\doc\web\99\13\jimkeefe.htm Send reply to: wa-ed-deform@egroups.com Date sent: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 07:37:03 -0700 From: Jim Keeffe To: wa-ed-deform@egroups.com Subject: [wa-ed-deform] Re: School-to-Work David - Let me pass on some web links for you to peruse concerning STW. Seattle School District, along with just about all other districts in our state, have accepted STW implementation grants and are in the process of restructuring. A couple of the overt examples of the restructuring - clear clues that STW restructuring is well underway - are the development of 'career pathways' in high school and the establishment of student portfolios. More subtle, covert examples of STW moving into a school is the integration of job skills into the curriculum (K-12) along with 'applied' curriculum and career counseling in all grades. I've compiled a list of web links that will point you to many articles, reports, documents etc. about STW. Some of the links point to Washington state STW documents that spell out quite clearly what is mandated. Two web sites that have kindly posted this list of links are: http://lpws.org The Libertarian Party of Washington State. On the right-hand side of the home page is a link to the list. http://www.icehouse.net/lmstuter Lynn Stuter's web site. Lynn is one of the formost education researchers in Washington state. At the bottom of her home page click on School-to-Work. One of the links points to the STW implementation grant for Washington state. Below are exact quotes from that grant which speak for themselves: ** "The Commission on Student Learning will work to ensure that STW transition is fully integrated in the development of the Essential Academic Learning Requirements." ** "Basic skills and industry specific skills, according to local labor markets, will be embedded in academic standards, assessments and curriculum development." ** "All local partnerships, whether based on single or multiple school districts, will be mandated by the grant process to include business, labor...to plan the STW system according to local labor markets." ** "The Commission on Student Learning will turn to business and labor to ensure that educators understand what students need to know." ** "Comprehensive school reform legislation that integrates STW transition goals across the span of K-12 curriculum, establishes a certificate of mastery, and sets the stage for redesigning the last two years of high school." (http://www.eagleforum.org/educate/1997/june97/focus.html ** "Before earning a Certificate of Mastery, all students will engage in career exploration by researching various occupations, visiting work sites, and interviewing workers. Students will coordinate their workplace experiences with their classroom experiences, so that each reinforces the lessons of the other. "Unpaid work-based learning, appropriate for students still working to attain the Certificate of Mastery, should include, but not be limited to, worksite experiences that:...Occur during time usually designated as the student's normal school day." ** "After earning a Certificate of Mastery ALL students will engage in work-based experiences that coordinate with their school coursework. These work experiences will be governed by a contract between the student, the school, and the employer that spells out what the student will both learn on the job and in school." ** "Safety and Liability:...At a minimum, the following regulations appear to need review: unemployment insurance, workers compensation, liability insurance, and child labor regulations." ** "Educational pathways will be related to career areas." ** "Educational pathways reflecting regional labor information." ** "Teaching methods will integrate vocational and academic learning." ** "Employers must reconsider present hiring practices...seek applicants who have attained the certificate of mastery , specific skill certificates..." ** "The transformation of K-12 education system into a integrated system that is performance-based and in which STW is a central focus, in conjunction with industry-driven skills standards, will drive the necessary changes in our entire education and training system." ** "Washington's plan to build a seamless and fully integrated education and training system for young people is based upon three major initiatives: The state's Education Reform Act of 1993, the Goals 2000 Educate America Act, and our STW Opportunities System...As we work toward the goal of a unified, statewide STW system, we will also insure that STW goals are consistent with Goals 2000 and our state's school reform goals." ** "Strengthened efforts to integrate vocational concepts into the academic curriculum, and to broaden the scope and vision of STW to dissolve the notion that STW is only for non-college bound students. STW is a program for all students. And finally one of the more telling paragraphs offering a glimpse into why most people are unaware of this entire systems change. "By the fourth year, STW should be sufficiently institutionalized to allow for incorporation of public awareness activities..." As you can see STW is quietly yet forcefully changing what education is all about. As a parent I am appalled and angry as hell that this is happening. I'm sickened to think of the educational abuse students are undergoing. I'm devoted to fighting this however I can and urge all others to learn about STW and join in the fight to bring education back to teaching knowledge and real academics so that kids have the opportunity to make their own decisions and way in life after graduation. I will go just about anywhere just about anytime to speak of the ills of STW. If you know of any groups, parents, Chambers, Rotarys, etc. you think would like to hear more about STW please let me know and I'll talk to them. Jim Keeffe North Bend jimkeeffe@accessone.com --------------------------------------------- David Blomstrom wrote: > At 09:48 PM 9/9/99 -0700, you wrote: > > Well, I have to confess I don't even know what "School-to-Work" is, > though I've heard the term. Is that an official government program, or > is it just a buzzword for an education philosophy? > > I can relate to your comment about schools being transformed into "a > workforce training system," and that disgusts me. It's actually one > facet of a larger issue - the hijacking of public education by Big > Business. They donate money (tax write-offs and bribes) with strings > attached. They jostle for strategic advertising positions. They insist > on telling teachers how to teach, but don't allow us to tell them how > to sell insurance. > > As far as I'm concerned, they're self-serving whores. > > I don't know specifically how STW is accomplishing this.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Was the salesman clueless? Productopia has the answers. http://clickhere.egroups.com/click/555 eGroups.com home: http://www.egroups.com/group/wa-ed-deform http://www.egroups.com - Simplifying group communications