Donna Garnerís Grammar Packet

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Date: March 10, 1998

From: Mrs. Donna Garner

236 Cross Country Drive
Hewitt, TX 76643

Attached you will find the grammar packets which I have written for my English I students. These packets can be used successfully with students of various ages, but I suggest that the packets be used with Grades 6 through adults. The packets have been designed to be taught in the following order:

1. Preposition -- (6 pp.)

2. Verb -- Part I (11 pp.)

3. Verb -- Part II (9 pp.)

4. Verb -- Part III (11 pp.)

5. Verb -- Part IV (11 pp.)

6. Verb -- Part V (5 pp.)

7. Conjunction/Clause -- (15 pp.)

8. Noun -- (23 pp.)

9. Pronoun -- (13 pp.)

10.Adjective/Adverb -- (10 pp.)

Students should be taught the packets in the above-mentioned order, and they should learn every single part of each packet because the exercises continually build on past skills. Each student should have his own individual packet so that he can write directly on the packet.

I have written my own tests which are aligned with the packets, but I cannot share my testing program. Because the packets are so explicit, teachers will have no problems designing their own testing program.

It is my hope that these packets will help teach students correct grammar, punctuation, and capitalization skills which can then be implemented into their oral and written communication.

I claim no authorship or copyright privileges. As many copies can be duplicated as desired. I do this so that people will feel they can utilize these materials freely.

It has taken me over twenty-six years to write and revise these packets, and they have been piloted among my students in many different school districts.

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