Evolution: Fact or Fiction

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(by Michael Jacques)

Evolution teaches that life arose from nonlife, ever increasing in complexity due to time and chance mutations. Evolution espouses disorder (chaos) to order (complexity). This is a direct contradiction to what Einstein calls the premier law of science the second law of thermodynamics which states that everything moves from order (complexity) to disorder (chaos) . For Evolution to be valid, we must go with scientific observable facts. We must follow the scientific method! Evolution states that life arose from nonlife. (What are the observable facts?)

1.) This has never been observed to happen

2.) As smart as man believes himself to be, why in the world are we expected to believe that life arose from nonlife by random chance, when man cannot produce a simple form of life a single cell organism from the chemicals of life in a test tube?

3. Spontaneous Generation of Life, life from nonlife was proven invalid in mid 1800's by Louis Pasteur.

Evolution states that life ever evolved from simple, single cell to more complex, multicellular organisms, and finally to man via chance mutations and time. Furthermore, the mutations had to produce new genes in order for a new species to occur. (What are the observable facts?)

1. This is a preposterous mechanism; Not only has this never been observed, but it would ultimately require new male and female mutated organisms of the same kind produced at exactly the same time with gene additions, since species always produce after their own kind (observable facts).

2. Sir Francis Crick (the discoverer of DNA-the genetic code) calculated the probability of one in 1 X 10 to the 260th power (that is one followed by 260 zeros) that nature could produce by chance even a simple protein-let alone two new species of the same kind both male and female. For all practical and intense purposes, the mathematical probabilities of evolution equals zero.

3. Mutations are going the wrong direction! All known mutations are either benign or harmful to an organism. There is not one known mutation proven to be of benefit. We have over 2,000 known human genetic disorders. Scientific observation shows mutations are moving from order to disorder-CHAOS; this is the exact opposite of what evolution calls for. ( Einstein's right, Darwin's wrong ) (observable facts)

4. Evolution states that we have moved from simple to ever more complex life forms, but what we observe is extinction of species. We have never observed one new species come into existence! Once again we are moving from order to disorder-Chaos Again Einstien is right, Darwin is wrong. (observable facts)

5. If evolution was true we ought to have hundreds of thousands of intermediate species in the fossil record. Evolution teaches that reptiles developed into birds and mammals, where are the half birds-half reptiles etc.? Instead we find in the fossil record complete fully formed species which are either extinct or of the same kind we see today. There are not any cogs or dats- half cat and half dog! We find an absence of intermediary species in the fossil record.

Evolution does not follow the scientific method. Evolution is not demonstrable, reproducible or verifiable and is therefore a religious belief. We can line up the scientific evidence such as everything moves from order to disorder, spontaneous generation of life proven invalid, extinction of species verses new species, mutations moving the wrong direction, fossil record showing complete fully formed species, and no intermediate species, all show the scientific evidence overwhelmingly supports creation verses evolution. Yet, All of these scientific facts are censored in our government schools under the big lie of separation of church and state and is in direct violation of the first and tenth admendments of the constitution of the United States of America

If not evolution there is only one viable alternative Indeed the heavens and earth do declare the glory of a Great and Grand Designer a CREATOR!

In a free country such as ours with freedom of the press, speech, and pursuit of high academic standards, one does need to ask a couple of very pertinent questions. Why is all of the above information censored from the classroom and textbooks? Why are our children and culture being propagandized in one school of thought directly contradictory to known scientific observable facts? Fact:-The largest group of people as a percentage abandoning evolution are not religionists but are scientists! Why, because a number of them are looking at the hard cold facts!

Evolution And Creation are two foundational world views. If Evolution is true then at best the Bible as in Genesis is just a story on how we got here and consequently open to questioning it's entire base. All values and beliefs are then turned into relevancy or irrelevancy, cafeteria Christians, a take it or leave it mind set. If evolution is true then we are quite possibly just a product of nature no better than an animal or tree. Hence, abortion, assisted suicide, and suicide are accepted. Where innocent blood is shed based on the quality vs. the sanctity of life as a part of God's Creation. There can be no moral absolutes. Adultery, fornication, pornography, and more, all become plausible. Evolution is foundational to communism, fascism, pantheism, humanism, to man or government and worldly things as his god. Creation is foundational to moral absolutes of right and wrong, justice and respect for our fellow human beings as God's creation, being accountable to a Higher Authority. Which world view do you hold--- and why?

There are many good books espousing the scientific facts which refute evolution and support creation. Recommending three good books for starters: "The collapse of Evolution" by Scott Huse, "Evolution a Theory In Crisis" by Dr. Michael Denton, "Darwins Enigma" by Luther Sunderland all available in our West Allis library where true academic freedom still reigns.