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Excellence - Top Schools for Asians, Blacks and Everybody

Summary - Asians are highly over-represented at the nation's most elite examination schools and outstanding public schools. Asians are 75% of Lowell HS in San Francisco (even with a 40% quota on Chinese), 19% of Boston Latin Academy, 33% of Bronx Science NYC, 51% of Stuyvesant NY C, 57% of Whitney HS in Cerritos CA, 48% of Sunny Hills High in Fullerton CA, 28% of Illinois Math and Science Academy in a state only 2.5% Asian.

There are basically two ways to create an amazing high school. Either you put it in a city where the parents are all rich, all smart (nuclear scientists or university professors) or both, or you select the best from a large diverse district.

Ranking                 Ntl         
                        Pctile   SAT  SATP
Seattle Lakeside        98       1310  95
Palo Alto Gunn          93       1137  87
San Francisco Lowell    86     
Boston Latin            85?
CA State Average                 902



@@African American Academy Seattle WA My opinion? It's the worst freaking school in the system! But they're not doing worse than an integrated environment. They need to get rid of progressive ed if they're ever going to be like Marva Collins, or Wesley or Barclay, and be a true African American success story.

http://www.seattletimes.com/news/education/html98/acaz_021499.html Seattle Times February 14, 1999 Rescuing the dream: Seattle's African American Academy by Linda Shaw Seattle Times staff reporter. School is seen as refuge for black kids rejected elsewhere, some test scores are better than dist avg for blacks, but scores as worst school in the district (not mentioned in article!)

"Born seven years ago out of the frustration many black parents and community leaders felt with other public schools, the academy aims to break the pattern of low achievement and low expectations experienced by many African-American youth... open to any student in the district interested in learning much more about Africa and African Americans than the occasional unit on civil rights or slavery - although so far the enrollment has been virtually all black."

Stanford considered closing the school

Scores better than dist avg for blacks in middle school

a refuge of sorts for students kicked out of other schools

85% eligible for free/red lunch
19% live with both parents, lowest in district
40% live with relatives/foster parents
0% passed 7th grade WASL

National percentile rank
Academy vs dist black
reading   45 37
language  35 37
math      37 37

reading   37 30
language  47 35
math      32 27

Students, % Change in students below 25th percentile since 1996


reading    25.5/-14.5 36.5/-8.5
lanaguage  38.0/-3    34  /-9
math       40.0/-8    35.5/-11.5

reading    29.5/-12 44/-2
language   21/-21   38/-5
math       36/-9    48/-6

@@Alhambra Traditional School

Public Schools Ignore Some Basic Truths. Warren North, Phoenix.  For
the fourth year, Alhambra Taditional School, a basic school in
Phoenix 38% minority 26% f/r lunch has posted the highest reading and
language standardized test scores in the state. Public schools are
awash with "innovations" implated by ideologues and often funded with
federal dollars.

@@American Enterprise Magazine

January/February 2001 The American Enterprise magazine
"Behind-the-scenes profiles of 14 dramatically varied schools with
one thing in common: Their students learn.  
· The Calvert School, Baltimore, Maryland 
· Benjamin Franklin Charters Schools, Mesa, Arizona.
· Mary Collins Preparatory Schools, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
· Safe family home school, San Diego, California.  
· Piney Woods School, Piney Woods, Mississippi.  
· City on a Hill Charter School, Boston.  
· The Taft School, Watertown Connecticut. 
· Frederick Douglass Academy, Harlem, New York. 
· Hanna Sacks School, Chicago. 
· City Springs Elementary School, Baltimore.
· Messmer High School, Milwaukee.  

@@Arlington Traditional

\clip\99\06\arl.txt Richmond Times Dispatch Wednesday, February 10,
1999 Pondering the Secrets of School Success / School Engages Parents
From Start by Robert Holland . Arlington.  Arlinton Traditonal near
DC 50% minority aced the inaugural round of Virginia Standards of
Learning (SOL) tests. The overall passing rate was well over 90
percent for the core subjects (98 percent for third-grade math; 96
percent for fifth-grade English) -- with an 83 for fifth-grade
history the only slip... easily exceeded the 70 percent pass mark

@@Arthur Andersen School

Wall Street Journal  June 20, 2002
Andersen School Drops 'Teachers'
The Arthur Andersen School offers a poignant footnote to the saga of
the collapsed giant. Designed to demonstrate that the firm's
competence and conscience stretched deeper than corporate books, this
tiny high school may end up the last holder of the Arthur Andersen
name. [Cynical article that buzzwords trade student / teacher /
principal for learner / facilitaror / primary facilitator, etc]


GCruz points out many high
performing moderate income schools are heavily Asian.


See Richmond County

DAVIDSON MAGNET 42% BLACK IS #1 IN GEORGIA We are a small fine arts
and academic school with grades 5 through 12. We discovered several
years ago that a building does not mean a good or bad place for a
school. What makes our school work is the people involved.

Number one school in the Georgia state is Davidson Magnet - it's 42%

Web page: http://groupz.net/Davidson/index.html
saved: \clip\97\09\davidson\davison.htm
John S. Davidson Fine Arts School
1114 Telfair St.
Augusta, Georgia  30901

100% of students are college bound.

 \doc\97\02\davis\sat.htm V595 M572(old 560) T1167 (new scale) ACTC 20.3
 \doc\97\02\davis\student.htm students W46.6 B42.1 H3.0 A5.6 FL16.9 vs. 64.3

High, Gwinnett County (mentioned in 1991 Orfield book as highest
TAP scores in Metro Atlanta) 
998 Cole Dr.
Lilburn, GA 30247
Phone: 1-770-921-2874

Test of Achievement and Proficiency - mean national percentile
R = Reading, W=Writing, M=Math, SS=Social Studies, S=Science

              1994-1995 TAP   
             11th Grade         
           R   W   M   SS  S    
           --  --  --  --  --   
School     63  71  69  73  79
Gwinnett   55  60  69  61  70
Metro      50  57  62  57  62
State      46  53  56  51  57

American College Testing - College admission exam

              1994-1995 ACT
           Nmbr. of   Pct. of
           Students   Seniors
            Tested    Tested    Score  SATV SATM
           --------   -------   ------
School          150     33.3      22.6 432  498
Gwinnett      1,227     27.1%     21.6 424  489
Metro            NA       NA       NA
State        12,189       NA     20.2  406  854
National    945,369       NA     20.8  482  910

Scholastic Aptitude Test Stanford is a major provider of study
programs designed to increase test results. Their SAT preparation
course is available for free on the Web.

                        1994-1995 SAT
           Nmbr. of   Pct. of
           Students   Seniors
            Tested    Tested    Verbal  Math  Total
           --------   -------   ------  ----  -----
School          372    100%       432   498    930
Gwinnett      3,101     76%       424   489    913
Metro            NA     NA         NA    NA     NA
State        43,053     65%       406   448    854
National      1,067K    41%       428   482    910

Benjamin E. Mays High School Home page:
http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Acropolis/6362/ 3450 Benjamin E. Mays
Drive SW Atlanta, Georgia 30331 Phone: (404) 699-4537. This school
was mentioned by Gary Orfield as the only Atlanta school with test
scores comparable to suburban white schools in the area.
"Mays High School in Atlanta is the one black school to score
comparably to the overwhelmingly white schools, included a select
student body with fewer free lunches than any other city school.
Magnet programs screen students and their higher test score results are
built in by the selection process" It has the highest Iowa Basic
Skills test scores in the Atlanta school system.
Ethnic/ Gender: W0.4 B99.5 H0.0 A0.0 N0.0 M47.5 F52.5
Free/Red Lunch 42.1% vs. 79.9% system

Test mayssat.gif

442 math is about same as blacks in Fairfax County, Black over
$70,000, better than black average, but worse than poor whites

Based on last SAT test V448 M442 T890
System                 V429 M420 T849
ACTC                   19.3 Sch 17.9 Sys 20.3 State
ACTM                   19.4 Sch 17.9 sys 19.8 State
TAP95-96               78   47  58
TAP94-95               62   46  56


clip\96\09\popehs.htm  Pope HS is the highest rated
non-magnet school in the state of Georgia.

A report issued by the Georgia Public Policy Foundation has ranked Pope
High School as the number three High School in the state of Georgia. The
rankings were based on students scores on the SAT, the 11th grade Test of
Achievement, and their percenatge of college bound students. The two
schools which were ranked above Pope are both magnet schools.

 STATE METRO                        TAP    SAT    PERCENT   DROPOUT WEAPONS     Black
                                                  BOUND             ENROLLMENT
 1     n/a   Davidson*     Richmond 328.67 1020   100       0.2     0/550       42%
 2     1     Chamblee*     DeKalb   311.67 1017   85.7      2.5     1/1,107
 3     2     Pope          Cobb     310.67 982    85.8      0.7     3/1,993
 4     3     Walton        Cobb     303.67 983    90.2      0.9     4/2,061
 5     4     North Springs Fulton   303.67 991    92.6      1.4     0/980
 6     n/a   Johnson       Richmond 298.67 935    86.3      0.2     0/449
 7     5     Chattahoochee Fulton   310    967    90.8      1.2     0/2,382
 8     6     Parkview      Gwinnett 303.67 930    86        1.1     16/1,966
 9     7     Brookwood     Gwinnett 302    949    86.8      0.5     9/2,450
 10    8     Roswell       Fulton   300.33 955    87.1      0.8     0/1,784

* denotes magnet school

Georgia Public Policy Foundation 
Griff Doyle, President 
2900 Chamblee-Tucker Road 
Building 6 
Atlanta, GA 30341-4128 
770/455-7600, fax 770/455-4355 

@@Baltimore Maryland

See Barclay Elementary School


Network News - Spring 2002
Newsletter of the Minority Student Achievement Network
Barbados is a poor, underdeveloped country.  Ninety-eight percent of
its people are of African descent.  However, when the US Embassy
offered the SAT to 300 students in Barbados three years ago, the
average SAT score for those students was just over 1200. ...

