 2003 26 Jeffrey Elver 16,000 Hueys built #2 only to B-24 among US aircraft %%Nurses 8 women nurses and 58,000 men died in Vietnam, 200 women, 400,000 men died in WWII 12/20/1990? San Jose Mercury News AP Women in combat still worry America z40\clipim\2000\03\19\women.efx %%Wild Weasels History Channel Feb 1999 Suicide Missions: Wild Weasels. When Wild Weasels started in 1966, they had 6 planes. In 45 days they had no planes, of 16 crew, 4 killed, 2 POW, 3 wounded and sent home, 1 quit. Only 4 made 100 missions. Only 63% of strike pilots completed 100 missions. history channel war under cover dec 98 hidden in plain sight 80,000 dead vc in tet offensive 600k north estimate, 900k us estimate of communist casualties 1998 estimate 2 million \doc\web\97\06\vietnam.txt There were 10 million Americans under arms during the war. Three million Americans saw combat. The average age was 19, America's youngest combatants. Note: The text above was written by Country Joe McDonald in 1991 for the Community Memory Alameda County War Memorial Project McNamara's "mistakes" In Retrospect: a level of moral blindness that is hard to capture in words By Noam Chomsky "As the 20th anniversary approached, the government of Vietnam released new figures on casualties, generally accepted here and conforming to earlier estimates. Hanoi reported that 2 million civilians had been killed, the overwhelming majority in the south, along with 1.1 million North Vietnamese and southern resistance fighters ("Viet Cong," in the terminology of U.S. propaganda). It listed an additional 300,000 missing in action. Washington reports 225,000 killed in the army of its client regime ("South Vietnam"). The CIA estimates 600,000 Cambodians killed during the U.S. phase of what the one independent governmental inquiry (Finland) calls the "Decade of Genocide" in Cambodia: 1969 through 1978. Tens if not hundreds of thousands more were killed in Laos, mainly by U.S. attacks that were in large part unrelated to the war in Vietnam, Washington conceded. " the toll in Indochina also includes the 58,000 U.S. solders killed and 2,000 MIAs, along with more than 5,000 killed from Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, and elsewhere Vietnam Casualties Database | Wall On The Web "Body Count" Body Count Combatants Killed in Action: 1,382,430 Combatants Wounded in Action: 1,772,465 Combatants MIA/POW: 2,503 (Allied Forces) Civilians of all Nations: Unknown Casualties Republic of Vietnam Casualties: KIA 223,748 . . .WIA 1,169,763 . . . MIA/POW unknown United States of America Vietnam Casualties KIA 58,169 . . . WIA 304,000 . . . MIA/POW 2,494 (One out of every 10 Americans who served in Vietnam was a casualty. 58,169 were killed and 304,000 wounded out of 2.59 million who served.) Republic of South Korea : KIA ?. . . WIA ? . . . MIA ? (Anyone with stats/source please email to me) Australia Vietnam Casualties : KIA 423 . . . WIA 2,398 . . . MIA 2 . . . Non-battle deaths: 71 Canada Vietnam Casualties : KIA 39 . . . WIA ? . . . MIA/POW 7 New Zealand Vietnam Casualties : KIA 39 . . . WIA ? . . . MIA ? NVA and Viet Cong : KIA 1,100,000 . . . WIA 600,000 . . . MIA/POW unknown Soviet Union : KIA 13 . . . WIA unknown . . . MIA/POW unknown. Soviet troops in North Vietnam numbered 3,000: "In 1965, Soviet soldiers shot down the first U.S. planes lost in Vietnam." China : Unknown numbers of Casualties Civilian Casualties of all nations: Unknown \priv\96\17\koremass.txt claims that S. Koreans committed many My-Lai style massacres in the Vietnam war. Noam Chomsky in the "Washington Connection and Third World" as having committed a whole series of My Lai-scale massacres. 