There IS one man who agrees with Norman Matloff that we have too many Asian immigrants, Jared Taylor, except that Taylor doesn't try to prove that Asians are racist, inferior in technical and innovation ability, or prove that Asians haven't made any essential contributions to US technology. This is his main page This is is speech warning about an America which imports nonwhites, whether better or worse than whites. What happens when Asians arrive in large numbers? The effect is more ambiguous. Some North Asians commit fewer crimes than whites, make more money, and do better in school. Then there are others like the Hmong from Cambodia, 60 percent of whom are on welfare. However, and this is a point I wish to emphasize, it doesn't matter whether Japanese or Chinese build societies that are, in some respects, objectively superior to those of Europeans. It matters only that they are different. Check it out. Too bad, they guy makes some good points about affirmative action. Home