Negro Barbados students outscore Asians & Whites in SAT scores
Black high-school students in Barbados, an island nation that
experienced slavery, average 1300 on their SATs.

1996 SAT Test Scores  
the national average for Asian (1,054) and
the national average for White (1,049) students. (See Table 4.)

@@Bellevue WA

Bellevue International School: The 1st class is world-class By Molly
O'Connor Journal Reporter BELLEVUE -- Students at the International
School didn't have textbooks, grades or a principal when the school
opened in 1991.

Somerset Elementary got the highest 4th grade assessment - 72% passed
"standard" according to Bellevue school superindendent Mike Riley,
who cites it as evidence that the new test isn't too hard. It serves
the hill with lots of fancy houses in South Bellevue. 4th grade CTBS
scores were at the 72nd percentile. 30% minority, mostly Asian. Chart
shows CTBS scores at 91% above 50th percentile, the highest of any
school on the chart. Only 2% free / reduced lunch.  (Only McAuliffe,
Margaret Mead Lk Wash, and 3 or 4 other schools at 1% are lower)

@@Best Districts

The 100 Best School Districts												  
These lists prove you need to be rich, have really smart
parents, or both

There are 2 Washington school districts among Offspring's 100				  

Pullman and Richland are the most affordable of these places, and 
spend only about average amounts on their students.

 School    Location  Enrollment Academic      Living Expenditures			  
 District                       Performance*  Costs* per student*			  
 Pullman   Pullman   2292.0     98.0          50.0   66.0					  
-> Washington State University Faculty children
 Richland  Richland  9011.0     95.0          77.0   47.0                      
-> Hanford nuclear scientists
* percentile ranking within region

There are 7 California school districts among Offspring's 100					  
 School     Location  Enrollment Academic      Living Expenditures				  
 District                        Performance*  Costs* per student*				  
 Palo Alto  Palo      9437.0     99.0          99.0   90.0						  
-> Stanford University															  
 Verdes     Palos     9285.0     99.0          99.0   73.0						  
 Peninsula  Verdes																  
 Piedmont   Piedmont  2628.0     99.0          99.0   81.0						  
 Beverly    Beverly   5320.0     99.0          99.0   93.0						  
 Hills      Hills		
-> Rich														  
 Carmel     Carmel    2452.0     99.0          94.0   81.0						  
-> Rich
 Laguna     Laguna																  
 Beach      Beach     2548.0     99.0          99.0   73.0						  
 Modoc      Alturas   1200.0     98.0          43.0   70.0                         
There are 4 Massachusetts school districts among Offspring's 100 Best.				
 School      Location     Enrollment Academic      Living Expenditures				
 District                            Performance*  Costs* per student*				
 Lexington   Lexington    5570.0     99.0          98.0   94.0						
 Weston      Weston       1971.0     99.0          99.0   94.0						
 Wellesley   Wellesley    3523.0     99.0          98.0   96.0						
 Northampton Northampton  2988.0     95.0          82.0   80.0                       

@@Blue Ribbon schools US Dept of Education


.efx Bell Elementary wins national recognition award |
 Bell El has
been designated a Blue Ribbon School by the US DofEd, one of only
four schools in the state to earn this distinction. cites increase in
WASL scores. "Parents give us valuable input on school programs, but
more important is the parent involvement in the classroom all year



\clip\97\25\edclip5.txt Boston Globe Most pupils who tested twice
admitted By Beth Daley, Globe Staff, 10/28/97 This year, 54 percent
of Latin School's seventh-grade entering class and 74 percent of the
ninth-grade entering class are from private schools.  The entrance
test, called the Independent School Entrance Exam, weighs heavily in
deciding who gets into the competitive schools.  Last year, it was
revealed that many private and parochial schools prepared students
for the test, but not all Boston public schools did.

\clip\96\11\morse.htm 'Literate' at 7 or 8 By Jordana Hart Boston
Globe Staff, 12/06/96 Morse Elementary in Boston adopts the "Cultural
Literacy" theory of E. D. Hirsch, and had the highest math test
scores of any city school, educator found out it was not
"Euro-centric" at all

\clip\97\01\boslatpo.htm "In Boston, New Policy Stresses Scores"
Education Week Jan 15, 1997

\clip\96\08\boslat.tx AP 15-Nov-1996 School Drops Racial Quotas
Policy Boston Latin decides to drop fight to maintain racial quotas,
will decide between proportional and other schemes, perhaps even a
lottery. Also various Boston Globe articles, check 


doc941\boslat1.txt: Boston Latin Academy
1992: pct: w42 b31 h+NA 8 a19 
index: w1.0 (1.56) b-2.4 h-3.8 a1.4


The Latin schools accept black and Hispanic students who rank in the
50th percentile or above on their entrance examination and grade point
average, said John Coakley, the  School  Department's chief
desegregation officer. At Latin School, the cutoff for whites and
Asians is about the 70th percentile, he said. At Latin Academy it is
about the 60th. The changes were implemented as part of Garrity's
desegregation orders in 1975.


priv\96\13\mixscore.htm San Francisco Chronicle Tuesday, April 30,
1996 · Page A1 PAGE ONE --"Mixed Scorecard on State High Schools Gap
between suburbs", cities Palo Alto's two high schools, Gunn and Palo
Alto, led in most categories. Other high-scoring schools included
Lynbrook in San Jose, Monta Vista in Cupertino, Saratoga, Piedmont,
Lowell in San Francisco, Campolindo in Moraga, Miramonte in Orinda
and Acalanes in Lafayette.  At Gunn, for example, 95 percent of
seniors took the SAT.  Of a possible 1600 points, the average score
at Gunn was 1137, well above the state average of 902. Among students
who took advanced-placement tests, nearly 87 percent qualified for
college credit.

The area's lowest-scoring schools included Castlemont, McClymonds and
Fremont in Oakland; Balboa, Galileo and Mission in San Francisco;
Richmond and Kennedy in Richmond; and tiny Emery in Emeryville.

\priv\95\20\humail.txt - balboa has the highest test scores in
the state of california


[school that tests for iq] It was the new Northside College
Preparatory Academy (I think that's the official name; people I know
called it the "Chico school" because the #2 guy in CPS lives in the
neighborhood (along with a lot of cops and firefighters, almost all
white) and he is sending his daughter there.  To:

z48\clip\2001\03\chicexam.txt April 2, 2001 BY ROSALIND ROSSI
EDUCATION REPORTER http://www.suntimes.com/output/news/skul02.html
For 14-year-old Meghan Hodgkinson, Northside College Prep is so
close, and yet so far.  Northside was the toughest public high school
from the Chicago Board of Education The lowest score accepted at
Northside was a 142 out of a possible 160 on the Stanford Nine
Achievement Test.  That translates into the 97th percentile, or the
top 3 percent nationally, board officials estimated. Only 5 percent
of Northside applicants were accepted, or a total 237 students.

z47\clipim\2000\12\28\chichi\1200main1.htm South Side playing
catch-up Board gives North Side preps lavish facilities, ample
planning time by Debra Williams
Lindbloom is 99% black, rechristened
Payton $33 million / 840 enrolllment 21% white 33% black
outfitted with a planetarium, a weather station and observation deck,
10 science labs, two interactive language labs, an orchestra/music
room and state-of-the-art projection equipment. Each student gets a
laptop computer and an e-mail account. 
Northside’s $47 million / 1000 enroll facility rivals Payton with an equally
impressive array of amenities: a conservatory, five science labs, a
525-seat auditorium, a climbing wall, a fully outfitted exercise room
and an Olympic-size pool. 

CATALYST Z47\clipim\2000\12\28\chicago\chicago.htm
http://www.catalyst-chicago.org/12-00/1200critics.htm Some see elite
schools as drain on system by Brett Schaeffer For decades, these two
schools were the only ones in the public school system that required
high test scores for admission. Then came Whitney Young Magnet School
in 1975, and now six regional college preparatory schools, one of
which is a converted Lindblom. Within a few years, these magnet
schools will enroll at least 12 percent of Chicago’s public high
school population. Of the country’s five largest districts, only
Chicago and New York City have high schools that accept students
based on a test-score ranking, the survey found.

Schmidt tells about Northside
Prep, and shifting the gifted populations. The New York Times
reported that Chicago's "Northside College Preparatory High School"
(newly created at a cost of $44 million -- officially admitted --
this year) was "Chicago's best." They missed the fact (as I'm
reporting in Substance) that Northside is also Chicago's whitest and
that Northside didn't take any kids into their first classes who
scored below the 8th and 9th stanines (roughly, above the 80th
percentiles) in reading and math.  So it was impossible for the
school to "fail" by our "standard" measures here. That school has now
been hyped on Page One of The Chicago Tribune ("City's new school at
head of the class", May 22, 2000) and Page A12 of the National
Edition of The New York Times ("Chicago Schools' Answer to Tug of the
Suburbs", June 2, 2000).

