Just in! New Stuff May 12, 1997

URL: http://www.leconsulting.com/arthurhu/97/03/new0512.htm

Enesco Ornaments
Red Coral Tree with starfish star and Ariel
Z2250@50 $22.50 Model 596078

Little Mermaid "Ariel's Under the Tree"

Beauty and the Beast
Spot of Love: Potts and Chip on cookie
tray Z1995@50 $19.95 Model 596094

Beauty and the Beast
Christmas Belle: Belle in Red hood
on horse Z2250@50 $22.50

Beauty and the Beast
Sneaking a Peek: Belle in Villager dress
and dresser Z2250@50 Model 139718

Beauty and the Beast: The Muscial Chrome round ornament with red rose
and velvet case Z20.00 $30.00 (Available only in show lobby)

Thomas Tank Engine 2 1/2 D Wooden Painted
Ornaments Z595@50 $6.00
Gordon Big Blue engine
Edward Blue
Percy (2) Green
Henry Green
Bill & Ben (2) Yellow

Hunchback of Notre Dame Flat Stick Puppets
Z350@25 $3.00 each $10 / set
Quasimodo / bird
Esmerelda / tamborine
Phoebus / sword
Frollo / hand

Wooworth "Peelers" AMX 360 (says 43 cents)
Red enamel, chrome wheel covers, opening
hood, gray interior, chrome grille, base,
tail. (hey, this is a pretty nice model!)
Z1100 $25.00 *RARE '68 AMX*

Mini Lindy Mail truck, blue sparkle plastic (1/64 plastic / screws

Pocahontas complete Skybox 50 movie card set in round tin
Z3495@50 $28.00

Wallace & Gromit PVC Figures on a card

1: Trousers Wallace Gromit Evil Penguin
2: Lady Sheep Dog Wallace Overalls

Set of 2 $20

UK Kellogs Premium (Like trousers set 1, but in a box, somebody had
to eat a box of cereal to get this) Z1200 $20.00

Tomica Cars

I just got 3 of the coolest new Tomica cars in a trade, so I've got These look even cooler in person. The minivan has an opening hatch, the rav4 has opening doors, and a nice grey body moulding color to it. I'll pass them on for $13 each plus ship. If you can find a place that sells these at retail this side of the ocean, or if anybody else in the US has these yet, let me know! Maybe I'm the first.

Here's the Japanese full on-line catalog url

http://www.dirus.com/TOMY/toylook/ITEMS/TOMICA/t1_10.htm email arthurhu@halcyon.com for questions or orders