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McDonalds Toys May 1997

Box 052297-1
Burger King Pocahontas Chief Powatan, no cape Z50 1.50
Burger King Quasimodo toy, loose C9 Z50 3.00
McDonalds Changing Spiderman / Parker 2.00
McDonalds 1994 Animaniacs Tricycle Built for Trio MIP Z200 $4.00
Jack in the Box Bendie Jack in Suit with Burger (3) Loose Z100 $4.00
McDonalds Eric Carle Firefly MIP Z200 $4.00
McDonalds Bambie / Thumper Loose C8 Z25 $4.00
McDonalds Porky Ghostbuster Car C9 Z25 $2.00
McDonalds Animaniacs Hippo Z25 $2.00
Burger King Yellow M&M Guy Z25 $1.00 Writing
McDonalds Penguin Spinning Nose MIP Z200 $4.00
McDonalds Alladin Thieves Genie MIP Z200 $4.00
Burger King Oliver I Dodger with hot dogs C8 Z33 $3.00
McDonalds Hunchback Hugo whistle C10 $2.00
McDonalds Tonka 1992 Red Fire Truck MIP $6.00 (2)
McDonalds 1991 Tiny Toons Buster with basketball car MIP $6.00
McDonalds 1997 Hunchback Clopin Drum MIP $4.00
Speed Racer Racer-X Bendable Loose, Good $8.00

Box 052297-2
Earthworm Jim on jet Ripcord toy, but no cord Z100 $2.50
McDonalds Masterpiece Aristocats no box Z100 $2.00
McDonalds Oliver 1988 Ornament Z149 $5.00
McDonalds Wildlife Polar Bear Z25 $2.00
McDonalds Wildlife Turtle Z25 $2.00
McDonalds Babe Fly dog z25 $3.00
McDonalds Babe Fly dog Z199 MIP $5.00
McDonalds Babe Babe pig Z99 $2.00
Rolling Genie with Cake (??) Z30
Burger King Hunchback Tall Gargoyle Z25 $2.00
Burger King Pocahontas Percy Z25 $2.00
Oliver Dodger poseable toy with red cloth bandana z25 $2.00
Burger King Toy Story Hamm Z25 $2.00
Lion King Grown Simba figure Z25 $2.00
Alladin Masterpiece Z25 $2.00 (2)
McDonalds Quasimodo on a stick z50 $2.00
Powatan no cape $2.00 (2)
Percy $2.00
Pluto in beret $2.00
Goofy car z30 $2.00
Pocahontas Gov Ratliffe z30 $2.00
McDonalds Changing Spiderman / Parker $2.00
McDonalds Hunchback Hugo ball Z30 $2.00
McDonalds Birthday Train 101 Dalmations Z30 $3.00
Muppet Treasure Island Piggy and Gonzo Z100 $3.50
Burger King Scooby Doo (3) $3.00
Quasi with Bird $2.00
Burger King Alien with Claw loose $3.00

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