In September 1996, the Chicago Board of Education moved the "regional
gifted program" of nine full classrooms of children (k - 8) from
Burbank to Beaubien. 

\priv\95\07\chicexel.txt - Shutting down excellent high school in
chicago Lindblom in Chicago was an examination school shut down after
1995 It had only a 4 percent dropout rate and sent most graduates to

High Scoring Chicago Schools some with
70% low income rates

See these schools:

@@Whitney Young Magnet, Chicago

Whitney Young Magnet - Chicago school is 50% Black and 15% Hispanic,
but boasts test scores (SATM=560) nearly as good as 75% Asian Lowell
High School (SATM=588) in San Francisco School. School is top ranked
in math and science, #2 in combined IGAP scores in the state of
Illinois. Who says urban minorities in public schools can't achieve
on the basis of traditional merit?

Academic Profile

Racial Composition
W20% B50% H15% A15%

90% 4-yr 5% 2-yr 5% part time/military

Test Scores
1996 ACT Composite: 23.7 
SAT V574 M569 C1143 (old 490/560/1050)

1995-96 18 National Achievement Semifinalists
9 National Merit Semifinalists

1996 Combined High School Reading and Math IGAP Scores as Reported by
the Chicago Sun-Times (2nd place in state)

1. New Trier Winnetka             351.5
2. Whitney Young Chicago          347.5

1996 7th and 8th Grade IGAP Scores showed Whitney Young #1
in the State for both Math and Social Science 

city rank #1 \clip\96\09\younrank.htm top 0.2% ACT 24.1
state rank \clip\96\09\younstat.htm

Rank in state / Percentile / Test
#2 8th grade reading
#1  99.9% 8th grade math
#7  99.5% 8th grade writing
#3  99.5% 10th grade math
#44 93%   10th grade writing
#43 93%   ACT Composite 24.8 approx = 1200 SAT, 86th percentile ACT vs
88 SAT percentile at Lowell HS

Schmidt on W.Young the reason the
current administration is trying to detroy Whitney Young (by creating
six "academic magnet high schools" in six zones of the city) is that
they can't stand the idea that Chicago's best high school consists
mostly of Asian, Black and Latino kids.

Dore Elementary


z54\clip\2001\11\elithi.txt Competitive High School May Limit College
Choices • Jay Mathews
By Jay Mathews Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, November 6,
2001; 11:00 AM 
..several dozen Jefferson seniors
with spectacular academic credentials apply to Harvard, Yale,
Princeton, Stanford and other selective schools. Yet only one out of
five Jefferson applicants are admitted to those places.


Co CK-based school scores 100% on
reading Our school is High Peaks Elementary, A Core Knowledge
focus school.  We are part of the Boulder Valley School District in

We were written up (with the usual slew of misquotes) in the Denver
Post a week ago Sunday.  We've also been the subject of stories in
the Boulder Daily Camera. Other than that we lead a pretty quiet
life.  Regards, Barb Kostanick barbk@indra.com

The scores were listed in a full page of the Denver post; I'd have to
cut up my copy to fit it into my fax machine.  Perhaps you could look
at the website for the Colorado Department of Education.  The Rocky
Mountain News also published the scores, and they too have a website. 

Statement on state
policy\clip\97\27\stand\stand.htm Tries to be best of "basics"
and "outcome based", high academic standards, based on measured
performance rather than seat-time, all students can succeed, no
unrealistic expectations.

@@Cost (High School)

$48M Seattle Ballard Seattle Times Ap 9, 1999
$47M Chicago Northside
$33M Chicago Payton

Per Student
$47K Chicago Northside
$39K Chicago Payton

@@Cupertino CA 

At 37% Asian, Cupertino has the 2nd highest Asian enrollment after
San Francisco! Asian parents kill over real estate ads that say
"Cupertino schools". Compare with Tenafly N.J. US News noted that
performance of Black and Hispanic students measured by GPA is still
poor, blaming lack of funding rather than the fact that racial
minorities routinely perform poorly even in the best school districts.

District home page:

Our district serves a richly diverse student population, currently
43.3 percent minority--36.7 percent Asian, 4 percent Hispanic, 1.7
percent Black, 0.6 percent Filipino, 0.2 percent Pacific Islander,
and 0.1 percent American Indian

Historically, district test scores have been high, placing Cupertino
among the premier public school districts in the state

@@Dare County Virginia

THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT Copyright (c) 1996, Landmark
Communications, Inc.  DATE: Tuesday, January 9, 1996 TAG: 9601090278
SCHOOLS RATE HIGHLY Dare County Schools have continued their top five
statewide ranking in student achievement according to the 1995 State
Report Card.  Superintendent Leon Holleman said the schools received
a No. 1 ranking in end-of-course advanced elective math, showing 77
percent of students proficient. 

@@Edmonds, Washington

The "Challenge program" for academically gifted children is housed
within Terrace Park Elementary school. 92% math, 100% reading, 96%
writing, 92% listening, CTBS N/A scored higher than any other school
in greater seattle, public or private. Seattle Times Sept 17, 1997
"test scores tend to follow income level"


As compiled by Ernest Cooley 2002
20 schools of the ruling class
"This list was the product of several hours of internet research. I
started knowing that the Kennedy children went to Sidwell Friends and
that Algore went to St. Albans. John Taylor Gatto talked about the
schools where the ruling class sent their children. I recall that he
said there was some dispute as to whether there were 18 schools or 21
but that everyone agreed that the number was in that range. I couldn't
find any list so I did my best to assemble one "

http://www.lakesideschool.org/ Seattle Washington (Bill Gates)
Sidwell Friends School http://www.sidwell.edu/
St. Albans School  http://staweb.sta.cathedral.org/
Choate Rosemary Hall http://www.choate.edu/default.asp
Phillips Exeter  Academy http://www.exeter.edu/pages/index.html New Hampshire
Georgetown Day School http://www.gds.org/
Groton School http://www.groton.org/home/content.asp?id=1
Phillips Andover http://www.andover.edu/
St. Paul's http://www.sps.edu/
Hotchkiss http://www.hotchkiss.org/
Middlesex http://www.middlesex.edu/
Milton Academy http://www.milton.edu/ Milton Mass
St Mark's http://www.stmarksschool.org/
Taft  http://www.taftschool.org/
Lawrenceville http://www.lawrenceville.org/

@@Escalante, Jaime

\clip\97\21\escal.txt http://www.pressdemo.com/news/09-14/st006.html
Sept. 14, 1997 (Sonoma County CA) Today's schools worry top teacher
By CHRIS COURSEY Press Democrat staff writer

http://www.intres.com/math/Educriticism_frm.htm Famous Hispanic
educator in LA who produced calculus jocks from the Latino barrio.
Threads show that educators despise his methods of drilling content
into kids.

@@Fairfax County, Virginia

Fairfax county is one of the highest scoring suburbs of D.C., but
blacks don't score as high as the white average on the SAT 



On the verbal section of the SAT I, FCPS students scored higher
than students in the nation and in the state with an average score of
543, compared to 505 nationally and 507 in Virginia. On the
mathematics section, FCPS students also scored higher than students in
the nation and in the state with an average score of 553, compared to
508 nationally and 496 in Virginia
* The 1996 average composite score for African-American students (948)
was 92 points above the national composite score and 101 points above
the Virginia composite score for African-American students. (See Table
4.) [but less than national average for whites of 1,049]
* The 1996 average composite score for Hispanic students, 1,001,
remained significantly higher than the average national composite
score of 919 for Hispanic students and was 21 points above the average
* Virginia composite score for Hispanic students. (See Table 4.)
The 1996 average composite scores for Asian and White students, 1,069
and 1,134 respectively, are both above the national average for Asian
(1,054) and national average for White (1,049) students. (See Table

%%Thomas Jefferson High School

Home page is at http://www.tjhsst.edu/
The Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology is the
Governor's magnet school in Northern Virginia for students interested
in science and technology. Founded in 1984, it serves many local
school districts including Fairfax, Loudoun, Arlington, and Prince
William counties as well as the cities of Fairfax, Falls Church, and
Manassas. Students are selected on the basis of aptitude and interest
in the biological, physical, mathematical, and computer sciences and
related fields. 

It has come under fire in the 00s for not having enough disadvantaged
minorities. They dropped what was essentially a quota system in 1998,
but a parent maintains they still have preferences.

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
6560 Braddock Road
Alexandria, VA 22312

Office of Admissions 703-750-8335
Mrs Greenberg
TJHSST Fax 703-750-5010

Admission Bias Charge Stirs Jefferson 
By S. Mitra Kalita
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, April 2, 2003; Page B01 
A law professor's article about what he calls "invidious race
discrimination" in admissions at Thomas Jefferson High School for
Science and Technology ..."Cohen, father of two Jefferson students and
a third child who was not accepted...found that some of the black
students who got in didn't do as well as whites who were rejected. "
"Until 1998, Jefferson admitted some black and Latino students who
didn't make it to the round of 800 semifinalists but came very close
and seemed otherwise qualified."