12 separate massacres of 100 or more civilians, were uncovered in the Jones study.These soldiers carried out dozens of other massacres of 20 or more unarmed civilians, plus innumerable killings, robberies, rapes, tortures and devastation of land and personal property. Their aggregate numbers of known murders clearly runs into many thousands; @@Volcano Deaths by Regions, 1600-1982 Indonesia 160,783 Carribean 30,761 Japan 19,240 Iceland 9,368 Cent Am 5,445 Mediterranean 3,982 Phillipines 3,700 Paupua New Guinea 3,477 All others 2,111 This bar graph shows the number of deaths in each volcanic region from 1600 to 1982. The total number of deaths was 238,867. Based on Table 3.1 of Blong, R.J., 1984, Volcanic Hazards: A Sourcebook on the Effects of Eruptions: Orlando, Florida, Academic Press, 424 p. 2/2004 NATURAL SCIENCE 412B Spring '96 Students of Eric Frost: Helen, Jen., Tim, and Sabrina Death by Volcano VOLCANO DEATH YEAR MAJOR CAUSE Tambora, Indonesia 92,000 1815 Starvation Krakatau, Indonesia 36,417 1883 Tsunami Mt.Pelee, Martinique 29,025 1902 Ash flows Ruiz, Colombia 25,000 1985 Mudflows Unzen, Japan 14,300 1792 Volcano collapse, tsunami Laki, Iceland 9,350 1783 Starvation @@World War II %%Air 1.5-2M BOMBING DEATHS IN WWII z41\clip\2000\05\warwon.txt BOOKSHELF The Strategy Behind All That Destruction The hidden tradeoffs of horrific campaigns A WAR TO BE WON By Williamson Murray and Allan R. Millett Belknap/HARVARD 656 PAGES $35) By GABRIEL SCHOENFELD the strategic bombing carried out by both sides in. the war (in both the. European and Pacific theaters) took a total of 1.5 million to 2 million lives, a small fraction of the nearly 63 million people who perished in the most terrible slaughter of all time. In contrast, the Nazi death factories which had no military purpose whatsoever—murdered six million Jews, a number twice as high, Messrs. Murray and Millett note, as all Axis civilian deaths from all causes in the war. Hamburg in late July 1943 was typical of the kind of spoliation that could be achieved. Half the city’s domiciles were destroyed, as were 60% of its water system, 75% of its electricity generation and 90% of its gas works. Forty thousand Germans perished. 30,000 US, 80,000 ALLIED AIRMEN LOST IN WWII \doc\web\97\07\usfight.txt U.S. Fighter Planes In Britain, In Peace Wall Street Journal Aug 14, 1997 p. A13 * 7,000 US Aircraft were involved in the air campaign. 30,000 US men out of 80,000 allied were lost %%Sea Nova 2000 U-boat: 45,000 served on u boats, 28,000 died, 70% died or were captured. The Atlantic Monthly March 1999 56,683 Americans were lost at sea in WWIII \clipim\99\03\01\victory Overall, the German submarine service lost more than 25,000 crew members to death and another 5,000 to capture: a 75 percent casualty rate that exceeded the losses of any other service arm in any nation. (40,000 original, 62% death rate) History undercover history channel 80,000 allies lost in battle of atlantic, 2,600 ships, 25,000 Germans, 700 ships. @@Yanomamo CHAGNON FOUND 40% OF MEN PARTICIPATED IN KILLING, 66% FAMILIES HAD LOST AT LEAST ONE MEMBER z48\clip\2001\02\chagnon.txt PROFILE ANTHROPOLOGIST_NAPOLEON CHAGNON Fighting the Darkness in El Dorado Studied 27,000 indians. Concluded that conflicts were over women, not resources. In 1988 a paper in Science in which he reported that 40 percent of adult males in the 12 villages he sampled had participated in the killing of another Yanomamö; 25 percent of adult male deaths resulted from violence; and around two thirds of all people age 40 or older had lost at least one parent, sibling or child through violence. Men who had killed were more successful in obtaining wives. Chagnon refers to his detractors as Marxists and left-wingers.. in Darkness in El Dorado, published last fall, journalist Patrick Tierney claims that Chagnon cultivated violence among the Yanomamö and cooked his data to exaggerate their behavior @@Yugoslavia The Stages of Justice New Republic Mar 2, 1998 p. 32 Mass atrocity, collective memory and the law Mark O. Sid. 150,000 Yugoslavian civilians were killed @@Zimbabwe 20,000 KILLED IN CAMPAIGN AGAINST NDEBELES Mugabe ex-backers criticize his struggle to cling to power Seattle Post Intelligencer Mar 7, 2002 A5. In 1982, troops from the majority Shona tribe began a campaign of terror against the minority Ndebeles. At least 20,000, most civiliians were killed. "Zimbabwe is for black people, not white people" Mugabe said.


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