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Great column! Thanks for posting. McCune makes Shirley MacLaine look
like a rank amateur. Now to go order Cuddy's book.

Bruce Crawford

ftbepin-katytimes (by way of James Kilpatrick) wrote:
> My thanks to those on the loop who contributed the pieces from which this
> was taken ...:)
> Mystic vibrations, gun control and boxer shorts
> Dave Mundy's column,
> The Katy (TX) Times, Jan. 21, 1998
> "...only the souls who are ready to receive the new curriculum will elect
> to raise their vibrations to match those required to enter the New Age ...
> Did you know that animals' souls are the souls of our future children? ...
> We are entering the Age of Aquarius ... The goal for all humanity who will
> enter the new millennium is to become androgynous ..."
> - Dr. Shirley McCune in
> "The Light Shall Set You Free," 1996
>         If the above quote makes you giggle and roll your eyes, stand by to
> gasp. Shirley McCune is the former director of the Mid-Coast Regional
> Education Laboratory - which has trained thousands of Texas teachers and
> administrators. She's also been a research assistant at the School-to-Work
> program at Arizona State University. And she's currently the administrative
> assistant to the superintendent of schools in the State of Washington.
>         This, folks, is one of the driving influences behind "education
> reform" in the United States.
>         Lest you sigh and shrug, remember that much of the information in
> her book, as related by Dr. D.L. Cuddy in the Dec. 13 Times-Leader in
> Princeton, Kentucky, was "channeled through the authors by 'Ascended
> Masters,' including one called 'El Morya, Master.'"
>         El Morya, just for general information, is the same wandering
> mystical entity who apparently inspired a chap by the name of Robert
> Muller, the former U.N. Assistant Secretary General who's now the driving
> force behind the "world schools" movement.
>         Scared yet?
>         Cuddy is a former Department of Education educrat who, like
> Charlotte Iserbyt before him, has seen through the facade of "education
> reform" and is now one of its staunchest opponents. He's the author of a
> 200-year chronology of education, as well as a book about the National
> Education Association entitled "The Grab For Power."
>         Cuddy notes that during his time with the DOE, he ran across the
> "Community Tool Kit" to promote education reform. Included in the tool kit
> was a "troubleshooting guide" for "dealing with opponents" - which includes
> the labeling of people as "extremists" from the "radical right."
>         Washington ain't the only state in trouble, that's for sure.
>         In Texas, it seems that Ronald McDonald is teaming up with a
> federal agency to make parents feel guilty about owning guns, the Gun
> Owners of America report.
>         The Centers for Disease Control have teamed up with the Ronald
> McDonald House  on a project called "Team Up to Save Lives," aimed at
> preventing teen suicide.
>         Nice idea, but since when was suicide a "disease?"
>         "The program ... contains video clip examples for teachers to
> effectively employ guilt tactics in order to frighten parents into
> relinquishing their firearms," reports GOA's Chris Stark, a Crosby
> resident. "One GOA staffer even took all four teachers' exams included with
> the program and earned a certificate after reading only three of the four
> test sections. How, may you ask? He simply answered anti-gun and
> pro-government intervention, receiving a perfect score!"
>         I basically agree that having a loaded weapon lying around where
> kids can get at it is not a good idea ... but again, have to ask, when did
> suicide become a disease?
>         Last but not least, there's the Mississippi story about the
> straight-A student who got kicked off her school's student council for
> refusing to sell underwear.
>         An Associated Press report says that Alicia Lane refused to sell
> student-council boxer shorts with the Pearl High School "Pirate" logo
> emblazoned on them, claiming moral objections. The student council booted
> her, a decision upheld by the local superintendent and school board.
>         Superintendent Bill Dodson said a demerit system, not the boxer
> fiasco, was the real reason Alicia came up short, but her mother, Elizabeth
> Lane - the district's 1997 Parent of the Year - told the school trustees
> they should be ashamed of themselves.
>         At least the sale of boxer shorts won't be much of a factor in the
> future. Once the current flock of animals transcends reality and becomes
> the next generation of androgynous children,  I have this mystic vibration
> that they'll all prefer briefs, anyway.

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