Top Magnet School Struggles with  Minority Enrollment
Asian Week July 12, 2001
Matthew Barakat
School used race inadmissions in 1997, but has dropped off after
change in policy

2001 incoming .5%B/2 1.6%H/7 A21% 
grad         5.8%B   5.6%H 
Fairfax county system 11B 13H 
avg SAT=700

z54\clip\2001\11\elithi.txt Competitive High School May Limit College
Choices • Jay Mathews By Jay Mathews Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, November 6, 2001; 11:00 AM "In student achievement, faculty
prowess and sophistication of equipment, no American high school,
public or private, is quite as good." [but it's hard to get into a
college since gpa is so skewed]

A Selective Public High School Offers Lesson
Wall Street Journal March 31, 2003
2,500 took the exam to get into the school. They would take the top
800, then add another 200 to get about 11% representation. This
quota scheme was abandoned, now minorities are about 2% vs. 25%
of the district

z52\clip\2001\09\tjhigh.txt Minority Scarcity Alarms Jefferson By Liz
Seymour Washington Post Staff Writer Thursday, September 27, 2001;
Page B01 Every year, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and
Technology in Fairfax County boasts more National Merit semifinalists
than any school in the nation. The Ivy League offers admission to at
least 25 percent of its graduates. Of the 420 members of the current
freshman class, only seven are Hispanic and two are black

Bracey: Take Fairfax County, Virginia.  Within this high-scoring
district, there is Thomas Jefferson School of Science and Technology
which creams the best of the best--of the 8581 juniors in
high-scoring Fairfax in 1997, only 391, 4.6%, attended TJ.  The
admissions people at TJ start with a high-scoring group of kids and
then impose a selectivity more severe than at outstrips Harvard or
Stanford.  It means that on average, just under 7 kids from each
Fairfax elementary school wind up at TJ.  Yet TJ kids get only to the
91st percentile in reading.  They do manage manage the 98th in
science and 99th in math, the primary subjects on which they are

The Tri-School Network
With Internet access provided by NASA, three schools in Fairfax
County are sharing computer resources. 
Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
J.E.B. Stuart High School 
West Springfield High School 

Every student can have his/her own !@#$% home page on the
web. Geez!

95-96 SATV - 703 SATM 732 (new scale)
source: Called Nov 18, 1996
school w 71.3 b 4.5 h 4.4 a/ai .1 asian 19.1 m/r/other .6
state  w 77.4 b 18.8 h 4.4 ai  0.2      2.6
rate    .921  .239 1.0  0.5           7.34
index   1.00 -3.85 H -1.08  N-1.84 A 7.96

From:           	"Gerald W. Bracey" 
By the way, the kids at "exclusive" TJ average around 730 on their SATs.

state of N virginia
1642 students

Of the 393 students in the class of 1995, 112 are National Merit
Semifinalists and 7 are National Achievement Semifinalists. For the
fifth year in a row, TJHSST placed first in the country wit the
largest number of National Merit Semifinalists. 

1993-94 SAT Scores 

             Verbal mean          Mathematics mean   
TJHSST           629                     714
Virginia         414                     469
National         423                     479


TJHSST has SAT 703V 732M! - That's nearly equal to Caltech and MIT
average math, and higher than elite Lakeside school in Seattle, at
the 98th percentile, making it perhaps the best high school in the

@@Glastonbury CT

Ninety-one percent of Glastonburty High School's 1996 graduates took the
Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), and Glastonbury's mean test scores exceeded
both the state and national averages. When compared with 18 similar school districts in it Educational Reference
Group, Glastonbury exceeded the average and ranked in the top third in all
but two areas. The town ranked first in Grade 4 reading and grade 6 writing



http://www.pixi.com/~kailuah2/general.html Kailua High School

I don't know if their test scores are any good, but they've got the
best damn HS web page I've ever seen.

@@High Point Academy Pasadena CA

link private school, High Point
Academy in Pasadena, has 100% of its students in Saxon's Algebra 1/2
in grade 7 (or before) and 100% of its students algebra competent by
the end of grade 8.  They score very well on the ERB end-of- course
algebra, above the 90th percentile nationally.

@@Hillsdale Academy

Hillsdale Academy History Founded in 1990, the Academy serves as model
kindergarten-through-twelfth grade school. Under the auspices of
Hillsdale College, the Academy bases its curriculum on a solid
grounding in fundamental academic skills, an exploration of the arts
and sciences, and an understanding of the foundational tenets of our
Judeo-Christian and Greco-Roman heritage.

You can download their curriculum guide 2.8M


\doc\web\97\07\wesley.txt Dr.
VanEaton of the Lincoln Heritage Institute and Manager of the
Economics Department of Hillsdale College
http://members.aol.com/lhiadmof "Kids in Wesley Elementary in
Houston, Texas, read above norms at the end of the first grade.  They
also outscore other kids in the Houston system in all areas be the
end of the third grade.  But their principal and their teachers are
considered out of step by the Houston education establishment --
indeed they have been attacked by the education professionals"

http://www.houston.isd.tenet.edu/ Houston Independent
School District.

http://www.hal-pc.org/~fdw/hsep.html \clip\96\08\hsep.htm The Booker
T. Washington High School For Engineering Professions is a
[predominantly black] magnet school designed to provide
competitively-selected students with an intense, extended-day college
preparatory program with emphasis upon math, science, computers, and
engineering.  Students entering HSEP are primarily selected on the
basis of their performance on the Differential Aptitude Test (DAT).
Forty percent of the graduates attended first rank engineering
universities: Carnegie-Mellon, MIT, Princeton, Purdue, Stanford,
Texas A & M and Washington University. The remaining attended other
universities or colleges. 

phone number 713-692-5947
Mrs. Brown for race breakdown and test scores.
W2.0%  B88.6%  H7.9% A1.5% 
1994 SAT Average: 879


http://www.avoca.k12.il.us/murphy/principal/index.html (Grade 6/7)

Marie Murphy School is one of two exemplary schools of the Avoca
District #37 which serves students from four surroundings
communities: Glenview, Northfield, Wilmette, and Winnetka.  These are
suburban communities located approximately 20 miles north of Chicago

In 1996, the Illinois Tax Foundation cited our students as being the
top performers in the state over the past three years as measured by
the Illinois Goal Assessment program. By using a comprehensive school
improvement process, we have been able to consistently achieve our
targeted outcomes.

6th graders use a 7th grade textbook for math

IMSA: Illinois Math and Science Academy

http://www.imsa.edu/ Home Page

IMSA is widely acclaimed for its student achievements (examples:
original research, consecutive top ACT scores in the nation, 1993
Westinghouse Science Talent Search winner), and its leadership in
mathematics and science education, gifted education, problem-based
learning, integrative curriculum development, professional
development of teachers, and educational change.

Notable in its racial makeup, where every race is equal to whites,
except for Asians, who are over-represented.

 \doc\95\07\imsa.wk1 - Illinois Math and Science Academy by Race
 Table and analysis by Arthur Hu
 Illinois Math and Science Academy, Aurora Illinois
 Admissions 1994-95

 Ranked by Representation Index
           90 pop    School    Rate      Index
 Asian          2.5%       28%     11.20     15.76
 Hisp           7.9%        7%      0.89      1.25
 White         74.6%       53%      0.71      1.00
 Black         14.8%       10%      0.68     -1.05

Quota school can't fill quota despite extraordinary efforts.
MINORITIES, STATE STUDY SAYS By Ray Quintanilla and Casey Banas,
Tribune Staff Writers. Tribune staff writer Ray Long contributed to
this report.  December 1, 1999 A cadre of Chicago's black legislators
are angered by the finding that Asians often are admitted to the
school in larger numbers than blacks or Latinos,

http://www.suntimes.com/output/news/math01.html Math academy findings
anger minority leaders December 1, 1999 BY DAVE MCKINNEY SUN-TIMES
SPRINGFIELD BUREAU SPRINGFIELD--Compared to their numbers in the
general population, blacks, Latino and white students are
underrepresented and Asian Americans are overrepresented at the
Illinois Math and Science Academy, a new state study showed Tuesday.
Founded in 1986, the school was created by the state for 10th through
12th grade students gifted in math and science. State law says the
student body must comprise an "adequate geographic, sexual and ethnic

ethnic makeup of the academy's 1998 first-year class
documented by Holland, followed by overall, statewide ethnic
breakdowns in brackets:

As a result of the academy's attempts to diversify its student body,
Holland found the school enrolled some applicants with lower test
scores than applicants with higher scores in demographic groups that
were adequately represented.

           Pop     IMSA Rate     Index
Black       12.4    22.0 0.564   -1.41
Asian       26.9     3.0 8.967   11.28
Latino       5.0    12.9 0.388   -2.05
White       49.2    61.9 0.795    1.00

From: "LuAnn Smith" 

As Dr. Fogel reported to you, we do not participate in IGAP 
measures. Our SAT I's for the class of 1996 are as follows:
Verbal: mid 50% range:    630-750    mean: 681   = 620 Comb = 1336
Math:  mid 50% range:    670-780    mean:  716   = 716 '93

We do not break scores down by ethnic group.  LuAnn Smith

\doc\96\07\imsaad.txt Use SAT I for INCOMING students!

