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Toy Story Stunt Set

In late 1996, Mattel repackaged the G-force basic stunt set with a special box, 25th anniversary Red Baron, the original orange track, and the original 2 red-ramp jump as the Toy Story stunt set featured in the movie. Some time cues were off, such as the green army men with Vietnam-era M-16 rifles instead of WWII carbines, but the hot wheels set was straight out of the late 60's, since the new track is various shades of green, purple, anything but orange. The new jump only as a "catcher" at the end of the jump, the start is now just a wedge part. They didn't charge any more for this set than the original, but it took a while to sell out. Keep in mind that orange track, red ramp pieces, and the Red Baron are no longer available, never mind the cool box.

I've got two to sell at $35 plus $10 US shipping.

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