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Siku Cars From Germany

Revised 8/21/97

Catalog These are some exotic die-cast cars from Germany that aren't too common except in upscale toy stores. I found a couple of stores in Seattle that stock these, so I can ship them to you 2 for $15, $6 each additional. I think I've got the only pictures of these guys on the web. They feature rubber tires with authentic alloy-style wheels, some have detailing of marker lamps and even tiny nameplate tampos like the Matchbox Premiere or Treasure Hunts on some cars, opening doors. Some are pretty dippy, but I thought these were the cool ones:

Cars I have or can get

email me to order

Here's a mail order guy, tell him I sent you if you write for a catalog: Send SASE and one dollar for a 1997 catalog to The Siku connection, 100 Cambridge Lane, williamsburg, Virginia 23185

Siku Catalog Pages

Here are some pages from the small, regular siku series. Catalog is (c) Siku, but I don't think they'll mind my posting these.

Page 1: Excavator Dump Truck Narrow-nose Dump Eurovan Ambulance Front Loader Garbage Truck Bulldozer Porsche Cabriolet Scraper Cement Mixer VW bug cabrio Police van Dumper VW Caravelle airport shuttle Iveco covered truck Mercedes Ambulance Space Shuttle Airport Fire Engine Audi 80 Cabrio Bus Eurovan panel van Recyling transport Golf Cabrio Helicopter Unimog snow shovel truck Eurovan Fire Department Farm Tractor

page 1

Page 2: Wrecker/Tow truck Fire Snorkel BMW 320i Opel Astra wagon VW Golf Iveco Camper MB C Class VTW Sharon minivan MB 500 SEL Cabriolet Unimog with arm Shell tanker BMW Motorcyle MB 500 Hardtop Combine Mini Cooper MB E230 skip Truck Fire Golf Citroen 2CV Signs Crane truck Unimog with red cross Water canon BMW 730i Double Deck tour bus Opel Frontera (Izuzu Amigo) Tractor / front end loader

page 1

Page 3: Opel Omega wagon, Taxi Unimog with wagon Ford Mondeo, Fire ladder, Recycle train, Passat wagon Fire MB, Pipe train, MB 300SL gullwing, Fire command, tractor with trailer. Ferarri F40 Fire Rescue Eurovan MB Polic car VW Bug, Fire / Police 4x4 Audi A6 wagon, Porsche police car

page 3

Dealers that will mail: (Please tell them you heard about them on
this web page, and email me that you saw this, and I can show them
that this makes a difference, so maybe they can sponsor this. If you
want to deal by email, get them from me and help support this web

Phone: 206-682-8097
Magic Mouse Toys
603 1st Ave 
Seattle Wash 98104
(Pioneer Square)

The Bon Marche Toytropolis (Downtown Seattle)
Phone: 206-506-6916

If you want to steal these pictures for your own site, just put in a pointer back to here and mention I did the scan

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