++New Trier High School is located in Winnetka IL

http://nths.newtrier.k12.il.us/ Home Page

\clip\98\04\newtr.txt Thursday, February 5, 1998 By Mark S. Warnick,
Tribune Staff Writer.  Copyright Chicago Tribune COMPETITIVE NEW
TRIER RECONSIDERS COMPETITION As much as 98 percent of each New Trier
class attends college, with dozens of graduates annually going to the
Ivy League and other elite schools. [school spends an entire day on
the evils of competition]

@@Lake Washington School District

Eastlake has among the highest test scores in region, expensive
Sammamish Plateu where average houses are above $350,000, tests lots
of wierd education fads like "extended core" integrated the entire
day, senior projects, required community service, etc. Similar to
Skyline "high school from hell" in Issaquah, also new.

High: Safe, if a bit Scared Seattle Times May 7, 1999
www.seattletimes.com Elite high school opened in 1994, has no
free/red lunch students, split up into preppies, jocks (preppies who
play sports), b-wingers (art + music) rockers (b-wingers who dress

@@Logos School Moscow Idaho

Elite christian academy high school in Idaho.

z38\clip\99\21\bytbook.htm Teaching by The Book Classical education
alternative from Idaho spreading to Christian schools nationwide
Wendy Harris - Staff writer they modeled it after the
Logos School in Moscow, Idaho. Started in 1981 in a church basement,
the Logos School unwittingly started a national movement within the
Christian community.  On the ACT college entrance exam this year,
Logos students had an average composite of 28, compared with a
national composite of 21.

@@Los Angeles

I suggest two schools for you to look into.  Both are in Inglewood,
CA.  Both are 98-100% African American or hispanic.  Both are ~70% or
more subsidized lunch.  The one for which I have the most information
is Bennett-Kew Elementary, the other is Kelso School.  The keys are
high standards in reading and math, careful monitoring of student
progress, immediate remediation and negative consequences (failure)
for not meeting established standards (one bets there is hard work
going on also).  By grade 5, Bennett-Kew students score at the 70th
NCE in math.  The Principal of B-K is Nancy Ichinaga.  The name of
the principal at Kelso escapes me at the moment, but FYI, she is
white.  From: Mike McKeown

Inglewood, CA
Nancy Ichinaga, Principal

54% African-American
44% Hispanic (mostly immigrant and Limited English Proficiency, LEP)
 2% Other
70% qualify for subsidized lunch

1996 test scores.  All children tested, including those with less than 1
semester in the school.  This is up to 20% of the students in some cases. 
Additional scores are available for earlier years

The test is CAT-5 and the numbers are NCE, which is essentially percentile
Subject 1   2   3   4   5
Reading	65	55	54	52	48
Math	62	72	68	69	75

Kelso School
Inglewood, CA
Marjorie Thompson, Principal
FAX 310-674-5108
E-mail c/o yvette@kelso.inglewood.k12.ca.us

>50% Spanish speaking LEP 99+% minority "one anglo child in the
school."  All reading instruction in English

Test scores, CAT-5, "#177#3 or 4 NCE points"  
        1       2       3       4   5   6
Reading	60-65	55-60	55-60	50	50	50

Herman Leimbach School
Sacramento, CA (Elk Grove District)
Milley Schrader, Principal
FAX  916-689-8400


927 Students, 45 GATE Enrolled

42% African-American
15% Asian
23% Hispanic 
14% White

30% LEP Students/ 18 different languages
71.49%  qualify for subsidized lunch

Test scores
CTBS First Grade 1992- 52 %ile
CAT-5 %ile

Grade 2 1993
Vocabulary 43
Reading Comprehension 55
Total Reading  52

Language Mechanics 59
Language Expression 46
Total Language  52

Grade 3 (year not given)

Word Analysis 70
Vocabulary 53
Reading comprehension 53
Total Reading 58


From:           	"Gerald W. Bracey" 
Date sent:      	Wed, 27 Jan 1999 15:22:34 -0800
More evidence that SAT's are not everything:  In the Intel Science Talent
Search, TJ only had one of the 40 finalists, Montgomery Blair, in
Montgomery County, MD had 6, second highest in history since Stuvesant got
7 in 1986.


\priv\96\17\BOSTSCHO.HTM New England schools get high grade from
Clinton By Karen Avenoso, Boston Globe 05/30/96 Massachusetts boasted
four blue-ribbon schools: Bishop Stang High School in North
Dartmouth, James P. Timilty Middle School in Roxbury, Marblehead
Middle School and Martha's Vineyard Regional High School in Oak

@@Mercer Island High School - 

Best Public School District in WA State

236-3355 Debra
1995-6 SAT V565 M580 (recentered)
ACT 24.9 composite math 24.2 eng 24.0 read 26.3 sci 24.7


Piney Woods Country Life School

Home Page 

"At Mississippi School, Black Students Soar" Seattle Times Oct 26,
1997 p. A8 "Teenagers lean discipline that serves them well" Larry
Copeland Knight Ridder Newspapers. "Piney Woods Country Life School,
one of the nation's last black boarding schools is 21 miles south of
Jackson" F102997


METRO HIGH SCHOOL ST LOUIS IS #1 In St. Louis, 10th-graders at Metro
High School, a magnet school, ranked No. 1 among students in 435 10th
grades taking the test in 1996. That doesn't mean that every Metro
student got every question right. But it means that more of those
students had mastered key skills than 10th-graders in other schools.
\clip\97\30\stlo2.txt 12-15-97 St. Louis Post-Dispatch *Report Cards
on Area Schools are In; In City, Test Scores Reveal Bright Spot, Many
Failures** [7th graders at one school perform lowest in the state]
Missouri Mastery and Achievement Tests, or MMAT, for 1996 and 1997.

Nearly 85 percent of St. Louis students qualify for free or
reduced-price lunches. 

@@Montgomery County Maryland

Test scores for county

Top 3 high schools for white 1998 combined SAT
1272  Montgomery Blair High School http://www.mbhs.edu/index.html
1225  R. Montgomery high School
1200  Whitman

M Blair is a Magnet School for Science, Math, Computer Science and
Communication Arts
From: "Gerald W. Bracey" 1999 More evidence that SAT's are not
everything: In the Intel Science Talent Search, TJ only had one of
the 40 finalists, 
Montgomery Blair, in Montgomery County, MD had 6,
second highest in history since Stuvesant got 7 in 1986.

From:           	"Patricia Hausman" 
Date sent:      	Thu, 18 Mar 1999 09:38:27 -0500
I am faxing you the raw data; you can find
all facts on the web site:  www.mcps.k12.md.us
Some quick calculations:


1.  Comparsion of White vs. Black test-takers

Difference favoring whites 
A.  Nationally                                     194
B.   Montgomery County Md (MCM)
       School District                                   218
C.   MCM Blair HS (Magnet School for
       Science, Math, Computer Science
       and Communication Arts)                314

2.  Comparison of Asian vs. Black test-takers
Difference favoring Asians
A.  Nationally                                     200
B.  Montgomery County Md (MCM) 
      School District                                     215
C.   MCM Blair HS (Magnet School for
       Science, Math, Computer Science
       and Communication Arts)                  300

3.  Comparsion of White vs. Hispanic test-takers

Difference favoring whites 
A.  Nationally                                     138
B.   Montgomery County Md (MCM)
       School District                                   142
C.   MCM Blair HS (Magnet School for
       Science, Math, Computer Science
       and Communication Arts)                373

4.  Comparison of Asian vs. Hispanic test-takers
Difference favoring Asians
A.  Nationally                                     144
B.  Montgomery County Md (MCM) 
      School District                                     139
C.   MCM Blair HS (Magnet School for
       Science, Math, Computer Science
       and Communication Arts)                  359

White M. Blair Montgomery Co Md '98      1272
Asian M. Blair Montgomery Co Md '98      1258
National  Combined Average      '98      1054
Black M. Blair Montgomery Co Md '98       958 
Hisp  M. Blair Montgomery Co Md '98       899

Patricia Hausman phausman@digizen.net has passed on this information
that, as usual, if you break down the best schools by race, blacks
still perform below national average even in schools where the white
average is way above. This is consistent with data in Seattle,
Fairfax County, Boston and Seattle areas. There is absolutely no data
to support the universal assumption that integration of minorities
into affluent schools will raise their test scores to equivalent
levels, and that the race gap is the fault of attending poor urban
school systems rather than affluent suburban systems.

@@Morningside Academy Seattle

I've heard Morningside Academy in Seattle gets very good results.
Angie Penzkover check out website for test scores

Did you ever look into Morningside Academy, right in Seattle?  They combine
DI & Precision Teaching.  They used to offer a money back guarantee if your
child didn't gain a year in skills in their worst subject area over a two
month summer session or two years gain in one year's instruction -- I don't
know if they still do.  http://morningsideinfo.com/

A friend of mine sent their kid there after the public schools
couldn't get him to read in grade 7, spent too much time in special
ed.  Yes. Our son David went to Morningside from about 1993 to 1996.
We were very impressed with them. Yes. They offered the money-back
guarantee. I suppose they still do. I recommend that anyone check
them out.


