Notes on Antec Photochute, Toshiba Flashmate 2000 and other PCMCIA
card readers Glossy product announcement

. . . . . . . . . . . . . External PCMCIA Card Reader
Pictures to download quickly!!
PhotoChute---The external PCMCIA card reader/writer is your best
solution for high speed, bi-directional image transfers. You can
download images from a digital camera, or data from any other PC card
quickly and easily. At the speed of 770-1200KB per second with the
EPP(enhanced Parallel Port) technology, your transfer rate is 20
times faster (or more), compared to the 5-20KB per second transfer
rate of the standard serial port.  PhotoChute is fully hot swappable,
meaning you can insert and remove cards without turning off the
system.  With PhotoChute a faster transfer rate is achieved,
minimizing the time spent downloading.

Supports CompactFlash or PCMCIA Type I, II, or III ATA Card 
Hot Swappable insertion and removal of cards without turning off the system 
Supports Uni or Bi directional IEEE 1284 EPP specification 
Active LED indicating CompactFlash or ATA card usage 
Supports Windows95 and Windows NT enviroments 
Printer Pass through so printer & PhotoChute function simultaneously  
Antec Inc.
2859 Bayview Drive
Fremont, Ca 94538   Voice: (510) 770-1200
Fax: (510) 770-1288

The Antec unit takes full size I II and III ATA card and
compactflash, hooks up to a parallel port, has a LED to indicate
activity, supports hot insertion and removal of the card. The most
important feature is that it has Windows NT driver support, which the
others do not, since my work machine runs NT.

This place has several warehouses on both coasts, and their prices
are good, they will take returns with $10 restock fee.

I found out about the unit from the Global catalog, it's $99 there.

This is were I got the unit:
J.B. Computer Consulting
(800) 396-7212
Fax Number:
(203) 452-0269
shipping $5 
total $77.54

The Toshiba unit looks like the Antec, but the PC Connection ad does
not mention NT support, takes standard sized PCMCIA cards and CF size
as well.

Sandisk annoucement:

The Sandisk Imagemate only takes CF sized cards, and does not have NT
support. It has a connector that takes power from the keyboard port.
It is small, looks cool, and works well though, and is available from
your local Computer City for $99 with a generous return policy.

It is infinitely faster than using a serial port to download or
upload a HP200LX, and works with digital cameras too, it works with
the xcopy-based backup DOS command line batch files I used to
synchronize my files

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