Attn: Letters to the Editor
Re: The Kitchen Militia

Dear Sirs:

I have been following the media-hyped concerns over the various growing militia movements across the nation. I must say that the media is once again in the Johnny-Come Lately mode in accurately covering this movement. The REAL STORY is not about the men's patriot movement where a few GI-Joe-Style gun totin' guys get together once in awhile; the REAL STORY is the Kitchen Militia that has been called to arms around this nation since George Bush first acted upon his announcement to become "The Education President".

We are thousands of mothers and grandmothers-cum-researchers located in every state of this country. We have micro-researched every facet of the so-called "restructuring" and in the process have become experts on the United Nations, the US-Soviet Education, Technology and Cultural Exchange Agreements, federal and state legislation (past and present), philosophy, sociology, psychology, and pedagogy. In short, if there is any program or agenda we perceive as a threat to our families, somewhere there is a Kitchen Militia mother who tracks it down and gets the word out on the grapevine radio call-in shows, fax networks, audio cassette, video tape or any other jungle drum available.

We're not armed with guns. Guns are so messy... we have Congressional Records, legislation and official documents. We have documentation to prove whatever we say and hoard quotes from air-head politicians like a miser hoards his gold. The media dismisses us as the Christian Right; although Christians, Jews, Buddhists and atheists are all involved in this relentless research and dissemination. Our numbers include people in government agencies and local school districts.

We are the most dangerous threat to the "restructuring" of this nation. Remember the old slogan, "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world." This is fair warning. The fastest growing militant group in this country is the Kitchen Militia. Our numbers swell every day, every time some new piece of socialist garbage is introduced that threatens our families.

Written by:

Chey Simonton,
National Citizens Alliance,
West Coast Coordinator
PO Box 610
Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043