Z48\DOC\WEB\2001\04\NAEPDAT.TXT International data reported in the
TIMSS report publicized 12/6/00 for 8th graders were in math and
science.  Those data evidently actually included data by state, not
hitherto reported (as nearly as I can make out from the AP account
published 4/5/01.  "This is the first time states have been allowed
to compare their students to those in other nations."  "School
District 203 in Naperville, Ill, west of Chicago, edged out all other
competitors in science and came in 6th worldwide in math.  The
average math scores of Naperville students were just behind those of
students in five Asian nations."  (AP account in Waterbury CT.
Republican-American, 4/5/01) L. Scheffers: This is the "other" school
district in Naperville; we're in District 204.  District 203 is the
"old" money, while 204 is highly transient (with 1500+ new students a
year, as farms become fully developed residential areas).

@@Nashville Tennesee

Teachers count David Shearon look no
further than Nashville for proof.  Martin Luther King and Hume Fogg,
the two academic magnet high schools, take less than half of the
eligibile applicants, but they have, for the last several years
running, produced three times as many National Merit Finalists as the
rest of Metro's public high schools combined!  It's not the genes;
it's the culture of achievement 

@@New OrleanS City

                    Comparative rankings of New Orleans
                  schools in 1997 state-mandated reading
                                test scores
                            ( -  indicates tie)

Top 5
                                         Percent of 2nd-
                                         and 3rd-graders
                                            reading at or
                  Rank           School             above
                                              their grade
                                            in 1997 tests
                  1       Franklin, Ben            100.0%

                  2               Hynes             93.2%

                  3             Audubon             90.0%

                  4               Moton             89.5%

                  5              Gordon             89.0%

Bottom 5

                  75              Lafon             16.0%

                  76              Lewis             15.8%

                  77            Waters              14.8%

                  78             Rogers             12.2%

                  79            Tureaud             11.8%

                  80            Terrell             10.4%

                        Source: The Times-Picayune
                       staff research, based on data
                   from the Orleans Parish School Board

@@New York city

One of New York's greatest assets are its world class examination
high schools, which have managed to survive in the age of affirmative
action and progressive education. They are Stuyvesant, Brox Science
and Brooklyn Tech.

VOLUNTARY RACIAL SORTING?  4/2000 Jim Chapin notes all the exam
schools remain highly selective, although some voluntary race sorting
has gone on -- more Asians at Stuyvesant and more Blacks and
Hispanics at Brooklyn Tech, which has tended to make Bronx Science
the "white" institution (because they don't want to compete with
Asians in the classrooms and with Blacks outside them).  There have
been a few half-hearted assaults on the school selection system, but
they have gone nowhere.  2/2002 jwm notes scores for entry into the
NYC specialized schools differ: Stuy has the highest entrance score,
BxSci is lower, and Brooklyn Tech is much lower. Jim said BxSci was
"white by choice" not you.  JWM.  

z63\clip\2003\01\huntcoll.txt A Test That Gives the Jitters Even to
the Best and Brightest By LYDIA POLGREEN
about 2,500 children in all — answered 100 multiple choice questions
in mathematics, reading and composition, and wrote a brief essay on
the food they love or hate the most, in the hopes of scoring well
enough to begin seventh grade in the fall at Hunter College High
School, one of the most prestigious public schools in the city."They
only take 250 kids, you know," one woman said to a man seated next to

z39\clipim\99\12\23\elite.efx City Journal Spring 1999 How Gotham's
Elite High Schools Escaped the Leveler's Ax

\clip\97\01\nystud.txt New York Times January 3, 1997 New York City
Students Lag in Reading and Math Consistently high marks went to
specialized New York City high schools. They include Stuyvesant High
School in Manhattan and the Bronx High School of Science, where
upward of 98 percent of the students met the standards for the
state's competitive Regents diploma.  But at the same time, no more
than 4 percent of the graduates of 39 of the city's 180 high schools
received Regents diplomas last year. 

@@New York State


\CLIP\97\01\TINYSCHO.TXT New York Times January 8, 1997 Tiny School
Tops Reading-Score List By TOM VERDE


\clip\97\01\wells.txt New York Times January 3, 1997 Rural School
Leads the Way in Reading Five of the Wells School's six third graders
displayed reading ability two or more years above grade level, the
highest percentage in the state. Rural Iowa also has very high
scoring whites on the NAEP.

@@Philadelphia High School For Girls

62% Black / Latino, 97% 4 yr college

White  African American  Latino  Asian  Other  Total
Number  Percent  Number  Percent  Number  Percent  Number  Percent  Number  Percent  
326  22.9%  812  57.1%  78  5.5%  200  14.1%  5  0.3%  1421  

Deborah Simmons: Boys and girls, not together
http://www.washingtontimes.com/op-ed/simmons.htm 12/9/2002
I don't think those skeptics would raise their eyebrows at the
largest single-sex public school in the nation - the 157-year-old
Philadelphia High School for Girls, where better than 97 percent of
graduates attend four-year colleges." 
1998 49% below basic on SAT-9

December 6, 2002
Boys and girls, not together
Deborah Simmons
Western High in Baltimore, a racially diverse all-girls public school
in Baltimore (established in 1844) that consistently ranks among that
city's academic elite. Ninety-three percent of Western's graduates
entered college, 2 percent chose military service and 1 percent
enrolled in vocational schools.

Download an EXCEL Spreadsheet that contains enrollments by race for every school 

@@Private / Elite

[U.S. News Online]
Cover Story 1/18/99                    
OUTSTANDING SCHOOLS What about independents?  Why well-known private
schools had a problem with us 
BY THOMAS TOCH                         
"The percentage of independent-school graduates at Dartmouth and
other elite schools has declined from about 40 percent to about 30
percent in the past decade, the schools report.  That's still an
impressive number, considering that independents account for only 1.8
percent of the nation's high school students."


z63\clipim\2003\04\11\smartkid\smartkid.htm April 11, 2003 Issaquah
11-year-old wows state science fair By Michael Ko and Tan Vinh Seattle
Times staff reporters Andrew Hsu won a silver medal at the Washington
State Science and Engineering Fair.  Andrew, 11, of Issaquah, won the
Silver Medal and became the youngest participant to be awarded a grand
prize in the fair's 46 years.  Andrew is home-schooled initially
raised eyebrows among judges over the legitimacy of his entry, titled
"Identification, Characterization and DNA Sequencing of the Homo
Sapiens and Mus Musculus COL20A1 Gene (Type XX Collagen) with
Bioinformatics and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR


Lake Washington School district pulls out children who score in top
5% in math, reading and IQ into 1 day a week pullout, top 1% gets a
full time class. 3rd graders get to study cubism and other advanced
topics. Selecting children by test scores effectively creates an
examination school competitive with the best private schools, but
they still go to public schools. If reform is pushing average kids
too far above traditional grade level, how far are these kids going
to be pushed?

zip36\images\99\09\02\quest.efx Admission guidelines for Quest 
Kindergartners must pass 95th percentile and read fluently etc.

\priv\99\06\quest.txt Parent says sometimes its ok but 3rd grade was
nuts, trying to create a race of superkids.

\clip\99\06\quest.txt Seattle Times February 19, 1999 Kirkland
teacher's American dream inspires her students by Naomi Dillon
Seattle Times Eastside bureau 

The entire class recently entered a national creative-writing contest
that asked entrants why they were glad America is a nation of
immigrants.  Five of the 11 statewide finalists, from 115 entries,
were plucked from Georvasilis' class. 

@@San Diego

z47\clip\2001\01\lajolla.txt .htm
SCHOOL PAYS PRICE FOR EXCELLENCE La Jolla High School's academic
achievements have a surprising downside: Local kids return from
private schools, leave less room for underprivileged By Chris Moran
STAFF WRITER January 7, 2001 
La Jolla's Latinos also score high on SAT exams average Latino SAT
scores in 1997 (the most recent year for which data could be
obtained), La Jolla's combined score was 69 points above the county
average.  Latinos score far below whites at La Jolla on the
state-mandated test of basic skills. The Academic Performance Index
(derived from the test scores) for Latinos at La Jolla ranks fifth in
the county, but it's well below the whites at La Jolla. 

@@San Francisco

Lowell High School (also see affirmative action) is the best public
high school in the city, embroiled in a controversy because some
educated idiots decided that having more than 40% Chinese would
result in a "segregated school". It's 75% Asian for chrissakes!  Test
scores are just as high as Mercer
Island, the best school district in WA state, even though
students are often poor and minority

SAT score math 588 comb 1088 = 88 pct math

Web profile: http://www.sfusd.k12.ca.us/profile/prfl-697.htm
clip: \doc\96\07\lowel.txt

School Number          697
Grade Span            9-12                Avg Daily Attendance     99.3%
Student Enrollment    2635                Excused Absenses          0.8%
LEP/NEP                 23  (  0.9%)      Unexcused Absenses        0.7%
Special Education       32  (  1.2%)      Dropout Rate              0.1%
EDY                     45  (  1.7%)      Suspended                  26
GATE                  1357  ( 51.5%)      Teacher Attendance       97.0%
Optional Enrollment   2635  (100.0%)      Building (Sq. Ft.)    240,200
Free Lunch             408  ( 15.5%)      Yr Constructed           1962
Reduced Lunch          178  (  6.8%)      Children Center            No
Graduation Rate        679  ( 96.3%)      Percent Objectives Met   75.0%

(% = Percent)
             L    OW    AA     C     J     K    AI     F   ONW     M/F     Total
             %     %     %     %     %     %     %     %     %      %      Number
Total %    9.7  17.4   4.6  41.3   2.3   3.7   0.2   8.1  12.6  41.9/ 58.1
Total #    255   459   121  1089    61    98     6   213   333  1105/ 1530  2635
Grade 09   9.4  20.2   4.0  37.6   1.7   4.3   0.3   8.0  14.5  46.4/ 53.6   649
Grade 10  10.7  14.8   5.0  41.7   2.3   4.7   0.0   6.5  14.2  41.6/ 58.4   681
Grade 11   9.6  15.4   4.1  48.7   2.0   2.7   0.0   7.8   9.8  40.6/ 59.4   716
Grade 12   8.3  20.1   5.4  36.5   3.5   3.1   0.7  10.6  11.9  38.6/ 61.4   578
Ungraded  36.4   9.1   9.1   9.1   0.0   9.1   0.0   0.0  27.3  63.6/ 36.4    11

                                                NP= National Percentile
===========================================     * = Reading Comprehension subtest
                                                **= Math Concepts & Applications subtest
          Reading *    Reading by Quartile     Math **      Math by Quartile
          ---------  -----------------------   --------  -----------------------
           NP   NCE  1-25 26-50 51-75 76-100   NP   NCE  1-25 26-50 51-75 76-100
Grade: 09
  (94-95)  89  76.1   0.0   3.0  16.1  80.9    92  80.4   0.3   3.8  10.8  85.1
  (93-94)  86  73.3   0.0   4.6  24.9  70.5    91  79.6         2.0  15.1  82.7
Grade: 10
  (94-95)  90  77.4   0.3   2.4  16.9  80.4    93  81.3   0.1   1.9  12.0  86.0
  (93-94)  90  77.7   0.2   1.9  15.2  82.7    93  81.1   0.0   2.9  11.5  85.6
Grade: 11
  (94-95)  86  73.1   0.0   1.8  21.1  77.1    90  77.2         2.4  16.1  81.5
  (93-94)  83  70.2   0.6   4.3  29.5  65.6    88  75.0   0.4   3.4  18.4  77.8

San Francisco, Ca.------------------------------8/1/2000
  " Racial clusters in S.F. school admissions"
  ...The effect is....evident at prestigious Lowell High School,
where Asian American students were offered 65 percent of
admissions for the coming year, while Hispanics and
African Americans are now expected to make up just
6 percent of the student body."...

z68\clipim\2003\07\20\lowell.efx .jpg
Asian Week Jan 22, 1988 p. 24 S.F.'s Lowell Seen as 'The Chinese
Girls' High School An article in Image magazine indicated that the
proportion of girls at the top academic high school in San Francisco
stands at 58 percent, while 44 percent are Chinese. Additional Asian
groups round out the student body at over 60 percent, 50% higher than
any other SF public high school.  "I just have to get this A or my
mother will murder me".


High school rankings

\clip\99\20\rainbea.txt Monday, November 22, 1999 Rainier Beach High
School grapples with principal conflict, bad reputation by Lynne K.
Varner Seattle Times staff reporter 

time at Garfield High Seattle Times March 7th 1999 p. 1 One of
Seattle's most diverse schools wants to offer honors classes only

AP rates
22 Garfield
18 Newport
13 Bellevue
12 Eastlake
12 Liberty
10 Auburn
10 Decatur
College Board

4-yr College gr seattle
90 Intl school
73 Bellevue
71 Mercer Isl
69 Eastlake
65 Issaquah
65 Garfield
61 Newport
60 Bainbridge
Seattle Times Guide to Schools


Catholics had some of the highest, but also some of the lowest
private school test scores in the Seattle area

from Seattle Times
 Highest percentage of 4th    Lowest percentage of 4th                                                                           
          graders                     graders                                                                                    
  who met state standards     who met state standards                                                                            
          Reading                     Reading                                                                                    
1. St. Thomas School    100% 1. Muckleshoot        14%                                                                           
                                Tribal School                                                                                    
   Brighton School      100% 2. St. Edward         40%                                                                           
                                Catholic School                                                                                  
   Woodinville          100% 3. Holy Family        41%                                                                           
   Montessori                   Catholic (Aub.)                                                                                  
4. St. Matthew School   96%  4. St. Mark Catholic  52%                                                                           
5. Assumption-St.       95%  5. St. George Parish  57%                                                                           
   Bridget                      School                                                                                           

@@Evergreen ==Evergreen Academy, Bothell WA

http://www.evergreenacademy.com/bothellhome.htm Evergreen Academy, Bothell campus 16017 118th Place NE Bothell, WA 98011 (425) 488-8000 Fax:(425) 488-0994 Normally $600 per month tuition Sarah G4 private preschool / elmentary in Bothell WA boasts 88 percentile on math, pretty good even for a private school. MATH 94 PERCENTILE IN 1997! Test Results: On Comprehensive Tests of Basic Skills, national percentile scores for 4th-graders in '94-95, '95-96 and '96-97 respectively: 90/91/94 for total battery, 91/91/91 for verbal, 88/89/94 for computation. Evergreen Academy 4th Grade Test Scores vs. Other N/E Public School Districts Fall 1994 CTBS Total Reading LanguageMath Evergreen Academ 95 85 91 88 Mercer Island 83 81 80 84 Lake Wash 64 65 58 67 Bellevue 65 63 62 64 North Shore 71 65 65 61 Shoreline 64 65 64 60 Monroe 47 52 52 50 Marysville 50 47 47 49 Everett 51 51 49 46 Mukilteo 59 51 48 44 Edmonds 44 47 45 37 %%GARFIELD IS BEST PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL IN SEATTLE link http://www.seattletimes.com GARFIELD: HIGH STANDARDS FOR ALL -> DRIVE OUT SLACKERS? Rigorous time at Garfield High Seattle Times March 7th 1999 p. 1 One of Seattle's most diverse schools wants to offer honors classes only [Classic standards based ed - all will be in top 10% - or else, higher order thinking, death to lecture, rote learning, but no stw] Race vs Seattle avg Native am 1.5 2.5 Af Am 30.8 22.1 Latino 3.6 7.5 Asian 12.1 28.4 White 52.0 39.6 Seattle School Dist 97-98 (only 1/3 underminority, close to natl avg) GARFIELD HAS MOST NATIONAL MERIT SEMI-FINALISTS, #2 IN PER CAPITA \doc\web\97\07\natlmer.txt "National Merit semifinalists named: Garfield High has most in region with 25 Seattle Times Sept 21, 1997 p. B2 F092297 Lakeside school is number 2 with 15 in the state. 25 at Garfield are 7% of the senior class. 15 at Lakeside are 13% of seniors. Statewide, finalists are less than 1% of the graduating class. \priv\96B\03\GARFIELD.HTM - named top public school in Seattle Weekly newspaper Test Scores: California Achievement Test 1993-94 1994-95 National Average Reading 69 71 50 Language 63 61 50 Math 67 69 50 %%MADRONA HOUSES THE GIFTED ELEMENT IN SEATTLE ==LAKESIDE 28 #1, GARFIELD 15 #2 IN NATIONAL MERIT FINALISTS \clip\98\12\merit.txt The Seattle Times Company Saturday, September 19, 1998 Lakeside tops National Merit semifinalists \clipim\98\04\merit1.tif, merit2.tif ==LAKESIDE SCHOOL - PRIVATE SCHOOL OF CHAMPIONS Lakeside school is the most prestigious school in the state of Washington, it has the highest tuition, and test scores. Bill Gates and Paul Allen met there. Home Page http://www.lakesideschool.org/main/default.html Enrollment: 701 (349 boys, 352 girls) Grades: 5 (32), 6 (64), 7 (78), 8 (82), 9 (114), 10 (114), 11 (115), 12 (109) Faculty: 102 (46% men, 54% women) Student/teacher ratio: 9:1 Average Class Size: 16 Students of color: 170 TUITION 1999-2000: Middle School, Grades 5-8: $13,810* Upper School, Grades 9-12: $14,380 Lakeside spends approximately $4,000 more on each student than is represented by full tuition. LAKESIDE #2 IN WA, 13% OF SENIORS ARE NATL MERIT SEMIFINALISTS \doc\web\97\07\natlmer.txt "National Merit semifinalists named: Garfield High has most in region with 25 Seattle Times Sept 21, 1997 p. B2 F092297 Lakeside school is number 2 with 15 in the state. 25 at Garfield are 7% of the senior class. 15 at Lakeside are 13% of seniors. Statewide, finalists are less than 1% of the graduating class. \clip\97\01\lakeside.htm Copyright © 1997 The Seattle Times Company Jan. 17, 1997 Lakeside gets big gift from Gates, Allen, McCaws by Dee Norton Seattle Times staff reporter Lakeside School's most prominent - and wealthiest - alumni returned to school bearing far more than an apple for the teacher. "Lakeside Legacy" Seattle Times June 11, 1995 p. M1 Called "academically, the strongest, most rigorous education you can get in the Seattle area". Alumni include Bill Gates, leaders in Paccar, designers of the Space Needle. Called 4/22/96 - SATV=660 =97pct, SATM=650=91pct SATC=1310, much better than Palo Alto Gunn HS (87 SAT), best public school in CA. Race W73.4 B7.6 H2.6 A16 N0.4 %%SEATTLE TIMES RANKING See http://texis.seattletimes.com/schoolguide/k9/stories/CTBS_4th_math.html CTBS-4th Grade These figures show w the percentage of students at each school who scored above the 50th percentile -- that is, better than half of a national norm group set by the testing company. Highest proportion Lowest proportion above 50th percentile above 50th percentile Math Math 1. Somerset (Bellevue) 91% 1. M.L. King 12% (Seattle) 2. Meridian (Kent) 90% 2. African Amer. 13% Acad. (Seattle) 3. Ordway (Bainbridge 89% 3. Alt. Elem. No. 1 16% Is.) (Seattle) Carriage Crest 89% 4. Daniel (Kent) 17% (Kent) 5. Lakeridge (Mercer 88% 5. Van Asselt 19% I.) (Seattle) 6. Whittier (Seattle) 84% Madrona 19% (Highline) 7. Cougar Ridge 82% 7. Emerson (Seattle) 21% (Issaquah) 8. Medina (Bellevue) 81% 8. White Center Hts. 22% (Highline) Maple Hills 81% Fairmount Park 22% (Issaquah) (Seattle) Crystal Sprgs. 81% 10. Cedar Valley 23% (Northshore) (Edmonds) Rush (Lake Wash.) 81% 11. Thurgood Marshall 25% (Seattle) 12. West Mercer (Mercer 80% 12. Bow Lake 26% Is.) (Highline) Hollywood Hill 80% 13. Oak Heights 27% (Northshore) (Edmonds) Fernwood 80% Bryn Mawr 27% (Northshore) (Renton) Sunset (Issaquah) 80% Adams (Seattle) 27% Shelton View 80% Kent Elementary 27% (Northshore) (Kent %%Spectrum Seattle Spectrum program gets 92nd percentile, but parents know ways around the program. In "Seattle parents take fight-or-flight stance for school of choice" (October 17), Seattle Times staff columnist Susan Nielsen offers parents tips for getting their kids into the Seattle public school of their choice: o Change your child's race on the application form. o Get into the Spectrum program for gifted students, even if it means an expensive private test. %%ZION ACADEMY FOR BLACK CHILDREN \priv\96\19\charsco.htm Seattle times June 5, 1996 "Charter-school backers talk about their aims Rainier's Zion cited as good example." Seattle's private Zion academy is nearly all African American, mostly poor or single family homes, but their test scores are 5 points above national average instead of 20 points behind whites. Comment - this is one of the few schools known to take normally under-performing black kids and have them perform above-average. However, note that being 5 points above national average still puts them 5 points behind city whites, who are generally 10 points above national average. As a rule, there are no schools or school districts where black achievement is the equal of whites in the same school or district. %%INDIAN HERITAGE SCHOOL \doc\96\03\aminheri.txt "Creating a True Heritage" Seattle Times April 20, 1996 p. 1 Seattle has an Americn Indian Heritage school designed especially for Native American students which draws students from as far away as Centralia (2 hrs each way), and from other races. 100% of grads enroll in college, one student GPA went from 1.8 to 3.0 @@Sowell Thomas \clip\97\23\sowell1.gif "So-Called 'elitist' schools aid the poor more than anyone. Thomas Sowell Seattle Times Oct 10, 1997 Cites NY Stuyvesant, blacks in PS5 in Harlem had scores as good as immigrant whites, more blacks went to Stuyvesant in 1938 than in 1983. In Washington DC, Dunbar High has a new building, but in the 1930s, the all-black student body had test scores above the national average, turned out the 1st black general, first black cabinet member. More than 25% of graduates who graduated from Amherst college were PBK, two dozen of blacks with ranks from major to brigadier general were Dunbar. Now blacks denounce elitists schools, and denounce the memory of a school destroyed when it was turned into a neighborhood school. @@Tennesee an article in Nashville magazine recently. It rated our two accelerated academic magnet high schools right up there with the better private schools around (97th to 99th percentile). Blue Ribbon Schools \clip\97\24\tennbest.htm arthur: << The only examples of (high performing middle class whites) I've found are near high tech military bases and government installations like Hanford where the parents are modestly paid rocket or nuclear scientists. >> Dave shearon: Anderson County schools, Oak Ridge, and Tullahoma schools are examples of this in TN. These schools are routinely discounted by education folks on the theory that the results are based on parental support. Tullahoma How Well Children Score, Grade by Grade, percentile vs. other state districts Grade Language Reading Math Science Social ----- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- 2 86.00 92.00 61.00 91.00 89.00 3 95.00 96.00 96.00 99.00 92.00 4 87.00 94.00 76.00 92.00 96.00 5 98.00 93.00 96.00 91.00 97.00 6 90.00 99.00 94.00 90.00 94.00 7 88.00 96.00 90.00 85.00 82.00 8 98.00 97.00 93.00 94.00 94.00 How students score on math at Tullahoma High School Pre-Algebra 92.00 Above Algebra 1 90.00 Above Algebra 2 94.00 Above Geometry 97.00 Above Oak Ridge (Nuclear Labs) http://edge.edge.net/cgi-bin/schrpt?E%Oak+Ridge How Well Children Score, Grade by Grade, percentile vs. other state school systems Grade Language Reading Math Science Social ----- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- 2 40.00 82.00 55.00 87.00 84.00 3 88.00 95.00 91.00 98.00 89.00 4 93.00 99.00 92.00 97.00 99.00 5 95.00 96.00 85.00 91.00 90.00 6 95.00 97.00 96.00 90.00 96.00 7 89.00 98.00 91.00 97.00 95.00 8 93.00 98.00 95.00 96.00 98.00 (2nd grade math looks like a fluke, everything else is 85-95!) Anderson County How Well Children Score, Grade by Grade ( Grade Language Reading Math Science Social 2 51.00 55.00 50.00 53.00 38.00 3 50.00 54.00 62.00 42.00 46.00 4 43.00 58.00 57.00 54.00 39.00 5 36.00 36.00 58.00 60.00 59.00 6 66.00 56.00 66.00 59.00 65.00 7 72.00 66.00 84.00 68.00 80.00 8 50.00 40.00 66.00 32.00 58.00 Dave Shearon: DaveTNCLE@aol.com Can you name any schools that are outstanding because of their teacher's value added scores???>> Maryville Middle School, Maryville, TN (Dave Shearon, Nashville, TN) Comment - well, Marysville middle school shows up on a blue ribbon list, and the math test scores are spectacular, with math scores 93-99th percentile in grades 6 to 8, and income and parental education isn't spectacular, $25,000 median houshold income is below average, 24% college income is above average, but nothing like the 50% level typical of a "best" community. But it's 95% white, so it doesn't count as a minority success school, just a great middle class white school. The only examples of these I've found are near high tech military bases and government installations like Hanford where the parents are modestly paid rocket or nuclear scientists. \doc\97\03\maryvill.wk1 1990 US Census Data Database: C90STF3A Maryville city: FIPS STATE=47, FIPS PLACE90=46380 Hinc El-High Num % PCIncome %4Coll Over $35kSchool Total 19208 100.0% $13,420 23.7% White 18378 95.1% $13,668 23.9% 35.5% 94.0% Black 555 2.9% $7,089 17.0% 18.2% 3.5% American Indian, Eskimo, o 66 0.3% $27,800 39.6% 61.0% 0.0% Asian or Pacific Islander 183 1.0% $3,396 15.5% 25.7% 2.1% Other race 26 0.1% $6,772 0.0% 0.0% 0.5% Hispanic 102 0.5% $1,019 0.0% 0.0% 0.4% White is minus Hispanic Median House Inc $25,223 Maryville Middle School Maryville Maryville City Schools 1994-96 http://edge.edge.net/cgi-bin/schrpt?E%Maryville%Maryville+Middle+School State Percentile scores How Much Children Learn at Maryville Middle School Language Reading Math Science Social ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- 65.80 60.70 93.70 72.50 5.40 (ranking of "improvment" in scores) How Well Children Score, Grade by Grade Grade Language Reading Math Science Social ----- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- 6 95.00 94.20 93.40 93.70 88.50 7 97.80 97.80 99.80 99.20 91.90 8 95.60 96.50 99.20 97.20 84.90 How students score on math at Maryville Middle School Algebra 1 99.00 Above Sam Houston Elementary School, Maryville County How Well Children Score, Grade by Grade Grade Language Reading Math Science Social ----- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- 2 76.10 80.70 77.20 92.40 79.70 3 91.40 95.10 98.20 88.60 91.00 4 87.60 92.70 94.80 91.60 88.00 5 95.90 96.20 95.80 93.40 93.40 @@Virginia ARLINGTON TRADITIONAL WAS ONE OF 2% OF SCHOOLS THAT PASSED TEST \clip\99\02\edclip05.txt Richmond Times-Dispatch The SOL Results Show What Must Be Done Wednesday, January 13, 1999 Robert Holland an elementary school called Arlington Traditional, in Northern Virginia.. scores were top-of-the-chart -- i.e., 92 percent passing third grade English, 96 percent fifth grade English, 98 percent third grade math; This is a school featuring teacher-directed instruction in an orderly, structured environment. Students come to the school, by choice, from all over the county. There are waiting lists to get in.